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By April

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Adam: All right. We're live. Hey everybody. Welcome to your Hump Day Hangouts Episode 140, the one where Hernan is driving the boat today. He's hiding behind the Semantic Mastery logo but we'll hear from him in a second. Well, let's go ahead and start with you, Hernan. How's it going, man?

Hernan: Hey guys. Yeah. Shortly Windows starts updating then the video driver fails everything like three minutes to Hump Day Hangouts. So it's a lot of fun, and I had to move to my Chromebook. Anyways, I'm here, I'm driving. I'm not as sexy voice as Bradley, but we'll do our best.

Adam: Yeah. We'll make do. We'll make do.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Awesome. Well, Marco, we were talking about the weather right before we got started, so how's it going down there?

Marco: It's warm. Nothing new to report. Rain is rolling in, afternoon rain. Beautiful this morning, nice and sunny. Can't beat it, man.

Adam: Not bad, not bad. Alright. Well, we got a few announcements to roll through you guys. Let's see. We're going to start off the bat. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, by all means please check out the Battle Plan SEO blueprint. Also, we got a link for you, in case you want to find out some more about that, we're going to have a webinar. If you haven't for some reason picked up the Battle Plan yet, you want to find out a little bit more about it, what you can get out of it, this is for you. It's short. It's going to be less than 30 minutes. We just want to give everyone a good overview and let you know some more about it.

Also, if you haven't signed up at SERP Space for your free account, for Done-For-You services, and some good tools and stuff, we've got the link there, check it out serpspace.com. Then, if you ever have questions during the week and you don't want to wait till Hump Day Hangouts, so for frequently asked questions, you can always check out [email protected]. All right. We got a really big and growing knowledge base and we add commonly asked questions in there so that you can get faster answers.

Then, what I teased in Facebook, if you saw that live video, we just announced it to our Mastermind yesterday, but we're going to have a meet-up in September. All right. It's going to be in Portland, Oregon. We're still working on the exact date, time and location, all right, but that's going to be around the 27th of September and it's going to be in Portland, Oregon.

If you're in the area, we're going to have some details, or if you're short drive away, or whatever it is, or you want to just come, all right, this is going to be like a live event, not some big to-do. We want to meet people, we want to talk some shop, have some beers and do a live Hump Day Hangout. All right. We're going to have a lot more to come and I think that's going to be a lot of fun. All right.

Then, we've got a special guest, I think next week, right, Marco, for Hump Day Hangout, who's joining us?

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Marco: Yep. We got a cool man. We actually managed to book Mike Pierce to come in and hangout with us during Hump Day Hangouts and just share a bit of his knowledge for free. For anyone who doesn't know Mike Pierce, he's the person that I considered to be the best technical SEO out there. We go back and forth all the time. I've known him for quite a few years, I don't know, dating back three four or five years maybe. I really respect the guy because of his knowledge, because of what he does and how he does it. He's ethical, first and foremost, and so I'm really happy that he's coming through. Also, I mean, just to break away from it, I mean, that's news enough.

But, August is coming on. It's the two-year anniversary of RYS Academy, the two-year anniversary of the launch. At first I wasn't planning on really doing anything because people take my stuff and they make their own products out of it and, but then thinking about the people who have already purchased it, the people who are in there in the trenches and using it and making it work, and we've been in the lab and we discovered just a whole bunch of things that can really benefit the people who are using RYS Academy, so we are going to update it sometime in August. I don't know when it will be updated. I don't know whether it is … It's not really v2. I would just call it reloaded. This is bigger, better, badder.

Adam: Awesome.

Marco: If it's possible, because this is working perfectly right now to rank whatever it is that you want a rank, or to help rank, to push link equity wherever you wanted to go, to push authority. Of course, a lot of people just got in, right? Those who got in will benefit from being in there already at the current price. We're at the reduced rate because of the coupon. But with more information, with more knowledge, with more training, and with more hours spend in the lab, it's going to cost more. The price will go up and that's a guarantee. It's not a scarcity tactic. It's well worth 10 times what we're charging for it. Yeah. The price is going up.

Adam: Gotcha. Cool. All right. We will definitely be talking about that and get some more information out because, yeah, even we've, I don't know, Marco we've got some information about the updates. I know I talked to you about this recently, but I mean, there's still a lot of stuff being figured out. We'll definitely have more for people soon, right?

Marco: Yeah, definitely.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: We just have to put it all together. There's training already in the can. We have a lot of stuff there. There's some things that we have to add that we've only done very privately. There's other things that we haven't really shared on other Google properties that are just killing it, and so we'll just add it as part of the update.

Hernan: Yeah. Really, just to add to what Marco was saying, in terms of pricing and the ticket that we are putting in, just think about it guys for a minute, if you could put together a business based on that or if you could put together a lead generation business based on that, there are some pretty, there are some high ticket industries that you can go after with RYS Academy, that they're really competitive, but with RYS Academy, it's like, competition is not existent. Right?

My point here is that you can build a business, you can pay back tenfold within, I don't know, two, three months of implementing these techniques. I think that's the way you should think about it and the way you should be looking at it as an investment in your business and the tools that you can offer to your clients, if you're doing clients, or the tools that you can offer to your business, if you're doing lead gen, because this is really, really powerful stuff. Some people are killing it, as Marco was saying, so I think that this is going to be a good update actually.

Adam: Nice. Yeah, definitely. Then just one last announcement before we get started. Everyone, we're going to be talking with Lisa Allen next week and we'll have some emails going out there. So if you're interested in that, keep your eyes open. Lisa is awesome, we've talked to her before. She does a lot with RSS. If you listen to us, hopefully, you are doing stuff with RSS feeds. Keep an eye out for that. That's guaranteed to be a good one. She's always got some good information and her tools are top-notch. We use them, they're just awesome. I'll leave it that. Some more information will be coming out, so check your emails for sure.

Do you guys got any other, we got any other announcements, or are we good?

Hernan: No. I think we're good. Unless Marco has anything, we can jump into questions right away because we have a bunch …

Marco: Let's do this, man.

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Hernan: All right. Let me know when you can see my screen, because again, I'm on the, this thing.

Adam: Good to go.

How Would You Present Online Marketing Services Like SEO & Lead Generation To Small Businesses?

Hernan: Okay, very good. Let's start with Shibga. “Shibga,” I hope I pronounced that right. “Hey guys, I just got the Battle Plan recently and I loved it,” thank you, buddy, “I originally started as an SEO, and now turning more into a lead generation guy. My question is what mix of services would you approach small business with today's day? For example, if I'm calling the roofing companies in Home advisor, I try to show them the long term branding benefits of SEO, higher quality jobs that I can get them through Adwords. I'm doing okay with four clients right now but the retention becomes a problem. Please shine some light on the marketing mix, which will make sense from their shoes, mainly home improvement industry?”

I love this question. This is a great question and I hate that Bradley's not here because he's the one taking over the contractor side of things. It's funny that you asked that because we're trying to launch, I don't know how open am I to this, but we're trying to launch a new traffic agency. I think we mentioned this in the past. The idea is to focus on contractors initially.

Yeah. We're doing it the way you were doing it initially, offering PPC services to show results right out of the bat, right? Then, while you do that you optimize their website, or your website if you're doing a lead gen, your website in order to show results in the long run. You can add, for example, YouTube videos and you mix those two really, really well and as long as the videos ranked you can get a decent flow of leads going through your lead gen website.

Then, you can offer email marketing, which is another good thing. Not many contractors are doing it and you don't have to develop super complex follow-up sequence with active campaign and behavioral sequences. None of that. Actually just send subscribers or past clients an email every 15 days or every week. That's another service that you can add because most of these businesses they have a goldmine on their own clients. Usually we do this, and I'm guilty of this is as well, to go out there and try to get new clients and new leads without squeezing the existing leads that you already have.

I would definitely go after PPC and SEO, but also you can throw YouTube, like video marketing, you can throw email marketing in the mix. Also, what you can try to do, and this is depending if the website is yours or you are working on their own website, you can do some CRO, which is conversion rate optimization. That could be something that you can share and charge hourly for. It's as simple as installing a heat map or installing Google Analytics and seeing where the leaks or where, like what's the path of a visitor. You know, they visit the homepage then they leave. Why do they leave, how can you put them back up on the website, et cetera, et cetera?

I think your marketing mix, it is there. If you're talking about retention, I think it's about results. If you're going for, I don't know, if you're losing them at the four-month mark, maybe that's because you're not getting the results or you're not managing the expectations that they have correctly. You need to be really clear with them. You need to tell them, “Okay. For this amount of money, you can get X amounts of leads and then when SEO kicks in you can get more.” You can go ahead, Adam.

Adam: Yeah. I was just going to say I saw that and I was thinking in terms of what you can do with that, if you are losing clients that, you know, if you're going to have to turn them away, but look at where you're presenting the information. If you're actually getting them leads and they're closing, then something else is going on.

Like Hernan was saying, manage expectations. If you're promising them 10 leads, you're only delivering four, you need to close that gap somehow or lower their expectations. Also, maybe when you build them, if it's monthly, send them not only an invoice, but say, and I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but say, “Hey, for this,” I'm making up numbers, “thousand dollars, you've got five leads at an average value in your industry of $15,000, you made this much more than what you paid me, or a multiple of what you paid me. Have a nice day.” Just be sure to remember to reinforce the benefits, if they're there. If they're not, then that's the problem. So, yeah.

Hernan: Right. I mean, you're on the … I would be worried if you're only offering SEO at this point because you have so many tools that you can give them leads with. I think that you're, you know, try to keep up and try to manage expectations. Yeah. I mean, sometimes it's just a matter of communicating the value that you're providing to them, as Adam was saying.

What You Should Do When A WordPress Blog Post Does Not Trigger The RSS Feed In IFTTT?

Okay. Roy's up. He's saying, “Having problems getting new applets to run to my RSS feed. Applet checked and RSS feed checked, but when I post on my WordPress blog it does not trigger. On the old IFTTT recipes you used to be able to get them to trigger. Any suggestions?”

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Well, Roy, It's kind of hard to answer that right off the bat because we manage, I don't know, thousands at this point of IFTTT networks and I don't think we have had any issue. It might be some issue with your blog, your WordPress blog, or the way the applets are working right now. Definitely, it's hard to answer that. My suggestion-

Marco: I have.

Hernan: Yeah. Go ahead.

Marco: An easy suggestion that he can check which is almost always the case. Sometimes the site title will get stripped for whatever reason. There's no telling when it will happen, there's no telling why. He has to do … It's going to his WordPress admin, go into settings, click on general and make sure that the site has a title. It's a site title right there, right under general settings. He can add a tag line to explain what the website is about. He doesn't have to, but there has to be a site title for the feed to trigger.

That would be the very first troubleshooting that I would do. If that isn't it, then he has to start checking for plugins and a whole bunch of other stuff that we can't get into in this form. He can reach out to us privately for one-on-one and see, because we'd have to go through the whole thing and see where it is that it's failing.

Hernan: Yeah. I agree. Also, Roy, it sounds like, if you're not into Syndication Academy, you should definitely get into it. If you're already in it, you can definitely drop this question to the Facebook group so we can follow up with it.

How Long Should You Wait Before Adding More Content To A Silo Of A Website That Has Been Hit With Overoptimization Penalty?

Brian, what's up? What's up, Brian? “Hi, Semantic Mastery buddies. I decided to rank a money site with a simple silo structure. The site is two-year-old and being dormant as I had not connected IFTTT syndication to the blog, only to the YouTube videos. Okay. I think I trigger over-optimization penalty with my blog posts and, with Hernan advice, I did a press release about a week ago for anchor text dilution. How long do you think I should wait before adding more content to my silo? If you're interested, here's the link to my silo. I would be honored if you gave me your thoughts and with many thanks.”

Okay, Brian. We cannot go in-depth into your silo because of time constraints. But if you've already made a press release, I would definitely start adding more content because you need to activate that IFTTT syndication network once more. I would definitely start blogging twice a week or three times a week, keeping it easy on the keywords.

Also, the internal link of the link that you're doing because I want to believe that you're linking from your posts to your internal pages. You want to keep that diluted as well because you need to have kind of a balance between the external links that come to your website and the internal links. You can trigger an over-optimization penalty no matter what. If you're diluted on the external links but you have a footer with thousands of backlinks to the internal pages with the same keywords, you're going to be over-optimizing anyways.

You want to be, right now, if you're certain that this is an over-optimization penalty, I would definitely start blogging because you want IFTTT syndication. It will help you, it will definitely help you de-optimizing your anchor text profile because, again, one of the links will go back to your website to the blog page and one of the links will go back to the home page with your brand and your URL. That will help you out. Start blogging again because you want the bots coming back.

Wait for a bit before starting building more backlinks. I would wait for at least three weeks. Have in mind that we talked two weeks ago maybe, I would wait for another two weeks to see what's the impact of the press release. Right? Usually the press releases get indexed pretty fast, but nonetheless, since you're diluting your anchor text, I would think it is slowly.

Start blogging back. That will be my suggestion. Start blogging back. Take it easy on the keyword density inside of your website and then link within your website where long anchor texts, or with URLs only, or with branded terms and then see what happens before start building more backlinks.

Do you guys have any other suggestion for Brian over here?

Marco: Yeah. I'd like to add a disclaimer that we're not responsible if you post your links when we're doing our Hump Day Hangouts. These are public and you're making your document public. It can and probably will get spam because there are people like that. There are assholes like that who will do that. My first advice to you, Brian, get rid of that link immediately and go create another document. Change it. Go create another spreadsheet where you add all of that because you're going to get spammed. I mean, that's almost a guarantee. Someone's going to see that and they're going to just go to town. Please remove that or remove the post.

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Another thing that he could do is add another press release and link to … That's what we've been doing, right? Press release starting where we linked up to the first press release from the second and then to inner pages. But just anchor text has to be minimal. You don't want to do keyword anchor text. Keep the URL dilute … We'll just think outside the box on how you can dilute your over-optimized anchor text. That would be my advice. But please, please get rid of that link and go create another sheet.

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah. I agree with Marco. I remind you guys that these events are public so if you want to protect your assets, go ahead and follow that suggestion. This is also a Google property, right? Plus.Google.com. Have that in mind.

What Is Up With ChimpFeedr?

Ed is up. Hey, Ed. “Hello guys. Hope everyone's summer is going well.” Well, my winter is going well. It will become summer in 20 days or so, maybe 10 days. I'm going to South Florida, so, but everybody's well, thank you. “Picked up the Battle Plan on day one and got some pretty good stuff out of it.” Thank you. Ed. “Does anyone know what's going on with ChimpFeedr? I went in to mash some feeds yesterday for the first time in a couple of months and I got an error message every time stating the URLs are all invalid. I tried many different feeds and even tried a Feed-burner version with no luck. Is it shut down?”

Maybe. Ed, I wouldn't know. In any case, you can go to, for example, feed.informer … I think it's like this, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Here we go, feed.informer.com. This is another masher. This is a lot like Yahoo Pipes back in the day. It's not as powerful, but it will do the trick. Okay? This is still alive and kicking. This is another option. Again, Ed, if you have any other question, go ahead because we have some other stuff for you on the Facebook group, on the private Facebook group.

Is It Optimal To Add The URL Or Shorter Version Of The Video On The Same Channel That The Stubborn Video's On Or Should It Be Placed To A Different Channel?

“This question's for Bradley. During one of the advanced webby's, with regard to RVR Pro and other webinars, you had mentioned we could boost our more stubborn, more competitive videos by adding that specific video URI or a shortener version into 30 or so other video descriptions, which I clearly understand. Is it okay and optimal to do this on the same channel that the stubborn video is on, or should the satellite videos be on a separate channel not associated with our main account for better results?”

Okay, Ed. I'll give you my insight on this. I have had good results with using that video. On YouTube Silo Academy, we emphasize the importance of treating your YouTube channel as a silo in and of itself. This means that you can target, you can power up your videos with using correct silo structure, on this case, it would be playlists and video descriptions. That is to rank a video and to help those stubborn, small competitive videos with the help of all the videos.

I've done this in the past, for example, Hangout Millionaire. If a video for some reason wouldn't budge, what I would do is to create more videos from the same channel, and even on the same playlist, and link back from the description of those videos to the videos that I'm trying to rank. Because this is like when you have, I don't know, 10 blog posts that are pointing back to the money page that you want to rank, this is kind of the same. Okay?

This is my experience. I would love to hear Bradley and maybe Marco's experience as well, but this is my experience in terms of boosting a video that's on the same channel on the same playlist in some cases. Because, again, if you're having videos, let's say that you're having videos about plumber in Virginia and you want to rank plumber in Virginia, and then on the same playlist you have plumber and then the different suburbs of Virginia, the different cities within Virginia.

It would make sense, topically, it will make sense to link from all of those videos to the more competitive video, which would be, in this case, will be plumber in Virginia. Does that make sense? I will definitely advise you to try this out where the same videos within the same playlist. You can add more videos to power up that video, that stubborn video, and drop a link from the secondary core video or the video that you're trying to rank. Okay.

That's exactly what Hangout Millionaire we do in autopilot and you can drop a link from the video that you want to rank on some hundred, 200 other videos of the same channel. This is spam tool and automated tool, so I wouldn't advise for a channel that you care about, but I would definitely go with this strategy. What do you guys think?

Marco: I totally agree. Not only would I do that, I would create a playlist with associated videos or related videos, videos that belong to someone else, but making sure that you've gone into their channel to that particular video and given them a really good comment or a really good review and then a link back to your video or your playlist so that you feed off of them. Now some of them will stick and some of them won't, that's why you have to make sure to take a look that it has stuck. Then what hasn't stuck, you remove from the playlist, but what has stuck is going to pull, is going to jack, I call it “juice Jack.” It's going to Jack juice from that other channel and feed your channel and your playlist. That's another thing but that I like to do.

Will There Be A Footprint Issue If You Use A Virtual Machine On The Google Cloud Platform To Create Personas Accounts?

Hernan: Great. Cool. There you have it. Ivan is up. “Hey guys. If I use a virtual machine on the Google Cloud platform to create personas accounts, do you think that there will be footprint issues?” Definitely, Ivan. I wouldn't doubt it. I'm in Chrome right now and I'm leaving a footprint somewhere. You need to have in mind that …

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I mean, for example, we talked about, I think that was two weeks ago about how Google Cloud platform will allow WordPress sites. If you want to hide something in plain sight, you should use that. But I wouldn't use it for creating personas, for example, because you'll definitely create a footprint. Everything that Google touches, it's recorded somewhere and it's logged somewhere. I would definitely advise against this because, of course, it would leave a footprint. But I would leave Marco to answer this because I know that he's deep in the lab and reading patterns and whatnot. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: It's a Google property. Anything that you use in Google, Google gets direct information. I mean, there's no way around it. Even when you go and eliminate, a lot of people go and eliminate their history and a whole bunch of other stuff, but just because you eliminate it from your profile, does that mean that Google has eliminated it from some data center somewhere? It's still out there. To me, going out into a virtual machine, in Google platform, and creating a persona account, I don't see how you can avoid leaving a footprint. I would use that if I wanted to leave a footprint. If I want Google to follow the breadcrumb back, you're leading the beast to the trap that you've set rather than the other way around. But right now you're setting a trap for yourself. Set it so that whatever it is that you're doing you actually do want Google to follow and to see and to track.

Hernan: Right. Yeah. It makes sense. I mean, that's the whole point of what we're doing, right? Hiding sites in plain sight or hiding things that you want or actually come in and getting Google crawling your stuff that you strategically put there for you to crawl. Right?

How To Raise The Domain Authority Of A Website?

Jay is asking “I've been using SERPspace, IFTTT ring, content marketing heavily to improve a new website's search profile. Such that as of today, its domain authority is only a 3, and its page authority is 19. I recall on previous Semantic Mastery training,” previous, like really previous, right, Jay? “this could be a problem. I don't see in my notes a recommendation how do you recommend to raise domain authority. What would you suggest today?”

Okay. Number one, I would suggest that you don't give a shit about domain authority. Sorry about that, but that will be my intake on it, number one. Number two, domain authority, Jay, it's a Moz metric. It doesn't matter how hard you push it, you need to wait to Moz to update their database. They do it sometimes every month, sometimes every two months.

It's like pushing for a public PR, a PageRank release. It doesn't make any sense because by the time they updated their data center or the day after they updated their data center or the database, whatever you want to call it, it's already down. It's already outdated. The same happen with PR, PageRank, when Google will launch a PageRank update, everywhere was crazy about it but I kept saying, okay, that's great, but the day after that it doesn't work anymore. So I wouldn't pay too much attention, Jay. Also, because again, it doesn't matter how much you push it. it won't budge until Moz updated their database. Have that in mind.

Trust flow and citation flow, they are different beasts because Majestic is crawling and updating them pretty much … The domain authority, page authority, not at all. Also, you need to have in mind that these domain authority, page authority, they are spam metrics. If you want to jack up domain authority and page authority, what you need to do is to order … Don't do this, by the way, but if you want to do this, you need to order a 5,000 GSA blast from Fiverr. That will jack up your domain authority. Now in terms of ranking, that will burn your domain to the ground.

I've said it before, I jacked up domain authority and page authority with the pure spam, I jacked up domain authority with spam, subdomain spam, spam in subdomain. That's why I don't trust these metrics because, again, you're burning to the ground if you want to do something like that. Do you guys want to add anything to this?

Marco: Yeah. I touched on this. I think it was last week or, no, our Mastermind webinar, and I think I can talk about it here. Where right now where Google is going or where it is right now, and we predicted this a while back because we've been talking about entities for so long, just telling people concentrate on your brand, on your entity, on your validation, verification, and now solidification. You solidify your entity by going into your Google My Business verified listing and using all of the tools that Google has given you.

Now this is one place where I actually listened to Google. I usually, I'm not going to drop the f-bomb here, but I usually say F Google, because I don't give a crap what they say. But on something like this, where they give you access to the inside and they bring everything to try to hermetically seal everything and contain it so that they can keep an eye on everything that you're doing.

