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if you understand what I'm saying, Give me a one. You can give me a tool, or you can give me another kind of one. Now, when I'm, at least I'm not. I'll admit it. I'm the worst marketer in the world. I know how to rank shit. But I suck at marketing. At any rate, welcome to Wednesday's Hump Day Hangouts. Your reason to like Wednesdays, that's why you're here. Let me just go from left to right, as I see you, and introduce my partners, and see what they have to say her name. What's up?

What's up, dude, so I'm good. I'm excited to be here. You know, it's always good. It's always good to be on Hump Day Hangout, it's always good to hang out with you guys. And to, you know, give back a little bit to the community that gives us so much so really excited to be here.

Cool, Chris, what's up, man? Good here.

Doing something really exciting at the moment building my own ghetto gym. because well, Corona is like all the restrictions, everything is still shut down. And like, I don't know, like currently, it's like the fifth of April or something like that, then I bet it's gonna be till May or something like that. So I'm not waiting any longer. So like, I'm looking forward to squatting again, proper bench press, and stuff. So super excited. Cool. Bradley. What's up, man? What's up, man? Busy as all hell. But it's, um, it's exciting. Got a lot of things cooking. So glad to be here. It's good to be busy. And as you can see, guys, it's Groundhog Day in Costa Rica. For over a year I've been showing away.

I don't want I won't give you too much light. Because I don't want you to think that Mark was heading off into the light. But you guys can see it. It's beautiful. It's sunny. What can I say? It's the price I paid for the life I live. Guys, it takes work to do this shit.

Is that easy, and it's not free. But once you get the process in place, then the process takes care of everything. So you can step away and enjoy some of this. You go off to the beach, you go off to the mountains, you go and explore the jungles and the volcanoes and everything that this beautiful country has to offer. And anyway, if you want to know more about how it is that we do the do, then head on over to MGYB.co. That's our store that I've done for you store. I just literally got done ordering link building package from MGYB about an hour ago. So it's exactly what we use. It's in the process is everything that we give you. And we give it to you for free. We tell you what the process is. We're not going to show you how. But we tell you why. It's not that it's something nobody else will do. Nobody will tell you why we tell you why. We're directly affecting the algorithms in a positive manner rather than in a negative manner. That's what we're doing, how we do it. It's MGYB to but if you want the secret sauce, we're not going to give you that how to cope with it. No, we'll put it together for you. If you want the training then you have to come to semantic mastery comm our mastermind or you join the heavy hitter club or you join us if you're not joined, but order our done for you services. And please if you're listening to this, it's like Caroline said we want to give back to the community. The whole purpose for this from day one was to give back to the SEO community that has given us so much. And so that this is it. So head on over to YouTube, help us grow, and help us stay free. Click that like button hit on that bell so you get a reminder whenever we're coming on. Please do that. Help us out? Right. We help you so please help us and without further ado, let's Oh wait, wait, wait a minute. I got a teaser. I got a teaser. And the end of the month. end of the month. Betty we just talked about it yesterday. You want to steal the thunder.

end of the month. And oh because of oh I'm sorry. I was thinking you were the end of February that just occurred. I didn't realize you were talking about the end of March. So yeah, we're uh there's Adam. He's coming now. He must get his hamsters running fast enough on the net. Don't let it man just keep him waiting. Yeah, I'm sorry. I understand what you're saying now. So yeah, the end of this month Syndication Academy relaunch or, I mean, let's just lay it out there is it they completely 100% updated for 2021 and with a unique kind of presentation twist that we haven't done in the past and should be good. I'm really looking forward to it is a kind of a new way for us to present training material and I hope it will be received well we'll find out but um, it's going to be awesome because we've we put a lot of additional methods and techniques and such into Syndication Academy this time. So we presented her already, right in Hump Day Hangouts. We just want people to know it's launching we're actually going to do it will first be done internally before goes public take advantage of the internal launch because that's always a better price point that it will be when it goes public. The person doing the training she was brought in, because she was an outsider, because we wanted someone who had never seen the training, didn't know what Semantic Mastery What didn't know what SEO was, we wanted her and we wanted her going through the training, and updating, updating the training while she was going through it. Why? Because we want her available on Facebook, and she is going to be available in the group. So that when people come up with problems, she will know in detail how to deal with the problem. And she will be there to help people get through the problems. We have over 300 websites, I believe, I believe it is as webinar updates guys, we have over 300 websites that she will be going into and showing them how they can manipulate it, how can they how they can be manipulated and added to your internet profile to broaden the entity. And that's what this is all about. The name of the game now is who has the best entity in the web. That's the name of the game. The person who builds the strongest, most powerful entity rounded out in the way that Google expects is the one who wins. And one of the foundational principles of our method is Syndication Academy. It's a must, it's me, that's why we put it into the SEO shield, you have to have it, you have to present a proper entity to Google that can be trusted, and that can become authoritative over time. That's what this is all about. Don't expect to rank for gold.

Or DUI, DUI attorney Toronto, three posts and one syndication network Not gonna happen. Don't expect to rank, like plumber in dc, dc plumber. That took a lot of work. It was it's what we call now the SEO power shield, and then embed runs precedences if you remember Rob was doing presently, like daily. Yeah, hammering it with link building. But it became the entity for the keyword DC plumber, the keyword and DC plumber, the company is inextricable right now. Right, the relationship that was created is so great. So this is one of the things that you can do with Syndication Academy is build that entity. It's coming. Se is wonderful. She's great at communicating. It's just different. And we hope that people can really benefit from having her available like every day. She'll be in there and she can spend an hour in there or however long it takes to answer questions then there will be monthly or I don't know how often. It'll be up. It'll be updated. We will figure it out guys, but it's coming. I'm really excited about this. Get on the Syndication Academy train.

Adam, anything you'd like to add to now? I couldn't help myself. That's it, man. Yeah, I've been having some weird internet issues are doing construction around our place. And just like three minutes before, posted a video on Facebook inviting people to come into Hump Day Hangouts and then tried to do anything else is dead. So happy to be here. I think you guys covered it. I'm pumped about Syndication Academy. There's a lot, a lot of good stuff in there that people are gonna want to go over, and then with the continuous updates, it's just gonna be badass. So that's all I got for today.

Cool, but without further ado, and nobody else has objections. Let's move on to the questions. All right, let me grab a screen. Oops, wrong button.

You guys are seeing it now. Correct. Looks good.

I don't know why it stopped with your damn. I don't know which ones are which anymore.

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Can You Offset Average Reviews And Get Into The 3-Pack By Targeting Optimized Listings With Press Release, Backlinks, Drive Stacks From MGYB?

I think it's a setting but let me take a look because I had to go in and you can do something but Oh, so it was you that changed some shit around. I didn't do shit. No, Gordon. Gordon is is the last one. The last one. Hey, guys, I need your help with two podcasts. Yeah. All right. So hey, guys, I need your help with two quick questions. Number one, I'm presuming that having lots of four and five-star reviews still has a significant effect on getting a GMB listing into the three-pack. But if the business has just average quantity and quality reviews compared to their competitors, can you offset that deficiency and still get a new three-pack by targeting the optimized listing with press releases backlinks ROI is Google Drive stack, etc from MGYB. Yeah, I mean, I think reviews are a small part of ranking in the three-pack.

But I don't know how. Like how much of a part of it is I don't think it's a huge part of it might Marko might have more insight on that than I do. Where I find reviews mostly beneficial, is not necessary. I mean, it's great for social proof. There's no question right? It helps to improve the click-through rate if they got good. A good number of reviews and obviously a high rating in those reviews. It helps to entice the click right it helps to cause visiter a Google user to want to click through to that, which is a great SEO signal in itself, right? That engagement signal, but as far as the reviews themselves having an effect on the SEO, it's I don't know how much of an effect the reviews actually have on the GMB. But where I find the most benefit is by going in and replying to those reviews and working keywords in and location names into the review. reply, if that makes sense. Because it's a way to inject additional relevancy, either geographic or topical relevancy into the reviews themselves that typically, if you know, if you read a lot of reviews, a lot of times the keywords aren't mentioned or the locations aren't mentioned. And so you can work those in it's just another opportunity to squeeze keywords and location terms into the GMB. So that's how I find it. But I don't know about how much maybe Marco Can you answer? Do you have any idea how much reviews affect GMB ranking?

Not rankings, but they do become link building targets? Right? Yeah.

And, and so that's a great place to start, that's a great way to use them is as link building target. That's how I use them. They're great for press release targets also for press releases, which is also link building.

And so you can think of them that way. Now, the quality of the reviews only matters, like when you're seeing a lot of forum five stars when people are looking. I talked about this the other day I believe in in a webinar, you know, my daughter really pays attention to that. And she really looks at the reviews when she's trying to buy something like an Amazon. Like how many good reviews does it have? How many bad reviews have Why are they getting bad reviews? Or why are they getting such good reviews? Or are they just generic reviews that these people are getting?

And so that's when it matters, and then that CTR is like it's not a cause and effect. It could be correlational. In other words, if you have a lot of quality reviews, then as you said people are likely to click on it. But as far as ranking, like, I've seen people with no reviews rank over people with 300 something reviews. Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, yeah, I see that too. And that's why I mentioned I don't know how much the reviews. Now, again, by being able to use those reviews as an opportunity for link building. I didn't mention that. But yeah, that's true. And that's a lot of times, by the way, like Press Advantage will write press releases and actually quote, a review that they pulled from the GMB anyways for that company. So that's a great opportunity to link to the share URL for that review. But also, as I said, there's work you know, replying in replying to reviews gives you that opportunity to add additional keywords and location, relevancy. So I think that that helps as well. That's a habit that we do for my clients.

Does Daily Posting In GMB Help In Ranking The Listing Higher?

So the second question was, I'm presuming that daily GMB posts are allowed. Yes, and I recently read that posting daily on GMB will significantly help the listing to rank higher and that optimizing the posts for your targeted search terms will also significantly help with ranking or either or both of these those true and if so, how much of an impact will either have. Gordon, I would suggest that you take low to join the Local GMB Pro course that we put out because it's all specifically about GMB and how to get I mean, just absolutely crush a GMB location.

You know, doing nothing but the stuff inside of GMB. I mean, as you can forget about even if it has a self-hosted website and everything but what I'm saying is local GMB Pro is all about how to optimize and get results from the GMB and the assets that Google provides as part of the Google My Business profile. So I would encourage you to check that out if because it sounds like you've got some GMB work on your hands. So, Marco, what do you want to say about the post?

I'm like, Can I say outside of local GMB Pro people have paid really good money for that course. Right? And how much are we willing to give away for free?

Yeah, I mean, you have to look at what your competitors are doing to see what it is that you have to do to compete in the space.

Check to see if that like what frequency of posting you should have. There's so much information that you can gather from a GMB and from insights. It's ridiculous.

Yeah, I mean, I can't really say much more with it without just giving away too much. How we do the post not it's not just a matter of posting but how we post how each one is done, how we approach the entity. The press releases everything. Everything goes hand in hand.


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Should You Create A GMB For A Business Aiming To Get Monthly Membership Signups Even If It's Not A Local Service Type?

Okay, well, thank you for that. Dan says, Hey gents, so I bought an SEO shield for a business that is looking to generate monthly membership signups. It isn't a local business. Really, though. I am wondering if I should order a postcard and set up a GMB even though it really isn't a local service type of business, my SEO shield is already in a queue without an address or phone number. Any advice is appreciated. Um, I mean, there's a lot of benefits to having a GMB associated with a brand period. Even if it's not a typical local business, I'm gonna pass this one over to Marco because he, he, he uses GM B's for, you know, even national or global type projects. So market What do you say? What can you suggest to him? But it's the entity right looks good. I'm sorry, Dan. We recently did charity webinars I suggest that you go and make a donation, send an email to the email that's provided up I'll write it later.

And really focus on what it is that we're talking about because I talked about how to use a GMB a little bit. Not only to solidify the entity but in the entire process and why you should do this and why even if you don't have a local company, you should have a GMB why you should have a listing why it's important for Google to have a list and why is it important in your schema for your organization when you're presenting everything to Google and why you'd be out doing everybody else?

There we go. And that's so just to clarify Dan if you what I would suggest if you plan on getting a GMB is to contact MGYB support and find out you know how far they've gone with your order. Because if it hasn't been really started yet or anything, I got an again, just a suggestion depending on where they are with the progress of your stack your drive stack, you may be able to ask them to pause it and wait until you get the GMB that way. It's worked into the GMB. Now, if it's already been started or completed or whatever, then that may, you know, unfortunately, that it may be too late. But it would be worth at least a support request to find out if it's possible if you know where it is in it, you know and how far along it is. And if it can be paused until you get to GMB. If that's what you plan on doing that would be a suggestion.

I would tell him Yes. I mean, we would totally pause it, we would give them 30 days actually, right 30 days to submit the information. If you haven't submitted it in 30 days, then then you will get refunded. And you have to start again. But just so you know we can hold it. It's not as if that no, we can't just write to resale just right to resist. He's fantastic. And support man. Yeah, supported MGYB.co.

Should You Buy An MGYB Link Package To Hit The RYS Stack After Purchasing A Depth Keyword Research?

Okay, next would be I also purchased in-depth keyword research, and I'm assuming that the next thing to buy would be a link package to hit dry stack with any suggestions on what else I could be doing. Fortunately, I have a monthly budget to spend on MGYB Yeah, that's great, Dan. And that's what we've, I can't tell you how many times when we talk about, you know, the SEO shield, the power shield, you know, and everything that we talked about entity based SEO that you should have a budget from your client's retainer every single month that's dedicated towards link building and embeds and that kind of stuff, press releases, whatever. So it's good that you have that because, you know, that's, that's the way to get results is to use that. So you just work that right into your proposal. Initially, whenever you're signing a client, which it sounds like you did, so that's great.

You know, I would go through either the SEOshield.com if you haven't already gone through that, it's free, it's like a four-day training, Rob put that together, that will tell you like the best practices and how to get the most use out of it. And that kind of stuff. The other one would be semanticmastery.com/process which's behind an opt-in now.

So you still have to exchange your email for it. But I did a training on that specifically, again, it's high level, but I specifically talk about how to, you know how I cycle through link building and embeds and things like that and, you know, choose different target URLs different us, you know, groups of URLs to hit at different times and that kind of stuff. And I talked about that and kind of a high level through the process training, the entity based SEO process training, which again, you can find that at semantic mastery.com slash process. I believe that redirects to an opt-in page now but you can get access to it just by opting in. And I would recommend you go through that because it'll give you some kind of link building schedule, like link building and embed, like off-page SEO schedule. It's and it's just a mock schedule, you can modify it to you know, your specific needs or to the project's needs, but it'll just give you some ideas on how to cycle through and constantly be planning applying pressure to your entity assets. And that's the way that we suggest doing it any any comments guys. Yeah, I suggest go to the seoshield.com, I posted it on the page, it tells you why we're not going to tell you how. But it tells you why.

And everything that you build off-page away from your money site becomes like a target for your link building. And for your press releases or for everything you do so that it powers up into your money site.
So it's just a fantastic way. But don't just take that one link building run, it depends on the competition, it depends on the keyword that you're doing. It depends on the niche, it may take a steady diet of this every month until you're getting the results that you want. And then you want to let the natural traffic and the natural link building take over. If anything starts to slip, you just start over again. With more press releases more link building more embed runs, and more link building. I mean, it's exactly the way that we do it.


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What Software Can You Recommend To Automate LinkedIn Lead Generation?

Next question. This is a question for me for sure. So he says, Hey, guys, wondering if you know of any good LinkedIn automation lead generation software systems to help get more clients for agencies and clients? That's a great question. In fact, I have just started, I just signed up last week and am in the process of working on, you know, developing my own LinkedIn strategy. Because I just launched my new agency less than three weeks ago. And I'm going to attempt to give a real attempt this time on LinkedIn, two to four prospecting.

Over the years, I've not done a whole lot of LinkedIn stuff. Number one, I just never had a desire to do it. It's just like Facebook, I'm not a big fan.

But in the past, I've made some half-assed attempts to do prospecting on LinkedIn, and I never stuck with it long enough to get any results to fine-tune my pitch my messaging, you know, all that kind of stuff. So this time, I'm going to, I'm going to give it a full-hearted effort and stick with it long enough to try to get some results or prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it just isn't going to work in the industry that I'm in, which is tree care contractors, although I just from some very, very basic stuff that I've done over the past week. I've seen some promise already. So I'm going to stick with it. That said, I would suggest a couple of things, I came across a really, really, really good resource. It's called the LinkedIn Bible.

Ba mF CEO, I think is the name of the Yeah, right there. Ba mF CEO. And it's called the LinkedIn Bible. There's a collection of five books, but he's got a, you know, free plus shipping funnel, essentially, I'm sure you're aware of that.

There's anyways, just go check it out. It's called the LinkedIn Bible, it's a series of books that you can get, I think the first one for free, but then you got to pay for the others. It's, it's really good. There's a shit ton of information in there about how to optimize your profile.

How to start growing your network for your specific industry, you know, chosen industry or how to do that for clients, that kind of stuff. So there's just a lot of real I mean, guys, it's massive. The book itself is, I don't know, 400 pages or something. It's ridiculous. There's I mean, but a lot of that screenshots and things like that anyway, it's really good. I just started going through that just a few days ago, or, yeah, it was over the weekend, I think that I started, it's all a blur. I'm working 14 hours a day right now, but it's really good. As far as that, you know, that's just going to give you some strategies. Now he recommends some tools and stuff in there, the tool that I decided to go with is called octopus crm.io. That's this one. And I want with this one, just because it's got all the features that I need, I'm using high level is my agency, marketing automation platform. And so you know, I didn't really need like another full-on CRM and everything else. But octopus CRM actually has a set of one of the better monthly pricing options. A lot of the other ones are 100 bucks a month, this one's $49 a month. And just a quick tip, if you sign up for the free trial, you will get an email and then a couple of days with a 5% off coupon that's 5% off the monthly. So if you go with the monthly at 4999. And you get that 5% off coupon, it's I mean, it's only a couple bucks off, but just letting you know where you can go annual one, it's like 25 bucks per month, but you have to pay for the whole year. So anyway, I would try that. There are a few other ones out there too, that I've looked at. But this is the one that I decided to go with. I haven't really started any serious prospecting on LinkedIn yet because I'm still kind of in the learning the platform phase as long as well as optimizing, optimizing my profile, and developing my messaging sequence which I'm already testing that using email and SMS and cold voice drops through high levels. So once I have that kind of down in a bit of that message, I'm going to apply that to LinkedIn.

I obviously might have to tweak it a bit for the LinkedIn platform. But I think that's what I'm going to be doing. So I will have more information as far as experience with LinkedIn and this CRM and or automation app in particular, but it's going to be a few weeks. This is not you know, this, LinkedIn is another prospecting Avenue. For me, it's not my primary source, if that makes sense. So anyway, anybody else has any suggestions for that? They give you a free pro trial, every once in a while. Yeah. And it worked out really well for me. So well, in fact, that I did pay a couple of extra months.

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I mean, what I wanted to see is how good it was for prospecting, right. And I did it in the Virginia area got a bunch of people from Virginia, DC.

So I'd be there's just a lot of SEO leads and related, like marketing, there's a lot of things in marketing that you can do. And then like, I don't know how much to give away, I'll give it away, what I'll do is I'll just change the city that I'm in, I'll change the phone number because then that's the leads that you'll get leads from there. So if you'd like if you're around New York, and you can meet with people or Chicago, LA, whatever, I mean, it's just a really good venue to get in front of people, you will have to like outbid others, I never send in.

I don't want to get too technical. I never said send in the bids. I say to people, let's get on a call. Let's talk and they will see what it is that you want that you need. Because I can't tell you exactly. I can't charge you like $15,000 and not know what it is that you need. And so you get them on the phone. And they get to know you they get to know who you are they've already done their research on what it is that you do. And the closing rate is phenomenal. When you get in front of these people. You were talking about LinkedIn Pro Finder, though, right? Yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I actually bought a course from

Josh Harris about that called LinkedIn Pro Finder profits over a year ago now. But the niches in there, I mean, unless you're just looking like, you know, as an SEO agency, or excuse me, a marketing agency, you can get, you know, you can go you can find people that have submitted proposal requests for SEO or marketing services. Specifically, I'm in you know, looking for trees, tree contractor clients, and there are no Pro Finderoptions for that. So, so I never ended up doing anything with it. But it looks like you could get quite a, you know, there's not a whole lot of people competing on this, at least there wasn't a year ago when I joined that program. It didn't really fit my model. So I really never did anything with it. But you ought to check into that. As far as just doing flat-out outreach. And I think I said when I was talking about this earlier, $49 a month, it's only $39 a month, which is and that's on the monthly. That's why part of the reason I joined this one, as opposed to some of the other ones was that it was so much less expensive. And with the unlimited account, it gives you Zapier, you know, connect, it will allow you to connect to Zapier, which will push the data from this app to a high level, which is really where I want it because the high level is what I'm using for my CRM and pipeline and all that kind of stuff. So that's specifically why I went with the unlimited was so that I could connect it to a high level via Zapier. But yeah, pro finder, as far as I know, there's from what I hear there was quite a bit of work that can be had from LinkedIn, like to get clients from and you can even sell if you get good on with LinkedIn pro finder, you can actually provide that as a service for, you know, businesses that provide that are looking for people that are asking for looking for clients, essentially, you can manage pro finder stuff for clients is what I'm saying. And that's kind of pro finder profits course was from Josh Harris was all about, you know, doing that managing that for others. Again, it just didn't fit any of my chosen industries. So I didn't do it. But you might want to look into that as well. How it works is you get a notification anytime that there's a lead available in your area. And you just go in and you write an email to that person, get that person to contact you be really good at getting in front of people and having them you know, get them on that on that phone. And then if you get on the phone, you can close them. Yeah. Yeah.

So yeah, it's a great question. By the way, I'm just like I said, just starting to get into LinkedIn now.

I think it's promising. So I'm gonna give it a real effort. I'll share what I know when I know.

Any Advice On How To Optimize An Online Vehicle Dealership Web Platform In Facebook Marketplace & Other Sites?

Okay, so this was a question posted by Marco but it was from another group or something from Nicole Campbell and Facebook. I'm creating a web platform that will allow dealers to sell their vehicles online. However, regarding the marketing, I would like for their cars to be marketed through the Facebook marketplace and a ton of other platforms. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. Do I automate my platform or do I automate each featured vehicle that is uploaded on the platform, automate each vehicle that has a multi-tier syndication or a single-tier?

Yeah, that's kind of a tough question, because I'm not sure I fully understand what she's asking to do. Marco, do you want to take this one? Since you were aware of it? Well, first, you need a website.

And it's not a cheap website that Nicole is needing, because this website is going to need to do a few things, for example, the vehicles that she's that she wants to sell. Let me go back and look at this question again because that's what it is so so she wants to show the vehicles online, but she also wants them in the Facebook marketplace. So you want to wait to automate going into the Facebook marketplace. I don't know if there's any way outside of the Facebook API to go into the Facebook marketplace. I don't even don't think that IFTTT, Zapier, but you'd have to look. So here's the thing, though. And this is why I got into this. Our support both MGYB and Semantic Mastery are not there to give you SEO advice, which this or marketing for that matter or anything having to do with how to build your website and how to hook all this up. What they're they're there to do is to create a done-for-you syndication network. But it can't be customized in this way. We have a set number of profiles that we do this with the Facebook marketplace is not one of them. So you're talking about something that's outside of what we do outside the specs or the spectrum of what it is that we do. So she wants to know, do I automate your platform? Yeah, you would automate your website to hook into the Facebook marketplace. If that's even possible. Again, API, there has to be some kind of way that you can hook into the marketplace so that you can display your vehicles into the marketplace and then also syndicate out into your syndication network.

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All right. Now, is this a multi-tier syndication? No, it's a single tier, because we're still talking about building the entity and pushing whatever it is that you're doing your product service, or whatever it is, out into your entity, you're not even at the multi-tier syndication level. At that point, it might require a multi-tier syndication network, depending on the automobiles are they use? Are they new? What kind of are wheels? Is it local? Is it global? What are you doing? And I can tell you that if you don't already have the website, and you're gonna you're looking to develop, it's not done on pennies. This is an expensive website that you're talking about is one type of thing. I mean, you can look to adjust the template to do what you need it to do. I wanted to answer this For this reason, because there's no way that our support can be expected to give you an answer for any of these questions. Since they simply don't know, I don't even know I'm just giving you what I would look to do with it, I would create my own custom theme, my own custom template, my own structure like we did with MGYB. To do the things that I wanted to do hiring a developer to do that is going to cost you if you've already done it. Now your job is to go and look to see how you can hook into the Facebook marketplace. Because it's not one of the places that we go into. Yeah. And then from there, once you get once you have your SEO shield in place, look and how to incorporate whatever it is that you're doing into that. That would be my answer for her.

Yeah, I mean, you could always go to something like Upwork and look for, you know, Facebook developers, for example, or Facebook app developers, like I don't know, I don't do shit on Facebook. So it's, but I'm sure you can find somebody on Upwork that to let you know whether that's even possible, you could probably even do some research on your own and figure out, I don't know, I sell real estate that I flip, you know, land vacant land on Facebook marketplace, but we post those manually. We don't do a lot of you know, a shit ton of volume. So there's really no reason for us to automate that. But I don't know, I don't think I've seen in any of our automation apps, the ability to automate a Facebook marketplace post to profiles and post to groups and that kind of pages. Yes, but I've never I don't think I've ever seen that option anywhere. And all the automation apps that I've used, not saying it can't be done. It may be possible. I just never seen that. So I don't think it's common. So again, I would recommend that you just do some research first to see if you can automate Facebook posts, Facebook marketplace posts, excuse me. First and if you can't determine whether that's possible or not, then you know, again, go to like Upwork or something and post a job describing what it is you're trying to accomplish? And you'll start getting some replies back from people that, you know, depending on how you post your job and Facebook up work, excuse me, I usually do by invitation only. So I literally go look for people that say something in their profile that would, you know, lead me to believe that they're able to help. And then I send them the invitation to review my job, the job posting, specifically, and that way I don't get like 8000 replies that I have to sift and sort through, I'm only getting replies from people that I have selected. But that might be a good opportunity for you to find out. Just have some conversations with some people that understand Facebook development stuff, and they'd be able to steer you in the right direction. And then you might even find somebody to be able to develop what you need, right there on the upward platform. Any comments?

Can You Use The SEO Power Shield To A Website That Already Had A Google Drive & IFTTT Setup By Another Vendor?

No, that's perfect. Okay. driven to rank. Alright, he says, I just purchased the power shield. Can I use it on a website that already had a Google Drive and IFTTT set up from another vendor? Or should I use it only on a site that doesn't have those things set up? No, you know, you can use it for the same site.

It's probably done a hell of a lot better too.

Since we did it not probably I'm sure it is. But um, yeah, no, as far as I'll let Marco take this one. But yeah, you can apply it to the same site. What do you say, Marco?


Does that it?

I mean, they ask these questions, and you can never be really sure, right. Yeah, that's true. It's, uh,

I'm not sure what it is that we're doing. Or can I use it on the website that already had a Google jet? Yes. Because we will use that Google Drive and we will get the IFTTT login. So what you're missing is the G site. And if I'm reading this correctly, the ad ID but don't use it on anything else. Unless I miss reading this.

While he's saying that he had a website that already had a drive stack that was built by some other vendor as well as an IFTTT setup. Yeah, so he wants to apply the new SEO power shield that he bought from us and all of its components to the same website. And I've done that in the past guys, not I haven't bought from other vendors. Because Because I've been building them myself or trained a team out of building them since 2011. So I've never bought a syndication network or a drive stack from another vendor. That said, I have had some, you know, networks that were older that weren't set up correctly, or, you know, things have changed or whatever. And so, and for example, I've got a Tree Service.

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One of my Tree Service locations that I built this drive stack for way back in probably 2015. When I learned how to do that, from Marco, before we had even launched our ys Academy. And I had built one in fact, it was the training that I did, I remember specifically it was for called pepper Tree Service. And it was because I had built that for the training that I did for ArcGIS Academy, because Gary, Dr. Gary did the training originally, but then people said they wanted me to do the training. So I went in and built a drive stack for call pepper Tree Service. And long story short, that was never that was built to those standards at that time. Well, things have changed a lot. You know, as far as like, how we build them. Now the way they look, the interlinking has gotten a lot better, everything else. And so about a year ago, I had, I had MGYB build another drive stack specifically for that brand that that that particular brand got brought in underneath another brand. But I had a new drive stack built for that I didn't get rid of the old drive stack, it's still out there, it's still in fact, for you know, certain keyword searches, you can still see on page one some of those files and folders and such. But I just had a new one built to kind of replace that one but I just didn't deindex the other one or set it to private or anything because there was really no perhaps except for the name being changed because I brought that other underneath another brand, the all the other NAEP data was the exact same and call pepper Tree Service is actually also a keyword instead of just a brand right that makes sense. So really didn't am disambiguate or ambiguity ate my brand when I changed the brand name because all the other NAP data stayed the same. So my answer is I would just go ahead and apply the power shield to the project even if you had the other stuff. You can decide whether or not the other stuff was toxic and you want to eliminate it or set it to nonpublic or whatever. That's up to you. You know we can't tell you that without looking at anyways but I can tell you if it was built by somebody else you probably wouldn't do right.

So yeah, we hit was responsible for what somebody else did. My main concern starting here would be, dude, don't create ambiguity. If you create ambiguity, it's going to kill whatever it is that you're doing. And it's really hard to disambiguate. Once you've done so.

Have You Tried Using 301 Redirect A Domain With Single Backlink From Authoritative Site To A Money Site?

So BB's up with a list of questions, many of which are hypothetical as always, No, I'm kidding. BB, what's up? He says, Hey, guys, have you ever tried a 301? redirect a domain with a single backlink from an authoritative site to the money site? What were the results? If not, then what should be there? Well, yes, I've done that. In fact, I found a really good it was domain that had was expired domain, but it had one backlink from Wikipedia. That was it. It was one backlink. But it was from Wikipedia, as a real backlink from Wikipedia. And it happened. It happened to be for a landmark or something, some historical landmark that had a website at one time, but apparently, they let the domain expire. And it was in a particular it was in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. And I had a limo service company at the time, that was a client of mine, that was a limo service in Charlottesville. And so I found that expired domain with the one backlink that was on a page for a historical landmark in the city of Charlottesville. And so it was it just seemed like a great backlink. So I did what I purchased. But if I remember, I can't remember if I just did a 301 redirect, or if I set up I think I set up an HTML page with the Wayback informing the original page content from the Wayback Machine archive.org. Right. And I think I set that up on an HTML, Amazon s3 hosted, you know, bucket hosted HTML page with so a recreation of what the Wayback Machine archive.org had as the content on there. But I stripped all the links out and everything else to where the only error was one backlink from that HTML page to my money site. And I saw like a seven-position jump in a matter of a week, which was really crazy. It was one keyword that I was targeting, in particular with that test. And I saw a significant jump.

So as far as I don't know if I've done any just 301 redirects, but it will pass the PageRank, you know, through the redirect to your destination, if it is, you know, a little bit as lost through a 301 redirect, but not much. So yes, it will pass. You want to comment on that one, Marco. Yeah, watching Be careful, like how long the domain has been expired? And how much has been spammed? Because it could be that that that da will disappear real quick. Yeah. And not only that, the PageRank. So it depends on how much you're going to spend on that domain, what you're using it for. But if it has those really good link metrics, then yes, I wrote, I built one up to like 70 domain authority once. And then once I got that far, Google for some reason came in and just smack the shit out of me. And it got D indexed. Well, of course, it was just total spam, because domain authority is a third-party metric. And like the only thing that you should be caring about, like, is it relevant to whatever it is that you're doing? And does it have good links, so that those links are relevant to whatever it is that you're doing? So if you can find a website that's actually relevant, and the links are relevant to whatever you're doing, it doesn't have to have direct relevance. But some relevance according to whatever it is that Google considers relevant. Not Moz. Not majestic. Not a truss, nothing but Google. And then yes, yes, it will have fantastic results, Wikipedia, any Wikipedia links that are especially related, will have fantastic results, that 301 will have an effect. And then what you can do is boost that expired domain, because it's 301. So you're actually adding a layer of protection. Be careful, though, because a penalty can pass through that 301 to wherever it's directed. So never directed to your money site. Of course. That's why I mentioned the HTML page on an s3 bucket. Yep. Yeah. And that was, that was my preferred method. I don't like to 301 I like to create those buffer pages. And there's like, in my opinion, there's no better place to do it than an S3 HTML page. So that's, that's I did a lot of that where I would buy expired domains and readjust build a single HTML page with the content that you can scrape directly from archive.org. And it's just one page. It's just the root domain, whatever was on the root domain, you can recreate that and then strip out any navigation menu links and everything else to where there's one backlink on that page pointed when it can be an anchor text link, or however, you know, you have to determine how you want to handle that. But that one link now, especially if it's anchor text, and it's embedded within content that adds relevancy. It can be incredibly powerful and in that HTML page becomes another target that you can just hammer with additional backlinks as well for, you know, to power that up even further. So there's a good question.

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Why Does Google Rank A Site With Higher Quality Backlinks Than A Long Form Content?

The next one is why? And this question, I've read it like six times now trying to decipher it. So not 100% Sure, I can fully understand the question, but I'm going to attempt it. I think what he's asking is why will Google rank content that has maybe less content, but higher quality, higher quality backlinks than long-form content? That might be considered like, you know, you know, a really in-depth article about this topic, but fewer backlinks, why will Google out? And he says, isn't Google's purpose to give the best results? Yes, and no. I mean, yes, Google intends to give the best results. But one of the algorithms also determines through backlinks, backlinks, a big still a huge part of the algorithm on how things are, end up the ranking, right, and how they perform in search, I should say, backlinks are still a huge part of that this is definitely a good question for Marco. But you know, just having, you know, just having good content, or even the best content about a particular topic does not mean that you're going to rank for it. Because if you don't, again, if you don't know how to structure the content properly, if you don't know how to do internal linking properly, if you don't do any external stuff, except for Jeffrey Smith, who is incredible at Jeff's building PageRank through internal link structure and how he stacks content, properly through semantic, you know, through what he knows through how good he is, Jeffrey Smith, SEO boot camps, the only one that I've ever seen, that can outrank you know, sites with very little to no external backlinks at all because of how he structures and he builds all his PageRank through internal linking. So again, if you know how to do all that shit, then having really good quality content, you can rank well for it, but just having the best content on a particular subject or topic. If you don't know, like, if none of the other metrics are there signals are there, then it's not you know, chances are, it'll never get found. So I don't know, Marco, how do you want to expand on that?

You mentioned the metric word PageRank, which is the doorway into what Google is building, which is a ranking score. This is a good way to understand that no matter how much content you write if you don't build back backlinks, you're fucked until Google figures out what it is that you're trying to do.

Perfect example, because you can write a whole bunch of content that nobody sees is what I tell people like they want a million-dollar website that nobody is ever going to see. So there'd be a whole bunch of money. Nobody sees the website, and you have some garbage from 2000. Right, that type of website that, you know, it's crazy, but it's converting, like nuts. And you wonder, Well, why? Why? Because all you're concentrating on is a pretty website that nobody will see, instead of focusing on converting the people that are coming to the website, activity, relevance, trust, and authority, which builds PageRank. It builds ranking short, he's hitting it with backlinks which create more PageRank more ranking scores. That's what we focus on the entity, the activity relevance, trust, and authority building PageRank building ranking score.

How Come Google Ranks Pages With Blocked To Membership Content?

