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By April

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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 107. The episode where my webcam doesn’t work, and you get to watch my static face because I got here one minute before we started. I hope everybody is doing all right. Let’s say hi to everybody. We’ll start with Chris. How’s it going, man?

Chris: Doing good. How are you doing?

Adam: Busy busy busy. You know, pushing it up until Thanksgiving here in the US, but pretty happy. I can’t complain.

Chris: Did we just get live now or was it my [inaudible 00:00:32] and Google Hangout again?

Adam: Say that again.

Chris: Did we just jump onto live right now or was it my [inaudible 00:00:39] in Google Hangouts?

Adam: We’re live. We’re totally live. Hernan, how’s it going?

Hernan: Hey, guys. Hey, everyone. It’s really, really good to be here. I know I’m jumping a little bit ahead of myself right here, but I just wanted to say that I’m really, really thankful for working with you guys, since we will probably not be talking for Thanksgiving. I just wanted to say that it’s been a blast, and you guys are not only my business partners, but you’re also my friends. I just wanted to say that. I’m also really thankful for the people that are watching this hangout right now. Some of you guys have been since day one, so I really appreciate that. For all of you guys that are just jumping in and starting to be part of the Semantic Mastery family, welcome and thank you, guys, for being here. That’s pretty much it. All I had to say.

Adam: All right. Well, hey man, thank you. Hey, everybody. You heard Hernan say that, so now he can’t take it back. Marco, how’s it going? How’s the weather?

Marco: Hey, man. It’s raining. It’s been really cold. It was 65 last night.

Bradley: You bastard.

Adam: The horror.

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Marco: It was freezing cold. Yeah, the horror. 65, my God. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who celebrate it. Have a great weekend. Be safe. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Costa Rica, but I’ll be thinking of you guys while I’m watching the football game.

Adam: Outstanding, yeah. I’ll be doing some of that on Friday. Bradley, how’s it going?

Bradley: Good man. I’m happy to be here. We’ve got lots of questions. Looking forward to tomorrow, and I am thankful for everybody as well. I’m not gonna get as mushy as Hernan did, though.

Hernan: Come on man. You can do it.

Bradley: Any announcements, Adam?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. We’ve got a few. Hopefully, you guys saw the emails. We’re giving away some cool gear. We got some hats that we had made for ourselves. We’ve got some extras. We really want to give them away to you guys. We’re also … Well, I’m not going to totally reveal it, but you’ll be able to see some stuff starting Friday. We’re going to be giving away some additional gear. We got some t-shirts. We’ve got some coffee mugs. We maybe have some sweatshirts. I’m going to drop that link in a second, so please go. All you’ve got to do is sign up, share it, increase the odds of winning. We’re going to be giving away several prizes. It’s just kind of a fun contest, you guys. Then you can use that link, too, to find out more about Black Friday sales. We’ll be sending out some emails.

In addition to the awesome Black Friday sale we’re going to be having, today if we can get him Justin [inaudible 00:03:19] is going to be here. We’re having some issues getting him on board into the Hangout, but if he shows up, we’re going to talk to him. We’ve been talking about that this week with his video ads crash course which is a really cool course on YouTube ads. If he shows up, we’ll talk about that with him, and he can kind of clue us in a little bit more. If not, I know I’ve been through at least part of the course, but I haven’t been through the updated one. We can talk to you guys a little bit about that if you have questions. All right, anybody else got anything?

Bradley: I don’t have anything.

Adam: All right, let’s do this.

Bradley: Okay. All right, excuse me. Let me grab the screen, and we’ll get right into it. Make sure I’m coming through okay. You guys are seeing me all right?

Adam: Looking good. [crosstalk 00:04:08]

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Telling Google To Use Only The Http Version Of A Site 

Bradley: All right, we’ll start right at the bottom and work our way up. Michael Franks: He says, “Happy Thanksgiving. I really need your help on finalizing my website preferred format and search console. I’m a bit desperate and confused. If you would be so kind, I could use some specific steps you would do to get this done. Here are the things that are confusing me: As you suggested, I now have both HTTP and HTTPS versions of my sight verified in search console. Question one is this: Where or how exactly do I tell Google to use only the HTTP version? You don’t, Michael. You don’t tell Google that. You verify both of them in search console, but you don’t tell Google to use one of the other. You can tell Google to use either the www dot or the root domain version of your site. You can specify that under the site settings option within search console, but you can’t tell Google only display HTTPS or HTTP.

That is handled through WordPress or .htaccess, but you can do it right through WordPress. That’s by setting up the proper redirects within WordPress. There are plugins that do that, Michael. I think this is the third week you’ve asked about this, and I hope that you’ve been doing other stuff other than just working on this for three weeks. When I first started trying to switch stuff over HTTPS, I got an ice cream headache very quickly attempting this stuff on my own. I jumped over to UpWork, found somebody that could do it for me, and I hired them. I had them do everything for me, and guess what. I didn’t have a headache anymore. I paid a little bit of money. Got it done, and it worked perfectly.

Again, it’s not something I recommend that any of you do unless you’re proficient at it, because you’re probably better off spending your time working on something more productive. That said, Michael, I did a search earlier on just plugins for Google. All I did … Just look, I’m on page one. I just searched for HTTPS plugins for WordPress and here’s ten of them basically. You can go through here and just find one, and try that and set it up that way on your own. If it gives you any trouble …

Again, I don’t even mess with this anymore. I just go straight to UpWork and hire it out, which is what I recommend that you do. I don’t know how much time you spent on it, but again, I know you’ve asked about it for several weeks in a row. I can only imagine that this has been a bit of a headache for you. The quickest way to resolve that is get an expert to do it for you. You know what I mean? That said, I’m not going to try to answer all these questions because quite honestly, I don’t even know to answer all of them. I just hire it out. Okay?

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Question two is: Where or how do I even access the HTTP version of my site? Again, it’s done in WordPress. A plugin can do that for you. If the plugin still gives you a hard time, hire it out. If I can’t access the HTTPS version of my site, do you suggest to put canonical links? No, I’m not going to suggest any of that. I’d suggest that you get the HTTPS version of your site working correctly, which is what you’ll do once you get either a plugin installed and working correctly, or you get somebody that knows what the hell they’re doing to do it for you, if that makes sense.

The next one is: After this, should I have my service post stop the HTTPS entirely? No, why would you do that? If you have the site settings correct, then regardless of whether somebody tries to visit the HTTP or the HTTPS version of the URL, either way it will resolve to the final location, the proper correct location. That’s how it should be set up. Again, this can be done via WordPress or it can be done in .htaccess. Again, you can do it through WordPress and you can hire that out. It’s very simple to do. It’s very simple to hire it out is what I’m saying. I don’t know how simple it is to do because I don’t do it.

Lastly: If needed, do you have a suggestion for a developer who could get this done fast for me? Okay, so let me jump over to UpWork. I want you to see something here. I’m in UpWork now, and all I did was just go right up here to find freelancers and hit SSL and hit “L” enter. Now what this is going to do is it’s going to return results that have SSL and they’re headline or whatever. If you scroll through here, you’ll see. Here’s somebody from the Ukraine for $20 an hour, WordPress expert, migrations, SL, malware removal. For $20 an hour and you’re talking about one site, you could probably at post … You have to post a job in UpWork first, but you can select when you’re setting up the job posting that you only want to personally invite people to apply for the job. In other words, you don’t post the job out there where you’ll get 100 different responses from it so that’s a public job posting. You post a job and then select in the settings that you only want to personally invite people to bid on the job.

Then you can go contact these members that you hand select right here and say … Look. Here’s somebody from India for $10 an hour. All I would do is look for somebody with a high job success rating, then I would invite them to the job that you just created and say, “Look, I’ll give you $25 if you fix this for me.” Three weeks could have been resolved that simply just by going to UpWork. That is my point. Here is the guy that I’ve used to do this. I’ve used Andrew [dog dog 00:09:23] for … I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that properly. I can post this URL on the event page here in just a second.

This is the guy that I’ve had do it for me in the past. He hasn’t done any work for me in probably about a year or so just because I haven’t been doing a lot of that kind of stuff. However, this is the dude that did it for me before. Although, I don’t think he specifically states that he does SSL stuff. This is who I’ve used, but if you want to go with somebody that specifically states SSL which means they’re an expert in that field, then do that. All you got to do is look for the job success rating. Make sure that it’s good and that they have at least some billed hours. Zero hours probably don’t go with, but this person right here. 117 hours, $20 an hour, 100% job success. They have SSL right in their job title.

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I would definitely send a job or a bid request to her or just a flat-out job offer. I’ll give you $25 if you go in to fix my site. This Tatiana, I guess her name is, she can probably have it done in about 15 minutes. Don’t offer $20 an hour. Offer $25 just to get it done. You know what I mean? Just be happy that somebody can do it for you. Hopefully, that was helpful. Marko, did you want to comment on that at all? Wrong event page.

Marco: No, that’s exactly on point. Stop wasting your time. Get somebody to do it and move on.

Bradley: That’s right.

Marco: Because three weeks, that’s just way too long. Besides you can screw things royally, and have Google looking at two versions of your website, duplicate content. You can get into a whole mess if you keep this the way it is. Just have someone fix it.

Bradley: All right, I just posted, Andrew. On there, you can tell them I sent you. Again, it’s been probably a year since he’s done anything for me, but he’ll remember me for sure because I’ve used him for a lot of stuff over the years, or just hire somebody else. Again, you can ask several people to bid on the job or whatever, but since it’s one website, Michael, literally just say that you’re going to pay somebody $25 or something like that and just invite a couple of people. Somebody will take you up on it and do it for you.

Mark O’Connell says this: Hey, Mark. You got beat by Michael Franks today for first question. I guess we’ll let you slide since it’s a holiday week. Mark says this: [crosstalk 00:11:35] I’m sorry what?

Hernan: Come on, man. Get your stuff together.

Interlink The Homepage If You’re Trying To Rank It For A Local Keyword

Bradley: You’re slacking, Mark. He said this: Hey, guys. Hope all is well. I’ve got a quick question. If you’re trying to rank a homepage for a local keyword, how much would you interlink that page? Meaning, would you link to the other relevant pages? Maybe a services paid for example, or would this bleed juice? If you were to link to the other pages, would you keep this to a minimum? Thanks.

Well, you’ve got to think, Mark. Remember your navigation menu. Your nav bar at the top of the site or wherever it is on your theme, typically it’s at the top. Those are essentially links to all of your other pages or at least to the top level pages. The top of the silo if you’ve got your site siloed, including your about page, contact page, and all of that. Unless you remove the menu from your homepage, you’ve got links on your homepage to your other pages. No, you don’t want to link to all of your pages. What you want to do is you want to link from the nav bar to your top level silo pages if your site is siloed, and I’m assuming that it is. Even a simple silo, that’s fine. You would link to your top level pages which would also be categories.

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Then you would obviously link to about and contact which is typically what every site has. By the way, on the sites, you want to link your most important pages. Your menu should be to the left. You’re least important pages to the right because the way that the bots crawl and will prioritize the links on the site. Typically, the logo is going to be … Which also acts as a homepage URL or homepage link on most sites or WordPress themes. That is typically going to be in the left top corner. You want to put your top level page URLs, the ones that mean the most to your site, closest to that, if that makes sense. Then work your way down to the right.

In other words, your about and contact pages. There’s no reason for you to want to rank those, right? You would put those to the far right and also, in WordPress, if you go to your menu settings … Go to appearance menus, and then on your menu screen, if you go up to the top, there is a little drop down arrow. You click on the drop down arrow, and it will expand like widget options for that page. For that editing screen. From there, if you check on … What is it? I think it’s XFN relationship or something like that. You know what I’m talking about. Son of a bitch. This person keeps calling me and it’s driving me nuts.

Excuse me for a second, guys. It’s like XFN or something like that. You’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a check mark, and you can check that. When you do that, it will actually add a “no follow” field or an XFN text field in your menu options for each page that you add or each menu item. You can “no follow” tag to that. Once you do that, it will actually “no follow” the menu items. That’s how you can … It’s what do they call it? They used to call it “Page Rank Sculpting”. Although, now we don’t measure page rank anymore, but it used to be called page rank sculpting. That way you could “no follow” the pages that are in your nav menu that aren’t important to your site or that don’t have any bearing on your SEO.

As far as linking, again, you don’t want to remove nav links from your homepage just for SEO purposes because then what would your visitors do? You have to strike a balance between optimizing for the search engines and optimizing for the visitors. In my experience and especially in today’s environment, I always err on the side of optimizing for the visitor as opposed to the search engines. You want to comment on that, Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah, I just wanted to say that I agree with you in terms of user experience. You know, Mark. The more you get the visitor engaged with your page, the better it will rank. The better signals it will send to Google. This applies for many pages, sidebar, footer, or whatever you are trying to do. In some cases, if you don’t want to send juice back to privacy policy page or and FTC statement or even the content test, you can just put them on “no index to follow” or “no follow” the link plus “no index to follow”. That would prevent any kind of link juice passing. The 100% surefire way of preventing link juice from passing is to block that by .htaccess. However, you don’t want to do that. I usually go for no follow links, and no index do follow pages. That is kind of the best way that I pull this off.

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Bradley: Very good. Let’s see. Adam said Justin was going to jump in.

Adam: Yeah, Justin said he is logging in, so he’ll be in here in a minute. Maybe we can take another question and-

Bradley: All right. Let’s try to answer this one really quick. This is from Asi, I guess. I’m not sure if I am saying that correctly. Hi. How’s it going? I have two questions. I have a YouTube channel with a tier one rank to it and three tiered two rings; Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. Can I deal four tier one rings to the channel or is this too risky for the channel?

No, absolutely you can, Asi. For YouTube channels, you can stack as many networks or rings as you want onto a YouTube channel. As many tier ones and as many tier twos links. Literally, you could have ten tier ones connected to one YouTube channel. Each one of those tier ones could have three tier two rings, right? Literally, the sky is the limit. I’ve never gone more than past eight full tier two networks on any one channel because I was able to accomplish what I needed, so I didn’t see the point of building it out any further. However, you can do that. You can build as many as you want. Just build as many as it takes to accomplish what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, and then stop there. Yeah, you can add as many as you want.

4 Tier 1 Rings For A YouTube Channel

He says, “What’s best. RSS feed syndication to tier one or YouTube embedded tier one?” It doesn’t matter. If you’re going to be stacking multiple networks, you’re going to want to stack them directly to YouTube, not your blog. That’s a footprint issue. I always recommend just using a single tier one ring for your main money site, your blog. However, for YouTube, you can stack as many as you want. If you’re going to be stacking networks, then make sure that you’re using YouTube as your trigger, not your blog. Okay?

Adding Adsense Codes To PBN Sites

The second part of this question is: If I do Google AdSense to my PBN from one Adsense account, to 15 blogs, will it look like footprint? I don’t know. I don’t do anything with Adsense, but that doesn’t seem like something I’d want to do. Anybody here have any experience with Adsense [crosstalk 00:18:04].

Hernan: Yeah, I’ve heard of people using applications in their PBNs. I wouldn’t know why you’d want to do that, Asi. You can fake everything on your AdSense account up until the bank details, and the bank details: They are a footprint in and of themselves, and you are feeding information on Google. I would stay out of that. If you want to monetize your PBNs for some reason, just do it with CPA for example, or with any other network not related to Google. You will get pennies on the dollars anyway. Even with a massive website, AdSense shouldn’t be your main source of income. For your PBNs, you will get pennies on the dollar, so have that in mind. I wouldn’t erase my PBNs. Usually, your PBNs being a far more great of an investment than the error wide that you could potentially have back from AdSense on those blogs. It doesn’t make any sense.

Bradley: Just the last part of that was this: PS, IFTTT works in any language, and it’s great. All of the websites in Israel got slapped in the past month besides my IFTTT. Yeah, I’m going to plus one that. That’s awesome.

Hernan: Nice.

Video Crash Course Three

Bradley: That’s awesome. All right, cool. Is Justin on? He is. Justin.

Justin Sardi: I am . I was muted out for a second.

Bradley: How are you doing, man?

Justin Sardi: How’s it going, guys?

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Bradley: Good. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, for sure. Thanks for having me on today. Sorry, I showed up a little bit late. Our food delivery took forever to show up and I was starving.

Bradley: No worries. Adam kind of sprung this on me. I forgot that you were coming. I know you’re in the middle of relaunching “Video Ads Crash Course” or is it under “Video Crash Course Three” now. Correct?

Justin Sardi: Basically, it rolled out a couple of months ago. The third version went really well. Then when the launch period closed, the price went back up. Just doing a quick little holiday price drop again.

Bradley: Yeah, and it’s a great course. We promoted it, and we try to only promote stuff that we vouch for personally. I’ve said many, many times that I started my whole AdWords journey through YouTube ads learning from Justin and Zane Miller combined. The two of them. I can vouch for Justin’s training. It’s top notch and top quality. He is the AdWords for video expert. We just wanted to bring you on. Guys, if you have any questions specifically about AdWords for YouTube, post them now. I know there is a little bit of a delay, but we’d like to get a couple of questions in for Justin.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. In the meantime, Justin, if you don’t mind giving people just kind of the overview. We’ve been telling them about it and several people have participated or joined in your previous ones, but as always, we get some people who aren’t as familiar. If you don’t mind taking a few minutes, and just kind of telling people about it.

Justin Sardi: Definitely.

Adam: Cool. [crosstalk 00:21:00]

Bradley: Yeah, just turn the camera off. It will save the bandwidth. We should be a let get your audio.

Justin Sardi: There we go.

Bradley: There we go.

Justin Sardi: Probably a lot better.

Bradley: Yeah, we can hear you now.

Justin Sardi: Cool. All right, sorry about that. Yeah, basically AdWords for video, YouTube ads is what it is. A bit of background. I used to do some video SEO stuff. I was never that great at it. I learned from you guys, though, and it’s definitely made a pretty big difference using those things. Actually, Zane has been helping me out a little bit as well with one of our YouTube channels. That’s all the stuff from you guys as well. It’s been very beneficial. One of the things that I always struggled with the video SEO is, “All right. Now I have to wait.” Maybe I did it wrong or whatever. My video wasn’t ranking, something like that. This was years ago.

I found this little tab and it said, “promote” in that little drop down menu when you’re on YouTube. I was like, “I wonder what that does.” I clicked it and it took me to the thing to set up an add and all of the targeting. I was like, “Wait, this is pretty cool.” I kind of self taught myself. However, what I really liked about was that just basically you could post a video and five minutes later, you can have it showing up at the top of the YouTube search results just by using video discovery ads. The cool thing about these different types of these YouTube ads, is you only pay for them if somebody actually watches your video. You’re not just paying for impressions of people that are never going to watch, you pay when somebody clicks on your video and actually watches it.

It was also very engaged traffic. Then I also found out that these are any of you, which was extremely cheap. I quickly dove into that, and really just have been figuring out different ways to use these types of video ads to do anything from sell digital products. We’ve been selling physical products with them recently. That’s been going really well. I’m offering as a service to other businesses. Just all of that stuff that we’ve basically been going through and rocking it out.

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Bradley: Very cool, and I have a question. I haven’t been through the most updated version of the course. Do you have anything in there about using YouTube ads for local?

Justin Sardi: Yeah, there’s actually a whole bonus in there that’s a module. It’s about an hour-long training where I walk through … I used to pretty much focus on clients when I first started. Recently, I’ve [inaudible 00:23:36] offers and have started running traffic for those as well as started a few other businesses that were doing a lot of YouTube-based things with. Yeah, so that whole training: I basically walk everybody through prospecting. How to deliver the service. How to price it because that’s a huge one. Just a quick little bit of backstory there: When I first started offering this as a service to clients, one of the clients was like, “Oh, we have a really low ad spend.” Basically, I ended up taking them on for pennies on the dollar, not realizing that even though they had a lower ad spend, it was going to cost me the same amount of time to get all of this set up for them.

I talked a little bit about that in the training on how to price it, why to price it that way, how to justify getting the price that you want to charge, actually. Then the whole delivery of the service, setting ads up for local businesses.

Bradley: Well, that’s great because we’ve got a lot of people that do local, and we just launched Local Kingpin which was our AdWords course for the generation using AdWords. I’ve got us a module there for YouTube which still needs to be updated. Our course is a $500 course. For those of you who are interested in learning about how to use YouTube ads for local stuff, then Justin’s course has a module in it. His previous process that he used for client work and I would take him at his word and say it’s good. What I would say is that if you guys are interested in that, then right now is a good time to jump on it because it’s really dirt cheap. It is so inexpensive. His course, but not only that, but that YouTube advertising is still very inexpensive right now. I’d jump on it while you can.

Adam: We do have a couple of [crosstalk 00:25:26] Oops, go ahead. Sorry, Justin.

Justin Sardi: Oh, yeah. I was just going to say that I’ve got a message from one of the students that went through that the other day, and he was just like, “Holy crap, man. You way over delivered on that one. That was worth it. That one bonus that you had in there was worth the $27 that Video Ads Crash Course is right now.”

Adam: Yes. Well, this will make you happy then. We got a comment on the page that says, “Justin [inaudible 00:25:48] is an excellent teacher and it is a very good course.” Yeah, let’s see. We do have a question. I think this is probably a pretty common one form Kyle, Justin. He’s just asking, “How much money do you need to get started with YouTube AdWords?” That’s basically the question. It’s just kind of like what’s the starting point for somebody.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, for sure. The cool thing about getting started with this is that AdWords is actually offering $100 free advertising credit for any advertiser that starts running video ads, so you [inaudible 00:26:28] dollars of your own money or your client’s money, and you get a bonus of [inaudible 00:26:34] dollars.

Bradley: Uh oh, you’re dropping.

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Justin Sardi: Oh, sorry about that. Let me close Skype a little bit, too.

Bradley: Yeah, we lost you. Yeah, it’s coming through now.

Justin Sardi: Cool, sorry. I don’t know what’s up with my internet. They’re supposed to send a technician out. It’s just been killing me today.

Bradley: The damn cable company.

Justin Sardi: Right. They’ve got a monopoly on it. Where did you lose me at?

Bradley: I’m sorry, pennies on the dollar, I think.

Adam: Yeah, we got the part with the getting the credit from Google.

Bradley: Getting the ad credit from Google.

Justin Sardi: Okay, cool. They give you the $100. You’ve got your $25 put in, so that’s $125. If you paying a penny a view, that’s like 12,500 views, right? I think so, if my math is right. That’s a lot of views you can get to your video. Those aren’t just views. Those are targeted views as well. That’s probably plenty to get started with right there just to kind of test the waters, get your feet wet, and start learning some stuff. Once you get the hang of it, the profit comes pretty easily as well.

Bradley: Yeah, that’s what … Here, let me grab the screen for second, guys. Take a look at this real quick. All you’ve got to do is to get started is go to Google and search for Google AdWords coupon. You do that and then right here, click on that link. The first link, and you get $75 in free ad credit when you spend $25. If you spend $25 to get started and it gives you $100 … There are other coupons, too. I’m just saying you can go to Google and get these coupons. It’s only good for a brand new account, but you can do that. You can just go here and do that and get started that way. Honestly, it’s worth getting started and using your own money for some test campaigns and stuff. In my opinion, you get a hell of a lot better a lot quicker when you’re using your own money, if that makes sense.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, for sure.

Adam: Good deal. I think that’s it for questions. We’ll give everybody here last call on the questions, and then we’ll let Justin get back to it. I’m sure he’s busy.

Bradley: Yeah, and Justin, we appreciate you coming on and talking a little bit about it. We certainly wanted to bring you on because it is definitely a good product. We want to make sure that everybody was aware of it.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, for sure. Thanks for you guys’ support. You guys always have some of the best … Everybody coming into my program from you guys is usually pretty knowledgeable about YouTube which helps out tremendously.

Bradley: Make it easier on you.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, they actually get it so that’s really cool.

Bradley: Well, thanks, Justin. We appreciate you coming on, man.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, for sure. Thanks for having me. Sorry about the internet issue. Like I said, it’s been …

Bradley: No worries.

Adam: No worries. It happens to everybody.

Justin Sardi: All right. Have a good one, guys.

Adam: See you.

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Bradley: All right, guys. We’re going to jump back into questions. I know we’re about halfway through. Seriously, if you guys are interested at all, even maybe if you’re not interested at the moment in doing YouTube ads, but you think at some point in the future you would. Typically, I don’t tell people to buy stuff that they might use in the future because that can be a waste of money if you never use it, but for $27 or whatever the special price is right now, $27.37 or whatever it is, it is totally worth it.

Adam: Yeah, and it’s going up I think to $97 tonight or tomorrow morning, but I think the today is the last day of the sale. If you feel like diving into YouTube ads, that would be a great time.

Maps Powerhouse & RYS Ninja iFrame For Locations Outside The US

Bradley: Yep. Okay, Ivan is up. He says, “Hey, guys. How it is going. First, let me say thanks for all the stuff you share. For me, every day can be a hump day.” That’s awesome. “Okay, my questions are about Maps Powerhouse. I understand that you embed maps in different places. I don’t live in the US. Do you embed the maps just in US properties? Does it matter where? Web to social profiles, websites the maps are embedded on. Do they have the same effect?” I’ll let Marco answer that.

Marco: Yes, they work. Our UK people are doing fine. I know our people in Australia are doing fine. People in other languages (we just saw the guy from Israel) was saying how everything stood up with IFTTT. It is basically the same concept. It’s just getting your map embed out there in as many properties as possible so you get credit back to the source map. That’s the entire idea. Just getting as many embeds as possible. Same thing with YouTube videos. That’s what we’re doing. Does it matter where? Yeah, we usually go for [inaudible 00:31:27] and social medial platforms that accept iFrames. Some of them won’t. Some of them will not take the embed. That’s what we look for, and then we power up our own. We add our own flavor. We had our [crosstalk 00:31:42]. That’s especially right. Keeping that theme. Keeping that subject right so that Google sees that everything … It’s a silo is actually what it is. The website, right? It’s one huge silo of theme content which makes it even more powerful.

Bradley: Essentially, they are embedded on sites with relevant, at least somewhat relevant content. Okay.

Marco: The only thing that we will not do … Sorry for interrupting, but it’s foreign language. We are not accepting foreign language as far as I know. Correct me if I’m wrong, Adam, but I think the last discussion that we had on language was English only.

Adam: Correct, and if there was a large demand for it, we would certainly listen to people and consider creating networks for that. However, at this point in time the major demand is for English.

Bradley: Yeah, so it says, “I heard Marco in the Panama Episode saying that Java Script is very important now and will be in the future.” That is correct. “When you embed the maps, do you place the Super Ninja iFrame that we see in one of the videos of RYS?”

Marco: What goes on in RYS stays in RYS.

Bradley: I know, but I think what he is asking is in the maps powerhouse, when we do the syndication of the maps.

Marco: When we do maps in the … We’re not doing Java Script yet. We are going to try it. We are going to test the iFrames Script for Java for both maps and video, so that we’re not always doing HTML. Obviously, that’s creating a footprint, right? When you embed only in HTML. We’re going to try just for variety, right? For variations so that Google doesn’t see the same thing over and over again. Yeah, Java is being read by Google just like iFrame, a regular HTML iFrame script. We proved, by the way recently, that it does push through which was a big deal to me. Because we have been saying it, but to finally prove it was just awesome. There you go.

Finding SEO Clients

Bradley: Thank you. Brian is up. “Hi Semantic Mastery team. I have a question about client acquisition. Currently, I’m using Craig’s List and spam email to generate leads. Unfortunately for me, I’m getting clients that can only afford $500 a month or less for fees. Obviously, I’m fishing in a bad pond. Where else can I go fishing for new clients?” Yeah, Brian. That a tough, man, because people that typically frequent Craig’s List are bargain hunters. That’s what you’re going to be getting a lot of is those types of people. That’s unfortunate, because I know it’s tough. What I’ve found, and I’ve said this many times in the last few months especially, is for prospecting and searching for clients is … The best way that I’ve ever found for generating clients was using video email. That is essentially …

There are a couple of things that you can do with video email. You can hand select. For example, you’re saying, “Where else can I go for fishing for new clients.” Well, what I would recommend that you do, Brian, is zero in on a particular niche. An industry that you would like to provide marketing services for. Something that you have an interest in. Then you can become an expert in that one particular area and you can target specifically only those types of companies, right? Let’s just say if there were roofers or plumbers or something like that. You could target specifically just roofers. Then you get so much better at, first of all, prospecting because you learn. It takes a little bit of trial and error, but you learn the language and you learn the vocabulary of those people in that industry.

This Stuff Works

In this example, roofers. Right? You understand their vocabulary. You know how to talk to them. You can usually start closing more of your pitches. In other words, you can usually successfully land clients more often once you’ve worked on your pitch and really gotten that down. Trying to pitch to multiple different types of businesses is different because you have to always restart that process of learning about that industry. In my opinion, if I had to do it and start all over again from the beginning, I would have zeroed in on one specific niche and only worked on that one niche and become a big fish in a small pond instead of a small fish in a big pond. As far as actually prospecting for those clients and for those leads, once you have zeroed in on that particular industry, then you can start doing things like what I use. I use video email which worked incredibly well for me.

Essentially, what I would do is just go look for roofing clients in areas that might … Especially, one thing you can do is cross reference. Look at AdWords. Look at people that are advertising so that they are in the four ads above the maps pack or even the three ads at the bottom of the page. Look at the advertisers and then look at the organic search results, the map search results, and look for people that are advertising that are not listed in the first page of the organic results or the maps results. You might find their organic listing on page two or page three of the search results. Now you know they’ve got money to spend because they are advertising. They are paying Google AdWords. You know they understand the importance of marketing, but they apparently never got SEO done well, so that’s why they are spending money on AdWords.

Just because somebody spends money on AdWords, doesn’t mean that they don’t also have a budget for SEO. Those would be people that you could contact because you already know that they are spending money. They are advertising on AdWords. Now you have an industry that you’re specifically targeting. You’re now targeting people that you know have an advertising budget, and their SEO isn’t working that well or they’re not doing any SEO at all. You can analyze their sight very quickly on a video with screencast video with you narrating how they could get better results. You don’t ever criticize their site and say, “This is what you’re doing wrong.” You never do that. You always say during the video, “Hey, I took a look at your site, and I think the site looks good. There’s a couple of things that I might suggest that might improve it, and this is how we can help to get better rankings and generate leads.”

Keep the video short. Five to ten minutes. Just very quickly analyze and give them some pointers as to things that could be done to improve it. Then send that email out with the link to the video to the actual prospect. There are was … You can use lead scrapers and stuff like that to generate the emails, but what I do is hire a virtual assistant who goes and manually locates the contact data details for business that I want to prospect. Because a manual approach is so much better than using an automated approach when you’re laser targeting and specifically targeting. If you’re doing mass scrapping, then using software is great.

However, when you have a specific target, then I always have a VA that can do all the digging necessary to get the contact details so that when I send the video email out, there is about an 80% chance of it getting through to the owner or to the decision maker. Then out of that … Out of every ten, guys, it was like clockwork. Out of every ten prospecting emails I sent out that were video emails, I would end up getting three responses. Out of those three responses, I would close one or two of them. Every single time. I might take me a day or two to actually prepare ten video emails to go out, but once I got them out, I would always end up with at least three replies, three responses, and I would end up having a conversation with the three and I would close one or sometimes even two of those three. That’s how I literally started my SEO agency was that exact same model. Hopefully, that was helpful. Does anybody else want to comment on that?

Marco: Yes, I have just a quick comment. LinkedIn Pro Finder: You could do the exact same thing and lead people to a VSL, but you’re actually getting more leads inside LinkedIn. These are people who are looking for your specific skills, whatever they are inside there. It’s just bidding, getting the right bid in for whatever it is that’s required. I joined it just to see whether it works. I keep getting … I don’t know. 20 to 30 leads a month just from LinkedIn, just from having them come into my mailbox. That’s something to take a look at, guys, if you’re looking for clients.