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Well, that's the perfect place to go in. Like we did with RYS Academy, to go in and start really manipulating anything and everything that you can get your hands on so that Google sees, “Okay, so this an entity, it's verified. We know what the entity is, we know what it's about. It has products, it has services, it has hours, it has people. We got pictures of the staff, of the building.” Yeah. Fake it till you make it. If you have to fake the pictures, then so be it. I mean, you have to go to that point.

The wonderful thing is, and I just saw it, well, I've been seeing it, but Google actually gives you metrics. When you're ranking in the 3-pack with your GMB and you get calls from your GMB listing, you actually get those analytics. They give you a monthly report. I mean, that's so good of them. That's so nice of them to let you know how well your spam is working.

Because I saw that from, I don't know where, we had seven calls on something that I wasn't even expecting to rank because all we did was verify the business. By the way, it's a business in New York City and so getting seven calls from just verifying a map in New York City, it's not … I mean, it tells you just how powerful this little tool that Google is giving you really is.

So go in build that mini site, post and, I can't get into the rest of this, it's probably going to be part of RYS Academy update on how you can leverage all of that to really blast Google. I mean, this is RankBrain right between the eyes and make RankBrain to do whatever it is that you want it to do.

Anyway, just another nugget for you guys. Go and play in that Google verify my business. Forget metrics, forget trust flow, forget citation flow, topical trust flow, domain authority, page authority, just people who really know how to use that to their advantage because that's because they understand the underlying algorithms and you don't want to get that deep. What I've just given you is better than I think anything you could have paid for. So there you go, you got it free.

How To Setup A Redirect From Category To Page?

Hernan: There you go. Mohammad is up. “Hey guys. I've been setting up a simple silo structure and I'm about to turn up the redirects category to page.” Okay, very good. “One of my silos is about home selling so the page category are called sellers but the URL for the sellers page is domain.com/sellyourhome, not domain.com/sellers. Can I still set up the redirects?”

I mean, you still can, Mohammad. I don't see why not. With redirects you can still set up that and we recommend that you have at least the keyword that you want to rank for. For example, “sell your home” will be I think a more relevant URL than “sellers,” but you can still set up the 301s. Yeah. You can still set up the 301s redirect.

Marco: If I can just add to that, the idea that Bradley has put forth on this, is for the category and the page to share the same slug. There you go. You made it very clear. You can go and check out our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/semanticmastery. Use the channel search and search for simple silo structure and you'll see exactly. I mean, just step-by-step how Bradley does it.

Hernan: Yeah. There you go. I mean, you can still set up. Yeah. I understand what you're saying, Marco, and you're right. You can still set up the 301s, but yeah I agree with Bradley on that regard that they should share the URL.

Is A Resources Page A Good Idea From An SEO Perspective?

“On the same site, real estate agent, my client is asking about our resources page which would most mostly be links to companies that home buyers are recommended to call for things like property maintenance, home cleaning, insurance, et cetera. Is this a good idea from an SEO perspective? I already know follow all external links if that's relevant.”

Yeah. I mean, I don't see why not. As long as they are non-competing, I'm assuming that if this is a local guy the links that these websites or these pages will not have a huge authority in terms of traffic. Maybe some of them would, but not all of them. It's not a bad idea. Worst case scenario, what you could do is to set up a noindex tag on that specific noindex, nofollow tag a specific page.

Right? If you're right now following the external links, that shouldn't be a problem, but then again, if you want to test it out, you can set up a noindex, nofollow page like we do, for example, in our contact pages, on their disclaimer pages, which is mostly duplicate content, like 80% of it because it's legal jargon and you want that to be, we usually set up as noindex, noindex, nofollow, because you want those internal links, that internal link juice to keep flowing through the website.

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Do The PRs And Google Drive Stacks Take A Lot Of Time To Work?

“I recently ordered a Drive Stack plus Google sites and it was finished at the end of June.” Okay, at the end of June, so 12 days ago. “I also ordered a Press Release, which was also currently indexing. However, in the two weeks since the stack was done, I'm still dancing the SERPS for my main keyword. I slowly rise and I hang out in page two for a while, then suddenly down to page three. Am I senselessly driving myself crazy by watching the SERPS in the first place? Do the PRs and Stacks take a lot of time to work?”

I would say that yeah, you are senselessly driving yourself crazy by watching the SERPS because you shouldn't be worried about that. They usually … I mean, it all depends, right? That's the magic keyword, SEO. It depends on your competition, it depends on who are you competing against. It's not the same if you're doing a Stack for a local business, medium, low competition business than if you do it for a cut for business like credit cards. Press Releases, they take some time. We already answered a question about that. So be patient, right? Be patient because again this is Google way of dangling the carrot for YouTube bite. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: I think that it's normal. It's 12 days, end of June. Let's call it 14. Let's call it two weeks. There's a three-week period before the Google dance settles down and then that's when you go and check the SERP. I hope that when he says that he's SERP watching that he's not going in and typing in the keyword because that's another can of worms that we don't want to get into. But I hope you're using some type of rank tracker that you can just go in once every few weeks, not every day. I mean, that's a really good way to get a freaking ulcer, to watch it go up and down, and up and down, and oh, my God, what am I going to do? I have my client, you worry about the client, the report, what are you going to say in the report, whatever.

We make it clear, Google dance, 21 days. Wait for it to clear. Once it's cleared and you see where your Google Stack ends up, that's where you decide what to do next. Now you should, I would have saved the Press Release to link to the Drive Stack once it stopped dancing, if it needed to be pushed up or send it somewhere else. Because if you send that press release anywhere near the stack while it was dancing, or if you link to it, then you just set it dancing again and could have extended the period to, I think it's 70 days, and so you're actually doing more harm than good.

Now I don't have that information. I'm just letting people know that this can happen. So just leave it alone. Leave it alone. The best advice every … and people who are in RYS Academy can attest to it that the best thing you can do once you get your Stack is just leave it alone until it settles at the place where it's going to settle and then you decide what else it needs, whether it's link building, an expired domain for more juice, siloing the Drive Stacks for local relevancy, adding local relevance to that. I mean, there's so many things that you can do, but you can't do anything unless you know for sure where it is and that it actually does need more.

Hernan: There you have it. Yeah. I think we discussed this, it wasn't Mastermind I think, about typing URL in the search engines and the effects of that, but anyways.

Have You Tried Curating Videos Like You Do Content Where You Take Two Different Sources And Mash Them Together?

Glenn is asking “Have you tried curating videos like you do content where you take two different sources and mash them together with a quick intro and outro and citing the sources in either the video, description, or both? Any considerations on that being not cool and getting your account banned?” Yeah. Great question, Glenn. Yeah. We do it. We do it all the time. As long as you're doing, you're citing the sources and you're curating meaning, adding commentary to that video and keeping it original, I would say for the most part, because remember, guys, now you have automated text, sorry, text-to-speech or audio-to-speech, so you will have automated transcription of every video that you upload on YouTube, that you upload.

Have that in mind. Try to keep it as you're curating content, try to keep it as original as possible. Yeah, that's a great idea. That's a great, like, I wouldn't do what someone calls video remixing, which is just blatantly copying someone or mashing two videos together. It's like video spinning or re-remixing or you grab two videos that make absolutely no sense and you get a shitty piece of video after that. I wouldn't do that. But if you want to take the time of going through that, then yeah, definitely, that's a great way of creating content. As long as you're citing the sources and as long as you're adding value to your viewer.

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Has Anyone Found A New Solution For Phone Verifying Accounts For Syndication Rings?

Lori. “Hi everyone.” Hey, Lori. “Happy Hump Day. Has anyone found a solution for phone verifying accounts for syndication rings? We have Verizon phone plan where we pay as little as $5 a month and change numbers as often as necessary. I'm pissed at myself, but I let it go over 90 days without paying and now the plan isn't available. The only plan is to pay 30 bucks, which isn't a lot, but still hoping for another option. I checked with one other carrier but their phones have SIM cards, which means you have to pay for a new SIM card each time you want to change phone numbers. It's so random as far as how often you need to verify accounts. I'm just trying to find the cheapest method out there. I don't set up rings all that often, but I actually kind of enjoy doing it.” Me too, Lori.

“Also at one point, you mentioned being able to purchase phone verified accounts, but I wasn't able to find where it was discussed. I checked on Fiverr and didn't come up with much there. Thanks for always providing quality advice.”

Well, good question, Lori. If I'm not mistaken, Adam, please correct me if I'm wrong, because we are working heavily with the SERP space guys on this regard and, yeah, maybe we will need to ask Roman about this, but how are our VA still doing it? Are they still getting SIM cards on the Philippines, correct?

Adam: I'd have to check. I don't want to say since it's been about two months since I've dealt with them directly. So I don't want to say. Yeah. We can ask you them and figure it out. Let me … Actually I was just talking to Roman. Let me ask him and I'll get back to you.

Hernan: Sure. Okay. That would be cool. We can answer Lori live.

Marco: Actually, the SIM method in the Philippines stopped working. I know that from Jesson. We had to go to the phone verified account and then find the guy-

Hernan: Bulk PVA?

Marco: Yeah. Bulk PVA.

Hernan: Gotcha. Yeah. I think that's Bulkpva.com. I know there's couple issues, but they were having issues with their accounts, but they got it back up, it sounds like. I know Bradley and a couple others got it. And we're calling a thread about that.

Marco: Okay, very good.

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Hernan: There you have it, Lori. I mean, get a PVA account pretty much. There's these other Russian guys which is by bulk accounts, I think it was, bulk accounts. No, this is another one. Yeah. Let me count it down, Lori, and I'll put it on the thread, on the event as well.

What Is Your Insight On The Update From Rel=”Nofollow” To Rel=”Nofollow Noopener” In WordPress?

Greg. “Hi. WordPress as of an update two months ago and now adds noopener and noreferrer to no follow links. rel nofollow has now become rel nofollow noopener and at times rel nofollow noreferrer noopener. What is your insight on this and does this affect anything for us?” Well, Greg, good question. I don't usually, like, if I want to set up a no follow link, I just put the nofollow tag on the HTML code myself manually, because if you're using rel nofollow from WordPress you can get some of this.

Now just to be clear, this is like a safety measure that WordPress is taking. Meaning that I was investigating a little bit before that because I saw this question I think it was pretty interesting. The noopener blank, meaning you click on URL and it opens to a new tab or a new window, they can “take over” or if they, for example, if the target URL gets a lot of JavaScript and gets a lot of resources and whatnot, those resources will be impacting your website performance because at some point they're using an operator called window opener.

That's kind of vulnerability, a safety measure that WordPress took so that means that nofollow noopener or noreferrer means that you're not passing referring information to the target so the target on Google Analytics will not know where the visit is coming from. Okay. That's a noreferrer. A noopener meaning that if you do a target blank, when you click on it and it opens a new window, it will avoid these resources dragging your own page. That's what I understand about it.

Now the simple answer would be get rid of those. The simple answer will be if you want nofollow the links just nofollow them manually on a menu or on even the content itself of the WordPress site. Just nofollow them manually. Just get rid of the noopener noreferrer. I have no data right now that that is impacting in any way, shape or form the performance of SEO because the only thing that you care about on a nofollow is that the Googlebot doesn't follow that link. It stays on your own ecosystem.

Have in mind that the nofollow is just like a suggestion or the bots. The bots can actually follow that link if it wants to. The same with robots.txt there are suggestions on how to treat your website. If you want to block a bot completely, you need to use HT access because again the server is not serving the robot. Okay? That would be my intake on it. I don't know what you have to say about it, Marco.

Marco: No, I totally agree. If you don't want it, get rid of it. Understanding that there is a security issue when you add the blank to open in a new page, because people can then change the redirect or the destination of the window opener object. I don't know if I'm getting too technical, but that's what happens when you use the target equals blank tag. There is a code actually. If you go online, there is a code where you can get rid of it. I would not do that because one of the things that you're doing is you're coding to allow unsafe link target and I don't think that's something you would want to do.

This is a security management measure. If you don't like it, take it out. I would leave it because it's security. This is one of the things where Google gets anal sometimes that you're giving your users this extra, extra security measure. It might actually be beneficial, although right now, as far as SEO, it's neutral.

Is It True That You Emphasize A More Elaborate Landing Page For A Google Adwords Pay Per Call Campaign?

Hernan: There you have it. All right. Let's keep moving. David. “Please talk about the landing page that you suggest for Adwords pay per call. I have heard it's only necessary to run the ad but beyond that serves no purpose. As a result, it only needs to be bare bones. Is it true that you emphasize a more elaborate landing page?”

Okay, David. This is kind of the, I would say local camping turfs and Bradley's turf. I will tell you my experience when it comes to landing pages. Every landing page needs to be confined, even further if you are sending PPC traffic. On this specific example, it would be AdWords pay-per-call or AdWords PPC, or on Manager, for example, Facebook. They need to be compliant, right? Because as a matter of fact when you're launching your campaign most of time, if your account is new, if you haven't run a campaign before, you will get manually reviewed to make sure that your page, even further in the case of Google, but you will get manually reviewed to see if your page is compliant.

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Compliant meaning that you need to check their guidelines, but meaning you have a menu, on AdWords side of things, you have a menu, you have contact information, you have disclaimer, policy earnings disclaimer, those kind of things, so as to make sure that you're not deceiving the visitor. For Adwords pay-per-call, it needs to be bare bones because what you're trying to achieve is people to call, tap to call, whatever. So it does need to be bare bones. Now when you're combining pay-per-call with pay-per-click, then you're getting into a more complicated terms in terms of the landing page, when you're developing a landing page.

Pay-per-call, it only needs to be bare bones because people will not be actually visiting your website. But if they do, you want to have that page to be, number one, compliant and, number two, you want it to be attractive and you want it to convert rather than being attractive. Because I've seen they're beautiful pages but they do not convert, and ugly as fuck pages that they convert at an 80% rate. Okay. I'd rather have leads than a beautiful page, if you ask me. On this case, it only needs to be bare bones and you need to be compliant because people will not be actually visiting your page.

Now, if you're like me, you're combining pay-per-call with pay-per-click. People sometimes will call, sometimes will click on the ad, and you want it to convert, right? But then again, this is kind of the more local camping turf. You are welcome to ask this on some of the Facebook groups or maybe the next time Bradley is here.

When Would You Recommend Implementing Json-LD Markup Via GTM On A Page Vs. Using Microdata?

Cesar is up. One, would you recommend implementing JSON-LD markup via Google Tag Manager on a page versus using microdata? Well, Cesar, if your JSON-LD, I'm always doing emailing. Right? But some people will actually prefer because of ease of use and maybe ease of changing. If you're changing stuff with JSON-LD, not that much anyways, but if you're for some reason changing stuff, then you may want to use Google Tag Manager. At the end of the day, what you want to do is that Google can crawl the microdata. Right? That's what you want to do and it's just a way of implementing. I don't know that there's any benefits whatsoever implementing the one or the other. Unless Marco can tell-

Marco: At the end of the day, it's a personal preference. To me, I'm old school, I code it. I have my own spreadsheet that gives me the output that I want and that's what I use. I go and then I grab it. I copy and then I paste it where I want. That's what I like to do. I could do the same thing and copy-paste into Google Tag Manager. I just don't want to have to go and learn Google Tag Manager because it's just something extra that I have to add on my list of a million, and that would be a million and one things to do. It's how do I manage my time the best? I manage my time the best by using the tools that I already have available.

If at some point I have an open where I can set aside time to go learn Google Tag Manager, it could be that it's more beneficial, especially since it's inside a Google hardboard. Right? We're always talking about use Google properties. It could be that you get a little benefit, a little push from being in there. I don't know. I don't have enough to say. My personal preference, I use JSON plus LD and I implement manually.

Hernan: Yep. Or you can go to SERP space and use the JSON-LD, the markup builder over there. Right? Yeah. You copy and you paste it on your own website. But, yeah, I do it manually too. Last, let's go with Cesar question number two, “Do you think using crowd search to click through your backlinks is a good use of resources?” Yes, Cesar. I've done that in the past. I wish I would have updated data, but I would definitely give it a try because what you're trying to emulate on that case is that you're getting real traffic from your backlinks, which is right now traffic and interaction is the name of the game. Right?

Marco has been saying it for a while. We're working on a big project right now, studying that implies traffic and interaction like real traffic, real people traffic. It's like a day and night, when you have a PBN that's dormant, that's floating down the internet and you have a link from that PBN that nobody visits, and then you have a backlink on Huffington Post, or you have a backlink on Forbes. Not only because it's on Forbes, but also because it will get your shit on the traffic, which is what you're looking for. Right?

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I would say that if you're trying to emulate something like that, I would definitely give it a shot because you're trying to emulate that. Again, crowd search is having some interests right now because this is mechanical and you want to have real traffic. That's why I keep saying the best backlink that you can possibly, possibly build, sorry, is the backlink that will give you traffic. Not the backlink that will only give you links, because think about it, if it's giving you traffic it will definitely give you links shoots. It will definitely be relevant. Okay. Because, let's say that you're commenting on a blog and you're getting a ton of traffic from that blog comment, it's still a blog comment, right? Yeah. In terms of SEO, it doesn't carry much weight, if you think about the link itself, but you're getting a lot of relevant traffic, which turns that into much more powerful backlink, if you ask me.

Traffic is the name of the game. I would say interaction is the name of the game. Authority is the name of the game right now. Yeah. I mean, give it a shot and see if it works. All right, guys. Unfortunately, three minutes, we have to go, unless we have any other announcements. If not, we'll call it. What do you guys think?

Adam: I think that's all we got time for. If you haven't yet checked out the Battle Plan webinar tomorrow, we'll be there and then of course head over to SERP space, check that out if you haven't got your account. Then next week, we got a ton of stuff going on. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I think that's about it.

Hernan: Okay.

Marco: Can I just drop just another recommendation? Guys, I am going to push to raise the price of RYS Academy as high as my partners will allow me. I am also going to push to raise the price of Done-For-You services as high as my partners will allow me because the new training will be implemented into the Done-For-You services. If you're in RYS Academy already, you will probably be grandfathered in or the fee will be minimal. So get in where you fit in and while you can because, I mean, the price is going up as far as I can push it. This isn't just me talking and blowing. You guys know me. You guys have been around long enough to know that when I say something this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to push as much as I can because I think it's totally worth it. So you guys do whatever you want. I don't want to push you into something that you can't afford or that you don't want to do. I just want you to know that this is what's going to happen.

Hernan: There you go. Pretty good. Okay. All right guys. Thank you once again. We see you when we see you. Thanks, Adam, thanks, Marco.

Adam: Bye, guys.

Marco: All right, man. Take care. Bye everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 139

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 139 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Bradley: I'm getting like half a headshot. There he is.

Adam: Hey, and we are live. Welcome everybody this is Humpday Hangouts, today is the 5th of July. The day after the fourth. For those of us in the US, hopefully everybody's safe and didn't blow off their hands or anything with fireworks. We're going to go through real quick, and say hello to everybody. Hernan, Did you get a chance to play with fireworks or …

Hernan: No, but I did get a chance to fix the camera. Which is pretty cool, so here I am. Hey guys, what's up? No, no fireworks. Just busy, busy working. A lot yesterday so it was a great day, but anyways, so I'm excited to be here.

Bradley: All the fireworks are at the start of Hump Day Hangouts anyways so …

Hernan: Yeah, pretty much.

Adam: Alright, what we're going through go to the introductions, and then I'll let Bradley introduce our special guest who we're really happy to have come on. This is something we haven't really done before, is having somebody come on the Hump day Hangouts, so we're really excited about this, but Chris how are you doing?

Chris: Doing good, excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, how's the weather down there?

Marco: It's raining, but it's nice and warm. I'm in the lab and I have a [NDA 00:01:07] with myself so I can't really talk.

Adam: That's pretty hard-core.

Bradley: You're not allowed to think about the shit you're working on, because if you do then you're in breach of contract right?

Marco: Correct.

Adam: Awesome. Let's see I am enjoying some cooler weather, I was just in Memphis and, man, I got lucky it wasn't too hot down there. That was a cool town, so if you're in Memphis, shout out, that's a really cool place, had a good time down there and Bradley, I think you're headed down there soon aren't you?

Bradley: Yeah, I'm going to Memphis next week, which by the way I forgot to tell you yesterday, that you guys are gonna have to pinch hit for me for Hump Day Hangouts next week.

Adam: Alrighty. Sounds good.

Bradley: I'll be [crosstalk 00:01:44] but I won't be here for Hump Day Hangouts, well I'll be driving, and I thought about trying to host Hump Day Hangouts while driving, and I thought that was probably not the wisest idea.

Adam: Yep, not a good idea.

Bradley: Questions while driving isn't smart so, I think I'm gonna leave that one to you guys, but yeah I'll be in Memphis next week, I go down to visit a friend there once every year during the summer. So, it's hot as balls out there though.

Adam: Yeah, well, do you want to introduce our guest real quick and then I've got a few announcements we got but I don't want to keep people in suspense, so you do you mind doing the introduction?

Bradley: Sure. No problem. We've got Pab along with us guys, you guys know him from [RankWYZ 00:02:23] and [Sitewiz 00:02:24]. We've had a webinar with him, somewhat recently, but Pablo's got a lot of SEO knowledge, we were really impressed with how much he knows, so we brought him on as a guest. Adam mentioned earlier, that we haven't brought guest on before. We brought Roman on recently whose partners with us who's partners with us in Serp Space, but this is kind of like having a guest appearance the first time on Humpday Hangouts, so we appreciate you coming on Pablo, how are you?

Pablo: I'm pretty good, thanks for having me.

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Bradley: Good, your audio is much better now by the way.

Pablo: Well, yeah, I know somehow … Known the problem to me, so that's why I've so fast to fix it.

Bradley: Okay, cool. Well, with that, I'll turn it back over to Adam, I just want to mention that Pablo, you're welcome to stay for the entire hour, if you'd like and just kind of contribute in on the questions as we go through them like we typically do, I'm pretty sure you're familiar with our format.