Sweet, thank you. How come Google ranks pages with blocked membership content? Um, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, if it's you know, if it's a particular word, like a brand name, or you know, a training course name or something like that, and there's not a lot of competition for it, then it can rank even if it's a block membership page unless it's set to no index. And I've even seen Google ignore that no index directive before. So I don't know, I can't answer that. Can you Marco, you're not gonna have it? What do you mean by block to membership? That doesn't mean that Google can't crawl the page and can't index the page and can't rank it as long as the content is relevant. Or if you built a whole bunch of length we just talked about it backlinks to it. Then it has activity relevance, trust, and authority because people are coming to the website.

I think something like this right.

So like a blank membership registration page or something, you know what I mean? I think that's what he's asking about but he's getting activity. Yeah.

Okay, so Joey says Where do I sign up for Syndication Academy jelly well syndication.academy just go to syndication dot Academy that will take you to the sales page if you want to join prior to the relaunch but if you just want to wait till the relaunch it looks like Adam already got you.

Looks like we already have an early access landing page. Look at that. I hadn't thought of everything yet. No, I did in the background during Hump Day Hangouts. Ah, the truth comes out.

I thought you were you had some foresight. I mean, yeah, that's what I meant to say I had a couple of things there. Awesome. Well, look at that. See asking you shall receive. There you go. Muscle slug. Nice. Not sure what a muscle slug is, but

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How To Properly Set The CloudFare Settings To Point To the Website?

okay, I recently purchased the video mail prospecting system that Bradley had done, which is awesome, by the way. Yeah, wait. Soon, soon, I'm going to be adding an additional module to that guy. And then we'll probably relaunch it. And not, you know, we don't do big launches anyways. But we'll probably reintroduce it to you guys, our audience again, once I do, because I've got I'm doing I just launched a new agency less than three weeks ago, and I'm doing serious prospecting. More so than I've ever done, like industrial strength. That's awesome. And it's working well. And I've got a really nice little system that's working well for starting a conversation, using video emails and all kinds of anyways, I'll cover that I'm going to do an update to that training. And then we're going to go into reintroducing it to you guys when it's ready. So anyway, if you've already got it, you'll get the update when it when I add it. Okay.

Back to the question. I have a technical question. In reference to this. Bradley had mentioned during your training to set up a website for the personalized name domain to help with email delivery. Yes, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set the Cloudflare settings up to point to the website to work right. Normally, you set the name servers on the domain, to point to the hosting to work. I hope this makes sense on what I'm asking any suggestions on this? It's probably a simple thing that I'm messing with that with this. Thanks, James. Yeah, James, it's really simple. So you have if you are if you're buying a domain, and you're going to build a website, you're and you're going through Cloudflare, you just need to figure out what the IP addresses for your server, your host, right, and then you set the record in Cloudflare. So you set an A record, put the @ sign in CloudFlare as you know, subdomain or whatever, that just means it's going to read it, it's the root essentially. And then you put the IP address of your web server in you know, value field, and you hit it, you know, you add, you add that record, then you can also add a C name record for www dot and then put the same value your domain name in the value field, that's a C name record. And that will so that the website will resolve on both the root domain and the www version of it. If that makes sense. Cloudflare has helped files for that if, if those are confusing, you can always go to YouTube, and say how to set up a domain on Cloudflare. And, you know, I'm sure there's a shit ton of YouTube videos out there that will show you how to do that. It's very simple. Once you learn how to do it, it's super, super simple. And I use Cloudflare for just about everything. The only thing here's something else. And I mentioned this, and I'll give this away because I thought it was brilliant. I took a great email prospecting course from this is called cold email mastery. And it's on gumroad.com. I don't even know the trait, the guy's name, who did the training, it was fabulous, really, really good. cold email prospecting course, I just took it like two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago. So 125 bucks. It's worth it, guys. But he showed me in that training, how to go buy the domain through Google domains through a G Suite account or Google workspace account. And then if you buy that domain, like that, you're going to be cold email prospecting with buying the domain through Google workspaces. And through Google domains logged into a Google account. And guess you don't have to be logged into a Google workspace account. You could probably do it from your primary Google account if it's just a regular Google account. But go to Google domains is when I'm saying purchase the domain that you're going to be using for cold email. If you've already done it, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. I'm just saying going forward or get another extension of.org or.co extension that you can redirect to your money site. And again, I'll cover some of this in the updating training for vpls or the video Legion system. But if you buy the domain through Google domains, it's like three bucks more than it is at name cheap. But it will automatically set up your you there's a checkbox during the checkout process for purchasing a domain through Google domains that will allow that will automatically set Google workspaces up for that domain and it will set up the SPF records the DK i M Records and all these things that you need to ensure the highest deliverability for your emails. So it's great it was a great little hack for me it was worth 125 bucks alone for the cost of that course was just to learn that because it sets everything up and it's it's right out of the gate. It's an initial validation signal to Google that you know you're a valid business and not just a spammer. One other thing that I want to cover just very briefly and again this is because I'm doing so much of this stuff right now guys, but there's this great service and I'll cover this in the update when I do that for the video lead gen system. Lem list calm. This is a cold emailing platform. I'm not using it for that I'm using it for one Barrett because I'm using high level for my prospecting platform. And I'm using high level it's fabulous Semantic Mastery comm slash high level, you can get a 14-day free trial. That is my it's great. I'm using that for my automation platform and all the stuff that I'm doing. But why I brought up Lem list was because if you want to build a domain reputation of a new domain for cold emailing, they have this service in here. And if you go to their blog, they've got a great article about it. In fact, I'm just going to pull up the article because that would be better.

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Warm up, email, and I'm going to put them list.com get right there how to warm up your email account. And that's on blog dot Lem list calm so just go to Lem go to Google and search for warm-up email endless calm and it's the very first organic listing right there, boom, read this article. It's fabulous. When I came across this I was like, Man, that's uh, it's brilliant. They have this. And you can join Lem list for I think it's 30 bucks a month, just to use the lead warm feature. And that's what I do. So once I have, you know, my domain, set up all the records in place and everything, then I add that Google workspace account, to Lem list through the to the LEM warm feature. And what it does is it starts to send and receive and reply to emails from that brand new domain email address to other Lem Lem list users and it's all done. It's all automated it gets it's done in the background. But what it does is it starts to build the domain reputation so that when you are ready to start cold, like I would give it 30 days, at the very minimum at least 21 days for the LEM warm system to warm the email up and build a domain reputation before you start cold prospecting emailing with it. But I want to tell you like I said, I just set this up for the domain that I just started prospecting with about three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago really. And I only let that it run on that for two weeks. And I just tested I did a MX tools, you know, email reputation tests you for where you can send an email in and it will analyze the email and tell you what like the spam score is. And I got a 9.4 out of 10 yesterday when I literally just tested it yesterday because about once a week I like to go in and check to see if my domain reputation is dropping and I got a 9.4 out of 10. And I'm sending cold emails with a video email, just like I talked about a video lead gen system I'm using send spark.com or send spark whatever it's an app Sumo deal that creates the video, email gifts, and all that. And that's what I'm using and I inject put that right into Gmail, send that out for cold emailing and I'm still getting a 9.4 out of a 10 you know, domain reputation score. So I would highly recommend that you check out Lem lists for their lead warm feature. And then also check out, you know, purchasing domains through Google domains that you're going to be doing for and set Google workspace upon it is what I'm saying. So hopefully that makes sense. As far as CloudFlare go back and just go to YouTube. Cloudflare has got help files but you can also go to YouTube and search and I'm sure you'll find a tutorial on how to do what you need to do.

Do Different Stacks Interlink When Mirroring The Site Into The Drive Stack?

Looks like Jason, Jason Oh my god. Game says hello there when mirroring so we're almost out of time guys. three more minutes. Hello there. When mirroring the site into the drive stack do the different stacks interlink. So for example, do dogs from the widgets folder point to the green widgets folder docs?

As far as I know, well, no, no, I and Marco would be better to answer this one. But if you're siloing, your drive stack using the ArcGIS expansions. Like we teach the No.

And again, I don't build them anymore. So I'm not sure if they I don't think they interlink because the silos inside the drive stack or the internal links are the links from the files within the drive stack within the silo in the drive stack should be only pointing to the target URLs on your money site. Right? The same silos?

Not interlinking between them, if that makes sense.

Yeah, and I can't mark it would be better to answer that one. I'm sorry. I just can't give you a proper answer on that one. Because I'd have to go in and actually analyze one of my drive stacks. I haven't built one of those in so many years. To be honest with you, I'm not sure how, through the expansion service, how they interlink those, I think they interlink all the files and folders within the same silo. They interlink those two to each other, right, that makes sense, but no cross linking to other silos. And I'd have to confess I'd have to go look at it to confirm it, or Marco could confirm it, but he's not here. So.

All right, one more Jason says

Just kidding I'm really here for this week's SEO with BB also just getting these talking about BB too many questions BB just giving you a little crap and seeing if you can crack Bradley up. Yeah thanks, Jason

all right last one well this is good cold email mastery There you go, we need to get an affiliate link for that for real because I keep touting how good that course is. It really is a good course.

Does All Of The MGYB Services Work For Non-English Sites?

Last question, guys Conrad says Hey guys, are some or all of the MGYB services for non-English sites as well what would be different or good to take into account when ordering the project and other languages it's non-English you can't we don't we only provide our done for you services in English.

Hernan, if you're still available, maybe you can, I don't do anything outside of the US. But from what I understand you can apply the SEO shield that built-in English and still apply it to a non-English target. And it will still benefit it. But I don't do that. So I don't know if Hernan still with us or not? Apparently not. From what again, from what I understand it doesn't you can have all English stuff on the SEO shield pointing to a non-English site and still benefit from it. But I can't really answer that because I've never done anything outside SEO wise outside of the US. Post this question in the Facebook group and I'm sure that Rob or Marco could jump in and give you the correct answer.


All right. Well, thanks, guys. Thanks, Adam. For hanging out, guys.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 328

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 328 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 328. It is the 24th of February 2021. Now we got some really important date information out of the way we can get into saying hi to everybody. And then get into your questions. We do have a couple quick announcements, but we will get to those shortly. So let's see. Gonna go around the circle here and start with Chris. How you doing today?

Excellent. Here, I noticed your shirt. And

when this mic coming over, I kind of like go for like, fair enough. Yeah, we got to get one door set up. So yeah, I pulled this one out. I forgot I had it. This thing's in like mint condition. It was hiding in the back of my closet. So I haven't got that's why it's looking so neat. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So Oh, anyways, Marco, how you doing today?

Oh, you're muted.

Hello, there we go.

Gaming now.

I was gonna say,

Oh, I was going to, if I go too much into the window, then I start disappearing off into the light. I'm being called into the light. It's not a fake background. It is what it is. I've been showing it. In fact, for over a year now. The plan was to show it for a year, every Wednesday night. so that people could see this is Costa Rica, no matter what. What let you never see me in a sweater. Ever, ever. I don't need it. I mean, this is what it is. It's beautiful. My Fortress of Solitude. We talk about TOEFL all the time, right? Like, what's your, what are you going to define as your bow? This is part of mine. This is what this is where I choose to live is where I choose to be. I don't have to be here. Many people are stuck in a place where they have to be where they have no choice. I tell people get away from it get away from not having a choice. And the way to give yourself the choices that you want or that you need are to follow the path to po foo position of fuck you where you can just decide what you're going to do how you're going to do and nobody I mean, nobody tells you what to do, or how to do it.

No, I think what we might have to do is get like get someone to go through the videos and put together a flipbook of you for all the Wednesday so we'll just have someone you need someone to go on Monday. I shot Yeah.

Hernan you are you there? I'm here, man. How's it going? Good. They didn't let you in. For some reason. It's not like I'm getting drunk in the middle of a bunch of ruckus. I don't know, man. Are you bouncer at the door? Now? I'm wondering if you're getting drunk in the middle of the day? Yeah, no, I'm not I sort of got the bouncer at the door. The door slammed me and now I'm good man. I'm happy to be back. Last week, I was traveling and was visiting clients consulting a little bit and it was good. Happy to be back. Back home back in the routine. I was craving for some routine even a week, you know, completely bust my productivity. But we get we get go. Alright. And last but not least Bradley, how you doing today? Good. I'm good, busy. And it's like, almost 70 degrees here in Virginia in the middle of February, when just like three days ago, it was like 22 degrees, you know, in the middle of the afternoon. So it's really weird. But it's warm up here. And by the way, my Semantic Mastery shirts awfully worn Look at that.

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Like you can get through its paces for a few years. Yeah, I've I've gotten my use out of this one. That's for sure. So I need a new shirt just like you, Adam. All right, well, we gotta get that set up, then I'll get the ball rolling on that we've had a few people pinging us about getting some shirts or some like a baseball cap. So we're gonna get that stuff set up. And once we do, we'll let everyone know about it. Obviously, it's a setup. So before we get into the questions, just wanted to say first of all, thanks for watching. We knew a lot of people check it out. Not everybody's able to attend live and whether you're live or watching the replay on YouTube, we appreciate it. Let us know you're watching. Say hi. You don't have to ask a question. If you don't want to. We know some people just like coming by seeing what's being answered and kind of picking up the knowledge they can. So that's fine to just say hi or leave a comment. And if you're new to semantic mastery, or mgib best place for you to start is the SEO shield calm. That's the word de and then Seo field.com. Right, find out how to shield your site, you don't worry about algorithm updates. Again, it's free training, just go check it out. And that way, you'll also know what the hell we're talking about when we say SEO killed, which is very good, and it's gonna be very good for you down the road. So go check that out. If you're looking for something more in line with kind of a bigger overview as far as what we do in terms of SEO results, check out the battle plan. You can get that at battle plan dot semantic mastery.com. And then next, we get people asking us a lot of times about hey, I'm either a small agency owner or consultant, I want to get more clients I want to grow my revenue and I want to scale my team. So if you can answer yes to any of those two x your agency is what you want to

Check out that's just 2xyouragency.com. You can find out more about that. And then last but certainly not least, you want to grow your digital marketing business, although we do have some some business owners in this group as well. But the mastermind is really where you want to be. If you want to experience community and fast access to real world info, then go check it out mastermind dot semantic mastery.com.

And also, we mentioned brother I just mentioned that SEO shield not too long ago, you can find out about the SEO shield syndication networks, the link building press releases all this done for you stuff we talked about over at mgyb.co. And we talk about that a lot, because it's services we use as well. And we'd recommend you do too, we understand sometimes you got more time than money when you're getting started. And you got to put in the time build it yourself. But especially if you're doing client work, you should be outsourcing this or training someone to build that stuff for you. So either go through the trading, or get stuff done at Mt ye save yourself time and allow yourself to grow that way.

Alright guys, that's it. on my end. Is there anything else we need to talk about before we dive into questions? One last thing, charity webinars?

We just got finished on Monday it I mean, we outdid ourselves. I know I'm I'm biased. But but that's what people are saying. I'm seeing it on my page, I'm seeing it in our groups. That it was it was just, it was massive was I gave away the farm. Basically, if people know what to look for, if people were paying attention that people understand what it is that they got. Alright.

But that's the whole point understand it. So during the last webinar, what we did was put it together.

So that this kind of what do you call a plan of attack, a way to go and and get results. Because we got just massive information, Bradley gave the farm away, he gave a whole course away, you gave a whole course during the first webinar fantastic. Then comes Dixon Jones content and entities and comes Jordan with how to brand yourself how to create that brand and how to hook it up with the idea how to deliver the message properly. And then we got Brian cattle showing how entities work in images and how we can spam Google with images and get our entity more recognition. And then the last one is we put it all together. And so it just because they're finished doesn't mean that people can't access that they can donate, just go donate you follow the instructions, send proof of the donation to the Gmail that I've been sharing. And then you'll get access to the recordings. Because the last one will be uploaded probably today or tomorrow. It needs to it needed a little bit of editing.

Sweet, awesome. And Marco, you got the instructions on the hump day hangouts page for people. I will drop it in there. Awesome.

Cool. Let's check out the questions. All right. I'm good to screen.

Would It Be Beneficial To Make A Subdomain To Target A Product Subtopic?

Okay, yeah, we're zoomed in. So it looks like we're starting with ChazB today. He says, Hey, guys, thanks for answering my question. Last week, I have another and not a hypothetical one. I'm building out a site at the moment, the subject or main keyword is like Google, and I'm targeting a product subtopic but a very original specific name given to a certain product line that is related to the brand. For the sake of this question, I'll call it F Google. My question is in regards to subdomains, would it be beneficial to make a subdomain for example, Google dot brand domain.com slash f Google. I know I can make a subfolder for Google, but I'm thinking of keeping the hops to a minimum. From what I've been told in Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp course Google reads and takes keywords for this left priority per se, by the way, a great course for you guys have recommended for the last few years. So he's talking about Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp, which is a fabulous course. And that is a question that I honestly, am not sure how to answer. Marco, that is definitely one for you.

I'm not sure. What do you what he's looking to do? Because why have a subdomain with somebody else's brand? Is that was that what he's saying? Because he could just go subfolder if you if what you're looking at for power. And to avoid additional half, instead of being in the subdomain, just move it into a subfolder.

Okay, so to me, that's a misinterpretation. I miss interpretation of what Geoffrey Smith is teaching because he's going thinking that the URL structure should keep the I see what it means. That should keep that subdomain name to the lessons that include the keyword, but no proper URL structure would be your brand. And then the subfolder Yeah, so that's what the bottom two stands right. So so the way

And just to kind of reiterate what you said, but maybe in a different way. And I would agree that I would rather have my brand name first the root domain, and then in this example, Google as the primary topic or a category, and then F Google as a subcategory. Is that what you're saying? Absolutely, yeah. Okay.

So there you go. Hopefully, that answers your question about a category, or he can even I mean, insert, which is if you don't want to go sub subdomain if you want to bring the subdomain, something like a subdomain to the root domain, then what you do is you install a subfolder. But again, yes, you're right, you don't need that. But you need to simply a category that's titled, f Google and work from there that the top-level category and try to rank that, and you're going to see that you start ranking for all the low hanging fruit when you try to deliver all that power to that top-level category. Yep.

Yeah, cuz the way he's got this, it's almost like it's two different sites, there's the brand because he's talking about installing it on a subfolder or subdomain. So that would be like a separate site. So I'm not sure what the configuration why you would do that.

But what Marco is saying is that it's better to go as a subfolder than it is a subdomain. And years ago, we taught, you know that, and I did it myself, I used to always use subdomains for just about everything. So for example, for a multi-location local business, or lead generation, whatever, I would have the root domain, but then for each additional location, so each additional GMB location, essentially, I would have a subdomain that was named after that city. So it would be city dot brand domain.com. And I would have separate WordPress installs for each one. And that, you know, that worked, in part because Google would treat a subdomain as a standalone domain as opposed to like, so for example, if any one of the locations were to catch a penalty, it wouldn't affect the other locations, and it wouldn't affect the root domain. Whereas if we had put them on subfolders, so they each had, or, or just built one site, and then did everything through categories, and perhaps tags, which is the way that I do it. Now, then, if any one of those locations were to catch a penalty, then it would affect the route because it was all built on the root domain if that makes sense. So I used to segregate or separate everything, keep them separate for that reason. But you know, over the years now, since really Marco and started developing, like the entity-based SEO and Semantic Web, SEO, and all that kind of stuff, I haven't had any problems with any of my locations. So I stopped doing sub-domains and started building everything out now on just the root domain. And using standard category, taxonomy, and tags now for location silos. And I do all that on the root domain, as opposed to having multiple subdomains or multiple subfolders. And it just makes it so much easier to manage a brand and multiple location projects. So I'm just speaking on that because I think it's similar to what it is that you're doing. If you use the types of methods that we've been teaching, you shouldn't have to worry about catching a penalty to your root domain at all. So it's better for SEO to do and also easier to manage if you can keep it all under one WordPress install. But if you needed a second WordPress install, then it's recommended. Now if I correct me if I'm wrong, Marco, but to do that as a subfolder, as opposed to a subdomain, is that correct? We go so far that people have to understand even dub dub dub. is a subdomain whatever. You've seen a dub dub dub, however, many dubs you want, dub dub, dub dub to they're all subdomain, the root is anything after the so. If you want to power up the root, yeah, we go into sub-domains, and you install that subdomain, excuse me, but subfolders and install as many as you want. Because you are not going to smash those subfolders. And not like we used to, we used to beat up the subdomain, where, you know, we did it that way, because we'd expect to catch a penalty. And then we could just disconnect that subdomain. But I mean, we protect the money sites so much, that isn't necessary anymore like you said, I mean, that's, that's what we look to do now. Because we see the power that the drive stacks have with the expansions, right? We've seen the power that develops over time. And so from seeing that we understand that installing everything on the root domain is where all the power should accrue so that you can deliver it any way you want.

Does Having More Backlinks Give You A Better Chance Of Outranking Local Service Business Competitors?

Sweet All right, thank you for that. So rocket blasters up he say the more backlinks the better chance I have at outranking my competitors for a local service business already purchased some SEO shield now. Not necessarily.

This Stuff Works
It's not about the quantity it's about relevancy, right quality relevancy and also, you

Again, the way that we teach is building all to this SEO shield as opposed to the money site. So I don't know how Margo, how would you answer this one?

No, that's not it's me. And even john Mueller came out and had something to say on this. It's not the number of backlinks we've been saying this for years now. Yeah. It's not the amount, but the quality of the back activity, relevance trust, and authority in accordance with the distance graph algorithm and the distance graph patent with which measures how far you are, are away from a trusted source.

We did this presentation on Monday, guys, go and Donate to the charity and understand why an orphan website with a backlink will not have the power that a relevant website that's related to an entity has to go, we explained it, we showed it. We did. Rob did the relational comparison between the Google relational database and the way that we approach entity building, and how you can mimic that to the greatest effect. Taking advantage of the distance graph, which measures hops away from authority, authoritative, and trusted sources. I'm not talking Moz, I am not talking about any third-party vanity metrics. I'm talking about the Google patent the algorithms that matter, which is Google's and nobody else's. And if nobody else has to know because they won't give it up. But understanding how these algorithms work, meaning that we are as close to the belly of the beast as possible, there is no more trusted and authoritative source on the web than Google. We all know that. The second most trusted and authoritative source on the web is Wikipedia. Google trained, its AI Empire on Wikipedia, you start understanding this and applying it and putting it all together, then you then you'll know the answer to this question.

I mean, we do a million backlinks, they work perfectly well, but dedhia categorizes, right, his web 2.0 profiles, so that they're relevant. And they provide further relevance. And they're going into our drive secondary site, which is Google. And so that's trust and authority there. So we're taking full advantage of activity, relevance, trust, and authority so that we don't have to master 2000 something ranking factors, positive and negative. We don't have to know that. All we have to know his activity, relevance, trust and authority, and everything. In these over 2000 ranking factors fall under one of that category.

Can You Continue Buying More Links And Point Them Back To Existing Links In The SEO Shields To Create Tiered Links?

Sweet. Alright, so the next part of that was once I receive my backlinks, can I continue to buy some and point them at the previous backlinks to create tiered links, you can. However, when you order the links, you can order tiered links. And that's what we recommend if you order some of the link building packages that are kind of pre-created, or you can create your own and you can always add additional layers to that link building order. So

I'll just tell you how I do it. I don't take the link building. So when we get link building gig has been delivered, right? We get a Google Sheet that has all the tier one links, and then the second tab has all the tier two links.

And I just send those to an indexing service. And I don't even send my the second-tier links in from the Google Sheet to an indexing service, because it's typically 10s of 1000s of them. But I'll do the first-tier links, right? I'll send those to an indexing service. And then that's pretty much it, I might run it through an indexing service again at a later date. But other than that, I'll just buy additional link-building packages to power up. The SEO shield properties or syndication network properties are specific post URLs from the syndication network or whatever, right? So essentially, just depending on what it is that I'm trying to target, but I don't. And again, maybe there is some benefit to building links to the previously built backlinks. But I don't do that just because I'm constantly powering up different URL sets from my tier one entity assets if that makes sense. Because I ordered tiered link building when I ordered a link building gig, it's already tiered. So I don't then build additional links to those links. I just continue to build links to different URL sets from my tier one entity assets.

I hope that was clear. Does anybody want to comment on that? No, that was perfect. But it could make sense to run a tiered link building gig into a tiered link building gig for better indexing. That's true. I've seen many times that when you do that you get better indexing not only the on the previous tier.

The building set, but also like into the syndication networks and into drive. But that's simply a matter. And we've shared this before of pushing the further tiers further in the more activity, relevance, trust, activity, relevance, trust and authority, or the art of art that takes place in the outer tears, the further that they come in. Now, you can imagine this as tears on a cake, where I mean, you put your finger on the lowest tier, and then you go up to the next tier, and the next one. And the next one. I mean, that's actually what you're doing, you're moving up in tears, or think of electrons moving closer, right, moving closer in the house or jumping in hybrid is that you want to look at this activity, relevance, trust, and authority brings the outer tears in so that there's better indexing suite.

Is There A Way To Bulk Mirror Location Pages From The Money Site To The GSite With The Same URL Structure?

Okay, so the next question is from Jackson, he says, Is there a way we can bulk mirror location pages from the money site into the G site with the same URL structure rather than manually creating all the pages? insights.google.com. And, Marco's, that one's for you? Because I still, we still might my team still does it manually. So.

Alright, so Bob, mirror location? No, it's manual.

Okay. Give me a second. Let me just see what he's talking about location pages from the money signed into the D site with the knot, you can't do it with the same URL structure?

You can't? How can you do the same URL structure when your domain is your brand.com. And the Google site is sites.google.com dot one dot whatever unless you mean that you want the same set of keywords that are in the original URL, and that are in the original URL into this. And the only way I know how to do this in an automated way is through the software that we use. And that's never getting out of in Haskell, we paid a whole lot of money for that. A whole lot of time went into development. just crazy hours into doing that. And that's never seen the light of day. I'm sorry. Now, this is a question I'm asking. Because I'm curious Marco.

Now, like something like you bought studio doesn't work well with G sites, does it?

This Stuff Works
I've never tried it. You bought studio, we had that really bad experience with a US studio, one of the top guys in there. And then I just never tried it might have been the guy it might not have anything to do with you bought studio, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth. And I don't want to ever go through that again. Yeah, and I've never tried to, you know, build out anything like that. I was just curious if because I know that you and the team had tried to build out. And I know we've got something on the back end that we use for automating some stuff. But almost everything that we do is still manual. So I was just curious if you've never had any experience trying to automate anything like that with you, but because I don't know if it could be done or not with you. But we did it. I mean, that's how we create the expansion stacks. That's how we expand them, right? We can add whatever we want into the URL structure. And we can copy the drive Second, the G site that that's all software, that again, guys, I can't give you that. I mean, you can go and buy it from us. You're more than welcome to that. But we spent a ton of money. And not only the money that we spent, and are still paying to this day but the hours that I spent on that and the hours that developers spent on that and what do you call it Cesar? and Rob ridiculous hours? No, I can't give that away. You. You're welcome to use it. We made it available in our mgyb.co store. You can order expansion stacks all day long. But I mean, we came up with it. And that's the service that we provide not the How to.

There you go. Yeah. And I remember you and your team working on that for months and months. And so yeah, I can understand not wanting to reveal that for sure. All right.

Does Using GSuite Offer SEO Benefits Than Using Zoho Mail?

ninjas up, says, Hey, guys, when you come to using email providers, do you see any SEO or other benefit of using G Suite versus something like Zoho mail. Zoho suite has a huge number of apps that make life much easier for running a business with all totals under all tools, excuse me under one roof. I've been trying to integrate G Suite mail with Zoho, but at this point, I'm not sure it is worth my effort. Thanks for the input, okay. I have no experience with Zoho whatsoever. I use. It was formerly G Suite. But now it's Google workspace or workspaces. I think it's a workspace. Anyway, that's what I use and I have been now for a couple of years.

For cold email contact and prospecting. But I'm also using a high level, which is an app that will allow me to automate and turn Google workspace and email through SMTP into an automated emailing platform. Now, it's not technically designed for that. Like they recommend inside a high level to use mailshake, which is an SMT provider as well, or excuse me, not mailshake, they recommend in high level to use mailgun which integrates with high level and I don't like that though. So I'm still using G Suite, but I'm also doing prospecting, cold prospecting. So sending out cold emails, I'm doing low volume, so much more targeted type emails, instead of doing mass emails. So I can't comment on Zoho because I've never used it. I like using Google stuff, Google domains, or Google workspace, excuse me for emailing for a number of reasons. Number one, it's Google, I'm familiar with it. I'm used to using you know, I built my entire business on Google Apps. My entire business is really built to optimize Google stuff for clients, you know, so I'm just comfortable with that, number one, number two,
it integrates with high level, which is my chosen platform for marketing automation. And in number three, is it's a Google property. So by buying a domain, and paying Google like that, instantly, add some authority and validation entity validation for whatever brand it is that I'm using it for. So there's a couple of reasons or several reasons why I can't choose to use Google workspace. Now, that all said,

I just launched a new agency, and just started prospecting last Monday. So it's, we're about a week and a half in and getting really, really good results already. I'll be talking a lot more about this kind of stuff in the mastermind. But I took a really, really good inexpensive cold email course, that I just got. It attracted me from a Facebook ad. But anyway, it's called cold email mastery.

And it's on gumroad. And I can't remember the guys' name. But if I pull it up, it'll probably look like, here it is this one right here. And the only reason why I'm pulling this up guys is that first of all, it's only 125 bucks. And it's an outstanding cold email course for prospecting, right for using cold emails to get your foot in the door or to open up a conversation with your target prospects. It's outstanding. It's real short to the point. It's no fluff, it's all actionable stuff. I love the guy style. He's, he's a much like Marco in that he cusses in his trip, money, it's he's real to the point like there's no fluff, no Polish nothing. So it's a really good course I would recommend it. And he talks about using mailshake as the best emailing platform, now I haven't used it, I think I may start to try that at some point as my prospecting volume increases for my new agency. If I get to a point where I feel like I'm reaching the limits that a G Suite or Google workspace account should be doing for cold emails, then I will, then that will be the app that I test, which is mailshake. But that's only because again, I thought this course was outstanding, and that's what he recommends. So I can't speak on Zoho. But I personally still to this day, even for my new agency, I'm cold prospecting right now, and I'm using Google workspace. But I'm using a high level to automate it. But as I said, if I needed to upgrade to something that is more designed for cold email marketing, then it's likely I will go with mailshake. And by the way, again, I highly recommend anybody that's doing cold emailing for prospecting, check this course out, it's fabulous. Any comments on that? How long ago did did did I write the ROI is a black book about three, four years ago? Yeah, at least. And didn't we talk about paying Google extra drive space, G Suite, back then whatever it is. Now, whatever iteration it is, did we mention that and we talked about it, and we spoke why we were talking entities back then now it's the big thing. Four years ago, when this was done when our academy was released. over five years ago, we went and said, focus on your entity, make sure it's not a known entity. But make sure Google knows and understands that you are a real person with a credit card and that you become a customer rather than a leech, rather than someone who uses the free resources and only the free resources. And what that does is it's not going to necessarily directly is that cause and effect and how it will affect your rankings. It's there's a correlation though, between paying Google and IBM being safer, being able to get away with more.

And the way that I see this is they have your credit card on file or your debit card or whatever it is that you're paying them.

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They know that it's a customer and they can make money from you. So it's unlikely that they're going to mess with someone that's making them money. So I think, and again, this is one of the only times that I'll share theory, my theory is that the bot will move elsewhere before coming back to you and checking, or whatever it is that you're doing. So it's just a way to provide extra protection for whatever it is that you're doing.

Yeah, and as I said, I've been using Google domains. Oh, and that's, again, I'm not even gonna get into that. But some, I mean, just some amazing stuff that was taught in this course, about like, even using Google domains to purchase your domain, on through a G Suite account, because now you're registering a domain through Google domains, under like through an existing Google workspace account, and will automatically set up a Google workspace on the new domain with the SPF records, your DKM records, all of that stuff is all done instantly. And it's three bucks more than it costs to buy a domain from Google domains than it is from Namecheap. And so I don't know, I picked up a lot of really good tips from this course. And as I said, I've been using Google domains now for I don't know, like the last three are Google workspace excuse me G Suite for emails. For like, the last maybe three years, might only be two, but two or three years and it's definitely hands down my preferred method. So for any new project that I start, that's the first thing I do is I go set up a Google workspace now I'm going to start buying them through Google domains likely buy domains through Google domains, but usually, I buy domains from Namecheap. And then I would instantly go set up a G Suite account for that new project, or a Google workspace account. So yeah, I'm a big fan of Google workspace for email.

Okay, that's a great question. By the way.

Does User Intent Prevail Domain Authority And Page Authority All Together?

A next is BB with multiple questions, as always, he goes, number one is does user intent prevail over I guess, over domain authority and page authority altogether? In my opinion, yes. And that's just because that's, again, the methods that, you know, we've been teaching about activity, relevance, trust, and authority. And I stopped caring about third-party metrics.

Several years ago, probably four or five years ago. And we've really focused on relevancy and user intent, right, which is, it's huge. We've proven that activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So if you're getting traffic, especially from a relevant audience, especially from unknown relevance or relevant audience by Google, so a defined audience by Google, can move the needle, even for SEO. So you know, just those engagement signals from an audience that Google understands or knows, have an interest in that right that that's a great ranking signal. So Marco can answer this better as far as the metric side of things, because, but I can tell you, I stopped giving a shit about third-party metrics, four or five years ago, and I have not looked back since I honestly just don't care about them. I care more about relevancy. Ever since we started talking about activity, relevance, trust, and authority, the art of art, domain authority and page authority are Moz metrics.

What's the other trust flow citation flow? Yeah, that's Yes, majestic, then we have whatever, ah, I think is a is Ahref. Domain rank, I think, whatever algorithm it is that they're developed, none of those are Google. And the distance map none. Now that might have a lot of smart people and might have a lot of former Google people, they might have a lot of engineers and smart people and I get it. And we all have access to the math, and we can all do the math. But only Google knows how the algorithm works.

Having said that, we've seen time and again, how someone coming in and providing insight user intent is the activity of that user on your website, what that user doesn't on your website. So does the user come in, spend time on your website, watch your videos, scroll via images, and then give you the information, fill out fill out the form or if the if the goal that you said is to watch a video, or if the goal that you set is for a phone call, are the users doing that because if they're not, then the final goal isn't being accomplished, and Google will send them elsewhere. Where they can fulfill whatever it is that that search query was looking to. It also depends on a search query, what it is that person is expected to do on the website. This is all AI now that's watching all of this flow and watching for the for that whatever the completion is, has the customer been fulfilled? Or do they go elsewhere? and look for something else that and do they take action there? Well, then that gets a better signal than whatever you did, or did they do a comparison and come back to your website? That's even better. So they went a little

They looked at others as comparison shopping, they come back to you, and they give you the information boom, cinched. I mean, that activity, not user intent, but activity, Trumps anything on the web, I don't care what it is, you can talk about speed, speed, and all this other shit that Google's coming up with to try to trick people into doing things other than what they're supposed to be doing, which is focusing on that entity and getting that person to complete the goal that you set for them on that page.

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Have You Experienced Getting Into The First Page Within 1-2 Months For Semi Easy Or Semi-Tough Keywords?