Hernan: Nice, yeah. Now real quick. My method. Right now, Brian, you have Google. You have LinkedIn, and then I would suggest that you also become to helpful, and I think I mentioned this, become helpful on Facebook groups and also on forums like discussion boards or discussion forums. If you are helpful there, you will get a ton of introductions to people. Maybe if you are helpful in marketing groups, and you become and expert in that group, a ton of people can refer you business. That’s number one, and if you become and SEO expert or marketing expert in a specific forum like, I don’t know, Dentists forums or tree serves, roofers forum. Those guys are actually trying to … Of course you won’t be teaching them how to fix your roof, how to repair a roof, but rather, you will be teaching them how to grow their Google Plus presence. That alone can bring you a ton of business. There you have like three different approaches that are way better than Craig’s List in my opinion.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, way better. I just posted this link, guys. If you want, this is a free training program. It is a PDF and a training course that I put together with two other partners and a business from several years ago when I first started using video mail. After I kind of perfected the system, I created a little training program. It’s free. I just posted the link. If you want it, go sign up for it and it will be delivered to you once you sign up, okay? I’m going to spam you to death. No, I’m kidding. Honestly, it’s a great little program. It still applies today. There are plenty of tools now. I did everything manually because there weren’t a whole lot of tools for video email back then like in 2012 when I was doing that all the time. Now, there are tools and stuff like that where you can actually great gifts out of a YouTube video and insert them directly into the email so that when people get the email, it looks like a video is playing in their email. When they click it, it opens up the YouTube video. That kind of stuff.

There’s tools out there that will do that. You can use email tracking systems, so that you know who is opening your email, how long they are engaged with your email, whether they have clicked on any of the links in your email or forwarded it to anybody. I use pointofmail.com whenever I’m doing prospecting. Yes … What is it? Yesware or something like that which is a Chrome map that you can install that works with Gmail. There are a whole lot of things like that that you can do, but again, email is a great way. Like Hernan said, just going into LinkedIn groups and groups in Facebook, and especially groups that are niche specific. Once you’ve chosen an industry that you want to work in, and go in there and just comment and be helpful and that kind of stuff, and you’ll start generating leads for marketing services there, too.

Video Powerhouse

Good question. Jenny is up. She said, “I’ve heard you guys talking about Video PowerHouse before. Is this something just for ranking videos or what else can I use it for? You guys are great. Thanks for all of your hard work.” Well, there is Video PowerHouse, but then there is also Maps PowerHouse and we were just talking about that earlier. Adam, do you want to comment?

Adam: No, because I’m busy typing. Sorry. I’m taking notes on this stuff. No, Video PowerHouse is more than just video powerhouse. If you haven’t been over to Search Base, first of all, you can go to searchbase.com and get a free account over there. However, Video PowerHouse is definitely something you can use for powering up videos, your channel, play lists. I’m definitely going to hand this off to Marko in a second, but there is also at the Maps as well. The details of which I will let Marco talk about, but yeah. You can post more than videos. Then as far as what you can do it for, you can do so much more because it’s not like you just power up a video and that’s it.

Bradley: Yeah, and that was what I was going to mention was also, because we are like a credit-based system now, I don’t know if every has gone credit-based 100% yet, but it’s going that way. If you purchase credits from within a certain space, they can be used for other done-for-you services as well. Again, I know it hasn’t rolled out across all of the services available, but we’re working on that so that it’s going to be available shortly. Purchasing credits can be used for both Video PowerHouse and Maps PowerHouse as well as ordering other services.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Marco or anybody else, if you want to chime in. I mean as far as describing it, I think it’s easiest for people to go, log in, and start asking some questions or just try it out. It used to be subscription based only, and now you can go in and do one on purchases, get some credits, and test things out.

Marco: That’s what I always recommend. Go test. You should be testing constantly anyways in SEO. If you’re not testing, then you shouldn’t really call yourself and an SEO. You could purchase all of our done-for-you services without being an SEO. Does that make sense? To truly call yourself an SEO, someone that really knows what search engine optimization is all about, you should be testing constantly to know what is working, what isn’t, and to know why. Especially, we see all the fluctuations and everything that just happened in YouTube last week. You need to be up on all of that or just hire us. It’s that simple, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Sounds good.

Hernan: I wanted to say real quick that, yeah. I agree with Marko with all of the … I think Ganti mentioned at some point that a lot of YouTube blogs, spammers, were having a hard time with YouTube now. Which is expected. Things will equalize a t some point, and every three traffic courses will become a pay-to-play place at some point. We want you guys to be ahead of the curve. That is why we’re launching courses about paid adverting and what not, but my point is that with Video PowerHouse, when you are doing SEO for your videos or you want to get more views to get more exposure, to get more subscribers. If you’re doing videos for clients, whether you are trying to rank them on Google or not, Video Powerhouse will definitely help you out. We are pushing relevance and we are pushing traffic back into the video. We are building the accounts in a way that they are relevant to your niche.

There is a ton of proof that IFTTT networks will not only bring you high quality back links, but also traffic and [inaudible 00:47:02] and actual traffic from actual people. If that is something that you want to do, if you have a video production company or your diving hard into video marketing, not only in video SEO but video marketing overall, Video PowerHouse can also help you in getting the word out there. Getting more subscribers, getting more people onto your list, etc. I think we guys are mostly and SEO-based community, but the way that Video PowerHouse is being built is that it goes beyond that in the sense that it will help you rank in your videos, but it will also help you in getting more reviews, clicks, etc. These in turn will help you rank higher. It’s kind of a win/win situation.

Instream Video Ad Without Spending Much

Bradley: Cool, thanks guys. John is up. He says, “What is the best way to get an instream video ad created without braking the bank. Presumably, a 30 second scripted video is not the best way to go.” Well, it depends, John. It can be. The thing about instream videos is that you need to have your call to action very quickly in the beginning because it’s short and people will typically in five seconds click the skip this add button. You need to be really abrupt, upfront with why they should stay for 15, 20, 30 seconds and watch your ad or click on the link in the lower left corner or whatever.

This Stuff Works

Again, a 30 second scripted video would work, but you’d have to script it out correctly. It would be up to you to do the scripting for that for it to be done right. What we use is Vero. Vero was a service. It was like an online app that you could use to create instream ads, and they also have targeting tools in there and list building tools and all of that. Personally, I like Justin Sardi’s Tube Sift program better for my targeting. I use that for building placement lists and stuff like that, but for creating the instream ads, I like to use Vito because Vito I can use different types of templates like instream ad templates. Then just customize the templates with my own add copy, my own ad text, and calls to action and that sort of thing. It produces the video in about 15 or 20 minutes once you’re done. It only takes a couple of minutes to set it up.

The hardest part about setting up a video inside a V-roll is writing the ad copy. You get five lines of text, and that’s where I always slow way down because I’ve got to think about my ad copy. They’re short little lines. You only get like 40 characters or whatever per line in this five lines of text. You’ve got to be very syntactic with your ad copy. Once you’ve produced the video or clicked submit, it will render the video for you in about 15 or 20 minutes, and then you can upload it to your channel, and your off to the races.

If you start to get a lot of traction from a particular instream video, then I would recommend going out and spending some money on turning that ad into more of like a better type of video. You know instream ad is supposed to be just the text type, because if you’ve got something that an offer that’s converting that sort of thing, then you want to start split testing the ads themselves, and trying to get your conversions us. That is what I would suggest is starting off with with V-Roll. They have different subscription levels, guys. However, if you’re going to be doing instream ad stuff, it’s a great service for that. I’ve been using V-Roll for about two years now.

Old Gsites Or New GSites For Google Stacks

Okay, RK is up. Guys, we’re out of time. We’ve got five minutes, so we’re going to try to roll through a couple more. RK is up. RK says, “Marco, new Gsites or old Gsites for Google stacks?”

Marco: Both.

Adam: Both.

Chris: Plus one.

Google Stacks Ratio

Bradley: Don says, “Is the idea of a Google stack to do just one set for branding or do you do multiple stacks for different keywords?” Don it depends on what the needs of your project are. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Both.

Bradley: Both. Okay.

Marco: I’m simplifying, but seriously. Do one that’s branded. Don, I think you were in on the webinar that we did where we talked about navigational searches into the drive stack. We talked about that. If you weren’t there, you should have been there. Then you can do multiple stacks for different keywords, except you can’t do them in the same drive folder. Google does not like that. They will throttle it. You can’t run it. You won’t be able to do anything, so when you do that, think of Silo where each new drive stack and each new persona will do a set of keywords under that same silo if that makes sense. Then you can just daisy chain everything where relevance will carry through. They’re employees of the company and they can all talk about the different sectors of the company. That’s how I would approach this, but definitely both.

Bradley: All right, I’m going to try to get through these next three quickly. These three posts. Then we’re going to wrap it up, buys. By the way, the IFTTT SEO Academy Update webinar number seven is coming up in about eight minutes. For those of you that are in IFTTT SEO, if you don’t know how to get to the events page, go to the Facebook group. Click on the events tab, and the link for the Google event is in that events tab in Facebook. Just click on that, and you can join the webinar. Again, that starts in about seven or eight minutes.

Improving Quality Score In Adwords

Okay, Scott says, “I’m working with a client’s AdWords account, and I think it was very low quality score since the office manager used to run the account. Any tips to improve this as I am having a hard time getting any impressions. I’ve completely optimized the ad landing page, and I’ve outbid the max bid by two dollars, and still no impressions.” Okay, Scott. My first assumption there would be that if the quality score of the overall account. The overall account quality score was low because it was managed poorly for an extended period of time is that it could be, again, I’m not 100% sure on this, but from some of the stuff that I’ve been reading is that the account has been deprecated.

In other words, it’s almost like it’s been demoted, and I’m not sure how to bring that back other than having some successful ads with some higher quality scores and over time, it will pull it back up. However, if you’re not getting impressions to begin with at all … One thing I’m testing right now for improving ad quality score is adding content to landing pages. In Local Kingpin, some of the landing pages were very, very simple. I’ve been doing a lot of studying and reading and testing over the last few weeks, and I’m seeing some better results with adding additional content to the landing pages. Obviously, that is something you might want to look into. I’m assuming that you’ve already tried that, Scott, but in case you haven’t, maybe adding some relevant keyword relevant content to the landing pages which should bring your ad quality score up a little bit.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you other than to try and possibly set up another AdWords account under a different persona or something, and set up the same … I know it’s a pain in the ass, but it would require all of that set up, but setting up some ads underneath the new account to see if you start getting impressions immediately. That would prove to you that they other account has just been basically sandboxed if that makes sense. Not I don’t know if that is the case, I’m just saying that would be through the process of elimination. That’s what I would be doing is testing out a few different … That’s what I do now with AdWords, guys. If something’s not working, I just test other stuff. Just like SEO. Just test stuff. The only difference is that with AdWords is that I’m spending more money on testing. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works

It’s the same things, guys. Just set up another account and do it through your own account. Set up an ad for the client through your own account just to see if you can get some impressions. You’ve proven that that one add account is bad. It’s just a no good account. Then you can set up a brand new account for the client all over again, and that would solve your problem. Don’t know if that’s the problem, but that would be one way to test it. Oh, and Scott, remember. Bring this stuff up in Master Mind and Master Class. If you want to go big and do it a little bit deeper, because obviously, I can’t get into it too much in Hump Day Hangouts.

Tracking Affiliate Link Program

All right, Chris is up really quick. He says, “On my affiliate side, I send customers to one company website that has no formal affiliate link program. He and I would like to find a method who I send to his site. He has asked me for a suggested way to inexpensively track this. Chris, on your website that you’re sending traffic to this guy with no affiliate. Why don’t you just use something like Pretty Link Light which is a plugin that you can download. It’s free. If you want to upgrade to pro, which I recommend you do, it is like $37 or something like that for the pro version. It’s called Pretty Link.

A plugin like that, you can use your affiliate link as a redirect link over to his site, and you can track all of your clicks. Track all of your traffic through that link. You can also do it without a plugin by using Google analytics and using what they call UTM. Link tracking and stuff, and you can do that within Analytics, too. There are multiple ways that you can track how much traffic you’re sending to him without having to do anything expensive or elaborate.

Adam: Yeah, and I was going to say, too. If you sending them to a landing page and not just the homepage, depending on what his CRM is, you could have him duplicate the landing pages and send them somewhere unique that other traffic won’t go.

Bradley: Yeah, and then you could put remarketing pixels and stuff on that page, too, by the way. Last thing. I just want to cover this very quickly because I know that we’re out of time, but Wayne Clayton posted, “Almost two million views even outside my area, as seen with Local Tree-pros and USA health style. If you are not working to be a Google local guide, why not?” Wayne, as awesome. He is one of our MasterMind Members and he has got his Google local guides profile up to a level five. He’s doing some really cool stuff because he is a Google local guide level five.

We’ve talked about this in the MasterMind , and probably in the Master Class a little bit, too guys. Go look into it. Right there is the link. I saw it on here somewhere for the local guides link. Right here. Greg Dreyburg posted, “The Google local guides benefits”. Guys, go click on that link. Get signed up. If you’re doing any local stuff at all, you need to start building up your profile. Just every single day, try to add another review or comment or ad. Contribute to the local guides’ program and over a six month’s period, you’ll get up to a level five or so. You’ve got to work at it. It takes time. There is a lot of work, but if you do it, you can get to a level five, and it unlocks a lot of benefits and gives your profile a lot of power as a local consultant.

Adam: I’m waiting for this course to come out.

Bradley: Yeah, I know. Him and I have a meeting next week or the week after. I can’t remember to talk about it.

Adam: That’s not what I was expecting.

Bradley: All right, guys. We’ll see IFTTT SEO academy members in about two or three minutes. Everyone else, happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you guys next week.

Adam: Whew.

Hernan: Bye, bye.

Adam: Thanks guys.

Chris: Bye everyone.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 106

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 106 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Bradley: We’re live.

Adam: All right everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, episode 106, the episode where we’re no longer together. But we’ll just go down the line and say hi, anyway. Hey Chris, how’s it going man?

Chris: Doing good.

Adam: And Hernan? What’s up?

Hernan: Hey, everybody. Hey. It’s really good to be here. I miss you guys. I hope we kill it. I’m not hoping. I just waited so that we can like this year … So that we can hang out real, real soon.

Adam: Awesome. Awesome, awesome. Marco, I got to ask you, man. How’s the weather?

Marco: I’m still in paradise, man. I left Panama and came back to paradise, so win-win.

Adam: Yeah.

Hernan: I heard it’s raining ashes.

Marco: It was for a few days. It’s been okay lately, but it makes no difference. It just makes the ground more fertile, so anything you plant … You could plant your own garden, get plenty of vegetables. It’s win-win, man. You can’t lose, right? Weather, rain …

Adam: I love that. There’s a volcano and, “Yeah, you can grow a good garden.”

Chris: Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Plenty of ash. Fertilizer.

Adam: Good deal. Good deal. Well, Bradley, how’s it going?

Bradley: Good. Glad to be home. Although I came back to kind of cold weather. It sucks, but other than that, I’m just glad to be home.

Adam: That’s good. It keeps you inside, and it keeps you busy, right?

Bradley: Keeps me working, yeah.

Adam: All right. Well, just a few short announcements and we’ll get rolling today, everybody. We wanted to let you know … Obviously Local Kingpin is still available, and I’m going to let Bradley talk a little bit about this, how it ties in, but we just talked to Justin Sardi not too long ago. I’m sure a lot of your guys know him, or have heard of him, or maybe even taken one of his courses. He’s going to be having a limited opening for his video ads crash course. This is the third version. He’s been updating it for … Man, I don’t even … I took … I bought the one like two years ago, or 18 months ago?

But I think it was even before that. I know I talked to Bradley about this, but Bradley, you thought this would be a good tie-in with Local Kingpin, right?

Bradley: Yeah. I haven’t been through the most recent update though, so I don’t know. As long as he covers local stuff in there. I think he did in the first release of “Video Ads Crash Course Three”. Yeah, it’s so much more in-depth into specifically YouTube ads than what I was able to cover in Local Kingpin. Which, by the way, that’s not complete yet. The video ads section inside of local kingpin isn’t done yet. I’m waiting to get my second case study really rolling, which is in a much larger city, so it covers a much broader area, so the targeting is a little bit better.

But that said, if you really want to get good at YouTube ads or AdWords for video, then Justin Sardi’s course is awesome, and he’s relaunching it at $27, or $37 or something ridiculous. It’s totally worth it.

Adam: Awesome. Totally. I liked it. I’m going to get back in, and I’ve been meaning to get to it. This winter, I think I’m going to get started with that again. It was definitely one of those shiny objects that I bought and walked away from, and now I’m kicking myself in the ass.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Man, YouTube ads are certainly an interesting part of this. Let’s see … After that, we’re going to have some stuff coming up. I’m totally stretching this out for everybody, but we’ve got … Let’s just say, some good deals coming up with Black Friday. We’re going to be doing our own version. I’ll leave it at that right now, and say we got some really cool stuff.

I know Hernan wants to say something.

Hernan: Oh yeah. We’re going to have a ton of cool stuff.

Adam: Awesome. All right, and speaking of AdWords and paid ads, and some traffic, and while we’re here … Hopefully everybody can see the hat, and see what it says. If you want one of these hats, just leave a comment during the show today, and tell us what you think you could do … What’s the best thing you could do with AdWords, video YouTube ads. Tell us what your master plan is, and we’re going to pick one of those comments, and we’ll send you a hat for free.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Sweet. All you got to do is participate?

Adam: Yeah. Just be active and be here. Yeah. With that, though, let’s do this.

Bradley: All right. Well, that said, let me grab the screen, and I’m just going to show the whole screen again as usual, and you guys can see Godzilla in the bottom right corner here, scratching his chest or something. All right. Just a minute. Let me zoom in a little bit, and we’ll get started.

Okay. Mark O’Connell’s up and he’s always here every week. We appreciate that, Mark, and for that I’ll plus-one it. He says, “Hi guys, I don’t have a question, just a comment.” Okay. “Sorry if it’s not applicable, because I know this is for questions, but I just wanted to thank Marco for choosing me for a Drive Stack on the big 104. It was awesome and unexpected. I wanted to message Marco via Google+ but didn’t want to bother him, as I would imagine he is busy trying to make Google beg for mercy. I wouldn’t want to intrude on that, and didn’t want to do it last week, because you guys were celebrating. I already thanked Adam.”

Well, awesome Mark. We appreciate you always showing up and participating anyways. Your comments are always welcome, so thank you.

Branded Email Vs. Gmail In IFTTT Rings

Dean is up next. He says, “Hi guys. I hope you don’t feel too rough after Panama.” I did. Quick story, I was … I left Panama last Friday, and flew back to Miami and spent the night in Miami, and I was in the Miami airport in the morning to fly back to Virginia. All of a sudden I got this awful pain in my abdomen. It felt like appendicitis or kidney stones. I wasn’t sure what it was … And I was in Miami, trying to fly back to Virginia, and so I ended up flying back to Virginia praying that my appendix wouldn’t burst on the plane.

I ended up going straight from the airport to the emergency room, and I was in the emergency room for four and a half hours. Got a CT scan, and all this crap, just to find out it was a kidney infection. I was pissed, because I was like, “Man, I spent four hours in ER. I probably spent a couple thousand dollars.” Then I started thinking, “Why am I complaining about finding out that I’m okay?”

I was like, “Damn, I went there and I don’t even have nothing.” But it could have been the other way. It could have been … It was terrible, though, coming back. I think it’s because we drank and ate too much while we were in Panama. What do you guys think?

Hernan: I think that might be the case, Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: I think that’s it. I feel much better. I was just pissed off because I was in this weird wing terminal in Miami. I thought I had it bad.

Bradley: Yeah. It sucked dude, because I mean it hurt like a son of a gun too, and it was like … The doctors said, “Oh, well. Just take some Aleve and take it easy for a couple days.” I was like, “Dammit.” Anyways. Everything’s good now, so.

Marco: You can never eat and drink too much.

Bradley: Yeah, apparently you can. Apparently my kidney thought otherwise.

Marco: Yeah. You know what Sid Fletcher would say.

Bradley: Yeah. “You’re going to hurt your … ” No, I’m kidding. All right.

Marco: It’s the ceviche.

Bradley: All right. I’ll just keep moving. He says, “I have a national client in the UK whose website I’m setting up an IFTTT ring for and they already have some Google properties in place. Their Google brand page and YouTube page are connected together under a website email through Gmail like [email protected], and have posts and videos from two years ago, so I wanted to use them rather than set up new ones. Is their branded company email going to be a weakness/problem as opposed to an actual Gmail like [email protected]?”

This Stuff Works

No, it shouldn’t be. Let’s see. “I do see through their Google account they have access to Google drive etc and the account shows connected sites and apps so I’m assuming its not a problem just the same as having a Gmail?”

Yeah. Because once you’ve registered a Gmail with Google, like for example, your recovery email, you should be able to log in with that email address as the username, if that makes sense. If you’ve connected your web mail account with your Gmail account, especially as the recovery email, then I’m pretty sure you can log in using the web mail address as the username, and Google recognizes that as being one and the same, if that makes sense. It shouldn’t be an issue.

“They have given me a branded email from their Gmail setup [email protected] and I have made myself an owner of their google my business local page, brand page and youtube account so will my new persona email get all the credit and trust an ifttt ring brings just the same as if i had setup a separate Gmail for them?”

Yeah. Again, it doesn’t make any difference, Dean. It doesn’t make any difference. Because whether … As long as that web mail account is connected to that Google account, and all of the pages and drive and all that stuff, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s still the same Google account, whether it’s using a web mail or a Gmail. It doesn’t matter. Okay?

Adding RYS Drive Stack

Lori’s up. It’s been a while since she’s commented. What’s up Lori? She says, “Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed your time in Panama plotting and planning against Google.” And we did. “We have a law client that we made an RYS drive stack for. We’re trying for a pretty competitive keyword phrase, so we would like to add additional drive stacks. When you do that, do you use the same G-Drive account, or start fresh with a new account? I followed Bradley’s local case study, but they aren’t ranking as high as we would like. I’ve listened to a lot of the advanced strategy webinars too, but can’t seem to find where you talk about adding additional content to an already existing G-Drive stack.

“Also, the main keyword terms were initially ranking on page one of Google, even as high as position three, and then gradually have dropped to page three, and have stayed there. We finished the stack in early May and then started back link building in early July. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.” Okay, Lori, I’m going to let Marco talk about that, because he’s more the expert on that.

Marco: Yeah. Don’t put more than one gstack per Drive account. It overburdens the script, and Google will shut you down, period. That’s just the way it is. You can create persona accounts, and each persona account can be an employee of the company. You can make that persona associated with the company. Of course, it’s natural to share files and folders. Am I giving away too much?

Bradley: Maybe.

Marco: Lori? Reach out to me in private.

Bradley: Yeah, or in the RYS group, Facebook group.

Marco: I don’t want to continue with this. Or, if you’re going to order, just reach out to me, and I’ll let you know what to do. Because I don’t want to give it away, that’s why I’m here. I started to, sorry.

Bradley: Yeah. Just remember, you can add the other accounts under the share function, so you can still access everything from still one login, if that makes sense.

Marco: Right. Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: “Also, the main keyword terms were initially ranking on page one of Google, even as high as position three and then gradually have dropped to page three, and stayed there.” Okay, Lori. There’s really no way for me to give you any advice on that question. I wish I could, but there’s … So many different variables would have to be looked at for us to give any sort of advice on how … What could be causing the problem. That is such a broad question, in that we need a hell of a lot more details or access to the site for a site audit. If that’s something that you would want to have done, if you’re in the masterclass, you provide site audit services as part of the masterclass training. You’re more than welcome to post there, and we could take a look, if you’re willing to share the URL within the webinar, just to the attendees, basically.

That’s up to you. If you’re not comfortable with that, then I completely understand. But we could get a lot more in-depth on that stuff in the masterclass, than we could here. You could even give us some more details. All right?

Marco: Yeah. Lori’s been with us, I mean, for quite a long time.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: She has purchased from us. I’ll give you 15 minutes of my time, Lori, just to get you set up and in the right direction, as far as what you need to do. Then you can go ahead and order from our RYS. He rocks it. Do it … Let’s do it that way.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: Just so I can get you headed in the right direction.

Bradley: Very, very generous of you Marco.

Advantage of SSL (HTTPS) In Affiliate Sites

Michael’s up. He says, “Hi. I am still wondering if I should go with the https version of my site. I have 15 pages with the www version, and then three pages that have both versions indexed so I need to choose one direction to go. Staying with www would be easiest.”

I’m assuming you mean, “Staying with www that doesn’t include the https,” because I think that’s what you’re talking about. The protocol. Because either you have SSL, or you don’t. Typically, in a question like this, I would expect somebody to be asking about the difference between HTTP and https. In this case, you’re mixing two different concepts, here. I’m not 100% sure where you’re going at, with this. Anyways. “How much advantage is there doing this if my site is a simple affiliate site? There are no products to sell or visitors’ info to gather.”

I don’t know why you’d have https then. If you’re not … If you don’t even have a contact form on your site, there’s really no reason for that. If anybody else wants to comment on that, I’m happy to hear some other opinions on that. But if you’re not collecting any sort of data from the site, like any contact details or anything, where nobody has to submit a web form for anything, then I don’t really see the point of having the SSL certificate.

Hernan: Yeah. I would say kind of what you’re saying, Bradley. I’m seeing more and more big websites turning into SSL, but that’s because they manage sensitive accounts.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: It doesn’t have to be right now that, as it were a couple of … Maybe a year back, or maybe a couple of months back, that you need to handle sensitive data like credit cards numbers. Now, every time you handle any kind of data, you need to have an SSL as per Google instructions. With that said, I haven’t had any data to back it up that an SSL will give you a boost in rankings, for example. If it is, it’s marginal. It’s marginal. It’s another tick on the checklist.

This Stuff Works

It’s nothing too fancy that it could make or break your SEO in that case, so I wouldn’t have the trouble in case I really, really need it, and in case I really want to be compliant, and I want to start collecting data on my website, as Bradley was saying.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, so I again … The question is, you’re talking about two different versions of the URL here, but they’re really not … You can have “www.” whether you have SSL or not. It makes no difference. That’s just your preference in how you display the URL. I recommend that you go with the www. version of it, because that’s treated as if it were sub-domain, so it protects your root domain, in the event that you caught a penalty.

In other words, you could always … If you caught a penalty … If you were using your www. acting as a sub-domain and you caught a penalty, then you could essentially remove the www., or add some … Change the sub-domain to something like blog., or news., or something like that, and recover your site. Now, you’d still have to figure out why your site was slapped, or given a penalty, anyways, and correct that, but you could move the site to a different sub-domain, or just to the root. In other words, remove the www., and you could get your rankings back, or at least remove … The penalty would be temporarily lifted until Google caught back up with you, unless you fixed and resolved the problem that caused it to begin with.

Again, that’s just a personal preference. And adding www., can be done within the WordPress dashboard. You go to Settings, General, and it’s the site address. There’s two fields that you have to edit that, and add the www., to. Then once you click Save, it’ll prompt you to log back in. From that point forward, WordPress should handle all the redirects and canonicals directly, but that doesn’t affect the https, SSL or not, whether it’s using the SSL version of the protocol or not. It makes … That doesn’t handle that.

That’s something else that you have to work with. Again, that can cause some problems. Only 15 pages, that’s not really all that big of a deal. But when you do switch to https, a lot of times, it can screw up CSS, and JavaScript, and stuff like that, so you need to make … I don’t even do all that myself anymore. Whenever I switch a site over, I just hire somebody from Upwork, and they handle all that shit for me, because it’s just too much.

Hernan: Yeah. No. I was about to say that. You need to be consistent. Whether you decide to do https or not, you need to be consistent. Everything should be pointed at one URL, because you can have HTTP domain.com, HTTP www.domain.com, https domain.com, and they’re all different URLs, you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: You need to be consistent. Whether you use https or not, and whether you use …, which I concur with Bradley in this case, using www, which I concur with Bradley in this case, using www … I’ve seen on some spammy niches that people will use w15, or ww3, or ww4, ww7. That’s the iteration number seven of that website that keeps getting spam, and keeps being [inaudible 00:17:30], so it’s crazy. But I mean, you need to be consistent whether you decide to do it, or not. That was my point.

Bradley: Again, for something like a small site like that where you’re not collecting any data, I wouldn’t have even implemented SSL. It’s just too much additional work. But, if you’ve already done it … If you’ve already pulled the trigger, then make sure you get your site cleaned up, and all of the scripts and everything are all reading correctly, and that’s something, again … I can’t really advise you on that, because I don’t do it. I just hire somebody from Upwork. That kind of stuff makes my head hurt.

301 Redirects From Web 2.0s Pointing To The Money Site


Healthy Living says, “Just a thought. If we use 301 URL redirects from a web 2.0 to the money site, would that be bad?” I’m assuming you mean embedding a 301 redirected URL into the content body of a post or something on a web 2.0? I’m assuming that’s what you mean, because how would you redirect a web 2.0 URL? I’m not 100% clear on this. Is somebody else interpreting this differently from me?

Hernan: No. I think that you’re right. It’s hard to do a 301, unless you do some sort of meta-refresh. That’s another story. If you do a meta-refresh, you have some web 2.0 properties-

Bradley: I don’t even think … I think this … I think that’s way beyond what they were asking about, though. If you can edit the HTML of a … Or the [HEAD 00:18:53] section, like in Tumblr, sometimes you can do that. I don’t know if you can still do meta-refreshes there. But like Weebly, you could do a meta-refresh. Blogger, we were able to hack that in as well. But put a meta-refresh code, and then the whole web 2.0 will do it. But doing a 301 redirect from a web 2.0, I don’t know how to do that, other than using a 301 redirected URL as your link within the content of a post, which would be like a goo.gl, or a Bitly link, or something like that. Really, I don’t see the purpose of that, either.

This Stuff Works

I mean, you can, just to give you some URL variations, I guess. But yeah, if you could clarify that, maybe, what it is that you’re asking specifically, we might be able to give you a better answer, okay?

Boosting PBN Links

Next says, “All I have a question about PBNs. I have a money site that have IFTTT ring to RSS. I used my PBNs with back links to the IFTTT ring. How can i make it stronger? PS, I have GSA Search Engine Ranker, but I don’t want to blast my PBNs.”

Well, put an IFTTT ring around your PBN, and then blast your IFTTT ring with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Think about that. If you’re using a PBN to link to your money site, or to link to your branded IFTTT ring around your money site, then if you don’t … If you’re worried about hitting your PBNs direct with GSA … And I can understand that, then put an IFTTT ring around your PBN. Then you can hit the ring around your PBN with GSA Search Engine Ranker links. Does that make sense?

That way, you’re not hitting your PBN directly. There’s at least one buffer site between your PBNs and your GSA spam, and it would be at least three hops away from your money site, if you’re abusing your PBNs to point links to your IFTTT ring around your money site, your branded IFTTT ring, if that makes sense. If you’re building back links directly from your PBN to your money site, and you’re building links from GSA Search Engine Ranker to an IFTTT ring around your PBN, now your GSA links are still going to be one, two … Yeah, three hops away.

If you’re doing it … If you’re building PBN links to your branded ring, now your GSA links are four hops away from your money site, so you’d be perfectly fine to do that.

Anyway, hopefully that was helpful. “PPS, I didn’t get the new IFTTT.com website changes that you talked about in the SEO academy group.” I’m not sure what you mean, other than there’s new interface changes. Maybe you’re saying you don’t understand it. I don’t … I’m not 100% sure what the question is there, but I know next Wednesday, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern will be the next update webinar for IFTTT SEO academy, and there’s a lot to cover next week so we’re going to cover all that stuff. The new applets, the new interface that everybody hates, I get that. IFTTT is acting like Google … Google+ I mean, in that they’re changing the interface and nobody likes it.

But it is what it is. We’re going to cover that, and we’re going to cover some interesting issues that have popped up with some other things recently. That’s all going to be covered next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. You can find the link inside the Facebook group for the event. In the Events tab, okay?

Branded Link Wheels For Multiple Locations

Jamie says, “I have site with four locations in Tennessee and I am setting up local maps for all four locations. I was wondering if I can or should create branded link wheels for each location. Same brand for all locations. Not sure if it would be a problem to have so many branded properties. Any thoughts? Thanks.”

This Stuff Works

Yeah, Jamie. We talk about this often. It’s a good question, but yeah. We’ve talked about this many times. What I always like to do, is especially, if you are … If it’s the same brand, typically the way that I set things up is, if I’m going to be creating city-specific sites, I’ll build them on sub-domains of the root domain. Whatever the brand … I usually will have branded domains for the company, which will be the root domain, and if I’m going to make location-specific sites, then I’ll add sub-domains with the city name as the sub-domain. Then I’ll install WordPress and put up the pages, but not usually a blog on those sites. Because I can use the root domain as the blog, because it’s the same brand, just like you mentioned, Jamie.

If it’s the same brand, then you can put the blog on the root domain, and then build links to all of the four location sites, the four individual location sites, by just blogging from the root domain. That’s a hell of a lot simpler to manage. Does that make sense? Because if you … I mean, you could do a separate blog on each separate site, if you’re doing that. You could. And you could have a separate ring for each, and you may need to do that. But typically, what I will do is create the one branded ring, IFTTT ring, right? And I’ll blog from the root domain blog, and use the blog post to build links to all of the sub-domain sites, or all of the individual locations.

