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By April


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Bradley: Hey everybody. This is Bradley Benner. This is Semantic Mastery and Hump Day Hangouts for this episode, what, 202. Wow! This is the 19th of September 2018. We've only got two of my partners on with me today. I've got Chris and Marco. What's up, Chris? How are you?

Chris: Doing good. Glad to be here.

Bradley: Awesome. Anything going on that we should know about or anything special, or exciting, or any of that?

Chris: Well, POFU is coming out soon. Getting over to the states, at least I am soon. Nothing else going on in mind.

Bradley: Very cool. It looks like Adam is driving and hanging out again. Adam, can you hear me?

Adam: Sorry, I'm probably pretty scratchy. I just got on the ground in the nick of time. Just thought I'd pop on and say hi to everybody. I'm late to do the intro, but I wanted to see what you guys are up to today.

Bradley: Awesome.

Chris: Sweet.

Bradley: Pay attention to the road, man.

Adam: Yeah. This is nice. I'm not driving today.

Bradley: All right. Marco, what's up, buddy?

Marco: What's up, man? I'm good, working on MGYB, trying to get everything together in there for all of our members and followers so that they can have their services all in one place and done-for-you. Whatever they need, it will be available, it just takes time. Then, the other thing is, of course, working on the next-gen software, the not-having-anything-to-do-with-Google-ever-again software and still make tons of money. That's what I'm on. So, yeah, I mean, this is like … I don't know, I haven't been this busy and geeked up about something in a very long time. But I think this is really going to be a killer.

Bradley: That's awesome. Well, that's great. Guys, just a couple things before we get started, some housekeeping things. Number one, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, there's a couple things we recommend that you do, first, subscribe to our YouTube channel. The reason why is because we produce a ton of content, video content, a lot of training videos, stuff that comes out of the Hump Day Hangouts. We also chop up individual question and answers and repost those as individual video clips. By subscribing to our channel, you will get notified of update videos. Anything that we post publicly you'll get notified of.

Also, you can check out our channel for any questions that you may have. For example, if you have questions about SEO or local marketing or content syndication or whatever, we have a knowledge base at [email protected]. You could always go check our Frequently Asked Questions over there.

But our YouTube channel is really a wealth of information. We've been at this now for 202 episodes, almost an entire four years. We've got, literally, thousands of videos on our YouTube channel. So if you go to our channel, which is Youtube.com/semanticmastery and then click on the channel search function, you can actually search questions over there. Because we have timestamps in our videos and such, the search function works really well. You'll typically get multiple answers from us around one question and you can just start going through them and listening to the answers because a lot of times we have answered the same question many times anyways. So, I highly recommend that you do that.

Also, we've got the POFU Live event, which is our first live event that we're hosting coming up in October, October, I think 19th and 20th, or 20th and 21st. We would highly recommend that you come to that.

Guys, do any of you have the link that you can drop on the event page for that, or is it just Pofulive.com, I think? Pretty sure it's just Pofulive, P-O-F-U live dot com, if you want to check that out. We have VIP tickets still, a couple of VIP ticket tickets left, guys. The price is gonna be going up. I don't know when exactly. I think Adam told me, but I don't remember. Let me see if I can find it. Does anybody know when Adam said we were supposed to …? Next Wednesday, got it. Okay.

All VIP tickets will be gone next Wednesday. So if you guys were thinking about coming, I would highly recommend, if you're interested in the VIP, which is gonna be an entire extra day with us. Really, essentially, we're gonna have the VIP day before the start of the event and you're gonna have direct access to us. It would be a much smaller group and we're gonna do some fun stuff. We're gonna … I can't reveal what we're doing just yet, but it'll be kind of like a group environment. It's more about just connecting, I mean, we could certainly talk business and methods and strategies and all that, that's what it's for, but it's just to get us all together and to get to know each other and stuff.

So, the VIP is gonna be really good. There's also some additional benefits, some additional time that we're gonna spend with the VIP members. All of us, all my partners and I, to help you with your specific business, any issues or problems that you're facing, hurdles, things like that.

I highly recommend you check it out. All prices are gonna be going up as well as the VIP tickets will be shut down as of Wednesday next week. Okay. Chris-

Chris: Well, I'm not sure what you're going to talk about, but I'm gonna be dropping a couple bombs over there. So everybody who is at the event definitely will see a massive change in the business, obviously, it's for the positive. So, be excited.

Bradley: Yeah. In fact, Marco, do you wanna comment on that for a minute while I put something up?

Marco: Yeah. I mean, I'm gonna be talking about … Yeah. If you don't know what POFU is, if you're not there, then it's kind of nebulous. So, you need kind of like a road map. Yeah.

I don't want to drop an F-bomb this early, but how in the world do I get to POFU? These people that are feeding you a whole bunch of garbage all over the web. It's recycled garbage. It's stuff that they take from somebody else and make it their own. They don't even present the information correctly and it just confuses people. So, what I want to do is I want to get some of that confusion out of the way.

This Stuff Works
This is what you need to do and this is how you need to do it and that kind of thing. You know that when I get going, I'm very raw and I'm gonna try to offend as many people as possible. I hope you don't have any delicate sensibilities if you're coming. If you do, leave them at the fucking door, man.

Bradley: There you go. All right. I'm gonna add an image to the event page right now. This is what we're calling the POFU ladder. Essentially, guys, this is really the goal that we're … It's gonna be on the event page now, if you guys refresh the page or it should pop up in a second. Essentially, it's a five-step process: find a local niche and crush it, contact leads using our proven system, give them amazing local results fast using our methods that build your team of A players, and outsource, and scale it and take it to the next level.

It's a five step process. That's what we're gonna be teaching. It's all about learning how to turn your business into systems and processes that you can scale, get the hell out of your own way, stop being the bottleneck in your own business, and really start taking your business to the next level. That's really what we're gonna be doing.

Excuse me for a second, I got somebody calling me. Sorry, guys. All right. Okay.

That said, POFU Live, I don't know if somebody dropped a link or not. It looks like you did, Marco, so thank you. The next thing is, guys, we had an amazing webinar on Monday with Press Advantage and Press Advantage 2.0. Jeremy [inaudible 00:08:04], one of the co-founders and owners of Press Advantage came on with me and we spent two and a half hours wrapping about Press Releases and how freaking incredible, which you guys should already be aware of that since we have local PR Pro, which was an entire training developed specifically for how to rank local properties or local assets using Press Releases.

When Jeremy came on with us on Monday and did this webinar, I wasn't even aware of how amazing of an offer, and this is no bullshit, how amazing of an offer he gave us during the webinar. Again, I was completely blindsided by it. I couldn't believe how amazing the offer was, in fact, afterwards I had a follow-up call with him on Tuesday, and I ended up purchasing the upgraded offer plus the OTO for that offer, the one-time offer for that for my own agency. We're also getting one for Semantic Mastery, a separate account for Semantic Mastery.

Guys, I highly recommend that you take some time. Again, it's a two and a half hour webinar. Even if you don't want to purchase what the offer is at the end, which, if you're using Press Releases, you'd be absolutely nuts not to purchase at the end. Regardless, you should at least watch the training because there's a lot of really good training in there.

He's been in the press release business for seven years. I've been using Press Releases for about that long, but not real heavily until about a year and a half ago. Now, Press Releases are my preferred off-page link building method and I use them all the damn time. Again, it was a very exciting webinar. Him and I had a lot to talk about and we bounced a lot of ideas off each other as far as what we've been doing in our businesses with Press Releases for results.

I would highly recommend you check that out. I'm gonna drop the link on the page but that was at semanticmastery.com/press-advantage. I'm gonna drop the link on the page and then we're gonna move on.

Anything else, guys, before we get into questions?

Marco: Nope. I'm good.

Bradley: Okay.

Chris: Let's do it.

Bradley: Let me make sure I got the right link before I do that. Stand by. Without our wonderful host Adam here, I've got to do it all. Let me just make sure that's correct.

Chris: Cool.

Bradley: All right. I'm gonna drop this on the page and then I'll grab the screen and we'll get into it Press Advantage. Again, guys, go check it out while it's still open. I think it's gonna be open until Monday night next week, so you should have some time, but definitely go through it. Even if you're not planning on buying, I highly recommend that you go through it, at least the training portion of it. All right?

Okay. I'm gonna grab the screen. We're gonna get into questions.

Chris: Do you get the camera, man?

Bradley: Good. Good point. Thank you. Thank you, Chris. All right. Let's get started.

What's The Difference Between The Rocket Video Ranker And The Video Carpet Bomb?

Douglas is up first. He says, “How does Bill Cousins' Rocket Video Ranker that you guys promoted compare and differentiate from Video Carpet Bomb thing that you guys got going on?”

Well, Rocket Video Ranker is a good tool. It's also a spam tool, in my opinion, which Video Carpet Bomb is a spam method, there's no doubt, I'm not trying to hide that at all. We're using basically the same video file uploaded to multiple channels targeting variations of keywords, or the same keyword with different location modifiers, whatever.

The difference between Video Carpet Bomb, I'm 100% transparent with you guys, as always am, the tool that we use for that method or that process is Video Marketing Blitz suite of tools from Abbas Ravji. The specific tool within that suite is called Video Keyword Prospector. That's what my VA uses. There's a bit of a learning curve for that tool. It's very, very powerful but it is a bit of a learning curve. It's a bitch to set up because you have to generate a bunch of API keys, all this stuff, whatever.

My point is, it takes quite a bit of time to learn how to use it, but it's a very powerful tool. What I like about Video Keyword Prospector and the Video Marketing Blitz tool or our Video Carpet Bomb method is that it uses multiple YouTube channels. It's less likely for any one channel to get terminated because with Rocket Video Ranker, which is Bill Cousins' tool, which also works and it works rather quickly, it takes the same video and uploads it to the same channel 30 times. At least the last time I used it, which has been several months now. That was the recommended maximum number of instances of the same video to the channel, is 30. Okay?

This Stuff Works
Obviously, guys, think about it, if you have the same video file, now there's things that it does to make the video file unique so that it can be uploaded to the same channel 30 times. But if somebody comes across a channel and all 30 videos are the exact same video, according to us as we see it, the encoding may be different or whatever, YouTube might think they're different, but we can tell that it's all the same damn video, then typically that video or that channel can be reported for spam and it will be terminated.

I've also found that the Rocket Video Ranker channels sometimes, almost like they get sandboxed where they get D indexed or terminated but they don't show up well. You have to search for the actual URL of the video for it to appear in search. If you search for the keywords of the title of the video, it doesn't show up, or at least in the top 10 pages. I found that to happen often with those channels, they last for a short period of time.

They're both churn and burn strategies, guys. Make no mistake about that. These are not long-term strategies. I mentioned on a previous Hump Day Hangout recently that the Video Carpet Bomb method is great as a churn and burn strategy and something that you can sell as a recurring service. In other words, every single month you rerun the campaign or you rerun the campaign with different set of keywords or different set of locations. You would charge on a recurring basis to rerun that campaign every month. Or to purchase it from us every month and just upsell it, or mark it up and sell it to your end-user.

The difference is, with Video Carpet Bomb, we upload a video file to multiple channels. So, any individual channel in our Video Carpet Bomb-, or service, excuse me, is gonna have a whole bunch of different kinds of videos uploaded to it. Because we have, say, 50 YouTube channels connected to that tool at any time, so if we upload a video and we're targeting, let's say, 100 keywords or keyword plus location combinations, we might only have that same video upload two times to any one channel. Does that make sense? Those other channels are also gonna have other videos from other campaigns that we've done. My point is, it's a lot less likely for any one of those channels to get terminated.

With video-, Rocket Video Ranker, excuse me, it's one video 30 times to the same channel. It works well and it works well quickly, but what I found is they typically don't last that long and, when the channel gets ghosted or sandboxed, it affects all of those same videos. All of the videos for that particular campaign. Whereas, with our Video Marketing Blitz, if any one of the channels gets terminated or goes to the sandbox, we still have all the other channels that have the videos up on them, if that makes sense.

Again, it's about diversifying, guys, mitigating risk, limiting your exposure. Personally, I like the Video Carpet Bomb method better. There's nothing wrong with Bill Cousins' tool. We've promoted it, it is a good tool. It absolutely works. Just know that I personally chose to use the Video Keyword Prospector tool of Video Marketing Blitz as part of the Video Carpet Bomb for the tool that we use specifically for that reason that I just mentioned.

It was a good question, though, Douglas. Okay. But you can still accomplish the same thing using that tool. If you have it, use it. Just be aware that, typically, you're gonna have to rerun those campaigns more often, you're gonna have to have more disposable channels available because channels get sandboxed, seem to happen rather often. All right.

Do You Recommend Buying Google Accounts From Bulkvpa.com For GMB Listings?

DA or Da B. Okay. “Hey, guys. I'm planning to create a massive GMB listing for one brand. I am going to use different Google accounts for each city. I think about buying accounts from bulkpba.com and registering all the GMBs with those accounts. Do you guys recommend doing that or do some GMB listings get deleted because of the fake accounts?”

Okay. I've got no problem doing that. In fact, that's typically how I do stuff. When I'm registering my own GMBs, I will do that. I will use a phone verified, double phone verified accounts that I got from Bulk Pva, which is Metro Biz or whatever. I buy a lot of accounts from him. In fact, we were just talking about a bunch of YouTube accounts for our Video Carpet Bomb, the tool that we use for Video Carpet Bomb. That's where we get all of our YouTube accounts, it's the same provider. All right.

Here's the thing about that, DA or Da. I'm not sure what to call you. What I recommend if you're going to do that, first of all, this is assuming that you are going to be claiming and registering that Google My business verifies underneath these Gmail accounts. That means you're gonna to be doing the actual registration of the GMBs and then verifying them, or you or your team, or whatever.

If you buy Done-For-You Google My Business for GMB verified services, which we now sell inside of MGYB, our store, then you don't need any Gmail accounts because we actually produce that for you. You get that included with the GMB verification; a new Gmail account gets created and all that. I'm just telling you that. I'm assuming you're gonna do it on your own. But I just want everybody to understand you don't need to provide a Gmail account if you're buying the verified GMB profiles from us. Okay?

That said, yes, you can use the Bulk VPA accounts. Here's how you safeguard those accounts from termination. When you get them back from the provider, I highly recommend that you use something like Browseo or Ghost Browser and you add each individual Gmail account to its own profile or instance, its own browser instance. Browseo, you call that a profile, or a project, I think it is.

So now, each individual Gmail account now will have its own browsing history so you want to segregate or separate all of them. So that you're not just, for example, using your Firefox browser, for example, to log into one account, set up a GMB, then log out, clear cache and cookies, and then log in again with another GMB or another Google account and do it all over again. Because that looks very suspicious and because those were purchased Gmail accounts, if you do anything suspicious with them especially initially, then they will get terminated or you'll get locked out of them.

But if you log in for the first time, even from the same IP, you don't even need proxies, guys, you can use the same IP but just have Browseo or Ghost Browser open, log into each Gmail account from a separate browsing instance, and don't clear cache or cookies for that ever. Every time you log back into that account, it should be through the same browser profile in either Browseo or Ghost Browser or a comparable tool, because those browser profiles contain all the browsing history, all the websites that were visited, all that kind of stuff so it starts to build a profile, which is natural, that's normal.

That's what people in the real-world do, right? They don't clear cache and cookies after ever browsing instance. All right. So, that's number one, is make sure that you're doing that so that you're constantly accruing additional history and profile data for that particular account. All right. So, that's number one.

Number two, changed the password. Because, not that Metro biz does this, but I know that when I bought accounts in the past, and maybe it's not intentional, maybe it's on accident, but I know that sometimes the accounts, if you don't change the passwords, they will get resold. I'm not saying he does that. I'm just saying I bought enough accounts over the years that I know that one of the first things you need to do is change the password. Okay?

One other thing you can do is, if you have domain, like web mails accounts for just various domains that you have, is you can set up domain email accounts, web mail accounts through cPanel that you use as the recovery email for your Google Gmail accounts. If you're buying Gmail accounts, you should have you should set up your own recovery email. When you first log in, change the password and change the recovery email. Okay?

That's pretty much it. If you do those three things, then you should be able to use those purchased phone verified accounts absolutely fine for creating and claiming GMB profiles. Okay. Good question, though.

Jordan's up. He says, “When you are all fired up for Hump Day Hangouts this afternoon but realize it's only Tuesday.” Oh, that was yesterday. That's funny. It's funny.

Why Do You Use Google Tag Manager For 301 Redirects In Local GMB Pro?

Okay. Da B. is up again. He says, “Hey, guys. Question in local GMB Pro, you use the Google tag manager to redirect from the website to the GMB website. My question now, why not use a normal 301? And where can I see how to create that code?”

Well, in Local GMB Pro, if you're in Local GMB Pro, you have that code already. It's just a simple meta refresh code and it's already in the training-, the summary section of that lesson where I teach that, because it should be right in the right-hand sidebar. It's a one-line piece of code, right? The reason why instead of using a straight 301 is because it's a meta refresh. Because a meta refresh the page will load and then the bot will read the directive in the HTML header, and then redirect to the destination page. It's kind of a way, like if you want …

For example, and specifically, and I'm not revealing anything here, Marco, so don't worry. But specifically I talked about, if you're going to be using a self-hosted website and you want to inject local business schema or structured data in the HTML header of the site, which is very powerful, then I want an HTM-, excuse me, a meta refresh as a redirect to the business site, the GMB website instead of just a straight 301. Because it gives the Googlebot the chance to read that json-ld structured data before it redirects to the destination page, which, in this case, was the GMB website.

That's the only reason why. If you do a straight 301, it bypasses the redirect URL altogether and just goes direct to the GMB website. But with the meta refresh, it reads the head section, the HTML head section of the page before it redirects. That way it gives Googlebot the data from the structured data. That's the only reason why I did that. If you're not gonna be using a self-hosted website, you don't even need to worry about it.

By the way, for all the GMB stuff that I've been sniping lately, I'm not even setting up self-hosted websites anymore, guys. I'm just using the GMB website because it's free, it doesn't require hosting, and it doesn't require updating like WordPress does every other day. Okay.

Marco: Yeah. One last thing, you're asking Local GMB Pro questions, if you have the course, then we have a Facebook group for questions like this where we can go more in-depth and just tell you exactly what it is that you need to do. Or just go into the training, if you have the training.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Temporary Benefits Of Press Releases On Site Rankings?

Bradley: Yep. Very good. Gordon. What's up, Gordon? He says, “Hey, guys. Thanks again for the help you provide on Hump Days, it's greatly appreciated.” I'll plus one that. Thank you, Gordon. He says, “I read an article recently from an expert who says the benefits from using Press Releases do not last very long as the media sites used for distribution do not want excessive content on their sites and they clean out previously posted press releases on a regular basis.” Yeah. We call that the purge. I covered that extensively in Local PR Pro. Yeah. We'll actually cover that a lot in the webinar on Monday too with Jeremy of Press Advantage.

“Is this true? If so, what is the typical time period the Press Release remains alive before it is cleansed for the posted site? Thanks again, Gordon.” Gordon, it's gonna depend. It's gonna vary on each individual publication site. Even the individual publication sites, the time frames will vary from when they purged those from their records. Apparently, they say they don't want to clutter up their databases, which is bullshit because the pages, they're such small files, especially if they're just text files, which they typically are, unless you include an image.

My point is, they do purge them. I'll give you a perfect example. One of the distribution sites for almost all of the distribution networks that I published press releases through, Press Advantage being one of them, is NBC12.com. NBC12.com is the Richmond, Virginia NBC affiliate. Okay. Or affiliate for NBC, right? I obviously do a lot of stuff with businesses in Virginia, so whenever I published a press release about a business in Virginia, typically, the NBC 12 version of it, that page, the press release published on the NBC 12 website ranks very well in Virginia. It makes sense.

Richmond is the capital of Virginia and this is the NBC affiliate station for Richmond. Obviously, from promoting Richmond, Virginia-, or excuse me, a Virginia business, the NBC 12 version or the press release published on NBC 12.com ranks very well. However, they purge. NBC 12 purges. Sometimes it at lasts three or four or five months. Other times it doesn't even last three or four or five weeks. I know that to be 100% true because I was, literally, checking on one of the press releases. I'm doing, recording training videos for a product that we're launching on October 1st. We'll talk more about that next week, guys.

Anyways, I was doing some research on some of the press release stuff that I've been doing on. Literally, one of the press releases for my own agency, I published about my own agency, is less than three weeks old and on the NBC 12 site it's throwing the 404 error now. So it varies. I have other press releases published on NBC 12 site that are now three or four months old and they're still valid, they're still there.

This Stuff Works
So I don't know what these publication sites do. I don't know what criteria they used for purging. I don't know if it's time. I don't know if it's … Again, if the time varies, what triggers it to vary? What triggers it to be purged to sooner than later, that kind of stuff. I honestly have no idea. There's absolute truth in the statement that you heard there from the expert who said that benefits of press releases don't last very long.

So, what's the solution? Continually publish press releases. This is a simple answer to that, guys. Just make it a regular thing right. Publish press releases regularly and consistently. We talked on the webinar, Jeremy says, “The sweet spot is publishing three press releases per month per business.” That's the real sweet spot where he gets the most results. I threw my Local PR Pro method that I developed and I tested and really just started.

The whole Local PR Pro thing was born out of a test to disprove that press releases worked for local rankings. I set out to disprove that that they worked and I was proven wrong. They do work and they work freaking really well. Anyways, like I said, just continually publish.

With my method, I have found at least a minimum of two press releases. Typically, what I do with press releases is I published one every two weeks. So, two per month per business until I gained traction. Jeremy was talking about how his magic number is three per month per business. So, just play around with it, but the key is to continually publish anything that's newsworthy.

Pretty much anything can be made newsworthy, guys. You got a new blog post? Write a PR about it, publish a PR about it. Got a new review? Publish a PR about it. Got a new special or new coupon, new discount, new product, new service? Publish a PR about it. New employee, a new award recognition, new sponsorship activity for local little league or something? Publish a press release about it.

My point is, there's really no shortage of ways to tie press releases or news releases back to the business, and so the idea is to keep doing it. Okay. Again, those timeframes vary from when they purge. The goal is, and if you've ever been through Local PR Pro, there was specifically some update training about that, because we talked about press release stacking and how to essentially daisy chain our silo press releases together, and the key is to not link to press release sites in the silo or the chain, the stack, you don't want to link to press releases that are going to be purged. If you do, you should set up redirect URLs and all kinds of stuff.

Again, all of that is covered in Local PR Pro. Gordon. if that's a strategy you want to pursue, I highly recommend you check out that course. All right.

How Do You Change The Primary Phone Number In The GMB Listing Without Triggering A Google Re-verification?

