Blog Posting and Link Building with Exact Match Keyword to Optimize Videos

By April


In Hump Day Hangout Episode 58, a question was asked about direct blog posting using exact matched keyword (outside the IFTTT networks) to optimize videos.


The exact question was:

I have a tier 1 blog post on a high PA DA site,original content and images (not part
of an IFTTT Network, I'm afraid it might get deleted if it senses related content RSS
feeds and auto-posting going on) with one exact match keyword contextual anchor in
that post pointing to my money video. Is it OK to build links directly to that blog
post URL directly from Syndwire, etc, etc to push the video up the page?

Is it Recommended to Use the Same Server for 301 Redirect?

By April


During Episode 58 of Hump Day Hangout, one participant asked if it is recommended to redirecting (301) an expired domain on the same server.


The exact question was:


When 301ing an expired domain to a money site and also 301 a 2nd expired to the first 301 expired does it matter if all the domains are on the same name server like fatcow? I have an unlimited plan so thinking of buying 1-3 expired domains then 301 one of them to my money site and a 2nd 301 to the first 301. Fat cow is so damn cheap is it ok that the 301s come from a fatcow account and redirect to my $ site that is also on fatcow but on a different account??

Tools That Have Money Making Results

By April


One participant of Hump Day Hangout Episode 58 asked about the tools that yield money making results for Semantic Mastery's senior partners.

The exact question was:

This question is for each of you; Adam, Hernan, Marco, Chris, Bradley. What is your favorite tool you use which translates for you into the most money making results??

In addition, Adam Moody also shared a link on a podcast (together with another senior partner Hernan Vasquez) with a detail information about this topic. Visit it at

The Death of the PBN

By Marco Benavides Ferlini

PBN's are a Dying Breed – Meet the Ranking Score Patent

How Google is going to kill PBNs


Update: After much asking about this topic, we have decided to make an exclusive webinar/masterclass explaining a new way of building links. Click here to register for free.

Or why you should build PRN’s to rank in 2016 and beyond:

I recently wrote an article where I went into detail about “the Google Dance” (read the full article here) and how most of the information could be found in a couple of the patents the company had filed and was granted. In addition, I confessed in the article that I am a Google patent geek and probably spend way more time than I should, looking through them.

But the reality is that there is a wealth of information to be gathered from patents, patent filings, and especially from patents that are granted. This is absolutely helpful in our industry since there is often so much conflicting and misleading information. Why listen to so-called experts when you can get the public information filed when the “invention” is claimed?

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How Many Number of Subdomains are Allowed in SERP Shaker/ATM Sites?

By April

During Episode 58 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangout, one question asked was about the number of allowed subdomains for SERP Shaker/ATM sites in the IFTTT network. The participant was also asking about its potential impact on indexing.

The exact question was:

For Serp Shaker/ATM type of sites, how many subs/domain is safe? Is building 10 subs per domain too many? Does having more subs effect the indexing??

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 58 Replay

By Joriel

Click on the video above to watch Episode 58 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: Hello, everybody, and welcome to episode 58 of Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 16th of December. As you can hopefully tell, we are slowly approaching the holiday season, and I'll let everyone show off their gorgeous headwear here as we go through it. How's it going, Chris? Sorry, no headwear for Chris, but how's it going?

Chris: Excellent. I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Adam: Hey, Hernan, what's up, man?

Hernan: Hey, everyone, it's really good to be here. I have no hair wear, but I have some hair, so that should do.

Adam: And the soul patch, so I think that's in competition with my beard. I see a lot of comments about … hey, Marco, what's up?

Marco: Dude, there's no way to make a Santa hat look cool. I was trying to get the headwear, but it ain't happening, man.
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Best Practices When it Comes to Making Money Online

By April

In Episode 58 of Hump Day Hangout, one of the participants asked about what to do and what not to do when it comes to making money online.


The exact question was:

This question is for each of you please.
If you were advising someone on your recommendation of the key thing to make sure they don't do if there are trying to make money online because it will impede their efforts??

Different Feed URLs for Related Contents

By April

In Hump Day Hangout Episode 58, one participant asked about varying URLs for feeds that show related contents.

The exact question was:

I'm assuming the related content feeds we need for the other two blogs in the IFTTT
ring should all be different feed URLs (feed sources) than the ones used on the first
blog in the ring, correct??

How to Use Expired Web 2.0s in IFTTT Networks?

By April


In Episode 58 of the weekly Hump Day Hangout, one of the questions asked was about using expired Web 2.0s for IFTTT networks.


The exact question was:

I ran into a ton of expire web2.0s PA 30+ like ekblog,, newsvine, tumblr, jigsy, drupal gardens and not sure how to use them. Alot of them have good backlinks and show NA for TF in Majestic. I am thinking of hitting my money site 1 page per 1 type of web2 then using all the extra blogs to hit my IFTTT & Social Media, is it ok to have say 3 ekblogs (a few of them have the france tld .fr) 3 webs, 3 drupals, 3 tumblrs all hitting my IFTTT or is 3 of each kind as tier 2 a foot print. Or how would you guys suggest to best utilize my 100 expired w2.0s? Thanks!?

Team Work and Project Management for SEO Entrepreneurs

By April


During Hump Day Hangout Episode 57, one of the participants asked strategies on how to manage teams and projects for SEO business. She was specifically asking about doing all the tasks or delegating a team to perform what's needed.


The exact question was:


Please speak about how having a team working with you on the same projects allows you to accomplish feats that you would not be able to do as a lone worker?