Fixing Issues with Tumblr and Other Web 2.0s in IFTTT Networks

By April

During Episode 53 of Hump Day Hangout, one question raised is about issues with Tumblr templates and other Web 2.0s in the IFTTT networks.

The exact question asked was:

Hey Guys..Having a a couple small problems with my first IFTTT network. 1) Tumblr does to NOT let me enter the HTML into the description area under the title to add our links to the Google Plus About page and our Blogger account. Everything else went fine until I tried adding the “<br><ahref=”” after the brief description that was already there under editing. The above code actual shows up on the Tumblr page as you type it in the editor now. Click “Save” then refresh the page and and the html all shows up under the description as text along with the description and no hyperlinks. When Bradley did the training the code never showed up but the other text did as it should.  2) WordPress is giving me a problem with verifying my WordPress site for Gravatar. Blogger , Google+ and YouTube went just fine. Rechecked all emails and passwords three time and tried re-verifying a few times. They were all entered correctly. No luck. The following message in quotes appears when the verification fails: “No Blogs Found – Either your WordPress Blog is not Responding or it's not listing any of the blogs against the account details you entered. Please check that the username/password you entered are for an account which is associated with at least one blog.” Thanks for your recommendations…wasn't on last week but watched the replay…thanks for all the great stuff on Tier 2 link building and correct structuring… really helped me make sense of a lot of questions I've had for a while. 🙂 Ed?

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 53

By Joriel


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Adam: … Hangouts today. It's the 4th of November and as you well know we've passed the 1 year mark and we are on episode 53. We'll go down the list here as usual and say hello. How's it going Chris?

Chris: Hey Adam! How's everybody doing?

Adam: Good, Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey stranger, hey everyone. It's good to be here.

Adam: I got nothing. Marco, how you doing man?

Marco: That's pseudo Adam, what's up man?

Adam: Hey Bradley, what's up?

Bradley: Yeah, that's the kinder, gentler Adam with the nose scruff beard.

Chris: Yeah, it's for [crosstalk 00:00:36].

Bradley: It's for aerodynamics so he can run faster.

Adam: I had to make some changes after Halloween, and if Kendrick's here and he asks I'll post that picture from Halloween and I don't rock a goatee and that's why I had to shave. I'll share that picture if he's on here, because he was asking about it.

Bradley: The door is wide open for Wayne Clayton.

Adam: Yeah.

Chris: You shaved the beard halfway for Halloween?

Adam: Yeah.

Chris: Like split face, like I'm serious?

Adam: Oh no, not like halfway. I had like just the goatee like the part right here. [crosstalk 00:01:09].

Chris: Okay.

Marco: Yeah, it was pretty good I saw the picture.

Adam: Yeah, I was pretty happy.

Bradley: Kevin Butler says, Bradley will go beardless next week? No my face is too fat. If I don't have a beard then I look funny.

Adam: Oh man. Well today we just have 1 quick announcement so go ahead and let everybody know if you haven't heard we do have a date for the release of the Twitter SEO Academy, which I believe actually somebody was asking about. That is going to be on Monday, the 23rd of November, so stay tuned. We will definitely be having some more information and some details about it, but we wanted to say we've got the release date, and we're getting ready for that.

Bradley: Do you want to mention that JV page in case anybody wants to promote it?

Adam: I do, I do not have the link on me so I will grab it and post it up here but we've got a … Hernan will do that. Thank you.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Adam: Yeah, if you are interested in promoting, by all means Hernan will drop the link in there, go check it out, see if that's what you want to do. You can also win some great prizes so just check out the JV page and it's pretty self-explanatory.

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What is RankBrain and How Does This Affect Long Term Keyword Phrases?

By April

One of the questions being asked during the Episode 53 or Hump Day Hangout was about Google's RankBrain. The participant also asked its impact on long term keyword phrases in the future.


The exact question asked was:

I'm curious on your thoughts of RankBrain and the future of long tail keyword phrases. Do you think beginner SEO people are going to have a much more difficult time getting into the game?

I'm having good success with long tail phrases and wonder if the following approach makes sense. A more difficult ranking phrase would be my top level page and then have 3-4 pages with very similar keyword phrases and different content would all interlink and also link to the top level page. Or with RankBrain, does it make more sense to focus on a single page and try to rank for all the different phrases. I think the former approach is easier but I know Google wants the latter and at some point they might penalize the multiple page approach.