There you go. So question number two of many is, have you ever experienced fast rankings on the first page, let's say one to two months on a regular domain, non G site? for easier semi-easy or semi tough keywords? Yeah, I mean, many times, although I haven't experienced that lately. But I haven't really been set to start a whole lot of new domain projects. But yeah, I mean, in the past, I've absolutely done that. more so with GMB stuff, but yeah, I mean, sometimes. And it's interesting, I did a test this was years ago, probably five or six years ago, but it was a test inspired by Terry Kyle. But it was about testing different domains just to see sometimes, like, sometimes even a new domain that has never been previously registered for some reason, just it's like it gets it goes into a sandbox and just doesn't, it just won't rank, right, or it just doesn't respond well to anything. And so I did a test it to kind of, and Terry Kyle had a blog post about this many years ago, where he said that he had a hypothesis that, you know, it was some sort of random, random chaos or something like that, I forget what he called it, but he had a name for it. And he was saying that, like, if you were to take, you know, buy five new note five domains that have never been previously registered, and pretty much optimized them with the same sort of content, you know, they would, they'd have to be different, but the same sort of content, and you just send them out there like to be indexed. And then just track to see where they would initially index right to see where they initially index, he says, you know, out of those five, even if they're all like gibberish type content, or whatever, you'll see that usually, one or two of them will be terrible, like, they won't, though index, maybe that's many, many pages back or you know, whatever. And then maybe one of them out of those five will end up indexing quite well. And there's really no rhyme or reason, random, I can't remember what he called, he had a specific term for it. But I thought it was a really interesting test. And I did it myself for and I remember, I did a case study for this mastermind, and I guarantee they're still in the archives, but we're talking about from like, 2014, or 15 timeframes. But I did that with plumbing domains, I bought several different plumbing domains, they were all-new, never been registered. And I tested that. And sure enough, one of them ended up like landing on-page, you know, two or whatever, when an indexed, and it was like, all the other ones were, you know, several pages back. And for whatever reason, there was no way for me to determine which one of those domains was going to rank better. But that was the one that I chose to end up building a client project on, because it ranked well, initially right out of the bat with nothing being done to it other than just being indexed. And so I thought that was a really interesting test that, you know,

I'm not saying every time you go to start a new project that you go out and, you know, register five domains and see which one ranks best and then build a project on that, although that's not a bad idea. That's a lot of additional work. I just thought it was an interesting test. So have I done it before? Yes. I haven't seen it more recently, but it would GMB is I have if you optimize the GMB correctly, and it's in a lower competition area, then sometimes that GMB will pop right into the three-pack for you know, a search within its immediate local area. And that's that that happens. Again, if it's if I haven't seen it lately, but I have done it in the past. And I've even done GMB ranking in the three pack within the first month within, you know, the last year. So I've done that. So yes, I've seen it. Mark, do you want to comment on that? didn't call it the randomness factor? Yeah. Random ranking factor, maybe that was it? Something, something? Something like that, where it just won't index or for whatever, it'll go into the sandbox, and Google will just refuse to rank it? Yeah, random ranking. I think it was a random factor. Yeah. It's just that the algorithm burps it's so complex, that that there's constant degradation, right. I mean, I talked about this.

Last night, the mini mastermind, we talked about random algorithmic degradation. We talked about algorithmic bias we talked about, I mean, just a whole bunch of things that are taking place. While all of these algorithms are thinking about millions of lines of code, the algorithm degrades over time. And if you're trying to predict behavior, it degrades even faster, trying to predict that behavior. And so all of these training models are degrading and these people are having to go and update these things constantly. It's not that Okay. What is the image that we have of Google? It's like an overseer, all-powerful, all-knowing us that seeing everything and all it is, is a set of servers with a set of code with a whole bunch of people working on the code.

It can't be anything else. That's what it's not. Yeah, they do come on a manual, when they come out on a manual is someone in a computer coming and looking over your website through their computer? It's all it is. It's not magic. I tell him it's not magically delicious. This ain't Lucky Charms, man. That's not what it is. And so with all of these factors and things taking place in the algorithm, it's just going to burp from time to time. And then when that happens, no matter what you do, you can't get it to wreck. Yeah. I remember calling that the alpha Ric alpha algorithmic anomaly. And that's, that's what it is. And just really quick, this, this, I just did a search on that term, random terrico random ranking factor and it pops in a blurb from diggity marketing. And he talks about, you need to expect the random ranking factor. This is a random ranking factor is a phenomenon, phenomenon coined by SEO, Terry Kyle. So that's exactly what I'm talking about. So this would probably be a good article just to read through if nothing else.

So there you go.

Okay, cool.

Can You Automate Money Site Post Creation For Content Kingpin?

Next, let's see is another one from BB. He says, Is there an automation content kingpin for money site, post creation? No, all of my bloggers, which I've only got two now on staff, do everything manually. And, and we've always done it that way. Because, first of all, the content. I mean, there there is one tool that I could say, you could probably get away with automating curating content. And that would be Damon, Nelson's RSS master technology. I don't personally use that, again, my team still does everything manually.

Like, for example, Esther, my best blogger, she's my primary blogger, she uses Feedly. And we build-out, we add content feeds to feed the, but then we also add content to what's called content boards. So we can set up different categories, and subcategories and all that kind of stuff and add content to content boards. And so whenever she goes to blog, she just goes in and pulls open a content board finds articles that will complement a topic that she's trying to blog about, in other words, sometimes it'll reinforce an idea that she's trying to convey, sometimes there will be opposing opinions that she so it's kind of like an argumentative essay if you took, you know, college English classes, you've probably had to do that my point has, like, all the content that we could ever need is in Feedly, that's our content library that then she uses to create, to curate posts for clients. And she's very, very efficient at it. And very good. Her posts are outstanding. She's been working for me for five, probably longer six or seven years, maybe even longer than that. And she's really, really skilled at it. So we do everything manually. But I think if there was a tool that could automate that, and again, I'm not sure if there are other tools out there that may be able to do this, but I know Damon, Nelson's RSS mashup technology would likely be able to automate curated posts to a degree. And you could set up some sort of a function where, you know, it creates an RSS feed from the RSS master technology that Then could you could trigger publishing posts to your money site.

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Again, I still prefer it manually just because we have more control over everything. But I think if you were going to try to automate it, that would be a good tool to attempt it with, although I've not done it myself. Any comment on that guy, we're using Jordan's method that taught him that he taught him powerful, which is using the software as a service to tune the content, I mean, razor-sharp, tune it for the bot, tune the entity. And so what you get is a template, more or less or a guideline on what it is that you're supposed to write. Now once you have that you can just go and like maybe FAQ, but you shouldn't be doing you should have a VA that's doing all of this train your VA on how to do it our VA my VA no knows how to go into the different software build it from the two software that we use, pull the schema because they will give you the additional schema that you should have with that. And then from that, she will write the content that's now focused on the entity that we're trying to push up in the ranking. It works fantastically well. You can do the same with curated content by the way the Dixon Jones for men links which is one of the SAS products that we use just wrote a great blog on on on how to use curated content as how you take our Content Kingpin. Have you run it through the different software? And it'll come out a tune? I don't know what you mean, you can do it automated. But why would you when you can have something that's hyper-focused, hyper-tuned for the entity, and whatever else is related to the entity because all of the AI told you how to create those relationships, it works incredibly well?


What Is A Solid Local Business Directory To Find Business Contracts For Architects & Home Builders?

So the next one is from Nigel. By the way, we got awesome charity webinars, so comment on that. But Nigel asks, What is a solid local business directory to find business contacts? Like, for example, business adjacent to real estate?

With contact information? I'm not sure I understand the question. Goal, I want to find all architects and Home Builders by geography with some solid information that can be used for targeting not spamming. Okay?

If you're talking by geography, okay, so what I would say, so you're looking to find specific contacts that's in a specific industry, but also by location. So first and foremost, I would just go to Google and do searches for industry, whatever that is. Business Directory, right. So in my case, like tree service, business directory, right, or tree contractor business directory, or something like that, right, and just start collecting the URLs of those industry or niche-specific directories. That's number one.

Number two, look at industry publications. So like associations, you know, member associations, for example, you know, like TCI, a tree care industry of America or something like that, right. So you can usually find industry publications, or membership organizations, associations, those types of things that are industry-specific. And oftentimes, they will have business directories or professional directories for, you know, companies and professionals in that industry. So look for association or industry, you know, publications, membership groups, that kind of stuff, that that's another great source for that kind of thing.

So those are two that I would recommend right off the bat. Another one would be and I just started testing more like literally today, I just started testing some more, I've got them open and some of my browser tabs, in fact, but started testing for LinkedIn, LinkedIn might be also another good opportunity for you to find your specific target prospect. And you can, you know, I'm still using the free LinkedIn account right now. But I've been in the past, I've used Sales Navigator, and Sales Navigator opens up a shit ton of additional filtering options and a lot of additional contact options. So you can get a lot of Intel from that. I am, I just started testing what's called octopus CRM. That's this one right here. It's, it's a LinkedIn tool. I just start again, I just signed up for this today. And I'm going to start testing this. But this in conjunction with something like LinkedIn Sales Navigator will give you a ton of data. And you can create messaging sequences and automated follow-up sequences and all kinds of stuff with this kind of a tool. So and even LinkedIn funnels, which is really cool. That's part of the reason I signed up for this one. So like, you can, you know, set up automation, and funnels and stuff all within LinkedIn, which is really cool. So again, I would recommend those three things. Go to Google, do an industry, Business Directory search, right, so you can start collecting industry directories specific to your niche or topic or chosen industry. Number two, look for associations, memberships, organizations, things like that, likely, you'll be able to find some and oftentimes they will have their own professional directories. And then lastly, I would also encourage you to check out LinkedIn because even tree contractors, which I was really surprised free contractors are not the type that would typically be on LinkedIn, but a lot of them are even if they're not active on LinkedIn, they still have profiles. So it's worth attempting outreach on LinkedIn as well. So again, I would highly encourage you to check that out. Anybody else?

Is There A Specific MGYB Done For You Service For Real Estate Leads?

Okay, next, the next question is a second question if I could any good real estate leads advice. And best MGYB done for you services that can be used specifically for local real estate leads with some context. Real Estate leads advice, I guess it would depend Nigel on what you're trying to, like. Who are you targeting? are you targeting residential homebuyers? are you targeting residential home sellers? are you targeting investors? are you targeting realtors and real estate agents? Like I'm not sure what it is.

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If you want to clarify since you're commenting, Nigel. Do you want to clarify what type of targeting I might be able to provide some insight, you know, I have a real estate business, I buy and sell vacant land. So, you know, as an investor, I'm just a marketer. Like, I'm not actually a real estate investor, I'm an I'm marketer in the real estate industry, right. And, and so I know how to generate leads for that business. But that's, again, for my own business. So I'm not sure you know, what your, who you're trying to target that's going to determine or that will determine what the best answer is, if that makes sense. So I'll move on, and I'll come back to this. Marco, he's asking all of the above for mortgage broker, okay.

Yeah, well, then, I mean, again, I would start targeting different aspects of different segments of the broad real estate market. So you're gonna have specific messaging targeting buyers, right? You're gonna have specific messaging targeting sellers. If it's a mortgage broker, well, I guess sellers are probably going to need a loan to buy a new home anyway. Right. So So yeah, I could see that. But, so, again, it's going to depend on what market segments you're targeting, because you're gonna have different messaging to different segments of the market. And they also congregate, right? Those you'll find those market segments in different places too, right. So again, if you're talking about wanting to target real estate professionals, LinkedIn, a great source for that Zillow, you know, realtor.com, like you can find realtors in specific locations or areas on those types of sites and scrape that and I know that there's, there are tools out there that will scrape stuff like that. You might want to look at Phantom Buster comm they have a lot of really good scraping tools, LinkedIn included, but probably Zillow, scrapers, and everything else, I'm sure.

But you know, targeting homebuyers that you know that they're going to be in a different place than perhaps some sellers would be. So you have to kind of figure out where your target audiences are. And then develop messaging, and ad copy or content, or what, however, you're going to be targeting them that fits in where they're already located, like the medium that they're frequenting. Right? And and and target them that way. So I don't know if that was helpful, but that's, again, you know, real estate is so broad, you really have to fine-tune your message based upon the segment that you're targeting. Hopefully, that makes some sense.

As far as the question about MGYB stuff, let me go back to that Marco, maybe you can answer this he says, and best mgyb.co done for you services that can be used specifically for local real estate leads with some context.


So the first thing that comes to mind is proper keyword research, sellers and buyers, right? Because of its mortgage brokerage, you're going to need that.

And then it's going to need doesn't matter what it is the entity is going to need, the SEO shield is going to need to be, you're going to need to establish the footprint.

Everything that we teach is is a process, a method a system to like repeating myself, it's a system that systematizes how everything gets done. It's a process, the way that we set up the niche is irrelevant, the niche doesn't matter. Because the process takes care of it. As long as everything is set up the right way. We set it up so that it's successful, no matter what it is, I mean, the content production has to be done. Has the homepage has to be right. The schema has to be right. I mean, in everything that we do, you'd probably benefit from the heavy hitter club.

That's where you probably find the most benefit because that's how we show you how you can best make use of your entity and how you can take that entity approach for anything that you're doing. You'll never hear me talking about how to go after a specific niche. Because the process is always the same. It's the procedural process by the Department of redundancy department, right? Yeah. I love that. The Department of the Department of redundancy department I love that. Um, so I just did a quick Google search for Zilla scraper. I thought Phantom Buster might have one but it doesn't look like they do.

But this is neat. They've got some really powerful tools but I just did a quick search for Zillow web scraper because I know like you know Zillow is a wealth of information if you're in the real estate industry. And I know it pisses a lot of realtors off because and even investors because Zillow is kind of like they took that they actually entered like the realty market themselves as well as they're also buying up properties that are listed on Zillow for discounts, you know that kind of stuff. So they're also like acting as a real estate investment, trust type thing, all kinds of stuff. It's crazy. So Zillow is a powerhouse in the real estate industry and even though a lot of people.

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You're mad at them. Like I mean, you can't fault them for just being really good at what they do. Anyways, Zillow web scraper. I just clicked on this one down here because it shows December 10 2020, which seems to be the most recent on page one.

And there you go, like, I mean, I haven't tested any of these. But you might want to look into doing something like using a Zillow web scraper to extract real estate professionals because remember, you're gonna find listing agents, as well as buyer's agents on Zillow, and maybe even mortgage stuff I don't know because I don't typically look as I do in cash based real estate business without loans and stuff. So I don't deal with mortgage loan lenders, but you might be able to find mortgage information on Zillow, like, you know, lender information that are advertising in such on Zillow, if that makes sense. So and that's just one of many guys remember, there's realtor.com is Trulia. Redfin, there's a bunch of other websites that are specific to real estate, that you could probably get a shit ton of information from building a really good prospect list. Okay.

That's a good question, though.

All right. We're almost out of time. Let's see. Yeah, they hate Zillow. Yeah, you're right. And I know because I was just at a real estate investors meeting last night, and we did it once a month. And there were realtors that come in that want to either start their own investing, like investing side to their business, or they want to work the realtors that want to work with investors. And it's funny, but you're right. realtors, they really hate Zillow. I like Zillow because it helps me in my business as an investor because it's just the data that I pulled from Zillow. It's invaluable the data that I get from Zillow, and so I like Zillow for that reason. Anyway,

If The SEO Shield Was Created With Incorrect Keywords, Should You Just Let It Sit And Order A New One?

let's see. The last thing is J. Duggal says if a shield was created, this is a great question. By the way, I read this one earlier. If a shield was created with incorrect keywords he didn't fully comprehend at the time of ordering and provided keyword plus location etc. Instead of the top-level brand. Should I just let the seal the shield sit in order a new one or what would be the best move forward, I'm gonna tell you what I would do and, you know, but Marco's advice is going to be probably the best. What I would do in that situation is probably just set it to not public in order a new one. The only other thing you could do would be to manually go in and change everything, which I certainly wouldn't want to do if I had somebody on my team that knew how to do all that maybe I would have them do it. But I might just set it to not public and then go order a new one. But that's me, Margaret, what would you do?

I don't want to do all that manual work. I don't want to. I know we're going in there and trying to correct it. But I'm like I'm not seeing it. Like that would be a problem where he did keyword press location.

I mean, if he got the keyword research right now it was okay. It was created with incorrect keywords. Yeah, order it again. Because you have ambiguous your entity set everything that you have to the public. Now anything else that was created the syndication network, and everything else will have to be updated. And you'll have to write to support at mgyb.co. To see it whether it be we don't really provide that service but I mean, we could have someone go in and update it for you with the new keyword research with the new keywords for the brand. I will try to set up a one-off payment. I don't see why not.

Sweet. Good question. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. Thanks for the awesome questions, Nigel, and thanks for participating. That appreciates that and I'm glad it was helpful. So we'll see you guys next week.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 327

By April

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Click on the video above to watch Episode 327 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout. This is episode, if I remember correctly, 327. Today is the 17th of February 2021. We got almost the whole crew here today. I think Hernan's got some traveling going on. So he may not be joining us. But we are gonna go around, say hello to everybody. Get some announcements out of the way and then hop into your questions. So first is Chris. How are you doing today, Chris?

Oh, doing well here today. The weather is absolutely crazy. Like one day is like warm, like almost spring. Next day when the ice-cold? I don't know. Right now. It's again warm. So I'm happy. Things are good.

All right, fair enough. Marco. What? How's the weather with you?

It doesn't change, man.

Hey, hang on. Let me let me go. There. You go to the window before too much light. It's too bright. And it's like you've seen it. I started this a year ago, almost to the day. It was sunny. It was what you see me in nothing but either a T-shirt or a sleeved shirt, a button. a button-down shirt every Wednesday for the past year. And it's always been what you see.

This is what it is. And you asked me Adam, but don't you get tired? I'm like, Fuck no. Why would I get tired of it? Why would I want to be living in it? For example, in Texas where the pipes have frozen, people are freezing. They have no electricity, they have no water like that. I can have that if I just move to one of the places that our charity supports. Why would I want to live anywhere else? No. I'd like I'd rather have like if I'm gonna have no electricity. I'll take this weather. Thank you very much. It's very rare that Texas has this kind of weather though. So during the rainy so yeah, but I mean, I don't have to worry about rare. Weather rare here. It's 60 degrees. The rare here is 90. That's the fluctuation that we haven't you see it? It's sunny. And it's warm. And it's beautiful. And it's my Fortress of Solitude. We always talk about both. This is where I want to be

very nice. Well, Bradley, how you doing on the East Coast today?

Good. The weather is decent here for now. But we're supposed to get five inches of snow tomorrow. So we'll see. But yeah, things are good, man. All right. Well, wish you the best of luck and everyone else. I'm not sure internationally what's going on. But I know if you're in the middle, probably two-thirds of the US you got some nasty weather going on. So stay safe, stay warm. So how is your place?

Yeah, but the same as always is low cooler, but 15 and sunny. So that's a cold day here in the Bay Area. So can't complain.

First of all, if you're watching, thank you for watching. Thanks for being here. If you're catching the replay, that's great, too. Drop us a comment. If you're live ask your questions. If you're watching the replay, you can also leave a comment there on the YouTube channel. And we'll get back to you if you got a question. But we encourage you to come live and you can always do that at semantic mastery comm HD questions. And that is where you can be sure that we will get to your question, provided we have enough time we only got an hour, but generally we can get to it. And secondly, I wanted to say the question we get asked a lot for people who are new to Semantic Mastery new to MGYB new to the heavy hitters club. You know, what should I do? Where should I start? And you know, we've got a few things we tell people depending on what you want, right? It's not a cookie-cutter. But the general gist of this is if you're not sure, and you're not sure what the SEO shield is go to the SEO shield comm start there. It's free training about what the SEO shield is what it can do for you. Now if you want to go beyond that, in terms of SEO, you can get our step-by-step processes for getting SEO results with the battle plan. You can find out more about that battle plan dot semantic mastery COMM And if you're an agency owner or a consultant that wants to get more clients who want to grow your revenue, and you want to scale your team, then you should head over to 2xyouragency.com. Find out more over there. And then if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, or maybe get a brick and mortar, maybe you're helping someone else out but you want to join in the experienced community, then the mastermind is going to be the place for you and you can join at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com now at the beginning of my little spiel here I mentioned mg y B and I don't just blow past that. But a lot of times people ask us okay, this is great. I've got the training. I want to run faster. What do you guys do? We order from MGYB.

Yesterday, I placed an order for an SEO shield off to come up with something but an SEO shield. And this is the stuff we use. I didn't come up with the SEO shield. But collectively these are the products we use, right whether it's Marco whether it's Bradley, Rob coming up with this stuff, and we're implementing and using the stuff that we have at mg y B and Semantic Mastery. And so we tell people Hey when you get to the point where it makes sense you have money now and less time to start getting this stuff done for you, you can hire a VA and learn, put them through the courses and teach them how to do it. Or you can go to MGYB and just say, hey, build it for me, I want it done right the first time and do it that way. We're not saying one's better than the other. It's two different ways of doing it. But if you haven't checked out mg y b.co, head over there, hop on the email list. If nothing else, we got some fantastic deals going on, especially around the holidays. And we do send out a lot of really good information. And then last, but certainly not me. Yeah, yeah, what I'd like to say about that is even if you hire a VA, and your VA isn't going to put be put through all the courses, then have your VA learn the ordering process, or learn the processes so that you can just tell your VA, okay, so we need an SEO shield. They know they got MGYB. Well, now we need link building. They go now we need some press releases. And they go because that time that you spend going in and doing that and the ordering process, you could spend prospecting, growing your agency getting more results for your clients, putting your VA through even more of your processes systematizing, there's a lot more than your VA can do other than learning because I mean, just the keyword research, I can tell you takes a long time to learn because they have to go through SEO Bootcamp, they have to go through all of the software that we use to do the keyword research, then filtering it then finding out Okay, so what would work in my categories, what what's a possible push, and then to turn that into something manageable so that you can approach it that way? Okay. So that's how that works. That's how we do that.

I don't recommend anyone, anyway, not a VA and not not, of course, a business owner to do all of this on their own, you have to have a process, you have to have a system, we go a long way, and that we save you all of that time that would take to actually build it up. Because that takes a lot of time also, right. So it's just a time saver, being able to have a place to go and order rather than having to do the fulfillment yourself. Definitely. And I think Margot touched on something really important that the keyword research is just one example out of many, that that would take you three, four days if you know the process. And so you talk about the time saving with a project where that's one piece, whether you're building a new website for yourself a client or project, you're putting together an SEO shield again, yourself or MGYB, the amount of time that goes into this is irreplaceable. You know, we understand. And I mean, I speak for myself, but I know these guys, most of them, I know enough of your story where you know, we got started, you know, kind of bootstrapping, I don't think any of us were funded as consultants or getting started into this. And so you start out, you got more time you try to do some of this yourself. But over time you become the bottleneck. To start either training a VA ordering from mg y b, you know, find the best place out there and get it done and save yourself time. So you can grow and get to a point where you know, whatever your tofu is, maybe you scaled the gas agency, or maybe you work part-time and chill half the time. So whatever that is for you. So with that said, you guys, Marco, I know you posted on the page, is there anything people need to know about the charity webinars, we're doing the fifth one on Monday.

It's the one that we're going to tie everything together, because we've had people talk about, of course, Bradley, PVC, and money ads for the entity and the brand. We had Jordan, come in and talk about the branding bridge and how to approach your entity through branding through marketing. And that whole approach, we had Dixon Jones showing how to do content, right? How entities exists in your content and how to approach your entity from from from that aspect of SEO, then we had Brian cattle do images. So because there's there are entities, of course, in images, and you can approach your SEO that way. So you have all of these different approaches. So how does this all get put together?

In a way that you can systematically just take down just about any niche. And before someone asked, No, you cannot go after amazon for the keyword Amazon unless you have millions and millions of dollars. No, you cannot go after Google. Many have tried and failed you can? No, no. All right, you better have the deep pockets, the investors, and the right way, the right idea before you take on a giant like that. But that doesn't mean that in a vertical. You can't take this system and this approach. And for example like we're doing in pet food doesn't mean that you can't go after pet food. And if you approach it that the right way that you can't rank for it because yes you can and very well the home services industry whether it's plumber, HVAC, electrician, whatever it is, it's there to be had especially when it's approached the right way when you have the right mindset, because it's also knowing and understanding how it is that we approach all these things. And so you have all of this information, but it has to be tied together, which is what we'll be doing on Monday. So not only if you make a donation, not only will you get access to Monday's webinar, you will also get access to all of the previous webinars because they're all recorded. And they're all uploaded for people to see.

Nice. All right, and then if you have your live instructions, the link is on there, if you need it, so anything else you guys before we get started?

All right. Let's do it.

I didn't refresh the page. And I was still looking at last week's webinar on the page. I was like, wait a minute, shit.

All right. Let me get the screen.

You guys are seeing my screen? Correct. Good to go. Yep.

Alright, so where are we?

How come? I don't see the days and times? Yeah, that's interesting. They must have updated something. But you can go up my comment is probably the last one. So scroll back down a little bit. Chaz B has the first. Yeah. Mr. Banner.

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Thoughts On Chameleon Mode In BrowSEO

Keep that one. Going. Yeah. After an hour, after hour. Yeah. Right there. Cool. That's weird. They took the days and times off there. I wonder if it's just a temporary thing. Anyway. Just as Mr. Benner, mentioned, you were still using BrowSEO? Do I know the Creator is launching or has already a new version called Chameleon? Just heads up? If you didn't know. Yeah, thanks, jazz. I know that I've got it. It's called Chameleon mode. And it sucks.

Like, honestly, I'm still using Browseo to I've got, you know, I still use BrowSEO to for my stuff. And I think it works as long as you only right-click a profile, and use system Chrome. That's what you have to use. And then it opens up Chrome, but it's its own instance of Chrome for that particular profile. And that still works. But all the other stuff, why don't really only use the for the browser function anyways. Like you can't use Firefox in the browser anymore at all. Because it just it. It's broken, basically. And chameleon mode just sucks. I'm sorry to say that because I'm still using the browser you have part of the reason why I haven't moved it over to like ghost browser or something else. There's another one called session box, that one looks to be even better priced than ghost browser. It's called session box.io. I think it is. But that's probably the one that I end up trying eventually, whenever I have more time to move all my profiles from browser to something else. Just right now, I don't feel like taking the time to do it. Because it's not a priority. As long as it's still working with the system Chrome. That's fine. I the chameleon mode though I've got access to that, because I've got lifetime access to browse to and I logged into it, I can't figure out how to use it. It's clunky. I just like I said, I don't like it. So anyway. And I've been talking about updating that for well over a year and finally rolled out the beta version of it and if I don't like it at all. So anyway, moving on. Thanks, though, for the heads up. Appreciate that.

How To Push More Power And Authority To All Posts On The Money Site?

The next question is Hey, guys, my question is related to the instant push for the post, which was just published, is related to the instant push for the post, which was okay, my website belongs to a niche where the frequency of post is way higher than the normal blogging. We typically do four to five posts every day, it is not possible to do the link building for each individual post. Oh, okay. Now I see where you're going. And that also takes time. How do you push the instant power to just publish a blog I have a syndication network and SEO shield in place, how to push more authority and power to all the posts on a money site. Thanks in advance.

Well, you could set up an applet in IFTTT or Zapier or something that will take your post URLs and add them to a Google Sheet. Right. So it would automate your RSS like anything, any of your posts, which will update your RSS feed, can send the link to the new post to a Google Sheet. And if you add that Google Sheet to like your drive stack profile, for example, into one of your public drive folders, then that sheet will be public, which means you can use that sheet to build links to it right you can build links to that sheet which will automatically power up your posts.

Now if you've got multiple categories that you're posting from, and you want to get more granular with it, then I would set up a separate sheet for each category and set up categories RSS feeds to feed the Google Sheet. Instead of doing just your overall general RSS feed, where you could be mixing all different types of content, you know, post-con, post types, excuse me into the same sheet. So if you've got silos on your site,

And you're publishing content in the specific silos or categories, then you grab the category RSS feed, and set up a separate Google Sheet for each feed category feed. That way you can hammer that specific Google Sheet with the correct sort of links and anchor text profiles specific to that topic. Does that make sense? So that's, that's something that you can do. And that's a really easy way to do it.

When you're talking about that kind of manual, or excuse me, publishing frequency of publishing, then that's something that I would do, I would just set it up in an automated way, I like to do it more manually because we don't publish near as much as that, you know, most of my clients will get two, maybe three blog posts a week, and that's tops. And so once we flesh out a silo, and we complete our link, we'll within the silo, we extract the URLs from the posts, and then set everything up in the G site. And then just take all that's kind of a manual process anyway. So that all those URLs just go into a target URL file that we upload to MGYB for link building. Does that make sense? So a G sheet is a way to automate it. And that's how I would do it. If If I wasn't going to like a mirror all of the posts into the G site, which in your case, I certainly wouldn't do that. But in my case for what we do, it's, that's a good strategy. So

Does anybody want to comment on that?

Join the heavy hitter club. That's what we have the mad.

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What Is The Quickest And Cheapest Way For A Starting SEO Agency To Get Leads And Make Sales?

Okay. Frogger. Nice. He says, Hey, guys, as a starting SEO agency, what's the quickest cheapest thing we can implement to start getting our pipeline of leads making sales calls aside from link ranking location pages. We can implement to start getting our pipeline of leads, making sales call aside from so I'm not sure I understand that question.

The first way I interpret it would be how, what's the quickest way you can start getting leads for your agency? I think that's what you're asking.

And I found I'm working on a very specific strategy, I can't reveal it 100% here, but I'm using a high level, which is the agency platform agency dashboard essentially does a whole bunch of automation and things like that. It's amazing. Go to semantic mastery, comm slash high level, if you want to see you get a 14-day free trial, you're probably already aware of it. If you're not go check it out. It's a 14-day free trial. And if all you're doing is using a high level for your own agency for prospecting, you can do that with one seat. So it's $97 a month, right, and you set up your agency in there. And then you can use that for prospecting. And I've been using that for prospecting now for well since about September of last year. And it works really, really well. At first, I was doing it just to find lead buyers for my own lead gen assets. But now just on Monday of this week, I just started for my new agency, I just launched a new agency. And I've started using one I'm using high level for prospecting for that with a very specific method. But it's working incredibly well already. So I'm going to be talking about that in the mastermind. But not outside of the mastermind, at least not yet. But a high level is a great way to automate that kind of outreach and things. Because what I'm doing is even cold email outreach, as well as voicemail, you know, voicemail drops. And that's what I'm doing to start with. However, I know there's you know, depending on which industry you're targeting, unless you're just a, you know, a general marketing agency, which means you'll work with any industry. LinkedIn can also be a really good source, I've not been real successful getting leads from LinkedIn, because I never stuck with it that long to really get good at it. But I know that LinkedIn can be a really good source. And there's a lot of really good automation tools that weren't around when I used to attempt a lot more LinkedIn stuff. So that is on my schedule to start doing probably within the next two weeks is to, in fact, I'm going on a webinar on Friday for one of them there's an app Sumo deal right now for a LinkedIn tool.

And they've got a webinar on Friday, it's like 50 bucks for a lifetime account for this app Sumo deal for this LinkedIn prospecting tool. So I'm, I'm going to go check out the webinar on Friday, so I can see if it's something that I want to use, but I'll probably be doing that as well. So that would be mine. My suggestions would be, you know, cold email still works, guys, if you do it, right. Voicemail drops, you gotta be careful. There are certain states and things like that there are certain laws now that you have to be careful with.

Direct Mail works. The hard part with direct mail, though is getting, at least in the industry that I worked in with charter tree contractors is a lot of times when I send direct mail because I do that I get a lot of it returned. So means that the physical address that was associated with the company was incorrect. So you got to be careful with that. If you're going to do direct mail, make sure it's a current list that has some sort of filtering or cleaning capability. But those three things are the ones that I feel are the best that I have personal experience with and like I said LinkedIn is going to be next on my list. Anybody else?


Looks like we lost Marco to hump.

Yeah. Okay.

What can we implement to start getting our pipeline of leads making sales calls aside from ranking location pages? Yeah. So I'm not sure, if, if there's if I didn't interpret that question correctly, then please restate it below with a little bit more clarity, and I'll try to get back to it.

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What's The Impact Of Blockchain, Decentralised Tech, And AI To SEO?

Nikolas says, Hey, guys with future techs, like blockchain, decentralized tech, and AI, where do you see SEO going? Also, what some creative ways to quickly benefit from iframes to our website? Well, Marco would be the perfect one to answer all of those. And unfortunately, he's not here.

Adam, you're doing a lot with AI stuff right now. Do you want to talk about that a little bit? Yeah, I'm just thinking. So with future tech, like blockchain, decentralized tech, and AI, where do you see SEO going? I don't know. Yeah, I can only speak to the side of this, I'll just speak to the stuff I know, I'll let you connect the dots on the SEO side. Both Bradley Chris and then whoever else is watching. But the right now where we're at is that this is really helping speed up testing a lot. So like the one I've used is product descriptions. So I went in, besides MGYB, I am part owner of another little e-commerce store. And I also help clients with e-commerce both on the funnel. And on the email marketing side. Long story short, though, one of the boring things that have a big impact is the product pages, like improving the title of your product, improving the product description, and a couple of other things on the page there. And writing product descriptions is really friggin boring. But it's really important. And so a lot of these tools now, you can put in a few words about your product, and it'll write a great product description. Yeah, like conversion.ai. And so coming in and using that will let you not only get past that hurdle of either having to hire someone and hoping that they know what the hell they're doing, doing it yourself, or not having enough variations. So you can really get to the testing. So I think it was the, I don't have the quote in front of me, and I apologize, but they're the CEO or founder of VWO, you know, was talking about this. And where we're at right now is that this is going to just speed up testing. And so I look at it the same way, from an SEO point of view, if you can come up with all of this content that you can test, you no longer have to really come up with it yourself, you just need to know that there are tools available that will allow you to do this. And then the next step is going to be tools that do the testing, integrating this type of stuff, where there is a tool I use right now. And I was talking to the founder on a call about some other stuff. And I said, Hey, have you guys played around with these, these writing tools, and he's like, yeah, that's the next step. He's like, you know, our tool helps you speed up the testing process for things on-page, like a title, or description, or whatever it is. And I said, but now we want to integrate with these tools that do the writing. So you can say I want to test this title. And that's it, it's done. It tests the title for you and runs through, you know how many other options you give it. And it does the writing for you. Now, I assume there will still be some human interaction. But that that speed to testing is I think going to be crucial from the SEO side, where you're getting traffic to a place, whatever it is a website or a YouTube channel, and being able to test all of this different kind of permutations. And it's going to become easier both for the little guy to do this testing. But it's going to become it's kind of more of the same and yet different, these tools will trickle down and be available to someone for free or very low cost. But at the same time, you know, that human time spent maybe monitoring results and seeing what they really mean. That's where the real value is going to be, I think on a lot of the content side of things. So long story short, we got a lot of cool tools we can use for testing right now. And if you're not aware of them, I would spend half an hour just familiarizing yourself with some of these tools. Like Bradley showed one the conversion.ai and just sign up for a free trial if they have one. I don't know. But there are tons of tools copy Smith snazzy.ai just go see what's capable right now. And I don't think you're going to be like Oh God, you know, Skynet, the world's ending. But it is impressive to see and I think it's you can connect the dots real quick in your head and see where this is going. So yeah.

Yeah. So you know, Adam turned me on to this one just about a week ago actually, that I signed up for haven't started using it yet. But this is conversion.ai, which I think is good for copy phrase.io this is good for tuning content for search. Similar to I think, what is it page optimizer pro and surfer SEO and in links and that kind of I mean, this was probably more basic than a lot of those other ones but it's good for optimizing content and I think that's where a lot of, at least in my opinion, you know, Marco is the one that does a lot more with AI stuff. He's more plugged into that stuff than I am. But I think there's going to be a lot of tools to help auto-optimize things. You know, we're already seeing the content optimization tools and content production, you know, producing tools or generating tools that are using AI. I bet I think, you know, for example, in Google ads, I do a lot of stuff with Google ads, they're using AI and machine learning. And in ADS now like to set up automated bidding strategies, right, you can, you can opt to use machine learning and AI and Google ads to auto-optimize your ads. And I don't do that upfront. But once I have proven certain, you know, audiences and ads that are working well, then I will turn on automated bidding strategies or duplicate a campaign, but set that campaign using automated bidding strategies instead of manual bidding.

