Can You Power Up A Drive Stack If You Spam The PDF Version Of The Pages With Links?

By April

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In episode 343 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if you can power up a drive stack if you can spam the PDF version of the pages with links.

The exact question was:

Happy #POFU day gents! Quick question: To further power up a drive stack can you just ctrl+p and print PDF files of your current web pages, then edit them with link spam at the bottom like you all do? Or can I just copy and paste my content into a Google Doc file and then link spam at the bottom like you all do? Or is it best to have unique content on the drive stack vs. exact duplicate content inside a drive stack silo? I was thinking if I just made Google Docs and PDF versions of every existing web page, for the sake of speed, it could be a very quick way to drive more power? Basically same content of existing website across multiple drive stack file types…Thoughts on this?

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