What is the Best Approach When Dealing with Multiple Pieces Of Content?

By April

During the 53rd Episode of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangout, one of the participants asked on the different ways on how to manage multiple contents.

The exact question asked was:


If I have a bunch of posts with a lot of good juicy content that I want indexed. What would be the best approach.

A. Use a Theme that puts all the posts on a blog page as well as displays them in full on the main page?

B. Just leave them on a blog page only?

C. Display them only on the main page in full to avoid possible duplicate content issue as in A.?

Estimating Local Traffic and Dealing with Client Expectations

By April

During the Episode 52nd of the weekly SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout, one of the participants asked about the right ways on how to estimate local traffic while dealing with the expectations from the client.

The question (as quoted) was:

I'm working on  a deal with a local biz. I'm having trouble figuring out how to set a realistic expectation for traffic. I don't want to over promise and under deliver, but don't want to aim too low and perhaps lose the deal either.

The business is in a large city but inside of a small suburb. I told him that the best thing is to set up multiple sites (on subdomains) for each of the smaller suburbs and then go after the big city term. I know that Keyword Planner is not an organic SEO tool but my fear is that the suburbs (using the geo modifier) get next to no searches while the big city (using the geo modifer) gets over 300 per month according to the KWP. 

When I was going over this with biz owner I told him that if we rank the sites for the smaller suburbs, if people in those suburbs are searching without the geo modifier that his site would show up because google shows what is nearest to the searcher if all they do is type in the service or if they're searching from their phone. That sounds good, but is that correct? I basically pulled that out of you know where. 

Should I go this route or should I just go after the big city term right out the gate? My fear is wasting time and resources ranking the smaller suburbs and not getting any traffic. This is only my second client so I'm still a bit nervous when it comes to setting expectations.

Setting Up YouTube Trigger in Existing IFTTT Networks

By April

One of the questions being asked during the Hump Day Hangout Episode 52 was about adding a new tier network into existing IFTTT networks to optimize videos in YouTube. The viewer is confused what sort of network should it be – branded or persona-based network.

The exact question was:

Hey guys – have a 2 tier IFTTT network purchased from you guys which is triggered by a YouTube channel.  My plan is to add an additional 2-4… 2 tier IFTTT networks to it.  My question is… does the Tier 1 network of any additional IFTTT networks added to the original also need to be branded like the Tier 1 in the original IFTTT network was or can all the additional Tier 1 networks just be persona based?

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 52 (Anniversary Edition)

By Joriel


Click on the video above to watch Episode 52 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts with Semantic Mastery. Of course, it is episode 52. We've made it a year. Luckily, nothing horrible happened in the last week so we were able to make it here today. Today is the 28th of October and of course we've got everybody here for this episode. How's it going, Chris?

Chris: Hello, Adam. How is everybody doing?

Adam: Good, good. Hernan, how are you doing?

Bradley: Hernan is muted.

Adam: Oh, right.

Hernan: Hey, [inaudible 00:00:26] everyone.

Adam: I'm sorry. Marco, what's up?

Marco: Hey, everybody. Happy to be here.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going, man.

Bradley: Excited to be here at 52 weeks in a row, guys. That's unheard of. I'm really proud of us for being able to do that without missing a single week. We'll probably be bragging about this for months to come.

Adam: Every Wednesday you'll get to hear.

Bradley: There's no more Hump Day Hangouts after today. No. We're going to keep it going. We've got one scheduled week off next month but beyond that, as far as I know we're just going to keep on rolling. We enjoy doing this. This is our way of giving back to our students as well. This business has been good to us and we all enjoy that. I know we do.

Thanks for everybody being here for this special episode. I know Adam's got a couple of more announcements and then we'll get right into questions because there's already a ton of them. Go ahead, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, hopefully everybody heard about the contest we had. We sent out the emails over the past few days. We posted in the groups so hopefully you guys got in there and got a chance to sign up. We just drew the winners so going to just go down the list here. We've got a six-month master class worth lots of money. It says on the page but the winner of that is RK. It is [email protected] You will be getting an email with that. We'll be contacting you shortly.

The second prize was one month of Video Powerhouse. This is our video embed network that we've been talking about that we had a limited release to our MasterMIND members. This isn't even available publicly right now. The lucky winner there is Lawrence Heraldo, [email protected] We'll be contacting you shortly and last but not least [crosstalk 00:02:13]. What's up?

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