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And in allowing it to, you know, a split test against my own optimization and adds to what I'm letting Google Optimize for me, and start to see and more often than not, as long as I have at least, proven a good ads campaign with the proper audience than when I move that over to test automated bidding strategies in Google, more often than not, so more than half the time, Google's AI and, you know, automated bidding strategies end up outperforming what I was able to do on my own. So it's, it's been great, because it's been able to improve, like where I've been, I've been able to get my ads to a certain spot. And then once I get them to that point, I put it into Google, you know, let Google take over. And, like I said, more often than not, so more than half the time, it ends up outperforming what I was able to do on my own. So not always the case, but more often than not. So I see that as something else that could be potentially coming into more SEO stuff as well would be like, auto optimizing website, right? For example, for example, like conversion optimization, I can see sometime in the near future, that pages will auto like, you know, split test pages on their own and change elements of the page and layouts of the page and things like that, to determine which are the highest converting rates, like which to optimize for conversions, and I could see that as something that's coming. Right. So that it's already out, man, is it? Yeah, yeah. But it's gonna become the status quo. You know, in the next few years. I think that that because right now, it's like, if I had a WordPress website, I agree. I know, it's out there, Chris. But it'd be like, Where do I how do I do that? Where do I do that? Yeah. I mean, like, make it mainstream. I'm using a mainstream tool, but I'm not allowed to talk about it. So what can't be mainstream? If you're not talking about it, then?

I can't tell anybody.

I think I can share it in Semantic Mastery. But like I said like I can say anything to the public. Go there. So, Bradley, I'm glad you brought up free. So I think that is the other side right now where you can get a lot of mileage out of this where let instead of you writing the content brief that, you know, this also goes back to the process. And since parts of this are being automated now, you can go into phrase type in a keyword, and have it auto-generate a content brief for you. And is it going to be perfect? To me? No, but it's a start. And it's a process, which I mean, I'm guilty of this, too, where it's like, oh, I need an article for this. Well, I'll just kind of outline it. And inevitably, I'm not doing the same thing each time. So like, these tools, to me really help. You know, if I have to hand it off, I can say, Okay, here's the process, you go in here, you Click these buttons, you do a manual review, take this stuff out, and then hand it off to a writer, for example, instead of just being like, Okay, well, this is the article I'm looking for this time, you know, so I think those tools, as you said, Bradley are going to become even better, and they're already pretty freak in good. Yeah. And that's a good point that you made about that. Because, you know, I still order a lot of content from writers. And sometimes I'll need a piece of content for something and, you know, I'll be staring at the order submission screen and like, I draw a blank, like, what the hell should know, how do I describe what I need. And so what he just said about a content brief is a good point, because I can go to phrase now, and type in a query or put in a keyword or something and hit go and it will spit out a content brief and natural, like seed the idea for the content that I need, as opposed to me having to come up with something so it does definitely save time. And that's kind of where I see things going with AI with some quickly quick ways to benefit from iframes to our website. Well, I mean, we talked about all that stuff with theme mirroring and using the G site and everything else if you're not familiar with what we talked about with iframe stacking and all that, that's taught in heavy hitter club, Semantic Mastery Mastermind as well as RYS Academy. However, you know, you can go through our YouTube channel and get lots of high-level overviews of what the mirroring is, and how we do it using the G site and the drive stacks and everything else that we do to write. So siloing, GMB posts siloing press releases, we mirror the same silo structure from your website onto everything that you do. And the way that you stack and interlink content should all be consistent, as well. And so, you know, one of the quickest things, the best things you can do is iframe your website into corresponding pages on the G site that are mirrored right, so a one to one relationship or one to one ratio, from your primary pages on your website to your primary pages on your G site, right, you want to duplicate your primary pages from your website into your G site, when I say that you don't need to copy and paste content, all I do is duplicate the pages on the G site. To create an inner page on the G site to match the inner pages of my main site. And then I just iframe the money site into the G site, there's your content, you don't need to go through all the copy and paste and everything because Google will read the content from your money page through the G site, the iframe on the G site. And so that becomes the content for the page. And then we talk about stacking different pieces of content together that are relevant. I talked about that many times and they hang out again, you can just go to our YouTube channel. So youtube.com/semantic mastery, then go to the channel search feature and just search that kind of stuff out like theme mirroring iframes g sites or stacking, iframe, stalking, all that kind of stuff and just start going through because we've got a ton of information in there about how to do it.

But then you just hammer your G site with backlinks. And then you can power up your money site page without actually physically directly linking to your money site. And that's how we've been doing it for years now. And it just works incredibly well. So hopefully that makes some sense.

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In What Order Should You Create The GMB And Gsite?

Bb's up with many questions as usual. What's up, BB. Hey, guys, what is better to start a GMB and then start a G site/website or backward a site and then a GMB or start parallelly it's a hard word to say, or start search ads and then organic viewing. Okay, well, there's a couple of things here, BB.

If you don't know the industry, then I would highly recommend that you start with ads, the keywords that drive traffic and conversions. It's not just about traffic, because you might, you know, I made the mistake years ago, I just didn't do ads for a very, very long time at all. And I would always just start with SEO and in part because it was really easy to rank. But you know, it's become more complex and more difficult. There's no question. And so if I'm going into it, which I don't, I don't like to go into any new industries. Now I like to just stick with what I know. But if I was to go into a new industry, then what I would do is set up a Google Ads campaign first to figure out which keywords are going to produce not just traffic and clicks, but conversions, right, that's the optimum goal is conversions. So if you just look at keyword tools and look at search volume, that doesn't tell you the whole picture, right, that only gives you part of the story.

Am I still alive, guys, I see the page doing some weird stuff. You look, I think you're good. Let me check the page. Okay. It was uh, it was doing some refreshing or some weird shit. Anyway, um, so what I'm saying is if you go just look at search volume and stuff and think that you're going to optimize for keywords based upon search metrics, right search numbers, search volume numbers, then you can end up spending time, money and effort, creating content, and trying to rank for keywords that might produce a lot of traffic, but they just don't convert, or they're they don't have buyer intent, or whatever. And so what I like to do is spend money upfront, which by the way, when you first start running ad campaigns, even if it's not like Google search ads, you're going to spend a lot of money depending on what it is. But for local stuff, I mean, clicks can be super expensive.

But even YouTube and things like that, like the way I look at it, is any new ad campaign for Google ads, specifically, it's like the first 30 days, you should really just assume that you're just buying data, right? Like you're it's rare that I start a new ads campaign in a new industry that I've not ever done any testing in and get immediate results like positive ROI, right? Like it's very rare, it's usually I'm gonna lose money upfront. But once I have enough data, then I can start to optimize, where I see the most opportunity stop spending money on ads, or keywords or creatives or whatever that aren't really relevant aren't producing, redirect those funds into what was producing and then start optimizing those producing campaigns to you know, optimize them even more so that they're performing even better. And so I just look at using ads upfront when it's a new industry. If it's a new topic, new industry, whatever I look at, okay.

I'm going to spend money on buying data first. Once I have that data, then I'm going to start to optimize my campaigns to put that budget to good use to start turning a profit, right or making a return on investment. And then from there, I continue to optimize. So my first strategy would be if I don't know an industry, I'd start with Google ads to figure out what those keywords are the ones that are going to produce traffic, but also convert, and then I would start optimizing content for that, right. So start the SEO process, which would be building the, you know, getting content written, optimizing for that, and all the other stuff that we do. If I already know the industry, then you know, I use, you know, I still use ads usually to jumpstart a campaign, but I'll go right for the keywords and everything that I already know, to be effective and to be what people use and what I love about the tree service industries. There are really only five keywords that drive all you know, 90% of all traffic is driven from five keywords. So it's beautiful because I can optimize for those five, I don't need to continually do keyword research and all that other shit. You know, as far as whether I would do GMB first or website build first It doesn't matter. I mean, I like to go with GM I what depends, right? Again, it depends always depends. If you have a real business that can be verified. It's not a spammed GMB listing, then there's no reason that you can't start with the GMB or just do both in the parallel right, the GMB as well as the website everything else. If you're dealing with a spammed GMB listing, then I recommend that you get the website set up first with the brand name, the domain that's going to be associated with the GMB. You get the structure. You get as much detail on the page as possible. Like you don't have to have a full-on built-out website. But I mean, the homepage on the root domain for that project should have something that's relevant. It should have the company name the contact information that's going to be used with the GMB. So name, address phone number, structured data at the very minimum organization schema, if you're going to do it, if it's for local business, which GM bees are supposed to be for local business, then put local business schema on the page and then go try to claim and verify the GMB right or to associate the GMB with the website if that makes sense. So it depends if it's a valid business and it doesn't mean you can't you can start with the GMB or run both parallels. That's typically how I will do it. But if it's a spam GMB, then I try to get the web asset set up first, before trying to associate the GMB with it or get the GMB if I'm starting from scratch, so that it has a reference point that Google can see that has some validity to it. Right. So for example, not just have the domain but

I just kind of figured out a ticker earlier this week.

Well, let's just say have the domain registered, you might want to use something like G Suite or Google workspaces for your email for that domain because that means you're paying Google for that domain, right? Like you now you have a paid account with Google that is associated with that domain so that when you try to tie the GMB to that domain, there is some validation there that it's not spam, because you got a paid account. Remember, Google workspaces, guys, if you go with a basic workspace account, formerly G Suite, it's six bucks a month. So don't be cheap, spend six damn dollars a month, and have that additional verification or validation for that, less likely to be spam, if that makes sense. Okay.

It's a good question, though.

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Are GSA Links Also Web 2.0 Contextual Links?

Next question. Are GSA links, also web 2.0 contextual links, some of them are.

But some are not web 2.0. contextual links are meaning blogger type, you know, blogging type platforms that allow you to post articles and blog posts published, excuse me, text-based content. I mean, it can have images and media and stuff in it looks like blog-style posts. The contextual link means a link within the content. That's why it's called a contextual link. Right. So that, you know, GSA can have all kinds of crap stuff in there, though. That's why we only recommend GSA out of like, third or fourth tier, that's what we call I called GSA links, kitchen sink, spam, right? Throw everything at it, but the kitchen sink Well, this is the kitchen sink. So we have we've been calling a kitchen sink spam for years, but that's what GSA does. Now some people that are super skilled with GSA know how to use it for just web 2.0 blogs and all that's great. I don't know how to use any MDM tools because I've always had a link-building guy that does it for us are the same one that does it for MGYB. So I don't know how to use all the tools and I really don't care. All I'm saying is if you're going to use GSA links, they're more than just contextual web two Dotto there. Some of those can be mixed in there's no question. Those are some of the platforms. But GSA is a known spamming tool. So a lot of the platforms that you will connect with Are you know, forums.

And just all different kinds of stuff. So just remember web 2.0 typically means blogging-type sites, right? And contextual links are links within the content body of a post or an article. So they're more powerful because there's you know, they're contextual meaning the link can benefit from the context that it's in, right that the context that it's buried within. So there are associations that can be made with the content and the keywords and everything else. So that's what a contextual link is. Why do you recommend buying first and tear web to contextual links, and third and fourth, to buy GSA links for exactly what I just said, you get a lot more power out of a contextual link, because Google can understand the relevancy from the keyword theme, the keyword set all of that's on the page. And that is a contextual link is more powerful and safer than a lot of these other types of links if that makes sense.

So and I only recommend building first and second-tier web 2.0 contextual links, because that's what our link builder has been telling us to do. Whatever he tells us to do is what we do that makes sense.

Which, you know, maybe you could always post in the free Facebook group and tag data on a question. No questions about that. And now in the free group, I don't know how much you get in there, how deep you get news answers. But definitely in some of our paid groups, he, you know, other people ask questions about link building stuff. And he's, he's a wealth of information about that. He's really skilled. So

Do You Have A Service Of Closing Lead Gen Clients?

do you have any service of closing lead gen clients? I'm not sure what that means, BB. Do I have a service? for closing lead gen clients? Or I'm not? I'm not sure I understand the question. But if that's what you're asking, Do I have a service for closing lead gen clients? I mean, I do that in-house. I still do all my own sales. Although the new agency that I just launched on Monday.

I'll talk about it more later, another time. But that I fully plan on hiring a full-time salesperson. But not I mean, I've got got to get some revenue in that agency first. But that is one of my top priorities is to hire a salesperson. Right? So But no, I still do all the closing myself. So I mentioned this at the beginning of today's webinar, I use a high level. Again, check it out semantic mastery, comm slash high level, you got a 14-day free trial. If you're only doing it for prospecting and sales for your own agency, you only need one seat. So you don't need the agency-level account or all that other stuff. I used just the $97 a month high-level account for my own stuff for many, many months. Now I'm on to what's called a high-level Pro, it's 500 bucks a month. But that's for a very specific reason, anyway.

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Yeah, I mean, I just do exactly what I said at the beginning of this, which is I do cold emails, direct mail, and voicemail drops right now are my three primary methods for prospecting. And then once a conversation gets started, which is for me, that's the primary objective for the prospecting campaigns is to just get a conversation started, the hardest thing that I found when you're trying to sell marketing services, is getting a conversation started, because as soon as a prospective business owner thinks that it's a solicitation call, they put up their defenses and the conversation, tanks immediately, right, it goes downhill, right off the bat, because they, they, they smell a sale coming. And so, you know, I found over the years, the best way to get a conversation started, or once I get a conversation started, if I can get a conversation started, then I can typically do fairly well. So for me, when it comes to lead gen stuff like selling leads, then what I often do is we'll we'll approach a contractor about, you know, asking them questions about what they're, you know, if they're, if they are accepting new jobs in a particular area, or whatever, or and then once they reply back, then I'll send them you know, basically a, and I've talked about this in video lead gen system, guys, but for lead gen stuff, I'll say, you know, Hey, are you doing jobs in, you know, whatever city, if they reply back, and I'll say, Okay, well, I've got several jobs that need to be completed. It's kind of hard to explain, though, can I send you a video showing you what I've got? And I so essentially asking, and it's whether this is email or SMS, it doesn't matter. It's either way. But once I get their permission, when they reply back and say, Sure, go ahead or yes to some sort of positive intent reply, which by the way, all this can be automated in high level, right? Because they have intent triggers and all like so like, essentially, if somebody replied back with Yes, or Sure, go ahead, send it you know, anything like that with positive intent, then the automation will send them back another email or an SMS, depending on which medium we were like, you know which platform we were using communication channel we're using, then we'll send them back with a link to a landing page where it will show like hey, I've got leads in this area.

All right now, and I'd like to give you three of them for free. And right now I'm doing five for free. So I say five leads for free. If you're interested, just fill out the form below, which is a very simple contact form. And then they fill out that contact form. And it notifies me that I've got a new form submission. And then I call them to follow up, say, hey, okay, great. Let me just confirm your service area, what type of jobs you're looking for, and I'm going to enter you into my system. And I'll send you five leads at the end of those five leads, I'm going to follow up with you to find out if you want to continue working together. That's how I do it for leads. I'm doing something similar for clients, which I'm trying to take clients on for my new agency staff. But it works really, really well. And here's the thing, like I said, it's, I've set up this funnel, and I talked about this and POFU Live last year, for 2020. And all of what I just talked about is explicitly laid out in the POFU Live recordings, which are still available. So if you want this exact method, then go by that POFU Live 2020 recordings, and you'll see exactly how I built this in high level and exactly what I'm doing in my messaging and everything, okay. But it works, it works really well. And here's what I here's what I've learned, though, is I had set up all these automation and everything to try to get potential lead buyers to go through that funnel, to where only I would only you know, basically, they would get entered into my lead distribution system, which I'm using lead, simplify, Matt, Mike Martin's lead simplified, that's what I use for lead distribution and everything.

And I had set everything up hoping to get people to go through all that funnel-like to where it would be automated until they had signed up. And then I would call them. That's not how it works. Unfortunately, you know, after. I mean, the prospecting machine works really well. But I've only had three people, since I started in September, actually go through the full funnel process and book a call with me and all that other stuff. Generally what happens, like almost always what happens is, they'll start through that funnel sequence like all the automation. And at some point, the conversation gets transferred to me because they ask a question or something that the automation can't handle. And so I end up having to jump into the conversation and taking it from there. But it's fine because at least they're intrigued at that point. They're interested. And so it's not, that's the hardest part, as I mentioned before was getting the conversation started. Well, at this point, the conversation has been started through automation through an automated fashion, right, through automation, it's been started and then I take over from there and jump into the conversation where appropriate, and then take it from there. And it's been so much easier that way for me. And at first, as I said, when I set all that up, I was hoping to get people to go all the way through the automation without having personal contact with me. But then after I realized that I was going to have to take the jump into the conversation before most people would go all the way through the funnel. I've realized now that now I don't even wait as I like as soon as they reply back to the front end of the campaign. Especially because all I'm dealing with these tree guys now and landscaping contractors is I just jumped on the phone with them immediately. Like as soon as I see that they've engaged with my sequencing, my messaging, my, my automation, then I jump right in and just take over and I'll pick up the phone and call in a heartbeat now, and just and jump on the phone with them and try it because it shortcuts the process for me and I get to a sale quicker if that makes sense. So the automation and all are great. And for those that make it all the way through. It's fantastic. But it's so rare that I use all of that automation, just to get the conversation started kind of eliminates those people that aren't interested, those that are going to ask questions, and then I can jump in and take over the conversation at that point. And steer the conversation in the right direction. So anyway, hopefully, hopefully that made some sense.

Well, it says dates and times, and questions work fine on my Mac. Yeah, I know. Well, you keep pushing your Mac stuff. But you're not going to sell me on it. Keep trying. Oh, buddy. heresy. Keep trying. We're almost done, guys. We're gonna run out of questions. Anyway.

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Is There An Ideal Depth For iFrame Stack Loops?

So Jim says, Is there an ideal depth for iframe stack loops? Is there any more benefit achieved from going 1000 deep versus 10? Deep on the iframes? Is this something? This is something I haven't tested very thoroughly. Thanks, gang. Again, Marco would have to answer that. I don't know. I know some of our mastermind members have done some really nasty stuff with iframes to the point where if you open up a page on your in your browser, it will literally lock your whole computer up because it just takes all the cash in memory and just locks it up. And I've done it like I've had to literally hard reset my computer reboot my computer while holding the power button down because an iframe locked the whole damn PC up.

And I have seen that happen on several occasions.

So I typically don't try going that deep. But I know some of our mastermind members have, unfortunately, Marco is not here to answer your questions. So perhaps you could repost that, Jim, next week, and Marco will be back hopefully, to answer it then.

How Does Google Privacy Sandbox Affect SEO And Ads?

okay, last question, guys. And then we're gonna wrap it up a little bit early, which is fine. This says, How will the Google privacy sandbox affect SEO and ads? And what is your take on the upcoming changes? You know, I? I don't know yet. As far as you're talking about, like, because of like, privacy concerns with audience targeting and interest-based targeting and stuff like that. I don't think that that's going to affect Google as much as it has Facebook, Facebook, you're already starting to see and I don't do Facebook ads. Okay. But I know enough people, obviously that I'm colleagues and such the dude, and know that Facebook is already experiencing a lot of problems with ads and stuff because of their privacy concerns. And what Apple I guess, now stopped reporting back to Facebook, which is was a huge hit to them.

JOHN Beltre, I think his name is he's got a great, let me see if I can pull this up. Because this is something you should, I think it's john T. Belcher.

The death of pixels, I think is the name of the

Yeah, right there. Okay. So this guy's I would go check this out. He's got a free course. This might actually yeah, I'm already it looks like I'm still logged into this course. Because I started going through the training. It's a free course called the death of pixels. Let me grab Let me see if this is the share URL because it's probably not. Yeah, it is. Okay, cool. I'm gonna copy that and paste it on the page.

This Stuff Works
So if you go through that, it makes a lot of sense, a lot of it has to do with attribution. If you do what they call server to server attribution, and said, all that kind of tracking upconversion, tracking and everything up, then you can still, you can still have the sort of audiences and you know, interest base and behavioral-based targeting and all that kind of stuff that you're you've probably grown used to. But you have to set that stuff up on your side. And you have to be real careful about, like, how you handle the data and all that kind of stuff.

Because you know, you can get in trouble if you don't do it correctly, and all that kind of stuff. So I would highly encourage you to go check that out. As I was saying, I think it's more affecting, like Facebook now than it is Google. I don't even know if it's affecting Google, to be honest with you. This kind of stuff. So does Bradley. That's why he asked for the Google prices sandbox. Like, from what I know.

They're pretty much doing the same on Chrome like somewhat Apple did.

Yeah, but what I'm saying is with Tag Manager, it's like the server to server conversion tracking. It's, you know, Facebook doesn't give that to you. But Google does through Tag Manager, is what I'm saying. So it's different. And also if you're using Google Analytics because, Facebook has like conversions API, which is exactly the same as so it's a server tracking.

Okay, well, again, I don't do Facebook ads. So I don't know any of that shit. But I know that there's a lot of people whining on Facebook, about Facebook ads and how they're, Yeah, we are.

When the virus is like, it's pretty much pushed up by marketing people to sell you more stuff. And also, there's like, the war between Apple and Facebook. It's just like, all the media that is pushing it like, the reality is it's like almost doing impact, in my opinion, like, yeah, if things change a bit, are you doing it?

But you gotta realize all the big companies, they got the data already, right. So they are not there is no law, like no changes that they're gonna append the data. It's just a little bit of fresh data that getting into their systems is a bit restricted.

And at the same time, they got their email addresses to get all those things right now, the plastic got fingerprint matchups and an entered like, I don't think many people are talking about. So sounds like you've got a course that you need to produce there, Chris? Well, it depends if it pays well enough, like right now, like it didn't have enough requests for anything, but that could be an option. Yeah, definitely.

Well, there you go. Next time, you have a question about conversion tracking and privacy's, you know, address that one to Chris and should be good to go then sure thing

That's what I'm here. Alright, guys, we're gonna wrap it up. Thanks, everybody for being here.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 326

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 326 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 326. Today is the 10th of February 2021. I was about to say if you're watching live and you can't see this refresh the broken debris fresh the page, but don't really do you much good if you're watching live and can't see this. So if you're ever watching live and you can't see it, just make sure that you refresh the page. And that takes a little bit for the page to get updated. So, as usual, we're going to go through we got some announcements. We'll keep that short and then we're going to get in we got a bunch of questions of pretty good, wide variety. So we will start we got I know Marco's out taking some time with the family. Hernan must have gotten held up somewhere, but the rest of us are here and ready to go. So we'll start off with Chris, how are you doing today?

thing, Goodyear super happy here today. Lots of new snow. So like, everything is right. Everything is more bright and stuff. So I really enjoyed it.

Very nice. Nice. Nice. All right. And Bradley, are you readily available for comments?

Oh, yeah, I'm trying to get logged into stuff. But yeah,

gotcha. How are you doing? I'm good. I'm glad to be here. Cool. Let's jump into it. I got a couple of things I want to go over before we start answering questions. First of all, if you're new to semantic mastery, thanks for watching. You're in the right place every Wednesday at 4 pm Eastern. You can check us out either live on semantic mastery comm slash h v questions or you can subscribe on the YouTube channel and stay up to date that way. And check out the replay. We also put out little clips of the questions. But the best way to do it is to come to live or if you can't make it live. You can ask your questions ahead of time. Yeah, semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, and then check out the replay we understand you there got things to do got a job got clients, whatever. Last but not least, I want to name a few things that we get asked a lot. And to kind of talk on that real quick. If you are new to semantic mastery, you're new to MGYB you're new to heavy hitters club, then you should find out how to shield your site. I'm using the air quotes here because the shield comes up a lot, right. But this is if you don't want to worry about algorithm updates and you want to find out what the hell the SEO shield is go over to the SEO shield.com that's the word de Seo shield.com. And then beyond that, if you want to expand beyond that and get our step by step processes for getting SEO results, then check out the battle plan. And you can find out more about that at battle plan dot semantic mastery comm kind of moving up the list, what we also get asked a lot is Hey, I'm either consultant or I've got a small agency but I want to get more clients, I want to grow my revenue, I want to scale my team. I know I fit into that core category I think a lot of other people do. But if you want to find out more about that there's great training available at two x your agency.com. And then if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, or you even have a brick and mortar physical business, you've got people working for you, or you're more experienced with the agency or consulting model than the mastermind is definitely the place for you. And you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And last but certainly not least, I've mentioned this before mg y b.co that's placed to get done for you services. All right, I recently, you know, this is the stuff we've used ourselves and we do use ourselves I recently bought the deep keyword research package for a new project I'm working on. I love that it saves a ton of time you get a bunch of not only just great keywords, but it's also organized very well you can find out more about that at mg y b.co. And beyond that you can get the SEO shield syndication networks, press releases link building all sorts of good stuff. So before we jump into it just gonna say hi to Hernan looks like he made it here. How you doing, man?

I'm good, man. Sorry about the slight delay. I was in a meeting that runs late. It was supposed to be five minutes by the end of being seven. That's all right. You're gonna get detention, but I hate that man. I hate that. So anyway, happy to be here. Awesome. All right. Well, that's about it. Let's get into it unless anybody else had I think we got one more thing.

What's up, man? especially for all our full being Muslim mastermind members. So for the next two weeks, if you're struggling with your Facebook convergence API, I will help you for free but only for the next two weeks and with no trial subscription. So like you need to be a fully subscribed mastermind member. And I will post a link where you can subscribe to the mastermind. If you're struggling or needs help with that just hit me up in the Facebook group. The semantic mastermind Facebook group and yeah, that's it. Awesome.

Hell of a deal.


I guess. Let's get into it. Bradley. You're good to go. Yeah, I'm good. Now let me grab the screen. You know, I'm still fighting through. I got a new PC last week and boy, and I remember why over six years, I kept my old one for six years because it's a nightmare, transferring everything from, you know, one PC to another just takes forever. It's been a week and I'm still not done.

So I got a question for you, Bradley. And hopefully, some other people can relate. And I know the answer, like from her nine, because I know he plays PC games. And so I bet you know, he nerds out on like putting together his PC or like getting a new one. Do you do that to Bradley? Or is it has it always just been like a work machine for you? And it just works. Okay. So like I transition because I used to, like, nerd out, you know, I'm like researching and doing all this and building my own PC. And now I'm like, dreading upgrading, because I'm like, Oh, my God, I don't want to deal with having to like download programs and do this. And I never understood people who were like that before. Now. That's to me, like one of the things I'm like, shit, I'm getting old. I know. Yeah.

Well, I used, I used this program, but it's a company called Laplink. It's called PC mover. And I use the professional version, which like 60 bucks or something like that. But it was great. It had it was overnight, it transferred everything from one PC to the other, all programs and everything, but you still got to log back into the programs, and then kind of like reset them or re-register them and all that kind of stuff. So and then obviously, some of the settings aren't all the same, but it definitely helped. You know, before I've always done that shit manually, and it would literally take days of doing nothing but working on the PC like the transfer stuff. And this made everything a lot easier. But it's still you know, I'm still going in and have to modify things. Do you know what I mean? So

that's cool. What was that called? Again?

It's called a sea mover by Laplink.

This Stuff Works
Awesome. I'm gonna write it down. It's pretty cool. What saved me a ton of time. It lets me transfer overnight. And it took about six hours for it to transfer everything from one to another. But once it was done as I said, it definitely sped up the process still working my way through some bugs, but it was definitely a lot easier.

Sure. What rockets Did you get like that's the curious question on everybody's mind? The what? What kind of rocket computer did you get? Well, I got a good one was 64 megabytes RAM because that was my biggest issue. I use a browser to still, God forbid. And when I got a shit ton of Chrome profiles open, it slows my computer way down. I went from 32 gigabytes ram to 64 and it's um, it's definitely better. It's faster. There are no questions.

I got a recommendation for you there right there. Was that is a fucking VPS man? Now to float the whole thing of like, 500 open tabs.

I just bought a new PC, so I don't need to do that shit.
So you can even do this like a week Chromebook and run that operation.

moving into question.

There we go. Alright, guys, we're gonna get into it. Now. We're gonna start with chassis that GIF anyways, maybe we'll get to it. Keep going.

Which one?

Nevermind, just keep going.

I don't see it.


Is It Okay To Add A Company's Wiki Page To Its Schema Data In SEO Ultimate?

All right. Anyway, moving on. Chad says Hey, guys. Well, it looks like I don't remember answering this one last week. So we'll go with this one. If a company has a Wikipedia page or something similar, like Crunchbase Is it a good idea to include it as a link in things schema using something like SEO ultimate for the name of the brand and variations of the brand to help with branded SERPs? Or is this a stupid idea and better to just put in sameas schema? Yeah, I mean, I'm I don't fully understand the question or what you're attempting to do. So if you want to clarify that, I'll try to give you a better answer. But honestly just put it in the same as schema. That's sameas schemas. Actually, it's for your primary social accounts. However, we've had for years now we've been listing all of what we did, we feel are the most powerful properties that are, you know, branded profiles for a project to brand a company. And so I'll use what I consider to be the most powerful citations, so to speak, or places where I have a profile, so it'll be the main social media accounts, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, or excuse me, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, you know, Instagram, if you have it, I typically don't use Instagram, but so the main social media accounts and then, like the Google Site GMB website, if you're if you have a GMB the GMB map URL, you can also use the hash map designation and schema for that also, but I also put that in same as the Google site if you got an SEO shield, which you should press advantage organization page part of the SEO shield, right. And then also, I'll put in top-level citations, if it's for local, I've talked about how to do this many times. But typically, what I'll do is just go to Google and search for the company name plus the phone number and then whatever listings or citations show up or any sort of profiles period that show up in the top two pages of Google search results for that brand plus phone number. By the way, if the top two pages are filled up with a lot of pages from the company domain, right from the, from that entities domain, then you can always put in a modifier like minus, then the domain name right the domain itself, so you know, mydomain.com, so minus the minus sign, then my domain.com, and it will strip those from the results that it shows. So again, I'll do a search for the brand name plus phone number. And then I'll do the minus domain comm as part of it, and then whatever shows up on those top two pages, I've just put those in my same as click through and make sure that they're relevant. You know, if there's not really any data on the page, then it's unnecessary to put it in the schema, same as schema. But if it's got the name, address, and phone number listed, and preferably with the link back to the site, and I will put that back in, or I'll put that in the same schema. So again, top-level social media, the top syndication, network profiles, not all of them, but I put the top ones in like blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, for example, about me is another good one, press advantage, Google Site GMB website, GMB map share URL, or preferably the CI d equals URL not to share URL, and then the top two pages of citations or when I say citations, I don't just mean structured citations like business directories, I mean, any anything that Google determines in the top two pages for that type of a search, why I just do the top two pages, because those are the ones that Google thinks are the most important, or the most authoritative, that are referencing your project site, right the brand itself. So that's why I just stick with those. I don't spam it to death. I know some people that will put everything that they ever create for their brand and same as, and it's like super long. And I don't think that that hurts it. But I just think that's overkill. And there's some sort of diminishing return there. So I like I said, I just stick with the top-level ones. And that's basically it and typically gets really good results. And that can all be done with sameas schema. I wouldn't attempt any of these other things that well first of all, I'm not 100% sure what you were asking, but you run the risk of ambiguating the entity if you start messing with it, so that's why sameas is a particular designation that works well for that kind of thing. comments on that, guys, I know. It's probably gonna be mostly me today.

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How Do You Get The Twitter SEO Profile Addon When You Purchase The SEO Power Shield?

Nope, no, man. Okay, looks good. All right, moving on. So Chad says, Hey, guys, I'm looking to purchase a done for you SEO power shield. I noticed that with our ys reloaded package, there's a Twitter SEO profile add on option since the SEO power shield includes an RYS stack? Is the Twitter SEO profile included? And if not, how do I go about adding that before or during checkout? Last thing? Fuck Google? It's funny. Marco would be proud jazz? Um, that's a really good question. Honestly, I know, I don't typically use the Twitter SEO add on. And it's just because I don't really like Twitter. I know it's good for SEO and all that. I've never been a fan of Twitter. So it's just something I don't use. If it's something that you want to add to an SEO power shield, and that that does not come with it. Okay. If you're ordering just a drive stack, then you can have that as an add on right? Or you can buy that package with the Twitter SEO and the SEO power show because it's not something that people commonly purchased the Twitter SEO network, then we don't include that in the SEO PowerSuite. Because again, those are like the bundled services, which people mostly purchase, right. So that's the SEO shield packages are bundles that are the most commonly purchased bundles, so to speak. So if you want that add on, I would just contact support and ask how they want to handle that because I don't think we have a that's kind of just customization but I'm sure that support will accommodate you just contact [email protected] and tell them what you're trying to do and they'll get you sorted I'm sure. Okay.

Would Creating Online Tools Like WhoIs Checker Inadvertently Benefit Competitors As Their Domains Will Be Crawled?

Okay, the next question is from Pierce he says, Hey guys looking to build out some online tools for my web hosting business like an online who is checker, etc. which will create new domains with info about different domains. With info about different domains, okay, with doing this inadvertently benefit my competitors as their domains may get crawled and listed on the Whois tool. Won't there be any links going to the domains just information like brand name image of the homepage and who is registration? I don't fully understand that question Is anybody else? You guys probably weren't even paying attention. Were you? I know I don't fully understand this question. So we try one more time. Hey, guys, looking to build out some online tools for my web hosting business like an online who is checker, which will create new domains with info about different domains. I don't understand the point of that.

I'm just wondering if that's like, sorry, I don't know the right terminology for this, but like you're creating pages on the fly, like as people query it, you're like, hey, let's find out about this page. And then it builds a page with the information that, you know, in, like, builds it on the fly, maybe, but probably not a different domain. I mean, it could be a subdomain, but it probably is a page, but I don't know.

Yeah. Yeah, I don't fully understand the question. I don't understand what creating new domains with info about different domains means. So just go, let's assume he's talking about subdomain. So like, every time someone does a query, he goes to go to his site, to go to domain.com, and say, Hey, tell me about semantic mastery. And it did some information on semantic mastery. And it creates a page called semantic mastery.is domain calm, and it shows some information about it. And just as of right, then that page is created on the fly and the domain exists.

As their domains may get crowded, listed on. Yeah, okay. If that's what you're, and that that was a great interpretation, Adam, because that may very well be what he's trying to do. And I'm just going to assume that that is the case. For now. Maybe there's some clarification down further?

No. All right. Well, I'm gonna run with what Adams interpretation of that question was, if that were the case, then, you know, that's a good question. I don't know 100%? No, if you're not linking back to the competitor domain, then most likely not I mean, it's still considered a citation. Right? If you're listing information about the brand, the domain itself, right, then it could be considered a citation, which would be you know, remember, a citation doesn't have to include a link, it's just the publishing of entity information, typically name, address and phone number, right NAP. Sometimes the link sometimes without but just publishing that, even if it's not hyperlinked is not clickable, none of that can count as a citation that's more beneficial for local projects than it is for like national or global or whatever. But it still is it can help with SEO. But since if there's no link whatsoever, you're likely it's likely that it wouldn't, you know, it wouldn't move the needle and is what I'm saying for your competitors. So I don't think that that would be a problem. And again, that's just me assuming that that is what you're trying to do is create a subdomain page anytime somebody doesn't create a query because I don't really fully understand the question. So anyway, that said, hopefully, that answers your question. I don't think it would be an issue if it's just listing like text-based data about that domain. But again, still not 100% sure why you would want to do that.

