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By April

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Adam: All right. Hey everybody, we're live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 158, the episode where I try to keep on my noise-canceling headphones and not listen to my own voice too much, but hey we're glad. You're here hopefully you saw our message in the Facebook group. If you're not a member of the Facebook group yet, we'll pop the link in here, but go check that out. Now before we get into it, I also wanted to say that there's been some back and forth and we've got some really cool stuff coming up for Black Friday. All right. There's lots of deals out there. I know everyone's watching like Amazon, all sorts of stuff, and we've got some never before seen bundles before. When I say never before, I mean it, like this stuff, we got some good stuff. I'll leave it at that.

There's definitely going to be more on that later, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up because we had a few questions and we've been talking over it and we're trying to put together some really good stuff. If you are new to Semantic Mastery, oh I'm not going to tell you that. See, I think the headphones are messing with my head. I didn't even get a chance to say hello to anybody yet. Let's stop real quick and go down the line. Chris, how's it going man?

Chris: Doing good. Great to be back in Austria.

Adam: Okay. Yeah man, how long were you on the road?

Chris: Three months.

Adam: That's awesome. All right. If anybody's got questions about handling stuff while on the road, talk to Chris. All right. Marco, how's it going man? How you doing?

Marco: I'm looking for a Black Friday deal on backs.

Bradley: Backs.

Adam: Got you. I think it might be a few years in the future, but we'll see what we can rustle up.

Bradley: That's funny.

Adam: Oh man. Rob, how you doing?

Rob:Doing good gentlemen. How are you guys?

Adam: Now standing, can't complain. Everybody, in case you don't know, Rob is Rob Beale and I'm just going to leave it at that. I'll get you a better introduction. All right. Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: Good. I'm back from Vegas from a much, much … It was a much needed time away though. I mean we did a little bit of work, but it was more fun than work, I can tell you that. It was a really good event. I enjoyed it, spent too much money, but I guess what happens in Vegas type thing. It was fun. I had a great time, meet a lot of really cool people. The networking was the best part of that. It was hands down, so we're going to be bringing some guests on over the next couple of months from that same event right here on Hump Day Hangouts so you guys will get to meet some of the other players in the game, which would be cool because they can all provide insight to things that we don't work or can't.

Different opinions, different points of view or perspectives, so excited about bringing some of those people on. I met some really, really good guys and gals.

Adam: Yeah, you got to meet one of the mastermind members, right?

Bradley: Yeah, John Allan, one of our mastermind members. He was there. Really nice guy, did a video with him in the Facebook group. Yeah, it was really cool. Any chance to get to meet any one of our members, I certainly try to do that.

Adam: Cool, outstanding. Yeah, it was fun. I'm looking forward to going back to funnel hacking live in the spring and hopefully meeting up with some people again. All right. Let's get into real quick a couple of announcements on top of what we mentioned and then I know Bradley's got another one too. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, if you haven't checked out the battle plan yet, check it out. It is the SEO Blueprint. I'm going to put a link on the page here shortly with a coupon code, so you can save 75 bucks right off the bat. If you haven't yet, head over to serpspace.com as well. You can get your free account there, got some free tools, and that's where all the done-for-you services are at, a lot of the packages, link building, all that stuff.

I just implore you, go check it out and create your account. Then the last place is support.semanticmastery.com. If you've got questions, we love when you put the questions on this page obviously, but go check that out, especially if it's your first couple of times asking questions because sometimes we might refer you over there. It's where we have a lot of charts and diagrams and some of the more in-depth questions that tend to come up frequently and that way, you could get your question answered hopefully ahead of time and that would be helpful to everybody. All right. That's it from my end. I think Bradley you wanted to share something.

Bradley: Yeah. One more thing is we did the SEO bootcamp webinar with Jeffrey Smith last week or I think it was last week. Let's see, what date was it. It was Monday, November 6 so yeah, it was last week. Anyways, it was fabulous. I hadn't gone through the entire course and I still haven't gone through the entire course, but I had looked at parts of it and I was quite impressed. Now I'm actually working my way through the course. I have this concept of an hour a day. If you want to accomplish anything in life, as long as you commit an hour per day to it, you can do it, regardless of what it is, no matter how big the goal is. It's not a matter of when or if you'll accomplish the goal, it's a matter of when, when you approach it that way.

I've been meaning to go through that course because I know it's fabulous and I just haven't made the time over the last month or so since I've known about order a couple months really that I've known about it. I committed to start spending an hour every day in the morning working through that process of going through the training and implementing it. I've got a project that I'm actually applying exactly what I'm learning from the SEO bootcamp training to the site build because it's so freaking powerful. If you got a site built correctly, you can rank with a fraction of the links. Just a tiny fraction on the off page, and guys what's the hardest thing to do in SEO in my opinion? It's the off page because it you have the least amount of control over that.

I've just been really amazed with how detailed the training is and some of the real ninja stuff that is being taught inside that course, and so I wanted to just pitch that again say we did a webinar within last week. I've got the event page URL. I don't know Adam if you dropped it on the page or if you want me to do it.

Adam: No, I'll go grab it in a second.

Bradley: I'll put it and drop whatever.

Adam: Okay.

Bradley: I'll put it in Slack. Yeah, I would recommend going to the event page from last week's webinar and watching the replay. There's some bonuses that Jeffrey was giving away as well as some stuff that we're giving away. Anybody that's building sites guys are doing, I mean it's on-page really the beginning of foundation of everything, right? I mean we do the syndication networks and the drive stacks and all that's like off page stuff, and then the content syndication, which is part of the money site because it's blogging and it's actually building up the authority and the relevancy of the money site itself. If you don't have proper page structure or site structure, then you're basically swimming upstream.

You're climbing uphill at all times, and so that really is the bet the foundation of like you should always start with your golden frame, the epicenter of your business should be your website, right? In my opinion, this is foundational training and it's really good. We couldn't have done as good as Jeffrey did with the training, at least I don't think we could've because it's really, really good, that good. With that, I just want to say one more time. I endorsed it a 100%, recommend you guys go through it. The price is insane really, so check it out and if you have any questions, certainly reach out to us. Okay.

Adam: Outstanding. All right guys. Does anybody else have anything before we dive into questions today? One, two, three. All right, let's get into it.

Are There Any Issues With Not Doing Anything On A Newly Built Syndication Network Built For A Few Weeks?

Bradley: Let's do it. All right. Wrong one, hold on a minute. All right. We're going to get right down to the bottom. James Rich is up first. He says, “Bradley you say season syndication networks with content as soon as they are finished being built. Are there any issues with getting network built and not doing anything with them for a few weeks?” No, not usually James. If something happens and you got to put a project and hold, it's fine. Really the reason why you want a season a network is because when you have brand new accounts, if you start automating posting immediately through IFTTT or really any other method for that matter, a lot of times the accounts will get terminated. When we say season, it just means post some content to them and let them sit for a week or two.

I recommend 10 or 14 days if you can. When you post some original content, or you can actually use other content from the same. If you followed the training James, like for wordpress.com, for example, will go maybe copy another blog post from wordpress.com, like another blog on wordpress.com, and then use that as the content, but we do give attribution. You got to cite the source and actually it's an external link from the blog, but it's an internal link back to the original source because it's on the wordpress.com domain if that makes sense. Even though they're different subdomains, that's typically how we get them to stick by adding some content and letting it sit for a week or two before adding like additional content where you're automating the posts.

All right, and that's really all that's for. If you build a network or you purchase one, whichever, just let it sit for a couple of weeks. If you don't have anything to do with it or content for a few weeks or a few months or whatever, it should be fine. What I would do though first of all James is if instead of leaving just the empty networks, I would still go in and try to post at least something, although again I don't think it would be any problem. I think you're better off leaving a network or web two sites empty, then starting to automate post right away if that makes sense. Anybody else have any other comments on that? All right.

Adam: I got mine.

Best Practices In Using The 10-pack Press Release Service At Press Synergy

Bradley: We'll keep moving. Yup, that's fine. Okay Jeff's up. He says, “Bradley I know you talked about using press releases in the recent past. I purchased a 10 pack from Peter. Okay. I plan on doing a PR blitz at the end of the year. Is there any information you can share with regards to how much time between releases links you tend to include, et cetera? Hopefully this doesn't infringe on shared mastermind members because unfortunately I'm not one. I know I should be.” Yeah, Jeff I can go over on very high level conceptual stuff now. Very high level because I that is right now currently mastermind stuff. However, keep this in mind.

I am doing some content that will be available that we're probably going to make … We're going to make some publicly available information about the press release stacking method and then there will be like an upgrade for the actual full training. It's like what our battle plan is and then there's obviously going to be an upgrade. That's going to be something that we're going to be releasing in the next I'd say six weeks or so six to eight weeks. I can talk about it very briefly on the top. As far as the PR frequency of publishing, I do it about once every two weeks. That's how I get started with sites because a lot of times you only need about four or five of them to get significant results.

In fact, I've got several properties or lead gen sites that I've been able to pop into the three pack, the maps three pack with just three press releases, which is insane. For ones that are a little bit more competitive, it might take four or five and so I like to spread them out about every two weeks. I know Rob who's on with us right now, he hammers them. He does one right after another, after another. I typically try to wait about two weeks per, but Rob comment on why you just hammer them.

Rob:Hi, sorry I'm muted. Yeah. Can you hear me?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yes.

Rob:Okay. Sorry, I was muted there. Yeah, I'll hammer them is Bradley saying and I'll mix up the link. I'm hitting not only the site, but I'm hitting some of the other … I don't have much detail to go into, but other properties so to speak. You actually hit some of your web too, YouTube, things like, that just spread it out. I mean you're filtering it through on some of them. You filter it through those other properties, so it can stand the abuse. As you said before, I'm impatient. some of them I'll hit. Now I don't hit stuff if I'm really trying to go slow with some things, but on just my own assets that I own for like lead gen. I'm a little more not nervous to lose, yeah I'll hit them.

Bradley: Right, right.

Rob:I'll stack them and all that.

Bradley: Yeah. As far as like for me, I tend to do it about once every two weeks. Like Rob said, the first press release, I always hit the money site and into Google Maps URL, right? You go grab the share URL. Always hit that first, and then I will do a lot of stacking and I'm not going to get into the details on this, but what I do is then I chain a press releases together to where press release number two links to press release number one as well as another, either an inner page on the site or like a review URL from Google Maps or maybe a Yelp page or Facebook or something from the tier one network, the branded network or citation or something like that, then press release three links to press release as well as other properties or maybe another inner page URL, that kind of stuff.

Essentially, I just try to mix it up to where you're not creating a pattern, but you're constantly hitting different tier branded properties and then also linking from one press release to another. For me, that's worked really, really well and I've tested all different types of configurations, and it doesn't seem to have any one particular configuration better than another, they just seem to work well together. What I do recommend is Jeff that you try to add some diversity to your press release distribution services though. Don't just hammer it with one service, try to use like inside a SerpSpace, for example. We've got two different services, and specifically for that reason because I use multiple press release distribution services.

Two of the several that I use are inside a SerpSpace as well if that make sense. Okay. The reason why is you want diversity in your backlink profiles. You don't want to just keep hammer in the same asset over and over again with the same distribution network. I mean if that's all you got, it's probably still better than nothing, but I would recommend that you diversify a bit if possible. All right. Good question there Jeff.

What Anchor Text Or Keywords Should You Use For Each Tiered Properties In A Syndication Network?

Next is [RL Saunders 00:14:07] says, “Can you provide some insight into the anchor text keywords that should be used from tier two properties linking to our tier one properties as well as tier one linking to money site? Examples would be appreciated also. Thanks guys.

I'm considering purchasing some of the link boosting packages and wanting, needing general understanding of the concepts behind this.” All right. Good question. What I like to do from tier two to link to tier one, which is typically how we're going to … Like if you're buying link building packages from SerpSpace, we don't allow you to submit your money site. Basically, we will only link to tier one properties, and that's because they're spam links, right? I mean we're using spam tools in order to build the links, and so we don't recommend ever hitting the money site directly. We talked about hitting tier one properties and so with that, what I recommend is that you go with broader keywords and also generics and naked URLs. You don't have to worry about that.

The naked URLs and the generics are all handled by our link building team, but what you do want to submit is the broader term keywords. What I mean by that is like if you're doing local … This is a good example. If you're doing local, you don't want to do like the keyword plus the city because that is typically more like a tier one anchor text than a tier two anchor text. It doesn't mean that that never happens on a tier two, but it's a lot less frequent because you got to think about look think of like a bull's-eye, right? Your money keywords or your bullseye keywords are going to be right in the center. Those are going to be the ones your long tail. Those are going to be your keyword, your service plus city or service plus geo modifier, right?

That's a keyword plus local modifier. Those are going to be like the type of keywords they're going to point from that first ring down to the bullseye if that makes sense. Then tier two would be the next ring out, so they're typically going to be a broader and they're going to be more frequency of generic and more frequency of naked URLs, right? In broader terms, there's going to be a lot less frequency of exact match because the exact match or more bullseye type terms, they should be tighter or reserved more or less for tier one if that makes sense. When you got to tier three, you do it even further.

You can go up to like market level keywords, industry type level keywords, and stuff like that, and then go again more generics, more naked URLs, and that's typically how I've always built tiered structures. I'm pretty sure that that's the way that you should do it too. I haven't tested a lot of exact match on tier two or tier three in a couple of years because it just doesn't seem logical to do. I think it might be it's more of a footprint issue if you do a lot of exact match several tiers out because it it doesn't really fit what typically happens naturally if that makes sense. Any comments guys? Okay.

Adam: Sorry, took me a while to unmute.

Bradley: None?

Adam: Yup, sorry. I'm sorry man. I think it takes a second for my mic to come back in. Sorry, I was trying to answer a question to something and then yeah, nothing. Let's keep going.

Bradley: Okay, all right. As far as tier one guys, I recommend that you go with mainly brand anchors, naked URLs, and then you can use some exact match, but be sparing in that guys. That's part of the reason like I mentioned at the beginning of today's Hump Day Hangout on-page is so important because if you have your on-page, your site structure done, and your on-page correct or tight, then you can rank with purely brand URLs and naked URLs, and you don't even need keyword anchor text links. We've proven that over and over again. Again, f you've got your on-page, I would recommend that you stick with branded terms, naked URLs primarily for tier one links. Okay.

Maybe a few select exact matches, but I would be very sparing in that because again, you can let your on-page tell Google what the page is about more so than the links. All right.

What Is Your Favorite Spamming Method For Websites?

Lisa says, “What is your favorite spamming method for websites? “Serpspace link building packages. I mean literally that's what we use. Anytime I've got something I want to spam, I just send it over to our team over there and they spam it for me. That's pretty much it. I don't really have another comment for you. Anybody else have any other favorite spamming methods?

Adam: No. I mean I think that's the go-to right now. I mean that's based on the deadliest methods who he learned from himself in us and who you use before. Yeah, that's the answer.

Bradley: Yeah. He uses GSA as like more second-tier stuff now, but he uses like RanchWorx and I think it's what … I don't know, there's a lot of tools that he's using now but there are three or four different tools that are really the first tier or a bunch of web twos, so they're typically higher domain authority type properties, a little bit more relevant because we have a bunch of networks or link networks that we've scraped over the years now. We've got niche-based networks and things like that, and we use those as the Tier one to whatever we're spanning and then we throw GSA our kitchen sink spam behind that. GSA is still a great tool for that kind of stuff.

I still recommend you use that two or three tiers out from any sort of money site, but there's multiple good tools for doing spam.

Rob:I like to add in there drive stack.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, absolutely. Yup, although I think …

Rob:That can filter some of the spam.

Bradley: Calling that a spam is really misleading a bit because we use it also to validate the entity. You know what I mean? I mean yeah we spam a drive stack, but the drive stack itself actually validates the entity. It helps to validate the entities. Because of that, in itself it's not really a spam method in my opinion.


Is It Okay To Be More Aggressive With SEO Battleplan Strategies When Ranking A More Than 5-Year-Old GMB Page?

Bradley: All right. I can already see the support tickets coming in on that one. Thanks Rob. Jay's up. He says, “Hi guys, maps ranking question. According to us do battle plan, you admonish to go small on embeds and power up links to the IFTTT ring on a brand new site. Do you recommend that pace can be more aggressive at this site in GMB as five plus years old? The market is one of the most competitive your press release strategy is being used and in one of the major five cities in the US. What do you think?” Yeah, absolutely Jay. In my opinion, if it's an established brand and established site and it's been around for some time, then yeah at least in my opinion without doing an actual analysis of the property, the general answer is yes, you can be a lot more aggressive with those.

Usually when we're talking about being really conservative, it's about newer properties, so stuff that you really have to fly under Google's radar so to speak, right? You don't want to raise any red flags. If you got something that's been established for five years, again without looking at it, I would take it on a case-by-case basis, but the vast majority of them will likely be able to withstand you being a lot more aggressive. Okay. Let's see, the market is one of the most competitive press release strategies being used and in one of the major five cities in the US, what do you think.

Yeah, and that in my opinion that like that's one of the things that the press releases is something that I've been real aggressive … Well, I say real aggressive but as I mentioned earlier about once every two weeks, I'll do another press release for even brand new properties. Like I said, I've been able to rank into the maps pack for within just three press releases so about six weeks. Sometimes with a little bit more competition, it takes four or five press releases and so it might take me two months or so. If I wanted to be more aggressive, I probably could but I try to typically for newer properties just be a little bit more conservative.

Again with 5-year-old site and Google my business listing, you could likely get away with doing a press release every couple of days or once a week or something like that so four in a month and you'd be able to use those. Find a VA or use something like ScrapeBox and put all your URLs from your press release distribution report in there and figure out which ones have do follow links, and then you could use those to like spam … You could spam those with additional links too because then you allow the press release site to like launder that link juice a bit, right?

That works really well too because a lot of times when you spam a press release and also if you can send some traffic to it, there's some Fiverr gigs you could use, there's some other things that you could do. You can end up getting a press releases to rank for your keywords too, so that's a good strategy.

Should You Use Sub Domains For The Silo Sub Niches Or Should You Just Use A Category Sub Folder?

All right, I believe this is Keith. He says, “Hey guys, quick site structure question. I'm building out an authority site for an affiliate business. I want to add a collection of sub niches and set up silos for them. Question, should I use subdomains for the silo sub-niches or should I just use a category sub-folder?” Okay.

Keith if you're going to silo collection of sub-niches and set up silos for them, if you're going to silo a site, I'm not sure why you wouldn't just silo it on the site, the root domain itself, instead of like having separate WordPress installations, which is what you would have to have if you have them on subdomains or in subdirectory sub-folders like you mentioned. I'm not sure why you would want separate WordPress sites for all of those. Typically a silo means that it's all within the same domain, right? You're talking about site structure with categories, pages and child pages and ultimately depending on whether it's simple silo structure or complex out of the structure.

With the complex method, you're going to have top-level pages, child pages and in posts, but top-level pages are corresponding with top-level categories and then your child pages correspond with subcategories, and then your posts just fall within those, right? That's all usually done within just one WordPress installation. I'm not sure why you're trying to separate those. I mean you could, but to me, that would be a real pain in the ass publishing content. Each time you want to publish content to a different site, that you'd have to log in to a different site, and that's not a really efficient way to run it.

Not only that, but I'm not sure … I guess with some internal linking, you could link everything to where like you could sculpt how you wanted link equity to flow through the properties. Anyway, but again that's way more work than I'm willing to do. I just would recommend it you just build the silos within the root domain, mainsite.com.

Chris: Yeah, and actually the way that he has it set up without what he called the sub-domain is perfect. It's mainsite.com, the sub-niche, and the sub-niche would be the category that he'd be siloing, so that's how he'd set up. Each sub-niche would be a page as category, and then the sub niche … I mean this is perfect the way it is. You don't need to go one more level where you would need a sub-domain. Yeah, the first example. Don't them put all, no folder.

Bradley: Yeah, no folder because that would be a separate WordPress installation and that's what I'm saying. Let me just pull this up for one moment because this will make it seem a little bit more sense. If you say mainsite.com, what you would typically have is you would have your category and you'd have your sub … If you're doing complex solid structure, right? You would be subcategory and then lastly post, right? That's how we go if it's … If it's a simple solid structure, it's just going to be one less level, which would be category post, that's it. All right. This is all done on one WordPress installation guys and that's really … I mean it's so much easier that way.

We only separate by subdomains when we're trying to separate assets and there's times to do that and an authority website guys should all be done in one folder or one WordPress installation in my opinion. Okay. Okay, no problem Adam.

How Long Should You Wait When Ordering Links For The VPH Embeds?

Muhammad's up. Muhammad thanks for being here again buddy, you are a regular for sure. He says, “Hey guys, VPS embed, just finished posting. I read the battle plan and it says to build links to the channel. Should I wait before ordering his links or are the embeds and links separate from each other?” Yeah, they're separate from each other, but like honestly with YouTube, I don't care how soon you start building links. Really to me, it makes no difference.

What I recommend doing with that is that you actually build links and embeds around the same time because it makes more sense to do that from like a logical standpoint if you think about it. Why would you get 50 embeds and know backlinks or 50 embeds and then backlinks or backlinks and no embeds, you know what I mean? Just to me, it would be more like a simultaneous thing and so we try to think about it that way. Obviously, also if you can send traffic to those at the same time that you're building links and doing embeds, that's an even better signal and perhaps even some social signals, although I don't know that social signals have much value anymore for SEO.

This Stuff Works
I haven't really tested it in quite some time but because I think more about traffic now for that than actual just flat out social signals. Does anybody have a comment for that?

Chris: Yes. As far as social signals, we go back to what we're calling ART and it starts with activity on the link, right? The A. Yeah, Google doesn't care about social signals and I think it was that who's that shithead, John Mueller. He's the one who said Google doesn't pay attention to social signals, but it's a misnomer. It's like sleight of hand because Google does care about social signals and that it wants to know what's happening with me. It's all about links. It's always been about links. It is about links now. It will be about links into the future. It's not changing anytime soon. That's the way Google is structured.

You give Google a signal on that link and call it a social signal, call it activity on the link or call it whatever … I always drop on that phone, call it whatever you want, Google wants to know what's happening in there, right? That's why one of our strategies is shortening the links with the Google shortener and so that Google can have direct metrics on what's happening with that link. You get that activity on that link and really good thing start to happen. We don't have to call it social signals because John Mueller obviously doesn't want you to know that this is really important. The important part is what happens to that link in whatever platform it is that we're talking about.

The platform doesn't matter, it's actually the activity. Now the platform is bad, then the signal is bad. If the platforms are good, then the signals are good and Google is going to pay attention. They're going to pay attention to both, so that's my take on it.

Bradley: Just to be clear guys, social signals, the reason why like just buying spam social signals typically doesn't work is because they're from accounts that create like stuff or share stuff or whatever, but then there's no activity on that social signal and so that's why there's no value there anymore because they don't provide any traffic and there's no activity. If it's a natural social signal, then that post, that share, that like or whatever will propagate or it will draw attention because there's real fall, there was real engagers with whoever created that signal to begin with, which means there will be activity on that social signal, whether it's additional traffic or additional comments, likes, shares of that social share itself if that makes sense.

If somebody shares a URL to Facebook and nothing ever happens to that share on Facebook, in other words, there's no comments, no likes for that share, no engagement on that share, does that share even register? Now I don't know 100% whether it does or not, but basically it provides no value, so in my opinion it would be ignored, right? Now if that share, if somebody has a lot of friends or a big following or whatever on Facebook and they share a URL, it's typically going to get a bunch of comments in that post, which is basically funneling link equity from all those other profiles to that social share post, right? Does that make sense, which then transfers ultimately back into the target URL whatever was shared, and so that's my point.