You might not have sub-domain sites, maybe you have individual location pages. That’s fine. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you could still build links to the location sites or pages from the blog with one IFTTT ring. However, if you find that there’s a … Like for example, say out of the four locations that you have, one of them is not responding as well to the IFTTT blogging strategy as the other three. This is just hypothetical, guys, but let’s just say that one of them is not responding as well. Then you could always go out and create a separate IFTTT ring specific for that one location. It can be the same brand, but then you can add the city name into the sub-domains for when you’re creating the IFTTT ring.

It could be a location-specific branded ring, if that makes sense. Then you could hit that one ring, specifically, with posts for that one location, to help give it a boost. But always try to rank with the minimum amount of work that it takes, guys. For that reason, don’t … It’s a great question, Jamie, because you don’t want to jump … You don’t want to go out and build four IFTTT rings, when you don’t need to. Chances are, you can probably get away with just one, and again, if any one particular location is not responding as well as you’d like it to, then you can always build a location-specific ring for that.

Email List Platform

Okay. Andrew Walker. He’s back. He’s starting to become a regular occurrence. That’s awesome, Andrew. This is a good question. I read this earlier. He says, “Hey guys, my question is about what platform to use to start building an email list. Which would you all recommend, GetResponse or ClickFunnels? I’ve been using GetResponse for a little while now and its pretty nice. However, I just got hipped to ClickFunnels and I’m hearing some really great things about it. Thanks.”

Andrew, I can tell you personally, because I know … I’m kind of helping Andrew get set up. He’s a local business guy. Advanced-pcs.com. He does IT work and stuff like that. Anyways, I can tell you that ClickFunnels is my preferred method, and you … But it’s not exactly an auto-responder. They have auto-responder capabilities inside, if you use an SMTP mail-ordering service like SendGrid or Mandrill, or something like that, so it’s a bit geeky to set up. But if you were going to be … In your case, I would say you need at least $97 a month to use ClickFunnels. It’s $100 a month. I know for GetResponse, you’re probably only paying about $20 month, something around that number.

This Stuff Works

It’s up to you. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, then yeah. Keeping everything under one dashboard, which you can do with ClickFunnels, would be sweet, because you’d get much better landing pages than you do with GetResponse. At least in my opinion, it’s so much easier to set them up, and they look good, all that kind of stuff. And you can handle all of the mailing from within … Oh, wait a minute, let me rephrase that. In order to use ClickFunnels’ mailing service as an auto-responder, you have to have Actionetics, and Actionetics is only part of their enterprise suite. That’s $300 a month. $297 a month.

Adam: Yeah. You’ve got to make sure it’s worth it, but yeah. It’s kind of interesting …

Bradley: Yeah. In his case … In Andrew’s case, it wouldn’t be. I can tell.

Adam: Yeah. For most people, especially if … Your comment is starting out, then yeah. That’s not it.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: But if you can do it, you can … You can also use … Just so people know, you can also get … If you can get that Amazon SES account approved … Which you can’t always, but that’s free. Then that lets you, if you don’t use an outside service, you can’t customize your emails in ClickFunnels, because they don’t want you sending out stuff from their servers. But once you do that, that would be one of the next steps up. We’re also looking at a couple different providers too, Andrew, so maybe we could come back and give you some more information. I think Bradley can tell you. Obviously, you guys are talking offline,

There’s some additional stuff we’re looking at. We’re checking out ConvertKit right now, and we’ve been using Paywebber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and I think-

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: That’s it. But Chris and Hernan might have some input here too.

Bradley: Yeah, I would just mention to Andrew. Like I said, Andrew, I forgot. I started to tell you … But even the $97 a month version of ClickFunnels doesn’t give you email capabilities. It will give you an email notification from each funnel, but you can’t use it as an auto-responder, so it’s … Really in your case, you don’t need an Enterprise account for your local business. That would be kind of like way overkill, and an expense. You don’t need that, either. Stick with GetResponse for now, and that would be fine.

Anybody else want to comment? That’s fine if you want.

Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to say real quick. I’m sorry.

Chris: He’s eating.

Hernan: I wanted to say real quick that … Yeah. I was. Sorry. I wanted to say real quick that, GetResponse, for the time being … We pretty much use them all. MailChimp, AWeber or GetResponse. We keep on using GetResponse and AWeber. We’re migrating. If you want to start doing some more advanced stuff, like tagging people based on how they behave, based on what actions they take … For example let’s say that somebody doesn’t visit your website, I don’t know, in three months. You can send them a coupon, those kind of things. In reality, GetResponse will suffice for now, since I assume you’re starting now. At some point, you want to go for something more advanced like, for example, ActiveCampaign, which will be pretty much the same expense.

There are of course more complex tools out there, but ClickFunnels is a landing page builder, and a funnel builder. It doesn’t have to do with email marketing, while it is an added tool, and I’m pretty sure Bradley’s helping you out with ClickFunnels, but again, that’s a landing page builder. That’s not … The main functionality of ClickFunnels, it is from Actionetics, in my opinion. GetResponse will suffice for now, in my opinion. At some point, if your list grows a lot, which I know it will with Bradley’s help, you may want to turn into something more advanced. [More ninja 00:30:09], maybe.

Bradley: Yeah, but even GetResponse has automations and stuff. You can set up tags and all that stuff with automations. You just need to learn how to do it, that’s all. I’m sure ActiveCampaign or … What is it? ConvertKit, might be better, but I’m just letting you know. There are automa- … You can create automations inside of GetResponse, now, too.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I don’t think you need to change anything, Andrew. I’d leave it just the way it is, for now.

Adam: Now, because I’m drinking the Kool-Aid so heavily from ClickFunnels, I do want to say though, if people get to that point, there are some really cool things you can do with ClickFunnels. By all means, that’s some of the things you can do. I’m not saying all of this is exclusive to ClickFunnels, but you can start tying in actions, as well as other things. Integrations into ClickFunnels is crazy, it’s almost like Zapier, where they have tons of integrations you can use.

This Stuff Works

New Trigger Channels In IFTTT

Bradley: Yeah. Greg’s up. He says, “Welcome back to reality guys, except for Marco. Hey, Have you guys tested or can suggest any new trigger channels that might work in an IFTTT network ring yet?” Well, yeah. You can use Twitter. That’s what Twitter SEO Academy is really about. That and much more, but you can use Twitter to trigger. You can use any one of the blog properti- … I mean, you can pretty much use any property. Any channel will not … Well, not any channel, but most of the channels that we use, the ones that we use for marketing and stuff like that … A lot of those can be used as triggers also. The problem is, is when you use the other properties as triggers, what does the resulting post look like on the other side?

Whatever you’re syndicating to, from that trigger point, what does it look like over there at the syndication point? What does it look like? A lot of times, they come out kind of funny. In fact, I played around with, a couple years ago, a lot with trying to set up WordPress triggers or Tumblr triggers and Blogger triggers. Some interesting, weird stuff happens with those triggers, sometimes. That’s why I always resorted back to just using RSS triggers, because RSS triggers seem to be the most consistent over time, where I consistently had difficulty with using other properties as triggers. Although, like I said, Twitter can be a trigger. You could use a Facebook page. I mean, pretty much almost any one of the properties that we typically talk about in the Academy can be used as a trigger.

You just got to go in and play with your own recipes, Greg. I highly encourage everybody to try other recipes, and to play around in there. We just give you the recipes that we know that work consistently over time, but you’re more than welcome to play with it, Greg, and test. But again, I would set up a test network that you can play around with triggers and stuff. That way you’re not destroying branded network properties when something goes wrong, if that makes sense. Good question though.

Site Architecture And Content For Google Maps Site

Scott’s up. He says, “I’m trying to optimize a website for Google Maps. The business has four categories selected within GMB. I want to create four pages on the website, and optimize for those terms. How would you suggest to implement in-site architecture and what content would you include in the pages?” Scott, I actually read this question earlier, and this is something that I could even diagram out. I’m not going to do it on Hump Day Hangouts, but if you want to post that question over on the masterclass page, we got masterclass in about 30 minutes. I can actually diagram it out there for you.

Pretty much, you just want to have four silos, or the top of the silos, so four categories, in other words, on your site. Categories and pages. A separate page, which can also create a corresponding category, and then for each one of those categories within the Google My Business, that you have listed on the Google My Business page … You create four different categories, and then from there you can add supporting … In a simple silo structure, which is what I would recommend. Complex silo structure is usually overkill for local stuff. I would use a simple silo structure, and then from that, you just would create supporting posts for each one of those categories. That’s it. As many supporting posts as it takes to rank.

You make sure that you always link from the supporting post up to the silo landing page. Make sure that you place that post in the proper, correct category, the correct silo. That’s really all you need to do. Make sure that you’re also syndicating to that Google My Business page, the local … Excuse me, the local page, or brand page, depending on how you have it set up. I guess it’s a local page, because you talked about Maps. If you want me to diagram it out, I’d be happy to do so. That’ll be in masterclass, and you can post that on the event page, and we’ll get to it in about 25 minutes.

Transferring Ranking From .mob Site To The New Site

JaMina’s up. “Hey guys. One of my clients has a .mob website that is separate from his old website and it ranks very well in his industry. He has just had a brand new responsive website created. How can I help him keep or transfer his mobile rankings from his .mob site? Also, if he points the old HTML website at the new responsive website, will it help the new website rank for the keywords the old website was ranking for? Thanks, guys.” I guess you’re talking about, he had a separate mobile website? Is that … I’m assuming that’s what she means. I’ve never … I don’t really have an experience redirecting mobile websites to see if it helps an existing site. Do any of you guys have experience with that?

Chris: Not here.

Hernan: No. No.

Bradley: Yeah. Typically, that’s a separate mobile website. That’s what she’s …

Hernan: Mobile rankings. Yeah. The only thing that I can think of is 301. 301 the .mob to the new m., or the new responsive website. But I haven’t worked with .mob, I mean, sorry.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah. I’ve never done a separate mobile websi- … I mean, I’ve built mobile websites. I’ve done that, but I’ve never … I’ve never tried redirecting from separate mobile websites to newer, responsive … I’ve never done any of that. Honestly, I don’t want to throw out some bullshit answers, JaMina, to your question, because I would be doing you wrong if that were the case. I don’t know. I would play with it. You could test it. For example, if it’s on a dot- … If you had a whole separate mobile website, then chances are, there’s some separate pages. What you could do is go in and edit a couple of the pages, for example, to do a 301 redirect, or a meta-refresh or whatever, over to the new responsive website to the corresponding pages.

Then just monitor it. Don’t do the whole site. What I’m saying is, go in and select a couple pages from the mobile site, and redirect those back to the corresponding pages on the new responsive design site. Just monitor those pages on the new site, versus the other pages on the site that don’t have the redirect set up from the mobile site, and see if those new page … Those pages that do have the redirects perform better than the others, or just moni- … Just observe what they do, the behavior of those pages. Then you’ll know. Say you got 12 pages on the site, and you’ve got three of them with redirects from the mobile site.

You can watch those three, and compare those to the other nine pages on the site, and see which one … Observe what they do, and then you can play around with that and see if it has a positive effect, a negative effect, or no effect at all.

I mean, that’s what I would do. That’s typically how I determine what’s going to work and what’s not. It’s just by testing, and that’s what I would recommend you do here. I wouldn’t redirect the whole thing, though, because then you’re not … When you could … If you could do it on a page-by-page basis, temporarily, just to monitor what it does.

By the way, if you redirect from an old site, in this case the old HTML website to the new responsive-to-web … “If he points the old HTML website at the new responsive website, will it help the new website rank for the keywords that the old website is ranking for?” It can yes, as long as the page that you’re redirecting to the new page … As long as the content is similar, or the same. It could be the same, but been updated, or it has to be very similar. Because remember, if your old site was ranking well, it’s not 100% because of back links as to why it’s ranked. There’s also the on-page factor.

As long as your new site is in that … In particular, in a page-by-page basis, is … The on-page SEO is comparable to what the old site was, then yes. It should respond really well to that redirect, because there’s no … But if the new site … And I’m assuming the new site is optimized properly, but if it isn’t, and if there’s a significant difference between the pages, it may not help at all, or may give it just a very marginal boost, if that makes sense. Guys, remember, that’s … Whenever you’re redirecting from an existing site that’s ranking well to a new site, you want to make sure that the pages are optimized similarly, like the on-page optimization is similar, or comparable, to what the old site was.

If it could be improved upon, that’s great. Then improve upon it. But what I’m saying is, you don’t want a huge drastic change, and then you redirect from the old to the new, and expect it to replace the slot that the old site took in the search results because it typically isn’t going to happen that way. There will be some dancing, anyways, and you got to let all that stuff settle in, JaMina.

If you’ve been watching us for any amount of time, you know that there’s a sandbox period, a probationary period after you do something like that, a redirect, where you don’t want to go in and do a whole bunch of crazy changes during that three-week period after you initiate the redirect. You want to let it settle in, and let the dust settle. Give it some time for everything to solidify where it’s going to be. Then you go back in, and start editing, and adjusting. But you don’t want to do too many changes within a three-week period, because it could sandbox your site.

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Allowed Sidebar Links In Tumblr

Kris is up. “Welcome back. I edited the HTML code on my Tumblr theme, and I now have 35 icons in the sidebar linked to the IFTTT networks and citations. How many links in a sidebar of a blog is too much, and did I go overboard with this?” No, I don’t think so, because you’re just reinfor- … As long as they’re all branded properties, it shouldn’t make any difference, Kris. You should see some of our same as attributes in our JSON-LD markup.

We haven’t got … I haven’t been hit with a structured data spam penalty yet. I know some people have, though, so you got to be careful with that, but as far as adding those … I mean, if they’re branded properties, they’re just an extension of your brand. To me, that’s not too much. Any other comments on that, guys?

Hernan: How much is too much, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I agree. As long as you’re … I mean, you can always go with the most relevant to your particular niche, because in some cases you will get more … Depending on your niche, some networks will be more relevant than the others. But for SEO purposes, I would say have them all. 20, 35, 40 icons doesn’t really matter, as long as you keep that … I think that’s the most cumbersome task, is to keep that list updated. At some point, maybe URLs change. Maybe a website will go 404, whatever. You need to keep that updated, so maybe once a month or something you want to make a sweep through that. It will all depend on how many network you have.

I think, at the end of the day, that’s called a semantic hub. We want that. We want that amount of relevance and brand on that particular domain, like G Plus, Tumblr. Anywhere you can put a list of links would be considered, in my opinion, a semantic hub.

Bradley: One thing, Kris, you can do is go search your brand in Google. The brand name. Then look at all the properties that show up, the third-party properties that show up on page one and two, and just go with those. You want all the big social media sites, whether they show up on page one or two, or not. It doesn’t make a difference. But, chances are, they’re going to anyways, if you search your brand name. But you could just select the ones that Google tells you are the most relevant and the most important to your brand name or business, and use those as your same as attributes if you’re marking up the JSON-LD markup in the header, or in sidebar links, that kind of stuff. You can let Google tell you what it thinks is the most relevant and important to your brand.

Next, he says, “When I get some spammy comments, I remove the URL from comment and edit it to be a positive comment. I figure if they try to spam to get links, I might as well remove the link and use the comment to benefit the page. Do comments help build credibility or should I just block them to save time?” Kris, I’m going to tell you. Honestly, you should just block them. There’s a plugin for WordPress called disable comments. I love that plugin. I use it on every damn site.

If I want comments on a site, then I will use a social media-style comment plugin anyways, because WordPress comments just flat-out suck, and you’ll get spammed to death all the time, anyway. It’s too much work and time, and effort, for such a very small SEO boost which, to be honest with you, I … Somebody else might disagree with me, but I’ve never taken the time to go through and use comments within my own sites to try to see if it’ll give me an SEO boost, because it requires too much time.

Personally, I just use the disable comments plugin for all WordPress sites, so that it removes the native WordPress comment functionality. I would say, save your time, Kris, or use your time better, more wisely, by doing something with your time that’s going to have a greater effect. I can tell you that that would be such a small positive effect, if any at all, that it’s really just not worth it.

Shannon’s complaining because we were one minute late, just so you all know.

Pitching Digital Marketing To Real Estate Brokers

Valerie says, “Trying to sell my house and brokers don’t know and don’t do digital marketing.” I know, Valerie. Isn’t it frustrating? Because realtors are an egotistical bunch. They put their faces on all their marketing materials, and they think they’re good marketers, and they know nothing, or very little, about digital marketing, and it’s like pulling teeth to try to convince realtors that they should be marketing digitally. I don’t know why, because they do spend a lot of money on marketing, but they don’t spend money on digital marketing, at least none of the realtors I’ve ever dealt with. They’ve just been a pain in the ass for me, so I don’t [crosstalk 00:44:57].

Adam: This is … Real quick. I think this is good timing. One, five-minute warning. Two, I think a lot of these were responses to AdWords, the question I asked for the free hat at the beginning, but we can still go through these. There’s some pretty good ones here.

Bradley: Okay. To finish up, I just kind of wanted to vent about that, because I’ve got a lot of experience with realtors, and they’re … They’re an odd bunch. “So I’m starting to market with AdWords, and will also do youtube ads and facebook. Hopefully this will work, and if so, then can expand specialized marketing for unique properties and high priced homes.” That would be awesome, Valerie. Good luck with that. I hope you can have better success at convincing realtors on why it’s important.

But that’s part of the reason I stopped messing with realtors. If you have to convince somebody first that they should be marketing digitally before you’ve even pitched them on your services, you’ve got to sell them twice. You’ve first got to sell them on the fact that they need it, and then you have to sell them on your services. To me, I don’t want to have to do two sales presentations, just to get one … You know what I mean? To the same prospect. That’s too much resistance for me. Trust me, I chased realtors for years. In fact, that was what the … If you guys remember, the vmail, video email little training course that I did, that was for an actual company I’d started for … It was called Broker Brand Marketing. It was for realtors. We were targeting real estate companies for branding, and digital branding. It was just a … It was an uphill battle, so we closed that business.

Don’s up next. He says, “I plan on using ads two ways. One, for multiplying leads for lead gen clients, but the other for doing my own affiliate/CPA offers and eventually selling my own products!” Awesome, Don. Congratulations. Don’t tell me what to do, Windows.

This Stuff Works

Keith is up. “Following Local Kingpin at the moment. Spending more than making with AdWords, but getting better so any more help would not go amiss. Not done any video yet as still learning the basics of AdWords.” Keith, stick with it, buddy. It takes practice. Getting an AdWords campaign up and profitable, it’s not going to happen immediately. That’s why I go through, in Local Kingpin … I really went to great lengths to try to explain the beta campaign structure and how to set it up in negative keywords, so that you reduce your non-relevant clicks.

In other words, you stop wasting money as quickly as possible. And how to optimize the campaigns to where you get profitable quickly. But guys, it’s totally worth it. If you lose a little bit of money in your first 30 days, or even if you just break even … If you continue at it, and you get your campaign optimized, it can be profitable, and it’s just a stream of revenue that requires very little maintenance once you’ve dialed it in, unlike SEO that is a constant struggle.

Hernan: Yeah. Real quick, I want to add that, it took me maybe six months to become profitable campaign on Facebook ads. I didn’t have the guide that you guys have with Bradley showing you step-by-step over the shoulder how to do it, how to become profitable. It’s just a matter of sticking to it. At first, you will burn through money, but that’s investing in your education, the way I see it.

Bradley: That’s right.

Hernan: Keep at it. At some point, you will learn the ropes of AdWords, and bam. You can launch a profitable campaign in a couple of hours, because you will know what to look for, what keys to look for, and what to kill, how to kill, and when to kill it, when it’s not being profitable.

Bradley: That’s right. Wise advice. Hernan’s been doing paid traffic for us for years, and I never did any paid traffic until recently, at least like AdWords stuff, and now I love it. I just wish I’d started five years ago, but it is what it is.

Yeah, guys, Local Kingpin replay should be going on if you were signed up for it, the webinar from yesterday. It was really just a soft pitch. There was some value there, but it was really like, “Hey, if you missed your chance on the launch, here’s … ” We gave a special offer on that. Yeah. If you were on, signed up for the webinar, and you didn’t make it yesterday, you should get the replay link via email.

Number Of FCS Links

All right. I think we got time for one or two more. “How many links with FCS, or whatever spam tool you use, do you guys usually throw at each branded Tier One spam point property in your network for local sites? I don’t want to overkill.” I think Hernan recommends 75 to 125.

Hernan: Yeah. Anything between … Yeah, you can start with 50 and go up to 150, but that’s pushing it. We should send a handful, and do not do them all at once. Just send a handful of links, and see how it goes, and then send another batch, maybe in 20’s, maybe in 30’s depending on your competition. That’s basically what we do.

Bradley: I hate Calendar. It drives me nuts. Yeah. “How many Tier One spam points do you hit?” I hit everything at once. I just send everything over to [inaudible 00:49:58], our link [inaudible 00:50:00] manager, and he handles all that for me. “What is your favorite spam tool to use for powering up your networks?” We use a multitude of them, now. Turbo … What is it? Turbo Web 2.0, I think Rank … I don’t know if it’s called Ranker X. I don’t know, because I don’t handle any of that stuff any more. He does all that for me. But we use FCS Networker, GSA, Turbo Web 2.0. I mean, there’s a lot of them.

Hernan: Everything. Yeah. Everything. That’s the idea. You get diversity by using everything.

Bradley: All right we got time for Skye’s, and then we got to wrap it up, guys. “Kingpin method. I’m using SpyFu to scrape all the domains in geographic locations that have low SEO value. I’m then running a custom program that checks for schema on the website. I’m then sending all of those people an offer for a free website evaluation. I’m then using remarketing to close it, if they don’t sign up with the schema issue as the focal point. I’m also using video ads to help rank videos in organic.” Skye is crushing it. Very good, Skye. Keep it up buddy.

Okay. That’s it. Do you want to pick the hat person now, or what are we doing?

Adam: Yeah. Hernan, we’re there in Slack. Let’s see … If you want to answer one more quick one, me and Hernan were discussing this.

Bradley: Okay. You heard that from Adam. Adam said I could answer one more. Don’s up. He says, “When you are updating new IFTTT properties in your IFTTT group, are you updating the master spreadsheet, or do we need to do that? Because I just have my VA using your sheet as a template.” Yeah, Don, like if I add a new recipe, it goes on the account workbook template, which is the master spreadsheet that we’ve got linked all over the place. That’s updated in real time. If a property’s removed, then I’ll remove it from the … Or if we add a new property, or add a new recipe, then everything’s listed on that spreadsheet.

Did you guys get it worked out?

Adam: We did. We did. Not because it was a first comment, but Valerie, we really liked your comment, your POFU mentality. If they’re not going to do it, you’ll take it into your own hands. Way to take action.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Yeah. “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.”

Adam: Like it. Send me an email to support, and give me your address and tell me whether you want a medium or a large, and we’ll get that in the mail to you this week.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: Cool.

Bradley: Congratulations, Valerie. Okay, guys. Masterclass starts in about eight minutes or so. We’ll see you all over there, those of you that are in it. If you’re not, come join us.

Adam: Awesome. By, everybody.

Bradley: Bye.

Hernan: Bye bye.

Chris: Bye.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 105

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 105 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Bradley: We’re live.

Adam: Are we live?

Bradley: We are.

Adam: Well cheers, first of all.

Hernan: Cheers.

Bradley: Hey everyone.

Bradley: Cheers.

Adam: Cheers to you guys.

Bradley: From semantic mastery in Panama, we’re hanging out on the beach with palm trees in the beach and like music going on and bars and beers. Although they look like apple juice in cups. Take a look, we’ll look around, and we just made a friend from Toronto.

Marco: How are you?

Bradley: There’s one of the beach side bars. It’s really cool, this is a great place for us to meet, so, there we go. We’ll try to answer a couple questions today guys, but we’re just going to have some fun.

Adam: In case you don’t know where you’re at, this is episode 105-

Bradley: Episode 105.

Adam: This is Semantic Mastery, so if you’re not supposed to be here, you should probably take a hike.

Bradley: Make sure you grab a drink and come hang out, have some fun.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: We got some things we wanted to share and talk about. This is the first time that we’ve all got to meet in person, we’ve been in business for about 3 years. We’ve known each other 4 years, but we’ve always met virtually via webcast like this, and last year when we met in Miami, it was 4 of us, Marco couldn’t make it last year, so, this is the first we’ve actually been able to meet in person all of us together. We’ve been able to grow the business without having to meet in person, which is pretty incredible in my opinion.

Getting together and meeting though, it’s amazing, yesterday was kind of a strategy session, planning out the next 3, 6, and 12 months. It’s amazing how much more creativity occurs when people are joined together in person, then it is via webcast. I mean, obviously because of logistics, we have to meet via webcast on a regular basis, but getting together at least once a year and I think we’re going to start doing it twice a year now, gives us much more clarity and vision, you know what I mean?

It has been very, very productive so far, and we still have a whole other 2 days, so, it’s been a lot of fun.

Speaker 4: Yeah. Dude.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Got something to say?

Adam: No, just let’s bring it back, we’ve told people before … What’s the most important for me was like coming together, how we met. We’ve told people briefly like, “Oh, we met online,” and that’s what I tell people. My family’s like, “What, how did you start a business? That’s crazy. How do you know these people aren’t going to steal your money.” Yeah, it’s like well, you have to have some sort of stress and you’ve got to be willing … Everyone’s got to take the first step. Which is nice and meeting everybody, we came from a mastermind ourselves, those of you who didn’t know that.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and that’s the story. It was funny, Marco had a friend from Manhattan named Jill come down, she was in Panama this week anyways. She came out to the resort and had lunch with us today and really interesting lady. She was asking us about how we all met, and so we were just talking about the story with her earlier today, and we were in a separate SEO Mastermind, Marketing Mastermind 3 years ago … 4 years ago, right?

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: It was 2012? We were at a Mastermind group and the webinars were once a month and then there was a forum, and it was interesting because the webinars were only once a month, but the forum was pretty active, and at the time I was just running my lead gen business and I had just started my SEO agency and I had just started a Mastermind, an accountability meeting. That’s what it was, an accountability group, where we meet on a weekly basis to apply the methods that we were learning through the Mastermind and also to set goals and hold each other accountable.

Share what was working, what wasn’t working and try to grow each other’s businesses that way and just help each other. We ended up about 25 members or so, but the Mastermind we were in, the training start of the decline, the support started to decline, yet our weekly meetings continued. That value ended up shifting from the Mastermind we all joined, to our group and after several months of us meeting on a weekly basis, it ended up being that we were … I was sharing a lot of training and these guys here were also contributing regularly and so, once the other members of the group started to apply some of the stuff that we were sharing, they were starting to see the same kind of results we did.

Eventually, it dawned on this, wait a minute. We’ve got something on here that we can run with, that we can monetize this and turn this into a business. Because if our small group of 25 is experiencing these kind of results, imagine what … This could be applied to a broader audience, in other words. That’s really what happened, that’s where Semantic Mastery was born and we kept it very, very private for our … It was very small and private about the first year, and then in January of 2014 is when we actually went public with it and opened it up to other people to join.

Here we are today, it’s been just an amazing journey, and we’ve got so much more in store, so much more planned. THat’s part of the reason we met was to strategize to what’s going on going forward. We’ve got a hell of a lot planned in the future guys, we’re not going anywhere, I’ll tell you that. More to come, you know.

Adam: Yeah, I wanted to check something out and see … I know we got some questions but I wanted to see if anybody at least got questions on any of that?

Marco: What I wanted to share is that all of the productivity that we were able to get out of the Monday riot as it took 4 hours to get here, because of the traffic. Then, Tuesday and today, today’s is Wednesday, and we got just so much accomplished. We get a lot accomplished week to week, but that’s more of maintenance, right? A weekly maintenance of everything that our business takes up and what we have to do, but this is actually strategy. 3, 6 months, a year down the line, which is what every business should be doing.

If you guys have your own business, you should be strategizing, you shouldn’t just be thinking about the buck that you can make next week, think about the money that you can make a year, and maybe 5 years down the line. Strategize, lay down a plan, and then go for it, but you can’t say, “This is what I think I’m going to do,” you have to lay it step by step and then just start tackling at it, get at it, get at it.

Bradley: Yeah, and that’s to expand on Marco’s point, that’s important … I don’t know where everybody is with their business obviously, but I know in the early stages of my business, all I was thinking about was today or tomorrow. How could I get that next dollar because I was trying to survive. It’s difficult to plan ahead when you’re living like that, it really is, but if you don’t have that larger goal, then you really don’t know where you’re going, you know what I mean? You have to have a target that you’re working towards or else you’re flapping around in the wind, if that makes sense.

You’ll go wherever the wind blows you, so to speak, and that’s not really … You need to have focus, and that’s something we wanted to bring up today was even us as a company, we get easily distracted. There’s a lot of opportunities that come our way. It’s difficult to say no to opportunity. You guys as IM’ers know, that’s what makes you a marketer. The fact that you respond to marketing messages and that’s probably why so many of us have shiny object syndrome and I’m 100% guilty of that myself. It’s difficult to stay focused because we don’t … Perry Marshall calls it F-O-M-O, FOMO, Fear of missing out. Every time something else comes out, you know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right?

You always see new software, new training, whatever, and you’re always like, “Damn, I’m going to miss out if I don’t buy it, especially on this launch pricing,” blah, blah, blah, thing is, if you’ve already got … You probably have enough tools in your toolbox already to be able to produce a real business, a real money making business if you focus, cut the distractions out. Even we struggle with that. That’s part of the reason why we have our weekly meetings and now our meetings where we come together like this, is to really reaffirm where we are and where are goals are to keep us focused. I think that’s really important from a business building standpoint, that you have to stay focused and motivated on a singular goal, does that make sense?

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: I was going to say something about meeting in person real quick, because this was interesting for me. Well, shout out one to Jenny, my fiance. I was talking to her last night about this, the first day here, paid for a [inaudible 00:08:03], because there’s very real cost for us. This is business, we have to pay to get down here, it’s fun, it’s great, but after the first day, I was talking to Jenny I said, “The first day paid for the trip.” For me, becoming somebody who gets out more and does events more and that’s not who I was 5 years ago.

This Stuff Works

Going from trying to do everything yourself to reaching out to people, if you joined one of our groups, if you joined our Mastermind, that’s great. It’s going to help you, but whatever you do, get out and start networking. I actually had a call with a potential client a couple of weeks ago, guy wants his own business and one of his complaints was, “I’m not sure what to do with my business, I don’t talk to other people who own businesses.”

I said, “Well, there’s an easy solution to this. Go talk to other people who own businesses.” He said, “Yeah, I really should do that.” I was like, “No, you absolutely need to.” Sadly, I didn’t hear back from him, maybe that was the … I talk to people and no just get out there, you really do need to talk to the people who are your peers or who you want to be your peers.

Bradley: Honestly, we didn’t even discuss, but that’s a perfect opportunity for us to pitch the Mastermind a bit, and the reason I say that is because, guys, we meet on the Hump Day Hangouts every week, and that’s kind of like a mini Mastermind on it’s own, right? Because a lot of you come join and participate, a lot of you just watch, that’s fine, and so that really is a Mastermind in it’s own right. There’s something about joining a group of peers that are serious about their business and having that support structure, that support system around you and the ability to post questions or concerns or problems you may be having, or for successes that you’re having to help others.

You know what I mean? Having that ability to communicate with peers and other professionals at varying levels in their careers, or their businesses. That’s like what we have with our Semantic Mastery Mastermind, we’re very, very proud of it and we’ve kept it small and it’s not because we haven’t tried to grow it, but it’s been somewhat small because there is a cost barrier and I get that. We charge 297 a month to join a Mastermind but there’s a reason for that. We want to keep people out that aren’t serious about the business, number 1, number 2, if you’re willing to commit 300 dollars a month to your business, it means you’re serious about your business and it would make you more likely to participate and be engaged within that community.

If we were just charging 50 bucks a month, 47 bucks a month or IM World 27 dollars a month for some shit like that for some Mastermind, first of all, there’s very little value there, number 2, it doesn’t give you a reason to participate, if that makes sense. We have a lot of people in our Mastermind that are just there to absorb information, and that’s fine, but to get the full value out of it, it’s a matter of interacting, like a lot of you guys do on our Hump Day Hangouts, some of you are regulars that interact and engage with us on a weekly basis and several of you have sent us testimonials via support or whatever telling us how you apply just what you learn from Hump Day Hangouts and been able to grow your business.

