Can You Recommend Any Free or Low Cost Apps Other Than BrowSeo That Allows Different IP Address For Multiple Browsers?

By April

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In episode 88 of our weekly Humpday Hangouts, one viewer asked about some free or low cost apps similar to BrowSEO that allows different IP address for multiple browsers.

The exact question was:

Using proxies in Windows is a pain in the arse… can you recommend any free or low cost apps other than browseo that might allow you to use multiple browsers each with it's own ip address?

In the video, Hernan mentions the technique called tunneling via VPN. With this, one can emulate another location without having to use another browser.

A little about Browseo:

SEO onpage analyzer. It lets you know how Google sees your website. The main function of BrowSEO is in analyzing site structure. This web app checks various search engine optimization factors including header tags, image tags, robots, external links and meta descriptions of a given domain. This SEO browser saves the hassle from using other tools like Screaming Frogs since you don't have to install it.

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