Advanced Link Building To Syndicated Videos – How Long To Wait?

By Semantic Mastery


During Episode 51 of our weekly Hump Day Hangout webinars, a viewer had a question about building links after syndicating a video. The question pertains to more than just “when do I start?” and includes details like link velocity, types of links to build to your videos, and more.

If you have questions about how to best set up a campaign to help push your videos to higher rankings, be sure to check out this short video.

The exact question asked during the webinar was:

After syndicating a video through an IFTTT network, how long do you wait before doing any advanced link building techniques?

In addition to the video response, we also posted a text response to a similar question that had been asked in our membership group earlier in the week. Bradley's response was:

My schedule of actions depends on the situation (doesn't it always?).

For example, for most local videos, I live stream them to my channel and allow them to propagate across my IFTTT networks. Then I'll make sure the video is indexed, and once confirmed, I will setup a CrowdSearch campaign to get it some views.

I usually wait about two weeks before doing anything else. Most of the time, for local videos, all they need is the network syndication and a view campaign and they'll end up ranking within 2 – 4 weeks.

If after two weeks they aren't doing as well as I had hoped, then I begin adding other methods. I start with a combination of additional embeds, social embeds, + links.

For that I have a “video broadcasting network” much like the Video Powerhouse network. For additional social embeds, I use Fiverr gigs to get Retweets, Tumblr reblogs, and Pinterest repins. I also like to setup referral traffic campaigns using CrowdSearch to click thru from some of theses social embed properties.

Then I wait again for another 10 – 14 days.

If still needs additional push, then I will setup an RYS stack or just purchase a SAPE link or two.

Also, for particularly difficult terms, I will run a Hangout Millionaire campaign along with a YT silo and link within the description to the video I want to rank.

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