Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 224

By April

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 224

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Bradley: Okay. Now we're live. This is screwing me up. Hey everybody! This is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts Episode 224. It is February 20th, 2019. I'm sorry I don't have my camera today. For some reason Google Hangouts decided it did not wanna recognize my camera at the last minute. You guys would probably appreciate the fact you don't have to look at my face. I've only got two people on with me today because Adam and Hernan are out at the Funnel Hacking Live event. They're out having fun while we're hard at work.

Let me say hi to Chris. What's up, Chris? How are you?

Chris: Doing good. Great to be here.

Bradley: Marco.

Marco: I made it, man. I'm here.

Bradley: Good. I don't really have any announcements specifically, except that we've got a Mastermind webinar tomorrow, for those of you that are in the Mastermind. We're gonna be covering several things that I've been tracking for the last few weeks now as far as doing some off-page tests for ranking GMBs, doing a whole bunch of different types of off-page tests and isolation.

In fact, let me se, for one moment, I've got pause the screen for a minute. Marco, do you have any announcements while I do that?

Marco: No. But I'm so glad you're gonna talk about this because my write-up for the Mastermind, which I'm finishing up today by the way, is about that, testing, whether it's single variable testing or whether it's testing in isolation, or what it actually is that you're trying to do.

What you're trying to do is gauge whether there's an effect. You're not trying to show that something doesn't work. It's crazy going in and trying to test that something doesn't work. The test should be, what does it do? You should get the data. The data should speak for what the tests. You're testing a variable, but does the variable move the needle? No, it doesn't. Okay, onto the next thing, which is what you're doing, you're testing all of these different variables and you're isolating so that you can do whatever it is that you're doing to each one.

I'm really glad that you're talking about this. I'm gonna go a little bit more in-depth in the Mastermind newsletter about testing and how people are being misled by so-called, all of these are expert testers that don't know what the fuck they're doing. So I'll just leave it at that.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. I've been tracking, well, about a month ago was. It was around January 21st when I started setting these tests up. I'm testing every one of these methods and isolation. In other words, they're GMB or Google My Business profiles that had the initial on-page stuff done and what my standard operating procedure is for optimizing a new profile, and then from there, all I'm doing is specifically one of these methods.

I'm testing across multiple properties per methods so that I can see if we get positive results or negative results or no results on any one method, I want to see if that occurs across more than one property for the same type of method. Because if we get positive results on two properties, if I'm only doing two tests or testing on two locations per method and they're both positive, then that's a really good indication that that's a viable method or something that moves the needle.

Like he says, that's actually funny you said that because that's the title or the subtitle of the actual test that I'm doing Which Method Moves the Needle the Most? These different tests that I'm doing, and like I said, if a positive result occurs on two properties, two separate locations, then I know that it's a good method to use and that it will continue … It will be duplicatable, in other words.

I will obviously set it up and see if I can repeat it again across other properties. If I get two no changes, or two negative changes, then it's probably the case also. But if we get one that's positive and one it's neutral, or one that's positive, one is negative, then it's obviously gonna have to require further investigation.

So that's essentially what I'm doing. I've tried several these things and I've got some really super good results back with one of these methods in particular. I'm not gonna tell which one here, guys, you got to join a Mastermind for that. But I'm gonna be covering it tomorrow because I've got really, really good results from one method in particular. It's actually one of the easiest methods and that's what I love about. I'm pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was not surprised that the method works because of what I know about that method, but I'm glad that it's one of the easier methods for any one of us to achieve, or to implement, I should say.

Again, I'm gonna be covering that in the Mastermind webinar tomorrow as well as I'm also gonna be covering some questions about PR stacking from some of our members. I'm also gonna be talking about setting up display ads for remarketing using the Google Display Network because it's a much, much easier process now and it's very, very effective.

So that's what I've got to tease with for tomorrow. It looks like we don't have that many questions. But I'm gonna get right into it.

Chris: I got a question, man.

Bradley: Go ahead.

Chris: I scrolled through my Facebook feed today, people are literally scared of GMB and Google all of a sudden. You just were talking about, yeah, which method is the most potent or the biggest needle move of them. Anybody, you wanna share your insights on that, Marco or Bradley?

Bradley: I'll start. Yeah. Armageddon is coming, right? The sky is always falling, Chicken Little type stuff. By the way, that screenshot that you're looking at there, guys, that's the tease for tomorrow's webinar in Mastermind because those are the movements that I've seen occur just in the last few days from that one particular method I'm gonna be covering.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, Marco and I, well, we've been around long enough to know that shit changes all the time. It's SEO. For the last several months we've been pushing really hard on GMB stuff because it's been working so well and I've been saying all along it at some point Google's gonna shut it down. I don't necessarily think that existing properties are gonna be taken down. What I think is gonna happen, and this is just my assumption, guys, my educated opinion about this or my educated guess, prediction I should say, is that it's gonna become damn near impossible to register new GMB profiles. I think that's how it's gonna be shut down.

That's why I've been pushing for people to build, build, build for the last several months, and to build your ass off and to build a team for scaling your build processes so that you can secure as many location as possible prior to what I think is going to happen, which is going to be damn near impossible to register new businesses.

I don't know exactly what they're gonna do to shut it down, but it's likely going to be something like having to take photographs at a storefront or at the business location. It could also be requiring … Again, guys, just speculation, but it could also require you to send corporate documents in or something that shows proof of address with the business name on it, so like a utility bill or something. I know because I've actually had to call Google Support before to get help moving a legit business for a client of mine to get the Maps listing updated. That was one of the things required, was a bank statement, the account details and everything could be blurred, but it had to show the company name and the mailing address and all that.

Those are things that I assume or that I predict are going to happen. But we always find workarounds and we always find ways to continue to make money. That's really the name of the game, guys. Don't freak out. Don't go into panic mode. Relax. Know that you're gonna have other options. We're gonna figure them out eventually and other people will figure them out as well, and you can too. But it's about keeping your head cool and realizing that this is a cat-and-mouse game that we play and that's the business that we're in.

Marco, what are your thoughts?

Marco: I get a little bit more basic, man. Yeah, I don't care. Why? I say basic because there's basic web principles. The foundational stuff that we teach is based on web principles, right? We're in the semantic web. We all know that, right? We talked about ART, activity, relevance, trust and authority, and how to generate all that. But there's foundation of principles. You can only code one way. If you write spaghetti code, you're writing garbage that nobody's ever going to be able to tell what it is if someone needs to come and take over. So there's international standards that are set.

There are basic principles where the guidelines are not set by Google. Google's Terms of Service and Google's guidelines are determined by Google, but coding standards are set by other people. In order for Google to mess with that, Google has to go and push at a higher level where there's a bunch of other people pushing back. I've been talking about this since Semantic Mastery began. Google is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Correct, but there's others on the web. Google can't just go and do whatever the fuck they want to do. There's some stuff that they just can't touch.

While that goes on we'll just keep going and getting the results that we get. That's what you saw. The test that you're shown, which is beautiful because it's based on basic foundational principles, that's what we work from. Now all of these other stuff, yes, they're hacks, guys. We manipulate. That's our job. We're in this to make money. We're not here to make people happy. We're not here to make Google happy. I'm in this to make money. I don't care. They can't tell me that it's wrong to do what I'm doing, well then, Google should go and change their whole scheme for making money online because it's all based on lies and it's all based on moving people into their funnel and keeping them there as long as possible; they don't care how they do it, they just want to do it. Well, that's fine. That's their business model. I have mine.

Just to get back to this, basic principles, they still work. Why? Because everyone has to adhere to the same standards no matter what. That's my rant for today – well, hopefully.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree with that. Let's get into questions, guys. Not a whole lot of questions and I'm surprised. Maybe it's this new platform that's scaring people off, the discus platform. All right.

Chris: The sky is always falling.

Bradley: What's that?

Chris: The sky is always falling. Some people say it's …

Bradley: Chicken Little, yeah. Okay. Ben's up. He says, “Hey Bradley, thanks for our call last Thursday.” Okay. Ben's one of our Mastermind members and I'd been doing Mastermind calls. I opened up an opportunity for our Mastermind members to schedule a 30-minute call with me. It started the first week in January and this is the seventh week that I've been doing those calls. Next week, I'll wrap it up and then it'll be closed down until June. In June, I'm gonna open it back up again.

I encourage our Mastermind members that even scheduled to call with me in this first round to call schedule a second call with me in June because in six months you will have hopefully overcome some of the issues that we discussed on our call, and hopefully you have a new set of issues. I really want to continue to find out what's going on with our members. It's been super insightful for me to learn more about what's going …

Well, first, to get to know our members on a more personal level. It's been great. It really has been. I've really enjoyed the calls. Number two, it's given us a lot of insight as to what's going on, and in our Mastermind, which is our top level program, what's going on in our members' businesses, so that we can develop better tools and resources and training to help them overcome their obstacles. It really has been beneficial to me as well as, hopefully, to others.

Is Local GMB Pro Included In The MasterMind?

That's what Ben is referring to here. He says, “Thanks for our call last Thursday. It was good to talk to you and I got a lot out of it.” Well, thank you, man. I appreciate that. He says, “A couple of questions. Number one, is Local GMB Pro included in the Mastermind? Not that I need it. Local Lease Pro is looking pretty comprehensive as I go through it. I'm just curious as it doesn't recognize my username.”

Yeah, I know. We had Rob Beale collaborate on that with us and so there is an additional charge for that. But as a Mastermind member you get it at a silly ridiculous discount from what the advertised price is, if you look at the sales page publicly. Just contact Support when you're ready for that, Ben. But since I did talk with you, trust me, you're not ready for that yet. Go through Local Lease Pro, start implementing those strategies, provided that they're still going to work, depending on what happens with the GMB stuff going forward.

This Stuff Works
As it stands right now, it's still working just fine. But just keep in mind that you should be implementing that right now and then the Local GMB Pro training would really be more about assets that need the additional push, or if you're in super competitive areas, that's where you're going to want to implement Local GMB Pro. But again, that's not something that I would recommend you start with right now, you're gonna be overwhelmed. I know you and I talked about that. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much training. I'd rather you take action and Local Lease Pro is set up with actionable data, actionable information for you to go out and implement immediately to start building, and that's the most important thing. Okay.

Good question. But, yeah, as a Mastermind member, you'll get a significant discount on that when you're ready. But I can tell you right now you're not ready for that. Okay.

How Do You Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome?

Number two, he says, “You said you were a former shiny object syndrome sufferer.” Yes, I was. That's absolutely true. I think most of us in this industry or in this space are or have suffered from that, and maybe still do at this point. As SOS is so clearly at the root of my lack of progress to this point, I was wondering what it was that helped you turn the corner. You are clearly totally recovered and in control today.”

Yeah. You know what it was, honestly, it was kind of a perfect storm in that I was trying to do too many things and trying to not only teach on too many different topics as far as digital marketing, but I was trying to do too many things for my agency and provide too many services. What happens is I became overwhelmed with chasing different methods and trying to implement every method that I could learn about. So every time I saw a marketing email come through, and you guys know, I'm sure you are all on a million email list too, I would get the same type of emails, you guys would about new methods, about new tools and processes and things like that and I would get sucked in. The grass is always greener, right? I would see the opportunity that I thought, as an entrepreneur, I would see opportunity and I'm want to go after it, I want to chase it.

But what happened was over time things started to accumulate and accrue to the point where I had 15 projects going on and none of them were really progressing because I was spread too thin across too much. We, as a corporation, Semantic Mastery kind of suffered that for a period of time too and in part, I'm the face of the company, I should say, not to discredit my partners or anything, but in part because I was doing that in my own business as well. So we were kind of going that way with Semantic Mastery, trying to be too many things to too many people.

Really what happened was, and fortunately, my partner Adam, he's not here today, but he introduced us to a book by Gino Wickman, I think it is, called Traction. It's a program for really zeroing in on a singular focus and purpose for a company, for any organization. We've been working through that now, guys. What are we, over a year now into that, Traction? Are we on our fifth quarter now? Somebody would comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. I can't remember exactly what quarter we're on.

Bradley: I think we're on our fifth quarter now. Anyways, we do everything now. It's kind of a combination of various methods, but the 12-week year is one of the books that we provide to our Mastermind members when they come join. Another one is That One Thing. That's another book that where it teaches you how to really focus in on one thing to get results and find out what is the most important thing, the one thing that I can do such that everything else becomes irrelevant or less important or irrelevant, or something like that. It's a great book. Then there's the 12-week year, which is about taking 12-month goals and boiling them down into 12 weeks, which is a 90-day period. What we call them 12-week Sprints. It's a quarter every year.

We started implementing these strategies and then traction really kind of started giving us the organizational structure as a corporation to start developing our goals, figuring out what our primary focus was going to be, zeroing in on that, and then building out our processes and systems to achieve those goals. Like I said. I think we're on our fifth quarter of that process now. That's why over the last probably six months or so, you guys have been following us and probably noticed we've really shifted to just local marketing stuff. Not that we don't still talk about and teach and share and present information in the Mastermind about all types of marketing, but our primary push is local.

That's because I needed to do that in my own business in order for me to get better results for my clients to increase my own income and to get some of my time and my sanity back because I was just all over the place and it was overwhelming and, honestly, it was exhausting. Also, as you guys know, shit's changing all the time in the digital marketing space, so having to stay on the cutting edge of everything is incredibly difficult.

This Stuff Works
So I really wanted to shift my focus into something that I preferred, which was local marketing. I also feel that that's one of the quickest ways to earn revenue, is local marketing. So I kind of shifted to that. We took several surveys of you guys, our members, to find out that that's what the vast majority of our audience was doing, was local marketing or lead generation, that kind of stuff. So we really shifted all of our focus to that.

Again, Ben, to answer your question, how I got over it was kind of a combination of recognizing the fact that I was really spinning my wheels and not making any progress in a lot of different areas because I was going after too many things, my attention was spread too thin, and then also, again, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Adam kind of presented us or brought to our attention like this, Gino Wickman's Traction program and they call the EOS, I guess the employee operating system, and all this stuff. Just get the book, guys, it's inexpensive, and go through it. It's a lot of work. We've been at it for five months now-, or excuse me, five quarters now, I think five quarters, and it's a lot of work. But it's totally worth it because we're seeing the benefits and the fruits of the work that we're putting in.

So a combination of those two things for me really kind of got me to stop … Guys, I'm not kidding, I've unsubscribed from just about every single email list. I got one specific email that I would always sign up for stuff and now, because over the years I've subscribed to so many lists, I've unsubscribed from just about everything. But yeah, I still get emails for internet marketing products and stuff all the time, from stuff that I've never even subscribed from. You guys know how that goes, people sell lists and your name gets passed, your email gets passed around from one list to another, whether you subscribed or not.

I'm not gonna lie, every single day now when I get a marketing email unless it's from somebody that I want to be on their list, I go find the unsubscribe button. as soon as I open an email, hit the unsubscribe button, and then I come back and hit the spam button. I do it every fucking day every single day. Some days I might only get one email now, other days I might get five or six spam type marketing emails. But I do the same thing. I open them up, I don't even read them, I just go right find an Unsubscribe button, click Unsubscribe, and then I come back it's hit the Spam button. What it's done is it's really reduced the amount of junk that I see on a daily basis.

I was telling this to Ben when we had our call, our Mastermind call, it's like being an alcoholic and going to a bar. Right? When you open your email account, if you know you have shiny object syndrome and you're not getting any traction in any one area of your business because you keep chasing opportunity, stop, stop going in your email box and reading these emails, guys. Stop. It's like get yourself out of the bar if you're a recovering alcoholic, right? It's the same principle. You need to avoid the shit that's detracting from you being able to get make progress in your business.

So for me, it was just eliminating the marketing messages. I'm a marketer so I'm susceptible to marketing messages, right? For me, it was just avoiding them. Out of sight, out of mind. Putting blinders on. Putting my nose down. Working through what I knew I needed to do and that was local marketing. Right now it's about building a lead gen business and developing processes but I'm not doing all the work and then teaching our members about what I'm doing and how we're doing it. So that's what's worked for me.

Any of you guys have comments on that?

Chris: Yeah. You probably should read the latest Mastermind issue, for February, because what I wrote about was pretty much what you've just talked about, but in steroids. It's like if you're struggling with that there's something really, really valuable in there for this month.

Bradley: It's awesome.

Chris: Not to reveal everything, so from Masterminding members, you can be looking forward to some really sweet stuff. I recommend you check it out as well, Bradley.

Bradley: I sure will. Marco?

Marco: Well, the way that I stopped is I realized that we're producing better shit than most people out there. So I focus on our own things and I know that you focus, we, the Mastermind's focus is local. But I'm still in the lab looking at manipulation methods for national, global, just whatever, because that's just how my mind works. I can't just do the local thing and be happy. I have to be able to see where all of the algorithms are going, where Google is going, where it's taking us and why, and then try to intercept at the right time, which is kind of like how RYS Academy was born, then RYS Reloaded, Local GMB Pro, as a matter of fact, came through because of that. It was just looking to see where Google was going and why. So I'm constantly after that, where is Google going, why?

As long as I'm on that, I don't care about somebody else's shit because I'm too busy with my own shit. That's how I was able to overcome. We've all been there. If you've been online for any length of time, it could be a week, you bought something. Yeah. That's just the way it is.

Are Both G+ Personal And Business Profiles Be Shut Down By Google?

Bradley: Yeah. That's a great question, Ben. I really appreciated that question. Hopefully, that was helpful. Ken. What's up, Ken? He says, “Are both G Plus personal and business profiles going away or is it just personal?” I believe it's all Google Plus. I think the only Google Plus that's going to remain, and I could be wrong about this guys, but I'm pretty sure that they're all being killed off unless you're what they call Google Plus Enterprise, which is only for like, it's like internal Google Plus for large organizations. I don't even know anything about it. I just read somewhere about it.

This Stuff Works
So as far as I know, Google Plus is being completely killed. I think in April it's gonna be down completely. You won't be able to access even your old stuff. I got notifications, dozens and dozens of notifications about it where they say if you got any photos in Google Plus, the notifications, you got to download the photos and all that kind of stuff because in April they're gone. That's it. They're extinct. Whatever. Good riddance. No big deal. Move on.

Which, by the way, guys, we covered the Google Plus … Oh, yeah, guys, if you're in the Syndication Academy and you didn't watch the update webinar from last week, go back and watch it. I mean, literally, as soon as Hump Day Hangouts is over, go watch it because it's super, super powerful what I was talking about, because one of the things I was covering was Google Plus being shut down. We had a lot of people comment and question about, “What's going to happen? Because Google Plus is down and that's one of our main social hubs.” Yeah. So what? We find others.

I shared exactly what I'm using now, which is so much more effective anyways, and it's really, really powerful. If you're in Syndication Academy, guys, go watch the update webinar that was just recorded last week. It's in the archives area, the updates area along with all the notes and everything in there. Super powerful and it's easy to do. Okay. AlL right. I'm gonna keep on moving.

What Photo Selection In GMB Is It That Dictates Which Image Is Displayed In Google Maps?

Jay says, what's up, Jay? “Inside the GMB, what photo selection option is it that the dictates which image is displayed in Google Maps? I've tried several options there but it won't change.” Yeah. I've had that issue in the past too, Jay. I don't know, maybe Marco has an answer. I've tried in some cases to get an image to change too and not been able to get it to change. I just don't even care at this point. I know some clients do, but it's not been a major issue for me so I haven't dug into it that much.

Marco, do you have an idea as to what you can do to get Google to display what you want?

Marco: No. I don't have an answer for that. It sometimes displays the latest one, it sometimes displays what it wants to, I don't know. If you have GMB that is legit, that is tied to a company or whatever, you might wanna get in touch with a Google rep and see if they can help you out. If you act really ignorant, if you act really stupid, like you don't know what's going on, they'll really help you out. They'll go out of their way to help you out. I found that the more ignorant you act and the more that they … “I don't know …” “Oh, you mean like Chrome?” I mean they go that deep into … Just totally being blissfully ignorant about everything online.

Because you're a business owner who doesn't have time for all of this. The only people who have time for this are marketers who are in there trying to manipulate every day, who are the first ones that find out what doesn't work and what does. So you wanna try to avoid being that know-it-all marketer because if you do that you're gonna get nuked, your IP is gonna get tagged, and you're in for a lot of trouble.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. If it's a legit business, man, just contact the Google My Business Support. Again, if it's legit verifiable business, guys, I don't have any problem contacting Support anymore. I found them to be quite helpful when needed. Again, don't be afraid to do that. I remember years ago it was damn near impossible to get support help from Google and it was only via email and it would be sometimes days or even weeks before they would reply and it was just a bitch. But now it's a lot easier to get in touch with Google Support. Again, if it's for legit business, don't be afraid of trying.

What Are Your Most Successful Tactics In Getting Client Response From Cold Emails?

Okay. Jeff says, a minute, I still got to get used to this platform, guys. Jeff says, what's up, Jeff? He says, “Two questions. What is the record for most F-bombs dropped by Marco in one rant?” Well, apparently, Ken's been counting, he says 87.

Chris: Did you see the RYS Academy sales video, the webinar, the very first one? I bet it goes higher.

Marco: Guys, listen, I don't do it purposely. It's just when I get excited I get really animated and it just flows. Please excuse me, I don't mean to offend. Well, I have meant to offend people in the past, let me change that. You guys, in general, I don't intend to offend you. If you are, please excuse me. Please understand that that's just … My partners know that that's me because they have to deal with me on a daily basis, so they know. They know Marco.

So you guys, just please excuse me. Next time if you come to my webinars or whatever, please put the kids away and you might not want the wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever around while you're listening to me talk.

Bradley: Yeah. I remember we had a Mastermind webinar about three years ago, maybe three and a half years ago, and Marco and I, we're a little loose with our lips as far as some of the things we were saying. One of the members posted like “I've got kids in the room.” It was so funny because immediately after that I put a parental guidance suggested explicit language, image, or whatever, graphic on the bottom of the header image for the page that we were hosting the webinars on. In that point forward, we always kept it to be like, hey, keep your kids out. It's not safe for work-type stuff. I think it was really funny. I think Carolyn was her name.

Anyway, so to carry on with the real stuff here, guys. Jeff says, “I know you mentioned this previously, but I couldn't find it when researching out-, or excuse me when reaching out to business owners. In an effort to sell them the leads we were generating, what has been your more successful tactics for getting them to respond? This is primarily a cold email question.” Jeff, that's a great question. That's something we're going to be covering a lot in depth in actually going through real live tests in case studies and such for monetizing GMB assets. We're gonna be doing a lot of outreach stuff in the Mastermind coming up over the next several weeks. In fact, that was supposed to be started this week. I'm a little bit delayed, but I'm gonna be working on that a lot next week. I've got several assets that I need to start doing outreach for too.

This Stuff Works
But to answer your question, what I found and I spent a lot of time last year, in 2018, doing prospecting and trying to do sales for traditional agency services. I got really good at prospecting, getting the conversation started. As far as sales, I failed miserably. I think we spent like $18,000 between our salesperson and our VA staff which was handling the cold email outreach and all that stuff. I think we made like $6,000 in sales. It was ridiculous. That in part is just because I think that the local business market is so saturated with solicitation calls from marketing and advertising agency.

So long story short, that's part of the reason we shifted back to the lead generation model because it changes the dynamic entirely, and I know that's what you're asking about. But when it came to prospecting, I found the easiest thing to do is, are quick question type emails.

There's a great book by the guy that the developer of quickmail.io. If you go to quickmail.io, it's a service that you can subscribe to, it's like an email tracking service and all that. I personally like gmass.co better as an email marketing platform, but I started out with using quickmail.io. There's a book by the developer. It's a real short book. You can get it on Amazon, Kindle. I think you can get in paperback too, but I got it on Kindle. It's a real short book, it's only like 30-some pages I think, really inexpensive. I think it might only be $1 or $2.99 or something like that.

Go get it. Go to quickmail.io and probably click through some of the links and you'll find the guy's name, the developer's name, and then you can find the book on Amazon. Pick that book up. Guys, I tested last year multiple types of cold email outreach methods for prospecting. Out of everything that I tested, and I tested David Sprague stuff, David Sprague's got some really good tools, guys, there's no question, but as far as his cold email outreach programs and stuff, I just had miserable success and we gave it full on effort.

I mean, for months, not just his program but all different types of outreach methods. What I found that produced the most success, especially dealing with contractors, was the quick question type emails. That strategy is outlaid perfectly in that short little book by the developer quickmail.io. His name is Jeremy something, I think. Anyways, just go pick it up, read through that book, and then start testing. That's what I did and it worked really, really, really well.

We're actually gonna be testing in the Mastermind. I'm gonna be using a combination of the more mass email approach, which is what I was talking about with the quick question type emails, which all you're trying to do is solicit a response, a reply, that's it. No, you're not asking them to click through any links, you're not getting diarrhea of the mouth and dumping a whole bunch of information and doing an email. You just ask them a simple question that's kind of disguised like a lead for them. It's a little bit misleading, but not so, because you're gonna present them with an opportunity.

Again, it's not unethical. Like I said, it's just a way to ask questions. For example, maybe if I got a tree service site or assets that I need to monetize, I might contact 10 or 15 different … When I was doing the mass prospect, I would contact 50, 60 tree service contractors with these quick question type emails. Now I'm going to be doing a hybrid model that it incorporates the video email process, which is, we have a training program that I developed that I've used for years to get results for prospecting and sales and that's called the video lead gen system.

It's how to use video emails to get people's attention. It's a bit time-consuming because you got to record videos that are personalized to each person you reach out to. I'm trying to templatize that now to where it's going to be a lot easier and more efficient and have a team that does the video editing and all that kind of stuff so that we can turn it into more of a process. Like an assembly line to where we can do 10 or 15 videos in a short period of time and then targeted emails out.

But I'm still going to be using those quick question type emails where I might say like, “Quick question, are you guys accepting or are you guys providing estimates for tree removal right now?” When they reply yes, that's the conversation starter. “Okay, great. Would you mind if I sent you a video explaining what it is that I've got?” Then if they reply yes again, now you they've given you permission to send them a video. Then you send them the damn video, which is a personalized video explaining what you got.

“Hey, look, I got these leads coming in right now.” You don't show your assets, guys. You show call volume or you show the fact that you're generating leads. Show proof. Say, “Look, I really need somebody who can take these leads. If you're interested, let me know I'll send a few of them to you for the next week, or I'll send you five leads or 10 leads or whatever, whatever your business model is good for. You say to them, “I'll send you five leads for free,” and then, “I'll follow up with you after that to find out if you're if you like them. If they were good genuine valid leads that you'd like to continue that service, we can talk then,” stuff like that. Just real simple little questions, guys.

I've tested all kinds of processes and what I found was those quick questions where you don't drop a link in it, you don't ask them to click, you don't ask them to go to a landing page and fill out a survey, or watch a video on the first email, none of that, you just ask them to reply. That's a conversation starter. That starts the dialogue. Once the dialogue starts, then you ask permission to send them a link for them to click, which is just a video essentially. You say, “Can I send you a video to explain what I've got?” If they say yes, now they're giving you permission.

This Stuff Works
Then you send them the video link, and then they'll click on it, and now watch the video. Then sometimes they will reply, sometimes they won't. But that's really the whole point. Again, video lead-gen system was the course that we did on how to use video email. Then I'm going to be kind of mixing that with the more … I'm trying to templatize that and make it towards a process to where it's not so time-consuming to do those emails, although they're very, very effective. Okay?

Again, this is stuff that in the Mastermind, guys, were gonna be covering over the next several weeks. Okay. Those were great questions, Jeff.

Does anybody else have-

Chris: I'll post a link to the book in a second.

Bradley: I'm sorry?

Chris: I'll post a link to the book in a second. I already got it.

What Are Your Thoughts On WebFire 3.0 Tool?

Bradley: Okay. Cool. Yeah, it's a great little book. All right, moving on. Martin says, “Have you any experience with the WebFire 3.0 tool?” No, Martin. When you said that, I clicked on it and I looked, I don't, so I can't really comment on that. I don't have time to look through it right now. Perhaps, if you remind me, next week I will take a look at that before. I might look through that thing when we're off this webinar today.

Marco: Hey Bradley, those are all like, those are click … Well, what do you call that, the auto traffic-

Bradley: It's like a click-through spambot?

Marco: Yeah. Tons of websites like that.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: The problem that I'm seeing, and by the way, they're working. Some are working better than others. I'm not gonna say which one because then everyone will run there and ruin it for me. I don't want you guys messing with my money. At any rate, they are working, go and test them out. But interestingly enough, what I found works the best is … You did a course on it, it's only available in the Mastermind.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The way that you teach it becomes actually cheaper than most of these click-through spams or spam traffic networks, which is really interesting because you're targeting real people to come and visit your stuff. These real people have a genuine interest in whatever it is that you're doing right and they're going to ask way-, they're going to act, excuse me, way differently than the people that have to click on your link. Does that make sense? They pay for it. Well, you paid for it, they go, they click, then they get credit. It just becomes crazy because they're not really interested in your stuff, they're only interested in theirs.

Now since we're targeting real people with the real interest, through Bradley's training, it becomes that much better. Guys, activity, relevance, trust and authority. We're in trusted and authoritative to the max because were inside Google.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Relevance because we're targeting whatever it is that we're targeting. I'm not gonna say anything because it's something that's right now only available in the Mastermind. Then, activity on that link. It's relevant activity. People clicking on that link going and acting the way that real people do. Some might not like it and bounce back, many will. But that's what real people do and that's what we're after.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. I'm not gonna reveal the method here either, but exactly what Marco was saying, because that is real genuine traffic that Google knows has an interest in what you're sending them to. So guys, when you're talking about activity and engagement, which is one of the primary ranking signals now, is engagement, it's not just blind engagement.

Again, if you are trying to rank something locally and you're getting clicks from China and Russia and Korea and UK, and I'm talking about in the US, I'm just using this as an example, guys. But if you're getting a bunch of clicks from things that are non-relevant either geographically especially for local stuff or non-topically relevant, in other words it's just kind of like random traffic coming, do you think Google counts that traffic as an engagement signal, the same type, and gives it the same amount of weight as somebody that is in the local area that's clicking from a local IP, likely from a mobile device that is intimately connected to them at all times, that they have a history of being interested in that particular type of content or service or product? Think about that guys, which click, which engagement signal is gonna be given more weight by Google? You already know the answer to that.

It's not that these kind of tools and stuff can't produce some nominal results, they can, but if you wanna get really good results and do it within terms of service, there are alternative ways to do it and it's super, super effective. I mean, super effective. So it's absolutely true.

Marco: I just want to be clear, Fiverr geeks, Fiverr traffic geeks, they get some results. These types of websites, the spam traffic, they get some results. But when you compare them all and compare them to the course that we have, it's night and day. it's just totally different because it's just targeted traffic, people that are targeted to the geolocation so that they interact with whatever it is that you're doing at that level, if that's necessary. If not, then you can adjust to whatever it is that you're doing and get traffic for pennies on the dollar, guys. That's what it's all about.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, topical relevance and geographic relevance, and you can combine both and get super, super good results. It doesn't take a lot of traffic to get good results when you have heavily weighted engagement signals, which is what that is. It only takes a few engagements to get significant results when you have a really targeted audience that Google knows about. All right.

Anyways, we're gonna keep moving. Sorry, I can't give you a better answer on that. Bryan says, “What is the backlog on GMB listings in MGYB purchases. I'm out about four weeks.” Bryan, you'd have to contact support. I don't manage any of that stuff, I'm sorry. Just contact support or send us ticket to [email protected] and we'll get it answered for you. Okay?

Marco: I was just talking to Rob about this to make sure. We have to deal with whatever it is that Google decides. I mean, they were on the show, we don't control them. So we can't say it's definitely this or definitely that, or we'll have it in a day, in seven days or whatever. It takes however long it takes. Some of them are nearly impossible. I believe that Bryan has already contacted Support and gotten an answer.

Now my thing is if you go through Support and then you come here, it just slows the process because then I have to go reach back to support, ask what's going on, track it down, and then they all go and track it down and try to see what's going on when it has already been answered.

The only thing that I can add to this is, guys, we're not in control of this. We're trying to do what we can. Bryan, you're welcome to request a refund. If it gets too long, you're welcome to request a refund and try to find someone who stands behind the product like we do 60-day guarantee replacement. If it gets suspended within those 60 days, we offer a legitimate guarantee. Now how long it takes to get it for you, that's another question altogether.

Bradley: What's up, Daniel? Hey man, the question you asked two weeks ago on Mastermind that we didn't get to because the training went so long, please repost that for tomorrow because the Mastermind webinar is tomorrow and I didn't want to spend some time on that. It was about a GMB question you had. We're gonna have time. I'm gonna be covering specific training tomorrow, but it will be a lot shorter because I just did the Mastermind newsletter entry specifically about that. So that we're gonna do some video training on it tomorrow, but you guys will have the written process.

This Stuff Works
You guys know how I do my process stocks. Well, you're gonna have the written processes, the newsletter entry that you're gonna get in about two or three weeks, whenever you get the next newsletter. That means my training tomorrow, the video training, will be a bit more streamlined so I should be able to get to your question. All right. I apologize I didn't get to that, man, and it's been weighing on me for almost two weeks now.

Is It A Good Idea To Leverage A Popular Family Name Or Brand To Get Press And Media Attention?

Anyways, Quentin's up. He says, “Hello my name is Quentin Ravenel. I'm a full-time musician based in Charleston, South Carolina. Arthur Ravenel Jr. is a staple here. We've named a bridge after him that gathers 25,000 people every year in April to run or walk on the Ravenel Bridge. Is there any way to use my last name as leverage?”

That's a really good question. Yeah. I would think Press Releases would probably be a great way to kind of piggyback off of that name recognition because that's essentially … It's a brand, right? Ravenel is a brand, right? If you can use that … There's a strategy called newsjacking. Look into that, Quentin. Look in the newsjacking. In fact, you could just do a Google search for newsjacking and find plenty of resources, Amazon books, whatever that can teach you the strategy of newsjacking that I think would be perfect for that, for what you're saying here because you have the same last name-, excuse me, as a brand that's well-known in that area. I would use that newsjacking strategy as a way to get some press and some media. It's almost like click bait but in a proper way, in an ethical way.

Again, I don't do a lot of that stuff, I just haven't had the opportunity to, but I'm familiar with that strategy. That's something that I think you could implement here.

Marco, do you have any suggestions for that?

Marco: Entity relationship, man. That's what he'd have to do. Relate his name to the Ravenel Bridge name so that when it comes in the, what they call, the Google auto predict, autosuggest, so when people go looking for the Ravenel Bridge walk, or a Ravenel Bridge run, Ravenel Bridge weekend, all of that stuff, your name comes up in there too. I mean, we've done that, right? Social conditioning?

Bradley: Yeah, social engineering.

Marco: Yep.

Bradley: Newsjacking, go check it out. There's tons of information about it. There's the book, David Meerman Scott, I think is the pioneer of that or whatever, at least the most well-known, but you can find all kinds of information about this free and paid. Just spend some time researching that newsjacking because it's something that I think you could implement and get some significant results that way. Okay. By the way, go to mgyb.co to purchase Press Releases and we'll publish them for you, they're really, really nicely done. Okay.

Gregg. What's up, Greg? You and I got a Mastermind call tomorrow, Gregg. Looking forward to it. We got a lot to catch up on.

Urban Towing says, “Does SerpClix work well for traffic to RYS or is there something else you would recommend?” Again, I'm not familiar with SerpClix. If it's another CT spambot or crowd search, click-through thing-

Marco: It is.

Bradley: -which I imagine it would be. Yeah, I would probably produce some results, I don't know how much. But I would recommend finding some better methods where you can actually buy or get real targeted traffic from real people that may have a genuine interest in your potential product or service. Guys, paid traffic is a good way to do that kind of stuff.

Marco: I actually went to SerpClix and did the math. It's 14 cents per click. We can beat that through your method, can't we, Bradley?

Bradley: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Marco: And this is real people. Real people targeted, remember that. Activity, relevance, trust, authority, that's what you're after.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Guys, we did … for years, Dan Anton had a product called crowdsearch.me. It works like gangbusters for a long time. Click-through spam was an engagement signal … I call it click-through spam. But that's when somebody does a search on Google for example, keyword search, it could be a brand search, which is called a navigational search.

Guys, you can go to our YouTube channel. You can just go to Google and search crowdsearch.me and you're gonna find this Semantic Mastery webinars. I've done two of them because we did one webinar and I think two years later we did another webinar because it was still working so well. I explained in that webinar, and both of those webinars and great length what click-through spam is and why it works so well.

It was actually a method that I learned way back in 2011 from Ivan Budimir, who was my most influential mentor in the local marketing, digital marketing space. It was Ivan Budimir. He's no longer in the space, but he was absolutely amazing. I learned so much from that guy. He actually introduced that method to me back in 2011 and showed the Google patent. It's not the actual official name of the Google patent, but he always called it site weight.

Site weight. In other words, if all things being equal, if there were two sites that were identical, which we know is impossible, pretty much, but theoretically, if two sites were equally authoritative, like they had the same amount of on-page optimization, the same amount of off-page optimization but one site got navigational search queries, which now in the semantic web is incredibly important, what is a navigational search query?

That's a brand search or a variation of a brand search, like brand plus keyword, or brand a plus phone, like for somebody looking for the phone number of a company, or brand plus location, or brand plus map so that people looking for how to get to that location or get to that company or that store or whatever the case may be. Those are called navigational queries. If all things being equal, there were two identical sites competing brands and one had navigational queries and the other did not, the navigational query site would outrank the other, one hands down, two to one every time. Every time and it was tested over and over and over again. That was because of the site weight algorithm, or filter, or whatever you call that shit. Again, I'm not the patent nerd like Marco. Marco, that's a term of endearment, by the way.

He introduced that way back in 2011 and the strategy then was to hire microtask workers to set up these little gigs. You would pay microtask workers two or three cents or something like that to go do a particular search, preferably with the brand dimension. Then find the link that you told them to find, click through, and then you would tell them, “Go find copy and paste the third word of the seventh paragraph on that page into the answer box,” and the answer box was their proof that they did the task that you assigned.

The reason why you wouldn't just tell him to go click the link and copy because you want them to dwell on the page. That dwell time counted as an engagement signal, right? They would land on the page and then they'd have a hunt for that specific word or phrase or whatever it was that you told them to do that would make the answer. That would be the answer that means they solved the task that you gave them to do. That would create the dwell time, potentially scroll, you might ask them to click through to another page, whatever the task might be, click through to the link, then click through to the contact page, and then leave a message or whatever the case may be. You could set it up multiple different ways, but those were engagement signals way back in 2011 guys and it moved the needle like almost overnight.

The problem was as soon as you would stop paying in microtasks workers within just a few days your rank positioning start falling again because it was all about those engagement signals. Guys, again, this was eight years ago. Well, now, we've just been talking on this webinar alone about how important engagement signals are. So engagement signals are weighted even more now than they were back then.

This Stuff Works
Now the engagement signals are weighted more because Google can track and knows its users and the users' behavior and their history. That's what I was talking about. If you can get engagement signals from people that are locally and/or topically relevant to the content that you're having them engage with, then that's going to be weighted so much more.

What I'm saying is, again on a local level, if you can get people from a local geographic area that have a history for having an interest in that topic or that product or service as well as being local, a handful of clicks from them can produce better results than dozens or hundreds of click from non-relevant and non-non topically and non-geographically relevant clicks. Does that make sense?

So the click-through spam, and that's what I called it because we were literally spamming click-throughs, isn't as effective as it is when you can get relevant audience to engage because Google understands its audience, guys. Google knows its audience because everybody's connected to Google all the time, right? So it knows what their history is and what their interests are and where they're located and all that kind of stuff.

