Assigning Titles to Properties with Exact Match Keywords

By April

In Episode 63 of Hump Day Hangout, one question asked was about assigning titles with exact match keywords.

The exact question was:

“Hi Bradley,

I have a general question about titling a property due to exact match keywords:
My customers pay me for the optimisation of their videos to get on the first page of Google. But they want to rank for several keywords at once like “company name keyword 1 keyword 2

keyword 3 City City 2″ Normally I would create such a long tail title for a video for example but now I am wondering if it could be better to use several videos and rank them using titles such:

“company name keyword 1 City 1”
“company name keyword 1 City 2”
“company name keyword 2 City 1”
“company name keyword 2 City 2”

What would be better in your experience? Would the long tail “dilute” to much juice? Or asked the other way round: will the usage of only ONE keyword per property power up the impact for that keyword?”

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