If you can get second level or second tier engagement on social signals, that's where they end up having power. Think about it guys, when people engage on a social share, so a first-tier social share, when people engage on that, there will be a level of traffic that comes from that too, and it's referral traffic from those platforms, which is a great ranking signal. That's why I'm saying like just buying straight up social signals, it's typically useless. It's a waste of money because you're not getting any engagement on those social signals, no traffic, no referral traffic, and no additional like I said engagement with the actual share posts themselves. All right, so save your money.

What Was Your Experience In Using Mass Blogger and G Site Generator?

All right. Number two is, “Have you had results with mass bloggers in the G site generator. I bought WP blog creator and the other three programs are pretty similar. Do they start to rank for tough terms after a while?” No Mohammed and one thing I've mentioned just about every week because the questions come up about these, I totally endorse these products, but I don't use them to rank those properties. I used them as link networks. There was a question earlier about what is your favorite spamming method for websites. I don't do a lot of link building on my own, but I am actually doing link building with those Peter Drew products, the mass blog or G site generator, the WP creator. I'm using those and I'm actually working on a couple projects right now with those.

I'm using those to create very, very themed relevant networks. They're many networks, many blogger networks, many G site networks, and many WordPress.com site networks that are helping me to rank my target URLs, which can be videos, they can be money sites, Google my business listings, press releases. Like drive stacks, you can use those to help boost the Google sites, right? Your Google money site, not the ones that you generate from the Google site generator. If you have a drive stack, it's going to have one primary Google site, right? That's basically the pinnacle of the drive stack is the Google site and so like using these little tool or these tools to create many networks to boost that is really, really powerful. All right.

Look if some of those sites rank for keywords like long tail stuff, hey that's a bonus, that's great, but that's not my intention, that's not what my goal is, right? My goal is to those have those properties help to rank whatever my target URL is. All right.

Do You Change A First Person Keyword When Using It In A Blog?

Number three, “When you have a first person keyboard, do you change it when using in a blog? Take a keyword like how do I create my own website, would you make a title of the blog or how do you make your own website?” I'd play with both of those Mohammad. Honestly, I don't know because I'd I haven't done anything like that in quite some time, posted that. I would just test both of them and see.

Something else you can do is when you do a search in Google for those types of queries and take a look at the bolded words in the search results and see if there's variations in the search results of how people would word that type of a question or that search query that gets answered in the search results and take a look because Google a lot of times make that connection, that the question was posted in first person but it's been answered in third person and it will show the third person modifiers as bold even though the query was the first person modifiers. Does that makes sense? Because again Google with RankBrain, it knows enough now it knows.

With the semantic web engine, it knows enough about those being related queries, and so just take a look and do a little bit of research on your own, let Google show. I'm fairly certain that it won't matter, but just do a little bit of research on your own. You should be able to figure that out. All right, moving on.

Best Practices In Optimizing A Website That Is Relying On The Original Content

Brian says, “I'm in the process of optimizing pages on an existing site that I bought. It's getting about 6000 uniques per month, so I have some good data to work with in search console. I'm starting with the top 10 pages getting traffic. What do you suggest I do to optimize with on-page or off-page SEO? The pages are not well optimized for SEO. They rank purely on their original content. I don't want to do anything that hurts existing rankings or traffic. Should I take existing search queries to find more related higher competition keywords to rank for and add more related content to the page interlinking? What do you suggest?” Brian, and again I don't want you guys to think like I'm totally just pitching for Jeffrey Smith, but I'm telling you, his training course, SEO bootcamp is exactly … I mean the answer you need is in that course. A lot of the stuff that you, like remember ranking pages guys are huge for being able to push rankings to other pages too. It's not even about the backlink profile.

It's about if you've got like pages that are generating traffic, they're ranking well, and they're generating traffic, they're probably generating traffic because they're ranking well or they're ranking well because they're generating traffic. It's kind of like a cause and effect. It's a perpetual thing, right? You can put internal links from those to other pages that you're trying to push as long as they're relevant. You want to make sure that your siloing, you're theming, your keyword theming is tight. If you push like I put a link, an internal link from one of those pages that is ranking well and receiving traffic over to something else that may be on the cusp.

This Stuff Works
For example, if you've got a keyword a page on a site that is on page two and you look in search console, and you see that it is getting impressions for the keyword that you're trying to rank that page for, but the position is such that it's not receiving a lot of traffic or it's not getting good positioning in the search results, what you can do is actually link to that page from a related page on the site that is ranking well, that is receiving traffic and give it a boost, right? Again, I wouldn't recommend just directing link flow as your primary source for ranking other pages.

That's a great strategy, but you also want to make sure that the pages are optimized well because once again as I mentioned earlier with proper on-page optimization and site structure, you can rank with just a fraction. This is exactly what Jeffrey demonstrates in his training is how he can take pages and rank for fairly like in some cases very competitive terms with absolutely no backlinks because he's just utilizing pages on a site that are already receiving a lot of traffic or have been optimized well and are ranking well.

Then through the proper on-page and internal linking structure, it ends up ranking the other pages and that's quite incredible and that's what I'm saying like building a bunch of links can be a pain in the ass guys because most links are flat-out toxic now and it's becoming more and more difficult to build valid links that don't harm your site or that aren't discounted by Google. In my opinion I think, it's a skill that should be further developed. I'm not going to lie, I've let my on-page SEO knowledge slip over the last many months because I haven't been doing a lot of it.

It's very, very refreshing for me to get back into this type of the study, this research and actually implementing as I'm going through it because I'm starting to see it just reminded me of how important on-page really is. Okay. You guys got any comments on that? It was a great question by the way Brian.

Chris: No, I thought that was a great answer.

What Are Your Thoughts On GSA And YouTube?

Bradley: Awesome. “Thoughts on GSA for YouTube.” Sure. Why not? I don't know because I again we've got [Deadia 00:38:30] who knows how to use GSA very, very well and I do send YouTube URLs to him to spam often. Don't forget to use playlist guys if you're going to be using spam tools. Make sure that you are not only spamming multiple variations of the YouTube URL, which there are ways that you can get. I mean, what is it? There's something like 40 some in. It's probably more now but there was like 40 some versions of YouTube URL so you could track …

Chris: No. There's way more, way more.

Bradley: Is there?

Chris: Oh yeah.

Bradley: Okay. Well however many there are, if you're going to be spamming, spam all the variations of the URL that you can as well as putting it into a playlist and grab as many variations of the playlist URL as you can and hit the playlist URL too, even if it's a single video playlist if that makes sense, right? I mean I've heard of people saying that they've gotten YouTube videos that have never been like the index but like demoted in their search results because of too much spam, but I don't know maybe because we've got somebody that knows what they're doing. I've never experienced that.

What Would Happen To A Site If We Stop Posting Content?

Lisa says, “What would happen to a site if we stopped posting content?” That depends. Let me let you guys in on a secret here.

For my lead gen sites, I use syndication networks and standard operating procedure. We publish blog posts, always start with three to five blog posts. This is covered in all the different trainings. We always talk about that, always start with three to five posts, and then I continue posting until the site ranks and the maps pack is typically what I'm trying to do for lead gen and for local stuff. Then I usually stop posting and until it starts to slip at which point or if it's very competitive and then I'll continue the posting, but I may reduce the frequency of publishing, so that it reduces my expenses. For most of my lead gen stuff guys, I only post to the syndication network and add a blog post to the site's long enough to get them to rank in the three pack.

Once it ranks, I stop because it's just an added expense that I don't need to incur. Now that said, if I'm selling content marketing and SEO services to local businesses, it's something that you just continue to do over and over and over again because it maintains the rankings, right? It's generating revenue for your business. I mean it would be silly to tell a business owner, “Yeah, I'm going to do blog posting until it ranks and we're just going to stop and you can stop paying me by the way. My work is done here. I'm going to go find another client.” That's silly guys. Oh, I just got another lead coming through quick mail. Awesome. I just heard it.

Yeah, just keep in mind, for your own assets, I would do whatever you need. Do as little work as possible to achieve results. For client work, you put them on a reasonable plan for services that are going to achieve the results and it's a recurring model, right? You want to keep that recurring model at whatever cost necessary too because honestly if they were to stop paying you because you stopped blogging and two or three months goes by and they start to slip in the rankings, which it's likely to happen, then they're going to blame you or they're going to go find somebody else to restore their rankings or unless … I mean because they're going to think, “Oh well whatever he did or she did didn't work well enough, it didn't stick,” which is why I recommend you just stick with it.

Once you get them ranked, you just keep it going and I've had clients ask me is do we really need to keep doing all this and I say, “Yes. Do you want to stay in the position you are because it's so easy for them to forget when they start generating leads for their business what it was like to not have leads?” You can remind them well, “Yeah, your business has been doing well for the last six months, right? Do you really want to jeopardize or risk that?” I could stop doing what I'm doing and it may stick for three months, it may stick for six months, there's really no way to tell. I recommend that we continue going because it's obviously serving you out. Does that make sense? Okay. No other comments, we'll keep moving. We've only got about 15 minutes left guys.

How Do You Find Keywords For Long Tail Traffic And How To Generate Content From It?

RL's got another one, “How do you go about finding keywords for longtail traffic and then what is the best way to write about it? If we are trying to focus on water heater repair replacement and trying to generate content specifically designed for longtail traffic, it is tough to continue to write fluff around how much does water heater repair replacement cost and three tips to finding good plumber.” You're right RL. Again, it's so funny that Jeffery Smith's SEO boot camp again, it's got really, really good keyboard research training. A lot of stuff that I hadn't even really thought about before because usually for like you said in your example, for like local plumber stuff, a lot of the times you're not really looking for those question type queries.

It's more about like commercial intent queries that we usually target because we're what are we ultimately trying to do, generate leads. However, there is something to be said for building the authority and the presence of a site by providing useful information around that industry or industry queries questions, right? What you can do is just go to … It's a very simple, it's a tedious process, but it's a simple process, but just going to Google and using some top-level keywords, like market level keywords without local modifiers, like how much does water heater repair replacement cost, right?

This Stuff Works
Put that in as a Google search query and then go take a look at like the knowledge graph questions that come up. You might have to play around with variations of the keywords or of the query itself in order to produce those types of questions. If you look at the questions that show up in those like accordion menus basically right within the search results, those are like knowledge graph questions, you can get some really good ideas there as well as pay attention to all the related search terms at the bottom of the page. The Google search result page, look at the related search.

You'll a lot of times find other types of questions that could be answered and each one of those questions guys … Then drilling each one of those results. In other words, when you collect a question from the knowledge graph, go open another tab, go to Google and put that question in and see what else returns, and then scrape that page, pull out any relevant questions or queries from that page as well. The same thing with the related searches at the bottom, go drill in each one of those.

Then what you can do is you can compile similar questions into longer form blog posts, so that you have one piece of content, one post or one page that can rank from multiple queries guys, and there's actually ways to get those queries to pop into search results as knowledge panels or basically knowledge panels, what they call position zero Serps. That's a great way to do it, and also don't forget, use Power Suggest Pro after you've collected all those terms and in use trends, so you can go … Trends a lot of times isn't going to show you data on like long more complex queries like longer like questions and stuff, but you can get ideas for your seed terms from trends.

Then you can drill into those seed terms and start looking for those types of questions, then you collect all those queries and questions, put them into a notepad, Fowler or spreadsheet or whatever, then go drill in each one of those, collect more. Then once you've got this comprehensive list, you can go into something like Power Suggest Pro, which is what we always recommend and drill into those terms even further. The next thing you know, you'll have are just a huge pile of keywords and search queries and really complex stuff that you can start to organize in a logical fashion and create some like cornerstone content essentially on your site. Even as blog post guys, it's a great way to get a lot of traction very quickly.

Okay. Great question though, another one from URL. Anybody have comments on that before I move on?

Chris: No, I thought that was perfect.

Bradley: Okay. Again, just the last couple days, I've learned a lot about this and seen some real reason … The site that I'm applying all these techniques on is for a national based site, and so you have to get into that level of SEO optimization. Now I'm still used to doing local and usually most of my local sites are like city specific. They don't usually have much like larger service areas where I have to do real complex silo structuring because usually when I'm targeting multiple cities, I create multiple physical locations and I use separate subdomains for each city, so each individual site build is really only optimized for one city, which makes it so much easier.

When you get into doing like national SEO or service area SEO but it's a large service area and you do it all from one location or one website, that's where it starts to get more complex and these content stacking strategies and proper structure and proper on-page optimization becomes so much more important, right? That's why I'm saying like these are just some amazing information can help with that kind of stuff.

Do You Still Recommend Using High Quality Spun Articles For SEO?

Al's up, “Hey guys, thanks for all you do. I'll plus on that.” I'll plus on this one too by the way RL. “While back you suggested a content provider for high quality spawn articles, do you still recommend them?” Yes. I don't think there's spun though. Keith Goodwin, he was just asking a question earlier.

He's got the best high quality spun articles and God, this is really, really bad. What is … Superspunarticles.com. Let's go there go for a second, and then I'm going to share the other provider too. Superspunarticle.com. Keith if this isn't you, please reach out to me and tell me because I'm … Yeah, this should be it. This should …

Adam: No, that's him, that's him.

Bradley: That's Keith. Okay. Yeah. If you're looking for Super Spun Articles, I would recommend going to Keith. I haven't done a whole lot of spam work where I've needed these and quite some time but when I did a couple years ago, he was my go-to guy. There's no doubt and I trusted multiple services, and he was the best hands down. I endorsed his Super Spun article service without a doubt. As far as individual content, I've been using this a lot recently because my primary writer has been really backed up with other work. Let's see. I probably had it. There we go. Natashanixon.com, so I'll grab both of these URLs and paste them on the page.

For her, let me show you. I'll show you which service specifically I use for web page content because I've been using her recently a lot or I say her. Natasha Nixon, that website, I've been using that a lot for content. Under the select service, I select authority content. That's for web page content, right. If you're doing content for link building, again if you need something spun, go here. If you're using it for a money site content, you want to select authority content, and I think it comes out to be about eight cents per word. Oops. Yeah, it's about eight cents per word, right? $80 for a 1000 word article, and so I usually buy the 1500 or 2000 word articles for web page content. That's typically what I pay for. Even 2000 words, I means 160 bucks but it's good content.

I've really only had to have a couple of edits made and I've bought a few dozen articles from her now or from this website I should say. Okay, check it out. Good question though. We're almost out of time guys. We're going to run through a few more.

What Is The Main Difference Between Mailshaker & Quick Mail.io?

Up here it says, “What's the main difference between MailShaker and QuickMail.io? Landed up with this tool. Is this similar to cognitive SEO, the tools shown for ranking articles with great content?” I haven't used ab service for that guys. To be honest, I don't know. I know we had that cognitive SEO webinar with Raz Vaughn yesterday. I think it was yesterday, maybe was Monday, whatever.

Actually it was yesterday morning, and we just got accessed for testing purposes and I'm actually going to be using this same tool, the content assistant tool part of the cognitive SEO's app or applications suite of tools. I'm going to be using that in conjunction with the on-page training that I'm taking from Jeffery Smith and the SEO bootcamp. I'm going to be combining those two. I'm going to be using all the structure and internal link building and on-page optimization tips from the SEO bootcamp training for this authority site that's a national based site, and then I'm also going to be using the cognitive SEO and content helper tool to help to optimize the content based upon the data that that provides.

Again, this is stuff that well it'll be shared in a mastermind. It's likely not going to be shared outside of the mastermind, but yeah because I'm really looking to use both of those tools if that makes sense so I don't know about ABS tool. AB usually produces good products though. I'm not going to lie, so if that's what you got, use it. All right. Okay. This post is from [Anwar 00:51:41]. He is our other semantic mastery approved phone verified account creator. There's two of them that we endorse, right? Guys, it's just a pain in the ass to create phone verified accounts. There are often issues even with pre-purchased ones, but these are two providers that have taken care of us, right?

There's the bulk PVA, we've talked about him multiple times and then this is the other one, this is Anwar. There's his Skype ID. I gave him permission to post this. That does not give other people permission to post promotional stuff on our pages. If you want to, you could always reach out to us and ask for permission and in this particular case, I gave him permission. By the way, his website is this year. He's got his Skype address there, reach out to him, and you can also go here. Again, he's one of two providers that we endorse, right.

Marco: Just so people know, I'm always on the lookout for people spamming our stuff and I almost did knew Kim.

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Marco: I asked you just in case because I wasn't sure, but I am always on the lookout for people. Let this be your only warning. If you spam our groups, any of our free groups with garbage, I will ban you, point-blank.

Bradley: Yup, drop the fucking hammer.

Marco: That's it.

Bradley: It's awesome. Wayne Clayton, one of our longtime mastermind members, he's an attack dog too because he'll throw the ban hammer real quick when he thinks somebody spamming, so that's awesome. All right.

Any Advice On How To Deal With A Negative SEO Attack?

Steve says, “Can I ask a question. I'm going through a negative SEO attack, any advice.” Marco, what's your advice on that? Muted?

Marco: Yeah, sorry I was muted. Jason Quinlan just had a negative SEO attack. I mean is it a bot attack? What is it? I mean there's a lot of things that you can do to ban the box if you get your traffic from whatever it is, right? If it's mainly from Google, Bing, and social media, then you only allow those bots on your website. Now the problem is that people will change the user agent that you block and so that you don't have those user agents blocked. The way we do it is a lot different than most people, but I mean it's a bot attack could be so many things. Is it the server, is it the website, what is it that they're attacking, so that we can know what the advice could possibly be.

Bradley: Yeah. Because if it's just a negative link attack, I've had a couple clients that have experienced that and it's been a pain in the ass. I don't know of a more efficient way to do it, but what I will do is just go and periodically depending on how aggressive the spammer is and create disavow files. I do backlink analysis, pull a report. I'll take all the toxic links and throw them into a disavow file, submit to the search console, and then go have all those links that were in the disavow file crawled. Essentially, I just sent them through multiple indexers so that Google goes and crawls those URLs and knows to disavow them because it just cross references what's been submitted when it goes and recalls the link.

I've been successful at keeping negative SEO s from producing much of a penalty at all by doing that, but it's ongoing and it's pain in the ass. If you got somebody that is persistent enough, then that might not be a viable solution, right? It's not very efficient regardless, but that's how I've done it in a few cases just a handful of cases that I've experienced that in my career.

Marco: The way we do it … I mean to start with this is of course a drive stack because the drive stack will withstand just about anything. It will filter just about anything, but then see again we have to know because you could actually take the pages that are being spammed, filter them through drive, push them back to the website, and they'll actually filter out all the garbage, and I'll give you nothing but love back. You really have to know what you're doing. I don't know how much more advice we can give you on this forum since it's free, but there's tons of things that you can do.

Any SEO Advice In Using Semantic Mastery Products And Services For An Election Campaign?

Bradley: Yeah. Let's see. “Any advice on how to use semantic mastery and your other services to rank for a candidate in an upcoming election.” Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice on that. I've never done anything for that. I've thought about trying to do that in the past. Within my own local town, there was potential there for me to do some marketing work for them. I ultimately declined because I wasn't sure how to really approach that, so I didn't want to take it on and promise results without having experience and knowing like with some level of confidence that I could produce the results. I don't really know. I don't know about ranking.

I would think for election type stuff, I would go with mainly all paid traffic, and the only reason I say that is because usually it's just a temporary thing, right? It's only for however long the campaign lasts and then once the campaigns over, it's done and so I wouldn't want to put a shit ton of work in the SEO for weeks or months in advance just for it to be like something that ends very abruptly when the elections over. Personally, I would go to something that you can scale and get instant results or instantly basically and that would be PDC. That's my best advice, but again I've not done it, so I really have limited experience there.

Marco: Yeah. Pay-per-click into social media.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Right. I think that will lead me …

Bradley: Yeah, using in social media and you paid posts on social media.

Marco: Yup.

Bradley: Okay. Dominic, probably going to be the last question. Well he says, “This is a comment. Silos can be done with just plugins simple work complex.” Yes, they can and that's what I love about it. Well especially the framework, the SEO design framework, again there's a bit of a learning curve with that theme or that framework. There's no doubt but it's very, very powerful and it's worth learning how to use. That's going to be pretty much my go-to framework for WordPress sites going forward is that. “On the G sites, are you building multi-page sites?” Yes Dominic, actually I am. I'm doing the multi-page sites, so I'm building one site at a time with multiple pages with the G sites builder.

Then what I do is I just build multiple multi-page sites and I use those to create those little link networks. Essentially what I'll do is I will take a keyword theme, so think about taking one silo from your money site and creating a Google site on a page Google site that has its targets all your supporting article, your supporting keywords for that silo, right? Each page on the Google site is another keyword that stacks to make that overall keyword theme, that keyword cluster. Each individual Google site is its own keyword cluster and I use those to actually create massive relevancy for each one of those Google sites that then I pass back to whatever my target URLs are.

Okay. Again guys, when I get these projects done that I've been using these tools for, I'm going to do a case study like that it's obviously going to be to promote his tools as well, but I'm going to share what I'm doing with these tools and how to get results with them at least how I'm doing it. Okay, so just keep that in mind. All right, cool. Looks like we're just about finished up. Got almost all of them. We missed one Dominic. Sorry about that buddy, but we're at the 5 o'clock mark, so we're going to wrap it up. Great questions today guys. I enjoyed it. Thanks Marco, thanks Rob for hanging out.

Marco: All right man. Bye everyone.

Rob:Yeah, have a good one man.

Bradley: Thanks Rob. Mastermind members, we do have a mastermind webinar tomorrow, so we'll see you all then. Thanks guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 157

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 157 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: All right. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, this is episode 157, it's three years plus one week. Today is the 8th of November. Sadly, we're missing Bradley, today, although he is in Las Vegas. Oh, look at that, and now he's going to make me a dirty liar. How's it going, Bradley? Oh, maybe not.

Hernan: Can you hear us, Bradley.

Bradley: What's up, bitches?

Adam: What's up, buddy? We are live.

Bradley: Are we live?

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:00:32]

Bradley: Oh, sorry.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:00:35].

Adam: I was just doing the intro and said that you were in Las Vegas. Why don't you tell everybody what you're up to?

Bradley: All right. Give me one moment. Let me see if I can turn all this on. I don't know why camera is not coming on. Hold on a minute. Okay. Anyways, we're going to do without a camera. I just go here, I don't know, two hours ago, maybe. I got up at 2:00 a.m. eastern this morning to catch the flight out here, so I've only had three hours of sleep, I'm really, really tired, but I just had dinner, or lunch, excuse me, and just got back to the room. I just wanted to check in with you guys, and see how everything's going.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah. Things are good. Like I said, we're just getting started, are you going to be able to hangout for a little bit, and listen in?

Bradley: Yeah. I'll hangout for a few as long as it's not, how's the audio? Everything all right?

Adam: Oh, yeah. You're good to go.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. Yeah, I'll stick around for a bit.

Adam: All right. Let's keep rolling then. Hernan, how's it going, man?

Hernan: It's good. It's been a busy day, but everything is good. I'm excited to be here, to have another Hump Day Hangout. We're sticking to it.

Adam: Good deal. I'm going to take this moment to impress upon everybody the importance of a mastermind, and I'm not talking about our mastermind, Hernan, before this call, you don't have to say who it was, or exactly what you're doing, but you were on a call doing what?

Hernan: Oh, yeah. I was in a mastermind, getting coached, pretty much, and I got on another one this Monday, they're like way ahead, they're smarter, prettier, you know, more skilled than I am. I'm there. You need to be there. Right? It's not like we, [inaudible 00:02:20] amazing, we have everything figured out. Not by a long shot. Not by a long shot, so yeah, you need to be constantly pushing yourself, so that's basically what we were doing.