Pablo: Yeah. I'm a regular listen to your webinars, and excited to be on other side.

Bradley: Awesome, well, we appreciate you being here man, so will get to the questions in just a moment, Adam?

Adam: Awesome. Alright here we go, so hopefully everybody's seen this, if you haven't, you haven't been opening your emails, so shame on you, but we got the big Fourth of July sales going on for both, not even both but Semantic Mastery, Mastery PR, and Serp space. So we got some killer deals over there, I know some people already been taken advantage of several of them [inaudible 00:03:50], but go check it out, I'll pop the link on the page here in a second. And then I just talked to Hernan a little bit before we started, and he's got, I've got my tongue tied.

He's headed to get the battle plan updated, because you probably heard that we've had some update webinars about the battle plan, and then we're also going to refresh the battle plan. So if you bought the battle plan, you're going to get the update. If you haven't yet, you should get the battle plan because we're going to be updating that, and that's something that, people who bought it are just going to get it. We're not charging extra for it. Hernan, do you want to add any more to that or is that …

Hernan: No, sure, yeah, we made a really good webinar with Bradley, it was a one hour, almost two-hours webinar, it was a really good value webinar. Where we went through the battle plan step-by-step, you know, it was a really in-depth webinar. So right now, it's like a whole product. You don't get the PDF only with the blueprint, the battle plan. You get the webinar as a bonus, and you also get the bonus site, as I said, you know, 400, $500 worth of content in there alone. Plus secret squirrel webinar from Marco that are hosted on that bonus site. I don't know.

Adam: It's a steal, it's ridiculous.

Hernan: Yeah, it's a steal, it's ridiculous what we are charging at this point for that. Anyways, we have been asked for this blueprint, and we deliver, and we wanted you guys to get some extra value as well, we try to deliver as much as possible, and that's coming. We're going to be releasing version 1.1 or 1.2, or whatever, of Battleplan early next week. So all you guys have purchased will get the new version, all of you guys that didn't purchase, what are you waiting for?

Bradley: Just to clarify we added, the webinar was about two hours, it was quite in-depth. There was a presentation slide that I put together, that's gonna be included in the PDF as well as all the timestamps, because the webinar basically got time stamped, and then that's what … Hernan just sent it over today to our designer to have her go back through and edit and add the timestamps into the PDF, so that when you're going through the PDF, you can just click on the link, it'll take you right to that part of the webinar, so that you can see where we've expanded upon that concept from the PDF, if that makes sense.

It's gonna be a hell of a lot better, and it's just based on some feedback that we had from some purchasers. And that's why we did that, was to put it together so the value is definitely there. Pick it up now while it's on sale otherwise wait, don't, and then have to get it later when it cost more.

Adam: Yeah, that's a good summary I like that. Yep, get it now, save some money or not, pay more, so.

Bradley: Pay more later, Yep.

Adam: Cool, also there's some rumblings, there might be some updates to RYS, I'm just gonna leave it at that, I've seen several people take advantage of the crazy offer we got on the Fourth of July special for RYS. That was a very smart move.

Marco: I just realized how nuts the fucking, sorry, the freaking discount is man, I didn't know, trust me it will never ever be that low again. It's going up, as soon as it gets updated the price is going up. Even if we do a discount at some future point, it won't be that low, fuck that.

Adam: Well, I'm not following that, you guys heard it.

Pablo: I was protesting too.

Bradley: I didn't even know, yeah don't even tell me what it was because it might piss me off then.

Adam: All right, so moving right along. I just want to put this out there too, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, like I say each time, thank you very much for attending Humpday Hangouts, we appreciate it, we like answering these questions, it's fun for us. We enjoy it. If you haven't yet, grab the blueprint that we've been talking about, the battle plan, please do that, I'll pop the link on the page. If you don't have an account as Serp space, head over there at Serpspace.com. You can get a free account, there's free tools to use, as well as done-for-you services.

So go check it out, by all means there's just about something for everyone at this point. We got a lot of really cool services coming out and when Romans back on with us, next week or the week after, we'll be updating everybody on what's rolling out. That is it, anybody else got any announcements before we dive in?

Bradley: No, just last thing I want to mention just quickly is for new, anybody new watching Humpday Hangouts, also there's a lot of questions in our knowledge base, which is at support.semanticmastery.com. We get a ton of questions all the time that are repeat, frequently asked questions and so we try to catalog most of them on the support site so always check there as well. And then you guys have Humpday Hangouts, you can ask questions here but I would recommend, or encourage you to check the knowledge base prior to posting questions, because if it something that we've answered already many times, it's likely there. And if you ask it on Humpday Hangouts, we're probably just gonna just point you over to there anyways. So just wanted to kind of clarify that.

Marco: And the YouTube channel that has all of the previous hangouts and they're timestamped, so it's really easy to go through them and find what you're looking for.

Bradley: That's a good point. Go to the YouTube channel, click the little search icon, on the channel, right underneath the channel banner and you can search the channel, and it works pretty well. Some of our members talk about how well it is, because we got over 1000 public videos now, I know we got like 1600 videos on our channel, but I think a thousand of them are public, but it's a lot. So I would highly encourage you to go check it out there. Okay. That's it, I'm gonna get into questions guys, can we do that?

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Adam: Let's do it.

Bradley: All right. Alright let's get this going, wrong one. Can you all see that fairly well?

Adam: Yep. [crosstalk 00:09:34]

Bradley: Okay. Paul Facey's up, what's up Paul? This is Bradley, good to see you finally took some vacation time. Thanks brother. I went to a mountain resort and they didn't have cell phone service at all, and they had Wi-Fi that you had to pay an arm and a leg for to use, and it's shitty because I never use public Wi-Fi ever. I just don't like to use it, it's insecure. I literally unplugged from the matrix for like four days and that's the longest I think I've ever been unplugged since I started my digital marketing career.

So it was kind of weird, it was uncomfortable for the first couple of days, then I got used to it, and right after a time I got used to it, I had to come back with a whole bunch of backed up work. So I was just telling Hernan, I'm not sure if vacations are worth it because when you come back, you have a whole bunch of back to work to do and it's very stressful, so anyways, it was fun for a couple days, so thanks Paul.

Did You Notice Any Significant Changes To Overall Adwords Keywords Performance Using The Bid Simulator From The Campaigns Dashboard?

He says, “have you tried or noticed any significant changes to your overall Adwords keywords performing using the bid simulator for the campaigns. All campaigns dashboard.” Paul I never use the bid simulator. I do everything manually. Probably just because I never put the time into wanting to test the bid simulator enough to determine whether it was something I would want to use or not.

And the training that I took, which I've been honest about this before, real clear about this. I got my Adwords training primarily from Perry Marshall, and his Adwords training programs and they recommend doing everything manually to begin with. You can start playing with those as more dance techniques later on. But I've never gotten to that point because I've learned Adwords to suffice for my needs and that's the extent of it. There's so much advanced stuff you can do with all that, and at some point I may pursue all of that, but for right now, for what I need it for, which was lead gen, local lead gen and some affiliate campaigns, which are fairly simple.

There's not really a whole lot of advanced stuff that you have to do, you can do it, but it's not something that you have to do, and I always look at where is my time best spent. Is it getting into the nitty-gritty of Adwords and trying to figure out all of the available options to me or is it getting it up to where it's producing leads and turning profit and the moving onto the next funnel. For me I'd rather set up more campaigns, more funnels then really try to hyper-optimize one particular campaign, if that makes sense.

Now, I could be wrong, I could be missing out on some stuff, but I'm just letting you know my personal opinion on all that, and if at some point if I ever have enough time where I can dig into Adwords even further, I might get into some of the more advanced stuff. Something I'm curious about, but I just don't want to invest the time into it when I've got so many other big projects, you know what I mean?

How To Get More Impressions For Targeted Keywords In Google Adwords?

Okay, in one of your campaigns I have 100, in one of my campaigns I have 190 keywords, which are 90% are eligible with Max CPC bid above estimate first page but with only seven impressions over the last 60 days, what can I do to try to get more impressions from these keywords?

Well, that's a good question, again, without knowing what the keywords are in the exact circumstance, it's kind of hard to tell. But if you have, let's say CPC above first page bid … Yes, so Paul when I've had ads that don't serve correctly, like they're just not getting served properly even with my bid score and everything saying that I should be high enough, is increase your cost per click bid max even more. Sometimes, go high with it. Google's not, I don't know what range you're working in, but let's just say your max cost per click right now is set to $10. Set it to 15. That's a 50% increase. It's not like Google is going to spend that $15 click.

But if you go way high on your max CPC bid, then a lot of times that will earn you a spot, it will improve your quality score and it will start getting impressions and then what you want to do is once you get bumped up to the top of the page where you'll start getting more clicks, then you'll start backing it down. You'll start backing that max cost per click down. In fact, if you get a few clicks you can look at what your average cost per click is and you can just keep your max CPC bid just slightly above that. Okay, now remember your quality score is going to factor into all that as well because there might be other advertisers that have a higher quality score, that are paying less per click than you are, because they have a higher quality score.

And remember the number one factor for increasing quality score is your click through rate. So that, again, having your ad in the proper position is going to also increase the click through rate. It's the ad copy itself but also positioning, the placement of the ad itself, right. Because if you've got an ad at the bottom of the page and nobody ever clicks on it, it's getting impressions because that page is loading, but you're not getting clicks because it's at the bottom of the page, that's going to lower your quality score because your click through goes down.

This Stuff Works
So my point is, sometimes you can have really compelling and awesome ad copy, but it's still not getting click through rates, or any click through's because it's not place where people are seeing it. So you need to increase your CPC bid to get it to go above everybody else until you start getting clicks. Then once you start getting clicks you can start backing that max CPC down and keep split testing your ad copy until you get the highest click through rate you can possibly get. And that should level out to where it will keep your quality score high, and you'll still get click throughs, if that make sense.

So sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelet, does that make sense? So for me, with as words, I know right up front that the first 30 days of an Adwords campaign, I'm gonna lose money. It's almost guaranteed. Some of the local Lead gen stuff, like the ones that I'm familiar with, I can make a campaign profitable in 30 days but for the most part or if it's a new industry that I'm not familiar with, a new set of keywords or whatever. Then a lot of the times I realize going in, that about the first 30 days I'm probably going to lose money but within the next 30 days it should start to break even and possibly even become a little profitable. Within 90 days I should have a solid profitable campaign that I can run pretty much indefinitely. With little maintenance, if that makes sense. Anybody wanna comment on that?

Pablo: No, I think Bradley you nailed it. Every Adwords campaign is so unique that you really need to dive into it because it will definitely, I would say that the way it's set up and the competition, the way your landing page is set up, will definitely affect the way is performing, right. So yeah, I would say that you nailed it without having that much, how I put it, that much background, if you would.

Bradley: Yeah, because they click the rate, remember guys, your landing page only needs a couple of elements for it to pass the quality score test or whatever. Where it says, there's three parts to the quality score, the landing page, ad relevancy, what's the other one? I can't think of it off the top of my head. But my point is the landing page experiences is what they call that, landing page experience, it really doesn't matter.

I've experimented with trying to add copy, adding more copy to a page and all these different kinds of things to try to get them to manipulate that landing page experience score and honestly I've never been able to find any direct pattern with like, more copy makes a higher and all that kind of stuff. Typically, if you have certain elements on the landing page that's all it's going to require but that's not something that will affect your click through rate, does that make sense? That will only affect your conversion rate. So it's not something that I worry about until … I start worrying about conversion optimization after I've optimize my ad campaign so that I know that I'm getting clicks.

If I know that I'm getting clicks on the landing page and they are not converting, the first problem is always getting the clicks, right? So that's why I always focus on ad copy and getting the click through rate up first. And then I just start off with one landing page, you guys, and once I get to where the click through's, you know the clicks or click through rate, to where it's an acceptable level for me, then I'll go start working on optimizing the landing page. So anyways, Paul, it's awesome because you keep pursuing this ad word stuff, you may end up training us or me, at some point about using bid simulator and that kind of stuff, because it sounds like you're even getting in a little bit further than I have. So let us know how you're doing with it.

How Would You Setup A Revenue Share Campaign For A Home Building Business In Google Adwords?

Mohammed's up, he says “Hey guys, I've been setting up a revenue share Adwords campaign for it while now, it's been active since last Tuesday. Search beta.” Okay, it's a home-building company. “My question today is how long should I wait before change anything or start an alpha campaign, so far I've gotten 11 clicks, seven of them relevant but no conversions. The search point for this industry is low in my area, I've only spent about 50 bucks so far, so normally I wouldn't be too worried but since the home-building business gets the most buzz in the summer months I'm getting anxious. At the same time I don't want to be too hasty with knee-jerk changes.”

Yeah, that was kind of the problem Mohammed. If you went through Local Kingpin, I was trying to force the alpha campaigns too quickly for that. So that's why there's several update videos in local Kingpin, just clarifying, explaining exactly that. That I was trying to force that alpha campaign too quickly and I know exactly what you're talking about in the building industry, the home-building industry Mohammed. I'm working in that industry right now as well. It's like you don't get a flood of traffic for those keywords.

Even in some bigger cities I'm still not getting a lot of traffic, not like I do for tree services for example, which is just crushing it during the summer months. I understand, but the thing is those leads, you got to remember, consider those leads. Like an average kitchen remodeling job on the low end is about $20,000. So a $20,000 kitchen remodel lead, you don't need very many leads to be able to do really, really well or to produce a few leads for the business, for the business to do really, really well. So although we don't get 25, 30 leads a month. Just a handful of leads a month is okay.

Especially if the contractor has any decent closing ratio. You're doing revenue share, which is what I recommend doing and that is something you need to consider. Because it is high-margin, I don't know what your agreement is on the revenue share side of things, but it's very, very lucrative. I know for remodeling type leads, or home-building, general contractor, those type of leads, you're talking about some fairly large contract prices. So if you're on revenue share, you could be making a pretty penny per lead generated.

This Stuff Works
Or at least for closed lead, if you're doing revenue share, right. And so, again, I wouldn't, I would be more patient, Mohammed, which is what I learned through the whole Local Kingpin process, was to be patient. You have to determine what the threshold is, to decide or to prove an alpha campaign. What I mean by that is, I don't think 11 clicks, with only seven of them being relevant is enough, unless it was an exact match term on all seven of those clicks … That generated that, an exact match keyword that you generated the click from.

In which case, I would say will that's probably good enough to set up a alpha campaign, but my guess is seven of your relevant clicks, they're probably all not the same search query, they're probably somewhat similar but not the same exact search query so give it some time. Like I said with something like tree services, I might want to wait until I have 30 clicks, and then look at the data from the search query report and determine out of the study clicks I might have eight clicks, which would be almost 25% of them, for an exact match keyword, in which case I would turn that into an alpha campaign.

A single keyword ad group for an alpha campaign, if that makes sense. All right, but for remodeling, it might take you three months to get, or home building, remodeling, that kind of, general contractors, they're all kind of relatively the same and it might take you two or three months to get 30 clicks. So you might want to lower the threshold a little bit, but really the idea is to be patient, continually look at your search query report and you'll start to identify keywords that are consistently being queried and then clicked. Those are the ones that you want to create the alpha campaigns for, but just be patient. Okay. All right, anybody want to comment on that? Probably not. We can get out of Adwords, I think, now.

How Would You Promote A Video That Is Already Uploaded To A Client Channel?

Alright cool. Columbia's up. Columbia is awesome, she's here all the time and she's always very engaged, so once again thanks for being here Columbia. She says “If a client wants to promote a video, which you want to do on your own channel, but they already have it uploaded to YouTube on their own channel, do you need to have them remove it from their channel before you upload it to your channel? It would seem you we get duplicate content strike if you upload a video already on someone else's channel.”

No, Columbia that's untrue. You can upload the same video to as many channels as you want. Now, you might end up, YouTube may … I've never had any issues with it, look, let me explain. When I've taken somebody else's video, downloaded it, and then uploaded it onto my channel, without their permission I've had a copyright strike, or somebody's reported the channel. That kind of stuff, I've had that issue happen but when you've got, when you clear it with your client, and you say “Listen, my channel is built up such that I can download your video, upload it to my channel. You can keep it on your channel to Mr. Client, Mr. Business owner, but I'm going to upload it to my channel as well, because my channel is built out, and it has the authority, blah, blah, blah, it's gonna help to give more exposure.”

As long as you clarify that with them, you're going to have no issue whatsoever with uploading that same video to as many YouTube channels as you want. However, you can avoid even having to do that if you set up to Youtube [like recipes 00:24:01], and those are in syndication Academy in the updates. One of the last two or three months I went through the like recipes again. On how, or like Applets I should call them. And you can just go like that video on the clients channel from your syndication channel.

And it will syndicate their video through your network. I still recommend though, however, that you would upload it to your own channel because that gives you ultimate control. If you just go and set up with the like Applets like I'm mentioning and trigger a syndication through your network because of that like Applet, then you're basically boosting their video on their channel. Now there's nothing wrong with that but you guys know how we talk about always try to maintain control as much as possible. So that's why I recommend always downloading and uploading, just clear it, make sure you get permission from the business owner first, right?

I've had people question “Why would I want to do that when it's already on their channel?” and I explained to them “Because my channel is built up, my channel has all the syndication networks attached. Everything that needs to be done to get more exposure to your video.” I don't talk about rankings much unless that's what they want to hear about. But I talk about more exposure, and if they say “Well, why can't you do that all my channel?” I say “I certainly can but it's going to cost three times as much” or whatever. Like I'll quote them three times what I quoted them originally, because I'll tell them because you don't have all the infrastructure in place that I do. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
I have never once, in the four years now that I've been doing this type of stuff with YouTube videos for clients, I've never one time had a client come back and say “Oh you know what, I'll pay the extra to have you optimize it on my channel.” Never once, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Is It Feasible To Promote A Video Already Up On Someone Else's Channel Instead Of Putting It Up On Your Own Channel?

Okay. “Also, how does this work if a marketer has it up on that marketers channel, but they don't want to take it down or the client does not want to ask the other marketer to take it down, is it feasible to promote a video already up on someone else's channel instead of putting it up on your own channel. I strongly prefer the control of having it on my channel, thanks.”

Yeah, you could. But again I would never do anything to benefit a competitor. Which it sounds like, maybe they had another marketing agency or consultant or whatever doing some work for them. Yeah, you can call, you can do some outreach and ask if they can take it down. I don't know that they'll honor it, but if they're decent people, they should. I wouldn't worry about it. I'd just leave it up, but I'd just downloaded and uploaded to my own channel, Columbia. Look, I like the path of least resistance, guys. I'm like easy, so I try to avoid all that crap if I don't have to. Trying to outreach and all that other stuff. “Hey would you mind taking the video down, blah, blah”, for me just leave it up, what harm's it doing?

Is It Okay To Set Up An Expired Domain To Auto Post Using RSS Feeds Similar To The Way Tier 2 Syndication Networks Do?

In my opinion. In fact, I'd probably go find the video, make a comment with a link to your video on your channel in that video. See if it doesn't get filtered out, right? All right, cool. Ryan's up, “Hey Bradley would it be a bad idea to set up an expired domain auto post using RSS feeds similar to the way your two syndication networks work? Another web two sites can get away with auto posting from RSS but I never tried on a self hosted WordPress site.” Yes, Ryan, you certainly can. You certainly can on a self hosted WordPress site. You can, I don't know why.

Years ago when I did a lot of PBN stuff, we had a lot of automated PBN's that we would do stuff like that with I don't typically like to do that, so much anymore. But you can do that, it's possible. Anybody wanna comment on any of the stuff? Pablo you want to jump in on some of these man?

Pablo: Well, because we do content creation so I'll back you, I'm not a big fan … Let's just say, probably not correct to say I'm a big fan of [inaudible 00:28:08] but of course the relevancy is critical, nowadays and just general content. Well, depending on the purpose to [surf 00:28:20] if you want to fill out the content, your blog or your network so that RSS will work. I guess the concern here is to be good content, it works for a while, so they mix in big chunk of content, but to build an authority, and Bradley, you said you don't build PBN's any longer, and of course I work with those who continually building PBN's. The advice here is to rank PBNs, the authority of the domain doesn't work any longer. To get the site authority, you need to rank your PBN and in order to rank your PBN, you can't really [pause 00:29:10] generate your content. So, that's the answer, so if you want to keep it alive, if you want to fill it in with the content. To maybe get more index, you can post general RSS, but if you want to build the site authority, get it rankings, that will not be enough.

Bradley: Yeah, again I don't like to do the whole automated posting stuff anymore for PBN's, especially tier one stuff, guys. I think it's really important if you're going to be doing that kind of stuff that it should be out beyond tier two or even tier three maybe, because to me I don't like that automated anything pointing anywhere near my money side anymore. I think that something that within the next … I can't predict this but, and we've been thinking this for years now to be honest with you, at some point that's going to become a really, really negative ranking factor.

It is such now, but they're still ways to get kind of around it. But I think it's days are numbered is my point. So I recommend that if you're going to be doing that kind of stuff, Ryan, that you stick with that for like, YouTube networks. If you're trying to add relevancy to YouTube networks, that's a powerful strategy for that because we don't have the issues that we do with self hosted sites. But if you're doing this kind of stuff to build relevancy to a money site, I would recommend that you keep that several tiers out.

Okay Columbia's up again. She says “I have an excellent prospect in a very high ticket tech industry. We're discussing PPC. –

Pablo: Hey Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Pablo: Sorry, just one second comment. Since you said that, you believe that it's the automated content have number days. So I, probably express opposite, the elevated content is the future of Internet content and -[crosstalk 00:31:05]

Bradley: Let me clarify then, what I meant was just republishing other people stuff.

Pablo: Okay. So I'm backed up, we probably shouldn't, and the way it works, especially the way of worked with the … It still works for local. And so many systems abuse it with the plug-in and cheap [talk-ins 00:31:23], just changing literally name of the cd and … That one will die, I'm surprised it still not. I don't know which part of the local algorithm still keep it alive, because it doesn't work anywhere but in local, and it's just number of days. That's, I agree. Limited time before the [inaudible 00:31:46]. There's something and local addition to make the content works differently than everywhere else.

