Any Advice On Getting SEO And Web Design Clients Quickly?

By April

In episode 171 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how one can quickly get SEO and web design clients.

The exact question was:

New SEO & web design… trying to get started while unemployed. Working from point of desperation as no money coming in. I've advertised my writing and basic web design services in freelance places and in groups to other SEO's and working on cold emails. Someone who's successful that uses some of your training said I should also just focus on web design as it's an easier (cheaper) sale as a foot in the door. I haven't had time to build a business plan because I've been scraping and emailing trying to get customers. About ready to lose apartment and I have wife and kids. Any advice on what else I could do to speed things up would be appreciated please and thank you! (Sorry for drama and novel)

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