Adam: Awesome. Good deal. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: My back is fucked up, that's how I'm doing, man.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:02:38].

Bradley: I'm not laughing at you, Marco, I'm laughing at the way that you just expressed how you feel about it.

Marco: But, life's good, man. You know, it's an injury, it's not like I'm dying, or anything. Right? It's not cancer, thank God, but it hurts, it doesn't hurt any less. Right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Life's good, back is fucked up. That's how it goes.

Adam: Marco, real quick, public shout out to you, I'm working on it, I don't know if you guys can see this with the glare, but I'm working my way through The Emperor's Handbook, so thanks again for recommending that.

Marco: Awesome book, man.

Adam: It's good stuff. Good translation, and I'm loving it, so I'll probably do a quick write up on it, and share that with people, too. I think so far it's a good book. It's definitely worth reading for everybody. All right. I just got a few announcements I want to run through real quick. The usual, man this is really messing me up. I'm going to take my headphones off. All right. There we go. Those are weirding me out. I've got some nice canceling headphones, and it was just incredibly quiet and doesn't seem right, so anyways.

All right. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, and you're listening to these weirdos, and especially me talking, and wonder what the hell is going on? The best place for you to get started is the Battle Plan. All right? It's the SEO Blueprint, I'm going to pop a link here in a second where you can get started with that, and we got a special coupon code for you, so you can save 75 bucks. All right? A lot of times people come to Semantic Mastery, the see us on Hump Day Hangouts, they see the website, and they're wondering, where's the best place for me to get started? Do I check out here, go there, start with the Battle Plan. All right?

Secondly, if you haven't been to SerpSpace yet, head over to serpspace.com. All right? It's a free account creation, there's some free tools you can use, and that's the home of all the just kick ass done for you services, and a bunch of the other stuff that is coming soon that we'll tell you more about in the future, here. Then, also, if you have questions throughout the week, you know, you can always submit them at this link that you got here with, we update that about 24 to 36 hours after the previous events, you got to give us about a day, day and a half to get things reset up, but also you can go to support.semanticmastery.com and we got a lot of archived posts there, and like when Bradley does some drawings and he does his beautiful snag it drawings and we- –

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Hey.

Adam: Save those, and-

Bradley: Hey.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:04:50], so that people can go check those out later. Other than that, I think that's going to wrap it up for us, I did just want to mention that we have the replay for Jeffrey Smith, and his SEO Bootcamp webinar, that was fantastic. Got a lot of really good feedback from people. If you're interested, again, I'm going to pop that link in here, you can go check out that replay as soon as you want after Hump Day Hangouts. I think that will do it. I'm going to put my headphones back on, so I can actually hear you guys.

Hernan: Sounds good. Yeah.

Adam: All right. We good?

Hernan: That's pretty cool. We should be good.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:05:26].

Hernan: Chris just joined us, so maybe you want to welcome him, too.

Bradley: Hey, Chris is in Vegas, too, man.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:05:31].

Chris:Yeah, man Vegas, baby.

Adam: Get up to some mischief?

Bradley: Actually, I've talked to two Uber drivers since I've been here this morning, and they told me to go to Fremont Street this evening around 7:00 p.m., because apparently it's a good place to go in the evening with a lot of cool stuff to see, and light shows, and all kinds of stuff, so I think that's what I'm going to do this evening, Chris, so maybe if you want we can hangout-

Chris:Sounds good.

Bradley: All right.

Hernan: Why are you guys there? Bradley what are you doing in Vegas, if you want to tell the guys a little bit?

Bradley: I'm here for the SEO Rockstars 2017 event. I'm actually a speaker. This is the first event that I'm actually going to be speaking at from stage. We've had Semantic Mastery for several years, now, and we do everything online, but this is actually the first live event that I'm going to be speaking at, so I'm a bit nervous, but at the same time I'm also really excited, because this is kind of a big step for us, and for me, especially, and that's part of the reason why I joined the Toastmasters organization, so that I could prepare for this speech event. However, I'm not just going to dump Toastmasters after this event, it's something that I found to be incredibly valuable, so it's something that I'm going to continue doing.

In fact, last night I did my second speech for the Toastmasters organization, which was a practice for my speech here at the SEO Rockstars event, and it was funny, I was actually more nervous about giving my speech for Toastmasters last night than I am about giving it in front a room full of online entrepreneurs. The reason why is because an online entrepreneurs, like a room full of SEO's basically I feel comfortable, because that's my scene, that's my crowd, so I don't feel as nervous in front of them as I will in front of like other people that don't know anything about our industry, and I'm trying to give a speech that makes sense to them. Can you guys, does that make sense?

Hernan: Yeah. A 100%.

Bradley: It was funny, because after my speech last night the evaluators evaluated my speech, and blah, blah, blah, and they were like, “You know,” because I had notes and all that kind of stuff, and they were like, “You know, you could have probably just done some bullet points on index cards, because you know your material, it's clear that you know your material, so you probably didn't need to have so many prepared notes,” and I was like, “Well, actually, I have more prepared notes for the Toastmasters presentation then I did for the actual speech that I'm giving at this event,” and it was just because I was more nervous about giving it to a room full of public speaker evaluators then other online entrepreneurs. I thought it was pretty funny. It's kind of like flip flopped I'm more nervous about giving speech at Toastmasters then I was at an actual event. I'm really looking forward to doing that this week, it's kind of a big step.

Hernan: That's pretty cool. I like the topic that you chose, if you can disclose it a little bit before the actual event, that it's an SEO Rockstar event, but you're not actually talking about SEO, like you're talking about something else.

Bradley: Yeah. It was interesting because when I got invited to come speak, I realized that when I saw the lineup of speakers I said, “Look, you know, there is so many SEO's that are going to be speaking about SEO, and digital marketing stuff that actually I feel have surpassed my abilities,” to where I didn't really feel qualified to be speaking about that, so I decided to speak about business building, and basically like developing success habits and growing a business, period. My speech is going to be about three points that I'm going to make.

The first being, developing successful habits, goal setting, and planning, basically. Point number two is outsourcing and point number three is partnerships and joint ventures, so essentially my speech is going to be about not SEO, specifically, it's going to be about how to grow your business in the digital marketing space, period. I feel that was a much more fitting and appropriate speech for me to give, especially considering the fact that I'm going to be sharing the stage with multiple SEO's that are quite advanced.

Hernan: Right. I think it's valuable for them, too, because most of them are actually, like it is our case, right, we're struggling with those kinds of things, it's a challenge, like once you nail down your craft you need to learn a bunch of other skillsets, outsourcing, managing-

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: And, that kind of thing.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: It's hard.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. The thing is and very quickly just because I know we need to move on, but the thing is I think the industry is flawed in that basically people come into this industry with the intention of learning a particular skill, how to become really, really good at fulfilling a service, whether that's SEO, or PPC services, or lead gen, or whatever, so our industry is rife with training products that develop a very specialized skill, but I think what's lacking is how to monetize that skill and build a business around that skill.

To be honest, through the years of our experience, now, within Semantic Mastery, and obviously within my own businesses, as well, I feel like that's backwards. It really should be, in my opinion, you should learn how to develop business, and you should learn sales and marketing first, and then either, if you want to learn specialized skills you can, but as a business owner it makes more sense to actually find talent that knows that and hire them, because you could actually scale and make a ton more money, and have a much more scalable business if you learn the sales and marketing side of things, and outsource, or find partnerships and joint venture agreements, form joint venture agreements with specialized, you know, people with specialized skillsets.

Because that's what I think, and here's the thing, guys, I think there is a real opportunity in our industry right now for people that have highly developed skillsets, but don't have the business, and marketing, and sales side of things down. I think there's a real wide gap, like a huge opportunity for people that can go out and develop like prospecting and sales, marketing, client generation, client getting, basically, and then match or kind of like play matchmaker between service providers and the customers. I think that's where the true opportunity is.

Don't get me wrong, guys, we teach marketing stuff, so it's not that we're telling you not to learn that stuff, but if you want to build a scalable business that doesn't require you to do all the work, I think it's better to spend time really learning the sales, and marketing, and prospecting side of things, and find talent that already has the skillset. To be honest, if I had to start all over again that's what I would do. I would really focus on that whole sales marketing prospecting side of the business, and find other people to do all the technical stuff that really excel in that field, but maybe don't have those people skills type, so to speak.

Again, I'm not discouraging anybody from learning the technical side of stuff, at all, that's not what I'm saying, I'm just saying there's a lot of opportunity out there, right now, for people that maybe are struggling to learn the technical side of stuff, at least just consider possibly looking at approaching it from a different angle, because there are a lot of technicians, like really highly skilled technicians in this industry that can't sell their services, or don't do it effectively, because they're technical type of people, so it's usually like a mismatch of talents, so to speak. I think there's a lot of opportunity there, and again that's part of the reason why I'm trying to kind of divert more of the stuff that I teach about or business building side of stuff, because I think that, that is where a lot of the training lacks in this industry. I think a lot of you guys would agree with that.

Hernan: Yeah. All right. If we're good to go, I can start here on my screen.

Adam: Yeah. Let's do this.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:13:42].

Adam: I can see your screen. Looking good.

How Do You Structure Your Organization For Rank And Rent Video Services?

Hernan: Okay. Pretty cool. Ben, what's up Ben? “Hey, Bradley, guys. I'm following your approach of creating videos for a profession niche in a particular city, and then scaling out, doing the same for each city with 50K plus population across the state. The original objective is 50 videos for keyword strong from Power Suggest Pro, and ranking them on page one. [inaudible 00:14:03]. My question is, how do you structure your organic section? I have always thought I would just set up processes to create a product line for video creation, and ranking, however I read an article [inaudible 00:14:18] that talked about each client being a separate project, [inaudible 00:14:23] a project has a timeline that line of accountabilities, et cetera. What's your take? Do you treat each client objective as a project like this?”

If you don't mind, I'll go and then I would definitely love to [inaudible 00:14:36] to say about this. You know, Ben, I had that exact same issue when I had my SEO company, and I still do some SEO work, don't get me wrong, but I used to treat every customer, and every client as a custom project. You know? The reality is that you can pretty much take this on a two fold approach. Number one would be to have a cookie cutter approach where you just say, “Okay. This is what I can offer you, so that's cheaper,” so that's where the processing and the product line comes into play, or you can target each client standalone, or custom project.

If that's the case, you need to charge accordingly, because as your correctly saying each project has a timeline, that line of accountabilities, you need to pretty much reinvent the wheel, but not really invent the wheel, but you need to set up the whole processes from scratch, from the ground up for every new custom client that you have. I do have some custom clients, right now, but they pay handsomely because of that. You know? There is basically two ways here, you can add A, get the package. Right? Get the A, B, and C delivered to you and you pay X, you pay way less than you would pay for a custom project that will take you much more time, but they will need to pay accordingly. What do you guys think?

Bradley: Sorry, I was muted. Yeah. No. I agree with you, Hernan, and I think to answer Ben's question, you can kind of do a hybrid of both, Ben, there's a lot to be said for having kind of a templatized process for any client, and you can do that, in other words you can kind of setup an assembly line regardless of the client. I always recommend, and you guys know this, if you've been following us for any amount of time, I recommend that you really zero in, or kind of niche down, or drill down into a very specific niche, because once you've learned the keyword research, and the vocabulary of that particular industry that kind of stuff.

You can scale very, very quickly, because every time you take on a new client within a new industry, so if you are just a local marketing agency in a particular city, for example, you're going to take on all different kinds of clients. If you're going to have contractors, and maybe dentists, and insurance salesmen, and perhaps real estate, whatever. There's so many different business types out there, and every time that you take on a new industry type of client you have to go through that whole research process all over again.

To me, it's not a very efficient way to build a business. It's certainly possible, and that's how a lot of agencies go about building their business, so it's not uncommon, but it's not very efficient in my opinion, so I always recommend zeroing in on a very specific niche, a vertical, and in scaling by geography. In other words, let's say that plumbers were your deal, that was your thing, then you could scale by just targeting other cities, because now you already know all the marketing objectives of a plumbing business, a plumbing contractor, so you don't have to do all the research again and it doesn't matter, which city you go in, all the keywords, and the vocabulary, and the pain points are all going to be the same.

This Stuff Works
In that case, you could templatize an entire process, it's duplicatable, just like that. It's very, very easy to duplicate, because all the research is done. The only thing you really switch out is the company name and the local modifiers. Again, guys, I highly encourage that, that's the way that you build your business, because it's so much more scalable. It's going to make your life a hell of a lot easier. However, with that said, I get that a lot of people want to, and just like I did, guys, I started my agency by being a local marketer, I would take any business type as long as it was within my target geographic area.

If that's what you want to do, then that's fine. You can still templatize a lot of that process, but just understand that you should also templatize, or try to create processes for that initial research that's going to be required for each different industry type. Although, the actual keyword research, and understanding the vocabulary, and finding what the pain points are in the market all of that is going to be unique, or specific to each individual business type, within your market area, or your target, or your farm area, so to speak. You can still come up with a templatized process. Right? Or, you can systematize how the keyword research is done. How to identify the market pain points, the vocabulary, that kind of stuff.

It's not an easy task to do that kind of stuff, guys, but once you develop the process, and Mike Couch does a lot of local marketing stuff, he calls it the process, process. Right? And, that's developing a process for developing processes. That's absolutely critical if you want to scale your business, and that's something like we just talked about a few moments ago is learning how to scale a business you need to always create processes out of everything that you do in your business, so that you don't have to continue doing it over, and over, and over again. You can outsource it.

When you have working procedures, or documented processes, or standard operating procedures basically for any particular task, then you can outsource that or hand that, delegate that off to somebody else. That applies to even keyword research and doing market research, period. You can still process, or systematize that process, itself. Again, it's not an easy task but it's something that can certainly be done. Either way, however you want to do it, Ben, it's really going to be up to you. It depends on how quickly you want to scale. You're going to do more work, if you try to cater to multiple industry types then you would if you just niched down into one specific industry, but again, it really comes down to what type of business you want to build.

Where Can I Find Some Resources That Teaches How To Optimize DFY RYS Stacks?

Hernan: [inaudible 00:20:40], is asking, “Hello. I just got my done for you RYS stack delivered. I was told that it's was my responsibility to complete the pages in the G site, can you point me to some resources that will help me understand what to put on these pages [inaudible 00:20:56]. Thank you.” Marco, do you have anything for [inaudible 00:21:00]?

Marco: I don't really understand this question. Was the G site delivered?

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: Or, did he just get a drive stack?

Hernan: No. I think he's saying that he was [crosstalk 00:21:19]-

Adam: Let's just answer it both ways, just in case, since it is kind of ambiguous. Let's say he just ordered a RYS stack without a G site, and then let's say he got the G site done, too, what would we tell him?

Marco: If he only got the drive stack delivered, I would say reach out to me, not this week, because my back's fucked up,[inaudible 00:21:42]. Probably next week sometime, and I'll have the G site built for you, if you do have a G site built, then everything that shared, I mean, all of the processes, and whatever, that's all inside RYS Academy Reloaded. It's not something that we're going to share out publicly. I'm sorry. I would suggest that you do what other people have done and just reverse engineer what you got.

Adam: Yeah. If I can jump in for a moment. If the G site was built as part of the pages should be there, unless I'm not understanding the question. What I'm thinking he was asking was like, okay, I got the G site back and the pages aren't there. They should be there, because that should all be auto populated by the script. Unless it's a new G site, in which case, and again, I'm not sure how the process is with that, but the pages should all be present on the G site if you purchased it from us. Right?

Marco: We're not doing new, well, I believe he did get a new G site with this one, because we do the old G site, and then copy it over to the new G sites.

Bradley: Right. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Marco: He should have gotten both. It should be auto populated, he shouldn't have to do anything except, he should have delivered the information that was requested, target URLs, the niche, all of the keyword research should have been done, if none of that was done then get back with me. But, as far as adding pages and whatever else, we've talked about mirroring the money site, or whatever project it is you're working on, so you can take a look at our YouTube channel, there's a bunch of information that we've shared openly on copying your money site on the G site, so that you push power over.

I'm not going to disclose on how you go about closing the loop, it should have been done for you if you delivered your GMB information. Everything is taken care of. I mean, when you order done for you services, the whole point of getting it done is so that you don't have to do anything except sit and wait. Right? I think Paul, later on, Paul [inaudible 00:24:04], who's been with us since forever has a comment about that, and a question, so I think that's as far as I'm going to go with this one, because I need more information.

Hernan: You got it.

Bradley: Yeah.

Is It Necessary To Stick To A Schedule When Posting To A Blog?

Hernan: Mohammad has three questions, so we will just answer one of them, Mohammad, just for respect of the other guys, if we have time we can come back to you, if not, you can just post them for the next Hump Day Hangouts, so, “Hey, guys. Is it necessary to stick to a schedule when posting to a blog? If I eventually post on Monday's would it matter if I sometimes posted on Tuesday?” I don't think it would make that big of a difference, as long as you keep posting every week, or twice a week. That would be my intake on it. If you're setting up your schedule to post twice a week, then if it's like one week you can not do it on Monday, and Tuesday's, or Monday's and Wednesday, and you end up doing it on Tuesday's and Thursday's that's not that big of a deal, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

Bradley: Yeah. I would agree. Especially when you're first starting out with a project, guys. If you're blogging specifically for SEO, like if you don't have an audience, like followers of the blog, people that have subscribed and that kind of stuff, if it's purely an SEO tactic, it really doesn't matter when you blog. The frequency of publishing is important, but the specific days is not, as long as you stay consistent with your frequency of publishing then you should be fine.

What I would say is a concern, though, or that you should be concerned with is if you start to generate a following of people that literally subscribe and read your blog post they're going to become used to, or expect, basically, expect blog posts on a certain day to published. If you're inconsistent with that, then you will lose readers, because people will see inconsistency in your publishing schedule.

Again, if it's purely an SEO tactic, absolutely it really doesn't make any difference, just keep the frequency of publishing consistent. It doesn't have to be on consistent days, but the frequency should remain relatively consistent. However, if you do have followers, readers of the blog, then you should get into a consistent schedule.

What Are Your Thoughts On Bright Local's Citation Burst Service & Local Rankings Checker?

Hernan: All right. Pretty cool. Jay, what's up Jay? “Hey, Bradley, I'm also a BrightLocal user, what do you think of their citation burst service, number one? And, do you trust their local rankings, check out link to here?” Let's open this up[crosstalk 00:26:38]-

Bradley: Okay. Jay-

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:26:38] that the citation burst [crosstalk 00:26:43]-

Bradley: I do occasionally, but very rarely, because guys typically we use the citation service through SerpSpace, obviously, which is actually cheaper than the BrightLocal service, and the quality is the same, so I usually don't use that. I've used the BrightLocal service in the past for trying to do very specific citation cleanups. In other words, as part of the citation burst service you can have BrightLocal go in and correct incorrect data on citations.

Here's the thing, I always recommend if you have a citation cleanup job to do to go to Loganix. Go to semanticmastery.com, forward slash, L-O-G-A-N-I-X, and that will take you over to Loganix, and they have a citation cleanup service. It's 500 bucks, so it's not cheap, but it's super, super effective, at least in the US market. It's super, super effective. It's hands down the best citation cleanup service I ever found, but it's 500 bucks, so it doesn't matter if you have five inconsistent citations, or 500 it's still the same cost.

If I am looking at my citation report, and I see that I've got like, maybe, you know for a client, or a lead gen site whatever, I've got eight, or 10, or 12, or whatever, 20 citations that have inconsistent data that need to be updated or corrected, then I will go to perhaps BrightLocal and pay $3.00 per citation cleanup, so that I'm only paying for what is actually needed, whereas, if I take a business that's been established for some amount of time, and then they change locations, or they change URLs, or they change phone numbers, now I've got a shit ton of citations to cleanup, then I'm just going to go to Loganix, and pay them to do it, because they're going to take care of all of them for $500.00.

But, if I only have a handful that are inconsistent then I'm obviously going to go with the ala carte method, which means I can purchase just citation cleanups for the ones that need to be corrected. In that case, it's much more cost effective to go through something like BrightLocal. That's typically the only time I'll use the BrightLocal citation burst service.

Second question was, “Do you trust their local ranking checker?” Yeah. I do, only because I use that for all of my local client reports. Guys, that is the actual service, BrightLocal that I use for all of my client reporting, because you can white label the reports, put your own logo and stuff on there, and the reports are good. They're not a 100% accurate, as far as the local ranks checker, because I know a lot of the times I will look at the report, and I'll go do some local searches myself, and I will see different results, but they're close enough, and I just explain that same thing to the client, by the way, I just say, “Look, not all rank trackers are going to be consistent. It's going to vary depending on where the search is being performed from, so although the reports they deliver you are going to be a general indication of where your rankings are, if you search from your own IP's you're going to see that they're going to fluctuate, or vary from what's in the report. Just keep that in mind.”

I always disclose that kind of stuff, guys, to be really transparent with my clients, because when you are transparent like that with your clients you disclose that stuff upfront, then that actually increases the trust, the level of trust with you, then it would be to like not mention it, and then have them look and see discrepancies, and then question you about it. That starts to foster doubt in the relationship, so it's better just to get ahead of it, and just state that upfront, say, “Listen, rank checking is not an exact science, because it's going to depend on the IP's where the search is being done from. The service that I use to actually do the rank reporting is pretty accurate, but there are going to be some discrepancies, so when I send you the report, if you want to check on them individually that's up to you, but this is a pretty good indication of what the health status of your site is.”

Should You Add More RYS Stacks Or MyMaps To Rank A Verified GMB Page To Other Cities?

Hernan: Makes sense. Here we go, Paul, thank you for the comment, Paul, this is amazing. He's basically saying, “I have been with you guys since episode 25. The shit that you guys teach works, so thank you both for your comments, other way works and it takes as long as it takes, sometimes 24 hours, sometimes three weeks, but it always works. My question is, if I have a business ranked in the map pack for the city that's verified in, in GBM, to rank in the other cities, do I have to do more RYS stacks for each city, or can I just add more of my maps for the other cities inside the same stack?” What do you guys think?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: You want me to jump on it first, or do you want Marco?

Hernan: Whatever. If you want to jump in first, Bradley, and then Marco. Whatever. That's fine.

Bradley: All right. Paul, it's difficult to rank in some of the adjacent cities. It's tough. It depends on the level of competition. If it's a lower competition keyword, it can be done. There's ways that you can manipulate that a bit. One would be to have locations, pages on your site or post, it can be pages or posts on the actual money site that target those as well. Those adjacent townships, cities, locations, whatever you want to call them. It's going to vary state by state, really.

In other words, ranking your GMB, your Google My Business page in the location, the city that it's physically located in, that's not the problem. Right? That's pretty much standard stuff. That's what we all try to do. The problem is trying to rank that listing, that GMB page in the adjacent cities, even if they're closely adjacent it's difficult to do, because if there's other verified Google My Business listings that are physically located in those adjacent cities, then those are going to be given priority by Google.

That doesn't mean that you can't rank there, but it's going to really determine on, it's going to depend on the level of competition. Again, if it's more competitive stuff it's going to be very difficult to rank your Google My Business listing in those adjacent areas, because you're not physically located there. Lower competition, you can, and I'm going to give you tips right now on to do that. Number one, is to have post and/or pages on your site that target those adjacent areas. Right? They're optimized for those adjacent areas.

Something else that you can do, and when I say optimized for those, guys, I mean like you can have posts or pages on your site that you even don't include in the navigation menu, you want to include them in your site map, but you can literally have those pages to where nobody, like a visitor to your site can't even find those pages, unless they found them from search. In other words, there's not a direct link from your navigation pages, and you can add them to your site if you want, but my point is sometimes people don't want to do that because it creates too much confusion, whatever.

