Would You 301 Redirect Instead Of Overlaying A Rank And Rent Page To A Customer’s Site?

By April

301 rank and rent page to client site

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One of the questions asked during episode 82 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts was about the use of 301 redirection of a rank and rent page to a customer's site.

The exact question was:

Building out a Master Domain site and goal is to rank for cities over 100k in population.

A rank and rent site with overlay should work in this niche since in involves inventory posting and is in the auto niche.

You mentioned that using the overlay method could have adverse affects if Google does a review.

Would it be better to than just redirect each ( keyword + city )ranking page in the SERPs to the customers site? Or will this hurt my site since there is no time on site and would Google view the redirects as bounce of my site?


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