Bradley: Yeah, but even so, I totally agree with you 'cause we've had people for years now say that for local sites and lead gen sites and such, that they just swap out the city names. They just duplicate the same damn site and I know that that works, I haven't done it though. For years, I haven't done that, because I've always expected at some point that to stop working. Like you just said Pablo, I'm really surprised it still works in their local algorithm.

Pablo: There are a few things that, like overdue to be banned. It's like, remember the law like the exact name domains. It still works but generally, there's some fraction that doesn't work but generally. But it was overdue every year there was a prediction. No longer exact name domains will stop working. When it stopped working, nobody was surprised. Everyone was kind of expecting it for a long time. That the local content, which was pretty much duplicate content, it's one of those. Everyone knows that it will stop working, and there will be no surprise by then, it will be just, you know what, all those thousands and thousands of pages, sites, they will be fixed in no time.

How Do You Implement PPC, SEO and Content Marketing For A High Ticket Tech Business Using Semantic Mastery Programs?

Bradley: Yep, totally agree. Okay cool. All right so let me get back to Columbia's question. She says “I have an excellent prospect in a very high ticket tech industry, we're discussing PPC SEO and content marketing, and will be using lots of networks and other resources from Semantic Mastery and Serp Space. I'll plus one that. What would be the best order of implementing the three areas of PPC, SEO and content marketing, given the resources I can access with Semantic Mastery and Serp Space, and what services should I include to get a highly visible result quickly for the client? “

My go to, Columbia, would be start off with PPC. Focus all your attention and energy on the PBC campaign for the first few weeks just to get it set up. You can get high visibility results quickly with Adwords. Plus that will give you data. We'll show you the keywords that you're getting the most traffic from, the most clicks from. You'll be able to start optimizing for conversions. Then once you have all that data, that the PPC campaign can provide you. You can start working on SEO and content marketing campaign using the keywords and the queries that were identified through Adwords.

The reason I say that is because forever and ever I never did any Adwords stuff, and I would just go in, and I would do market research and keyword research, and all that kind of stuff and I would think that I would know what the best converting keywords would be and all the other kind of crap. And I would start my SEO campaigns and content marketing, which is one and the same in my opinion now, SEO and content marketing and I would be targeting keywords that just didn't convert very well or just didn't really provide the traffic that I was looking for because people were looking for other keywords and other search queries. Until I started using Adwords, I didn't realize how much money I was leaving on the table by not identifying the proper keywords right up front. Adwords will give you that ability, to identify the keywords right up front. You'll know, because you'll be spending money on keywords and clicks, some of them will do a lot better than others. The 80/20 rule absolutely applies.

Where 80% of your traffic will come from 20% of your keywords, and in fact sometimes is more like 90/10. So my point is you don't want to be spending a whole bunch of time focusing on all these other keywords, except for content marketing, it makes sense to focus on long tail terms, but my point is start with where your high-volume traffic and high converting keywords are first and then you can start working your way down from there as far as going towards longer tail kind of stuff for marketing.

But if you build your foundation, you start with those keywords that you know are gonna give you the most traffic and gonna convert the best. Your best performing keywords in other words. You start with those and you focus your SEO attention on that and your content marketing on that, you're going to get the most bang for your buck, and you'll avoid spending time and energy, and money on keywords that aren't going to produce for you. So, again, I highly recommend you starting off with PPC, I've mentioned this many times on Hump Day Hangouts, guys, for most campaigns now, especially if I don't already have a good understanding of the industry, I don't even start with SEO anymore, unless I'm doing some spam stuff with like YouTube.

But for the most part, if I'm gonna go through the trouble of setting up a website or click funnels, funnel or something like that. I'm gonna set up an Adwords campaign to start with and then I'm gonna run a few hundred dollars in traffic through it first, before I start even developing my SEO campaign. And that's just so I know what data, I know where the real traffic is.

This Stuff Works
MALE: If I can add something, Bradley, I love this approach from Columbia, way to go Columbia, because you're approaching with all of the tools that you have, and I think we talked briefly about this on the last Mastermind, how you can position yourself from an SEO, or whatever, into a consultant. Into a traffic and business growth consultant. I think this is a great approach by Columbia, because he is saying I can use PPC, I can use SEO, I can use content marketing, you can use email marketing, you have all of these little tools, or large tools.

You have all of these tools to your disposal right now that you can use, right? To bring the client results. That's how you position yourself in a way that you don't have to choose either or, but you can use all of your tools in your arsenal that you have, so that you can bring results fast and then sustain those results of make them grow in time. That's how you get the big bucks, that's how you charge 10 times more than you're currently charging for your clients, because you have all of these tools.

The main point of everything that we are doing, Semantic Mastery and Serp Space, is that you have pretty much a one-stop shop, for all of these little, for all of these tools that you need to grow a business. Not just to get more traffic from Google, or not just to get more traffic from Facebook, or Adwords, but literally to grow a business. And this is how you do it, you go all and with all of your tools and you apply them as you see fit. I totally agree with Bradley, start with a PPC campaign and then you start developing at the same time, you start developing content marketing and SEO.

Because that's gonna kick, you know three or six months down the road. In the meantime you have all of these data that you can use in terms of conversions, in terms of keywords, in terms of product pricing, app sales, there's a bunch of things that you can offer and that's why I love this question. That's why I think that if you are struggling when it comes to approaching clients, if you're positioning yourself as an SEO, just know that you can go bigger, broader, and you can use all of these tools to actually bring more leads and more results.

Nowadays we approach, every time I approach a client, or every time we as a team, Semantic Mastery, approach a project. We say “Okay, we're going to start with this, and that, and that, and that” and we bring results that allow us to leverage all of these knowledge in the experience And that's exactly how you guys should be thinking if you want to grow your business over the next one to two years.

Bradley: Yeah, and last just part of that as far as like, if you start with PPC, or start identifying the keywords where the traffic is, that kind of stuff. Then you can start developing your content marketing and your SEO plan and that's pretty straightforward because that's outlined in the Battleplan, for example. Exactly what we would do for that, far as the steps. Obviously, it makes sense to first identify where the traffic is anyways before going through all that. And, again, that's why I had, for many years, just done it kind of backwards because I never wanted to learn Adwords, it was just something I didn't want to do. And I was always really able to get a lot of success from SEO anyways, without needing to learn it, but as SEO continues to become more and more complex. More and more ranking factors that we have to take into account, all of that, to me I don't want to spend a lot of energy and attention on something, unless I already know, it's going to be successful beforehand.

The only way I could know that now, without setting up a campaign and hoping for the best, if I just started with SEO, would be to start with PPC and just know, again, if you understand that you're going to throw a few hundred dollars in traffic at something up front, expect to be pissing that money away. I mean, essentially you're not because it's research, so you're just spending money on research. Right, that's the way I look at it, its R and D, it's research and development. So I don't mind spending some money up front, knowing that it's going to identify and make my job easier down the road.

What Is The Best Method To Add A Link To Google Maps To A Press Release Via Press Cable?

Okay, Greg's up, he says “Best method to add a link to Google maps to a press release via press cable?” Greg, I would say the same as any other press release service, you just link to the map. What I mean by that, you can use anchor text because it's a Google map, not a website remember. So you can, you can use the short URL, or the long URL, I typically just shrink it down in the short URL for the map, the Google map because it's just prettier and the other one is like dumb long with at signs, and all kinds of stuff in it.

So I usually just shrink it down to the short URL, but then you can do either an anchor text link, or you could do a naked URL, whatever you want. Just add the link. You can't embed it, I don't think any press release service that I know of, at least none that I tested will allow you to embed a map but you can link to it. Again, I don't hesitate to use anchor text links on those because it's a Google property.

Marco: If I can just add a, I'm gonna a little nugget in here for people. Make sure that if you're going to a map URL, that you are using the 301 version of the map. Google has several versions, some of them are 302s and they won't pass anything, you'll throttle it. Right there, if you use that link, but if you go in, I'm not going to tell you how you have to go figure it out for yourself, but if you find the 301 version, of the map. Shorten that and then you're good to go.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Or just grab the long URL and shorten it through the Google shortener. You can do that too. Same thing.

Marco: The thing is. The long URL is sometimes a 302.

Bradley: Oh, really?

Marco: It depends on which one you're grabbing.

Bradley: Right, okay. That's curious because I haven't, I don't look at those every time so that might be something I have to add into my checklist before doing it. That's a good point Marco, thank you. All right, keep moving, we only have a few questions left anyway so.

Would A Spun Press Release Converted Into A Video Plus Embedding It To A Post Cause A Duplicate Content Issue?

Quit this house says “Will this trigger a duplicate penalty? I have an article I want to spin and then convert it into a video, syndicate that video, then embed the video into to the article, then syndicate article.”

Look, duplicate penalties only occur on the same domain. So I don't know specifically what you're asking about, are you talking about syndicating that article to a bunch of different properties and that causing an issue? That's not the issue, the issue is when you have duplicate content on the same domain. So I don't know. Again, it's kind of hard, because I'm not sure where you are talking about using this. Where are you worried about a duplicate penalty? Are you worried about that from it being on other, the same article being syndicated on other properties? Because if so I wouldn't worry about that because that is essentially what the syndication Academy method is all about, syndicate.

Now remember you're supposed to give proper attribution to the original source, wherever it was originally published. If it's a spun article, as long as it's the same version, not like a different spun version on each different property, then you can cite the original source but if you spin it before it gets published on other locations to where it's a different version of the article then you don't to attribute or cite the source because it's a different article at that point.

I don't like to use spun content on anything anywhere near money sites, that's kind of what we are talking about earlier. With automated content as well. What I mean by automated is, again, I mean just republished stuff. Other than my own content from my own syndication network, does that make sense? So, again, I don't recommend if you're doing the spun stuff, if it's purely for SEO stuff, you like churn and burn, whatever, do whatever. But I'm saying, I always look at my … I try to always treat my websites as long-term assets and so that's something I don't like to do.

Obviously we'll use a lot of spun content and stuff many tiers out, but Marco's been seeing in the lab recently, Google's looking back several tiers now. So I'm even kind of concerned about doing a lot of that stuff, two, three, four tiers out. Anyways, I don't know if that was a really good answer to that question guys, but it's kind of hard because I'm not really sure what he's asking about here.

MALE: Yeah, I'm not sure either unless he's talking … If he's saying that the spun version of the article is going to be the video.

Bradley: Yeah.

MALE: If that's the case then no, if you're going to make it a video, why would it be a problem since it's on video. Google's not that sophisticated yet where it's reading video.

Pablo: This is how I do it. There's two, if it's case that of course is not a duplicate content, if it's the same content in the video.

Can You Provide Any Insight On A Low Authority Website That Randomly Started Ranking For A Big Phrase That Was Totally Unsuspected?

Bradley: Yep. Okay, cool, we're almost done. Skye says, and where almost at time too, so this is going to be good timing today. It says “Can you provide any insight on a low authority website that randomly started ranking for a big phrase that was totally unsuspected. The ranking help for a few months then dropped to page three or four for the past 90 days. Engagement signal CTR is the only thing I can think of, no back linking done was on the page and not much back linking has been done to the website, not much internal traffic going to that page, and no social signals to that page.” Yeah, that would be my first guess, Skye. I think that's a pretty logical assumption is to think that engagement slash CTR, click through rate, is the only thing.

This Stuff Works
I know we've been playing with some testing, I know Marco's seen it, I've seen it, and Roman from Serp Space, he's done a lot of testing and we've all seen the ability to rank on engagement signals alone and Google now, which is insane. Even for some highly trafficked terms too, wich is nuts. Now, again, the stick ability, the stick rate of that is such that, that's where that creates a problem right. If you get a bunch of engagement, unless it's sustained without traditional SEO, like the links in the stuff that we normally would do, that ranking can start to subside, it can start to drop. That's what I've noticed, but a lot of the times … And that's why, guys, we use CT spam tools, click through spam tools. By the way, we're working on a case study for that in the Mastermind to test various CT spam tools. Anyways we'll have more on that in the coming weeks because we got a test in-progress right now. But the whole point of that is to start to get those engagement signals to help that listing to rank, right?

To rise in the ranks, in which case you can start to back the artificial traffic off because it should be generating more natural traffic based upon its ranking position. The problem occurs when, if it's kind of like a trending term or something that's viral or hot at the moment. Those type of things, you can rank those on engagement signals alone because they get a lot of viral activity, but then when that cycle has passed or whatever, and it's no longer a hot term, the traffic declines, that's when you can start to see it drop. Unless you are sustaining it with additional CT's and engagement signals or doing traditional SEO stuff like backlinking to it and that kind of stuff, which can help it to stick.

At least that's been my experience, I've been playing a lot with, the last few weeks, and I know I've talked about this but with press releases. I notice a lot of that same kind of stuff applies with press releases. A press release will get published, various versions of the published press release, or different media sites that it's been published to will rank and that stuff is very fluid. It shifts around from day to day, which ones are top ranked and that kind of stuff.

What I found is by sending traffic, if you select one of them, and then you send traffic to it, and I'm even sending Fiverr traffic gigs to press releases right now, guys, again, We're going to be doing a whole bunch of training on press releases in the coming weeks. We'll probably create another course for Semantic Mastery, or mastery PR about it, based upon all the testing that I'm doing. But I'm even taking Fiverr gigs from traffic, or traffic gigs from Fiverr, excuse me and sending those to press releases and getting them to stick. I'm talking weeks later they're still ranked.

So, again, personally, based upon your question, Skye, or your comment, I would think that it would be click through rate and engagement signals but without obviously analyzing a little bit further, I couldn't tell. What do you guys think?

Pablo: I'll jump in. So [inaudible 00:49:55] internal structure, [inaudible 00:49:58] usually refer to the well thought architecture, but any internal link is in some way a structure. So, let's say, if you get a link, or again we're not seeing the site, but you might have a link from the high authority [inner page 00:50:13] and the page itself, let's say the homepage, it might [inaudible 00:50:18] for this term because the Google map now assessing the content.

But the page itself, the high authority page internally linked to other page that Google considers to be very valuable for the specific term and that might be another factor to what adds to the ranking of the page. Well, there are no external links built to the page. Although, I will also support that the engagement is extremely important nowadays.

Bradley: Yep. Quite a shift in how the algorithm works, guys, in just the past few months we've seen a lot of shifts. Different things that we can manipulate for ranking signals and it's in Google's attempt, as always, to try to reduce spam, but it's our job to figure out how to spam what they tell us can't be spanned. You know I mean? [crosstalk 00:51:19] You want to comment on that? Okay, he must be muted, I'm sorry, Pablo, were you going to say something?

Pablo: I was about to say there that the engagement and interactions, my view of this is Google is building links and will be building links, but how they view links is changed and evolved over time. Started with a simple link, then they were using anchor text as an indication what kind of type of link it is, then they moved into analyzing the content more and more, so they now can tell the context of the page, link in page and how relevant it is to decide is promoting, when they try to move a lot of link spam, they moved into the main authority.

This is where we see, the fact that like early PBN's kind of dominate the [menu 00:52:23] building. The next step, the current step is just evolution of how they treat links. They have engagement as a multiplier to the value of the link. So maybe view traffic is still kind of a way of traffic to your specific site, but it's engagement through all of the links. In the past you build 200, 300 links and depending on the main authority, every link will have value and will be combined value of link and profile.

We can do exactly the same now in terms of engagement and traffic. So the page that has the link to your site, get engagements, and very often it's not necessarily even click through to your site. Although click there is great, any interactions with the page containing the link become value multiplier to the link. When Google said that they were going to kill, they will stop penalizing PBN, any sites penalizing links. I think this is exactly what they meant. Since they shifted towards a measurement interactions with the page, they said we're going to ignore them in the real-time. How it is, no interactions with the page, no click through, and no activities on the site, no value. There's a spike in interactions, spike in activity, the link has large value. Time goes on, the page goes in archive, nobody visits the page. It just naturally losing the value.

Then there will be … If they continue, not if, they are moving to this direction because they have so much of the data from Chrome, from Google analytics, from android, from all over. It's just natural way knowing 80% of the links, and they'll be chasing to analyze every link for way so long. Now they're gonna be just [inaudible 00:54:30].

Bradley: Yeah, I totally agree. That's real interesting, like I said to see how it to evolving, guys. It's kind of fun, this cat and mouse game that we play. It's becoming even more tricky so to speak but –

Pablo: Bradley, I don't know if, since you mentioned the[inaudible 00:54:49] so we released a couple months ago, a couple weeks, two, three weeks ago. Our diversion of interaction, and activities in the [inaudible 00:55:01].

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, I saw you have your traffic tool now, Insider Rankwiz or whatever. Pablo, just so you know, the CT spam test that we're doing, is going to run in phases. We got the first phase running now. Once the winner has been identified from that, we are going to compare that against a few other tools and yours is already in queue to be one of the next tools we test.

Pablo: Because we have a variety of campaigns and the premise, the idea we built in our tool is not specifically sending traffic to specific page. That was working eight, ten years ago when the early CTR simulators were searching Google and clicking through, because Google will mostly rely on the activity … Way before RankBrain, Google would measure interactions all the specific to search results and CTR simulators more popular 80 years ago. The approach was all kind of the same, and the traffic end up on the same page through the one property, Google search and that's great.

Now when there are variations of different traffic sources it could be perceived maybe by literally sending traffic to your site, which is not what we put in the concept of our traffic simulator, as I said if you look at the traffic interaction with any of your banklinks, as your value multiplier, it means that you're not going to raise the value of the link by multiplying that many times, extending traffic. But the same as, compiled with that, if I could have several tools, links, and you can raise it by 10% the value of the link. The combined effect of the link and profile will grow tremendously, so we sent traffic because we have all the link building stuff, we send traffic, we have several campaigns including visit and click. So our concept is specifically sending interactions through everything that is linking to your site.

Speed Test For Responsive WP Theme Versus Responsive HTML Pages

Bradley: That's awesome. All right, we've got to wrap it up, guys. The last thing, let's see, Paul says “Hey Bradley, I've been running a test with between a responsive WordPress theme versus responsive HTML pages and I'm seeing a little boost with my campaigns. Also when I test page speed with Google page tester …” Which by the way, Paul, the Google page speed tester is Junk. Maybe try like GT metrics or something. Or what is the other one, Pingdom? Something like that to check page speed, I know the Google tester we had, Clint Butler, on one of our mastermind members do a guest presentation on one of our Mastermind webinars, I don't know, about a month and a half ago.

He's a savant when it comes to page speed stuff. He's awesome and he was talking about Google page speed tester being junk. Check that out, just check out GT metrics and stuff like that, it should help. Okay. All right, guys, we've got to wrap it up. It's five o'clock, there's no other webinars today. I think we're good until next week. Am I right? Do we have anything scheduled between now and next week?

Adam: Looking right now let's see what we got. Nope, we are good.

Bradley: Okay cool. All right, well, everybody enjoy the week and we'll see you all next week. Thanks Pablo for being here.

Pablo: Thanks, guys.

MALE: Bye everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 137

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 137 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: I got some, but … okay. All right, well, there we are. Hey everybody. We are live, only one minute late. We were scrambling; not gonna lie, but Bradley got everything sorted out so here we are, and this is Hump Day Hangouts episode 137. Today is the 21st of June, so we'll do our thing real quick and say, “Hi” to everybody, and then we will get started. So Chris, how's it going man?

Chris: Been good. In a heat wave here in Austria.

Adam: Yeah? What do you … What kind of temperatures are you dealing with?

Chris: 34 degrees celsius-

Adam: Yikes. That's like 90 something I think, right?

Chris: Yeah, 93 or so.

Adam: Yuck. All right. I'll pass. I'm living in luxury, man. It's like 75. This has been awesome. Hernan, how about yourself? You got like six feet of snow or something or what's going on down there?

Hernan: No, doesn't snow actually. It doesn't actually snow in Buenos Aires, so it's not even funny. You know?

Adam: Okay.

Hernan: Yeah, get the all humid cold, but it's not even fun to go out and … But anyways, yeah, I'm excited to be here. I'm excited for tomorrow's webinar for the Battleplan members so it's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome, awesome. Marco, how you doing man? It looks pretty nice there. I'm guessing the weather's probably pretty good. Maybe.

Bradley: Maybe he's muted.

Adam: Maybe not. All right. Well. I'm gonna go with the weather is probably pretty good but we'll fill that in later. So Bradley, how you doing man?

Bradley: Good. I'm glad that I got it fired up at the last minute, man. It was my Chrome cache was, I guess, clogged up I guess two gigabytes of cache is enough to slow down a browser.

Adam: Imagine that.

Bradley: So I had to shut everything down, run CCleaner and then start it back up and it took longer than I expected, but we're here, so better late than never.

Adam: Good deal. All right, well, just real quick, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for showing up to Hump Day Hangouts. We certainly appreciate it. You should definitely check out the Battleplan. I'll share that link shortly below and then, also if you haven't yet, for some reason, signed up for your free account at SERP Space, head over there. We got the Done-For-You services there and also a couple free tools with more coming, stuff like Mark Up and stuff like that.

And then, before we dive into stuff I just wanted to share this. This is like Adam's little book report minute. I've been taking my book reading up a notch. I'm trying to knock out a book like every week or two, and so this is “High Profit Prospecting.” Let's see; who's this by? Mark Hunter. So, good book so far. It's exactly what it sounds like. If you're someone who does outreach for customers, who, I'm guessing nearly everybody here should probably be doing that, I think it's a good read. The big one, it's on prospecting, obviously, and then attitude as well as getting into the specifics of how you can approach people, which is really good. I don't come from a sales background, so it's been a good refresher. You know, we always hear about, you know, “Okay, here's the ABC's of this,” but definitely good to go into that and get some more detail, so, pretty good read. I think it was like 10 bucks on Amazon, so if you're interested in that, you should check it out.