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Will You Get Topics Related To Law When You Submit A Deep Keyword Research For Lawyers?

So anyway, there he says, Lanre. I think I got it right this time, man. Landre, right. I think so. Anyways, if I need to do a keyword for divorce lawyers, if I need to do keywords, or key okay for divorce lawyers, do I need to submit for keyword research for lawyers or divorce lawyers? Okay, so if you're going to order a keyword research package because I'm assuming that's what you're asking if you're going to order a keyword search package from MGYB. for divorce lawyers do I submit for keyword research, for lawyers, or for divorce lawyers? Well, if you're going specifically after divorce lawyers, then if you were to just submit lawyers as your keyword, then it's going to pull back divorce lawyers and personal injury attorneys and family law and, you know, criminal attorneys, and it's going to pull all that back, which would be not relevant to your project, right. So if your project is all about divorce lawyers, then I would use divorce lawyers or attorneys, you know, they're kind of interchangeable as your keyword. And then they'll start pulling it from there and extracting all of the keywords, you know, subsets or theme sub-themes from divorce lawyers. And I'm kind of compiling and optimizing the keyword file for you that way if it's the, you know, the top whatever the top-level keyword packages, so that's, that's what I would suggest because remember, if you're going with the broader term, you're going to get broader results too, which aren't going to be relevant to your product or your project, excuse me. So I would go with divorce lawyers. Okay, don't include any local modifiers though. We don't need that for the deep keyword research.

If I submit for deep keyword research for lawyers, will I be able to select various areas of law to build my site or Well, I have to build a law site that covers various ways I'd be able to select various areas of law to build my site? Or will I have to build a law site that covers various areas of law Okay, um, all right, I won't be able to select various areas of law to build my site? Yeah, I mean, as I said, if you go with the lawyers like for D word, if you just went with lawyers, right, which is very broad, then it's going to return everything. And there will be suggested silos and all that, which then, you know, you can determine whether you want to use them or not. It's up to your, you know, what, what your project is about? Because you, if you again, if you go with lawyers, there's going to be all kinds of environmental law, immigration lawyers, there's going to be all kinds of stuff in there, that is probably not going to be relevant to you. I mean, again, I don't know what you mentioned in the previous question, divorce lawyers. So I'm assuming that you want to be optimized more for that. more specialized right. So I would go with just divorce lawyers. But again, if you want to do a more general type of law website that covers multiple subcategories for attorneys or lawyers, then you want to go with the broader term. Does that make sense? And then you can just select which, you know, silos or suggested silos that you want to use. And again, they're suggested you still have to go through and, you know, stack the content or the keywords, the way that you want them to be, we do our best to give you you know, things and keyword groups or keyword themes, which would be suggested silos essentially. But it's still up to you to go through and actually, you know, choose which ones of those keywords are fully relevant to your project, and to select which ones you're going to create content for or optimized content for is that if that makes sense? Okay. All right. Moving on. hopefully, that answered that question. It was a little bit of a difficult question, I guess.

Is It Wise To Point Tier 2 Links From MGYB Or Other Sources To Bit.ly Linking Back To The Money Site?

Christopher says, Hey, SM crew, when it comes to pop pushing power behind links, is it wise? Is it a wise idea to point tier two legs from MGYB? or other sources to Bitly? linking back to the money site? Or is it better to direct somewhere else? Okay, Christopher, that's a good question. But there are a few things that I would recommend. So tier two links from MGYB or other sources to Bitly. Okay. Bitly, I don't recommend using Bitly for shortening links, your money sites, and stuff, because this has been a known issue with Bitly. Now, it may have changed, it may be updated. And they don't do this anymore. I don't know. I just know from years ago, I'm talking like, you know, six, seven years ago, Bitly was infamous for. They're supposed to be 301 redirect URLs, short shorteners, right, which creates a 301 redirect, but for whatever reason, and there was no like, rhyme, or reason behind it. Bentley will sometimes convert some Bitly redirects to three Oh, twos, right, which is it, it doesn't allow PageRank to pass. And if that's the case, then building links to Bitly shortened URLs that have been tagged as 302, you know, have been converted to 302 redirects, then you lose all of any potential benefit from the link building to that short link is completely lost at that point. So we have for years and years, we stopped using Bitly for short URLs other than like, when you're using them for SEO purposes, I use Bitly all the time in like internal documents and things like that. Because it's not SEO related, right? It's but when I'm doing when I'm creating redirects for SEO purposes, I don't like to use Bitly. Because of that very reason. There's sometimes you'll look at Bit.ly links and through like a redirect checker and it'll be a 301. Other times you'll look at Bitly links, and there'll be 3.0s in Bitly just does that on their own, at least they used to again, it's been many years since I've really tested any of that because I just stopped using Bitly years ago because of that reason. So I don't know if that's still the case or not. But I know that at some point, they were doing that and so it made Bitly not a good tool for SEO purposes. That said, Remember, MGYB has a link shortener, right. And that's why we use it because we do a lot of what you're asking about here. For example, if you go to mgyb.co/s, which is the link shortener, you'll see what I'm talking about, okay.

And that was not what I wanted to do. Right there, mgyb.co/s is the link shortener. So you can sign up, you know, you can have a free account or you can pay for a paid account, which is very, very inexpensive and gives you some additional functionality. But that's part of the reason when we deliver like an SEO shield, for example, all of the five links that were included in the order originally like your syndication, network profiles, then all of the files and folders that are created throughout the building of the drive stack. All of those links also get shortened. And if you take a look at like for example, the links sheet That comes with an SEO shield order. You'll see on the so the Google Sheet when I say sheet, that's what I mean. You'll see on there, there will be all of the URLs listed for all the files and folders in the drive stack in one column. And then in the column to the right of it, there will be all the short URLs that are MGYB. Seo short, shortened URLs. And the reason why we do that is that, you know, with all the link building that gets done to drive stacks and everything else, people will also submit link building, you know, the target, the mgyb.co short URLs as target URLs. And so over time, this has gotten really, really powerful. In fact, there's, it's funny, but oftentimes, the MGYB.co short URLs will rank in search results as opposed to the unfurled or the target destination URLs. So like, for example, Google, My Maps, my map URL, typically I see for a lot of the projects that I have SEO shields done when the mind maps are ranking. It's the MGYB.co short URL, as opposed to the actual Google URL. Does that make sense? that's showing in the search results. So if you want to use a link shortener use ours, because that's specifically why we set it up was for that reason, and there is some benefit to that. Now, remember, there's a little bit of PageRank, that drops through redirects, right, you lose a little bit of loss PageRank loss through every redirect, I don't know what that number is. It's, you know, a small percentage, like 10 to 15%, or something like that. And I don't know that that's completely accurate anyways. So there is a little bit of a loss there. But there is some benefit to it as well because again, our short URL link URL, and probably all the big ones Bitly probably has a shit ton of power built to it. But if it arbitrarily converts it to a 302, you're not going to benefit from that. Does that make sense? So there are other options out there, there's ours, then there are other options out there that won't arbitrarily assign a 302 redirect? Okay. That's a good question.

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What Other Places Where We Can Secure Citations For Local SEO Clients Aside From Yelp And Manta?

Okay, moving on. George, the SEO, aside from places like Yelp Manta and other directories and press releases, where are some other places we can see secure psychic citations, excuse me, for local SEO clients? Um, well, you know, there's the normal business directories. But one of the things out here, I'll, I'll go through a little exercise with you guys. And this works really well for stuff to remember, there are a few things that you guys should be doing for citations, besides the standard citations, which everybody and their brother is on, you should be looking for niche-specific directories. So like industry-specific directories, let me pull this up. Industry directories and also local directories. Right. So what I mean by that, so for example, if I, you know, Tree Service stuff is what I do. So if I say tree service business directory, go through here and see. I don't understand what that means. Anyways, look at that later. Okay, so what I would do is go just do a search for you know, your industry business directory, and just start clicking through and see which ones you can get listed on, some are going to be paid, but many of them will be free, and compile a list. If there are similar or tangent industries, that would also be good places to get listed. So for example, a tree service business directory, I could get listed on as many of these in here that I could find, that makes sense that, you know, again, some are going to be paid some of they're going to are going to be free. just compile a list of industry-specific directories. then like I said, look for a tangent market or industry directories. So for example, I could look for landscaping, business directories, right, those could be some of the other ones that I could get listed on because of tree services. Oftentimes, landscapers also provide tree services, and oftentimes tree services also provide landscaping services. Right? That makes sense. So that that'd be another word one, something else for in the tree service industry would be like maybe land clearing. Let's do this. Right. So just you guys understand what I'm saying. Right? I was and I don't know, because land clearing isn't probably searched enough on its own for it to have specific directories, maybe it does. I'd have to do some research. But my point is just going through and try to compile a list of what could be industry-related or somewhat related industry-specific directories that you can try to attempt to get listed on so that's going to help okay for talking relevancy, but then for location, relevancy, or geographic relevancy, then you could look for local business directories. So for example, if I was going to look for, you know, say, Fairfax, Virginia, I'm just going to use that or Richmond, Virginia, which is the capital of Virginia. So let me do that, let's say Richmond, VA, or Richmond, Virginia, Business Directory. And then I would just go right on through here and just start clicking through and opening up, that's richmond.com, the Chamber of Commerce, obviously, that'd be another good one. There, all of these different try to put it back over there. This is this is richmond.com. This is the Chamber of Commerce 804 area.com, Richmond gov.com, you might even be able to get listed on like the local municipality or local government site, Richmond light pages in like all of these does that make sense, you just go through and look for your city business directories. And then you could also even look for not just your city, but your state, right, you could go like, in my case, Virginia business directory, and then go in and start getting listed on those. So there you go, you've got three additional options right there, something else you could look for is local blogs, it doesn't have to just be directories. You could also look out for local blogs, local event, local events would be something else that you might be able to get listed on. So you just got to click through and do a little bit of research. But guys, these types of citations are actually way more powerful than the big ones like the big national directories because those are general business directories that cover all types of business categories. And all over the United States, sometimes even more. So those are there's a place for those. There's no question. But I found for SEO purposes, you get better results from industry-specific and local business directories. And even you know, state business directories are also helpful. Does that make sense? Does anybody want to comment on that?

And nothing, man. Okay.

Should I Use A Gsite Or Buy A Domain For Local Service Lead Gen Site?

bb's up? Hey, guys, should I use a G site Or buy a domain for local service lead gen, please explain for short term and long term strategy. Okay. Um, you know, Rob, he does everything with just a G site, he doesn't do any, like self-hosted sites at all. And he's, you know, he kills it. There's, I like to still build a brand with a self-hosted site. For the most part, if I'm doing a standalone GMB lead gen, that isn't going to be like some brand that I plan to expand, then, which I try not to do that anymore at all. If I'm going to start building lead gen assets, I try to always create a brand that I'm going to use across multiple locations. Okay, because, as we've talked about many, many times before, now, you don't have to have a self-hosted site for that, though, right? You can create it and here's the thing BB. Whatever route you go, whether you want to self-hosted site, right, so by domain for that, or just use Google sites and drive stacks, you know, the SEO shield, essentially, without a self-hosted site, you can do it, either way, it doesn't matter. It's up to you. I tend to like to have a WordPress site still because it gives me additional functionality. But I know that you can do it with just a G site. What my recommendation is, is that you target just a brand on the primary g site, if you want to go that route where you're you don't have to buy domains, you don't have to have a hosting account. You don't have to set up and maintain or manage WordPress, you can do it with just a Google site. But what I recommend is instead of localizing the Google site, for the initial, the initial one, you want to set it up as a brand, right? So essentially, let's just call it Bs, lead gen, right? We're gonna call it that. So your first your G site and your SEO shield, I would set it up on to where it's optimized for specifically the brand. That's it. All right, so that you order the SEO power field for Bibi's lead gen. So that's the brand so that Google site would be sites.google.com slash views, slash Bs, lead gen. And I wouldn't add or associate it with a particular location. At that point, if there's going to be a standalone, then you could do that. You're right, you'd want to be maybes lead gen for whatever you're sitting in, right? So plus city. But if you're going to create a brand out of it, which is what I recommend and create, that you can expand from multiple locations, then I would do it for just the brand at the top level. And then for every location. Even if you're starting off with just one location, I would create that as an inner page of the G site. So it's optimized, you know, has it like basically a location page and inner page on the sight as well as an ROI is expansion. White, which you order that an mg y b as well, which would be optimized for that particular location. And then for each subsequent location that you add, it gets another ROI is expansion stack, or ROI is expansion. Stack expansion, excuse me, whatever you get what I'm saying I would have an expansion for each individual location. And each location would be optimized for that, you know, whatever your primary keyword is plus the location. That's the way I do it. And the reason why is because you can really build that entity up that brand name up, so that initially, it's all going to be the same. But over time, as you add more like you continue to link build into it and everything else, it's going to start to gain authority. And each time you want to add another location expand to a new area, then when you add another ArcGIS expansion, another inner, you know, inner page on the G site, it's going to instantly benefit from all of the power that's been accrued into that branded stack, and G site. Does that make sense? So initially, your workload is going to be the same. In fact, it might even be a little bit higher initially, because instead of optimizing the drive stack and the G site homepage for a particular location, you optimize it for the brand only. And then you have to have an expansion to target the specific location. So upfront, it might be a little bit more work just a tiny bit, but over time, it's going to pay off, it's going to produce a significant payoff, because each time you add a niche, another location is going to instantly benefit from the power of crude and will be a hell of a lot easier to get results from then starting over from scratch each time. So that makes sense. So that's why I prefer to do it that way. I mean, I still like to have a WordPress site, guys unless like, as I said, it's just a standalone, like a test project or something like that. But if it's something that I plan on expanding, I like to have a WordPress site. But that's just personal preference. As I said, Rob does everything with just g sites and just crushes it. So it's up to you how you want to handle that. Okay.

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Should You Use A Branded Or A Service Name For A Local Business Lead Gen?

What name should we use for local business Legion branded or service name included or end this limits locality? wanting to know if that will rank faster? Yeah. I don't recommend Well, I reckon Semantic Mastery has been talking about branding for years, we got away from using EMD his exact match domains A long time ago, I always go for a brand. There can be a partial keyword in the brand name a lot of tree contractors do that. Like, you know, though, a lot of tree contractors will have the city name and their, their, their company name or, or Tree Service, obviously, what we'll be at, which is a keyword tool. But I prefer to go with branded domains and brands, you know, I don't like keyword stuffing the name. Why? Because think about this, guys. A lot of the times company names are like, especially for service contractors is really just a keyword. Right? It's like, again, like call pepper Tree Service. If I was going to run with that as a name, right, I live in Cole pepper, called pepper Tree Service. That's a keyword. So it's hard to make it a brand. Because there's ambiguation right off the bat because it's technically a keyword. Right? It could also be a brand, but you have to overcome the fact that it's a keyword in Google's eyes to be recognized as a brand. Does that make sense? So you're starting from an entity-based SEO standpoint, you're starting at a disadvantage when you try to go after a generic or keyword-based type entity name. You're better off going with something unique, that's branded, it can have a partial match keyword in it, that's okay. But my point is like I wouldn't, especially if it's going to be like you plan on expanding outside of a particular location that I wouldn't want to include a location name, a specific city name in the brand name, because then you'd be pigeonholing yourself or limiting yourself to that one location. Right? So hopefully that makes sense.

Can You Target A Keyword That Is Searched On Google Even If It's Not Understandable To Humans?

Can you target a keyword that is searched on Google, but there's no meaning of it for humans, and they will not understand it. Yeah, sure, you can. That's how a lot of people do single variable SEO tests. Again, why would you want to do that BB, you always ask these theoretical questions. And I have to ask you why I don't understand why you would want to target a keyword that is searched on Google, but there is no meaning for it to humans. I'm not sure what you would want to do that for but yeah, sure you can. But no meaning to humans. Why? Like I don't understand what the point of that would be. Anyway.

Let's say that I want to change your phone number. I have a business and they're one place that does not live. And there there's one place that does not let me do that will putting on another place old number.

And the new number and company name. Will Google understand that the other place was a mistake. Not No. I don't. And again, I don't fully understand that question either but

No, because here's the thing, if you've got an old phone number that's outdated, and it's published on the web, you know, all those places that are published, how you'd have to update all of them is my point. That's why it's better if you've got like, for example, NAP errors, right? We have data inaccuracy is for NAP for a particular business, it's better, it's wiser, it's more effective to go clean up or correct. Incorrect citation data than it is to start publishing new citations with the correct data. Because all you're doing at that point is diluting bad data. Right? You get weight. And trust me, I've, I've over the years, I've dealt with a lot of clients that had significant NAP issues. When I when they came to me, and I've learned over the years, the best thing to do is not start building news. I mean, starting to build new citations is going to happen naturally anyway, from the content marketing that we do. But the best way to get results from you know maps pack issues or maps ranking issues when there are any NAP data issues inconsistencies. The best thing to do the most effective thing to do is to update existing citations with correct data, which for that the best service that I've ever used is Loganix's service. So if you go to semanticmastery.com/loganix, that's L-o-g-a-n-i-x. It's going to take you to their service, and they have a citation cleanup service, which I think 500 bucks might even be 600 bucks. It's really good, though. It's the best one. I've done this a number of times for clients over the years. And their services. I've used a bunch of services to do citation cleanups. And I'm telling you there is by far the most thorough service period. And to this day, every time I got a project or new client that has nav issues, the first thing I include the cost of this service, right in the proposal, when I get a new client, and typically I mark it up, and I also purchase through their account Loganix account that I set up for them through my own affiliate link as a Loganix affiliate, so that I get a markup Plus, I think it's only 10% Commission, but I get a 10% commission as well. And then Loganix does all the work, and they've got their citation cleanup service, which is really, really good. Okay. So if their page loaded a little bit quicker, I'd show you that. Let's go here, local SEO. And then they have some citation cleanup right here. And it looks like it starts at 497. And it takes about they say a six-week campaign, and they typically will run it for eight to 10 weeks, though. And it's multiple stages, and it works really, really well. Okay.

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How Would You Deal With Existing Social Profiles And Drive Stacks If Your Client Decides To Rebrand?

Jose says Hi there, say you have a client that decides to rebrand and merge multiple websites together or change over to a completely new brand for the domains, I would throw one. everything over to the right place. But how would you deal with social profiles and drive stacks? Would you rebuild from scratch? don't want to waste link juice from the old stacks? Ooh, that's a really good question. Um, well, with the drive stacks, remember, if you're wanting the target the original site URLs to the new one, that you consolidate it, everything right, so the other domains that were now all redirected to the new one. So what I'm saying is that drive stacks are going to be targeting, if you had drive stacks built for these other brands or these other domains, right? That was pointing to those domains. And now those domains are 3012, the new money site, then all of that link flow is still going to be going through that redirect to the money site. The problem that I see with that, though, is it's not from it from a link juice point, there's no problem but from the data point and the information like the entity information, right, if you've got stuff out there from older brands that have now been consolidated into something new, and you've got those still remember on SEO from an SEO juice, right, so like a link equity standpoint, it's flowing through the 301 redirects to your new domain, your new brand, it's fine, you're still gonna benefit from that. But you could ambiguous the entity information of the new entity because all of that is flowing from previously published stuff that had old entity info on it. So again, if you think about it from an SEO juice point, it's fine. It's still all flows through. But at the same time, I would worry about having all that other published data about an entity that no longer exists because it's been consolidated in the new one. So that's a really good question.

I'm not sure how I would handle that, I understand not wanting to lose all that power, but without, without going in and you know, editing the file, like the text and stuff like that on the phone, the files, essentially, the G sites and stuff too. You know, mentioned the entity information like NAP, for example, name, address phone number of the new entity, then I would be concerned that that might ambiguous the data, which in my case, and I've done that in the past, I've just killed the folders like just set them to, you know, not know, not public, so that the SEO juice will still flow, but they're not, you know, being indexed and all that kind of stuff. So I don't know, that's the way that I've done it in the past was I've just set that in the folders too, you know, private, essentially. But go in, but again, it's either that or kill it altogether, but I understand not wanting to waste the juice, but at the same time, if you want to, if you want to keep the public, then you'd have to go in and actually edit all and from what I know, I would want to go in and edit all of the, you know, published data about the old entity and update it with the new and that would be a shit ton of work. There's a lot of there's no question about that. That's how I would do it. What I rebuild from scratch Yeah, I would have a new drive stack built for the new brand new consolidated brand. Absolutely. It but I understand not wanting to waste all the power built to the previous ones. So that's about the only thing I could think of to do with that would be to you know, in the past, like I said, I've just set them to not public and kept them but they weren't, you know, indexable or killed the folders entirely. Which sucks because then you lose all that juice, but it is what it is. Okay.

How Are You Managing Freelancers When You Start To Grow Your Team?

Jays up. He says, How are you guys managing freelancers, writers, Link builders, etc. When do you start to grow your team? Are you just using something like up work with teams? Or something better? Yeah, I mean, I, I just my team has only two people now. Well, I've got bloggers, but they're, I don't really manage them much. I've got two assistants that work for me on you know, Monday through Friday, though. And I just manage everything through slack. We've got a CRM that we use, Well, a couple of CRMs. I've got a high level for agency staff. And then I use a different CRM for real estate stuff. And then I've got slack channels that I manage everybody in, you know what Adam would be the better one to answer this one.

Yeah, I think it's a this is this could be its own, like, full-on conversation. So I'll try to keep this somewhat short. But I think it depends on what your needs are, like, Don't go looking for a problem to solve before you have one. So if you're feeling the crunch, and it sounds like j, you're maybe looking at you've got a small team and you're growing, you know, if it's not working, then now's a good time, you got the pain point. So I would start simple though, like for me right now I use ClickUp. And I work, you know, between full time, part-time and contractors have had like seven or eight people from different groups. So that's one there's a lot of these services like ClickUp Monday, trying to think of other ones, but you know, those are two good examples, you can go and check out and they usually have some sort of free tier, but they can get complicated and you can spend a lot of time figuring them out. So Trello is definitely a good place where you could get started with the simple like maybe you have one list of ideas or things or templates and then you have one have in progress and one has finished or needs to review something like that just to get you in the mindset of delegating more, because as you build up your team, your time should shift towards more effectively delegating and doing a very good job and spending a lot of time on that upfront so that you don't spend as much time doing or as much time fixing because you gave someone shooting instructions and I say that because I'm you know growing pains myself going from a couple of people to more you know, shrinking, growing, you know, seeing that again and again. So just make sure that you have an actual need for this don't do more than what you need, but be aware of what your options are and stay simple rather than get complicated fast.

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That was a good answer. And I like what you preface everything with is don't look for a solution or don't try to find a solution for a problem you don't have yet I've tried Monday and click up in some of those and you know I quit because exactly what you said you they there's so much stuff that you can do with those and there are different ways that you can build them and all that different you know, you can go down a rabbit hole and get lost and just tweaking the platforms and so you know, my point and trying to use them was to be more efficient. But then I found that it was taking so much time just learning how to use it and setting it up and all that kind of stuff and working it in you know creating workflows and all that that you What's working for me what a small a very lean team like I have is just something super simple, which is just slack. And I've calendar notifications. And then we have tasks and stuff that my CRM will automatically assign to, you know, the appropriate, you know, a person for projects and things like that. So I use just those tools were, which were things that we were already familiar with, I didn't see the need, after trying like Monday and click up, I saw that it just was overkill for my lean operation. So, you know, do what's easy and simple. And, you know, if you're going to be growing a big team, you might need to look into something like that, for sure. But just, you know, keep it I like what Adam said, is that you got to just be careful, because you'll you could end up, you know, in an effort and in the pursuit of trying to be more efficient, you could kill your productivity. You know, yeah, it's taken us a while, like, I'm glad I went with ClickUp. I used Monday, I switched to click up, and I'm glad I did, but it was a learning curve. And, you know, there's a lot of time invested in that and figuring out how best to use it. So I can teach the team how best to use it. Now they're helping out too. But you know, someone's got to figure it out, start with the thing I will say is investing time and effort in your processes upfront. So if you go to SEOshield.com I believe Bradley, you built that in process three, right? That's a checklist.

No, that's an mgyb.co/process finger there that you'll see. You gotta it's behind an opt-in. Well, now guys, you got to submit your email to get to it. But if it's MGYB.co/process and that was built in process Street, yes,

gotcha. Okay, yeah, I have that mixed up. And so I would just say, if you're going to spend time somewhere, to spend it on the process side, and it doesn't have to be paid service, could be Google Docs could be Trello. With a checklist, or, you know, if you like something sleek, like process Street, something that you can easily duplicate it's made for this. But yeah, put your time and effort into the processes. And then you can fill out the rest of that over time. And for years, all I did for process docs was Google, Google Docs, and screencast, which I would upload to YouTube screencast recorder, and that would so for years, that's all I did. And to this day, when I'm first developing a process, that's where I do it the same way I record a screencast video and I type, I start typing out the steps in a Google Doc. And then once I get the rough draft of the process, done, the process documentation is done, then I transfer that now to process street, and I process Street, it's paid, I think I only pay like 35 bucks a month or something. So it's worth it to me. But it makes it much more polished. And you can create checklists and things like that from and embed videos directly into it. And you know, all kinds of really cool stuff that you can do with process Street. But still to this day, when I'm first starting to develop a process document, I do it with just Google Docs and a screencast video until I get my first you know, the rough first draft of it done. And it works really, really well guys, and for many years, that's all I did was Google Drive, and YouTube, well, you know, screencasts that I would upload to YouTube. And that worked for years. So you don't need to overcomplicate that either.

One thing I will say is two things rather a little bit of shiny object. But check out the notion as well. If you like putting stuff together yourself, that's a great one took me a while to realize the power there. I'm using that for marketing calendars and some other stuff too. And then last but not least, if you do Google 360, the numbers 360 delegations, there's a great article, I forget who it is or who referred me, but it's profitfactory.com/360delegation, it's a fantastic article on why you should be delegating and doing the processed stuff and where you should be spending your time. And you know, kind of directed my attention for. I really do need to be putting in more time. For example, the vision of a project, you know, this isn't for a tiny little task, but for maybe a project, like what do I want? You know, what does it look like? Why are we doing this and sharing a little bit with the team? So it's not just, hey, go build this. And this doesn't have to be some complex product process, but sharing with the team, so they understand a little bit of the bigger picture, because anyone who's involved in this type of stuff, probably would like and benefit from a little bit of it. And then the resources like what resources do they need? Do you already have LastPass? or whatever? are you sharing all the passwords? Do you need to record anything? Do they need software? like running through this checklist? And then going and what's the definition of done? Do you have screenshots of what is a good done project or task is do you have an example? Do you have something they can compare it to? Is there a schedule? And he was going through this and saying, Oh wow, for myself? who's like, Yeah, I got to spend more time upfront so that I spend less time getting involved in it down the road when it Yeah, I just told him to get started and lucked out 20% of what they needed.

This Stuff Works
Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, it sucks. Because, you know, a lot of the times it's so much easier just to do with, you know, completed a task on your own than it is because it's, it's like, you know, this is only going to take me 20 minutes. And if I got to create a process, you know, process documentation, it's gonna take three hours, you know, if to do this 20-minute task, I'll just do the damn task. But the problem with that is, then the next time that task has to be done, guess who does it again? Do you know what I mean? And so it and I have I struggle with that all the time. Because, you know, sometimes some of the processes that I want to go develop are super complex. And I know that it's gonna take me days, literally days to develop that process out. And so I'm like, Fuck, it'll only take me two hours to do this, I'll just do it myself. You know, because I don't have the time to create this process don't train right now. But then the next time that situation occurs again, it's me that has to do it again. And so you know, and I've got invest the time again. And so it's like, you have to constantly Wait, like, should you just go ahead and execute the task, and move on to the next thing? Or should you invest the time to develop the process, so that number one, if it's you, that has to do it, again, you've got it's done consistent, right? That the quality is consistent because you've got a checklist now that you can run down to make sure that you don't miss anything, or whatever. But second, and more importantly, you can hand that off to somebody else to where you never have to do it again. And so to me, even the really complex tasks that require sometimes multiple levels of process docs, you know, I try to at least start working on those like plugging away at them a little bit at a time where I might know more complex tasks, I might say, Okay, look, I'm gonna spend 30 minutes a day or an hour a day over the next, you know, two weeks developing this, this process training. That way, I don't feel like it has to be done today. But at the same time, I'm making progress on it a little bit at a time, if that makes sense.

So yeah, very true.

Is There Any Harm In Running Too Many PRs In A Short Period Of Time?

We're almost out of time, let's run through the last couple. Let's see, we'll say hey, gents, I have a client that wants to run one press release every three days, the manufacturing plant is supplying a range of new products, and they want to be number one, before any other supplier, I did a test with four times or four PRs in four weeks, and it worked a treat. He now wants me to push that further and do about 10 PRs in one month. These are four different products, and each has a separate landing page. Is there any harm in running this many PRs?

No, not at all.
I've got a few projects that I typically publish eight PRs per month on and then I know Rob has done. He's just spam the shit out. Like I say, spam, it's not really spam, but he's done a whole bunch of press releases in a week. Like, I don't know what the number is, but I know he's done multiple press releases in a week for a particular project, just to test it and it always produces good results. So no more won't hurt you. Okay. Good question. By the way, Gordon says, Hey, guys, hope everyone is still well and COVID. Free. I believe it used to be imperative for a local business to have their site ranking on the first page of Google or at least on the second page. In order to rank in the GMB three-pack, is that currently essential? Or can their site rank way down and organic search results and you can still get a three-pack ranking by doing completely on-page GMB listing optimization. And by targeting the GMB listing itself, with press releases, citations, drive stacks, etc, from MGYB? And if so, can you do it with the middle of the road quantity and quality of reviews? Thank you very much. As usual for you. Yeah, no, I know what you mean about there's been a connection between maps ranking and organic ranking, but I could talk for years, all I did was optimized for maps, and I didn't give a shit at all about organic rankings, I've started to do more on the organic side of things now because the maps proximity filter is much tighter now it's much narrower. So getting maps listing to rank, you know, outside of its immediate physical location area is more difficult now. So that's why I've started working also on organic rankings again. Because it's but long story short, I know what you mean about the connection between the two, but I've got a ton of GMB assets that the organic rankings are basically nonexistent like I just didn't even try ever. And so some of them are ranking in the three-pack. But I've got you know, it's page four before you find the first organic ranking for that, you know, keyword, for example. So I don't know that the connection is still there. I know that I will, you know, I try to do a balance of the two now for, you know, new projects, but for older projects that all I did was focused on GMB ranking. I've got many, many examples of that, that the organic rankings are just really shitty, you know, page three, page four, whatever. But it's ranking in the three-pack if that makes sense. So I don't think it matters. Honestly. I could be wrong. They might, somebody else might have some now, if you get your organic ranking to rank well, will it help to benefit the maps ranking? I think so. But if you're just focusing on maps, I don't think that the organic rankings make much of a difference, at least in my own experience. Now, again, there might be some other data out there that conflicts with But for my from my own experience, it doesn't really matter for maps rankings. That makes sense.

What's The Best Use Of A Newly Acquired Domain With 100+ Links?

Okay, the last question is going to be from Robert and we're going to wrap it up. Robert says, Thanks for continuing Hump Day hanging out with us all. You're welcome. We enjoy this. If I have a money site, I just acquired a domain with 100 plus links, mostly follow links with high authority and relative anchors. Great. What's the best way to use this newly acquired domain 301 redirects? Yeah, if it's relevant, you can do that. I don't like to do that a lot. But if it was a domain, where it was topically relevant to what you're going to be forwarding it to, or 301 redirecting it to, then that means the inbound link profile from that domain that you purchased is likely relevant. Also double-check that if it's relevant, then yes, do a 301 redirect directly to the money site. If it's not fully irrelevant, but there's a lot of power built to it, then what I would recommend that you do is 301. redirect that to a buffer page, like an ID page, for example, hosted on an s3 bucket and Amazon s3 bucket as opposed direct, instead of direct to the root domain, the multi-site domain, that makes sense, it's fully relevant. And it's got a clean link profile with you know, the inbound link profiles topically relevant and yes, you can redirect directly to the money site, the root domain is fine. But if it's not 100% relevant, but it's got a lot of power and a somewhat clean link profile, but it's just not fully relevant, then I would 301 redirect that to a buffer site. I prefer to use the Amazon s3 hosted ID page for that. But you could do it like a G site would be great for that. You know, pretty much any one of your tier one branded entity profiles. You could redirect to that but the G site would be a really good one for that Id page. Might is one I typically use for that. That makes sense. Okay, guys, so I can get to all the questions but most of them did get answered. So thank you guys for being here.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 325

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 325 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 325. The first Hump Day hangouts in this lovely month of February, it's the third of February 2021. We got almost the whole crew here. Today, we're gonna roll through do some introductions, check in with everybody. Got a couple quick announcements, and then we will get into your question. So if you're watching live, and you got questions, go ahead and put them on there. If you're not watching live, it's too late. But you can always go to semantic mastery comm HD questions and ask your questions ahead of time we do. First come first serve. And so we just ask that you try to limit it to one question. If you're live, you can ask more if there's you know, everyone's had a chance to get through their questions. But again, if you're not able to join us live, we get it either you're in a different time zone or you got something going on, just ask your question, you can always check out the replay. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. So you get updates on that and you will be good to go.

All right, so I'll go counterclockwise today, Chris, how you doing today?

Doing good here. super happy to be here. As I said, I can't believe first month is a world ready for this year. So yeah, like if you haven't started to work on your dreams and goals. Like it's time to do it now. Yeah, definitely.

Yeah, this month went pretty pretty quick. Marco. How about you? How you doing today? I like the shirt by the way.

Yeah, I represent tropics, man. By the way, you know what yesterday was really in. In America, right?

It was.

It was Tuesday and all of America. It was Groundhog Day.

It really was Groundhog Day. Yesterday's when we say that every week. But it really was yesterday. Punxsutawney Phil said that we're gonna have six more weeks of winter. So now six, six more weeks of sun, at least, is about to say maybe 6600. I don't know.

It's endless. It's endless. There it is. I can't help it. As I said, gotta represent tropics. Warm weather is POFU man, it's being where you want to be rather than when you have that where you have to be. And if you're where you have to be right now.

It's gonna sound redundant, but you don't have to be where you have to be. You can break out of that rut is the POFU path.

Join us POFU Live, get catch the replays from the past powerful lives that we've done. Get into the right mindset. Then go chase after, as Chris said, not only your dream, but to find what your profile is and get after it. Because that's what that's going to give you everything that that you need in order to have the lifestyle that you want. So that's my thought for today. Come get some What can I say?

Marco you gave me a good reminder. I just put that on the page for anyone. You can check out poofy live recordings just pop the link in there from 2020

Hernan, how are you doing today?

Looks good, man. Good. I just wanted to sign a petition to let the Latinos enter sooner to the Zoom Room, you know, that will be pretty cool. I'm banging out there at the door and it's raining and it's cold and everything. I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm really good. Excited to be here. So,

Bradley, how you doing today?

I'm good, man. Busy as hell. But you know, the alternative would be not being busy. So I'll take it.

Yeah, fair enough. Fair enough. All right. Well, we got a couple quick announcements. Marco, I'm going to hand things over to you in a minute I want you to if you can update everyone on how the charity webinars are going and what people can do. If they're not quite there yet. First of all wanted to say, first, thanks for watching, you know, we realized that there's a lot of people who watch the replays and you know, we appreciate you guys watching if you can come live, it's great. We love interacting with people. And like I said earlier, you can always go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, and that's where you can join us live or just go ask your questions ahead of time.