My point is, just having pages or posts published on your site that are optimized for those adjacent areas, each on of the individual areas that you want to target. You can target, the content can be written, I have a VA that I trained how to do this, and she does all the work for these now, it's awesome, but she goes in and just basically does some research on each one of the individual townships, and figures out points of interest, parks, historical monuments, popular eateries, and places, and things like that, and then just does a brief summary of that location, like that city, that township, that municipality and just writes a synopsis, a brief summary of that area, and it can be 300 to 500 words that's all it takes, and then post that within a brief blurb about services that your company, or your lead gen site, or whatever provides.

The post itself is optimized for the area. But, it's just got a little blurb about the service that you guys provide. Right? Here's the thing, you can do driving directions, so if you go to Google maps and you type in, like if it's a service area of business, which means, like contractors for example typically serve the customers at the customer location.

Then what you would do is create driving directions from the point of origin where the business is actually physically located to those municipalities, or townships, or cities, the other locations, the adjacent areas, so it would be single driving directions, one way driving directions from the point of origin, the business location to the individual cities, and then you embed those maps in that post. Right? Because, then basically you're telling Google, hey, we've optimized a page for this location, and we have a driving single map one way driving directions from where the business is located out to that area.

Now, if it's a point of sale business, like a storefront where people, that the customers come to the business location to make purchases or to transact business then you would do it the opposite way. In other words, the driving directions would be from the township to the business location. Either way you still embed that map. What I found is that ends up creating some pretty strong signals. Again, it's not something, if it's a higher competitive turn, like there's a lot more competition, you're likely not going to rank in the adjacent areas, I'm just going to let you know. I've tested this many, many times over the years and it's been difficult.

If it's lower competition, just doing what I said is going to help. One other thing that you can do is in your Google My Business listing when you get to add, or it's actually the Google Plus page, the brand page, where you can add the story, the introduction and the story, essentially, and remember they got rid of, in the Google Plus pages, guys, they got rid of the links section where can add a whole bunch of links and stuff, they got rid of that, but they still have the story and the introduction, excuse me, the introduction and the story section where you can add text, and you can hyperlink stuff from there.

What I would recommend is, and you can hyperlink with keyword anchors, too, by the way, so what I would recommend is in that story area that you flush that out and you say, “We serve all the following areas,” and you can literally create a bullet list, and list all of the adjacent areas by keyword, by location name, and then actually link those to those corresponding pages or posts on your site that are optimized for each one of those locations, and now you've got a do follow link from a Google property that's actually linking to them, and with an embedded single one way direction driving map embedded on there as well.

You're creating this loop of Google properties and it just really helps. Again, Jay, it's not something that you're going to do, or excuse me, Paul, it's not something that you're going to do if it's really a competitive area, but if it's less competitive you should start to see some results from that.

Hernan: You got it. Marco, do you want to add something to Paul's question?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, Paul. You have to override the proximity part of the algorithm. The way you do that is power, you can overpower the proximity factor. I mean, fuck, I never know how much I can actually say when I'm saying it, push power to your drive stack, add power to your drive stack, and that will start to help you override the proximity factor. Send me an email. You got my email. I'll give you more, I won't give you everything, in an email.

How Would You Compare SEO And UX From An SEO Standpoint?

Hernan: You got it. Let's go to Steve. Hey, Steve. “I'm building a silo [inaudible 00:38:49] for a new site, the main content being my latest sticky post listings, I want to add some topically relevant articles, content to 3,000 words, plus videos to these silo pages, get investors you value from the new content, while not pushing my latest or sticky post way, way down the page where readers will miss it, SEO versus user experience. So far, I'm considering the following, how would you compare them from an SEO standpoint? Put the article in accordion at the top, after the latest sticky post section maybe with a [inaudible 00:39:25] link at the top, put an article on another page on my site, an iframe into top of the silo page with scroll bars, put article content in to Gdub or G site and frame it into top of silo page?”

I would keep it simple Steve, if you have a sticky post on the top of the page, I would just put the article after that. You know? The new articles after that, so that you don't push this sticky down, so that's what I would do. I think the other stuff like iframing, or doing the Gdub plus iframe is a little bit more ninja. I don't know. What do you guys think?

Bradley: I was going to say, all of the above, for like everyone of his answers, or questions about proposed methods would work.

Hernan: There you go. [crosstalk 00:40:09].

Bradley: All of the above.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:40:10].

Bradley: Like, which one? Which one makes the most sense from an SEO standpoint? He lists four of them, I would say, yes.

Hernan: Right. You got it. I guess you'll need to test, Steve, because if you're focusing on, which I think, and you are, if you're focusing on user experience and all of these four might work, I would say that, focus on that. Right? Because will end up getting SEO benefits, so that's what I would do, so test and see, which one works for you in terms of user experience, as well, because sometimes it can be hard, combining SEO, you know, it used to be hard, now, if you focus on user experience you usually get your SEO down. Right?

Because user experience you need to have good navigation, you need to have silo anyways for structure, you need to have a bunch of stuff. If you're doing [inaudible 00:41:03], or [inaudible 00:41:04] JavaScript that might screw up with your SEO, but by now if you stick to the basics of user experience you usually get a pretty solid on page SEO. That's my opinion anyways.

Bradley: Just real quick, though, you know, tabbed content in a page, or accordion type content in a page, guys, Google still read that, so it's actually a great way to add additional content to pages, and/or posts where you can, especially what Hernan was just mentioning with user experience, if you've got pages that are set out for conversions, like to direct a call to action of make a purchase or opt in or whatever, stuff like that, submit a contact request form if it's for contractors or something like that.

Then you want to keep that singular action, you want to drive the user to take the one action that you want them to take. A lot of the times you don't want to clutter up a page with too much content, because it can be distracting, so you can actually put that in an accordion menu, or tabbed content. Google will still read all that, so that's actually a really good way to add additional content without it missing up your conversion optimization, if that makes sense.

How Would You Apply Semantic Mastery Courses And Strategies To An Amazon Niche Website?

Hernan: Yeah. All right. We'll keep moving forward, because we little time and we have a bunch of questions. We'll come back to that, because that's a good one, but anyways. Andy, I read this question before and he's saying, “Hey, Bradley Benner, and SM team. I have an Amazon niche website and here's the current website status, and [inaudible 00:42:32] comes down to all of the website, and all of the status, et cetera.” The question is, usually, Andy, we don't do money site reviews on Hump Day Hangout, because it takes a lot of time, number one.

Number two, we don't want to expose that, so you should be joining any of the paid communities, if you would, I would suggest Mastermind, of course, but if you want to have your website reviewed the Mastermind is the best way to go. Anyways, “My question, with the current money site status is the money site considered SEO optimizing [inaudible 00:43:08] and building more links to it?” I think that you are listing everything that has to do with the external stuff, you have some posts here, but we will need to jump into the actual website to see if the snippets are there, if everything is there, and if [inaudible 00:43:24] website it's kind of hard for us to say if it is SEO optimized, or not, right, that would be my intake on it. [inaudible 00:43:33] asks, “Referring to the Battle Plan there's a build link plan for new sites, and niche sites, for my case, which one should I be following?”

I think you could be considered a niche website, because the website is already 11 months old, which I think it's good enough, and then you have posts, you have indexing, you have already ranked keywords, even if they are not on page one. Right? This is a good thing right here, because you have 36 keywords in the top 10, and three keywords on the top three, so 59 on the top 30, so I think that you're on a good spot right now to go ahead and push links, or make some more ninja stuff.

The website already has visitors, so that's a lot of beta, so I think it would be considered a niche website. New websites are a completely brand new that you're building pretty much as you go through the Battle Plan, or similar. Right? “What else can I do to drive more organic traffic to the money site, beside engage in [inaudible 00:44:34]?” Good question.

I would start doing, since you already have sections, I'd start doing some retargeting, that's not organic, that's paid, but since you already have an asset. Right? You need to push, and you need more visitors, at the end of the day now is the time to focus on pushing the asset up on the search engines and building the list, and building the retargeting, and building those kinds of things. That's my intake for Andy, right here. What do you guys think?

Bradley: As far as remarketing and building that remarketing list, guys, everyone of you should be doing that, because if you generated the click to your site, and they don't take the action that you desired them to take, which was opt in, make a purchase, whatever action it is conversion action, conversion goal you set up for them, then if they leave the site, then you're starting from square one with that lead again. In other words, whatever you did in order to get them to come to your site, if that was search engine optimization, whatever, they have to go through that same process again to be exposed to your site.

However, if you've got them on a remarketing list, just because they visited your site, now, you can remarket to them over, and over again to constantly remind them to take that conversion action that they didn't take the first time, or even if they did take it the first time, now, that you have them cookied anyways, and you know that they took a conversion, which means they've moved further along in that sales funnel, further down in the funnel, which means you can market to them with other products, or upsells, or complimentary products, and all that kind of stuff.

My point is that you should absolutely, guys, be building your remarketing list, like what Hernan said, because that is an asset that you can continue to build to where, you know, the hardest part is getting the people click to your site to begin with, once that's done then you have some data about them, you know that they're at least interested. It makes it a lot, it's a much easier sale or conversion action once you have them on a remarketing list, so I would ab agree with that.

Hernan: Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. You know what's funny? Is that, even if you have like a 3% conversion rate on your website, that means that 97, which would be pretty cool. Right? That means that 97% of people that have visited your website did not convert, and that's completely normal. Most people that visit your website they will not obtain, most people that obtain they will not purchase, most people that purchase they will not consume the content.

You know what I'm saying? You need to keep remarketing, and I completely agree with what Bradley is saying a 100% remarketing game or remarketing strategy is usually pretty cheap. Cheaper than going out and trying to get cold traffic, because the header lifting is now being done by Google, so if all you did was to build your list and get some remarketing in place, I think that you will be in a really good position to build this even stronger.

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Bradley: Your most expensive visitor is a new visitor. Just keep that in mind, your most expensive visitor is a new visitor.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Somebody that's already visited your site can be, like, it's so much more cost effective to bring them back to your site, if you've done it, if you've got your remarketing set up properly.

Hernan: Yeah. The most expensive client is a new client. You know? Because you need to-

Bradley: That's right.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:48:01] that relationship from scratch. Yeah. Cool.

Bradley: Yeah.

What Do You Mean By Money Content And Filler Content In The SEO Battleplan?

Hernan: So, yeah. Cool. Chris, is saying, “In the Battle Plan webinar you talk about the importance of posting content to your blog during and after links are built into the syndication network, you mentioned something about money content, and filler content, were you implying that money content, or high authority posts, content should be on pages on my blog, while filler content-

Adam: Did we lose Hernan?

Marco: [crosstalk 00:48:36].

Adam: No. It looks like he's muted. Hernan, you might have hit the mute button.

Hernan: Whoops. I think I fail.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:48:44]. There you go.

Hernan: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Adam: Yeah. Probably just start over-

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: With that question.

Hernan: Hey's actually asking, if we should be doing, let me fix it here, he's basically asking, because we mention on that Battle Plan webinar that we did, we mentioned the difference between money content and filler content. Right? He's asking if the money content should be set up on pages instead of posts. What do you think? I think that they could be either.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I usually do everything on posts. That's my intake on it. I don't actually have enough data to say pages are better than posts in that regard. What do you guys think?

Bradley: My take is that typically what I do, Chris, is on my sites I have money pages. I usually use the blog for supporting articles within a silo, so if it's a simple silo structure then I'm going to have top level pages, and then I'm going to have supporting posts, that's it. It's top level pages, and top level categories and then supporting posts, period. That's it. It's a very simple structure. That's why it's titled a simple silo structure.

A complex silo structure can have top level pages, which are called parent pages, and in child pages, and likewise top level categories, and then child categories, as well. Then, you have supporting posts. That's the complex silo, so that requires a different type of setup. In your case, specifically, with what you're asking about, I typically have money pages on the site, those are going to be the things that I'm going to try to optimize, and push SEO equity into through the post, the supporting post within that particular silo.

Pages don't typically get syndicated out to a network, because that's just not the way it works. Pages do not get included in an RSS feed. Now, there are plugins that will do that. There's a plugin for WordPress called, RSS includes pages, or include pages, I'm not sure if it's plural or singular, but it's RSS include pages, just go do a Google search you'll find that. That will actually, every time you publish a new page will actually push it into the RSS feed, which means it can syndicate.

I typically don't do that, because here's the reason why, if you publish a non SEO page, like in other words if you were to publish a contact us page, or an about us page, or privacy policy, or terms of service page, or something like that would insert it into the RSS feed. Granted, you can wait to install that RSS includes pages plugin until after those other pages have been published, like your standard pages have been published. There's a number of things you can do.

There's also plugins that you could do to specify particular categories, only, get pushed into the feed. There's ways to kind of like prevent certain pages from going into the feed, if you're going to go that route, but just to explain, to kind of simplify this, Chris, what I typically do is I start with publishing money pages, so pages with my authority content, those are the things that I'm trying to rank in search. They're authority content, they're optimized [inaudible 00:52:04], and they're set up for conversion. Okay? They don't typically get pushed out across my network. I don't care about that.

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What then do is then publish supporting articles as posts, which do get syndicated to the network, that have links within the body of the post that point to the pages that I'm trying to rank in search. In other words, I use the blog as an off page, well, as a link building method, as well as an internal linking method to boost the SEO, or to boost the pages in the search results, which are where I really want to drive the traffic to, if that makes sense.

Authority content, typically for me means on the pages themselves, and as you call it filler content, I don't really call it filler content, because the content should still add value, and filler content seems to me like something that you just do because you feel like you need content. Properly optimized and curated posts, which is what we use, typically, should still add value to your overall blog. It's not really filler content, but they're used specifically with the purpose of boosting pages on the site. At least that's the way that I do it.

What Is Your Recommended Gameplan For Someone Who Is New To The SEO Industry?

Hernan: Right. Yeah. Definitely. This second question, “I'm pretty new to the SEO services and fairly new to SEO in general, what would you recommend as a game plan for learning and educating myself if I'm a complete brand new, where do I go from zero to here in the course of one to two years?” I would say to start with the Battle Plan, Chris, if you don't have it yet, then go to Syndication Academy, and then join the Mastermind from the procedures of your business. Right? The point is that you go through the Battle Plan, you implement the Battle Plan, you start making some money. Right?

You use that money to invest into the Syndication Academy, which would make you even more money, and you use that money, and the procedures from you business to join the Mastermind, because at the end of the day what we're doing in the Mastermind for the next year is going to be the entire business building, not only in SEO, but business building, and that will help you go from zero to hero. I would say in pretty short time.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:54:16].

Bradley: Yeah. I would, I'm sorry, go ahead, Adam, please.

Marco: It's Marco, what-

Bradley: Oh, I'm sorry.

Marco: Yeah. What I was going to say is you have to be consistent. Right? If you're just starting out, there's so many things that you have to do that you have to find how you can become consistent, and how you can consistently replicate everything that works while you learn from all of the mistakes, because you're going to make mistakes. I would say avoid foolish consistency, it's one of my favorite quotes of all time is, foolish consistency is [inaudible 00:54:57] of small minds, which means you're doing the same thing over, and over, and over again, but you know it doesn't work, but you're consistent, but you know it doesn't work.

You're never going to get anywhere that way. You have to be consistent, and you have to be productive. It's the things that we teach in fact in Semantic Mastery all the way through, from here in Hump Day Hangouts, and in Syndication Academy, in everything we do, we teach you consistency, productivity, and list building. I mean, where do you go? I think we've set up a really good way for you to start learning your SEO, so you might want to start thinking as Hernan said about jumping in the bandwagon, and coming and joining people who are having success.

Bradley: I agree. Let me just give my take very quickly, guys. I know we're almost out of time, but I would almost, I'm going to take a different approach than what Hernan said, and that, and this is going to sound counterintuitive guys, but I would recommend starting with the Battle Plan, yes, because the Battle Plan is going to point you into procedures, like specific action items that you can implement without you even having to do the work, because we provide you with the resources, the place that you can go to get the work done. Marco just mentioned consistency.

If you're learning how to do all this stuff on your own, in other words, if you're the technician learning how to build these assets, and perform these techniques, these procedures on your own, you are going to make mistakes, there's no question. But, if you outsource it to a team that has already developed the process, then you're going to get consistent results from the orders that you submitted, because we build them consistently.

My point is, what I would suggest doing is using the Battle Plan to develop processes for being able to fulfill potentiation services. In other words, I would recommend going out and learning how to onboard clients, or service providers if you're doing lead gen. Right? Then, create the process of fulfilling the work, fulfilling the services through outsourcing it, so that you don't have to do all the work yourself, number one.

Number two, is so that it's done consistently, because it's done by people that have been trained to do it consistently, which would be like our team, for example. Instead of graduating from the Battle Plan to Syndication Academy, which once again, Syndication Academy absolutely works, it's the foundation of everything that we do, guys, but Syndication Academy is going to teach you how to build networks, but you can buy networks built to our specifications, already, so why, personally in my opinion, I would go from Battle Plan, use that as a way to fulfill services that you can sell, so get good at selling, get good at prospecting, get good at finding service providers. Fulfill the services that you're selling with SerpSpace.

Start generating a revenue, then come join in the Mastermind, because the Mastermind is going to, especially starting in January when we start this new education track, guys, it's going to be about how to take your business from start all the way through by the end of the year to having a massive scalable dominating type of business, that you can then repeat that process again with another business, or another niche, whatever, another industry. Again, I'm not suggesting you guys don't join Syndication Academy, I'm just suggesting that there are other ways to scale a business instead of learning how to build networks, especially when you have a team of builders at your disposal that will build them to exact specifications.

Hernan: Got it. I think that's going to be it, guys, for today. Sorry about [inaudible 00:58:45] time for questions, this is pretty cool from Paul, from Greg, actually. Anyways, if you have any questions that we couldn't, let me stop sharing my screen real quick, so if you had any questions that couldn't be answered today come in the next Hump Day, it's completely free. You can also join the Facebook group if you search for SEO marketing by Semantic Mastery, you can also join us there. We are pretty active over there, and it's pretty cool.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: Awesome. Sounds good. Thanks, Hernan. Thanks, everybody. Good to get through the questions like you said, if we didn't get to your questions answered be sure to hop on early, get the questions posted like we said within 24 to 36 hours from now we'll have the new page up, and you can always post your questions, in case you can't make it live.

Hernan: Yeah. Bradley, success this weekend and send us some picture, if you met with Chris send us a picture, and post it on the Facebook group. That would be fun.

Bradley: Yeah. I think Chris and I are going to have dinner, tonight, together.

Hernan: Cool, man.

Bradley: We'll take some pictures, maybe do a Facebook live video, or something.

Hernan: Why, not? All right, guys. Thank you so much.

Bradley: All right, guys. Thanks.


Marco: Bye, everyone.

How did we do?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 156

By April

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Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to episode, which episode is … That's right, Episode 156, it's three years of Hump Day Hangouts. We're almost all here. Hernan is going to join us I believe in a little bit. Chris may or may not be joining us. He's as usual off and about, but we do have Marco and Bradley, so let's say hello real quick and then, we're going to get into it. Marco, as always, it's been three years of this, but I got to ask you how's the weather man?

Marco: I'm in Argentina and it's actually really nice. Not so nice, I literally just had a needle pulled out of my back about 15 minutes ago. Then, my father-in-law rushed me home. It was the fourth needle today, four yesterday, but in spite of all that it's really nice in Argentina man.

Adam: Well that's good. I'm not sure I'd be in such a good mood, so glad to hear.

Bradley: It's because of the needle that he's in such a good mood.

Adam: Awesome. Bradley, how you doing man?

Bradley: I'm good man. I'm happy to be here for three years of Hump Day Hangouts, goodness gracious. If there were only an hour long every time, it'd be 156 hours’ worth of content. That's a lot, but some of them have been longer than an hour, so that's just a lot of damn content man. I'm really happy to be here, it's quite a milestone, quite an achievement. We're proud to have been here for that long and you guys attending every week to give us something to talk about, so we certainly appreciate you guys and we're going to try to show that today with some special stuff. I'm going to letting Adam talk more about that.

Adam: Yeah, as always, you should lead with benefits, so here's the benefit for you guys watching today. For the best question on the event page today, the very top best question that we get to choose, we're going to give away an RYS Done For You Stack. If you're not sure what that is, we'll pop a link in there, it's a very valuable to the tune of, it could be worth, it depends on what all you end up getting or what you attach it to, but just the worth over at SerpSpace is several hundred dollars, so really powerful, really cool. We also want to give away a three membership to the mastermind.

Bradley: Wow. That's about $1,000 value there.

Adam: That’s about a $1,000.

Marco: Christmas came early man.

Adam: What’s that?

Marco: Christmas is early today.

Adam: Yeah, it's November … What is today, I believe it's All Saints Day I think, so hey, there we go. It's day after Halloween. Mastermind Newsletter subscription for three months, so you can't get that anywhere else, but the Mastermind. We're going to hook somebody up outside of the Mastermind, you can check it out. That literally doesn't have a value, we'll call it $1,000 because you can't get it outside of the Mastermind. We mentioned a T-shirt, so I'm going to get Hernan to hurry up and get the logos done and as soon as we get T-shirts, we're going to give away one of the T-shirts. Then, the best comment on the YouTube replay, it has to be the replay because we know some of you guys aren't watching live and we appreciate you guys watching, but the best comment on the replay within seven days, we're going to give three months of free Syndication Academy.

Bradley: Sweet.

Marco: I thought it was the other way around.

Adam: What's that?

Marco: Best comment in YouTube gets the T-shirt.

Adam: Got you. Well, we'll just I’ll [crosstalk 00:03:23] then.

Bradley: Oh, well we're going to do both. That’s fine.

Adam: Yeah, I’ll do both. It's how it's going to go though, the three I mentioned, the three-month subscription to the Mastermind, the Mastermind Newsletter for three months and the T-shirt and Syndication Academy is going to be the top one, two and three comments on the event page of why you like Hump Day Hangouts. We've already got a few on there. We really appreciate it, but we want to help get the word out and we like hearing it and it helps us keep going. We love hearing why and we just want to … If you're here, we know, we see a lot of the same names week after week. If you let us know you appreciate it and what you like most about Hump Day Hangouts, we're going to pick the top three and hook you guys up. Then, I'll be monitoring the YouTube replay and in a week, we'll contact the winner and hook them up too. I think that's pretty self-explanatory as far as what's going to happen here today with that stuff. Any other comments on that stuff you guys?

Bradley: No, but Hernan's fashionably late to our third year anniversary party.

Hernan: Hey guys, sorry about that. Sorry, my connection was stuck in for a second for a minute, but I'm here, I'm here. I'm super excited to be here, so sorry about that.

Bradley: [inaudible 00:04:33].

Hernan: Yeah, three years, wow.

Bradley: Yeah, [inaudible 00:04:36].

Adam: Good deal. Well, we got a couple announcements before we get started. We just went over the prizes Hernan, but what I wanted to tell people about if you're new to Semantic Mastery here and you're joining us on our third year anniversary, we generally don't give away stuff on every episode, but what you can do is check out the Battle-Plan, the SEO blueprint. I'm going to pop a link in there. You can save 75 bucks on that and grab that. It's highly recommended starting point with Semantic Mastery if you're looking for SEO literal blueprint as well if you don't have a free SerpSpace account, where you can do done-for-you services as well as some of the free tools, check out serpspace.com and then support.semanticmastery.com, if we post a lot of common questions up there with charts and things like that, so it's a good piece of reference material. Then, there was one item that we wanted to address real quick and we're going to drop a link in for this as well, but Bradley do you want to talk about a collaboration with [inaudible 00:05:31].