So that's what I'm getting at. As far as the click-through spam stuff, for a long time it was working really well. Dan Anton's, I think the best bot that came out, which was crowdsearch.me and for I think three, four years, I mean, I used it heavily. I was getting 50,000 credits per month and I was using every bit of them. It worked like gangbusters. But over time, it slowly started to stop working as well. I know that service is still out there. There are potential uses for it but it's not something that I would do to direct to money site anymore. There are better alternatives now in my opinion, which is what we we've been talking about. We did some training about that in the Mastermind a few weeks ago.

It was a good question though. I was worried we're not gonna have enough to talk about today, man, and look, we're almost up. It's awesome. Let's see. “Think of how stupid the average person is and realize half of them are stupider than that.” That should actually be how stupid the median person is, right? It's awesome. Thanks, Greg.

Okay. Grant says, “It might be easier to just close/delete designed junk email accounts ThAn unsubscribe endlessly.” Yeah. I know what you're saying, Grant, but this is an email account that I've had for, God, 15 years, so it's not something I wanna get rid of. But, yeah, I know what you mean.

By the way, I did all the heavy lifting. Now it's just a daily maintenance thing. If I see an email come in, if that's from something that was unsolicited, I open it, unsubscribe, and then as soon as the unsubscribe is successful, I go back and hit the spam button. Again, most days now guys, I might only get one or two spam emails. There are some days where I'll get five or six or whatever, but almost every day now it's just a bare minimum. So it's manageable now. It just took a little bit of time.

Also, there's a service called unroll.me. Guys, go check it out. Go to unroll.me, especially any of you suffering from shiny object syndrome. Type in your email and it'll take a few minutes to run and it'll come back and show you how many lists you're subscribe to, and tell me it doesn't take your breath away. It's like, holy shit, how did I get subscribed … It's just over the years, you accumulate, you get added to so many subscription lists either voluntarily or involuntarily, a combination of both really.

If you go to unroll.me, it's amazing. It'll just take your breath away when you see how many email lists you're on, and you can start to systematically unsubscribe. Okay.

Chris: You're the nightmare of every email marketer.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, now, I am, yeah. But trust me, a lot of email marketers made a lot of money from me too. All right. Let's see, Walt says, “Not an affiliate link.” Okay. This is the quick, probably the quick … There you go, Grow Your Business With Cold Emails, Jeremy Chatelaine. That's correct. He's got an accent or whatever. It's awesome, guys. Really short book. Look at that, it used to be cheaper, but 10 bucks, buy it, guys, it's worth it. 100% worth it, buy it, and read it. It's a great book for anybody's doing prospecting. Guys, hands down, that has been the best strategy for me that I've ever found. Okay.

I'll keep moving. Grow Your Business With Cold Emails: Everything You Need to Know. Go, perfect. Thanks, guys. I appreciate that.

Daniel, awesome. “Guys, I'm not whining about the GMB question, and I do have faith in SM.” Bryan, I think he took offense to which you said, Marco. Just looking to start implementing building out the local strategy and certainly anxious to get moving.” I totally get it, Bryan. I totally get it.

Marco: Yeah, so do we. I didn't expect or intend again to offend. I just come across that way. I was just explaining that it just takes time. We try to get as quickly as possible. We know all you guys were anxious, but there's only so much we could do when the beast keeps changing shit around.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Correct. Yeah. That's one of the issues, guys. Again, we all have to keep changing our methods to get these things done verified and such. I don't even know what they're doing to do it. I don't care. Bryan, I'm just like you. I placed my orders too. I'm not kidding. Guys, I placed my orders just like you do now. I do have a little bit of pull sometimes, most of my orders are in queue still now because they're not critical. But sometimes, for clients, for example, that have requested maps expansion, then I pull some strings to get them pushed forward a little bit. So that's one of the benefits I guess of the CEO.

But for the most part, guys, I'm in queue just like you guys. It's not you guys aren't waiting because I'm getting all mine done. Trust me. I'm waiting too. Awesome. Unroll.me, You're welcome, Grant

All right, guys. We gotta wrap it up. “Marco, you didn't drop an F-bomb on me so I was unsure about the love.” It was Bryan again.

Chris: It's coming.

Bradley: Marco, you got to say fuck just to make everybody happy once.

Marco: Yeah. Let me just close this off with this: fuck Google.

Bradley: All right, there you go. ‘Nuff said. All right everybody. Thanks for being here. Mastermind webinar tomorrow, don't forget. If you did not check out the Syndication Academy update webinar from last week, do it, guys. Super, super powerful stuff. I showed you how to use RSS feeds there with geo-tagging.

By the way, I'm doing a lot of testing with I have it … No, I must already closed it down. No, there it is, RankFeedr. I've got it open. I'm not gonna show my projects. But Lisa Allen's RankFeedr, guys. I know the coupon has expired now. She actually extended it because of the Syndication Academy update webinar that I did last week. I talked about it in there. Although the method that I showed was how to use Feedburner feeds to create local geotag feeds and they're super powerful too, not as powerful as the RankFeedr feeds though because RankFeedr you can splice together and create static or sticky items and you can add the geotag and not just a specific geo coordinate but you can add what's called a geo box, which is like a service area business. Super powerful stuff, guys.

I've been testing really hard for the last week now with the RankFeedr stuff and I'm seeing good results. Again, I know the coupon that she gave is expired, but it's still totally worth it. It's super inexpensive guys for the elite subscription, which I think allows you to create eleven hundred RankFeedr feeds.

Guys, it's a set and forget. You set up a RankFeedr feed one time and you let it go. It just runs for as long as you keep your subscription active and you don't have to do anything else. It will help to create co-citation geographic and topical relevancy on autopilot, guys. I'm telling you and for the elite service the elite subscription level, which again I think is 1,100 feeds, it's $47 a month. It's a no-brainer.

So if you haven't already picked it up, guys, go watch the Syndication Academy update webinar, and go pick up the RankFeedr subscription service, which is how you create those things. I'm only telling you guys, we don't pimp other people's products unless we truly believe in them and I'm endorsing this because it's such a good product and you can go to our website SemanticMastery.com I think it's RSS-authority-sniper-3 I think. You could find the webinar replay and go through that process, if you want to watch the webinar where she talks about it.

But honestly, you don't even need to watch the webinar, just go pick up the damn service because it's really powerful. All right. With that, we're gonna close it out. See you all next week. Thanks everybody. Thanks, Marco. Thanks, Chris.

Marco: Bye everybody.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 222

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 222 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: That's what you get from making jokes right when we go live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts, episode 222. This is …Oh, man. I should have cued up some music. This is the last Hump Day hangouts that will be on a Google event page but more on that, first, let's say hey to everybody. It is the sixth of February, 2019.

Bradley: Well, let me interrupt you for a minute because you said this will be the last Hump Day hangouts and I know some people, that's all they heard and they're gonna freak out like, “What,” so we're gonna clarify. No, just the last Hump day hanging out on a Google event page guys. We're still gonna do it, we'll clarify that in a minute. I just want to make sure everybody understands; we're still gonna keep doing Hump Day hangouts.

Adam: You dropped off right there. That might sound bad. Yeah, we'll get back into it. We got some really good announcements; we got some great stuff coming up. We're gonna say hey to everybody really quick and then we'll jump into questions after that so I'll do the normal lineup here. Chris, how you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Actually, doing excellent man. It's like a new PR in the tune today, same as yesterday, so I'm super excited. A good week. How are you doing?

Adam: I'm doing pretty good, just [inaudible 00:01:08]. Man, I don't know what came over me there. Yeah, I'm doing pretty good.

Chris: Rich, you'll need a couple more tee shirts man.

Adam: Yeah, [inaudible 00:01:15].

Bradley: What was the PR for … what movement?

Chris: Yesterday it was squats and today it was bench.

Bradley: You PR-ed your … for those of you that don't know workout speed, that means personal record for squats and bench press. That's very good man. Congratulations.

Adam: I figured Chris [inaudible 00:01:34] got a press release about his lifting.

Hernan: Chris now lifts 385 pounds.

Adam: Contact Chris Tow and [inaudible 00:01:46] for more information.

Chris: Nobody takes the coaching online but you can check out my Instagram. I might share a couple of things there.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Chris is one of those guys. He's in the mirror at Instagram posing.

Chris: Exactly.

Bradley: He's one of those guys.

Adam: Herman, how are you doing man? Are you surviving the heat wave?

Hernan: Yeah I'm good, actually cooled off a little bit so it's good. I went for a run, not a macho as you guys breaking PRs but still broke a sweat. But, yeah, I'm excited for what's coming. I'm excited to be hanging out with Adam. We've got to be scheming and plotting a lot during FHL 2019 so I'm excited for that too.

Adam: Awesome, me too … me too. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: I'm living the life and I'm loving this shit. Fuck all of you. It's just so beautiful here, man. I can't help it.

Adam: Yeah, it's been funny. People around here were freaking out because there was snow dusting on the hills to the East; I'm in the bay area, and it's just hilarious. It hits right at freezing and people are just like, “Oh, is this the polar vortex,” and then at 50 or 60 later in the day. But that's my jam and I like it like that. Bradley, how about yourself?

Bradley: I'm doing well and if we ever had an invitation to be memed, Chris just did it. Greg and Wayne if you're out there listening meme away, so to speak. But, yeah, that's said I'm really excited too. I got lots of stuff going on. Tomorrow we've got the Mastermind Webinar and I'm gonna be releasing all the process docs and training that I developed over the last three or four months for scaling the local least pro method that business model out. Everything that I put together the last four months that's been refined and refined and refined again and it's polished enough now.

This Stuff Works
And I promised the Mastermind members that we're gonna get it when we finished our 12 week sprint to build 50 GMB assets and that ended on Monday. I'm gonna release everything to the mastermind members tomorrow and in the following 12 weeks with the POFU live attendees, the people that came to our live event that joined me in the first 12 weeks sprint, which was to build 50 local assets, lead generation assets out and we all hit various numbers. Specifically for my build, I hit 42 out of 50 for semantic mastery, for our agency that we're building separately. It's not semantic mastery.

But anyways … I didn't quite hit 50 but I hit 42 and that's good enough, in my opinion. Aim high guys. If you aim high and you don't quite hit it, you've still done good. Right? And so I'm pretty proud of that. And then we had varying levels of completion or hitting that goal through the other members that joined us and it's across the board and I'm proud of everybody that helped me with that and participated throughout that process. But the next 12 weeks we're gonna do another sprint when …

By the way, these guys only paid to come to our live event one time. They were just like 24 weeks of additional training and that was not planned. That was something that I chose to do once we were at the live event. And I'm glad because it's given me a lot of help with developing these processes out and getting input from other people so it's not just 100 percent me. And so the next 12 weeks, now that we've got all these assets built and we have our teams that are continuing to build more assets, now we've got to monetize them.

We've got a lot of assets now that are ready to be monetized, which means find service providers, either lease them, buy the leads, however the arrangement is that we work out. And so I'm really looking forward to getting back into prospecting from a lead generation perspective as opposed to a client/agency perspective; which I tried almost all of 2018 to just sell agency services, traditional agency services, and failed miserably at that. I was pretty good at prospecting but sucked at sales.

And it's because the market, in my opinion, is so saturated with business owners being solicited to buy marketing agencies. The moment they think that they're being solicited to, they put up their defenses. And I'm sure a lot of you guys can relate to that. But, just in the last few weeks, the lead generation business the word's gotten out and I'm actually getting inbound calls now from contractors asking for lead generation services, which is amazing guys. I'm telling you the dynamic is completely different and so I'm really looking forward to the next 12 weeks of developing out and testing all different types of prospecting methods for service providers.

And I was on a mastermind call with one of our members earlier today who was telling me about his strategy. Scott, it was awesome. I'm gonna put your strategy to the test and I'm gonna be sharing all that data and in the Mastermind. Anyways, I'm just really looking forward to it; got a lot of stuff going on. Like Marco said, there's so much opportunity right now, guys. It's almost hard to sleep so I hope you guys see the same opportunity I do.

Adam: Good deal. Good deal. And for those of you just joining us, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, the Mastermind is a higher level group for people who are looking to either start or continue to grow their local digital marketing agency. That's the place to be if you're ready to take that plunge and you either want help getting started or, like I said, if you wanna grow it. You can find out more mastermind.semanticmastery.com. In general, though, the first place we recommend everyone to start is with the Battleplan and you can check that out battleplan.semanticmastery.com.

This Stuff Works
And we do have an update to the Battleplan coming out that's bigger, badder, more kick ass and that's gonna cover even more areas so stay tuned for that. And there's gonna be reasons to get it. Don't worry about getting one now. I know shit with, “Should I wait and get the third one when it comes out in February?” You just get it now, start putting it to work. You'll get an ROI as one of our buyers even told us. He said it paid for itself in 13 minutes and that was great. There's all the video training that goes into it too. All this stuff has been updated so go grab that if you haven't yet. And then something else I wanted to talk about, Bradley, you were talking about the mastermind and hopping on a call.

Marco: Hey Adam-

Adam: Yeah. Yeah.

Marco: -before you get into that, I'd like to ask people if you haven't subscribed to our channel, please do. It's really encouraging when I see those numbers of subscribers grow, the people that follow us, the people that … It makes it worthwhile to come in here and give people all of this free information that they're getting, information that people have used to build businesses. But just, all it takes is just a tick of a button guys. Go subscribe, let us know that you're following us, that you're interested in what we're doing so thank you for doing that.

Adam: Yeah. Definitely, check it out on youtube. We'll put the link out there. Let's see. I had a couple more short ones. Bradley mentioned the Mastermind and then, obviously, MDYB is where you can get your done free services like syndication networks, RYS, drive stacks, all sorts of good stuff. What we're also adding in there, we've had a lot of people ask us for help with finding VA's, how to build their own team. And so the VA matching service, helping you build your own team or providing qualified VAs that we've vetted; they have given salary expectations, they're full time, they're ready to go and we're gonna connect those with people.

But right now that's gonna be limited to just the mastermind. We're gonna be taking four orders or Beta testers in, helping them connect and giving them the best practices guide to get started with using their VAs. And then, eventually, we'll be offering that to other people who want that. Hopefully, if you're listening to this, that sounds interesting to you because that is a core part of growing your business. Whatever it's doing is building that team and we're happy to be able to do this and use the same process as we do to find our VAs and our help and get you the help you need.

A real quick note, we had a great webinar with Lisa Allen. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll put the link below; check that out, RSS Authority Sniper. She's added some really cool updates, I'm not gonna go into that I'm just saying that it's awesome and it's part of Bradley's case studies he's doing right now which Bradley I'll let you touch on that in a second. And then, just to wrap it up, as I talked about at the very beginning with a no more ‘Hump Day hangouts'. It's no more Hump Day hangouts on Google event so they are shutting down.

Bradley: Wait, what?

Adam: They're shutting down the Google events. We are gonna get it ported over. It doesn't matter. All you need to know is keep using the same links you get to. When you get an email, click the link, I'm here. If you go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions you will still go there. We're gonna get our own page setup, get stuff going so that it's seamless; and it's just gonna look a little different but, hopefully, it's gonna be even smoother for you.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, we're gonna use the discuss app, as the commenting app below the webinars so it'll make it really clean. It'll be a nice clean page just like the Google events page are and it'll keep all the comments on right below. And what's kind cool about it is the comments are archived too so instead of every week having a separate event page, like we've had in the past where the comments … you'll be able to scroll through the comments and just look through the questions and stuff from previous weeks as well once we start that.

We've been doing that, actually, for the Mastermind Webinar for what, two years guys, and it's been working really well over there. It's gonna be a seamless shift for you guys. It won't affect you guys any at all.

Adam: Good to go. Alright guys, we got any other announcements before we dive into it? Okay.

YouTube Embeds Clarifications

Bradley: All right, so the first thing I'm gonna do is grab the screen and then I'm gonna take a moment to clarify some comments I made last week that, apparently, I wasn't very clear on. I knew what I was trying to say but, apparently, I wasn't very clear in my delivery and it caused a shit-storm in that we had a whole bunch of people freaking out about what I said about embeds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it because I'm gonna clarify my statements now and it should make sense.

And for those of you that heard what I said last week and freaked out about it, I apologize for not being more clear about what I was saying. Again in my mind I was clear but, obviously, I confused a bunch of people. What I was talking about last week specifically was … and it was this dude here. I'm sorry, I can never say your name, Mayank. And, again, I would love to hear how that's actually pronounced because I'm, probably, butchering it. He asked a question about embeds and I had said that yes, absolutely, embeds will help to push a video.

I was talking specifically about youtube guys and I think people conflated what I was saying about embeds with any type of embed including map embeds and things like that. But what I was talking about was specifically youtube guys. And that was that will embeds help push a video and I said, yes. However, mass embeds and mass links to a video that doesn't have corresponding engagement signals, which means views, comments, likes, shares, those kinds of things, can be a spam signal. I wasn't saying embeds themselves are a spam signal.

And that's, apparently, how it was taken. And it might've been the way I said it or whatever. Again, I apologize but I wasn't saying embeds are spam signals and I think that's how it came across. What I was saying was specifically for videos. If you have a video that you go out and you do thousands of embeds and build thousands of links to it and you go look at the video on youtube or Google search and it's got three views, guys, is that natural? No. And we know, for a fact, that youtube videos can rank purely on engagement signals now. We know, for a fact, that that's true and I'm gonna show you right now, or in just a moment, the proof of that.

What I was saying was if you're gonna build a bunch of backlinks and/or embeds for a video, then, I would recommend that you also build traffic or engagement signals. And how do you do that? Well, the easiest way, unless you can get real organic views, is to buy views … not spam views from view bots and from view services but buy views from Google directly from the Google ads network. Guys, you can set up Google ads for YouTube. I just did a two and a half hour webinar on that two weeks ago that I made public for 55 bucks, you can get access to it, where I go into great detail as to how to set up these ads, specifically how to set these campaigns up to get videos to rank in Google search, guys.

And it's from buying engagement signals directly from Google, which is perfectly legit and legal. It's encouraged as opposed to buying spam views from view services that don't work anymore anyways. And so my point is you can still take and get results from mass embeds and from mass backlinks with videos. But watch what happens if you do backlinks and/or embeds and you just inject a little bit of real traffic engagement signals into that. Everything just comes alive. It's like magic. I'm telling you. Marco has been talking about ART for two years, three years now and that's … What is it? Authority, relevancy and trust?

Marco: Activity, relevancy, trust and authority.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Activity, relevancy, trust and authority. There you go. And so if you're going to be doing mass embeds and things like that, guys, if you just inject a little bit of traffic signals, and there are real traffic signals which you can buy directly from Google for pennies, it will make everything come alive. And so I just wanna show this example really quick. This is a video … And I'm gonna show a real live example here guys, just to prove it to you. I'll zoom in on this just briefly but this is exactly … I clarified this in the mastermind too because we had several people freaking out like, “Oh, I do a bunch of embeds and there's no engagement signals. Am I fucked?”

And I was like, “No, no, no, you're okay. Your videos are still okay if you do that.” But what I'm saying is if you've got a video that you've done a ton of embeds to and backlinks to or whatever and it's not ranking yet, just go buy some traffic signals from Google and watch what happens. It'll come alive; it's like magic.

Marco: Yeah. But, before you go on, we've never recommended just thousands and thousands of embeds anyway.

Bradley: Correct.

Marco: We've always said slow and easy wins the race. We've never said go buy a million embeds. We've always said you can get 25, you can get 50, you see how it does, its niche relevant and watch it and then you adjust accordingly. That's what we've always recommended throughout when we were with the other company where we were providing the video and map embeds and even we're gonna be providing now. We're not telling you go buy a million embeds tomorrow.

Chris: Yeah, we never recommended that.

Marco: Ever, ever. But slow and steady wins the race with anything.

Bradley: But one other comment that I made was [brute force SEO 00:16:54] and I'm not a brute force SEO kinda guy; Marco is though. And Marco was like, “Well, we can get results with brute force.” I said, “Yeah, you can and there's no doubt, I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying the way that I, particularly, like to do things is to try to make it look more natural if possible. And that's all.” And that's what I was trying to say last week guys and, apparently, I wasn't very clear. But this is the example that I wanted to show because this is the video ranked.

This is for a local video production company that I've been doing wholesale. I've been providing wholesale video ranking services to them for five years now, four or five years, and we used to do a whole lot of it. I don't have nearly as many campaigns as we used to but … Anyways, long story short, on December 28th, I took the video that they sent me, I live streamed it to my channel and it went through all the syndication networks that that channel is hooked up to. That's an age syndication network, there's multiple networks attached to that channel and it works well.

And I had also used some embed credits that I had from SerpSpace which, Marco, there's a video powerhouse thing in there that we built when we were still part of SerpSpace and so I had some embed credits and stuff. And, for whatever reason, usually when I upload a video to rank for a client or for this company or for anybody really, usually I do the live stream to the channel. It automatically syndicates through all the networks and then I usually immediately follow up with setting up the youtube ad, the Google ad free for video, to start injecting engagement signals so that as the embeds are getting picked up and indexed and that kind of stuff, there's automatically traffic going to them.

Again, that's the secret sauce. It's worked for years now for me. For, at least, two or three years now, that's been my magic bullet. The trick up my sleeve is to just immediately add that the Google ad to it so that I start pushing traffic signals into it then I'm buying from Google; which you can get Geo targeted topically relevant traffic so highly relevant traffic from people that are likely to actually engage with the video too. And, again, all of this was taught in the training that I did two and a half weeks ago or three weeks ago or two weeks ago actually that's available for 55 bucks. If you're interested, just reach out to us and we'll send you the link.

This Stuff Works
Anyway long story short, for whatever reason that day, I was short on time and I did not set up the youtube ad, for that so I let it push through. And about two weeks later I went to go look at where the results were because I always tell the client it's gonna take me roughly 30 days to get results. It usually doesn't take that long but I always tell them to prepare him for it taking as much as 30 days. Two weeks later I went by and I looked at it and it had finished or completed its initial Google dance.

You guys are aware of that where the video might show up on page one and then it disappears from the top 10 pages and then it comes back on page three and then it disappears and it comes back again. It had finished that because I had set up the pro rank tracker. I use proranktracker.com to track youtube videos … the rankings for youtube videos. Anyways, I looked at the history and I saw that the initial dance period was over and it had settled on page two between 12 and 15. It was steady bouncing between 12 and 15 so 12, 13, 14, whatever. You get what I'm saying.

I went then and set up the ad because I was like, “Okay, now it's on page two.” And I went and looked and I was like, “Oh that's why. There's no ad.” I looked at the view count and I think there was like four views at the time and I was like, “Oh shit, I forgot to set up the ad.” I set up the ad for that and that was on a Friday … on a Thursday, excuse me, and it takes about 24 hours for a youtube ad to get approved. Sometimes it's less but most of the time it takes roughly 24 hours. And so I set up the ad for this and I looked at it on Monday.

It had been running for roughly three days or four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then on Monday is when I looked. And by Monday it had had generated, I think, 86 views and boom, it was on page one. And, guys, it's been on page one ever since. And that's what I'm saying about just injecting traffic into that video after it had already been embedded. I prefer to do it while the embeds are just occurring. Before they even index, I like to start sending traffic but, in this case, I did it backwards to where I had all the embeds go out and it had sat for two weeks before I set up the ad.

But as soon as I injected traffic guys boom to page one and it's been there ever since and here are the youtube stats. Let me zoom in on this a little bit. Let's see, how do we use zoom in on this shit? It's not letting me. Okay, well, I don't know if you guys can see it but here's the youtube stats for just the last 30 days and you can see that that's the same video guys. My average cost per view, seven cents. My budget is 50 cents a day guys, look at that. You see that 50 cents a day, who can't afford that?

I usually start off with a dollar per day but I backed it down to 50 to this point and you can see that I've spent $23 in the last 30 days to keep that video. I've got 332 views in the last 30 days and … Excuse me, I've actually generated six clicks. Those are six clicks because the targeting that I have set up for that, I've got the geographic targeting setup for about, I think, a 30 mile radius from the shop, the Warrington auto service shop so all the clicks or views that are coming through are from people within that service area. And they're an in-market audience for people that were looking for auto repair services.

It's highly relevant traffic and Google knows that traffic is in the in-market audience for auto repair services so it knows it's a relevant audience that's viewing this video. That's what causes it to rank guys because it's not like just getting random views from anywhere in the country or globally. These are views that are geo targeted from an audience that Google recognizes and knows is in market for that service so it's a highly weighted view and it's pennies guys. The average cost per view is at seven cents.

Do you get that? That's what I was trying to say. Hopefully, that clarified everything. If anybody has any questions about that, just post them on the event page and I'll be happy to answer it. Okay. You wanna comment on that before I move on guys?

Marco: No.

Chris: Okay.

Hernan: No, I think that that was pretty clear, thanks.

How Do You Get The First Post URL Of Your GMB Profile Using The Citation Builder Pro Software?

Bradley: Elaina says, “Bradley, in reference to you using the citation builder pro software you mentioned in a local least pro training, how do you get the first post URL of your GMB profile again?” Easy Elaina, log in to the GMB profile and go to posts and you'll see the published post. If you're using the citation builder pro software, once it's been published through this post scheduler, you can also grab the link from inside the dashboard of the post scheduler. There's a little link icon to the right column of the post and you can grab the link from that too so very, very simple.

That's all you need to do. Or you can go do a Google search for the brand name of that GMB and in the knowledge panel … on the right side of the screen, in the knowledge panel, you'll see your post. Click on the post, it will expand like a pop up window and you can click the share button on that and then grab the share link from that. That's your GMB post URL. It's a very, very simple process. Okay?

Does Long Form GMB Post Performs Better In Terms Of Ranking?

Will says, “I noticed that for GMB posts, there is room for 1500 characters to write a post and yet in the local pro training you use only a handful of characters to complete a post.

This Stuff Works
Shouldn't we try to write longer posts to convert more keywords in our copy so we can rank for those keywords too? Or is there a point of diminishing return when we write writing longer pieces of content texts that yields no benefits?” That's a good question Will. Honestly, I haven't been testing long form copy because, for me … I know Marco and Rob, I think, have done some testing there so I'll have Marco comment on that in a minute. But, for me, it was more about activity and consistency. In other words, we post the short little posts because the way that I look at GMB posts as more like call to action type posts.

And that's what I called all of the templates that I created for local least pro CTA templates. I called action templates because it's just an image where we inject a key word or two or three or whatever that sounds … it's worded to where it reads well. And then we have a call to action and we do more posts. In other words, we do higher volume of posts instead of doing long copy post and only a couple of week. We do one post per day or two posts per day that are much, much shorter.

Because I also think when somebody's looking for tree services there don't care to read a freaking article just to get the contact information. They want to do a search, find a tree service company and call them to come out and provide an estimate. And I get what you're saying about injecting more keywords and all that kind of stuff but you can do that by just doing more posts too. That's been my methodology; I haven't really tested long form content because it's more work really and I'm able to get results without it. But that said, Marco, what has been your experience with that?

Marco: We started out doing the long form, taking up all the space in all of the posts. I know for a fact that Rob, he just likes to use the short form. However, lately what we've been doing is intermixing. We've been doing the long and the short, long and the short never in any set pattern because Google catches patterns. But I've found, and from what other people are telling me, it gets really good results when you use long form. That's the way that … When this started out, when it was originally conceptualized back when I was doing, and I'm still doing the New York attorney project, I'm still with her. She's not going anywhere, trust me. It was all long form and it has been to this day.

The writers do nothing except long form posts. Now what we take care to do is that in the image there's a call to action and in the first few lines there's a call to action. And the button is always a call to action button because, to me, that's what works. The person seeing that they might want to read the rest but I could care less if the person reads the rest. If they take action, fine, but I want all of that content for the BOT.

Bradley: Sure.

Marco: That all I'm concerned about. I wanted to have all that, all of that relevance. I could be writing about something locally, main events. I'm not gonna get too much into this because I'm not giving it away but there's so much that you can write about, to create relevance, inside that post to trigger just everything to relate your GMB to everything that's going on in whatever your local is that you can get amazing results if you do it correctly. And I think that this calls for an update webinars sometimes in local GMB pro because you can get some fantastic stuff going if you mix it up right.

Bradley: There you go. There you go, there's two sides of that coin. Well, I just haven't tested with long form copy because I really haven't had the time and I've been able to get results for the types of industries that I've been working in without it. I've always been an advocate of doing the absolute bare minimum to get results. Guys, I say that all the time and so I'm able to do that in the industries I'm in and still get results; there's no need for me to do the long form copy. Eventually I made test that but for right now it's still working and I've got the processes already developed. My teams handles all that and since it's working … if it ain't broke, don't fix it type stuff, you know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I may test that though.

Marco: I like that. But if you remember that the deal that I made with my attorney is it had goals; it had goals that I had to meet as far as call volume. And so I had to keep increasing the call … I didn't have to just show a steady stream. Of course, I had to continually increase the call volume in order to get her to pay more and more and more and more and more. Each time we reached one of the call goals, the monthly went up and it has gone up. You'll reach a saturation point where you just can't do anymore but you also want to keep it up there.

And I'm not changing anything that got me up there. I'm not gonna try changing it and then have it fall off and her say, “Well, this month I'm paying you less.” That's not gonna happen so I'm trying to avoid that at all costs.

Bradley: Okay. Mike has got several questions here just for future reference. I really appreciate you coming and asking questions, man. That's exactly what we encourage you guys to do. Just for future reference though, it's only fair to post one or two questions and then wait until other people to post some more questions just because it's not fair to take up too much time. That said, I'm gonna run through these really quickly guys. Okay. The first one is, “I need help with the following questions.

This Stuff Works

Should We Use The SerpSpace Tiered Link Building Service To Increase The Power Of A Tiered Syndication Network?

For increasing power to syndication networks should we use the SerpSpace link building service?” Yeah, you can. [Daddy 00:29:52]who's been with me for six years now, he's amazing. He's a link builder. He's absolutely amazing. We're gonna be launching that in our store, MGYB, in the next few weeks. I think it's the next product that's coming. Is that correct, Marco?

Marco: That's correct.

Bradley: Okay. Any ETA when that's gonna be available?

Marco: Within the next two weeks.

How Does The RSS Authority Sniper Fits Into The Video SEO Plan Laid Out In The Battleplan?

Bradley: Okay. That said, within the next two weeks we're gonna have daddy working, in our … it'll be available in MGYB. But in the meantime, yeah, absolutely. It's the same guy, so no question. Number two is, “Can you talk about where RSS Authority sniper fits into the video SEO plan as laid out in the Battleplan? Should this be an add-on to everything else we were supposed to do for video SEO?” It doesn't have to be but it can, certainly, help. Guys, to be clear, RSS Authority sniper is the software. It's a software that helps you find RSS feeds that are relevant. That's what that does.

It's a one-time fee. It's a software that will just help you to find a relevant feeds and it will create the spliced RSS feed from the different content feeds that you find. The magic of it is the subscription, which is the add-on service, which is rank feeder, R-A-N-K F-E-E-D-E-R. We can drop a link for that. That's when you create the spliced feed that goes on the rank feeder server that serves that RSS feed and then that's where the magic happens. It's not the RSS Authority sniper, that's just the tool.

The magic is from the feed that is created that is hosted in rank feeder and what you do with that feed, which is an SEO tool. And it's an incredibly powerful yet simple SEO tool and that's what I love about it guys. People like complicated stuff because it makes them feel smart and fancy and shit. I like simple stuff and the RSS rank feeder creates these really powerful SEO RSS feeds by combining relevant and authoritative feeds with your own content and so that it creates what's called co-citation.

And, essentially, you are siphoning authority from all of the relevant content that you surround your content with within these feeds. And so it's super, super powerful and if you're doing any local video ranking, what she released in this newest version of it is geo tagging. You can add geographic data to the feeds and so that's really, really powerful for local. And so I've got a case study going on with that right now where I'm testing for GMB assets. But for videos it's the same thing. What's really cool about it is you can actually take a video, just a video URL, and add it to, if you've got the front end software, RSS Authority sniper and it will pull an RSS feed from youtube from that video.

In other words, the RSS feed for the channel that that video comes from. And now you can use either that individual video as part of your feed or you can use the channel feed if there's a bunch of relevant video. In your case Mike, since you're gonna be having channels that you're gonna be hosting videos on for video SEO services, you could add your channel feed as one of the content feeds that you create a spliced super feed from … a rank feeder feed from along with relevant content. When I say relevant, I mean topically relevant as well as geographically relevant if it's for local.

How do you do that? Well, for example, you could go look at for your local, the town, the city that you want to rank the video for, you can go find their local government municipality website and see if it's got an RSS feed. If it doesn't, you can still add it as a sticky or a static item in the feed. You can find local blogs, you can find local event calendars that have the RSS feeds. And you can squeeze all the RSS feeds into one and create a spliced rank feeder feed that then you add the Geo tagging into which you can add specific coordinates or you can add what's called a box, which is like a service area type business, where it will show…

It will, basically, add the geographic relevance from a service area instead of a single map point. There's all this really cool stuff that you can do with it. What I would suggest Mike … And, yes, it can absolutely help with video SEO, guys and it's all done and … it's automated other than setting up the feed itself, which is simple process. And that's what RSS Authority sniper will help you do in a step by step fashion. But you honestly don't even need the front end product, you could just do it from the rank feeder dashboard, which is the subscription based product.

And from there, once you set up the feed, it just runs on autopilot. What I suggest doing is gonna Fiverr and using an RSS submit gig costs where it'll you five bucks to get an RSS feed submitted. The super feed that you create that hosted on rank feeder, you take that feed, go to Fiverr, search for RSS submit. You'll find a gig … I use one that it submits to 70 feed aggregators and directories and that's it. It costs five bucks. You send the link, it's done; two days later, you've got it submitted and it just works on autopilot.

You don't have to do anything else with it so that's what I like about it. It's an automated way to continually inject both topical and geographic relevance and create co-citation for whatever content you want to siphon authority to, if that makes sense. Very, very powerful and it's a simple, simple tool. That's why I like it.

How Should You Connect The Drive Stacks And Syndication Networks Using The Video SEO Battleplan?

The video SEO Battleplan doesn't mention syndication networks and drive stacks. Can you talk about that? Where do these fit in to the steps laid out in the Battleplan? Well, syndication networks, you just connect them to your channel. I'm sure you already know that Mike. The video SEO Battleplan, I'm not familiar with what that part of it says but it should say that you would want to connect your channel to a syndication network because that's just automatic syndication and embedding and back links and social signals and bookmarks and all of that just from just uploading a video.

This Stuff Works
Drive stacks, I've never really used drive stacks for video SEO. Marco may have; I have not. I've only used drive stacks for pushing web pages, websites and GMB assets but not for videos specifically. Marco, what about that?

Marco: We've used it in conjunction and it works like crazy.

Adam: Okay.

Marco: It really does because you're creating the three parts of art; Activity, relevance, trust and authority. If you're embedding a Google property on a Google property, it's only going benefit. You can't go wrong with doing it. Either way, you do it and we always embed a video anyway into our drive stacks, it's part of the process. And why wouldn't you do that on the G site that you're creating and create that relationship between your youtube channel and the G site and the drive stack and back and forth. Yeah, do it by all means. It really worked for the stuff that we were doing.

I could see also linking, for example … Without getting too far into the weeds, I could also see using drive stacks to promote an entire channel as well as playlists. Because, guys, remember YouTube Silo Academy? It's about how to silo a YouTube channel just like you would silo a website and that's incredibly powerful for video SEO. Again, it's simple but it's powerful. And so you could theme mirror your drive stack, like we talk about doing with websites, but you could do that with your youtube channel as well so that you're basically mirroring the silo from your channel into a drive stack. And I think that that would be very powerful. I haven't done any testing there, but I'm sure it would work because, again, it's Google promoting Google.

Marco: Well, I'll tell you right now. We stopped working in the niche, which is why I mentioned it but we got videos ranked in the gold niche.

Chris: That's awesome.

Marco: That's how powerful it is.

Bradley: He says, “If I have my YouTube Channel connected to a tiered syndication network, do I need to go with video powerhouse embeds.” You can. See, that's the thing. Again, like I said, do the bare minimum to get results. I wouldn't recommend syndicating a video to your network and then immediately going and ordering 300 embeds. It doesn't make sense; you might not need that. You might get the results just from your syndication network so why waste the embeds and the any additional effort.

What I would recommend and this is how … Guys, I've always done this besides adding the youtube ad into it, the Google ad into the process. Whenever I've done video SEO stuff, and I've been doing it for years, I would just let it go through my networks and I would it two weeks before I would do anything else because a lot of the times the networks alone. Especially once your networks are aged and they are themed well, which means they have a lot of relevant videos and all that kind of stuff on there, they become more powerful over time.

And so a lot of times just syndicating a video to the network alone, it would rank within two weeks so I wouldn't have to do anything else. But if it didn't rank within two weeks, then, I would go and I would order like 50 embeds. 50 embeds and that's it. And I would drip those out over 14 days. I would select the drip option for 14 days and then at the end of two weeks I would go check it again and again. When I say check it, I just go look at pro rank tracker because it made it real easy to look and see what the results were and if it needed some more, then, I'd put some more in there.

But, I'm telling you, the real magic is gonna also come from injecting real traffic in engagement signals which you can buy directly from Google for pennies guys. I'm not saying don't do embeds; I'm not saying that at all. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that is the secret sauce now for me. It's just buying the engagement signals because we know that YouTube will rank on engagement signals alone. You combine those two or three components, embeds, backlinks and traffic engagement signals, those three together are going to make it make it happen.

Should We Use A SerpSpace Tiered Link Building Service To Power Up A YT Playlist/Channel?

For powering up YouTube playlist channel, should we use SerpSpace tiered link building service? Again, that's what I just said. That's the same thing that we're gonna have available in MGYB but, yes, you can do that too. But remember, again, it's more about … In my opinion you can do that as well. You can do that too but I would focus more on engagement signals is what I'm trying to tell you. You can do both, don't get me wrong, but if I had to choose one over the other I would probably do engagement.

I don't know … I'd just do both. Why? Because I don't have to choose one or the other. I'd do both. And that's where I'm seeing the most results. Do v2 users get an upgrade for free to Battleplan v3? And I would say no, but am I wrong?

Herman:No, it's not free but your ROI is there and we keep this price to low on purpose and we're gonna do our best to keep it there.

Bradley: Yeah, it's priced so low guys. Mike, you can afford it, I promise. Tim says …

Chris: Hey Bradley, hang on a second before you. When you read the next question include what was added by Adam above because he commented in YouTube and I would like this answered all at once.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Where did Adam comment on there?

Adam: I posted a picture, you'll see it keep going up.

Are Drive Stacks Not Effective Anymore?

Bradley: Okay. Sorry to jump in with a downer question. I was looking at DriveSpace, I was going to buy your course, got told by someone over at SerpSpace that DriveSpace aren't really effective anymore. Tim, Tom said, Google said all links do no follow. It doesn't matter. It's a Google property. But do you wanna comment on that Marco? I'll let you take that one.

Marco: Oh yes. We've been trying not to knock SerpSpace because it doesn't make sense. We worked with them, we went; we each went our way. They're doing their thing and I'm doing ours. Now, if …

Bradley: [Inaudible 00:41:42]no ill will there.

Marco: There is absolutely none on my part but ‘if'. And remember that I'm using a conditional ‘if'. If it's true that somebody in SerpSpace said that DriveStacks don't work because the links are no follow, then, they can kiss my ass because they're absolutely fucking wrong and don't understand the basic principle behind RYS academy reloaded. We don't rely on those motherfucking do follow links, man. Read the fucking course. Read my shit. Go read the fucking black book you mother fucker, if you said it. Now if you didn't, please excuse me. Tim may have misinterpreted it.

