Can You Explain The Siloing Process In The GMB Auto Poster?

By April


In episode 225 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked the team to explain the siloing process in the GMB Auto Poster.

The exact question was:

Bradley: On the local lease post-training, you talked about siloing posts. You said:

“”Silo posts based on tags: Assign each post a tag in the Auto poster, then select
to silo post in Auto Poster, which means it takes the previous posts url, and
add that link from the previous post to this new posts. Your GMB website turns
posts into inner pages.””

The first post you do manually and then in Auto Poster, the 2nd post links to the 1st, the 3rd to the 2nd and so on.

Can you please explain a bit further what you meant? Am I way off or am I on track?

thank you

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