Marco Benavides Ferlini BIO picture in black and white.

Quote:“Break away from being reactive to search engines and allowing them to limit your success.”

Concentrate on traffic and leads rather than rankings. Give your website visitors a great UX so that they will go into your sales funnel rather.

This will allow you to become financially independent and get what you want out of life. The ground-breaking training offered by Semantic Mastery is exactly what you have been looking for to start living the type of lifestyle you want.

Experience: Business Management, Search Engine Optimization, Semantic Web Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Integration and Marketing, Revenue Enhancement & Optimization.

Specialties: Semantic Web Optimization and Consultation, Search Engine Marketing Strategy Implementation, Visitor-to-Lead-to-Sales Conversions, Traffic Generation.

Accomplishments: Co-creator of RYS Academy (aka the SEO Time Machine), RYS Academy Reloaded and Local GMB Pro. Three courses that changed the way SEO is done.

Location: Heredia Province, Costa Rica.

Bio: Marco Benavides Ferlini is a Semantic Mastery Co-Founder.

He began his computer career by obtaining a degree in programming in 1991 using legacy programming languages which are the foundation of current programming formats. These languages included Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, and Basic, to name a few.

His studies continued and he received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He successfully ran a company with more than 150 employees before deciding to change careers in 2003 and return to his first love: computers.

Marco managed his own Internet marketing and consulting firm before deciding to become a partner in Semantic Mastery.

Being an avid learner, Marco has always tried to stay on the cutting edge of all developments regarding the web, especially when it comes to generating traffic to websites.

He is a specialist in the Spanish-speaking market, helping a wide range of companies from the US make inroads into this market and helping companies in Spanish-speaking countries make inroads into the US and other English-speaking markets.

Social: Marco lives with his wife and two children in Argentina.

Social Update: As of January 6, 2016, Marco & his family moved to Costa Rica, where they are enjoying the fabulous tropical climate for which the country is known.

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