Bradley: Sure.

Adam: All right, take it away.

Bradley: Sure, so apparently there's been some rumors going around that I was jumping ship and moving over to another training company, Network Empire. A lot of you that are in SEO are probably familiar with Network Empire. I'm a graduate of their certification program from several years ago. They’ve got some really outstanding training. They kind of had shifted gears and gone another route for a while with like just building agency stuff, but they are actually launching Network Empire version 3 now. There's been some senior management changing, ownership changes and stuff like that. They reached out because they're actually starting a new like educational track as well for their entire training program. They're going to be taking people through a several month kind of like track to help them build their online digital business. They reached out to me and Semantic Mastery for done-for-you services.

It's really cool because it's basically Matt Da Cruz is now the owner of Network Empire. He reached out and said, “Look, you guys have made a name for yourselves as the best network builders in the industry and therefore we'd like to have you guys come rep, basically represent Semantic Mastery.” They asked me to come represent Semantic Mastery as kind of a joint venture, like brain trust partnership that we have with Networked Empire and Semantic Mastery as well as Jeffrey Smith of SEO Design Solutions and SEO Design Framework and the Lead Gadget guys, Brian and Don over at Lead Gadget. Mike Clay is part of the Network Empire. He's senior management as well, so like it's just a really, really powerful group of companies that are now together to kind of helping to do stuff with Networked Empire. Guys, I'm not going anywhere. I'm not part of Network Empire. This is a joint venture partnership and so I'm there to represent Semantic Mastery and SerpSpace.

Roman, our partner and lead developer [inaudible 00:07:36] in SerpSpace, he's been a Network Empire member for a long time as well. Just wanted to kind of clarify all that. We're dropping the link on the page. You guys can check out more about what they're offering and kind of like their new track and educational program. We certainly encourage you to check it out as well, but we're not going anywhere. We're going to continue and neither am I. Well, I'm staying here with Semantic Mastery. We're going to continue doing our training. Remember, we're focused on growing the Mastermind for 2018 instead of doing individual products. This is actually a really good collaboration guys because they have really outstanding training as well. Anybody want to comment on that?

Adam: No, I think you covered it pretty well.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

Adam: I think [inaudible 00:08:17].

Bradley: That's just to kind of like get ahead of any rumors because apparently there were some rumors out there that I was jumping ship and I want to kind of squash that stuff right now that I'm really honored to have been selected by these guys. I guess our reputation has really … We made a name for ourselves online as far as building done-for-you services and syndication networks and now drive stacks. That's part of the overall bundle that they're providing. Again, I'm really honored. To me, it's really cool because for many years, several years there, there was like we had kind of like grown apart. Now, I'm collaborating with them again, which they were some of … They had a pretty significant impact on my business through the training that I took from them many years ago. Again, just an honor. Go check it out guys and if you have any questions, certainly reach out to us.

Adam: Awesome, you guys, anything else we're missing or should we hop into it?

Bradley: Well, we can hop into it. I got one more thing I want to mention. Guys, I'm still doing the Mindset Series stuff. Occasionally, I might miss a week because I'm overwhelmed with work, but I did a few question-and-answer videos this week. Also, go to bradleybenner.com. Go check it out. You can ask me questions there as far as any sort of mindset related questions, which means somebody asked a question about diet and exercise too. I haven't answered that one yet, but I probably will. You guys can go to bradleybenner.com and ask me questions by clicking on a button there that will take you to a Google Form. Anything that has to do with mindset, success stuff, anything like that outside of marketing. Marketing, ask them here on Hump Day Hangouts, but otherwise, you can ask like mindset questions over there.

Something else I just want to mention about that is besides asking questions, there's now a pop-up that will show up to subscribe to the Daily Mindset Updates. It's something that I'm going to attempt to do on a daily basis. I can promise you, it's not going to happen on a daily basis, but I'm going to try to Monday through Friday as often as possible in the morning to spend 15 to 20 minutes, drafting a quick email that I send out. If you're interested in that kind of stuff and you want some insights into the types of things that I do to increase productivity, to set goals and achieve them, all that kind of stuff, go subscribe to that new email update list and check it out. Then, obviously, you can always unsubscribe if you're not into that kind of thing, but I would encourage you to check it out because it's not a spam. This is not going to be a marketing channel thing. It's just something that I want to start getting in the practice of trying to write a minimum of 200 words per day. I figured there's no better way, no better apt venue for that than this Mindset Mastery Series that I started. Again, go to bradleybenner.com, subscribe. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to submit them via the Google Form, which you can find a button on my site for that. Anything else guys?

Adam: I don't think so, let's do.

Bradley: Right, let's do it. I see Rob joining, what's up Rob?

Rob: Not much man, how are you?

Bradley: I'm good buddy. I'm glad you're here.

Rob: Yeah, it's pretty exciting, three years is pretty big thing.

Bradley: Yeah, I'm surprised people aren’t sick of us yet. Yeah, it's interesting, actually we had a comment come in to support that Chris, our support manager, he posted it in Slack, so that we could see it, but somebody made a comment about how Hump Day Hangouts has really in the last few months kind of turned around as far as like the way we answer questions and stuff has gotten better and all that kind of stuff. It's interesting because that was great to see that comment from whoever made it, number one, but number two, it's something that I've been working on as far as like going through this Mindset Series and all the study and implementation that I'm doing with this mindset stuff has just been really amazing.

It's really had an impact, an effect on my attitude and just the way that I communicate with people and all kinds of stuff and it's just been really amazing. To see that kind of a comment in our support was great. I certainly appreciate that because it just goes to show, it's proof that taking care of self first will make you so much more attractive to everybody else, if that makes sense. It makes you more charismatic. I think that's a great like validation for all the work that I've been doing. That's why I encourage you guys to get into self mastery, try to do what you can to improve yourself and your self-image, it will help you in every aspect of your life.

How Does The Twitter Syndication Aspect Of Your Drive Stack Service (Serp Space) Work?

Click Star Marketing, he's up. He says, “Hey guys, I'm working towards adding SerpSpace to our list of production centers for your drive stack service. However, I'm still not fully understanding the Twitter aspect. If I purchase the Twitter add-on, does this simply require a Twitter feed or do I have to already have a syndication network set up? If so, does it have to be an IFTTT …” Okay, I'm just going to let … Marco, can you answer this one because I'm not much of a Twitter syndication user.

Marco: Okay, what we do is we set up an actual IFTTT syndication network for the main Twitter account. We will not touch the main Twitter account because we don't want to be that close to T1 and have anything happen. We know that Twitter will shut down if they suspect you of automating or whatever. What we do is we tell you to go and make your main Twitter account the trigger of the secondary Twitter account along with other related tweets, so that everything is relevant. You get tweets from Moz, from SEM or from whoever you can that's related in your niche, if you're in SEO. If you're in local, you would want This Old House and you would want Bob Villa and those guys. Anything having to do with construction, you might want to go to a university and go to their architecture, whatever that college is and pull it. They'll sometimes have a really good feed. Now, all of those together will blend in with the feed that you're throwing out there into the secondary account and they will all embed. It will all be embed of that main Twitter account plus all of the relevant.

Now, people just don't realize the power of Twitter for SEO. I don't care about them saying, “Twitter is dying, it hasn't made money, it's this, it's that.” I don't give a shit. I'm using it for SEO, so it makes me money and that's what it's all about. That's what you get if you order it. Now, if you already have an IFTTT network that's your T1, you don't want to touch that. We will build a secondary IFTTT network if that makes sense at all.

Bradley: Yeah, it's another syndication network that will syndicate specifically just tweets and that's the point I want to get across Click Star is that yeah, it's a secondary network and it doesn't have to do with your primary or your tier one network, your branded network. Thanks Marco.

Rob: I have one thing there Bradley.

Bradley: I'm sorry, yeah please.

Rob: Because I've been getting several questions around just syndication networks and it kind of blends in with this Twitter. The secondary networks are to be made to look natural. If you guys are making secondary networks, try to look at it as if it has nothing to do with your money site and see if it makes sense for what you're trying to target it for because if you have a secondary network just because we call it secondary, it can't be only tweeting out stuff about your money site. Just like Marco was saying, it needs to tweet out other stuff from other areas. I think people are getting confused on that because I've got a bunch of questions here recently about it.

Bradley: Very good.

Rob: Just want to throw that in there. If you look at it and it doesn't look natural like it's its own Twitter account and it looks spammy to you that's making it, as if, “Oh, it's only tweeting this one company stuff,” it's going to look spammy to anybody else who looks at it. Think of it from that perspective.

Do 301 Redirects From Expired Domains Push Link Juice?

Bradley: It's a good point. Thanks Rob. Eliezer says, “Hello, do 301 redirects from expired domains push link juice?” Yes, they do. I'm thinking of buying without building a site, just directing it to second tier. Yep that works. Try to find domains that were topically relevant to what you're going to be pointing them towards. Essentially, I mean even if it's you're pointing to your second-tier, so it would be a third tier link basically, you still want topical relevance. That's really, really important, unless you just get a super powerful expired domain, then topical relevance doesn't matter, but we're talking about like really high metrics. Otherwise, you're going to want to make sure that the topical relevance is there.

Marco: Or you could throw a drive stack at it.

Bradley: You can do that too. Something else that you can do by the way is drive stack is one, absolutely. Something else you can do is if you find domains that have pretty good metrics, but weren't topically relevant, you can build like a bridge page or a buffer page would be another term for it that you add … It can be what I would recommend apart from a drive stack would be to set up a single page website, so like an HTML page, hosted on something like Amazon S3. Then, put a topically relevant article on there, on the page with only one outbound link going to your target URL. Then, you direct any of those 301 redirect expired domains to that HTML page hosted on Amazon S3 or wherever, but Amazon S3 is a powerful platform for hosting HTML sites. That's what I would do because then you're basically injecting relevancy through that article on that HTML page. It's still not as powerful as if you have 301 redirected expired domains that were topically relevant to begin with, but it is a way to kind of inject some relevancy because all you're really trying to do is push some metrics at that point.

Another question, what property do you think is best to put PBN links on? I'm not sure what you mean by that because a PBN, private blog network means those are your own sites that you're placing links into your target URLs. Typically, people put those on WordPress, but it can be whatever. It can be whatever type of site platform you want to use as a private blog network site. I'm not sure what you mean best to put PBN links on. If you can clarify that question, we'd be happy to answer it. Chris is up. Chris, I'm only going to answer two questions because first of all, there's multiple questions in each question. Second of all, we always ask that people split their questions up, so that it's fair for everybody else because otherwise, we could spend 30 minutes on just one person's question. That's not really fair. I know you're new. I appreciate the nice comment here as well. We'll answer two of these if we can get through them rather quickly and if we have time at the end of the webinar, we'll answer the other two. Otherwise, just repost them for next week or post them in one of the appropriate groups and we'll try to get to them in there.

How Do You Boost A T1 Network For A Money Site?

I recently found Semantic Mastery not too long ago, really enjoyed these Hump Day Hangouts for answering questions. We certainly appreciate that. Four questions, two weeks ago, I was asking a geeky question about tier two and tier three networks. I remember that one. I wanted to clarify recommendation, when you say stacking tier two networks on top of each other for YouTube channels, you mean just ordering a separate tier two network to connect to my existing tier one? Yes, you can do that or you can, like if you were to purchase a whole new two-tier structure, which includes a tier one, first and then, there's three tier two rings, so you get a total of four syndication networks, then let me just explain it this way Chris, you can connect the same YouTube channel to multiple IFTTT accounts or multiple tier one networks. It's not a one-to-one relationship. You're not forced to just connect your YouTube channel to only one IFTTT account and then that's it, it's not allowed to connect any others.

For every tier one network that you order or build, you're going to have a separate IFTTT account. Every one of those separate IFTTT accounts can connect to the same YouTube channel. You just got to log out of IFTTT, log in to the new IFTTT account and also in the same browser, make sure you're logged in to your YouTube account, your YouTube channel, connect the two. Select YouTube as a service in IFTTT, make the connection and then, you log back out of that IFTTT account and go login to the next one and connect that YouTube channel to the next IFTTT account. You just repeat that process for as many tier one networks as you have.

If you want to add additional tier two networks, you can either continue adding additional tier two networks to one single tier one ring or what I typically do is I add additional entire structures, two tiered network structures. That includes its own tier one ring and then, it’s three tier two. A lot of times, what I'll do, usually, when I'm doing some sort of new project, where I'm going to be doing a lot of videos stuff, I usually start with three full two tier networks. You end up with 12 rings. That's what I typically do, so three tier ones and a total of nine tier twos. Each network entire structure is its own structure, its own standalone structure, but they're just stacked, connected all to the same channel. You can just like you asked here, you actually could essentially have … Let's say you wanted three tier two Blogger networks, three tier two Tumbler networks and three tier two WordPress networks, all connected to the same tier one, you certainly can do that. With YouTube, it's not a footprint issue guys, as long as you're using the applets the way that we instruct. Hopefully that answers your question there.

Do I include the link package with tier two networks? Typically, I do not guys. Just full transparency, usually what I do is even when I order full two tier network, I usually only build links to the tier one network and that's it. If I'm working on a big project or something that's particularly competitive, then yes, I will order tier two links or links for the tier two networks as well, but I usually don't do that until and unless I need to, which means I'll syndicate some videos, I'll power up the tier one network with additional links. Then, I'll take a look and monitor the results over the course of a few weeks and if I'm not getting the desired results, then I will consider going and adding link building packages to the tier two networks as well. I typically only boost the tier one networks just so you guys know.

When you mentioned just ordering tier one network for money site and boosting it like crazy, were you talking about adding links to that tier one network? Yes. How much boosting are we talking about exactly? What's the difference between tier one, two and three links? Tier one guys is your branded network, so your branded tier one network and syndication when you're using the syndication method, basically it's an extension of your brand right, so it's like an extension of your money site. Yeah, I boost the ever living hell out of those, but I do it over time. It's not something like I just order, like I mean we have people like Marco that order a million backlinks and I'm not kidding when I say a million. Typically, what I'll do is a smaller link building package to start with. Then, I'll give it two months or so and then, I'll go back and I order another package. This may be a little bit more, so that I start to build up that tier one network over time. It's not just to like throw everything at it type thing. You can do that but like Hernan always says, I try to treat tier one tier branded properties as an extension of my money site, so I'm not as aggressive with them as I would be further out like to tier two or tier three if that makes sense.

Is that different from citation? Citations are tier one links because they link directly to a local money site. Those are tier one links as well. I treat citations as branded tier one properties because that's what they are, they're tier one properties, they're branded for the company. It's the same thing, I treat citations the same way. Citations, sometimes I'll … Depending on the citation, I will throw the whole kitchen sink at it right away, like Yelp is one of them. Yelp, you can just abuse like crazy, so that's one that you can just really hammer away with links. Same thing for drive stacks too guys, if you're ordering drive stacks for money sites, treat your drive stacks as branded tier one properties, except you can be quite aggressive with those two as far as linking to them. Great questions though Chris. Again, we'll answer your other two if we have time today, which is likely not going to happen. Otherwise, post them next week or in one of the appropriate groups.

Can You Apply RYS Strategies To ‘New’ G-Sites?


Fabian’s up, “Hey folks, not sure if this is already mentioned in your previous webinars, but can you also use the new G site instead of the old G site and implement RYS stuff?” Yes. I don't know where I found it, but I think some months ago, there was a comment about RYS only works with the old G sites. Now, I think that's only the script, can you clarify that Marco?

Marco: Yeah, only the script will run on the old G sites. The new ones won't run the script.

Bradley: The auto posting script.

Marco: Yeah, but we're waiting for that. It's coming, so it's only a matter of time.

Bradley: There you go Fabian. He says, “Well G sites don't look very well and the new ones do have really nice design. Also, it's very easy to build them. Reason why I ask is because I'd like to re-launch my company website and just thinking about if I perhaps would use a G site plus the entire RYS method, but only if the design fits well.” Yeah, you can absolutely do that. Again, it's just right now currently, the auto posting script is not working on new G sites, but that's coming. Yeah, you can absolutely use the new G sites. This is like your money site, your agency site, whatever that's fine. They are nice-looking sites. You can use a new G site as your money site guys because they are nice-looking sites. They can be made to look nice anyways.

Do You Wait Until A Video Has A High Number Of Views Before Renting It Out?

Mohammad’s up, Mohammad's coming every single week. He's been real active in the Mindset Mastery Series as well. Thanks Mohammad, I appreciate the questions. I answered one of them this week. “Hey guys, congrats on the anniversary and thanks for helping out so much. Do you wait until a video has a high number of views before finding a business to rent it out?” I typically don't Mohammad. I wait for it to rank and that's it. If I start receiving calls or something, then I use the number of calls and show the calls, the type of leads that it's generating. That's what I use. I don't care about what the view count is personally, I really know, it's if it ranks. A lot of times, the business owners aren't even going to look for that. They're just going to go, do a Google search to confirm or verify that it is indeed ranked. Then, also if you do have some call volume reports that you can show, then that really helps, but I really don't care what the view count is.

Is It Okay To Use Instant Embeds Instead Of Drippping Them For Rank and Rent Videos?

Number two, “I ordered embeds for four of my R&R videos,” so must be [inaudible 00:27:42], “But for one of them, I accidentally chose instant embed rather than drip. It was for 51 embeds. Is that a big problem?” No, I don't typically like to do that but fortunately, it was only 51 as opposed to like 500. It's not that big of a deal. Again, I highly recommend that you drip those kind of things out over 7 to 14 days, either 7 or 14 days, but yeah 51, it's not going to kill it. It's YouTube, so it's not usually a problem. I just tend to try, especially for new videos guys, I like to try to drip them out, so that it doesn't look so obvious that it's like a brand new video that was just indexed and all of a sudden, it gets blasted all over the place with embeds. I mean you can do that. I've been known to do that but I typically like to try to ramp it up slowly, so that it's more of like a natural type of like velocity. There's link velocity, well there's embed velocity too, so I try to make it look a little bit more natural.

“If not how long should I wait for it to move higher before ordering more embeds for that specific video?” Usually, when I order embeds from SerpSpace and I drip it out for 7 to 14 days, I usually wait for about 21 days to 30 days for videos because I usually wait for about 7 to 14 days after the embed campaign has been completed to actually wait to see what the final results are going to be, like because it does some dancing during that time guys. If you give it like a week or two after the embeds have been completed and so, a lot of times I'll just set a calendar reminder when I actually ordered the embed package or whatever from SerpSpace. I'll set a calendar reminder to come back and check it, again 21 to 30 days, somewhere in that time frame. I'm using Pro Rank Tracker to track all videos, SEO stuff that I'm doing. I'll just go check Pro Rank Tracker when my calendar event tells me that it's time or notifies me it's time to go look at it, then I'll go check it. If it needs more, then I’ll order more.

Does Having The Same Address With Other Local Businesses Negatively Affect Map Rankings?

For the past few months I’ve been trying to rank a real estate agency on the map pack and despite everything I throw at it, it doesn't seem to budge. I followed Maps Kingpin to letter, ordered at least 150 embeds. The blog is updated four times a week, but then I noticed the real estate agency and the local RE/MAX office have the same address and that a few weeks ago, Marco explained a problem with the listing he had trouble with was that it shared an address. Could this be the reason why nothing is working? I know that it in competitive niche, patience is key, but for months, it's been the same spot in the Local Finder. If I change the address, will I have to repeat that process? I have a lot of citations with this address already.

I mean there are some issues when you are trying to rank for the same address, I know that you can also be at least you're appearing in maps and you're not being filtered out from at least from what I can tell in your question because a lot of times when there are two businesses within the same address, especially if they are related in any shape or form, the Pigeon Filter will filter one of them out. Google determines, I'm not sure what the criteria is, but Google determines which is the more relevant business and will show that and filter the other ones. I've had that happen now on a couple of occasions and it's been kind of a bitch to fix.

Fortunately, I finally got one after about six months to start coming back and it's back for about 70 or 80% of its keywords now. It's still not in a three pack, but it's at least now showing in maps. It means the filter has been lifted, but as far as what you're talking about, I know the real estate, look I've done some SEO work in the real estate industry, the problem is it's very difficult I found because a lot of the agencies, the real estate agencies are very authoritative sites and they've been around for a long time. That's a tough damn niche to get into for map stuff. That's part of the reason why I don't do a lot of real estate stuff, at least not for realtors. I'm starting to get in the investment side of things a bit, but for realtors and real estate agencies and stuff like that I know it's really tough.

I don't really know without looking at it more Mohammad. Marco, do you have any comments on that considering he referenced you?

Marco: Yeah, it could also be that he's competing against RE/MAX. I mean when you take something like that on, either you already established a lot of trust and authority or you have to come in, I mean, just a ton of power. With a ton of power, you can even go up against these big boys. I don't know how much. How much should I say Rob? I'll leave it to Rob if he's still here because I don't want to give it all away, but we're coming with power that should be able to compete against RE/MAX. I'll leave it at that.

Rob: [inaudible 00:32:32].

Marco: You need tons, just tons of power man. You can't just do it with citations and link building. You can't go ahead the traditional way. I always tell people, you have to think outside the box and when you do is when you start figuring things out and then you can just out power all of these big boys and say, “Yeah, go ahead, spend all that money and look what I did.”

Bradley: Rob.

Rob: Yeah, I mean when you're going against the well-established brands like if anybody thinks real estate, they think RE/MAX. It's kind of trying to beat Kleenex for Kleenex, when really people are looking for a tissue. I mean you're going against the brand that's known for real estate and trying to knock them off. As Marcus said, it's going to take power, it's going to take a lot more than just your typical.

Bradley: Yeah that's what I was saying about the few times that I've tried to do some SEO for various realtors, it's been a real bitch because, yeah, like you said, you're dealing with RE/MAX and Long & Foster and [inaudible 00:33:38], Century 21, all these really, really big, established, old and aged, super high authority companies. If you're competing for a specific realtor listing and an agency has been listed already like the brokerage, then a lot of times, it's going to be very difficult to pop in the three pack for that. It's not that it can't be done, but it does take time and patience and a lot of power like Marco said.

Rob: Yeah, for sure. I guess one little other thing I could throw out there is just suggestion is to look for a different entry point for leads other than the three pack because the same reason that those sites are ranking in the three pack is the same reason they're not going to be quick to adapt to other opportunities. I mean look at Facebook try to niche down in specific areas to target people in Facebook. I mean the other option is to try to get the lead besides just the map pack when you're up against big boys.

Bradley: One of our mastermind members does a lot of realtor marketing in [inaudible 00:34:44]. He does a ton of Facebook ad stuff for realtors, so I know that's probably a good way to go because he's been really successful with that. I can't help you that Mohammad because I don't deal with Facebook stuff, not my cup of tea.

Do You Buy YouTube Views Or Likes?

Eliezer's up, she says, “Adding to Muhammad's question, do you guys buy YouTube views or likes?” I buy YouTube views from Google AdWords, Google AdWords for video. I absolutely buy YouTube views and Google sends me the views. It's the best way to do it. It's Google approved and it works like magic. I do not buy likes, but I do buy YouTube views from Google directly.

Adam: Would there be any other things you could do like traffic or anything like that?

Bradley: Oh yeah, you can. We can’t talk about that right now Adam.

Adam: [inaudible 00:35:34].