That’s amazing to us. This wasn’t intended, but honestly, you should check out our Mastermind. If a lot of you that are attending now, if you can come up with 300 dollars a month. Here’s the thing, if you don’t come up … Even if you don’t have the money, if you had … You think, “Well, I can’t afford that, that’s an expense that I can’t afford.” If you’re thinking about that as an expense, then that’s the wrong mindset anyways, because it should be investment, right? Think about it as investing in yourself and your business and it will come back multiple times over in a very short period of time as long as you take action, right? That’s the key, you gotta take action, and participate, engage, I mean that’s what we’re there for.

Again, I didn’t want to turn this into a pitch fest guys but, that’s how we met. We’ve built a business based upon that singular principle right there. We wanted to bring that back and provide that opportunity to our Mastermind members and again, these Hump Day Hangouts are kind of like mini Masterminds in their own right. We love the Mastermind, we’ve got a lot of members that have had very, very good success with just applying the stuff that they’ve learned and also having the ability to communicate with peers, like minded people.

Adam: Well, that, the master class, and V2 [inaudible 00:12:02], there’s some people just killing it. It’s really cool hearing those stories come out of there.

Hernan: I just wanted to say real quick that pretty much, yeah I would say 100% of the products that we have developed or the training’s that we have develops are based on the needs that we have had as the business owners or as an entrepreneurs. [inaudible 00:12:21] for example, he started, I remember Adam was starting to wanting to know where the IFTTT networks will work or not. He developed a tool and then became a whole marketplace, et cetera. I think that’s … If you’re really searching for opportunities of developing products or services, you really need to ask yourself what kind of challenges and difficulties I’m running through on my business right now, because that’s potentially an answer right now.

The Mastermind, VS, [inaudible 00:12:53], all of those were solutions that we were asking and we were looking at to implement in our business in Semantic Mastery and we couldn’t find, so we had to develop our own. That’s how we started getting people that, “Hey, that would really help me out too, so I want to implement that for my business,” and you [inaudible 00:13:11] just like that, you know?

Marco: Do we have questions?

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:13:16]

Adam: I think we got something to say about that stuff over there though.

Bradley: We saw that, we saw the swag, we saw the swag.

Adam: No, no, the hat.

Speaker 1: Swag.

Adam: Hey, just to keep everybody … Hey, if you want to participate, that’s great, well if you don’t, that’s cool too. If you participate, we got some stuff we picked up here-

Bradley: Show the back too-

Adam: Yeah, and we’re going to be making some more. We’ve got some good ideas for some tee shirts, maybe something along the lines of what would Bradley [inaudible 00:13:42] do, but we’ll see what happens there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and for those of you … By the way, if you haven’t already figured this out, if you’re easily offended just … Uh, we should’ve said this earlier, then don’t subscribe and all that because occasionally we get a little rowdy. That image that we posted on event pages is kind of a joke, the P-O-F-U, position of fuck you, it is. I posted the link to the video too, it’s a clip from The Gambler with Mark Wahlburg and John Goodman, it’s really, really funny, but in my opinion, it’s a good attitude to have and try to get your business to that position, like the position of fuck you. I don’t need you because I, and I don’t mean to be arrogant but if you get your business to a point where you know you’re good and you’re able to provide service and solutions to people and to other businesses, then you can be very selective in who your clients are, who your customer base is.

You can fire those clients that are a pain in the ass, we talked about this with your friend Joe earlier today. Fire your clients that are unproductive or they’ve dragged your business down or the cost stress and that kind of stuff. We kinda made the what’s your position? It’s kind of a play off of the position of FEW, P-O-F-U, our motto. That’s why we have it, what’s your position? Yeah, what’s your position? We’re not trying to be offensive when we say, and that was just kind of a joke, the funny way to reinforce what our own motto is.

You guys as our subscribers and customer base and that kind of stuff, our audience, we don’t want to come across as sounding arrogant, that’s not it. It’s about having confidence in your own abilities and your business and being able to provide results and knowing because you can do that that you can be very selective in who you work with and what type of work that you do. You can be the best

Marco: You can be the best, and know that you’re the best but at the same time-

Bradley: Become humble.

Marco: Don’t [inaudible 00:15:32] it over people that you’re the best. Just having the confidence in knowing, when you approach a client, and I always tell people, sales 101. You approach a client and you have to be able to say, “It’s going to cost you 15, 20 K,” the same way that you say 500 dollars. IT’s the same thing, it’s your mindset, that’s all that matters. The only change that happens is what you do here, the way that you see it and the way that you approach it. If you can’t make that change here, then you’re never going to be able to approach that 15K client and close them. If you go and you know what you can do, you have everything behind you, you have people that you can reach out too and say, “Look guys, this is what we need to do,” and then you’re confident that you can do it.

You’re going to go in and you’re going to close higher and better, you’ve got to be more productive. It’s just mushrooms. When you approach it from that position, but if you approach it from a position where, “I don’t know where the fuck I’m-” Excuse me. “I don’t know what they hey I’m doing,” then you’ll set your self destructed them instead of building. I hope that makes sense, I hope you guys get to a position where you can charge at people whatever you feel like charging them, and they’ll say, “Oh yeah, yeah, of course.”

Bradley: Because as long as you provide results, that’s all that matters anyway.

Marco: Well, the bottom line is all that matters anyway.

Bradley: Yeah. Do we want to get the questions and then are we going to do a swag giveaway or what are we doing?

Adam: Yeah, no, I just … I’m leaving people on the hook for that. We’ve got one hat that’s going to somebody and I’m not saying who it is, but there is somebody …

Marco: We already chose someone.

Adam: First name starts with a D and that guy sent in an awesome support ticket, and I swear to god if everybody sends in a support ticket … It was awesome and so that … It’s a support ticket and it was a request, he needed something, but he’s getting a hat for that, it was awesome. Anyways, real quick to … I don’t know, do we want to talk about 2017 at all? What do we want to share?

Marco: Video powerhouse.

Adam: Video powerhouse.

Marco: Video powerhouse, guys. Video powerhouse, it’s going to be an amazing product. We’re going to knock this sucker to where it’s going to be without a doubt the best and [inaudible 00:17:48] network that there is. [crosstalk 00:17:51]

Bradley: Yeah, we’ve been saying it for months but we hadn’t really made the decisions as to like go full speed ahead with it for various reasons-

Adam: Well, just to clarify in the sense that it’s good enough in size and all that for what we’re using it for and the number of clients we have, but do we want to have make it public.

Bradley: We’re going to scale it, and we’re going to make it incredibly big and Marco’s spearheading that campaign. He took it off my shoulders, I just can’t do it with all the training that I do for Semantic Mastery PR, I just can’t do it. That’s in part why we haven’t been able to [inaudible 00:18:24] at the speed that I wanted to originally. Because, I was actually managing that project and Marco took over that and he’s working on the processes right now. We’ve got a whole time right now together, with our other partners for Subspace, the [inaudible 00:18:37] and his crew.

We’re really going to start pushing on that hard. We’re going to do a smaller, internal launch to our own list, which means you guys, our own subscriber base, our audience.

Marco: Make sure they know, it’s at a lower price. The price is going up because it’s worth a whole lot more than what we’re charging right not, but as always, as members, as people who are always with us, even if you’re not a member, you get the entry price. Now, as you know, we don’t play around. When we say it’s going up, it’s going up.

Bradley: It’s going up, that’s right.

Marco: Because it’s worth it. The value is there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: In January is when we’re going to launch it publicly, I mean like, that’s when we’re actually go on some webinars, [inaudible 00:19:16] and stuff like that and get some big affiliate names, to help push and that kind of stuff, that’s when the price is going to be higher. Right now, it’s already powerful, but we’re going to be growing out the several categories, different categories, or different themed categories, to a total of 5 to start with.

Marco: We’re going to start with 5. There’s going to be around 600 websites.

Bradley: Yeah, but to start, at the very minimum, it’ll be 50 sites per category, oh that’s tier 1 sites, but then remember, there’s every single tier 1 site.

Adam: I gotta keep the like [inaudible 00:19:48] draped like …

Bradley: I mean the tier 2 sites is where the additional power comes from, those are IFTTT rings around everyone of our embed sites in other words. It’s going to be a lot more diversity available for you for themed networks.

Marco: We’re actually going to do, it’s T1, T1 branded … There’s more to come. Drop the mic.

Speaker 4: Yeah, drop the mic, let it be.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Okay, so yeah, quick funnel scores coming out. You guys know we’re totally in with the quick funnels, if you want to use other landing page builder, stuff like that, that’s great. We’ve had enough people interested in quick funnels then we’re going to go ahead, so me and Hernan are going to be working on quick funnel scores along with Facebook advertising.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, traffic course.

Adam: Yeah, so we’re learning to generate some more traffic. Adding on to what Bradley did, but going specifically into Facebook, that’s going to tie in real well with the quick funnel scores.

Bradley: My man Hernan, is doing that because I am certainly not the Facebook user.

Marco: He’s the Facebook guy.

Hernan: Right, yeah.

Marco: He’s on the dollar.

Hernan: Yeah, ideally, what we want to do is to have a full on Facebook course so that you know exactly A to Z, top to bottom, left to right, how to operate the entire platform and how to gain real, true understanding of your metrics. Meaning, that every dollar that you’re putting in, you’re getting 2 dollars, 1 dollar 50, 2 dollars, 10 dollars out. That’s one thing, the other thing that we’re going to be working hard is Facebook for local businesses. [inaudible 00:21:17], but exactly, so that you can leverage the power of Facebook which is, I think one of the best investments that you can do right now in your business, so that you can get leads combining local AdWords with local Facebook with the funnels, you can literally go up a business local.

Bradley: Serious business, now, speaking of that, just a quick note because you brought up Local Kingpin, the updates are going to start rolling out. I’ve already started updating last week, this week obviously I’m not updating because we are in Panama, but yeah, where’s our beer guy.

Speaker 1: Yeah man.

Bradley: Sorry. Priorities, right? Next week, when we’re back, I’ve got several updates planned already, so anybody that’s purchased the Kingpin guys, updates are going to be coming literally from the next 8 to 10 weeks, seriously. I’ve got a lot that I’m still learning that I want to convey to you guys, because I’m still doing a lot of testing. I mean, I’ve setup about half a dozen funnels, AdWords campaigns, different funnels, I’m only sharing 2 of them. That’s the original case study is part of Local Kingpin, and then I setup a second case study, which is going to be basically built out in real time, in front of you, all Local Kingpin buyers or members.

Then, I’ve got multiple other funnels setup that I’m testing various campaign types and ad types and stuff like that, so as I continue to refine the process. Remember, it is somewhat newer to me, and I’m going to be sharing that with you guys. That’s interesting, because it’s a one off purchase, but if you haven’t jumped on it yet, guys, you can’t get the launch price anymore, but get on it. Because, it’s going to continue to be developed out and it’s … I tell Tom and these guys about how I’m actually transitioning my own lead gen business away from the SEO model and more towards the paid traffic model, because it’s so much more scalable.

Don’t get us wrong, here at Semantic Mastery, we’re still going to be providing SEO training and everything else, but literally for my own business, the maintenance required and the amount of work that goes into ranking sites to generate leads whether for my own lead gen business or for customers and clients, it’s so much more work. You know how the increase in complexity in SEO, to me, the paid traffic is a much more scalable way that you can initially generate leads with, while you work on SEO if that makes sense. That you can get leads up and get profitable, start generating revenue for your business and your customers very quickly, and then you can improve the profitability of those campaigns by using SEO, if that makes sense.

Okay, cool.


Bradley: All right.

Marco: I’m not going to [inaudible 00:24:04] here, but JavaScript guys, JavaScript is the way to go. A lot of power in JavaScript’s, nobody’s doing it, we’re going to do it. Excuse me, beer time.

Bradley: Gracias, thank you. Cheers.

Marco: All right.

Bradley: All right, do we have any questions that we’re going to tackle?

Adam: Yeah, we got [crosstalk 00:24:27], I’ve got my phone, let me uh …

Marco: Yeah, do it before I have another beer and can’t answer.

Bradley: Oh, I gotta have several more.

Adam: Here you go.

Bradley: By the way, just so you guys know, this is not all … We’re not just talking business here, we work for a few hours a day, various meetings throughout the day, we discuss the time. The rest of the time, we’re having fun man, we are, we’re having a great time. We’re eating well, we’re drinking well, we’re having a good time, there’s a gym where we worked out together today, Marco and I did. Adam, he’s a crazy runner. All right, user questions?

Adam: Yeah, let’s just take 1 or 2, then I think we’ll wrap it up and get out of the sun before we might … Well, the shade is [crosstalk 00:25:05].

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Boost Maps Ranking For City Specific Keywords

Bradley: Okay cool, there’s only 3 questions, that’s good. All right cool, well, thanks to everybody for not like [inaudible 00:25:09] us with questions today, appreciate that. All right, so, we’ll go with Carol’s first, she says, “Hi guys, hope you’re having fun, question about ranking maps. I’m in Tampa Bay with 3 large cities in a 25 mile radius, a local client is showing in the maps were a few keywords, but only for the keyword … What just happened? There must be another … Oh wow, there’s a lot …

Oh, holy crap, never mind. Just realized that there’s a ton of questions, your phone just updated.

Adam: There’s mostly comments, so.

Bradley: Okay, cool, sorry, I just kind of freaking out, I was like, whoa, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Let’s get back to Carol’s question, let’s see. Okay, a local client is showing in the maps for a few keywords but only for the keyword not with a city modifier. What do I need to focus on to get him in the maps for the keyword city, even if it’s just for Tampa? All right, well, first of all before we answer this question-

Marco: She’s in [inaudible 00:25:59] academy.

Bradley: Yeah, she is.

Marco: I haven’t been in the Facebook [inaudible 00:26:02] academy, I’m sorry, ask your question there Carol, you know I always take care of you, no matter what. You’re a member, and membership has it’s privileges, so I will take care of you. I’ll answer this, it’s really simple. We’ve been through this before and we did a webinar on this and I can show you [inaudible 00:26:22] that stuff. For those of you guys, you should know. RYS academy, is like ranking Google, using Google and it’s working, it was working 18 months ago. 2 years ago, still works.

Bradley: If you don’t want to do all the work [crosstalk 00:26:42]. Anyways, let me answer her question, because there’s something I want to talk about. Hey, Carol, what you should do just to confirm, if you’re … Well, I’m … Go to the Google keyword … I’m sorry, Google AdWords interface and open up the ad preview and diagnosis tool. Then start doing some keyword searches, set your location to Tampa, you may be in Tampa, that’s fine. What I would do is take a look … I’ve got a lot of clients in various locations and if I do a search for my local IP with a local modifier and I look for …

For example, tree service, Fredericksburg. I’ll use that as an example, tree service, Fredericksburg, for my local IP and I’m not in Fredericksburg, the listings that I optimize don’t show in the Maps pack, for me, because I’m searching from a new IP. This is a newer phenomenon that I’ve noticed, and it’s only because I’m being in AdWords that I found this out, but if I go into the ad preview and diagnosis tool and set my IP to Fredericksburg and then I do a search with just the general keyword, or the general keyword plus the local modifier, it shows up.

It’s almost as if Google is localizing the results to where, if you’re searching from a foreign IP or an IP not located in that city, that they’re going to show you differing results. Now, I don’t know if that’s your case, I’m just saying you might want to investigate that a bit. Because it may be that you are listed, I don’t know that, I’m just saying it might be that you are listed but you’re just not seeing it. That’s just one thing that you could check. The other thing Marco said for real is doing drive stacks and I know she’s RYS so, but doing drive stacks, that should help.

Also, make sure that you’re doing the IFTTT model, you should be, I know, because you’re a Mastermind member as well and continue publishing posts. Make sure that you’re mentioning the various cities, I just read the rest of your question, that your service area covers 3 cities. You’re not physically located or the business is not physically located in Tampa. What I would do is make sure that your site, the customer site, the client site is siloed out, have location categories, make sure that you publish posts within those location categories.

For example, Tampa, and then mention Tampa within the content itself, and have it published within that category and make sure that’s going out to the IFTTT network and being published to the Google local page, if that makes sense. Because what that’s going to do, it’s going to start to reinforce that Google local listing with content with the mentions of those keywords, and those locations as well. It’s not something that’s going to drive stacks can help, very, very quickly. IFTTT model is going to take some time, obviously, the more you publish, the more frequently you publish, the faster the results should be, does that make sense?

Marco: I’m also thinking that crowd search, some click from-

Bradley: Yup, that’s another one, crowd search would help.

Marco: Well, I’m not going to say how but in RYS [crosstalk 00:29:29]. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Let me see your event page again.

Marco: Some crowd search with some modifiers and then it should be good to go.

Bradley: Yeah, crowd search has that local map search function now, and it works well but you don’t want to crazy with that because it can raise a red flag if you go heavy on click through’s. 2 things, do the Maps click through, which is … If you need some more training on this Carol, we can do this in the Mastermind next week. We’ll be back next week, we have a Mastermind schedule next week, we can cover this more in depth. By the way, speaking of that, just post this question, we will get more in depth with this for you in Mastermind next week, so post it on the Mastermind events page.

I created that on Monday, that said, for everyone else, using the Maps ranking feature in crowd search, that’s going to help for keywords. Also, you want to improve site weight. In order to improve site weight, you want to setup some navigational search CT spam, click through spam. That’s basically searching for the brand name, reinforcing that. Plus, you can send some referral traffic through some of your IFTTT properties, that end up clicking through to the site. That’s going to help too, because that increases site authority if that makes sense.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right, what’s next?

Adam: All right, what you do you think we’ll do, we’ll do like 1 or 2 more questions.

Bradley: We’ve got time right? What time is it? It’s only 4:30.

Adam: Oh, never mind, Dean’s got the next one, I’ll let you read it. I was going to grab the short one.

Build Links For HTTPS Website That Is Being Redirected From HTTP

Bradley: Excuse me guys. Okay, Dean says, if a site was originally HTTP version with the back links, then redirected to HTTPS version and built on the HTTPS version, would it better to still build IFTTT SEO links to the non-SSL version so you can kill the redirect if something happened? Or would you just build links? Now, why would … I don’t know why you would over remove SSL from the domain once you’ve set it up. Once you’ve set it up, I would never remove it. No, I would just build … Going forward, any new links, just let them resolve to the SSL version.

Marco: Canonical. That’s all you need to do. Canonicalize and then you set.

Bradley: Okay.

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Marco: That’s it.

Bradley: All right, if you don’t mind, I’m going to keep going for a couple of minutes. We’ve got beer.

Adam: I’m looking around, I don’t see a …

Registering Expired Domains

Bradley: They’re not cutting into my drinking time, the questions are not cutting into my drinking time. All right guys, so Carol’s up again. She says, when you buy expired domains, how do you register them? Use a persona for the register? No, I never do. I know, other people out there will tell you to use fake, who is data, all that stuff. I never do it, I never do it, I just use [inaudible 00:32:04] private, who is, and that’s it.

Adam: I’m just curious, do you use Google at all to register stuff?

Bradley: I do everything through Namecheap. Namecheap, GoDaddy and DomainCheapters.com, I have a few registers, but pretty much everything now goes through Namecheap, just about.

Hernan: They’ll give you one year for free with who is, and then it’s like super cheap, too.

Bradley: Remember, I don’t build a whole lot of PBN’s and private link network sites, I really don’t, because we don’t need to. Produce results without it.

Marco: Because guys, PBN’s are dying. Unless, you’re creating an entity and it’s a valid entity and it’s connected to other places that are entities, but if not, if it’s just PBN that provides a link … Yeah. It’s called the distance [inaudible 00:32:50].

Adam: We’re getting closer and closer.

Bradley: The beers are over here.

Marco: I wrote about it, read about it.

Bradley: You’re not drinking that are you?

Hernan: No.

Bradley: Cool.

Marco: Go look at the blog, I critiqued in it when, about a year ago, right?

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:33:03] now.

Hernan: Right.

Marco: I predicted it a year ago, so go look it up, and go see it, so you that you can understand why you need to drop some kind of entity around your PBN.

Bradley: Yeah, validate the entity guys. In our Mastermind, last week, we shared something that’s been around for years. It hasn’t even been updated since 2014, I think? The linked over diagram, if you look that up, Google it, sorry guys, I’m not able to be on the computer right now but I think it’s called Linked Open Beta or Link-

Marco: Help in Beta, something like that.

Bradley: Maybe I’ll share it next week, if you got somebody reminds me during Mastermind. Excuse me, during Hump Day Hangouts next week, I’ll share that because it proves the whole point of just trying to have a presence on multiple platforms. Seriously, just getting your name or the brand name across as many properties on the web as you possibly can, don’t worry about the metrics. Metrics mean nothing guys, it’s about having a presence. Seriously. [inaudible 00:33:59] too, but absolutely relevancy. I’m saying, just having a presence on multiple properties is going to reinforce… It’s going to add weight to the site, site weight, right?

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: It’s going to build the site authority, and we’re having some pretty good success with that as well. Dammit, I just lost it again. I don’t know why you’re …

Adam: Keeping Bradley out of my phone, got security on here. Let’s see, so we had, Dean was last, Carol. All right. Also, real quick, who has the best guns? Put it between these 2 guys, these guys are the one’s who are going to the gym and lifting, I’m just running, so.

Bradley: Marco’s definitely stronger but I don’t know. We’re catching up. We’re catching up. I was noticing some of the comments, somebody said, “Cheers,” I want to say “Cheers,” back, thank you. Carol said it’s time for a drink, yes it is. We’ve invited everybody to have drinks from yesterday.

Adam: Jordan’s got a couple here. First one’s a little long, so I’ll let you read it.

Bradley: All right, but before I do that, I just want to give a shout out to Andrew Walker. I know that you just posted a question.

Marco: Andrew.

Bradley: Andrew’s a friend of mine, he’s a guy local to me and I’m helping him. He’s got an IT business everybody, he’s a PC repair guy, he does information technology, networking, that kind of stuff. Guy’s a real sharp guy, I like him a lot and I’m actually helping him trying to get an online presence now, I’m doing it out of the kindness of my heart because he’s a good guy.

Speaker 1: You’re doing a case study on that?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: No, I’m not, I’m just helping him out.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:35:18] saying, if you’re in the Virginia, you should use him.

Bradley: Absolutely, contact him even if you’re not in Virginia, he can help you remotely with any area of work. He posted right on the event page, Andrew Walker, check him out if you guys have any IT issues, anything like that, reach out to him, pay him, reach out to him and he’ll give you a hand. Andrew’s a good dude, shout out to you. [inaudible 00:35:37] says, who is the best [inaudible 00:35:38], we already asked that. Love the hats and the rowdy guys wearing the awesome [inaudible 00:35:43], thank you.

Checking Indexed Network Properties

Jordan’s up, he says, how does one check to make sure the network properties are getting indexed? I ain’t seeing them in monitorbacklinks.com. Jordan, don’t worry about that, don’t worry about that. Because Google’s seeing your links, most likely you’re going to see them in search console if your sites are registered in search console. If you go … Now look, Terry Kyle just did a blog post, yesterday about this. Even Google was starting to restrict what they show in search console.

Majestic and AA [inaudible 00:36:09] aren’t going to show them either, very rarely. The only time [inaudible 00:36:13], well [inaudible 00:36:14] shows more links than Majestic. Majestic will only show links if they’re particularly powerful, so a lot of your web 2 links are never going to show, don’t worry about it.

Adam: I forget which one, but it’s 90 days for the first index.

Bradley: Yeah, the first index, that’s right.

Hernan: I would say that Jordan, do not focus that much on indexation, because although other than searching them with a site operator or with an info operator and excluding your own domain so that you can see what kind of ambiguity. You have online, searching your brand, et cetera. That will help you out.

Bradley: He said ambiguity, good word man. Word of the day. Points for Hernan.

Hernan: That would give you an idea, with that said, focus on traffic and focus on … If you want to focus on rankings, by all means, you can use SEM rush to see what kind of exposure you’re getting, but focus on traffic and focus on rankings mostly instead of indexing. Because, as the guys who are saying, not even Google will show you and relying on a third party tool is pushing it.

Marco: We’ve proven this before and we’ve shown it time and again in RYS academy, I know I keep coming back to it. I don’t want to plug it, but we’ve shown that you can rank whatever. A URL, a doc, any type of drive doc, without it being indexed. We’ve been able to rank it on first page. Indexing doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t recognize it.

Bradley: You mean that the page that has the link be indexed, right?

Marco: Right.

Hernan: Right, yeah, yeah.

Marco: Google has it on in it’s whatever, in it’s database. It’s there and Google knows.

Bradley: Google will crawl it, even if they don’t index it guys, they’ll crawl it and they’ll know the link’s there. Hernan has done testing with PBN’s that are set to no index.

Hernan: No index PBN and they’ll work. [crosstalk 00:37:58].

Bradley: I didn’t do the testing but he did and if he says that it’s working it’s law, in my opinion. All right, hold on, the follow up to that Jordan says, sorry, let’s get back to it because it keeps updating. He was talking about back links index, or excuse me, the plug in, back link commando. No, they stopped supporting it. Sucks, because it was good, it worked, but they stopped supporting it. We talked about potentially developing our own plug in to do that, because it really could be just a simple plug in.

Marco: Too much to do, it’s just so much.

Bradley: We’ve got too much to do. One of our Mastermind members are [inaudible 00:38:30].

Marco: [inaudible 00:38:32].

Bradley: I don’t know if I’m butchering his name, sorry.

Marco: Get it done, man.

Bradley: He’s talked about doing that, and if he does that, I’m sure he’ll reach out to us to help promote that, and we’ll certainly let you guys know.

Adam: We’ve got at least like 1 or 2 questions a month.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: If it’s people asking, then there’s a ton of people [crosstalk 00:38:50].

Marco: It’s paying itself, somebody’s gotta solve it.

This Stuff Works

Keeping The Local Ranking And Local Presence of A Business That Is About To Relocate

Bradley: Okay, so we got a few more. We’ve got a few minutes guys, so we’ll just keep going. Jordan’s got the next one again, I have a client who’s moving his rank super high, it’s a church, moving to a new campus, same city. We want to ensure as smooth a process as possible, tips? My suggestion, go to Loganix and hire their citation cleanup service, tell them exactly what’s happening, hand them the 500 bucks and have them take care of it for you. That’s exactly what I would do, because that’s a nightmare. It really is, it’s a nightmare at works. Let them do it, they’re professionals at it, Jordan, I think you’re in the US, they’re incredibly good at the US market.

Other market’s, not so much.

Adam: Jordan, we’re going to see you in February man, we’re going down to Texas, so we’re going to meetup.

Bradley: Definitely dude, so check out Loganix and their service for that. We even have an affiliate link, Semanticmastery.com/loganix if you want to send us some credit for that, but honestly, it’s a great service guys, I highly recommend it. That’s who I use.

IFTTT Update

Logan, that’s an interesting name, sorry if I pronounce that wrong. He says, IFTTT has updated their system to Appleton, it seems to not have a watch later functionality for YouTube, is this true?

I don’t know yet, because I haven’t explore this yet, we’ve been really wrapped up with this meeting guys, and everything, but our next update webinar, I just scheduled it, for not next Wednesday, but the following Wednesday. Our next update webinar, I will have gone through and worked out the process for that guys. We’ll make sure we take care of all that by the next update webinar which is November 23rd.

Marco: That doesn’t mean all of the videos and the training’s are going to be redone, we’re going to do an update.

Bradley: Right, we’re going to an update, we’ll make that … We’ll also probably put that right up in the front and center of the update section about how the applets work. Also, some of our members, I think Jordan [inaudible 00:40:39] was one of them, maybe Greg [inaudible 00:40:41], some of you guys in the IFTTT Facebook group, have talked about even reaching out to support at IFTTT and complaining and they’re saying that they’re going to resolve some of these issues. Because apparently, a whole lot of people are pissed off about these changes.

Hernan: On the official IFTTT group that is.

Marco: Can you talk about why, or how it’s actually improved? The functionality in IFTTT, what it is that they did?

Bradley: Multi steps and-

Adam: Yeah, well, I think I honestly have like a very surface understanding because I glazed through, read through real quick the changes, so I don’t want to say anything with 100%. It looks like there might be multi stuff, which was something that was limited [inaudible 00:41:23] first. Yeah, premium. As far as doing like, okay, I’m going to look at something coming out of WordPress, I want to grab something and take it over to Twitter and then from that, I want to also send an email. They were doing that, and it looks like there may be a way to do that now with IFTTT.

Power Up Your Semantic Hubs Aside From PBN

Bradley: Okay, Dawn’s up, he says, so, if you’re not doing PBN so much, what are you using to power up your semantic hubs and other properties? I send my branded networks over to our link building services, the same one that’s offered in [inaudible 00:41:56]space, so I send that over to that whenever I have branded network setup, which is for everything. He says if his dog sits still long enough, he get an IFTTT network around his neck. Seriously, that’s what I do, I just power up the tier 1 network, and that’s pretty much it. For some particularly difficult keywords, I will go out and buy some expired domains through [inaudible 00:42:18] backlinks, semanticmastery.com/bluechip or Blue Chip Backlinks, one of those, try them.

Or Blue Chip, just go direct to the site, doesn’t matter.

Marco: Resources, go to our resources page.

Bradley: Terry Kyle’s Blue Chip backlinks is a great way to pick up domains, but guys, the relevancy is absolutely key. Don’t worry about the metrics so much, look for relevancy, and then when you’re doing the analysis on the prospective domain, make sure that you have at least one inbound link from a seed site. Which means a trusted authority site in that pitch. Don’t worry about the trust flow metrics, none of that guys, just looked for an aged domain that was 100% relevant to what you’re going to be using to link from, to, does that make sense? Then make sure that there’s at least one inbound link. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I pick up a lot of domains from … Because I do a lot of home services construction stuff, I pick up a lot of domains that have [inaudible 00:43:09] links. Or, what is it, home and garden network, this old house, a lot of those types of things. All it needs is one backlink coming into that inbound domain, and then what I’ll do is I’ll rebuild the domain with the old content, and then I’ll go hack my link and it’s just HTML, it’s real simple to do, you can upload it to Amazon as 3, you can upload it to any hosting account whatsoever. It’s just an HTML file, its very simple to edit.

I’ll hack my link into the page, and that’s it, done. That’s all I’m concerned about. Again, it’s not the metrics that I’m worried about, it’s about the relevancy.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: I do still do that, but I only do that when I particularly need to, you know what I mean? For something difficult, other than that, it’s about content marketing, and it’s about drive stacks, you know what I mean? It really is, you just continue a new published post in the IFTTT networks, because over time, that relevancy will build and you’re going to continue to reinforce that entity.

Hernan: With that said, we are in conversations because guys, the domains that were getting, Blue Chip Backlinks is a great tool, but we have our own domain service within service space. The domains that come from that service, they’re crazy, we should be pricing them way higher but, my point is that you will get really relevant domains and really powerful domains. I cannot promise you this, but I made a test order because that’s what we do when we are mystery shopping our own services, we do test services and I got a couple of domains with backlinks from Wikipedia, you know?

Again, I’m not promising that you will get that, but the quality is that good. We’re in conversations also to get that for your PBN services, we’re just ironing out the details in terms of hosting, whatever. That’s coming as well in [inaudible 00:44:53] space, and it’s going to be really good because we have found great builder that they will really not look like PBN’s.

Bradley: They don’t look like PBN’s.

Hernan: Oh no, at all.

Bradley: They’re full on, real websites, they put all tons of content on them, they look beautiful. I mean, it’s really impressive.

Adam: That’s good, because they’re websites, they’re no longer-

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that’s coming.

Bradley: Okay, so Andrew Walker says thanks Bradley, you’re the man. By the way, advanced-pcs.com, that’s Andrew Walker. Advanced-pcs.com, network, IT, anything like that, talk to PC repair, security, anything like that. Time Clark says you guys are the absolute best, thanks for phone and commitment, thanks for Tom. I’d plus one you but I … I guess I could from your phone. Lane says, creating my first e-commerce website for a client, any training tips that you can point to? I’m not the e-commerce guy.

Hernan: What are you using?

Bradley: Yeah, it depends, get more specific and we’ll check that on the page, let us know-

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:45:53], whatever you’re using, let us know because there’s big difference. I like doing [inaudible 00:45:57] commerce because it’s based on WordPress obviously. It will strongly depends on what you’re using so.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 104

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 104 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Hey everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is, of course, episode 104. Woo hoo! Sorry for the up the nose shot. I’m on my laptop. I’m in Toronto this week and we got people all over the place. So before we get into the celebrations here, let’s go down the line and say hi. So Chris, how’s it going?

