Scheduling Upload and Number of Networks to Rank

By April


One of the questions being raised in the 54th episode of Hump Day Hangout was on video optimization in the IFTTT network. The particular area focused was the scheduling of the videos as well as the number of tiers for a video to rank in the search engines results page.


The exact question asked was:


I know we should wait about three to four weeks or so after running a new video through our IFTTT syndiction network. At that point, if we need more juice to get to page one, approx. how many profiles/Syndwire accounts are appropriate to throw at our Tier 1s/2s for stacking some more authority?

What is the Updated RSS Feed Format in YouTube?

By April


In the 54th episode of Hump Day Hangout, one of the participants has having the trouble connecting Youtube to other entities in the IFTTT network. The reason was because of the new RSS feed format being rolled out.


The exact question was:


Having trouble finding the correct feed format for my YouTube channel add it to properties.Tried all the ones attached in the training but it doesn't like it. Summary feed, content feed…they don't seem to be working but then again I could be doing something wrong but I really made sure I watched the training over and over b4 contacting you about this.

Converting to Mobile-Friendly Website on Yola Platform

By April

Mobile-friendly is a good ranking factor according to Google. Hence, one of the questions being asked at the Episode 52 of the weekly Hump Day Hangout was about converting Yola sites into mobile-friendly.

The exact question was:

What would be the best way to build a mobile friendly website for a site not on WP but on Yola? and how much would you charge for this??

Adding Pocket Links to G+ Page

By April

In the weekly SEO Q&A of Semantic Mastery, particularly in the Episode 54, one of the questions asked is the proper ways on how to integrate links from Pocket, an RSS aggregator.

The exact question was:

Is there a way to add Pocket links to the G+ page and About page? The current Pocket account creation has changed and they do not allow you to use an email account anymore. They make you sign up with Twitter or FB. Also, once the account is created they do not give you a profile URL (at least I can't find it) because of that. Wondering how to connect everything now since there is no profile URL??

Network Management Pricing: How to Set the Correct Rates?

By April


Having a network that you have full control of can be one of the best assets an SEO entrepreneur could have. One of the questions being asked during the Episode 54 of Hump Day Hangout is about the pricing for managing multiple networks.

The exact question asked was:

Loving the Masterclass so far! Question on IFTTT continuity programs. I've got a good grip on pricing for setting up the networks. But not afterwards. Can you give some pricing examples for both network monitoring and content marketing? Assuming both One Tiered Network and a Two Tiered Network. Thanks!?

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 54

By Joriel


Episode 54 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Hello everybody, and welcome to Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 54. Today is November 11. Happy Veterans Day to everybody out there. Real quick, we want to say hello obviously, and we got some great announcements. We'll get this started. How's it going Hernan? [inaudible 00:00:53]

Hernan: Hey everyone. Hey Adam. It's really good to be here. [inaudible 00:00:17]

Adam: Hey Marco what's up?

Marco: Hey everybody, what's up?[inaudible 00:00:22]

Adam: Last, but not least, Bradley how you doing?

Bradley: Good man, good. How are you?[inaudible 00:00:26]

Video Power House

Adam: Good, good. Can't complain. It's been a busy week. We've just been putting the finishing touches on getting Video Powerhouse ready to go. We're happy to say that it is live. I'm going to be dropping the link in here and you guys can go sign up right away.

This is the embed network that we've been talking about for the past couple months. The story behind this, if we haven't told you, is basically we were looking for ways to go about and get our own video embeds for ranking our own videos. We've been checking out some products that are out there, and not to name names or anything, but we were very unsatisfied to put it nicely with what we found available out there.

We've put together what we would we would call a pretty killer network. This is very powerful. These are real sites that have metrics and are surrounded by IFTTT networks that we have built. All right, this is the same type of stuff that we provide through our own network services. I'm going to pop the link in there. Again, we've been talking about it so I'm not going touch up to much on it but by all means if you're interested in ranking your videos I highly suggest you check this out.

Bradley: I do want to mention, it's going to be a limited release because it is a new network. We don't want to overload it, so we're only going to be allowing about 50 people in. Then, we're going to shut it down so we can make sure it's running smoothly with 50 people in it. Just so you guys know, there was a waiting list and everything else. We're opening it up, but it's going to be a limited thing. It's not a scarcity thing we're doing, we're actually doing that specifically so that we can make sure we can handle the volume and work out any bugs because it is a new network.

That said, we're going to be reinvesting in that network to continue to build it out. Right now, it's just a general marketing video embed network in other words, you can pretty much embed anything besides what the typical no-go things are like Farma, porn, that kind of stuff. As we start bringing customers in we're going to reinvest in the network and build out at least five top level category themed networks, plus the general network. We'll end up with six, each having it's own minimum of 100 sites as the tier one, plus 20 web 2. This is part of the IFTTT rings around each one of those. It comes out to be 100 tier one embeds and 2,000 tier 2 embeds. Embeds backlogging social signals, that sort of thing per network.

We're going to have essentially five top level categories like health and wellness, construction/home services, business/financial, those kind of top level categories. Just so you guys are aware, currently it is not a themed network. It is just a general network. We're going to use that while we continue to build out the other high level categories. Obviously, as that continues to get developed we'll be giving out notifications of it as well. Do you want to add anything else to that Adam?

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