Bradley: Yeah, that could be it.

Marco: I went there and I said it. If you did that, then it's on. Show me my shit doesn't work. Don't tell me because I can show you a thousand examples where my shit's working, fuck you, not you Tim.

Bradley: Well, tell us how you really feel. There you go. Yeah, they work. In fact, I've got… I can show this. I've got a GMB off page SEO test that I'm doing right now in isolation guys. These are the nine different tests that I'm doing right now specifically to move a Google my business assets using all of these different off page SEO methods in isolation. In other words, I'm testing each one of these where that's the only thing I'm doing besides the on page. It's these off page things here? What I've got listed right here.

I'm doing all of these right now. I've got multiple tests going right now because I just told you guys, we've been building out assets like crazy and I got a ton of them that need help. They're not ranking yet; they're not producing so I'm testing all these different methods to figure out which ones produced the best results, move the needle the most. And then from there I'm gonna set up tests to start combining the methods to see which combinations move. This is gonna be a longer term process where I'm gonna be testing all these things so that I can really figure out what the magic combination is.

This Stuff Works
That's what I'm trying to do because I wanna be able to provide the same instructions or the same kind of roadmap, or Battleplan if you will, for you guys so that you can get results too. And you can see that DriveStack was number two. I had to drive stacks so every one of these on testing on two different properties because if we see the same result on two properties, we know that it's likely going to occur on a third or fourth test. If we see a good result on two properties for the same test and we see good results on one good and poor results on another well, then, it's inconclusive and we need to test further anyways.

If we see two with poor results, then, we know it's likely that it's not going to work for a third or a fourth; so that's what I'm doing right now. And so for drivestacks I've got two assets that I've got set up and I ordered the drivestacks; they're about just over the three week mark now, which is usually when it takes 21 days or so before you start to see any movement at all from a drivestack. And I've already seen a significant jump in one of my GMB assets from a drivestack. I'm not gonna show you those here guys but, again, all of this case study data is going to be released in the mastermind as I have it.

And the drive stack absolutely will move a Google my business asset. Why would it? Well, because it's another Google property. I don't give a shit whether it's follow or no follow links. Guys, I stopped caring about that a long time ago. Yes, you can still get better. You can do certain things with a do follow link that you can't with a no follow link but does that mean no follow links don't help ranking? No, absolutely not. It does absolutely help. And how do I know? I had somebody do a negative SEO to me, well not to me but what a client's website, and they didn't 100% anchor text, exact match anchor text links that were all no follow.

And guess what? We ranked number one for that keyword. He screwed up apparently. And we know, for a fact, that youtube links are no follow links within the descriptions and such yet YouTube Silo Academy works. Why? Because even though it's a no follow link from one YouTube video to another in the description, it's a YouTube linking to YouTube. I don't know whether page rank passes through that or not but Google still treats that and it still will move the needle, whether it's do follow or no follow up. Again, I wouldn't get so caught up in that anyways, really.

Marco: And, by the way, we have the million link case study into a drive stack to rank in a major metropolitan area, one of the most competitive niches in that area. You're aware of that?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Marco: We've shared it in in the mastermind. You know what it is, man; and it's ranking to this day with the porn links in the link profile. We have indexed porn links and it's ranking man. Come on man, tell me my shit doesn't work. Kiss my ass.

Chris: There's that example again. Guys, that's a drive stack at work right there and it's been since May of 2015. We're going on four years now guys. It's still there. It's drive stack stuff; never done anything to it ever since. It's still there, four years later guys outranking all the other Virginia SEO agencies and it's just a drive stack that I built, a very crude one that I built on a Saturday when I first learned about it from Marco and that was in May of 2015 and it's still there today. No, it doesn't work. It doesn't work. Go on. Move on. [Crosstalk 00:47:07]. Don't create more competition for yourself, man.

This Stuff Works

How Do You Maintain A Persona Account Without Ever Leaving Footprint Issues To Google?

Bradley: Michael says, “Hey guys, Marco made a comment a month or so ago that has been gnawing at me ever since.” That happens often, Michael. He says, “The idea is that we maintain a firewall between us as individuals and the persona accounts we create when setting up all of our accounts. Marco said essentially that it's better in Google's eye to be a giver instead of a taker by buying Google services such as upgrading their G suite account, et cetera or buying ads. There's a lot of things you could do. You could pay for the additional storage in drive, there's a ton of things that you could do.” That is correct.

How does a Google persona do that and still maintain the firewall between me and the persona account? If I pay those services using my credit card then the firewall is broken and the footprint connection is made for Google to see. That may be so Michael but I can tell you I've got tons of accounts out there that still use a handful of billing options and I haven't had any issues with that. Honestly, I'm not saying that it isn't a footprint that could cause some issues, I'm just telling you personally I haven't had any problems with that; and I've got multiple accounts that use pretty much the same billing details.

That said you can also get … I know we were talking about it in the POFU live group. Adam was chatting with one of our members about using privacy.com or those types of accounts where you can get virtual credit cards and things like that. Now apparently, the prepaid cards, Google doesn't like those but I've used some prepaid cards in the past or virtual cards. NetSpend is one that I've used in the past that you could create a credit card and then get virtual card numbers to use for online services.

In other words, you log in and it will give you a new unique card number that you could use for an online service that you're not using the same card number across multiple online services in case there was a breach so it's unique and only to that one. Anyways, my point is I've used those in the past and that's worked too. Marco, can you comment on that? Because I don't know of it really causing a footprint issue. I could see the potential for it but I haven't experienced that.

Marco: No, I have a bunch of stuff on my card too and I have multiple cards so my reference was to that. The persona, I bet you have family and you have friends that you can reach to and my friends don't mind because they know that I'm covering whatever I spend on their credit card for that month. It's all set to automatically repay. Now the bitch is went when I have to update to a new credit card; now that gets into a mess. But, of course, you should have a VA doing that. You don't do all of that. It's the same thing that I do with Google, my business listing.

I just don't like have having everything on just one card because if something happens, then, I'm screwed. But if I have multiple cards and I have multiple things going then it's protected because Google isn't gonna hit all of them all at once, especially the different names, different things. That's how I do it. Now, how you figure it out, that's up to you Michael. There's no one way to do this thing but you just have to figure out a way that's worked for you and where you're comfortable putting these sets of assets so that it works for you.

Bradley: There you go. This is just getdivvy.com. This is a virtual credit card with two different card types, burner cards, which are disposable credit cards, one time usage or subscription cards, which is probably what you would need for Google ads type stuff. But, again, you could just have to test that. But, again, just do this, go search virtual credit cards and just look through some of the offers. Privacy is the one that we talked about in the POFU live group but I don't know if those work or not. Again guys, just go test some of these and find one that works for you.

Marco: And, by the way, I've tried using debit cards and Google won't go or prepaid and Google won't go for those. That's why I think you need a subscription type card, which is what divvy had two different options. I think a subscription type card would work but you'd have to test. I can't promise you that.

Hernan: That sounds like it would work because you have privacy it was definitely not.

Why Can't We Use The RSS Feed From A GMB Account As A Trigger Point To Syndicate To A Branded T1 Network?

Bradley: Okay. Will says, “Bradley, is there a reason why I couldn't just take the RSS feed from my GMB account and then use it to trigger my FTTT account to syndicate these GMB posts on my branded T1` network? In other words, create all this applets to each property and off it goes. Wouldn't it have more power to my GMB post or when all these T1 properties linked to posts, what do you think? Yeah. And Will I answered you up here briefly but that's exactly what syndication academy update webinar next Thursday, which was February 14th valentine's day at 3:00 PM.

I'm gonna be hosting the update webinar, the next syndication academy update webinar, and I'm specifically talking about … Well, Google plus is dead now. What? Because that was one of our big social hubs and syndication network or syndication academy, excuse me. But then I'm gonna be talking about GMB post syndication; I've been testing that. Again, that's right here. That's on my GMB, post-test, syndication networks and GMB posts. I've been testing that and it is working. I'm seeing some movement so we'll talk about that there and then. But yeah, you can absolutely do it. The short answer is yes. Can you ? Yes, you can.

Is It Possible To Pay To View The Recording Of A 2-3 Hr Google Ads For YouTube Videos?

Okay. Good question. Lisa says, “I'm just learning about the two to three hour Google ads youtube video that you heard that occurred last week. Is it possible to pay for the recording of the class?” Yeah, we just talked about that Lisa. It should be still available for 55 bucks. Am I right, Adam?

Adam: Incorrect. We took it down. It's only available in the mastermind. I realized we had some confusion internally about that but I posted up there above.

Bradley: Oh shit. Okay. All right. Well, there you go Lisa. Come join the mastermind then. It was up guys for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, if the window's closed, it's closed. I just produce the training, I don't make the rules; apparently they do. Frankie says, “Hey guys, some help please.” Yeah, Frankie, I read through this and I gave a brief answer there but I did want to spend a few minutes on this and we're running out of time guys and I apologize. But I do want to spend a couple minutes on this. Frankie says, “Hey guys, some help please having a rather big problem.

How Would You Manage A Competitor Email Threatening Legal Issues Of A Rank And Rent Towing Websites?

I have a rank and rent towing website for two to three years now. Today a competitor's contacted me and said I've only changed the location details. He said, City County and city of laws prohibit an operation such as yours to operate unlicensed. We will take legal action as well as communicate to the county towing regulations of your unlawful internet practices as well as the city of city of whatever. We are a legitimate business and pay for licenses, insurance, and taxes; you are a fly by night website with nothing except the selling leads. You have been warned. Is any of this true? Has anyone dealt with something like this? Should I be worried or is this BS?”

This Stuff Works
Okay, I don't know whether this guy is just blowing smoke up your ass because he's a jealous competitor or if that's really true; but you need to find out if that is true. If you're going to be operating lead generation in that industry, you need to make sure that you're complying with the laws or else you could be, potentially, in trouble Frankie. And so I would recommend that what you do … However, that said, I wanna be really clear here guys. I started to type all this out yesterday Frankie but I didn't because I figured it would take me too long to type number one, but number two, it would be easier just to explain it.

Yelp doesn't have to have proper licensing and insurance to advertise or to have a listing from a towing company so why should your website has to have proper licensing? Well, because if you're using a pseudo brand, a generic name brand, that company … that generic or pseudo brand company, a fake company essentially is not licensed. It doesn't have proper insurance. But if you have a service provider that you have a good working relationship with … What is a good working relationship?

Well, to me, that's a service provider that has been paying on time that I have good rapport with, I communicate well with, and the pays on time essentially. As long as you have a good working relationship with the towing provider that you're selling your leads to why not just rebrand the website for them. Rebrand it; put their name on it, put their logo on it. Keep your tracking number on it but put their license number in the footer and all that. Do all the stuff that is required to comply with those laws. If they're a licensed towing contractor or towing company, they're gonna have all the proper licensing and everything.

By the way, if you're selling leads to companies that require licensing, guys, make sure that they have licensing. I don't sell tree service leads to companies that don't have contractor's license. You see what I'm saying? And proper insurance, a liability insurance and all that stuff. That's one of the things that I require from the contractors I sell leads to because I don't want that to ever come back and bite me in the ass. You see what I'm saying? My point is, Frankie, it could be just a jealous competitor but it's in your best interest. Ignorance is not an excuse and so you should find out if that's true.

And then also, like I said, if you have somebody that is licensed and insured and all that, then, why not just rebrand it for them? You still own the domain, you still maintain control of the website, you maintain control of the tracking phone number but you put their brand, their logos, maybe their address on it but it would be your phone number and then put their licensing number or whatever is required to be displayed on the marketing collateral for that type of business. Just like realtors have to have their license number, financial institutions have to have all kinds of regulation stuff in the footers of their site, you may have to do the same thing.

That's the easiest fix that I can tell you; otherwise, get the hell out of that industry. And just so you guys know, one of the first lead gen sites I ever created … the first two lead gen sites I ever created one was for carpet cleaning and one was for locksmiths in the state of Virginia. And I found out, very similarly to what Frankie is saying, that there's a ton of regulations in the locksmith industry. I don't know if it varies state by state but in Virginia it's heavily regulated. Fortunately, I found out before I had caused any damage and I just, basically, took the site down and I just abandoned it.

Does anybody wanna comment on that? Okay, moving on. All right, we'll try to answer another one or two and then we're gonna wrap it up guys because we're almost at the 60 minute mark.

How To Evaluate Keyword Difficulty?

Mike has another one. He says, “A question about keyword research. How do you even evaluate keyword difficulty? I'm using ahtres and they show a lot more keywords and other tools but their keyword difficulty score seems to be way off the mark.” Mike, I gotta be honest with you man. I don't trust tools and their competition metrics. I honestly don't. I test.

I stopped following two metrics for keywords and stuff a long time ago. I don't care. I just go test. I know you're doing video SEO so how hard is it for you to just run a spam campaign, it's called keyword poking. Just go poke the keywords that you wanna instead of relying on tools and what their proprietary metrics are. That's just proprietary metrics. It might be well-educated proprietary metrics but they're still proprietary metric. Just go test. Just run a spam campaign of poking campaign for all the keywords you wanna check and just go determine which ones are easy to rank for by the results.

That's my opinion. Anybody else have a different opinion? Okay. You guys are quiet. Mike says, “Should we be sending links to entity stacks or branded brand once they sit a bit or should we be filling more content on things like BlogSpot?” Should we'd be sending links to an entity stack or branded brand once they sit a bit. Oh, okay. I'm sorry, I misread the question. Yeah, usually I would wait until there was a few pieces of content posted, what I call seasoning the networks before I would start hammering with links guys. That should be in the Battleplan by the way because that's standard operating procedure.

We've talked about that many times about the order and the timeline of which I would apply or methods; and so, typically, I'd order the syndication network while my blogger is preparing the content. Well, I always said three to five posts. My blogger would prepare content for three to five posts that once the syndication network came back, she would schedule the post to go out and we drip out three to five posts over the course of one to two weeks. And then during that time I would order the link building package, while the posting is being done over that one to two week period.

This Stuff Works
Because there's, obviously, a delay from the time we ordered to the time the link starts being built to the time the links gets submitted for indexing. And so, usually, by the time the link building campaign was completed the first initial batch of posts had been posted which had seasoned the network, so it seems a bit more natural. Again, guys, I try to do things more naturally now than I ever did in the past and it just seems to work well. And that's typically how I would do it. So, yes, you can send links to it but I would recommend that you season your network a bit first; send some activity, consistent activity, through it but via publishing.

Should We Be Sending Links To Entity Stacks Or Branded IFTTT Ring Once They Site A Bit?

“Also, should we be filling more content on things like BlogSpot?” Well, I don't know what you mean by that other than when you first get to network, if you've ordered it from us, it should already have one piece of seed content on it. If it doesn't, then, if you're building it then you should be adding a piece of seed content when it's built. Otherwise it could just look spammy to begin with. And I also don't … And that's part of the reason. By the way guys, we add a piece of seed content from our networks because I don't recommend that you have a brand new web two network or property that you automatically start syndicating posts to because that can get your accounts terminated.

Because, remember, web twos don't like automated publishing. Most platforms don't like automated publishing so that's why we put a piece of seed content on there because by the time you get the network back, that piece of seed content has been published on that particular property for a few days, at least, before you start publishing automatically via IFTTT. I recommend that you do that. Just put some seed content on it and let it sit for a few days. Let it marinate and then you can just add additional content through syndication is what I recommend.

“Where can you get a T-shirt?” Come join the mastermind. There you go. I think we're almost done. YouTube ads … Yeah, I wish we could do that honestly. That's a really good course man but I don't make the rules I just make the training. Michael says, can one of you … There you go. See all these people are asking for it. Wow, we might have to open that up Adam. You might have to twist your arm. Is he still here.

Adam: [Inaudible 01:01:45].

Bradley: You might have to twist your arm. We got a lot of people asking about this youtube ads webinar again, man. All right. Jay says, “Brad …” I got to go guys. I'm gonna try to answer just this. Yeah, look at this, another 55. Wow, we might have to open that up guys. If we're gonna do it, it'll be for a limited window.

Does An Adwords/YouTube Branding Campaign Improve Maps Rankings?

I'm gonna answer Jay's question; it gonna be the last one. “Bradley, I just want a clarification on your ad words youtube branding campaign. Is there a correlation that they improve maps rankings or is that dependent on where the traffic is directed … maps, listing, homemade?”

Yeah, Jay and I covered that in that training that I was just talking about which, apparently, is closed right now. Specifically, the training was about how to rank the video but at the very, very end of it I talked about what you can do with that. Because the traffic from those videos, if you have your targeting set up correctly, which is super … I'm telling you guys, the targeting options inside Google ads has gotten really, really, really good. I mean, really good. And so you're buying traffic from it a relevant audience guys. That's crazy. That's awesome. That's great and that's what makes it work so well .

It's because Google knows that audience; they're Google users. Google has them in specific buckets. They know that they're within a specific geographic area. They know that they're in market for particular services or products. And if you have a video that you are … Long story short, I was talking about doing it specifically for ranking videos but at the very end I talked about how if you do have a relevant audience that you're targeting, then, you will get clicks. I just showed you in the screenshot, which I must have closed down, that I didn't get a lot of clicks but, remember, those clicks are heavily weighted guys because it's highly relevant.

And so you can send the clicks, the target URL, within the ad itself so the destination URL. When they click the link in the ad, where does it take them? You can direct that to a GMB map or a GMB post or a GMB website, whatever you want. And so that depends on where you want to send the traffic. But can it? Yeah guys, because you're injecting relevant traffic and engagement signals to whatever property you want. And I'm doing almost everything exclusively inside Google ecosystem now because of GMB stuff. I'm not even building WordPress sites now. I hope to not have to build them again, but I'm sure it'll happen.

Marco: Before you go on, I have a follow up since I saw that post again. If there is someone saying this stuff, I wish that person will come to me. Not with not with rhetoric because anyone can say anything. And I just said whatever the fuck I wanted because I can't but that's nothing. Come and show me that it doesn't work; that when it's done the way that I show and how I show it's irrelevant, it doesn't push, it doesn't create what I say it does. That's all I'm saying. If, in fact, there's someone saying that just come to me because we can solve it. We can work through it.

I'll apologize. I'll come live and say, “Look what I've been teaching for the past, what, five, six years is wrong. I'm wrong.” But we have the data to back to back up everything that we've said about RYS, drive stacks, G sites and the power that they push. We know because we test, we don't just talk. And I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: Yeah guys, the things that we teach, it's real world stuff. We all have our own agencies or businesses outside of semantic mastery and so I test things on my own properties or the lead gen assets and in clients. If I can get results from my lead gen assets that I can repeat, then, I apply them to client properties; and if I can get results there, then I teach about it here or in mastermind and various other platforms. But that's it. Everything that we do, it's not theory, it's been tested. And guys, remember there's more than one way to skin a cat so what we teach isn't the only way. There's other ways to do shit too.

This Stuff Works
I don't like it when … And, again, I don't know if that comment was made or not I just … I'm not talking shit about any other SEO out there or other groups, especially ones that we were partners with and I would expect the same courtesy from others. I made a mistake a few months ago about commenting on a comment that was posted on a hangout, or a hump day hangout, about something that Josh Bazinsky said. And I spoke out of turn because I didn't clarify or confirm that that comment was even true and I spoke about it and I shouldn't have and I apologized the next week because I felt that that was wrong.

Like I said, I'm not gonna talk shit about other people because I realize that other people's methods can work too. See what I'm saying? But to come out and say drivestacks don't work, well then, just … I agree with Marco, just show where they don't because we have a lot of proof that shows that it does. And, again, just because it doesn't work in one application it doesn't mean it won't work for others. And that's all I'm saying so, hopefully, there won't be a shit storm from that because you know what they say.

Marco: [Inaudible 01:06:53]

Bradley: You know what they say; don't start none, won't be none.

Marco: I couldn't care less if there is. They could just come to me. And that's what I'm saying, come to me. Let's work through it and if we can't, then, we can just find another way to do it. I'm all about it, man.

Bradley: All right everybody, no more Google plus. Rest in peace Google plus. Let's all have a drink for it and we'll see you guys next week on the new event page with the same link guys, semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, but it will be a different format. Okay? We'll see you all next week. Thanks for being here. Thanks guys.

Marco: Bye everybody.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

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Adam: Hump Day! Alright what's up? We're live everybody. Welcome to Hump day Hangouts with Semantic Mastery. I'm Adam Moody and I am pumped up for today because today is episode 221. Not only that, we've got some great stuff coming, but real quick want to go down the line and say hello to everybody.

And I'm going to mix it up this time because I realized we go in the same way every time, so randomly starting, Marco, how are you doing today? WHat's the weather like?

Marco: It's a whole lot better than it is for you guys, I'll tell you that.

Adam: I take it you're not freezing to death as badly.

Marco: Well listen, it's a 100 degree difference.

Adam: Oh my god.

Marco: Between you guys. Between 100 and 120 between what you guys are going through and what I have here because we're getting cold from you guys. It was only 75 today.

Adam: Tough, tough.

Awesome, well Bradley let's bring you in for the opposing viewpoint here.

Bradley: Well it's not too bad right but it was fucking nine degrees this morning and tomorrow morning it will be three degrees. And that's the air temperature, not the will chill. But I know in here in Virginia, it's not nearly as bad as it is in a lot of parts of the Midwest, man. I heart Minneapolis was like negative 55 degrees or something. Holy crap.

Adam: I'm going to pass on that. Yeah, wherever you guys are at, whoever is listening, pop on the page what the temperature was this morning. I'm curious. I know Wayne Clayton was saying it was going to be something crazy like 40 below or something, so.

Bradley: Yeah, it's ridiculous man.

Adam: Well, how about our man on the ground in the southern hemisphere, Hernan how you doing?

Hernan: Good. Yesterday I think it was 115 Fahrenheit down here.

Adam: Are you serious?

Hernan: No, no I'm serious. Dead serious. But not only that, listen to this, it was 85 percent humidity. So it was like, you know …

Bradley: Felt like 130.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Just like a blow dryer and someone is throwing water at you at the same time?

Hernan: Yeah, something like that. So it was nasty, it was disgusting so don't come. If you guys are planning to come to here to Argentina, don't come in summer. Don't do it.

Adam: Oh my god, that's awful.

Hernan: Yeah, don't do it.

Adam: Well we'll go from hot and humid to cold and more mountainous. Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Like we only have 28 degrees, here.

Adam: Good.

Chris: Nothing to stress. The good thing is it doesn't matter how cold it is, doesn't matter if it's a tsunami or whatever, hump day is still happening, you know?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Chris: That's the thing that I'm really excited about.

Adam: Yeah we're going live from somewhere. Somehow it's going to happen.

Well speaking of, if you're new, thanks for watching, thanks for listening to us talk about he weather for a couple minutes. Before we get into it, I just want to say, again thanks for watching and checking us out. You can always watch it live on the vent pages. You can go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions and you can also check out the replays on youtube. I know we have a lot of subscribers who do it that way and you can always ask your questions, and then if you're working, you've got client calls, whatever, you can't make it, you can check out the answers afterwards.

This Stuff Works
But being here has its benefits because we do some fun stuff from time to time. We have giveaways and all sorts of good stuff. Also, if you're wondering where to start with semantic mastery, head to battle plan.semanticmastery.com, grab the battle plan and then if you're looking to take things up a notch, you're wanting to join a real MasterMind group and you're wanting to start or grow your local digital marketing agency, then come join our MasterMind. You can find out more at MasterMind.semanticmastery.com.

Real quick, we have a couple more announcement I want to talk about but I want to bounce us over to Marco because we sent out a email about the charity we support and the one Marco is really helping to grow and we're facing a little bit of a countdown here. So Marco, do you want to explain?

Marco: Yeah, well good and bad. The great thing is that the school year won't start until February 11th. So that gives us this week to finish it. It should've been finished already but we're able to extend it until Friday since we can go next week and shop for all the supplies and the uniforms, the books, the shoes, and whatever the kids are going to need to get themselves through school for the year.

The bad part is that they start school late, right? But I mean, what can you do? So, the deal is, which is also good news, is, and I mentioned it last week, the rotary club of Snow Qualmy Valley, Washington has been just so cool and so gracious and so kind in that they're matching every donation that's 50 dollars or above.

And just this morning by the way, we received a 500 dollar donation from one of our MasterMind members. I'm not going to say who but you're awesome, you rock because that's five kids. Just 500 dollars, 500 from the rotary club so it's 1000 dollars.

Adam: Oh, nice.

Marco: Oh, it's awesome because that's five kids that go to school that wouldn't otherwise have had the ability to go. And so it is extended right now guys. They're matching dollar for dollar anything above 50. If you donate 500, what happens is, since they donate 500, right? Dollar for dollar, you get two hours with me. So you get a consultation. And anyone, as I've sad before, if you can dig deep in your pockets and you got that and you can donate 5000 dollars, what I'll do is, I'll help you set up your local business, whatever it is that you want to do. We'll take it and we'll work it from the ground up. We'll apply all of the methods that we've been teaching. I just met with our group last night and they're all getting calls, right? And we're working now towards how do you monetize that you're already getting. We talked about it. I want them to get even more assets and start pumping them up and start getting more calls. And so we have a few ways that we can monetize.

The whole thing is, guys whatever it is that we're doing in that mini MasterMind group is what we'll apply to whatever it is that you want to do and we'll get your business going. Whether it's getting calls to your clients, whether it's getting your own leads, however it is that you want to set it up, donate that 5000 dollars and I'll be more than happy to work it through from beginning to end.

So that's how that works.

Adam: That's awesome. And Marco, can you pop the link on the page so people can donate?

Marco: I'll pop it in there. And by the way, just so you know, we have 3620 dollars of donations that are 50 or more. So that's 3620 that the Snow Qualmy Valley Rotary Club will be donating. So it becomes six something, right? So, come on guys. I need you. Kids needs you. It's more kids that can go to school, more kids that can get an education. It's a worthwhile cost. You guys can even go that gallery. I'll post the link to the gallery. I don't want to talk anymore, I don't want to take up more time because I want to answer questions. But guys, this is a great cause and we need you. Go dig in your pockets, 50 bucks. Come on, 10 cups of coffee. 50 bucks. That's all it is.

Adam: But yeah guys if you could do that and push. I know we would love to get that up to a total of 10,000. If we could get the matching from the rotary club, that would be amazing. And thank you to anyone who's already donated any amount, definitely helps these kids.

And speaking of talking, I've got a couple more but these are good announcements for you guys. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Coming up this Monday we've got Lisa Allen coming on and we're going to be talking to her this Monday at 9 pm eastern about the update to RSS Authority Sniper. I know it's a tool that a lot of you know about, a lot of you use. And those of you who don't, regardless if you use it or not, you're going to want to find out about her updates which is a good reason to check that out. Because she's got some GPS targeting stuff she's going that we're going to dive into and she's going to show us how she's been using that along with just going over how obviously RSS authority sniper can be used for maximum effectiveness.

Bradley: Just to chime in on that for a minute, I haven't had a chance to go through any of it yet. I'm planning on scheduling some time on Friday for that to prepare for Monday. And I can tell you guys the RSS authority sniper, that was a tool to help find RSS feeds relevant to whatever topic you're looking for content for. And that's been updated too so it's probably better. I didn't really use the RSS authority sniper much. I would go manually search or have a VA manually search for RSS feeds. I found that typically I was able to find better results for what I was looking for if we just manually searched.

However, the add on service is called Rank Feeder. And it's monthly subscription, but that's the tool she created to create feeds. It's like a feed splicer and it does all these really really cool things and that is super super powerful. And it was powerful two years ago when she … it might've even been two and half, three years ago now, but when she first launched it because it creates co-citation, which is like link building without links. It's very very very powerful. It's a way to associate a webpage with authority content through co citation and it's very powerful. And you could splice feeds and insert specific URLs into an RSS feed and make them sticky so that they were always present in the feed so that as dynamic RSS feeds would update with their content, there would always be those specific items that you wanted, like webpages or URLs that you wanted to associate with that authority content. So, the feed would update dynamically, right? But those sticky items would stay there. So they were constantly being associated with authority content that authority content sources were publishing. It's not something we had to do, we just had to go find the feeds.

So anyways, it's very very powerful. And whatever she's got cooked up into it now is specifically for local. It's adding GPS targeting and such to it. And again, I haven't been through it yet, but guys that's primarily like 99 percent of what we're doing is local, so I expect it to be very very powerful because it was powerful before. So I'm going to go in and dig into that on Friday a bit guys so I can prepare for the webinar on Monday.

This Stuff Works
However, that said, one other thing real quick is I'm doing an off page SEO test for DMB assets. And I'm testing several different methods. It started with six and now I'm at eight. Eight different methods and I'm testing isolation. Hers is going to be one of them using rank feeder and the GPS targeting or whatever that she built into it. So that's all being revealed in the MasterMind as I have data roll in from those tests and case studies and such.

So again, when I have more data for that, I'll be sharing that in the MasterMind as well.

Adam: Outstanding.

Yeah, get signed up you guys. Check out that webinar. We had someone who shall remain unnamed but might be owner of a press release company distribution service asking about some ideas for integrating his company using this stuff. So, anyone can use this stuff, whether you're doing this for clients, doing it for yourself, doing it for your own freaking business, this is good stuff, so definitely want to be there.

Bradley you, speaking of the MasterMind, this is the last announcement you guys, but we want to make sure you have a chance to do this, Bradley you did a webinar on, what was it Thursday? With the google ads?

Bradley: Yeah, we just announced on Wednesday last week. So a week ago today. It was just very short notice but I developed a … It's a method I've been using for years but for ranking YouTube videos, local YouTube videos, for lead generation or for clients. And that's setting up youtube ads or Google ads for YouTube to drive traffic. Very very relevant and geo-targeted traffic. And it works like crazy. It is by far, the number one ranking factor for ranking videos. I mean I've got videos that are ranking on page one for keywords that I've done no back link building to or anything other than just set up YouTube campaigns for.

And it's funny, and I talked about this in the webinar last week and I showed the live example too, there was another video that I did for the video production company that I provide wholesale SEO services to. And for whatever reason I was limited on time the day that I set up that campaign. Which, essentially all I do is take the video that they create for their client, they send it to me and then I stream it through OBS to my YouTube channel that's connected to a bunch of syndication networks. And that's always the first step in ranking a video. But typically, right after uploading or live streaming to my channel, it syndicates through all the networks, I usually set up a Google ad for that immediately. I just use a dollar a day budget, guys. So it costs 30 bucks. And it's really only 30 bucks … It's a dollar a day for the first two weeks because then I actually start backing my daily budget down to where I even get it down to 50 cents per day. So it's 15 dollars per month.

And what happens is those views come in from geo-targeted traffic and from a relevant audience. If you can find the correct audience, which it's very broad now. There's a lot of categories. So it's likely you can find a relevant audience. And that's very highly weighted views. In other words, those views are weighted by Google a lot higher than views from, if it's a Virginia business, from a view in California, from somebody that's not interested in windshield repair or whatever the hell it may be.

So my point is, I usually set up the ad right after syndicating the video through my networks, but I didn't have time the day that I did this. And this was three weeks ago now. And so two weeks went by and I went to go check on the video and it was on page two and it was bouncing and I looked at my pro ranked tracker report for it and once it had done its initial Google dance, it had stayed on page two and it was bouncing between 12 and 15, position 12 and 15 but it'd never gone on page one within those two weeks.

So on Thursday, two weeks ago now, I set up the YouTube ad or the Google Ad for YouTube with a dollar a day budget, and on Monday, so three days later essentially because it takes about 24 hours to get approved, but three days later it was on page one. And it's been on page one ever since guys. And again, that just has to do with those Google Ads. So, long story short, I did a two and a half hour Webinar last week where I show over the shoulder training, how to go in and set up these ads, how to find your relevant audiences, how to do geo-targeting, all that and set that up.

And the I also showed how to do a branding campaign and use re-marketing for that which is very very powerful for client work and for lead gen assets because YouTube traffic is so inexpensive guys, but it works. And I also shared some tips about how to use that for boosting Google my business profiles. I'm certainly not going to reveal that here, but 50 bucks guys or 55 dollars now because of the replay to get access to that webinar, that otherwise you'd have to pay 300 dollars to be a member of the MasterMind to get.

And the only reason that I opened it up for everybody is because we talk about it a lot here on hump day hangouts and I wanted to make sure … you know, I've always talked about it conceptually but I've never actually showed people how to do it and I felt like it was time. So if you're interested in that guys, it's only 55 dollars. I think this is going to be the last time we announce this, so take advantage of it while you can.

Adam: Awesome, alright let's get into it.

Bradley: Okay, you guys all ready?

I'm going to grab the screen. Here we go. By the way, the plus one button stopped working. Have you guys gotten the notice via email yet that Google Plus is terminating all their APIs and everything too?

Adam: No.

Bradley: Just so you know, Google Plus, I'm pretty sure it's going to be 100 percent completely removed from all Google products in 2019. I know their APIs are being killed. Some of them have already started to fail, but they just sent out notification of that which is, you know ….

Finally, I remember when Google Plus was launched, there were social media pundits that were predicting the demise of it right off the bat. Google plus is dead or is dying. And here it is, essentially ten years later and it's still around but they are finally killing it. So I just thought that was interesting.

Is There Any Way To Sort Applets In IFTTT?

Justin says, “Is there anyway to sort my applets in IFTTT? They are all just kind of lumped together in my applets page. I have looked at IFTTT support, FAQ pages and couldn't find anything and don't see to get any access or response to any real person from them so I figured I'd try here. I love that it's free of course but would gladly pay them for an easier to manage system.”

Well, as far as I remember, I haven't contacted IFTTT support in at least four years, no kidding. But the last time that I did, or every time that I had contacted support, when I had contacted support, was always via twitter. And I'm not even a Twitter user so that was kind of a pain in the ass. But you may want to try contacting them there. I don't know if it's changed since then but they do have paid options, Justin. So I would contact them and ask them or look at their paid options and see if that's a feature that is available with paid option. I have not paid IFTTT a dime since its inception, since I discovered it. And I don't really plan on it, but that might be something if you're a heavy user of it where you've got many many many applets, then yeah I would suggest contacting their support. I don't know if they have options for that stuff or not. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Typically our networks, we have a IFTTT account per syndication network and so usually there's not more than between 15 to 25 applets in an account. But if you are using it for multiple stuff, you might have way way more than that.

How To Get Started With GMB If You're A Beginner?

Shaun says “Can you go over GMB basics? I'm interested in getting started with one local GMB to see how its done, so I think I could start with MGYB [inaudible 00:18:54] for getting it verified right? But after that what should I get? I know there's no courses on this but I'd like to start with the basics and test the water to see how its done before moving forward.

Okay, well Shaun, yes. GMB basics. Yeah. What I can tell you is yes, first of all MGYB, you can go get a GMB verification there which is what I recommend guys. Otherwise you can do it manually but it takes a lot of time, and your time is better spent developing the creatives and all that stuff, the keyword research and all that for whatever project you're about to pursue, right? So what I would suggest is going to MGYB.co, ordering a done for you GMB verification. You'll get it back in a few weeks and while you're waiting for it to be delivered to you, you can start developing your creatives and getting the content together, your keyword research. You know, all that kind of stuff, right? So that's what I would recommend. And yes, there is a course for that. We've got actually several courses starting with local lease pro that teaches exactly how to, first of all, research locations to find where the easiest opportunity is or at least where there is opportunity to snipe or get into the maps 3 pack with as little work as possible.

Some assets or attempts are going to take you more work than others guys, there's just no question about that. Now that I'm way over … I think we're approaching 60 GMBs. I can tell you my percentage rate of getting into the three pack with little to no work has gone way way down because I'm targeting many more locations now within a particular cluster.

Anyways, Shaun, not to confuse you, go check out local lease pro. If you want, that's a great starting point. We have an advance training for more competitive GMB assets. It's called local GMB pro, that's really the logical upgrade from local lease pro, okay. And then we have Local PR Pro which is really about how to push maps, or GMB assets into the map pack using press releases. So the three of those compliment each other incredibly well. And the finally, the mac daddy of all, when you really need the additional push, when you absolutely got to kill every motherfucker in the room … excuse me that was a Samuel L. Jackson reference from Jackie Brown. Anyways, when you absolutely have to push it, RYS academy reloaded is our final course for that kind of stuff.

Hernan: It's AK-47 [inaudible 00:21:25]

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:21:24] AK-47 reference?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: AK-47. I'm going to have to pull that clip up man.

Anyways, Shaun but good news for you is we've got our battle plan version 3.0 is coming out next month. We're launching that next month and that really is the user's guide for how to get results and this year, our version three is going to have a lot of stuff in there or a section dedicated specifically to GMB assets since we're all really pushing on that right now. And that's going to be probably your best bet if you want to ease into this thing is just start or wait for the battle plan to come out and then if you … you know, local lease pro and the battle plan together are really the starting points for any type of GMB asset business.

Does anyone want to comment on that?

Chris: Yeah I just want to comment on one thing because you mentioned the success rate of getting them into the three pack or whatever. A lot of times, you start getting calls and you don't even know where it is that they're coming from. They might be verified and they'll start working on them. So already the phone number is there and you start getting calls. How in the world are you getting calls when it's barely verified.

So success rate and the calls that you get and everything else is relative. And what I would like to add is you did a 15 with an 80 percent success rate. And now we're doing hundreds, we'll end up with thousands. I'd rather have 50, 60 percent of 1000 than 80 percent of 15 any day of the week.

Bradley: Right on Greg AK-47. If anyone wants to watch this clip, that shit is funny. I hope that's the right one. Anyways, I'm going to keep moving but that's funny.

When we first launched link building services after what used to be called IFTTT SEO Academy, now it's syndication academy. Daddy, our link building manager, he builds links to networks and we had set up a click funnels landing page for that and I had created a video where I spliced that clip in. It was awesome. I've got to pull that up somewhere, that video, that was funny.

This Stuff Works

What Are Some Best Practices To Optimize A Franchise Business That Wants To Expand To Nearby Locations?

Pete. What's up Pete? He's the MasterMind. He says “Hey guys my client is a service area business and wants to expand in a nearby location and they want their own GMB listings branded in their business name. My questions are, would you use the business name on every GMB listing? I only ask because I've seen some franchise companies use brand name with local modifiers at the end for each location and then use a virtual telephone number with different address.”

Yes Pete. Well, first of all I wouldn't append the location to the name because if it's for a brand, that's kind of a spam signal in my opinion. So if it's for a brand, I would just use the brand name, Okay? But you want a unique physical location when you verify the GMB, which if you're doing it yourself, you're going to have to get your own separate, unique addresses for each location, right? If you're ordering it from us, don't worry about it. They'll be unique when we verify them. But you're going to want a unique physical address, a unique phone number and a unique landing page or website URL, right? So remember if you're building this for a brand and if the company says well I want you to just put our homepage URL as the website for all of the listings, don't do that. Don't do that. Especially if they're maps expansions. Right? Maps expansions listings. In other words, if they don't physically have a real office in the location that you're setting up a maps listing then do not link directly from the GMB to their website. Don't do it because that could create a problem down the road because you don't actually have a physical location in that area right?

So what I would recommend at that point is just use the GMB website at which point you can link to from within the content of the GMB website to the corporate website if you'd like but I wouldn't link to it from the GMB listing. In other words from the website or the appointment URL or any of that. I would not do that. If you are adamant, or the client is adamant about linking to their site, then I would recommend that you create landing pages on sub domains of the root domain and use the sub domain URL that's unique to each location as the website URL because sub domains aren't the same as a root domain or a inner page of a root domain in that it's less of a footprint. I mean, it's still a footprint, they're all connecting back to the same domain. But the difference is if you catch a penalty on the root domain or any of its inner pages, it's going to apply the penalty domain wide. Including all sub domains if there are any. Right?