Scott's up. He says, “I've been moving a plumbing GMB up in the Maps listing and is now sitting at number four for some serious keywords. This account was set up using MGYB GMB account services. Very nice. Thanks much.” Okay. He's talking about this was a plumbing listing that he set up and used our stores GMB verification services to purchase the GMB profile as opposed to doing it himself. Thank you, Scott. He says, “I now have a prospective client.” See, guys? It works. Scott's doing exactly what we're teaching: go out, secure a GMB profile in an area that you want to work in that you want to generate leads for business, and then target the business owner.

You back the service provider into the asset. You develop the asset first, get it ranked, get it producing leads, and then you back the service provider into it. It's a much better way I found than trying to sell your marketing services to people. All right. Scott's doing it. He's in our Mastermind and he's been getting training on that from inside the Mastermind and he's following. taking action. That's awesome, Scott. I'm definitely gonna plus one that.

He says, “I now have prospective client. My question is, how can I change the primary phone number for the GMB to a call tracking or other number without triggering at Google reverification? Thanks much.” Well, first of all, why would you need to change the primary phone number, Scott, to a call tracking number or other number without triggering the Google reverification? Why would you need to do that? If you purchased the GMB from us, you should have already, when you purchased it, purchased it with, you should have provided a tracking number when you purchased it. Does that make sense?

In other words, whenever I go to set up a GMB, guys, I go set up the virtual phone number first so that when I order the GMB from our store I have provided the phone number that's going to be attached to that listing going forward. You don't want to put a fake number in there because then, once you get the verified profile, it could possibly trigger reverification when you update that data.

That said, Scott, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I would go ahead and just update it because I have GMB listings that I've gone in and, literally, changed the business name or the business address, not the physical location, but the web address or the phone number and not have it retrigger or trigger reverification. If I've change the physical address, like the street address, if I change the physical location address, that triggers reverification. But I've been able to change the phone. I'm not saying it won't trigger verification, it may; and if it does, you may be shit out of luck, which is why you should just order it with all the data right off the bat so that you don't have to worry about it.

What I'm saying is I have changed business names, also web website URLs, also phone numbers and had all three of those not trigger reverification. It's possible that it might, but it's also possible that it won't. Okay?

Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

Marco: Yeah. Once again, this belongs in the local … I know that Scott is in the Local GMB Pro Facebook group, so this question belongs there. We could guide him because this is actually really simple and there's no reason for him to even worry about reverification if he does it right.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Just come asking in the group and we'll get to you, Scott.

Bradley: One other thing I want to mention, guys, is it's a very powerful way to really kind of secure these assets to make them a lot less likely to get terminated. That's to just set up a G suite account for that asset. In other words, tie a Google domain … In that case, you would need a domain, but that's something simple that you could do, guys. You could even use like sub-domains and stuff if needed. My point is, if you set up a G suite account, then now you're paying Google, it's a way to validate that entity even further and it makes it more spam proof, so to speak, more slot proof.

Will IFTTT Triggers A Live Event And Syndicate It To A Network Ring?

Anyways, Frankie says, “If I create an IFTTT Network ring around my YouTube channel so it triggers whenever I upload a video, does this also apply to live events?” Yes, it does, Frankie. “If I create a live event first before I stream to poke longtail keywords before I commit, will this trigger the IFTTT and create all those brand of backlinks to my live event?” Let me think about that. I believe, yeah, you should be able … It's been a long time since I've tried syndicating a scheduled live event, but I'm pretty sure that still works. It does work.

Hernan: Yeah. I'm pretty sure it does.

Bradley: Yeah. Thanks, Hernan. When did you poke in?

Hernan: Sorry about that. But, yeah, I've been at being here for the last, I don't know, 10 minutes maybe. Anyways, yeah, I think it does, actually. We've done that in conjunction with something like video powerhouse to kind of pre-prime a live event. You could create it, you could get it out there, and then when it comes live it actually holds so much more juice. It used to work really, really well. At some point Google equalized that a little bit, but it still works well at this point.

Bradley: I keep removing my plus one. Do you see that?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: What the fuck? Frankie, I'm trying to plus one that, but Google won't let me.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Anyways, Google doesn't like what I was just talking about. All right. Yeah, that's right. I do remember it absolutely will syndicate scheduled live events as long as they're public, if you set them to public. If you set them to unlisted or private, it won't. But if you set them to public, then, yes, it will syndicate them and then when you stream … and Hernan is right, what he had found, and I haven't tested this now in at least probably two years, but what I had found was we would prime live events, like he said, where we would push them out across great big vast networks.

I had some syndication networks tied like multiple rings where I think we were publishing whenever we would upload a video or schedule a live event, it would literally syndicate out to like 800 and some-odd properties. That was a lot. Then, when we'd go stream the video, which could be a week later or whatever, because all those embed codes were out there, like when we went to stream it, it would just instantly rank on page one when we streamed it. Does that make sense?

Hernan: Yep.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Scheduled live events would index but they wouldn't necessarily rank well. But the moment that we would kick that, start the broadcast within seconds, boom, it would shoot right up. I think that's because Google knows where all that code is. Embed code is out there and it sees it as all these places that that's published, it must be a popular event that people are anticipating. So, when the event happens we're gonna go ahead and rank it high. It might be a short temporary ranking boost, but it does work well.

Hernan: Yep. I used to do it for longtail keywords for local areas and it worked well. You had that big boost initially and then it would work down a little bit, maybe you would lose a couple spots. They would be rock solid on YouTube, top YouTube and top video, top as well, but yeah, that is something … Still Hump Day Hangouts are still being syndicated. There are tied to syndication networks on the Semantic Mastery channel, there's some subsidiaries channel that we also pushed them. So, yeah, they carry a lot of juice and still maybe it's not as … It wasn't even funny. It's a point where we discovered that it wasn't even funny. You could run anything. But anyways, fun times.

Bradley: Yeah, it wasn't … Marco just pointed this out the other day. Marco, remember that?

Marco: Yep.

Bradley: This guy in Virginia.

Marco: Virginia.

Bradley: Harry Jameson, you beat me out on that. Oh, it's only because I'm in Culpeper and it knows my IP that it's doing that. When we were testing the whole live stream stuff, Google Hangout stuff, look at that, December 9th, 2013. It was funny because this guy, Harry Jameson, I know he watches our show and everything, Hump Day Hangouts, and he comments occasionally. Harry, if you're watching this, dude, what's up, buddy?

It was funny because we were testing one of the live event blaster tools or whatever, I don't remember the name of it, it was one of many guys that does this. But yeah, I was just doing a test and I just decided to test this keyword. I saw that there was a guy that had already been targeting the coolest guy in Virginia, it was this dude Harry Jameson. So, I just did a quick test and that's this 50-second video, middle December's cold as balls, I'll never forget. I did it and I said in the video, I was just like, “I'm just testing this SEO method. I guess now I'm the coolest guy in Virginia. Sorry, Harry, you're not the coolest guy anymore,” or whatever, something like that. You can watch the video. But it was funny because it was like … and there, look, via hangouts, it's one of the websites it's syndicated to.

Anyways, it was a matter of hours and I got pinged on YouTube from Harry and he was like, “Dude,” whatever. It was funny, we ended up having a conversation and he's kind of been following us ever since. He comes and participates and asking questions occasionally. So, it's really cool. It was really fun and I thought that was funny. He's a really good sport about it, so anyways.

Marco: By the way, video number four, that's Dr. Gary.

Bradley: That's Gary Kirwan, yeah.

Hernan: There you go.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Before you go on to the next question, I think Hernan has an announcement, don't you? You were a little bit late and I think you dropped a link.

Hernan: Oh, yeah. I think there are some keyword research that you guys can get. We are making a really, really small release of that. There's only five available, according to Adam. So, the link is there. Sorry about that, you guys are right, I was late. But the link is on the event page. You can get a keyword research run for you because we're testing some stuff and there's only five available. So, all you need to do, once you order that, you need to contact [email protected] with your keyword and the marketplace that you want us researched.

Marco: Yeah. We don't want people to give us the keywords. What we want to know is what niche you're after and we'll give you everything under the sun that you could possibly get under that niche. If you go through this purchase link, before we actually set it live and it's permanent in MGYB, it's actually half price right, now just about. There's only five, get it, and we'll do all the research for you for whatever niche you want to go after.

Bradley: Guys, it's insane. I mean you're talking about hours and hours worth of keyword research that you're gonna get back in one Excel file or Google sheet. It's amazing.

Should You Use An Article Or A Review Schema Markup For The Pages Of A Site That Are Mostly Reviews Of Brands?

Anyways, okay, Greg's up. He says, “Hey, guys. My site is siloed solid with the top category pages, mostly being reviews of brands. A few pages rank in position one or two for brand review, but around position five or six for the brand name. I am adding markup to those pages and wondering if it is better to mark them up as articles reviews. If marking it up as an article, does it lose some of its review authority and vice versa?”

That's a question I really don't have an answer for, Greg, because I'm not sure. I would almost wonder couldn't you mark the article up and the review, like both? I don't know if you can do that or not. Maybe Marco has a better answer. What I'm saying is, if the article is about reviewing a company, then couldn't it have both an article markup and a review markup, because if it's doing both of those things, right?

Marco: Yeah. I don't really have an answer on this either. But intuition tells me, I mean, this is from all the that we've done that, you could do both. I think you could do a whole lot of stuff with schema. I'm sorry that Rob isn't here because Rob really gets deep into schema and he's done just multiple things with schema on the same page. I don't see you running into any problems if you add article schema along with your reviews. They're two different things. You could have two different things on the same page. You could have video and so you can mark that up. You can have just other things, offer, for example, you mark that up. For example, question and answer, you can mark that up. So, one doesn't exclude the other, in my opinion.

Bradley: Right. That's the point, I think, Greg, that we've talked about schema spam and you can get structured data spam. I've gotten them before in search console warnings or penalties for structured data spam. It happens if you are, for example, adding review data-, or excuse me, review schema to a page just to get the stars to show up in search results when there's not really any review there. So, that can get you into trouble.

Or if you excessively mark up a page or multiple pages, or whatever, you can get a structured data spam penalty for that too. If you're doing, in my opinion … Again, I don't have the definitive answer for you, Greg. I'm just saying I found that, if it's logical, then it's very unlikely that you're going to get a spam penalty for that. Again, I don't do enough with reviews structured data. I don't do a whole lot of markup other than local business markup, guys. I probably should learn that, but I just don't. I just really stick to just the local business and organization markup.

I'm saying, if you can do article markup and review markup because the article is about a review of a company, then I would do both. That's not spammy, in my opinion, although, again, I'm not a 100% sure. Sorry I didn't have a better answer for you.

Do You Have Recommended Affiliate Networks For Water Damage Market?

Oh, we're almost done. Sweet. We're almost out of time, guys. If you've got any questions post them because otherwise we can wrap up a few minutes early. Coupon Code Promo codes, he says, “I have a lead gen property in the water damage market starting to gain traction in one location, verified GMB was purchased through MGYB. Great work, guys.” See, guys, this shit works. Thanks. I appreciate that.

“Since my background is solely affiliate and I hate client work period, do you have any recommendation for affiliate networks that offer decent rates that you have experience with? We are scaling into this niche at several locations shortly, so need a long-term solution that's pretty much hands-off so we can focus on building a team to scale the operation. Thanks.” That's very smart of you, by the way.

Okay. I'm gonna tell you that you can use pay-per-call exchange networks, for example, Ring Partner. I know they have water damage, water damage restoration and fire damage, you know water and fire restoration services inside of Ring Partner, Ringpartner.com is one of them. Just go do a search for pay-per-call exchange networks or pay-per-call networks on Google and you can find some of those. If you hate client work, that's one way to do it.

Just know that you're gonna significantly reduce your income from those assets because the conversion rates suck really bad for those pay-per-call networks. I know because I've done a whole lot of work in those area, with those before guys doing like mass page generator sites. I've also done call-only ads from Google Ads to those, and all kinds of stuff. I've always had just really shitty results with monetizing those leads because the threshold is so high for it to be a qualified lead.

My point is, with water damage or fire damage restoration, if you use a pay-per-call exchange network, so in other words, you redirect the phone calls from there to the phone number that they provide you and now that goes to an automated phone tree. So, somebody calls and the phone tree picks up and it puts them through a series of press 1, press 2 type shit. People get irritated with that stuff nowadays, guys, if you hadn't recognized it. I mean, doesn't it irritate you when you call something and you got to push 16 freaking buttons to finally get to talk to somebody? I mean, it irritates the out of me and it does most other people now too. So, a lot of people end up hanging up and calling the next person in Google, to the next company that has a live body answering the phone as opposed to some stupid phone tree. Right?

I'm not saying all the Ring Partner offers are like that, some of them might have live operators. I'm just saying for every 10 calls that I would generate, I'd be lucky to get two conversions and that's actually a really high conversion rate. For every 50 calls I would generate, I'd be lucky to get you know two to five conversions. I'm not kidding. I've tried it multiple times. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but my point is, it's not a very good way to monetize those leads. But if it's something that you're trying to do while you're working on, like to fill in the gap while you're working on a prospecting and sales process, then I would absolutely do that. Okay.

Just go look for pay-per-call exchange networks or pay-per-call networks. Do that right on Google and just start going through them and apply to them. Some of them will show you. As a publisher, that's what you would be a publisher. There's publishers and advertisers. You would be the publisher, advertisers would be the businesses that are buying the leads. Right?

Some of the networks will show you which type of advertisers or advertiser categories they have so that you know what you got to work with. I know Ring Partner absolutely has, or at least they used to, I haven't been inside Ring Partner in at least six months, but they used to have water and fire restoration advertisers in there. Okay.

What's The Maximum Number Of SameAs Listings To A Homepage Organization Markup?

Gregg says he will try doing both. He's talking about the schema for article and review markup. He says, “How many same as listings would be the maximum to add to the home page organization markup?” I think you can do pretty much unlimited. Am I right, Marco?

Marco: Yeah. I mean, you could add same as. I haven't run into a limit. I just keep it to, like 15 to 20, that we use, that we know to be the most powerful. Those are the ones that I use. But you can mix them up. You can mix it up. I mean, this is a test in the making where you can just try 10, try 15, try 20 and see which one is going to get you the best results. It could vary by niche. I mean, we don't know because of the nature of Google. But I mean, you could just go ahead and this is something that can be tested. Just like you said, you will try doing both. I mean, that's the best thing to do. I'm pretty sure that it's going to work because one does not conflict with the other.

Bradley: Yeah. Let me just point out, since we got a couple extra minutes here, how to find what I consider to be the best to use for same as stuff. Obviously, guys, your same as properties, you should be listing all of your top-level social media properties, like the big ones, Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, and LinkedIn, if you have it guys. That's a no-brainer. Whatever your top, if it's for a local business, obviously, any top-level citations.

Well, how do you determine what your top-level citations are? The easiest way to do it is to do a Google search for the company name, plus one of the other NAP data points, so name, address, phone number. So if you search for company name plus phone, or company name plus address, or address plus phone, whatever, I typically search company name and phone. Now that's gonna show you all of the, basically, citations where your company name and phone number is listed. So, whatever shows up on page one and two of Google for a company name plus phone number search that's typically what I would collect out. Whatever shows up as far as citations and then any other published properties that have name, address, phone number published on them. I just put those into a spreadsheet or a notepad file and then use those as my same as.

There's a couple other really … I was gonna demonstrate, but I really don't need to because I'm pretty sure you guys are all smart enough to figure that out. Just seriously, just go grab your company name or the company name that you're promoting and then use the phone number, for example, and just do a search for that. Then, just go through the top two pages, collect all the links out of there.

This Stuff Works
Couple other big ones would be, obviously, if you've got a Google site from a drive stack, you could use that as same as. If you've got add ID pages, I know there's an add ID page section for local schema, but I'd still put that as a separate URL and the same as. Some other ones that would be good would be, if you have a news page or pressroom, something that we talked about on Monday with the Press Advantage webinar. That's one of the key features of Press Advantage that I love, is that they give you like a newsroom page, which is essentially like a blog index page or a press release index page for all the press releases published for that particular organization or company. That's a really, really good one because there's a very powerful citation on that page. Drive stack files, right? Think about that. If it's in your main drive stack folder, you could put that in there.

I mean, there's just a number of things that you could do to put in there, guys. Think about what are the most powerful properties within your most powerful branded properties and you want to put those in there too. Okay.

How Much Do You Charge For Four GMB Posts A Week For A Dentist Or Chiropractor Business?

Paul says … I saw Rob commented. By the way, thanks, Rob. I didn't know you were here or we would have brought you on today. Paul says, “What are you guys charging to post for GMB posts a week for a dentist or chiropractor?” Well, I don't deal with those type of clients. It's gonna very. I can tell you what my standard pricing is, guys. My minimum charge is $300 a month for GMB posting and right now that's roughly 20 posts per month. It varies a little bit, but usually, when I'm pitching that, it's five posts per week times 4 weeks, so it's 20 posts per month for $300. That's what I do.

Again, everybody can charge whatever they're comfortable with, whatever you can get from your type of clients. I'm just telling you my … What I charge is $300. If I'm doing GMB plus citations, I charge $500 a month, and that's for the same 420 post per month but then that's also including citation building. But I do just GMB posts alone for $300 now. If it's a business that wants to be more aggressive I will offer upgraded you know upsell packages where we might do seven posts per week, which would be one every day, or we might do 10 posts per week, which would be two posts per day, five days per week. You know what I mean? It just depends on what the customer wants or what the client wants and how aggressive they want to be.

It also depends on the competition level for that particular business. Obviously, before I promote or pitch a prospect on any of the services, I typically do some sort of audit or analysis of their property. Competition now is to determine what it's gonna take. Obviously, if it's a very competitive area, I'm going to suggest much higher volume of posting. So it might be that we you know three posts per day seven days a week, which would be twenty one post per month-, per week, excuse me, or what 84 posts per month, essentially, and so that would be a much higher price. I would be charging somewhere around you know 600, 700 hours a month for that.

Marco: It also depends on whether your client, which most of them don't, but whether your client provides the images.

Bradley: Correct.

Marco: Because if you have to go and grab the images and and do all of the work for the images, man, that's a pain in the ass. So you need to charge extra. If they just refuse to … Even if they agree, make sure it's clear that, “If you do not provide me image, then I'm going to have to charge you for providing the images.

Bradley: Yeah. For $300 a month for the 20 that we do, we actually provide the images. I encourage the business owners, for example, I've got several clients now that we're doing GMB stuff for, and so what I do is I set up a Google photos album, a shared photo album, and then I share it with them and then they can share it with all. For example, you guys know I deal with mainly contractors so a lot of the contracting companies have you know multiple technicians or whatever. Then, they share that Google photos folder with their technicians or whatever, whoever is also going to be contributing photos, and so now we've got one community Google photos album that all the photos go into.

My VA that does all the GMB postings she has access to those folders as well. So each time she goes to schedule posts for the week for that client she just opens the Google photos folder. She just selects images right from there. For the first couple months that I was doing this, I couldn't get any of my clients to provide me photos. But now I've got almost all of them providing me photos. It just took two months of me griping and bitching at them and nagging at them to get them to finally come on board and start providing me photos. But I'd say 80% of them now are actually contributing photos to the Google photos folder often. Okay.

Good questions today, guys. We're gonna wrap it up. Thanks everybody for being here. We've got a Mastermind webinar tomorrow, for those of you that are in the mastermind, we're gonna be talking about the product launch that's coming up on October 1st for local lease pro. That's the name of it. or I'm gonna be talking about the GMB sniping method a little bit more tomorrow. So, you guys can make it be there, otherwise we'll see everybody next week. Thanks for being here. Thanks, guys.

Marco: I have a final question. If you guys are not in the Mastermind yet, why the not?

Hernan: It's actually a good question, Marco.

Bradley: Yeah. That is a good question. We had a support request come in from somebody that I guess joined recently. I'm not gonna call them out by name, if you're watching the webinar now guys, whoever you are, you know who you are. There's nothing you said that was wrong or bad. I'm not calling you out. What I'm saying is it was brought to our attention through support that they had made a comment about being in the Mastermind and then thinking that they were being up sold stuff. Guys, in the Mastermind, we don't try to upsell you anything.

For example, when you're in the Mastermind you get all of our products that weren't co-collaborated on from others outside of Semantic Mastery. So for example local GMB Prom we had co-collaborators. Rob Beale was part of that. He helped us develop that product. So that's not something that you're gonna get for free when you join the Mastermind, because it's a higher price ticket than the 300 dollars and because Rob has to get paid for each sale. He has to get a portion of that. RYS Academy and RYS Academy Reloaded, same thing. But everything else that we have you can get inside of the Mastermind.

For example, if you join the Mastermind today, then this month you're going to get access to the Mastermind and you'll get one of the additional products that we have, and in the next month, you get another product unlocked. For example, we have stuff like outsource kingpin or content kingpin, we have Local Lease Pro, which is coming out October 1st, we've got local PR Pro, which is I think an 800 dollar course or whatever. But you can get that as a Mastermind member for $0 other than your Mastermind membership fee, but you just have to wait. Each month you get a new product unlocked.

So, I think that the support requests that came in he was saying like I feel like I'm being up sold, blah blah blah. No, guys, we rarely do affiliate promotion webinars. We do only when the product is superb, we've vetted it, it's something we use in our own businesses. For example, we did the product promotion with Eric Christopher for the G hypnosis protocol, a couple of weeks ago because it's something that I've been intimately involved with and it's something that I use and it freaking works.

We did the Press Advantage webinar this Monday because it works. I've been using press advantage for four years since they launched. So it's absolutely something we use. So if you're in the Mastermind and you attend any of our promotional webinars, it's only because we have your best interest in heart. Obviously, yes, we're gonna make some money if we promote it, but we don't promote just anything, guys, and you should know that by now right. We only promote stuff that we actually use or that can benefit your business.

Lastly, like I said, as far as our own products, if it's under $300, you get it for free. You don't get it all at once. we have to drip them out or else it's not fair. Right? Somebody comes and joins the Mastermind and they get all the back products all in the first month where other members that have been with us for two years have been paying for two years to get those products. Does that make sense? When you come join us you'll get access to the Mastermind, all the archives, all that stuff, and then you'll get one of the main products, and then each month thereafter, you get another product unlocked.

So, that's how it works. Maybe we haven't been real clear about that for new members and such, but I think we're gonna nail that down a bit in our October corporate meetings so that we can be much more clear about that in the future.

Hernan, do you want to comment on that at all before we wrap it up?

Hernan: You're completely right, Bradley. I mean, we are known for vetting harder than anyone else, the products, and we really have your best interests in mind. I mean, it's up to you if you whether want to invest in your business and or not, but um I would suggest that you join. If you want to see, I would say if you want to see some of the power of the Mastermind in action and live, you should definitely come to POFU Live as well. So yeah.

