Can You Replicate Dedhia’s Link Building Magic?

By April


In episode 298 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Semantic Mastery team can replicate Dedhia's link building magic.

The exact question was:

You say that Dedhia is responsible to the: linking & embed & indexing packages. Also you say that he does his “”magic”” and has a lot of experience. But what if Dedhia won't be tomorrow? Do you have any backup? Can you replicate his methods by yourself? Do you have any videos & tutorials that someone else can come and do what he does from scratch and get the same results? Because it seems that Dedhia is the only one that can help for competitive markets by being responsible on these packages. In the mgyb there should be a video or a course foreach package that someone can go and do it by themselves (DIY). You took care of the seo shield (ifttt & rys) but there is missing info on the other packages. Don't you think?

This Stuff Works

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