Best Practices For Managing YouTube Channels If You Are Wholesaling A Video Promotion Service

By April


In episode 137 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best practices for managing YouTube channels intended for wholesaling video promotion services.

The exact question was:

My goal is to promote videos in 5-8 niches with each niche having a Youtube channel and associated website to support videos from multiple cities as I am wholesaling video promotion service.

If I set up 5-8 Youtube channels with each having an associated website can I put all those on my main Google and Youtube account or do I need to break them up under some separate persona Google accounts? Each associated website will have just a T-1 network but I will likely want to stack 2 or more T-2's on some or most of the Youtube channels.

How many channels each with an associated website can I run on my main Google account without running into problems as I will be setting up 5-8 niches all within a single month?

If I do need to break these up and put them under separate Google accounts would those persona Google accounts be as a persona individual or as a persona business name?

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