So it can actually hurt the entire domain. But if you catch a penalty on any one of the sub domain sites, or pages in this case, I mean you can install WordPress if you'd like but I would just create an HTML landing page. A nice one that's set up for conversions like a lead capture, all that kind of stuff. And I would just install them on sub domains. Duplicate those pages, just change the NAP info on those pages. You could just duplicate them. It'd be really really easy to do.

If you've got something like click funnels, you could build a landing page in click funnels and then export it as an HTML file and upload those or just direct sub domains to a click funnels page.

My point is, there's a million ways to do it but I would have a sub domains landing page as opposed to an inner page because that way it would reduce potential penalties against the entire domain. If a sub domain page or site were to get slapped, it would only affect that sub domain, not the root or any of the other sibling sub domains. Does that make sense? So, absolutely make sure all three … You know the name can be the same but the other three data points, address, phone number, and URL should all be unique. Okay?

What would you recommend the best ways to link GMBs back to the central business website? For example with service area pages, they're just a page. Again, just like I mentioned, I would not link directly to the main website other than perhaps in a contextual link from within the GMB website. And you can also link to it from GMB posts once the GMB assets are set up. But I would not link to them directly from the info tab in GMB to the website unless you're doing it on sub domains. Each sub domain being unique to that particular location. It's a good question. It's not letting me plus one though, dammit. Oh, that time it worked.

Does Uploading Photos To A GMB Site Strip Out The Geotag and EXIF Data?

Michael, what's up Michael. He says, “Hey guys I have a GMB related question. I was uploading photos to a GMB site, strip out the geo-data and exit data. I recently uploaded photos to GMB site and it stripped the titles and renamed them untitled. Why did it do that? Got me wondering if it strips the title .. “

No, I mean it might strip it but when you upload it, Google reads it. Right? So it's preset when you upload it and that's all that matters. When you upload the file, Google sees all that data. That's what matters. In fact, I like the fact that they are stripping it out because that way if some other SEO tries to analyze images, they're not going to see all that stuff, right? Of course if they knew what they were doing, they'd know what to look for anyways. You know what I'm saying? So I don't think it matters.

Marco, what do you say?

Marco: No, it doesn't matter. They have it. They have the info. They know. Especially if you're doing it locally, the phone is the tell in this. And if you're doing it through what we teach in local GMB pro, then google has the information and that's all you care about. As to why Google stripped out your title, it's probably a glitch. We can't answer why Google does the shit that it does. Because everything in GMB, in Google my Business is in a state of constant flux. It's very fluid. They're constantly changing, adding, they're constantly giving us stuff to play with.

This Stuff Works
We had a problem the other day where some images weren't showing, right? Or they were showing differently. They weren't showing the way they were supposed to. Why? We don't know. They were changing something and it happened.

Glitches, it happens on the web. So sorry we can't answer as to why. But what we can tell you is that the shit works because what you're creating is your entity's relationship to the location, whatever you location is, whatever your local is. You're giving Google that relationship and that's all you care about. Whether it stays or not is irrelevant.

Bradley: Yep.

Is It Okay To Use A WordPress.com Instead Of An RSS As A Trigger Point To A Syndication Network?

Alright, Jason is up. Jason says, “Working with a local contractor who has another host, his site is built on click funnels and he has no native RSS feed. Without tipping the other host to a potential takeover of the site, the client doesn't want to ask the current host to add an RSS function. I get it, so I have some spare syndication networks in MGYB.co and I'm looking to use one for his property and thinking of using WordPress.com web 2.0 as the syndication point or trigger point. [inaudible 00:30:55] real issues with that before I press submit?”

No that's fine Jason, absolutely. Anything with an RSS feed you can use to trigger. In fact, it doesn't even have to have an RSS feed. For example, you could connect WordPress as the trigger source. So if this, click WordPress, then host to Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever the case may be. So you can have WordPress actually connect via API as opposed to RSS. In other words, IFTTT can connect to WordPress API and then it will trigger whenever you publish to WordPress.com. Does that make sense?

Or you can do it via RSS. In fact, you may want to test those. I remember years ago when I was developing the whole syndication network strategy, I tested that and there was some funky stuff that would happen when you would use the native app as the trigger point as opposed to the RSS feed from the app.

In other words, if I was to use WordPress's trigger or Blogger's trigger or Tumblr's trigger as opposed to using the RSS feeds, sometimes it would cause some funky stuff to happen. So, that was years ago. Because RSS always worked. I quit testing that shit and said, you know RSS works, let's just use that. Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?

So my point is, you may want to test that. But also, Jason, think about this, and I'm pretty sure that you have rank feeder, Jason, so you may want to think about just taking their click funnels page, creating a rank feeder feed, which is what we're going to be talking about on Monday guys with Lisa Allen. And then use other authority content feeds to create that co-citation and feed your network that way, right? I mean you could do that. Because, especially if you have a sticky item in that feed, you could be using that to constantly co-citation whatever your sticky item is. In this case, maybe the click funnels page, right?

That's just a thought. You might want to think about using that too. But yes, you can use WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger or anything with an RSS feed. I like to use any type of blog account, obviously, because you've got more WYSIWYG editors and you can edit the elements of the page and all that kind of stuff. Okay?

Plus there's probably RSS feed creators online other than rank feeder that will allow you to create feeds from HTML pages and that kind of stuff. I know there use to be services like that, so I can't imagine that they don't have those still.

Are There Any Significant Impact If The @id Of A Multisite Property Is Changed?

Alright he says on the next one, “Hopefully not asking too much for the free forum but for @id, if I have a multi-site property and I want to add it to the ad ID page with geo-relevance, could I search google maps for brand geo-modifiers and put multiple locations in the page that way?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, Jason. That's more of a MasterMind question anyways. I really don't want to answer that here. That's getting a little bit too far into the weeds. What I would suggest thought is that you go into MasterMind archives and take a look at where I talked or just create a post in the Facebook group and I'll share it in that group with you about how to go organization markup. You can do that with an ad ID page guys, it's perfectly fine. You can set up an HTML page and create organization markup.

The way that I do it for multi-location businesses is a combination of Jason, LD and micro data as well as just flat out HTML. And so, that would work perfect for an HTML page or an ad ID page. Like hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket, right? And that's a combination of Jason LD, organization markup, local business markup for each individual location plus just HTML where you can embed the map and AP, that kind of stuff.

So again, post in the MasterMind Facebook group about that Jason, we can start a discussion in there and I can put you to the training that I've already covered MasterMind webinars for that, okay?

I'm going to keep on moving.

Hey guys, oh he's back again with some more YouTube questions. He's here every week so [inaudible 00:34:45] I know I'm probably mispronouncing your name, I apologize for that but glad to have you back.

Is Crowdsearch.me Still Effective For Ranking YouTube Videos, Local And National Sites?

He says. “Hey guys I'm with another set of questions and as Bradley said in the last hangout, I plan to use all the free information you guys are giving to build up my business so that I can join the MasterMind then. Everybody plus one this comment for me.” Question is, “Is crowdsearch.me still effective for ranking YouTube videos, local, national sites?”

For YouTube, I don't know if it is or not. To be honest, I wouldn't use it for money site stuff anymore at all, guys. I stopped using it, shit a year and a half ago now maybe? YouTube videos I doubt it will even move the needle on that anymore, [Mike 00:35:22] And the reason I say that is because a lot of those services, they use commercial IPS, right? Commercial proxies. And the problem is, so many commercial IP blocks now ranges, what do they call them, subnets or whatever have been blocked or marked by Google. Flagged as irrelevant traffic, right? And that killed a lot of those search and click or what I call CT or click through spam, spam bots.

That killed a lot of their effectiveness because the IP blocks they have been … Google understands that they're commercial IP blocks. For example, storm proxies, right. So you have a range of proxies or IPS that they go through and that Google is aware of what they are so they're disregarded or given less weight. Does that make sense?

So, again, I just talked about, at the beginning of this webinar how I did a two and a half hour training last week specifically on how to use Google ads. Guys, for pennies per view from real traffic. You're buying traffic from Google. And literally, you can use YouTube traffic to rank videos, especially because you're getting views. You don't get a flood of clicks unless the really video is really compelling or the offer is really compelling.

I find that the type of captains that I set up in the webinar last week, which you can get access to for 55 dollars guys, I'm telling you it's a slam dunk. I mean, it's just a no brainer. It's a great great strategy guys and you can get targeted traffic from Google to your videos. Targeted views, anyways, right, to your videos from specific geographic areas that you set from specific audiences that you set which is the recommended method. And those views are weighted heavily because they're coming from real Google users, guys. From people that are signed in to their Google accounts, have Android devices or whatever. It doesn't matter whether it's Apple or Android but they got Google accounts, right?

Google knows these people. They're valid, true Google users, instead of trying to spoof traffic, you can buy real traffic guys. And it's literally pennies per view, right? Again, I don't get a flood of clicks. So using that strategy for driving traffic isn't necessarily going to get you a flood of traffic, but it will get you a bunch of views which is great for the video itself and the traffic that you do get is going to be really heavily weighted traffic because it's highly relevant if that makes sense.

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So it's much more valuable than buying spam traffic anyways. And it's not against Google's terms of service, right? Spam traffic is. So, as far as using crowdsearch.me or any type of spam bot, I wouldn't recommend it because, especially to money sites guys, I wouldn't put that stuff anywhere near a money site. YouTube videos, you could test it but I'm telling you I don't feel like that's effective anymore. Because again, I just buy the traffic direct from Google now and it works so much better, right?

Guys it's so easy to set up a campaign. I mean, I'm telling you, once you get the hang of it, you can set up a YouTube ads campaign for a video in ten minutes flat. Okay?

Chris: [crosstalk 00:38:38] Yeah, he can also get an embed gig. Video embeds, which will move the needle … I don't because crowd search, I stopped using them a while ago. But [inaudible 00:38:51] embeds it in a niche, relevant network and we're moving … I don't if … No we didn't announce it.

We're moving MGYB into Woo Commerce so that it makes it easier to add products. So this week and next week, we'll be busy adding products. One of those will be video embeds. We'll be adding [inaudible 00:39:15] link building, indexing, just a whole bunch of things that we haven't been able to do because of the limitations that we had with Sam Cart, we'll be able to do now.

So I think you might want to look into a video embed gig. They're not really all that expensive and they do move the needle. Or, just get out training and get it moved the right way with the right signals.

Bradley: Yeah.

Okay so, the only thing I would suggest though is, guys, you've got to think about this logically. Just flat out embeds and/or back links do not work as well as they used to without traffic included. Think about it guys, it's very logical. Why would a video or anything get hundreds or thousands of embeds, or tens of thousands of back links if it's not being viewed? Right? It doesn't make sense.

So yes, it can move the needle but we know for a fact that we can rank videos with engagement signals alone guys. No back links, no embeds whatsoever. If you combined the two, it's so much more effective. But it's less effective to just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds without engagement signals because that is clearly a spam signal, right? That's clearly somebody trying to manipulate search position of a video. Because it's not natural for a video to be embedded, picked up and shared if it's not getting viewed.

Who embeds a video without viewing it, right? Only SEOs. And Google knows that, the algorithm knows that. It's not like manual reviewers, that's built, baked right into the algorithm now.

So my point is, if you're going to do embed blast guys, that's perfectly fine. Back links are perfectly fine. But make sure that you're adding traffic to the whole mix. Views, in other words, to the whole mix because that's going to increase your effectiveness so much more.

If you start getting a bunch of embeds and/or back links, and a bunch of views all at the same time, that's mimicking a viral nature of a video, and that shit will rank, no question. But if you just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds and there's not any views and engagement signals, that's clearly a spam signal. I wouldn't recommend doing it. Yes, I know there's some brute force SEOs out there that still do that guys, but I don't recommend it for longevity and everything else. Just set up some simple YouTube ads for pennies per view and get the results that you need, okay?

How Does GMB Pro And Local Lease Pro Different From Each Other?

“Would appreciate it if you could give a brief overview of how GMB pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro compare against each other”.

Well I mentioned that earlier I the webinar, but just so you know he says, “I'm completely new to local marketing so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?”

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Local lease pro right now. Hands down, that's the starter course in my opinion because that's going to show you to how to … The tip of the iceberg or tip of the spear is the location research and we go into that extensively and we did an update webinar about a month ago now that it's the training course in the updates module where I go into much more granular detail on how to do location research.

So local lease pro is the best starting point, [Mike 00:42:24] and then from there, the upgrade would be local GMB pro. And that's only for assets that need an additional push or if you're in a really competitive market, that kind of stuff. And then local PR pro is something that we just add into the mix throughout that whole process. That's just strategy for using press releases and PR stacking for getting results with local maps listings. Okay?

“Is the rank [inaudible 00:42:49] websites model still effective?”

Yes, but here's the thing; Don't build websites. Just build GMB websites. They're free, you don't need hosting, you don't need to go through all the SEO bullshit. Just set up GMB assets, use the GMB website and you're off to the races. Guys, I make jokes about this all the time but I'm half serious too, more than half serious. I hope to god I never have to build another Word Press site. I mean I know that's not going to happen but for all the stuff I'm doing, I'm trying to avoid building WordPress websites as much as possible because you don't need them. We're able to get results without them now. That may change, but for now it's a nice break.

Would It Work If You Post Regular Blog Posts From All 5 Websites That Are In The Same Niche As Duplicate Content To A Network Of 100 Web 2.0 Sites?

[inaudible 00:43:30] says “Hey there, got a question, would it work if I post my regular blog post from all five websites that are in the same niche as duplicate content to a network of 100 web 2.0 sites? The 100 web 2.0s have a ton of public back links just like IFTTT greetings.”

Yeah, but just make sure that you're posting an attribution link right? Just make sure you're citing the source. I mean you can post it without an attribution link if you'd like. I wouldn't recommend it. Guys, it's not duplicate content because it's on different websites. It's only duplicate content when it's on the same domain. But what I would recommend is, if you're going to republish, that you would cite the source just like we teach in syndication academy which is where you would say, this post or this article or whatever was published first on … and then you link to that and the source where it was published which would be your money site anyways. THat's what you want. That's the back link back to your money site, right? Through the attribution link. So that's what I would do. But yes, you can do that.

By the way, I would recommend … here's the catcher on that though, guys. If you're doing this across branded properties, the that's natural. But if you're taking the same content and republishing it across hundreds of web 2.0s that are not branded, then that's clearly for SEO manipulation and that's a footprint that you're leaving. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you have branded profiles. Does that make sense? Or unless those 100 web 2.0s, if you've got a lot of other content being pushed into those web 2.0s on a regular basis, like from other RSS feeds or other content sources to where you're burying your article among many many others that are relevant, then that's okay too. It's still a footprint though, but it's a lot less of one than just if you just have, say you got 300 web 2.0s out there and all of a sudden you push the same article to all 300 and there's no other content coming behind them. In other words, than that's a big footprint in other words. So I would recommend that you don't do that unless you have other content sources that are feeding those web 2.0s so that it's not such a big blatant footprint. But yeah, you can do that.

Because here's the thing guys; you can't prevent other people from taking your RSS feed, for example, and using it to populate their auto blogs, you know what I mean? So my point is, it's okay to do it. Somebody can come scrape your RSS feed right now and have it feeding one of their syndication networks because you have relevant content to whatever they're trying to promote. And so you have no control over that. You see what I'm saying?

So, again, if you go out and just … all your web 2.0s don't have content being published to them regularly and all of a sudden, they all get a post and it's all the same post, that's clearly what you're doing. But if you have content constantly updating those networks or those web 2s, excuse me, on a regular basis and you just inject one of your post or articles into that stream of content, than that's not nearly as big of a footprint, if that makes sense. It's a lot more natural looking anyways.

Is It Okay To Use Similar Content For Multiple GMBs For Each Press Release?

Okay Dennis is up. He says “Hey guys if you're using PRs and the company has many GMBs, is it okay to duplicate the content changing under the GO and NAP for each PR?”

No, Dennis. It's likely that the distribution networks will not publish. So again, here's something that you could do. Take the PR that's your original and just hire one of the content farms for rewriting services. Natashanixon.com, that's one of the ones that I use. Ineedarticles.com, I think that's another one. Just hire the rewrite service. It's a lot cheaper than having an original article written or a original press release written. It's just a rewrite. It's a lot cheaper. So take that PR and have it re written as many times as you need. But don't just use the same one, it's likely going to be rejected by the distribution network, okay?

Do You Know A Resource That Helps In Generating A Q&A Schema Markup?

Ivan. Hi Ivan, long time buddy, no doubt. He says “Posting question here but still watching live or replays every week. Two questions for you. Do you know a resource that will help me generate Q and A schema markup?”

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Schema Pro. That's Ryan [Ryden 00:47:44]. I'm pretty sure he can do it for you. [Jeffrey 00:47:48] Smith's Ultimate SEO Plus version two or 2.0 plugin will do that when it's launched as far as I'm aware but that's not launched yet. Although I know it's in beta right now so it's very likely going to be coming out in the next few weeks. And that's a WordPress plugin that will do all that kind of markup for you. But Schema Pro, again, Ryan [Ryden 00:48:10] I know he does a lot of Schema markup or structure data stuff for people. He's got a little side business where he just generates code for people so he can help you with that.

Is There An IFTTT Recipe That Automatically Transfer GMB Posts To A Google Sheet?

“Number two, is there an IFTTT recipe or applet that automatically transfers GMB posts to a google sheet?” That's a good question. I don't know if there's a good IFTTT applet. I don't think it integrates with GMB directly, IFFTP does, I don't think. But if you're using our GMB auto poster or briefcase, then you can get an RSS feed from GMB posts which then you can use an RSS 2 Google sheets applet in IFTT, if that makes sense.

So in other other words, yo have to check IFTTP, click on the services menu. I can't believe I haven't checked yet. That's funny I'm going to go check now to see if it integrates with GMB. I doubt that it does, and so if it doesn't which, again it's like that it doesn't, then if you're using our auto poster or GMB briefcase, you can get an RSS feed, which is working now by the way guys. I'm still working with [inaudible 00:49:16] our developer to work out some additional bugs and stuff but it's working now. I've been testing it.

So, you can get an RSS feed from your GMB posts and use that to trigger an IFTTT applet to push your posts into a google sheet or wherever you want, really. Good question though, good to have you back Ivan.

Walt says, “Windchill is for wimps.”

Okay, negative 40 Wayne I feel for you buddy.

Negative 52 windchill, wow Jim. Ouch.

Okay, are we almost out of questions? It looks like it. Looks like all of you guys are real chatty.

Is There A Way To Claim Unverified GMBs?

“Is there any way to claim unverified GMBs?”

I don't know. I tried a method that was revealed to me during the [Pofu 00:50:07] live event. And I tried it eight or ten times and I couldn't get it to work. And I think that the way that I was told got killed anyways, so I don't know. And I certainly wouldn't reveal it here on a free hump day hangout if that was the case. Sorry but that would definitely be inside information if I did know.

Fred says, “Marco could this work for an online service based companies selling similar to Geico, free car insurance quotes online? The online service we offer is similar to Geico but in a different industry and we would like to rank in different states using your training. I'm trying to wrap my head around how my team could use the semantic mastery courses to accomplish something like that.”

Fred, if it's a question specifically something like that that may be a little more complex, I would recommend just hitting us up at support. And it'll get routed to the appropriate person, either Marco or me or whatever where we could guide you. We obviously need more details than just this very brief, vague description of what it is that you're trying to do in order for us to point you in the right direction. So just contact [email protected] and we'll figure something out.

Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, just on a higher level you can't wrap your head around it because you're confining your local and you're mixing up your local and your national. As I've said before, and I've said it plenty of times, your local is just a matter of how you view it. And how you take it down is just the way that you set up your entity. Your entity has to be related to whatever it is that you're doing.

In our case, it's related locally. In your case, it all has to be done a different way. Look at what your competition is doing. I always tell people you have to become a master mimic. So that's a place where you can start. If you want a deeper answer than that, as Bradley said, just [email protected] Ask to talk to me and we'll see what we can do.

Bradley: There you go. Awesome.

Sam Jackson, that's so funny.

Should You Create Another Branded Network If A WordPress.com Closes?

Okay, “Good days guys and thank you very much for this forum, if on a branded network, WordPress.com was closed, should we create another with a persona account and brand it?”

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Yeah, you can do that. Here's the thing; if you got a recovery email for that account anyways, just do that. For example, when we set up syndication networks, if you guys purchase them from us, when we deliver them you got the main Google account and there's always a recovery email account. It's typically Outlook or Yahoo. And so whenever an account gets terminated, like WordPress.com in this example. It was probably created with the Gmail account, right? Because that's what our VAs do, that's what we trained our builders to do. So, you still have the recovery email account from that same syndication network that you could go setup another WordPress.com account under that recovery email account if that makes sense. And then just brand it again.

Your username, which becomes the sub domain is going to have to be changed slightly, obviously because the other one is not going to be available for the terminated account, but yes, you can do that. Or, if you have to, just create another email account and set it up that way. There's nothing wrong with that. It happens guys, accounts get terminated from time to time, there's nothing you can do about it. Just replace it. Not a big deal.

“What would be the benefit of GMBR assessed to Google sheets?”

I don't know. I don't know what his point was for asking that question, however I know that we have done some testing in the past with auto feeding into a G sheet and then making the G sheet public and hammering it with links. So kind of like an RYS type thing. So that's something that you could potentially do.

“Is anyone still using RSS master software from [inaudible 00:54:06]”

I am not. Actually I haven't even been using rank feeder but I'm looking forward to testing on Friday with the new GPS features to see how we can incorporate that into our local strategy as well as the press release stuff because of the fact that I think there's an opportunity there to squeeze that into some press release stacking stuff, too.

But as far as RSS Masher, I really liked that because that was like a feed splicer that you could add HTML elements to the actual feed itself and add links and things like that, which was was pretty powerful. But I thought of RSS masher more as a marketing took than an SEO tool. And I said that before because people used to ask, what's the difference between RSS masher and rank feeder? And I used to say, RSS masher is more like a marketing tool. It's good for creating very nice looking RSS feeds that you can use for content syndication. So it's great for splicing authority feeds and to feed second tier syndication networks for blog syndication and that kind of stuff, Greg. But as far as pure SEO power, rank feeder killed it hands down. It was hands down the better product for just SEO.

And again, I haven't looked at it since she's developed the GPS stuff, but it didn't create a real pretty visual feed like RSS masher did but it created a very powerful SEO feed. Again it was two different things. People would say, well which one should I get? Well it depends on what you're trying to do. In fact, it may be many cases where you need both. But again, purely for SEO purposes, Rank Feeder was so much better in my opinion than RSS Masher. But RSS Masher was better as a marketing tool on a content syndication tool if that makes sense.

Ivan is saying that's it for what? What was the reference? Okay, I think that's it.

Alright guys, it looks like we're actually done just a minute early, or four minutes early really. I'm going to leave you with this since it's a Sam Jackson kind of day.

This is our link shortener, I'm not supposed to be in there. Let's go back to the main page. There you go. Sam Jackson, keep scrolling motherfucker.

Alright, any parting words guys?

Adam: Thanks for being here.

Hernan: Yeah, thanks everyone.

Adam: Appreciate it. See you all next week.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 220

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 220 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Bradley: Live.

Adam: [Music 00:00:08] All right. Doesn't work since there's not video, but hey everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 23rd of January 2019 and this is episode 220. Rolling strong through 2019 with Semantic Mastery. We got the whole crew here today. Going to go down the line and say hello and get caught up and then we've got some really cool announcements, some good stuff going on over the next few days and into next week, so we'll cover that and then we will dive into the questions. It looks like we got some good ones this week.

Start on my left here. Chris, how are you doing, man? We had video for you. What happened with you?

Chris: Doing good. What do you mean, what happened?

Adam: I don't see video anymore. Did you get [crosstalk 00:00:48]

Chris: Yeah, I got shy.

Adam: Okay. Okay.

Chris: We are going good here. Lots of snow in Austria. If you love snow, it's perfect.

Adam: Nice. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the summer. We'll see how it looks then.

Chris: Yeah, no snow then. [crosstalk 00:01:06]

Adam: Excuse me. Hernan, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: Doing great, man. Excited for what's coming. Excited to be with you in FHL 2019. We're going to be hanging out there, so if you guys happen to be around, just drop us a message and we'll figure it out. I guess we can grab a beer or something, but I'm pretty excited, pretty excited for what's coming, lots of good stuff coming up for Semantic Mastery.

Adam: Yeah, definitely Hernan. Good point. If anybody watching, any subscribers or YouTube watcher, if you're in the Nashville area, just because you're there or if you're going to be at Funnel Hacking Live, give us a shout, either on the event pages or contact us and let us know and we'll try to meet up and say hello, grab some coffee or beer like Hernan said. Awesome. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: What's up, man? Busy. We got the new MGYB.co store coming up. That's being worked on as we speak. We've got new products that are waiting to be added. We've got … I can't say what else we got coming. Sorry. We got some good shit coming, man. I mean, I'm really excited about all the stuff that we're going to be putting out to help people make money. [crosstalk 00:02:19]

Adam: Go ahead.

Marco: Rather than just keep talking, just go ahead. [crosstalk 00:02:25]

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Adam: I got one because we already talked about it, I think it was last week or the week before and I know Dan was asking us about it, but one of the first things we're really trying to push out quickly so we can get people help with this is to do a VA matching service where we're able to connect you with two VAs who have gone through the screening process. They already have salary expectations and again, they've gone through a multipoint process and it's people we would normally hire internally for either our sales or MGYB, but then we're going to do a matching service through MGYB, so if that's something you're interested in, by all means, let us know on the page. It's good to see it and make sure that's what you want and if there's anything else that you think would be interesting with that, by all means, let us know. It's a service and development.

Bradley, how about yourself? How are you doing?

Bradley: I'm peachy. I'm glad to be here. [crosstalk 00:03:16] We've got a webinar that we're hosting, well, we've got the MasterMind webinar tomorrow and I promised that I was going to do some training on YouTube Ads for local video or excuse me, it's Google Ads for YouTube or for video, but specifically for how to use Google Ads to rank a local video in Google Search and also provide relevant and geo-targeted traffic, which is what helps it to rank in Google Search, as well as a branding campaign, how to set up a branding campaign and re-marketing.

I'm actually, I don't know if you've got the link ready or not, Adam, but we're opening that up for people because we've talked about it in bits and pieces on the Hump Day Hangouts for the last several years. People have asked about how to do it and I've explained it via voice and conceptually, but never on a step by step actual training and so I spent the entire day today, well, most of the day, anyway, recording, or setting up the slides, the presentation for tomorrow and I want to open that up for anybody that wants to attend. You have to pay for it because it's going to be a full two, sometimes, Master Mind webinars go even three hours. I'm going to try and get everything done in two, but it starts at 3:30 PM tomorrow and we're going to open that up for people to come that want to learn how I'm using Google Ads specifically for ranking videos in Google Search as well as for branding campaigns. It's incredibly powerful and it works crazy good, guys.

I just did another video for my local video production company. I've been doing wholesale SEO services for their videos, so they go out and create videos for local businesses, but then they wholesale SEO services to me, which I provide ranking services for those videos and then they sell, mark that up for their customers. They actually make 150% more than what I make on it. In other words, I make $100 a month per keyword per video. They make $250, but a long story short is, I just did another video for them about two weeks ago and I did the normal SEO stuff, syndication networks and things like that and it got to page two, but it was stuck on page two for over two weeks. For whatever reason, I hadn't set up the YouTube Ad, the Google Ad for the right of way. I think I got sidetracked after uploading the video and all that to the channel and I never ended up setting up that ad.

Well, I had a calendar reminder to go take a look at that video and where it ranked to see the performance of it, to see if it had ranked on page one yet since it had been two weeks since I uploaded it and like I said, it was stuck on page two. On, I think, Thursday last week, I set up a Google Ad for it with $1 a day, so $30 per month and I started driving relevant traffic to it. With very geo-targeted traffic from what's called an in the market audience, which is incredibly powerful because that's a bucket of people that Google has determined are in the market for a specific service. In this case, it was for auto repair services and I set that up on Thursday and low and behold yesterday, I went and looked at it again and boom. We're on page one.

Again, guys, the ranking local videos with YouTube Ads is incredibly powerful. It's super inexpensive to do. It's really easy to set up once you learn the process and it works really well. Not only that, for just ranking the videos, guys, but you can actually produce relevant traffic for the client or for your client this way and it works. You can get real leads from YouTube. I'm going to go in very in depth tomorrow. I'm going to try and get it done in two hours, but it will likely go over that and if anybody wants to attend, it's only 50 bucks, guys, so I would highly encourage you. If you're in the Master Mind, you don't have to pay for it. You're going to get it anyways, but if you're not in the MasterMind, you can attend it for 50 bucks and I would encourage you to do so because it's really, really powerful.

Oh, by the way, the same method that we're going to be talking about tomorrow can also be used for other things like jump-starting traffic into assets, whatever assets you have, website, GMB, anything you want, but we're not going to really be covering that in depth tomorrow, but you can take the same techniques and apply them for that purpose. Again, I would encourage you guys to be there tomorrow.

Adam: Are you saying if you were doing lead gen and you were using GMBs as a, maybe this would be a way to drive cheap, targeted traffic?

Bradley: Amen. Get them to rank.

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Adam: Yeah, guys. Join us. It's going to be a good webinar and I know Bradley has even got some more stuff beyond that, but that should pique anyone's interest and the rest of it is just going to be more icing on that fucking awesome cake. Sorry, freaking cake. Real quick too, speaking of webinars, wanted to say, we had Katherine Jones on earlier this week. That was an awesome webinar. Man, she designs some awesome webinars, webinars, funnels, but more so than just designing. She can teach people how to do it. If you didn't watch it live, if you haven't the reply, carve a little bit of time out. If you're into funnels, if your clients are using funnels or if they're not and you want to offer this as a service or even get started using this, this is another great way to provide a lot of value to yourself or to clients or both and see a big ROI on that, so go check out that webinar. That really kicked butt. It was an awesome one, thanks to Katherine for doing that.

Then, coming up next week, Marco, I think there's a deadline coming up on something, right, with the charity? Do you want to tell people about that?

Marco: Yeah, sure. I mean, we're going until the end of the month and as we mentioned last week, the Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley, Washington has agreed to match dollar for dollar any donation over $50, so $50 or more. You donate 50 bucks, it becomes $100. You donate $250, it becomes $500 and so on. Now, if you donate $500, you get two hours with me. I've said this before. Now, it's half. If you donate, now, it would be $2500 or more, right? It gets matched. Then, you get a full business, full local. You choose, we go in, local, whatever you want to kill and I'll help you kill it. Those are the offers. I would suggest that you take it. I mean, two hours with me is 2400 bucks. $100 more gets you a local business.

Now, think about it. It's great. Thanks to the Rotary Club for coming in and agreeing to match dollar for dollar, which is just fabulous, man. Oh, I will be posting the donation page and we actually have a gallery now that we just put up of a bunch of images from last year so you can see the community, the kids, kind of what's going on. Don't expect the pictures here. We haven't had time to go in and say what each one is. Go in, look at the images. It's great stuff. You can see all of the stuff we're doing and some of the things that we have to deal with, man, which is, some of it is horrible. At any case, I'm posting it. Guys, it's a worthwhile cause. Donate.

Adam: Yeah, thank you again to everyone who has done that. Really do appreciate it. Real quick, before we dive into all the great questions we've got today, just wanted to say, if you're watching us for the first time, thanks for watching. If you're catching the reply and you're on YouTube, you can hit the subscribe button, stay up to date with the Hump Day Hangouts, as well as all of the other videos we put out. You can always come to join us live and semanicmastery.com/HDquestions. That's also where you can go to ask stuff early. If you've got a question on your head, boom, just go there. You can ask it. You can catch the reply later or come join us live like we do every Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern and then where you want to get started with Semantic Mastery is a pretty common question. Start with the battle plan, right? It's a way to get a repeatable process for your SEO, for digital marketing. We got most of the answers you're going to need in there as far as how to rank a news' site, what to do with an aged site, how can you use press releases, tons of stuff in there, so just start that, battleplan.semanticmastery.com.

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All right. Once you've done that, if you're ready to take things up a few notches, you want to have a peer group, you want to be part of the Master Mind and you want to give digital agency and build up that local digital agency presence and grow, scale and make more money, come join us. Join us at mastermind.semanticmastery.com

Guys, got anything else before we get into it?

Bradley: I'm ready.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:12:05] Go.

Bradley: Let's do it then.

Bradley: All right. William is up. Hey guys. I keep missing your live event for one reason or another. Set an alarm clock Paul, a calendar event, and for some reason, the Hump Day videos between episode 2 and 11 and 219 are not on YouTube. I beg to differ buddy, and I have to do this because I just have to demonstrate that that's not the case, not to pick on you, but just to show you how you can find it. Okay?

Adam: Also, quick shout out to Chris [Greenhow 00:12:41]. Thanks for putting the playlist on the page. If anybody wants to bookmark, that's a great way to stay up to date, but Bradley's going to show you too.

Bradley: Yeah. If you ever need to navigate to it, just go to youtube.com/semanticmastery. Right there, that little, whatever, that magnifying glass icon, guys, you guys are all aware, that means search. That's the channel search feature. If you click into there and then just type in, “Episode,” what did he say, “211 to 219,” so I'm just going to say, “Episode 211,” and I'm going to hit enter, and it comes right up. It's the very first one. If I want to check for 212, guess what? Very first one. They are indeed still on the channel. Again, guys, use the channel search. If you can't find it through YouTube search, but if you wanted to, you could just do, “Hump Day Hangouts Episode 211,” and that's just standard YouTube search, guys and boom. It's right up there.

How Do You Fix Some Formatting Issues When Republishing Content From RSS To Blogger Via IFTTT?

My point is, you can find it any number of ways. I don't know why you're saying it's not there, but it is indeed there. Okay. Moving on. If you have answered this question before, I apologize. I've been using IFTTT to republish posts for my WordPress blog RSS onto my blogger account. I was surprised to see only the article title appear on blogger with no content. Yeah. I looked into blogger content to find obscured DIFF styles copied in from the WordPress page builder that blogger could not read. As a result, blogger is not publishing article content. Any ideas how to work around this? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, if you're using a special page builder type of WordPress theme or plugin, it may not be coded correctly to where it will syndicate the RSS correctly. Again, it could just be the bloggers block doesn't like the DIV tags that it's inserting and things like that. I don't know how to help you with that one. I know that I've had some funky syndication issues when I've used Thrive themes page builders and stuff for the blog posts, so I typically would switch back to using the native WordPress post function or feature, if that makes sense, specifically for that reason.

Now, I know that might not be the answer you wanted to hear, Paul, and maybe one of my partners can provide some insight or some alternatives, but typically, like I said, I've used page builders before for building pages, but when it came to posts, I would experience similar issues that you're talking about here where it would cause funky, like either not syndication or it would show some of the funky code that the page builders built the page or the posts with.

In other words, it would syndicate the posts, but you would see tags and different kind of code snip its and such on the page and so again, I learned that if I'm going to be syndicating posts, that I'm going to syndicate using the native WordPress editor instead of a page builder, okay? Again, that was my workaround for it. That may not be suitable for what you're trying to do, in which case, I would say unless one of my partners has an alternative, you may want to create a blog on a subdomain and use just the standard WordPress blog function. Guys, do you have any advice for him?

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah, I totally agree with what you're saying in terms of creating a subdomain. Sometimes, if you use a custom coded template that looks really good and you want to keep it as it is, that's fine, but there is always going to be downsides to everything. In this case, it's blogger and then maybe some of the templates will break Tumbler or WordPress or whatever and that's completely normal, so the best way or the most, I would say, ubiquitous way of doing this would be to just install a 2011 or 2012 type of theme within a subdomain and going from there. That would be the most compatible way of doing this.

Bradley: Marco?

Marco: No, I agree totally. I don't have a solution for this. Guys, again, I'm moving away from TLDs, amen. I'm not messing with it. My clients, I'm not messing with it and you better pay me a whole lot more money than you're paying me if you want me to mess with a TLD. I'm in TMB. If you like it, fine. If you don't, then POFU.

Bradley: I agree with that. I'm not building a WordPress website unless a client demands it, at which case, I'm charging the premium for that shit now because I don't want to mess with WordPress anymore, at least if I don't have to, right? GMB is where it's at. I love the GMB websites because they're so easy to set up. Just add text and links and that's about it, and it works, but Paul, again, I would recommend, if it's okay to just run the blog from your main site, but don't use your page builder, either theme or pplugin but just use the standard WordPress, like again, I don't exactly know whether you're using a theme so that you may not have control over that or if it's a ppluginor what. My experience has been with Thrive themes, for example. Thrive themes, they have ppluginsthat will allow you to use their the native WordPress page creator or post editor, you know what I'm saying, or you can actually use their page builder where you can drag and drop elements and that kind of stuff.

In that case, the pages on the site are built with the page builder, but the posts on the site are published using the standard or native WordPress post function. That was the solution. Now, there's obviously going to be styling differences between your pages and posts if that's the case. If you're okay with that, just do that. If you're not okay with that or if it's for a client and they don't want their posts to not be styled like the rest of their website, then I would recommend that you create a blog on either a sub domain or on a sub directory of your main domain that you would do what Hernan mentioned, which just be to install WordPress specifically just for the blog and then blog on that. That way, the blog would be an external site. It still would be connected to the domain because you could still put a blog link in your navigation bar to take people to the blog, but it wouldn't be the exact same site, so if there's some styling differences, if that makes sense, that would be a little more palatable for most clients, if that makes sense. Okay?

I wish I had a better answer for you for that, but you're right. Sometimes, those page builders don't jive well or don't play nice with some of the syndication sites.

Marco: Paul, just a little bit more on the pofu way and the Semantic Mastery, which is, I know this is your blog and it doesn't solve your specific problem, but you could, and what I do, when I say, “I don't build a WordPress,” it's, I haven't hired anyone to build a WordPress site in I can't remember how long. The Semantic Mastery way is, don't spend time doing it. You go and hire someone to do it for you and then they better do it right. If you hire a VA and the VA doesn't do it right, the VA gets fired and you get another one. If you go to Upwork and they don't do it right, then you just go, “You better come fix this.”

This Stuff Works
Either way, whether it's Upwork or however it is that you choose this, the way that we do it is we hire someone who knows more than we do to do the things that we don't want to do or that we can't do and then we move on and we charge enough, right, so that we can pay all of these people that we need to have working on all of these things. That's pofu. That's the Semantic Mastery way. Everything that we do, what we build everything on is thinking about that. How can we get away from all of these things that we simply don't have time to do or don't want to do? I mean, that's my advice to you, Paul. It's get someone who knows what they're doing to do this for you and fix it.

Bradley: Yeah, because Paul, you're better off, again, I don't know if this is for a client or what, but you're better off working on developing content and things like that that then trying to learn how to figure out how to fix this. Guys, it's okay if you don't have the money to do that, to hire somebody. Everything either requires time or money or a combination of both. If you don't have money, you have to devote the time to learn how to do it. If you don't have the time, then you have to pay money to have somebody do it for you. I'm in that boat now. I don't have a lot of time. We do hire a lot of stuff out, but again, you got to do one or the other and honestly, your time is probably better spent building your business, strategizing and that kind of stuff, finding new markets to target or whatever. You get what I'm saying. It was a good question though, Paul.

Liz, Liz says, I know this might sound dumb. No, it doesn't Liz, I'm sure, but I keep hearing people say I should target long tail keywords. I want to rank for a keyword like credit card rewards, not really that. What exactly is a long tail keyword and why should I be targeting them?