Bradley: All right, guys. Thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you all either tomorrow or next week. Thanks guys.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Hernan: Bye.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 201

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 201 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Bradley: We're live.

Adam: All right welcome everybody to Hump Day Hang Out's gone mobile here for episode 201. I'm broadcasting from my car somewhere in the hills of Pennsylvania, but we got almost the rest of the team, it looks like Hernan maybe was busy today but let's do our thing and go through and say hello to everybody. So Chris how are doing?

Chris: Doing good, excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome, Bradley how you doing man? This is weird, usually you're the last person on my screen but today you're in the middle so how you doing?

Bradley: Must be because of the mobile device, I'm doing well. Busy, been working hard on content for Pofu Live as well as a product that we're launching on October 1st so kind of like neck deep in content production again which is really cool because I like that kind of stuff so I'm excited about the few weeks.

Adam: Nice, nice. Marco last but not least, how you doing man?

Marco: Hey what's up man? Just had a really bad rainstorm. Not as bad as some of you guys are going to get on the east coast, right? Down south. My prayers go out to all you guys. Hope you're all safe. Get the hell out if you're in one of those zones. Don't say, “Oh, this is going to pass me by.” Get the fuck out. [crosstalk 00:01:16].

Bradley: My sister Hilton Head, South Carolina which is an island.

Marco: Yes.

Bradley: And she's … even though the governor of South Carolina said evacuate the coastline, so to evacuate. She said, “No. I'm staying.” She's got two kids, I keep telling her she's stupid. She says she's going to ride it out.

Marco: Ed [Gelba's 00:01:37] in South Carolina talking about [crosstalk 00:01:39].

Bradley: Yeah. He's in Bluffton, that's right. That's adjacent to Hilton Head.

Marco: Yeah. Well, anyway guys. We'll be thinking about you. Sending prayers your way. Lots of good energy. Hopefully this'll just pass by, it won't be as it's looking. But anyway, having said that, busy as you know, mgyb.co. We're getting that together. Putting the shop together, done for you services of course. And just a lot of stuff. We keep adding products and services in there just to make everyone's life easier. And then of course, I'm on my next gen stuff that I've been working on. It's been two years. Two arduous years of just trying to work it out. Anytime you try to automate it and Chris will back me up on this. API changes and then everything goes all to shit. And then you have to go in …

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Got to tweak it.

Marco: … right. You got tweak it. You got to fix it. Comply with whatever the APIs requesting or how you're supposed to do the call or whatever. And then it'll happen again until you get into that sweet spot or you get trusted enough where sometimes you can bypass some of the smaller shit that happens. At any rate with there, we hit the sweet spot. We're really getting some really good results with what we're doing and it's something that we'll be talking about. I was hoping for Pofu live, not going to happen. But I think we're going to have a very merry Christmas.

Bradley: All right. We hit the sweet spot of the G spot. The Google spot, is that it?

Chris: [inaudible 00:03:24].

Marco: Actually, we did one better because we did away with the me to hit the G spot. No [inaudible 00:03:35].

Bradley: There'll be men lined up for that.

Adam: Pulling this conversation back [crosstalk 00:03:44]. Back down. I wanted to circle back to Pofu live and let everyone know. We'll put the links up there if one of you guys can do that for me since I'll probably … you try to do this on my phone and then end up hanging up or something, but Pofu Live tickets are going. We are limiting it to 25. We do have some opening left. Now is a great time to grab your tickets. If you have any questions just fire off an email to support it's semanticmastery.com, but we're really looking forward to that.

We're starting to lay down the schedules. Those of you who have already bought your tickets, we're going to be having some information going out to you in the next week or two with some of the details. And then moving along as well on that, those who are new today and watching us. First of all, thanks for listening to some weirdo in his car that you haven't watched yet. Thank you for watching us, Semantic Mastery and checking out Hump Day Hangouts. We do appreciate it. Come here, ask us questions. Digital marketing, SEO, whatever it is. If we can't answer it, we'll always point you in the best direction that we can. And if you are new, go check out the battle plan. That's the best place to get started, and if you've been listening to us for a while and you're thinking about it, come join our MasterMind. There's a multitude of reasons. I'm not going to go into them right here.

Bradley, I think you were going to talk a little bit about some stuff maybe that was going on in the MasterMind, but we've got a lot of people doing a lot of really exciting stuff and we're looking forward to some of them coming to Pofu live and helping them take their stuff up a notch whether they're going from starting an agency or starting their own business or growing what's existing. This stuff is getting pretty exciting and we've had a lot of members had a lot of real growth this year, especially in 2018.

Bradley: Yeah. Yup. Okay. So, do we have anything else to announce or can we get into it?

Adam: Good on my end. You guys good?

Chris: Yeah.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I was going to just elaborate slightly on the Pofu live stuff and the MasterMind as well. So, yeah guys Pofu live is going to be a great event. It's going to be our first one, but we've got a lot that we're going to be sharing. We've got a very specific format on what we're going to be doing, which is a simple process for how to grow your business like how to first prospect and get clients. Number two, how to fulfill. Number three, how to scale so that you can literally become a business owner instead of self-employed, right?

Self-employed is what most of us are including myself even to this point. And self-employed is certainly better than being an employee of … working for somebody else, but when we do most of the work ourselves, we're just basically working a job. It's a job where we're our own boss and that is, again, so much better than working for somebody else I get that, but we still have to trade hours for dollars. In other words, we still have to do the actual work most of the time in order to get paid. And we're trying to develop our businesses into a point where we can remove ourselves to where we have automations in place and keep personnel in place to be able to still run the business to generate revenue without us having to be there on a day-to-day basis, right?

And that's essentially what Pofu live is about is how to get to that position with your businesses and that's why we're trying to keep it to 25 people or less because we want to actually give a lot of individualized attention to our attendees. In part, when you sign up to attend Pofu live, you're going to go through a survey which is going to get you thinking about your business ahead of time. It's got to be completed when you come to the event. And it gets you thinking about your business and developing a business plan if you don't already have one. And I bet most of you probably don't have an articulated business plan, right? Most of you probably have not done that.

This Stuff Works
It's something I've struggled with throughout my career as well. I always have some vague idea of what I want, and I think, “Oh, no. I know what I want. So there's no sense in me writing it down, right?” Defining it. But in all reality when you don't have something very concrete like a road map, which is what an executive summary or a business plan really is. It's like a road map, which helps to kind of keep you focused and working towards what your goal is. But when you don't have that to reference or refer to often, then it's easy to get blown around by whatever winds are in the industry at the moment. If that makes sense?

Meaning, I know we're marketers, we always get opportunities presented to us via email and social media groups, all kind of stuff where, “Hey, this is the next big thing. You can make a million dollars doing this, and you can crush it doing this and doing that.” So, we always go chasing these freaking shining objects or these new methods because we're opportunity seekers. And we never actually fully commit to one particular method that makes us money. And that's where I think a lot of us have, including myself, have allowed my business to fail or not succeed as quickly as I would like it to because I've chased other opportunities instead of really zeroing in, focusing in on one particular method until I get it to work and produce revenue consistently and to the point where I can remove myself from that day to day operations and have it produced, right?

So, I mean, even if you have something that's working for you and you're making money, if it's you doing it all the time, the next logical step is for you to automate it or outsource it or a combination of both so that you can still generate revenue from that, but not have to do it yourself. Then if you want to learn something else, you certainly can and you'll have the ability to do that because your other method is making you money because you got a process in place, right? And so that's essentially what Pofu live is all about.

And speaking of that specifically, I'm developing a process right now. I'm been working on it for two day straight now again, two full days for a very specific method for building your own lead generation assets as well as your own agency. It's kind of a unique way of approaching it. I'm developing that out right now and there's going to be two versions of the training. The full training with all the process docs, everything that I'm training my own virtual assistants to do right now so that I can do exactly what I just said, which was remove myself from this process and still have it generate revenue. That's going to be revealed at Pofu live, but there's going to be kind of a watered down version of it, or kind of like a condensed version, or a more simplified version that's going to require a lot more manual work. It's for a solopreneur. Essentially that's going to be the same method, but for somebody that wants to do the work themselves, which I don't recommend, but if you're just getting started it's a good way to get started.

That's going to be coming available in a product we're launching called Local Lease Pro, which will be included in a bundle that we're … it's going to be included in a Side Hustle Toolbox is what it's called. That's launching on October 1st. Don't have a lot of details for you guys just yet. We will in about another week or so, we're going to start mailing out that. We'll have more information about it, but for those of you that want a glimpse into the method that I'm talking about without coming to Pofu Live, that's where you're going to be able to get it.

This Stuff Works
And I would highly recommend that you all mark your calendar for October 1st when the Side Hustle Toolbox comes out, it's going to be a great product. We're going to sell it outside of the bundle, $299 if you're a MasterMind member you're going to get it for free. If you're not a MasterMind member you'd have to pay $299 or if you buy it as part of the bundle, which is the Side Hustle Toolbox, it's going to be like $100. Don't quote me on that. I don't know what the final price is yet, but it's somewhere around $100 and there's a reason why we're doing that. So, we're going to promote that around October 1st. We'd highly recommend that you guys pick that up. It's going to be inexpensive.

I can't speak about everyone else's product that's going to be part of the toolbox because I have reviewed them all, but I can tell you ours alone is worth the price of admission. And so anyways, I'd encourage you guys to come check out Pofu Live and also mark your calendars for that. You guys want to add to that at all before I move on. And by the way Hernan snuck in. What's up buddy?

Hernan: Sorry about that. I truly sorry, but I'm truly excited and I hope to see you guys in Pofu Live. We have some really good stuff coming up. I'm really excited. I'm really looking forward to listening to each of you guys because you have some really good stuff to share. I'm actually … I have the privilege of getting to know firsthand what you guys are going to be talking about. It's going to be pretty amazing.

Bradley: That's awesome. All right. I think we're good. We can wrap it up.

Adam: Yeah. Let's do it. Let's get into it.

Clarification On Poking Rank And Rent Video Campaigns

Bradley: All right. Yup. Okay. Tom's up, what's up Tom? He says, “Hey guys. Bradley on episode 200 last week.” I know, now hard to believe we're at 201 already. He said, “You answered a question on the rant and rent video model and you mentioned running the same poking campaign every month. I want to make sure I understand you correctly. When you run the same campaign every month, do you use the same videos or create new ones every month?” No. Use the same one's Tom. Here's the thing. It's a turn and burn strategy, okay?

So, a lot of the rank and rent models are about ranking a video or a couple of videos, a handful of videos and in maintaining those rankings. And that's certainly possible. I've been doing it for years. I've got some videos that are still producing revenue for me because they're rented out or leased out or I'm doing SEO services for a clients video. So, I'm not renting it, but I'm actually … they're paying me to maintain the rankings for those videos. And I've been doing those for years. I've still got some of them … some of them that have been earning revenue for years.

However, there's always an issue with that, right? The problem with that can be that the video can be … it can slip in the rankings, Google could decide that that particular keyword, it doesn't like having videos on page one anymore. We all know that that happens from time to time, and it'll push it to page two and it'll make it virtually impossible to get it to stick on page one. There's a number of things that could happen, right? And if all of your revenue is tied into one video, right? Or a couple of videos, a handful of videos, and you lose that one video or it drops in rankings and then the client is calling you and asking you what's up? Or if it's a lead gen video, it stops producing leads, whatever the case. In your case, you're saying rank and rent. So, you would be leasing the videos out. Well, somebody's not going to want to rent or pay a monthly lease fee for a video that's not ranking and producing leads, right?

This Stuff Works
And so again, you can go that route. It's certainly possible. I've done it for many years, but what I found is that it's easier when you have the process in place. If you got a good industrial strength video marketing tool, and they're a dime a dozen now guys. They really are. There's a couple that we suggest. My favorite tools are Peter Drew's tools for like software stuff. I don't run most software guys, I hire that stuff out because I don't enjoy playing with software. It's just too much of a learning curve and too time consuming, but that's part of the reason I like Peter Drew's tools and I do run … a matter of fact, I got one running in the background right now as you can see.

I've got one right here running in the background. One of Peter Drew's tools and it's because I use his tools because they're simple, right? So, for video poking, I would use something like Live Rank Sniper. If I was going to be doing a bunch of spam videos targeting a bunch of keywords and having actual videos there instead of just place holders, to Live Rank Snipers like place holders, it creates scheduled live events, but there's not an actual video there. It will rank, it will rank a video thumbnail, but it won't have an actual video there. So, when someone clicks on it, it just is the live events, or events starting soon screen. If that makes sense.

So those are good for identifying keyword opportunities, but something like Hangout Millionaire is much better for actually uploading videos, right? So, actually upload videos to YouTube. So, that's a good tool. If I was going to run it myself, I would run Live Rank Sniper or Hangout Millionaire. However, there's also another really good tool by Abs Rabie called Video Marketing Blitz. And there's a tool inside that suite of tools called the The Video Keyword Prospector. That's what I've trained … excuse me, one of my Vas to run. He runs it damn near full-time. He works for me full-time, but it's one of his primary job functions. And so he runs that tool all the time.

I'm telling you about that because that tool is great, but it has a learning curve, quite a learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, it's super powerful because you could add … for example, we have at any given time 50 YouTube channels connected to that tool, so that when we take a video … and this is now getting to the heart of your question here Tom. We use the same video over and over and over again because it's getting uploaded to 50 channels. So, in other words, if we're going to take a keyword or a set of keywords and we're going to target an area, right? Like a radius. So we're going to cover all the cities or town names within a specific radius from the business location and there's a handful of keywords, let's say two or three keywords.

Let's say we got 30 locations we want to target and we've got two keywords that we want to target. So, that gives us a total of 60 combinations. So, what we would do is take one video, would optimize it, and then we would upload it and you can see in the background I still got tools popping up. We would optimize it and then use the Video Marketing Blitz tool to upload it, that same video to a whole bunch of different channels. And guys these are channels without syndication networks. I'm not trying to shoot myself in the foot here and tell you guys you don't need syndication networks. If you're building a channel that's going to be like a money channel or something like that, you absolutely want that. But what I'm talking about now is a specific turn and burn strategy.

So these are just channels that we buy, phone verified accounts, we buy, and then we add them to the tool and it's all done via API, so you have to create API tokens. That's why I said it's a bitch. It's time consuming to set up, it's a bit of a learning curve, but once you've got it down pact, and I don't recommend that you do it Tom. I would recommend, I would recommend that you hire it out. Hire a VA and train them how to do it. But then that same video will get uploaded to, let's say 50 channels. And 50 channels that don't have syndication networks. They're just orphaned accounts, right? They're just double phone verified YouTube accounts. They don't have connections to anything else out on the web. Well, a lot of those videos will rank. So like I said the example I was using, two keywords, 30 locations, that's 60 keyword combinations, right?

This Stuff Works
So, out of the 60, my VA will run the campaign and he'll come back and there's an option to run the rank checker to have it pull back all of the URLs on page one only or page one and page two of Google for each individual keyword. I always select just on page one only. I don't care about what's on page two. Some people say, “Okay, well it's on page two with a little push I can get it to page one,” maybe so, but I'm not worried about that. Out of 60 keywords that I would test, my VA would run the campaign and he would test them for me. We'd come back with say … and it varies guys obviously depending on where you're targeting and such, what keywords you're targeting, but on average for a normal campaign I would come back with 15 to 20 keywords. So, almost a third of whatever my overall initial attempt was will come back as ranked keywords on page one. Somewhere in that range, like 25 to 30, 25% to a third to 33%. Somewhere in that range, right?

Don't quote me on that, that's not always the case, but the vast majority of the time that's what we get back. So, now we got 15 or 20 keywords that we could contact that prospect and say, “Hey, look. We could rent you the one video for one keyword, and it's going to cost you,” whatever your rental fees are. As I've mentioned many times in the past, when I did this, a lot of wholesale SEO services for a video production company locally I would charge $100 a month per video or per keyword essentially. And they would charge the customer $250 a month to maintain those rankings. So I was making $100.

You could charge that, or you could say to … do the same campaign, right? Without having to worry about really maintaining rankings because now you've just run 60 keywords. Let's say you got 15 of them back ranked on page one. You contact that same prospect say, “Hey listen, I've got 15 keywords videos for,” … 15 keywords that are ranked, “right now on page one. It's likely that they're not going to stick, but they will stick for at least a few weeks. What I propose is I rent you all of these videos, every one of them for say, $200 a month.” And guys I'm just pulling a number out of the air. You should price accordingly. Price by what you think you can get for them and all of that.

This Stuff Works
But my point is say, “I'll give you all 15 of these videos for $200 this month. Then next month you pay me another $200 and I'm going to run the campaign again,” because some of those videos when that first month are going to drop. Some of them are going to be … some of the channels might get terminated, that happens. Some of the videos are going to get pushed way, way down. So for maybe page one they might drop out of the top 10 pages. That certainly happens, but out of those 15 videos there will likely be a handful of them, a few of them that are still ranked at the end of the first month. And now the second month comes you redo the campaign again, the same video, it's going to be uploaded to a bunch of different channels again, right? Maybe even sometimes the same channel, but there's a way to [uniquify 00:20:56] the videos, the tool does all that stuff.

And so the next month you charge the same price again, you hit the same 60 keywords again, or you could even switch it up and do another … let's say you did 30 locations times two keywords before, now you do those same 30 locations times a different two keywords, right? So now you've got a another roughly 15 to 20 or so videos that are ranked for this client for this month. And at the end of that month, a lot of them will have slipped out off of page one, but you'll still have a few left. And then in month three you do it again for another set of keywords or the same set all over again.

So, my point is what happens over time is you start to accumulate more and more of the rankings that stick and it helps you identify … remember I always use video SEO as a foot in the door strategy to upsell clients on more … on a whole suite of digital marketing services. So, local maps SEO, GMB stuff, PPC, content marketing, all the other stuff. And so my point is if you can provide on a turn and burn basis something like this, which is a reoccurring campaign. It's not one campaign that you maintain over and over and over again. It's a reoccurring campaign. You run the campaign over and over again once per month, right? And so now you can … I found that it's a great way to show the client that you can get them results from other keywords, a lot of times stuff that maybe they didn't even think would produce results. It also will teach you about where the opportunities lie because you'll be able to track which keywords are producing more results if you set up tracking properly. If that makes sense.

So, then you know what to optimize for with more traditional assets such as publishing web pages or web twos or whatever it maybe be. So again, it's the same video. That's why I like this strategy or this method because it's simple and it's something that you can … as far as maintaining … there's a lot of variables guys you know that can affect the ranking of any one particular page or property, in this case a video, right? So, instead just do a lot more in volume. Now, if you guys been watching Hump Day Hangouts for anytime at all, you know I don't typically promote turn and burn strategies, but for videos I think it's a good idea. I wouldn't do it … I'm not crazy about the mass page generator sites and all that stuff because it's a lot of work and they take forever to index, but videos is different, right? Videos index rather quickly. They typically rank rather quickly, and unless they have syndication networks and a bunch of back links and engagement signals to them, they start to slip.

This Stuff Works
So, that's why you just redo the campaign every month, right? Because they have a limited time shelf life. A limited shelf life so to speak, but to just do it over and over and over again every month. And it's a great strategy. But this is again, Tom, I don't recommend that you do it other than maybe perhaps to really develop the process out for your own business and then hire the shit out, don't do it yourself, right? You can train … RVA, we pay them $150 a week, so $600 a month, and he runs … he works 40 hours a week and anytime I need, what we call a video carpet mom campaign done, I just contact him and I give him the details and he runs it. I send him a video file … and by the way you can get an idea of kind of what our campaigns look like at mgyb.co, our store front, make Google your bitch dot C-O, mgyb.co. We have video carpet bomb campaigns in there. And that's essentially … that's exactly what I just told you to do is what we have in there.

So, here's something you can think about Tom, instead of buying the tool yourself and learning how to do it and then teaching a VA how to do it and hiring a VA and all that. You could technically have us do it at MGYB, right? You go order a video carpet bomb campaign, cost you $100, and you could sell that for $200 or $250 to a client. Does that make sense? So, in other words, you could literally go out and just sell this method and if you price it accordingly … let's say you charged a client $250 a month to rerun this campaign for them every month and you hired out from us for … what's the price on that Marco? I think it's $97, right? For the Video Carpet Bomb?

Marco: It depends on the radius. 10 miles is only $25. If it's 20 miles then it's $99.

Bradley: There you go, $99. So, that's my point. You could literally hire us to do it and it cost you $100 and sell it for $250, make $150 a month profit and not even have to do the work. All you have to do at that point is data entry, right? Which is submit details for us to do the work for you. So, again, totally however you want to do it. If you want to make a business out of this, Tom, then I would recommend that you hire a VA and buy the tool, and then train the VA or have the VA learn how to use the tool because then, again, for $150 you have somebody, per week, working for 40 hours per week essentially running the tool for you nonstop. Think about that, if you're selling these campaigns at $250 a month, instead of paying us $100, which is a great strategy if you don't want to go through the process of learning the tool, go through all that time, that effort, all that stuff.

You could certainly hire us to do it, or if you're going to make a business out of it like I said, in order to keep costs down, you hire an in-house video marketer, right? You could train them to do it yourself. Right? And now they're going to work full-time just running campaigns for you that you can go out and monetize. So, there's a lot of potential there. That was a good question by the way.

Do You Use The Same Videos When Running Similar Rank And Rent Video Campaign Every Month?

Let's see. It says, “You've mentioned you could end up with several videos ranked for the same keyword, which confused me a little since I can't see Google ranking the same video twice?” No. What I mean by that is the same video targeting … it's the same video. but you're targeting multiple variations of the keyword. So, I'll Tree Services for an example guys. There are five main keywords in the Tree Service industry. There's more than five keywords, but there's five keywords that produce consistent traffic. My top rated five keywords are, and in this order of priorities, tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, and arborist services, right? Or arborist service. So, there's the top five keywords. So, my point is, is if I've got 20 locations, and I've got five keywords that I want to target, I literally have 100 combinations there. And it's the same video that I'm going to use for all 100 keyword combinations, right?

This Stuff Works
So, the same video could rank for multiple keywords. It's the same video, it's not the same video URL guys, don't let me confuse you. It's the same video file, but uploaded to multiple channels.

So, each individual keyword has its own individual unique YouTube URL, okay? And so what happens is, there are … for example, there are variations to tree service, tree removal, and tree trimming, tree cutting, right? So, some variations would be tree removal service, tree trimming service, tree cutting service. So, if you target some longer tail keywords like that then you'll end up … sometimes the video will rank for multiple keywords. The same URL can rank for multiple keywords because of the longer variation, right? So, it'll rank for combinations, shorter combinations of the overall targeted keywords set, or keyword phrase, excuse me. Okay?