Chris: Excellent. Great to be here. Exciting episode today.

Adam: Yeah. No kidding. Hernando, how’s it going man? Where you at?

Hernan: Hey guys. What’s up? It’s really good to be here. I’m in Florida at the moment. I’m in Boca Raton, so I’m enjoying the nice weather over here and I didn’t want to miss the 104. It’s quite a milestone and I’m really happy to be sharing it with you guys.

Adam: Oh yeah. Marco, what’s up, man?

Marco: Man. Episode 104. Lots of good shit in store today, man. Lots of good shit in store for our followers, the people who are always with us, the membership, just everybody. We’ve got tons of good stuff.

Adam: Outstanding. Bradley, how’s it going?

Bradley: Awesome. 104 man. Two years we’ve been at this. We’ve only taken one week off in 104 episodes and that was a scheduled week off. In fact, next week we’re going to be down in Panama, all meeting each other for our annual corporate meeting and we were debating whether we were going to have Hump Day Hangouts next week or not. But we are going to have it next week, just so you guys know. It will be episode 105, but we’re all going to be in Panama, probably half shit-faced. So it’s not going to be like a regular Q&A hangout next week, guys. It’s just going to be, literally, a hangout next week. We’re going to come on. We’ll be sitting by the pool, drinking things with little umbrellas in them. We’ll be hanging out and just having fun next week. Just be aware that next week we’re not really going to do Q&A. It’ll just be kind of like us showing off in Panama.

Adam: The kinder, gentler of the hangouts.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: All right, well, I’ve got a couple of announcements real quick. For those of you who have joined and are checking out Local Kingpin and Maps Kingpin, good on you. We’ve got a lot of good feedback already and we do also have a webinar for that. So if you’re wanting to find out more, I’m going to put the link up in a minute here. Actually, I’m going to do it right now while I’m talking. That’s going to be next week, okay? So if you want to find out more about Local Kingpin and how you can put it to use, that’s going to be the place to go. That’s just going to be a webinar where we do a little more in-depth explanation. We’ve had some people who wanted to find out more about it.

Bradley: Yeah and we’ve been updating it already, just so you guys know, those of you who have purchased. Just checking the update section, the updates module, because I added another one today. I added one yesterday and one the day before, so I’ve added an update everyday for the last three days. One of the updates was a Maps Kingpin only update. That’s in that module, but the other two were inside the main training. So make sure you check those out because I’m going to be adding traditional training videos on a regular basis for the next several months. Because as I learn more, I’m going to be sharing that as well as I continue to optimize the case studies, I’m going to be adding additional videos for that. I added the first video today for the second case study. That’s what, so … You know, there’s going to be a lot of additional content added. Guys, we’re not going to send out notifications every time a new piece is added. So I recommend you just go into it regularly and check. I’m done.

This Stuff Works

Adam: All right. Marco, I think there’s something going on tonight at about 7:00. Is there something that people are supposed to know about?

Marco: Oh, dude. The beast of the valley has been booked. It’s confirmed. I’m going back and forth right now with his business manager, just finalizing everything, making sure that CT will be there on time. Yes. He is going to be there and he is going to share his successes, his failures, and how he’s grown his social media and his business to where now – I was just telling Bradley – he’s actually franchising his gym. He, in fact, has a new supplement line coming out November 25th, so those of you who like lifting weights, I suggest you check them out. I know that Bradley and I already have them on order. We pre-ordered our stuff.

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: We’re geek, man. We’re really into this. We’re into CT. But the main thing about this is … Guys, don’t approach this just from a weight-lifting type of thing, because the message – when you break it down, which is what we’re going to do today – it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s universal and it reaches out across all niches and you can apply what he has to say, the principles to anything so that you can succeed. So this is what we’re going to be getting into and I think it’s going to be fun.

Bradley: Yeah and it’s not for the faint of heart, guys. CT Fletcher, he’s real aggressive and in-your-face. He’s a kick-your-ass kind of guy. That’s how he talks too. So if you’re easily offended, just don’t show up. Do yourself a favor and avoid it. But for everyone else that’s not easily offended, I highly recommend that you make it because – again – his message is undeniable, it’s universal – as Marco just said. It’s quite an inspiring story and if you need a good swift kick-in-the-ass to get motivated to do something, CT Fletcher is one of the men that can do it for you. So I highly recommend that you check it out tonight and hear his message.

Adam: Awesome and – like we had said – we’ve got some special stuff going on today. Obviously, it’s episode 104 and to show our gratitude to those of you who have been following us since the beginning, those who have just found us and those of you who are maybe just watching today, but regardless we want to give you guys the opportunity to get something back in addition to these Hump Day Hangouts. So we were talking about what we can do for everybody and one of the first things we’re going to do is randomly select three people and what we want to do is give each of those three people one of the books we give our new mastermind members. So when people join the Semantic Mastery Mastermind, one of the first things we talk to them about is how to work the system – literally, I guess. Because that’s the first book, is Work the System. You can also get two more books and those are the 10X Rule and The One Rule.

So we’re going to randomly select three of you and buy those books and ship them to you. I’ll be contacting those people directly and I’ll be posting it on the event page here, but also we’re going to pick and this is going to be kind of best-question style. Chris is going to pick one, Marco is going to pick on, and I’m going to pick one. One person is going to get a free month of the IFTTT SEO Academy V2 and then somebody else is going to get a complete RYS Drive Stack, which is pretty freaking awesome. Then the last but certainly not least, one person is going to get 90 days free of the mastermind, which is nearly $1000 worth of value just in monetary alone, but we’ll be doing that towards the end and be contacting you. So if you’ve got good questions, put them on there. You know, if you haven’t commented yet and you’re kind of a lurker, today is the day to maybe ask a question or be involved. So hopefully we’ll get some good questions from everybody today.

Bradley: All right. So I guess we’re done with announcements?

Adam: That is it on my end. Do you guys got anything?

Bradley: Let’s start.

Chris: Let’s go.

Hernan: Yup.

Successful Self Image Optimization Lead to Successful SEO

Bradley: All right. I’ll grab the screen. Hangouts changed their screen share options. It looks different. Oh well. You guys let me know if you’re not seeing me. I’ll zoom in a little bit. Okay, sweet. We’ll start right at the bottom. We’ve got lots of comments and stuff today, guys. We appreciate that. We’re going to try and roll through that as much as we can. We do have master class today at 5:00 so we can’t go over at all. All right, Mark [inaudible 00:08:17] he’s always here. Plus 1 for always showing up. “104. You guys are beasts. Love it. Keep up the great work.” Thanks Mark. We appreciate that. “My question may be slightly unrelated, I don’t know, but I asked you guys a question a while back about books and I liked your answers. I took Hernan’s advice and after the hangout I got a free trial of audible so I can listen to Grant Cardone narrate his book and it was well worth it. But I read a book not too long ago and would love for you to briefly talk about it if you’ve read it, because I felt like it was a huge book for my mindset.”

This Stuff Works

Before I finish with that question, audible is awesome because you can listen to most – not every book, obviously – but there are a ton of books that are transcribed, or narrated I should say, that you can listen to from audible. It’s awesome because when you’re driving around in your car you can listen to books and that’s what I do. I don’t really listen to any at the gym because it’s kind of hard to focus on a book while working out, but driving. Whenever I’m driving I like to listen to those because I call it like a university on wheels. That’s a good way to learn and that’s downtime that you probably would be doing something unproductive besides driving anyways, you know what I mean? So that’s awesome. I’m glad, Mark, that you took that advice and used that time wisely.

So, the remainder of the question, he says “The book is Psycho-Cybernetics. It talks about self-image optimization, how you see yourself, and how to change it. So I guess my question is, does successful self-image optimization lead to successful SEO? Thanks guys and well done on your milestone. I’m sure all non-bitter people are very happy with your success. Cheers.”

I can speak from experience. I haven’t read that particular book, Psycho-Cybernetics, but I will make a note of that to check it out. But self-image optimization I think is important. I mean, you can call it self-image optimization. You can call it improving your self-esteem. You know, it’s mindset. That’s a perfect question, Mark, for what we’re going to be … You know, our guest tonight with CT Fletcher. Semantic Mastery with CT Fletcher because it’s all about mindset. He says – pardon my language, guys – but he says “Fuck excuses,” you know? That’s truth. That’s, in part, self-image optimization or improving your self-esteem. Holding yourself in high regard and that’s not an arrogance thing, it’s knowing that you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish if you set your mind to it and having that kind of confidence in yourself and your own ability – and it takes work.

You’re not just … I guess some people are born with it, but I know it can be something that you can learn, something you can condition yourself to do – to be more confident. Anytime that you can improve your mindset, your enter life is going to be improved, not just becoming a better SEO. I mean, if that’s your life ambition then absolutely or if that’s one of the major parts of your life is doing SEO work then absolutely that would get better. But how about elevating everything in your life by having a better self-esteem, you know. I’m somebody that always listens to self-help books and audio programs. That’s typically what I’m listening to from audible. I don’t read fiction books ever. I’m always reading sales books and mindset books and motivational books because it keeps me going. When I start to get lazy and not do that kind of stuff, I tend to start losing motivation and momentum for projects I’m working on. So I tend to do that on a regular basis.

So, Mark, I think you’re on to something there. I think this particular book I don’t have an opinion on yet, however I will put it on my wish list so that I can check it out at some point. But keep doing what you’re doing, man. I mean we have a bunch of books. We just mentioned three of them that we send out to our mastermind members when they first join over the first three months because they’re books that are so transformative to us and our businesses. Such as Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule, Work the System, what is that? I think it’s Sam Carpenter. Then, what is the other one? Is that Gary Keller? I think it is.

Adam: Yeah and we’re going to have to add the 80/20 Rule pretty soon I think.

Bradley: Yeah. Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

Adam: Yup.

Bradley: Yup. That’s a really good book too. So that’s a good strategy, Mark, and you should keep it up. I encourage everybody to do that too. It’s not necessarily always about learning more tactics about how to rank stuff, guys. Sometimes you’ve just got to feed your minds positive stuff. You know what I mean?

Chris: Yeah. Exactly. That’s exactly what I was going to say – and it’s not just for SEO. If you have the mindset, you can apply it to your entire life, to anything, to how you deal with people, to how you deal with family and how you approach people and look at them in a different way. Because if you’re sure about yourself and you care about yourself, that automatically goes outward and you’ll start caring about others too. It’s just, as he says, the mindset. Changing that internal machine into believing that you can do anything you want. Which is one of the things that we’ll be dealing with CT Fletcher tonight which is, again, excuse me, “Fuck impossible. Don’t let anybody define what’s impossible. You can’t know unless you try it.” So if you set out to become the best SEO that you can be, you can’t let anyone else tell you how successful you can be. That’s up to you to put in the work. It takes work, dedication, focus, and a lot of things. It’s really interesting that mentions this because we’ve been discussing having a mindset series for our mastermind. So that’s a great question. I’m really liking this question.

Bradley: It was a great question, Mark. I just want to add one more thing. Recently I read a few books by who’s quickly become one of my most favorite authors and … Let me rephrase that, I’ve listened to the books on audible because I very rarely have time to read. Ryan Holiday is his name. The first books is Trust Me, I’m Lying, which is absolutely fascinating. It’s not really about mindset. It’s just about how much bullshit the mass media is and how it’s so … It’s a great book. Let’s just put it that way. But the next book is called The Obstacle is the Way and I think it’s an outstanding book. It’s based on stoic philosophy or stoicism, but it’s really powerful. It’s how to find an opportunity in every adversary and if you have that attitude about you, then no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always be able to be successful. You’ll always be able to make it through and again it’s very similar to what we’re going to be hearing tonight from CT Fletcher. So again that book is called The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. I highly recommend that you guys put that on your wish list for audible if you’re going to … For me it was very transformative.

This Stuff Works

His next book is called Ego is the Enemy. I’m listening to that one right now. That’s also a really good book. So that he’s quickly become one of my favorite authors and I encourage you guys to check it out. All right, we’re going to keep moving, but that was a great question, Mark. We appreciate that.

Issues With Tags & Yoast SEO Canonicals With Some WordPress Themes

Greg says, “Two years! Congrats guys.” Thanks, Greg. “Recently I attended a 1 1/2 hour long webinar about how to become a social media expert. The truth is, Bradley, Marco, and Hernando often share more helpful information in a five minute [inaudible 00:15:50] than was learned in that entire webinar. You guys are great. Thanks.” Thanks Greg. We appreciate that.

“My question is, I use a unique tag for each post then use Yoast SEO canonical for each tag back to the post. This worked with the prior theme but is not working with the new theme from same company on new site. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the theme or with Yoast. Should I stop using the tags or could I instead redirect the tag back to the post using the redirection plugin.

Greg, it would kind of defeat the purpose if you did a redirect – of having the tag pages. You could still use the tag URL as an additional link point, but if it’s directly 301ed, then essentially it’s just a 301 link. In other words, if you were to be build links to that tag URL and it’s just redirecting to your post then essentially all you’re going to be doing is building links directly to your post. So you’re not hiding anything. The whole canonical method that we talked about in the mastermind which is where he picked this up, is so you can build links to the tag page and the tag page will pass all the equity through the canonical tag back to the original post. But competitors won’t see the inbound links on the tag pages, if that makes sense. You can send them the note index. The whole point is that you build links to the tag page and then have it canonicalized to the post so that you can mask link-building opportunities from prying eyes. That’s what that’s for.

So doing a 301 redirect really isn’t going to help you at all. Okay. So, in other words, if you can’t get the canonicals to work, I would, first of all, see if it’s a plugin conflict of some sort. Disable all other plugins except for the [inaudible 00:17:39] plugin and see if your canonical or tag pages are working correctly. If they’re not working correctly, you can assume that it’s either the theme itself, which in that case I would contact the theme developers – or it’s the Yoast SEO plugin. Most likely, it’s the theme. However, if you’ve disabled all your other plugins and you find out that just with the [inaudible 00:18:02] plugin enabled, it is working, then there’s obviously a conflict with one of your other plugins. For there, you could just go back and start turning on one plugin at a time and checking the tag pages until you’ve identified which plugin is causing the problem. Okay? But yeah. As far as setting a redirect using the tag URLs and redirect, that’ s not really beneficial at all. At least, I can’t see it being beneficial because any links that were built to the tag URL would be viewable from anybody looking at your back link profile. Whereas the tag pages won’t be if you’re doing the canonical method. Okay?

Embedding Google My Maps Code In HTML Websites

All right. Dean’s next. He says, “When building an HTML website, today notepad plus the Google Maps API section displayed as expected on desktop, yet when I launched uploaded the site on the server, I got an error along the lines … “ Marco, this is going to be something you’re going to have to answer because this kind of stuff … Let’s see, I read this briefly earlier. He said something about the problem … Oh, I see. “I had to Google the problem and found the quote ‘If you’re using Google Maps on local host or your domain was not active prior to June 22nd 2016, it will require a key going forward. To fix this problem please see the Google Maps API documentation.’ Okay. I had to sign in to Google and generate a key when in the past I did not have to. Does this mean that Google is now tackling people using a method of embedding maps on websites to help rank in maps? Or does this just mean that when building websites for clients I’m going to have to generate a key attached to my gmail account for their site?”

I’m not sure what you mean because, Dean, I’m not sure why … It sounds like you did something to over-complicate this. I’m not accusing you of anything, but what I’m saying is that My Maps in Google maps will give you the share, the embed code. So if they’re giving you the embed code, they don’t require you to have API access, like a key for all that. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. You must have tried to create something that … I’m just not following you here. Because any map you could pull up and grab the share URL, whether it’s from Google Maps or from Google My Maps. Either one. You can get the embed code.

Adam: I’m not sure why he’s going into the API either. Because even if it’s an HTML website, it shouldn’t matter.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: I mean, that’s old school. That’s how we started out.

Bradley: Yeah. So, Dean, there’s something that you’re doing that’s over-complicating this when it shouldn’t be that complicated. Maybe if you can clarify somehow we can help you, but like I said if you go to Google My Maps you can grab the share URL or, excuse me, the embed code so that you can embed to My Maps and if you’re going to Google Maps for local listings you can grab the share embed code. That’s all you need, so I’m not sure what else you’re doing. Sorry I can’t help you more.

Most Rewarding Experience & Most Surprising Thing That Happened During 2 years Of Hump Day Hangouts

Greg says, “What has been your most rewarding experience during two years of Hump Day Hangouts? What has been the most surprising thing regarding anything online marketing related?” That’s a really good question. I wish I had time to think about it more. Anyone else want to chime in?

Marco: I would want more time to answer it also. I mean, the most rewarding experience is just seeing people from all over the world, literally, coming on here and asking questions that are common to SEO. We answer them and – I know Bradley sometimes gets tired of answering them – but it’s new to the person that’s asking. It’s old to us, but it’s new to the person that’s asking it. I love just seeing people coming in, finding us, asking questions, then telling us time and again, “Look. You guys give more away in hour than gurus and ninjas ask you to pay for.” So that’s very rewarding.

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Bradley: I would say, also, getting the testimonials that we get back in a lot of our groups about things that people learned that they’ve put to use or practice and ended up having a lot of success with and then sharing that. Because I think that, to me, is rewarding because we do spend a lot of time, guys, testing. We spend a lot of time trying to put together training for you guys and for all the various groups and the hangouts, webinars, and products we release. We put a lot of work into it, so it’s good to get feedback which is, for the most part, all positive. Of course there’s always trolls out there in the internet land, you know. There’s certainly some trolls that have tacked us too, but for the most part, the vast majority of comments are always really positive.

Adam: Yeah, just to hop on the train and say the same thing. It’s nice when people come back and say something. It’s not that we constantly need the ego boost, but it’s good to get that feedback, you know. Because there’s times … You know, when before I’ve been like “I’m really busy. I’ve got other things to do.” But I show up then to have someone come on and be like “Man, you guys may not realize this but those two minutes you guys took to answer my question totally changed my … You know, got me a client or helped me close a deal or it saved my life because it stopped me from doing something really stupid.” Anything like that.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. “What has been the most surprising thing from the past two years?”

Well, for me, I’ll say something that’s kind of self or personal to me. It’s surprising to me, for me and my business, is that I’m kind of transitioning away from SEO and going more towards paid traffic. I never thought I’d see that day. So I’m just speaking from me, personally, in the last two years. I’ve started doing a lot more paid traffic, hence Local Kingpin, which we just launched. I was telling my partners yesterday, during our corporate meeting, that that’s going to be my main area of focus for the next several months. Getting really good at paid traffic, especially ad words. I never thought I would see that day, so that’s really significant to me. I know that’s probably not what you were looking for, Greg, but that’s been rather a large change in mindset for me. How about you guys?

Marco: What surprised me the most is how much confusion is out there. How much noise there is out there in the SEO world with all the different opinions and all these people saying different things and trying to knock other people down rather than say, “Yeah. You know, there’s a bunch of different ways you could do this. That’s just another way.” Instead they say, “Well no. That shit doesn’t work. Come get our shit.” I don’t like to do that. We say there’s more than one way to skin a cat and there’s more than one way to wreck a website. Paid traffic, social media, tons of ways. There’s really no perfect, guru, or ninja way. There’s the Semantic Mastery way. We do what we do. It works. That’s what we worry about. We don’t worry about anyone else. It just surprises me that other people worry about us.

Bradley: That’s the trolls. I just don’t even engage with them. Guys, it takes a lot of self discipline and restraint to not jump in on those stupid comments we see sometimes. It’s, again, ego is the enemy. Take the ego out of it and recognize it for what it is and that’s just, like Marco said, there’s just a lot of noise out there. That’s why we don’t even engage in that. Just kind of brush it off. Because, for example, the Hump Day Hangouts, that’s what we’re here for. Two year anniversary today. We give an hour of our time every single week for you guys. We enjoy it. We do. I find this rewarding and that’s why we’ve been doing this for so long. I don’t know of any other SEO training companies – well, online marketing gurus I guess you could say that do that. There aren’t a whole lot of them if there are. Not that we’re patting ourselves on the back, but it’s because we enjoy it and like to do it. We try to give back because, obviously, this industry has been good to us too.

Increase CF, TF, PA With IFTTT Networks

Okay. Andrew is next. He says, “With the IFTTT networks, how do you increase the metrics? Citation flow, trust flow, page authority?” Andrew, I don’t even try increasing metrics anymore. Honestly, I just don’t focus on that at all because increasing metrics is only for your own satisfaction because nobody else cares. I’m not being rude to you, Andrew. I’m just saying honestly, it’s a vanity metric in my opinion. To look at it and say … Because metrics don’t rank sites anymore. You can manipulate metrics and it can give you somewhat of an edge, but what we have found through our testing and we stand by this is that it’s all about relevancy more than metrics. It’s not something I particularly sweat about, but, you know, the traditional methods of improving metrics is still whole. Improving page authority, domain authority, which – that’s simple to do, because you can do that with spam. Citation flow, you can increase that by spam. The tricky one is trust flow or topical trust flow. You should be more focused on topical relevancy than either of those metrics, to be honest with you. Marco, comment on that because I know you’ve got an opinion on that too.

Marco: Sorry, I was muted. Totally. Metrics, throw them out the window. Third party metrics are somebody’s idea of what Google’s algorithm could be like and nobody has an idea of Google’s algorithm could possible be since it’s so complicated. The thing that we concentrate on, is it relevant? Not only is what we’re producing relevant to our niche, but the links that we go out and get, are they relevant to the niche that we’re concentrating on? Or is it just so powerful that the niche doesn’t matter. If you get into Wikipedia for example, which is all over the place, but it’s still a directory type place where you’ll be in a certain area, niche, or subject. Something like that. Something that’s just out of this world. If you can do that, that’s fine. Otherwise, don’t even bother. Just keep producing content that’s relevant to your niche and keep trying to link from websites and citations that are relevant to your niche and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Bradley: Yeah and I’m dropping this line, just because you did ask, “How do you improve metrics?” This is a spam way to improve metrics, if that’s all you’re trying to do, is improve trust flow metrics. Let me get back to the questions. Damn. There’s a lot of comments on this page and we’re not going to … We’ve got a lot to get to. Anyways, I just tested this service, guys. This is ADSthiry.com. I use this service a lot for if I have to pillow a site because I’ve got to lower anchor-text ratio, stuff like that. Then I’ll come here and order links from this company or service provider. They recently sent an email out with a coupon code for 60% off their high trust flow niche blog comments. So I said, “Ah, I’ll give it a day in court. You know, I’ll give it a shot.” So I purchased 50. I thought, “I don’t know what the hell these are.” Oh, right here.

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Anyways, I purchased 50 high trust flow log comments links and I was able to take a brand new web 2 site up to a 24 trust flow about 10 days later once I got the report back from them. I took the blog comment URLs and submitted them to a couple different indexing services and about a week later I checked and that particular web 2 was up to either a 22 or 24 trust flow and the citation flow was only like 26 or 28, which is good because you want it close to a one-to-one ratio or a higher trust flower than a citation flow. That’s typically a sign of good metrics. I’ve got no affiliation with these guys, I’m just telling you that I purchased their … Again, it was a 60% off coupon and that’s why I was able to get the 50 niche relevant comments. It was a lot cheaper, I can tell you that. It was like 90 bucks or something like that. So if you get on their email list guys they do send out coupons often. So I highly recommend that you check them out and you know, again, you asked …

If you want to improve metrics so you can look at your numbers in metrics and be happy, that’s probably a good service for it, but I would recommend that you just be careful doing anything like that to money sites, okay?

Choosing HTTPS & WWW Versions Of The Website In Google Search Console

All right. Michael’s up. He says, “Hi. I’ve always used the WW version of websites, the HTP and non-W versions direct to the WW at the hosting service now for my new site, which is an affiliate site. No security commerce or customer information needed. I chose HTTPS and yes that self certificate’s still to be activated, but still use WW.” Okay. “The first pages on my site were fine. All used WW version. Now the last three pages have both WW and HTTPS versions index. I’m not sure how to stop this from happening. Go to Google Search console. I have not seen any place with the host or Google Search. How to choose one or the other?”

Yeah, go to search console and site settings. You can choose your display URL and force … You have to verify the domain for both versions of the HTTP and HTTPS. So you have to verify that domain under both versions. Essentially you have to add both versions of the site to search console. Then you go to site settings and you can select which one is the display URL and that will … It’s not going to … If you select to always show HTTPS plus the WWW. version of it, right? So the front part of your URL, if you tell google “I always want it to show HTTPS//WWW. and then your domain”. Then once you click save it’s not going to instantly make all those other indexed URLs disappear. It’s going to take some time for those other indexed URLs to drop out of the index, but you can set that in search console. Okay?

Marco: Yeah and make sure you have the canonical set to the HTTPS WWW so you don’t run into any furry black line …

Bradley: But that can be handled automatically – Oh, this is eCommerce. Never mind. If it’s WordPress it’s set automatically by WordPress, but yeah if it’s eCommerce make sure your canonicals are set. I don’t know if you code that in yourself or the platform will do that for you. I don’t know. I don’t do any eCommerce stuff. But yes, make sure that you have that set correctly. But yeah, you can do that in a search console man. Just check it out. All right?

Greg’s up. He says, “Happy 104th! You guys really put it out there, no fear, all the guts, and we share in the glory.” Awesome, Greg. You’re one of our regulars. We appreciate that. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate you all. Thanks man.

Classic View In Google Plus Page

Chris says, “Congratulations guys! My G-Plus pages keep automatically switching to the new G-Plus. Is there a way to tell it to stay on classic? With the new G-Plus does the About page matter as much now?” I don’t know because I don’t have a lot of experience with new G-Plus because I always switch it back too. Chris, most likely it keeps switching you back to the new one because you’re probably clearing cache and cookies. You know, using C Cleaner or something like that. Every time you clear cache and log back in, it’s going to automatically default you to the new Google Plus. The reason I know that is because I do all my SEO stuff in Firefox and I’m always clearing that browser. But I very rarely clear Chrome because I’m always logged into Chrome as my main profile. So I stay on classic. Maybe once a week or something like that I’ll do a clear cache and cookies for everything including chrome and the it will force me back to the new Google Plus until I switch back to classic. Every time I log into Firefox into my various Google profiles, it’s always forced on new because it’s cleared from cache and cookies.

So most likely that’s what causing it, Chris. I know it’s a little bit of an inconvenience, but you know, I’m going to keep using classic Google Plus until I’m absolutely forced to use the new one. I’ll be kicking and screaming when that happens. Okay? Cody says … And I don’t know how to force it stay, Chris. Because Google is trying to force everybody to the new one, is what I’m trying to tell you. So, the bastards.

What Is The Craziest Thing Someone Has Ever Asked On Hump Day?

Cody says, “I see my website as a way to help people and change people’s lives. Thanks for two years or teaching us how to do that more effectively. You guys rock.” Thanks Cody. “My only question would be, what is the craziest thing someone has ever asked on Hump Day?” Well that’s another good one. Man, I don’t know. The craziest thing. Anybody got any ideas?

Marco: I’m just laughing because we haven’t had any crazy, crazy ones in a while. Last year we had some crazies though. Yeah, this is pretty anticlimactic.

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Adam: Well I can say one for sure, Cody. This will probably resonate. A lot of you can probably relate to this and I’ve said this before, is, we as SEO’s especially typically want to over-complicate stuff. It happens all the time and I’m 100% guilty of it too – especially in the earlier years of my career. Now I try to keep things as simple as possible. I’ve learned to try to be … To keep it simple stupid, you know what I mean? But we sometimes get questions from aspiring marketers or people who are learning SEO. I know that they put hours and hours into preparing a question because they’re planning out a site for some elaborate silo-structure and they produce a graphic or diagram with all the silos built out and supporting articles and all that links internal – and I’m not kidding, I’ve seen questions that I know have taken somebody four, five, even six hours just to prepare the question. Then they send it to us and I’m like, “It’s way too complicated. You don’t need all this.”

So I can’t specify … There’s not one specific question because this happened on more than one occasion, but that’s probably the craziest thing. It’s like, here I come and take the wind right out of their sails. I don’t say it to be mean, but I’m like “Man, you spent so much time preparing this elaborate silo-structure for a carpet-cleaning site.” It’s like, “Come on, guys. You don’t need to put that much work. Keep it simple, stupid.” I’m not calling you, Cody, stupid, but I’m saying that’s just the kiss. K-I-S-S. Don’t over-complicate it. Keep it simple. Try to get results with as little effort and as little effort as possible. Because you can always add on, but when you come out of the gate with some huge elaborate scheme for something that doesn’t require even a fraction of that, you’re just working to be busy. There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. Right? So that’s what I recommend, guys. Try to do the absolute bare minimum to get the results that you desire.

Marco: The one that always gets to me is just, as an example, “Can I rank for DUI attorney in a week?” Fuck no. Hell no. Come on, man. What kind of question is that.

Bradley: That wasn’t even a question though. That was a “I joined your Mastermind, I built an IFTTT around a default WordPress theme, I published three articles with no images, trying to rank for DUI attorney Toronto and I haven’t ranked. What gives? This stuff doesn’t work.” So, needless to say he’s no longer a Mastermind member. Good riddance.

Adding Extra Relevancy To A Nearby City With Local Kingpin

All right. Richard next. “Happy two years. Since I couldn’t stop by [inaudible 00:38:30] Maps Kingpin – ” I’ll plus one that. “Local Kingpin Questions. In the training you were suggesting adding geo-settings to images with the same geo-location as the GMB. When I want to add extra relevancy to a city close to my business – “ Yeah, you can, Richard. You can. If you’re targeting … If you’re trying to get your maps listing the rank for another city, especially if it’s close in proximity, okay? Because if it’s not real close in proximity, chances are you won’t be able to rank in that map’s pack anyways. But if it’s close enough in proximity, yes you can and you can add additional relevancy by adding other images to the Google My Business page as well as to your website. Particularly in blog posts where you can mention the other cities names. You can target posts. Target the topic of blog posts to target those key words and those city names of those adjacent cities and add images to those posts as well.

Because here’s the thing, if you’re adding geo-metadata to those images that you can upload to your Google My Business listing, that’s awesome. But then you can also use some of those same images and even additional images that are geo-tagged for that other city or cities that you’re blogging. If your blog is connected to your Google My Business page through IFTTT, which is what we teach, then you’re going to be feeding additional relevancy back into that listing every time you publish another blog post. So the IFTTT blogging strategy works well as well as having metadata, geo-data added to or appended to those images.

Inside of the Maps Kingpin Training, one of the videos that I just uploaded – I think it was yesterday – was in the updates module, talking about how to use Google photos. Now using Google photos as part of your images because you can append metadata to your Google photos now and you can basically fill out … You can span the metadata, the information section. You can NAP details in there, lists of keywords. It’s pretty powerful. I would check that out as well.

“We serve services at the customer location, so what about having images made at the customer location and adding geo-settings?” Yes, you can do that. “A tip for all people struggling with markup [inaudible 00:40:41] Try adding Google tag manager to your site.” Yeah. Google tag manager is awesome. I really like it. I’m actually going to be doing more training on how to use tag managers with analytics as part of the … In mastermind, mastermind members will be getting that training and so will Maps King Pin and Local King Pin buyers. Okay. But yeah, absolutely. Tag manager is really cool. It’s not that difficult to learn how to use, guys. In fact, there’s a course on U-Demi by a guy – I dropped a link in the Map’s King Pin training or the Local King Pin training about it. But you can go to U-Demi and look for tag manager training. There’s a course that was, I think, $19 when I bought it. It’s pretty good.

Changing Page Title & Slug To A Siloed Navigation Menu

Carol’s up. She’s a relatively new mastermind member. “I listen to Hump Day Hangout [inaudible 00:41:34] yesterday. Question about silos and not using a services page for the top of the silo.” Okay. “I just went through this on a site last week. I left services in the nav menu, but I changed the page title and slugged to the key word. Is that okay or will it be confusing to the bots?” I don’t know, Carol, exactly. The services pages should be navigational pages only. They shouldn’t be part of the silo. That’s what we talked about. I assume that’s what you’re talking about here. “Change the page title and slug to the key word.” Again, a services page is typically just for the visitor. It’s for human optimization, not search engine optimization. Does that make sense? It’s for visitor optimization.

