Are You Able To Generate Enough Quality Leads For Your Clients Using Adwords?

By April

In episode 128 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the Semantic Mastery team are able to generate enough quality leads for their clients using Google Adwords PPC.

The exact question was:

Hi there guys, hope all is well in IM land.

My question is about your Local Kingpin Product, I am starting to get some where now with SEO, but it does take forever and thats ok, I accept thats how SEO goes and just get on with it, but I like the idea of starting with Adwords and then adding SEO/Lead Gen later. I'm not asking for Adwords advice thats what the training is for and I've bought your products before so I know it'll be legit. My question is how did it or how is it going? Are you able to generate enough quality leads for your client? I work with contractors if that helps, not looking for specific advice just your opinion on how well Adwords works

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