Redirecting Links from Expired Domains

By April


In Episode 57 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangout, a question about redirecting links from expired domains into a new website was being asked by one of the participants. He would also like to know the best practices in 301 link redirections.

The exact question was:


My site is 2 months old with around 20 backlinks that i have created. Can I now 301 a few expired domains to my site to help push PA/DA and # of backlinks? Oh, my site already has pretty good trust flow 15+ on most pages with close to a 1:1 ratio.. Also should I setup wordpress + a link juice keeper first on the expired domain before I 301 or should I just do it through the registrar or htaccess? Do you have any suggestions on whether I do this to my $ homepage or innerpage or how many 301 to how many innerpages? Oh and should the expired domain be exact same niche and subniche or just same main niche?

Thanks guys, you rock as always 🙂

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