All right. Plus, if this is an ongoing marketing campaign I imagine if you use the same video, your YouTube channel would be full of the same video listed … yeah. But that's why you don't use the same channel. Use multiple channels. That's the key to that particular strategy, right? I don't recommend ever using the same video over and over and over and over again on one channel. I know there are some products that do that, one of the products we've promoted in the past is Bill Cousin's rocket video ranker and it does that. And it works too, but that's also a turn and burn strategy. So, it basically takes the same video and uploads it to one channel, but you can target 30 keywords at a time, but it's the same video to the same channel. And so what I found is it definitely works and it works quickly, but I found a lot of the times those channels end up getting terminated or kind of like sand boxed.

It's interesting, but they don't get completely terminated by Google, but the videos just don't show in search in the index at all. It's kind of weird, but I've seen that happen several times. Again, it's another turn and burn strategy. It just depends on how you want to do it. The particular turn and burn strategy for video marketing that I like is what we're calling The Video Carpet Bomb, and that's what we're talking about here. And by the way, that was Randy James came up with that name. I'm totally giving him credit for that Video Carpet Bomb name because he was the one that came up with it. But anyways.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Times You Can Use The Same Video And Keyword For The Rank And Rent Campaign?

Lastly, “Is there a limited number of times you do this to a point where Google simply refuses to rank your video for the same keyword?” Well no because again, you're using different channels all the time. If you try to do it the same … try to target the same keyword from the same channel over and over and over again, yeah there's … I mean, it's possible that that could happen. But since you're using different channels it's not like Google's going to black list any video from appearing for a particular keyword, right? They might not want to show it on page one, but they're not going to say, “Okay, this keyword … we're no longer going to show videos for this keyword.” At least I don't think they do that. That's a great question, Tom.

This Stuff Works

Why Do You Like The Power Suggest Pro As Your Keyword Tool?

Anyways, Dan's up. He says, “Why is Power Suggest Pro your favorite keyword tool?” Because it's simple, Dan. It's a very, very simple tool and that's what I like about it. I like easy. “Can you explain a little bit about how you use it to get the most out of it? I've heard Bradley say he loves it, but does anyone else use it? Do you use it in conjunction with any work flows or other tools? Thanks.” Okay. So, yeah. The process that I've always kind of … well, not always, but for the last several years now. I always do a very simple process for keyword research, and it starts with Google trends. I go to Google trends and search. I adjust the settings in Google trends depending on what kind of data it returns. So, for example, by default it's usually, I think, the last 12 months. Let's just go take a look real quick.

Sorry. I think by default it's the previous 12 months. So, let's just use tree service as an example guys, since we were just talking about that. Yeah, okay. So, 12 months, and obviously it's set based upon my IP location for United States. It'll be different for people in other countries, but what I'll do is … what I like about trends is I can go in and determine based upon geography. So, for example, we have … United States was in here. Let's see, US. But if I wanted to go to specifically to Virginia, I could just start typing in Virginia, and I could say, “Okay look, I want to look at what are the top search phrases or search activity that are related to this seed term of tree service in Virginia over the past 12 months.” And sometimes you won't end up with a lot of results because we've narrowed the geography and we only have a short timeframe. We're looking at the past 12 months.

So, in that case, for example, this is showing rise. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on trends because that wasn't your question, but I just want to give you guys a quick overview so that you understand kind of my thought process or work flow on how I do keyword research. So, if we come over and take at top, rising is showing significant increase in search interest for that particular phrase within recent history. I don't know what recent history is, I don't know what the specific parameters are for that. I don't know if it was the last 30 days or last 90 days or what. I just know that it means in the recent history it's had a significant increase in search interest. Okay? But top is showing the keywords that are historically related to the seed term, okay? So for the past 12 months in this case, these are the keywords that are most closely related to the seed term of tree service in Virginia. Does that make sense?

So, these are the search habits of people in Virginia that are looking for tree service related keywords and these are the keywords that come up typically. Okay, you'll see a lot of brand terms in here. If I would've done something like tree removal, in fact, you can compare terms by the way. If I do something like tree removal, you'll see less brand terms there, right? So if we come down and say look at top, or excuse me, top, you'll see now look there's not a whole lot of data here. I was just talking about this earlier guys, tree removal and then tree removal service, right? So those are similar type keywords. So you'll see that there's not a whole lot showing up here. So what I could do is I could extend my timeframe. So if I go from past 12 months to let's say past five years. Now all of a sudden we've got a lot more data, right? So now we can come back over here and look at top and you'll see that now there's actually eight keywords, which still isn't a whole lot considering that's going back five years, right?

This Stuff Works
On this one it's showing 10 keywords. And that's … hold on. That's rising. If we go to top, it's 11 keywords. Okay? So, the last things that you could do is back it all the way out to all time, 2004 when they started Google trends to present, and then you'll have even more data. So, if we come back and take a look at this again. Now, remember this is still … okay, so not much more, just one more. But you can see that this is still only Virginia. And so what happens … and by the way guys, I was targeting the entire state. If I wanted to get hyper local, I could.

For example, if want to target … you could see it here, Charlottesville. If I wanted to tarted Charlottesville specifically I could, but what I found is when you narrow geographic targeting that much you end up with a lot less results. So, I always recommend … first, I usually don't go … I try to keep it to past five years as my timeframe and I usually go to state level right off the bat because I found that city levels … now obviously if you're in a big metropolitan city like New York City you should have a lot of data, but for me I usually start at a state level tree service don't have a whole lot of keywords associated with that industry.

So anyways, I'd go to Virginia, but if you end up finding out by increasing the timeframe and that you're still not getting the amount of keywords that your … you're not getting a lot of good results back from this tool, then I would recommend that you start broadening your area too, right? And you could even go to the United States level, right? Because there's still going to be similar search queries no matter where you are in the United States. If you see now there's a full 25 queries there, right? So, I would probably … that's past five years. If I wanted to … and guys, that's why I said I play around with these even when I'm doing keyword research just to see how things change based upon time and geography. Okay?

So, that's step one. I don't want to spend too much more time on this, but step two is I always like to take these keywords and then … oh, by the way I just copy the keywords or put them in a text file or a spreadsheet, typically I use spreadsheets. And those become my seed terms that then I use to go search using Power Suggest Pro. Power Suggest Pro, one of my favorite tools of all time. I don't know what happened there, but who cares? Let me move this off to the side guys, standby. So, Power Suggest Pro should be opening up here in a second. And let's just say we wanted to … let's go back to Virginia.

It's a big question though. All right. So we'll just use tree removal service. So, in this case now, this type of a keyword is … because it's local. It's a local intent keyword, you're going to see that all its going to return is whole bunch of localized type search queries, but if I said tree removal service VA or something like that, and I click search. You're going to see it's going to start pulling back all these returns now for tree removal service. These are coming out of auto suggest. So, these are Google suggested phrases for tree removal service A, tree removal service B, or tree removal service VA, and it's essentially like a wild card in there and that's why because it's basically saying return all the suggested phrases that are associated with tree removal service in Virginia. And if you take a look at that you see that very quickly it spit out all these different keywords that are showing up in search Google suggest that are localized or local search intent keywords. Right?

This Stuff Works
So, now I know that these are all keywords that are very … these are traffic producing keywords. Why are they traffic producing keywords? Because they're in Google suggest. Think about that guys. When you go to Google and you start to search on a desktop, which by the way, about 70% of all traffic now comes from … or all search traffic originates on mobile devices guys. So, desktop search is becoming dinosaur, but regardless, let's just say I … say tree removal service, and if I could just spell for a minute. Here's all these suggested phrases, okay? You see that? By the way, near me keywords guys, those are huge. They're absolutely huge right now because of what I just said, 70% of all mobile searches are originating on mobile devices. Near me keywords pop up in suggest, instantly they're almost the first thing that come up in suggest.

Well, remember on a mobile device guys, when you start to use Google you all know what happens on a smartphone, which is what 99% of the population has now, right? When you start to do a search on a mobile device, half the screen is taken up by the keyboard, and the other half the screen as soon as you start typing the search query in, Google suggest takes up the other half of the screen and suggest the search queries, right? Recommended search queries. And because it's on a mobile device, it's so much easier to tap a closely related recommended search query than it is to finish typing out your search query, right? On that little shitty keyboard.

And so my point is, there's a ton of traffic to be had from mobile devices because of suggest. And all of the phrases that pop up in Google's … excuse me, Power Suggest Pro are phrases directly pulled from Google auto suggest. So, they are traffic producing keywords. Don't worry about whether the Google keyword AdWord planner or long-tail pro or any of those other stupid keyword tools out there that have a million bells and whistles that give you all these competitive metrics, don't worry about whether they say they're search volume or not because if it shows up in suggest, there's search volume, period, end of story. Period. And remember the keyword tools rely on the Google keyword planner for search volume metrics. Search volume metrics from the Google keyword planner are AdWords, or Google ads keywords, they're for pay-per-click. They're not the same as SEO based keywords guys.

So, even though the search … the Google keyword planner may show … if you spit out all the keywords that you wanted from here, let's say that you wanted all these, again, just for example sake, if you spit all these out and you entered them into the Google keyword planner to look at search volume data, many of these keywords are going to say, “No search volume at all.” But that's bullshit because if they're in suggest you will get traffic on them, especially from mobile devices, period. So that's why I love this tool guys because again, look it's real simple, it doesn't give me a bunch of … it doesn't give me any competitive metrics. I don't need all that stuff. All I need to know is which keywords produce traffic, and these keywords produce traffic. And it does it really quickly.

There's not learning curve with this tool at all guys. I mean, you can play around with some of the settings and stuff, you'll get different results whether you use suffix A to Z or suffix AA to ZZ or if you do recursive yes or no. There's different search engines that will scrape all of these, produce suggested results so you can select if you're doing YouTube marketing, if you're specifically targeting Yahoo or Bing, I don't know who does that, but if you did you could find additional keywords from them. There's Amazon, Ebay, there's all kinds of stuff, right? I typically just use it for Google and YouTube.

But it's a great tool guys and for years now … I stopped paying for all those really … there were keyword tools that we've used at semantic mastery that literally cost us $800 a month. No shit. $800 a month to use a keyword tool. And I stopped using those tools for this one. I think it's $77 one time fee. I think we have a link somewhere that allows you to get for $57 if you want to drop that on the page somewhere Adam or anybody.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, sorry I went so long on these two questions, but they were two really good questions that I really wanted to get out to you guys. So, this one here, like I said guys, it's a simple tool I use all that. Finally, what I will do though … even though I mentioned the keyword planner is an AdWords tool, I do still like sometimes to try to determine if there are search volume data for some of the keywords even though I know there's traffic on them, whether the keyword planner says it or not. Why do I want to know? Because if there's search volume data in the keyword planner it's likely that people are bidding on those keywords.

So, by taking my list that I accumulate or that I generate from my research from first using trends, second using Power Suggest Pro, then I can go enter my finalized list of keywords into the Google keyword planner and look at search volume data so that I can determine which keywords that people are bidding on for AdWords or Google Ads now because I now I know that those are the ones that are likely the most profitable keywords, right? Because if people are bidding on them there must be money there, or else if people aren't bidding on them it's typically because there's not … they don't produce any revenue, if that makes sense. Okay?

Also, you could find some additional keyword suggested ideas through the keyword planner after you've done this initial research. That's a great question. To bad we're not giving shit away.

Marco: What I have for this is that when you start broader, right? You can get just so many keyword ideas from Power Suggest Pro, but by digging into each category … if you want to consider it a category. You won't get categories, but you'll know. If you've done keyword research long enough, you'll know what's a category keyword and what's a supporting keyword. And so you could just dig and dig and dig and what I've found is that you come up with just thousands of keyword ideas and then from those you can cherry pick the long tails so that you can start ranking right away and you can start producing traffic to the website and it's likely to become people who convert. I mean, it's really, really powerful to use that way. It's one of the ways that we use it in our keyword research. I mean, we dig down into whatever people give us as the niche and use Power Suggest Pro and then just keep digging and digging and digging and digging. Sometimes you end up with thousands and thousands of keywords man.

Bradley: Yeah. I want to … that's why I just started to demonstrate this as you were talking because for example, I just put “how to cut down a tree,” right? Guys, I don't even have recursive on. Recursive means after it searches and it pulls back all of the results, it goes back and then searches each one of the results again plus the suffix A to Z, if you have suffix added. So, it's like what Marco just said, sometimes this thing will spit out 3,000 keywords, it's ridiculous. And the thing is, especially when you have recursive on, which I don't because it could run for several minutes if that's the case. But when I have recursive on you'll see like for example, how does a … how much does it cost to just cut down a tree? How much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree, look at how specific some of these search phrases are coming out, right?

Now, if I have tree service site and I'm in an area that has palm trees, then it's likely that there's search queries … remember, this is a suggested search queries guys, how much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree? That means when somebody starts to type in queen palm tree or cut down a queen palm tree, in fact let's just go take a look at it. We'll say cut down a queen palm tree. Cutting down a queen palm tree, all that, you can see those type of keywords come up and suggest and before somebody even finishes typing it out, they're going to say, “Oh, well there you go, that's close enough.” Right? And so that's what I'm saying. There's traffic on those keywords and look at how long some of those are. And then if I have recursive on, some of them come back even longer. It's crazy.

This Stuff Works
I have seen full on sentences as search suggested search queries that have come back in here, and those are absolutely great topics guys or keywords search queries, right? To target with blog posts or Q&A posts and things like that because there's so few people targeting such long-tail stuff like this. You can start to generate a lot of traffic over time by just building up. I mean, very, very simple stuff guys like how much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree? Put that question on a blog post and answer it with a little bit of schema markup and next thing you know you end up in position zero or in on of these areas right here. Right? And you can get a shit ton of traffic from that. Okay?

So, anyways. It's a great tool guys. I absolutely love it, as Marco said. I've learned over the last couple years that I don't … I used to always just go straight to SEO stuff and I would do a ton of keyword research and I would generate literally thousands of keywords for a project before I would … and then I would just start doing SEO. Now I've really gotten to the point where I always start with Google Ads so that I can really pinpoint where the money keywords are, the lead generating keywords are, and then I'd start basing my SEO campaign right … I'd develop my SEO campaign based around the keywords that I know produce traffic that converts because of AdWords, or Google Ads I should say now. And then I will use this type of stuff now for content marketing to start building up the SEO presence and start generating traffic from the longer tail stuff that will trickle in little bits and pieces at a time.

So, you start to accumulate little traffic streams from these longer tail keywords, but the bulk of your traffic is going to come from just a handful of keywords, and it always does, at least in local marketing it does. The 80/20 principle absolutely applies and if any of you guys do AdWords or Google Ads now, you know that to be 100% true. Sometimes it's 80/20, where 80% of your results come from 20% of your keywords. Sometimes it's 90/10, sometimes it's 95/5. And again, if any of you guys that are doing any Google Ads, you know that to be true. And so why spend a shit ton of time on a lot of long-tail keywords when the bulk … there's a reason to do that, right? Building up silo structure and all of that so that you can rank organically for those short-tail keywords, you need to have the long-tail keywords.

What I'm talking about is initially starting off, getting your silo structure in place, using the keywords as the top of silo that you know produce traffic and results, which is what you can determine with AdWords rather quickly, which is a couple … few hundred dollars in Ads spent you can determine that. And then you can develop your SEO campaign based around those results or that data, right? And you can develop a much stronger SEO campaign right off the bat. You can map it all out ahead of time. It'll make you're job so much easier as in SEO. And by the way if you want to learn how to really stack keywords and everything properly, SEO bootcamp by Jeffrey Smith, by the way he's going to be a guest speaker at Pofu Live, so another reason to come join us.

Do You Have Any Recommendations On A Good Magento Developer?

That was a long question too. Damn we're almost out of time. Dan and Tom are the winners today. Rich is up. He says, “I have taken a job with a drop shipping firm along with other stuff and the magento developers have gone silent. Do have you have a couple you could recommend?” I do not. If anybody knows, can help Richard [Harman 00:48:34] with a magento developer please post on the event page. I don't do any e-com stuff at all guys, so I can't really recommend anything. Any of you all on the call, can you recommend it?

Marco: The people that I know, you'd have to have really deep pockets because magento development can into the thousands and thousands of dollars. It's not something simple to work with, but I would suggest Upwork, you might be able to find someone in another country that would do it for a lower price if you're on a budget for the budget that you're looking to spend on it.

Hernan:Yeah. I do agree with Marco. Magento is like the Rolls-Royce of the eCommerce, but it's like if you get a flat tire on a Rolls-Royce. So, it's that type of stuff. So, yeah, I do agree with Marco and other stuff that you could do Richard is to go and ask on both the Semantic Master, Mastery Mind Facebook group if you're a part of it. If not, you can go on the free … the Facebook group, the SEO tutorials and case study, we're a Facebook groups or maybe in a couple of eCommerce Facebook groups, that usually helps as well. But yeah, I do agree with Marco. I tried once with Magento and it's like meth.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: You ran away with a tail tucked between your legs, right?

Hernan:Not even once. Yeah. Not even once.

When Will You Release The CORA Reports On MYGB?

Bradley: Yeah. I don't do e-com guys, so I can't be of any assistance. I've got nothing. Jordan, “I peeked CORA reports,” what's up Jordan, “peeked CORA reports on MGYB, that is deliciousness like a plate of tacos,” that's awesome, “when are those rolling out?” Aren't they available now?

Marco: Yeah. You should be able to order now. It's not very descriptive since we haven't added the description in SamCart, but I think you can order them since you already know what they are, you don't need to know what they do [crosstalk 00:50:36].

Bradley: You probably should also … probably link to a example report on the page so that people can what they're going to get from a CORA report, you know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah. That's all coming, but I mean, we've been busy just adding a whole bunch of other stuff there we're developing our own process with one of the services, which took priority and that's being worked on. And so yeah. It's a work in progress guys. MGYB is a work in progress. We got it out in record time and we're just going to keep adding to it.

Bradley: Yup. Awesome. Scott says, “For Richard,” he's got a comment for you Richard, but basically he's saying that yeah Magento is going to cost you a shit ton of money. That's basically what he's saying. So, thanks Scott for your input on that.

Do You Recommend Accessing A GMB Verified Account Using Proxies?

Scott says, “Just received my first GMP verified account from MGYB, are you recommending accessing these via proxies or does it matter? Thank.” It's your call, Scott.

Marco: Yeah. But it's not something that we want to discuss in a free form. This isn't a question here. Scott, ask us in Facebook. You know where to go.

How To Make A Lead Gen Site Authoritative?

Bradley: There you go. Okay. Good enough. Herovic says, “Hey guys, can you share a few strategies you can use to make a lead gen site more authoritative?” Well, RYS drive stacks are going to help. If it's a lead gen site, it's a verified GMB profile then that should help. If it's a lead gen thing it likely does, but I would say in RYS, drive stack would help. Obviously a syndication network because all of those are like … every single tier one branded profile that you create is like another … it's another validator, another entity validator, right? So, syndication networks, even if you're not syndicating to them, it's still powerful for that reason. It helps to validate the entity. Pass authority, especially if you interlink them the way that we teach in syndication academy or if you just purchase the done for you network, which is the much easier route to go anyways, right?

Again, RYS drive stacks, that's going to pass authority. Doing a local PR pro method, local press release, using press releases, that absolutely helps. So, there's just a combination of those three … obviously the local GMB pro method doesn't really … I don't know if local GMB pro method helps gain authority for normal like organic ranking or not because we don't care. We're not worried about rankings with the local GMB pro method. We're worried about activity that generates leads. It generate engagement from primarily mobile devices, which is what the local GMB pro method is about, it's not about ranking. It's about producing engagement from Google, which produces results, leads. So, again, the combination of all of those things, I know they're all our products but we have those products for a reason, they work. Want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Hernan:Yeah. Having a verified entity gives you trust and authority, especially when you're verifying the entity with the very entity that's looking for these signals, right? That's what you're looking to trigger, so why not? Why wouldn't you have a transparent entity that's you, it's your company or if you're name is your business. Why wouldn't you go and say, “Here I am. I'm transparent. I'm billing my company. This is my …” Whatever information it is that you can provide and we go through all of that in great detail in our training in local GMB pro and RYS academy reloaded in the black book. I mean, this is what you're looking for, to be more trusted and authoritative and [crosstalk 00:54:17]. Go ahead.

Bradley: I got a simple one form too that probably a lot don't know about and Marcus probably going to be mad. But set up a G Suite account for the domain for that lead gen property. And you got to pay Google $5 a month, it might even be $10 a month now. But you're going to pay Google $5 or $10 a month for that G Suite account, but you're going to have a Google account on your domain, essentially you'll have a Gmail account using your domain email in all of that, and that right off the bat is a huge authority, or entity, validator for Google. Having a verified Google on my business profile is great, there's no doubt. But also having a G Suite account tied to the same domain that's associated with your lead gen property is going to also help, okay? So, definitely check that out.

Guys, I use G Suite for everything now. I freaking love it because it does, it really just adds authority to the overall entity and it's like instant authority by just paying Google. Google likes to see that guys because now they know they've got … they can bill you, right? There's a billing source so they that you're a valid entity, or a real person behind it instead of somebody that's just spamming shit to death. If you're willing to pay Google, so even for a lot of … my newer lead gen sites guys, I set up $5 a month G Suite accounts. And yeah, it costs me $5 a month, who cares? It's an instant credibility. It's instant credibility to Google. Okay?

How Do You Download A Video From A Site?

Quit This House, “How do you download a video from a site to upload video to GMB?” Just use one of … just go to Fire Fox, I've got a couple of them over here. Let's see, one of them is called Video Download Helper, that's an extension there. There's another one that … just go to Fire Fox and search for Video Download Extension or plugins or something like that, and download and install one of them and then just go visit the web page, and depending on the app, it's going to have different functionalities for how to download the video, but pretty much in Fire Fox you can download just about any video [crosstalk 00:56:15].

Hernan:Yeah. I have two desktop apps that I use. I use YouTube downloader because I mean, it's really fast. And I use any video converter because I can convert the video file into anything I want. So either one of those and they're totally free and they totally rock.

Who Do You Recommend For A Residential Proxy Supplier?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Wood Wine Boxes, “Do you have a recommendation for residential proxy supply or smaller number?” The only one that I know of for residential proxies is one that I'm actually using right now. If you are familiar with Browsio, it's a service that it's not Browsio's service. It's a vendor that they been promoting or whatever, but there's a … it's called netnut.io and they have a residential proxy service that you can buy and you pay based on bandwidth usage. I think I get 10 gigabytes a month usage for $75 because I just use the … it's a pool of IPs that are residential IPs and every time … it's an HTTP request proxy service.