What Are Long Tail Keywords And Why Should You Target Them?

Well, one thing you can do Liz, is go to Google and search, “What is a long tail keyword,” and you can literally get all the information you would ever want to know about what a long tail keyword is, starting with the definition, right? Aside from that, a long tail keyword is just a variation or a longer version, a more specific version of a broader search query. For example, credit card rewards, now, I'm not in that industry so I really don't know what a longer tail, maybe credit card air travel rewards or I'm assuming flight rewards or something like that.

Hernan: Yeah, the best credit card rewards for fly, X, Y and Z.

Bradley: Yeah. Credit card flight rewards. That would be a longer tailed version of credit card rewards because now, that's very specific. Credit card Amazon rewards or credit card rewards for Amazon, that's a more long tail, more specific version of the broader search query, credit card rewards. Right? Credit card rewards is a long tail version of credit card or credit cards. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
Let's put it into a perspective that I know a lot more about, right? For example, HVAC, right, which is heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or whatever. That's what that stands for, but HVAC is a very broad category or term search query that has multiple levels or layers deeper than that, like HVAC, heating and air conditioning, heating repair, air conditioning repair, duct insulation. Those are all longer tailed keywords that are part or similar to HVAC. HVAC is a broader version of that type of a search query. Those just become more specific under that same category, that same vertical, so to speak, right?

Again, long-tailed keywords are great because typically, for the most part, the longer tail keywords, so you go after longer keywords because those are keywords that have more buyer intent. Right? Again, using the HVAC example, let's say somebody just does a search for HVAC. That's a very, very broad search. That could be somebody just looking for what the HVAC acronym stands for or a definition of HVAC or a history. Maybe they're doing research, right? That's a very informational type query. It's not a very specific query. It might have commercial intent, but it's very hard for anybody, Google, to determine if just searching HVAC has any commercial intent, meaning, are they looking to purchase something, transact, right?

Think about it. Looking for heating, heater or furnace repair near me or furnace repair Culpeper, Virginia, right, that's a much longer tailed version. It still falls under the HVAC category, but it's a very specific version and now heater repair near me or heater repair with a city appended to it or city heater repair, that is a local commercial intent search query. That's somebody. Google knows. Google recognizes that type of search query and knows that somebody is searching for a heater, an HVAC company near them, local to them or in the city that they provided as part of the search query.

My point is, that is a longer tailed version of the HVAC and it has much higher commercial intent. There's much more buyer intent, right? That's a much better keyword to target when you're first starting out. If credit card rewards, and I know that's not your actual keyword, but let's say that's what you were going after, that's going to be a very, very difficult keyboard to rank for just like ranking for HVAC, right, would be very difficult to rank for because again, Google wouldn't localize those necessarily.

My point is, you'd be competing for global or national term at that point whereas if you use the longer tailed version, it doesn't mean you can't go after that. It just means that it's going to take a long time and that's where silo structure comes in and content marketing and having a content strategy where you target longer tail keywords which you will likely get traction from a hell of a lot quicker with a lot less effort and then you cumulatively target longer tail keywords to start generating traffic and establishing thematic relevance, right? A keyword theme that Google will recognize through your structure of your site and your content and all that other stuff that you're ultimately trying to rank for credit card rewards, or in the example I've been using, the HVAC, right?

Again, you start with the longer tail stuff so that you can start getting some traction, start getting some traffic, start getting some conversions, whatever your conversion goal is. It might be to build an email list. It might just be to build a remarketing or retargeting list. It might be for somebody to actually make a sale, like to sell a product. It could be whatever your conversion goal is, but start with the longer keywords first because you're going to get traction from that and then you start to create these little streams of traffic, these trickles of traffic from these long tail keywords that start to accumulate and cumulatively, they start to push and Network Empire always called it, “Keyword Buoyancy,” because the top level term would be what you're ultimately striving for and by ranking and getting traction for the longer tail terms, it starts to create buoyancy for that broader term and helps it to start to rise in the search engines as well. [crosstalk 00:28:01] Great question though, Liz. Go ahead.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Liz, if you don't want to go through all that shit, come get a keyword gig from MGYB.co and we'll help you find everything under the sun. We'll categorize it for you. We'll set up questions and answers, long tail, the top level categories, everything that you need, we'll just set it up for you and then you can concentrate on building content around what we give you, simplify it. I love simple.

Can You Syndicate Content From YouTube Or RSS Feed For Both Self-Hosted And WordPress.com Blog Via IFTTT?

Bradley: Okay. Thanks. I was trying to get a head start on this, but let me just read it out. Justin says, for any applets that deal with any service publishing to WordPress, is it possible for me to have an applet that gets triggered by my YouTube channel uploading a video or an update RSS feed that will post to a WordPress.com blog and a self-hosted WordPress blog that I host myself?

Yes, Justin. I can only seem to find one service for both of them. Justin, you're right. The easy solution is create another IFTTT account, right? If you've got a recovery email that you're using for that Google account that you've already got connected to your primary IFTTT account, just create a second IFTTT account using your recovery email account, or just any other email account. Just create a new email account, if you have to. Create a second IFTTT account and then you go into the services, select WordPress and then you still set up the same applet, right, so it would still be the same RSS feed or the same YouTube channel that triggers, but it triggers two IFTTT accounts.

One, publishing to your WordPress.com site. The other IFTTT account posting to your self hosted WordPress site. Very, very simple to do. All you just need to do is set up a second IFTTT account. You use the same applets. You use the same trigger. Guys, you can have multiple IFTTT accounts connected to the same YouTube channel, triggered by the same YouTube channel or triggered by the same RSS feed. There's no limitation to that. Okay? IE, do I need to set up … Yes. That's exactly what you need … I didn't even see that part of the question, but you've got it. There you go. All right.

Would You Recommend Using The Deep Interlinking Tool From Ultimate SEO Plus To Silo A Data Center Facility Architect Site With 650 Blogs?

Jordan says, inherited, oh, excuse me, inherited a non-siloed site, data center facility architect, oh wow. Okay, that has 650 blogs on it, must be blog posts, okay, traditionally, I like both hard and length silo structures, so you mean physical, I'm assuming, what you see in the URL, however, the thought of categorizing each blog to category-title and then 301 directing all those gives me tired head. If you were me, would you just use Ultimate SEO Plus Deep Interlinking tool and just link the keywords as they occur on all those blogs to the appropriate service page when possible?

Yes. I mean, that is definitely a … The beautiful thing about SEO Ultimate Plus, especially, is you can set the frequency at which those keywords will link. It's not like I just blanket every time a keyword appears that it's going to link to the same page. You can actually set frequencies and variations and things like that, so it's very, very powerful.

Yeah, you can do that Jordan, however, I would still recommend, if you leave the permalink structure as, well, let me think about that. Okay. What I would say is, I would still try to set up a silo structure within the site. Now, if you leave the permalink structure as just category, or excuse me, just post name, I'm trying to think about this. It's been a long time since I've done this. My WordPress skills are a little rusty. I've been not doing WordPress sites now for several months.

WordPress is supposed to, if you most a post from one category to another, they're supposed to automatically redirect the URL. Now, I know that's not always the case. What I mean by that is if you go in and you just edit a post to change the categories from one to another, WordPress is supposed to, by default, automatically create a redirect from the old category over to the new, especially if it's just the permalink structure, I believe, like the post name permalink structure, I mean. If you're using a category-post name permalink structure, then I don't think it does that automatically, but I'm not 100% sure.

In any case, I know that sometimes those automatic redirects just flat out don't work. Yeah, I mean, honestly Jordan, the easiest way that I know how to do this is to extract, just go pull your site map if you want and then just copy and paste all the URLs from the site map into a spreadsheet. Then, organize them via a category the way that you would have your silo structure set up on the site.

This Stuff Works
For example, I would have a different sheet in the Google sheet, so in the workbook, either Excel workbook or Google workbook, Google Sheets workbook, I would have a different sheet for each silo and I would just pull the URLs, all the extracted URLs from the site map and I would just start stacking them into the correct sheet for each silo, and that would be in column A, yeah, column A, so that would be your originating URL.

Then, I would go update all of the category structures and everything for the post, which I know sucks, man, I know it sucks, but you're going to get a hell of a lot more traction out of your site that way with a lot less off page work needed, right? Once you re-categorize everything, then all you got to do at that point is pull up that same site map again, which now all the URLs are going to be different and extract them and go through that same process again that you did with collecting the correct URLs and putting them in the right sheet, each sheet being its own silo-category, right, and those new URLs would go in column B.

Then, you just use the simple 301 redirects plugin. There is a bulk add on that's an add on a plugin that you just install that after you've installed the simple 301 redirects plugin and then you just upload the CSV file. That's it. Once you've uploaded the CSV file, now, I think you have to combine them all into one sheet, but I would just separate them in the sheets initially so that it made it easier, but then you just upload that with, again, the original URLs or old URLs in column A and column B would be the new destination and the new URLs and then that simple 301 redirects plugin will automatically create all those redirects for you.

Again, I know that's still a bit manual, Jordan, but honestly, you're going to get so much better results from any off page that you do if you have your site structured correctly, especially with 650 posts on it. You guys want to comment on that at all?

Marco: Yeah. Yeah. I really do. I was just talking to Jeffrey Smith yesterday about his new plugin and it's one of the things that really has me pumped up because it's almost ready to go. Jordan, you're in our MasterMind. Being a MasterMind member has its privileges. Now, Jeffrey Smith is an on-page savant and one of the smartest people I ever met. Guys, it's good to surround yourself and to get to know a network, especially when people are way smarter than you because it rubs off, hopefully, or you can just reach out to them and that's one of the things that I do.

Now, with something like this, unless it has to be done right now, go with what Bradley says. If it has to be done right now, go ahead and do it that way. If not, give me some time so I can talk to Jeffrey and then once I do, we can take this and make it a case study, but not a case study, but a test to try and break the plugin.

One of the things that it has, it has an export, a CSV that you can then manipulate any way you want and then upload and it's that simple. His plugin will take care of everything that we're talking about right now. It all depends on your urgency. If you can wait and as a MasterMind member, I'm going to do this because 650 posts, we can try and break the plugin and that's what he wants. We can try and break it and come back so that they can fix any of the bugs that are there. I think this is perfect for a trial. I will reach out to Jeffrey and I'll ask him when it's available, and he's a really good guy. I'm sure that he will, whether this can be tested with one of our MasterMind members. Again, being in our Master Mind has its privileges.

What Is The Difference Between GMB Post Scheduler And Briefcase Plans In MGYB?

Bradley: There you go. Jim [Rugle 00:36:45] says, by the way, Jordan, welcome to MasterMind, man. It's been a long time coming. We're glad to have you, buddy. Jim says, going to post this in Facebook GMB group too, but thought it might be helpful for those outside of that group. I'm not quite understanding the application differences for the GMB post schedule and the Briefcase stands inside MGYB. Well, they're not inside MGYB, and I don't think Briefcase, I don't know, it's in Beta, but I didn't know that was open for others yet, but whatever. I'll still answer your question. My immediate need is I have four separate GMB properties right now I'd like to auto post to. In other words, set up roughly 30 posts for each entity and let the poster run and then do the same each one, one post per day, five days a week in each property. It seems that the $20 a month post scheduler program would work for now, but what or how is the Briefcase plan used in comparison? I guess I'm trying to be clear on advantages to each.

Yeah, okay. Yeah, just for anybody that doesn't know, guys, should we drop the links? We should drop the link for this post scheduler for sure and this is the Briefcase Beta. I didn't know that was available for everybody through. Anyways, I'm going to explain the differences here guys. The auto poster or the post scheduler is based upon the number of posts per month for that subscription level. For example, the enterprise subscription level, and I'm just talking because those are the ones that I always purchase, was 500 posts per month. It was $200 a month. It gave me the maximum capacity of 500 scheduled posts per month.

This Stuff Works
Well, that's okay, but the problem with that is, I could only get, like for GMB assets, I'm scheduling one post per day for most everything that I do now, it's one post per day, so it's 30 to 31 posts per month. Let's just say 31 posts per month. Okay? If you do the math, 31 posts per month, you multiply that by 16. It comes out to 496. That means, I could have an enterprise post scheduler account, subscription level, and I could only post to a maximum of 16 locations before I ran out of post credits for the months. I'd have four additional post credits left, right, it's 496 so I'd have four left. That's a problem for me because I have dozens and dozens and dozens of assets now. I think if you do the math, 500 divided by whatever the cost is, $200 a month or whatever, 200 divided by 500, that tells you exactly how much per post you're paying for. Does that make sense?

Whereas with the GMB Briefcase, if you've got multiple locations, guys, and you're going to be doing this, you can see the number of GMB posts is unlimited. The restriction on the subscription level is based upon the number of locations added to the system, the number of GMB assets. Does that make sense? The difference would be if you only have a couple of assets, a handful, I think you mentioned four in your question and that's all you need, go with the lower priced post scheduler if all you're going to be using it for is scheduling posts, right?

The other part of this, if you plan on scaling and expanding though, adding additional locations or for that business or any business, if you plan on growing your Google My Business assets out or doing more client work where you're going to be working on Google my Business assets, then I would recommend that you go with the Briefcase instead because that's based on number of locations, not posts.

Not only that, but there are all the additional things that the Briefcase offers, right, which would be being able to track and respond to the GMB reviews. There are alerts. There are GMB insights right inside the dashboard so you don't actually have to log into the GMB profile. You can extract reporting and all kinds of stuff directly from the Briefcase, guys. It's going to speed your monthly maintenance and reporting functions, right?

There's a lot of really cool things that you can do inside the Briefcase. It's still in Beta guys, right now, but there is keyword ranked tracking and maps pack ranking and even maps pack rank tracking, even for service area businesses. Again, that's still in Beta, so I'm having mixed results with the rank tracker right now, to be 100% honest, but it's still in Beta guys. It's still being worked on, okay? Everything is being updated.

In fact, one of the things that we've been working on that just got updated and I've got it on my list of to-do's this week to test is the RSS feed from the GMB posts. In other words, the post scheduler, I think, does this too but the Briefcase I know for sure offers an RSS feed for GMB posts, which now, I'm going to be setting up a test in isolation of just syndicating GMB posts to a syndication network to see how much that moves a GMB asset in rankings, even though we talk about ranking not being 100% critical or necessary to get results. Everybody likes to see that, especially old SEOs, right?

Again, all of this stuff is being tested and I would recommend that you go with Briefcase if you plan on scaling, growing your business, adding additional locations and assets, but if not, if all you need is post scheduling and you want to keep your monthly commitment a little bit lower and you've only got a handful of assets, then you can go with this post scheduler. Hopefully, that answered that question. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, I just want to give a shout out to [Shripad 00:42:22] because he works his ass off.

Bradley: Yes, he does.

Marco: I know that, guys, in coding and especially when you're trying to do something like this where we're going through the Google API to keep everything clean, to keep Google happy, there are so many moving parts and anytime Google updates and Chris, you'll back me up on this, the API, I mean, you have to go back so that you can comply with whatever it is that they want and it sometimes is something small and it's sometimes recoding just a whole bunch of work that you already did.

Just a shout out to Shripad, guys. You can reach out to him in our groups. I think he's in our MasterMind. I think he's in Local GMB Pro and I think he's also in our free group, so guys, tag him if you have any questions about this. He's always there. He answers the questions. Again, Shripad, you rock, man.

Do You Need Separate YouTube Accounts When Using Hangout Millionaire To Upload Same Videos To Different Channels?

Bradley: Okay. Good question here. It says, if I use a tool like Hangout Millionaire, this guy has been asking a ton of video questions, which is great, this is how you do it, man. [Maink 0:00:43:34], I don't know if I'm saying your name right. This is why I avoided it, but I know you keep coming and asking questions every week about video syndication and video SEO and that's awesome, guys. We've got members in the Master Mind that just came every week like Mohammed, I always use him as an example, just ask questions on Hump Day Hangouts and built his business by getting answers from here and I'm sure other places as well, but built his business to the point where he could come to join the MasterMind. Come to these free Hump Day Hangouts, guys. I appreciate you coming and asking questions every single week consistently about YouTube, SEO and building your YouTube business. I know eventually, I expect to see your ass in the Master Mind. Okay?

This Stuff Works
Anyways, he says, if I use a tool like Hangout Millionaire to use the same video to different YouTube channels, is that safe enough or do they need to be separate YouTube accounts? Okay. That's a good question, however, remember what we talked about within the past few webinars, Hump Day Hangouts, specifically about protecting yourself, right? I mentioned before not to upload the same video even through the file characteristics, the encoding and things like that, the time duration, all of that can be manipulated slightly to where Google thinks the same video is different or YouTube thinks the video is a different file. It's unique. You can do that, but the problem is, if you upload the same video to the same channel, right, meaning it has to be slightly different. The file has to be unique or else YouTube will reject the upload as it starts to upload. Right? There are tools out there like video spinners and things like that that will change the encoding or whatever it does to make the file unique, multiple variations of the file even though it's the same video.

The problem with that is, you can get away with it on the YouTube channel, but if a competitor or a manual reviewer decides or discovers that, a competitor can report the channel for spam, which will trigger a manual review and your channel would get terminated and you'd lose all of those video assets.

Okay. You already knew that. We've talked about that. The next question that you have now is, okay, I understand I can't upload the same video to the same channel, but what if I upload the same video to multiple channels, different channels, but under the same Google account? Well, that's better than uploading it to the same channel because if any channel gets flagged, it's not necessarily going to flag the other channel, however, if your Google account gets terminated for spamming, which is possible, then every single channel under that Google account will be lost. That's why I recommend guys, for these types of spam campaigns that you mitigate your risk. You reduce it as much as possible by spreading your videos out on individual channels as much as possible.

Now, I'm not saying if you have 100 videos and it's the same video that you need 100 YouTube channels. That would be ideal, but that's difficult to do, so maybe get 50 channels and put two videos on 50 channels or get 25 channels and put four videos on 25 channels. Does that make sense? Now, if anyone of your channels gets terminated, you're only losing that number of videos on that one channel. You still have all the others, and if you have them in separate Google accounts, it's not going to affect the other Google accounts, however if you have multiple channels suspended under one Google account, it's likely, it's very possible, that Google will terminate that Google account entirely, which means you'll lose everything, which is why I don't recommend that, guys.

You guys, think about it. I know it seems like guys, we play a cat and mouse game all the time with Google. The problem is, we always talk about eggs in baskets, if you put all your eggs in one basket or you put all your eggs in five baskets, but you're carrying all five baskets with one arm, right, which would be the same as multiple channels under one Google account, and Googles comes and smacks your arm, you're going to lose all those baskets or if Google takes your basket away, you've lost your entire business, right?

My idea is to take, if you've got 100 eggs, put one egg in one basket and have 100 baskets or like I said, two eggs in 50 baskets. You get the point. My point is, reduce your risk as much as possible. Make Google work for finding and eliminating all of your spam. Okay?

Should You Link Multiple YouTube Channels Within The Same Niche To One Syndication Network?

All right. The second part of that was can I or should I link multiple YouTube channels within the same niche to one syndication network? You could. However, once again, if you're using basically the same video over and over and over again, then that would be spamming your network and your network properties will likely get terminated, okay? I would recommend that, it's okay if you're having YouTube channels syndicating to one network with variations of video, in other words, you've got unique content coming from each channel feeding into the same network, that would be okay. If you're taking the example that we just mentioned where let's say, you're taking the same video and you're uploading it to let's say, 25 channels and now you've got 25 channels tied into a … Let's just say you took five channels and tied it into one syndication network, but all of those channels are basically syndicating the same type of video, or the same video, then that's a problem. Your syndication network properties will be terminated for spam. Okay?

Plus, the other part of that is, depending on what your frequency in publishing is, if you're publishing from a whole bunch of channels into one network, you could be over publishing and that could also flag your syndication networks for being terminated for spam. Again, guys, think about though, people want to take shortcuts because it's an enormous amount of work to reduce or eliminate, you can't totally eliminate, but to reduce your risk. It's a lot of work. I get that. People want to take shortcuts, but what's more work? Setting it up properly the first time, right, and reducing the potential of losing all of your business in its entirety in one fall swoop or vast portions of your business? What takes more time? What is more efficient? Building everything right correctly the first time or building everything and then having it taken from you and having to start over from scratch?

This Stuff Works
Guys, I don't know about you, but that is one of the most discouraging things that can happen, is to put a shit ton of work into any project and then have it 100% completely taken from you, gone. Then, you have to start over from scratch and it's fucking irritating, guys. I mean, that will take the wind right out of your sails. You know what I mean? To me, I'd rather spend the additional effort upfront and create long term assets, guys. I hate rework. I hate doing rework. It's why I don't like the turn and burn strategy. Mass page builders and things like that. I stopped all that stuff because you were constantly reworking. It's a great question. Moving on.

Does Translating Video Titles And Descriptions Help In Getting More Traffic In YouTube?

Next, one more question please. I have pitched software that translates YouTube videos title and description to multiple languages. Can this really help in getting more traffic from our videos on YouTube? Well, we tried one of those for Semantic Mastery videos because you guys know, we've got thousands of videos on our channel and so we tried that and I don't think we saw any measurable results, at least nothing that would warrant us to continue it. We canceled it. We stopped having a VA do that for us within a few weeks. Adam, are you still on? Can you comment on that? You were spearheading that.

Adam: Yeah, we just had it run for a while, check out, looked at the overall metrics and didn't see an increase in anything, so I think it depends on the channel. I'm not going to go so far as to say it doesn't work because I think it really does depend on where your traffic is coming from and it could help you, but in our case, we know where our traffic is coming from. We know where we're going and the people who are listening to us, so I think for us, it wasn't a big deal.

Bradley: Yeah. It wasn't a good fit. We didn't see any measurable results, anything that was worth paying the VA to do that. Do you know what I mean? That's why we stopped doing it. I would just say, test it. Honestly, I think you can get one of those tools cheap enough to where it's worth setting up a test. Okay? Again, for us, it didn't really work well, but you may in a different niche or industry or whatever where it would work. I would just try it.

Justin S, again. He says, I just downloaded an IFTTT work stream from you guys. Thanks. You're welcome. He says, in it, I see a few recipes RSS to blogger, WordPress Tumbler, those are tier two recipes. I'm not sure how these connect to my network T2 versus T1. Okay, Justin. I can't answer that here because that's in Syndication Academy, which is paid training. However, you could go to our YouTube channel, YouTube.com/semanticmastery and used the channel search feature and maybe look up some of the search or the queries around multi-tiered syndication. Again, multi-tiered, T-I-E-R-E-D syndication. Go to our channel and search for that and I'm sure you can probably piece it all together from the videos that you find publicly on our channel.

That said, we also have full training for it inside of Syndication Academy, very specific training on how to set everything up properly because trust me. Tier two syndications are syndicating to a second tier network. It's okay for YouTube channels. There's absolutely no footprint issues for YouTube channels if you're using the applets the way we set them up, right? We specifically designed them after much, much testing for the most benefit and the least amount of potential trouble and I know for a fact that syndication networks with the applets set up the way that we have them set up do not create a footprint for YouTube. Even if it does create a footprint, it doesn't matter because all you're doing is publishing Google code. You're republishing Google. There's no reason for it to cause any problems.

However, multi-tiered and syndication networks for blog syndication, there can be some problems, right? That can create serious problems if you don't set it up correctly and if you're not using related content feeds and all this other stuff that we talk about in Syndication Academy. Again, I'm not going to cover that here in a public setting but you can find all that out in Syndication Academy as well as, like I said, if you go to our YouTube channel. Also, if you go to support.semanticmastery.com, we have a knowledge base, which is frequently asked questions and I know for sure that that question is in our knowledge base for multi-tiered syndication setup in at least two or three different FAQs. There are several different posts about that. Again, if you want to try to piece it together from those, you can do it. Otherwise, just come join Syndication Network and learn it there.

How Do You Rank Your GMB For Multiple Keywords After It Has Been Verified And Optimized?

Well, what's up Will? He says, Bradley, how do you rank your GMB for multiple keywords once you got it all verified and optimized? Is that done via post targeting particular keyword then? Thanks. That's exactly it, Will. You know, target your keywords in your business description, target your service descriptions, if you have them. Not all businesses do, like the service menu, so to speak, and in your posts. Right? Target, guys, it's funny.

What I love about GMB is, if you go to your insights report and you look at your search queries that brought activity, traffic, to your maps listing. Right? There's a search query report in GMB insights and you can select from the dropdown. It's by default, it shows the last month, but if you select the dropdown, you can look at the last quarter and guys, what's really interesting is, first of all, at least in the industries, the niches that I'm in, you'll see that 40 to 50% of all traffic is coming from near me keywords, which is fabulous. That's the mobile first algorithm at work right there, guys.

Also, what's really interesting is, and I don't know why this is, but if you extract, which you can do just a simple highlight all, click, drag and highlight and then copy and then paste as plain text into a spreadsheet, you can extract all of those keywords from your search query report and then you start posting with targeting those as the keywords and for whatever reason, even though it's funny, those keywords are known to have brought traffic to your GMB or to your maps profile, yet if you target them and post, Google will start sending you more traffic for those keywords. It's incredible.

I don't know why that is. It's like, Google is giving you the keys to the kingdom. They're saying, “Hey, these keywords, these search queries brought you traffic. Go ahead and use them and we'll send you more traffic.” It works like gangbusters, guys. I don't know why that is. It might be one of those loopholes again that might be closed, so go check that out, Will.

Is It True That Google My Maps Are Not Being Indexed Anymore?

Lauren says, is it true that Google my Maps are not being indexed anymore? I have no idea. Marco?

Marco: No, I don't either. I've asked [Dediev 00:56:35] if he's had any trouble indexing them because anyone who orders, excuse me, a done for you drive stack, that's part of it. It gets turned over to Dediev for indexing so I've asked him the question. I don't have an answer today for you, Lauren. Come back next week and ask it. I should have an answer by then. Having said that, we don't care.

Bradley: Yeah, I was just going to say, why do we care if it's indexed? Go ahead, Marco, continue.

Marco: No, no. That was it. We don't care.

Bradley: Oh, okay.

Marco: Google knows it's there.

Bradley: That's it.

Marco: We're pushing power through. That's all we're doing.

Bradley: That's it.

This Stuff Works
Marco: The only interest is it goes into Google's database and Google knows it's there. Google doesn't think it should rank, and that's fine, but everything else that we do to it is what we're interested in.

Bradley: That's it, Lauren. I was just waiting for Marco to reply so that I can say, “Why do you care if it's indexed?” Not to be a dick, just honestly, I think there is way, way, way too much emphasis on shit, stuff being indexed, guys. This is a question we've been asked since we started Semantic Mastery and syndication networks and such because not all syndication network posts will index, but it doesn't mean Google doesn't know they're there and how do I know that to be fact? Well, if your main site, if your self posted website is connected to search console and you go into search console and you look it links to my site, you're going to see dozens or hundreds of WordPress.com links and blogger.com and Tumbler and Delicious and Degoo and all these things that are syndication networks that they're not indexed but Google is aware that they're there. Link juice is flowing, guys. Do you understand? It doesn't matter whether it's indexed or not.

I understand that sometimes having something indexed may produce a little more power, but we have even tested no index PBNs and saw it move the needle. We've been able to achieve results using no indexed files, sites, all kinds of stuff, guys because Google knows it's there. Same thing, My Map. If Google knows it's there, it's Google's code. Google knows it's there. You can still benefit from it without it being indexed and guys, in my opinion, having stuff like that not indexed is a bonus because it prevents prying eyes to figuring out what the hell you're doing, right?

I'm just going to throw something out there that I'm not going to go into details, but that's exactly why canonicals are so powerful. I'm going to move on. Lauren Crawford again. She says, should I be building out the new Google sites as well or just classic same with linking? Marco, that's a question for you.

Marco: Sorry. I was talking into a muted mic. Both.

Bradley: There you go. All right guys, it's 5:00 and I got to get my daughter for dinner tonight, so I'm going to scroll through the rest of these questions and if I see anything that absolutely has to be answered, I'll stick around for five more minutes. Other words, I'm going to move on, or otherwise, I'm going to move on. Excuse me. What's up, Daniel. By the way, I want an update, Daniel, when you can. I'm not pushing you to do it this week, buddy, because I know we just talked two weeks ago on the webinar in MasterMind, but I'm curious to see what kind of progress you're making, so if you can keep me posted in the Master Mind community, that would be awesome.

Do You Need To Create An RSS Applet For Each IFTTT Account When You Use The RSS From The GMB Autoposter?

Wayne, we are working on that, actually. GMB is my retirement program. I agree with that, Greg. That's my point too, man. Guys, I am all in on this now, 110%. Brand Twitter and then set up … Yeah, for each brand, you would. [inaudible 01:00:25] say, when you use the RSS for the GMB poster, do you need to make the RSS applet for each account? Yeah, you would. I mean, for example, I mean, it's no different then setting up a syndication network for a website. It's zero difference. You're using the RSS 2 applet. For each syndication network, you're going to have to set up 15 applets or however many properties are in your network. You're going to have to set up that many applets for that specific network for that specific location. That's the way it is.

Would You Use An Affiliate Company To Drive Leads To Your GMB Assets?

Would you ever use an affiliate company to drive leads to your GMB assets? I'm not sure what you mean by that. I'm not sure what you mean by that. I would like clarification on that. I'm not going to be able to answer it today. I'll Beta test the Briefcase. Sounds great. Scott. Please do. Again, I wasn't sure if that was allowed. I know we offered it to the pofu live attendees and I think the Master Mind members, but I wasn't sure if it was allowed outside of there or supposed to be promoted outside of there until after Beta, but the cat's out of the bag now, so go check it out, Scott. Go check it out. Okay.

All right. Cool. We're done. Look at that. Not bad. All right guys. I appreciate everybody being here. Do not forget tomorrow is Master Mind webinar, which is open to anybody that wants to come join it for 50 bucks, guys. We're talking between two to three hours of content, high level training. You guys know how we do training at Semantic Mastery. You know how I get way too into the weeds, but I'm going to go through step by step with slides as well as live examples of how to set up YouTube ads for ranking local videos as well as for branding and setting up remarketing campaigns inside of YouTube and guys, I'm telling you, it's killer, killer, killer strategy. It works incredibly well, not just for video optimization and ranking but also for driving traffic, stupid, stupid, cheap traffic that works really well because you're buying traffic signals from Google, guys, which is freaking amazing and again, it's only 50 bucks, unless you're in the Master Mind, in which case, it's free. Come join us tomorrow. Guys, do you have any parting words before we get out of here? [crosstalk 01:02:27]

Adam: Damn right. I just got, literally, Bradley, as you were wrapping up, I just got a Zapeir notification of a lead gen call.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: Good stuff.

Bradley: Rock it out. All right everybody. See you all tomorrow, hopefully. See you all.

Adam: See you.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 217

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 217 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: We are live! Welcome everybody the Hump Day Hangouts Episode 217, also known as the first Hump Day Hangouts of 2019. I gotta get used to saying that. I always screw it up for the first two or three weeks. Anyways, thanks for joining us. We got almost full crew here today, so I'm gonna go down the line here and say hello, do some quick introductions, and then we will get into it. Chris, you're first on my list today here. How are you doing?

Chris: Doing good. Woo-hoo to the New Year!

Adam: Are you back home or are you still up in the mountains, or where you at?

Chris: Back home at the moment. I gotta crank up and start the year productive like most people. How about you?

Adam: Yeah. I had these grand plans, you know. I took last week completely off, went almost off the grid, not completely but tried to stay away from the computer and all that jazz. Then, Sunday, I got sick. I had awesome week planned, all the stuff to do, I was gonna get right back into it, I was excited, and then it's just been like, motivation has been down here. So, it's turning into an inconvenient two-week vacation, so we'll see how it goes.

Anyways, Marco how about you? How are you doing?

Marco: I'm talking to a muted mic. What's up, man? Doing good. Starting off the new year really good, ton of projects. As you know, we got a whole bunch of awesome things coming to MGYB and coming to first and foremost our Mastermind members, and then it goes to everyone else, our followers and all other members then get access before it goes public. Membership has its privileges, as we always say.

Another thing that I'm really looking forward to is on the 14th. Guys, mark it on your calendar, Monday, January 14th, 3 p.m. Eastern, I'm doing an Entity webinar. There's a caveat: the only way that you can have access to that webinar is by donating to my charity. I'm calling it “The Endgame.” What this is all about, what other people just refuse to tell you because they want to give you information piecemeal and they want to lead you down the road but they don't want you to have all of the information. What I'm doing is, I'm giving everyone all of the information. I'm giving everybody the why these all take place. That's The Endgame. What we're after so that Google can give you all the love possible.

That's on, again, Monday, January 14th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. It's The Endgame. The Entity Webinar. Donate. It's for a good cause.

Adam: Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. We'll have some more information about how you can do that shortly. Starting next week, we'll give out information to everybody so you can get on that. You definitely do not want to miss out on that.

Real quick, Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: I'm great, man. You said that you screw up for a couple weeks 2019.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I always screw up when I'm writing a check. You know what I mean?

Adam: Right.

Bradley: That's where I always screw up and then I have to either scribble it out and initial it or void the check and write a new one. It always pisses me off. I'd do that for the first whole month really. But other than that, yeah, I'm really excited too. We're gonna hit 2019 running. We've got major big goals that were working on currently, GMB asset building and all that kind of stuff, and we're looking to really provide more and more Done-For-You services in MGYB. A lot of those are in development now, training virtual assistants in order to be able to fulfill those services for you, guys.

We just got a lot of stuff coming up. It's gonna be a really good year. As Marco said, the Mastermind members, we've kind of restructured that as well. We have clear direction this time. Finally, after all these years, I think we've got a really clear direction for new members, whether you're starting out or already got a business and you're just trying to scale it and grow it. It's just really a lot of good things that we are implementing this year. So, looking forward to it. This is the start of a big sprint for the next 12 months.

Adam: Definitely, We'll do our own break it down, do it 90 days, and then down to the week, and then day-by-day. Right? Good deal. I want to say thank you to everybody who took us up on some great offers over the holidays, whether it's MGYB sales and then those of you who decided to join the Mastermind, that's awesome. We're really glad to have you guys in there and getting through that. Really awesome that we had everyone do that. That's a great investment for 2019.

With that said, if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I want to first say thanks for watching, whether you're watching us live or you're catching the replay, come check these out, whether you're in our Mastermind or you're not, you're in different groups or not, just come ask these questions, be part of the community, get your questions answered every week. You can always go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, like I said, if you're watching the replay, even though you post them on the page, you can come back and check out the replay, if you're traveling or whatever the deal is you can't watch us live.

If you're also wondering where to start with us, Battle Plan is the place to start. Just go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. That'll fill you in on the rest of the details. It's repeatable processes to get you results. All right. That's the bottom line.

If you're already in digital marketing, you're in the local game, you want to really take things up, you want to be part of like-minded community, then the Mastermind is the place to be. You can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. Alrighty.

Let me check my notes here. I've got a little bit of a head cold that's messing with me and slowing me down here. I did wanna mention something coming up next week. For those of you who remember in … Bradley, was that October or November when the Side Hustle Toolbox came out, the Stack?

Bradley: Yes.

Adam: Yes. It was in the fall time frame.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Those guys have put together another one and they asked me to contribute, so I was happy to do that. Carey put together one info stack and it's more around productivity mindset, self-development kind of area, the idea of being start 2019 off to a good start. I've gotten a sneak peek at some of the stuff that's in there. It looks like some really good stuff. I'm happy with the one I made, the short course I put together for it, basically about freeing a lot of your time and how you can literally create about 115 hours out of 30 minutes over the next year. So, stuff like that.

If you're looking to really make some improvements, whether it's your business, your life, relationships, whatever it is in 2019, this is gonna be something cool that we're gonna share with everybody. Just like the last one, there's several thousands of dollars worth of products that they're putting together and then you get access to it all for just a ridiculously low price. I don't know exactly what that's gonna be it, but I believe the one we took part in was like 47 bucks.

Bradley: Yeah. It was there was over $4,000 worth of training, products and courses and stuff, and Side Hustle Toolbox is what it was called. I think with the coupon that they had during the launch week and all that, you get it for basically at 50 bucks, so it's ridiculous.

Adam: Yeah, just a big value bomb. We'll be sharing that information with everybody. It's something I talk about too, with all of these, it's like take the best, leave the rest. Any one of these things is worth $47. So, if you look through it and you think that one of them is worth it, grab it. Don't get lost in it. Pick the top ones, the ones you think are gonna help you go through it, put it to use. Don't worry about drowning in too much. Just grab it, pick the ones that are gonna work for you, put it to use it, and move forward.

This Stuff Works
Cool. All right, guys. Anything else?

Marco: Subscribe to our YouTube channel, please.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: It's free.

Bradley: Yeah. We recently just passed 6,000 subscribers and those are organic subscribers. We appreciate you guys subscribing in the channel. Yes, definitely subscribe if you haven't already where you get notified, we chop these up Hump Day Hangouts up into individual Q&A videos and post them out too. It's funny, we looked in the dashboard-, excuse me, I was looking … I think I'm gonna pull it up right now. Stand by for a minute because I think this is crazy. I was in the Analytics the other day for our channel. Yeah, we've got 2,590 videos in our channel. That's crazy.

By the way, in case you guys didn't know, you can go to our channel youtube.com/semanticmastery and then use the channel search feature and type in your question. A lot of times you'll find an answer because we previously answered it on Hump Day Hangouts. Since we put timestamps in the video descriptions of the Hump Day Hangouts and then we also chop up the individual Q&As, a lot of the times you'll just go to you find, the channel search function will lead you directly to an answer. In case you weren't aware of that, you may wanna check that out too.

All right. If that's cool, guys, I'm gonna go ahead and jump into questions. Is everyone good?

Adam: Let's do it.

Does The MYGB Service Able To Verify GMB Listings In Germany?

Bradley: All right. Okay, cool. Dustin or Da B is up. He says, “Jo Bros.” He must have meant “yo,” I don't know. Anyways, he says, “Happy New Year. I would like to know if you are also able to verify GMB listings in Germany with the MGYB service.” I can't answer that. Marco, can you?

Marco: As far as I know we can verify just about anywhere in the world. The European Union is a little problematic. Your best bet is to write to [email protected] and they will give you the right answers.

What Is Your Recommended Off-Page Strategy For A Small Affiliate Site Dedicated To Reviewing One Product?

Bradley: There you go. Sam's up. What's up, Sam? He says, “Happy New Year. I'm going to make a small affiliate site dedicated to reviewing one product. It's for launch-jacking but I want it to rank long-term too. Can you advise on off-page strategy for this type of site? IFTTT Network + RYS Stack? Thanks.”

Well, I don't really do much affiliate stuff anymore and when I did, I mean, I … It's kind of hard, in my opinion. Again, I'm not gonna be the best one to give you advice on affiliate stuff because I just don't do much of it. But I can tell you affiliate site for just one product, I don't think is the best idea, Sam. Only because you gain more traction over time with a site that you're gonna continually post to and update.

Unless you're gonna be continually updating this one small affiliate site, as you mentioned, about one product, if you're gonna continue to add content to it, then it would make sense to have like a syndication network because you'd be constantly adding, publishing content, reviewing products, or whatever. That's why I said … Let me back up for a minute.

Typically, some of the best affiliates that I've met, like for example, Jeff Lenny, Jeff Lenny is a really good affiliate marketer, okay, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Jeff Lenny, but he's somebody that you could model. He's got basically an authority type review site that he's built for reviewing products and such. That's typically how I've seen most people get long-term traction with affiliate sites, especially if you're just reviewing products, is to create some sort of product review site that you're gonna continually update. That's gonna keep it fresh. That's gonna help you to develop authority over time.