It’s in order to make the site more easily navigable from the visitor stand point. So the services page, typically, isn’t part of a silo because it doesn’t add to the relevancy in any way, shape, or form. So adding a keyword and changing the services page to a keyword and a slug, isn’t going to help the silo unless you have the services page as part of the silo and you’re trying to inject more relevancy by doing so. If that’s the case, honestly I don’t know because I would rearrange the site. I would re-structure the site. Unless, obviously, you’re ranking well already, in which case I wouldn’t bother. I wouldn’t want to chance risking it by restructuring the site. But if you can improve upon your rankings still, I would consider restructuring those URLs and the silos. It depends. If you’ve got a ton of content in each silo already. Then no, don’t restructure it. But if it’s just a handful of articles or pages, pages and/or supporting posts, then I would consider restructuring the site to remove services from the silo because it shouldn’t be part of that.

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That’s the way I’m reading the question. If I’m wrong, Carol, we also have master class coming up and mastermind tomorrow. We can clarify that further in one of those webinars.

How Often And Useful Can The Same G Map Be Pushed In The Serp Space Map Powerhouse Program? 

Jay Turner. Service based question. “How often and useful can the same G-map be pushed in service-based in map powerhouse program? Or is it a one and done deal then move on to find other G-maps embeds?” That’s a good question. I mean we have the secondary embeds, so I wouldn’t … I don’t know. Marco, you’ve got more experience with that. It shouldn’t matter. You should be able to push … The only thing is you don’t want to spam our network with the same embed code on multiple posts, because then that’s duplicate content on our networks. Does that make sense?

Marco: Yeah I totally agree. He shouldn’t need more than just that with … I suppose that he’s doing RYS and then pushing that My Map through our map powerhouse and the secondary embed network. If that doesn’t get you where you want to go, man. There’s a big problem.

Bradley: Yeah I would add more to the secondary embeds. If you really want to get that map embed out there across as many site embeds as you can, then I would consider keeping the first tier embeds down. Lower your embed count on the first tier which are the video powerhouse credits. You know, the first tier embeds. But the secondary embeds which is the add-on service, you could go crazy with that. That way you would have, essentially, multiple map embed projects or whatever because if you keep your … Let’s say you do ten to your one embeds. Then you do a whole bunch of tier two embeds. Then you still have a whole bunch of other sites left as tier ones that you can embed on. If that makes sense. So that’s what I would do. Just add additional seconds to your embeds.

Marco: He could always build a second map with additional information and push that. There’s nothing wrong with that because it’s not the same thing. It’s a separate URL. It has more or less information or whatever. So you can always do that too. Then make sure it’s there linked to each other. I don’t want to give away too much because what goes on in RYS stays in RYS.

Adding Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Soundcloud To A Branded IFTTT Network

Bradley: Yeah. Brandon’s up. He says, “Hi. I added extra social properties to one IFTTT network for brand LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SoundCloud, and a few others. Is that okay? Hope you all have a great 104th party.” Yeah, Brandon. That’s fine. That’s absolutely fine. In fact, as part of the IFTTT SEO academy and the update training, the multi-update webinar, that’s what we’re doing. We’re going through and picking out four or five additional properties every month. Well, three to five additional properties every month and walking through. Absolutely guys. Look, you want to get your brands, guys. You want to have a presence on as many social media and web 2 sites as possible. I’m telling you that’s what’s going to validate the entity, it’s going to reinforce your brand, it’s going to improve or increase your authority and it’s going to give your site, your brand more weight in Google’s eyes.

So you want to get ranked or listed on as many sites as possible that are decent sites. I’m not saying go out and get a bunch of forum profile links. That’s not what I’m talking about. So yes, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SoundCloud – all of those. In fact, we just talked about SoundCloud and Pinterest on the last Hump Day Hangouts – excuse me, the last IFTTT update webinar, which was last week I believe. Okay? So absolutely.

Updating IFTTT Training Videos

Eddie’s up. “I only recently found you guys. Two years of helping people voting your customer base. Congratulations.” Thank you, Eddie. Appreciate that. Greg: “I saw your post earlier and I clicked on that. That’s pretty cool.” Now the next thing is, I know everybody’s going to say, “Well aren’t you going to update all the IFTTT training videos?” My answer is going to be a resounding no. So we’ll talk about this in the next update webinar which will be in about two or three weeks. But yeah, I’m certainly not going to go on and update all the videos. But thanks for pointing this out because I was unaware of it. Of course, the next time I log into IFTTT I’m sure I’d see it. But the process should be relatively the same. I’ll probably add an update video on how to create a recipe under the new user interface, the new what they call “app-lets” now as opposed to recipes. But the principle is the same. I hope that everybody that is a part of the IFTTT academy is smart enough to figure out the proper steps. So thanks for pointing that out, Greg.

Is It A Good Idea To Flood Page One With Multiple Similar Videos?

Okay. Earl: “I’m finally moving into some video marketing on a pay per call basis with clients. Easily a hundred-plus Minnesota townsfolk for first place on Google. Five to seven of our keywords using video marketing blitz.” Awesome, Earl. “Multiple video titles showing up on multiple key words in most towns. Is it a good idea to flood page one with multiple similar videos?” It can be, Earl, but use different channels. If you have a whole bunch of videos ranked for a keyword and it’s all in the same channel, it’s a quick way to get your channel terminated because somebody will complain. They’ll review your channel and terminate it for spam. So if you’re going to do that, make sure you’re using a lot of channels that you’re posting with so that it’s a lot less likely that you’re going to lose all of that if your channel gets terminated. How many times –

Marco: Can I just give him a piece of advice? He’s found where he can go. Now if you really want to make money, change the videos, make them quality, put in your CTA’s properly. Do all the things you need to to make sure you’re going to make as much money from this as possible. Yup. I mean that’s the way to go. Start flipping them into something that will draw people’s attention and make you some money.

Bradley: Yeah. On top of that, I agree with Marco. You’ve poked, so now you know which keywords you can rank for. With Youtube videos I understand. If you can rank a Youtube video with no SEO work, by just uploading it or live streaming it with no additional work. Chances are for those keywords you can rank other properties fairly easily as well. Also you can probably rank that same video or – as Marco suggested, which I highly recommend – because I’m finding spam videos don’t convert nearly as well as they used to because people are becoming more savvy. But you can also – when you’ve got a good video with a strong call to action, a video that’s set up for conversions, then you can also upload that to like Daily Motion, Vimeo, those kind of things so that you can get multiple videos on page one, but not all from just YouTube if that makes sense. So you can start to try to rank other properties, Web 2 properties, create some blog posts, do press releases. You know, stuff like that. All right.

“How many towns with very similar videos front-end changed in varying last slides call to action to different lanes to create variety with manually reworded descriptions can I expect to get away with on the same proxy gmail account before getting slapped by YouTube?” It’s not how many towns. It’s how fast. It’s your velocity. In other words, how many videos are you uploading to that particular channel in a 24-hour period? Now I’ve been aggressive and been able to get away with 15 or 20 videos per channel per day and got away with it. I’ve got one channel that, no kidding, has like 997 videos. They’re all 100% spam videos and it’s been up for 2 1/2 years now. It’s still generating leads today. It’s complete spam videos. I was doing 20 maybe as much as 25 videos in a 24 hour period. I don’t recommend that because I’ve also had channels terminated from that. It’s not a matter of how many towns or how many videos.

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It’s really about how fast you do it and I always try to stay at less than 10 videos on a 24 hour period for channel. In fact, to be extra safe I typically like to stay to about 5 videos per channel per 24 hour period. But I have certainly been more aggressive and gotten away with it. But I’ve also had accounts terminated. So just be careful. I’ve found that if you stick, conservative, to 5 or no more than 10 videos in a 24 hour period, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to have any problems unless somebody reports you.

All right. “Should I do multiple keywords for same, larger town on one G-Plus account or should I focus on giving YouTube account to different towns, keywords, titles?” I would spread it out, Earl. I would spread out one channel across multiple areas and use multiple channels to blanket one area, is what I’m saying. Because otherwise you’re putting a great big target on your back, saying “Hey, come slap me.”

Current Best Level Investment Option For Mass Publishing On Youtube

“What’s the current best level investment option for mass publishing on Youtube? I. E. 5 to 7 across a hundred or so towns.” I think, right now, video marketing blitz which is [inaudible 00:52:44] program. We promoted it a few months ago. I think it’s a great program for that. That’s probably what I would suggest.

Damn. We’re almost out of time, guys. I know we’ve got a ton of questions. We’re going to get through just a couple more, but we’ve got to wrap it up because master class is coming.

Adam: Yeah. We’ve got some prizes to give away.

Bradley: Oh that’s right. Well then let me just read Sky’s and then we’ll wrap it up, guys. We appreciate all the comments. Sorry we couldn’t get to everything. Sky says “Rather than asking a dumb question, I would like to thank the semantic mastery team for all the information and help. Yesterday I uploaded a video and used all the techniques learned within semantic mastery training and it ranked on page 1 on Google and position 1 on YouTube instantly.” Awesome. “I then removed the city modifier and my eyes grew a bit bigger when it was still there since this was a high value phrase with buyer intent. I was checking some rankings and identified another good phrase, so I went back to my video and added that phrase to the description – BOOM – I checked the rank for that phrase and was now ranking for that term as well. To all those watching, just follow the training and take action.” Awesome, Sky. Just go get it done. Take action. Go make some money. Appreciate that, man. Thank you.

Marco: Take action, guys. Take it. If you don’t take anything else away from this or from anything else that we tell you, do something. Do something. You can’t just sit there and consume and consume information and then hope for more, for better, for the next big thing. Because you’ll just sit there and you won’t do anything except spend your money. At some point, you have to go and apply and see if you can make money. The satisfaction will be so much that you’re going to get geeked up and you’re going to want to make more money and that’s how you begin building your business. But that doesn’t happen if you don’t take action. It doesn’t happen.

Bradley: All right. Before Adam gets to this, I just want to make two more comments. Number one: Andrew Walker. He’s awesome. He’s a friend of mine, a local guy. That’s awesome that he’s been showing up. I’ve been kind of consulting with him on a one-on-one basis and he’s starting to bring his offline business online and I got some high hopes for you, Andrew. So thanks for showing up, buddy. I appreciate it.

Recommended SEO Tool

And last, Daryl Dressel, I just saw this. I have to answer this one. “If you could only recommend one tool that you started using in the past year, what would it be?” We’ve been using it for over a year, but hands down Click Funnels is an absolute must if you’re in any kind of online marketing in my opinion. I don’t know how we ever survived without it, but I don’t know how I could run my business without it now. So I would say Click Funnels is hands down the most important tool in my business right now that I can think of.

This Stuff Works

All right, Adam. The floor is yours.

Adam: All right, guys. Bear with me for second. I am on my laptop and things are slowly moving here. Okay. Here we go. You guys can stare at my great picture there. Sorry about that.

Bradley: Oh you don’t have a screen share? I thought you had a screen share. Never mind.

Adam: My connection hasn’t been great. All right, so, guys. How this is going to work for the winners, I’m going to contact you via Google Plus and that’s how I’m going to verify that I’m actually getting the right person. So, for the books, little drum-roll here, Andrew Sexton, Eddie Brim, and Kate Best you guys are going to each get one of those three books and I’ll be telling you which one it is and I’ll be contacting you via Google Plus. If you’re outside the U.S. just let me know your Amazon email address and we’ll get you a Kindle book or something.

Bradley: Cool.

Adam: So please put them to good use. Here we go. So picking the three from the questions. In the background we went through the questions. So a free month of V2 – and if you guys are already members of these memberships or you already have this, then we’ll just pop you on the back end and we’ll get it figured out. Earl, you get a free month of V2. Marco’s going to hook up an RYS doc for Mark O’Connel. So Marco will be in touch with that and we can work with you on the details there because obviously that’s a little bit more complicated. Jay Turner, you’re going to get a 90 days in the mastermind. So I’ll get with you with that and we’ll kind of get you on board in there shortly.

Bradley: That’s awesome. So guys, congratulations. Thanks everybody. Like, for example, Mark O’Connel just got the RYS stack. He’s been attending our Hump Day Hangouts regularly and participating. That’s what we’re looking for guys, we appreciate that so every one of you that won, congratulations. Thanks for being here and making Hump Day Hangouts something that we look forward to on a weekly basis as well. We thank everybody for being here today for 104. Next week, remember no questions, guys. You’re more than welcome to post on the events page, but we’re going to be just having fun and kicking it next week. Everybody should schedule one hour and get your favorite frosty beverages and kick it with us. Okay. So thanks for everybody being here. Master class starts in about 3 or 4 minutes. We’ll see you guys then. Thanks Adam, Chris, and Marco.

Adam: Bye everyone. Take care.

Hernan: Bye.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 103

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 103 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Cody and welcome to Humpday Hangouts Episode 103, we’re very close to 104. 1 week away. Let’s say hi to everybody really quick, I’ll start at the end on my screen who I see, and start with Chris, how’s it going?

Chris: It’s been good, how are you doing?

Adam: Can’t complain. Well, I guess I can complain if I wanted to. It’s actually kind of nice here, it’s just cold. I’m just waiting to hear the weather report from Marco, winter has officially started here, so. Hernan, how’s it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. It’s really, really good to be here. I’m excited for today, 104, a lot of stuff going on, so this is going to be a great episode.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, let’s get the weather update.

Marco: Man, I’m sorry to say that it’s still warm in Costa Rica, sorry man. I can’t help it, it’s about 85 right now. Rain is rolling in though, so it’ll go down to about 80. Once the rain goes away, I could go take a dip in the pool, you know how that goes.

Adam: That’s okay, you got to suffer for a little bit so you can enjoy it, the good parts, huh?

Marco: It’s such a tough life.

Adam: Bradley, how’s it going?

Bradley: Good man, glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal, well hey, before we get started I wanted to go real quick, obviously Local Kingpin just launched, so that’s going really well. I think a lot of people might not be aware that we’re also going to have … For people who decide that the local lead gen and on demand traffic generation is for them, we’re going to be doing update webinars as part of the course. You guys are obviously here watching Humpday Hangouts, so you know we like to webinars and we like to do training. Bradly, do you want to tell them just a little bit about what you’re going to be doing with these update webinars and why they’re there?

Bradley: Sure, well. I’m adding a second case study, I actually started setting it up today, so I will be adding additional videos to the training. Guys, it’s a one time purchase but I’m going to be continuing to update the training over the next probably three months or so. Because, I’m still learning on how to improve the AdWords campaigns and so as I continue to learn, I’m going to share that with whoever, all Local Kingpin members because I’m not 100% satisfied with where it’s at now.

Even though I’ve already gotten a lot of good responses for where it’s at I still think it can be better and so I want to make it better, and so I’m going to be continuing to add training inside the members area. Then we’re also going to have probably at least 3 update webinars, that are probably spaced out at least 3 or 4 weeks apart. Over the next 3 months, we’re going to have an additional 3 webinars, which will be kind of like Q and A where members can ask questions about specific issues they’re having, and that kind of stuff.

That goes for the Maps Kingpin upgrade too, which is kind of like the Maps SEO part of it, that’s all going to be … All of that is going to be updated. The front end product and the up sell, if that makes sense.

Adam: Awesome, all right, and then on top of that too. We’re also going to be giving people an additional custom click funnels template to be using for local lead generation. We’re going to be adding that in there, and I think I’m going to talk Bradley to putting it into use, so he’ll be able to give you guys back some analysis on it.

Bradley: Well shit, if you get it done quick enough I can use it on this next case study.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, all right, should be done tomorrowish, so we’ll see.

Bradley: I’ll be setting up ads this weekend for that new case study, so if you have it done you can share it to my ClickFunnels account and we’ll be good to go.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, it’s going to be done by some unnamed ClickFunnel certified partner, they’re going to knock it out and we’ll get it done.

Bradley: Weird out here.

Adam: Yeah, some weirdo. What we got? One more? Marco, you want to tell everybody about the event coming up next week?

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yes, I mentioned last week, we’re going to have CT Fletcher on for an hour and a half, and he’s going to be talking about how he built his business. How he went from nearly dead to right now, kind of social media just about, from what I see and everything that he’s doing. If you guys want to come and join us and listen in, get some tips, some hacks from the guy who’s doing and all … Everything has been done. He’s not really paying for anything, it’s all organic. It’s all just him producing content and getting people to like his stuff, share his stuff.

I’m going to share … Oh, you shared the link already that’s cool. I was going to share the link but, the press release is going out early tomorrow, I would suggest guys that you go and reserve your space because once it goes out … He wants us to be free, he wants us to be available to the general internet or online public. Not just our group, but we’re holding off so that our people can go in and reserve their seats whoever IS going to attend before it goes. Once it goes on and the seats are locked, sorry, catch it on the replay.

We’re planning to have lots of fun, asking tons of questions and just see what he has to say.

Adam: Awesome, that’s going to be a great webinar.

Bradley: Awesome, really looking forward to that too.

Adam: Yup, anybody got anything else? I think that’s about all I got?

Bradley: One more thing I want to mention is we’ve already started getting support tickets for people complaining about the coupon code expiring. Guys, we gave plenty of notice ahead of time for Local Kingpin that we’re going to have a 24 hour coupon available, and also our top affiliates or the affiliates that actually send us real traffic, they got the ability to also send that 100 dollar coupon out.

If you missed it, I’m sorry, but there was plenty of notification ahead of time. One way to avoid that in the future, is to make sure you’re on our notification list. Go to semanticmastery.com subscribe to our notification list and then that way you won’t miss the coupon the next time. That said, that price will be jumping again what to 397 on tomorrow?

Adam: Friday morning?

Hernan: Friday, yeah.

Bradley: Then, eventually next week it’s going to go to it’s evergreen price at 497. If you’re on the fence, and you still haven’t purchased, I’d get it now. Because, there’s no exception guys, if you’ve missed it you’ve missed it, okay. Didn’t want to be a hardass but we’ve got to keep our word, and that’s what we said we’d do. All right, so let’s go ahead and get into some questions, I’m going to grab the screen.

Hopefully you guys can see me zoom in a little bit. Let me know if you’re having an issues seeing guys?

This Stuff Works

Adam: We good?

Hernan: Can you zoom in a little bit more, because it’s … If it’s tiny for us, I bet that, ah, kay. There we go.

Bradley: That’s about as big as it’s going to get man.

Hernan: Yeah that works.

Influence Google Search Auto Complete

Bradley: When I read a question it’s going to be like watching a tennis match, my head’s going to go from one side to the other. All right, here we go Greg Dreebert says: What’s the best way to influence auto complete in Google Search. Crowd Search, you could do that with any sort of those CT spam bots or applications and obviously Crowd Search is the one we use, but yeah, you could do that over … It takes time but you can influence auto complete or suggest by doing that. Okay?

Informing Google On Redirected Pages

That’s why that’s so effective with brand searches guys, or what do you call navigational searches. Because, over time it adds brand search signals to Google which is very, very strong for businesses, okay? Greg says: When redirecting a site, what about the privacy page about us disclosure table and library images at the old domain, redirect them over or just leave them? Yeah, why wouldn’t you just redirect them Greg?

If you’re moving all the content from one domain to another, just move those pages too. I don’t know why you wouldn’t is what I’m saying. Yeah, just move those and then you could redirect the old links and I don’t know why you’d even need to redirect the old links because those aren’t types of pages that typically, you have any back links going to so it really shouldn’t effect SEO and any at all period, if that makes sense. There’s really no need to redirect old pages to new pages if everybody’s going to land on your new site anyways, if that makes sense?

There’s no sense in redirecting old URLs from privacy policy pages unless for whatever reason you had back links built to that that you want to keep. After redirecting, I could not use the inform Google of address change function inside of search console as it needed the old homepage to exist and I have already redirected it. I instead use the fetch this Google and index the page button, is this is a good idea? Can I do that for all redirected pages? It would be only 10 pages, thanks.

Yeah sure, you can do that. There’s no problem with that, just changing the site address isn’t really that big of a deal inside of search console because you just add the new site once it’s added, once you got it set up and it’s just a new property, that’s all. Okay? The fetch is Google works, it’s the same thing as submitting the URL really, the only difference is when you use the fetch is Google, you can actually take a look at how the page renders to the Google bot. That’s really the only difference. Okay? You can also tell Google if you want them to crawl just that page alone or the page and all of its direct links. You can tell it to do so. Usually with a new site, a good thing to do is if you have a page or like a categories page or something like that you can have it crawl all it’s direct links, then that kind of helps to spider the site quicker. That’s all.

Linkn Building For Serp Space Links

All right, Brandon says: Hi, I have some questions regarding URLs to include in the search space link boating package order, do you suggest we link to Google owned stuff, like blog spot and Google Plus, some Rank Feeder feeds? I wouldn’t do Rank Feeder feeds. The reason I wouldn’t do that is because if you have any of your own money site feeds or posts published in that Rank Feeder feed, then you’d be essentially injecting spam directly to your money site, so I don’t recommend that. Google stuff is fine, some of the individual docs in your IFTTT G Drive folder, yeah you can do that, or you can just set the folder to public which it should be anyways.

Just select the folder URL, all right? Because if you’re just building links to the folder URL then all of the contents within the folder will get the link juice as well. Okay? Just go with the folder there. You can go with individual drive files, that’s fine, but you can do the folder itself. I have built out some of the RYS Stack, do we link to as many of those individual doc sheets and forms as we can. You can, or if you have everything, what we call Spider [inaudible 00:10:52], right? Then you could just link to either the folder or anyone of the docs or all them. It really doesn’t matter, because everything is going to spread around no matter where you inject the link juice, it’s going to spread around if you have it built right.

The network properties, how many individual syndicated blog posts should we link to, I don’t like to individual blog posts on the network properties. I link to the homepage URL of all the network properties, because if you link just directly to the individual post URLs, which is fine if you have … For example, if you have a page on your website that you’re trying to rank and so you’ve published a blog post with an internal link that’s linking up to the page, just the way that we teach and you syndicate that post, then you can go collect those post URLs on the web 2 properties and specifically target those post URLs with additional links, because then you’ll be pushing juice from that post up through that internal link, up to the main page of the site that you’re trying to rank.

This Stuff Works

I only do that selectively when I need an extra boost for a particular page, but typically I just will build for efficiency reasons links to the homepage URLs of all the profiles, if that makes sense. That’s because for example, with Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, if you’re building things to the homepage URL, then every time a post is published, it’s going to benefit from all of the juice that is basically sitting there on that homepage URL. Until it paginates, until the post paginates, which happens like, let’s say it’s 10 post on each page before it goes to page 2, so that means that you’ve got 9 more posts from the post that you published today, you got an additional 9 posts before that post paginates and pushes off the first page, if that makes sense.

You can … What I’ve found is most of the time you benefit from the link juice while it’s still on that first page and it helps you to rank and then by the time it paginates, you typically should’ve seen results already. Then, by the way you could always build links to your … Once it starts to paginate, like page 2, page 3, you could actually build links to those too by the way. You don’t have to just stop at the homepage URL. I try to get the most mileage out of those link building pages as I can and to me, unless I’m trying to specifically boost a particular post and therefore a page, then I just build directly to the home page URLs of all the network properties. That way, everything that gets published benefits from those links instead of just an individual post or page if that makes sense.

Any body else have any other suggestions for that?


Hernan: I think I’ve pointed this out in the past, what I’ve done at some point is in case you need a boost, you know, for those pages and those posts that are page two. Or, you know bottom of page 1, position number 9 and position number 15 for example. What you want to do is to set up a new post with a link back to that page that you want to boost, that way you wait until it syndicates out and then you grab the syndicated URLs. For example, if it syndicates into WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, you will grab the individual post. They will also have the link to the page that you want to boost, and you can build links to them, you can do PBN to them, you can do FCS Networker to them, whatever you want to do to them, that way you can push an internal page or an internal article higher on Google, you know?

Bradley: Yeah, that’s what I was saying. If you have a particular page on your site that you’re trying to rank then when you publish the post on your blog, from your money site with an internal link to that page. Once it syndicates, collect the post URLs on the web 2’s and that’s only very specific targeting. If you have particular pages on your site that you need to boost for, that’s a good way to do it, but like I said, for efficiency reasons, I like to just build the links to the homepage unless I’m selectively doing what we just discussed. If that makes sense, okay?

Marco: I had some really good results with the free WordPress blog, siloing it, mimicking the original site. Takes a lot of work and every time that you get a new post, of course, it has to be manually added to the silo. I mean, you get tons of traffic once it starts to ranking and it does rank really well, so.

Interlinking Syndicated Content in IFTTT

Bradley: Awesome, all right, Mark says: Hey guys all is well, I have a question about interlinking web 2 articles. I know it would be a bit manual, but with a VA and Browseo, would it be worth going through the web 2 bugs and interlinking posts within that platform. WordPress, for example. Can you do that with syndicated contents, using words or phrases within the syndicated content to link to another post? Thanks.

Yeah, you could. Again, I don’t ever do that just because it requires too much manual work but I suppose you could. My question is, why don’t you just link from one post to another from the main money site blog, so that the link are already present, when you syndicate the article, right?

This Stuff Works

My point is is if, that logging in into WordPress.com, Blogger and Tumblr for example and then adding manual links to additional posts on those same sites, which could probably be the post from your money site anyways. Why not just create internal links from your original blog posts over to the other posts so that when they syndicate, they’re already interlinked, so that it doesn’t require manual work. Does that make sense? Now, if your main money site is siloed and you don’t want to cross link between posts from different silos.

You don’t want to do that because you’ll bleed the theme of the silo, but if it’s for a flat site, and it’s not siloed then I wouldn’t worry about it. Or, if you’re going to link to other posts within the same silo, then that’s absolutely fine to do. My point is, if you can avoid having to have that second step and going in and actually manually adding links, if you can do that on the front end when you publish the first post, then I would knock it out there. Yes Mark, you can do that but I would recommend doing it from the money site blog itself, and you can interlink within the same silo to other posts in that silo or I wouldn’t interlink between silos though.

IFTTT V2 & Local Kingpin Results & Profit Making

If you’re going to do that, you can do that with no follow links. If that makes sense. That’s more of a navigational thing, that’s more of a link for a visitor than it is for SEO, okay? The no follow links I mean between silo’s. All right, Dave is next. He says, Thank you for allowing me to ask a question. Forgive me, this is a little long as I’m just a little confused. Hi, I was going to invest in IFTTT 2.0, but I’m a little confused now. According to this above course on local lead generation, Local Kingpin, I’m guessing IFTTT 2.0 course is not that affective anymore, as Google has now altered its ranking system. That’s not the case, Dave, that’s not the case at all. It’s a good question so, but that’s not the case at all.

It’s not that IFTTT is not effective, the whole point of the Local Kingpin training course is to generate traffic on demand without having to do a bunch of SEO work. SEO is still absolutely effective for generating leads. Now, organic SEO for local leads isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be, because you have to pass by as many as 7 other listings before you ever get to the first organic listing. That was the whole reason why I started learning how to use AdWords, was because my organic call volume or excuse me, my call volume from my organic listings only, had dropped as much as 60%.

That took a serious hit in my revenue, so I decided I had to figure something else out. Not every lead gen property has a Maps address, right? There’s a lot of lead gen properties that had been generating revenue for me that didn’t have a physical Maps location, so I wasn’t able to rank in the 3 pack, right? If you’re going to focus just on SEO for generating leads, then I recommend that you focus on Maps SEO and that you try and rank in the 3 pack, because the organic rankings aren’t generating leads for searches with local intent that show a map. They’re not nearly as many.

This Stuff Works

You’ll still get some leads but not nearly as many. I recommend, if you’re going to be doing local lead gen that you foc … SEO is going to be your primary method, that you focus on Maps alone. Which IFTTTSEO Academy, will help you to rank in Maps, okay? In fact, the upgrade I should say for the Local Kingpin course which is about AdWords, is how to rank in Maps which is SEO. Maps SEO. That’s because it’s still very effective and the process that I use to rank in Maps includes an IFTTT network. Any sort of SEO work that we do includes an IFTTT SEO network. Okay? It’s not that IFTTT SEO is not going to help you, it just depends on what is it that you prefer … What would you rather do?

Would you rather drive leads, generate leads by spending money and having it done quickly and it’s very scalable that way? Do you have more time or more money? If you have more time and less money, then you might want to go with something like SEO for generating leads. If you have more money and less time, you might want to go with AdWords for generating leads, right? It really just depends on your own personal preference, where you are and what resources do you have available? Okay?

Hernan: Sorry Bradly, but if I can add to what you were saying. The main point and the main goal of Semantic Mastery, we as a group is that you get profitable and you get results. SEO IFTTT v2, works extremely well so does AdWords, so does Facebook advertising, we have been talking a little bit about that on last mastermind, there’s potential to make a course about that so the idea is not to be either or but rather use every tool at your disposal to grow your assets and-

Bradley: Absolutely.

Hernan: Your company. We would be doing you a disservice if we would say, “Just do SEO,” because that’s not how it works. The idea is that you get results and one of the best way to do that is combine traffic sources, because that will give you more independence and that will give you more freedom and all of those things. I just wanted to say that, that Semantic Mastery is focused on giving you results. Doesn’t really matter what you do, of course SEO works. Even if you do 100% paid advertising, we will still tell you, “Okay, do some SEO, because that’s a long term, mid term traffic source and relationship within the 2,” you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah, yup. That’s a good point, because for example, with AdWords, let’s say that your cost per acquisitions for a lead is 35$. It depends on what kind of service you’re in, but for me and my business the tree service industry, that’s actually a good price for acquiring a lead, right? Let’s say 35 dollars is my cost per acquisition because all I’m doing is AdWords. However, what if I can also rank in both Maps and potentially organic listings as well and let’s say that I start getting 30-40% of my leads coming through Maps, right? Then now, I’ve actually decreased my cost per acquisition considerably because I’m generating leads through Maps that aren’t costing me on a per click basis.

There’s still a cost to it, guys. Everybody says free SEO traffic, bullshit. There’s no such thing as free traffic. You have to put work and effort in. It’s either time, work or effort or all of the above. There is no such thing as free traffic, you still have to put work into it, so again, it just really depends on what you’re saying. What your resources are and what Hernan just said is absolutely true. Do as many traffic sources as possible, because that way you have a much more diversified traffic source, you don’t have to rely on just one.

If you just rely on SEO and something happens, Google changes it’s algorithm tomorrow and you lose that site, you’ve just lost a stream of revenue. That’s why I think supplementing even with AdWords now is critical for any sort of local lead gen business because there is so much volatility in SEO that we never know what’s going to happen, it’s becoming increasingly complex. In my opinion, why not go ahead and scoop up traffic from all sources that we can. I stick specifically with YouTube and Google and Maps, right? One of the things eventually I’d like to get into is learning how to generate local leads using a Facebook Ads if I ever decide to start doing Facebook Ads, I have a Hernan though.

He does all that stuff for us, in fact, we may end up doing a training course about that at some point down the road. In which case, I’m anxious to take it, so. All right so, for the rest of that question. I know there will be a lot of hard work put in my myself to rank websites and study for formula, but will it be as effective as initially wise? Yes, it still is. What kind of results have your students been getting in terms of renumeration for ranking websites?

I know we’ve got a lot of really good testimonials in the IFTTT SEO group, so. Our students are getting … Anybody that implements that and they do it, usually gets results, so.

Adam: Yeah, I was going to say, you can go to the IFTTTSEO.com the sales page for IFTTTT SEO Academy and check it out. Those are real, the stuff we put up there, people having results. We’ve got some examples right there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: How profitable can I get? I can’t tell you that Dave, wish I could but it just depends on how you’re running … What are your expenses, how are you monetizing your leads, who are you selling them to, what are you selling them for? There’s way too many variables, but a good lead gen site, it really just depends. My lead gen sites, my average on my tree service sites that are SEO based only. I don’t have an average for my AdWords funnels yet because it’s still too new for me. I don’t have enough data for me to be able to determine what my averages are on those.

For my SEO sites that are mainly ranked in Maps for the tree service stuff, I have an average of about 400 per month per location. That’s because it varies widely. For example, I’ve got some that I might only get 2 or 3 jobs out an entire month, so those lead gen properties aren’t making but a couple 100 dollars a month, if that. Sometimes not even that, but I also have other properties that generate 12, 15,000 dollars a month. The average comes out to be across all the different sites that I have roughly about 400 dollars per site per location.

The trick there is to build many, many, many of them, right? I love that guys, because every single one of those is an additional stream of revenue, so that if some of them get hit by … Slapped by Google or whatever, I still have a whole bunch of others that are generating revenue, right? It’s diversification.

Adam: Something else real quick I realized too, that I don’t think that is on the sales page, it will be updating soon then. Is that you did the monetization webinar, so inside of the training there’s actually at least 1 webinar if not 2, I forget. That speak directly towards how you can monetize these.

