A Rundown Of The Recommended MGYB Services Outlined In SEO Battleplan 4.0

By April


In episode 287 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for a rundown of the recommended MGYB services outlined in SEO Battleplan 4.0.

The exact question was:

I just bought Battleplan SEO 4.0 I've read through it all and created a list of services you recommend as part of your Done For You service. (see pic) I need to know which of these are ones you suggest are one time and monthly recurring tasks. So I can effectively create a package that I can use to get great results for some clients. From what I've understood Green is one time and blue is recurring? I am looking to get services that you offer that I can use for highly competitive keywords. I don't need any local / GMB options as this is for an e-commerce site. Which combination of products would you recommend?

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