Bradley: Awesome. That's a really good recommendation. I haven't read that one yet, but I'm gonna add it to my list. I'm trying to do the same thing, Adam, is read about a book every two weeks or so, and I only got 30 minutes scheduled every day to read, but I'm trying to keep to that schedule so that I actually get it done, and I've just finished reading, for the second time, Bill Good's “Hot Prospects” book, so that one's probably gonna be a good one to follow up with so I appreciate you pointing that out.

Adam: Yeah, and I'll probably put something on the page, on the Semantic Mastery page if people are interested. If you guys are interested or if you have any questions or anything, just pop the question on this page if you're at the event and I'll answer that but, anyways, you guys have any announcements, anything we need to cover today?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Bradley: I think so.

Adam: All right, let's roll.

Bradley: All right, cool. Let's see, before I get into-

Marco: [inaudible 00:03:52] Before you get into that-

Bradley: I'm sorry.

Marco: For you guys dealing with the heat, I just want to show you something. I just want to show you something, man. Dig that motherfuckers, dig that. 75 degrees. Beautiful weather. Come on, man.

Bradley: Tropical climate.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:04:13] Why deal with the cold? I have a little waterfall in the background, just keeping me peaceful. While you guys [crosstalk 00:04:26]

Adam: I'm beginning to think Marco is subsidized by the government, you know, to boost [crosstalk 00:04:31]-

Marco: You know, right? Ed's trying to log in, man. He's using my login but … So if you see two Marcos, it's Ed.

Chris: Ed's cool.

Bradley: Ed is one of our newer Mastermind members. He's a real hustler. He's been out just crushing it and getting new clients. I mean, it's just amazing how much action that dude's taking, so, he's down there visiting Marco right now, and, if he can, he'll jump on.

Mini Case Study On Video Re-Indexing And Re-Ranking For Video Production Company Using Video Powerhouse

All right. So let's get to questions and stuff. There's something I do want to share in just a moment, though. Just very quickly, 'cause I want to show you guys something. Let me zoom in on all this first. All right, cool.

So this is something … You guys should be seeing my full screen, correct?

Adam: Yeah, I got your whole desktop.

Hernan: Yep.

Chris: Okay.

Bradley: I'm gonna zoom in on this a little bit. All right, this is from Pro Rank Tracker. This is a screenshot I just took yesterday of a local video that I had done for the video production company that I do a ton of work for. They had a client, or one of their customers had been paying for SEO services for their video for about 6 months and then they allowed their subscription to lapse or to expire, I guess, and so I unlisted the video, which was in the number one position for the six or eight months, whatever it was, that it was running before their subscription expired, and once it had expired, I just went through and unlisted the video, but it had been sitting at number one for, you know, six or eight months.

So, when I unlisted the video obviously it fell out of the index for a while, and it was probably, I don't know, three or four months had passed before they resubscribed to the service for whatever reason. I don't know why they went so long without renewing but, whatever. They contacted the video production company and renewed their Video Boost subscription. That's what they call it.

So I went in and just reset the video back to public instead of unlisted. However, it didn't just appear back in number one position, and I didn't expect it to. In fact, I even charged the company, the video production company, another setup fee, even though all I had to do was go in and unlist it. I mean, set it from unlisted to public, I still charged them the additional setup fee, which is a one-time fee for whenever I initially add a new video to a marketing campaign, and I told them, “It's been paused for the last few months, so I'm going to have to charge you an additional setup fee.” And they said, “That's fine.” Blah blah blah.

This Stuff Works
So anyways, I went in and I set it to public and I left it alone for a couple days. Well, first, of all, it didn't re-index right away, which was kind of weird, but then, when it did re-index, which, I had to kind of force it to re-index, which, again, I thought was a bit strange, but when it did, you can see where the two main keywords that I was tracking, which is basically one keyword, just a variation of it, 'cause that's how I do it with the video production company guys. I always, you know … Each video targets one keyword or a close variant so that it will rank for the close variants of that keyword, if that makes sense.

So I was only tracking two keywords for this one video but you can see when it did re-index, it re-indexed at position nine and position 12 or 13, respectively. What was crazy was … All I did … I put it … Sent this video through a video powerhouse blast. I did an embed blast of about 50 embeds. I did both primary and secondary embeds of only 50. And then I went in and I set up a YouTube AdWords campaign. An AdWords for video campaign using the video as the actual … So let me just explain how I did this, guys. I set up, inside of AdWords, I used in-stream video option, right? So it wasn't a video discovery ad, it was … I just took the same video that I wanted ranked, right? And I used that URL as the in-stream video ad URL, and then the landing page link that you click on from the in-stream ad, right? That's always the link that's in the bottom left corner of the video when an in-stream ad is playing, that … All I did was use that YouTube URL, the same video that was the ad itself. I used that URL as the landing page URL, right? So does that make sense? So essentially an in-stream ad that when clicked will take somebody to a YouTube video, and it's the same YouTube video.

But what I did was I set up geographic targeting, and I went into interest targeting using the in-market or ROI interest based targeting, which is called in-market targeting. Very very very powerful. I started playing with that a lot recently, and I'm getting really good results, especially for local.

So I set geo-targeting and I used interest-based targeting, the in-market, ROI targeting, and I went and I found that specific category, and this is a home services-type of business, and I selected that proper category, and I set my budget for one dollar per day, guys. One dollar per day. Now, if anybody's been following us for long, you know that, for like the video production companies, I only charge 100 dollars per month per video to rank or per keyword to rank for them. That's what I provide as wholesale services.

So I'm only making 100 bucks a month, but I set up a one dollar a day budget that has local IP's with people that are in-market. Let me explain what I mean by that. Google understands now, through browsing history, recent browsing history, what people are looking for. Like, if they're in-market, so to speak, for a particular product or service, then Google knows that because they've been searching buyer-type keywords, commercial intent keywords. Recently, it's in their recent browsing history, right? And so Google places those people into a bucket that means that they're highly likely or they're really engaged with that particular product or service or keyword at that moment, so it's highly likely that they're in the market. That's why it's called, “in-market,” for that product or service.

So it doesn't matter what videos they were going to look at. The people in that bucket, doesn't matter what videos they were going to look at on YouTube. My ad can play in front of any video. A silly cat video. It doesn't matter because they were … By Google's own … Google has categorized them as being in-market, so they're likely to convert.

So the reason I'm explaining this to you is because, with something so simple as setting up a one dollar a day ad and I got 10 clicks in the first day, or, no, I'm sorry. It was five clicks in the first day. I had 10 impressions, five clicks. So it was a 50% click-through rate on the video, which was interesting, but they're all from local IP's from people that are in-market, so that means it's highly relevant traffic.

It's relevant for two reasons: the geographic location, so local IP's essentially, which will count as a local IP click to that video, plus those were in-market visitors or viewers, right? Clickers, so to speak. YouTube users. They're in-market for that particular product or service category, anyways. So that means it's highly relevant.

Well Google and YouTube knows that. So now the traffic that … The engagement that I just purchased from Google AdWords to that video was locally relevant and topically relevant, and it shot it direct … The very next day, it had jumped from whatever this is, nine and 13 or whatever to the number one position, and in fact, one of these keywords is now triggering the great big video. I know you guys know what I'm talking about. It doesn't happen very often, but where the video is ranked number one and it's freaking huge and it takes up where the maps pack would normally be.

And all I did, guys, like I said was just set up a local … I ran a 50-embed blast through video powerhouse and then I set up a local YouTube ad, and this was just yesterday. You can see that … You know, yesterday is when I took this screenshot, and it jumped, basically in 48 hours from … It went from not being indexed to being indexed at like nine and 13 for that variant, for that keyword, to being number one and also triggering that great big large video in the SERP, which is amazing, and I just wanted to point that out, guys, 'cause I know we've talked about that here on Hump Day Hangouts a lot, about using AdWords, because you're buying engagement signals from … And you can specifically pinpoint where you want the engagement signals to come from, right?

You're paying Google for engagement signals. Instead of buying views or buying fake social signals, you can buy real, organic … I say they're organic because they're real. They're real click-throughs and real views from real people on real IP's and real devices, with real browsing histories in a real location, if that makes sense, and it just works like crazy.

So any of you guys that are doing video SEO stuff, especially local, guys, this should just be a standard operating procedure for any one of your local campaigns, is set up an ad, run the targeting like I just mentioned, geographic targeting, and even if you just do a dollar a day, just until you get it ranked and then pause your ad campaign, it'll help immensely.

So, brief little tutorial. Hopefully that was helpful. Anybody want to comment on that before we get any questions?

Chris: That was pretty amazing, Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah, thank you. Thank you. It's quite … I mean, it's just amazing and the fact that I saw that it triggered those big big videos, which is crazy, 'cause that's rare that that happens. The six or eight months that it was ranked number one before I had unlisted it, it was never a big video, so it had quite an effect.

Where Can You Get A Double Verified Gmail Accounts?

Okay, cool. Earl's up first. He says, “Can you suggest a place to get double-verified Gmail accounts? I cannot seem to find a source on Fiverr that I once used.”

Okay. I'm going to recommend a guy that we have been using for, I'd say over a year now, but one of our Mastermind members, Beau, who's also our moderator in the Syndication Academy Facebook group said that he's had terrible communication experience with this dude. So, anyways, I've never had any problems with him. He's always been really good about replacing any accounts, the communication's been good, so I'm going to point it out anyways, but I just want to mention, full disclosure, that one of our members is having issues with him, so just take that into account.

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This is the only guy I've used for phone verified accounts that's been any good for, like, well over a year, so I've just stuck with him. It's bulkpva.com.

Marco: Yeah, I'd-

Bradley: Go ahead.

Marco: I'd like to mention, too, that we ordered accounts and they were resold, and so-

Bradley: Okay, so don't use them is what you're saying.

Marco: No, I'm not saying, “Don't.” I'm saying that, when you get them, you have to change the phone number and the email, right? The email that you used to recover the password. Switch that up right away in all, whatever accounts that you order. Because they're a pain in the ass, which is why you should have a VA.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Because they did get resold and so it was a whole big mess, and so, you know, we talked to him and he just gets so many orders that he's swamped, and so I think it's more a case of him not paying attention to what he's doing, rather than being dishonest.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: But I wanna add that that happened to us.

Bradley: Well thanks. I appreciate that, because again, and that's why I wanted to fully disclose what Beau had mentioned, too because like I said, I've never had any issues with him, but in part, the reason that Marco just said that he thinks it's because he's getting too many damn orders. It's probably because I've recommended the dude quite a bit. He was extremely happy when I started recommending him because he was like … And maybe that's why I never have any issues with him, because he always takes care of me because I sent so much business to him.

But regardless, like I said, you know, be careful, Earl. That's the only guy I've used but apparently some people have been having issues recently, so there you go.

How Do You Handle Content Issues With A WordPress That Stop Syndicating To A Network?

Chris says, “I recently had WordPress take down one of my syndication channels without warning. Not exactly sure why. Maybe because some of the content that was being syndicated was short codes that did not translate well to the WordPress site, or maybe it was posting too often. Wondering the best way to handle this. Do I try rebuilding all the site posts that used to be on WordPress all at once or over time or another WordPress site, or just start syndicating with a new channel and not worry about getting the older stuff posted.”

Chris, that's gonna happen from time to time. No matter what you do, there are gonna be times where one of your Web 2s, even a branded property that you've taken well care of will sometimes still get terminated because of the automation that we're using. That sometimes will trigger it. There's just a number of reasons. It's rare … We go to great lengths through how we set up these accounts to prevent from that happening, but it does happen from time to time and there's nothing any of us can do about it, right? Except try to prevent it, right?

So Chris, yeah, we've even had some of ours terminated, and what you mentioned about a short code, so like if you were using a plugin or something on your main money site that inserted short codes into the post which would obviously, when the page was loaded, would convert into a script or an image or whatever it was that you needed it to be, when it gets syndicated, that's not going to occur because that plugin's not present on the WordPress.com site, if that makes sense.

So you've gotta be careful about that. We've had that same issue on a number of occasions with some of the stuff that we've syndicated from our own blog, causing problems. Like, you know, form code for example. Opt-in form code that just looks like raw code on the page because it doesn't translate 'cause it's not in the short code and the plugin's not present. That kind of stuff, so … You just gotta be wary of all of that.

Something that you can do if you are going to continue to use those kind of like short code plugins and things like that on your money site … Excuse me, I've got somebody calling in. Hold on a minute, let me hang up on them. Sorry guys. Give me a second. It's my Google Voice number. It's a spam call, I'm sure. Okay, so if you're gonna continue to use those kind of, um … It's still ringing. I'm going to have to just let it ring out.

If you're still going to use those kind of plugins, I would recommend that you just set your WordPress post to your RSS settings from “full post” to “summary.” Now I know for branded properties we like to recommend using the full post, the full text of the post, instead of just the summary, but if you're using short codes and things like that from your main money site that aren't going to syndicate and post into the blogs of your syndication network, then you may want to use the summary post instead. Okay? Or reconsider what you're posting within the content of your posts so that you don't have those issues. You could do that as well.

This Stuff Works

Is It Okay To Upload 30 Videos At Once In A YouTube Money Channel That Is Syndicated To A T-1 Network?

All right. Dave's up. He says, “I have a new tier one network for YouTube.” Uh, oh. It's, by the way, just so you know, do try … I would say start a new WordPress.com site and then just start syndicating posts from that point forward. The moment of origin forward, if that makes sense, because I wouldn't worry about going back and publishing all the already published posts on the new WordPress site. I wouldn't worry about that. It's too much manual work. If you've got a VA you can send it to, fine, but I wouldn't do it yourself. If it were me, I would just create a new account, attach it to the Network. Set up the automation that triggers and all that, and then I would just post from that point forward, okay?

Dave says, “I have a new tier one network for YouTube for a money channel. Is it a bad idea to upload the 30 videos at once? Will it cause problems with some of the new network properties getting that many videos all at once?”

Yeah, I wouldn't do that Dave. I would probably not do more than like five posts per day. [crosstalk 00:20:48] But you could do that, you know, five posts per day over six days. That's what I would do. And it's not … It's just because when you hit a … especially a new network with like a whole bunch of posts all at once like that, it's likely gonna be terminated. Okay? So you don't want to do that.

In fact, like we always mention, or it's mentioned in the training, you should post a few posts, as we call seed posts, and leave it sit for a few days. Post with no links, by the way, or only links to other blog posts on that same platform. So in other words, if it's a Blogger blog, you can link to another Blogger blog post from somebody else's Blogger blog because it's still the Blogger domain. I wouldn't have any external links, okay? It would be an internal link to another Blogger blog. Might not be yours, but somebody else's. That's the only type of link I would have, and then I'd let it sit for about seven days before starting to do any automated posting. And then when you do, ramp up slowly. Don't do thirty at once. Do something like maybe one or two a day for a couple of days, and then you can ramp it up from there. If you've only got thirty videos, I'd probably spread that over, you know, a week to 10 days, something like that. If it's a new network. If it's an established network, you can be a little bit more aggressive. All right.

Best Practices In Managing YouTube Channels If You Are Wholesaling Video Promotion Service

Columbia! She's been crushing it. She's been a go-getter. Columbia, I've been really proud of you, coming here every week and asking questions, and I seek that you're going with the agency model and it sounds like you're well on your way and I just wanted to say that that's awesome. We appreciate you being here and taking action. She says, “My goal is to promote videos in five to eight niches, with each niche having a YouTube channel and associated website to support videos from multiple cities, as I am wholesaling video promotion service.” Very good. She says, “If I set up five to eight YouTube channels with each having an associated website, could I put all of those on my main Google and YouTube account, or do I need to break them up under some separate persona Google accounts? Each associated websites would just have a tier one network, but I will likely want to stack two or more tier twos on some of or most of the YouTube channels.”

Which is, yeah, that's a good idea, Columbia. Is it a good idea to your main Google account? Okay, again, and this is the same advice that I always use, even though your problem … I can tell, Columbia, that you're gonna be taking care of these networks, and you're not gonna be doing anything real spammy, your setting up for long term, I still recommend that you would create each of the five to eight YouTube channels under a different persona account and then add yourself, Columbia Jones, your profile as a manager of all of them.

So after you've created the YouTube channel under a persona account, then you go in and you add yourself as a manager so that you can access, manage and maintain all of those channels from your main Google profile. It'll make it convenient and much easier to work on, but it will protect each one of those channels in the event, God forbid, that something were to happen to your account, Columbia, that you wouldn't use all of those assets, because even if your account got terminated, and again, that's worst case scenario, but if your account got terminated for some reason or another, all of those other channels would still be present and available because they weren't your … You, as the profile Columbia Jones, wasn't the channel owner. You were just a manager, if that makes sense. So I'd do that specifically for risk mitigation, right? Just set up different … create a different persona account. Set up the channel, and then make yourself the manager. And that way you protect yourself.

“So how many channels with each associated website can I run on my main Google account without running into problems, as I would be setting up five to eight niches all within a single month?” Again if you … You can manage up to 50 channels from any one profile. So, again, set them all up underneath different … So the channel owners are different personas. Different Google accounts. And then add yourself as a manager. And you can add as many channels, I mean, up to 50 channels as a manager to your account, Columbia, and that won't look weird at all because there's a lot of people out there that are, you know, digital marketing consultants, and they manage a lot of channels and stuff, so it's natural to do that. I wouldn't worry about it.

This Stuff Works
“If I do need to break these up and put them under separate Google accounts, would those persona Google accounts be a persona individual or persona business name?” It can be a persona business name. It doesn't matter because you're setting up a business channel. Does that make sense? So when you create a persona, you're gonna have a persona, a profile-based YouTube channel. That just comes associated with the Google account that you create, but when you go to set up a channel, you want to create a business channel. That's how you give it a brand name and all that other stuff. Okay? All right, great question by the way, Columbia.

What Is The Best Strategy To Use When Doing Lead Gen Business That Is On A Revenue Share Management?

Mohammed Makki says, “Hey guys, I've started doing lead-gen for a local home builder and I have a question. It's a revenue share agreement, so for every sale he makes, I get a good amount.” That's a great strategy, Mohammed; that's the same type of model that I prefer. “I trust this guy since I've worked with him before, but I still want to make sure that I know what's going on. Is an answering service like the one you use on Local Kingpin the best way to do this?”

It is, in my experience Mohammed. So the reason why I say that is because I get … Any call that goes … Okay, so, on the lead-gen sites that I have that … I'm just about on 90% of them. I have an answering service call center set up that I pay for. It's my expense, but the reason I do that is because any call that comes through, it first … It does several things. Number one: it screens the calls because anybody here that has been doing … Either has your own local business or you provide local business marketing services and you, so you manage stuff for clients, you already know that you get freaking hammered with solicitation calls all day long from every type of business out there. From credit card processing machines to marketing services to Yelp. Yelp'll call you 15 times a freaking week. It's ridiculous.

And so I use an answering service, number one: because it's an automated call screening system. Any solicitation call gets screened out by the answering service, so it doesn't bother the contractor or the service provider who's purchasing the leads with a bunch of spam calls. Right? So that's number one.

Number two: any lead that's a valid lead is going to answer the call screener's questions, which means once that lead is done, or once the call is over, that's a bona fide lead that I can go for. Now obviously I still get some solicitation leads that come through. In other words, they're people that answer some questions from the call screener so the lead still gets pushed through, but it's very clearly identified as such when it goes through. So what happens is, with AnswerConnect, that's the service I use, by the way. Answerconnect.com. I've been using them for about five years. Great service.

Anyways, I get an email copy of every lead call that comes through, and then it also gets emailed and texted to the service provider, and so again, I like to use it because it's a call screening system. I have a record of everything. I've got an email and a text record, plus AnswerConnect keeps records of everything as well. And so, for me, that's how I validate everything.

Now, if somebody submits a web form, a contact form, you know, contact request form, on a lead-gen page instead of calling, then I get a copy of the email that also gets sent to the service provider, and now I'm using Zapier, I don't know the proper way to pronounce it, but I'm using Zapier to send an SMS text alert, it connects with Twilio, but it'll basically monitors a Gmail address and every time a new lead comes in from that lead-gen funnel, it triggers Zapier to send a text message via Twilio to the contractor notifying him that a new lead had come in and to check his email for the lead data. And that's only for contract request form submissions, if that makes sense. Phone calls go through AnswerConnect.

Hernan: Mm. May I?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Go ahead.

Hernan: May I add something, Bradley? I think that this really valuable and you first told me about AnswerConnect, back in the day. I think it was two years ago, but I think that you're adding a lot of value to the process, right? Because if you can sell a qualified lead … Because, here's the deal: you can sell that lead to one contractor for example, or to one client. That would be like an exclusive lead. Or you can get it qualified and sell it to multiple contractors or to multiple business, right? You will need to be really clear that that lead will be, you know, sold to many, so that … The value of that lead usually decreases. You know, if it's qualified plus exclusive lead, you can charge premium for that because they're going through … It's not completely automated. They are going through some kind of interaction with a person, right? So I think that adds a lot of value and it will solve a lot of problems in terms of tracking and in terms of qualifying the leads. Again, because, you know, you want to send a contractor the best possible leads, you know?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: So I think that adds a lot of value. It's a little bit more expensive to run it that way, but I think it's sort of worth it because, again, you can charge a premium for your leads because they are coming through a verified source, right? They are going through human interaction first, and then they are going to be pushed through the contractor.

That doesn't mean that the contractor doesn't have to … or your client, they will have to act fast because that lead is warm [inaudible 00:30:56]. Right? They're hot. They've gone through one interaction. They are going through another. So they're willing to the purchase process. That adds something that you can 100% outsource. It's a little bit more expensive but this is kind of … The little things that add a lot of value to your business and will make those businesses stick with you for a longer time than any other lead generation company that does this massively and all they're doing are pushing calls. Does that make sense?