In other words, every time you refresh a new page, it'll pull back a new proxy from the same general location, but it's interesting because you can refresh the page on like whoer.net and see the actual IP change. And so it's pretty cool, but again, it'll stay within a very targeted or very close area so that it won't trigger reverification and stuff. I've been using in now for several weeks for all my BrowSEO profiles. I mean, I got shit open here, right? Bunches of stuff open right now, and I'm using that same thing. And it works really good because they're not commercial proxies like most proxy providers, they're actual residential.

Again, I would just go to the BrowSEO's Facebook group … in fact, I don't think they're doing anything on Facebook anymore. I think they've got a Skype group. Try to find the access to the Skype group and then you can request … and you might be able to find some information on their Facebook group. I just think that they've moved the conversation to Skype, and see about that offer. That's the only one I would recommend currently at the moment for this kind of stuff. Okay?

We're almost out of time guys. I'm going to have to wrap it up here in a minute. I love that meme, that's awesome. Thanks Greg. Jay says, “Marco, going to do my first SERPbased link package to a clients RYS local iframe loop and tier one's. Do you recommend going an extra mile in providing to SERPspace G shorten links? Or SERPspace link package, or would you recommend interposting a redirect icontrols so that I can redirect them in the future?”

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. Depends on how much control you want over this. If you supply your own G shorten links then video will of course, build to those. If you want to have that … switch box right? [inaudible 00:59:02]. If you want to have that switch box in place then yes, by all means. I mean, talk to [Dediya 00:59:07]. Dediya knows exactly what to do when it comes to link building. He's been with us for three years. We started out with Bradley, but he's been with Semantic Mastery since the beginning providing link building services in East [inaudible 00:59:21], he's the best. He knows what [crosstalk 00:59:23].

Bradley: He's been with me since 2012, I think. 2012 or … it might've been '13. Anyways, he's been with me for a long damn time. No shit. And that was … who was that that asked that question, Jay? Yeah, Jay, in fact, if you just pink or tag Dediya in one of the groups, whichever group you're in just one of our Facebook groups. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer some questions for you. Again, anytime we have any questions about spam link packages, we just ask him because he always is up-to-date with the most effective strategy currently. Okay? I don't keep up with that shit because I have Dediya. All right. All right.

Do We Need To Supply A Video File If We Order Video Carpebomb From You?

Last question, Look Within, he says, “If we order a Video Carpet Bomb through you guys, do we supply the video file?” Yes. You need to supply the video file, the thumbnail image if you have a specific thumbnail image, which I recommend you do because remember? That's like a little mini ad, like a banner ad. I would also … you're going to have to give us the keywords, the zip code of the central location, which we do a radius of. And then the NAP and the target URL if you have a … so name, address, phone number, and target URL of the business if you're promoting a local business, which is really what this campaign type is designed for, okay?

So, but that's it. That's all you got to do is provide us those few things, right? So, video file, thumbnail, main keywords, there's a couple of keywords I think depending on the package level, the primary location, and then the NAP, name, address, phone number with the target URL. That's it. That's all you got to provide. Should take you a couple minutes to get that together. Okay? All right guys. We only went one minute over. That's pretty impressive. Thanks for sticking around guys.

Hernan:That's not bad.

Bradley: Cool. Everybody good?

Marco: Pofu Live.

Bradley: That's it.

Hernan:Come join us.

Marco: That's all I'm going to say. Bye everyone.

Bradley: What's your position, right?

Marco: Right.

Bradley: All right guys. See you all later. Thanks.

Marco: All right. Bye.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 199

By April


Click on the video above to watch Episode 199 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 199. It is the 29th of August, 2018. We are here with the full crew as we inch closer to Episode 200, so we're going to say hello to everyone real quick, and then we're going to make some good announcements today. We got some cool limited time stuff coming up as well as some things we want to share with you all before we dive into the questions. So real quick, Chris. How are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Glad to be here. How are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. I'm trying out this fancy, new screen in the background. That's not a green screen. I bought one of those. It's like a folding shoji screen thing so you guys don't have to look at my office futon and white boards, and so I did it for you guys, not for me. Hernan, how are you doing?

Hernan: Hey, what's up? I'm traveling, so connection is not the best, but I'm excited to be here. Yeah. I'm excited for POFU Live. Right now, I'm writing a message on the event, so I'm going to just drop the link over there. If you guys want to join, that's going to be epic.

Adam: Nice. Yeah, so if you're watching live, you can check it out, if not, we'll include that in the show notes, and tickets are selling, so if you're thinking about going or you want to know more, now is a very good time to go check that out. We are capping it at 25 max. I think we're halfway there and so grab you a ticket while you can. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: Working on POFU, man. You guys saw it. You guys saw it. You know what I'm working on. It never stops. It never stops. Manipulation never stops. Those of you who are not manipulating, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?

Adam: Oops, sorry. I was muted. I was like, “Man, strong start to Hump Day Hangouts today, but for real.” That's also the theme of … That's why we're calling it POFU Live. Right? That's our live event and talking about ourselves, as well as the people who are attending how we can help each other get to that point where you get to choose what you want to do, either with your time, your projects, your clients. Bradley, how are you doing, man?

Bradley: Great, man. Happy to be here. Got a lot of exciting stuff cooking up right now. Gearing up for POFU Live. I got a couple of things that I'm actually developing specifically for that, and some stuff that I've been developing. I started talking about in the Mastermind a couple of weeks ago, and actually did the newsletter entry for the newsletter that gets mailed out in a week or so specifically addressing that, and then we had the Mastermind webinar last, or excuse me, Thursday, and I went into a little bit more detail, and I've just been like neck deep in this new process that I'm developing. It's just absolutely crushing it for sniping Maps pack rankings, like within 24 hours. It's crazy. I'm three for three in the last month, and I actually just ordered another verified GMB profile now to see if I can be four for four.

This Stuff Works
If that's the case, which, again, I'm working on a process right now to be able to scale this. Client work is great, but if you can develop your own assets, that's even better, and so that's something I'm working on inside of the Mastermind, and really excited about it, and looking forward to sharing that at POFU Live.

Adam: Nice. Nice. Well, if you're just watching this, and this is the first time watching or maybe you've just been to a few, first of all, thanks for checking us out on the Hump Day Hangouts. We're here every Wednesday and if you haven't grabbed it, yet, the battle plan is the best place to start. We get asked a lot. “Hey, I'm new to Semantic Mastery. I just started watching you guys' videos or I came across this or that. What should I do first?” The battle plan is the place to start. There will be a link below where you can check that out. If you're ready to kick things up a notch, we do have the Mastermind and, again, the link is there for you to take a look at that. I'm not going to go into the details here, but it's the place to be if you're into local digital marketing and you want to take things up a few notches.

Now, one thing we did want to talk about briefly today. This is actually a service of ours that I've used because we haven't actually offered this outside of testing and getting the process set up, and this is keyword research that Marco spearheaded in getting this set up. Marco, do you want to talk about this real quick and let people know what we're going to be sharing?

Marco: Yeah, sure. How this started out is, of course, it was in RYS Academy because we needed to give people an opportunity to have keyword research. You have to know your market. You have to know your niche. You have to know what you're getting into. We started doing it Semantic Mastery style. We would do Google Trends, as Bradley recommends, and then we would do AdWords, of course, the keyword tool, and then we would do Power Suggest Pro. We would just come up with thousands of keywords to target. We could have left it at that because that's fabulous, but then we said, “That's not enough. If we're going to offer something that's keyword research, it needs to be more comprehensive.” So we added Ubersuggest, which that wasn't enough, so we went into Answer the Public, and that wasn't enough.

We started using the methods taught in Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp and, by the way, Jeffery Smith is the best. If you guys don't have SEO Bootcamp, you're missing out. Ultimate SEO Bootcamp it is like the ultimate when it comes to going into and exploring your competition, your niche, but the keyword research is still a little bit short. It's fabulous, but it doesn't include everything that we've talked about. Not only that, we incorporated some of the stuff that's taught in Network Empires. What is it? Ultimate Keyword Research Tool, and I said, “We could have left it at that.” Right? But we actually go and we classify the keywords, and then we set them up in silos.

Then all you have to do is go in and start plugging in the keywords, and using them, and developing content. The only thing that we will not do is content, of course, because nobody knows the niche better than the person that's working in it. Right? We don't know every niche, but we can research every niche, and dig up the keywords, and I'm looking at a tab. We ended up, I don't know, like 10 tabs at the class. Well, we call it the classification tab, and I scrolled down thousands and thousands of keywords. It's just ridiculous the amount of keywords that you get. I haven't seen anything that's as comprehensive, and all encompassing, as our keyword research, so that's what you get when you order keyword research from us. Right? We either do things, we go all the way. We kill it or we just don't do it. We don't do shit half-assed, man.

Adam: I've just got to say this real quick. This is something we're going to start offering through MGYB. That's you, which is a store where you can … We're going to talk about a little bit more briefly because we got a few things we want to share with everyone, but this is something. Like I said, we haven't offered before. I meant it. I've used it. We're using it for an internal site we're putting together, as well as some other projects, and we wanted to start offering it. We're going to just offer this to three people. It's going to be $97, and Marco, roughly, what's the turnaround time so we can give people kind of a time range, do you think?

Marco: It'll be anywhere from three to five days.

Adam: Okay. So done by next week. I would say safely done by next week sometime.

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: This is going to be killer for a bunch of applications, so this is definitely a deal. Obviously, we're offering it for 97 bucks right now to three people, so I'm going to put that on the page, and when it's gone, it's gone, and then, eventually, it'll be in the store available for purchase.

Marco: That's about half price of what it's actually going to cost.

Adam: Around there? All right, and then the other awesome thing we wanted to share with everybody was for the GMB verifications. So we're offering 25 bucks off of these and I've got a coupon code I'm going to post, and I've used the keyword research. I haven't used the GMB verifications. Marco or Bradley, do you guys want to tell them anything about this?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. It's funny, but I just ordered my first one today, believe it or not, because I was testing the sniping method that I've been developing just using P.O. boxes, like I always have and it's just because old habits die hard, but I actually just placed my first order for GMB Verified today in part because it prevents me or now I don't have to spend the time to go drive to a P.O. or, excuse me, a post office and fill out the paperwork, pick up the keys, and then drive back a week later after I've requested the verification card to pick it up, which sometimes, probably about 30 or 40% of the time, the card isn't there when I drive back the second time, so I got to drive back a third time, and that uses a lot of time, and that's okay.

I mean, it's not so bad when it's somewhat local, but when you got an hour drive in one direction to go pick something up and it's not there, that's shitty. Not only that, but what's your time worth, right? So we have to verify GMB services now where you can buy them, basically, and we'll create it, and verify it for you. It's guaranteed for 60 days. Marco and I were talking a couple of days ago about this new method that I've been developing and he was like, “Dude, just use ours.” I was like, “Yeah. I guess I could.” I ordered my first one today. I'm really anxious to see how soon it comes back.

Marco: It'll take two to five days to come back. It depends on just how difficult the niche is to get verified. If it's easy, sometimes it's overnight. I mean, we do have the express service at an additional cost. You get it back in 24 hours. I've ordered them. I mean, I have. I don't know. I don't keep track, but I know that it's over 10, and they're all sticking. They're all working really well. We're actually doing some super secret squirrel stuff to them that we're not ready to share right now until all of the data comes back, until we have proof of concept, of course, and until we can replicate. That's why all of this POFU, this ultimate POFU that I've been talking about, I can't really say, “Guys, it's working really well.”

We've already tested it. It's in beta testing and it's just going to get developed out from there. Once we have all the data and we can show you just how much money you can make, I said it before. Right? With RYS Academy, RYS Academy Reloaded we said we were going to turn the SEO world on its ear. We said it would Google My Business Pro. No rankings. No SEO, but you get leads. Now, let me do it again. We're going to turn the SEO world on its fucking ear, and what I love about this and what keeps me going, guys, because I'm 55. I just turned 55, so every day that I get up it's like, “Why are you doing this? Why do you keep doing?” It's just I have, I don't know, a magnificent obsession with getting over on Google.

That's mine. That's my thing. I love what I do. I enjoy what I do and I get up every morning with that mindset. “Today, I'm going to do something more to get over on Google,” and then every day I work on that and more, and more. Of course, that often equates into money. Oftentimes, it equates into nothing. It goes in the crapper, but that's what testing is all about. Why am I still doing it at my age after 15 years? Because I love this shit. This is what keeps me going, man. I live for this, man. I live for getting over.

Adam: Awesome. I can't top that, so all I'm going to say is go check out this stuff. If you want the GMB verification, that's an awesome service, and then the keyword stuff is going to get rolling, and if you got any projects coming up or anything you're even thinking about, I highly suggest it. It's awesome. It is so complete and you get that, and then you just start putting stuff together. You can lay out a site like that once you get this stuff back, and all sorts of good stuff with it. I love it. I think it's a big time saver, but enough of that. Do you guys got anything else or are we ready to jump into questions?

Bradley: I think I'm ready. Are you guys ready?

Hernan: Let's do it.

Adam: All right.

Chris: Let's do it.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: All right. Now, I got to tease this just a little bit more, guys, because I'm telling you. You got to come join the Mastermind. Guys, I just want to point out something. Again, this Maps Sniping Method that I'm kind of working out, now, and developing a process for scaling it. I kind of disclosed on a very high level our conceptual overview of what it is that I'm planning on building to our Mastermind members last week and, like I said, I mentioned it three for three in the last month for getting into three pack with brand-new verified GMB listings in under 24 hours. Well, one of them took about three days, so three for three in under three days, and I've just again, like I said, I'm attempting a fourth and I just picked up a fifth with using our verification service today that I'm going to be testing. I just want to point this one out.

This is just a screenshot from my phone earlier today because I set up a call center for my tree service leads, and that's what I've been testing this method out with for this Maps Pack Sniping, and this is one that I sniped on Thursday, so essentially I registered a P.O. box which, again, I'm not even going to do that anymore because we have a verification service now where I can buy them and it saves me all that time from having to go drive and pick up the keys, and then drive back and pick up the verification card, and all that kind of stuff. It's way better. It's going to save me a ton of time. Costs a little bit of money out of pocket, but my time is worth more than that. Right?

This is one that I had rented a P.O. box for and, yet, on Thursday the day of the Mastermind webinar last week, I verified it and by the time we had the Mastermind webinar, which is at 3:00 p.m., it was already ranking. I verified it that morning. It was already ranking. Well, we got a call came through today already because everything goes through my call center, at least for the tree service leads it does. This is the lead email that came in today from that one, which is in Orange County, Virginia. It just goes to show you guys. I was able to rank a Maps listing in under 24 hours and, literally, just a couple of hours from the time that it was verified to the time that it made it into the three pack, and within four days, I guess, yeah. Four or five days it's already generating calls, now. Right?

These are money-making calls. I get 10% of any closed contracts from this particular contractor. So think about that, guys. I mean, that's just incredible. It cost me a few bucks and a little bit of time, and there you go. I'm already making money. One of the other ones that I had just set up was the first one that I had attempted this on. It's in a very small area, so it's not a whole lot of traffic or anything as far as website traffic clicks and calls, but I've already made money on that one because, again, that particular contractor he pays me 10% of any closed jobs, and he let me know because I told him I got him another area, and he let me know that we had already closed our first job, and I got paid off of that. I'm already profitable on that one. Just think about that, guys.

If you're not in the Mastermind, you probably right now would be a really good time. If you're doing local or lead gen, or a combination or a hybrid of both, I highly recommend you come check it out in the Mastermind because there's a lot of really good stuff going on in there. Okay? Enough pitching anyways. Sorry, guys.

Do You Know An Alternative Plugin To Video Traffic X That Auto Creates Video Based On A Page Or Post Content?

Christoper, I answered your question a little bit further up. I don't know if it's going to be the exact same thing that you're looking for, but there is a really good video program that creates content rather easily. I've used it. I used it like two years ago, and it might have even been three years ago, now, when it was first launched. It's called Content Samurai.

It's by the same makers of … What was that? You have to be an old school SEO to know what I'm talking about. It was Keyword Samurai.

Adam: I thought it was Keyword Samurai. Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. I thought it was Keyword Samurai, too, or something like that. That was an old tool. When I first got started in SEO, that was the go-to tool for figuring out competitive metrics, and all that. The same developers behind that developed Content Samurai, which is their video platform. Again, it might have even been three years ago when it was first launched. I got in and played with it for a bit, and they have continued to develop it, and develop it. I know several of our Mastermind members. That's their preferred video tool, and so that's the reason why I posted that. Again, I don't know that it's going to do exactly what you're asking, but I would check that one out because just like what you've mentioned here about video traffic X, that was a WordPress plugin and, obviously, the developer went out of business.

That's what happens, guys, with a lot of these JVZoo offers. A lot of them are they're fly-by-night product developers that don't … They don't withstand the test of time. Right? There's not a whole lot of product developers out there that five years down the road are still in business, especially WordPress plugin developers. Unless they're an established developer, it's likely that the support is going to … Like, eventually, they're going to stop supporting it because the company just goes out of business. Right? Again, that's why I recommend something like Content Samurai that has a strong development platform behind it and they've been around for years, and they continue to develop the tools, so I don't think that's going anywhere anytime soon.

Adam: Yeah, real quick, too. I just went over to check it out and it's got a seven-day free trial, so no loss there. Go check it out.

Bradley: There you go. Last thing guys, just think about it, man. I know how tempting it is, guys. I used to be a JVZoo and what they were called Warriors Special Offers, WSOs, back in the day, but I used to be a junkie. I used to always buy all the new WordPress plugins, and all the new tools because they were all push button like you're going to get rich overnight, and all that kind of stuff. I'm a sucker for good marketing. That's why I'm in the marketing industry. I would read a sales page, and I always had my credit card in hand by the time I got to the bottom of the sales page. I would buy all these damn tools and, first of all, that's one way to quickly destroy your business because, well, first of all, you're spending money. You're spending revenue. Instead of generating revenue, you're spending revenue.

Also, you end up spending a lot of time playing with a bunch of these stupid, shitty tools that aren't going to move your business forward at all. Honestly, you don't need most of the stuff. I guarantee probably everybody watching this webinar or listening to this webinar right now has enough tools in their toolbox that they can build a business. They don't need anymore shiny objects. Right? You should be looking for ways to improve or streamline processes. You should be looking for things that might help make your job a little bit easier, such as automation, stuff for automating, and things like that, but you don't need to go out and buy a shit-ton of tools, guys. Trust me. It will only slow your business down or prevent growth.

If you are going to buy tools, and that's what I was getting at; sorry. I lost my train of thought for a moment, but if you are going to buy tools, try to buy tools from established developers. Even though they might be a bit more expensive, there's a reason. Because what happens if you go out and buy one of these shitty JVZoo or Warrior Form or whatever offers that are $27 and you spend a lot of time implementing that into your business, depending processes for it? You become familiar with the tool, and now you rely on that tool to perform some specific function in your business, and now that tool goes out of business or it's not supported. Right? Like they stop supporting it or stop development.

What happens then? Now you've got to go back. Go search for another tool. Buy it. Go through the learning curve. Implement it into your business. Develop processes. You have to reorganize all your shit because of a crappy tool that you bought. Right? Instead of just spending a little bit more money and getting something from an established developer, and the only reason why I'm saying this is because it's very similar, guys, to hosting. Right? Everybody wants to go out and get … What is it? HostGator or, God forbid HostGator or GoDaddy or any of these really crappy budget hosts because it's cheap, and they think they're saving money. They're being smart, but then your sites don't rank, and they go down all the time.

There's all kinds of issues with that. Right? You're better off spending money on good hosting. The same thing goes with tools and training. Don't buy shitty training, either. You guys have any comments on that before I move on?

This Stuff Works
Adam: No. I think that's 100% what you need to say and I feel the same way. I would only follow up and say that, like you're saying, “Don't do it.” Because everyone does it. It's just you got to, over time, wean yourself off of that and realize, “Oh, hey. This monthly recurring fee I'm paying means that they're probably going to support it. It doesn't mean it's going to be a good product. You still got to find a good product, but looking at it from the point of view of, “I want a developer who's invested and making money because I want them to continue making sure that the product works and works well.”

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: Take it from people who have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on shiny, new objects, and on crappy training. You don't need to go through all that. Just find something that works and stick to it, and then just keep getting up every day, and doing it, and just creates a process that you can repeat, and you're going to make money.

Did You Ever Hear About Legal Problems When Using The Address Of Virtual Box & Or Local Person You Know To Receive The GMB Letter?

Bradley: That's it. Okay. This is Dustin just because she signed it. “Hey, Semantic boars.” Maybe that's supposed to be boys. “Got a business-related question. Did you ever hear about legal problems when using the address, a virtual box, or a local person you know to receive the GMB letter? I was wondering because aren't you registering the location for a real business?” Well, no. I mean, if you were to … All right. I'm not an attorney, guys, so I would highly recommend that you consult an attorney if you're concerned about any of this, but the way I look at it is you're not. When you register a business in Google, it's not like registering a company with the state corporation commission or anything. It's not like registering a company with the IRS, right? It's not an official agency.

It's Google. Right? It's a search engine, so you can register anything you want there. Now, there are times. I've had this happen. I had to have one of my clients, actually. The case study for the local GMB Pro Course. It's a taxi service. We had to contact Google to have an existing, verified listing deleted or taken down because the business owner didn't have access to it. We created the new listing, which was also at a new address, a new physical location. We created a new Google My Business listing, and then contacted Google Support or Google My Business Support to tell them what the situation was, that there was an ex-employee that had created and verified the old or the existing GMB profile, and they didn't work for the company anymore, and we didn't have access to it.

Also, the company had moved to a different physical location. The same city, but different location so we needed to update all that. The reason I'm saying all this is because in order for them to, because it was a verified listing that we were asking to have removed and update to a new one, they required corporate documents, so we had to literally submit corporate documents to Google to show that the business indeed exists, and that it's a valid business. It had an LLC. What do they call it? Articles of Organization or an operating agreement. They also needed to see the updated physical address. So, in other words, they had to see corporate documents with the new updated mailing address. Right?

So just consider that. It's not a legal issue to register a business in Google. Google might require legal documentation, and if that's the case, then you won't be able to do it unless you have that legal documentation, but when registering your company or business with local agency, state agencies, or federal agencies then yes. You're going to have to have a real, valid business. If you're doing lead gen, guys, here's one of the ways to get around that if you need to.

If you're doing lead gen and you're establishing “fake businesses” or pseudo businesses, is another term for it, generic brands, if you're setting up lead-gen properties where you're creating a pseudo brand, then what you can do is if you have a legal entity, a corporate entity, so if you're an LLC or incorporated, whether it's an S corp, a C corp, or whatever, then you can actually register that pseudo entity as a DBA or doing business as. So that, essentially, it's your corporation. For example, my corporation is Big Bamboo Marketing, LLC. So I have DBAs for several of my lead-gen properties because that way even if Google asked for corporate documents for a lead-gen property, I can produce the doing business as certificate from the county.