The problem with a single product-type site is that it's hard to build authority with that and it's also hard to continue content marketing about that one particular product, so they don't ever really gain a lot of authority. Now, depending on how competitive it is, you may be able to just throw up a one page site or whatever and rank it and do very, very well, especially with launch-jacking because it's a new product. It typically means there's not a lot of competition because the product name is a new name, or there's not a lot of competition for it yet.

But that's why I'm saying, again when I was doing launch-jacking stuff, we were able to get some really good traction with just YouTube videos and Press Releases. Press Releases were one of the big parts of it. But we did a lot of YouTube spam and Press Releases and RYS Stacks. Yeah, drive stacks work great for launch-jacking because again they're new terms usually, new search queries that you can optimize for.

This Stuff Works
But again, like I said, long-term, if you want it to rank long-term, I would recommend that you go with a branded affiliate site, something you create a brand, it could even be Sam Bailey, you know what I mean? and then just review products consistently. That's how you wind up gaining traction over time.

Again, I'm not gonna be the best person to give you advice on affiliate stuff because I just don't do it. Marco, or anybody, you guys wanna comment on that at all?

Marco: I totally agree with you. Its brand plus keyword association when it comes to a launch-jacking right, and then he wants it long-term, well, it's gonna keep it long-term if Google gives it that association long-term, if it starts to associate the brand with whatever keyword it is that he's pursuing. In this case, it's whatever product or whatever small affiliate that he's trying to do, that's what he's going to have to do.

Now, yeah, of course, RYS is going to work, but you're going to have to keep adding power to that drive stack. You can't just do a simple drive stack and expect that, although it has happened, Virginia SEO.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: You can't expect to stay at the top when you have all of these people trying to rank for that and doing things every day to try to take you on. It means that you have to continue adding information and images and video and whatever it takes to stay on top. So, yes, drive stacks, press releases, we've had great success, link building, everything in conjunction.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, one thing you might wanna consider, I had a lot of success with driving traffic, especially for launch-jack using Google Ads, formerly Adwords, because it's a new product. There's a ton of SEOs that … Again, when I did some launch-jacking training for, what we used to have was, we used to have something called the Master Class and I did several launch-jacking projects sites-, campaigns, excuse me, during that training.

We did really well each time we did launch jacking, but one of the things I started to do was set up you-, excuse me, well, YouTube Ads as well, but Google Ads from search and that tends to work really well too because, again I was trying to launch jack affiliate-, excuse me, internet marketing products. So, other training, internet marketing training products, or WordPress plugins, or whatever, just other IM-type products.

You'd end up competing with a bunch of other people trying to launch-jack too and it's a time-consuming process to set up launch-jacking. I even had developed some processes for some VAs and we were targeting various IM products when they would launch. We would publish a press release and all that kind of stuff and it would work fairly well.

But like I said, it was so much easier just to set up a good, what you call the bridge page, don't ever say that to Google Ads though, but it's really a bridge page where you basically set up a landing page that you could do a review of whatever product it is you're trying to promote. Make sure it's a well-done landing page though, that is content-rich, in other words, it could have a video but also have good text on it to where it's not a blatant just affiliate-type page if you're adding value.

Google Ads, they'll suspend an ad if they think that it's a low-quality page or a thin content page that is only used to promote an affiliate link. But I've had many landing pages that were, again they're bridge pages, don't ever say that to Google, but they're bridge pages where all I was doing was promoting an affiliate offer, but I fleshed it out well. Because of that, it would stick and Google Ads would accept it and then I could drive traffic using Google Ads for really inexpensive because it's a new product name, it's a new keyword so there's not a lot of people competing.

Again, for launch-jacking, you'll get a ton of SEO, a lot of IMer's that will try to launch-jack doing various spam and SEO stuff. But very few target using Google Ads, at least in my experience a couple years ago. It's been a couple years since I've done any of this. I found it to be a lot easier and more efficient to skip all the SEO stuff and just set up Google Ads for launch-jacking.

That tended to work really, really well because it I could cut, what used to take me if I was going to develop out the launch-jacking campaign and do all the work myself, which I used to do, it would take me sometimes two days to really develop all the stuff out. I'm talking about the video spam, ordering press releases, setting up a WordPress site, or at least a page or a landing page or whatever. All that kind of stuff was a real pain in the ass to set up.

Then once I trained Vas, even then it was still a lot of work, even if I had a VA that would set up an entire campaign, a launch-jack campaign in a day, I'd still be paying that VA for a day's worth of work. Whereas I could just go into AdWords, or Google Ads now, I could go into Google Ads and set up a campaign in a matter of 20 minutes after I built the landing page and then the traffic could start within hours. Once the ad gets approved, traffic can then start immediately. Then it was just like, as soon as the launch was over or the shopping cart closed or whatever, then I could just turn the ad off and I'm done. You know what I mean? I made my money and I'm good to go.

So, that I found to be more efficient, Sam. What I'm saying is you could do a combination of both. If you're trying to have something that's gonna rank long-term, then I would recommend, like what Marco said, that you're gonna have to have something that you're gonna update with content regularly. That's why I recommend having a syndication network if you're gonna do like a review site where you're gonna review more than one product. But you can jump-start your traffic with Google Ads, at least initially, and get placed right at the top of the page. You might wanna check into that as well. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Something else I like about that, Sam. Remember, if you're driving people to a landing page, whether you do it with SEO or Google Ads, always try to build a list too. Instead of just point people from that page direct to the affiliate offer, try to put them through an opt-in gateway somehow so that you can build a list, because you got to think about it.

Also, make sure you're using remarketing, Sam. Even if you decide not to do Google Ads for this affiliate campaign, I would still make sure that you have Google Tag Manager added to your landing page or your site, depending on how you're gonna build it out and make sure that you create a remarketing list because, depending on, if it's an offer that's gonna be an evergreen product or whatever that's available for purchase beyond just the launch window, then you can build a remarketing list even if somebody doesn't opt-in.

If you put an opt-in on the bridge page to try to collect email addresses that you can market to them via email at a later date, that's great, you should still try to do that. But even if you don't get somebody to opt-in, if they land on your page, now you've cookie them and they're on a remarketing list, so you can still market to them. If you know what particular product or service it is that … They landed on that page, there's an interest in that product or service, then you could potentially even serve ads to them via remarketing for other similar type products.

My point is, you absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you should try to collect emails via opt-in if possible. But at the very least, if you're driving traffic, you should be building a remarketing list because that way you can continue to market to that visitor that would have otherwise been a lost visitor if they didn't purchase or opt-in. Does that make sense?

Anyways, definitely, that's a good idea. I'm using remarketing for everything, guys. I love it. It's great. I mean, even for local stuff that I'm doing, remarketing is so powerful, guys, and it's so inexpensive compared to cold PPC.

What Are Your Thoughts On Using Firebase Dynamic Links As Replacement To Soon-To-Be Defunct Goo.gl Shortener?

Steve. Steve says, “Happy New Year and thanks to all Semantic team for these Hump Day Hangouts. Looking forward to another great year.” Thanks, Steve, we appreciate that. “As Google phases out the goo.gl shortener, closing March 30th, their replacement is Firebase Dynamic Links, which, in addition to a link destination, can also have a builtin title, description and image for social media. What are your thoughts on these? Will you use these in place of goo.gl? Are there any SEO advantages from keywords in the title, description or image exif data? Thanks.”

Marco looked into that several months ago or a year ago now when they first announced that Google URL shortener was going to be shutting down eventually. One of the problems with the Firebase links is they are all 302s. Is that correct, Marco?

Marco: Not necessarily.

Bradley: Okay. Can you expand on that a bit?

Marco: Yeah. You can make them 301.

Bradley: Oh, you can?

Marco: You can.

Bradley: Okay. You're short answers today, aren't you?

Marco: Yeah. Go read all of the shit that I read through to find that. I'm not giving it away.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Okay. Well, there you go, Steve. I tried. Yeah, okay. It was my understanding because I remember Marco talking about this. I was unaware that you could make them 301. I'm not sure how you do it, Steve. I have not researched this at all because, as far as I was aware, they were 302 links and I said, “Well, that kills that.” But, yeah, just go do some more research, I suppose. I tried to give you a better answer, Steve. I'm sorry I couldn't.

Marco: Just to add a little bit to that, we're going to have our own shortener in MGYB. It should be ready by Friday. If not, sometime next week. Then, we'll do tests and make it public before Google phases out their shortener and then we'll just power up our own. That's what you should do. I mean, we're not going through Firebase, but Firebase allows you to do that, to set up your own link shortener.

Bradley: There you go. There's some benefits to doing that too because you can power up your domain that way too.

Should You Use One Schema Markup For All Pages Of A Multi-Location Business Or Should Use Specific Schema For Each City Page?

Scott Walker. What's up, Scott? He says, “I have a client whose business has three locations, should I use Schema markup with all locations on all pages then use just the specific Schema for one location on the individual location/city pages?” No, Scott. If you have a business with three locations, there's really one type of markup that you should use, it's what's called “organization markup.” Another substitute that will also work is called “corporation markup.” Either corporation markup or organization markup would be listed on either the site header of the main domain.

Most multi-location businesses are going to have a root domain, right, guys? They're either gonna have location pages for each individual location, which are inner pages of the root domain, or maybe perhaps subdomains with a WordPress installer, an HTML page for each location on subdomains, it's usually gonna be one or the other.

With the organizational/corporation markup, you can put that in the site header, if you're using JSON-LD markup, you can put it in the site header and that can be across, like a global site header. In other words, it goes across all pages, which in organization markup you're talking about the corporation itself, the entity, the main corporate entity, then you can list the individual locations.

But on the individual location pages, whether they're inner pages or on subdomains, however you have that worked out, those should only have local business markup for that particular location. Organization markup can go either globally across the site in the header, except for on individual location pages, or you can just put organization markup on a locations page which lists all of the locations, but then there would be a link that clicks through to the individual location landing page. Or you could have it on a Contact page or an About Us page. That's per Google's recommendations, by the way, guys. So, I would definitely look into that.

Also, there was something else, let me pull this up. I just had this up earlier today. Organization schema, Google, there we go. There's an SEMrush article right here. This is a really good one. This is where I learned, this is actually where I stumbled across the @id page stuff that I basically developed from this article. Way back in February of last year is when I had talked about the local iFrame loop in Syndication Academy. I got that idea, that idea was sparked from this article right here on SEMrush. Okay.

Essentially, if you scroll down here, you'll see there's organization. This is corporation markup here. But then there's the organization markup, which you can select which type, okay, that's how you get a bit more specific. And local business schema, okay, that's where you would go all the way down to the individual location. If you scroll down here, it talks about @id page and all that kind of stuff. This is a really good article. I'm gonna drop this on the page. I would recommend that you spend some time kind of going through here and reading this. Okay.

By the way, Scott, if you're in the Mastermind, which I think you are, Muhammad actually just had posted a very similar question in the Facebook group. I answered it and I gave some live examples there of how I have it on some of my sites. Go check that Facebook group for the Mastermind and you should find that thread and read through it. You'll see some examples of some of my own properties where I have organization markup with individual locations and all that kind of stuff. All right. Keep moving.

Is It Best To Use City+Brand Name When Building Multiple GMB Sites In The Same Geographical Area?

Michael. What's up, Michael? He says, “Happy New Year, Dudes! Short GMB question. If building multiple GMB sites in the same geographical area, and I want to build a brand, is it best to use the city plus brand name in the name so that Google doesn't see it as a spam site? I was going to use the same for each location, but MGYB customer service suggested I not do it that way. How do you do it? Thanks.”

Okay. I'm not sure why that advice was given to you because, if I've got several assets that are in the same city, with the same city name but they may be different zip codes, I'd still use the same name for all locations because the other data points within the NAP are gonna be unique. If you're trying to build a brand, a pseudo brand anyways, then I recommend you keep all the name the same. It makes it easier.

The problem with creating, trying to create a different brand for each location is that it sucks. It's a lot of additional work, right? One of the things I've done, as you probably know, Michael, or anybody that's been through Local Lease Pro or in the Mastermind, they know I'll use a pseudo brand, like Local Tree Pros, for example, or something like that, and then I'll just name it City Tree Pros as the actual location name.

This Stuff Works
But if I've got, let's say, three assets in the same city but they're in different zip codes, then I would name it that, let's just say, Cal Pepper Tree Pros, let's use that as an example. There's only one zip code in Cal Pepper, but let's just say that I had three different locations for Cal Pepper Tree Pros. Then what I would do is I would have all three of them named Cal Pepper Tree Pros, but the physical address when the verification occurred to get the GMB verified, the physical address would be unique, the phone numbers are all gonna be unique, the web addresses are all gonna be unique. Even if the name is the same, that's perfectly okay because the other data points are unique.

I'm not sure why MGYB customer support would have said not to do that. That's something, Marco, maybe you and I should chat about with whoever gave that advice because I want to make sure that we are giving a code the standard answer to everybody. Michael, in my opinion, I would still go with the city name-, or excuse me, with just the brand name, or if you're doing city plus brand name, if that's how you're naming your GMB assets, then if you have multiple locations within the same city name, do like I mentioned, you're gonna have unique data points for the NAP other than the name, so it should be okay.

I've never had any issues with that, guys. I've got many, many, many clients as well as lead gen assets out there guys that are multi-location. They share the same name and I've never had any issues with them. The only time that there's issues if you share the same phone number or if you share the same web address. Which, again, I've seen problems where people have multiple locations and they share the home page URL of their website as the landing page URL for their GMB assets. That's wrong. That creates NAP inconsistencies. That ambiguates data and that causes problems.

If you're going to have the same name and you're going to use inner pages, or for example, again, if it was one company and they have just one domain they don't have separate domains for each location, then you should use the location page, which is a separate landing page on the domain for each location, as the website URL in the GMB listing because that makes it a unique URL per listing. Does that make sense?

That's my advice to you, Michael. Marco, do you have any suggestions on that or anything different to say?

Marco: No. It's just the way that Rob recommends it. It's something that we found that works really, really well at just getting tons of calls.

Bradley: What's that, putting the city name?

Marco: No. By putting different names within the geolocation, within the geographical area.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah. I haven't tested because I … Again, the reason why I haven't tested that is because I don't want to have to create new brands. You know what I'm saying? I wanna go with one type of pseudo brand that I can scale and that way I don't have to come up with a different brand name each time. If I've got three assets in one city, I don't wanna have three brands. Does that make sense, guys? That's why I do it that way. It's more of an efficiency thing for me because we're scaling so much. It would be very difficult to continually come up with new brand names and new logos and all that shit. It would be an enormous amount of work.

Andreas says, “How will we be invited to your webinar on the 14th?” If you donate, you'll get an email with the notification.

Marco: No. If he's on our list, he'll be notified what it is that he needs to do. If he isn't, then how you do it is you donate, then you contact [email protected] and get all the information that you need.

When Is The Release Date Of The New Version Of Jeffrey Smith's Ultimate SEO Plugin?

Bradley: Okay, there you go. Jordan's up. What's up, Jordan? He says, “Any insider news, I know you all are tight, from Jeffrey Smith on when the new version of Ultimate SEO is coming out? No. I can follow up with them now, Jordan, and find out. Let me make a note of that. Because I actually asked him about it just last month, or in December, so just last month, I asked him specifically about it because we were talking about it in a webinar somewhere and I wanted to promote it. I was asking if he had the new one out yet and he didn't, he said he was working on it though. I think it's gonna be out this month at some point, but it might be February. I'll just make a note of it. All right. I'll find out.

Greg Drebert, if you're on then you know because you're real tight with Jeffery. You can always post and let us know if when the launch date is. You look like you are live, Greg. If you can shed an insight, that would be great. If not, I'll reach out to Jeffery and find out, Jordan, and I'll ping you back either in the Syndication Academy Facebook group or next week on Hump Day Hangouts. Okay.

Jim says, “Ass.” Okay. That's quite a way to start a question. “I was in the process of typing out a bit of a long specific question and the browser refreshed or losing it all let's try again but shorter.” Yeah. By the way, if you're at the 59 mark on the clock right before the webinar starts, when it turns to the zero, the top of the hour, yeah, the page refreshes automatically for Google Event pages. So, yeah, next time type your question out in a text file or notepad file first, that way if that happens you don't lose it. Don't you hate that? Okay.

Would SM Techniques Work On Brand-Based Adult Websites?

“Hey, SM gang. I have a question about whether the SM techniques work with non-local, more niche clients. Marco might be the man to ask because he doesn't give a fuck. You say that the techniques should work for any niche, but has anyone tried them with a non-brick and mortar adult client?” If Chris is on, he used to do a lot of that kind of work. “As in a client that operates one or more adult content websites that are based on the brand, rather than the business. In most cases, there probably wouldn't be a GMB to work with. Does G treat adult sites differently when it comes to these mainstream tactics?”

I've never done anything in the adult industry. I know Chris has. Chris, if you're still on, do you have any insight? Is Chris still on?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No. I don't I think he and Adam dropped.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Well, Marco, can you … I've never done anything in the adult industry at all.

Marco: No. I mean, I haven't. I did but that was just way back in the day I had a client. Dude, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I mean, seriously, how we developed RYS Academy and RYS Academy Reloaded is that we found the document ranking in Google and it was full of just porn links and just porn stuff and it was ranking like crazy, the G doc. It's one of the things that sent Dr. Garry down the rabbit hole and sent me into thinking how to put it all together into one cohesive unit to push all of that power over to whatever it was that we were trying to rank.

So, if a G doc ranks for porn, there's no reason why anything else shouldn't. I'm just reasoning it out. It's not something that I'm going to try because I don't have a client to do it with. But, Jim, I mean, this is a test in the making. As far as GMB, why wouldn't you try to …? This is what my webinar is gonna be all about on Monday the 14th, why wouldn't you want or try to create the Entity for this so that it's just clear with Google what it is, what all the assets are, where they are, and they all belong to one brand and you try to that the brand plus key word association? I don't see why it would be any different. Of course, it would be filtered for adults, but I mean, that's your market anyway.

Bradley: Yeah. But actually, because I was just thinking business category for the GMB. Guys, they do have media company as a business category, so you could set up a GMB listing for that brand and label it for the GMB business category as a media company. I don't know that that would be filtered out unless it had something offensive in the title of the business name, the GMB profile name, if that makes sense.

Yeah. Sorry I can't shed more light on that. Jim, if that's a question that you would like answered more, I can always post, or with a better answer I could always ask Chris P to shed some insight, because I know he did a lot of work in the adult industry for a while. I don't know if he still does or not, but he did for quite some time, so he might be able to give you some pointers too.

Jim, you might even want to post this question in whatever group you're a member of Facebook group for Semantic Mastery. That way we could get some comments going on over there. I'm sure there's probably some others that have done adult content stuff that could probably help out too. I'm sorry I can't give you, I've got zero experience doing any marketing for adult content sites, guys.

Marco: Yeah. Too bad Jason Quinlan has gone underground or he'd be perfect to answer this. But I'm looking at the categories right now in Google and they have one for adult DVD store, adult entertainment club, adult entertainment store. So if they allow you to verify that, I mean, just looks for the category, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to verify something along those lines and then build your entity that way, see which one fits. If none of them fits, go general.

Bradley: Yeah, media company. I was just thinking, Jim, if you were dealing with online website stuff, a media company might be a good category too. Anyways check it out, post to one of the other groups, one of the groups that you're a member of and see if you can get some other people that may have that some experience, Jim, to comment.

Does Any Of The Semantic Mastery Team Member Buy The Annual OMG Machines Package?

Happy New Year to you as well Scott. Andreas says, “Thanks for the affiliate marketing tips, Bradley.” You're welcome. Jim says, “One more quick question for SM or anyone else on here. Does anyone on here buy the annual OMG Machines package. It rings in at 5k, so it's not for everyone. Is the information worth the cost? Something that can be implemented into an SM strategy? Thanks.”

I do not. I was a member of OMG, that's how I got introduced to Network Empire, it was back in 2012, 2013. For one year, I was in OMG. Then, I got introduced to Network Empire at the OMG live event. I think it was their first one. It might have been their second one. But Network Empire was there and that was where I kind of took the Syndication Academy, at that time we call them IFTTT SEO Academy, and then kind of learned how to really power that up.

Part of the reason I got away from OMG stuff, and I'm not talking about anybody else out there, guys, that's not what this is about, but I got away from the OMG stuff because it was mostly, at least back then, I haven't been a member for several years, but it was mostly about PBN stuff. Like how to go out and buy really powerful domains and build PBNs and not create footprints and all that kind of stuff.

That works. That did work a lot better. But we found methods that … I didn't like the whole PBN thing. I got tired of building private blog networks or building sites and trying to hide footprints. It became more and more difficult and less and less effective without going through all of the … In other words, unless you went through all of the trouble on how to find really powerful domains that were relevant and then how to set them up properly without footprints and all that kind of stuff, then they weren't as effective. If you did all those things right, then they could be really effective.

This Stuff Works
But I found become increasingly difficult. I stopped doing PBN stuff and worked more on content syndication and the kind of stuff that we that I felt like was more long-term and more sustainable, which is why I went with going more than Network Empire out. Then, we developed out our own products and our own stuff. RYS Academy being one of them and Local PR Pro and Local GMB Pro and all of these own methods that we've developed on our own that have absolutely nothing to do with PBNs. Nothing.

Guys, we rarely even talk about external link building because we don't need to do it very often. When I do now, I primarily just use Press Releases as my external link building method. My point is, personally, Jim, I wouldn't spend 5k on it. But that's just because we use our own methods, our own proprietary methods that tend to get us results without needing PBNs. Again, I don't know that that's what they're about anymore guys. I'm just telling you that that's why I got away from it.

If anybody else wants to comment on that on the page, I'm certainly open to having people comment on what their thoughts are on there, guys, but please keep it civil. We're not here to pick fights with anybody. Don't start none, won't be none. You know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah. I don't have enough information to tell them one way or the other, and I wouldn't anyway. I wouldn't say, “Yeah. Go spend 5k,” or “No, don't spend 5k.” What I will tell you is, as Bradley said, back in the day that's what was done, that's what worked, and you did it and you moved on to the next and the next. Then came Network Empire, of course, Becker we met inside one of his Masterminds.

There's a bunch of information out there. What I can tell you is that we did our own flavor. We did our own thing. If I need a PBN, I build the G site and a drive stack.

Bradley: That's it.

Marco: And I add power to the G site and the drive stack. I push all of that power the way that we teach it, Local PR Pro, Local GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro, RYS Academy Reloaded. I mean, if you're not in RYS Academy Reloaded, I don't know why you're not in there.

Bradley: Yeah. Yep, there you go. All right. Ken, yeah, there you go. He got the donation link. Greg says to Jordan, “I just talked to Jeff.” See, Greg, you're the man. Thanks, man. I knew you'd come through. You always do, Greg. Thank you. “I just talked to Jeffrey. He'll throw in five extra licenses to the 89 five-pack for Mastermind members only. That's 10 total. Okay. So, you get 10 licenses for $89 for the Ultimate SEO Plus Plugin. That's the Buy link. Then, send him an email with the special I mentioned they get the extra five licenses. We'll be testing the new beta plugin this month.”

I thought that's what Jeffrey said. I remember, like I said, just last month when I was chatting with him in Skype, he said something about January. I didn't know if that was the launch or just the beta testing, Greg. But I appreciate you chiming in, Greg, as always. Thank you. So, it's coming out soon, guys. If he's starting beta testing this month, it's coming out soon.

Entertainment Agency, there you go, there's another one. That must be another business category. “Clients are clients and money is money. It's all the same work.” Yeah, I agree, Jim. I mean, I don't know. I've never been approached to do adult stuff. I'm not sure whether I would do it or not, to be honest with you. You're right, money's money. I don't look down on it or anything like that. So, you're right, it's all the same kind of work.

Marco: Yeah. That's just another niche. You go into whatever it is. You're going to get paid, that's how I see it.

Bradley: Oh, we're almost … Look at this, guys. Post some more questions because we got 15 minutes left and we're almost out of questions. That's rare. It's okay, it's only January 2.

Jordan says, “Also, if someone is a Schema wizard and wants to make a little cash, hit me up. I have a large international travel site migrating to epicenter CMS and the dev team is installing Schema but not using JSON-LD. I need a set of eyes that gets the non JSON-LD type of schema to make recommendations.”

Yeah. Jordan, I would reach out Ryan Rodden Skeema Pro, I think skeema.pro. I think this is it. Right here. Reach out. I'm gonna post this link on event page here, Jordan. Ryan Rodden, he was a Mastermind member for quite some time. I don't know if he's still in the Mastermind or not, but he's a Schema pro. The site he set up specifically because he got tired of people asking him all the time questions of like, “Hey, would you look at my structured data?” so he set this up and just like he said, “Yeah, I'll take a look at it. Go buy it here.” He'll either generate the code for you, or he'll do a structured data overhaul, or he'll review existing structured data, and all that kind of stuff, you just have to purchase it.

But anyways, Jordan, if you've got a big site or whatever, just reach out to him, see what he can do for you. Ryan Rodden for schema work. Or I refer you, by the way, or the Semantic Mastery referred you.

Hey, where's my comment? There it is. All right.

Scott Walker, “I belong to OMG. Very nice people. But I agree with Bradley, Semantic Mastery is far, far ahead on Local GMB, Google Maps techniques.” Well, thank you, Scott. Appreciate that. Yeah. I mean, like I said, guys, I don't know whether they do much with local stuff or not, I know at least back in many years ago now, I mean, you got to think that was 2012 to '13, I think, when I was a member with them. That was shit that long damn time ago. I don't know what they're doing now, to be honest with you. So, you'd have to, Jim, decide on your own really. It's not really much I can help you with on that.

Marco: I have a question for Jordan. All right. There's three types of Schema-, or excuse me, structured data that you can go with: RDFa, micro data, or JSON-LD. Google recommends JSON-LD. Why wouldn't you go with what Google recommends? So now it's me asking a question during Hump Day.

Bradley: Wow! Now I gotta wait for the answer because there's latency, some delay.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I'd like to know why. Is it the CMS that doesn't allow for a certain type of structured data? Or is it the client? Is it you? If it's you, why? I mean, this raises a lot of questions, right? Since Google says, “We recommend JSON-LD. This is the way you should do it. This is the way you should go. This is what the bot wants. This is what the bot is coded for.” It'll understand all the other, but you I'm just wondering.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, while we're waiting to see if Jordan replies here, he goes. “That's what I want to argue. Use the freaking JSON.” I agree, Jordan.

Marco: I can give him a page where Google recommends it.

Bradley: Yeah. Do that because then you could go show the web developers and the owners of the company, say, “Here, this is Google saying that you should use JSON-LD. So, why are we doing it the other way?”

Marco: We have Quentin just dropped something in there from South Carolina.

Any Suggestions On How To Use SEO And Google Ads To Rank As One Of The First Musicians In Charleston, South Carolina?

Bradley: “Hello, guys. I live in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm a full-time musician. I play drums and lead sing. I'm looking to be one of the first musicians in Charleston to really use SEO Google Ads the right way. Any suggestions?” It's a really good question. That's a good question. I don't know. SEO and Google Ad, I'm trying to think of how you could do with GMB stuff, but I don't think … It'd be very difficult because as a musician you're gonna travel to different venues to perform instead of have your own venue. You know what I mean? Most likely. So, that would be difficult.

But to use SEO and Google Ads? Well, it depends. I mean, again, that one I'd have to think through quite a bit, Quentin, because it's not something that I've done in the past. But I would probably think that you would want to just optimize for your name or your band's name, either your name or your band's name, or both, or band or group or whatever. You see, you play drums, so I'm assuming you're in a band.

My point is, I would probably optimize for that because as people get to know who you are, they'll start searching for you or your band's name. So, I would optimize for that. I mean, you could go generally to start getting some exposure. For example, I don't really do searches for music in my town so I don't really know what type of search queries people would look for, but you could start, for example, let's just walk through this. We got a couple minutes.

Go to Google Trends. That's where I would start because that's where I always start. For any type of new industry, guys, whenever I'm trying to figure out the best way to start marketing via SEO or even Google Ads at that point, I always start with Google Trends. Always, okay? Come to Google Trends. I don't know what kind of music you play because you didn't specify, but I don't know, let's just see what live music brings up.

I just put live music in. By default, it's gonna be set for United States and it's gonna show data for the past 12 months. But what I would do is I would narrow this down from maybe down to a city level. So you said Charleston, I'd start at a city level, but you might have to broaden it out a little bit. Charleston, South Carolina, right? That is what he said, right? Yeah, South, Carolina. Okay.

Then, this isn't only for the past 12 months, sometimes that won't be enough data, especially on just a city level. You might wanna pull it back to either the regional level or even to a state level, which I'll demonstrate that here in just a second. Right there. We've been talking about this for months now, guys. Ever since July 2018, the near me keywords are by far the most rapidly growing keyword type of query, a near me query.

That's where I'm starting for all my GMB assets now is I'm starting looking to do location research with near me keywords. That's where I start with my research. This just goes to show you, live music near me in just the past 12 months has had 120% increase in search interest in Charleston South Carolina. So, specifically in that city.

My point is, you could literally start optimizing for live music near me. That's a search query that could be optimized for. How do you do that? Because people ask me that, “Well, how do you optimize for near me keywords? It doesn't read naturally.” Well, for example, with GMB posts, Google My Business post, we do a lot of, and again, I just mentioned that's where I start now is always targeting near me keywords because they're driving a ton of traffic right now.

Well, put in like the first line of the GMB post was did you just search, and then we put in quotes, live music near me, question mark. Well, look no further, you just found it. Then, you can spit out some details about the venue and your business-, or, excuse me, the band. Obviously you'd want to associate live music near me with your band name. You'd wanna make sure that your band name was present and that post, as well as maybe the venue that you're performing at, that kind of stuff.

That way you're working that keyword directly into within a non spammy way. Did you just search live music near me or just search live music near me or there's multiple ways you could reword that to where it still reads? Okay. That's one way you can do. Live music Charleston, obviously, that's with the local modifier. These are just rising terms. If you take a look at the top terms, apparently, that's it.

But my point is, you can start targeting with those as more of them as a general way to get people to introduce to who you and your band are. But then what I was saying was, as your notoriety begins to increase, as you become more known in your local area and beyond, then probably I would recommend optimizing for your band's name, or your name if you're the lead or whatever. That's because people will begin to search for your name through brand and that's so you optimize for your brand name and that way you come up and you can control really the conversation via Google about your brand, if that makes sense. That's reputation marketing 101, right?

I don't know, I would start there something else. You could do like I said is back out a little bit. If you take a look at like South Carolina or 12 months we could actually bring it back, let's say, five years and that's kind of should bring you some more live music Charleston, South Carolina tonight. These are just rising terms. You look for top terms. Again, same thing, it didn't really add much. Something else you could do is, let's bring it back to 12 months, but back it out from Charleston to the whole state level. Okay.

This should bring back some different data. It looks like it didn't really. There we go. If we look at top Charleston live music, live near me live music Myrtle Beach, Greenville, South Carolina. There's just a handful of them there. Again, guys, that was just one keyword live music. I would try to figure out like, if you're in a rock band, rock music maybe, whatever type it is you could start just use Google to start trying to identify the types of queries that people might be searching for and indigent or drill into those keywords more, those search queries more.

This Stuff Works
For example, let's do this, I mean, I know it's about time, but you could go to Google and search for, like if I said, live music actually, shoot, live music and it might not, yeah, it will. If I did live music near me, something else searches related to live music near me. So you could find other types of related search queries that people in Charleston, South Carolina search for that could give you additional ideas for stuff to optimize for.

That's what I'm saying you can use trends and Google search to find all these types of related search queries and things that you can start to use in your content marketing to start getting exposure for those, for your band. Does that make sense? So, that's what I would do hopefully. Hopefully, that helped you out a little bit. Okay.

Is There Any iFrame Stacking That Can Be Done In A GMB Via The Local Lease Pro?

“Hey guys, when you just have a GMB via Local Lease Pros or any iFrame stacking that can be done? Vince, yes, go back and watch the updates. If you're in Local Lease Pro, go look at the update module that was just added last week or it might have been two weeks ago now. The updates module, I specifically put training in there for how to set up an @id page, which is iFrame stacking essentially.

Go take a look at that. That's in the updates module of Local Lease Pro training. Okay. Everything you need is right there for you, Vince. Scott says, “Marco, I just donated. Great of you to do this for school kids.” Yes, it is. Thanks, Scott.

Jordan says, “Idea for band. If you have a fanbase that likes a similar band, example, Radiohead worked that angle as well. Yeah, that's true. It's true.

Jim Wells. “Marco, will I still be on the list from donating before I wasn't sure if that carried over?” It does, doesn't it, Marco?

Marco: No, it doesn't. This is a brand new webinar, brand new information, brand new donation.

Bradley: Okay. There you go, Jim.

Marco: Come on, guys, it's for a good cause. I'm not asking you to donate a million dollars five, 10 bucks, 25 bucks, whatever your heart tells you to donate. Then, yeah, listen to the information and let me know if it was worth it.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: As for Jordan, he says that it's a huge international travel site and that it's the devs doing it. You shouldn't let the devs do the SEO Jordan, ever. They think they know until you show them, no shit, stick to coding and let me do my job, make it easier for me, and then just show that. Google recommends JSON-LD and see where you can go. I know that you're gonna get a lot of push back because that's the way they want to do it. But it's not what you want to do, what you should do according to what Google is recommending.

Bradley: There you go. Looks like we finished up right on time today, guys. Wow. That's a great way to start the year. That's rare. We appreciate everybody being here. No Mastermind webinar this week, but we will see you all next week for Hump Day Hangouts. Thanks, everybody. Thanks, Marco, for hanging out.

Marco: All right, man. Bye, everyone.

Bradley: See you, guys.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 216

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 216 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Alright, let me know when we're live.

Bradley: You're live.

Adam: Outstanding. Well, thank you everyone for joining us and welcome to Hump Day Hangout episdoe 216. We are live. I am on the road, a little bit of the family holiday travel with some last minute stuff so that's why I'm in the car on my phone, but also now we've got a different lineup here. We get to go in a different direction so let's start with Hernan. How's it going man?

Hernan: Hey, man. Good. I wasn't expecting to be first but good man. I just envy you a little bit that you get to live the laptop lifestyle, internet lifestyle and whatnot and get to stay home working. But I'm good. I'm really excited. I'm really excited to being here.

Adam: Yeah, so this is good. The family's inside getting a beer and I'm sitting in the car on a webinar, but I'm happy to be here. After I wrap this up I'm going to go join them, get some lunch, and I think we're going to do some hiking. We're on the California coast so yeah, I [inaudible 00:00:55]. Bradley, how you doing?

Bradley: I'm well, how are you?

Adam: I'm good. Things are good man. I don't know, yeah.

Bradley: It's been crazy because of the holiday, obviously. I took several days off for to spend with family which I hope many of you did as well. But now I'm ready to get back to it. I'm not even waiting until 2019. I feel like it's 2019 already in that we've got so much that we're working on as far as building out the GMB lead gen assets and we're really looking to scale over the next few weeks. I've got a second VA in training for doing all the build out processes and she's coming along nicely and we're going to be at the point …

My teams will be at the point where we should be able to optimize fully 10 assets per week, which is going to be awesome because … Then we're going to start training a third VA so sometime in January guys we may have that as a service available for you all as well inside of MGYB. Don't have a date for that yet but we're working on it so stay tuned.

Adam: Outstanding. Marco how you doing? Did you have a good Christmas?

Marco: What's up dude? Yeah, yeah. It was fabulous. We went and delivered Christmas presents for the kids in the charity. We delivered Christmas meals. We had their Christmas party and then between all that had time for dinner and lots of family time so it was just a great time.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Good, good, good. Chris, how about you. What were you up to?

Chris: Yeah, I was with the family here. The only disappointing thing was pretty much that on the 22 all the snow melted away and yet again another warm Christmas here. Unfortunately no white Christmas but other than that was quite good. Like to be with family and see everybody again and, yeah. It's for 2019 already. As Bradly said we're working hardly on the good stuff already.

Adam: Nice, nice. Nice. Well let's get into it real quick. I just wanted to say, if you're joining us for the first time that's amazing. Thank you for spending the day after Christmas with us, but if you're wondering where to get started with us the place we always recommend people to get started is to go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. Get started there. Grab the battle plan for repeatable processes. That covers a ton of areas. Not going to go into it, but if you're looking for a good place to start, start there.

Then keep coming back to the Hump Day Hangouts. If you can catch them live, that's great. Get your questions in ahead of time. Catch them on YouTube, whatever works best for you. Then the next thing we tell people is if you're looking to take things up a few notches, if you want to grow your peer group, you want a network, you want the pathway to really start growing, the Mastermind is the place to do that and we wanted to take a few minutes and talk to you guys about some of the updates that we've had.

Both the way we structure the Mastermind and the way we're going to do things moving forward. Part of this wraps into some bigger stuff but you've heard us talk about the [inaudible 00:04:05] path and what we're doing with that and want to be explicit that there's two paths. Not everybody is going to take the same path achieving their [inaudible 00:04:17]. You might already be, you might have an agency. You might already have clients.

Some people don't though and they're looking for ways to do that and we really recognize that and thought that, that's really important that those people have maybe the same goal but they're going to take a different path to get there. Hernan you want to add anything to that?

Hernan: Yeah, definitely, and first off I really like this part of the year because of the fact that we get to do this which is awesome. But also, yeah, we actually found out that there's like two types of people that join [inaudible 00:04:49]. There's the type of person of the entrepreneur, the digital marketer that's just starting out. He might or might not have a 9 to 5 job and he wants to get more sales, more leads.

He wants a way to get out of that 9 to 5 and start being his own boss. That's like path A, if you would. Path B, there's a lot of people that join [inaudible 00:05:10] and the Mastermind specifically because they want … They already have a couple clients, they might have a team in place and they want more. They want to scale. Things are going well and they want things to go better.

Those are the two paths that we have developed for 2019. You get specific training depending on what's your position right now because each of those people will have different hopefuls right. The main point is that if you're wanting to get off your 9 to 5 job, be your own boss, start your own local marketing agency, start getting your first couple of clients or maybe get a proven process like local GMB and whatnot.

We have a path for you. We have training specifically to sign for you. Now if you're in the other hand where you already see something come and you can reinvest on your business, you want to grow your team now. It's the time to take you out of the equation so that you can, A, scale faster and, B, start actually reaping the rewards of that [inaudible 00:06:15] have been putting on so you can spend more time with your family.

More time doing what you love. That's another set of skills all together. The point is that we want to give you guys what you guys need. We have been developing a lot of content. Bradly, specifically, has been developing a lot of content over the past couple of years. Now is the time that we have decided to put an order to that so that depending on where you're starting right now you can start right now and get specific action points that you can take today to actually take it to where you want to be.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah, definitely. Definitely, and yeah like what Hernan said we've done that and right now we're doing that over a 60 day path. Whichever one fits you the best and we've got that set up so that really it can guide you through because that's really crucial time because we want you to get the most out of it immediately. We think, depending on where you're at, it could be that the peer group is the most valuable thing but we want to make sure that if you want to grow, you can grow.

If you want to start, you can start. We know that there's people in both camps, and getting you the results you want is our goal. That's how we measure our success is by when people join the Mastermind and they experience that growth, or they get that first client. That's the most important thing. We've really structured that in a way that helps walk you through those steps so that you can get going quickly and it's not ambiguous as far as well, “Should I go here or here?”

There's no questions, it's go here, do this, and you're going to see these results.

