Pushing Videos To Higher Ranking After IFTTT Syndication

By Semantic Mastery



During Episode 43 of our weekly free SEO Q&A webinar a viewer had a question about what needed to be done to move a video that had been previously syndicated to a higher position in the search results.

They were not sure if more time was needed, additional off site SEO was required, or what to do…

Here's their question:

So I've gone through the IFTTT training and have created all the properties as described, did the RSS feeds, did the livestream, added ongoing content to the blogs and uploaded my first video. Blogs have been active for about 2 weeks.

Ranked #6 on YouTube and nowhere to be found on Google for the video. Just wondering the next steps or if i need to let more time to pass. The YouTube account is not verified if that makes a difference.

Part of helping out the video rankings included telling the viewer about the power behind playlists in YouTube – you can find out more with our detailed short course on this very topic here: https://youtube.silo.academy

How To Syndicate Existing Videos To Networks

By Semantic Mastery

Last week, during Episode 39 of our weekly Humpday Hangouts, we had a question from a viewer – one that has come up frequently.

Lots of people wonder how you can deal with getting existing videos to an IFTTT Network.

Perhaps you have added new properties to the network or maybe you already had videos on your YouTube channel and now want to ensure they go out onto your web 2.0 and social properties.

Good news! It's a fairly simple process, although still a bit manual, to get your videos syndicated out onto your network for a boost in ranking power. Check out the video to find out how you can take care of this and be ready for the next time it may happen.


Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 Release – What Are The Differences?

By Semantic Mastery



With Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 being released, we wanted to let people know what the differences are with this product and Video Ads Bootcamp, another great YouTube advertising course from Justin Sardi and Zane Miller. Both of these courses offer you entry into the world of YouTube advertising where they have had incredible success using super cheap ads to generate a huge ROI!


Video Ads Crash Course 2.0

In this video, Bradley and Adam discuss the differences between the two courses and why you might be more interested in one over the other. The short answer is that the Crash Course 2.0 is meant to be just that – a crash course in YouTube advertising (where you can get clicks that convert for pennies) while the Video Ads Bootcamp is more in depth, offers coaching calls and one on one mentoring to get you in depth YouTube ad training and a deep working understanding quickly.

Additionally, you can get Bootcamp with the Tubesift option, which is the software that will help you save a ton of time when finding videos to display your ads on. You can find out more about Video Ads Bootcamp here: https://semanticmastery.com/generating-targeted-traffic-with-dirt-cheap-youtube-ads-webinar-replay/

If you think that you'd like the more “hands on” approach to YouTube Ads training, go check out Video Ads Bootcamp.


Video Ads Bootcamp



Using Post Excerpts Or Full Content On Your Website

By Semantic Mastery



During Episode 37 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer had a question about how to use full text posts or excerpts in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

Additionally, we went over how tags operate in WordPress – if you are unclear on how these work you should watch the video clip so that you can avoid potential complications that can arise from inappropriate use of tags.

The question asked during the Hump Day Hangout was:

“…when you allow excerpts or full content from your posts on the main page does Google look at it as duplicate content because the content appears again as posts?”


How To Charge For Video Ranking Services

By Semantic Mastery



During Episode 37 of our weekly Hump Day Hangout weekly SEO Q&A webinar, we had a question from a viewer about how to appropriately charge for video ranking services – especially how to approach potential clients and video production companies when you may not be able to guarantee a top ranking immediately. This is a common issue and the answer is surprisingly simple!

The original question from the viewer is:

I want to charge {niche} to add videos to my IFTTT network that you guys are building on my behalf. I own a video production company and charge flat fee for video, I would like to upcharge to access my network. I have no guarantees that I can rank these videos yet as IFTTT network is brand new. Any recommendations on how/what to charge? I love the concept of recurring, Charge by the video? flat monthly fee? what would BB do??

Check out the video to find out how we work in this situation – you may be surprised by the amounts involved and how easy it can be to set up and configure a working relationship with a video production company where both parties gain!


Yahoo Pipes Alternatives – Service Ending Soon

By Semantic Mastery



It was announced a little while back, but in case you missed it – Yahoo Pipes will be shutting down, beginning with stopping the ability to create new Pipes in late August, and completely shutting down the service in September:

pipes closing picture


This service was a great way to aggregate information in many ways and we were avid fans of the ability to combine RSS feeds that could then be syndicated for various uses.

However, this wasn't all that Pipes could do:

  • Parse XML
  • Parse HTML
  • Output CSV

These are just a few of the cool things that Pipes could do, but with the coming shutdown of the service, we need to look for alternatives.

Luckily, for those of us who are interested in continuing to use RSS feeds for SEO purposes, whether it's content review, content curation, RSS aggregation, or something else entirely, there are many services out there that you can use.

Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes

Here is a list of sites and services that you should check out as Yahoo Pipes replacements – some offer different specifics, but all of them will help you with your quest for a Yahoo Pipes RSS replacement!


Powerful RSS and Pipes Alternative

We also recently talked to Lisa Allen about RSS Authority Sniper and how you can use it with RankFeedr to do some incredible things like make your own RSS feeds with any content, mix with authority content, get full YouTube RSS feeds, and more.

In fact, you can watch the entire webinar where we talked about co-citations, RSS uses, and more with Lisa right here: https://semanticmastery.com/rss-authority-sniper-webinar

Do you have a favorite replacement for aggregating RSS feeds? Let us know about it!


How To Handle AdWords And Personas

By Semantic Mastery


If you're working with tiers or syndication properties you may want to use AdWords with your persona based properties – how do you go about doing this?

In this clip from Episode 36 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts we talk about how you can get this done easily and safely.


Hangouts and Video Ranking Replay – Peter Drew & Semantic Mastery

By Semantic Mastery


See how Hangout Millionaire can be utilized to rank videos, generate revenue – it's a killer tool that works extremely well with our IFTTT Syndication approach. This replay of our live webinar with Peter Drew, creator of Hangout Millionaire, showed just how many ways there are monetize and scale with videos.


This is an awesome tool for your SEO toolbox if you are looking for a way to scale video production, test markets and niches, and want to save time in doing so. As Bradley points out during the webinar, it has allowed him to do tests that might have taken weeks or a month in just hours. This is software that we use in our businesses and were glad to have Peter and Mitch join us to talk about it in depth.

This great presentation with Peter and Mitch, along with the Semantic Mastery crew, will give you a good idea of how Hangout Millionaire can fit into your business or freelancing options for generating client videos, lead gen videos, and more!


Creating Content, Backlinking, And More From Keyword Research

By Semantic Mastery


Last week, during Episode 34 of our weekly Hump Day Hangout, we had a question from a viewer about the use of Power Suggest Pro and how we utilize it for content creation, backlinking, and more. This keyword research tool is one of our favorites (we all own a copy and use it regularly) and you'll see us using it in various webinars and case studies.

Here is the question that was asked – watch the video above for the answer:

When you guys are using the Power Suggest Pro, are you creating content from those keywords? Are you using those phrases for linking purposes?

I mean in some cases you have so many different phrases, I am not exactly sure what you are doing with the phrases. The one that you did for the case study is a good example.

There's a lot of ways to use keyword research tools and this was a good question to showcase several ways to use the lists that tools like this generate – there are a lot of uses!