It costs me, I think, 13 bucks or $14 to register a DBA. That's all. You just go down to your local courthouse and ask for a DBA form. Wherever your business is registered, you go to that courthouse wherever your product … Like my agency it's registered in Culpeper, so I go to the Culpeper County Courthouse. I tell them, “Hey, I need a” … or clerk of the circuit court or whatever, and I tell them that I need a DBA form. I fill it out with the lead-gen pseudo business or pseudo brand that I'm saying is a business, so that now is Big Bamboo Marketing doing business as, and so that way if Google ever requires me to verify that corporate document, all I have to do is submit the DBA and in my operating agreement for my LLC. Does that make sense?

So it's not an issue. So that's what I would recommend that you guys do. You don't have to do that all the time, guys. For example, I've got a ton of lead-gen properties out there I don't have DBAs for. I'm not going to lie, but if in case there was a time where I needed one, like Google required it, then I could always go down and get a DBA, and then submit it. Any comments guys or should I move on?

Adam: Good to go.

Does The Local PR Pro Course Includes A Demo On Getting 3 Pack Map Rankings In Surrounding Cities/Towns Using The Press Release Methods Without Getting A New Verified GMB Listing?

Bradley: Okay. That was a great question, by the way, Dustin; a really good question. Okay, support question from Ed Ryan. “I purchased GMB Pro the day it came out, and I love it.” Thank you, Ed. I appreciate that. He says, “In Local PR Pro does Bradley show us specifically how to get three pack map rankings in surrounding cities/towns using the press release method without getting a new verified GMB listing for the business for the surrounding town?” Not specifically, but I talk a lot. We've talked about that many times in the Mastermind. I don't think it's specifically a local PR Pro, but there's a couple of things that you could do that I can reveal here. If you wanted to try to rank in the adjacent areas, it's not always going to be possible, guys, but there are things that you can do to kind of help facilitate that.

It requires on page. It requires having, basically, categories or silo structures or geo posts for the areas that you're trying to get ranked in. I would also recommend that within your GMB profile, since you're doing GMB Pro, that you start using the GMB posts just the way that we teach in the training with images, with meta tag or geo tags for the areas that you're trying to rank in, all that kind of stuff. Try to use those keywords in those posts. Right? Then for using press releases, specifically, then you could target those locations that you want to rank in in your press releases as part of the title is incredibly important for press releases, so target the locations that you want to rank in, as long as they're adjacent, and the title.

Make sure that you're linking to the content that is also optimized for that location, whether it's on your website or on your GMB profile or wherever it may be. So those are some of the things that you can do. Now, again, if you want some more in-depth training on that Ed, you got to come back to the Mastermind. Specifically in Local PR Pro I don't talk about that because Local PR Pro the way that I've found. I'm talking about getting three pack rankings using press releases for the city that the business is located in. Obviously, because of the GMB Pro stuff that we're doing, personally, I'd prefer to just get more GMB listings now than trying to rank one listing in multiple locations.

It's so easy now, guys. Whether you're doing P.O. boxes, which is what I've always done or now, which is even better using our verified GMB service. You don't even need to leave your damn house. You can just order it online. It gets done and now you can set up as many GMB profiles as you want, and just literally target an entire region if you want. I think that's easier. It takes less work than trying to rank one GMB for a wide service area or geographic area, if that makes sense. Guys, I like easy and the thing about it is if you develop a process, Ed, or excuse me. Yeah, Ed. If you develop a process for buying, and that's what I'm doing, guys. I'm developing a process for scaling this method, so that I can outsource 90 to 95% of it.

This Stuff Works
It will require very little effort from me once the process is developed, and when I say it's going to be automated, it's going to be automated to me because I'm going to have virtual assistants doing most of the work. Does that make sense? That's why I said it would be better, less work for you, to develop a process for building out additional GMBs even for one specific business so that you can expand their service area, and what they're generating leads from. Develop out a process for that and that way you can outsource. Even if you don't outsource it, it's repeatable. If you develop like a checklist and a flowchart on what to do, then it becomes almost second nature.

You can do it like it becomes routine and it'll become a lot easier than trying to rank one listing for a really wide geographic area or at least in my opinion it is.

Marco: One last thing. Ed, go to the Facebook group and just say you'd like a webinar on how to extend the business center, and we can get into that.

Bradley: Yep. Yeah, especially if you're in the GMB Pro Course, because I know that question has come up a couple of times, and I think Marc. Yeah, Marco when you did the Unlimited Local Images and Videos Webinar, you touched on that briefly.

Marco: Yeah. We talked it, but we can expand on it because it's not that difficult.

What Is The Best Combination Of Serp Space Link Packages That Provide The Best Juice At Specific Price Ranges?

Bradley: Yeah. So there you go, guys. We'll do a follow-up webinar on GMB Pro for that. What's up, Kevin? I haven't seen you here in a while, man. It's been quite some time since I've seen Kevin post a question. He's been around for a long time. “Hey, guys. How has everyone been? It's been a while. Life gets in the way. You know.” Yes. I do. It's good to have you back, buddy. He says, “Wanted to ask about service space tiered link building for local clients. I'm thinking of adding in on month three of a campaign. Service space tiered link building to as many as possible of the clients tier ones; links they've accumulated over the years. I see about four options for Web 2.0 contextual, and four more options for non-contextuals, plus this can be all done for four tiers. That is a lot of different combinations and price points.”

“What would be the best combination or lack of combination to provide the most use at the cheapest price, a middle price, and a higher price, but not as high as the just max everything out?” Okay. I'm not the spam guy anymore, guys. I actually rarely even use it anymore.

Marco: Shame on you.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, I don't. It's just I don't use a lot of spam links anymore because I don't need to. We're able to get results now using RYS, Local GMB Pro, Local PR Pro, and syndication networks. It seems silly to do that. Now, there are certainly times when spam can help and I can certainly power up drive stacks, and press releases, and syndication networks, all of that, with spam, but I've been getting results recently without doing it, so I'm not really the big spam guy anymore that I used to be. I would recommend that you … I can give you a little bit of advice here, but what I would recommend, Kevin, is to repost this question in the SEO Tutorials and Case Studies Semantic Mastery Facebook Group, which is the free group, and then tag. You could tag me on it if you want, and I'll tag Daddio, which is our link-building guy.

He's been with me for, shit, at least five years, and he's our manager. The guy's a ninja. He's got a full staff that all they do is build links, and so he can answer that question and direct you to specifically what you need. Now, the slight advice that I'll give you and, again, I don't even know if it's accurate. I would still repost this question in that group and get his advice because his advice is going to be a hell of a lot more current than mine, but what I would say is I always go with contextual links. Anything non-contextual is like kitchen sink spam, and that's the kind of stuff that I would keep way, way far away from my money site, like four or five hops away if I'm going to use it at all.

I would stick with Web 2.0 contextual links for at least three tiers before I would do GSA kitchen sink spam or anything like that. Again, that's just because that's kind of evolved, too, because it used to be that we would just do to tier one links. We would do contextual links, so your tier two links would be contextual Web 2.0s, and then we would push spam behind that. Your tier three links would just be kitchen sink spam, but that's changed because Google is looking further, and Marco can comment on this, but this is about distance graph and all that stuff. So it's really important, at least in my opinion, to keep kitchen sink spam further and further away, and so I believe Daddio's recommendation, now, is for tier two and tier three that you use contextual Web 2.0. Marco, you want to comment on that a little bit?

Marco: Yeah. I mean, Daddio has all the answers for you. The guy's been at it for years. He knows exactly what to do, and how to do it. He can give you the best recommendation.

Bradley: Yep.

This Stuff Works
Marco: One thing that I would tell you. Since Google is looking out further and further, make sure you put a drive stack in there so that all of your link building goes through the drive stack, and it'll come out the other end just pristine, no matter what it is. Even if a set of links turns bad for whatever reason, it won't hurt.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: That's how good drive stacks are at cleaning up spam.

Are You Still Using RSS Feed Directory Submission And Other RSS Tactics?

Bradley: That's good advice. Thank you. Second question, now. “One more question if that's okay. Are you still using RSS feed directory submissions and other RSS tactics that have been mentioned before? Tactics seem to come and go so quick. It's hard to know if something that was done eight-plus month ago is still valid and worth the time and money to implement today.” Yeah. Actually, believe it or not, I still think RSS feeds are one of the most underutilized things in SEO. There is a lot of things you can do with RSS feeds that are really powerful. I mean, obviously, syndication networks they're RSS feed driven the way that we've always set up the triggers that way, but there is still a lot of other things that you can do.

Now, I don't spend a shit-ton of time on that stuff anymore, but if you're in a competitive niche where every little push helps or you need every little push, then absolutely RSS stuff is still valid. The easiest way to do it, guys, is just collect your money side RSS feed or your Web 2.0 feeds or all of them. If you want, you can combine them together with the feed splicer, and then submit that one super feed to just go to Fiverr and search for RSS feed submits, and you can get a Fiverr gig that will do the work for you that will submit to 70 directories and aggregators for you, and they'll send you tips. A lot of times they'll send you back a report, and it'll cost you five or 10 bucks, or something like that.

So what? It's easy. It'll only take you a few seconds, and let them do the work for you. Okay? Yeah. It still works, guys. There is no doubt. It's funny because I think RSS stuff it's an old technology, and so a lot of people don't think that it's still valuable, but it certainly is. There is no doubt it is. Okay. Good question. Good to have you back, Kevin. All right. Let's see.

Is It Enough To Only Build Money Channel Or Brand Ring To Stick The Videos On SERPs?

It says, “Hi. First, thanks for answering my question. This SEO shit keeps me never run out of question.” Isn't that the truth? “The more you get into it the more questions come.” That's correct. “About IFTTT networks, is building only one ring that is the money channel brand ring reason for sticking the videos on SIR?”

Well, it can be. I mean, there is a lot of variables there. Typically for video stuff, though, guys I don't even start syndication networks for videos for YouTube channels unless I'm going to use at least one full two-tier ring. Right? So you're going to have a branded ring or a tier-one ring. It doesn't have to be branded, but I recommend that you do. A branded tier-one ring, and then you have three tier-two rings, which is the full two-tier networks. If I'm going to start a new channel and a syndication network broadcast. I call it a broadcast network for videos, but a broadcast network for a new YouTube channel or a new project. I always start with at least one full two-tier network.

That's just I guess because I have the resources to do that, guys. If you have the resources, I recommend you do that as well. Typically, I end up with usually anywhere between two to five full two-tier networks stacked on one YouTube channel if I'm serious about that particular project or campaign, so it depends. If you can get results, and the only reason I say that, guys, is because I don't do so much of it anymore, but for a period, for many years there, actually, I did a lot of video broadcasting work for local video production companies, and so I developed out several themed syndication networks that I had themed YouTube channels. One was for Virginia businesses.

One was specifically for contractors. I had one for health and wellness stuff, and they're just big syndication networks that I created for YouTube. The idea is with blog syndication I always recommend, and I've been recommending this for years, to just stick with a branded syndication network and don't go multi tiers because it can create issues, and it kind of creates a little bit of a maintenance nightmare. Right? It's a pain in the ass to maintain, but for videos there is no footprint issues. It's still to this day, guys, there is no footprint issues with broad. As long as you're using the applets the way that we teach or you buy the syndication networks from us with the applets already built, then they're going to work fine.

This Stuff Works
I've never had any issues with YouTube videos getting slapped or sand boxed, or anything going through syndication networks, but blog content can if you're doing multi tiers, so just to bring it back to what you're asking. I would recommend. You can try. Certainly try it with just one, but if you're not getting the results that you want, then start stacking tier two networks on to the tier one network, or you can also stack additional tier one networks, persona-based networks. That's perfectly fine as well. That was a good question, though.

How Do You Determine If A Social Website Is Good To Have In A Network Ring Or Not?

“How do you determine if a social website is good to have in a network ring or not? There are over 200 popular social webs.” They're all good. If you can get a branded profile on the network or on any one of those social sites, just do it because you're increasing. You're validating your entity more every time you add another branded profile, especially if you can interlink. Even if all you can do is link to one other property that's branded, that's good enough. Guys, that's why in Syndication Academy we do the update webinars, and we add. Not every month, but almost every month, we add at least one new property. Again, it's not every month, but almost every month we add at least one new property, whether it can be syndicated to or not is irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether we can syndicate to or not. It still acts as a citation.

If it's a real business, it acts as an entity validator. Guys, the more places you can get your brand out on the Web, the more authority you'll accrue. Let's see. “I would have thought Stumble Upon would be a good social website to include, but you seem to neglect it.” No. We've done Stumble Upon, but didn't Stumble Upon go out of business, recently or something?

Marco: No. They moved to something called Mix.com-

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: … but you could still use Mix.com. I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure that it's the same way. You can curate content from around the Web.

Bradley: Yep. Okay, cool. What's up, Nigel? He's always active. He says, “You are appreciated for the value you bring. G Hypnosis was awesome. Thanks to you guys and Eric.” Yeah. That was a great webinar. Did we ever get a replay available, yet? Adam, if Adam is still on. Hello?

Adam: Sorry.

Bradley: Yeah. Adam must be-

Adam: Technical issues hitting the mute button. I'm still working on that, but we'll have some info shortly, I believe.

Bradley: Okay, good. All right. Yeah. Hopefully, we'll get the replay out here in a minute or soon, guys, because that was a great webinar. There was obviously an offer at the end of that webinar for … It was funny because the webinar was for a particular method and a information product, but the first hour of the webinar was not about the product at all. It was about how to prospect and sell to clients. It was fabulous. It was really, really good. Eric has really created a great business. I respect him highly anyways because I've known him since the start of my career, so I already respected the guy, but he's built a really good business and he's developed his own sales process that it works, and it's funny, but we were talking.

My salesman that's working for my agency and I have been trial and error developing sales processes for months now, and we haven't been very successful, but what we've found with Roberto because he's the one primarily doing it. He's the one talking to the contractors and everything. What he's found over the last several months is essentially he's kind of, through trial and error, come to the same conclusion that Eric uses for his sales process that he revealed on this webinar in this first hour of the webinar. It was funny because I was like, “Damn it! I wish I could have had this webinar with you, Eric, like four months ago, five months ago. It could have saved us four or five months of trial and error, and I probably closed a lot of these contractors that have now gone cold because we screwed up the sales process.”

Any Decent Spammy Fiverr Traffic For Testing?

At least it was good validation to know that we have, even though it took us a bunch of trial and error to figure it out. At least it was good validation to know that we're on the right track. Thanks for mentioning that, Nigel. It was good to bring that up. Okay. Coming up on four years of goodness, yes. We are. He says, “Any decent spammy Fiverr traffic for testing or is that a myth that it works with RYS, although likely not recommended at first option?” Well, I mean, I've used the fiber traffic gigs for getting press releases to stick. I haven't really tested them with drive stacks or anything. Have you, Marco?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: No. I haven't.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah. I mean, I can log into Fire real quick and just give you one lady that I ordered a whole lot of them she … Well, who knows if it's a lady. The profile picture was a lady, but that one I think that gig got taken down or something. I'm not sure. Just give me one second. I think that's one of them. Yeah. See? That one's no longer available. All right. This one is. I've used this guy, too. You guys can see. This is it's niche targeted. 2,000 daily visitors for 15 days for five bucks. This one right here I'll just grab the URL. Whoops! And drop it on the page for you, Nigel. Again, I haven't tried any of these with drive stacks. I have used these types of gigs for getting press releases to stick longer in the search.

For example, if you get a press release, guys, to rank on page one. You guys probably know that a lot of times press releases they rank really well for a short period of time, and then they start to slip in the search. I've used these types of gigs to be able to drive traffic to them to get them to stick in the search longer, and it absolutely works. I don't know about drive stack stuff, but I can't imagine it would probably hurt, especially since it's drive stack stuff. Good question, though. Damn, guys. You've posted a whole shit-ton of questions all of a sudden because there wasn't much before.

Are You Using Rotator Link For Landing Pages?

Anyone using Rotator Link for landing pages and, if so, any recommendations? You mean for split testing landing pages? There's a rotator inside click funnels, and that's all I use for landing pages. If anybody has any recommendations for doing split testing landing pages or link rotators and stuff like that, plugins or anything like that, let Nigel know, please. Just post on the page here.

What Strategies Are You Using With Alignable And LinkedIn To Get Leads Business?

“What strategies are you using with Alignable and LinkedIn to get business leads?” Well, I started playing with Alignable, and every now and then I'll take an hour, an hour and a half and go in and become really active for an hour, but it's not something I do consistently. It's one of those things I've always had intentions to do consistently, but I never do it consistently.

Every now and then, like I said, I'll go in and spend an hour in there and I'll be like, “Wow! There's a lot of opportunity here, and all that,” and I'll get all excited, and then three weeks goes by before I do it again. I'm not really doing a lot of in there. I think there's opportunity, but I haven't had enough time to. I haven't spent enough time in there to really figure out a process for getting repeatable results. LinkedIn we spent a lot of time. Well, Roberto, my salesman, spent a lot of time in LinkedIn trying to develop a process for tree service contractors. We realize now that was probably a really, really shitty industry to try to approach in LinkedIn just because there's not a lot of contractors in LinkedIn, tree service contractors, and when they are, again, it's not really a platform made for that type of a contractor.

We're actually doing started prospecting just in the last two weeks again for general contractors and remodeling contractors, so we're going to take what he started to develop for tree service contractors on LinkedIn and apply that to that industry, and see if we can get better results. I believe we will because, again, I know I'm painting with a broad brush here, but those type of contractors seem to be a bit more digitally savvy or a bit more sophisticated. There is more of them on LinkedIn and they seem to be a bit more engaged on LinkedIn. In the coming weeks, Nigel, especially I don't know if you're still in the Mastermind or not, but in the coming weeks as we have more data from that or more results, or experience, good, bad, or ugly, I'll be sharing that about the LinkedIn stuff.

Do You Have Any Creative SEO Strategies For A Business That Sells Psychiatric Services To Skillled Nursing Care Facilities?

Jordan, okay. “A new client coming onboard that sells psychiatric services to skilled nursing care facilities, and then expanding. Obviously, the search volume is incredibly low and there aren't that many decision makers. Less than a thousand, but each enlistment is worth about 70,000 per year to them.” Wow. “Doing everything digital for them: site, social, SEO, content, marketing conferences, collateral, et cetera. Any creative SEO strategies for this type of highly niched B2B client?” That's a tough one, Jordan.

Adam: Actually, yeah. This is cool. Jordan, I'll have to send you … I listened to a podcast recently and I can't remember the guy's name. Sorry. I'll have to look it up, but basically the guy did this, and he did it in one region. I can't remember. It wasn't where you're at, but talking about this, and going into the specifics of obviously you're generally not, and I'm sure you already understand this, but you're not marketing to consumer. You're marketing. This is like a family member would be looking for this, so words like mom, dad, and all the associated words like that, and then going into it, and potentially can you offer other than I'm looking at what you're saying? Can you do any sort of remarketing?

There is a lot of stuff you can do because it's worth so much to them which, obviously, you just listed but, also, you could maybe open their eyes and maybe, again, you've already done this. Once they reach a certain amount of let's say like it takes 75% booking or rooms filled for them to be profitable that you become highly profitable to them once you bring them past that point, so that maybe you can get more funds in order to expand some of these activities. Just some ideas off the top of my head.

What's The Best Way To Handle WordPress Security Issues?

Bradley: That's great. Thanks, Adam. If you can tag him on it and find it, that'd be great. All right, cool. What's up, Dan? KD, there we go. “Hey, guys. What's the best way to handle WordPress security issues and not mess up SEO? I have a client ranked on page one. It is now under heavy brute force attack. I cranked up the settings on iTheme security.” Now, guys. Personally, there is a couple of things I would recommend. Number one, get a really good host. Liquid Web is fantastic for this kind of stuff, guys. They have their own firewall and all this other stuff. They're really, really good at security over at Liquid Web. Guys, we talk about this. I just mentioned hosting earlier on this webinar. My two go-to resources, Liquid Web is hands down my favorite. I also have been recently using WPX hosting for a lot of one-off WordPress sites.

This Stuff Works
For testing purposes or for lead gen sites and stuff, I've been using WPX, which seems to be good. Their support is really, really good, too, but there are some drawbacks to that where I think Liquid Web is even better, but Liquid Web has some really, really good security features; however, I see that you mentioned down here about security. I've got two of my clients on security, actually, and they have the security firewall, and they have the malware removal programs, and all that stuff, and I got two of my … One of my clients is a pest control company. Actually, it's a tick and mosquito control company. So it'd be like outdoor pest control, and they have been hacked like at least eight times in the last five years since they've been working with me.

Even after we put their site on Sucuri, they still have been hacked a couple of times, but Sucuri always goes in. All you got to do is submit a request to Sucuri and they'll go in, and find the problem. Unhack the site. Restore the site and they'll take care of everything for you. All you have to do is submit a ticket. Again, it's worth it. I think it's like 300 bucks a year or something like that but, in my opinion, it's totally worth it or get a really good host like Liquid Web and let them do it. As far as changing the DNS, would that affect rankings? No, not at all. That shouldn't affect rankings at all. In fact, actually, changing DNS from a shitty host through something like Sucuri will likely improve the site.

Marco: Yes. What I would like to say is, depending on her needs, we have a really neat way where we trap these rouge bots that do these attacks, and if you want to talk about that, I mean, it's not cheap, just so you know, but you can always find me in Facebook, Katie, and we can talk, and then we could set up and then all of these rogue bots you can just eliminate. You can trap them and eliminate them, and it's over and done with.

Bradley: Yep. Bob Lowe, I love that comment. “Master manipulation makes your palms hairy.” That's funny, Bob. All right. We're almost done, guys. I got to wrap up in just a couple of minutes, anyways. I get to take my daughter to dinner tonight. Let's see. R. Banking says, “If using a set number of credits and maps powerhouse, is it better to use all of them on the embed or split them up between embeds and secondary posts?” That's a good question. I prefer doing a split between embeds and secondary posts just because I was mentioning.

I was talking about YouTube networks earlier, syndication networks, and I mentioned that I like to use two-tier networks for YouTube syndication; however, you can stack multiple tier-one rings onto a channel to where they're all being triggered directly from the channel instead of being secondary triggers from a blog in your first-tiered network. The reason why I like the second two-tiered networks is because I've found that the effect lasts longer through two-tiered networks. In other words, if I were to take a channel and stack 10 tier-one networks on the channel, the video is likely going to rank really quickly, but it typically will start, and I haven't tested this, now, in probably two years, but about two to three years ago I did a lot of testing on this, guys.