If you're new to semantic mastery mgib heavy hitters club and you want to find out how to shield your site never worry about algorithm updates or maybe you just want to figure out what this SEO shield thing is that you keep hearing us talk about along with a lot of other things head over to the SEO shield right the word the SEO shield calm and that is free training you can get and you'll find out about all about the SEO shield and a whole lot more.

All right beyond that you can get our step by step processes for getting results with SEO with the battle plan. Find out about that battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And for those of you who are either agency owners or maybe you're a consultant, you're kind of starting out you're wondering how you can grow get more clients, scale your team things like that. I highly suggest you go over to 2xyouragency.com there is some fantastic training that Bradley Mosley put together. I know Hernan had some of that as well. But if you're in that area where you know, you know you want to grow, and this is what you're doing, then you definitely want to check out that training. And then if you've got an established business, whether it's brick and mortar, whether it's digital marketing online, then the mastermind is the place for you. And you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. Last, but certainly not least, I mentioned MGYB at the beginning, but if you're not familiar, it's mg y v.co. That's where you can get all the dumb few services stuff like syndication networks, V SEO shield that I was talking about link building press releases, and a whole lot more. So go and check that stuff out. So with that out of the way, Marco, I do want to come back to you can you give us just an update on the charity webinars? And in case somebody hasn't seen the last few Hump Day Hangouts kind of what's going on with that? And how can they get involved?

I posted the in the group chat, right, that chat app, that 1990s shout out.

Man is fantastic. We have Bradley on the very first one. And he showed how to manipulate entities through ads. People think ads, you just pay Google and that's it. But if you use it in very specific ways, you can really hyper-target your people and really get your campaign working for you and working for your brand. And using that brand plus keyword Association. That's, that's just so important right now, you don't necessarily that the geographical targeting, of course, takes place when you're setting everything up. So it doesn't your ad will need to include your geographical area, because you've already done your geographical targeting, according to their likes and dislikes, or their history, what they've, what they've been through right now. Google is now giving you people who are hyperfocus. And whatever it is that you're offering, who have an affinity even for what you're offering, maybe not directly related, but enough so that the person could be interested in whatever it is that you're doing. It's a fantastic way to relate your brand, to the keywords in the niche, especially the top keywords in the niche. Then we had Dixon Jones, for those of you who have been like under a rock for the past 20 something years, Dixon Jones is of majestic fame. I mean, he was the CEO, or the marketing director for Majestic SEO later to become majestic.com. Now he's an inlinks in Lynx dotnet. And it's one of you're big into artificial intelligence. It's one of the applications that we're using in order to target the entities. Of course, we do entity based, worry less SEO. And what that means is simply we don't worry about Google updates because we're doing everything that Google wants at the presentation layer.

This Stuff Works
So imagine having the perfect present presentation card, where you're coming in the door, and that card gets you in to talk to the people in that business. But it's what you're doing. That's your presentation, that's your website. If you do that correctly, Google is going to just roll out the red carpet for anyone coming to see your website. And they're going to send more and more people. And if you've set everything up, right, these people will convert through ads through organic means. And that and that that conversion, I can't tell people how much it means right now. Because Google is following everything until the end. And they're seeing completion of that goal, that person trusting you enough to give you their information to give you their phone number to give you their credit card information, whatever it is, they're trusting. And if you can establish a pattern where people are trusting you, you become a trusted authoritative source. In the niche, you're giving people that finding the information that they're interacting with your videos, I this is all part of building out your entity, they find you in social media, and they come to the website or they go to other social media, a lot of people do that they research the company, right? They'll come to look at it on the web, they look at it through mass, we do so much. It took me longer than usual. Because I have this entity series planned out its ad. It's Dixon Jones talking about content, and how entities apply in content and how you can manipulate that Jordan is going to be talking about branding and entities. We're gonna have Brian Carroll come in and talk about entities in images, which is like an often-ignored part of SEO or something like that we just do as an aside, and you can get millions and millions of views into your images if you're doing it correctly.

After that, we'll close it all up and we'll probably have like a think tank session we might have people come in special. I haven't decided on the last one yet but it's going to be all of our entities and all of that for the price of a donation.

Standing now for someone who hasn't yet where can they donate it and what do they need to do? The information is on the page. You go to the CSV the webpage, the donation page, make a donation. I'm not asking you to know that right. Your heart will move you to donate, your heart will tell you to donate. Put your wallet is going to dictate how much. And so we've had people donate $1, we've had people donate a couple of $1,000. And everywhere in the middle has been fantastic. And so I'm not going to limit you. I mean, you do what you can, and what your heart moves you to do and what the wallet allows the information is on the page. If not, then you just write to Gmail, the Gmail address is also on the bait, and you can get direction from there.

Awesome. Well, thanks, Marco. With that said, Guys, I think we're ready to jump into questions. Anything else?

All right, let's do it.

Okay, standby. I'm trying to think I found something I was looking for an answer to one of the questions, and I was doing some research. Anyway, let me find the damn screen and I'll grab it.

Should You Create One Root Page In Gsite That Links To The Money Site's Services Or Should You Create Individual Service Pages?

All right. Tell me you guys should be seeing my screen now. Correct. Good to go. Yep. All right. So the first question is from looks like Hugo says, with our G sites, is it better to create inner pages for our services? Or just have one page with all of the services on there with links to the corresponding pages on the money site? Also, would it be overkill to make location pages on the G site? Or is the root page enough and then add internal links from there? Well, Hugo, we talked about theme mirroring. So, however, you have your primary site structured, which know should be with Silas structure, if you know if necessary, but that's pretty much how you should be structuring your websites anyways.

Then you want a theme mirror that right? That's what we call theme Mariano's. The term Originally, I guess invented or whatever from network Empire. But it's a perfect description of what it is that we're doing. When we say theme mirroring if you don't understand what that is, one of the things you could do is go check out the SEO shield calm, that's the seoshield.com. And you go through that training, which will give you some insight as to what the mirroring is and how to do it with your G site. Also, there's another resource that I can send you to that's free also, which is semanticmastery.com/process, if you go to the website section on that because it's basically a process doc that talks about entity based SEO and why we use all the components that we do for the SEO shield and what we teach at semantic mastery. And there's a website section in that process training that talks about mirroring and how to structure silos on your website and ultimately mirror those onto your G site and into your drive stack. So the short answer is, you know, it's better to mirror your site to mimic the structure of your primary website. So yes, it would be better to have separate pages for each one of your top-level services, as long as it's, you know, a top-level service that would have its own silo or category on your money site if that makes sense. Mark, do you want to come on that? No, I totally agree. We're, we talked theme mirroring so much.

But people get confused. Maybe they think Elementor and Divi, rather than the theme that we're talking about, which is how your website is constructed how the content on your website is constructed how you've constructed the categories. That's the theme that we're talking about, because you're going to take those, and you're going to move them to the G site as extensions. The branded stack is usually the same for everyone. But what's going to differ is when you order those extensions, according to how you set up your website, if you're local. This is where some complexity comes in. Because you have to decide city page services, like how many cities are you going up? But what about states? Are you going to go after different states? How are you going to do this because you develop that on the website, how it is that you're going to target that you have that plan? Please don't build out this intricate Mind Map of how it is that you're going to build the website, choose three categories. Leave it that way, and see where Google leads you through analytics search console and insights in the GMB Google will tell you. It's really interesting if you use it correctly, people are being misled because they're being told that analytics and search console and insights are not accurate. They're not for the most part, but that's because the information could be backed up a little bit. But it's AI working in there. And it's AI talking about the impressions and where are you getting impressions, how you're getting impressions, the pages that are getting impressions, and how people are interacting with the pages that are getting impressed that there's a lot of valuable information in there. And so that's how you're going to start building out than any other category. According to the information that you're getting, you're going to copy that copy into the D site extension, the GMB will be set up the same way your press release tasks will be built the same way. I'm not gonna say how I'm doing press releases. Exactly. Bradley has an excellent course. Right? Local PR Pro, follow that. And then behind that, it's, of course, always link building, and embeds and link building into your embed.

This Stuff Works
But the setup from the beginning, both at the content and the structure level, the theme level is on the website, and also at the button level at the code level, your schema has to be tight, has to be correct. So you're just sending the messaging in code to the bot and the messaging when the bot comes crawling your content because it's going to look for entities also in the content. Again, watch this past Monday's replay, to talk which talks totally about content, and entities and content.

Yeah, just to clarify, so theme mirroring, we're talking about topical themes, guys. So when I'm talking about a WordPress theme, we're talking about topical themes. That's so when your theme marrying, you're mirroring the topical structure of your site, your main site onto your other assets, your other branded assets where possible so that you know and again, we can do that with the drive the G site drive stack, you can do with press releases, GMB posts, and we try to mirror that same topical theme structure across all of those assets. Because it kind of creates that mirror and mirror that picture and picture like mirror image type thing that Marco talks about with iframe stacking. And again, I just wanted to point out where that is, if you go to that URL, I shared semantic mastery comm slash process, it's free guys. This is a process street process template. And if you go into the website tab here, you can scroll through and I talk about simple silos, complex silos, physical versus virtual silos. Then I also talk about using tags, for those of you doing local, which is what pretty much all I do. I use tags silos to create location-based silos instead of typical categories. structure. It works really, really well it also eliminates some of the complexities or the conflicts that occur if you try to use a traditional category, silo structure on a WordPress site where you're sharing the same location silos across multiple topical categories, or vice versa, trying to share topical categories across location silos, there, it creates URL conflicts and conflicts if you try to use all just the traditional category structure. So I talked about that, and why I use tags, and how I do it, at least on a conceptual level, in this process, street doc here. Okay. So again, I would recommend you highly, highly recommend that you go through this. And you can learn about okay.

Would It Be Considered Overkill To Create Individual Location Pages In Gsite?

It's a good question, though. So the next part of that was also would it be overkill to make location pages on the G site too? Or is the root page enough? And then add internal links with the same answer, right? It's the same answer.

If you have location pages on your money site, and yes, you're going to want to also mirror those pages on to your G site. Now.

I can't get into this here, because this would be more advanced. But if you're using category structure for topical silos, which is the way I do it, so like, for Sir, I deal only with me, with contractors. So we talked about when I say topical silos and meaning the products or services that a contractor would sell, in my case, it services, right? So each top service or primary service that they sell goes create, you know, you create your own category on a WordPress site for it. So that would be the topical things are the topical silos I should say, but the location-based silos, I do that using tags. So when you get to a G site, obviously, you can't do it that way. But with G sites, you can get away with a lot of other things.

You have to go and you have to join a mastermind or heavy hitter club in order for us to get into the getting into that. But the short answer would be for location pages if you have them on your website, your primary site, and you're going to want to mirror those on the G site as well. Okay. So hopefully that some of that training will shed some light on that for you.

Do You Use The Traffic You Get From YT Ads To Local Business?

Alright, so the next question is when you recommend sending traffic via YouTube ads, do you use these for local businesses also? Yes, absolutely. I mean, again, that's pretty much all I do. I'm working on a national project now. But for the last several years, all I've done is local and I love YouTube ads for local traffic well, and display ads, too. But YouTube ads are working really, really well right now if you know how to, you know how to do it, and I just talked about exactly how to do it on Marco's charity webinar. Exactly. I mean, it's a, it's a course, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cut that out and create my own ads course out of it, I'm gonna, I'll sell it for 997. So it's less than $1,000. What a bargain.

Do you do a video ad or as a text ad? Okay. I mean, if you're doing YouTube ads, it's going to be a video ad. So I'm not sure what you mean by is a text ad. Okay. Now, you can do, by the way, you can do text ads on YouTube through the Google Display Network, but they suck. Don't use text ads on YouTube through the Display Network, because what you end up getting and trust me ask me how I know if you if so what if I'm setting up a Google Display Network ad and I'm using responsive text ads to be run on the display network? Which I do. I always go into exclusions and exclude youtube.com. Right. So I make that an excluded site so that none of my tech my responsive text ads will show on youtube.com. And the reason why is you will see you will get a ton of clicks that are probably from kids that are on their parents iPad or iPhone or mobile phone or whatever tablet or whatever that is on YouTube watching like nursery rhyme videos and things. You know, that kind of stuff like children's videos. And because of the way that the text ads display on YouTube, they get clicked on really easily, and you will burn through the budget with non-relevant clicks incredibly quickly. So don't do it. So when I'm talking about advertising on YouTube, I'm talking about video ads. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works

And yeah, that's really, really good. There's, it works. If you get it's all about audience targeting guys or proper targeting. It doesn't have to be audiences, I found audience targeting to be the best. When you combine relevant audience targeting with geographic targeting, you can get in and you have to do testing. Again, I covered all of this and the markers charity webinar last week. But you have to do testing to identify which audiences are the best Google will tell you certain audiences or give you access to pre certain predefined audiences. But you still need to test because Google's not perfect. And sometimes their audiences Aren't you know, by testing different audiences, you'll find, like, let's say you test six different audiences, you might find two that are working incredibly well and the other four are not working so well. So you know, to stop using those other four and redirect all of your efforts into the two that are producing. So again, I would encourage you to go contribute to Marco's charity, and then you can get access to the replay, where you'll get a lot more information about that. Okay.

It's a good question.

How Do You Bulk Update The EXIF Data Of Photos?

All right. The next one is how do I batch change EXIF data for photos? What is the best tool for that? Okay, I've always used I'm going to, I'm going to tell you three things. Number one, I've always used geo center dot d, which is free. It's desktop software. It's a geo center. I think it's dot d.

Just Yeah, that's it. You can download this as desktop software. And you can, you can essentially open up a folder full of images. And then you can batch edit the EXIF data for all the images in that folder. That's what I've always used. I've used it for years and years and years is this it's free to download. In fact, that's what sitting right there is geo center on the top of my computer up there or my desktop, I should say. But now

I'm using local Viking because I'm using local Viking for GMB, post-management, and just kind of managing multiple GM bees I'm testing with it. I just started testing within about maybe two or three weeks ago. And they have a really cool EXIF data editor within Local Viking which works great because you can create EXIF data templates. And so whenever you upload an image, you can just select one of the templates and it will automatically fill in all of the data based upon the templates that you created. So that works really really well but an alternative that if you don't need a GMB management tool, and I have not used this one but mass optimizer Pro, I know a lot of our members Semantic Mastery use this and swear by it. And this is a great tool because it's got it does image optimizing video optimizing. And there's all kinds of really cool add ons and things like that mass optimizer has and I know the developer behind this, you know is good. He saw that I think his name's Lloyd Farrell or something like that. But I know that he's really really solid. We've got a lot of people that use this in our group. So I would also recommend this one even though I can't speak for it personally, I have not used it. I know it's a good tool.

But I want to add to that yeah, that it's a great question is not this coming Monday because that's the branding bridge Jordan Fowler talking about your brand and entities and how you should bridge that gap. But the following one with Brian Caddo is all about manipulating images. And if you want to know what's best to use and how to use it, Brian's gonna come on and give you guys a great presentation on just that manipulating images. All it takes us is a donation, follow the information on the page, follow the instructions, send me or sorry, my personal assistant, send her the proof of the webinar or she'll be the one who answers and since you all have information so you can access not only that one but all the previous charity webinar replays.

What Are Your Thoughts On Bot Traffic And How Should You Deal With It?

All right, the next question is from Eddie says my site is getting lots of quality traffic since doing link building to my SEO shield, a 45% spike so far. That's should be a good testimonial. Okay, so my site is getting lots of quality traffic since doing link building to my SEO showed a 45% spike so far. But now I'm also seeing a spike in bot traffic. Yeah,  there's no way around that. I'm wondering if anyone ever sees this, wondering if it matters wondering if you guys might be able to offer an explanation and or any thoughts on bot traffic like this? What to be wary of etc? Thanks. Yeah, well, it just goes to show you that the link building is working, because it's causing a whole bunch of other bots to follow links to come to find your site. And so I mean, that's just proof in the pudding that it is working. There's not really anything that you can do about it. You can filter that out from like Analytics reports by setting up filters. But I don't know that you can prevent that. Marco, what do you say?

Well, yeah, you can actually, this is what I'm currently using and what the dev developer is actively currently using. I dropped it at the bottom of the chat, we use GitHub, and they have an up to date list of bad bots.

So all you have to do is copy and paste that into your .htaccess file that's constantly updated for any time they find a bad bot, it goes on the list goes on. And so you see, there's plenty of bad bots, those you need to block that goes on the ht access. If you don't want that particular bot on your website, block it ht access. As a matter of fact, use a black hole, we use a black hole so that anybody not following the rules that we've set for it goes in a black hole and never gets out.

That means that they're in a trap. And now what you can do is bend that buck like forever. But it's just that a black hole plugin in WordPress is fantastic for getting rid of bots that do not follow your robots.txt rules. There's a black hole plugin. It's a black hole plugin.

I don't know if it's called Black Hole. But yes, there is we use it. I'm afraid to start searching the black hole plugin on a live webinar. As

I say search it. I'm not sure that you know not safe for work type stuff. No, but it'll take you to wordpress.org.

So what is it called again? Black Hole, white hole? Is it all one word or one? Let me try that.

We don't have that many questions anyway. No, I'm just curious. I'd like to look into that. I don't I mean, I

yeah, I forgot about spider spanker. And those types of bot blocker plugins and things like that, but you'd like to just use the ht access, but the black hole one word bad bots. It's the wordplay here. I'll give you the URL in slack. If you can't find it there. Black Hole for bad bots. That's it. A fantastic plugin that in conjunction with your ht access, uses that htaccess with that list from GitHub. It's constantly updated. And that's the great thing about it yet. It does require a little bit of manual work, but it's well worth it because it'll save you a headache when those bad bots come crawling and start doing nasty stuff on your website. Very cool. I learned something new today. I'm gonna check it out, man.

That's pretty cool. I like that. Thank you. So there you go. That was a great answer.

All right, moving on. Next one.

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If I can find it. Okay.

When you talk about mirroring, okay. Chrissa says when you talk about mirroring your money site content on your G site, do you copy-paste the content or iframing the content would either work

But either way works the same, I just iframe. So that's the thing, okay.

When I have a drive stack built by MGYB, you know, they create all the files and folders and all this stuff and they find content that's relevant. And they create, they add content to the pages that they create, as well as the embeds that they do with the files and folders.

Once I get that back, I don't add any additional content, I add pages like crazy, right, and then I add the iframes. But typically, my pages consist of nothing other than iframes that are relevant. So in other words, when I'm theme mirroring, right, so when I'm mirroring the topical theme and creating pages that correspond with pages on the money site, then I embed those money site pages into the G site, as well as, and I've talked about this before. But like, for example, if I've got a particular keyword that I'm trying to push, and I need to add sub-pages to the money page on the G site, where then like, because remember on with what we teach, we talked about using the blog, and the syndication network, to add depth to a silo. So you publish supporting articles placed within the correct silo, with internal linking done properly up to the money page in that silo, right. And those syndicate out across the syndication network, there's that money site, or excuse me, the money page link, right, the internal link to the money page that you're trying to rank that goes out across the syndication network profiles. So now you've got those published posts on the syndication network, so you can extract those URLs and then embed those into the money, the G site pages, right, so that you're adding additional relevancy, as well as additional prop properties, branded properties, entity, you know, tier-one entity properties into the G site. So you're creating all of that relevancy. It's like a big, you know, black hole never-ending, you know, mirror and mirror type image of, of all this relevancy is specific to a particular keyword or keyword theme. Right. So I don't add any additional content, the only thing that I would add other than usually other than the iframes, from the relevant content for that theme, mirrored pages, is I will create an internal linking structure within the G site. So that I'm linking, you know, daisy-chaining posts together, and linking up to the proper. So it's the same sort of internal linking that I do on the money site I do on the G site. So that's the only additional text that I add, I add a page header iframes and then links internal links to, you know, to accomplish the internal linking within the G site that I'm trying to do other than that I don't have any other text, not that you can't, I just don't because the text is already on the pages that I'm I framing into the G site page, I just use the G site is basically a container, if that makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? It's perfectly fine to use your own content, copy-paste away. JOHN Mueller finally had to come out and say there's no such thing as a duplicate content penalty.

It was a couple of days ago or yesterday, I can't remember when he said it. We've been saying it for years. No such thing as a duplicate content penalty, use your content, you are not going to complain to yourself about your own content. The only time that you can get into problems with using content multiple times is if you're using somebody else's content. And they come with a DMCA and tell you to take it down or they're going to take you to court if you use Getty Images start you if you use somebody else's YouTube videos, it depends, right? As far as your content is concerned, copy and paste away or just hire us to do the extensions for the extension for you. We know what we're doing. We're going to do it right. And yes, we are going to use your content when we create that extension.

Yeah, and we will use an iframe of the page and we'll live in whatever else we can on that extension page.

Does Google Lower Your Rankings In Serps If You Check Your Position In Incognito Window?

Okay, so BB is up with several questions. I would expect anything else? He says, Hey, guys, does Google lower your rankings in the SERPs if you check your position for a keyword in your own device or an evening in or in an incognito window? Where does Google hide your page in the SERPs when you make a search from your own device? Okay, a couple of things. I don't know if Google? I mean, I can't imagine that they do. I know that. I have to tell clients often to stop searching for keywords when done running when I'm managing Google ads for them because it creates impressions without a click-through which lowers your click-through rate which lowers your ad rank, right, which your overall quality score. So but as far as SEO, I don't know, maybe Marco can answer that. Well, as far as SEO, the same thing happens impressions increase, but there aren't any click-throughs. And then they are if there are any click-throughs there won't be the final goal that goes to the Google is looking for because it's you looking through your own website, and that doesn't carry the same value. It never does. I mean, unless you're, but it takes so much intricate work to go into your own stuff. And to set a goal and to complete the goal to pay yourself. I mean, you'd have to get a whole different credit card and use it from a different IP that there's just so much involved in that you're better off just getting a Craigslist gig and paste that pay some college students 25 bucks each to do that. Going back to what you said, it doesn't make sense. Why would you? Why would you if you can just go into the historical data and analytics, search console, and GMB insights and get any information that you need? Other than you know, if you do it once in a while just to check one keyword that you really keen on ranking.

But I mean, I wouldn't want Why. Why would we be you're always asking questions of these theoretical questions. When Google would lower your rankings and we can't know whether Google would lower your rankings, I can't tell you that the impressions will increase. The CTR click-through rate will decrease. And then the effect of that could mean lower rankings, but not because you went in search, but the effect that that search had on your overall numbers.

Yeah, so. And it's funny because maybe does ask a lot of these theoretical questions all the time that it's kind of fun, actually. Anyways. So the other thing was, he was asking, you know when you make a search from your own device, does Google hide your own website from the SERP? Well, it can if you don't have your if you go to google.com, and the bottom right corner, you'll see where it says search or settings, if you click that, expands a menu, click on Search settings, and make sure that you have do not use private results selected, because if you have used private results, then what happens is yes, Google will start to customize search results based upon your behavior from previous searches for the same query. Does that make sense? So in other words, if you're if you are using if you have private results turned on, which I think is by default, I think, but it's by default that it's turned on. Now, if you're in an incognito window, it shouldn't matter. Because it should always be private results. That's kind of the whole point of an incognito window. But if you're searching from a logged-in account, and it's got us private results turned on, which again, I think is the default setting. Then if you are searching a query multiple times, and you're scrolling through results, and you're clicking on other results, but not clicking on the result, you know, your project or your website, then Google learns that that is not that particular result isn't relevant to you, hence, you never, which is you know, why you never click on it. Google determines that that's not relevant to you. So it will start to, you know, not show that result to you, because you're scrolling and clicking on other results, but never on that one if that makes sense. So yes, I've seen that happen, where if you've got private, I've had clients contact me and say, I'm doing searches for, you know, this keyword, and I'm not seeing my website ranked anywhere. And I say, Are you searching logged in? It's because Google is showing it's because you probably searched that multiple times and didn't click through. And because of that Google is hiding it from you. Because it's determined, it's not it's a non-relevant result for you. If you go into an incognito window, or Firefox, or something else, that you're not logged into, do that search. And then I've had the clients contact me back and say, Oh, I see it now. Thank you. So it's just a matter of, you know, again, I don't know that that's your what you're talking about, BB.

But I know that, again, I've had clients reach out to me say, I'm not seeing my own website for this search when especially after I send them a monthly report. That's typically when I will get that kind of a question from a client is they'll be like, well, I'm seeing the report saying that we're ranked for this, this and this, and I'm not seeing it when I do a search. And then I say, Where are you logged in? Do you have it? You know, if you do an incognito window, you'll probably see it and then, you know, generally, they see it. So again, I would check that again, that's just a search google.com check the bottom right corner for settings, click on Search Settings and turn that off. But if you're using an incognito window, you shouldn't see it anyways.

anything else you want to add to that?

No. Okay.

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Have You Tried And Succeeded In Making Money With Affiliate Offers Using Gsite And RYS Only?

Number one, same question as number one, but multiple search requests on the same device. Same answer, same answer, same answer. Have you ever tried and succeeded in making money with G site RYS with affiliate offers without backlinks, backlinks, PRs, and embeds? Oh, we've made money from our watch our stuff. I mean, I used to do affiliate stuff. We did a lot of launch jacking for about a year and a half, and I had a VA is that would build drive stacks around products that were being launched. And we did quite well off that. But the reason why and I actually just had a couple of new mastermind members join in, I had a call with them, as we always do, we have onboarding calls with new members. And they're in the affiliate marketing space. And they were doing a lot of launch jacking too. And so we had a discussion about that. And part of the reason I got away from that is that it's like a never-ending hamster wheel, right? You, you constantly have to be building for new product launches, and they have a very short lifespan that they typically produce affiliate revenue, and it's usually just during the launch period. And, and so it's just, you know, it's like, it's reworked, it's a lot of rework a lot of constantly building. And I like building assets that produce long term. But yes, you can absolutely, literally do it now, without, again, when it comes to like a launch jack, because there's not, at least initially, there's not a whole lot of competing SEO, a lot of people competing in the SEO space for those that you know, product name, then g stacks, you know, g sites and drive stacks can work really well. But if you want to get the best results from them, then link building is obviously going to, it's going to help least that's been my experience. So what do you think link building? I know it's a must now it's a mosquito, you're just not going to build up the activity, relevance, trust, and authority that you need to rank it at the time that you need to rank you're going to have to be building it up over time. Remember, Jason Quinlan, when he was doing the shiny object reviews, how he used to just jacked everything. But that's because he started out and he built on that shiny object reviews website, where it became like one of the authoritative websites in that niche in the launch jacking niche, because he not only did our stuff, he not only used to jack our stuff but everybody else's stuff. He'd be right there. Ranking top three, yeah, he would, he would launch jack our own launches and beat us out. Yeah. Which is fantastic, because he's just making us money. But what I'm saying is, you have to build up to that like we used to be able to rank an empty folder, we show that live, right? Remember that? It within less than a minute, we ranked an empty folder, those days are gone. The algorithm works differently. So we have to apply different methods. This isn't a static or monolithic niche, or the market that we're in the SEO space is very fluid. Because it's there's AI in it, the algorithms are constantly getting information. And so we need to be able to adapt to how it's working out our way is what we've done is it has become an enter integral part of building out the entity and giving the entity the trust and authority that it needs so that it can start ranking. But without the linking. And without the iframe embeds. And without press releases, especially with a launch tag, you set up that personally, like just before the launch, and like right during the launch, so that you get in front of everybody. Once you have the trust and authority, you're going to see how it becomes progressively easier to rank, for subsequent launches. That's how Jason Quinlan used to do it. And I'm sure it's alive and well right now. It's just not something that we do, because there's lots more money elsewhere. Yeah, and that's, that's kind of, in that discussion I had last week with our new mastermind members, we were talking about that I said, you know, if you want to, if you want to do affiliate marketing and launch jacking, then I recommend see where we made a mistake. My team that was, you know, it was to VA is that we're doing it full time for many, many months, at least.

Anyway, my mistake was we were creating, we were just building SEO assets, targeting the product name alone, that's it. So they were standalone or orphaned assets, there was net, we never built authority to them. And what I said was, last weekend, I was talking to the new mastermind members was like, if you're gonna if you want to do launch jacking, then I recommend you build a brand, exactly what Marco was just talking about. Because over time, that brand will crew authority and become an entity and a trust, you know, become well it will become powerful to where at some point, you'll get to a point where you can, you know, create a subfolder right, so basically a silo for a new product that your launch jacking, and it will rank because of all of the benefits that it's getting from all of the authority built to that brand itself, the branded drive stack and G site. So my point is if you want to do launch jacking you know then. Like drive stacks can be incredibly powerful once you build power to them, so that when you add additional expansions, right additional, basically silos or categories, product services, whatever you want to do they know they'll benefit instantly from the power already accrued if that makes sense. So I don't know that again, I don't think I haven't done this in a long time. But I don't think creating a G site and drive stat for a product without any backlinks or anything would do much of anything right now. I don't. It's not like they were five years ago. Right? You have to power them up. But I mean, the amount of power that you can push into them is incredible, which is what we've been proving for years now.

Any other comments you want to add to that?

No. Okay.

What Link Should You Use To Point To Preceding Posts In A Current GMB Post?

Aaron's up he says, a question about GMB posts. Some automated services like local Viking include previous posts linked to the post immediately preceding the current post. Is this okay, or are you recommending specific links to proceeding posts?

Yeah, no, that's fine. I'm going to show you how I've taught my team to do it manually. And I'll show you why in just a moment. Explain why. But no, that's fine. That that that works. I prefer to do it manually because we have a lot more control over it.
Just some of the stuff Marco's teaching I can't get into specifically what it is, but it's some of the stuff Marco is teaching what you can do with GMB is crazy.

But here's what I was getting at. Like here, I just went to Semantic Mastery his GMB site, guys, the URLs that come from the posts URLs themselves, they'll take you to like the SERP version of the URL, right, which is like a really, really long, ugly URL. And I know you can use the previous posts in those posting apps, and that's fine, you can do that. Okay, it's definitely easier, it does provide some benefit if you're siloing your posts correctly.

But what I prefer to do is my VA is go in and she manually creates the silos with GMB posts. And if she's let's say that these two posts were going to be siloed together, then what she'll do is when she goes into the post, publish this post, which would link to this post, she's going to link to this URL here. That one right there, because that's like an inner page on the GMB website, as opposed to just the post URL. And that's the way that we do it. Again, I don't know if Marco wants to come up, you know what Marco wants to say about this. But the way that we do it is manually now and by actually extracting the previous post URL, like the inner page URL, basically. And that's the way that we do it. What do you say, Marco? That's as far as that's gonna go because if they want more information on how to do this, it's local GMB Pro, and then the heavy hitter club. And then you can just manipulate the crap out of GM B's to the point where Google does whatever you want Google to do.

There you go.

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So yeah, I mean, again, you can use the previous post function. We did that for a long time, and you can absolutely get a benefit from it. But you can get more benefit by using the inner page URL from the GMB website. And so it's in my opinion, it's worth the extra effort to do that manually.

If you know what you're doing, you can push a lot of power that way. So.

Okay, if I'm setting this up manually, which link do I use the link to? Yeah, I just showed you. Okay, so that's good.

Wayne is making another comment as usual.

Let's see, where are we at? Aaron another GMB post question. Did I miss something? No, I'm calling Wayne a spammer. Oh,

yeah, it's funny cuz sometimes Wayne will be on a mastermind webinar and he'll make a comment. And I'll just assume it's a smartass comment when he was being 100% genuine or sincere. And then I realized later that he was actually being sincere, but it's hard to tell when the boy that cries wolf all the time. It's hard to tell who's been in series or not.

Do You Recommend Having One Or More Links Pointing To A Money Site From Your GMB Page?

Anyway, Aaron says another GMB post question. Do you recommend having just one link to a money site per page? Or should the post have as many links as possible to the money site page and other assets? This is a heavy hitter question. I understand. Thanks.

We'll just remember this, you can put links in the text part of you know, the Text body of the post, but those are all nofollow links, which doesn't mean that they can't help. But the only place that there's a do-follow link is the button URL. Right. So the link that you add to the CTA button, that's the do follow so it's only one dofollow link per post, no matter how many links you put in the next part of the post. And here's the other thing I would recommend. I've noticed with GMB posts lately if we include NAP data. So name address phone number, then Google will often reject those posts. And I'm not sure why they do that. But if I put if I had if we try to publish a post that has the name, address, and phone number in there

And it rejects it. If I just pull the phone number off, for example, a lot of the times it will I'd repost the same exact post and do nothing else, but pull the phone number out of the post itself, it will accept it. And I don't know why that is. I'm just assuming that Google wants people to interact with the GMB posts instead of calling. I don't know, I don't know what the reason for that is. But I've noticed that a lot lately, we've had a lot of rejected posts because a lot of the post templates that I was using would automatically include the NA p was part of the call to action. But we've had to go back and kind of edit a lot of those templates to remove that because we were getting a lot of rejected posts, and now they're not being rejected. So why I told you that is because I would be, I would not recommend putting a whole bunch of text links in the text body of the post, because it looks spammy, right? And you only get 1500 characters in a GMB post anyway, so why would you want to fill that up with a bunch of URLs? If they're all nofollow links, that's my opinion, you get one powerful link from the button. So what I like to do is a text link in the text body to the previous post to silo posts. And if I'm siloing posts and trying to push from the button URL power to something specific, but most of the time, I'm using the button URL to link to the previous post, if that makes sense. And that's about as far as I can go with that. Marco, what do you want to say about it? No, all of this with how many get into why? And the Why is only shared and heavy hitter sometimes in the semantic mastery mastermind. It's in the paid groups, I'm not going to get into it here. There are people paying a lot of money for that information. So it's not gonna happen.

Yeah. So I mean, as I said, I use the button, the button URL you want to think about, that's your most powerful link within the GMB posts. So use that strategically, right, but you can link from within the GMB posts to other assets. And typically, I'll just link to another, you know, tier-one entity asset basically, within the text part of the posts. And that's good for navigation for the user. But for SEO, the button link is the one that you want to focus on.


Brian says keep it simple, stupid. You're damn right.

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How Would You Rank In All US States With Semantic Mastery's Stack Targeting?

Next question, we have a stack targeting only one state. What if we want to rank in all states of us? Wasn't you were actually answering this question on Facebook, weren't you Marco?

I believe I was. Yeah. sworn I saw this thread also on Facebook.

Okay, let me finish the question. We have a stack targeting only one state. Whatever you want to rank in all states of the USA, please explain deeply. Yeah, no, I'm not in Humpty. But yeah.

So yeah, I mean, it's funny cuz mark.

Wayne was actually asking about this in the mastermind, too. But, you know, this is what I would recommend. And this is, you know, again, it's going to be very high level. But if at MGYB, right, that's where you can order the drive stack expansions, right? That's how I would do it, I would take whatever, I would create a separate drive stack expansion, or drive expansion, whatever you want to call it, for every state. That's how I would do it. So I know that's a big undertaking. But if you're asking how I would do it, I would have a separate expansion built into my branded stack for each state. And then you could, if your theme earring on like a complex silo structure within each state drive stack expansion, you could break it down even further into counties or regions, or, you know, regions or counties, and all the way down, ultimately, to a city level. So I mean, it can get huge and massive, but that's the way I would do it if I was going to do it.

It's a mess. Paintsville, right, yes. But it has to be done manually. Because the new g sites don't accept scripts. Well, at least not yet. We're constantly looking to see if scripting will ever be opened again into the cset. We have our own way, we have our own way of making it work, which we're not going to give away because it costs a lot of money for us to develop that.

But having said that you would build. So this is why it pays off to have a brand. Because if you have one stack that's targeting one state, and it's not Brandon, that you're already like geo limited.

If you put that stack into a branded stack, now you have the first state in that branded stack, you have the first extension, and all you would have to do is copy whatever you did in that stack into all of the subsequent stacks for every subsequent state, and you would develop a page for each of the state stacks.