Bradley: Yeah. And the other part of that is, you know, by providing the answering service, we're doing the service provider a favor, too because the calls are automatically screened and it prevents them wasting time and energy on answering the phone for spam calls or solicitation calls, and that's a huge selling benefit for contractors or for service providers. Again, mostly for me it's contractors so …

But, and like Hernan said, I also, you know, if you're going to sell exclu- … I promote my services as exclusivity of leads. It's rare that I will ever sell a lead to more than one service provider. It does happen from time to time, but it's usually rare and it's usually because there's a specific reason for it, so I always just charge more per lead if I'm selling on a per-lead basis, or if it's a revenue share, like what you're talking about, Mohammed, then it's an exclusive lead anyways. That's just a given.

Is It Normal For Keyword Lists From Google Adwords To Have Names Of Different Cities?

The last part of your question, “Is it normal for keyword lists from AdWords to have names of different cities? Despite my living in Alberta, Canada, a large portion of my AdWords list contains American cities and states.” Yeah, that's because the vast majority of search traffic is coming from Google U.S., but just, Mohammed, what you can do is … This isn't an AdWords tutorial, guys, I'm certainly not going to log in to my AdWords dashboard to show you this, but Mohammed, what you can do is make sure that you set your advanced location targeting or advanced location options to where you are only … That only include people that are in your target location, not that are in or show interest in. That's number one. So do that number one.

Number two is set an exclusion list. That's something else you can do. Again, I can't go into it and show it to you here, but you can set an exclusion list and actually specifically exclude all 50, or the United States for example. And if you set that as your exclusion list, then people that are searching, even if they're in your target location, so let's say Alberta, Canada, but they search for, let's say, you know, “Remodeling company New York City.” Then if you have New York or all of the United States in your exclusion list, then it will prevent the ad from showing to them, even if they're in your Alberta Canada and they're searching for one of your keywords, which might be, you know, “Remodeling contractor,” or, you know, “Home builder,” or whatever it is that your keyword is. It'll prevent it from showing to them because they're showing an interest in a location that's on your exclusion list, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works

How To Test A New YouTube Syndication Network?

That's also really important for call-only ads, guys, that you set your exclusion list to. All right. All right. So Greg's up. He says, “Hi. Wondering really how to test a new YouTube syndication network. How do we download a video from YouTube to test our new YouTube syndication network?” Well, you can download it. Use Firefox and use something like Video DownloadHelper extension or something like that. There's a ton of them, guys. They're a dime a dozen. Just go search, “Firefox YouTube download extension” or something like that and just pick one. The one that I use is Video DownloadHelper. Been using it for years and you can view and just about any video, in the Firefox browser when you have that extension, and then you can just click the extension itself and download the video. You can do that, but why would … You don't even need to do that, Greg.

What I would suggest doing is setting up either a like trigger applet or setting up a subscription trigger applet. So, and then publicly subscribe to another channel or something that you can upload a video … What I'm saying is you don't need to download … In fact, for what you're specifically asking, I would say just set up a like trigger applet and just go like one of the videos on one of your other channels or at least, if you don't have a video in that specific niche that's your own video, then just go like somebody else's video that's in that niche so it'll help to theme your network, too, because I see what you're saying about … “Once it's tested, do we need to go into network properties and remove the syndicated video?” Well, if it's a thematically relevant video, right? If it's themed, if it's relevant, then there's really on reason to go in and do that and delete the post from the network. My point is: set up a like recipe and just go like a video, whether it's yours or somebody else's, preferably one that's gonna be relevant to what the network's about so that you don't have to go in and delete it later. And that's how you can test it. Okay?

Does Using Aged Or Expired Web2.0 Accounts On The Persona Rings Would Help Boost Rankings? 

Okay, Alexander, he comes every week now and asks questions as well, so Alexander: What's up buddy? He says, “Hi guys. It's good to be here again. Let's get down to business. I'll do my first video gig for a client.” Sweet. “He said he'd pay me to set up … set him … to set up to him but not enough money so I could make another one for me and use to rank videos as a service.” Okay. “Does using aged/expired Web 2.0 accounts in the persona rings would help boost rankings or will be worse because we have some random anchor text from referring domains theme?”

No, aged Web 2.0s will certainly help. I mean, look, if you're doing it specifically for SEO purposes, then yes, using aged Web 2.0s will help. There's no doubt. I've seen some really strong Tumblrs that can do some really amazing things with some strong Tumblrs and there's a million Tumblr scrapers out there now, guys. Shit, you can go to Fiverr and like SEOClerks and those different types of services and buy Tumblrs now, so it's simple to do, and yeah, those work. For purely SEO purposes? You can absolutely do that.

Now, for branding purposes, I recommend that you set up your own with the branded username. But again, for purely SEO purposes, expired Web 2.0s are certainly going to help. Okay? “Should I add some RSS feeds to the endpoint accounts/accounts that don't trigger others so that way I get more related content to build their theme/topical relevance?” You can. That's what, like out at tier two and stuff like that, if that's what you're doing, and you said this was a video gig, so chances are they're … You've got multi-tiered networks anyways, then yeah, absolutely you can, guys.

That's the thing: if you guys are … I mean, even for YouTube, but especially for blogs … But here's the thing, guys, if you've got, let's say a two tier network for YouTube, and remember YouTube, we don't have to worry about footprint issues or anything else. My point is if you're uploading videos but you're not staying consistent and you're not uploading a lot of videos, but you want to keep increasing the power of the network, then yeah, set up some related content triggers on the tier two networks, even for YouTube networks, guys, because you can start feeding relevant content into those secondary networks.

This Stuff Works
I don't do it to the branded networks. I never do it to the branded networks, but on the tier two networks, or persona-based networks, they can be tier one persona-based networks tied to your YouTube channel, right? But even for those, yeah, it makes absolute sense to use related content feeds to add additional content to those networks because it'll help to increase the relevancy and it will … Again, instead of all the content just coming from one source, which would be your YouTube channel, you start to make it more natural because it's starting to curate, it's essentially what you're doing, right? Other people's content. Related content. So absolutely you can do that. I recommend doing that, in fact, on tier two stuff.

Okay, “Or is there a way to do it even for lower tier feeder rings, uh, a way to send content to tier one that would not be syndicated again on the other tiers.” No, I wouldn't do that. Again, I wouldn't … If it's persona-based tier one network you can add content into there and that'll take care of the second tier networks because you can set the trigger up on tier one, but if you're doing branded tier one, then on the … Then I would set the related content triggers up on tier two because I don't like to feed other people's content into branded tier ones, if that makes sense. Persona-based is fine. Branded, no.

What Are Some Good Link Building Strategies For Persona Accounts?

“If you can, would like to hear more about backlinking strategies to those kind of persona accounts. Thanks guys.” Backlinking strategies is just contextual links to those properties. If it's out at tier two, you can be even more aggressive, more spammy. Generally, what we like to do is contextual at tier ones to the network properties. Typically on domains that have, not the pages … We've had some issues with people saying, “I just got our link report and the PA is one on every link page that was created.” Well, that's what happens when you create a new page online; it is a PA of one. Period. It doesn't start with anything higher than one.

And so, anyways, my point is that you … We try to use domains with higher decent metrics, relatively speaking, right? Compared to all the other spam sites out there, and then set contextual links, we try not to hammer our network properties, anywhere between 50 to 125 contextual links per property, and then we throw spam behind those. Okay?

Are You Using RSS Masher And Rankwyz For Related Content Feeds?

Adam: Real quick, Bradley to … Alexander was asking if, for the related content feeds, what tool would you recommend? RSS Masher or Rank Whizz or something else?

Bradley: Uh, yes. Any one of those. You know, it really doesn't matter. Rank Feeder, which is Lisa Allen's tool, it's a great tool, that's more of an SEO tool, which is great, it's very very powerful. It works really well. It basically is running on the principle of co-citation and it works really really well. RSS Masher, which is Damon Nelson's product, that's also good. That's more of a … There are some SEO benefits that you can do with that, but it's more of a, in my opinion, more of a traffic tool than it is just an SEO tool. I think Rank Feeder is very specifically an SEO tool and RSS Masher has a little bit … It's not as good for SEO but it has other functionalities that make it better for other things, if that makes sense. You have to figure out what your objective is and select the correct product based upon that. Okay?

Okay, cool. You think that answered that? Hopefully.

Adam: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Okay. All right. Also, I don't know, let's see. Alexander, if you're in the SEO academy or syndication academy, excuse me, the last update webinar we did, I showed … I think it was the last update webinar. I showed how to use Zapier or Zapier, whatever, for creating your own custom RSS feeds and it's awesome because you can basically code your own stuff. Like literally, you can create your own RSS feed in Zapier now. Like, your own custom feed with different content sources. You can splice. You can mash. You can add links into every single feed item. You can add citation in every feed item. All that was covered in the most recent update webinar, so go back and watch it. Marco, were you gonna say something?

Marco: Nah.

Are You Using Your YouTube Channel For Putting Up Client Videos And Ranking Them And Doing The In-Market Ads Or Do You Use Your Own YouTube Channel?

Bradley: Okay. Don's up. What's up, Don? He says, “For full on SEO clients, not just video ranking clients, are using your YouTube channel for putting up client videos and ranking them or doing it in-market ads? And doing the in-market ads? Or do you use your own YouTube channel?” So are you using your YouTube channel for putting up client videos and ranking them and doing the in-market ads or do you use your own YouTube channel? I think that was it. That was the department of redundancy department.

Yes, I'm still using my own channel. Now, listen, what I'll do is I will take … When a client has a video, or if I have a video made for a client, which happens a lot, then I will upload that video to their channel, but then I'll also upload it to my channel because my channel is the one that has all of the SEO all the networks. It's got the authority, the relevancy, all that kind of stuff. Typically, because, again, I've already … Most of my con- my … Unless it's a client that I don't have a network built for, like that's in an industry that I have nothing for, in which case I'll just do it on their channel because I'm not, like … But that's why I try to stick with just clients or lead-gen assets that are in this categories that I've already built the infrastructure for, if that makes sense.

I don't like to take … I did just take on a new client three or four … Nah, I guess it's been about five weeks now because I got the first subscription payment from them. So it's been about five weeks and they're preschool. I've never done any preschool marketing but it was a client referral from one of my best clients that I've had for five years so that's why I took the job, and so I don't have a network for them, if that makes sense. So, basically … And I've already done a couple videos for them but I put it on their channel. Because, again, I don't have a network built for preschools and I don't plan on building one, either.

So, my point is, I use my network where it fits for the SEO part of it, and then yes, I'll just use, because I'm trying to rank the video through my channel and my network, then that's the same video that I will use in the YouTube ad, if I'm setting up the local clicks campaign, which is essentially what I'm doing.

But again, I can still upload the video to their channel as well. That way they feel all nice and warm and fuzzy that their video is on their channel, but all the benefit of that video is coming from my channel because that's the one that's ranked and providing the clicks and the leads and the exposure and all that kind of stuff. All right?

Adam: Just real quick. I'm having a conversation with somebody on a YouTube channel. I know some people get lost there and go over to YouTube channel instead of the Google event and check and make sure everyone's able to get to the event page, but I see that you're commenting on this page, too, but sorry, we don't have time to call everyone out by name and ask them to leave their comment, so. If anyone else is watching this and is confused, the way we do it is you just come to this page, write your questions on the event page right here, and, you know, we do first come first served, so sometimes we don't get to all the questions, but that's the way it is.

Bradley: This is pretty cool. Thank you, Paul. Paul says, “I use this guy for Google and YouTube accounts, haven't had any problems and Is very reasonable.” Livemono … I don't know what the hell that says, but he's on Skype. I assuming that's his Skype username.

Adam: Yeah, it must be.

Bradley: I'm not sure what the live colon means, but-

Adam: That might be part of his name. I know that you can use periods and other things as part of your Skype name, so that might be it.

Bradley: That's pretty cool. I'm actually going to put that in a Notepad file 'cause I might reach out and I'll say, “Hey, you want some business buddy? ‘Cause this other dude, like we blew his business up, man, because we sent him so much damn work and now he can't keep up with it and its quality starting to slip.” So maybe I'll reach out to this dude. See if he's interested in some additional work. Thanks, Paul.

Okay. EntrepreN8 Consulting. “Are we able to join the group with video?” I'm not sure what you mean.

Adam: Yeah, don't worry. I answered him.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Yeah, Adam, if you want to … Yeah, go ahead. We've still got about ten minutes.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah, I was going to say. Paul, I think, is one of the people who might be able to join us, so I just wanted to let everyone know that we're looking at some possibilities for a Semantic Mastery meet-up in the Portland area. Portland, Oregon in September. So we're going to be having some more information about that. If you're within, you know, a few hours of there and you'd be interested in that, stay tuned. We'll have some more information on that as far as where we can meet up but we'd like to do a … You know, it'd be a … I don't know. We haven't even decided the details. A few hours, get together, talk SEO, talk marketing, talk shop. I guarantee you, have a beer or two, and have a good time, so we'll be having some more information about that soon.

Bradley: Yeah, it's not gonna be like … We're not hosting a live event type thing, guys. It's gonna be literally a meet-up, like a casual get-together. If anybody wants to come out and see and hang out with us and have a few drinks and just talk marketing, and really it's more about networking. It's not like we're gonna just have some training session. It's not like that at all. It's about networking. Rubbing elbows. Meet-and-greet. That kind of stuff, and obviously we'll be talking shop. There's no doubt. But it's gonna be … And it's … It's just gonna be a way we're gonna start trying to do that.

At least, we're planning on wanting to do that a couple times a year, so, in various parts of the country, so. In the U.S., at least, as far as we know. I don't like to travel. All right, cool. [crosstalk 00:48:33]

Adam: Also, real quick. Sorry, real quick. I was gonna say Alexander, are you asking a question about the webinar and Zapier? If you are, before we hop off, say something.

Chris: Can I get one of those in my webpage? [inaudible 00:48:44]

Do You Have Already Get Into The Limit Of Playlists On A YouTube Channel?

Bradley: All right. Alexander says, “You guys have already get into the limit of playlists on a channel because if I want to create one playlist for each focused keyword on a city … I'll end up with a …” Yeah, no, I don't … I mean, I don't do that. Look, I don't create play … Like, Bill Cousins, he's got a great software, Rocket Video Ranker or whatever. He's got a playlist option in there that will create a single playlist for each keyword as well. I don't do that. To me, that is just way too much overkill, and if …

Honestly, I just always use playlists as like a container. It's like a silo. That's it. So I try to go broad, so broader type keywords, more top of funnel type keywords with a playlist and then I put all of the supporting keywords, longer-tail stuff within that playlist, if that makes sense.

I don't know if there's a limit to how many videos you can put in a playlist or how many playlists you can have in a channel. I don't know that because, again, I don't use them like that, so I've never played with that. All right? That's just too much work in my opinion.

“The other idea is to get just one playlist per city and inside it work one main keyword plus internal link where is for other important keywords.” Yeah, I mean again, I would recommend doing, you know, it depends on how you're gonna categorize or silo out your channel, right? You can do a city playlist and that is … And remember, you can have a video in more than one playlist, guys.

So let's say that you are providing marketing services in Atlanta, Georgia, and … Well, let's say in all of Georgia, for example, and Atlanta is one of the cities, so and, let's say that you work with plumbers, electricians, and HVAC contractors. Let's just say that those are the three types of businesses that you work with. I recommend you work with one and one only, but let's just say three. Then you could have an Atlanta business playlist that has all three of those business types in it because the common denominator, the common theme is they're all Atlanta-based businesses. Then you could have an electrician silo or playlist, and all electrician videos go in there. One for plumbers, one for HVAC, right? So you could do that, and then again, you could have the electrician playlist, for example, you could have Atlanta, and, what, Savannah is another city in Georgia because the common denominator there is they're all electrician videos. Right? So you could have electrician videos from different cities in that playlist, if that makes sense.

So the point is that you can have a video in more than one playlist. The idea is to keep the category or the theme relevant throughout. Does that make sense? So that, again … I wouldn't … You can have multiple playlists and there's a reason for using multiple playlists, so that you can increase relevancy across different keywords or across different geographic locations as needed. All right?

Let's see. Are we almost done? “Bradley, where's the link to the webinar about … Oh man, awesome. Zapier. Thanks.” Yeah, that's the last update webinar we did in syndication academy. And for whatever reason it wasn't posted in the members area after we did it and I just posted it a couple days ago, maybe it was Friday of last week. So it is in the members area now in the update section.

“Hundreds of accounts … ” Thanks, Paul. We appreciate that. Let's see.

Fuck you, Wayne. That's awesome. Yeah, “Tell me where to get access to … The IF-?” Uh, yeah. That's the syndication academy. The member's area, so it should be members.syndication.academy. That's the login screen. All right?

This Stuff Works
Adam: And real quick Bradley, just, since we're out of questions on this page and we've got a couple minutes. Over on the live chat on the YouTube side of things, somebody was asking, are we the ones who said to use the Network Empire Silo Plugin?

Bradley: Yes. I mentioned it.

Adam: Okay.

Bradley: Somebody asked about it and I mentioned it.

Adam: Cool. So you still use it?

Bradley: Yeah, I mean … I'm not building WordPress sites that much anymore. Very rare. Usually now when I build a WordPress site it's only for the blog and that's it because I'm using ClickFunnels now as my website builder for just about everything.

Adam: Gotcha.

Bradley: However, I'm about to start a project that I am gonna need to build a silos, and so, it … Just so you guys know, on all the sites that I have that are existing sites that have been siloed for the last four years, I've been using that plugin, yes. It was originally called the DWS Silo Builder.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Bradley: I don't know what it's called now. It's a very simple plugin. As far as I know, it's free. It used to be free. That's what I've used. Now, again, if I'm going to silo out another site … I don't even know what the other options are now because I've just never used anything other than that. So.

Adam: Cool.

Bradley: Anything else?

Adam: Think we're good. Uh, last call. We've got a couple minutes here. I think … That's about it. Anybody got any more announcements or anything else coming up? Let me check our calendar real quick before we hop off. Nope. Hernan mentioned it. The Battleplan buyers update webinar. I'll pop a link in if you want to grab the Battleplan. I would suggest you do that. We'll have the update webinar tomorrow, and then we'll have some news going out about good webinar with Keith Mallinson on Monday. So we've got some good stuff coming just in the next week.

Bradley: Yeah, I won't be here next week, guys, 'cause I'm going on vacation. So I might pop in, depending on what's going on. Looks like my video's all choppy. It's weird. Anyways, I won't be here next week but it looks like the rest of the team has got it covered, so. Marco's going to be rubbing his weather in everybody's faces as usual.

Marco: Of course I am. Why else would I live in Costa Rica in paradise if I couldn't rub the weather in your face?

Bradley: That's right. All right guys. Well everybody, have a good day. Let's see. We have a webinar tomorrow, don't we?

Adam: Correct, we-

Bradley: A Battleplan webinar.

Adam: Correct, correct. Yup.

Bradley: That's right. Okay. So we'll see a lot of you on that. Otherwise, we'll see everybody next week. Thanks everyone.

Adam: Bye everybody!

Hernan: Thanks! [crosstalk 00:54:55]

Chris: Bye everyone.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 133

By April


Click on the video above to watch Episode 133 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at http://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Bradley: [crosstalk 00:00:03].

Adam: Hey, all right. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, this is episode 133, the episode with Adam and Bradley, and where Adam is working on being more expressive using his hands and making more movements instead of being here like twisting in my seat, I was told I do that a lot.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Anyways. It's good to be here, and despite two of us, we do have someone else coming on, we'll introduce, shortly. Then, I think the rest of the gang may show up, here as we get going. Everyone is pretty busy right now, so we're just going to go ahead and get started. As far as announcements go, I just want to remind people, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, please check out the Syndication Academy, I'll put the link if you're watching this on YouTube or if you're watching this live, check it out. All right?

It's a great place to get started with us, besides Hump Day Hangouts, although we highly recommend if you can come by ask us questions, you know, these are live every week, and you can catch the replay if you're not able to make it. Also, if you have not, yet, create your free account over at SerpSpace, all right, that's where all of the done for you services are, you can find, so check those out. We got a bunch more coming out, too, along with, I'm trying to think of the newest one, it's going to be a YouTube accounts, kind of done for you, we're still working on exactly how that's going to come out, but you can check that out and then another one that just came out, what was it? Indexing, and citations.

Bradley: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: Citations live, this is bad, I've got so many things going on-

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:01:24], citations is live, yet.

Adam: All right.

Bradley: It's damn near it, if it's not already, because I've seen it in the dashboard in the development server and all that.

Adam: Right. I'll quit rambling, because the secret guest is going to be Roman, who is one of our partners on SerpSpace, so he can talk about this a little bit more. We're doing a lot of, well, that's him right there, it says Hernan, but it's actually-

Bradley: Yeah. He's playing Hernan's part today.

Adam: Incognito. Then, real quick, too, one more thing is we're going to be sending out some information about syndication networks, and we had a webinar this past Monday where we had a lot of information about the Syndication Academy, as well as syndication networks. Part of that is because hearing from other people, who have ordered services elsewhere, we know there's other people that make syndication type networks and some of them are okay, and others are really not so good, so we've heard back from some people, like, hey, I bought this network, can you guys fix it? It's like, well, probably not.

Bradley: No.

Adam: It would be expensive to fix it, then it would be to just do it. So, we'll be sending out some information just doing some comparisons and then, you know, why you would want to use this service. We get that question a lot. Like, hey you guys charge more, why? So, diving into that, because we get that question and I think it's a valid question and I understand, if I saw that, and was like, wow, why do you guys charge 10 bucks more? What's up with that? Answering some of those questions, and then there might be a special opportunity with that. We'll leave it at that, for now. Roman, can you hear me?

Roman Barnes: Yes, I can. Can you hear me?

This Stuff Works
Adam: Ew. Yeah. Your audio is awesome.

Bradley: Still, no camera, though. Right?

Roman Barnes: No. I need to go get a camera.

Adam: Got you. All right. Yeah. Everybody, this is Roman and Roman I'm not going to butcher your last name, you want to introduce yourself?

Roman Barnes: Yeah. My name is Roman Barnes. Not too bad to ruin my-

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:03:16].

Adam: Actually don't ask, I was thinking-

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:03:17].