I found that multiple tier-one networks the video would rank really quickly, but it would start to slip in the rankings a lot sooner, whereas, if I used multiple tier-two networks or multi-tiered networks, then it might not rank as quickly, but it would indeed rank eventually, and it would end up sticking a lot longer. I've always applied that same methodology to video Powerhouse and Maps Powerhouse to where I prefer doing like the tiers and secondary embeds and or back links as well instead of just doing all tier-one stuff. So that's going to be my answer, but I haven't tested specifically to see if one is going to perform better than the others. Does anybody here have any insight on that?

Marco: No. I do the same exact thing simply because it adds relevance at the other tiers coming back to your tier one.

Bradley: There you go. Bob Lowe, he said he ordered his Verified GMB and can't wait to get it back. “I'm ready with the website content and PR.” Boom! There you go, Bob. Perfect. That's perfect. Thank you. “Bradley, will this process improve the position and the pack if you're already there?” No. Well, Dan. If you're talking about the GMB Sniping, the Map Sniping that I've been talking about, no because that's talking about finding locations that you can register a GMB or verify a GMB, and get into the three pack within … So far, like I said, I've been able. I'm three for three in under 72 hours. The method I'm talking about is getting into a three pack with a brand-new listing.

If it's an existing listing, then I would recommend local GMB Pro and Local PR Pro. Those are the two things that I'm using specifically now. Local PR Pro for getting into the three pack. Local GMB Pro for generating leads regardless of three pack. Does that make sense? The two combined are absolutely brutal, guys. There is no way that you can't get results with those two, and you add a drive stack on top of it. Forget about it. Right? Market Samurai, there you go, Walt. Thank you. Thank you, Walt. Yeah, Market Samurai. That was the keyword research tool that was like the go-to. It was industry standard for several years. You guys remember that? Like, the pink and the green lines, and all that, and the chart. It would create like a spreadsheet and it would show in-bound back links, and keyword rank. It was crazy.

I used to use that thing like daily. That's awesome. Thanks, Walt. We're almost done, guys. Let's see. He's doing Pinterest stuff, too. Is that what he's doing? That's Pinterest stats, right?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: That's good. I posted my stats on there. I just want people to see what you could do. I mean, the type of traffic that you can actually generate with this thing, which is ridiculous. I know Dan is doing really well, but this one, the one that I posted, is in the millions, now.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Clint. “GoDaddy bought Sucuri.” No shit? Yeah. “Plan on that sucking soon.” Okay. Well, I'm glad I know that now because I won't recommend it going forward, Clint. Thank you. I appreciate that because yeah, guys. GoDaddy hosting sucks, by the way, so if they bought Sucuri, it's probably going to suck, too. Clint is right. No doubt. Scott says, “Still wrestling with a client attempting to get them onboard with GMB verification. He already has a verified listing for the suburb, and has no traction in the much larger city. He is afraid he will lose the verified listing he already has with Google. Without giving away your processes, would he have a new Google listing for the larger city or will his current GMB be impacted in any way?”

Okay, Scott. What I'm going to tell you is look. I can't reveal too much, guys. Actually, let me just say this. What I would do in that case if you have a client is already a client, and you're trying to talk them into getting a second GMB for another area that they want to generate leads from because, again, it's more difficult to get one listing to rank in multiple areas, a wide geographic region. It's harder to do that, in my opinion, than it is to just create a new damn listing for the areas that you want. What I would recommend is if he's already a client and you're already making money, just go register the GMB yourself. Get it. Do it yourself, right? Build it with a generic brand, a pseudo brand, and then once the damn thing is ranked, then show them. “Look what I did.”

Because look. You can monetize that property, whether it's for that client or another client. It doesn't matter. My point is: Why not build that asset? If he's already a client and you know he wants the leads in that area, but he's scared, just go create a GMB listing with a pseudo brand. It's in the same category, all that shit. Get it set up. Get it ranked, and then approach him with it and say, “Look. I've already got this asset. It's already ranked in the area that you want these leads from.” Now, you can sign him up for like an increase on a monthly retainer or you can just sell him the damn leads. In any way, you own that asset, now. You can rebrand it for him or he can turn it down and you can say, “That's fine. I'll sell the leads to another person in the same industry in the same area.” Does that make sense?

My point is don't try to pull the client's teeth. If he's giving you resistance, just go register it yourself. Rank the damn thing. Now, you've got another asset in your portfolio that you can use to entice him to increase his services with you, his commitment with you. If he doesn't, who cares. You've got an asset now that you can monetize with another company. Let's see. Local host publish fee FTP to server. I don't know what that means, Mike. I'm sorry. “Will premium domain solve the link equity described in a previous discussion instead of using Alley like Marco mentioned? What do you mean by premium domain, Mike?” I don't follow that one, either. I don't know what you mean by that Mike. I apologize, but we're out of time anyways, so if you want to post this question again in the SEO tutorials group, maybe we can comment in on that.

Hey, Clint still has Market Samurai installed. I didn't even know if they still … Apparently, they do. I think that's what he was saying earlier. I didn't know that that tool was still being supported and all that. I haven't seen it in years. “Thanks for the GMB, very helpful. All set up.” Yep. There you go. Scott remember. You can buy it now, and you don't even have to leave your damn house. Scott you're in the Mastermind. Follow the training that I talked about in the newsletter as well. You'll get that in about a week, as well as the last two Mastermind webinars I've touched on. It's just is very specifically how to research the areas to find the best opportunity. Right? All right. Thanks everybody for being here. I appreciate every for sticking around.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Thanks, guys.

Adam: Bye, everybody.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

Bradley: See y'all next week.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 197

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 197 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Hey! There we go. I got a little scared there that I thought we weren't gonna go live. But we are alive. It is Hump Day Hangouts and it is Episode 197. Getting closer. Getting closer. Before we dive into things today, we got a few really good announcements we want to get to and share with you, guys, but let's go down the line up and say hello to everybody. Chris, how are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Good to be back in Austria. Off the screen. Getting some roots in again and breaking outs. Yeah, exciting week here, especially for Semantic Mastery.

Adam: Yeah. Chris shared some really good information that came to light. I'm not going to show you exactly how because I don't want to disclose people's names. But Chris wrote for the MasterMIND newsletter a few months ago about the use of routines and traveling and how important that is. I liked it at the time and then I recently recommended that to a friend also who was having some real issues for their job, they travel a lot. It came up that they had that time where they keep coming back from traveling and it was really messing up their schedule, bringing down their productivity and actually screwing up their projects.

Anyways, Chris, a little public shout out to you, that you're helping people.

Chris: Sweet. Good to hear.

Adam: Awesome. Hernan, how are you doing, man?

Hernan: Hey guys! Hey everybody! It's really, really good to be here. We have some really good stuff coming up, so I'm excited. I'm pumped.

Adam: Hernan has never helped anyone, so we're just gonna skip over him.

Hernan: Well, you can just skip me over. Well, actually maybe there's stuff that we shared with the Search Engine Marketing Success Summit, could potentially help a couple of people so we can talk about that.

Adam: Nice. What's that going to be about? That's still coming up, right?

Hernan: Yeah. That's coming up in late August. I've been interviewed on behalf of Semantic Mastery. We talked about syndication. There are some big names someday on that, Rand Fishkin, and some other really big names. So it's exciting to see. I think the event is free, so we're gonna be potentially having the link over here. But it's good to see we're getting out there. Semantic Mastery's getting out there. I'm playing with the big boys.

Adam: Good deal. Awesome. Marco, how about yourself? How are you doing, man?

Marco: Well, from what you guys saw this morning, the boatload of emails, we're working hard on MGYB. We're trying to get it ready. We're trying to get it to work like clockwork so people don't have problems, less support, fewer issues. Just we want everything to run smoothly for people who are used to the kind of service that Semantic Mastery provides. So that's what we've been doing now.

I'm really excited about Make Google Your Bitch! That's our marketplace, guys. We're gonna offer about a one-stop solution where you can get everything. Anything and everything that you need to choke Google, you can get it at mgyb.co. So stay on the lookout, we'll be sending emails as soon as everything is ready. It's almost there.

I mean, I could go on and on because the Done-For-You auto posting service, that's ready. We have actually three VAs ready to go. I can't say that, but we can help you with your … Oh, shit. We can help you with your pin. If you're having trouble getting pins for your business, we can help just about any way you want. Right? So reach out.

Adam: Nice. [Crosstalk 00:03:47] Marco, I'm just curious, what's your favorite offering right now as far as the Done-For-You solution?

Marco: As far as Done-For-You, it's just being able to give people a business wherever they want, because it was nearly impossible before. Now there's still some impossible niches and some that we can't do. But right now, we can help you, if you wanna do affiliate or whatever it is that you wanna do and that you're having trouble, we can bypass everything and just get you where you want. I think that's fabulous.

Adam: Yeah. That's awesome. Just so it's clear to everyone, so, Marco, you're talking about, not only for someone's client, if they need to get GMB verified, but if you wanna maybe do some lead gen, something like that, right?

Marco: Yeah. Whatever, lead gen, whatever it is that you wanna do, you can just come to us. We do everything. You just provide some basic information, and then we go and we do everything. We turn it over to you and then you're free to do whatever it is that you wanna do. Hopefully, you have Local GMB Pro so you know exactly how to just take over the niche and just get tons and tons of leads. So, it's beautiful, it just works hand in hand with everything that we're doing and also with what Bradley's Local PR Pro. So, everything just goes hand in hand.

This Stuff Works
We try to make it so that anyone, I mean, whether you know absolutely nothing about SEO or you're the expert SEO, you can just go in and just kill it. I think that nobody, nobody right now is offering what we're offering.

Not only that, we feel so good about the service we provide that we're offering a 60-day money back guarantee. I'd like to see anybody match that. So that means that if anything happens to your listing, for whatever reason, we don't care, within 60 days, we'll replace it once. If it happens again, if it gets removed for whatever reason, we'll just give you money back. I mean, come on, come on, how good is that?

Adam: Yeah. That's freakin' awesome. Yeah. If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I put the link on the page. You can go, again if you wanna go ahead and sign up. Like we said, we're still getting things in order, but you can register your free account and check out the services that are available right now, and then there's gonna be a lot more coming.

Well, we mentioned Bradley's Local PR Pro, so let's actually talk to Bradley. How are you doing, man?

Bradley: Hey guys. I'm happy to be here. We don't have a lot of questions because apparently our page wasn't redirected properly or something. So I've got some stuff I kind of wanna show off, if we have time. But I'm good. I'm happy to be here.

Adam: Well, let's just roll into it, flex your muscles, show off a little bit.

Local PR Pro Prospecting Method Case Study

Bradley: Well, okay. So I got a couple things I'm working on. One is another case study that I'm starting for Local GMB Pro. You have been working on a cab service, a taxi service in there for a while, but I've kind of, it's funny, I just posted in the Facebook group yesterday, I think it was yesterday, maybe as a couple days ago. Anyways, the taxi service I've been completely neglecting. I haven't had time to work, like fool around and tinker with the GMB stuff recently because I've been working on the prospecting and sales side of it, developing a prospecting method for selling Local GMB services to clients.

Because we've had a lot of requests for that inside a Local GMB Pro, so I'm working on the cold outreach emails, as well as the lead nurturing emails, landing pages via sales, that kind of stuff, so that we can kind of help set the GMB Pro members up with their own prospecting funnel and system. We're working, we're actually trying to prove it now too because, not only am I developing it, but we're testing it.

So anyways, I've been working on the GMB Pro stuff, excuse me, the prospecting stuff so I haven't done much as far as tinkering with the process and actually doing the GMB Pro services and methods and things like that. I'd leave that to Marco and Rob mainly to do the testing.

This Stuff Works
However, I wanted to set up a new … I've neglected the taxi service one for several weeks now while I've been working on this. It was funny because I just posted in the group a couple days ago that, like SEO, we talked about GMB Pro method is not … It's going to … It helps to generate leads and exposure for the business, traffic without traditional SEO. And that's absolutely true.

The rank trackers may show no improvement, yet the business will get more and more traffic and more calls, more exposure, more leads. Right? Period. Whether it's clicks to website, phone calls, contact form submissions, text message, clicks for directions if it's a storefront, so driving directions, any one of those, you'll see a significant increase in activity or engagement from doing the Local GMB Pro methods. Right? That's just a lot of activity in the GMB Pro dashboard.

So even though we talked about being able to generate results for businesses regardless of what the SEO rank trackers show, we've said many times, and even in the course, we said, “Look, if you know SEO, you can apply SEO methods to it and get even better results, but it's not necessary because it will still generate results.”

Again, regardless of what the rank trackers say, because it's so much different. This is really affecting the mobile algorithm and people that are in close proximity that have in market, search history, that type of stuff. So you'll get exposure for the businesses regardless of whether it's showing in rank trackers.

Well, Mario's Cab Service, the taxi service that I've had set up, that I've neglected, well, now it's ranking for tiny or short tail phrases without local modifiers. It's ranking number one for multiple phrases. It's crazy.

Again, that's cool for us, as SEOs that typically rely on rank trackers to see what kind of progress we've made. Even though I can still quantify the progress with GMB Insights, it's still nice, as an SEO. Old habits die hard. It's still nice to see the rank trackers now showing significant improvements in rankings.

Especially for short tail phrases, that in my six years of doing local SEO, well, as an agency, in eight years, I've been doing local SEO and lead generation, I always targeted phrases plus local modifier, it was very rare that I ever went after just a search query without a local modifier. And now we're able to start getting results in ranking, in the maps pack for just like a single phrase terms.

This guy, the cab service is getting exposure and clicks from taxi and cab. That's it. One single word. Two years ago, I would have never even attempted to rank for something like that. It would have always been taxi service plus a city, or city plus taxi. You guys get what I'm saying.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out how effective it is. It's really crazy. Then, I started in another case studies for a handyman. It's located in Tennessee and I'm gonna be building that out. I'm actually just started building the assets for that this week. I'm gonna be updating some content as I start getting some results for that.

But the reason why I'm pointing that out is, for those of you that aren't in Local GMB Pro yet, get into it. It's absolutely fabulous. It works like crazy. Those of you that are in Local GMB Pro, I'm gonna be adding a second case study. It's not gonna be probably as in-depth as what I've done for Mario's, but I'm definitely gonna be adding some in there. It's right at my own. It's a handyman, so it's a contractor. So that's much more my speed.

The reason why I started telling you this, guys, I'm just gonna grab the screen real quick, and then I've got something else I wanna share too, if we've got time. If we don't, then I'll just keep moving. This is Google Adwords keyword– or excuse me, the ad preview and diagnosis tool. I'm not running ads for this business, but I was just using this to show you guys, if you can take a look.

This Stuff Works
I've just registered this GMB on Sunday of this week. Searching a single keyword phrase, look at that guys, “handyman in Arlington, Tennessee.” I've got it set up for mobile and he's ranked number two. Jimmy Lanes Handyman Services. That's the company. So that's fabulous, right? So that's handyman, which is one singular phrase, and this just happened in less than five days, or less than four days. It's only been four days since I verified the GMB.

Let's click again and we'll check “handyman service.” Look at that, number one. Look at that. It's freakin' crazy, guys. The guy doesn't have a website or anything. His website is this now: jlhmservices.business.site. That's a Google site, guys, from Google My Business. So I added some content to it. I haven't done anything else at all. Nothing. You can see already were ranked in, which is crazy.

The reason I knew this is, I wasn't expecting this, I wasn't even actually looking for this because I haven't done anything else yet. I haven't optimized this GMB listing or anything. All I did was register it and put content on the GMB website. That's all that's been done and you can see it's already ranking. There's two primary keywords: handyman and handyman service. Now there's a rack of other keywords that we're gonna be optimizing for as well, but that's really good. I just wanted to kind of point that out.

I've mentioned this before, I'd done the same thing with a tree service site recently. I registered it, and within an hour, it was, boom, number one for the two primary keywords in the 3-pack. That's absolutely insane, guys.

So this stuff works. If you're not excited yet, get excited. So that's what I wanted to share about that. There was something else I was going to share and I can't remember what it was now.

Do we have time? Have you guys looked at the …

Adam: Yeah. We got a few questions, but, yeah, let's go ahead and keep rolling and then into questions.

Bradley: I got one more. I wanna roll out to you guys, something that I've just started experimenting with. I haven't even had a chance yet to see. Let's see if, I guess, I'm gonna start another incognito window. All right. You guys are seeing my full screen, right?

Adam: We're seeing your desktop.

Bradley: Okay, good. All right. I want to show something else to you guys that I just started playing with. For example … Oh, you know what? I wonder what … Oh, I'm signed in and I'm on incognito window. Let me sign out of that real quick. I guess you can't open two instances of incognito windows without them being signed in. That's crazy. All right. Would you stop with this?

Okay. Anyways, try again. It's not showing it. I'll be damned. Okay. Well, it's not going to show it now. But what I was trying to show was, let's see if we can find it for my company. Okay. So it's showing here. All right.

Freebase (Semantic Database) For Entities

So what I wanna show here guys is, when you see something that pops up for a brand search, and the reason why I was searching for my name just a minute ago is because I'm also considered an entity in Google semantic database. Me, Bradley Benner, is also considered an entity. I was talking to Marco or telling Marco about this the other day. I'm testing some stuff, I'm not going to get into it, it's more Mastermind level stuff, that I'm gonna get in as far as what I'm testing but it involves this stuff. And this is really crazy.

This Stuff Works
Several years ago when Google started to apply the semantics databases or semantic technology to their algorithm, their search engine, one of the things that they used is a semantic database as a resource for sourcing data. It was Freebase, right? That's what it's called, Marco? Freebase, not Firebase, right? It was Freebase?

Marco: Freebase.

Bradley: Okay. So Freebase was one of the places … I learned this back in I think 2013 when I was at the Network Empire Certification event. I was learning about from Kevin Pauly about semantic technology and how it applied to search. One of the things that we had access to at the point, at that time was called Freebase.

It was a semantic database that you could literally go in and enter entities. You could add entities, people, places, things, products, services, that kind of stuff. It was heavily moderated, so it wasn't for spamming. But if you could validate, if you could go in and enter data and it could be validated on the web, then the moderators would enter it into the semantic database.

Well, I did this way back in 2013, now since then Freebase, yeah, Freebase has been bought out by Google and it's no longer available for us to add data to and things like that. I don't know if it's still in the background. But there is a similar service called CrunchBase. CrunchBase is, I don't know if Google owns that or not, probably, I don't think it does, but it is also something that gets sourced for semantics data. So that's something that you guys could attempt to do this with as well.

But what I wanted to show was when you do a brand search, if you see this kind of a box right here, this means it's a semantic entity in Google's database. Right? So you can see that it's showing: founder Bradley Benner. If I open that link in a new tab, okay, so now it's showing, you can see the Bradley Benner is coming up as a semantic entity. You guys see that? So, “Organization founded, Big Bamboo Marketing,” which is known as a semantic entity.

You see this little line of … I know it's probably really small on your side, let me zoom in a little bit guys. But right here where it says “Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?” I've already claimed … You have to go jump through some hoops. I don't know if I still have an open house. No, I probably don't. I've already claimed and got verified for Bradley Bennett for my own personal brand.

I just started testing this last week. Essentially what happens is when you click on this little button or this little link where it says “Do you manage the online presence for Big Bamboo Marketing?”, you click that and that takes you to posts.google.com. This allows you to enhance your presence on Google and you can get verified, and then you can post directly to Google search. Literally, you can create posts that instantly get published on Google search. It's not on a website. It's not on a Blogger profile. It's not on a G site. It's not in GMB or Google My Business. It's literally publishing direct to Google search results.

As long as you get verified, you can post out directly to Google search from that profile. That can be a brand, a brand identity or it could be a personal entity, it could be either one. To get verified, what it's gonna do is, well, first of all, you got to sign in to the Google account.

This Stuff Works
I wish I had … I should have taken screenshots of it, guys, when I was going through the process because I've done it twice now. I did it from my own brand last week. ClickFunnels. Thanks, ClickFunnels. I appreciate you interrupting me. Okay. Anyways, I did it for my own brand last week, which is why it doesn't have that line of code there or text under there that says do you you know manage this brand or whatever because I already claimed that.

But essentially what it does, when you go through the claiming process, what it first tells you to do is … Let's go back here. It tells you to, well, sign in with the account that you want to claim it under. I highly recommend if you have a G suite account, if it's for a brand, you use the same G suite account domain is attached to for that brand. If it's for a personal brand, then obviously, sign in with your personal Gmail account first. Then, that's what you want to click, is that.

Then what it does is, the first thing it asks you to do, and it asks you a question: Are you the brand? Are you trying to claim the brand or the profile in Google? Are you that person or a representative of that brand? Are you that brand–, I'm sorry, I said brand, but it says entity. “Are you the entity?” So you first say yes or no. “If it's no, are you a representative of the entity?” For my personal brand, I said, yes, I'm the entity for Big Bamboo Marketing. No, I'm a representative of the entity.

Then if it's for in a company, then it asks you for documentation to prove that you have are authorized to represent that brand, or that entity, excuse me. So you have to upload some corporate documents. You have to define your title or your role at the business. Then what it asks you to do is, come right here. And you see the share button, guys. You get a special Google link for that. If you copy that link, then you have to add that link into the form when you're trying to get verified.

Then you have to go through and take in all of this … You have to go into … It says two to five profiles that show up for that search for, on the first page of that search query.

In my case, I logged into Yelp. In fact, I think I still have all this open back here. Oh, no, I already shut it down. Anyways, I logged into Yelp, I logged into Manta, I logged into Alignable, I logged in the Facebook, and I logged into LinkedIn. I've only attempted this twice, guys. In both times I've done all five profiles. It gives you five different sections that what they want you to do is grab the URL of the link itself, which is a verified profile for that entity, according to Google.

It tells you to copy the URL, then paste the URL. Then be logged into it and show that you're logged in and have editing capability or editing rights for that profile. And take a screenshot.

So you paste the URL and then there's a button to upload a screenshot that shows that you have editing capabilities. You do this for two to five profiles that are listed on the search result page for that brand or that entity, excuse me. Because remember, it could be a person, it could be a brand.

Once you do that, then the last thing it asks you to do is to take a selfie holding an ID, a government issued ID. So a passport, driver's license, something like that. So that they can see that it's you and that you are indeed who you say you are. I just took a screenshot of, excuse me, a selfie with my phone holding up my driver's license and I submitted it. I was able to get verified for Bradley Benner, But I just submitted all this stuff for Big Bamboo Marketing today.

Now like I said, one of the things is, it will give you the ability, once you've been verified, to go in and actually post directly to Google and to control what shows up to a degree. It allows you to control what shows in the knowledge panel.

I just kind of wanted to point that out. This is something, in the MasterMIND, I'm going to be talking about, I'm testing some stuff with this right now that I'm gonna be sharing in the MasterMIND guys. but I'm certainly not going to share that here on Hump Day Hangouts, but I did want to kind of point this out.