You want to go even deeper. In each state stack, you could then develop a city-specific dry stack so that then you could break down the state into the major cities in that state. And then I guarantee you that by the time you start building out those city pages, in each of those states, you are going to be ranking just like when you pop that folder in there, whether you get any traffic Now, here's the problem. By doing that, you're obviously going after something that's geo-targeted, where a three-pack will probably be dominating most of the traffic. So maybe when you expand in all 50 states, you'll get enough traffic, where it won't matter that you're targeting something that's mostly local, you'll get you'll generate enough traffic organically through that, but by ranking, maybe top five organically, but if it's dominated by that map pack and the ads and everything else, that you're running into it, you're going to spend a whole lot of time, maybe a whole lot of money, and maybe not see a return for the massive investment that you have to make, whether it's money, and whether or whether it's sweat equity.

Yeah, and you know, what's interesting is, and it just something you said triggered this for me, Marco. But you know, here's just an example. I'm doing a lot of organic stuff. Right now, I'm working on a national project right now, which I'll be sharing in the mastermind. when it's appropriate. It's not yet. But so I'm going to be doing something similar to what we just described. But what Marco was talking about, you know, with the maps pack in the ads, and everything, it's crazy. But what I mean, what I'm seeing now, I mean, not that this is new, but it just it seems like organics getting pushed further and further, in this case, it's not popping, but in a lot of the times, you'll see the carousel ads, like the Google guarantee ads at the top, then paid ads, then the map. And you literally got to scroll away below the fold to even get to the first organic listing. It's crazy. And why is that? Because Google's pushing more and more paid? Even a lot of you see that's the paid position in the maps pack. And then like I said, the carousel, it's just it keeps pushing the organic rankings further and further down. So it's crazy.

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What Is The Alternative Way Of Doing Scripts For Stacks?

Anyway, ah, scripts for stacks are no longer working. What is the alternative way of doing that? We don't have one yet. Is that right?

I mean, we do. That's how we create dissects and G sites. Now, the extensions, we have our own, we're not going to give that away.

Okay, there you go.

Can We Copy Images And Content From Google And Directly Put Into The Stack?

Can we copy images and content from Google and directly put them into our stack without any modification? I wouldn't recommend that. Personally, I don't, I've had from copying images in the past years ago, you know, I've gotten hit with extortion letters, where I had to pay so that I didn't they didn't sue me for copyright infringement.

So I've had to do that. And I've learned a long time ago, I don't just copy images ever. I go by stock photos if I need to, or, as we've talked about many times before, YouTube is great for getting images, guys, because you just go find a video that's relevant. Just you know, set it on an HD setting.

Pause the video at a frame that you want to take a screenshot of. And that becomes a photo that works great. And I've you know, I do I use a lot of YouTube photos, like photos that I take from YouTube videos for stuff. But I don't like to use copied images ever, ever.

Period. anybody's want to comment on that. So imagine that 30 frames per second? How many images you could get out of a five-minute video? Yeah, yeah, some will be blurry or whatever. But imagine how many you can get up out of a video. People are you're doing your big favor by creating YouTube video content that you can then turn into images. Yeah, and here's a trick for that. If you go search your keyword on YouTube, then use the filters for the results. Once the results come up, use the filters and switch it to HD only anyone the age, so that will remove all the videos that you know don't have HD but at least I think 720p.

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And I always switch it to like 1080 P or whatever if available and then use what do they call it the premiere mode or whatever where theater mode or whatever where it expands and makes the video bigger. Once you make it bigger, take your screenshot. And then when you shrink the font because if it's blurry, and once you shrink it down, it becomes less blurry, right? When you make it more to a usable size that you're going to use in a blog post or a GMB post or something like that. When you make the screen smaller becomes sharper. Right, that makes sense. So that's that's just the way I do it. It works really, really well.

I never have a shortage of images is what I'm saying.

I've heard that we cannot put money site link into our stack anymore. Is that true? I don't know where you heard that. Yeah.

I don't know.

Any other questions about RYS Academy? You're welcome to ask it in the group.

We have a Facebook group of people who have paid for the training. Yeah.

That's funny. Look at that username.

Are you gonna say it, homosexual?

Money is cool. I got no problem with that.

Will You Release Version 2 Of Local GMB And PR Pro?

I barely solved capture. What's up, guys? All right, Robert says I've already subscribed and watched local GMB and PR Pro. Well, you have version two of these tutorials, or has Google made minimum updates to GMB. I mean, there are guys, there's no reason to redo stuff. If you know, the foundation hasn't like, the principle hasn't changed. The GMB dashboard really hasn't even changed. There might be some additional services and things like that, or you know, things that you can edit within GMB. But what we teach on how to manipulate Google My Business that hasn't changed? Not a bit. So, you know, if like, the dashboard was to change significantly, or there were some significant new things that needed to be addressed. And yeah, of course, then we just update what's already there. Because again, the foundation part, the foundational part of the training hasn't changed. The fundamentals haven't changed. It's what I'm saying.


Can You Replicate OneDrive?

What about OneDrive? Don't think you can replicate there as well? Yeah. I mean, as Marco always says, Why? If we can do everything that we want to do by manipulating Google Google's own properties, why bother? I know that several people over the last few weeks have talked about starting to experiment with OneDrive, by all means, do it. Yeah. Yeah. That is No.

Does Google redirect with a steep pass with step pass with Oh, does Google redirect with step pass real PageRank? To dofollow link isn't it?

Depends on the redirect.

He's talking about what the redirect page in between? That's fine. Yeah.

About 50% of it gets passed, right? Yes, somewhere, somewhere. somewhere? Less than 100. Yeah. Already greater than 85. But they're dirt. There are two links on there. Just probably around 50, that's passed, maybe left is Google is MGYB offering Google account verification or is that no longer possible? No, I don't think we're that's been paused. All right. No, it's not impossible. It's happening. They're getting. You get into a lot of problems. We're trying to fix it. And if we ever do it, we'll open it. And if not, then sorry, because it's Google spamming Google and taking advantage and they try to close it up and we try to get in and it's a cat and mouse that is just too much of a headache. And we ended up refunding a whole lot of money every time we open it up.

All right. Well, thanks to everybody for being here.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 324

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 324 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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We're live. Oh, there we go. I see it now. So regardless, we're live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today's the 27th of January 2021. And we've got some good stuff for you guys today. As usual, we got a few quick announcements and then we're gonna jump into answering your questions. But real quick, just want to say hi, looks like we got most of the guys here today. Let's see. I'm gonna start with her Nan today. How are you doing, man?

Dude, I'm good. I'm good.

I'm just melting down here. It's really hot and humid, but it's okay, man.

We're supposed to have rain tomorrow. So gonna cool off. Happy to be here.

Nice. what's the temperature there in Celsius?

And Celsius is like 36. I think so. 36. See, it's pretty warm. Yeah.

Yeah, that's 96 points, 97.

All right, that's getting up. Yeah, that's on like, maximum temperature scale. So I know you're a hardware guy. But yeah, some rain on top of that. That sounds nice and humid. So you enjoy that. Yeah. Awesome. Marco. How are you doing today?

Um, I mean, what can I say? Groundhog Day. If you guys understand how it is that you can take $1 and change it into a million dollars. Give me one. Give me a hill. Yeah, let me see. Fuck. I hate those cheesy markers, man. Look, hard work. You gotta work. You gotta do the dude, you got to pay your dues. It's very people who hit on that one idea with absolutely nothing. But sweat equity. Turn it into a billion-dollar idea. The rest of Us to get to anyone, whatever. I gotta work. I don't just sit here and do nothing. I yeah, it's beautiful. It's a great place to work. I step outside. It's sunny. It's warm. It's beautiful. Got the sun? Got him. Got this. When did my hair look, man? Come on, man. Very few things require no work as most people tell you to should is hard work. And it's not easy. It's not easy, but it's not complicated. It can't be simplified, which is what we've done for you. Alright. So if you want to know how, and you want to know why we're in the middle of our charity webinars, Bradley killed it on Monday. With his ads for branding. And entity Monday, I'm gonna call it what it is entity manipulation. It was fantastic. A lot of great ideas, a lot of information that literally I'm telling you on Monday would have cost 1000s of dollars anywhere else. You got it for free. Next Monday. What's the Dixon Jones, internet legend Dixon Jones is coming to show you how to do entities and content. And so this is going to be a recurring theme entities entities entities, brand new entities brand. I wonder why I wonder what's working in SEO, what has been working, what's working out what will be working. Anyway, I don't want to take too much time. Thank you to those of you who donated if you haven't, then I posted a how-to on the page. I know the information is there. Again, I don't want to take too much time. And even if you did and you did not register, you won't be able to access that page. Now. Because that page is gone. We moved it, you can still contact the email that I've set on there and you will get access. If you're given the note no donation, you will get access to the replay. And if you haven't donated, send proof of the other donation to the email and get access guys' information. I'm telling you, you would end up paying I know barely one time paid nearly 20 K. And the information was nowhere near as good as the shit that we give away for the price of a donation. I can guarantee it. He told us what the information that he got not that it was useless. But the information that we're giving away for a charitable donation. I'd be dead. There's no comparison anywhere. Guaranteed.

Outstanding Marco, something you said at the beginning. I'm just gonna ask you and for those of you watching, I didn't ask Marco this earlier or anything. But the something you said kind of tickled something in my head. I was wondering Have you read the book The Art of contrary thinking?

Of course.

Okay. I had never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago. And I just picked it up and started going through it. And anyway, I was like, You know what, I bet this is a book Marco would recommend. And just this is a total tangent, but would you recommend people to read it because I'm like 10 pages in and I'm like, I can tell this is gonna be a big one.

I mean, I recommend that you read period, right?

Yeah, read it.

And not just that it's not just reading that one book but this other but Well, when everybody thinks, Oh, here we go, let me see if I get the quote, right. When everybody thinks the same when everybody thinks alike, everybody is likely to be wrong. Think about that. Think about that. All right. So the art of contrary thinking, Humphrey, was a Yo, yo,

yeah, Neil.

Yeah. Yeah, guys, read the book, read the book. Go read the art of war. Mandatory, mandatory. And then read the commentaries on the art of war. Don't just read it. Try to figure it out while you're like trying to read the Bible without the commentaries, right? Without going into the original text. But yeah, definitely, if you can, like a book a week, by all means, for those who can't just listen to it, listen, listen to books, all the audiobooks are everywhere. But yeah, absolutely recommended.

Awesome. All right. The library tickled something else too. I just put the link down for anyone interested. We should probably we could update this year. We've got a recommended reading list which I don't think the art of country thinking is on my add that on, but I just put it at semantic mastery comm slash books. So go check that out if you're watching and interested in some of these we're mentioning so. Okay, sorry, a little bit of a tangent there. But last but not least, Bradley, how are you doing today?

Doing great. Busy as all hell as usual, but doing well. Glad to be here.

Sounds good. All right. Well, I got a little thing to get through here. I wanted to let people know because we do have new people watching every week people coming in on YouTube are catching the replay. So first of all, thank you for watching. You're in the right place.

Hold on a minute. Did we forget Chris, didn't we?

Is Chris here. Chris is here. Oh, man. I'm sorry. Well,

I can go again as well. If you don't like me here today. Chris snuck in the back door when Adam wasn't looking.

That's good. I feel bad because we got the little strip up at the top and zoom. So Chris, how are you doing? Man? My bad.

Yeah, doing well here. I didn't know.

I was wondering because now I wish the most.

Sorry, what are you saying?

I don't know. I'm shorting the markets, especially on the SEO niche. Not having anything else. Alright, well stay away from GameStop. So that's already? Yeah. All right, well, let's get into it. So like I was saying, if you're here and you're watching live, let us know how you're doing. Even if you don't have a comment, just say hello, get let us know where you're at, or how you're doing. And if you're new to semantic mastery, you're new to MGYB you're new to heavy hitters club, the best place for you to start find out how to shield your sites don't have to worry about algorithm updates again, and it's a free training that's available at the SEOshield.com. That's the word, the SEOshield.com. And you'll hear us talking about all the stuff that's involved in that. So if you're not familiar with words, like SEO shield, that's a great place for you to get started. From there, definitely recommend picking up the Battle Plan. Alright, that's step by step processes. So you can get SEO results. And it's how we do things and the tools we use and the services we use. And you can get that at Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com the next one after that we also get questions about right as consultants like myself, agency owners like Bradley, people who are, you know, wanting to get more clients who want to grow the revenue, they want to scale the team, they're still you know, grow at still in growth mode. It's hard to get that one out of the mouth. And you know, before they're big enough, they're thinking, How can I do this? How do I do these three really important things so Bradley and Hernan a little bit, they've put together this training last year, that is just amazing? It's called 2xyouragency, 2xyouragency.com. Just head over there and you can find out more. And for those of you who are serious about growing your digital marketing business or the digital marketing side of your business, and you want to be part of the experienced community, then the mastermind is definitely for you. And that you can find out more at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And now I mentioned MGYB if you're not familiar with it, it's mgyb.co. Alright, that's done for you services, things like the SEO shield that I mentioned, syndication networks, link building press releases, and a ton more. I believe we've got an update coming soon. Right Marco we've got a kind of an overhaul on the system coming down the pipeline, right.

We have a complete overhaul of the system. But I mean, Bradley's in there. So you can tell. He can tell me but I mean, we're doing several things right. So it's not just that syndication Academy. Right, that's coming guys, that'd be an overhaul. And then, of course, we're gonna have updates and is going to be a new person who just wants to be friendly more time, honestly, than what he could then want to get dedicated to it. It needs more time. So It can work the way that it should. Bradley couldn't dedicate the time to it. So we just brought someone in. She learned the way. And she was here. I mean, you guys met her, you guys met SC, she's the one that that's redoing, syndication Academy, she was doing updates, she's going to be going into a whole bunch of new profiles and websites that we can use to manipulate the entity. Remember, entity-based, worthless SEO. That's what this is about the charity webinars are about that, how we're winning today's we're manipulating the entity and showing Google what we want. And we're getting Google to do what we want Google to do. That's how we do the dope.

Outstanding. Well, like Marco was saying earlier, if you haven't yet, you can still get access to the charity webinars highly recommend you do that that is on the page. If for some reason you're watching this, you can't find the link, you're not sure what's going on. But you know that you want to get in on that you can just send an email to support at semantic mastery comm we'll get you sorted out and gets taken care of. So with that said, Guys, anything else before we dive into it?

All right, we're good.

Right, grab the screen.

There it is. Alright,

so it looks like the first one is from mini min. Rob. Hey, guys, I've received my order from MGYB. But I don't know how it works. Well, which order? Is he? Which order? Is he talking about? SEO SEO. But I don't know.

Rob, if you're here mini broad. I'm just gonna call it mini Rob. Sorry, man. This may be your actual name. But it makes me think of like a little tiny version of Rob. Yeah. If that's the case, we need to know more information, right? We can't tell you what's going on. We don't know if you ordered a press release or a link building order or keyword research. So we're kind of stuck here. So if you let us know, we could probably help you. And then I would also say you probably want to talk to us first and come to Hump Day Hangouts. And if you're like, maybe I should use this SEO shield thing or the press release thing. If you ask that first, we could definitely explain it. But since you've got it now, let us know exactly what you're doing. And then that's how we can help you I guess.

That's good. Okay. All right. So yeah, we can try to answer a few. I'm sorry, I just got was looking at an email that just came in what's the next question is what's the best way before? Before you go to the next question, the SEO shield comm if you got an SEO shield, right, the seo.com is the place to go for the training. It's free. And at the end of that, we even throw in a coupon for you to order whatever it is that you need.

How Do You Push The Link Juice To Power All PDFs In The Entire Amazon S3 Folders?

Beautiful. Okay, so the next one is what's the best way to push link juice through entire Amazon s3 folders to power up all PDFs within? Also, is it possible, like Google Drive to embed folders to show all files inside the bucket? Thank you, um, the best way to power up an s3 folder? I'm not sure if you can power up a full folder. I've never tried that. Usually, I just extract the URLs from within the folder and then just hit those with backlinks. If there are URLs that I want to do that to Marco Do you know, can you make a public folder itself public? Like? I don't know if the folder has its own URL or what?

Alright, guys, I have no idea. If the s3 folder itself, we know that the HTML documents that we place in their images or whatever it is that we placed in there can be made public. But I'll tell you what, give me about I'm gonna say three months because we're about to do some nasty stuff in s3, I was just talking about it with my team, or I shouldn't call it my team partners. Just the SEO crew that I'm with where we're going to go and just really look into s3 and how much power there actually is in there. So if you come back, I mean, if not just go in and do it yourself and see if it'll if it can go public and then the best way to push power to that. The Darya Nuff said an embed gig or a link building gig or both from dedhia to that will push all the power you need. I'm not sure about the folder, but I can guarantee that in about three months. I'll have all the answers you want about s3.

Is There A Way To Get More Branded GMBs In Different Locations To Boost The Footprint Of A Real Business With No Fixed Address?

Sweet. Next question. Is there a way to get more branded GMBs in different locations to boost the footprint of a real service business that doesn't have a fixed address and works remotely? Yeah, I mean, if you can, I mean, there's a couple of ways you can buy GMBs from places that will sell you verified GM bees we used to and MGYB. But I don't think that's available anymore. There are still some places that will do it. I even found somewhere that I placed an order but it was way back in November and it still hasn't been delivered. So you know, I think it's getting harder to do it. But there I know there are still some vendors out there that will sell verified GM B's. I'm just not going to recommend any of them because again, the one that I just attempted to use in November, I still haven't had one delivered yet. So I don't recommend any of I don't have any to recommend is what I'm saying but there are GMB verified. You know, you can purchase verified GMB, there are vendors out there that do sell them. The other way is the way that I've before people started selling them, I used to always just use Pio boxes, you can go to post offices, one thing you want to do is don't you don't want to get to GMBs too close to each other. Right. So if you're going to do a service area business, which I understand doing that makes total sense, I would have them at least 15 or 20 miles apart. Depending on what your service area is, it could be even bigger, larger, you know further distance between locations. But what you can do is find a post office. And then you fill out a form, it's free, but it's to use the street address option. So in other words, like if you go you can do all this online, too, by the way, you can register a PO Box online. And they'll give you they won't issue you the box number and till you go to the post office like you have to physically go to the post office and show your IDs and sign the paperwork at the post office. But you can reserve it online and pay for it and everything else. But you do have to physically go to the post office to sign the paperwork and then they'll assign you the box number at that point. So let's just say it's a box one on one. If if the post office is at 123, Main Street, whatever town right, then you can fill out an additional form, it's free to do it doesn't cost anything else. But you fill out an additional form to use the street address option. And then you would end up using the address for the GMB listing 123 Main Street number sign like the pound sign 101 right, and that that will work. You can't add a p o box to GMB as the physical address. But you can do a street address with you know, basically a box number a suite number, but it's just the pound sign and the post office is very particular about you only using the number sign the pound sign before the box number not sweet. Not box, none of that it's just the number sign. And again, they're very particular about that. But that's the way that I had always done it prior to people selling GMB's.

And it still works, you know. So that's another alternative way to do it. And in fact, I actually still prefer that method after but over buying them except for the fact that you have to physically go to the post office that sucks. Because you know, especially if it's far away, but if it's within reason and you can drive to it, then I recommend going that route over purchasing GMB listings from vendors. And the reason I say that is because it's still tied to a real physical address this way. And I feel like those are safer than using the spammed ones because of some of the spammed GMB listings that I have. They don't have any physical location even referenced or tied to them, which I don't even know how happens. But like there's no physical address actually connected with it, and it causes problems with the proximity filter. So and what I'm saying is, even for service area business guys, you understand you have to clear the address like you're not supposed to per Google's Terms of Service, you're not supposed to publish the street address for a service area business. Right. So in other words, if it's a service area business where the customer or excuse me, the business serves the customer at the customer's location, then you're supposed to delete them or clear the physical location when you set your service areas then you're supposed to clear the physical location from showing and when it does, it literally clears it from the GMB dashboard and it will not any longer show the physical address, the street address in the maps listing or anything. But what I'm saying is, some of the GMB is that I had purchased. They don't have any street address associated with them at all and I don't know how they even did it. But it causes issues to where it doesn't show for like near me searches and stuff like that because there's no physical location associated with it. And again, I don't know how they do it because even when you register a new GMB, let's say It's a legit business and your service area business and it has a legit physical location where the office or you know the business owner lives or whatever, you have to add that address. When you set when you go to claim or create the GMB listing, you have to add the physical address and then wait for a postcard or a card to be delivered via us a mail to that location that has a pin number in it so that you can verify that that physical location that the business really resides at that physical location. So even when you clear the address to make sure that it's not published, there is still a physical location associated with that GMB and you don't see that on the GMB dashboard. But for example, I just recently started using local Viking to manage GMB posts and stuff because it integrates with some of my CRM and stuff. So anyway, I'm using that and when you import GMB listings into local Viking, it shows the street address, even if it's an unpublished street address, and I've got a few listings in there that just no street address appears at all, there's no physical location associated with it. And those are the ones that I'm having trouble getting to appear for proximity searches such as, like near me, keyword phrases, or search queries. And so again, I would recommend it, the spam listings, they can still work, but there are some drawbacks in them that I don't like about them. Were the P o box way to get one with an actual physical address tends to work. Still, it still works. And I like that one better, except for the fact that you have to physically go to the post office. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Not me. Okay, moving on then.

This Stuff Works
But yeah, absolutely. That's I mean, that's a great way to do it for large, especially business with large service areas, if you can get multiple maps listings, that's best. Another way to do it, by the way, just quickly, is you can go to Craigslist and post an ad for that I've done that I've been successful in the past where I've posted an ad and in the, you know, in the area that I want, and say, you know, tell them that I'll pay him 50 bucks to receive a Google postcard. And, you know, tell me when they when they've received it and and and and, you know, call me or text me with the pin number inside the card. Most of the time what happens is you'll find renters that do that instead of people that own homes because they don't care if somebody registers a business to a rental property like the renters don't care. The landlord might, but the renters don't. So I found that I've done that in the past several times when it when they when I was trying to get a GMB in an area that I couldn't that I just wasn't you know, it wasn't feasible to drive to and get a PO Box, then I will use Craigslist. So that's another way to do it. Okay. Moving on.

Is It Possible To Get Wiki Links To An SEO Agency That Offers Other Services And Has A Blog On Non-Marketing Tech Resources?

Next question, given Wikipedia is a negative view of SEO, is it possible to get links from Wikipedia or wiki data to an SEO agency that also offers other services and has a blog with lots of non-marketing tech resources? Sure, but you can also purchase wiki links. Just like we were talking about spam, GMB listings you can buy. We sell [email protected], our store. And they work I mean, occasionally something will get edited out like, but I've actually had one recently that was edited out. And then I just submitted a support request, and I got it restored on another Wikipedia page. So you know, you can buy links, say is it possible? Yeah, cuz you can buy them. I don't know how to do the edits myself, because I'm not a moderator for Wikipedia. But, you know, that's one way you could do it is to hire, you know, a Wikipedia editor or moderator, I should say, those are generally really, really expensive. So the other way is just to find a service, like what we have in MGYB, where you can buy them there. I don't know of any other way to get them to you, Marco.

I mean, there are other ways, but you got to pay for them, or you got to get yourself a Wikipedia page. And you have to be eligible, you have to be able to provide all the documentation that Wikipedia requires. That's the best thing. The best thing is to get yourself a page on Wikipedia. And Dixon Jones is going to explain on Monday, that's the most important Wikipedia link that you could possibly get that mentioned in Wikipedia. And then from that, I mean, the next best thing is getting a link on the top page and then getting a link on a page referring to another page as long as it's relevant. Right. You got to maintain that relevance. But yeah, I mean, just go to MGYB to look for it. We offer it.

What Is A Good Way To Get Lots Of Footer Links Without Having Lots Of Clients?

Sweet Suraj is up he says what's a good way to get lots of footer links without having lots of clients trying to rank in a competitive area for web design and all other competitors dominate with footer links someone's exact text. So I'm assuming he means exact anchor text exact match anchor text was hacked footers. Yes. stuff I ever saw.

Yeah. Yeah, that's funny. Do you say that? Because I, when I read this question earlier and asked what I was gonna suggest, was the only other way that I would know how to do it is the safe network. A lot of those links are hacked footer links, and that when I'm What I mean is like, they literally hack other people's websites, put links in there for you. It's so blackhat. But um, you know, it can work. I used to use a lot of safe links years ago when I was doing a lot more blackhat stuff. And I guess there's really no hats. But when I was doing a lot of really spammy, like, you know, dark alley ship, I used a lot of safe links. I don't do that anymore. But that's one way to do it. I don't recommend it. But that is one way to do it. Anyway, you got any suggestions, Margo?

For further length, Now, why? Alright, so here's the deal. Um, and I'm gonna say this again. And we explained that I'm going to keep referring back to the webinars on Monday, we explain why we do things, the way that we do, why we create the entity, the way we the way that we do, I'm not gonna go through it here. But we become master mimics. We look at the big dogs. We do what the big dogs do, at the part level, at the algorithmic level, at the patent level, that's how we do it. All right, if you want to learn how, and why make a donation. Go see our footer links the only way to compete or is there something more powerful than I am missing? Yeah, I mean, I, I don't think I would go out use that strategy. I'm not I don't think I know I would use that strategy. I would do other things. So the SEO shield? Yeah. Start there. And then there.

How Can You Run Ads For A Client If You Don't Have Access To Their Website?

Fitz is up. He says, Hey, guys, hope everyone is well. How can you run ads for a client if you don't have access to their website? Thanks. You don't need access to some you can run ads to any URL. The problem is conversion tracking and remarketing and all that other stuff, you know, but you can run ads to any URL that you know. I mean, as far as I know, I don't think if you have if, if you have a URL, you can run ads to it. The question is why, like if you don't have access to their website, then you're not going to be able to install, like the conversion link or code conversion tracking. You know, Google Tag Manager remarketing. You know the remarketing tag all of those things that you would need, but you don't need them. But I would hate to piss money away on Google ads, or ads period if I couldn't track conversions. And if I couldn't build a remarketing list from anybody that visited the page or the site,

so I don't know why you would want to do it without having access to the site. Go ahead.

Yeah, I'm just wondering if maybe it's one of those where he's saying he doesn't have, edit access. But if somebody can, or if you can talk to the client be like, hey, you just need to take these two steps. You need to copy this code, you need to install it, tell them where to do it. Because Yeah, if you're in that situation, where for whatever reason, you don't have access, you need to maybe impress upon them the importance of, hey, you need to get this code on there. Otherwise, you're gonna be losing money. You know, because you can't retarget you're not building retargeting lists, you won't know about conversions.

Yeah, if you have, if you have, you know, if there's a webmaster or somebody that is maintaining this site that you just don't have access to yourself, then you can absolutely still do everything because what I would suggest you do at that point would be to set up Tag Manager. And then just contact, whoever's managing the site. So the webmaster or the business owner, whoever's managing the site, contact them and send them the container code for Tag Manager, one goes into the header, one goes into the footer, or right before the closing body tag, either one. And it's just two snippets of code to get added to the site globally, right, so it's site-wide code, and then you can add and subtract all the tags that you need inside of Tag Manager which you would have access to meaning you can add tags and triggers and all that stuff and then deploy it all through Tag Manager and will automatically update the website from a remote from tag managed from the Tag Manager dashboard. Once the container code is there, you can add or remove tags, remarketing tags, a conversion tracking all of that stuff. Jason, you can add structured data schema.org All kinds of stuff that you can use Tag Manager for. If you don't have access to managing the site, the webmaster can install Tag Manager and you can use that.

This Stuff Works
Any other comments?

No, that's fine. Okay,

Does It Make A Difference If You Already Added The Supporting Documents Prior To Getting The SEO Location Shield?

so the next one is from Landry. Now I get it, I couldn't figure out how to pronounce your name. So I appreciate you spelling it out phonetically because Hooked on Phonics works for me. So thank you for that. So Lanre says, Hey, Bradley, I noticed you had problems pronouncing my name. It's pronounced Landry as an rio. So I've got it this time. Now, my question is this, I bought my keyword research from you guys. I built my site, I added three categories with content, and five supporting articles per category, I now need to order my SEO location shield to establish my brand. Okay, I'm not sure that you want to order locations, you know, maybe you do, I don't have the full context of your project. But let's just assume that the SEO location showed us what you want to order? Does it make any difference? If I already added the supporting documents prior to getting the SEO location showed? I don't quite understand the question. Does it matter that you've started to build out your site with categories and adding depth to the silos? No, it doesn't matter at all. Because again, I don't know that the location, I don't have the full context, I don't know what you're doing. But just from this little bit of detail that I have. I don't know that the location shield is really what you want and the SEO power shield should be for the brand. And then typically, for top-level silos, you want to do the are the expansion stack, right? Dry S Drive expansion, or drive stack expansion, excuse me? Not necessarily location shield. So if you go take a look at the SEO shield, and you take a look at the three different versions, what does it locate starter shield locations to power shield, right? Power shield is going to be for the brand, that's what we recommend. But then our wireless expansions, which is a separate product in the store, it's not on the SEO shield page, cry is drive stack expansion. Go in there. That's what I would recommend that you buy an expansion for each top-level silo. Does that make sense? Does anybody want to comment on this Marco, do you?

Yeah, I mean, don't look at it like that. Landry. Don't look at it like that. You're done with the website, you can continue working with the website. Yeah, you can have dummy content on the website, you shouldn't. But you at least need that RSS feed. So yeah, you do need some supporting articles or posts. You have that already. Go in order and SEO shall not a location shield. Because you don't want to pigeonhole yourself into a geographic location. All right, not if your branding, not if your branding, you can do you can take care of the locations through location-driven pages. On the inner part of the G site, in the beginning, you're just trying to create I'm not gonna say the keyword, yet but it is its brand plus a keyword, relationships, how your brand relates to the keywords in whatever niche It is, it is that you're in, especially the top-level keywords, we add it, we intersperse it, we go through all of the documents, everything gets filled with keywords, especially if you order our deep keyword research gig, which this is perfect for, it's perfect for giving you all of the relevance necessary to really carry out a proper the proper content structure of your website will give you suggestions, you know your project better than we could ever hope to know it. So you have to follow what you know, with what our suggestions are. Once you have all that and once you get the SEO show delivered back, especially the G site that the following that as the ad ID and ordering an expansion won't interfere with the ad ID. So what you see is okay, now I have a top-level category. So I'm going after gold. Now I want to do gold bars. Well, gold bars go on the inside. So let's say you're saying you're in a city already, and you want the adjoining city. So gold bars add joining the city, however, it is that you choose to pursue that well, we build that for you we can build you an interface so that you don't have to, and an intersect. So you're expanding the power of your original branded stack, and G site. And the whole point of this is to keep expanding. So you're adding depth and breadth to that T site and dry stack the same way that you're doing it on your website as you find categories. And as you use supporting posts to boost that top-level category that you're trying to rank eventually you should be pushing so much power. And I see this time and again, that even an empty folder is added. This is when true power will you push it to power and you're building up that PageRank and ranking score. An empty folder will rank for the keyword that you're assigning it. And it's incredible when when when this thing happens, or you'll pop in and like a new location, and a brand new GMB and you see all kinds of action in the GMB. And you're wondering why? Well, it's because you iframe it on the G site or you iframe that on your website, or it's part of a really deep and wide drive second site. And that's when the power really comes into play. That's why I tell people, it's hard work, you cannot expect to rank with one page for gold. It's not gonna happen, you can't ever hope to outrank Amazon with one page, and a couple of supporting posts. Not gonna happen. That's, that's a trillion-dollar company that you're going after you can't do it for a buck 50. All right, so all of this power and all of these things need to continue taking place, you need to do your press releases, you need to do the link building, you need to do the embeds plus link building. And you need to continue broadening your profile throughout the web, making that footprint bigger, wider, relating more profiles one to the other. This is what the big boys do. You see Apple everywhere you see Amazon, everywhere. So that's what you have to do. And one of the ways that we do it is exactly the way I just described. Now that takes a lot of work. The way that I like to put this is it like people see it. And it's really simple. I ordered the SEO shield, and then I just produce content. And magic happens. No, it doesn't. I've been online for 18 years. This is 18 years in the making. Bradley has about a decade and I know her Nana's around there. Chris has so many years and Adam, I think Well, I know. I've known him for six, seven years. So he has at least that long online. So you're getting decade's worth of thinking of strategizing of putting everything together into what you see as the SEO shoot. But that's what it's for. And that's what you should order not the location shield, but the branded SEO power shield. Yeah.

Yeah, that's why I just pulled up the pages on the store, just to demonstrate what Marco was talking about. The SEO power shield is what we recommend for the brand. For the main brand, right, and then from that, because it gives you the syndication network, the drive stack with the G site, and then the IDX page. So that's for the main entity, right the brand itself, and then from there, you go from the store, go click into the Google RYS expansion stacks. And these are the expansion stacks of each top-level silo. Right? So each silo on the site. So top-level category, top-level keyword, you should have an RBS expansion stack. If you're doing a local business and you're you have location-based silos, however, you do that, I do it using the tag structure inside of WordPress, then I also order a separate expansion stack for each location, if that makes sense, but I don't want to confuse you. As I said, if you're doing it on just topical stuff, then you'd want a separate expansion stack for each one of your top-level silos. You don't need additional ID pages and then additional g sites, which is what happens when you order location shield. So in fact, I would we would recommend against that.

This Stuff Works
Okay, so hopefully that clarifies that.

All right, moving on.

Does it make a difference in priority? No, no, it doesn't, you can just as long as you have, all that you need is you need the web, the URLs, when that you're going to push, you know uses your main target URL for your drive stack. And then for each one of your expansion stacks you're going to get, you're going to have a field that you have to submit your main target URL, it's going to be one primary target URL per expansion. As long as those URLs are available, like on your site, that's fine. It doesn't matter whether there's content there or anything, to begin with, you can order it with just the URL. The only thing that has to have content is the RSS feed for the SEO power shield order because the syndication network, if it's an RSS driven syndication network as opposed to YouTube, then it needs the RSS feed has to have so the RSS Feed URL has to contain at least one item it can be the Hello World post for that matter, it doesn't matter. As long as it has one item in the RSS feed, then they can set up the applets inside IFTTT but that's it though the rest of the site doesn't need to look at content on it. If it just has the URLs available in. That's it. And for anybody watching this at this point watching the replay, enlarge the video so you can get the information about donating to the charity and accessing the webinar.

Do You Have Any Tips In Using Linktree Other Than Hammering It With Backlinks?

Okay, sweet. Let's keep moving. Jim's up. What's up, Jim? He says, Hey, gang, I was curious if you guys have any tips or tricks to apply to link tree? That's a good site. I just started playing with that a little bit more actually. Other than the usual hammer the shit out of it with backlinks. You can embed it. So yeah, it's pretty much the same thing that we would always recommend hammer with backlinks. You can also embed link tree itself, the link tree page, which is just a collection of links, right. So that's just you can also do embeds and backlinks to the embeds. Anything else?

Scorched earth Seo? hammer? I don't know any other strategy. I don't understand anything else other than if it can stand it, give it more. And if it takes that much, then try some more. Well, you know what it is man? Just go do the do.

How Would You Silo Structure A Website With Multiple Topics?