Adam: Don't ask. I was thinking about your email address. I got confused for a minute and I was thinking that was your last name. Yeah. I'm out there. Anyways. Yeah. I mean, right before you hopped on we were talking about what's coming up at SerpSpace, how we had the indexing come out. There's some cool stuff like the done for you YouTube channels. Then, I even got confused, myself, as far as what has most recently come out since we had so much rolling out that you guys have been working on. If you don't mind if you can kind of do it off the top of your head, what's the latest two or three things that have come out?

Roman Barnes: The two things that we're working on/pushing out kind of at the same time, one of them is something called TAS, or traffic authority stacking, it's based on Jimmy Kelly's Domain Authority Stacking. It's the 2.0 version that everybody was waiting for that never happened through Network Empire. Storm alerts. Outside of that, also, we have citations coming out and that should be very shortly.

Adam: Nice. That's right. Yeah. For some reason I thought they've gone live, and then I was like, wait a second, maybe not. All right. Cool. All right. Again, hopefully we'll be having you on these Hump Day Hangouts more often, so something I'll just say to everyone who is watching this now, if you guys have questions about SerpSpace, I know from time to time we get them. By all means, pop those in here and we're going to try to be hooking up with Roman here, and bringing them on Hump Day Hangouts, so I mean he can answer all sorts of SEO questions, but obviously he's going to be kind of the go to for SerpSpace stuff, so we can give you some more in depth answers.

Bradley: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: One thing, before we get started, I wanted to say we sent out an email, but if you haven't heard about it, the Video Link Vortex webinar is tomorrow. That's a free webinar. I'm going to pop the link on here. Bradley, did you, are you going to be involved in that?

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Okay. Cool.

Bradley: I'll be there.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: I'll be there with my buddy Bill, and Lem Moore, those guys are awesome. We always have a great time when we get together on webinars. It will be fun. We'll have a good time, so guys, come check it out. He's got another application that kind of, it's kind of like a one, two punch with the Rocket Video Ranker, or the Tube Authority Rocket, whatever you want to call it. We promoted that with Bill a few weeks ago, and I did a case study, and Video Link Vortex kind of is like the next step, it can do, like automate YouTube silo builds, and it can do silos within, so in other words it's like a playlist thing. It's awesome.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Nice.

Bradley: It can do it from within the same channel. It can do it within, you can create silos using other channels, as well. It's insane.

Adam: That's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. It creates like video link wheels and all kinds of stuff. It's a really cool application that would work really well with the other app, too. Anyways, that's what that's about. Come check it out tomorrow, guys. There will be a replay, so if anybody asks, because I know we get that every time, so there will be a replay, don't worry about it if you cannot make it live, we'll send out the replay. Okay? By the way, Roman, while I got you on, real quick, did you say the super web 2.0's are available, now, or they're coming out?

Roman Barnes: Not, yet.

Bradley: Okay.

Roman Barnes: We still have a big piece to finish for that.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:06:31].

Bradley: Dude, I was logging into SerpSpace when you were saying that, I was like, no shit, they're ready? That's awesome.

Roman Barnes: Okay. Cool.

Adam: All right. Yeah. I guess, that's it. That's all I've got for announcements. You guys got anything else? Any SerpSpace news coming up, Roman, or anything people should know about?

Roman Barnes: Not too much. Once the citations are live, we're going to be good to go on those for the desks, task type of stuff, that we haven't pushed live now on the site. We can take a couple of orders, but we cannot handle heavy volume, yet, until we get more people trained on it.

Adam: Yeah.

Roman Barnes: It's live, but-

Adam: Awesome.

Roman Barnes: Yeah. Limited.

Adam: Cool. All right. Awesome. Let's get into it.

Bradley: Cool. All right. I'm going to grab the screen, and bear with me, I'll drop out for a minute … Can you guys hear me?

Adam: Yes, I can.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. All right. Ed [inaudible 00:07:34] up, he is a newer Mastermind member, and he is a hustler like no one I've, I mean, like it's rare to find people that hustle as much as Ed does, so Ed, again, welcome and keep doing what you're doing, dude. You're going to crush it, there's no doubt.

Short Tutorial On How To Use Live Rank Sniper

Ed says, “Any way to get a short tutorial step by step on how to use Live Rank Sniper? I thought I had it to create videos, to even use it. Thanks, Ed [inaudible 00:07:56].” No. Ed, and in fact you should as a Mastermind member, anyways, regardless of whether you purchased it or no you should have access to the bonus site, the MPR/, well, MasteryPR/SemanticMasterybonussite and there's a case study in there that I did on how to use Live Rank Sniper. So, there is step by step tutorial on exactly how I use it in there. Just go check that out, if you do not have access, just reach out to us via support and we'll get you set up, but you should have it already. Okay?

This Stuff Works
Next question, and by the way guys, you don't need videos to use Live Rank Sniper, because all it does is, it creates scheduled live events within YouTube, which are indexible, if they're set to public. You don't even need a video. You can just go in and schedule a whole bunch or live events, targeting keywords, you get a YouTube URL and everything. It's just like a YouTube video, there's just no video, it's just a placeholder. Then, once you've tested, if you decide that you want to replace the placeholder with an actual video, then you can stream to the placeholder. That's possible to do, you can do it within Live Rank Sniper. You can do it with Hangout Millionaire, which is Peter Drew's, basically it's the enterprise version, or whatever, of Live Rank Sniper.

It does more than that, too, by the way, or you could use something like OBS, which is free. OBS Studio, and live stream to those scheduled live events. Really, the trick to using that tool is really just use a bunch of test channels for spamming with scheduled live events for poking keywords. In other words, testing the rank ability of keywords, using test channels that have no syndication networks, no connection to anything else on the web, they're just spam channels for testing purposes, and then from there, once you've identified, which ones ranked, then you can go through and delete all those scheduled live events, and then just upload, or target those keywords from money channels that do have syndication networks, that have authority and all that kind of stuff, and you should be able to crush it.

That's really what the whole purpose of that tool is for. It's not necessarily to actually replace those scheduled live events, you know, like actually add videos to those events, because the tool isn't really designed for that, it's more for, it's a poking tool. It's a keyword testing tool, so to speak, although, you can do that it's just a slower process.

Difference Between The Link Services Provided At Serp Space and Backlinks Indexer

Ed's up next, he says, “I am taking all of my URLs for my client website, social media, and Web 2.0 sites and listing them on a spreadsheet, and then having my VA create a Google shortener for each URL and then I run both sets through the backlinks indexer, which I buy monthly, but I only get a total of 1400 links. SerpSpace allows for almost the same amount of money, it does 5,000 links. What is the difference in service? Objective answer please.”

Adam: Wow. What a good time to have Roman, here.

Bradley: Yeah. It's a great question. Roman, do you want to tackle that one, or shall I? He might be muted.

Adam: Yeah. Roman, if you can hear us, you can feel free to talk, I don't know if you've got yourself muted, or something happened, otherwise, Brad-

Roman Barnes: Yeah. I muted, myself.

Adam: Oh, okay.

Roman Barnes: Yeah. All I see is a black screen in front of me.

Bradley: What? You don't see the screen? Does anybody else not see the screen?

Adam: I see it. Here, Roman, I'll just send you the Skype, there you go, I just sent it to you.

Bradley: You need the, he doesn't have the event page URL.

Adam: Right. Yeah. Let me send that to you, also.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:11:19].

Adam: As you can see everyone we're working through-

Bradley: I'm surprised he's not seeing my screen from his angle. Anyways, whatever. That's interesting. Everybody else can see, right? I'm going to assume.

Adam: Yeah. I can see.

Bradley: Don's asking, “What are the super web 2.0's?” Cannot talk about it, yet, Don. “I was asking because it's something that's coming out with SerpSpace.” We'll let you know as soon as it comes out. We'll definitely be talking about it. Okay. Can you see, now, Roman? Apparently, not. All right. I'm just going to answer it-

Adam: Sure.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: If Roman wants to add on, he certainly can. Okay.

Ed's asking, he's using, let's see, backlinks indexer. Backlinks Indexer is good. There's nothing wrong with it. I've been using Backlinks, I actually canceled my subscription, I'm not kidding, like probably five or six weeks ago, only because we've got Dedia in our indexing service now, through SerpSpace that is guaranteed at 60% of indexing. That's pretty freaking fabulous.

I don't know of any other indexing services that do that, maybe they do, I don't know of any that do, and I could be wrong, but that's pretty cool and I know that Dedia, it's amazing, because the amount of links that, that dude builds is unbelievable. Him and his team, I mean millions and millions of links per week, and he's getting, I cannot tell you what he's getting on his indexing, but we'll guarantee he's above-

Roman Barnes: Is it quite?

Bradley: 60%.

Roman Barnes: Or, is it just me? I'm just curious. I'm sorry.

Adam: What's that? No. I can hear you.

Roman Barnes: Okay. The only person I could hear is you, in the last little while.

Adam: Weird. Yeah. You might have dropped out, especially if you're having storms.

Roman Barnes: Do you want me to rejoin on the webinar?

Adam: [crosstalk 00:13:01].

Bradley: Hey, guys. I can hear you guys.

Roman Barnes: Okay. Yeah. I'm trying to understand the question that-

Bradley: What's going on? Can you guys not hear me?

Adam: Yeah, Bradley, I can hear you. Can you hear me?

Bradley: Yeah, but I hear Roman in the background talking, so I don't know-

Adam: Yeah. Roman, you're here, right? You can hear me, right now?

Roman Barnes: Yeah. I can only hear you though, I cannot hear anybody else.

Bradley: He cannot hear me is what I'm saying Adam.

Adam: Okay. So, Bradley is talking. All right. Roman, we'll probably have you stop, just because it's going to get all sorts of messed up.

Roman Barnes: Okay.

Adam: Yeah. Thanks. If you want to type me something as far as an answer about this or anything, feel free, and I'll just kind of relay it.

Roman Barnes: All right. Sounds good.

Adam: Thanks.

Bradley: We're going to have to switch back to Hangouts, man. I can see it already. All right. Anyways, that's really the whole reason why Ed, is why, like, I mean, again, Backlinks Indexer is a great service, but since we have the ability, you know, through SerpSpace to indexing links at 60% or above, we guarantee, which is amazing. That's why. If you can get better value by using SerpSpace, absolutely use it. Why not? Okay. By the way, I don't think it's necessary, Ed, honestly, to be taking your, well, if you want to do it one time, like take your clients website, social media, URLs and Web 2.0, like the profile URLs, like the main blog URLs, and shorten them, and then submit them, that's fine, although I really don't think that's necessary. I think that's overkill.

This Stuff Works
I mean, again, you can, it's not a problem, if it's not costing you a lot of money it's not something you're doing it's a VA doing, then feel free to do so, but again, I think that's overkill. Just submitting the URLs directly into the indexer ought to be good enough. It just seems like that's redundant, is to shorten those URLs and then submit them, unless you wanted them shortened for a reason, for other link building purposes, in which case it would be nice to already have it done. If that makes sense?

Again, if your objective is specifically just for indexing those URLs, it's really unnecessary to shorten them and submit them twice, because you can just take the actual URLs instead of shortening them and submit them more than once if you wanted. That's not a problem. You can submit the same links over and over again. Usually most of the indexing services if you submit duplicate URLs in the same batch it will filter out the duplicates, but if you resubmit the same, like submit a batch, and then you resubmit the batch a second time it will take both times. If that makes sense? It's probably going to vary from service to service, but that's typically how it would work.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: All right. Jeff's up next, he says, I'm sorry, go ahead, Adam.

Adam: No. I was just saying, yeah, that makes sense. Then, also if anyone is interested, something we're looking at is the possibility of integrating the indexer in SerpSpace with network management. If you know what I'm talking about, and that sounds interesting to you, just put something on the page, please.

Bradley: Can I elaborate on that a little bit?

Adam: Yeah. Sure.

Bradley: All right. Guys, if you're a member, for those of you that have been using syndication networks or part of the Syndication Academy for any length of time, you probably remember over a year ago, from two years ago to about a year ago we had been endorsing a plugin called Backlink Commando that was really great, because it was a plugin that you could add to, you could take the RSS feeds from your Web 2.0 URLs, from your Web 2.0 sites, your network properties. Any of the properties that created, or had an RSS feed, so think of Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Delicious, and [inaudible 00:16:29]. Delicious is pretty much dead in the water, right now, but Delicious and [inaudible 00:16:33] had RSS feeds. Pocket, was another one.

If you use pinboard.in that was another one that has a feed, anyways, any that had a feed, period, you could add to this plugin and it would basically run on a cron, so a cron job, so you could set it to once every, or four times a day, let's say four times a day it would go basically call or fetch all the RSS feeds that were submitted to the plugin and pull any new posts that it had discovered. It would submit them or put them into a queue that then would go submit those URLs on a cron to a backlinks indexing service, and there was several of them that it would integrate with, one of which was Backlinks Indexer, and that was the one we always recommended. It was awesome.

It was an awesome way to automate your Web 2.0 post URLs, so your syndicated content from your money site, or your YouTube channel that goes out to your Web 2.0's and is published on the Web 2.0's it would extract those URLs, post URLs and auto submit them to indexer, as well. About a year ago, they just stopped supporting that plugin, and it stopped working. They don't sell it anymore, either. They don't support it anymore, which I think that's shitty, but it is what it is, and it stopped working, so we really didn't have any other solutions for that.

Now, about two or three, maybe even four months ago, now, on one of the Syndication Academy update webinars there was a hack that was brought to me, or was shown to me by one of our Syndication Academy members, his handle in the Facebook group is Rico Suave, but he gave us an awesome, or shared an awesome method for being able to use Google Sheets, which would extract the post URLs and put them in a Google Sheet and then you could index the Google Sheet and do all kinds of stuff with that. That's been covered in the Syndication Academy updates, guys, if you want to go look at that, but again, it was still kind of a bit of a pain in the ass to set up.

It was a decent alternative, but it was kind of a pain in the ass, so anyways, the next step is now that we have indexing services inside of SerpSpace, along with the network management. Right? Network monitoring service, we can possibly, and that's what we're working on is have that service to where it will auto extract the URLs and submit them to the indexer, so it's going to be the solution that we've been waiting for, for about a year, now. Thanks to our friends over there at SerpSpace. Hopefully, that makes sense. Guys, when that feature rolls out, we'll certainly let you know, because that in of itself will be totally worth having a subscription for the indexing service just for that reason if nothing else. Okay?

Thoughts On Syndicating WordPress Blogs To Personally Branded IFTTT Networks

Okay. Jeff's up, let's see, he says, “I have a new client who, he and his wife both have problems in the past with showing up on Ripoff Report we are working on citations, and soliciting new reviews. If I can bury a Ripoff Report beyond page two for his name I get paid a handsome bonus. He has a consultingbusiness.com, domain number one, and his wife is a real estate agent and she owns her name.com, domain number two, and he owns his name.com, domain number three. They also own a prominent real estate development, domain number four.” Okay. “I was thinking, syndicating their respective WordPress blogs to personally branded IFTTT networks. Thoughts?” Yeah. That's fine. There's no reason you cannot do that.

This Stuff Works
You can certainly brand, like think about consultants and things like that, speakers, coaches, those kinds of things are typically going to have their brand is themselves, you know what I mean? They are their brand, that's what I mean. Okay? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, Jeff. That's perfectly logical and normal.

Ordering IFTTT Networks And Use Real Names/Photos Instead Of Personas

“If so, can I order syndication networks and use real names, photos, instead of personas?” Absolutely. Yeah. We only use personas stuff when we're creating specifically just for SEO boosting purposes. You know, syndication networks specifically just for SEO boosting purposes, but if you've got, you know, a real person that has their own blog, absolutely, we don't spoof anything there.

That should be branded for them. Right? It should be branded after them personally, because they are their brand. Yes. You can absolutely do that. “Could these be ordered so that IP's match the regional area?” They could be, but here's the kicker with that, Jeff, it's not something we cannot do, but you're going to have to provide the proxy when you purchase the order, and it's going to have to be a custom order, which means we charge, it's a small nominal customization fee. I think it's like 20 bucks.

If Roman is still on, and he can confirm that, or Adam, if you can confirm that. I think it's 20 bucks as an add-on for something like that. Here's the deal, when you go to order the network, as far as I know, you order the network and place a support tech ticket after it's been ordered, mention that you would like to use a specific proxy, pay the upgrade fee and send us the proxy with the user name and password for it, and we should be able to get it done for you. Okay? Am I wrong in saying that, guys? Anybody want to comment on that, before I move on to the next one?

Roman Barnes: I don't think we have that option available in the site, but we could certainly take care of it if you-

Bradley: Right.

Roman Barnes: Send in a ticket afterwords-

Bradley: Okay.

Roman Barnes: That's not a problem.

Tiers Suggested Per Property For All Four Domains/Properties

Bradley: Okay. That's your deal, Jeff, just send in a support ticket, as long as you can provide us with the proxy, and again, I think it's just a small fee for customization. That kind of stuff happens from time to time. We do accommodate things like that when needed. “If I ordered networks for all four domains, properties, how many tiers do you suggest for property?” Honestly, I would just suggest one tier one network for each property, Jeff. That hasn't changed, that's the same suggestion that I always do for blog syndication, I want one branded tier for each domain. Right? Because there's going to be four different brands, really. That's all I recommend.

You can do multi tiered networks, but it's more hassle, in my opinion, then it's really worth, unless you're using something like RSS Masher, Damon Nelson's product, which is a good product, and that's a good way to kind of like reduce footprint issues on tier two. For YouTube channels, you can get away with as many networks as you want, but for money channels, I recommend that you stick with just a branded tier one network for now.

Syndicating Youtube Channels To The Same Set Of Web 2.0 Properties

“Can I also syndicate YouTube channels to the same Web 2.0 properties?” Of course. Of course, you can.

“Any other tips, recommendations?” No. The only thing I would recommend is from the personal blogs, because it's kind of like all wrapped up in one, those four brands, believe it or not, I would recommend actually, probably interlinking between networks. What I mean by that is not linking everything together, but I'm talking about like occasionally do a blog post from one site where they mention or reference another site, kind of like, you could do it multiple ways, a traditional contextual link from within a blog post with an anchor text or you could do curation style link. Remember, where you could actually curate some content from one of those other three domains on to the blog. Right? Then, cite, or give attribution. Just like you would for any sort of curating content over to that site.

Another thing you could do is like a resource box, like, at the bottom of a post, say recommended reading or additional resources, or something like that, and then put links to related content on the web, one of those links being one of your own sites, or one of your clients sites. You know what I mean. The reason I say this, you don't want to interlink everything all the time, but you don't want to start just at kind of randomly, occasionally linking from one to the other, and another to another, that kind of stuff and what will happen is you'll start to improve the authority and the relevancy of all four of those. Right? That's a little bit counterintuitive.

This Stuff Works
Our friend, Pavel from Rank Whiz has been doing a ton of testing with that kind of stuff. He's got a lot of data showing that, that will improve actually interlinking between network properties, now, in a randomized fashion, and Roman could talk about this a little bit, as well, but that seems to be actually really effective for reinforcing the relevancy of the network properties, and actually improving the overall authority and the power of them.

Roman Barnes: Yeah. Definitely. One of the things I wanted to maybe also add into that is maybe some JSON structured data markup might help in his situation as well, because it's general reputation management from what I'm understanding from the question, same attributes, and that kind of thing would definitely go a long way.

Associated Website For A YouTube Channel

Bradley: Yeah. Absolutely. Okay. Cool. On to the next one. Greg's up, he says, “My established website has an empty YouTube channel, it's part of it's branded syndication network. I went through YouTube mastery course and will not be adding a lot of videos and I'm wondering about the companion website you discussed, is a companion website needed in my situation, or is that only when used when YouTube is a primary focus and there is no related website already placed?” Yeah. That's what I mean, Greg, the companion website, associated website, whatever you want to call it, that's typically if you're going to be using YouTube as your main content distribution engine.

In other words, if that is your epicenter, your golden frame, is your YouTube channel, itself, like that's your main content platform, then I recommend buying a domain and creating a companion/associated website and it attaching it, because it does help to improve the authority of the YouTube channel, but it's not necessary if you have that, for example, in your case it's part of a branded network, it's just not being used, then it's not necessary, because it's again, it's only, I only recommend doing that if you're using YouTube as the primary content source for your networks.

If you're going to be using a website, then I recommend creating the associated website, right away, and then using that as your content distribution, so that's the center of everything, is your website, because you want to transfer as much authority to your website as possible. Right? If you're doing specifically YouTube marketing, YouTube video stuff, then I would recommend just sticking with the YouTube channel as your primary source and you can add a companion website if you want, but if you already have it as part of a network, it's really not necessary, because it should already be linked to your existing, and excuse me, interlinked with all of your existing properties in that network. It's just your call. It's up to you. It's really up to you.

Pinvid As Top Recommended Theme For A Youtube Companion Website

“Is PinVid still top recommended theme for a companion website?” Yeah. In a reality, if you're doing video based stuff, oh, God, I want to talk about this, this screen, here, at some point, if we have time.

Adam: Yeah, man. Do it. Momentum?

Bradley: Yeah. This is awesome. I freaking love this. Guys, this in a Chrome extension. It's called Momentum, it's free, but what I love about it is once you install it, you've got this to do list over here, and I've just always used paper and pen or whiteboard and I have for years, now, I'm just keeping tasks and stuff, daily tasks, this is awesome, because you can swap stuff around, you can move stuff, all kinds of stuff. You can put your favorite links, the links you access often up here. What I like about it is every time you go to open up a new tab to go to another website-

Adam: Hold on, your man focus today is get shit done.

Bradley: My man focus today is-

Adam: That's awesome.

Bradley: To get shit done. That's right. What that means is look at your to do list, dummy.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: That's what that means. You know? Every time I go to open up the tab to go check Facebook, or go look at the new offer from some stupid email that I got, or whatever, I click on this, I open this up and it is basically starring me in the face, like hey, this is the stuff you've got to do quit being stupid. You know?

Adam: Maybe we should have an episode of Hump Day Hangouts that's all about workflows and productivity, or maybe just an extra episode. I think it would be interesting.