For any of you guys that haven't haven't seen this yet, first of all, go register your businesses or the businesses that you manage in CrunchBase. Give it some time because it's likely that within a few weeks, couple months, whatever, I don't know how quick Google is in recognizing entities, but you should start to see this entity panel show up, It's not a knowledge panel, right? It's an entity panel. I don't know that that's the official name. That's what I'm calling it.

But when you see that, that gives you the ability then to go in and claim that for the business or have the business owner do it. You could even create that as a premium service. But this gives you the ability to protect your brand. Do this for your own company. Do this for your own entity, your own personal entity. Right? Because that protects it and it gives you the ability to control what people are going to see direct from Google, to a degree, right?

This Stuff Works
Again, there's a lot of nasty stuff that I think we can do with this. I'm just starting to test it now. Again, I just would encourage you guys to go play around with that. Okay.

Adam: Nice. [Crosstalk 00:24:02] Go ahead.

Marco: Yeah. Freebase went into WikiData and that's even worse trying to get into.

Marco: Remember how we tried to get our stuff in there-?

Bradley: Yeah. They always moderate it out, close the account.

Marco: Yeah. They shut it down for spam.

Bradley: Yeah. Anyways, guys, I just wanted to point that out. I thought it was really cool. I just started, I think actually if I go right now to post … It says get verified but I'm already verified. So I'm not sure how you access that. Anyways, I'll play with this more and maybe I'll share with you guys a little bit later. I want to figure out a way to actually … There's a way to post to it, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'd just do a brand search while I'm logged into that account. That might be it, actually. That's not shown right now. So I'm not sure. I why wonder if it has to be capitalized though. That's what it did on the other one. No. I still got some more investigating to do. But I've been playing with the guys and I'll let you know what I find.

All right. So let's get into some questions, if you guys are cool with that. Any other announcements or anything?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Marco: POFU Live, man.

Bradley: Yeah. POFU Live. We're gonna be getting into a lot of business scaling things. Then I had one of our some followers, Kelly actually reach out. She's in a specific business type and she was like, “Would your POFU Live apply to this particular business type?” and I actually had to tell her no, because we're talking about how to really build and scale a local marketing agency, local consultant agency. That's really what the bulk of the training is gonna be or the POFU Live event is gonna be about, guys.

Is It Against Google's Terms of Service When You Put Links Inside A GMB Post?

Okay. Paul's up. He says, “Hey guys. Recently I was told by someone that when, or excuse me, that when you put links in your post, your GMB posts, that is against Google's terms and services. Is this true? I have not been able to find it in the Terms of Service. If it is true, why would Google make those links inside your post clickable live links?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah. Paul, as far as I know, that's just in another internet rumor. That's why I commented yesterday when I saw you post this question about this, because I specifically went into Google's help files and took a look at this and this is talking specifically about Google My Business posts. It talks about what's allowed and what's not allowed. It doesn't say anything about external links. It just says you can't link the stuff that is malware viruses or other harmful software, or links to sites that are irrelevant to the business. That's all it says. Other than that, it seems like we can post pretty much anything we want.

It should be content that's relevant to the business. If you're linking out to stuff, it should be relevant to the business as well. But that's as far as, I mean, that's pretty much all it says. So I'm pretty sure that's just another internet rumor.

But it must be true, I heard it online.

Marco: Yeah. It's actually the types of links. If you're doing pharma, if you're doing gambling, if you're doing supplements that aren't verified, that type of stuff, yeah you're gonna get hit for that. But as long as you're doing stuff with your company and for your company and you're linking to all the stuff that's related to your company, now we haven't run into any trouble. So whoever said that is full of shit.

Google Testing Lazy Load For GMB Images And Embeds

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Scott's up. He says, “FYI, Google is experimenting with Lazy Load for images and embeds as built-in support in the Chrome browser.” Okay. “This will improve page load speed for pages with maps and YouTube embeds more here.” Oh, that's kind of cool. That's kind of cool. All right. I'll take a look at that later. Thank you, Scott.

Will The AMP Plugin Runs Well With The Project Supremacy Plugin?

This will be a short webinar today. Oh, it's already 4:30 because of my rambling ass. All right. Dan, right? He says, “Hey guys. I was going to add the AMP plug-in but I was concerned about something. I have a plug-in on my site Project Supremacy, which does all the schema markup for my website. Will the AMP plugin get along with plug-in?”

As far as I know. But, Marco, what do you say?

Marco: Yeah. We don't schema with the AMP plugin unless you add the little tricks that I did a video on, but it shouldn't have a problem. Now plug-ins will conflict and if it does then just don't use it. I mean, it's as simple as that. But nothing beats tried but failed. Right, Dan? So go ahead, install it, see how it works you see how they get along and do the things that I mentioned in the video because that really works. It starts moving your website up in no time for keywords that you thought you could never rank for and it's just a simple tweak. Actually, Google gives you the things that you should tweak and they give you the code.

Bradley: Yeah. If you use the what search console or whatever in that rank or markup helper or something like that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. It's all in there.

Bradley: Search console.

Marco: The video, yeah. In the group, the Facebook group, which is AMP Creators Mastermind, tells you how to use it.

Bradley: There you go. That's free guys, right?

Marco: It's totally free.

Hernan: It is.

Is MGYB Replacing Serpspace?

Bradley: All right. Sweet. Adam, how do we want to answer this? “Is MGYB replacing Serp Space?” No. Not yet. Not entirely.

Hernan: Yeah. That's a good question. Not yet. Not entirely. But we should have more information for you guys shortly.

Bradley: Yeah. More details coming. But the short answer is not entirely. Local GMP Pro, there you go. Thank you. Okay. Wow. Let's see. Thanks, Greg. Okay. Well, anything else we want to share, guys, because, I mean, I know we screwed up, didn't have a lot of questions because apparently, the redirect wasn't working. But you guys got anything you want to share or should we just wrap it up for the day?

Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to talk a little bit about POFU Live. Let me put the camera back on. Because we actually had a bunch of people asking us what's a whole deal of POFU Live and what's the main goal of it. I would say for the past, almost a year now, we decided that we wanted to go local. Right? That we wanted to go the local SEO/marketing route, number one. But also, number two, we also wanted to help you guys grow your digital marketing agencies and that's gonna be the main point around POFU Live, to be honest, to be completely honest.

We have these three pillars on Semantic Mastery, which are: number one, get more and better clients; number two, get those clients better and faster results so that they can stick and they can stay with you for a long time because they are happy with your work; and number three scale, outsource processes and also the mindset that is required behind that.

This Stuff Works
So those are basically the three pillars or main aspects that we're gonna be talking about POFU Live, which I think is gonna be pretty awesome. Not to mention all of the networking and everything that happens of those events that's usually, I wouldn't say neglected, but that's usually not the case when we're meeting virtually. Actually, we at Semantic Mastery as a group, we get a lot done when we meet in person.

Anyways, guys, get it. If you're part of the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, we have a sweet deal. Actually, if you can buy a full year of Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, you will get a VIP ticket for free, which is a sweet deal. If you just wanna come, get your tickets because we're doing this for a really limited audience. We wanna keep it small. We wanna keep it really intimate and tight for a reason.

Yeah. It's gonna be pretty awesome. So I'm really excited about that.

Adam: Awesome. We had some people asking about where to stay and all that. All I can tell you is we're gonna be taken over an Airbnb house. Now what you do is up to yourselves but I would say try to buddy up with some people. Especially if you know people who are going or want to go, that's a great way to do it. We do it, obviously, because it's easy for logistics but also we get a lot done you know when we meet up like that or after hours.

Hernan: Yep, pretty awesome.

Bradley: Okay. I think I'm gonna show off a little bit more stuff here.

Hernan: It's all right.

Bradley: Because we have a little bit of time I think. This is just to expand on what I was talking about earlier with the GMB Pro stuff. I'm kinda on this kick right now just because it's working really well and because I'm working on all the prospecting, copy and stuff like that for the emails. I just recorded a VSL today for it and all that, so it's fresh on my mind.

Improved Engagement With GMB Posting

Anyways, two things I wanna show you. All right. Let me grab the screen again. All right. So this was the post I was talking about in the Facebook group, about the some of the keywords that we're ranking now for. Again, we talked about forgetting about ranking, don't concern yourself with ranking when doing the GMB Pro stuff, but old habits die hard and we're all still gonna do. It's funny because we had several people in the group that had purchased the product and then they said, “Well, I've been using the GMB Pro services now for a month, or have been you know doing performing the services, whatever, and I'm not seeing a ranking improvement.” Well, we all say in unison, “Stop worrying about rankings.”

But anyways, it just goes to show you that it does actually improve. Look at all the last one, 24-hour taxi near me is in the C position but all the rest of those are in A. Brand search, obviously, but look at that guys, 24-hour cab, 24-hour taxi, 24-hour taxi service, 24-hour taxi hyphenated, best taxi service, cab company, best taxi service near me, all number one position A in the maps across mobile, desktop, and maps for all those keywords.

Which is crazy because, again, I would have never even attempted to rank for those, well, it's rare that I would attempt to rank for short-tailed keywords like that, typically. I've always targeted with local modifiers. Anyways, I just wanted to point that out.

Then, this is what I was talking about earlier, this is the same business, Mario's Cab Service. You could see that these are the number of engagements in just the last month that has caused a click or some sort of action on the Google Maps listing, the Google My Business assets. Right?

This Stuff Works
Look at these guys, taxi services. By the way, those of you guys that aren't targeting “near me” keywords, if this isn't proof right here that the “near me” keywords are absolutely critical, I'm not gonna show you all the other businesses that I manage, but in all of the GMB Insights now, I'm seeing more and more “near me” keywords in these top 10 that produced engagement or actions to the GMB listings.

I mean, there's three of them here alone, right? Taxi near me, cab companies near me, and then cab near me. You can see taxi and cab, in the last 20 or 30 days or whatever, one month, 28 days, or I don't know how they calculate that exactly, but he's got 16 clicks or engagements from taxi alone and 12, or excuse me, yeah, 12 from cab. Those are short tail keywords.

I mean, how else … That's kind of difficult to do with just straight SEO, guys, is my point. Right? Especially a company like this, this listing is only what, three months old now, maybe four, but I really didn't start doing much with it until about three months ago.

Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

Marco: Yeah. My comments are still don't worry about rankings. That's a byproduct.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The real action will come inside the GMB and you can see it. Right? How many calls, 51?

Bradley: Yeah. He's got 92 actions from 148 maps exposures or impressions. Think about that guys. Was that 60% engagement? That's freaking ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes I'll get engagement from organic. But what I found is the vast majority stuff is coming from Maps impressions, not from organic. Right?

Marco: Yeah, because his mobile related.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: We're triggering the mobile algorithm. I mean, guys, it's really simple, the concept. Once you go in there, you're gonna kick yourself in the butt and say, “Why didn't I think of this myself?” Well, it takes time. That's stick intuitiveness. That's right. If you don't go in and if you don't play, and if you don't stay around long enough to chase it and to see what it does, then you're not gonna get anything out of it.

But if you look at this, man, it's just consistency. That's what Google is looking for in here. They tell you, if you go down to two photos, they tell you “add more photos” so that you know they want more pictures. Right? It says right there where the camera is, your photos, receive, and they ask you add more photos. Just give us more photos.

This Stuff Works
Why? Because Google plays with those photos, right? They have facial recognition, they have image recognition software that they need to use. So the more unique photos that they get the better that their image and and facial recognition software can get. So you're doing them a favor and they do you a favor in return. That's how I see it.

The byproduct of all this, yes, your organic rankings will go up, your Map rankings will go up, but the action has to take place in the Google My Business listing.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, think about why, though, because one of the biggest rankings factors now guys is engagement, Click-thru rates and such like that. And it's true. It's very difficult to spoof mobile traffic. So if you're getting exposure and engagement from mobile devices because of GMB activity – GMB Pro methods, essentially – then that's going to naturally improve your organic rankings because it's engagement signals. Even if your organic rankings, again, aren't showing it upfront, consistent engagement through mobile devices to your GMB assets from searchers, Google searchers, that's going to improve your organic ranking because of the engagement signals. It's positive signal, right? Because it's not spoofed traffic. So that's part of the reason why. But it's super powerful.

What I was going to point out here was, like I was talking about the near me keywords. I just went to page two. I know this is saying less than 10 users. But still, look at the frequency, guys. The number of occurrences of near me type keywords: taxi near me, cab companies near me, cab near me. We go to this next page, look at all these near me keywords or in my area near me, right?

That's why I was saying, if you guys aren't targeting that, you're crazy. There's even templates inside the GMB Pro course for how to GMB post templates, content templates for near me keywords. It's very, very simple. All you do is swap out tokens with your desired keywords and, boom, you've got …

The reason why we're getting all these exposure for near me keywords, guys, is because my VA that posts in here has been targeting near me keywords in the posts. Right? Why? Because we know how powerful they are. We know that a lot of traffic is coming from that now those near me keywords. I'm not gonna reveal everything, but what I can show here is, you can see I've got her, she's only doing four post per week right now, or maybe five. I think she's doing five now.

But scroll through and you can see some of the type stuff where we talk about like, “Hey, if you just searched cabs near me and then look no further. Mario's Cab Service provides 24 hour taxi service.” See, now we're targeting multiple keywords in it. What is that, about a 40-word post, guys. It's about 40 words long and we're getting exposure and clicks and engagement from that. Does that make sense? Try that with your blog. Try posting a 40-word post on your blog and trying to get some traction from that. That's why we love this process, guys. It works really well.

Paul says, “I'm seeing more engagement with more posting on the GMBs. I'm posting on 12 businesses and it's hard to keep up.” Yeah, it is, Paul. Hire an VA.

Marco: And use our Autoposter, Paul.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: It makes it really simple just to go in, schedule the post, drop the image in there, and everything is taken care of. Then you're free to go and scale your business. We always talk about that, Paul. Get away from working in your business and work on your business.

Bradley: That's right.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Our Autoposter, which is available in Mgyb.co, it makes it a whole lot simple. We have videos that show how to use it. Don't go through the videos. Have the VA go through the videos so that they learn the process. That's how our VAs learn the process, the same way.

Bradley: Here's the thing. Paul, if you've got 12 businesses that you're doing that for, that's worth hiring a full-time VA for that. You could hire a VA, from the Philippines or something like that, pay him $150 a week. You could even potentially pay him less. But that would be a really good, that's a really good wage, $150 a week or salary, excuse me, for a Philippines VA. We've got dozens of them so I know.

I was gonna say, what we typically do, and we talk about this in Outsource Kingpin, guys, but what we do is we typically, well, first, we set up a hiring funnel, which screens out the tire kickers and the time wasters and such to where we only interview and spend time with those candidates that are extremely qualified and that have proven themselves to be able to follow explicit instructions. That's exactly what the hiring funnel is all about.

Again, all of this, we teach exactly the same process we use in Outsourced Kingpin. Okay. First of all, set up a hiring funnel, then put some VAs through it. The ones that come out on the other side, which you're gonna lose 80% of them, but which is good because those are people that you don't want to talk to because they can't follow instructions or they won't put forth the effort.

But the 20% or so that come through the other side, now you set up interviews with them, you chat with them. Find a good one that you communicate well with, they've already proven themselves being able to follow instructions, because they went through your hiring funnel, right? They wouldn't have even gotten the interview time with you had they not been able to follow instructions.

So the interview process, the key thing about that is who can you communicate with the best. Right? Who's the easiest to communicate with? That should be the deciding factor on whether or not, well, that and, obviously, ask them what their salary requirements are and such, and those kind of things. But I found it's best to hire those that you communicate the most fluently with, right? I think that's important.

Once you hire somebody like that, now what we do is, we usually put them on 30 days or depending on whether you're paying weekly or bi-weekly. I pay weekly and so we do 75% or whatever their agreed-upon salary is going to be, for the first month, that 75% wages. That's how I do it, because they're in training.

You hire them for, let's say, $150, 75% of that would be $120 a week that you would pay them to go through training. They could be trained in a week, and in week two they could start posting. Over the course of the next two weeks, you will have to kind of manage them a bit, give them constructive criticism, give them suggestions on how they can improve, you're gonna have to jump in and probably record several Screencast videos on things that you want to point out on how they could make this better and that better and ways to find different images and things like that, all that kind of stuff.

But you go through that process in that first month where you're paying them a reduced wage, so that by the end of 30 days they are proficient, they're competent, and they can handle it. Now you've got somebody that if you got 12 businesses, I don't know what you're charging for your services.

This Stuff Works
I'm not going to reveal here publicly what I bill, but somebody asked just specifically what I've been charging to offer this service to clients. I've been testing different price points and I found one that seems to be accepted the most widely by my clients. It's a combination of both GMB posts, GMB optimization services which includes posting and citation building. But I also offer it for those that balk at that pricing a lower GMB posts only option.

But what I'm saying is, if you got 12 businesses for what I'm charging, that's a significant amount of money. To pay a VA $150 a week to do all that for you, Paul, so that you can go out and find more GMB Pro clients, that's what you should be doing. Right? That's what you should be doing.

Again, inside Local GMB Pro, guys, if you haven't already joined, well, the MasterMIND will get it too, but the prospecting training that I'm doing for that, you guys will have email, copy, and all that stuff that you can use, you should have it probably within the next two weeks or so.

Marco: Just so I can add to this, we will allow you to put a VA or two VAs through the training. I mean, we don't control the training to the extent that you can't have your VA access the training and go through it. Because you shouldn't have time to go through it. You should only have time to go and make more money. Your VAs have the time to go and train and go through it and go through the process. The only thing that you should be doing is checking up on them and making sure that they're doing the posts and the images the way that you want them to and the way that the training teaches them to.

So you could just put the training on fast-forward and go through the relevant things so that you can control the VAs that are doing it. That's only gonna take, what, an hour of your time to go through everything that they're doing instead of whatever time you're spending on this now.

Bradley: Cool. He's got two VAs already. He said he bought your course to hire VAs. Well, that's good, Paul. Hire another one. It sounds like, I don't know if your VA is doing your posting already. You say it's hard to keep up. Maybe it's hard to keep up managing your VAs and that's a very good problem to have too. Because that means that you're growing, right? You're scaling. If it's difficult for you to manage your VAs, guess what? It's time to hire a project manager, right?

Hernan: Oh, yeah.

Bradley: it's hard time to hire a project manager. One of the things I recommend in Outsource Kingpin is, if you've got a VA that has shown considerable skill and ambition, then promote within before hiring an external, an outside project manager. You can always promote.

Now don't get me wrong. Some VAs are incredibly good at executing tasks but not good at management. I know because I've promoted several VAs over the years to project managers just to have to demote them back to whatever their job duties were prior to being a project manager because they weren't able to manage. They weren't successful at managing others.

I'll be 100% honest, I'm not the best manager. I'm more of like a vision idea guy when it comes to managing. I'm not the best at that either. So that's part of the reason why I learned to hire project managers to get me out of the way. So that's something that I would suggest to you, Paul, is if you're having trouble.

Again, I don't know that, I'm just assuming. If you've got VAs already but you're saying you're having a hard time keeping up, then it's likely that you're spending more time managing than you should be, and that's a good indication that it's time to hire a project manager.

Marco: Or one of the two VAs, the best one, should be made project lead and the other one should be helping that VA with whatever the VA needs. So that VA should be giving instructions according to whatever your vision is and whatever you want. So you spend even less time with them. I mean, they should actually be that good where one of them can take the lead and say, “Okay. This is what we need to do. This is how we do it. What I need you to do, VA number two, is this, this, this, and that, and then together we're gonna kill this.”

Which is what I just did with our VAs. We actually have three. I put one in charge and I'm gonna see how that works. She's on probation for project lead or team lead. If she doesn't work out, I'll just try the next one, and the next one, and the next one until I find one. It usually works out. I mean, we have Jojo, who was awesome. We have Justin, who turned out to be a perfect project lead. We have Rosale, who's fabulous.

This Stuff Works
I mean, we found some great people, guys. There's no reason, if you have our course, not to be able to. There's no reason not to be able to find them. Just fabulous VA who can manage the other VAs. But don't call the manager, just call them a team lead and pay them a little bit more.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's covered in Outsource Kingpin as well. There's team leaders. Team leader would be somewhat like, for example,, GMB, if you got VAs that are just doing GMB posts and that's their primary function and you promote one of them to be a team leader that all they're going to do is kind of manage that team and help to assist, help the individual VAs with whatever they need, get them stuff, organize data, organize project, stuff like that, that's a team leader. Because they're only really managing one job function or a limited set of job functions.

Whereas a project manager, that's more of like, that's a higher level. So that's a step above a team leader. Because a project manager doesn't necessarily have to know the mechanics or the details of how each and every task is performed like a team leader would. Because a project manager is more, it's a broader level and that they're more about making sure that stuff is getting done, that each individual tasks, job, function, or whatever is getting what they need, has what they need, that kind of stuff, making sure things are done on time.

So typically, a project manager can actually manage multiple team leaders. Right? Let the team leaders manage the teams. The project manager manages the team leaders. That might sound like, “Oh, shit. I'm building now an organization.” But guys, that's how you get the hell out of your own business and let it make money for you without you being there, it's by doing this kind of stuff, putting key personnel in place to replace what you are currently doing.

It's not hard to do, if you're scaling your business, even linearly, which is how most of us do it, where we go out, we get a couple clients, then we go set up the processes to get them the results, to provide fulfillment for the services, and that kind of stuff, and then we go out and start over again.

But really, if you can put people in place to remove yourself from the operation, because I guarantee, you're the bottleneck. Just like I am in my business and have been for many years, and so I'm trying to eliminate that or prevent that by delegating. Right? But if you pull yourself out of the business to where you can work on the prospecting and sales side of things, now you can potentially have exponential growth or geometric growth. Right? Because instead of doing what we all typically do, I'm 100% guilty of it, again, prospect, get a few clients, then turn prospecting off while I get everything set up and provide fulfillment, and then go back out and start the machine again and doing it in waves. Right? So it ebbs and flows, its peaks and valleys of getting new clients and not getting clients, getting new clients.

Instead, you could focus on continually keeping your pipeline full of prospects and, hopefully, sales while your team is managing and handling the fulfillment. Right? If you can keep that prospecting funnel going at all times, then you shouldn't have any of those ebbs and flows, or at least it should reduce that significantly. By the way, that's a lot of the stuff that we're gonna be teaching at POFU Live.

Okay. I think we're about wrapped up, guys. “The last thing,” Paul says, “is you guys are exactly right. Great advice to scale.” Well, you guys just got a little mini-POFU Live lesson today. So, all right.

Do you guys have anything else you want to add before we wrap it up?

Marco: No, I'm good.

Hernan: I'm good.

Adam: Good to go.

Bradley: All right. Thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you all next week. Thanks, guys.

Adam: Bye everyone.

Bradley: Bye.

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