Bradley: We can’t talk about that right now. There's ways to spoof traffic too, but a lot of what was working two and three years ago for what I call CT spam or click-through spam, a lot of that shit isn't working at all for YouTube videos anymore guys. It's not really working much for money sites or anything else for that matter because there's a lot of issues, but it's basically the same range of IPs that people are using and Google's gotten a lot better, would detect fake traffic. A lot of that stuff isn't working. I stopped using any of the CT spam tools, including Crowd Search, which was like a favorite tool of mine for over two years, but I don't even use that anymore. We've been developing our own inside SerpSpace. More on that later, but ours is really on a whole different type of technology, so it's pretty amazing, but that's not ready yet. Don't tell anybody.

How Would You Provide On Page SEO For Industry Specific CMS And Inventory System That Generates ASPX Pages?

Jay's up, new client closed yesterday. This project has a wrinkle. First of all, plus one on that Jay. This project has a wrinkle. I wanted to ask Hump Day Hangouts, their site uses an industry-specific CMS, an inventory management system that generates ASPX pages. Poking around in it, doesn't look all that up-to-date with current SEO standards. What have I stepped in? A big pile of it Jay. I'm considering moving off that system to a WordPress solution, but wanted input from the brain trust here. My primary focus is maps ranking, so if I can avoid that conversion project that would be ideal. I'm thinking of a combination of press releases, embeds and RYS stacks for improving maps listing, rankings and installing a blog on subdomain for the Content Syndication Network. That's exactly what I would do Jay. I would maybe try to tighten up the on-page a bit. In fact, typically when I deal with a client that has a website built on another platform outside of WordPress, I tell them flat out, “I'm not doing any on-page stuff. I will provide a consultation guidance to a webmaster to make the on-page changes that I request, but I will not do it,” because I'm not going to learn another platform for one single client unless they're willing to pay me a high premium to take the time to learn how to use their CMS or their platform.

Typically, what I will do in that case is I will quote on consultation, which is like basically time while I create training videos or a checklist of things that needs items that I need updated on the site. Then, I'll submit that to the webmaster and have them do it. Yes, absolutely, I'll put a subdomain on that domain and install WordPress on that and then, I'll use that as the content distribution engine. You do what's called theme mirroring, essentially if the site has categories and things like that, you match all that, you mirror all of that on the blog, so that then you can end up building silo structure and everything within the WordPress site on the subdomain that you can use to boost the site on the root domain, which is on the other platform, if that makes sense. That's exactly what I would do Jay is what you're saying. I would provide some guidance. They have to have had a webmaster or somebody in-house that has handled their website, so I would provide suggestions, checklists, instructions, whatever for the main site and then, I would do everything on WordPress on a subdomain. Anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: Yeah, I did exactly that because I had a client once that they were using, I think it was Volusion or something like that, which is a CMS for e-commerce. It was really bad for SEO. It was like really, really bad, really poorly optimized. The URLs were a mess. It took forever to load. All we did was to, again as you correctly said, I told the guys, “Hey listen, I can tell you how to optimize this,” but they had a guy in-house that would handle it all. Then, I would just jump on a call a couple of times with the guy, tell him, “Hey, this is what you need to do.” Then, what we did was to do CloudFlare to decrease rather the loading times.

Then, we installed WordPress and everything we did was from subdomain on WordPress and we'll link back to the products that they wanted to rank. That helped us a lot actually and we did all of the SEO, all of the syndication, everything from WordPress itself. Then, we might link from RYS stack or from whatever, we might link back to a product on the main domain, but it was mostly linking from the articles from the subdomain to the main products that we wanted to rank for those keywords and going from there. Yeah, it was really good. I didn't even need to do that on their hosting. I just hosted the subdomain, the blog on my own hosting and they kept because they didn't even have a hosting, like they bought like an all in one package that included the hosting. They couldn't actually install a subdomain. We needed to do that. That's why we installed CloudFlare in the first place.

Bradley: You can map the subdomain to a different host?

Hernan: Yeah, exactly, but that worked really well, like those guys got a lot of results on that.

What Was Your Experience With Providers On Sites Like Konker, Upwork And Fiverr, Etc. When You Tried To Issue 1099s?

Bradley: Awesome thanks Hernan. Jenia’s up, he says, “Hey guys, I'm finally making enough money, where I have to incorporate and run a full-time business.” Damn that's a good problem to have, congratulations man. He says, “Using Semantic Mastery’s products and advice played a huge part in it. Concentrating and doing what you taught me saved me from shiny object syndrome, thanks.” You're welcome. We're certainly proud of you for doing that as well. Question, I know you are not CPAs or attorneys … Oh shit, is that me? That's me, sorry guys. Stand by for a minute. This is going to keep ringing if I don't hang up. Cool, I know you're not CPAs or attorneys, but what was your experience with providers on sites Konker, Upwork and Fiverr etc., when you tried to issue 1099s?

I've never done that. My CPA handles all that stuff for me, so I don't know if she issued them or not. Again, guys I don't deal with anything that has to do with taxes. I learned a long time ago not to bother with that shit. I just got a really good CPA that handles all that stuff for me, which by the way if you're in the US, I'm happy to share her information with you. Jenia, just reached out. I don't know if you are or not, but if you're doing business in the US and you want a good CPA that can like, she's awesome, just reach out to us at support and ask to tag me in the support request. I'll share her information with you. Her name's Sharon Zavalanski, just an outstanding CPA. I don't know if she does that or not though since 1099s to workers, I know there's a way to write that kind of stuff off anyways. The thing is about 1099s is that's supposed to be so that they I guess claim it.

Adam: Yeah that I thought was … Again, yeah this is not legal information, but that's supposed to be, I thought 1099 was direct to the worker itself or like you as a contractor, but if you want to write it off, you can, it's a business expense.

Bradley: Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm saying. Usually, like for example, I have clients that send to me 1099s, so in other words, they send my … Fuck you, pardon my bad language. This is the same person calling in again, I hate that shit, I hate it.

Adam: If you're going through a service like Fiverr or another, you're paying them, so you shouldn't have to deal with 1099s.

Bradley: That's right because I know a lot of VAs are contract workers and such, are outside of the country too and there's something else specifically like some particular form. I know she talked about this on the webinar she did with our mastermind members. There's another, like it's similar to 1099 form, but it's for international workers. I'm not sure because again I don't track all that stuff or memorize all that stuff because it's just like, just to me, it's boring and that's why I pay her. You know what I mean? I'm sorry, I can't give me more information on that. Honestly, I would say consult a CPA. Again, if you want to talk with mine, I'm sure she'd be happy to consult with you. Just reach out to me via [email protected] and I'll get you her contact information. You can Google her, Sharon Zavalanski. She's awesome.

Does your Outsource Kingpin course talk about this? No, because again I just let my CPA handle all that stuff. That might be something that we can add as an update at some point, but no, it doesn't really talk about that. Outsource Kingpin is about how to hire, train and manage outsourcers. It's not really the tax stuff because I'm not a tax professional.

Consider using your Scary Good Halloween Offer, I got an email today. Anything you can share about your transition from underground to legit? No, I basically went legit right off the bat. I mean I started off doing just lead-gen for about almost two years, but then, I opened an LLC right away because I learned to do that a long time ago. I've had many businesses over the years and it's only cost $100 to form an LLC, at least in the state of Virginia, it does, very simple to do. To me, protect your ass right away. As soon as possible, get incorporated or form an LLC. Make sure you have the proper paperwork and get all that stuff done. Again, it's very inexpensive if you do it on your own. If you hire an attorney, it's going to cost you 500 to 1,000 bucks to get you incorporated. Totally worth doing though. Good question though.

Would You Recommend Using Spin Rewriter For Landing Pages?

Next question, do you advise or recommend using Spin Rewriter to rewrite articles for landing pages? No, I don't. Guys, I've said this on many occasions, but for any money site, for even lead gen stuff guys, I get unique articles written, which half the time is just from … It depends on the quality of the project, but what I typically do guys for money site content is if my own writer is backed up or one of my writers, I have several writers that do just basically curating. Then, I have a couple that I use for actual writing original articles, but they're often backed up. I've been using the Natasha Nixon articles, natashanixon.com for money site content recently. It's really good, buy the authority content. I'll show you guys real quick, natashanixon.com.

Any sort of money site content, guys, I use the authority content. From the service drop down here, if you select, there is authority content there and it's expensive. I think it's like basically eight cents per word, but to me it's good content. If you go to a content farm and you buy like INeedArticles or iWriter, those are great for link building stuff or tier two, tier three stuff or drive stacks if you need content that kind of stuff, but when it comes to money site content, if you try to buy SEO articles, which is essentially, they have that service too, it's a hell of a lot cheaper. That's what you're going to get is basically SEO article quality from all those other content farms and all that they do is go scrape an article and spin it. Then, they go through and manually edit the spintax to make it more readable, but even then, a lot of the times it comes out pretty junky. I don't recommend using that.

Anytime, I'm doing like, even if I'm going to duplicate the same lead gen site in the six different locations, I usually end up having the articles either rewritten, not spun, but actually rewritten or I just hire six different writers or submit the order six times essentially, so that I get basically six different writers or at least several different writers and a few rewrites, if that makes sense because I like unique content. Even though I know people can take the same article from one lead gen site and clone it onto multiple lead gen sites and just switch out the local modifier, I know that works, it has been working for several years, but at some point, when is it going to stop working? I do not want to build my lead gen assets on that, so that when it does stop working, all of a sudden, I've got a whole bunch of sites out there that get hit. Does that make sense? I've just always used unique content on every page. It's a small price to pay for security, in other words. Good question though.

Now, I'd still do the rewrite Jenia, I wouldn't do the tool. I mean the problem with the tool is you can spin it, sure, but then you have to go through and it takes so much time to manually go through and edit everything to make it look right or just to read right when you spin. To me, my time is worth so much more than editing spintax guys. I just pay Natasha Nixon. For 1000 word article, if they write an original 1000 word article, I think it's like, I don't know $120 I think it is. Let's go take a look at it. Oh shit, no hold on a minute, sorry. It's 80 bucks, 80 bucks, yeah it's about eight cents per word. I just have them do it. I think they even have article rewrites in here, they do and that would be a lot cheaper, so let's see what that would cost. For a 1000 word article, it's only 15 bucks, small price to pay guys. Let them do all the editing and spintax work. Good question though.

Did You Experience Any Algorithm Changes During The Halloween?

Skye says, “One of the websites I manage,” oh shit we're almost out of time guys, “One of the websites I manage, I've been tracking about 20 keywords and are all consistent.” By the way, we have Syndication Academy Update Webinar in 10 minutes. Guys, I forgot to mention that at the beginning the webinar, so anybody that's in Syndication Academy, I got a really good one scheduled for today too. I've got a lot of really good stuff to cover with you guys. Anybody doing local be on the Syndication Academy webinar or at least, catch the replay. One of my websites I manage, I've been tracking about 20 keywords and are all consistently in the top 10 results. Yesterday, I saw a significant drop for many, but on all the terms. Today, all the rankings came back to the original position, but some of the terms that didn't get hit yesterday tanked to like page three and four. I don't think this is mobile related as the mobile rankings have been solid. No link building or content updates have been done to this site in months. I've been tracking the site for a long time and never seen anything like this before. Do you think this is a Halloween Spook You algorithm or something even more scary?

I don't know Skye. I know Google does some really crazy stuff sometimes. I see some really odd stuff happening in the SERPs at times and I just ignore it until it becomes widespread. Any comments guys?

Marco: Yeah, I'd say stop SERP watching so closely. It just happens, shit happens all the time, just like this, one site will drop, another one will come up. Then that'll drop and the other one will come up and then, they'll both come up. It's sometimes just Google trying to see who's operating in the system because if your rankings tanked and then you go immediately and try to correct it and do anything you can to get your rankings back, then you automatically set off alarms and they got you, so just relax. If at some point, give it a couple of weeks, go have a drink, have some coffee, do whatever you have to do to relax and then, give it a couple of weeks. Let it come back. If it doesn't that's when you have to start and see, “Well, what do I do now?” Skye you've been with us for a long time, you know what to do. I don't know if we should go into all of the things that you could do to recover rankings, but you have to give it time right now.

Hernan: Yeah, if I can add real quick, I mean I was talking to a client the other day, one of the few clients that I'm still holding in terms of SEO because they pay well and they don't complain much, but for some reason, they decided to take a look at the rankings. Because the guys have been on a growth scale month after month after month since they hired me for SEO and they decided for some reason to look at the rankings and of course, they see all these kind of fluctuations and whatever and it's like they started asking questions. Told them, “Listen, you have been getting good results for the past 18 months, correct?” “Yes, correct.” “Then, there's nothing to worry about, like honestly if you see an increase in traffic, if you see an increasing in people leads, I don't know, people sending you emails, people purchasing your stuff that means that something is working.

When you try to micromanage the rankings that's where you go nuts and that's where you screw up. You need to watch and you need to put this in perspective and say, “Okay, SEO, is a long-term game.” Even if you're doing RYS, where you can rank instantly, if you're building a business, it does take time. It's a long-term game. If you're seeing results month after month after month after month and you see an upward trend, then you will know that it doesn't really matter if Google decides to, I don't know, to kick you in the nuts for two weeks or something because you will come back up.

The way the big guys are doing this and the way they keep the rankings forever pretty much is because they don't give two damns about Google dropping two spots for a keyword. They just keep doing what they're doing. If we have that approach and that happens with pretty much everything. If you do AdWords or if you do Facebook, you will have a great day today, tomorrow would be a shitty day, then the next afterwards, it's like day trading on stocks. If you buy and hold or if you say, “Okay, I'm going to grow the business, I want these benchmarks and I want these amount of visitors, this amount of leads month after month after month,” and then have 20, 30, 50, 100% growth year after year, then that's doable. That's how you put things in perspective and you don't lose sleep if a keyword drops, I don't know 10 spots or if it disappears. It doesn't matter because it usually comes back.

Bradley: Yeah, I was going to respond to Wayne and say what a Hump Day Hangouts an anniversary special without the Wayne memes. It's awesome. We got a rhyme guys in a minute. I do want to answer one more question. Unfortunately, I can't get to the rest of them. I guess for next year, on our fourth year anniversary, we're going to have a two-hour Hump Day Special because there's a lot of damn questions and comments guys. I'm going to answer Mel's because I read this earlier. I want to answer this guy's and then, we can wrap up. Do we need to make any selections now, Adam [inaudible 00:54:19]?

Adam: The final winners have been selected.

What's The Task List You Hand Off To Tour Va When A Client Is Onboarded In Terms Of Ranking Them In The Maps?

Bradley: Okay, cool, give me one minute to answer this and I will run through that. Syndication Academy members, stand by if we run about two or three or five minutes behind, I'm coming. We'll be there in just a minute. Hey, guys being part of your group has allowed me to get real solid results for my clients and I want to say thank you for that, plus-one Mel, you're welcome. My question is for maps, I see there as techniques to write tens of geo articles from Brian Willy, which is great. Then, there's the power of drive stacks, which is even better for not just the power, but the amount of work. What is the sequence of tasks that is the least amount of work that brings the most amount of results? In other words, what's the task list you hand off to your VA when a client is onboarded in terms of ranking them in maps? Please share as much as you like and mentioning timeframes between the tasks will be much appreciated.

Yeah, Brian Willy’s method, the geo post that he talks about, it works really well. Now, to be transparent or clear, I only use that if I need it. Because it is a lot of additional work, I've got a VA that I trained how to do that, all those geo posts and it works. That's one of the things that you can actually do if [inaudible 00:55:17] from the Maps Liftoff training and I'm sure that's what you're talking about Mel, like the geo post stuff that actually can help to lift the Pigeon Filter as well as it can help you to pop into maps for like adjacent towns, whereas typically maps listing will only appear, where it's in the actual area or city that it's in. I've actually been able to take those geo posts and do that to where I've got it to start popping for something like the really close adjacent towns as well as remove the Pigeon Filter or lift the Pigeon Filter by doing that. It's a lot of work and again, I pay a VA to do that for me now. I trained her how to do it. She's really good. I don't typically do that unless I need to.

Obviously, we're going to use all of our own products and services first and I do for all my own projects as well. The same process that we talked about the Battle Plan is specifically for local, is pretty much the same thing. If you don't have the Battle Plan, I would highly recommend that you pick it up. Then, go through that because we do talk about the methods and the procedure for doing like regular sites and in doing local sites and all of that. That's what I would recommend to do is go through there because we don't have time to go into it in more detail right now anyways Mel. If that doesn't suffice, if you have the Battle Plan and you still have some questions regarding this very question here, then I would recommend that you post them next week as well and try to get them in early, so I can spend some time answering that for you.

Paul, I wish I could get to your questions buddy. I certainly appreciate that because you've been here forever. Guys, I'd like to go through and comment on all these people that have commented, but we don't have time. We certainly appreciate the comments, Tom's been here [inaudible 00:57:02] hasn’t missed a single episode since I started watching. That's awesome Tom. We really appreciate it guys. I'm going to turn it over to you Adam to announce the winners.

Adam: Got you, little bit of the magic behind scenes and magic being a Post-it note with the names on there. I was conferring with Hernan. Here, we go. Can I get a drumroll please?

Bradley: I don't have any sound bites dude, damn it.

Adam: You can hit your microphone or something. We're just going to roll with it. The number one comment Tom Clark, so I'm going to announce the names, what you won and then, send an email to [email protected], we'll verify who you are and get you your prize or access. Tom, thank you very much for the comment. You have won three-month membership to the Semantic Mastery Mastermind. Number two, well we just heard from Mel. Mel, you have this number two, so we're going to give you three months free subscription to the new Mastermind Newsletter, so we'll be mailing that to you for the next three months. Again contact [email protected]

Hernan: That’s where the good stuff is going to be.

Adam: That's some awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to it. We just talked to the publishing house and we're going to get that literally rolling off the press next week I believe. Then, d Kard, if that's your name or if it's just your screen name, whatever it is, send in the email, number three. We want to hook you up with three month Syndication Academy and a T-shirt as soon as we get those printed as well. Three of you guys, please contact [email protected] and we'll get you hooked up. Now, I believe Marco did you pick someone who you think deserves deserving of the best comment award of a free RYS Done For You Stack?

Marco: Yeah, I actually enjoyed the very first question because it got us talking about Twitter SEO, which is underappreciated, underused. I really enjoyed that.

Adam: Cool, looking on here, I just need one. I’ll write it down and make sure I get it. Was that Click Star? Click Star Marketing, whoever you are, hit us up and we will get you hooked up over at SerpSpace and make sure that goes through. If you're watching the replay and you made it to the very end, if you're watching this within seven days of the air date, so between now and November 8th, leave a comment. Best comment on the page on the YouTube replay is going to get three months Syndication Academy and a T-shirt as soon as we get those going.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: Cool.

Bradley: Awesome [inaudible 00:59:38].

Adam: Well, I’ll add one more thing real quick before we sign off. I know you're in a hurry Bradley, but thank you to Chris who's not here, thank you Bradley, Marco, Hernan and over the last couple months Rob, it's been three years of awesome Hump Day Hangouts and really enjoyed working with you guys and I'm looking forward to a lot more.

Bradley: Yeah, just kind of expand on that for just a moment, I love doing these guys. I truly do and it's a lot of fun for us to do this every week and it kind of gives us like a reason to just be out there, just talking about the stuff that we truly enjoy and helping new people and kind of trying to bring … Honestly, there's a monetary benefit because we hope that by sharing a lot of free information that when you're ready and able to purchase into the Mastermind or whatever that you're going to come to us for it, but we do it anyways because we like it. That's why we're here every single damn week. We missed one week in three years and it was a scheduled week off, so talk about consistency. Again, it's all because you guys keep showing up every week and asking good questions that we keep doing it. Make sure you continue doing so and thanks for being here for three years with us.

Hernan: Thanks guys.

Bradley: Okay guys, wrap it up. Syndication Academy Webinar, see you guys in a few minutes.

Marco: [inaudible 01:00:48] bye everyone.

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 155

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 155 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Hello everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 155. Today is the 25th of October, 2017. I am Adam Moody, if you've never seen me before. And with me is Hernan and Bradley. So we're missing a few people. Two of the other guys are out today. Marco is up to something, I believe, he's got an appointment or something he had to go to. And then Chris, I don't know, is probably traveling around the world today or something. Does that sound right?

Bradley: Yeah, 'cause we've got three travelers in the bunch: Hernan, Chris, and Adam. Those MF-ers, they're never home barely. And I barely ever leave my home.

Adam: Awesome. Well we'll go through. Obviously I introduced myself but Hernan, how's it going, man?

Hernan: Hey Bradley, did you added the camera man thing to the Hangout?

Bradley: I did.

Hernan: Okay, cool. Hey guys, what's up everybody? It's really, really good to be here. I'm back in Buenos Aires, finally, with kind of a better setup so I'm excited to be here once again.

Adam: Awesome. Bradley, how you doing, man?

Bradley: Peachy. Busy as crazy, I've got so many projects going on right now, it's ridiculous. But it's an exciting time, I can tell you that. I'm really stoked about all the stuff we got going on. Various projects. Some of you guys have heard some of them, some of you haven't. But just a lot of really cool stuff going on so and I'm happy to be here.

Oh yeah! And I'm going to steal your thunder for a minute but guess what next week is.

Adam: Whatever could it be?

Bradley: Our third year anniversary for Hump Day Hangouts. The official.

Adam: That's awesome. Yeah and so on top of that, we definitely got some cool stuff. Some of it's giveaway, some of it's more than that but definitely if you're watching this, then the next week, I highly suggest you show up. That would be beneficial to you. So looking forward to that.

Bradley: Even those of you that just catch replays and stuff, we usually give away some pretty cool stuff on our anniversary episodes and it's our third year anniversary so we're going to be giving away some pretty cool stuff but you have to be here in order to receive or to win, it other words. So make sure you're here next week. It'll be a good one. We encourage you to be here.

Adam: We do and I'm writing myself a note. You know what? I agree that sometimes I know there's people who are like halfway around the world who are watching us and you know, I don't watch webinars at 3:00 in the morning. So you know what? We'll work something out. There will be at least something for somebody who's watching the replay in the first week after the replay, I think that's safe. We can limit it seven days, we want to hook somebody up. I know for a lot of people the time zone is the issue.

Hernan: Sounds good.

Bradley: Unacceptable. I don't care what time it is, they have to be here live.

Adam: You've got to be hardcore Semantic Mastery viewers, so. Bradley mentioned projects in the best … he didn't say the best self-journal but we've talked about it, we've been telling our Mastermind members about it. Yay, boom! Got Hernan his.

Hernan: Right here, look at this.

Adam: Starting to use it.

Bradley: [inaudible 00:02:49] I feel like I'm [inaudible 00:02:50] I got mine right here.

Hernan: Ah, there you go. Boom.

Adam: I didn't have enough goals so I had to copy out of their PDF and print some more, so. No URL for that or I can paste it in later, go grab it, do yourself a favor, it's a great planning tool.

After that, I wanted to talk, too, about something … If you don't know, do a lot with funnels, I'm a ClickFunnels certified partner and one of the products that they sell is called Funnel U, like Funnel University. And it's pretty cool. We signed up a while ago, I think it's 60 or 70 bucks a month and it's really neat, because you sign up and they go through and they go through these funnels, other peoples' funnels that they break down, or they explain their own. And so, it's kind of like a walkthrough. It's only like, 10 pages, but it's cool. It shows you screenshots of it and it just breaks it down really simple so you could go recreate this or do it on your own, and we've been getting that, I think, for a year and a half and they also give you a PDF and some other stuff.

So, it's really, really cool. So one of the things we were talking about was, “Man, what could we do that makes the Mastermind better?” And that immediately came to mind and we've seen a couple other people that do it and it's just a way of taking the information that we have and making it easier and more condensed and better, and so we're really pumped about this. We're going to be getting the first edition of the newsletter out to our Mastermind members, TBD, but really early in November, so we're working on that and I'm excited.

