Hump Day Hangouts – Jan 7 2014

By cpi1

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Jan 7 2015


Here are all of the links to the tool mentioned during the Hangout:

Get our IFTTT recipes here:

The KW tool I mention is here:

Good places to find industry questions:

The video SEO Facebook group is here:

Here are variations of navigational search phrases:

business name
business name contact
business name contact page
business name phone number
business name address
business name website
business name company
business name company location
businessdomain location
www.businessdomain contact contact page phone number address company location
business name [service] company
business name [service] [service]
businessdomain [service]
business name [city] [state]
businessdomain [city] [state] location
businessdomain website
businessdomain phone number
businessdomain [city] [state]


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