Bradley: Yeah, it wasn’t a webinar, it was just a training video. Monetization models, I actually just added that yesterday. We’ll be talking more about that again in some of the update webinars, or are you talking about inside of IFTTTSEO Academy, I’m sorry.

Adam: Yes, sorry, you’ve done at least 1 dedicated to it, and there might have been it’s a couple of other players.

Linking IFTTT With GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gigs

Bradley: Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry, I thought you were talking about Local Kingpin, because I just added monetization models training to that yesterday, so. Okay Ashley says: Hi you are great. I want to go back thanks to my IFTTT Network, is that possible to use Black Hat tricks like GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gig or just PBN, yes, absolutely. What we recommend is that your first tier of links, so your first layer of links to your IFTTT network properties, you keep them clean. In other words, don’t use kitchen sink spam, you want to do contextual links from usually properties with some higher metrics, themed if possible. From there, you can throw kitchen spam at that first layer of links, that first tier.

You don’t want to burn your IFTTT properties, because you want to treat those … They are like an SEO Firewall guys, that’s in part why we use them, but at the same time they are extensions of your brand so you don’t want to just spam them to death. The way that we do it, is we build a what is it, it’s between like 75 to 125 contextual links to the IFTTT properties, and then we throw spam behind that.

Hernan: Yeah, that’s the case. You don’t want to burn them, so do not throw a couple 100,000 directly to the IFTTT networks but … Because we have had greater results in terms of metrics, in terms of rankings by adding a layer of contextuals in between. That’s exactly what we are doing on our IFTTT link building service. That’s the structure of it. You get a handful of links per IFTTT property backed with spam, so.

SEO Services With Little To No Resources

Bradley: Yeah, and again, you can use any of those tools that you just mentioned, that’s fine. Okay, Ben says: A client getting questions, starting with little to no resources. If you had to have an SEO client by next week, what would you do to make it happen? Me? Video email, so what I call Vmail. That was how I first started off getting clients, when I first branched out from just doing lead gen and started landing clients as innate client consulting work. I did it with video email.

This Stuff Works

I literally built my business with my client based business from video email. It was the most effective way to contact and to prospect for clients was video email, okay?

Hernan: Nice.

Bradley: If I pause the screen for a minute, I can get you a link to-

Hernan: I remember that guy, that was pretty good that guy that you made the video prospecting.

Bradley: Yeah. I’ve got a link to an opt in form that you can opt in to get free training on how to do video email if you’d like. I’m going to have to pause the screen to get it, maybe what I’ll do is when the webinar is over. Here, let me make a note of it and I’ll tag you Ben so that you get notified. Just a minute, I’m writing a note. Vmail opt in. You opt in, you get the free training on how to do video email, and then obviously since you’ve opted in I’m going to spam you to death. Just be aware that you’re going to be spammed, no, I’m kidding.

I’ll paste that link on the page once the webinars over Ben.

Marco: If he’s just starting out and he has just absolutely nothing, there’s nothing that he can turn to or go on. Man, the best thing that he can do is network other … In other words, just get out to his local business owners and let them … Let me get this right. Find out who they are, find out what they need, you know what they need, they need more money. You need to figure out how to let them know that you can make them more money without being … Without really hammering them over …

Because, they’ve heard the pitch before. I mean, that’s a thing, get out there, get yourself known. Make up some business cards, fake it till you make it. You can put on them, SEO expert or however it is that you want to brand yourself, but you have to make people aware that your brand exists, what it is that you do and how it is that you can help them. Get out there, hit the pavement, let them know, you get your business cards out there, get known and I think that gets some positive results.

It’s worked for me, I’ve used Craigslist, I’ve used just about everything there is. When I needed a client, I’ve gone to Craigslist for gigs and I’ve bid on jobs that have been posted. Up work, I’ve done it all when I needed a client or when I wanted a client to test something.

Bradley: Yeah, you know, personally I didn’t find a whole lot of good results with going to business networking meetings, like MeetUp meetings and stuff. I ended up spending more damn time just driving back and forth to the meetings and having to buy bullshit breakfast at IHOP or whatever that resulted in such little client work. Although, it just got me out of my comfort zone and talking about my business. Again, everyone’s going to have different results, I’m just saying personally from my experience, the best results I’ve got was from video emails, and that’s selecting potential clients or whatever is particularly in a niche that you want to work in, and then just crafting a video where you’re analyzing their property and not criticising it but explain how it could be improved upon, that kind of stuff.

Then sending those personalized emails to the owners or to the business, preferably owners if possible. A hybrid model of the 2 worked, whereas I would go to the networking meetings and collect business cards and then follow up with those people using video emails. Now that was a 1, 2 punch and that worked well too.

Hernan: Nice.

This Stuff Works

Chris: Now, I’m going to hop in here and I may got slaughtered on this one by you guys, but I don’t care I’m going to say it anyways. Do 2 things at once, do what they’re saying and then, while you’re looking for that, find somebody, hopefully you know somebody who’s got a business, just do some work for them to get some results. Get a testimonial from them, put yourself out there and do something good for them. It doesn’t happen to be ranking their website on page 1, just, can you help them with their social media? Can you help them with their content? Can you a do a site audit, do something and get a testimonial from them.

Because nobody’s going to want to hire you if you don’t have anybody that can refer you, and that’s where the real work’s going to start coming in, when people start referring you.

Hernan: Yeah. I love this and if I may add a couple of things that have helped me tremendously are to leverage communities. Have discussion forums and Facebook groups for example, and as Bradley was saying, you can really pick what kind of Facebook groups or what kind of communities you’re joining. For example, let’s say you want to work with realtors, join a realtor group and do not try to teach them real estate. Try to help them with digital marketing or SEOing your case. It’s amazing if you add value over there, it’s amazing the amount of work that you can get. Because those people are usually trying to get …

You will not try to sell them anything but just be helpful. As Adam was saying, try to do something for them and it’s amazing the amount of content you can get, because those people are actually … They’re really engaged with their topic and most of the cases they’re really desperate about finding somebody that they can trust. The reality is that you can build that trust by actually helping people in those forms and those Facebook groups that will you get a ton of recommendations and private messages, et cetera.

It has happened to me just for the sake of being helpful on discussion forums that are around a niche that you want to go after and Facebook groups as well. Posting a really good piece of content over there Ben, that’s related to the problems that they are getting that they are getting as Marco was saying, they’re not getting enough leads, they’re not getting enough sales. That will easily position yourself as the authority figure and for example SEO for realtors, and you will get a ton of private messages et cetera, and then off you go.

It’s just about being helpful and do not try to pitch them, because again, they have heard it. You are actually showing them that you can help them in the future but by helping them right now. That has been really valuable for me and that’s a tip that I hope you use because it’s super, super … It’s amazing the amount of feedback that you can get by just being helpful and dedicating 1 or 2 hours a day, just spending time on those forums and communities and being helpful.

Chris: If I could just add, being helpful works.

Marco: We’re going on our 104th episode trying to be helpful, and the whole semantic mastery brand has practically been built on being helpful, so.

Bradley: That’s true, we’ve been at it for 2 years now, next week it will be 2 years on Hump Day hangout so, and last thing I want to mention about that Ben is I’ve always used video SEO as a foot in the door too. As far as video email for prospective but video SEO as a foot in the door typically. Video SEO is not my primary method of making money, I love to use video SEO but specifically as a foot in the door because it’s something that although I know it’s way more difficult than it was even a year ago or 2 years ago, to rank for local terms. You can take a long tailed keyword that’s not competitive at all, even before you initiate the contact with a prospect and rank something for them with their branding on it, so that when you send them a video prospecting email, you can show them the property that you ranked.

This Stuff Works

Show them a video, and it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, it’s just to show them that you know what you’re doing. Because, how will they know? For the vast majority of prospects aren’t going to know whether it was a difficult keyword to rank for. For example, you could rank for your keyword plus zip code, right? Your key word plus city plus zip code, because it’s very rare that people search by zip code. They do but it’s rare. You could rank a video for that fairly easily, most likely, and then you could just point that out in your video prospecting email that you send to that specific prospect. Say, “Look, I did this just to show you I know what I’m talking about. Would you be interested in some additional marketing help that can drive more leads in your business and help you to make more money, blah blah blah.”

If that makes sense? That way you can do something for free for them to prove that you know what you’re doing, but I agree with what Adam said and that’s just finding some people that you can be helpful … Hernan as well, find people that you could be helpful with and then maybe offer up some free services in exchange for referrals, that’s another good tactic. Say look, “I’ll help you optimize your Maps listing and maybe perhaps rank a YouTube video for you or whatever and then all I ask for in return is that you give me 3 business referrals. 3 other people that you know that are in business that could potentially use help with marketing.”

Adam: I just want to say real quick to everybody’s who’s requesting access, we’re going to include that link in the Friday email. If you’re not signed up to it, go to semanticmastery.com and get signed up and that’ll be on the Friday email. Also, if you’re watching this in the future from some other point in time since we get a lot of people watching the replays, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you the link for the video prospecting.

Google Maps Setup For Additional Services

Bradley: Yeah and guys, I’m going to drop it on this events page as soon as we get done, okay? I’ll just post it in about 15 minutes, okay? You guys are going to be right here on the event page. All right, so Ivan’s next he says: Hi guys, looking forward to the 104th. Yes we are too. Question about Google Maps. I created a personalized Google Map, so he’s talking about Google My Maps for my residential computer repair company, now I want to offer 3 more related services. My question is, what do you think will be better? 1, adding 3 new layers or pins targeting services like service 1, 2 and 3 on my existing map or 2, create 3 new Maps. Naming them, service 1, service 2, service 3?

Linking 3 Maps somewhere in the description. By the way I watch the 4 videos of RYS Academy. Awesome information, now I’m playing around with Google sites creation. That’s another link that we can drop Adam, for the free RYS webinar series?

Adam: Yeah, let me grab that really quick.

Bradley: Since that was mentioned. Ivan, I haven’t tested the difference between those 2 methods. The way that I’ve always done it, which I haven’t built a whole lot myself, is adding additional layers to the same map, but I haven’t tested that. Maybe Marco could speak on this one a little bit.

Marco: We’ve tried both and the thing is that everything just flows throughout the folder. Everything depends on the niche, man. Everything depends on what you’re going after, everything depends on the keywords, competition. There’s so many variables that what I would tell him is do both. There’s no reason why you can’t do both because they’re My Maps.

Bradley: Right.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Go do both and see which one works better. It might just turnout that they all work and-

Bradley: I’ve always just done option 1 on the same map, just add new layers but yeah, I haven’t tried the other method. It would almost be worth setting that up on 2 different properties, to see if one has a better … If you do both at the same time for the same property, I don’t know if you’d know which one had the better results. Because you just threw both at it at the same time. That would be worth setting up a test for though, honestly. Yeah, just do both, why not?

Sistrix Tool

Sky’s up, he says: If you have time, can you briefly go over how you would use https://www.sistrix.com and what additional info you would add to improve SEO, are you talking about for video object?

Yeah, apparently that’s what he’s talking about. The Sistrix tool for videos is the only time I’ve ever used it is for video objects. Let’s see what they got. Is it thinking, what the hell is it doing? Okay. Let’s see, anyways, there’s the video tool on here somewhere and that’s the only one that I’ve ever used. The only problem that I find with it is it kind of screws up the formatting of your post if you try to include this in a WordPress post. It gives it some strange formatting and I guess it has to do with CSS conflict or something, from the Microdata. I don’t know, I’m not a coder, does that sound right Marco.

Marco: Yeah, that’s probably it. Even if you play with it, if you CSS it on the website and make it look good, when it gets syndicated out, there’s nothing that guarantees it won’t be stripped out.

Bradley: It’s probably going to look like shit too, yeah.

Marco: You can’t control the CSS or whatever template you’re using on free websites anyways, so, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I actually avoid using that when possible. I’ll use the video WordPress SEO video. That WordPress SEO plugin from [inaudible 00:42:53], there’s a video SEO Add on, it’s expensive, but I like to use that if I’m doing a lot of heavy video stuff on sites. Just to finish the question, would you finish the meta item prop interaction count, as this would obviously go up over time. I don’t like to inflate anything in structured data, unless there’s real data to back it up somewhere. Personally, I don’t because you can get structured data spam, manual action taken against your site.

I stopped spamming structured data, probably over 2 years ago now. Because I’ve gotten in the past those structured data spam messages inside … Manual spam messages inside of search console from that and so I stopped doing it. That was like adding review stars and shit when there weren’t really reviews, that kind of stuff. I don’t know if would inflate the interaction count. I would just use whatever the data is at the time, and if you need to update it later on then you could but I don’t know how that updates real time anyways.

I think it’s something you’d have to manually do. For example, I’ve got a client that’s got reviews now showing on his site. He emails me about once a month asking me if I can update the review count on his structured data, which I did for the first couple of months, and now I told him, no. I sent him a video and said, “You do it.” Here’s how you do it, you know, because it’s kind of a pain in the ass. I don’t know how you can update that stuff in real time without doing it manually.

This Stuff Works

Would you use an H3 rather than the default H2. I don’t know Sky, I haven’t tested if one is more effective than the other. I typically would just whatever the output is. For example, the Systris output. I stopped using it though, like I said. Microdata doesn’t work nearly as well guys as JSON-LD. JSON-LD is the preferred method, even Google says so now. That’s what Google prefers over Microdata. Microdata was the start of structured data guys because it was way to mark up objects without having on a page … Because Microdata is like HTML markup, okay? It’s structured data markup but is uses like HTML elements to do it.

JSON-LD is a smarter way to do it, and by the way did you know that you can add JSON-LD script inside posts for the most part? WordPress editor might strip it out, but you should be able to add it anywhere, that type of script, anywhere on the page. Doesn’t have to be in the header is my point, so. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Hernan: No I would use JSON-LD as well, so.

Bradley: Yeah. There’s plenty of those JSON-LD creator tools online now, lots of them, and you can check that. By the way, if you want to insert JSON-LD into a particular page and WordPress is stripping it out, it depends on the theme I think. Because some themes will strip it out and some won’t, but there is a couple different plugins that you could use to install that. One is I think raw HTML, I think you can add JSON-LD script with that, I can’t remember 100% off the top of my head, but there’s another one which was … Shit, what’s it called. H-O code inserter, or something like that.

You guys remember that one? HO Code starter plugin or something like that. Let’s go see if we can find it real quick. I’ll have to try to find that, dammit, I’ve got notes that I’m taking for follow up. O-H-

Adam: Got more work to do after you’re done working.

Bradley: Yeah right. O-H. Ad scripts, there it is. OH Ad Script, 10 OH Ad Script, 2 pages, that’s the one I’m talking about right there. I don’t see the plugin but that’s what I’m looking for. Let’s see. Maybe the link’s actually on this page, it probably. Hold on, one more second guys. There it is. Right there, this one. O Ad Script to individual pages, header, footer. This is so you can add JSON-LD markup to specific pages or posts. This is the plugin you can use for that. For example, I’m not sure how you would markup a video with JSON-LD, I just haven’t done that myself but I’m sure you can do it.

That’s how you would add it to WordPress if your theme strips it out. All right? All right next, Ganti says: Oh wait I’m sorry is there a lot of scheme that can be potentially be added according to scheme of video. Any tips as the keywords, same as and a few other look pretty interesting. What are your thoughts on that Marco, I’ll let you handle that one.

Marco: No, I mean … I do just the standard, I don’t like to spam it. A lot of people tell you and I’ve seen it said that more is better, especially if you go to schema.org, they’ll tell you that more schema is better. There’s a point and I think you’re one of the people that found out, that Google says, “No, you’re spamming your structured data and screw that.” Why? There’s really no reason to inflate the interaction count. There’s really no reason to add any of that other stuff, keywords and all of that, because you’re taking care of that through your content, silos and everything else anyway.

This Stuff Works

The video, if you’re getting the transcription, then you have plenty of content. I don’t know why you would want to do keywords, same as maybe, spam My Map instead of a video. Add schema the way that we do it in Maps powerhouse. Add schema that way if you want to spam, where at least you’re protected a little bit.

Facebook Instant Article

Bradley: Next is Ganti says that, if you still find time, we’d like to know more about using Facebook’s new instant articles feature to get traffic to the blog and also use IA with IFTTT, I can’t speak on it at all Ganti, it’s Facebook and I just don’t do anything with Facebook. I guess I’ll defer to Hernan.

Hernan: Hmm. That’s a good question Ganti, I haven’t used it yet, instant article Facebook’s unfortunately.

Bradley: I know there was a launch of some product this week that had to do with that stuff.

Hernan: Oh yeah. No, Ganti I’m sorry, I haven’t used that. I’m still getting used to messenger ads, those ads that you click on them and you get a message on Facebook messenger. Those are pretty cool, I’m starting to experiment a little bit with that, but I’m sorry Ganti, I haven’t got the time to go through it. I’ll try to investigate a bit with it and maybe if you can trigger a Facebook page, you can IFTTT Facebook, IFTTT Native Facebook channel to trigger the automation, you know what I mean? That will link back to Facebook, I don’t think that’s the best use of your IFTTT network, unless you want to publish content early which will be fine.

We will need to dive into that a little bit more.

Ranking Videos

Bradley: All right, we’re at the 5 minute warning, so I’m going to have to roll through the next couple. Jay asks: When negotiating value of lead gen videos to potential client, our lead gen videos that don’t rank on the first page are long tail keyword in Google, but do ranking video listings to tough a sale for the effort, yeah Jay, in my opinion, because very rarely do people click the vertical search. It’s not really all that valuable. I would actually position that not as in the vertical search, the video search of Google. What I would do is suggest, like if I was going to try to talk it up, I would say it’s rank number 1 in YouTube.

Because typically, a lot of the times you’ll be able to rank in YouTube number 1, but even if it won’t rank in Google. There is a lot of traffic in YouTube, it’s not usually the type of traffic that’s looking for local intent stuff, but that’s how I would frame it. Yeah, that’s kind of a tough sell. If it’s not ranking in Google, it’s only ranking in the video search then to me, it’s not really valuable. I’ll target other keywords. That’s what I’ll do is I’ll … I’ve mentioned this many times before, if I can’t rank the keyword, I don’t even let clients tell me the keyword that they want to rank for anymore.

I ask them, what would you like to rank for? Then I do keyword research, and then I come back to them and say, okay, here’s what I can rank you for. These are the different keyword search phrases that I can rank you for. Are any of these acceptable? Maybe, what I’ll do is do a poking job, right? I’ll be able to determine which keywords I can rank for with little to no work, then I’ll go back and say, “Look, I’ll give you a 3 for 1 special. I can’t rank you for this keyword but I can rank you for these other 3, and I’ll give it to you for the same price.”

Why? Because I just found out through poking that I can rank without any additional work, right? Why not give them 3 for one and still capture that revenue, if that makes sense? Now, I don’t just rank them for spamming keywords that don’t generate any traffic. There has to be some traffic potential or else it’s not worth it and I’m not just going to take somebody’s money, unless they just want to see their videos so they can puff out their chest and say they’re awesome, because their video is ranked on page 1, and which case there are clients out there that that’s all they want. It’s just an ego thing. I’ll be happy to take their money to do that for them.

Few Websites For 1 Persona

All right, we got 2 more minutes. Scott says hi, are we able to create a few websites under our own name instead of an alias, is there an issue if a person has several websites? No Scott, I just always talk about reducing potential risk, but yeah you can have as many websites as far as I know under your own name as you want. As far as search console, I don’t know if there’s a limit to how many you can put in search console. I’ve got several dozen and I haven’t hit a limit yet, so. I also don’t put everything under one account, I have persona accounts that actually own in air quotes the account and then I just add myself as a manager. We’ve talked about that many, many times on Humpday Hangouts.

This Stuff Works

He says, I also notice Google is so sensitive, probably Facebook and other passwords as well. If you don’t log in from the same IP the they are asking for phone verification immediately. That’s true. Using fake alias with burner numbers could be an issue, if the number doesn’t work when needing to reverify for whatever reason a couple of months down the road, things happen. That’s true, but that’s why if you create the accounts under a proxy, another IP, then you can always log in to those accounts through your own IP when the accounts are still new and they typically won’t trigger reverification, and even if they do, you should still have the burner number available if you created the account yourself to begin with.

If you bind it to your IP then you shouldn’t have any additional login issues going forward. That said, you can also, as we mentioned throughout the training, if you create these sites underneath persona accounts and then add yourself as a page manager, then you can access through your own IP because you’re a manager. You’re authorized to access those accounts, so it won’t trigger reverification because you’re accessing from your own account. Again, all of that is covered in the training. If you want to put everything underneath your own profile, you can, just be aware if anything ever happens to your profile, you’re going to lose all your assets. It’s up to you as to how much risk you’re willing to handle.

All right, we got to go guys. I really wish that we got to the rest of the questions, I’m sorry we didn’t. I’m going to go find that link and drop it here for the video prospecting, the vmail course guys. It’s free, it was something I put together like 4 years ago I think it was before I was in a partnership with 2 ladies. We were going real estate branding, so, just it doesn’t have semantic mastery and all of that, but the training is still valid. That’s all that matters, and I’ll drop the link here and then we’ll see IFTTT SEO Academy members in about 5 minutes for the update webinar. Got some pretty cool things to show study and then we’ll see everybody else next week.

Adam: I was going to say to you real quick before we hop off, we also got the podcast guys. Check it out on the website, me and Hernan will crawl through here and Bradley’s been known to come back every once in a while and answer a couple of questions. If you revisit the page, you might see some stuff. Yeah, be sure to check out the podcast and we’ll see you guys later.

Bradley: Okay, bye everyone. Bye.

Adam: Bye Hernan.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 102 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: All right. Welcome, everybody to Humpday Hangouts, episode 102. Today, is the nineteenth of October, 2016. We’re happy to be here. Today we are going to keep the announcements pretty short, so we can get started getting to the questions. Real quick, we’ll say hi to everybody. Chris, how’s it going, man?

Chris: Good. Glad to be here.

Adam: Yeah. Hernan, how you doing?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What’s up? It’s really, really good to be here. I’m excited for what’s coming, actually. I am really, really excited. [inaudible 00:00:29].

Adam: We get to see you, win, win.

Hernan: Definitely. You guys should get a coupon after the Hangouts.

Bradley: I don’t know if I’d put that in the win column.

Adam: Marco, how’s the weather, man?

Marco: Hey, man. What’s up? Rain. We’ve been getting lots of rain. It’s nice and warm, though, cannot complain. Excited. I’m really excited, today, man.

Adam: Would you say that your pumped?

Marco: I would say that I’m really, really pumped, man.

Adam: Outstanding. Hey, Bradley. Let’s say hi to Bradley, and then we’ll circle back around, here. How’s it going Bradley?

Bradley: Hi.

Adam: I figured everybody doesn’t get to hear you talk enough, after this, so we got to stop and say hi to you, real quick.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: To make sure you’re there. All right. Marco, why don’t you tell us what your pumped about.

Marco: Okay. I’m really, really pumped to announce that we have this major social media machine coming to meet with Semantic Mastery men. The guys name is CT Fletcher, for those of you who don’t know who he is, former power lifter, I mean, serious power lifter, champion. Right? Record setter. Just everything. Then, he had a problem with his heart, and he actually died on the operating table, not once, three times the guy dies, and he comes back. Now, he has to think things through again and start all over.

One of the things that he’s done, is he’s targeted social media, and just in the last three years he’s grown, if you guys have seen my post, just his YouTube subscribers are over one million in three years, so imagine. This is all organically. It’s not as if he’s paying for ads, or running all this other stuff, this is just him doing videos, his message, connecting with people, going into Twitter, going into Instagram, going into Facebook, going into everything. What he has graciously agreed to do is to give some Semantic Mastery ninety minutes of his time, you can imagine how busy he is. Right?

I spoke to him. I spoke to his business manager, we connected. I got him to give us ninety minutes, to come and tell us how he did it, of course, share his story, but tell everyone how it was that he managed to grow his social media empire, because it’s now an empire. The guy is a social media machine. You can see why I’m so geeked to have this guy come to us, and not just do the usual thing he does, also social media, but to actually come and share with us what it is he is doing behind the scenes to make his business grow. Because whatever he is doing applies across the board to whatever anyone wants to do. He has a message, and he delivers it to his audience in a way that his audience just eats it up. I’m geeked. Sorry, for taking so much time. I could take an hour to talk about this, but let me stop.

Adam: It sounds good. No. This is going to be awesome. I think we’re all looking forward to it. I know I am. We were talking about it earlier. I think everybody is pretty pumped. Sorry, to keep using that, but everyone is pretty excited to do this. Right on.

Bradley: The guy is a beast, man. He’s big. He’s just …

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: He’s not just big, he’s f’ing big.

Adam: Definitely. Speaking, we’ll do a beast mode segway, here. Obviously, we got local kingpin coming up next week. Basically, I would have talked to Bradley about this, and why he kind of went into AdWords, and that’s kind of a dirty word, sometimes with SEO’s. People here are like, AdWords, you’re working with the enemy, but I think this is important, and I asked you this question, earlier, Bradley, so I just want to ask it, like somebody asking you on the street, or maybe one of the students, but why did you go into AdWords for your legion business. Why did you go into AdWords for your legion business?

Bradley: Great question. Because a big portion of my business is lead generation, and I do client consulting, too, and what do I do for my clients? Well, I generate leads. That’s my business. Right? Using online marketing methods. We found from my own lead gen properties as well as my clients properties that any of the clients that were ranking in maps in my own lead gen properties that were ranking in maps, didn’t really get effected much by the new search engine results pages layouts. It really didn’t change much as far as call volume, and most of my business is generated through phone calls, not so much web submissions, but mostly calls.

This Stuff Works

For anything that was just organic based, call volume dropped significantly, as much as sixty percent. That’s because the new search engine results page is ISA, but it’s newer, a lot of local queries now will have four ads at the top, above the three pack, and then there’s the three pack. You go to go buy a seven listing just to get to the first organic listing. Because of that, any of my lead gen properties that weren’t ranking in maps, my call volume dropped significantly and then the same thing started to happen to my clients, too.

It was just a matter of me wanting to maintain the level of income that I had been used to, and saying, okay, look, there’s four ads above the maps pack, and now maps packs are showing ads. Not all of them, but a lot of map packs, or you’re starting to see it more often, now, is the first position in the three pack is an ad, and then if you click on, expand to show more results, at the bottom of the three pack, you open it up, and the first listing in Google Maps is an ad.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I said, you know, it’s basically, I have to evolve with the times in order to maintain that level. You’re right. AdWords has been kind of like the dark side for SEO’s. To be honest with you, I never did AdWords for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t need to, because I was able to generate leads with SEO, a lot of leads with SEO, alone. Number two, because it was intimidating. I was intimidated by AdWords, there’s just no doubt. I avoided using it as long as possible, but now I think it’s an absolute necessity, if you’re in the lead generation business to at least have a look at it, and try it. Again, if your income drops because your not able to generate as many leads, then who are you hurting by not doing AdWords?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yourself. I started getting into it. I’ve learned so much in the last few months. I’ve got the local kingpin training, the tagline is on demand lead generation, because what I’ve found is with the AdWords funnels, you can set them up, and set up an AdWords campaign and within forty-eight hours you start generating leads. Whereas SEO could take you, if you’re really good, it could take you a month to start generating leads, or more likely it’s going to take you three to six months to really start generating leads from SEO.

Whereas this is something you can literally set up a full AdWords funnel, local funnel, or lead gen funnel, and within forty-eight hours have that setup, your notifications, everything, and turn the traffic on, and just like that start receiving traffic. The funnel that I set up for the actual training, and I’m going to do a second one as part of an ongoing case study.

All though the local kingpin training is going to be a one time purchase, it’s not a monthly, there’s going to be updates for about three months. We’re going to do several update webinars, because I want to do an ongoing case study, kind of like a live in real time case study for that, as well. The funnel that I set up for the training, I turned on the ads fourteen days ago, it’s actually thirteen days ago, because it was Thursday, so it was thirteen days ago, and we’ve got thirteen leads in thirteen days. That’s amazing. I mean …

Adam: That’s awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. If it was SEO it would take every bit of a month or two before we would start generating those types of leads. I’m really super impressed with it. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to develop, I started building out my multiple funnels for my lead gen business, and so I’ve got a lot of practice over the last several weeks. Maybe four to six weeks. I got a process in place. It takes some time to learn the process, but once you learn the process, you can turn these things out, very, very quickly, and the other part of is you can hire a virtual assistant for about eighty percent of the entire process can be outsourced.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: That’s it.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Outstanding. Cool. Everybody, you are going to get to hear more about this next week. I wanted to answer that, we have had questions about it, and I think it’s important that you hear about why Bradley started doing this. Some pretty important stuff. Also, real quick on Marco’s notes on CT, we will be sending out some more information about that, but Marco posted some of his social stuff, his YouTube channel, by all means, go check it out. You’ll be hearing from us with some information about where we’ll be doing the interview, or the discussion, and you’ll be able to show up and join. I think that’s about it.

Marco: One last thing, before I forget.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Because I did say it in the announcement that I put out, today, for our one hundred and fourth episode, since we’re going to be giving away prizes, one of the prizes that we will be giving away is we’re going to give someone an opportunity to ask CT Fletcher a question. They will be invited, not as the webinar attendee, but actually into the group, to come in, and ask CT Fletcher a question, whatever question, just directly in person. Not only will we be handing the questions that come on, in the chat, but whoever we select can go ahead. They can start planning for it, looking forward to it. You have to attend the one hundred and fourth episode, live to be illegible to win the prize, that’s the condition. There you go.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay. Question time. You guys ready?

Marco: Yes.

Serp Shaker For Lead Gen Properties

Bradley: Let’s do it. Ben is first. He says, “Hey, Bradley, I’m using Serp Shaker, still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out? It would seem if I can deal with making each page somewhat unique, and having some quality incoming links to a few of the category pages, and I would have a valued properties going to hang around for a while. What are your thoughts about this?” Yeah. It is Ben. Any sort of those mass page generator builders, there’s several of them now. Yeah. If you want to use them to generate lead gen properties, or to build lead gen properties, you certainly can. I

Recommend using an overlay or plugin though, or something like that to where you can make them look pretty, because the default, I guess you can install a theme, or whatever like that, but typically what I’ll do with those types of sites is build a landing page that’s on a different domain, or a sub-domain, or something like that, or even within Click Funnels, and just use the click funnels URL, for the landing page, and use that as an overlay, because those sites by themselves typically they look like crap. It’s because there’s junk content on them too, that kind of stuff. If you’re using a piece of content that you added, Spintax so it can be used across hundreds, or even thousands of pages, then it’s pretty much crappy content. I recommend that if you’re going to use it to rank that’s great, but use an overlay plugin.

Do not by all means, do not overlay your money site page on top of one of those sites, because that’s cloaking, and it can get your site the indexed. Both the underlying site, and the overlay site. I know, because I’ve had it happen. That’s why i say always build a landing page on a sub-domain, or another domain entirely, like a throw away domain, or use something like Click Funnels, or something like that, lead pages, or something. Yeah. You could still do it.

This Stuff Works

I’ve found that for a lot of local stuff, depending on the keywords, where I find the most success with those kind of sites, for local stuff, is if you build out the sites using a long list of long tail keywords. That you are generating a page for each long tail keyword, plus a local modifier, for all the municipalities, townships, cities, all of that around the entire service area of the business. If that makes sense. You can generate, like let’s say you had a list of a hundred long tail keywords, and you had five cities, or townships, or municipalities, whatever you want to call them, that you wanted to target, then you would end up building the site, it would target all five cities times one hundred keywords for each city. It would end up being a five hundred page site. If that makes sense. That’s where I found it to be the most effective. Because a lot of the short tailed stuff, they don’t seem to rank as well, because local has becoming more competitive, at least in organic it is. If that makes sense. Anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: I’ve taken the same route when it comes to some other plugins, like, well Lead Gadget for example or Master space creator, which would be playing a HTML sites, the reality is, whatever change that you need to do with [inaudible 00:13:58] is really cool, because it’s [inaudible 00:14:01] do not need to handle databases, and those kind of things. What ever change you need to do, you need to do the website all over again. You know?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: The reality is that I’ve gone through not the entirely lead gen property, or renting out but rather the Amazon slash affiliate way and for me it was a complete waste of time. Because you have to be dealing with the indexing, and you need to be dealing with, I don’t know, Amazon, accounts [inaudible 00:14:35], and those kinds of things which is a completely waste of time. In my opinion. If you keep it, I think if you keep it like really high quality, and again, you follow Bradley’s advice, you use Serp Shaker or Lead Gadget to create the whole structure, or skeleton of the website, which will save you a ton of time, but then you go and add somebody, change the content, and et cetera, that will be much more viable approach, because each website will be much more viable to rent out, and you can actually ask more money for it, because it’s not just foreign garbage over and over again. You know what I mean.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: If you go for, I don’t know, three hundred pages, you know, five hundred pages, that’s fine. I was doing, I don’t know, thirty thousand even two, five hundred thousand pages which was really pushing it. If you keep it short and to the point, and to admin quality, I think would be fine.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, and I’ve done this, you can use, for example a Yelp listing, for the business, you can use that as an overlay. Right? I mean, it’s better to have a landing page, because a landing page has no distractions on it, and it’s got a clear call to action that literally is for local businesses, typically either make a phone call or submit a contact request form, or both. You can, if you don’t have a landing page built, or whatever, and I’ve done it just for testing purposes, where I’ve gone out and built a bunch of pages with long tail keywords, trying to target areas, just to see if it would work, and in the meantime slap the Yelp listing for the business on it.