Hernan: Yeah, and if I can add one last thing it's the fact that by this time of the year we know for sure that a lot of people want to try the Mastermind but they are on the fence. Right now you have an opportunity. A really limited opportunity because we only open this for a couple days. Is to get on the Mastermind for just one dollar. The one dollar trial. You get access to, tomorrow's going to be the Mastermind webinar so you get access to experience a full in-depth, Bradley style of webinar that's reserved only for the Mastermind.

You also get to talk to one of us for 30 minutes. You get one on one consulting for it's just one dollar. Which is pretty cool, and we do this because the reality is that most people that take us on the trial will actually stay as a member because of the value that you can experience hands on when joining the Mastermind. Not only the training, but also the coaching, the followup, and the support that we give to each and every Mastermind member.

We know that training is awesome, but what happens if you're implementing and you get stuck, or maybe you pass it on to a VA and he doesn't, she doesn't know how to do that. That's why we have the private community and I would say that there's over 10,000 dollars worth of training that you get just for joining the Mastermind. You get access to the biweekly calls, you get access to the members area.

Which is getting a revamp as well. You get access to the community where you can ask any type of question. We're really active there. If we are not active in any other Facebook group, we're really active in the Mastermind because we think and we feel that we're responsible for the success of each student that comes to us. Take it, the link is on the events page right now, so go ahead and take it.

It's a wonderful trial. It's really, really limited. We can only take so many people. During this season, so go ahead take it and come and see for yourself.

Marco: One last thing. That was great Hernan, thank you. But help us just keep doing these Hump Day Hangouts and help keep them free. Go subscribe to our channel. Go through the videos, like the videos. Please interact with the channel. That's how we're able to keep this going. I mean, where are we? I forgot which one this is today but there's a whole lot of them.

Adam: Definitely, and as far as the Mastermind and anything going on with that. Chris and Bradley, me and Hernan had a lot to say about it. I realize that, but do you guys have anything you want to chime in or anything you want people to know about it?

Bradley: Yeah, it's awesome. Come join us.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Where the cool kids are.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean. Excuse me. I've been working on, Google my business stuff for several months now, and our [inaudible 00:10:41] live which was our live event that we hosted. Our first one in October, we had about a dozen or so of those members that came to our live event that are also building out in scaling, they're lead gen asset building which is what I've been doing.

We're working as a small group to develop the processes out and it's great because if any of you guys were on the local lease pro update webinar from last week you know that, like I'm terrible using excel and things like that. It's just, it's a lot of … I'm not very good at using excel and working out how to make things more efficient.

I'm real good at finding data and figuring out how to make money from that which is what we're doing with the GMB stuff. But as far as my processes have been rather crude or bulky because I don't know how to do a lot of stuff to make it efficient which is great because the little group, the small group that I'm in with the members that are helping me to build these processes out. A lot of sharp people in that group and some of them, like Chris G. for example.

Chris Greenhow, he's our support manager, he's in the group as well as Grant. Grant's another person that's in the group that's been helping develop out these spreadsheets that do, like pull in all the data with all the stuff that I've been doing manually and I trained my virtual assistants to do manually. They're creating these tools to make stuff so much more efficient.

Where literally you just plug in a little bit of data and the spreadsheet does all the work and goes out and scrapes the data from the websites and all that and pulls it in. It's absolutely amazing what these guys have been able to do which is going to streamline our processes even more. That's the stuff that we start to reveal in the Mastermind as we get more … We refine these processes or polish these processes more.

Then that's when I start sharing them in the Mastermind, and so that's why it's beneficial to be part of it guys because we talk about bits and pieces of it on Hump Day Hangouts. We also have courses like local lease pro, for example. Which will teach you the method, but it's not going to teach you how to scale it. It's not going to teach you how to develop the processes on your own. I mean, we have another product we call outsource kingpin, which will teach you how to develop your own processes if you'd like.

Or, you could come join the Mastermind and let us develop the processes for you and we'll share with you what we've done and what we have developed which will save you a ton of time. I know people look at the price tag of the Mastermind at 297 a month and say, “Oh wow, I can't afford that.” Well how many JV Zoo products did you buy in the last month?

How many WordPress plugins did you buy? How many video creation software tools did you buy in the last month? You stop buying all this stuff that probably really isn't making you any money and you can start to apply it to something that can make you money and Mastermind itself won't make you money. You have to apply what you learn but that's what we try to do is provide our members with as much training and the resources possible to where it's the least amount of work as possible.

That's part of what's going to be coming a lot, over the next several months in the Mastermind as we really refine these processes for developing or scaling our lead gen asset building. We're going to be sharing a lot of that in the Mastermind. Again, guys, I know 2019 is right around the corner, make it a good investment in yourself and I would highly encourage you to stop buying all the shit that doesn't really add to your bottom line.

If anything buying products and tools, and stuff like that actually detracts from your overall business because it's a distraction. It takes money out of your pocket. It takes time to learn how to use or to apply. Which, let's be honest, how many of you actually use everything that you buy? I certainly don't so my point is I would reconsider what your goals are for 2019 and really think about it and if you want to do something that can really generate some business or some revenue for your business, excuse me, I would consider getting into local lead gen and asset building right now while the opportunity is hot.

The Mastermind is a really good place to be if you want to do that. Anybody else want to comment on it?

Adam: Yeah, just to say, one, I totally agree with what Bradly said and also the community. Building that network. Something we've helped our Mastermind members do is to get together in small groups so that you can really dive deep into these areas that you're interested in and the power in that is incredible as well as the larger network of the Mastermind as well.

Like Hernan said, the link is there. The link is below if you want to join. Give it, the trial, it's only available for a few days. We have a very limited number, but we will make sure that we will hop on. Get you an onboarding call. Get you pointed in the right direction and make sure that this is the best place it can be for you.

Bradley: Alright, if you guys are cool, I'm going to jump in.

Adam: Real quick, though. I did want to mention, Bradley, before we get started. We're in the middle now of the MGYB [inaudible 00:15:42] services holiday sale. You guys don't want to miss out on that. I think Hernan hopefully took care of it for me and put a link up on that as well. Thank you, thank you. We've got some kickass sales going on. Check that out. That's going to end, though, on New Years Eve. Don't let that go by too long.

This Stuff Works
I think there's a question on it, right, the very first question so I'll just let us answer that and that's a part of it but, yeah, go check those out.

Bradley: Yeah, I was going to read this question and have you answer it because I'm not sure what our … I don't run the store, guys. Just so you know, because I know I get private messages occasionally about stuff from the store and I always just say, “Just contact support,” because I don't know. I don't run the store guys so I apologize for that but Jason, what's up Jason? Long time member.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Verified GMBs One Can Buy At The Said 50% Discount Before December 31, 2018?

He says, “Is there a limit to the verified GMB's we can buy at a 50% discount before December 31st? If I buy say, 20, today can I spread them out over a couple weeks to get the listings assigned to the niche?” Who wants to answer that?

Adam: Yeah, as far as I know it shouldn't be a problem. Jason go ahead, and if anybody else wants to take advantage we do have a limit. We can't let you hold onto those indefinitely, but if you're ever … If you're thinking it might be more than a month or something, just contact us. [email protected] and hit us up and we'll make sure it's clear before so that there's no issues. But, yeah, Jason that shouldn't be a problem.

Marco: Yeah, well what we don't want is people waiting 90 days, or 6 months, or whatever before they submit the information. But Jason, yes, of course. Go buy and then later on when you have all of your data and everything together send us the information. Just please, if you think it's going to take four, maybe five, six weeks, then you have to let us know.

That's something we have to know so we know what to expect. By all means, you don't have to go in, buy them, and submit all the information right away.

Should You Keep Advertising Video Ads On A Separate Channel To Avoid Having 5-Second Views On Your Main Channel?

Bradley: Very good. Alright, next, Greg's up. What's up Greg? He says, “I plan to use a brand new video for YouTube ads, will it be a negative for the video and my new YouTube channel when my video has a lot of five-second views as people click out of the ad? I think Justin Sardi mentioned in his video ads training that he puts his advertising videos on a separate channel to avoid the short views being associated with his main channel. This is my first time using a video for YouTube ads, do you have any tips?”

Okay, so first of all, I've never heard of that being an issue or causing an issue. In fact, one of my primary methods for ranking YouTube videos in Google search is by setting up YouTube ads or Google ads for YouTube. It's a great, great way for ranking local videos because you can literally buy engagement signals from Google. Google says you're not allowed to buy views, but you can buy views from Google and that's on the ads platform.

One of the ways, and I've talked about this many, many times on Hump Day Hangouts guys. It's been a trick up my sleeve for a long time for ranking local videos or videos with local keywords, right, for local keywords. The reason why is because you can go in and set up an in stream ad, those are the ads that play before as a preroll ad. They play before the video that the viewer intended to watch. Your ad can play in front of that. You guys are all familiar with that.

What you can do with a local video is, and I do this all the time guys, is I create my, or set my geographic targeting very specifically. It could be a radius from a specific point or I could set zip codes or city names, or county names, or state, or whatever I want. But typically what I do is whatever the service area is for the business. If it's a service area business, I will set that geographic targeting. It might be a 30 mile radius or it might be two counties or something like that. First I set my geographic targeting and then I set my topic targeting or what they call audience targeting.

If you can find an in market audience or a life event audience, and guys this is all in YouTube ads. When you're setting up an ad it prompts you to select your audiences and your locations and all that stuff. But from audience targeting, if you can find an in market audience category that fits your niche or the product or service that you're trying to promote, then use that or a life event audience. That also works really well. You can do topic targeting if you can't find a good life event or in market audience, you can do topic targeting.

Although, that's not as … It doesn't typically work as well. You can also do keyword targeting. Keyword targeting is done, is very different in YouTube than just doing search ads or whatever but the whole reason why I'm telling you all this is because I've been using local or ranking local videos using YouTube ads for a long time because I'm buying clicks from … Geo-targeted clicks. Excuse me, I'm buying geo-targeted clicks and if I get my topic or audience targeting, my audience targeting right, then those people especially using in market or life event audiences as I just mentioned.

Those people are known to Google to be in the market or actively searching recently for those types of products and/or services. A click from the location that you specify, which would be a local IP click or view, I should say. Plus from somebody that is known to Google to be in market for that particular product or service, then that is a heavily weighted view. In other words that view is going to count a hell of a lot more than a view from somebody for states away that has been just perusing funny cat videos all day. Does that make sense?

My point is those types of views are very, very weighted and whether somebody clicks to skip the ad or not, it doesn't matter. It still registers as a view and so all of the videos that I rank for local clients as well as for video production companies and such, I have YouTube ads running for every single one of them, guys. Every single one of them and again the views are typically not very much as Greg's mentioning here. Like five seconds or so, well that's not necessarily true because most of the videos that I use, or the local videos that I'm doing this method with are one minute long videos.

This Stuff Works
They're roughly a minute and what it shows is that the engagement rate is typically if you can find a good in market or life event audience, I'm seeing an average of 40% view rate. In other words, people will watch up to roughly 25 – 30 seconds of the ad, of the video, before they click off. That just goes to show you, if you can set your geographic targeting and your audience targeting correctly then that's really all you need. Here's the thing guys, like if you're setting targeting for topic targeting, for example, then that would be … Like let's just say it's for roofing services.

Okay, which by the way, that's an in market audience. It's a great audience for that if you're doing any type of roofing contractor, lead gen for roofing contractors or anything like that. This is a great strategy guys, but if you can set your geographic targeting and inset the in market audience to somebody, only people that have been recently researching roofing services and looking for roofing contractors, okay. Then what happens is, it doesn't matter what video that searcher is no YouTube looking for they could be just on there searching for stupid cat videos.

But because Google, first of all they're geographically located in the area that we set, and second of all Google knows that they have recently been searching for roofing contractors, then my video could play in front of that stupid cat video for roofing contractors even though it's not, it's an unrelated topic. Google already knows that searcher, that YouTube user has been in market for that and they fit the criteria we set within our targeting.

That view, even if they click off it within five seconds, it still registers as a view and it's a heavily weighted view because Google knows who that person is and what their profile was about, right. They're likely to be interested in that content so again, I have never heard of that five second thing being a problem because all of the ads that I run, they just go through my standard YouTube channel that I have connected to a ton of syndication networks and all that stuff.

But, like I said, standard operating procedure for me is any time I'm trying to rank a local video in Google search, I also set up ads and again with proper targeting sometimes those … I'm only doing it for SEO purposes. Let's be very clear. I set up the ads to help rank the video, however with proper targeting some of those clicks you will get, or views you will get from the ads, will actually convert. You'll get some clicks, not many, so you're trying to get the view count up. You will get some clicks and then out of those clicks occasionally, again, if you can get your targeting very, very narrow. Very tight, so that it's super relevant some of those clicks will end up converting too.

Again, I've not heard of this five second thing. I've not experienced that. I use the same method that I just method, again, for a standard operating procedure guys. Every single time I go to rank a video for a local client now or for lead gen or anything, I push it through my channel with all of my syndication networks attached and then I set up a YouTube ad. That's how most of my videos stay ranked is because I set up a dollar a day targeting, or budget, excuse me. A dollar a day budget and after a couple of weeks I actually start backing my budget down and my maximum cost per view bid until I get down to about two to three cents per view and then I have my budget down to 50 cents per day, guys.

That turns out to be 15 dollars a month to maintain a video on the first page of Google using the ads, Google ads network. Again, Greg, if you want to follow Justin Sardi's training. I know he's great at YouTube ad stuff, and that's perfectly fine. I actually recommend him for YouTube ads training, but when it comes to SEO stuff I don't see it being any issue and I've not experienced that as a problem. That was a good question though. I don't assume anybody else wants to comment on that. Do you?

Hernan: Go it.

Is There A Benefit Of Creating And Building RYS Stacks In GSuite?

Bradley: Okay. Jeff's up. He says, “For the purpose of building an out RYS stacks is there any benefit to creating an account in G-Suite and building a stack there?” Let's see. Has an account for [email protected] SM does their magic in this account versus going through the process of creating an [inaudible 00:26:48]. Yes, Jeff, obviously there's … In my opinion, and I'm sure Marco will agree. Any time that you can do things to help validate the account, it's going to help improve your chances with Google.

For example, using a G-Suite account with your own custom domain, email, and all of that stuff, you're paying Google and so Google now has a billing details associated with that account. It just ads more … 30. It ads more validity, I guess you could say. It validates the entity further for Google and so, in my opinion, yeah. Now, I don't recommend you guys go out and set up G-Suite accounts for each individual lead gen asset you have because that could get rather expensive. But for setting up RYS stacks, I know having a G-Suite account doing it under that could help, but Marco, what do you say?

Marco: I always tell people to pay Google as part of the process. It's in the black book. It's in the done for you users guide. That's what's recommended. Go pay Google and you get rewarded. Now, whether directly, indirectly, how ever it is that it happens, Google stops seeing you as a leech and starts seeing you as a paying client. This is just my theory so that when time comes for the bot to look through everything, the first thing that it's going to look at is are we going to be messing with a customer, with a paying client, or are we going to be messing with a leech.

I think they'd rather mess with a leech than a paying client, push comes to shove, and then they might come back and start looking at other things. It's not something that I know for sure because I don't work for Google but it's something that we've seen time after time. That the more that we get into Google, the more we pay Google ads, YouTube ads, inside Google, extra drive space. They have your credit card on file. They see everything and so that seems to work really well. You don't even have to create that for us. We can create the Google stack with the Gmail account and you can just make yourself whatever your G-Suite account is the owner of that drive stack.

I mean, you don't even have to go through all that.

Bradley: To clarify that for Jeff, what Marco was saying was for example, you could purchase a done for you drive stack from us and then once you get it delivered, once we deliver it to you, then you could have your G-Suite account. You add your G-Suite account as a manager and then assign ownership to it. I'm thinking of GMB stuff but it's pretty much the same process. You would give editing permissions to your G-Suite account and then you could assign ownership to that as well so that your G-Suite account takes ownership of it and it's not the free Google account anymore at that point.

This Stuff Works
How Would You Use A Google Stack For An ECommerce Site?

It's not something that you have to provide on the front end, is what we're saying. Okay. Alright, so thanks Marco. Armand, it's been a while since you've posted. What's up Armand. He says, “What's up you awesome ass dudes. Love you guys. We should all get married. Anyway, question: how would you use a Google stack for an eCommerce site?” That's a good question for Marco. I can't answer it because I just don't do eComm, and number two is, “Are Google stacks as effective as they were years ago?” I can answer that one but first Marco start with the eCommerce. Can you provide any insight?

Marco: Yeah, absolutely. People shouldn't get boxed in. We talk a lot about local but that's because most of our people are oriented towards local marketing anyway but we always say this. You're local is only limited by what you want your local to be. If you want your local to be the city or the neighborhood that you're in, that's your local. But what if you make it your city? What if you make it the county or the state, or the US? I don't know if you're in the US Armand.

I'm just guessing that you are, or in the case of eCommerce what if you make it global? The only thing that changes is the way that we create relationships and that's something that's taught inside our YS academy. I'm not going to teach it here. Now, it's not ready yet, but we have something awesome coming up for RYS academy reloaded. It should be ready in the next two, maybe three months, and it's specifically targeted for those people who want to make their local whatever it is that they want it to be. That's what it's going to be geared towards.

If you want to make it your neighborhood, the city, county, state, nation, global. You're going to be able to do it and that's what we're going in the lab and we're going to be working on that.

Are Google Stacks As Effective As They Were Years Ago?

Bradley: You go. Question two, “Are Google stacks as effective as they were years ago?” Yeah, they are Armand. I mean, you got … Here's the thing. There still every bit as effective, it's just there's different signals now that Google's looking for than they were when we first, when Marco really first discovered this. Here, what I'm saying is guys a lot has changed over the last … How long's RYS been out? Three years now?

Marco: In August it'll be four years.

Bradley: Yeah, so it's been just over three years now and so a lot has changed in three years as far as what moves the needle and that kind of stuff. The combination of what Google's looking at overall has changed. We know that drive stack still helped to move the needle. Is it the be all, end all? No, of course not. In some cases it may be, but again those results are not typical. Like, for example, I showed the Virginia SEO, the first drive stack that I ever built which isn't even up to our standards today and it's still outranking other SEO, Virginia SEO companies.

That one is one of those types where I haven't done anything to it and it just ranked and it just has stayed ranked since May of 2015. We're talking 3.5 years now that things been ranked which is crazy, and I haven't done anything to it. But that's, again, results aren't typical. In some cases you will see that but in other cases it's going to require more stuff, additional signals. A lot of variables go into whether or not the drive stack's going to be enough to produce the results you want. Competitiveness, what is your competition.

How many other index pages are there covering, targeting those keywords that you're targeting. All that kind of stuff goes into it. Are they as powerful, as effective as they used to be? Yes. But, you still have to add other things into them and there's a lot … For example, we know that proximity right now is a huge thing which three years ago when RYS was … When Marco first developed the RYS method, that wasn't nearly as important as it is right now.

If you're doing local, I know you're talking about eCommerce, but if you were doing local RYS stacks can be very, very effective to push additional local relevancy as well as topical relevancy and in your case, as an eCommerce site you can use drive stacks to push topical relevancy into, say, category pages for whatever it is that you're selling. I know that there's a lot that can be done with an RYS stack even to eCommerce. Like I said, I don't do eCommerce so I can't really provide any insight on that but yes Google stacks are just as effective as they were a few years ago.

But it's not, it's just only part of the overall pie that you need in order to rank something, in my opinion. Marco, comment on that one as well please?

Marco: Yeah, absolutely. One of the main things that you need with this is entity, right. But people talk about entities and they don't really know what's what. On January 14th at 3:00 pm eastern as part of our charity drive again. Anyone who donates to the charity will get into that webinar and they will get access to the previous two webinars, and Armand if you didn't watch the two previous webinars and if you don't know anything about entities. If you don't have the black book and if you don't have the done for you users guide, and even if you do I suggest that you watch the previous two webinars.

I suggest that you, when we mail our list, that you donate and that you attend the webinar because this is exactly what I'll be getting into. I'll be getting into the differences on whether you're working local or if you're working … Well, not if you're working local. How the entity needs to be treated differently depending on what your local is.

Bradley: That's it. Okay, next is Lorie. What's up Lorie? I haven't seen her in a while. She was a former Mastermind member. She ended up resigning from the Mastermind, or left the Mastermind recently because she took on a job that she'd been looking for, for a long time. Which was really, really awesome. Congratulations on that Lorie. We definitely miss you in the Mastermind, but thanks for stopping by. You're always welcome to come ask questions here. You know that.

Are Your Syndication Networks Set Up So That Every New Post Syndicates Through Them?

Shane's up. He says, “Are your syndication networks set up so that every new post syndicates through them?” Yes Shane. That's the whole point. Yes, absolutely. If you provide the RSS feed, we will connect everything for you so that every time you post a blog post it will syndicate through the network. That's what they're intention is. That's what they're intended to do is syndication networks to syndicate content. It's for content amplification. Okay, that's exactly what they do.

Is It Okay To Set One Of Your Syndication Networks, RYS Stacks & Press Release Orders In Motion Before Launching The HTTPS Version Of The Site?

“Also, I'm working on an HTTPS version of a website for a client that hasn't switched over from the HTTP version yet, but it will soon. Is it okay to set one of your syndication networks, RYS stacks, and press release orders in motion before actually launch?” Yeah, that's fine Shane. Just what I would do is with your order, just include or use the HTTPS version of the URL so that when the products are completed and we deliver them to you, nobody has to go, including you, doesn't have to go back in and edit them to add HTTPS.

This Stuff Works
Besides, remember, if it's with WordPress typically you use a plugin like easy SSL or something like that. There's several different types of plugins or HTTPS redirection's another one of them, which will automatically add, will set up a redirect so anybody that's visiting the HTTP version will be forced onto the HTTPS version. Okay, that's normal stuff. There's plugins that do that. You can do that via HT access. If you're using cloud flare you can use what they call page rules.

There's a number of ways to do that and so it really doesn't matter. Even if you had HTTP as the URL in your drive stack, for example, once you go HTTPS everything will be forced onto the HTTPS anyways so it's not that big of a deal. But what I would recommend is that you place your order with the HTTPS version of your URL. Just make sure that the RSS feed is indeed working on HTTPS and has at least one post because an RSS feed will be rejected by IFTTT unless it has an item contained in it.

You need to make sure that, that's available first or else we can't set up your network for you. Okay, but again, I would recommend just going ahead and ordering everything with the HTTPS version of the URL because you're in the process of switching over anyways and so once you do everything will be the way that you want it and it won't have to be edited. Which is a bunch of unnecessary work. Does that make sense?

Adam: Yup.

Is It Okay To Build Citations For The HTTPS Version Even Though It Hasn't Launched Yet?

Bradley: Okay. “Also, is it okay to start building citations?” Yes, for the HTTPS version. Once again, because that's what you're going to be switching to so, yes, absolutely. Go ahead and build citations with the HTTPS version of the URL.

Marco: A word of warning to Shane since you're switching over and I don't know who's doing it for you and I don't know how. When they say that they've done it, go check every version of the non-HTTPS version of the website just to make sure that it was done correctly because sometimes they'll leave one version out and it won't redirect and then everything that we just talked about, you won't get the benefit because, of course, it's not redirecting over to HTTPS.

As long as it's redirected correctly, as long as everything has the correct 301's in place. Whether it's HT access, whatever it is that you're using to redirect, as long as that's right then everything will transfer over to the SSL.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, and keep in mind whenever you do that switch, I'm not … I don't know how to, like I'm not a server nerd guys and I don't know CSS and all that stuff. I know that whenever I've done switching from non SSL over to SSL, I've had themes break. I've had style sheets or CSS, or whatever break, and so the sites look all funky and all that kind of stuff. Typically what I do is if I'm switching an existing site … Now, when I build a new site which is rare because I'm just building GMB websites now.

But when I do build a WordPress site, I install WordPress and immediately switch everything to HTTPS and then from that point I start building the site out. But for existing sites what I've always done is just gone to Upwork and found somebody … Go to Upwork and look for SSL implementation or HTTPS or something like that, or WordPress support. CSS, anything, you can look for a number of different keywords or whatever. But find somebody that can go in and clean up any messes that are made from switching over from HTTP to HTTPS because, again, unless you're familiar with all that stuff … I'm not and I don't want to take the time to learn how to do it.

I always just go to Upwork and I usually find somebody that's overseas somewhere and I usually just say, “Look, I'll pay you 50 bucks to go through this WordPress site and get everything.” Usually that's way more, like, and that's because I just offer it. But I know that I've had, in the past, when I didn't have … When I didn't have as much, I didn't have as many resources, I would have people bid on it and I'd get people to say, “Yeah, I'll do it for 20 bucks.”

20 bucks to go through the site and clean up any messes from switching over. That's a no brainer. I mean, again, it would take me hours to research that stuff to figure out what needed to be done or I could just pay somebody 20 bucks or even 50 bucks and it's done and it's done well, and I don't have to worry about it. Shane, that's what I would recommend unless you know what you're doing.

Do You Teach How To Verify GMBs?

Okay. “Outreach nerds, do you teach how to verify GMB's?” No, but we do provide it as a service.

Check out MGYB.co.

Marco: Just so I can really quick to that. Listen, most people who are teaching verification methods are methods that don't usually work.

Bradley: They don't stick.

Marco: No, I mean, you just can't get it or yeah, it doesn't stick. It gets banned right away. Or, those who do know how to verify are keeping it so close to their chest that there's no amount of money available that you could offer for us to teach you how to do it. There's just no way because so many people can do it. Actually so few people can do it correctly, so I mean that's just my two cents on it. Sorry, it's not something that we're going to teach. It's not being taught and it will never be taught as long as I'm a member of Symantic mastery.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Now, because here's the thing guys. You teach something like that, how to do that, and what happens? It gets abused and it gets shut down, and that's the problem. Why would anybody want like … You kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Why would you want to do that? I mean, think about that guys. It's not that we're trying to keep a strangle hold on GMB verifications. It's not that at all, but when you put that kind of information out publicly it's just like everything else we teach, or anybody teaches.

Not just us but you put a method out there and it ends up getting abused and spammed to death. Which is fine, I get it. That's what we do, but eventually when it's been circulated too much, it ends up getting terminated and it gets overused and it becomes less effective or flat out stops working all together. That's part of the reason why. It seems to me awfully silly to be teaching how to do that because it just gets saturated and gets terminated or shut down by Google.

I would say, no. We're never going to teach that. Alright, guys, looks we are done early. We don't have any other questions, so unless you guys want to like hang out and sing show tunes and shit I think I'm going to wrap it up.

Hernan: I'm just putting the link to Mar and everyone else for that matter, who want to come and test drive the Mastermind. Tomorrow we have a Mastermind webinar, so it will be a good idea if you want to join. If you want to check it out, and also you will be prompt to … Let me show my camera. You will be prompt to complete a form so that we can cover the call. Your 30 minute call with one of the symantic master team.

That's going to be pretty awesome. The link it's under live event over there so go ahead and check it out.

Will A Google Sites' Ability Become Diluted If You Assign A Domain Name To It?

Bradley: Yup. Another question just came in from Wayne. Wayne, what's up buddy. Merry Christmas to you Wayne, by the way. Wayne says, “Curious if you think a Google site's ability is diluted if you give it a domain name.” A custom domain versus keeping it on the Google URL. No, because if … And I've shown this in the Mastermind and I can't assume you've seen all of them though. But, yeah, Google site when you map a custom domain to it, both sites are still live and available online.

In other words, you can still view the site on the Google domain as well as view it on your own custom domain. If you look, the canonical on both versions of it, the canonical is set to the custom domain. You're still benefiting from the Google site, the Google domain because, again, the site is live on both locations. You're just canonicalizing it and Google does this automatically.

It canonicalizes it to the custom domain, so essentially you're just basically pushing the relevancy from the Google domain to it anyways. But both pages will remain indexible, does that make sense? Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, this is the wonderful thing about the limitations of Google and Google sites because there's no real, like the CMS is very limited by the content management system and in order for you to continue using, whether it's a mapped domain or the G-Site, you need access to that content management system. Google keeps it live because that's the only way that you can manage the content is through Google CMS.

That's why they add … Wayne, think about it. It's perfect. It canonicalizes up to your domain so you … I don't want to get too deep into what you can do but think of all the opportunities that you have if you have a live Google URL canonicalize up to your own custom domain.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Think about that.

Bradley: Think about, I'm not going to reveal it, but just guys think about logically if you've got a Google site and the same exact site on a custom domain and the Google site is canonicalized to the custom domain. Which of those should be your link targets? Not going to answer that, I want you guys to think about it and answer it. You should all know the answer to that. You should use one of those as your link target, your primary link target when you're doing external link building and there's a reason for that.

Anyways, again, that's one of those things. Jim says, “Do you guys not offer a power up on the stacks like it was on the prior site?” Well, yes and no. Jim we, right now we don't have [Dedius' 00:47:45] service in MGYB yet. It's coming, so you can reach out to him directly if needed. Just reach out to him in one of our Facebook groups and you can go direct to him. Eventually we're going to have him in the marketplace.

But he's not there right now. But also, as I've talked about a lot recently, press releases are my primary link building method now. It's not because Deddi is not amazing, he is, but I have access to a shit ton of press releases and I use them all the time and I love press releases for link building and we do offer that in MGYB right now and there's … I think there's probably specials going on right now for the Christmas sale that we have so I would check that out also.

Hernan: Yup, they're on the page over there so I put the link so we have a page with all of the deals that we're running right now for MGYB.

Marco: We have direct access to Deddia because we have him in our slack chat with the rest of the VA's because they're constantly going back and forth. Since he does all of our indexing, by the way, RYS academy reload. That's how we get everything to index as much as possible because Deddia does it. We have direct access to him. Jim, just write to us, [email protected] and we'll take care of you.

Bradley: There you go. Yeah, that's why we need to get that page up sooner than later. Alright guys, I'm wrapping it up. I've got work to do so we'll see you all next week. By the way Mastermind webinar tomorrow guys, if you want to join the Mastermind one dollar trial, now would be a good time so we're going to have a good webinar tomorrow. Thanks everybody for hanging out. We'll see you all tomorrow.

Hernan: Thank you guys. See you.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 215

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 215 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: All right. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 215. Man, I'm feeling weird because I had to sit super low to fit the special Christmas headgear in range here. But I'm looking at everyone else and everyone else looks as goofy as me, so I'm pretty happy.

Bradley: Hey, who are you calling goofy?

Marco: What? What?

Adam: To share the goofiness, sorry, I meant the holiday cheeriness, let's start off by saying hi to everybody. Chris, how are you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good here. I'm in the mountains in Austria, so unfortunately, no costume for me this week. But maybe next week.

Adam: See, we can't even see you. You could have been wearing a Yeti outfit or something, we'd have no idea.

Chris: Yeah. Like I'm just in a feature story.

Bradley: Or you could have been buck naked. For that reason, I'm glad your webcam's off.

Chris: Exactly.

Adam: That's how we lost all of our viewers. Hernan, how is it going, man? How's the middle of summer for you?

Hernan: It's good, man. Yeah. We have a lot of these decoration, with snows and shit. Here, it's like 40 degrees Celsius or something, it's nuts. But anyways, I'm really, we're really excited for this week, for next week, what we have coming up, so really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: What's up, man? I'm feeling a little frosty today. Just like before, so big head, little hat, paying an homage to Frosty the Snowman.

Adam: That is awesome. Sorry, it cracks me up. It's a great hat. Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: I'm well, man. I got my elf hat on, with my elf ears. It's got to be a hat for a kid because it's squeezing the shit out of my head. I feel like I'm a little light-headed and dizzy from it.

Adam: That's good. If Bradley starts getting angry towards the end of Hump Day Hangouts, you know what's going on, it's the hat.

Bradley: No. I'm gonna lose the hat here when I go off camera.

Adam: Good deal. Well, we got a few announcements for everybody and then as always we're going to jump into answering your questions for you. Real quick though, I want to say, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for watching, whether you're watching us live right now or if you're watching a replay on YouTube, that's awesome.

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If you're looking for the place where you wanna get started with Semantic Mastery, because it's a question that comes up a lot, grab the Battle Plan. All you have to do is go to Battleplan.semanticmastery.com. That's gonna give you the repeatable results. It covers a really wide range of various stuff, like ranking new sites, what to do with press releases, how to do keyword research. It's not just the guide, we've packed a lot into there. We've got links to tons of training videos, all sorts of good stuff.

Also, if you're saying “Okay. Well, that's great. What's next?”, come join the Masterminds. If you're really looking to take things up several levels, if you're looking to form that network, that peer group, if you really wanna take your local digital marketing to the next level, come join the Mastermind. You can find out more about that at Mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

Speaking of the Mastermind, I think we've got a couple things coming up. Hernan, I think there's something going on next week, right?

Hernan: Yeah. Next week we're gonna announce, we're gonna have a big announcement, so that's gonna be pretty awesome. So, stay tuned. If you are being on the fence about joining the Mastermind, I'm not gonna go deep into that today, but if you are being on the fence, we're gonna have great news for you. We have a bunch of stuff going up for the Mastermind, for the current Mastermind members and the new Mastermind members, like the POFU paths. We have a new members area. We have a bunch of stuff coming up, bi-weekly calls that have been going up for quite a bit, and Bradley always over deliver. Stay tuned, next week's gonna be pretty amazing. If you are being on the fence to join the Symantec Mastery Mastermind, just be here next week because it's gonna be pretty awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. Just quickly, I wanna add to that. We're calling it POFU paths or pathways, which is anybody that's been through or has joined the Toastmasters International. They recently had updated kind of like their course that you go through, their courses that you go through in order to become a distinguished Toastmaster, any one of the levels in between starting off in that. Essentially, it's a training program.

What was cool about it was they updated it from like old paper books to an online portal. The old paper method was you had specific books you had to go through and you could kind of jump around at which speeches you wanna do within the books, but you pretty much had to go in a specific order. It was very limited. But then when they rolled out the pathways program last year it basically allowed people to go in. It's kind of do like a survey or questionnaire they fill out about themselves and then it would kind of direct them and say, “Okay. Look, we've got all these different courses that you can take and we can direct you into this way or that way.”

This Stuff Works
I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was really refreshing as a member of Toastmaster. I thought that it would be good for … I talked to my partner's about it, and Adam was in Toastmasters as well, and we thought that that would be a much better way to introduce people to Semantic Mastery, especially in the Mastermind. Because we've been told over and over again it's like a fire hose of information, when people come in they get overwhelmed, they don't know where to start. So, we wanted to kind of make it easier to really give people specific paths, whether you're a startup or if you're in the growth phase, in other words, you're already making money but you're trying to grow your business.

That's really what we're gonna be announcing next week. Hernan's put a lot of work into developing this out, guys. I highly recommend you come check it out.

That said, there's one other thing I do wanna mention. I know we did the Local Lease Pro update webinar, I think Adam is gonna mention something about that because that replay is gonna be taken down today and all the bonuses go away as well. So, if you haven't watched that, I would highly recommend that you go watch that now.

One of the things that I was talking about through that webinar was all the processes that go into developing out these assets is in a way that we can scale it. Because it's one thing to know how to build out a GMB asset on your own, that's all well and good, but if it takes four or five hours to do that, how many can you really do yourself is my point. If you really wanna scale this business and this opportunity while it exists, while it lasts, because we don't know how long it will, then you should really be focused on scaling.

That's something that I'm covering extensively in the Mastermind, is the scaling options. I've been working with a small group from our POFU Live event that we did earlier this year and we're developing out processes to scale so we can build many, many assets per week and have personnel or outsource that do it for us. That's what we've been developing, is the processes and the training to develop or outsource this. In other words, to train our outsources to do the processes that we have set up and build everything to our specifications.

That's what we've been sharing in the Mastermind. Again, if you guys are looking to take advantage of the opportunity that it is present right now, while it still exists, then I would highly recommend you come join the Mastermind where you're gonna be able to scale so much quicker than if you try to figure all this stuff out on your own. Adam?

Adam: Awesome. Yeah. Real quick, I never do this, can I share my screen?

Bradley: Yeah, please. I'll lock it on you.

Adam: All right. Let me do this. All right. If you aren't in the Facebook group, first of all come, join our Facebook group. But the free Copy & Paste Local Lead Gen Funnel for local businesses was the winner this month of the poll we put in there. We got that put together for you. Hernan created the best practices as well as some kind of insights. I'm not gonna go deep into it. You can go here, it's free. That's it. It's free. Go get it. Check it out. Hernan, like I said, recorded some great information for that. You can import it to your account. Hernan even got some ideas on what you can do if you're not a user of one of the page builders. I'll put the link to that on the page. Like I said, that's awesome. It was most requested one. Go grab it.

This Stuff Works
Next up, like Bradley said, the replay from Monday is down. Like we said, it was only 48 hours, but if you wanna take advantage of this, along with the other people who have so far, you can get Local Lease Pro, you can get all the stuff Bradley was talking about, and you can still get all the bonuses, but that's going away real quick after Hump Day Hangouts. Right? The bonuses include the one-on-one private call with Bradley, the free verified GMB listing, and free client prospecting with the Video Lead-gen system. All right. This is a pretty amazing one. We tried to make it so that literally it's like you're getting this for free. If you buy this, the bonuses are worth more than the product that's already discounted. I'll put that link up there as well.

If you've already got Local Lease Pro and you're looking to take advantage of some of the MGYB sales, we got the crazy Christmas sales up already. I'll put that link on. I'm not gonna go into detail, you can go through here and see we got some great deals, like the Syndication Networks is at 40% off, Done For You RYS Stacks 30% off, Press Releases, as well as verifications and a bunch of other stuff. Cruise through. We've got a couple of weeks, but this won't last forever either. It's coming down at the end of the year, right before New Year's.

Bradley: Yeah. I would say, guys, go through those, the specials for Christmas through our MGYB because there's a lot of really good deals there. For example, the Press Releases is $20 off, so you can get the Press Releases, the same that we use for our business. I talk about how powerful they are all the time. You can even create your own organization page, which is incredibly powerful. It's a great link hub, really. It's a semantic hub that you can point as a link target. It uses a link target. It's fabulous. It's got iFrames in it and all that stuff. You can get those for $79 with that $20 off coupon, which is fabulous. If I were you, I'd buy several of them. If you don't have your own subscription to a Press Release distribution service, come buy them from MGYB. They're really, really good and right now they're inexpensive so I would take advantage of that.

Anything else, guys, or should I get into questions?

Adam: I think we're good to go.

Bradley: Okay. Let's do it.

Hernan: Let's go.

Does Publishing The Same GMB Post To Multiple Locations Of A Brand Hurt Rankings?

Bradley: All right. First up is Jordan Fowler. What's up, Jordan? He says … Hold on, let me zoom out a little bit. “Let's say I have a large nursery client with locations across Texas, a chain all the same brand, does it hurt to post the same GMB post same day to all 20 locations since they are all a single brand?” I don't know because I haven't tested like that. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: Yeah. I really don't know, man.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: Twenty locations, single brand, the same GMB post to all 20?

Bradley: Yeah, I'd try to vary it in some way.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I would, too. There's no point in that. It's the same thing. Google is getting the same thing multiple times. You have to think how will that affect what I'm trying to do, which is trigger the algorithm in a positive manner. All you're doing is feeding it the same information. Now if you know anything about the algorithm, it's looking for fresh unique relevant content that's updated on a regular basis, and 20 of the same posts for 20 different locations, does not meet that standard.

That's what I always try to look at. Guys, I am a fan of publishing as much new data as I can. Just feeding the bots new data as much as possible over and over and over again all day every day, that's what I do. It works for me. You could try it and see how Google reacts. Yeah. I don't know if that would put the 20 locations at risk. I don't know what would happen because it's not something that I do, sorry.