Because I don't know about you guys, when you've seen these in different subscriptions that you have, do you find newsletters … It obviously depends on the content, but did you ever use one and you're just like “Oh my God, this just paid for it by itself.” Right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah. 100% and I think that receiving stuff in the mail is pretty cool, right, number one. It's like an old-school kind of thing when you're getting your newsletter with all of the good stuff because we're going to be delivering a lot of the good stuff to the members online, but, having something, having a piece of paper where you can actually write notes plus sit down on a Sunday morning if you want and write down your thoughts. I think that shutting down the screen and going out of it so you can plot and you can actually focus, that's the main point of the newsletter, to deliver really high quality stuff that you can do for your business so that you can pretty much turn around, swipe, deploy it and have results. And that should pay … The main point of the Mastermind is to turn into a high ROI basis approach, where if you apply some of the stuff that we will be sharing, of course, online, but if you apply only a part of it … And if it is the newsletter, I think you will pay for the Mastermind for the several years to come, so.

Bradley: And to clarify … First of all, by show of hands … No, I'm kidding. You guys post on the event page. Kindle or physical. Like, when you read a book, do you prefer a Kindle version, like a digital version, or a physical version of the book? Personally, I way much better prefer a physical version of a book. I still buy Kindle books, but I tend to not read them after I buy them, whereas if I buy them in an actual paper physical copy, I end up reading them. And to me, it's just a lot easier to read a physical book. It's something about reading on a screen, other than articles and stuff for work-related stuff … Anyway, personally I prefer physical.

Adam: Well, I think it's good for reference material, too, that you can mark up to … If you're … Especially this type of stuff. I'm not even talked about ours, you guys, I'm talking about other peoples' we subscribe to or we used to or we were going to, that you can go through and be like, “Oh, yeah, that's great but I don't want to do it like they did it. I want to bolt on this thing and do that, draw it out or something on the side.

Bradley: Yeah. And so, as far as, like Hernan said, getting something in the mail and having a physical product being delivered every month from us, to me, is pretty cool. I like getting stuff like that in the mail. Perry Marshall has a newsletter that's pretty good and that's something that I've subscribed to for some time, and they're good. I mean, it takes time to go through them, a good 20, 30 minutes to read through it, every month, but it's worth it in my opinion because the insights are really good. And that's more just his thoughts, which are still … He's a good marketer, so I like to read his newsletters as well. But what we're going to be doing is actionable results.

So, every one of us, every month are going to have our own input, our own contribution to the newsletter on what we're doing in each one of our own respective businesses or for Semantic Mastery as our role in the company, we're going to be sharing what we do or what we're doing that's actually working and it's going to be condensed, like a Reader's Digest version. In other words, we're going to take the actionable points and we're going to give … This is what we're doing, this is what's working right now and how we're doing it. And that's it. There's going to be no fluff, no filler, it's just going to be straight, actionable content every month and that's going to be people's guide to … Like their field manual. You know what I mean?

So, in other words, take that, implement it and start making money or improving your results and that's essentially what we're going to be doing. So, we're really excited about that as part of many of the upgrades that we're implementing into the Mastermind, and that's just one of them, so.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah, definitely. So, if you're interested in that, sounds good, guarantee you, I mean, one we love it, but we're getting some good feedback and it's going to be worth it. If you want to join the Mastermind, check it out, I'll pop the link in here in a little bit. But if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you're wondering what the hell we're talking about, then that might not be the right place. And we realize every week, we get some new people and they're not sure what to do. So, what I ask you to do is to check out the Battle Plan, the SEO blueprint. I'm going to pop the link up here in a little bit, along with a code, you can save $75, it's a hell of a deal. Hernan put it together with the help of the team and it's a great resource. And for $25 it's a no brainer, so.

Also, if you don't yet have your free account at SerpSpace, please head over there. SerpSpace.com. Grab your free account, we're working on some more tools. There's already a ton in there, along with a couple of freebies and then you can get your done for you services there and we got some awesome, awesome stuff coming.

Bradley: Yeah. Don't …

Adam: I think that's all I can say right now.

Bradley: That's enough, Adam. Zip it. Zip it.

Adam: Damn it, go get your account. And also, if you've got any questions, Support.SemanticMastery.com is a great place to start. We love answering your questions here, but sometimes there are some that come up, again from time to time we don't mind, but we might just refer you back to Support.SemanticMastery.com, where we've got some charts and breakdowns of some of the more complicated things that we explain. And I think that is about it, do you guys have any other topics before we dive in?

Hernan: I'm good.

Bradley: I'm good.

Adam: Alrighty, so people can rate me. I am starting the ToastMasters club. I went to my first meeting and I now am going to be working on my public speaking, so …

Bradley: Did you … You didn't do your icebreaker speech yet, did you?

Adam: No, but I almost let the opportunity pass me by, they said, visitors or guests are free to speak and so they did table topics, where they just give a couple topics. And inevitably, I start, my blood pressure went up, my heart rate went up and I said, “This is ridiculous. The reason I came here was the speak and to get better at speaking.” So, I stood up and I told a great story about how, if people could fly, it would bring world peace. And I talked for one minute and they liked it. So, it went over well and I think I'm going to go back. Not just because they liked it, but it's a really cool environment. Super nice people, very good feedback.

I mean, I was a visitor and they gave me feedback. One lady wrote down some notes, said, “Interesting topic, it was humorous. That's a great way to break the ice and get started and engage people.” Anyways, I was just … If you're interested in public speaking and leadership and communication, go check it out.

Bradley: Yeah. Just to expand on that briefly, because I've been in it now for about two months, and I actually got elected and voted in as the … Or I guess that is elected. Nominated and elected to be the VP Director of PR Marketing for my chapter, which is crazy because I just joined. But, which is going to open a lot of doors for … Well, obviously, to start with, I'm going to be promoting ToastMasters stuff, events, but it's going to give me a foot in the door with media outlets like the Washington Post and some of the more local newspapers and some TV stations, which is awesome, because imagine how good that will be for our marketing agencies. Think about it, guys.

And the ToastMasters organization, guys, it's dirt cheap. It's like, $80 for six months or something. It's ridiculous. And it's phenomenal training and it is a very encouraging environment for learning communications, public speaking, leadership development, sales, because sales is communication, and so there's so much benefit to going to a ToastMasters organization and I found it to be incredibly valuable and it … The thing is, is it doesn't cost very much but there's a lot of work in order to go through the process. So, you've got to commit to it or else there's really no reason to go. And so …

And what's really cool is they just launched a new change to their course educational program and it's the biggest change that they've made since the 1940s. So, we're talking over 70 years they've been on this particular educational track, which is mostly all paper driven. They have a website with some training stuff on this website, but it was mostly paper manuals and the evaluations were done via paper and that kind of stuff. And so, they've really updated anything and they're rolling …

If you go to ToastMasters.org/Pathways, that's their new track that's rolling out in my district or my region, it's coming by October 30th, which is in the next five days. But over the next six months, they're rolling that out across the country. The rest of the United States. And then obviously it's an international organization and by 2018 it should be rolled across … Or by June of 2018, should be rolled out across the rest of the world. But the new educational track, Pathways, is a much more custom designed solution, where you can pick and choose the modules or the paths that you want to go down based upon your own specific needs and everything is tracked online now. The training portals are amazing. It's just a really, really good organization to get involved with, guys. I highly recommend, any of you guys that are doing any sort of communications or public stuff at all or sales, I would highly recommend that you get into ToastMasters, because it's just a great organization.

This Stuff Works
So, how am I doing for the PR Director already?

Adam: See, boom.

Bradley: I should hand that and send that in, say, “Evaluate this.”

Hernan: We got this recorded, so we can.

Adam: It was three minutes and 13 second, you had two “uhms.” Nah, just kidding, let's get into this, guys.

Bradley: Alright, let's do it.

Alright, so Ben's up first. He says, “Hi guys. You mentioned last week that throwing the kitchen at a Drive Stack to power it up while still works fine today, may leave you vulnerable if Google decides to penalize that down the road and that instead what you do is mass produce one page G sites behind the Drive Stack.” Let me close that. Oh, yeah, too late now.

Adam: Okay, no worries.

Bradley: Yeah, I don't have … I don't know, I could maybe do it.

Adam: Ah, don't worry about it.

What Is The Frequency Of Pointing Links From Mass-Produced Google Sites To Drive Stacks?

Bradley: Yeah, I was just going to see if I could do that really, really quickly, but nah, that's alright. I'm not going to worry about it. Next time remind me, Adam, beforehand if you don't mind. It only takes a minute to set up but … Anyways. Let's see, “What you should would do is mass produce one page G sites behind the Drive Stack. When you mass produce G sites, do you have them linking one to the next, the other way Peter Drew shows you how within the first one pointing to the Drive Stack or do you just point them at the Drive Stack and spam them to high heaven?”

It really doesn't matter, at least … To be honest with you, it shouldn't really matter whether … So, what you're talking about is doing a little link wheel with the G sites, so that one G site can link to the next and then link to the next and link to the next and then they either all or some of them or some of them points to the actual target URL, your primary target URL, which would be the G site rom the Drive Stack, that's the method that … And just so you guys know, I'm in the process of building out a case study that is specifically using … Or exclusively using only RYS Drive Stacks and Peter Drew's site builder's G site, blogger and WP creator and then some of his video tools. And I've got two projects that I'm working on for that as case studies right now.

More of that will be revealed later, but you guys are going to see what I'm able to do with just those tools. So, this doesn't even include a money site or a maps listening or anything. So, it's … Well, a maps listing may be part of it, but it's not part of … There may be a maps listing as part of the overall campaign, but more on that later. So, just know, I'm testing various configurations right now, Ben, with that. And all I can tell you is just test. Don't be afraid to test stuff like that, because remember, you're going to be building links to a G site, guys, from the Drive Stack. So, it's okay to experiment with different linking methods, because you're not targeting your money site where you have to be a lot more careful, right? You're … There's a lot more risk with experimenting with a money site.

So, we always have suggested, since day one, that you set up test domains that you're going to be using, like test projects. Stuff that you can monetize if it's successful. So, what I mean by that is like, you can set up an affiliate campaign to test stuff on or you can set up a local site that you can use as a lead gen property if it's successful and just test. Test with those properties, something that you can monetize if it's successful and if it's not, it doesn't cost you anything but the time and really, it didn't cost anything because even though it may have cost you some time, you might have spent time on it, you gained knowledge and experience from the testing. So, you've got to think of it that way, right? And so, it's either going to be successful and you can monetize it and make some money and you learn methods that now you can duplicate and repeat for other projects, or you're going to be unsuccessful and then you just realize that you just learned one way that doesn't work, right? Or what not to do, if that makes sense.

So, when you're … But in this case, Ben, since your target URL is the G site inside the Drive Stack, feel free to experiment, you know what I mean? Because it's not a big deal. So, I don't have an exact answer for you as far as whether to use the link wheel option or just to link directly to the money site or, in this case, the G site. But I would say just test. Now, in the next month or so I should have a more definitive answer for that.

Okay. “When you mass produce the G sites, do you …” Oh, excuse me, that was the actual question.

How Many Backlinks Should One Order On The Link Package In Serp Space For An RYS Stack And A Syndication Network?

Alright, [Eliezier 00:17:30]. I'm sorry if I said that wrong, I'm sure I did. “What's up, guys? Question from the Battle Plan. How many back links should I order in the link package in Serp Space for an RYS stack and a syndication network? Should I add a tier and if so, how many back links on that? GSA or contextual?” I'm going to leave that one up to you, Hernan.

Hernan: Yeah, sure. It actually depends, Eliezier. I mean, for … I think that we say it over there, how many back links you should be ordering. Since we have it all divided, if it's a new website, if it is an aged website or if it is a YouTube video, right? If it is a new website, you usually want to boost it a little bit initially, right? So that's what you want to do when you're trying to generate the entity or generate some authority, initially. So, it's just a small package we do, right?

But then, when you're doing an aged website, an established website that has a couple years or you can do a YouTube video, then you can be a little bit more aggressive in terms of the amount of back links that you're sending to that, right? So, have that in mind, that's what I would do in terms of the amount of back links, but I'm pretty sure that we actually tell you how many back links you should be using when it comes to the boosting, depending on how aged is your website anyways, so.

Bradley: Is this working now? Are you guys seeing my screen now?

Hernan: I can see your screen. I don't know about the top picture.

Bradley: Let me just check it in the other page, now. I just want to see if it's working.

Adam: I see your entire desktop.

Bradley: Yeah, and are you seeing the picture in picture, too?

Adam: No.

Bradley: No? I was trying to do that while … Hernan, talk some more.

Hernan: Okay. So, basically, what you want to do-

Adam: Is go get the Battle Plan. Battle Plan … No, just kidding.

Hernan: Yeah, but it should say there. The main point is that if you're building links to a Drive Stack, you don't have to be afraid, right? As of right now, that's what I mean. As of right now, you don't have to be afraid and I think you've got it, Bradley.

Bradley: I did.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: I think you got … So, as of right now, you don't have to be afraid, right? But if you're building back links, for example, to an IFTTT network and the website is completely new, then I would say to keep it easy in terms of the amount of back links that you build to it, so.

Bradley: There we go. I think I got it.

Hernan: Yeah, I can see your picture. Is that, what, an application? The ManyCam application?

Bradley: Yeah, it's just ManyCam. It's a paid version of it, but it's just ManyCam.

Hernan: Cool.

Bradley: Alright, so, you guys, if this is not coming through correctly, just let me know guys and I'll switch it back, alright? And I'm talking to the audience guys, just post on the event page if it's not coming through okay? Alright. Otherwise I'm just going to leave it. Alright, let me lock this on me though, still. Okay. Okay.

Do We Need The Same Amount Of Content For RSS Authority Sniper As Needed On An IFTTT Network?

Next question, “For RSS Authority Sniper, do we need the same amount of content as we need for an IFTTT network?” I don't know what you mean by that. Because RSS Authority Sniper, you shouldn't need any content. You need RSS feeds, that's it. So, I'm not really following the question, because, again, for RSS … Look, I don't use RSS Authority Sniper, I use RankFeedr. I know, actually … I didn't use RSS Authority Sniper only because I could always get much better results for finding RSS feeds, related content feeds by doing it manually. I always got much better results.

Although, I know Lisa just updated RSS Authority Sniper recently that supposedly added some additional … I guess made it better. I have not played with it since she updated it, though, so I don't know. But RankFeedr is the service … I guess she sells the RSS Authority Sniper as the front end product and then the RankFeedr is the add on which is really … That's where the power comes in, is RankFeedr.

And so, typically, I would just set up my RankFeedr feeds or build those out doing manual RSS feed finding on my own, or have a VA do it, because I get much better results that way. And I'm not bad-mouthing the software, I just get a much better selection of RSS feeds when I do it manually than using just what is returned by that RSS Authority Sniper software. But I just wanted, full transparency guys, I use the … RankFeedr is really where the power lies, and so that's what I've been using is RankFeedr for building those co-citation feeds.

And so, anyways, as far as content, you don't need content. You just need RSS feeds, related feeds, and then whatever links you want to build co-citations to, right? So that would be any content links that you have, like, so blog post links or web page links. You can add Google Maps URLs, Drive Stack URLs, press releases, anything at all. Static URLs, you can actually put in the RankFeedr feeds as a sticky item, which is what I recommend that you do, because that's how you build the co-citation, alright?

And remember, you can also add your own feeds, like your blog feeds for example. Web 2.0 feeds that you have. If you're using syndication networks and you're publishing content, you can take your Web 2 feeds and create co-citation feeds where you include your Web 2 feeds, because remember, if you post content to your blog, it syndicates out to your Web 2 sites. If your Web 2 sites have RSS feeds, some of them do, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress do. Some of the other ones do as well. But you can add those into other RankFeedr feeds that you create, so that you're creating co-citation to your articles that are posted on Web 2 sites that have links pointing back to your money site.

So, you end up doing two-tiered co-citations, which ar really, really powerful. So, there's just a ton of stuff you can do with RankFeedr, guys, it's an absolutely great SEO tool because it's simple and it doesn't require you to produce any more content than you're already doing. It's just a matter of collecting related content feeds and then building out those RankFeedr co-citation feeds. Okay?

This Stuff Works

Where Can You Get A Good HTML Template To Use With Peter Drew's Google Site Generator?

Okay, Roy's up. He says, “Hey guys, where can I get a good HTML template to use with Peter Drew's Google Site generator? Not too good in HTML.” That's a really good question. You can download HTML templates, Roy, just go to Google and search for “Free HTML templates,” look through … What you're going to want to look for is Google site templates, though. And it's going to be for the older sites and if you can't find any there, I know you can go to Upwork and hire somebody to just, to code HTML templates for Google sites. And when I say code, it's pretty simple for those guys. And they can bang them out for you for rather cheap, rather inexpensive, because it's a simple process.

I just use the default ones, because I'm not using … Although those G sites sometimes rank for the keywords, I'm not looking as those for traffic generating sites, I'm using them specifically for link building purposes. There is absolutely some benefit to having them optimized for conversions, which means a better design and that kind of stuff, but for me, I'm just using them only because I don't want to take the time to go through, set up templates and all that stuff. If I had more time, maybe I would, but right now I'm just using them specifically for link building, that's it. And so, I just use the default template. Okay?

Okay, Mohammad's up. What's up, Mohammad? He's been so active. By the way, Mohammad, in case you didn't realize, because I didn't get a reply from you, I responded to your questions that you submitted about Mindset Mastery series, so in case you missed that, check your email because I replied to you the other day, to the questions you submitted.

And by the way, guys, I added to BradleyBenner.com a button that will take you over to a Google form to ask me questions about the Mindset series that I've been doing in case you guys are interested in asking any questions about that. I will reply to those as time permits.

And by the way, that is not a place to ask me marketing questions. If you ask me a marketing question, I'm not going to reply, period. That's what this is for and what other groups are for. It is specifically for Mindset Mastery stuff. I highly encourage you guys to go check out some of those videos. That's on my YouTube channel, which is YouTube.com/BennerBradley. I think I said the other day, Bradley Benner on the … But if you just search YouTube for it, I'll come right up. And I've got a bunch of Mindset videos, I just did another one this week on there and anyways, I encourage you to go check them out. If you have any questions, you go to BradleyBenner.com and submit your questions via the Google form and I will got to them.

What I may end up doing is just doing some supplemental Mindset videos where I answer those questions. I will not reveal anybody's name who submitted the questions, I will keep it anonymous, but I just had another couple questions submitted today that were really good and I'm probably going to record a separate video addressing those two questions either later this week or at the beginning of next week. Okay?

How Do You Delegate Access To Your VA On Live Rank Sniper and PSP?

So, Mohammad says, “Hey guys, I've realized the tasks I perform in tools like LRS and PSP can be performed by VAs, too. How do you guys have your VAs access them? Do you buy another copy?” Yes, Mohammad. That's what I do. Okay, if it's a VA that you've had already established and a relationship with, then I don't mind buying a copy or a license and just sending it for them to install on their own machine, if they've proven that they're a valuable employee or contractor, essentially, that's stuck around for a while. If it's a newer VA though, then I recommend that you set up a VPS and install the software on a VPS and give them remote login access where you can control whether they're logged in or not.

So, in other words, in case they quit or they don't show up to work and you have to fire them or whatever, you can just revoke their access to the VPS and you still have all of your software intact on your VPS, which case you just change the passwords, the login details, and then you can hire another VA. But that's what we do.

Some of our VAs, I just buy the software and send it directly to them because they've been with us for … I mean, shit, we've got some VAs that have been with us like, five years. Denny has been with me for five or six years. [Rousayo 00:27:33], one of our team leaders, she's been with me for at least five, four years. At least four years. So, I mean, we've got some VAs we've had for years. And so, those are the type of people I don't mind just sending the software to, but otherwise, use a VPS. Okay?

How Do You Create A Rank And Rent Video For Multiple Keyword Variations?

“As I mentioned last week, I'm trying to rank videos and rent them out and this week I nailed down the full list of keywords I'll be targeting, but I just noticed that there are multiple keyword variations for the same topic. Do I make one video about a topic like DUI Lawyer City and hope that I rank for variations like DUI Lawyer City or would I use the same Twilio number for all of them?”

Well, that's a good question. Okay, so, when I'm spamming, which I'm doing a little bit more of than I typically do but that's because I'm testing some tools and stuff, usually I will go ahead and target all of the variations of the keyword even though they're what they're called “Close variants,” and here's the thing, Mohammad. If you go search for your keyword in Google, look at the bolded words that show up in the search results, right? You'll see bolded words, both in the meta titles, which are the blue links and then also in the meta descriptions. And so, a lot of the times, those close variants are going to show as bolded keywords.

So, for example, “DUI Attorney” and “DUI Lawyer,” if you do a search on “DUI Lawyer,” “Attorney” keywords should also be bolded because they're synonyms. They're close variants. Also the plural and singular versions should both be bolded because they're closer variants.

So, a lot … Theoretically, you should be able to just target the one version and it should cover all the variations. However, if you get more specific or exact, then sometimes you're going to get better results because some are less competitive than others, even though it's a close variant and Google deems all of them the same, they're all relevant or synonymous terms. If you target some of the more obscure versions, even though it's a cinnamon … Excuse me, even though it's a synonym, you'll get better results by targeting that specific variation than you would if you were to target the more general one, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
So, to clarify, what I always do is when I'm spamming, I will take all the keywords, which, if you use Power Suggest Pro, which you do, you just mentioned it, you will be able to get all of those variations. And I just spam all of them and see what sticks. And the ones that give me the best results with the least amount of work, then I'll go target those with the actual final version of the videos, if that makes sense, okay?

So, yeah. You can use the same … If you're going to be driving traffic to the same or calls or whatever, leads to the same service provider, then you just use the same number. You don't gotta switch the numbers up, okay? That would require a whole lot of different numbers if you were to do that. So, just use the same numbers, okay?

Would You Be Able Add Review Schema With Rich Plugins FB And GMB Reviews?

Okay, “I bought the Rich Plugins Facebook and GMB Reviews that [inaudible 00:30:31] mentioned a while ago. I've added GMB Reviews slider right on the home page. I'm new to schema, but would I be able to add review schema to the page because of this?” If you bought the pro version, it adds schema already to the reviews. It imports the reviews via API and then it automatically marks them up with structured data, or, Schema.org review markup. It's already done automatically.

Now, that might be something that you have to select as a setting in the plugin. I can't remember if there's a setting in the plugin or not, but the pro version absolutely will mark it up automatically for you, it's not something you have to do. You might have to enable that setting in the plugin, but it should be there, Mohammad. If you have any questions specifically about it, I would recommend that you contact support. Their support, not ours. Okay? Contact them. Which is, I think, RichPlugins.com. Alright? Great questions though, Mohammad.

Is It Okay To Use The Same P.O. Box Address For Multiple Drive Stacks For Different Affiliate Sites In Different Niches Without Much Risk For Penalty?

Sam says, “On a previous Hump Day Hangout, you answered a question about using GMB for affiliate sites. You recommend using the PO box for your LLC or S corp. Would you be able to use that that same address for multiple Drive Stacks for different affiliate sites in different niches without much risk for penalty? Thanks.”

Yes. If you have … If all those different affiliate sites are owned by one parent company. In other words, if you have whatever your company's name is and you're just a marketing company or digital publisher, which is what I would consider myself as an affiliate marketer. I would not call myself a marketing company, I would call myself a digital publisher. In that case, yeah, you could do it. You could have each one of those projects reference the same digital publishing company as the parent company or parent owner, so to speak. I've never had any problems with that, and I've used the same corporation or entity for multiple projects like that and I've never had any issues. Now, I'm not saying that it's not possible that it could happen, I've just never had it happen to me in my experience.