The overlay, like literally is hundreds of pages out there that when the visitor visits, it will show the Yelp page. That’s just kind of a short cut, and instead of going out and building a landing page, and taking the time to do that, just try to rank the site first, and use an overlay for something like Yelp, or the Google My Business listing, or something like that. I haven’t tried it with that, but why not, give it a shot, and if you start to see some results then you can always go back through and create an actual landing page to overlay instead.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right?

Hernan: Yeah. Just another thing that I wanted to add, Bradley, that I’ve seen a lot of people doing this, is that they will put out big soft shaker kind of sites, and they will link back to, or use some sort of call to action, or banners, or whatever, at some point they will even do 301’s, for example, when the website is ranking, I would advice against that, but if you have several feeder sites, like Serp Shaker decides that they will feed traffic into a main website …

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: That main website could be very well the one that’s turning visitors into leads. You know? You do not need, I mean, the main website, the main money maker, will not be, you want to be worrying about getting at the index, or whatever, because it’s not …

Bradley: Because you are sending people from a banner or something instead of a direct overlay.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Is what you are saying. Right?

Hernan: Yes. That is what I mean. Yeah.

Bradley: All right. He said, “Building links to category pages,” I’ve never built any links to any of those types of sites, because I always look at those as short-term sites, like I don’t expect any of those sites to last for any significant amount of time, so I never do any off page site, SEO to those sites, guys. You can if you want, and I know that some people do, and that’s fine, but to me I hate doing rework. I hate doing stuff that I end up losing later on, so I just never built any links. I did strictly on page stuff, and that was it. It’s up to you if you want to try it, Ben, by all means, test. Okay?

Serp Space Link Building Package For Tier 1

Just to clarify, he says, “The link packages on Serp Space link to tier one properties, only?” Correct, Ben. We will not except any money site links, but you can send on the IFTTT network properties, press releases, citations, anything you want, PBN’s, whatever you want, and we’ll build links to those, just not your money sites.

Project Supremacy Plugin

[inaudible 00:18:25] Marketing, says, “Project Supremacy plugin, and yes, or no, or why?” Your call. I’ve only used it for the scheme of dot org, the structure data markup, and that’s it. That’s the only thing I’ve ever used it for. It was, honestly, I don’t use it on most of my sites, I did it for one specific site, in particular because we were trying to force the review stars to show, and I’ve had nothing but trouble with that one particular site. I always add my own, Jason, I’ll decode to my sites, manually, I just injected into the header, myself. I don’t use it for anything else, other than that. I know a lot of people loved the plugin. I’m not saying anything bad about it, I just personally haven’t used it myself, other than for that one specific purpose. I know it’s kind of like a Swiss Army plugin that it does a whole bunch of stuff. Many of those features I haven’t even touched. I don’t know. I’ll let one of you guys comment on that, if you’ve used it, and do you suggest it, yes or no?

Hernan: Yeah. I do. I’ve used it and I really like it. It’s kind of like as you were saying Bradley, it’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife. The reality is that for many of us that are working with, for example [inaudible 00:19:36] SEO, besides the stars rating on the [inaudible 00:19:42] data that you could put images, and all of the markup, most of the other kind of things that [inaudible 00:19:50] on that regard, but I think it’s a really cool plugin. I mean, you could have your, pretty much all of your, I wouldn’t say all of it, but maybe eighty or ninety percent of your SEO needs covered with that plugin. It has also a keyword research, and a keyword difficulty [inaudible 00:20:10]. I haven’t used that, as much as I would like, but I think it’s a really powerful [inaudible 00:20:16] they did a really good job developing it. It’s a solid plugin, that’s what I mean. It’s not like those kind of plugins that they try to do everything, but there [inaudible 00:20:27] is not the case. This is a really solid plugin, Todd is a really good developer, and they have taken their time to do that. Yeah. I would recommend it.

Bradley: Yeah. It’s your call. One of the things, guys, is I’ve over the years. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m a minimalist when it comes to WordPress, now, I try to the absolute bare minimum of plugins, because of all the issues that occur with plugins, and conflicts, and updates, and hacks, and all of that kind of shit, and slowing down of the page load, page speed, and everything else, so I really have gone, I used to buy plugins, I used to buy every damn plugin that was ever launched.

It was such a waste of time, and eighty percent of the plugins that you purchase, especially in the IM world are junk, and they don’t end up being supported for any length of time. I know projects supremacy plugin is contrary to that. In other words, there’s good developers behind it, and support, and they’re constantly updating and improving it, but personally I’m a minimalist when comes to WordPress, now, and I try to use the absolute bare minimum of plugins, so it’s just not something that I’ve used much of. That’s a good question. I know a lot of people who are really happy with it. I know it’s suppose to be a really, really great plugin.

Approaching Potential Lead Gen Clients

Mark, says, “SM crew, I hope all is well. I would like some advice, please, I had my first lead gen site on first page, for one of my main keywords, plus one that. I’m literally number eleven for my main keyword, so I’m going to start contacting people, now, I’m very excited, but I’m also nervous. It’s my first one, and couldn’t have done it without you guys, especially IFTTT, SEO Academy. It’s been very powerful for my site. I believe not the only thing, but huge. I don’t like the idea of people ringing one company the lead gen one, and getting another, the lead fulfiller.” Like, the service provider. What you’re asking, what Mark is asking about guys is if you have a generic lead gen property, and you’re selling the leads to another company, and the other company ends up calling the customer that submitted the contact request, and they’re calling from a different company, now, and they announce themselves as a different company. That seems a little bit weird. Yeah. That can be.

This Stuff Works

What would be your advice? I’m thinking of saying the lead gen company has teamed up with who’s getting the leads. For example, saying something like plumber pro Dallas teamed up with Bob’s Plumbing. Sorry, for the long question, but it’s my first time, and I would like some advice from you guys, trust me, I’m a big skeptic online, as I know most internet marketing is full of slime. Thanks you, guys for any input will help.” Okay.

Yeah. You can do that, you can say for example, there’s a couple of things you can do, you can do what you just mentioned, that is certainly valid, in fact, the lead gen funnel that I set up for the local kingpin training is exactly the scenario that you’re talking about, here. It’s a generic name that I made, a suto brand, as I call it, and I’ve got the tree service contractor that is servicing those leads. He asked me the exact same question. He said, “It’s kind of weird because they say, we called, and I call and say, hey, this is blah, blah, blah, what he does, now, is when he returns the call from the lead that comes in, as he says, hey, this is my name from blah, blah, blah, you submitted your details for blah, and here I’m coming out to give you an estimate, or whatever. That is my marketing website. That’s what he says to cover.

I’m only doing that because I’m sharing that lead gen funnel in the local kingpin training, in other words, it will be shared with you guys. I didn’t want to actually use the contractors name on that, but for a lot of my lead gen clients, guys, what I’ll do is I’ll build out the sites and get them ranked, or whatever with my own suto brand, and then I’ll go in, and just swap out the graphics of the logo graphics and put the company, whoever the service provider ends up being, I make it their branding on the site. Does that make sense? When somebody lands on the landing page, they see the company’s name. It’s usually like in an image.

I won’t put the company’s name in text on the page, or in the SEO title, and stuff like that, because that could effect my SEO that I’ve done for that lead gen site, with the suto brand. What I’ll do is I’ll put their graphics on there. I could put a notification bar, like you can use a plugin for that, for example, a notification bar that comes up at the top of the WordPress, the webpage that has scrolling text, that says, we’ve changed our name, or we’ve partnered with, or whatever. Just put their branding on it. Does that make sense? I like to do that, because that way I still keep my site ranked, my digital assets with my suto brand kind of like underlying, but I put their branding on that site, so that when anybody lands on the site, they know that when the service provider calls the customer they’re going to be familiar with that brand, already. That’s just another way that you could do it.

You can do that literally with just graphics guys. You can even put a popup plug in, like an exit popup plugin, for example, on the site, that will make a big banner square popup on the page, and say, hey, all service provided by, and then the contractors name, and their logo, something like that. Okay? I totally understand. Some people, some companies are going to complain about that, so find another service provider. My point is there’s plenty of contractors, especially guys, because that’s the niche I work in is contracting niche. Right? There’s plenty of contractors out there that are hurting for leads, and could care less what the site looks like, as long as they’re getting the leads. Okay? All right.

Changes Made Before It Does The 3-Week Google Dance

Brandon is next.“How much can be rewritten in change, as far as content sidebar, outbound links of an existing page, before it does the three week Google dance? Where changing most of a page caused only that page to jump around, or does it infect the entire site?” I don’t know what the specific percentages are of the how much content can be changed, because usually if you edit or modify the SEO title, like the meta title, that’s a pretty big change because that’s the first thing, I think that’s pretty much weighted the most for telling Google what the page is about, is the SEO title, it’s one of the first things that the bots see. Changing the SEO title can make it dance. I know that for a fact.

Also, changing the URL slug, can make it dance, sometimes. Changing the H1 tag, which is important, that’s the page opening title. Right? That can make it dance. Now, as far as changing the content, changing a few, adding, for example, a lot of the times I’ll go back to old content, and add new paragraphs, because it kind of refreshes the page, and adds some new content to the page, gets it re-crawled, re-indexed, so that can actually have a positive effect. As far as, changing how much existing copies on the page, I don’t really know. I don’t have a number for that. Do any of you guys? Have a threshold?

Marco: No. I don’t have a threshold, but I do know linked building, major changes on the page, and also no changes, it can start dancing for no reason, it’s a number, it’s a mousetrap. Google might assign a position to you, for whatever reason, and then all of a sudden it’ll drop. It’ll drop to see how you react. You cannot touch it for twenty-one days, once it does that. We’ve always seen this for no reason of a video, remember videos would drop and you commented a lot about this Bradley, and then all of a sudden you just left it alone, and it would come back often even stronger than before.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: We were able to pinpoint that this is actually the Google Dance. We were able to give it a time frame [inaudible 00:28:14] look up, what is it? The Google Dance explained, just Google the Google Desk explained, you’ll see my blog post, and you’ll know what it’s all about. It doesn’t mean that you do have to make changes on the page, it just means that Google, for whatever reason will decide to get your stuff dancing to see how you react. Once it starts doing that you cannot do any link building or anything else other than what you normally do, or else you get sand boxed.

Bradley: Yeah. The other part of this is when changing most of a page cause only that page to jump, or does it effect the entire site? It depends, Brandon. Because it depends on how integral that page is to the rest of the site. If it’s a page that has, for example, if it’s one of the strongest pages on the site, that you are changing, it has a lot of inbound links, and that’s where most of the sites authority comes through, or at least a large portion of the sites authority comes through that one page, then changing that page could certainly effect the entire site.

For the most part, typically it will just effect the one page, unless like I said, there is a lot of link equity flowing into that page for some particular reason, then is also feeding the rest of the other pages on the site. If that makes sense. If that’s kind of like where a lot of inbound links are coming in, it just depends on how much of the overall strength of the domain is coming from that particular page. If it’s a significant amount, then yes, it could effect the whole site. If it’s a nominal amount, then most likely it’s just going to effect that one page. Okay?

Also, like Marco said, it’s usually structural changes that are going to cause any sort of structural change, so again, SEO title, URL, H1 tag, anything like that can cause the page to dance, quite a bit. As far as the actual content, the body of the content, if you were to swap out several paragraphs that could most likely change it, as well. If you’re just editing a few lines, here, and there, it’s probably not going to cause much change. Although it can, though, guys, it certainly can. All right. What you might want to do, Brandon, is test another page on the site, that might not be as important, and see what it does to that site. Okay?

This Stuff Works

Anchor Text For Child Category

Chris, says, “My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it. My confusion is on what type of anchor text to use in the post linking back up to the child category pages? I thought it would suggest in the IFTTT training to use long phrases, and even an entire sentence to avoid, short exact matched keyword anchor text being syndicated out to the four blogs, and the network, but it also seems we should use strong important keywords to link up to the child pages to reinforce, to Google what the child page is about. I feel like I’m missing out on strong internal linking power, because out of fear I’m using long phrases instead of keywords with anchor text. What do you suggest for the links? Thanks.”

Chris, I understand your concern, but what I was talking about specifically with using the longer phrases and that kind of stuff, using sentences, that’s if you’re using a tiered network. Because if you’re using a branded network, and you’ve only got three or four blogs in that network, which would be Blogger Tumbler, WordPress, and perhaps Medium, or Weebly, one of those, or blog.com for example. Any one of those you’re only looking at three or four anchored text links. What I would do is, I would go ahead and use your exact match keyword, as your internal link, which will syndicate out to the network, but it’s only three or four different blog properties.

Your only getting three or four external links with that exact match, and their webbed to links, so it’s not quite the same as if you were building a real strong PBN link, if you were to build four or five really strong PBN links with the exact match anchors, that could tip you past the over, beyond the over optimization scale. For the blog sites, it’s not really an issue. On a two tier network, you’ve got to be careful, because on a two tier network, now you’re looking at twelve to sixteen, depending on whether you’re using three or four blogs per network, you’re looking at twelve to sixteen anchor text links.

When you’re using tiered networks, which I don’t suggest you’d ever do, anyways, you can, we always suggest you use a tier one network, only for blog syndication. Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that if you’re going to continue linking from blog post to those top level category pages, or child category pages, as you say here, that you don’t just hammer the same keywords over and over again. If you’re going to be continually linking from your blog to those category pages make sure you vary your anchor text, and your link types. Right?

Vary your anchor text, use naked URLs, generic terms, you could also use like I’ve mentioned before, three different link types, you could do contextual links, which is typical, that’s what most people will do, but you could also curate content from your pages or your category pages, whatever into your blog post, then you end up using like a curation, or a citation style link, where you’re citing, an attribution style link, where your attributing where the content came from. Right? The source, you are attributing the source. That’s the other way, and then you can also link with recommended reading, or related resources box. Those are different link 0types as well. Again, I do recommend you use exact match anchors to link to your category pages, just make sure that if you’re going to hammer away on those same category pages over and over again, that you vary your anchor text, your anchor text types, and your link types. Good question, though.

Identical Keyword Strings

Scott, says, “Doing keyword research on Uber suggest for an affiliate site, and there are several phrases with identical strings of words, except for the last word or two. The phrases are all related, and mean the same thing, IE, questions to ask a girl, questions to ask a girl over text, questions to ask a girl you like. Do you make one page with these additional keywords sprinkled throughout the article to hopefully rank for all of them, or do you make a separate page for each keyword?” Do not make a separate page for each keyword. You will trigger pan to penalty, for sure.

Around pan to four, which I think was around April or May of 2014, that changed, it used to be that you would want to a separate page or post on your site for everyone of those keywords. That’s how we used to do it. Then, it ended up becoming a negative ranking factor, because they’re two similar, those queries, or those terms are too similar, and so you end up with what Google determines. It’s like duplicate content, because they’re so similar that they really don’t deserve their own pages of content. They could all be combined into one.

What you might want to do is create a page, and with this particular example, you might just want to create a page with questions to ask a girl, and then have literally a Q and A page, because then you can work all those keywords in there, and actually answer them, and that would be like an actual valuable piece of content based upon queries out there that people are searching for. Right? That would probably end up speaking to the hummingbird algorithm too, and mobile, as well. Because those are full text queries. Right? No. I would put them all on one page. Absolutely. You don’t need to do that. Guys, just think about it, you got to think about, does it look spamy, and if you had multiple pages or posts on the site that are only slightly different, then, yeah, that certainly looks spamy. Just try to think about it logically. Does it look spamy, if so, if you think it would seem spamy, just don’t do it. All right.

“Same question goes for ranking videos for these keywords,” videos are different, because now you are talking about using YouTube, which is a Google property. That’s a bit different. Those rules are different, guys. A lot of difference between money sites, and YouTube. Videos are easier and cheaper to make for separate videos as far as you can just spin content and description, wherefore a site you would need unique content for each page, it would be far more expensive, but I totally agree Scott. Scott, yeah, you can spam with videos, a hell of a lot easier and get away with a hell of a lot more. I wouldn’t do that to a money site, though. Okay.

SEO Strategy With Consistent Results

Pete, says, “Asked last week, and we ran out of time, so here it is, again,” yeah, sorry, Pete, it’s got to get in early, buddy, “When discussing three pack optimization strategies everyone has a strategy, my question is, what are you doing to get consistent results that you can directly tie to your strategy? Keep in mind, I know that there are several factors that come into play, but somethings have a bigger bang, no silver bullets, just a strategy implementing, it seems you get the biggest returns.” RYS Academy, Pete.

Marco: You beat me to it.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah. I tried. I knew you were going to say it, Marco. Yeah. RYS Academy works really, really well for local. It’s not a silver bullet, because it’s not something that works a hundred percent at a time, every time. It’s consistently, it’s like our secret sauce for ranking and maps is to employ a drive stack. Right. That is something that we’ve talked about. Look, you can buy RYS Academy, or join RYS Academy, and learn how to do it yourself, or you can just buy done for you drive stacks from us and not even go through the whole trouble of learning how to do it yourself. It’s up to you. If you’re the do it yourself or you are going to want to join the academy, if you just want the results, without having to learn how to do it, and put the work in the do it, then just order them from us.

I mean, I don’t build my own drive stacks, are you kidding? I only built a handful of drive stacks in my entire life, and it’s only because I did it for training purposes, for others. We have a virtual assistant that builds our drive stacks, who is absolutely amazing. The guy is a machine, and the stacks that he builds are freaking beautiful. He does it quickly. For the cost that you guys can by drive stacks, man, it’s hands down the way to go, in my opinion. Marco, you want to pitch that a little more, man? Because I think I did a pretty good job.

Marco: No, dude. Nine months of being inside there playing with files and folders, and everything that you can do, and moving it up and down and all around, I don’t want to go in there, again, man.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I don’t do it. That’s why we hire and trained our VA to do the best job possible. We found the best guy for the job, and now he does it, so we that we don’t have to.

Bradley: He’s amazing.

Marco: He’s fabulous. The quality. Gsites, if you guys have seen Gsites they suck. Right? There’s very little that he could do with them, but he does some awesome stuff with them, man. He actually makes them look really good.

Bradley: Yeah. He does. He just did one for the local kingpin training, the upgrade it’s called Maps Kingpin, and so I implemented a drive stack for that, and had our guy build the stack for me, and he got it back to me like within twenty-four hours. Of course, I’m one of his bosses, but he got it back to me in about twenty-four hours and I posted it in our slack box, and I was like, wow, he’s an artist. This is beautiful. I was really, really impressed. Definitely check it out. Rob is next, “With the blog on a sub-domain with an IFTTT syndication network that has internal links over to the main domain, any recommendations for linking best practice, since they are not actual internal links?” No. I wouldn’t worry about it, Rob.

I mean, the way I look at it if you have a blog on a sub-domain, of a main money site, the way I look at it, is it’s still isn’t an internal link. I know it’s technically not, but since it’s part of the same domain, I still consider it as an internal link. I treat them as such. Now, I wouldn’t hammer away, just like I mentioned to Scott, I guess it was, or Chris, or whoever I was just talking about with anchor text. You don’t want to just keep hammering away with the same anchor text, over and over again. There’s no doubt you want to vary your anchor text, your anchor text type, and your link type. I still treat blogs on sub-domains as part of the money site. That’s just how I do it. If anyone of you guys have any other opinions, I’d like to hear them.

Hernan: Sorry. I was muted. Yeah. I do it the same way. I treat sub-domains as part of the main money site. Yeah. I just usually use the same IFTTT because you want to keep everything as branded as possible. The more content you’re feeding to that, usually the better.

Bradley: Yeah. If I’m using a sub-domain as an entirely separate site, like different branding, and everything else, then of course, you wouldn’t be linking to the root, anyways, unless there was a reason for it. In which case I would treat it as an external link. When the blog is branded like the root, then it’s pretty apparent, it’s pretty clear that it’s just a blog on a sub-domain. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, or site on the root domain, and you want to put a WordPress blog on a sub-domain, and it’s blog.myecomstore.com, then since it’s the same branding, and I’m linking from the sub-domain blog post up to the root domain, I don’t treat it as an external link, I treat it as an internal link, but if it was a separate site, entirely, like different branding, different category, topics, and all that kind of stuff, then I would treat it as an external link, then. That was a good question, too, Rob.

Drip Feeding Tier Links For 14 Days For A 6-Day-Old Stack

Kevin is next, “Hey, guys. I just have a quick question about back linking to a Google stack is fifty tier two contextual’s to all of the stacks individual properties, plus one hundred tier threes to each tier two drip feed over fourteen days be too much for a six day old stack?” Love your approach, Kevin. No. You can basically drop an atom bomb on a drive stack, and I’ll let Marco comment on this one, but I haven’t seen any negative effect from it. Throw the kitchen sink at, as far as I’m concerned. What do you think Marco?

This Stuff Works

Marco: I always tell people test. My standard answer is this is something that you should test. We have abused them, I mean we’ve done [inaudible 00:42:09]. We’ve done [inaudible 00:42:11], just a whole bunch of crap to it, and nothings happened. That is not to say that tomorrow it won’t change.

Bradley: That’s true.

Marco: Take that with a grain of salt. Right now, hammer it. As a matter of fact jackhammer SEO.

Bradley: Yeah. I love Kevin’s approach, though, man, that’s awesome. He’s not holding back. He’s CT Fletchering it.

Adam: That’s awesome.

Setting Up Syndwire To Send Some Social Signals To A Tier 1 YouTube Network

Bradley: [inaudible 00:42:37] says, “Hey, Bradley. [inaudible 00:42:39] team, Jeff, here,” okay, so it’s Jeff, would like to ask the following, “If I have a YouTube channel with a persona based tier one IFTTT network attached and I want to send some tier two social signals to the tier one network with Syndwire, would I set Syndwire up with persona based profiles, or branded profiles?” I’d do persona based, Jeff. I’d do persona based. Because again, it makes sense, I wouldn’t, if you’ve got a tier one network, and you want to send social signals to your tier one network, it really wouldn’t make sense to those, at least in my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense to be coming from branded, especially, branded properties that are branded the same as the IFTTT network, or the money site.

To me, it makes sense that you would be receiving signals from people. Random people, and followers, and customers, and fans, and that kind of stuff, which would be personas. Okay. That is just my take on it. I would set it up as personas. All right. “Now, the same, but different companion website to the YouTube channel has a branded tier one IFTTT network attached, and I want to use Syndwire to drive tier two social signals to my tier one branded network, persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Syndwire set up.” Persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Attach [inaudible 00:43:59] drives to a tier one branded network. Okay. You want to drive tier two social signals to your branded network, around your YouTube channel? Same thing. I would still do persona based. “For the companion website Syndwire setup.”

I’m not sure what that means. Because you asked about YouTube channels, as far as I can tell you’re just asking, okay, money site, branded network, what type should you have branded or persona based, tier two? I say persona. YouTube, as your trigger. Branded tier one network, should you have persona or branded tier two? I say, persona. Okay. I mean, that’s the bulk of them, anyways. If you want to mix some branded stuff in there, you certainly can, but, again, I would just stick with persona.

“Do you have any suggestions for gigs for single wire profiles setup to the semantics mastery level quality,” no, unfortunately I do not, Jeff, because I just took one of our network builders, that builds our IFTTT networks, and basically had them set up my Syndwire profile as the same way that we set up our IFTTT profiles. In other words, she would create a persona, and then register for all the accounts, that were available in Syndwire that I cared about, because there was a bunch of them in there that were really worthless in my opinion.

The ones that I cared about she would go out and create an account with that persona brand, or that persona profile for all of those accounts and then she would interlink all of them, and theme that network. Theme that persona around a particular category, like, construction, or health and wellness, or whatever, something like that. Then, I would group persona profiles together. Let’s say she built twenty profile personas each with their own set of accounts, and they were all for the construction and home services industry. I would put all of them in a single Syndwire group, so that when I went to go make a post, I could just select that group, and I could push out to all twenty of those properties, those twenty profiles, which might have fifteen or twenty properties per profile. If that makes sense. They would all be themed.

I just had one of our IFTTT builders do it. I don’t know of any [inaudible 00:46:14]. I never purchased a gig from anybody for Syndwire. I just had one of our own internal network builders do it. Personally, I couldn’t suggest any. What I would recommend that you do is potentially hire your own virtual assistant, and train them the way that you want them to build it, because that’s going to be your most cost effective, and if you’re a heavy user of SyndWire, you’re probably going to want somebody, essentially a virtual assistant on your payroll that can build them for you, because I know accounts do get shut down, and that kind of stuff. All right.

Yeah. I got the point with the big flashing warning, Adam.

Adam: I thought it would be a little bit more obvious this way.

Using Expired Domains Aside From Rebranding

Bradley: Brian, says, “What do you guys do to breath life into an expired domain you scraped, besides re-branding it, and giving it an IFTTT network?” Social signals. That helps. Also, Crowd Search, if you’re using Crowd Search or some sort of CT spam, click through spam tool, driving traffic into that PBN will breath life into it. Social signals, and traffic will breath life into an expired domain. Again, you can spoof traffic with something like SyndWire, not SyndWire, excuse me Crowd Search.

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Possible Reasons Why A GMB Listing Is Not Saving The Updates You Made

Ethan, Ethan Rocker, says, “Hey. I keep on running into a frustrating problem when creating my Google My Business listing.” Okay. I read this earlier. I don’t have any advice for you, Ethan, I’m sorry. That’s something that I would reach out to Google My Business support for, and find out if they can help you. A lot of times they can, in fact, Wayne Clayton pointed me to a help file for Google My Business the other day, that I found to be really cool. I guess, Google stepped up their game. Let me see if I can find this, real quick. This one here, I believe. Yeah. This is it.

All right. I’m going to drop this link on the page. This is how you can contact Google My Business, and tell them you are having an issue, and explain to them what the hell the issue is, and they’ll contact you via email, or whatever, or possibly by phone. You can tell them which one you want, and ask them what the problem is. Hopefully it’s not a spam site. If it is, I didn’t fill this out, because I was having issues getting a verification card for one of my lead gen properties, and I did not fill this out, because I didn’t want some Google rep poking around, and investigating a little bit further, if you know what I mean. If it’s a real business, then I would have no problem at all contacting their support. Okay. Just keep that in mind. I don’t know of any other thing to tell you about that, Ethan, I apologize. This is G and B help.

We almost got all the questions, today. Almost. Okay. Regarding G and B listings it is recommended to check the box, is it recommended to check the box? I delivered goods and services to my customer at their location for all niches? No, Ethan. I have a few drug rehab sites and I’m not sure if that would be relevant. No, Ethan, if you, okay, think of it this way, if it’s a service based business, where the business serves the customer at the customer location, then you would want to check that box, because that basically removes your street address from the maps. If you don’t serve, if customers don’t ever come to your location, then that is by Google’s own terms of service, that’s how you’re suppose to set the listing up. In other words, if it’s a plumber, and the plumber always goes to the customers house, or business, whatever, the customer location, there’s probably never a time where the customer is going to come to the plumbing company’s location. Right?

You would check that box and it would basically remove your street address from maps, but it would still show your city, your contact information, everything else. If you’ve got a point of sale. A business, where customers make a transaction at your location, or they come to your location to pick up stuff, or whatever, then you’re going to not check that box, and leave your street address. Does that make sense?

That’s why I like for my lead gen properties, again, I deal pretty much exclusively with contractors and they’re pretty much all service based where they go to the customer location, so I never, I always check that box to where it removes my street address from the maps, because most of the time they’re virtual mailboxes, anyways. I don’t want that address shown in Google Maps, it doesn’t make sense, nobody is going to click driving directions to go to a virtual mailbox for a plumber. Does that make sense? Again, just think about it, do you have a point of sale? If you have a point of sale, leave the address showing. If you don’t have a point of sale, there’s really no need. If the business goes to the customer location, then you can remove that, or check that box. Okay.

Greg, we got four more minutes, guys, right? We got four more minutes or am I suppose to wrap it up, now?

Adam: You should be wrapping it up, but yeah, let’s just roll through these.

Bradley: Greg, says, “Based on your input last week, I removed two blogs from my IFTTT network, I had ten,” okay, “For the other three extra blogs, I could change them to syndicate only post snippets with a title linking to the blog, two paragraphs of content, and attribution link they would look like large bookmarks, or a blog archive page. Would these be good to continue to use in that manner, or would you still eliminate those completely, as well?” I don’t know, Greg, I would test it.

Honestly, that’s all I would do, is I would test it. I’m not sure. I mean, again, personally I’ve said this a thousand times, I’ll say it one more time, now, and then I’ll say it ten more times next week. I would just do a standard tier one blog syndication network, and that’s it. That’s all I do for my money sites, now, guys, is one, branded tier network. That’s it. Okay. If you want to do other things, what you are talking about, here, Greg, again, you’d have to test it, because I just don’t know.

Without me testing, I’m not going to give you some bullshit answer. You know what I mean? I would have to test that, and I’m not going to set up a test for that, because like I said, I always just use a branded tier one network, because it’s the safest. It makes sense. Right. Again, if you want to continue using additional blogs, if that’s your strategy then hey, great that’s awesome, man. It’s good to see you taking initiative to do your own thing. Just continue, I would test with maybe with another site. If it’s a money site, that you’re counting on ranking, or whatever. If it’s important to you, then I would test it on a test site, first, and see what kind of results you get from that method. All right.

“If I keep them, should I leave the existing full posts that are already on them, or change those to two paragraph snippets? Thanks.” Again, I don’t know. I cannot answer that, Greg. I am sorry. I wish I could, but honestly like I said, I can only give you the advice of what I do, and what I do is just a branded tier one rank for money sites. That’s it. All right.

Recommended SEO Plugin

Damian, “Advice request. I’m starting a site from scratch. Can you recommend a good plugin or theme that is not loaded, and has all the SEO bells and whistles? I’ve done website SEO, I haven’t done website SEO, for real, in three years. I’m building the video leads HQ brand, and that consists of a website, too, any recommendation from the experts?” Damian, I’m pretty particular with my themes that I’ve used. I like the Inkthemes. I’ve always used Inkthemes. I don’t know if they’re particularly SEO friendly or not, it’s just that’s the one, like you guys know every theme developer has their own functionality within their, and I just learned Inkthemes really, really well. I always stuck with those, or I’ll use something like Optimized Press, or Click Funnels for everything, now. I use Click Funnels for just about everything, now.

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What were you going to say?

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say, you can go to Theme Forest, and order them for most popular, and you will find avatar, I think the X theme, or something like that, and then you will find, Thrive Themes, it’s a good one.

Bradley: Yeah. Thrive is good. Yes. I agree with that.

Hernan: Thrive is good. Genesis. DV, is another good one. There you have a bunch to go about, and they’re not that complex because the more beautiful the theme, the less it works for SEO, so have that in mind.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, like I said, I’m more of a minimalist now, when it comes to WordPress guys, like I try to knock out a site as quickly as possible, using the least amount of plugins. I don’t like spending a lot of time on WordPress, and now, I’m using Click Funnels for even my websites, basically. I mean other than if I have to have a blog and a syndication network, which I do for a lot of stuff, then I’m certainly using WordPress, but yeah, I mean, I agree with Hernan, and Thrive Themes are really good themes, too. I haven’t used them a whole lot, I use more of their plugins, landing pages, and content builder plugins and stuff, but I know that they’ve got some pretty good stuff.

Okay. Cool. Four, fifty-five on the money. We got to all the questions. That was like a match made in heaven. All right, guys. Thanks for everybody, being here. We will see master class members in about five minutes.

Marco: Awesome.

Bradley: Don’t forget Local Kingpin, next Tuesday.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: See you.

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