Are There Any Laws Or Issues When Running Ads To A Vacation Giveaway Offer That Is Free?

By April

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In episode 214 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there are any laws or issues one should be worried about when running ads to a vacation giveaway offer that is free.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, happy holidays!

I have got a new client who owns a travel vacation club in the travel niche in my city who is giving me $1000 for ad spend with Google Ads because they want results ASAP and then for each lead I bring in I will be getting paid $200-250 per lead regardless if they join the travel club or not.

Since he is paying for the ad spend and I still get a nice chunk per lead I agreed to his deal as the potential here is huge for me.

Typically in this industry, In order to generate the leads, the main way all the current marketing companies have done it is they do a free giveaway offer for a vacation trip to Orlando or free cruise in exchange for their contact info and having them attend a short sales presentation where they have the option to buy or not buy but they still get their promised free gift at the end.

My question, is there any laws or issues I should worry about dealing with when running ads to a vacation giveaway offer that is free? Also I know you have used Answer Connect in the past so I wanted to ask can the service of ‘answer connect' make confirmation outbound phone calls to the new leads and ask questions to qualify them just as you would if it was an inbound call? Thanks!

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