Bradley: Yeah. All right. What I was looking for was structured, you would know this one, Roman, if you're still on.

Roman Barnes: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: Semantic WordPress themes, that's what I was thinking of. Kevin Polley, he coded these. If you're just doing this, let's see if I can find it, this is on the Network Empire website, but they had, he had his own website for, I thought it was semantic WordPress themes. Anyways, this is it here, guys, just go to Google, if your curious, look up semantic WordPress themes, this is from the Network Empire guys, specifically Kevin Polley, and he's the one that coded all this out, it's basically the PinVid theme, so you can see the Pinvid theme. It's 50 bucks, or the PennBid Pro theme, only for certified advisors, so this is the one that you could get, here. PinVid theme for 50 bucks.

I'm telling you it's a really good theme if your focus is video stuff, and you're just building a companion website for the sake of the authority boost that it gives the channel, then this is a great theme for that. This is the same theme I use for those. Okay, guys? The reason I'm telling you that is because it's been marked up entirely with schema, so the video objects, the whole entire theme is marked up and you can automate the posting of the videos to the WordPress theme, or excuse me, the site through plugins or you can do it with IFTTT. Right?

I prefer to do it with IFTTT, because there's no load on the server. That's why you can set up an IFTTT account guys that will automatically post your word, excuse me, YouTube videos to your self posted WordPress site. We actually covered that, I think, last month in the Syndication Academy Update webinar. That's a great theme specifically for that purpose. I wouldn't use it for much of anything else, but for that, it's a great theme. Okay? There you go.

Uploading Videos To YouTube Without Persona Syndication Network

We'll move on. “I don't have a persona syndication network build around my YouTube channel, yet, should I wait to upload any videos until that is completed, or if I add the videos to the channel now can they be added to the network once it's finished? Thanks.” They can be, Greg, but you have to set up the like recipes, so you have to build out a whole other set of recipes that are triggered by liking a video, so I would recommend just holding off if you're going to build a persona network as well. I'd just wait, if I were you, but it's up to you. You can always go in and add the like recipes, or applets, now, and I'd just click on those and that will syndicate it, as well, but that means you have to build a whole other set of applets.

This Stuff Works

Google Maps For Online Business With No Intention Of Getting Foot Traffic

Okay. Steve's up, he says, “I ran a number,” excuse me, “I run a number of online websites out of my home, and I'm definitely not interested in foot traffic. Are they're any good ways to still use Google Maps for SEO, or should we just ignore them outside of local SEO?” Now, you can, here's the thing, guys, look, and I started doing this, too, for some of my affiliate businesses and stuff, guys, I'm not kidding, I'm registering Google My Business pages with registering addresses and all of that for even affiliate based businesses, now, guys, because of the boost that it can get, because it validates the entity.

When you get a Google My Business page, and you verify an address via postcard or whatever, how ever you verify it, for me it, it's always been postcard, then that's a verified business entity in Google's eyes. Like, I've even got, recently, the Ketogenic Diet project that I've been working on, some of you would be familiar with that, I actually formed another company for that project and so I registered that. We just started a traffic agency, Semantic Mastery, we just registered that. I mean, even affiliate websites, guys, can be registered, but you have to verify an address.

The thing is, Steve, all you got to do is once you've registered the Google My Business page you want to during the initial process of setting it up adding your business to Google Maps or to Google My Business, there's going to be a checkbox at the bottom when you go to, and it says something like, does your business serve customers at their location? You want to leave that to no, at first, which is the default setting, because when you go through the process and it sends, and it wants to send you a verification postcard, a mail via US mail, if you had selected yes, I serve customers at their location, unless this was a bug and it might have been fixed, because about six months ago when I was setting up several lead gen locations, or lead gen Google My Business location pages if you had that, yes, I serve customers at their location checked on the sign up process.

When it got to the point where it would direct you to send the postcard there would be no address in the postcard address field, it would just be the name of the business, and the city, it would have no street address, because that's what happens when you select that option after you've verified the address, so in other words, leave it to no, I don't serve customers at their locations, when you set it up. Then, request the verification postcard, then once you receive the postcard and you enter your pin number in, which then verifies it, then you can go in there and set, yes, I serve customers at their location, and what that does is removes your street address from Maps. It'll still give you a Maps listing, it will still identify the city that the business is listed in, but it will remove the street address and the Map marker from the pin, or excuse me, the Map pin from the map, itself.

It will just show your business name, and the city, and then obviously the contact details, phone numbers, stuff like that. Again, I recommend for those of you who are willing to do so, I mean, guys, I don't care what anybody says about post office boxes not working, still. I just did two more of them last week. I'm not kidding. The US Post Office boxes still work, as I've recommended before don't try to register several boxes for the same Google My Business profile, so whoever the Google My Business owner is, like if you've got, if you're going to be using the black hat method of USPS post office boxes, guys, then don't go try to register four under the same account. Does that make sense?

You don't want to do that, because that will flag it, I know it, I've seen it happen, it hasn't happened to me, but it's happened to several of our Mastermind members or Local Kingpin members, or whatever. That's why I recommend for every single Google My Business profile that you set up if you're using the PO box method is that you use different persona accounts for each GMB profile, and then once the listing has been verified, then you can add your main profile, or a single profile as the main manager for every single one of those that you set up. If that makes sense? Okay. That way you can access everything from one profile, but the actual owners are all separated. All right. That's how I've gotten around it, and again, I just did two of them last week. I know it still works.

Webinar on KML

Chris G is up. He's our support guy, and our partners in Mastery PR, he's awesome. He had a support question from Daniel [inaudible 00:35:49], he says, “Can you point me to the webinar that talks about KML? I've seen that except floating around the Facebook group numerous times, but have no idea where it's from. I believe there was a webinar about it in the past, but not sure if it was free or a paid webinar.” Okay. My answer to that is, Daniel, it's funny, but I was chatting with Marco about this earlier today, and Chris, and KML files it stands for Keyhole Markup Language. That's a, I guess it's a specific language or whatever, like what Google Earth uses.

I have limited knowledge on KML, guys, except for how I used it in the past. Okay? When I first got into doing, and I promised Marco that I would just talk about it based upon what I know from back in 2012 when I was using KML files a lot, and Marco and his team of mad scientists have been in the lab and they've got some really crazy shit that they've discovered about KML, recently, that is strictly for RYS members, guys, so I cannot, I don't even know half the shit that they're doing to be honest with you. I can tell you specifically about what KML used to be. I didn't even realize that they were still valid or viable files that would help SEO.

Back in 2012, I was introduced to KML files through Ivan Budimir he's one of my primary mentors for local SEO, and this goes back when Google Maps SEO was brand spanking new. Right? It was in its infancy, so KML files are, you can even go to Google and look for this, let's say, KML file generator. Let's see if they still have them, because this was back in 2012 when I used it. Okay. Yeah. Here's some of them, here. See if I recognize any of these. Geo Site Map Generator, that's the one I used to use back in 2012, and look this site hasn't even changed in five years. Look, it's 2011 was when it was created.

I'm telling you, this was back in 2012 when I joined Maps Magic, which was Ivan Budimir was the coach, again, he's one of my primary mentors for local SEO, the guy was a freaking ninja. Anyways, this is where Geo Site Maps something else we don't use too often anymore, but a geo site map is basically like any other site map. Right? It's an XML file that you can create and basically you can upload it as just a file to your server, to the root of your domain, and then just put a link, we used to do this, guys, all the time, we would create, and this is the exact site I used to use to create them, I would create, it creates a geo site map and a KML file, and what you would do is upload both files that you download once the application spits out the files for you.

You upload them to the root domain, the server on your root domain and then you would just put a link in the footer of your site, just like your privacy and terms of service links. One would say location, and that would point to the KML file, and then the other one would say geo site map and it would point to the geo site map file. That used to work like gangbusters, I mean, I'm talking about in 2012, guys. I had lead gen sites at the time that literally all I did was go in and once I learned this technique and add the geo site map and the KML file and within two, three days boom I'd be the top of Maps.

Now, again, this was back in 2012, I got away from doing it, honestly, because once structured data came out I heard that this had been basically rendered useless. It wasn't really all that valuable, although, again, I don't know what the hell Marco's doing in the lab, right now with KML files, but he's pretty freaking excited about it, so apparently there's still some value to these files that I am not aware of. Again, just very simply the extent of my knowledge to these were creating the geo site map and by the way the Yoast plugin has that local SEO add-on, it's expensive, you could purchase, I don't like it, personally. The local SEO plugin and add-on, or extension, whatever you want to call it, that has a geo site map built into it. Okay.

I personally don't really like that plugin at all. The add-on, especially, it's expensive, and I think it's just too much bloated code and all that kind of stuff, so I don't use it, anymore. I know that the local SEO plugin does have that ability where it creates a geo site map. One other thing I want to mention about this, guys, is I know that, here's another thing, whenever you go to, and let's walk through this, real quick. We're running out of time. A lot of great questions today, guys, I really appreciate that. Am I logged in? Yeah, I'm logged in. Let's go to Semantic Mastery. Okay. I'm logged into my AdWords Manager account, so I'm logged into Google.

Here's the thing, guys, I'm just using this as an example. Whenever you see how it says Semantic Mastery and then there's this star, here? When I click that star, you see how it says saved to your map? That just created a KML file. There are gigs on Fiverr that you can order that will have a bunch of, you know, they'll take, they'll give you 30 KML files for your Maps listing, or for your Google My Business listing, business page, whatever. That's what this does. All it does is they'll take 30 different profiles and they'll go search for it, you know, go visit, or whatever it is that you tell them, and they'll just click on it, or maybe you send them the maps URL, whatever. Same thing.

If I go here and go to maps, so I can see the maps listing, you'll see the same saved icon, here, so that means that by doing so this account, this Google account has now created a KML file. I know that you can use KML files for spam purposes, as well. Also, the thing is when you click on a, and I don't know where, I don't know if you can download or extract that, but I know that at least years ago that would create a KML file, because that was another way that you could boost maps listings, was spamming the saved maps. Does that make sense? All right.

This Stuff Works
Just so you know, when you click on a KML file all it does is open up Google Earth and it takes you directly to where that location is, so you want to be very, very precise, if you're going to use something like the KML file generator, and put the exact geo coordinates in for the Google Maps listing. Guys, remember to get the exact geo coordinates, go search for your listing, go to maps, search for your listing in maps, in Google Maps, and then right here in the address bar, right there are your geo coordinates.

Do you see that there? I know it's probably small on your end, but right there past the at symbol in the maps URL is your latitude, then it's comma, longitude. If you're in the US, at least, you're going to typically, I'm pretty sure they're always formatted latitude then longitude, so that's what it is right there. Right there, your exact coordinates based upon Google's data, so that's what you want to use in a KML file. Does that make sense? Anyways, hopefully I didn't confuse anybody on that, again, my knowledge is very limited on that, other than from what I know from years ago.

I know Marco's got a whole bunch of stuff he's looking at and again that's stuff that's got to be reserved for the RYS Academy, in fact, I don't even know half the shit he's doing. From five years ago, that used to be a really effective method. I don't know that it still is, today, because I thought, again, I haven't used it at all since we really got heavy into doing structured data markup, or schema markup. I don't how effective that is. Do you know, Roman, if you're still on, do you have any input on that?

Roman Barnes: Not on the KML stuff. I joined the first webinar Marco did, but he had to redo the webinar, because he had a bad connection that day.

Bradley: Yeah.

Roman Barnes: I missed out on it.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. Had you ever heard of that stuff, before?

Roman Barnes: Not before that.

Bradley: Okay.

Roman Barnes: That was the first time I have ever heard of it.

Bradley: Yeah. It's so funny, because when I saw this question come up, I was like, really, KML files, are they still effective and that's when Marco was like, oh, my God. I was just like, wow. I may have to revisit that, because I stopped using them like three, four years ago. Probably at least three years ago. Okay.

Pitching A Syndication Network To A Video Production Company

Columbia is up, she says, “You mentioned selling network to a video production company.” You can, Columbia, I prefer, well, it depends on your strategy, yes, you can sell networks to video production companies, in fact that's a great way to generate a whole bunch of revenue in one lump sum. Excuse me.

Then, upsell them on network management, and that's maintaining the networks, so that's monitoring them, also boosting the networks, so additional link building, that kind of stuff. I can tell you, my engagement with the video production companies, I've got one, I've got a handful of video production companies that send me like a couple jobs per year, if that. They're really not pushing it all that hard. I got this one video production company it's in the neighboring town, in an adjacent city to me that at any given time we have between 25 to 35 videos going, per month on what they call the Google boost program, and it's only a $100.00 per month, per video, but that's pretty decent money, if you think about it. I've been dealing with this particular video production company for three years, now, at least three years. You know, it depends.

For them, again, I don't sell them networks, they rent, I sell them video ranking services at wholesale prices on my own networks, now I quoted them on selling them networks, and I told them that I suggested that they purchase their own networks, because then it could be branded after their company, which is their video production company, which means every time that any of their client videos that are currently ranked on my networks, but if those videos were ranked on their own networks, with their own branding. Then every time somebody was exposed to one of their client videos they would also be exposed to the video production company, because they could have their branding on the channel and all that other kind of stuff, but they didn't want to put up the initial investment.

This Stuff Works
They have been for three years, now, using my networks, and I still to this day, probably two or three times a year get an email from the owner of the production company saying, hey, I just was looking at the rankings for this particular client and I noticed that there's two listings on page one that says, it's a John Doe blog and it's got the clients video on that, what is this? And, I've told this to the owner like three times, a year, for the last three years, no kidding, that those are persona based properties that I use to help rank the videos, but they're like, you know, this doesn't make any sense, why would they have videos on somebody else's video on their blog, blah, blah, blah, I said, look, it's just a way to rank stuff.

I've had to explain because the client says, or the business owner will, or the video production company owner says, “Well, what happens if the client goes and looks and he sees this? Isn't this going to make him mad?” I say, “You think the client is going to be mad that his video is taking up three or four places on page one, and knocking three or four competitors off of page one, just because it's on some persona based blog that he doesn't know who it is? That's more of a problem than having his competitor in that place?” “Oh. I guess, when you put it that way it makes sense.” You know?

Anyways, every time I have to reexplain that to the video production owner, is always another opportunity for me to pitch him on his own done for you networks, which we don't charge what we charge you guys as internet marketers buying networks, we charge high dollar when we charge an end user for networks, it's a hell of a lot more expensive than when you guys buy it. You know what I mean? As far as how to pitch that, Columbia, okay, so her question is, “Do you do some video promotion for their clients while remaining invisible to their customers?” Meaning the video production company's customers, “And, later pitch the network to the production company, or would you pitch it all up front?” No. I don't do that, because that's sneaky.

What I do is I go directly to the video production company and the exact pitch that I use, that worked, and it's worked four times, now, is to go to the video production company, strike up the conversation, especially if you can send them, what I like to do is send video emails, I've talked about that a million times, but if you send video emails to the video production company, so inside the email, it's got a screen shot that looks like a video, so if somebody clicks on it, it opens up a video and it's you explaining very quickly, because you have a very, very small window of opportunity to catch their attention, but show some results of ranked videos that you have ranked.

They can be generic videos that you ranked specifically, okay, now, where is Adam? They can be videos that you rank specifically just so that you have a portfolio of results to show, even if you don't use those videos to actually monetize them in any way, just rank a few videos, and then show that in a video when you're pitching a production company and say, “Look, I provide video SEO services, I can do this for your clients,” and how you pitch it is most video production companies, they sell the video service, the creation service. It's a one off fee. They have to constantly be going out and getting new clients. Right? New customers. New people to buy new videos from them.

Once the video has been created they are done, unless they get repeat business from that same customer, they're pretty much done, so you frame it as, how would you like to generate recurring revenue from your existing client base, existing and future client base, customer base? Whatever you want to call it. Explain to them that you provide wholesale SEO services and you can rank those customers videos, so that they can not only produce the video and sell the video to the customer, but then they can upsell them on monthly SEO and mark that up, so that they get recurring revenue from them. Right? It's a win-win-win situation.

This Stuff Works
The customer gets more exposure and more leads from their video, which otherwise would probably only get put on their website and maybe shared to their Facebook page and that would be the end of it, nobody would ever see that video again. It wouldn't generate leads, it would only be seen by people that had already, were already leads. Does that make sense? It wouldn't be used for lead gen, most businesses buy these super nice videos that they pay $3500.00 for a local production company to create and then nobody ever sees the damn video unless they're on their website. What good is that? Use the video as a lead magnet. Right?

That's the whole way you frame it. You frame it as the customer wins, you guys win, because you get to provide this service and generate recurring revenue from an otherwise one off service, and I win, because I get to do what I like to do, which is the SEO, the man behind the curtain. I don't have to do sales. I don't have to do customer contact, or support. None of that. All I got to do is perform. Does that make sense? That's the way to pitch, and that pitch works really, really well. Here's the thing, if you get some people on the fence, that are unsure, offer to rank a couple of their existing clients videos for them for free. That's what I've done.

I've done it, three out of the four companies that I've landed from using this exact method, I ranked videos for them for free, and I did it very quickly, too. You know what I mean? I'd tell them, “Send me three, or five videos of current existing clients that you have, that you would like for me to rank,” and they'll send me three to five videos and I'll select one or two, or maybe three, out of them and I'll rank them. Then, I'll contact them back once they're ranked, which typically only takes a couple of days, and I'll rank them for something like the company name, plus review. Something like that, so it's not hard to rank, but it's just to show results, and say, “Look, I got this done. Here's the results. If you're interested in this service, let's talk.” It works really, really well. Okay. It's a great strategy. I love that strategy. I don't do a whole lot of it anymore, because I got enough volume from the current clients.

We're going to wrap it up in four minutes, guys, we're trying to get through a couple more very quickly. Yeah. Again, Columbia, it depends, if you want to sell networks, you can generate large lump sums of cash up front, for that, or you could build your own networks to where you're building your own assets that you can use for not only ranking videos for production companies, but also for your own stuff. You can build your own lead gen assets, because you'll have the networks in place. If they're your networks, you can do whatever you want with them. Remember if you've been following us for any length of time and I know you have, we always talk about building your own assets. It makes sense to do both, even. Sell them networks and then build your own, as well.

Roman Barnes: Yeah. Make sure you charge them for it.

Bradley: You're damn right.

Roman Barnes: The value of the IFTTT networks, I've known people that have sold them for more than $2500.00 a pop.

Bradley: Yeah. One of our Mastermind members, John, a realtor, or he sells to realtors, and he's sold them for, he showed that check $1995.00. All right. Robert says, “Do you use a proposal when selling syndication networks?” Me, typically, no. We talked on the Mastermind webinar last week very briefly about in the past for my agency, guys, like the client services, I've never had like packaged prices or like boxed service prices, except for a few things, one of which was syndication networks. I charge 797 to local businesses for a network order.

It's not really a proposal, it's just on my agency website there's a services, that's funny, that site hasn't even been updated since 2012, because I don't get clients from my website, guys, I don't know if too many marketers that do. All my clients come from either cold contacting, and prospecting, or referrals. Anyways. But, my website has in the packages section, it's got for example the syndication networks, 797, and it explains on the page what it is, there is no need for a proposal for that, obviously during the pitching process if some questions arise, I'm happy to answer questions, but I really don't need a proposal for that.

What I was getting ready to say earlier was it used to be my opinion in the past was to never have boxed prices, except for something like SEO, especially, because you'd have to approach every project, independently, or separately, and evaluate every project separately, so the pricing is always going to be customized pricing based upon the project. My attitude has changed a bit into more now, to me it makes more sense to have boxed or packaged prices that are specific to services or activities. Not necessarily results. You can promise results, or whatever based upon a combination of these services, but that way everything is like ala carte, like a menu of services, and it makes it easier, because you don't need, the problem with doing customized proposals is the amount of time it takes.

That's where I had always done it that way before, but going forward, looking with our new traffic agency, that I'm basically heading that up, is I want to be able to prospect and pitch, or send proposals in volume in mass, and you cannot do that when you're doing customized proposals. Does that make sense? Again, I recommend for something, especially for syndication network, is just having a sales page basically that you can direct people to that has your pitch for why it's important, and why it would help their business on it already, and then just send people to that. All right.

All right, guys. We got to wrap it up. I'm going to answer one more question, just because I saw this one earlier from Alexander and I just want to answer this very quickly, guys, and then we're going to wrap it up, because it's at the hour mark. He says, “Do you guys still use and endorse Crowd Search?” Yes. I still do. I still use it the same way that we talk about it in the Crowd Search demo webinar, the update webinar that we did last year. I use it the same. I don't typically use it to direct traffic directly to the money site, I usually it unless it's just for navigational search purposes, which means like brand searches, and that kind of stuff. I do use it for referral traffic, a lot. That's primarily how I use it, is referral traffic.

He says, “How can you be sure that Google will notice the traffic on link to money site?” Because if you have Google Analytics on the money site, it knows where the traffic is coming from. You can use the goo.gl, the Google short links to inject analytics in any link stream. Right? Anywhere that you shorten a URL with Google you're adding analytics to that link stream. Analytics will see everything. Google will see everything. That all traffic activity through that link, they will know the referrals, where it came from, all that kind of stuff. The user's device, their browser, all that kind of stuff, where they are in the world, all that comes through the goo.gl short URL, but then on your money site, if you have analytics, which why shouldn't you? I mean, some people are afraid to use all that, but I use Google Analytics on all my sites, and Google analytics will know where the traffic is coming from. Okay? Yeah. That's pretty much it. All right, guys. We got to wrap it up. We're already a couple minutes over. Roman, thanks for being here, dude.

Roman Barnes: Definitely not a problem.

Bradley: All right. We'll see everybody, tomorrow the Rocket Video Ranker webinar, or the Video Link Vortex webinar, so don't miss it. If you guys are interested in that at all, otherwise the replay will go out. We'll see you all next week.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Thanks, everybody.

Adam: Have a good one.

Bradley: Thanks, Adam. Bye.

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