Bradley: Yeah, me neither. I mean, because I always try to vary things, Jordan. I've said that, for years I've been saying that, I don't even build, use the same content for lead gen assets, at least I hadn't been when I was building WordPress sites. For GMB assets, it's slightly different. But again, I would recommend that you would vary the posts, for example. Even if you use the same post text, I would still have unique images, even if it's the same image but geo tagged for each individual location that you would be pushing out to, or something like that. I'm sure there's some way that you could automate that. I mean, I would do that, at least have it that way.

Something else is, we have the auto poster, the GMB Auto Poster, which now allows Spintax, which is pretty cool, and also post-siloing, and stuff like that. That might be something that you could use to where you could set up posting to all individual 20 locations. You go in and set up the post, but have it go out with the Spintax and everything. It would set out a different variation to each location, in other words. Right? That's something else.

By the way, guys, I'm working with a provider right now that's going to … We're gonna be able to provide you guys in our store, at MGYB, super spun GMB post articles so that you can just basically purchase one and it would be full of tokens, that you can swap the tokens out with your own keywords, GMB profile, name, phone number, target URLs, all that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works
That'll be all easily interchange using find-and-replace function and then you'll be able to just copy-and-paste that into the GMB Auto Poster and set up Auto Republish on your posts. Every single time it goes to republish a post again, it's gonna select a new version, a new unspun version of that so that the text is always going to be unique. That's gonna be huge, guys, because it's gonna save you so much time and it's gonna be very inexpensive. Very inexpensive. That's something that's coming.

That's something that, Jordan, I think would probably work for what you're trying to do and that would at least vary it and make it unique, each post would be unique, somewhat unique anyways. That's a good question, though.

What Are The Most Important Things To Do For Keyword Research In 2019?

Liz says, “Hey guys, thanks for the Hump Day Hangouts. Been watching for a while and I have a question. What do you see being the most important thing to do for keyword research in 2019? Any big changes? What tools do you think you'll be using moving forward, any big changes?”

That's really good question. Most important things to do for keyword research in 2019? Well, considering I'm focusing solely on local stuff right now, I'm not doing any affiliate marketing, I'm not doing any real national stuff, well, not yet, I've got a big project coming up, but right now everything I'm working on is primarily just local stuff. So, for me, keyword discovery through GMB Insights is huge.

I've been saying this now for weeks, if not months, but today, I was actually developing out some more keywords going through Insights from many of my lead gen assets and looking at the keywords that are bringing the traffic to the GMB listing, the Maps listing, and what I'm finding is just an enormous amount of near me search queries. So. I'm targeting more and more near me stuff than anything right now and that's because it was speaking directly to the mobile algorithm at time and it's just working like crazy.

I mean, guys, I'm seeing as much as 50 and even 60% of the engagement coming to my GMB listings now through near me keywords. It's insane. It's crazy, some of the search queries that are bringing variations of some of the keywords and the way that people … and all that kind of data is new. Those are new type of queries, a lot of them. In other words, there's not a lot of historical data on that stuff, is my point.

I think using GMB Insights in search console, if you're doing more, maybe not necessarily local stuff, but search console. If you have search console, go do keyword discovery from there and you'll see what your site is getting impressions from. I think that's really, really important, guys, to see what Google thinks about your site and when it gives it impressions, puts it in the search results.

Search console is really good data for that, guys, because you can find queries or terms that were used that your site got exposure for that you didn't even know you have potential to get traffic from. Right? Just because you get exposure doesn't mean that you're gonna get traffic, because you could be on page nine. So, in search console, if you select the option to see the position, the average position, then it'll show you the impressions, the number of clicks, and then average position.

Like I said, if you look and you see a lot of impressions but no clicks, if you check the average position, it typically means because you're on page two or three or anywhere beyond that. Right? Because remember, where do you hide a dead body? On page two of Google, right? Anything really off of page one is very, very rarely gonna get any clicks. But if you're getting impressions, that means Google is already aware that your site is relevant to that query.

This Stuff Works
Those are really good opportunities, in my opinion, to optimize and find new sources of traffic that you would have otherwise overlooked. So, for me, besides the tried-and-true using Google Ads for discovery using alpha beta campaign structure, I love that, it still works really, really well, but then using search console in GMB Insights.

As far as tools, I still don't use any tools other than the ones that I've always mentioned, which is I use Google Trends as my starting point at all times and then I use Power Suggest Pro. I use the Google Keyword Planner sometimes because I do a lot of AdWords stuff, but I really just look at that to see if there's any traffic data from the keywords that I've extracted from Google Trends and from Power Suggest Pro. But whether or not it shows traffic or not, I don't care because if it's in Google Trends and/or suggest I already know there's traffic on those keywords. It just might mean that people aren't bidding on those keywords and that's why there's no AdWords traffic or Adwords Keyword Planner data, in other words.

That's my answer. Anybody else wanna comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. My thing is, once I start going in Google My Business, I'm just a total fan of being inside Local GMB Pro. It just makes things so simple. The thing is that the data that you get in Insights is really hyper-targeted, meaning that it goes by unique user. I'll give you Mario's Cab as an example because they're still getting tons of traffic even though we stopped posting for them for lack of payment. But I would have never thought to post with the keyword to just “taxi” or just “cab,” or “a cab.” That listing got people to come through by just looking for the keyword “taxi” or “cab.”

Who would think that you could rank for that or that you could get people to come through to their listing for that? If you have a TLD, that's impossible, or nearly impossible. The money that you'd have to spend to get to that level where you're getting traffic for “taxi” is incredible, but through GMB, we were able to. I just saw last month, 20 people came through using the word “taxi.”

Bradley: Yeah. I'm pulling it up right now, that's why I paused my screen.

Marco: Okay. Twenty came through using the word “cab.” Google tells you most popular queries for your business by unique users, so these are people who actually found the listing through that. It's phenomenal.

Bradley: Look at this. Look at this, guys. I haven't done any work for this listing in three months now maybe and it's still benefiting from the work that I did, which was really only about the initial optimization and I had a VA that was posting to it regularly, and then when payment stopped coming in we canceled or suspended the service. But it's still benefiting. Look, in just the last month, look at the number of engagements that it's gotten. The keywords that brought it, “taxi near me” and “cab companies near me.” What is that talking about, the “near me” keywords, guys? Remember, I just said that. Look at the number one search query, “taxi near me,” “cab company near me,” number two. “Cab near me,” “cabs near me.”

If we scroll through, I know these are saying less than 10, but you're still gonna see a lot of different “near me” or “in my area,” “close to me,” “close by.” Those are variations of “near me” search queries and it's huge. Like Marco said, “taxi.” “Taxi” brought 20 engagements in the last month. Does that make sense? For just the word “taxi,” just the word “cab.”

Again, and I've said this many, many times, mainly dealing in local from for my entire career, I have always targeted the keywords with a local modifier, especially with a real short tail keyword, like “taxi,” for example, or “plumber,” or “roofer,” or something like that. I would always optimize for the local modifier, which would be the city name appended to the keyword.

But now, because of what had just occurred in July with the mobile index first, it's no longer necessary, and we're proving it through Insights, which is actual data from Google, from engagements that occurred on our GMB assets, or the assets that we manage.

This Stuff Works
The point is, we're seeing that we're getting traffic from just short single phrase keywords in this case and we're getting direct traffic for it, of which I would have never attempted to optimize for. Or at least I would have known that it would be a dogfight to rank for in the traditional old-school SEO methods. But because so much shifted in July of this year, that's what opened up all this opportunity. Again, that's why my keyword research methods really haven't changed, except that I'm doing much more discovery through Google search console and GMB Insights now than I ever had before.

Should You Be Worried About Leaving Footprints For Google If You Keep All Your SEO Project Folders In Google Drive?

That was a good example, Marco, thanks. All right. We're gonna keep moving. That's a great question, Liz, by the way. Ken, what's up? Kenny says, “When you are doing your research for the ELC location research spreadsheet for gathering any research, are you saving each different iteration to your local personal G Drive?” Here's a tin foil hat question, guys. Ken, yes, I'm picking on you, buddy. “I'm asking because that would seem to create a footprint and connect things together for big G or is no big deal in creating folders in my G Drive for all my projects and keeping all files and folder research in each folder?”

Hey, look, I know everybody has their own varying opinions on this. I think even Marco now keeps his data in Box or something else, not in Drive. But my entire business is in Drive, it always has been. I don't worry about that shit. I think Google's got much bigger fish to fry. If, at some point, I get where I feel like I'm nervous about it, I may change that, but for now, it's specifically for me, it's because it's an ease of use for me and my team. It's so much easier for me to manage everything within Drive and have all of my team members have access to it so we can collaborate real-time.

I know that there are other services to do it, but I don't want yet another fucking service that I've got to be logged into all the time. I've got too many as it is. I personally like Google apps and everything about Google. I've built my entire business on Google stuff. My entire business is in Google Drive and I'm okay with that. Again, everybody, to each their own. I'm not saying my way is right or wrong. Some of you might say I'm crazy, but I've been getting by just fine and I'm gonna continue to do so until someone proves to me that I need to change it.

Ken, I don't worry about it, but I know some people do. If you're a tin foil hat kind of guy, put another layer on and move your stuff outside of Drive. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: It's not so much that I worry about, it's just that I don't want Google having the data, that's all, and they go into Drive. I plan, the stuff that I'm doing is going to bring the type of revenue that's going to make Google pay attention. So if they do, I don't want them seeing shit anywhere. I'm not gonna make it easier for them to hit me. They've been known to single out people, target people and just wipe them out. So if that happens, it's not going to be because they got the information from me. They might get it from a competitor, they might get it from someone who dislikes me for whatever reason, but they're not gonna get it from me.

Bradley: There you go. Anybody else wanna comment on that?

Hernan: Yeah. I've been using Google Drive for quite a while now. Again, I'm not that worried about Google. Yeah. Maybe I should be a little bit more worried about that, I don't know.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Well, you're a paid traffic guy, not so much in this yoga anymore, so you don't have much to worry about, I suppose.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Or Hernan doing the paid traffic stuff just to fool Google.

Bradley: Yeah. It's a mask. It's a distraction, right? A decoy.

Adam: A ruse.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Okay. Will, I actually took the time to read through your question several times earlier because I had to try to really interpret what it was specifically that you were asking. I've got a couple things I wanna mention. I actually wrote up some notes for this question because there's a couple things. First of all, Will was at POFU Live. Will, if you're not in the Mastermind, which I thought you were, this was a type of question that's more suited for the Mastermind because it's long.

When we do the Mastermind webinar is we get into as deep a question as somebody wants to get into, there's really no limit to that. If somebody wants to come on, and we could spend two hours with one individual's question, if that's what it takes, that's fine, we're happy to do so. But in public, Hump Day Hang out setting like this, in order to be courteous of others, a long question like this would take me 10 minutes to read through it. Honestly, this is not really the type of format for this type of a question.

If you're not in the Mastermind, I'm gonna be giving you some shit right now, Will, you should be. Because you were at the POFU Live event anyways, so you should be in the Mastermind where you can ask these kind of questions. But if you're not, that's okay. I know you're in the POFU group because you were at the live event. We do have a Slack channel dedicated to the POFU attendees and you're more than welcome to jump in there and ask as many questions as you want, we'll answer them in almost real-time.

Again, if you're not in Mastermind, join it already, Will. If you don't, for whatever reason, then use the POFU Live group for extended questions such as this. Now that said, I'm not gonna read through his questions, guys. You guys can read. Those of you that are watching this on the replay, it's been on the screen long enough, hopefully, you've read it. If you're just listening to it, well, tough shit, sorry.

How Does AnswerConnect Handle Calls For Service Providers As Part Of Local Lead Gen?

But here's my answers to his questions. Question number one, first of all, Will, the answering service I use is AnswerConnect, it's not CallFire. CallFire is a virtual phone number service that you can use to buy phone numbers and redirect or reroute to wherever you want. Yeah. You're conflating the two, but that's okay, not a problem. CallRail, yes, I prefer CallRail now over CallFire for my virtual phone number provider. Also, I know CallRail does also provide answering services, I have not used their service for answering services yet, or like a dispatch center or call routing, that types.

I haven't done that yet because I've been using Answer Connect for that. I've been using AnswerConnect since 2012 and there's really no reason for me to change what I've got currently. Now going forward, I may give CallRail's answering service a try. Okay. Excuse me. AnswerConnect does take call, it's a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There's no time off for them. Okay.

This Stuff Works
All of the lead gen properties that I have that route through a call center, the call center will answer the phone whenever the caller calls. The reason I do that specifically is because a lot of my contractors, most of the lead gen stuff that I do is for contractors and most of my contractors are working contractors. In other words, they're out in the field performing work duties, whatever that may be, and so a lot of the times are too busy to answer the phone.

I learned a long time ago that when I routed lead gen calls direct to the contractors, unless they had a receptionist that was going to be live and answering the phone during normal work hours, then I was missing a lot of calls, I wasn't getting paid for a lot of calls that I was generating because they weren't answering the phone. So, I lost a lot of money. I left a lot of money on the table when I was routing calls direct to the contractors, unless they had their own receptionist, which was rare, because usually it was the owner of the business that would take the phone call direct on a cell phone.

Number two, if you've been doing any sort of lead gen work or client work for any amount of time, you already know how much spam calls come through. When you send phone calls direct to a client, the more exposure you get them online the more spam calls they're going to receive. That's another benefit of having an answering service, a call center will screen the calls so that no spam or notifications get to the contractor, the service provider.

That's a huge sales benefit, guys, because when you're talking to a service provider that's gonna be buying leads from you, if you can say, “Hey, the only time you're gonna get any lead information is when they're qualified pre-screened leads. They're qualified calls that have been pre-screened by our call center so you're not gonna get hammered with spam calls. You're not gonna get shitty unqualified messages.” Does that make sense?

Anyways, from that, yes, my answering service, Answerconnect.com. You can go check them out. I've been using them for years. They have a script that they read and ask the caller of specific information. I provide that script. For example, let's say that it's Pepper Tree Services, is the lead gen asset. They would answer “Pepper Tree Services, how may I help you?” Caller would say whatever and you can go through a whole role-playing thing and that's basically what it is. “Do you provide free estimates?” “Yes, we do. We provide tree removal, tree trimming, blah blah blah blah. May I take your name, your phone number, the address of your property, when's the best time to call, what's the service you're needing?”

That's the type of thing, just a very quick survey that they ask them and to qualify the call, get the pertinent information, and then from there, that lead, as soon as the call is ended, and by the way, the answering service just says, “Yeah. We're gonna have our estimator call you back as soon as possible,” or shortly, something like that. “Thank you for your information. Our estimator will call you momentarily.” Okay.

As soon as the phone call ends, then the dispatch center or the AnswerConnect, they forward the call information, the lead info, the contact information to the contractor via email and text, and I get a copy of it via email for my records. Okay. So, that is the billable call right there. There is no duration. The only time that there's … That was number two, I think that was another part of your question.

But also, in some cases, and I mentioned this, there is a live call transfer at the end of the contact information being collected by the call screener, the AnswerConnect. Then, at the end of that, in some cases, I have the call which is live routed or live transferred to the actual contractor at that point, but not until all of the contact information has been secured and taken by the answering service. Right? Because if the contractor doesn't answer, that way we still have that lead information, and that's still a billable call for me. Does that make sense?

Again, the moment the call is done it's mailed out, it's emailed out and texted to the contractor, and I get an email copy of it. Like I said, sometimes there's live transfers, it just depends on the arrangement I have with the contractor.

As for monetizing, I have several types of arrangements, but the most are, because you were asking about that, everybody has to have an ROI, yes. But what I do, it's several different types of arrangements, lease location, which is the simplest for a flat monthly fee. That's where the contractor does not pay per lead. For example, maybe it's a GMB asset or a couple of assets or whatever that I'm gonna rent out to them and it'll be, say, $300, $350 a month, something like that.

Let's say just one asset with an answering service, it's $300 a month. It will cost me roughly $50 a month for an answering service for one location. Depending on call volume, that varies, but let's just say roughly 50. That means I'm making $250. I don't charge on a per call basis for that type of arrangement. Okay. I have several of those out there. Okay. That's what Local Lease Pro is all about.

For pay per lead arrangements, the call is billable as soon as AnswerConnect has collected lead info. In other words, AnswerConnect screens the calls and only the calls that result in full info collected are deemed billable. Right? When I say full info, a lot of times a customer or a prospect, a caller doesn't wanna leave their physical address. Yet, we asked that. Many times we get it, but a lot of the times or sometimes people say no, they're not comfortable giving out their address until they've talked and spoken with the estimator. That still counts as a billable lead because the vast majority of the contact information has been filled out or collected. Right? That's the answer to number one.

How Do You Expand The Number Of Keywords On A GMB For Greater Coverage?

Number two, you say that you've done your research about, and you were looking at keyword number or traffic data, and then you have some formulas that you apply that says you need this number of calls to get a conversion, that then converts to an actual sale, and it's going to be this percentage, blah blah blah. Look, I understand you've done all that research, Will, that's great. That's awesome that you went through all that trouble. But have you set up any tests yet to test those numbers?

This Stuff Works
The reason I say that, I'm not trying to be a dick, but the reason I'm saying that is because I can't tell you how many times I've tried to do research about keywords and found that there was no data or little data or poor data or very low numbers and things like that, but then I've set up campaigns and just knocked it right the hell out of the park with trafficking inversions. I've had that occur via Adwords, like Google Ads, but also just from SEO campaigns.

My point is, even though you may have seen the data and you've applied some formula or another, every specific location, and I have found, will produce it unique results. Right? There's gonna be commonalities among all locations, yes, but what I found is, I could have a tree service Google Ads campaign set up in one location and the same campaign basically set up in another city. There's a set of keywords that are gonna be typical or normal, but then I see a lot of traffic coming in from different sets of keywords for each location, if that makes sense.

What I'm saying is, regardless of what your data shows, without you actually setting up a test campaign and pulling actual real data in, then you're really flying blind. All you can do is make an educated guess. You're speculating, right? So, I would recommend, one of the best ways, guys, to find research is to determine which types of keywords are gonna be bringing traffic, and which types of leads you can get, what conversions are gonna be like, is throw some money at Google Ads, set up some Google Ads campaigns.

You can do it with lead gen stuff, guys. Invest some money to discover what your industry is really about, where the traffic-producing keywords are within your specific vertical. Guys, spending some money on AdWords is a great investment in that case because you'll find out which keywords are bringing the clicks. You can actually start to dial in your copy and your landing pages and everything that way so that any SEO that you apply you already know is going to generate results because you've got the data from AdWords that proves it and you've been able to start dialing the campaign in on that side.

Because, remember, yes, you're spending money on Google Ads, guys, but how much time does it take to get significant results from SEO? I mean, obviously, you can do some Local GMB Pro stuff and some Local Lease Pro stuff and get some quick results, initially. But I'm talking about, if you want to build a really good campaign, like what he's talking about with the type of leads that he wants to get, then I would recommend that you would be doing content marketing and developing out real good content strategy. Just start capturing all those different types of keywords that could bring traffic. But that's gonna take time. You can get some initial results immediately with Google Adwords, which will also give you the best data that you can use to develop or design your SEO campaigns around.

Okay. Those are great questions. Again, Will, next time save this length of a question for either the Mastermind or in the POFU Live group, and that's only to be courteous to everybody else. Does anybody else wanna comment on that before I move on?

Hernan: I think that was perfect, Bradley.

Would You Recommend Using A CoWorking Space Address For A GMB Profile?

Bradley: Okay. I need a drink after that one. Olena's up. “Following the manual approach of getting an address for my GMB profile. Beside a postal box …” By the way, I had a PO box that I had secured a few weeks ago and it was gonna run out of … Before I was buying them up from our own services really. I had gotten notification that I hadn't gone and actually claimed the box, and got the number signed and picked up the keys and all that. So, I went to go do that just yesterday, as a matter of fact, and I had filled out the street addressing form and all that.

I took it to the post office and they basically denied it. They said that they wouldn't honor the street address option at that particular location. Which I thought was bullshit. I've said many, many times, guys, that sometimes you have to educate the postal workers about that street address option. Well, this was the first time that … I've had to educate many of them that said, “I'm not sure that we do that,” and I'd say, “Yes, you do. I got this from the USPS website, this form. Every one of you do it. It's United States Postal Service. This is not an independent Postal Service. You know what I mean? It's the National United States Postal Service. You all take this form.”

This Stuff Works
Well, this one today denied it, or yesterday, I guess it was, denied it. So, I walked out of there mad and I was actually able to get a refund on my PO box, anyways. I shouldn't have even spent the time to drive out there because we have our own service now and it would have saved me a ton of time. But since I had already paid for it, I thought I would do it. So just so you know that PO box stuff, it does work. There's no doubt. I've got them all over Northern Virginia. But there are some locations that just flat out, they're gonna tell you no, because they don't understand it or they haven't been educated on it, and they won't let you do it. So, just keep that in mind.

To finish on Olena's question, she says, “Besides a postal box, would you recommend to get an address from a co-working space in my local area? The niche I'm working on is Internet service related and the co-working location and my service could match.” Yeah, you can do that, Olena. If you can get mail there, a physical address, sure, you absolutely can do that. I wouldn't get some other, like the UPS mailbox stores and stuff like that, I wouldn't use those. Those typically get flagged really quickly. But, yeah, those shared workspace, or co-working spaces, as you're calling it, those will work. As long as you can get mail there, it's like building address and all that, yeah. Absolutely.

“I've spoken to them about receiving verification from Google and they allow companies to operate and work from its premise.” Yep. “Being that Google is aware of this co-working spaces address since they have their own verified GMB profile, do you see any issues with getting another GMB profile with the same address?” No, because here's the thing, in this case, you literally could go to the co-working space to meet potential clients or clients. Right? That's what the whole co-working spaces were for. It's for people, it's like flexible office space, right?

Let's say you work from home, so your home isn't conducive to entertaining or prospecting or pitching prospects, right? You know what I mean? I wouldn't want potential prospects coming to my house or clients come to my house either. These co-working spaces, that's what they're designed for. So, I don't think it would be an issue.

Now I haven't actually set one up there, but I don't think it would be an issue because that's a perfectly valid reason to have a co-working space or shared office space. Right? Because you work from home. But when you need to host an event or meet with clients, then you go to your shared office space. To me, that's perfectly logical. I don't think it would be any problem.

Anybody see any problems with that?

Hernan: I think that's pretty cool. I haven't thought about that, but that makes sense.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: No. I don't see any problem because she's gonna have her own business name and she's gonna have a different phone number. The only thing that's going to be the same is the address and, hopefully, they'll give you like a suite or some type of identifier that will make the address a little bit different-

Bradley: Like a box number or a suite here.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, from everybody else's. That's perfectly okay. Think of an office building and how many different companies can share an office building, right? Google doesn't see any problem with that. The co-working space idea, to me, in that same vein in that you're in an office space, you're renting office space just like if you were with all other companies, except this would be just part-time and just to do what it is that you need to do. I see it perfectly okay.

Can You Place iFrames Into A JPEG Image Metadata Area?

Bradley: Yeah. Good question, Olena. Wood Wine Gift Boxes says, “Can I place iFrames into a JPEG image metadata area? I'm thinking of some type of infinite loop to Drive Album and back.” I'm not sure why you'd want to put an iFrame in the comments section of the metadata of a JPEG image. I don't know what that would accomplish. Marco, would that accomplish anything?

Marco: It would just get the code in there. But he actually got me thinking. Scott, because I think this is Scott, right? Scott Rogers, here's the deal, nothing beats a try but I fail. He wants to have an iFrame stack within that JPEG image. Do that, but then drop some schema before the closing tag in your iFrame. Add some schema in there and then run it through Google's structured data testing tool. Right? You're gonna have to upload the image somewhere so that Google can go in and-

Bradley: Oh, my gosh, I see what you're saying.

Marco: -look for structured data. If Google reads it, then you just got an iFrame stack within that image. Wouldn't it be good if you could just duplicate that multiple times within that comment section. Different iFrame. I'm thinking ID loop to loop.

Bradley: Hey, do you realize we're on Hump Day Hangouts right now, Marco?

Marco: Sorry.

Bradley: Aren't you usually the one pulling the reins back on me?

Marco: No, he got me thinking. Sorry.

Bradley: But, guys, did you just hear what he just said? I don't know whether that will work or not, but that's the next test, right? Guys, take an image. Even if you're not trying to stack an iFrame in the metadata, just create json-ld markup, like local business markup, for example, drop it in the comment section, the metadata of the JPEG image, save it, upload it. Then, go to the structured data testing tool with the image file URL, and stick that in there and test it. Read it and see if it will pull back the structured data.

I've never even thought of that and again I haven't tested it. It might not work, it might not read it at all. But that's an interesting test. I'd like to test that now.

Marco: Me too, which is why he got me thinking. Man, he just got the juices flowing. I said the only way to test that is doing it that way, to see if Google will read the code.

Can An iFrame Be Tweeted Out?

Bradley: Yeah, that's interesting. That's a new test. Okay, cool. “Can an iFrame be tweeted out somehow?” Well, when you tweet out a YouTube video, that's basically a tweeted iFrame. I don't know if you can iFrame other stuff because Twitter just converts the YouTube URL into an embed, which is an iFrame. Marco, can you tweet out on iFrame?

Marco: I think that Twitter turns it into an image, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't done Twitter stuff in a long time, guys. We haven't needed to look for that extra power. Twitter stuff? I'm out of tune with Twitter right now.

Bradley: Yeah. I was never in tune with Twitter. I just never cared, honestly. I know you can get a lot of power on it but …

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah. We used to do some nasty shit with Twitter, like pinging, t.co Google shortener, and then we will ping it with something like ScrapeBox and a Google shortener, where we show up a bunch of hits coming from Twitter, like simulating virality. That was fun, but yeah, it's been a while.

Bradley: Yeah. You could take a tweet with Google short URL and then have it retweeted and it would look like hits to that URL.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Twitter, anything that you throw at Twitter will become a t.co shortener.

Bradley: Yeah. You could mimic a post going viral or a video going viral just buying retweet gigs from Fiverr. It was cool. It worked really well for video SEO. It probably still does, I haven't done it in a while.

Hernan: Maybe.

How Much Power Do You Lose If You Don’t Put The Map Embed On Every Website Page?

Bradley: Yeah. Jordan says, “Second question, if others aren't waiting. Ideally, we like to put the map embed from the drive stack on the footer so it's on every page of site. But some clients don't like it aesthetically. How much power are we losing putting it on a Locations page and/or Contact Us page only? FTR, I'm embedding it in @id custom local biz page.” I wouldn't worry about it, Jordan.

As a matter of fact, if you take a look … I'm gonna talk about this from a couple of … I'm sure Marco has some input on this too. But when it comes to structured data, I know that's not specifically what you're asking about, but when it comes to structured data, like local business markup or organization markup, that kind of stuff, it's not necessary to put that site wide. Right? Specifically in Google's structured data guide, it talks about how it really only needs to be on a Locations page, About Us page or Contact Us page. That's it. It doesn't have to be anywhere else on the site. We typically put it site wide in the HTML header. But we don't have to. It can be according, to Google's own recommended best practices guide, it can be on the Locations, About Us, or Contact Us page. Right?

When it comes to a map, I totally get that, if a client doesn't want the map site wide in the footer or in the sidebar or something like that, then just put it on the Contact page, About Us page, or Locations page. That's perfectly fine since you have an @id page that you have the map embedded into. That's where you do all your nasty stuff. You don't need to worry about having it on every page on your site.

That's my take on it. I know you can get more link equity or link flow flowing to a map that's on the home page in the sidebar and the footer than you could if it was on an inner page, obviously. Right? Because that's where most of the juice flows to a domain, is the root. But again, I wouldn't worry about it since you have an @id page. Obviously, you've got to always consider what the client wants.

Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. If you follow RYS training, especially the black book, we recommend the home page just for that reason. Most of the link equity, most of … everything goes into the homepage and then Google branches out from there. That's why we recommend it on the home page. You can make my map look really good, I mean, with custom pin and all that stuff, so that the client doesn't really complain about what it does aesthetically. I mean, if you're scrolling down, I don't know what the concern is with my map in the footer. You can always control it with Widget Logic or some other type of plug-in where the map will display so that doesn't display site-wide. But I do like it on the home page, Jordan. Maybe you can sneak an accordion in there.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Some type of accordion so that is hidden within the accordion. But I want it either on the sidebar or in the footer, or both.

Bradley: What about instead of an embed just a contextual link in the footer or something that says “see us on Google Maps” or something, then even put a keyword as the link and just linking to it? That's still not as good as embed, I get that, but then you'd still have a home page link pushing equity to it.

Marco: Yeah, but it's not the iFrame. I'm looking for the iFrame. That's all I'm looking for. I'm looking for that iFrame with that JavaScript link going back to the my map and the drive stack.

Bradley: Then, I got you. Jordan, there you go. According to Marco, yeah, an accordion menu, like an expandable menu, that would be good. You could put it behind something, like somebody clicks on it and it expands and there it is, but that way it's still on the home page, it's still benefiting from the root into the home page. There you go. All right.

Can You Use CoWorking Space Address For A Local Lead Gen GMB Page?

Mattias says, “Hi, guys. One question about GMB listing verification. I know that lead gen assets you promote are mainly for service area businesses, but I found some easy to rank opportunities for local real estate accounts, et cetera, and would like to build my own asset for rent instead of working on theirs. Since these are niches which typically use physical locations, I was thinking in using co-working spaces for verification, and then once I closed the deal with the client, redesign the website with their name and logo, but keeping my address and tracking number. Or perhaps the only option is to rank organically with the standard WordPress site.”

Yeah. Well, the problem with doing those type of businesses is, remember, a point-of-sale business or a storefront where the customer comes to the business location to transact business. Like an accountant, for example, for the most part, people go to the accounting office. I mean, my accountant actually comes to my home. But again, for the most part, if you're going to be doing it that way, storefront type businesses, the problem arises when a user, a Google user does a search like “accountant near me” or “CPA near me” and then they find your listing, and what happens if they don't call? They just go to the office. People do that still, right? People still do that. They still find something near me and then go to that location without calling or anything.

What are they gonna do? They show up at a co-working space, shared office space, like we were just talking about earlier, and the accountant is not there because you're just leasing that asset and directing leads to wherever the accountant's real office is. So, that would piss users off and it's eventually going to end up either with negative reviews on your GMB listing for that or it's going to get reported as the business doesn't actually physically exist there. Then, Google will terminate it for spam. That's the problem with trying to do lead gen stuff with storefront businesses, guys. Again, you're welcome to try it, but I'm telling you the potential problems that you're gonna run into, that are very likely to happen.

This Stuff Works
I would be pissed off if I did a search something near me, found a store supposedly, and I go to drive to that location or walk or whatever, I get to that location to find out that it was a spammed GMB listing. I'd be pissed. I'm an SEO, you know what I mean? I would even understand why they did it, but I'd still be mad that they wasted my time. Does that make sense? It would either end up, me, I would leave a shitty review or it would be reported. You know what I mean? I'm not saying I would report, I don't typically do that.

But my point is, somebody would and that could end up being a problem. If you end up with negative reviews on your Maps listing, it's gonna affect your GMB asset, even if it doesn't get reported. But if you end up doing it clients and you rebrand it for them, then that's technically a negative, it's negative reflection on their business. That could be a problem for you too.

I don't recommend doing it for storefront businesses, guys. In that case, organic rankings and Google Ads, those are my two favorite sources for that type. Okay. Do you guys have any comments on that or should I move on? We're almost done anyways, I think.

Marco: No.

Does Using Call Rail Phone Tracking For A Client’s GMB Account Create Problems With NAP Consistency?

Bradley: Okay. Brian says, “How do you use CallRail phone tracking for client's GMB account or on other properties? Because won't that create NAP consistency problem?” Yeah, Brian, so you don't use, I'm talking about when you set up an asset, start off using your own tracking numbers. If you have a client that you need to track numbers for … All right. I know there's a AdWords phone number that you, you can add additional numbers to GMB, to a Google My Business listing.

If all you're doing is trying to track calls through the Google My business listing, then you could have both phone numbers in there, because Google will be aware of both numbers. So, your NAP from your citations would still be built to the customers number, but you could have the GMB listing displaying your tracking number as long as the customer's phone number is still in the GMB dashboard. Because you can add more than one number, is what I'm saying, but you would make the primary number your tracking number.

Now I haven't tested that in quite some time. I don't know if that's going to cause problems with existing citations out there, NAP inconsistency. My point is Google … The reason why I'm telling you this is because I know for a fact, and I've talked on the phone with Google My Business support reps about this, I have a client that has a physical location that is displayed incorrectly in Google Maps. When I edit the info, it's a storefront business, it's a preschool, when I edit the info for the store, the location of the business, it's always correct, it's been added or inputted correctly to GMB, yet GMB or Google My Business Google Maps displays the address in a different format.

I contacted them and said, “Well, how am I supposed to build business directories listings, should I use the correctly formatted address the way the United States Postal Service says it should be standard address formatting or should I use what's displayed?” The Google reps have said to me that I should use what the correct address format that is entered in the backend or Google My Business dashboard. Even though the Google is displaying it differently, they're displaying it differently because the other addresses in that shopping center are displayed that way. So, it's the more common display type. So all the citations are built with the correct formatted address, which does not match what shows on the Google My Business, if that makes sense. Yet, I've never had any problems with that listing. I was able to get it ranked very, very quickly and it's ranked today. That had been a client of mine now for a little over a year.

So, my point is, I know that as long as the data on the backend is inputted correctly, the Google is aware of it. It shouldn't cause you any problems, if you want to add your tracking number as the display number in GMB, as long as the primary business number is still included in the GMB dashboard.

But again, I have not tested that specifically. It should work, but I haven't tested it. The only other way that you could do it would be to set up the listing with that number or flat out, just the tracking number, I mean, or flat out change it and then do a citation cleanup. But then that puts you in control of their phone number across all their listings, not just their Maps listing and most clients aren't gonna go for that.

As far as tracking other results, remember, you have GMB Insights. You should have probably access to Analytics, so if you're doing work for your clients, then you should always take screenshots when you start the project. I take screenshots monthly so that we have a progression, they can always go back and look at screenshots side by side or scroll through them in a folder and look and see the type of results, increase in impressions, increase in number of keywords, increase in traffic numbers, decrease in rank, like getting higher in the search results, that kind of stuff. All of those are kind of metrics that you can show to prove what you're doing, if you're not tracking calls specifically.

This Stuff Works
That was a good question.

Marco: CallRail had a dynamic call tracking or call insertion. I forget what it's called in CallRail. But look into that so that you can track results for the client. Now as far as GMB, get your own assets and redirect the calls to the client, you track them in CallRail, you send them to the client's number, everybody's happy.

What Are Your Thoughts On PressCable's Statement That All News Sites Purge PRs From Sites?

Bradley: Yeah. He says, “I asked the PressCable guys,” Dan says, “if they could tell me which purge their press releases and this was their response. ‘Please be advised that all new sites purged PRs from sites.'” That's not true, because Digital Journal I know for a fact has PRs that I published that are still live from years ago. They're still linked targets. Digital Journal is one. That's absolutely not true. Most of them probably do at some point.

For example, and I've said this before, NBC 29 is the Richmond, Virginia NBC affiliate and Richmond is the capital of Virginia. So, NBC 29, every time a press release gets published for a Virginia, a client of mine or one of my lead gen assets that are in Virginia, the NBC 29 press release typically ranks very, very well.

But I've seen those live as many as six months later, I think six months is like the definitive cutoff point where they purge for those. But I've also seen like no shit on the NBC 29 domain the press release purged within two weeks. So, I really don't understand, like sometimes it's two weeks, sometimes it's a month, sometimes six weeks, sometimes it's six months. So, I don't understand what their criteria is for purging. There may be some publications out there that it's a year and then they purge them or whatever.

That's why, like I went back through the Local PR Pro training and I very specifically talked about, with the PR stacking, that you should really know the services that you're using to identify which are the best stacking targets. In other words, find ones that are permanent. That's why I love Press Advantage and that's why we use it so much. We sell Press Advantage Press Releases because the Press Advantage domain itself is powerful. You get an organization page, which is a great link target. It's fabulous, plus it's got iFrames embedded. It's awesome, guys.

But then the actual Press Releases from Press Advantage rank very well, they're very well written, you get NAP and a do-follow link on it. It's just really, really strong and they don't purge. So, those become now are my primary link targets for a PR stack or my Press Advantage PRs. Or Digital Journal, which are all no-follow links, but it's still powerful.

If you are submitting Press Releases through PressCable, you'll notice that, and it might only be on premium distribution, but you'll get distributed out to newswire.net. Newswire.net, I don't think they purge from there either and that's another good link target. So, I would check into that, Dan. I can't remember though, because I have a subscription to Press Cable too. I don't remember if newswire.net is only for the premium distribution or if that's part of the regular distribution.

All right, last two questions, guys. I know we're a couple minutes over. We should be out here in about three minutes. Wayne says, “What is today, Bradley? Let's give away all the goodies from the Mastermind.” Yeah. “LOL. Truly good stuff you're sharing here today. If you haven't seriously considered joining Mastermind, then consider today's info, just to taste of the high-quality info you will garner from Mastermind.”

Thank you, Wayne. I appreciate that. Merry Christmas to you buddy and your family. Wayne's been a member of ours for as long as I can remember. Thanks, Wayne.

How Do You Get The Most Bang For Your Buck On Each Google Post?

Casey says, “Thank you guys for doing this. How do you get the most bang for your buck on each Google post?” I guess timing really. You have a good image, but the timing is really important. Marco talks about that a lot. You can see that, you can identify those kind of the best times just from looking at Insights reports. So, look at your Google Insights, Casey. I'm not gonna go in the detail here. Just go look at your Google insights report and take a look at the days that bring the most engagement and those are probably the days that you should be posting more often. At least in my opinion, it's probably how to get the most bang from a GMB post, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
Marco, what would you say?

Marco: If you go into the historical data, you can actually get the times when people tend to reach out for whatever. I don't care what niche. There are certain times that people are more active than others. Days also, we found that out with Mario. What the days were when you should be posting and the Times. That's all in the historical data and that's all shared inside the Local GMB Pro. I'm not gonna do it in here.

Bradley: Yeah. What's really cool was I recently landed a very large, well, for me, AdWords client or Google Ads client, it's about 20k a month an ad spend. That's the biggest account I've managed for Adwords, specifically. It's really cool. AdWords has come a long, long way in the last year, guys. It's really crazy, like the amount of stuff that's been added in Adwords, like automated bidding strategies and all this kind of stuff. But what's cool is they have an overview report now, which will show you, it'll give you recommendations on how to optimize the campaigns more.

One of the things that it does is, it shows you, after you have enough data, it'll show you the times of days that your ads are most likely to receive clicks or that people are most active and engaged, or most active searching for those type of keywords. It will actually tell you that, through using automated bidding strategies, it can increase your CPC bid or whatever during those times and decrease it during the times that the data shows that people are less likely to be active. So that you can stretch your marketing, your budgeting dollars out further, you can get more bang for your buck, essentially.

That kind of data you can actually apply to, that's what Marco's saying, you can get similar kind of data. I don't know if it's nearly as accurate, but you can get similar data from GMB Insights. If you're are using AdWords, you can also plan your content strategy around publishing content at those times that AdWords recommends that people most likely to engage with your ads or your content, your brand, if that makes sense.

Again, use the data that they give you, guys, to fine-tune your marketing campaigns. That's all I can say. All right. Thanks everybody for being here. Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night. I'll see guys next week.

Adam: Bye, everybody.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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