You shouldn't have to have a separate entity corporation, LLC, for every single affiliate project. Sometimes, it makes sense to … If an affiliate project starts to take off, sometimes it makes sense to form its own LLC for just that one project. There's some tax benefits to doing that kind of stuff, but, and you just need a good CPA to explain how you can stack entities and we're not talking about Drive Stack entities, I'm talking about corporate identities. There's a way to shield a lot of your money from the IRS if you do that.

I'm not going to get into that because I'm not a CPA, but trust me, it's some really cool stuff that CPAs that know what they're doing can do to shield a lot of your money. So, there are times when that's beneficial to do that, but otherwise, Sam, I would say no. Just keep everything under one parent company and when you have a runaway winner, then you might want to form a separate LLC for that.

Guys, in the State of Virginia, it costs $100 to form an LLC and $50 per year to renew it. It's simple. It's stupid simple. So, it's really easy to do.

Adam: Also, shout out to Sam. He was one of the lucky few who got to attend the live Hump Day Hangout in Portland with us, so thanks for being there.

Bradley: Oh, I thought the name was familiar.

Adam: Yeah, I was like, “Oh, that's Sam. Alright. Right on, man.”

Do You Have Some Resources On Using GSA For Link Building Experiments?

Bradley: Right on, Sam. Alright, Tommy's up. He says, “Hey guys, I was planning to use GSA to start my link building experiments. Do you have good resources on this? Do you think it is risky to do automated link building, like [inaudible 00:33:48] website owners or something? Like, thanks.”

Yeah, Tommy, look, it depends on what you're using GSA for. If you're really skilled with the tool, you can use it for link boating to money sites, but I certainly don't recommend that for about 99% of the population because you can really get yourself in trouble that way. We've got a … Just a fabulous link building manager that's been doing it for years and so, he's able to do that kind of stuff because he's a real expert on it, but even so we typically don't recommend that because it can get you into trouble.

Now, GSA can be great for powering up tiers that are further out. So, I would recommend using it to power up tier two or tier three. I wouldn't … Unless you're really skilled with the tool, I wouldn't even use GSA to power up tier one links, unless you're powering up certain links that can withstand the abuse, like, for example, Google Drive Stacks. But, again, we don't encourage that. We've done it ourselves and had good success with it, but we don't encourage it because we don't know how that's going to last.

At some point, even sending spam to a Google Drive stack could potentially get you in trouble. Right now, it still works but we don't recommend it because at some point, if it becomes an issue, then you could end up losing those assets or causing penalty type situations and that's something we certainly try to avoid at all costs.

This Stuff Works
So, if you're starting out, I would suggest for using GSA, that you would only do it for parasites like Facebook pages or Web 2 sites and things like that. Never to a money site. If you're going to be trying to power up a money site, then I would only use it out at like, tier two or tier three. Excuse me, tier three or tier four, so you're powering up either tier two or tier three links, if that makes sense. Until you become more skilled with the tool.

As far as, do we have any good resources on this? No, I'm sorry, we don't. People have asked us to do a GSA training for years. I've never used the tool in my life. I hired a manager as soon as it was … I used to use SE Nuke, years ago, and it took me forever to learn how to use that tool and I never enjoyed it. I hated running that tool, but I did it. And when GSA came out and replaced … I mean, SE Nuke has always been around, but it became the go to tool, I hired Dedia, from Upwork, and this was like, six years ago. And he's been with me ever since. So, I don't have to run the software, so I can't tell you how to do the training.

I know Hernan used to run it but I don't think, Hernan, you run it anymore at all, do you?

Hernan: No, not that much. Just for the things that we are always talking. Two years ago, you can rank solely on GSA back links and I know there are some guys right now that they're doing it to, but the reality is that when you're trying to … It takes a lot of babysitting. GSA takes a lot of babysitting when you're running a dedicated server with six VPSs and six instances, it takes your entire day just to run the tool, you know?

And that's why we ended up, we ended up outsourcing and yeah, when it comes to focusing on those tasks that give you the most results, I decided that that's not one of them anymore, so.

Adam: Yeah, and I was going to say, as far as resources for this, make sure you do your homework if you are going to start doing this yourself. If you're going to start doing it yourself, that's fine and I think there's value in doing it. The one place would probably start with the GSA forums and there's a lot you're going to have to pick up, but if you don't know things about which proxies you should be using, what kind of lists, can you build your own list, how do you build your own list, where do you scrape your stuff and what you're doing, start really reading up on that. I mean, that's a rabbit hole, so limit your time, but make sure you educate yourself before you do anything and then start asking around. You know, there are places you can go.

I just pulled up the forums, I haven't been there in probably a year, and there's people asking, “Hey, where can I go to get somebody to do this for me?” And there's different services. So, I'm not saying that that's going to be the right answer, but do some education on it and then make your choice.

Bradley: Yeah, and last thing I want to say about that is, Tommy, be careful, because GSA can get real expensive to use. We don't actually pay for the servers and stuff anymore … Well, I think we still have one server that we pay for, because Dedia went out on his own and now he's a contractor, is a service provider for us. But for many years, we actually … He was an employee and because of that, we were paying for … We had three dedicated servers running. Two for, I think it was two for link building, and one that was full time for scraping link targets and so, dedicated servers plus the proxies plus the CAPTCHAs alone. And then the content, because you've got to have content sources too.

And so, all of that together, we were spending between 12 and 1,500 a month. Now, of course, we were doing a ton of link building stuff, but it becomes really expensive, really quickly. GSA is not an inexpensive tool to run, so just keep that in mind. IT sounds great up front, but once you really dig into it and you start … You have to do all the things to make it really effective. You have to get all the add-ons and other services integrated, it ends up becoming quite expensive. So, just keep that in mind.

Hernan: Yeah, and I think that it also depends on how many links and how much of a competitive market you are in, because the reality is that the more links that you need to build, at any given time, right? You're limited by the bottlenecks of the technology that you're using. If you're using a shitty VPS, that's going to limit it. If you're using a low amount of proxies, that's going to limit it. So, there's a lot of limitations and the more … You will feed as much as you throw it at it, it will build links, you know what I'm saying? But yeah, I agree with Bradley, it can get really expensive really quickly.

How Do You Make Money From Video Assets Of A Community TV Channel?

Bradley: Robin's up, she says, “Following up to my question in episode 152 with some more detail. I have a client that wants to monetize 26 videos each of 30 minutes, with three 10 minute segments in each show. 26 videos each, 30 minutes long, with three 10 minute segments in each show. Okay. From a community TV channel. Originally, I broke the videos down into smaller videos and we optimized it and sold YouTube videos to people interviewed on the show to get on page one and use on their websites. I have tried ranking the videos as playlists and that works. Position one to three on YouTube and position three to seven on Google. Haven't managed to find anyone interested to rent them out yet. Number one, looking for ideas on how to make money from these video assets.'

Update, more details requested. The videos are in a financial niche and are education in nature from financial professionals for the general public. The videos originally ranked well on YouTube and Google three years ago now. How can we parcel the authority of the videos and monetize them?”

That's a good question, Robin, because that's kind of a unique situation. I'd have to think about that. Unfortunately, that's going to take a little bit of thought and it's something that I'm not going to sit here and make everybody watch me twiddle my thumbs while I think about it. Can any of you guys take a stab at this real quick or are you in the same boat as me?

Financial niche and education. This could be something worth having a conversation over, Robin, only because I think it would be … It would be kind of hard to give you any sort of advice on a complicated question like this without having more of a conversation. It's very difficult to do in this kind of environment.

Hernan: I mean in terms of … I think that there's a lot of opportunity if you take ownership of the entire funnel. Meaning, if you start collecting leads and you start funneling them to CPA offers and whatnot, while you try to rent them out, you know? But yeah, I totally agree with Bradley. I mean, we'll need to set up a call and see [crosstalk 00:41:38].

Adam: I'm just a little confused, because, forgive me, I was writing some notes down when you guys dove into this, but are they saying that the videos are interviews but not … They're then trying to sell them to other people?

Hernan: My interpretation of the question is that she is interviewing experts in the financial industry and then she breaks those videos … She basically ranks those videos and then tries to sell them or rent them out to those professionals. So, she … The people that she interviewed, so that they can use it for lead gen and marketing for their own businesses. She owns the content, it's on her channel, but she wants to interview them for content for her channel but then rent those videos, once they're ranked, for that professional that she interviewed.

Adam: Okay, got you. If that's the case, then, Robin, I would take it … This is just off the cuff again, I think this, like you guys said, merits some further discussion. But what I would do is take the extra step. Don't sell them the video, because they're probably getting hammered with stuff like that all the time, sell them leads. If those videos are bringing in leads, build a little funnel. You could do it on a WordPress site and get them the information.

This Stuff Works
If you provide those … If they're in the financial services industry, you provide them with a name, a phone number and then any other information, I mean, I can't imagine they'd say no. Or at least you're going to have a very high close rate, so that's the way I would go with that. Take the extra step. Do the work for them.

Bradley: Yeah, and like Hernan said, it's not about ideas to potentially use those while you're building out the other infrastructure if needed. Is potentially funnel the traffic into CPA offers and stuff, financial CPA offers that would … That are relevant to the content of the video. And you can find CPA networks for that kind of stuff, like Max Bounty, and a ton of them. Just go do a search. Adam, you probably know of some CPA offers for financial stuff, right?

Adam: Yeah, that and a lot of the big financial services companies have their own, so you wouldn't even … Yeah, it's real easy. So.

Hernan: Yeah, and since you already … Here's the thing. Don't get discouraged if you … And this is for Robin, but this is in general, too, because sometimes we get to rank a website and that's the easy part, then we need to sell it. You know, we need to rent it or we need to do whatever. So, in the mean time, you can actually build an asset, you can build a list. If you say that you're having 26 videos, they're already ranked, you can actually put up a really sizable list, you know? And you can put together a really sizable list and if you're telling me that you have a list of people that want financial services, that's earning a lot of money, or potential to earn a lot of money, even further.

Bradley: That's a valuable asset.

Hernan: Oh, yeah. Hell yeah. Because you can sell them over and over and over and over again, stuff that's valuable and you can build an entire business around that, just for having those positions locked in.

Bradley: Yeah, you know-

Hernan: And this also … Yeah, go ahead, Bradley, sorry.

Bradley: I'm sorry, I was just going say, that's a great idea because Robin, you could send traffic directly to a CPA offer and that's all well and good, but as Hernan just mentioned has a great … He's 100% on point. Instead, you could send them to an opt-in of some sort where you capture their email and then send the CPA offer via email, because then you've at least captured their email and you start to build a list of people that have raised their hand and said, “I'm interested in financial services of some kind or another.” Now you have an asset, the email list, which you could monetize by sending additional CPA and or affiliate offers, or you could sell or rent. Do a … What do they call them? Cello ads, essentially, for financial service stuff. There's all that kind of stuff that could be done. Having that email list would be probably the greatest asset you could build until you rented them out, if that was your primary model, if you know what I mean.

Adam: And on the flip side of this, let's say that these are maybe more … I'm going to guess here, I don't think we have to read between the lines too deep here. These are probably very educational type video and so not really conversion oriented, and if that's the case, then you could … I would try to monetize these and I would do what Hernan's saying, even if it's just educational, offer them some more education for an opt in, something like that. And then offer them …

But also, if you're looking then to really sell it and you're having trouble selling it just as a video, you could turn this into … I don't know, you guys could probably explain this better. But I'm thinking some sort of social media type of package where it's more, you take the branding route with the customer and say, “Look, we can create all these videos, we can use the transcript, we can post these in many places. It's showing … Look how high it's ranking, you're showing your face, people see that you're ranking for these terms, you're an authority.” And approaching it that way and then also working on what Hernan and Bradley were working about.

Bradley: I'm going to +1 it because that was a good question, Robin.

Adam: Yeah, that gave me some ideas, I'll get busy.

Bradley: Robin, if you're in the Mastermind, I don't think you are but that would be great for a topical discussion inside the Mastermind. If you're not, I would encourage you to join. If you wanted a one on one conversation with one of us, you can certainly purchase some one on one consulting time where we could provide some more insight, but that's rather expensive. We always encourage people just to come join the Mastermind instead. You'll get the same level of attention, plus input from all the other incredibly savvy marketers in our Mastermind and you end up with a much higher value than just one on one time with us.

Hernan: I agree.

Adam: And we're all as good looking as Hernan, so you know, it's win win.

What Is The Easy And Fastest Way To Get A Few Paying Clients?

Bradley: Robert says, “What is the easiest and fastest ways to get a few paying clients?” Great question, Robert. I'm going to give you two replies, two answers. The two quickest and easiest ways I've ever gotten clients. Number one, go to local networking events and introduce yourself, start forming relationships with local businesses. Offer to do some freebie stuff just to get your foot in the door. I typically start with video SEO guys because I can get quick wins almost immediately.

This Stuff Works
Now I use press releases as well, so I do a combination of video and press releases and I'll give away a first video and a press release, guys. So what if it costs me $200? If I get the client, I'm going to make a hell of a lot more money. So, I usually do a video and a press release now as a foot in the door strategy with clients. I comp it, I give it to them. Say, “Look, let me prove what I know what I'm doing.” And who can say no to that? You know what I mean? So that, to me, is one of the quickest ways.

You can also do the same thing, and I just say go do it locally because when you meet somebody at a networking event and you talk to them face to face, it builds a level of rapport that you wouldn't get from an online environment alone. And so, I've found that to be the quickest way.

Now, I've also been an introvert over the last several years. I'm much better about it now. ToastMasters has helped me with that, but I don't mind going out and talking to people. But for quite a few years in my business, I didn't want to leave the house. I wanted to sit behind my computer and do all the work, you know what I mean?

And so, I developed the video email prospecting process and it works like crazy, it requires a little bit of time to set up because you're going to be targeting on a laser-like rifle approach instead of a shotgun approach, where you prospect individual people with customized videos explaining what you can do for them. And sometimes, I'll even rank a video for a potential client, at least in their industry and then send a video email to them saying, “Hey, look. I was able to do this in the last 24 hours or the last three days or whatever. I can do this for you as well.” But you're speaking to that prospect individually, so it's like, a customized video for them.

Again, it takes some time, but I had about a 35% … I would always get three to four responses out of every 10 emails that I sent. Like clockwork, guys. And if I got four replies, I would typically close one or two of those into an actual sale of some sort of service, whether it was just video marketing or full on SEO stuff.

Like I said, I would typically try to provide results in advance before asking for any sort of monetary commitment from them. And so, I don't mind giving stuff away if it's going to lead to a sale.

So, again. Live networking events, probably going to be your best. Go to Meetup.com, go to your Chamber of Commerce, look for lead share groups. All those kind of things are great places to start to get it done really quickly. If you're the type that doesn't like to go out and talk to people, which I understand that, that's why a lot of people get into online marketing. You can accomplish the same thing using video email, it's just going to take you more time. But it's super, super effective.

And just so you know, the video email course, it's in one of our bonus sites, or our bonus site. If you've purchased any of our products, you should have access to the bonus site. If you do not, just reach out to support, we'll give you access. The video emailing prospecting training is in there.

Also, you can purchase the video email prospecting training from the Serp Space site if you haven't purchased any of our other products. You can go to SerpSpace.com and actually purchase the v-mail training. Okay?

And Adam, you can attest, besides just me always touting its effectiveness, does it work for you?

Adam: Most definitely. And I feel like I'm cheerleading it so I try not to do it to much. But the last time I did, I mean, I'm getting ready to fire it up again because I was traveling before the wedding and all that stuff. But yeah, the last time I did it, to reaching out people to … In the financial services industry, I sent out four and got a meeting with one, in person. So, not bad.

Bradley: It's an amazing process.

Adam: Now, your results may vary. That was definitely a little bit better than usual, but I generally have pretty good luck, I've done … Not luck but pretty good results. I think I've used that method about six times now. I mean, it just works. I just stop because it works, I get what I need and then fire it back up as needed.

Do You Have Issues With Live Rank Sniper Recently?

Bradley: Okay, question from … I'm not even to try again. From Rosa, I'm going to say that. “Have you had difficulties with LRS lately?” No, I ran it all week long this week, I've been running that. No kidding.

Who's … That wasn't me this time? It's usually me.

Adam: No.

Bradley: So, no, I haven't had any issues with it at all. If you have any issues with it, again, please contact Peter Drew support guys. We can't support other peoples' products. I certainly endorse his products. Peter Drew's support is usually really good, so definitely reach out to them if you're having any issues. I am not. But also, just keep in mind, that if you have … You have the login details for that YouTube account, so you can … If the text file comes back that shows you the keywords that ranked, who cared what the URL does? It really doesn't matter because you already know, because you can just log in to the YouTube account and go look at the scheduled live events, right? The upcoming, from that little dropdown. You go to live events tab, events, or live streaming tab, events and then you click the drop down and select upcoming, and that's where all your scheduled live events are and you can go select the links from there.

This Stuff Works
But typically, guys, like I always recommend, I only use LRS to poke keywords and as soon as I get that text file back, I go over and log into the channel and delete all the events anyways, because I use the same account over and over and over again, or accounts, I should say, over and over and over again for poking keywords and I don't like to leave scheduled live events up for all types of various keyword themes, if that makes sense.

So, the text file that opens up gives you the data you need. You really shouldn't need the URL at all, to be honest with you. And if you need it, you could always log … Again, if … It should still work though, right? My point is, you don't need it but it should work regardless, and so I would contact Peter Drew support. Alright?

Alright, guys. We're almost out of time. I'm going to run through about three or four more real quick. Roger says, “Can you talk about how, Dominic, I saw your …” Yeah, Dominic, I think for … We may be doing … I'm not sure if we're going to do that or not. We'll have to talk about that PDF of the newsletter, guys, for those people that are international.

Adam: Yeah, we'll be in touch, we don't know yet.

Bradley: Yeah, we'll work that out, don't worry about it, Dominic. We'll make sure that everybody's square away who's in the Mastermind, alright?

Peter Drew's WP Creator + Semantic Mastery SEO Methods

Roger says, “Can you talk about how you use Peter Drew's WP Creator software in conjunction with Semantic Mastery methods?” Yeah, Roger, but I … Other than I use it for link building, that's what I'm trying to explain. That's what I explained about the G sites creator as well. I understand that those properties can rank, that's great and so there's certainly benefit to that. But I'm using it just for link building right now and so, I'm actually like I mentioned earlier in this webinar, I'm doing two case studies right now, using nothing other than Drive Stacks and Peter Drew's products. That's it, that's all I'm doing and I've got two case studies going that are in progress with those two things and those two things alone and those results will be shared publicly with everybody because we're going to be doing a promotion about it.

So, just keep … Be patient, Roger, and I promise you're going to see exactly the kind of results and exactly how I'm using those tools within the next six weeks or so, because it takes some time to get the results, but I've got two local case studies that I'm doing and I'm pretty excited about, and I'll be sharing that in the promotion that we do, alright? Alright, we're almost out of time. I think we're almost done here.

“How long until the crowd search replacement is ready?” Jordan.

Adam: Happy to say that's only one of the things.

Bradley: We've got the … It's available for beta testing. I think we're … Jordan, unless you're in the Mastermind though, buddy, you're going to have to wait until February because we're going to launch it internally. Well, the Mastermind will get first crack at it and then we're probably going to … We might open it up to just our list before we launch it to the public, but I'm not sure. I know our public date is supposed to be February, Jordan, so you're going to have to wait, unless you come join the Mastermind, of course.

Yeah, right? Hint hint. And sorry guys, that's just the way that it is. Right now, we're about to open it for beta testing, Monday I think, possibly. All of you Mastermind members, hold your horses.

Adam: Yeah, internal beta testing.

Bradley: Yeah, internal beta testing. But I think Monday we're going to be ready for that, finally. But it's been worth the wait, guys, I promise.

What Is The Best Way To Improve The Ranking And Bring More Traffic To Website Pages?

Alright, almost of time. “Hey guys, was notified too late about Hump Day Hangouts last time, identified about 600 pages on our site that are very well ranked and I need to give them the extra boost to increase their position some more and bring traffic quickly. What is the best way to achieve this? RankFeedr, any other ways?” … “On our site that are very well ranked, and I need to give them extra boost.”

Adam: I got a link for him. We can move on. Jeff, I linked the podcast. Me and Hernan covered this on the podcast last week. Yeah, so, check it out and if you need more, come back. But also just for anybody watching and you, about within 24 to 36 hours after a Hump Day Hangout, we have the new page up and ready to go, so if you go to SemanticMastery.com/HDQuestions throughout the week, you can ask a question ahead of time and you'll be at the first in line, you don't have to wait until it's live.

Would You Recommend Using ManyCam With OBS?

Bradley: Okay, I've got … I know we're out of time. Really quickly, “The ManyCam thing, it looks like it can now integrate with YouTube and Facebook, [inaudible 00:56:33] for live streaming, would you recommend this over OBS?” Don't know, because I haven't tested it. Honestly, I haven't tested it. Yeah, just test it. Whoever asked that question, just test it.

This Stuff Works
Adam: No, that was me, I was just curious.

Bradley: That was you.

Adam: I haven't looked at it, because it's something I had years ago and I saw you were using it and I was like, “Huh, interesting.”

Bradley: Just try it, I haven't tested it, but yeah, just try it.

Adam: Cool.

Bradley: Jordan, did we talk? I didn't even hear you, Adam, did you mention that we're going to redo a webinar with Jeffrey?

Adam: No, and I meant to do that, so Jordan, thanks for posting that. Everybody, if you missed the webinar or you attended and had an extremely hard time because of all the technical difficulties, we're going to be talking to Jeffrey Smith again. Date TBD but it's going to be within a week or two, so stay tuned for that. We've already had a lot of people jump in and are checking out his course and are loving it, so, we're going to this time do it and it should be much smoother.

Bradley: Yeah, it's crazy, because we had quite a few people that jumped in even though the webinar, it was a train wreck, and it was because of technical issues. It was an absolute train wreck. But that happens from time to time, but there were still several people that jumped in. I can tell you, the training is fabulous man, it really is. I can't describe how well he put that stuff together, so, anyways, it's coming, guys. We're going to a redo of it, which should be much better next time, so just hold your horses, guys. It'll come. We're still going to offer the same sort of offer.

Last thing, “RSS, can we rank a page … So, on RankFeedr, we can rank a page we like just with RSS [inaudible 00:58:02].” Well, I can't tell you whether it's going to rank the page or not. I can tell you that it's very powerful and you can do that with a … I know RankFeedr can help quite a bit, it works great for local stuff as well, so I can't answer that because I don't know. There's just too many variables. Alright?

Alright, guys. We've got to wrap it up, we're out of time. So, sorry for anybody that didn't get their questions answered, we appreciate everybody being here. Remember, next week is … I'm not sharing my screen, there's weird things going on again here.

Adam: Be there, we're going to have a bunch of good stuff. So, if you're there live, obviously got a chance to win. We'll be talking about what exactly you can win, we're going to have some good stuff. Gonna tease it a little bit, one of them's going to be at least a Mastermind membership for some period of time. We've got a bunch of other good stuff and we're going to have some fun with it, too. I'm not sure what we're going to do, but whip something up in the next week here and we'll enjoy ourselves and we'd love it if you came and joined us, whether you're brand new or you've been watching us for years.

Bradley: That's right, and it's your opportunity to win some pretty cool swag.

Adam: That'd be cool.

Bradley: Alright, guys. Thanks for everybody for being here, we'll see you all next week.

Adam: Awesome, bye.

Hernan: Adios.

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