Can You Apply RYS Strategies To ‘New’ G-Sites?

By April

In episode 156 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if one can apply RYS strategies to new Gsites, or whether they only work in old Gsites.

The exact question was:

Not sure if this was already mentioned in your previous webinars… but can you also use the “”new”” g-site instead of the old g-site and implement all the RYS stuff into it? I don't know where I found it but I think some months ago there was a comment about this that RYS only works with the old g-site style.

Well.. old g-sites don't look very well and the new ones do have a really nice design. Also it's very ease to build them – the reason why I ask is because I'd like to relaunch my company website and just thinking about if I perhaps would use a G-Site + the entire RYS method but only if the design fits well…

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