Alright, baby, what's up, man? He says, Hey, guys, a better example for last weekend's question how Google treat pages that are not related topically to the site, say you are a site about marketing. The silo is about software. Let's say all the marketing software goes here. But what if we add non-marketing software pages to the silo to that silo-like employment software, or betting software, etc. So the new silo be opened to nonrelated marketing software? No. And in a case like that, BB, I would have subcategories. So I would use a complex silo structure for that type of site because the software would be the parent category, the top-level category, but then you would create subcategories for the different types of software marketing software is a subcategory. What were some of the other one's employment software being another sub sub category, and then betting software or investing software? Right. forex software, like there's a, you know, productivity software, like every one of those could be sub-categories. And then you would add supporting articles, which could be reviews of those types of different software in their appropriate subcategory. So in a situation like what you're describing this time, in which you provided more context, this time than you usually do. So thank you for that, by the way, then then, yeah, I would use a complex silo structure for something like that. And I would add subcategories and appropriately place the articles and supporting articles and such within the correct cat subcategories. That is something that you could do.


yeah, treated as a directory for marketing? And how would you build that directory then for marketing related categories and subcategories, and maybe some not so specific categories that do relate to marketing, but not in a direct manner, you could totally do that. Just be careful how far in the weeds you go, because you could end up somewhere totally not relevant to whatever it is that you're doing. And then in that case, it's not as if you'd be penalized or anything, it's just that you're not going to get any, well, you shouldn't get any action, because the AI will know that there's absolutely no relationship between that uncategorized or irrelevant category, and everything else that you're doing, with the caveat that if you're pushing enough power, it will rack it just takes monster power to do it.

This Stuff Works
Yeah. Yeah, and, and actually, you know, that's, I, I prefer using simple silos as much as possible. But in the situation that you're describing here, that's perfect for a complex silo. And you can push a shit ton of power with the complex silo guys if you know how to how to set up your internal linking correctly. Complex silos can push a ton of power to the top-level keyword. So again, you know, you got to map that out before ever starting a complex silo site, spend some time mapping it out, like not just the immediate need, but your future needs as well, because that's part of the problem with a complex silo structure is it's real easy to get started and think that you have an idea of what you want your silo structure to look like when you're starting off and you have, you know, a finite or a limited amount of content and ideas. But as the project grows, you're probably going to figure like, Oh shit, I should have figured it. I should have structured the site in this way instead. And that's part of the problem with complex silo structures is their complex just like the name? Just like, that's why it's in the name, excuse me. But if you do it correctly, if you map it out, right, then you can I mean, it's just amazing. And how much power you can push with those. But again, it's like I remember, that's part of the reason I like to do those anymore at all is that I would spend literally hours upon hours a day to, you know, a day or two on just mapping out the site before starting the build. And even then even after doing all of that mapping work and trying to decide on how I was going to structure the site, a lot of the times, at some point in the future, I would end up kicking myself for structuring it that way, because I should have done something else, you know what I mean? So I prefer not to do that if needed. But if so, I mean, if that's the route, that you're going to go spend some time on the front end, you'll, you'll be glad that you did. And yeah, you can push a lot of power that way, for sure.

Well, that's if you're building a directory, this complexity in building a directory to start with. So try to keep it simple. And don't spend hours trying to map out the site, just get to work on it, and try to work it out conceptually, as you go, you're still gonna run into problems and having to 301 and having to redo your URL structure. But that's a lot better, man.

Do Semantic Mastery's Methods Only Work On Google Search Engines?

So the next question is, do your methods work only on Google search engines and YouTube? Or should they should it also work on search engines like Facebook or Pinterest search, etc. I mean, we optimize for Google? Because you know, that's what 70 or 80% of all search traffic. I can't speak for Facebook or Pinterest, those algorithms are totally different. But oftentimes, when we optimize for Google, then we end up ranking in Bing and Yahoo because many and Yahoo are one and the same anymore. But it's only I think, they've got a little bit more market share than they used to, but it's somewhere around 30%, I think. But I don't optimize for Bing, or, I mean, I just optimize for Google. Because that's, you know, that's where the bulk of all traffic comes from. And usually, we end up ranking in Yahoo, and Bing also, comments on that?

Yeah, I mean, we want Google search. That's what we're after. In some places in some countries some areas, over 90% of the search market, is in Google. So if you have something that's search-based, which is totally local business, or whatever, then it just stands to reason that you're going to focus on Google. Now, if you're going to go and work on the Pinterest algorithm that you have to learn the Pinterest algorithm. And some of the methods that we teach might not work in Pinterest, but I'm not gonna get into how Pinterest works here works differently. The same thing with Facebook, the Facebook algorithm works differently. It just does. They're similar. So as the Bing algorithm, they're all based on the same thing, right, trying to see how they rank for a certain query. At the end of the day, that's what you're trying to do. But you have to learn the requirements. So you mentioned Pinterest, and, and Facebook, you'd have to try those people want Amazon, we have to go in and figure that one out. Then Bing, Yahoo. Why when we can get 80 to 90%. In Google, and then the other ones, we can just run ads and get results. Yep,

I agree.

Have You Ever Ranked Something Using Citations Only?

All right. Ah, next question. Have you ever ranked something with citations only and without links? Let's, let's say you have a non-local site, say e-commerce does brand citations without backlinks. Will that work? First of all, I don't know because all I do is local stuff. I've ranked local stuff with just citations like a local business directory or business directory citations like structured citations. Sometimes they'll contain links, oftentimes, they'll contain links. It's been a long time since I've tried to rank any local business project with just citations. It's probably possible still, but citations are just a part of an overall picture. Now that's talking about, like, structured citations like business directory listings for local type business sites. I think what you're talking about is like co-citation, right? where somebody is talking or a citation, I guess, in a broader sense, can be just a brand mention, right?

I've never tried that. I don't know why you would mean, I've never tried it. So I can't answer that. Can you know, because the citation is a backlink? So I don't get it. I don't get the question to start with. And let's, let's see, let's say you have a non-local site. That's e-commerce does do brand citations without backlinks work, or will they work? I have no clue because that's not how we do. We actually use citations as part of the entity. It's all part of entity-based. worry less SEO, especially local, like the broader you go The less necessary they can put your branded citations if you can get them in the big ones in the data aggregators, as a matter of fact, work really well because they're links. They're places where Google goes to see the data to pull data, but it. Alright, so this question I'm not gonna pick on you, I'm just saying is missing the point of the ranking score and PageRank algorithm, and of every other algorithm, because Google has to go through a link somewhere to get to the server, wherever this branded or number, enter the citation or wherever this other thing is, without that link, there's absolutely no way that Google can go from one server to the other, it's not magic, Google cannot teleport, it can't jump into another server, right? It's a, it's HTTP or HTTPS. That's the protocol. As well, there has to be something that connects them that connect, now you what you're talking about. And, again, I'm gonna go back to our webinar Monday, it was killer, you have two nodes, is what you're talking about. One is your brand, whatever. And you have another note somewhere that mentioned your brand, Google has to get that get to that, each of those and relate them some way. And the way it does that is through links. So the more links that are connected to your e-commerce site, and to wherever that brand citation is, right, the more power it will have, because that Google can start creating the relationship for the distance graph algorithm with again, I'm not going to get into any of that. What I'm just saying is, you need to start conceiving in this another way, because the things that you're asking are a little bit conceptually off on this. I'm reading this incorrectly, in which case I'd like you to explain what it is that you mean, you did a really good job on the other one of explaining what it was. Yeah.

Yeah, I agree. So I said I was more contents context in that last question than what we're used to from BB. So. Okay, so the next question is from is not really a question, as Jim says, He says, but rather a wiki experience, I have a site that has six wikilinks pointing to it from different or two different articles. I didn't pay for them, they were added in a natural manner. So organic links. That's awesome.

This Stuff Works

Those quotes, I'd like to know what those natural means is it's in quotes. Well, that's true. That's true. But I think he means that it's just he's got good content, and somebody, you know, linked to it naturally from an article. That's how I interpreted but you're right, since it's in quotes, it might be. Anyway, those links are very powerful. And I highly recommend trying to get one through whatever means necessary pro tip have the best, most thorough, most documented article on a subject and then cross your fingers. You know, that's a great point, Jim, because here's the thing. You can purchase wiki links, right? Like, we just talked about that from, or links from Wikipedia or links, you can get a link on Wikipedia by buying it from our service. But don't just link to like something that, you know, if I recommend that you are linking to something that has some well-written content, not just like, you know, a spammy page or something like that on the site. I mean, you can try to get away with that. But the problem with that is it it's likely going to get moderated out at some time. Like even if your link gets placed. At some point, somebody's probably going to discover that it's linking to something if it's not linking to something that is resourceful, right? That is a resource that is relevant to the page that the Wikipedia that Wikipedia is linking from, then it's going to end up being moderated out at some point, it's almost guaranteed it's just a matter of time. So I recommend that if you are going to buy Wikipedia links that you do link to a piece of content on the site that you're linking to that is relevant, and has some useful information on there. Right. So that it's less likely to get moderated out at some later date by some other Wikipedia moderator. Okay.

Comments, good?

No, no, I mean, fantastic if you can get them and I saw that later on. He said, organic. That's fantastic. You can get organic links if you can become the source or a source for that Wikipedia page. That's fantastic. Because now that now you have a relationship to that seed site. I'm going to talk seed sites and seed sets are I don't want to confuse all y'all up. But that's what happened. You related to trust to trusted and authoritative sources. Thereby you become a trusted and authoritative source. Which is why it's working so well.

Adam, you on, you turn your camera on. So I'm assuming you got something to say?

Unknown Speaker 55:08
No, it was let's say I'm going to reach out to Jim, I want to ask him a question because he's had some interesting comments over the last couple of weeks. So talking about AI stuff. And then now with organic Wikipedia links, so Jim, I'm gonna track you down, are you if you can find me, so shoot me a message. But yeah, I just actually had a note on the kind of the last, or sorry, the last question of the day here.

Thoughts On The AWS Email About Allowing Public Access

Okay, cool. So, Jay says Amazon AWS sent out an email warning about allowing public access to an s3 bucket. Yeah, I've gotten dozens of those emails. Yeah, the wording was such that it sounds like they're removing public access. And if you are in disagreement with that, I don't think that's the case. That's not the way I read it. Yeah. And

This Stuff Works
I just pulled it up to double-check just did a quick read through. And they don't say that they just say that. You should have some buckets configured that way, that may not be what you intended. So we suggest you fix it. And then, you know, talk to us if you have a question, but it doesn't say that we're gonna change it or anything like that.

Yeah. Thank you, Adam. Because that's when I read his question. Or when I read this question, I thought about that. I was like, you know, I better go back and reread, because I mean, I've gotten dozens and dozens of those emails. And I've read through them a couple of times. And the way that I interpreted it was what Adam just said was, like, it's telling you like, Hey, you probably didn't mean for the bucket to have public access. But if you did, it's not recommended. But I didn't see anywhere where it said they were going to revert them to protect. A lot of problems.

Yeah, the only thing is one line. If you have a business need to maintain some level of public access, please see an overview of managing access, and they give references for more in-depth instructions on managing just to make sure you've done the correct level of access. Yeah.

Yeah, when I set up my buckets, I set them up to where objects can be public. But the folder itself, or the bucket itself isn't entirely public, it just allows for individual items to be made public. That's the way that I set up all my buckets so that I can pick and choose whether I want them to be public at the time that I upload the files. So hopefully, that makes sense. we're about out of time, Jim says sorry, natural and organic. Yeah, we saw that. Thank you. Jim, by the way, reached out to Adam BB says I mean, so this is a guest clarification for his previous question. He says, I mean, you have an e-commerce site for dog food named SM doggy will a mentioned citation that way mentioned or a citation of that, and other sites will promote the site without a backlink? Again, I don't know. I mean, for local businesses, having the name, address, and phone number published online, even without a backlink count as a citation, which is like a vote of confidence, right? It's just because what is it doing? It's just validating entity information. Does that make sense? That's why it's so important to have a name, address and phone number always published exactly the same. Because even having punctuation different or using the ampersand sign instead of A and D, or something like that, right are sometimes having IMC or LLC at the end. And other times not all of them. If you have variations of the name, address, and phone number published even with no backlink, then that can start to ambiguous. The data, right and that's why local businesses have published mention of the name, address, and phone number, even without a backlink does count as a citation and can help to rank now, can it be can you purely rank on that? I don't know. I've never tried it. But when you're talking about that type of citation for a nonlocal site like an e-commerce site? I have zero experience with any of that whatsoever. I can't imagine that it would but I can't say whether it does or not. Because I've never done anything like that. comments.

It creates co-occurrence. It is a no co-citation or a citation. If it's the full local citation, right? Name, Address phone number, the NA p other than that I don't know I'd like depends on the competition. If there's no competition, I see where it just mentioned, of your site on powerful sites would make a difference. But if like, like most places, that the competition is fierce, then no, you're not going to get away with something like that.

Yeah, and I think it's kind of interesting to backing this up a level away from purely the SEO benefit and saying, Well, if your name let's say the SM dog food brand is mentioned on Huffington Post, like yeah, you know what, I bet Our website is gonna see some increased traffic and it's not a direct link, right. It's just by getting out there and building the brand. You know, that's kind of what's happening there as to how I see it without getting into the technical side.

Yeah. And you know, actually, just to follow up, Adam, that's a really good point. And I know this to be true, because when I started my land investment, my land flipping business, I experienced it firsthand. And that is if you can get a name published online, right, and somebody but it's not a backlink, but somebody reads the name and they're curious, they'll go Google that. And then it pulls up the brand. And then they click through that's a navigational or brand search query, that then a click through. So that's a huge SEO signal, when somebody reads a name, brand name somewhere and then goes in Google searches and then clicks through that's a fantastic SEO signal. And I experienced that with alpha land Realty, my business, my real estate business because when I first started, I was just running ads, I didn't do any SEO at all, nothing, I just have a single and it's still to this day, just have a single landing page on click funnels. For you know, for that business, basically. And all I started I was sending I was running Google ads to that but no SEO and then I started sending a direct mail out to property owners with my brand name Alfa land realty on it. And what happened was I started seeing alpha land realty ranked number one for even like, my keywords like sell land fast Virginia and things like that. And I couldn't figure out why because I hadn't done any SEO work whatsoever. And then I started digging into it. And I realized that people were doing navigational search queries because they would get letters from me direct mail letters from me that would state you know, hey, alpha land realty wants to buy your property, if you're interested, go here, blah, blah, blah. And they would go to Google and search alpha land Realty and then click through and because of that, I started to rank in a matter of like three weeks with zero SEO work. And it was because of those brand searches, which is why we talked about engagement signals are absolutely critical, are super powerful. You want to comment on that, guys before we wrap it up?

Yeah, I think that's good.

Okay, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. See ya.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 323

By April

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And there we are, we are live and I don't even have my video on I'm playing catch up. Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is the 20th of January 2021. We're getting started about 30 seconds early because we want to get to your questions even faster today.

But while Bradley's taking care of some technical stuff going to go around Say hello to the guys get some quick announcements for you all and then we will be jumping into it so let's see Chris you're first on the circle here today. Hi. Oh yeah.

Yeah, man super glad to be here. Yeah, exciting week 2021 is getting better with every week so far so like can't wait. All right. And step one we're seeing what's up noise almost gone Spring is here which is ridiculous because it's what like the third week of January Yeah, never happens. I don't know what's up Well, speaking of warmer weather Marco, how are you doing today?

He's always here. He had to come floss from from from the light. Now, man, it's always it's Hump Day. It's Groundhog Day. It is what it is. Don't hate the player hate the game. That's what it is. You can come to do the do we give you free training we give you everything that as a matter of fact, and we'll get to in a little bit charity webinars are starting Monday giving away the farm we're going to tell you why. SEO is working the way it does. We're going to tell you the why right. Nobody does it. Nobody ever tells you why. So we're gonna do it. We're calling in people who know why I mean, got a legend in the game Dixon Jones he started with majestic, and now he's a link I mean, legend, a true legend in the SEO game. He's coming to join us. Talking about entities we got Bradley. Talking about ads and then we got people coming in Jordan Fowler. Do you guys remember that presentation? Although he's not going to give that presentation he is going to tell people why. I mean, that's what this is all about. We're gonna give back to the community who donate to the charity that's what we do. That's how I do the do I do.

Outstanding! I'm standing in. I see next in line is Hernan and you got a nice t-shirt on man you mind telling us about that delay? Give me your lanky? Yeah, you just need to join the mastermind. And you can get a one-two. That's pretty cool.

Sounds good. You know, because my next question was gonna be Hernan How can somebody get their hands on one of these?

If they want? If Yeah, I mean, if Adam, or Marco or Chris or Bradley, if you guys want to have these t-shirts, you should join the semantic mastery mastermind. So I'm pretty good, man. I'm excited to be here. You know, here's warm weather too. So you know, it's good to be here.

Outstanding. And last but not least Bradley, how are you doing today?

overwhelmed with work, but good nonetheless.

Fair enough. Yeah, you generally have a couple of irons in the fire. And I think you got more than usual right now. Don't do

yeah. Yeah. But will they say the journey of 1000 steps starts for 1000 miles starts with a single step. And it's just one foot in front of the other after that, man. So every time I take a note, like a high-level overview, or of the project that I'm working on, I'm like, Oh, my God, but then it's just focusing on something and just do it a little bit at a time, man. That's all you can do. You know,

There you go. Yeah, it's interesting. I won't get too far into this. But I've been kind of redoing my quarterly planning. You know, just, it's an ever-evolving system. We don't plan the same way for all of our life, but focusing more on enjoying the process, right? Because if you get the process, right, doesn't matter what the goal is moving in the right direction, and you keep going, the rest of it takes care of itself.

There's a great book by James clear, called atomic habits. Yeah, it's fantastic to go back.

Yeah, it is a great book, and it talks about the same thing. Just focus on the process and not the goal. And the goal will happen, you know, what I'm saying. And so that's, that's one of the things the other thing is, just do you know, the only way to get better at anything is to just do more of it. And, and I think a lot of the times, especially in what we do digital marketing, and all that kind of stuff, we always think we have to have everything just right before we can launch something, for example, or before we can start offering a new service to our clients or whatever the case may be, but to be in all reality, it's not something that you can really perfect without just doing it. And sometimes you got to get out there and make a mess out of things and learn from that, to be able to get better at it. And that's he talks about that in his book specifically about a photography class, he used an example of like, he took all half the students and had them do take focus in on what they thought would be like the whole grade would be calculated based upon one image that they submit at the end of the photography class. And so they had all the weeks or whatever of that class to study and learn about photography. And all that, but they only their whole grade was based upon one photo that they submit at the end. So they had all the time that perfect, like what they thought was the perfect photo. The other half of the class, they were told to just take photos, as many as they can over the course of however long The class was. And at the end, they got to select, which they thought was their best photo and submit that. And it was overwhelming like 95% of the second group, which just took a bunch of photos, outperformed the first group. And it was because it was just the activity of taking more photos that made them better at it, if that makes sense. And so a lot of the times whenever I think about like, oh, man, I got all these things I want to do, but I got to get good at the first and all that I think about that analogy and realize the best thing to do is just get out there and start. As I said, we're gonna come back, Marco will talk to you in just a second, I wanted to run through a few things real quick before we remind people about the charity webinar and how they can do that and why they might want to be there. But if you're new to Semantic Mastery, MGYB, Heavy Hitters Club welcome, you're in the right place, you could show up here every single Wednesday 4pm Eastern, ask your questions. You can also ask ahead of time we realize, you know, hey, sometimes maybe you're out running the errands, got to pick up the kids or something else is going on, you can ask your questions, check out the replays on YouTube channel, subscribe over there, and you'll get notified when the new ones are up. But we do also get questions about you know, where should we start? What should I do? And generally, we got two things we want you to do is, first of all, you should find out how to shield your site, your client sites and not have to worry about algorithm updates. And you can get that through the SEO shield training, which is free over at SEOshield.com right the letter the word the SEOshield.com. Alright, and then if you want step by step processes for getting SEO results, and kind of following the footsteps of hey, here's what we actually do, then grab Battle Plan. All right, you can find out more about that at battle plan dot semantic mastery.com. And then moving on up the food chain, if you will, we also get talked to by agency owners who are starting out or consultants and they want to get more clients, right we want to grow our revenue and we want to scale our teams so we can work less and earn more and if you are interested in that go check out 2xyouragency.com that is 2xyouragency.com. And then last but not least, if you're ready to grow your business, your agency then you gonna want an experienced community and direct access to us as well as your peer group. And you can get that and more in the mastermind and that is at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And now at the beginning of this, I mentioned MGYB if you haven't used that, that is where you can get done for you services like the done for you SEO shield syndication networks link building press releases so much more. That's mgyb.co. Now, before we dive into questions as I said, Marco, you know want to circle back to you if you can remind people because I know some people you know, they may have missed the last couple of Hump Day Hangouts, can you tell them a little bit more again about what the charity webinars are and why they might want to be there and then how they can get access to it.

This Stuff Works
Where every year for the past four years we've been doing this? And really what we're doing and how this started out as we called it up. We refuse to keep you in the dark production stuff. I'm just seeing how just people in our business, get the hood pulled over their eyes and you get hoodwinked, hornswoggled, whatever you want to call it. People are just not going to tell you the truth. Why? Because they need to keep you in that recurring mode, you need to pay for more you need to get more information, more knowledge. So you get into that mindset, then they know you're going to go into that shiny object syndrome. Are you just going to keep purchasing and you're going to get put affiliate offers put in front of you now you need this? Now you need that. So what I decided to do is since I've been helping the charity for well over a decade, what I decided to do is I just had to just come out and tell people this is what's working and this is why it's working. And I decided to do it for them in exchange for a donation to the charity. The charity is a menial, avola boy with a ball in Costa Rica. And we help the poorest of the poor people who have nothing. And when I say nothing is that figurative nothing. It's not that the US meaning of nothing like it like I said before people are going to get their food basket but the traveling part to get that food but that's a luxury. Being able to get in your car and going out and getting food every little these people don't have it. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about the unpaved roads we're talking about open sewage, we're talking about no running water. No electricity would Firestone Debbie fires all the time. We're talking about drugs and alcohol and all kinds of sexual predation, that all of these people, especially the children are subject to unless someone steps out and says, well wait a minute, I want to make a difference. So that's what this is all about, it's offering people a chance, at something greater at something more, offering people the opportunity to come to us. And one, I'm gonna have to post Fernando's video because he's one of our rock stars. He's been promoted. I mean, he went through the whole thing. And he ended up with a job. And with DHL with an international company, he traveled all over Latin America, with the company has just done really well. But the story behind Fernando is he started out with nine or 10 of his friends. And he is the only one who made it all the way through. The other ones are dead, dead, meaning dead, dead. It's some good shots, whatever dead. And so we were able to help Fernando, that's one out of nine, we say that's not good. We're not looking at the ones that we love. Those we couldn't help. We're looking at the ones we were able to help. And we were able to save and place in a job where they could then go back to the community and give back because we do build leaders. I mean, we help form leaders for the community, we got another we just got her master's degree and was hired by the university. I mean, all of these success stories that that would not have happened, had it not been for me Malala had not been for the organization, the charity, to help all these people in everything that they needed. So that's what we do. So every year, I set up these webinars are going to be six of them this year. As I said, Bradley is helping us so as Jordan Bryan title is stepping up, Dixon Jones is stepping up, just got a lot of great people giving away knowledge and all they're asking for is donate, you donate, and then you send proof of donation, I placed the email on the page, it's there, you contact that email, and then my personal assistant will contact you with the link to register for the webinar, you just have to show proof that you don't need it. The only way that you get access to these webinars is if you don't, I mean that's the condition, which to me, isn't much to ask, I'm not telling you, you have to give me $1,000 donation, I'm not setting a limit on a donation, you do what you can, with what you have, you can give $1 give $1 if you can give $1,000 give $1,000 whatever your heart tells you to do whatever your wallet allows, that's what we want. And in exchange for that, we're going to give you the keys to the kingdom, how you trigger the algorithms, how we do worry lists SEO, entity base, worry less SEO, where we haven't given a shit about an update in years, we haven't cared doesn't matter. Google can do what it wants. Since we're giving Google everything that it's looking for then I mean why worry about an update we don't worry we don't care. That's what we're focused on. And that's what this is all about just my way and now other people of course were volunteering their time, their way my way of giving back to the SEO community because they don't want you guys cheating and also a way to give back to people who are tuning in that's what this is all about. Awesome.

For those of you watching live the information on the page, I think Marco just put that on there it did it earlier. If you're not watching live and you need more information, you're not sure where to go just send an email to [email protected] and we'll get you sorted out. So with that said, you guys, I think that's about it. But there's anything else now's the time. If not, let's get into the questions.

Yeah, I'll be joining the first for kind of CO presenting or guest presenting or whatever with Marco on Rob on Monday, next Monday, next Monday, May 25. At 5pm Eastern. We're gonna be talking about using Google ads for relevant traffic. So it's gonna be pretty cool. I hope to see you guys there.

All right, I'm gonna grab a screen. We don't have too many questions, but hopefully, that will fill up as we go. Okay, you guys see my screen correct? Yeah. All right.

How Do You Target A Single Post And Rank It On Page 1?

So we're gonna start with this one that says, Hey, guys, I have a question related to the ranking of the individual post or page. When I order link building, I generally submit all my syndication networks ID page and power shield, SEO shield properties, etc. But how to target a single post that I want to pull on to page one. How do I hit a single post which could outrank all of my competitors? please suggest. Thank you. Okay, I'm gonna give you a really simple rundown, a quick rundown take notes. It's actually quite easy. There are several things you can do. First of all, if the post has been submitted or syndicated out to your syndication network, so you published it And it syndicated out to your branded syndication network, go to all of your syndication network properties and extract or copy that file, the post URL of that particular post, right. So that the version of that post that's been published on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, you know, all of the places that it's been republished to grab the URL from those profiles, right, those web two dot o profile properties where that post is published, right, put that into a notepad file or txt file that will be part of your target URL file. Several other things that you can do so remember, grab the URLs from all the platforms that give you a separate post URL for that. Okay, add that to your target URL list for a link building gig. You can also if you if it's part of a GMB like if a Google My Business is part of a local project that has a Google My Business attached to it. You can also publish a GMB post that links to that blog post that you want to promote. And then you can take the GMB post URL, preferably the one that's on the GMB website, not just the post share URL, but like if you go to the GMB website, you'll see that the posts are part of the website as almost like an inner page of the GMB website, take that URL, put that in your target URL file, publish a press release that is got one link. And the press release pointing to the pub the post or page that you want to promote on your site. So the press release is going to have one link in it only. And that's to the post that you're trying to promote that in itself is going to help that post but then now you've got the press release URLs from the press release report, where it shows where all of the press where you're where the press release was picked up and republished. Now you've got that entire list of press release URLs that you can now add as part of your target URL list. If you've got an SEO power shield, which you say you have, you could also create an inner page on your G site, right and embed the blog post or the page, whatever is it, I think you said it's a blog post, but whatever it is that you're trying to promote that one post that you're trying to promote, you can embed that into your G site page. And then you can add that g site URL to your link building target URL list. Likewise, you can also take all of the post URLs that I just talked about from your web 2.0 properties and embed those into that same g site page. So it makes sense. So your G site page could have all of them the same article, basically the same page or post embedded multiple times, but from different platforms. That makes sense. And you could also take the like, I would just use the press advantage press release URL, not like all of them, I would just take the press advantage press release URL for that specific press release and embed that into the G site page. Does that make sense you've got it, by the way, you can also take the GMB post URL from the GMB website and embed that? So now all of you've got all these specific properties that are just a republishing of the original posts that you're trying to promote. But it's on all of these other platforms. And you can embed all of those into the G site page. Every one of those separate URLs become part of your target URL file, that g site page becomes part of your target URL file. Like I said, press release URLs, all of that stuff. So it's very, very powerful. And then lastly, you can take again that your top like what I would suggest doing is, for example, your WordPress blogger and Tumblr, press depressant, manage press release. The GMB post URL, there's five right there go get a map or excuse me, an MGYB embed gig, just use the general embeds. Because there are a few different options just go to general embeds. And now you've got five embeds that you could create from those WordPress blog or Tumblr word syndication network properties, right. So you just take the URL from the post that was republished turn it into an embed code and iframe. Now you've got three there, then the GMB post URL and the press advantage. Press Release. So you got five more press or five more. And there are five embed codes there, which you can submit up to five embed codes for anyone embed gig order. And I would do that too. So you've got a target URL list for link building. Now you've also got your embedded iframes that you can use it for an embed gig, that then you can build links to the embed gig properties, right. So right there is a perfect way to get really, really good results when you have a specific post. So, guys, this applies to any of you if you've got a particular keyword that you're trying to push. And you've you know, had a well-written post or page on the site. You can do the same thing that I'm talking about right and and and get some really good push out of it that way. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Yeah, because he's talking about a single post, right? That he wants to pull into page one, what's the competition? What I mean, I'll go back to the example we always give with the guy wanting to go after what it was a personal injury or DUI attorney, Toronto, a major metropolitan city with over a million people. I don't know how many are in the Toronto metropolitan area, but it was, I mean, it's huge. You're not going to get a post for DUI attorney Toronto, anywhere near page one, just a single post actually goes through our stacking method, the PR stacking method, the pole or the GMB stacking method. And you point everything at the page, that you're trying to raise how you set up that whole stack, which is what you were just discussing, you were just discussing all of the different stacks that lead to that one post. But that post may not be enough. To go after that, well, let's call it an entity right? To go after that keyword that you're trying to target. It could be that it takes a long-form page with additional content with supporting posts or stacking the posts the way that we teach, teach it a little bit differently now, but that's only taught in the heavy hitter club, I'm not gonna get into that here, you would, and then again, we mirror you do the G site, you do your post, you do your press releases, and you'd think that Darya adegoke, Daddy is an animal, he just until it's Submit. But the only way that this is going to go through effectively, is if you set everything up effectively. But Bradley talked about the extension on your brand, talk about all the different URLs that Bradley talked about in bed. So all of these methods are valid. But you have to pump up your PageRank and your ranking score, so that it becomes worthwhile for Google to rank this on page one, above all, above all others that it could rank on page one, so think of it so if you're talking about millions of pages that are competing for that top 10 spot. on page one, isn't that's the type of work that you have to do. So you have to think about the work that's above what you're trying to do. And whether hammering that post is going to be enough whether you've done enough work, whether you've supported it enough, whether there's enough relevance, right activity, relevance, trust, and authority for Google to take that post into account and ranking.

That's true. And some of the other things to add to that to even add a little bit more power is if it's a post, but you know, it could be a page. Either way, depending you know, if it's a page, you could actually set up a category for it on, if it's a WordPress site that is published on. And then you could publish supporting articles under that category, right, and so that those would syndicate out to your network as well. And then, again, you go in, and what I'm saying is from your blogging underneath that category, and if it's not, if it's not a page, and you don't want to make it a category as well, you can also do like so for example, if it's a post that you're trying to promote over over a page, you could do it with tags, you could take your primary keyword and add that as a tag to that page. And then every single, then you could publish additional posts that share that same tag. But the internal link from those additional supporting posts is only one internal link. And that's the link back up to the page or posts that you're trying to promote that you're trying to rank. And so for each supporting article that you publish, now, you've got a specific set of supporting articles that are also syndicating out to your network to give you a whole nother list of target URLs for each one of those supporting posts. So you can power up each one of those supporting posts, which will ultimately because of the one link and all of those posts that go up to the pages you're trying to promote. It's all going to flow through that up to that one page that you're trying to promote. And that's how you can add that additional topical relevancy, you can add more depth to that topic if that makes sense. Because again, as Marco said, Sometimes one page or post isn't enough. And there's a ton of additional ninja things that I know I can't share here because Marco would be pissed. But, you know, you can do all kinds of stuff with anchor links, or jump links, all kinds of crazy stuff that you can do to really power-up that one page or post that you're trying to, to rank, and again, it comes back to building it all out. And then you know, adding the silo structure that we do what and it doesn't have to be like a traditional silo on the website, right? You could make like a keyword specific silo just through the way that you do the internal linking, and then extract all those URLs and all of from the web, you know, all your tier one entity assets where it's been republished Extract All those URLs and create link building target URL lists from that. And then again, also embed gigs, you can really power something up that way. Works great.

This Stuff Works

What Are Your Thoughts On AI Generated Content Like GPT3 And Frase.io?

Okay, we're gonna move on the next question is from Frankie says, what are your thoughts on AI-generated content with stuff like GPT 3 and Frase.io? Do you think these would be good for money sites? or could they become toxic from an SEO angle? Hey, listen, this is my opinion. But if you can read, I mean, if it spits out really, you know, good, readable content, then I don't know how that could be toxic from an SEO standpoint. In fact, I've actually seen some demonstrations of some of these are not most of the time they need editing, right, they'll spit out content, that still has to be worked a bit, right massaged a bit, but I've seen some, you know, shorter snippets that just read incredibly well, that read better than a lot of the times, which you'll get from writers. So I think there's a real opportunity with those, I haven't really found any that have been, that still didn't need quite a bit of massaging once the final document was outputted. But I've seen where they, it's getting better. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Oh, you betcha. Go for it, though. Marco.

Not it's entity-based wireless SEO, right. It's entities being able to pick up the entity, people have the wrong concept of AI, and readable, human-readable and machine-readable what the machine wants, versus what a human would want. Because you could create two different sets of content, and one works perfectly well for the bot, and you get ranked? And is that gonna convert anything? I mean, we saw that the Kyle roof example. Well, he ranked lorem ipsum content. And he just had the right keywords in the right place. And that works perfectly well, for them but I can bet you that nobody is ever going to click on anything that they don't understand. But they could. It depends, it depends how well you do with your CPA. But that person has to have a reason to click, that person has to have a reason to give you money to give you something in exchange for what you're giving them. If you're giving them nothing, you get nothing. That's a rule in our game, you give someone nothing. And they're not going to give you any you give someone value. And they're going to continue giving you whatever it is that you're expecting to get. Having. Having said that, I've used both. And they both work really well. Especially out of tier two, tier three. I mean, just go to town with now I know Adam has his take on it cuz he's playing on a website that won't let me in. They won't let me hit. I don't know why I keep using different emails, different things, different IPS. I'm going VPN, I'm going to different servers. I'm going all over the world trying to log into this. They want me.

Yeah, this stuff is my bread. I love this stuff. But to stick to the question, you know, what are your thoughts on AI-generated content and stuff like GPG? Three and phrase? Do you think these could be good? Yeah. So let's start with the long view. If I Adam moody write an article, I'm big into productivity, if I write an article on the top three tips for productivity, and you don't know that I wrote that, and then we go and get GPT three, and we give it a prompt of right, top three, and we blindly give you those, and they both are helpful. Doesn't matter who wrote it? You know, it doesn't. And so I definitely take the user, the human user approach to this, like Marco, was talking about, I'm not going to tell you whether or not it's toxic, because I don't see any way that it could be. Yeah, and I just but I'm not going to tell you that technically, because I don't know. But I look at this as if the end run, it doesn't matter who wrote it. So long as the information is usable, usable, and there's value in it.

I agree. Let me tell you how we boil it down. If you get art into that content, activity, relevance, trust, and authority, then it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what a human wrote, it doesn't matter if it's someone else's content. It doesn't matter if it's spun content, it doesn't matter if it's hard to read. It doesn't matter if the page takes an hour to load. If you get that art in there, everything is off the table, because Google is going to love your content. Because the people who are visiting your content are telling Google that they love your content, your content gets shared, your content gets as your content gets quoted. All of these things happen activity, relevance, trust, and authority. People are giving you their email, they're calling you whatever it is that you've set for them as a book. We talk about this all the time, how important it is to get that final conversion. So you get that final signal to rule and that's money guys. That's what you look at money in your pocket. packet, but it's also going to be more Google love because they're going to send more people to see how well they like it. And then it just is built on itself, it becomes a snowball effect. I see it in, in Google My Business when we're doing both, I see it time. And again, it starts slowly, who will start giving you these displays, and then you start getting more views. And then you start getting phone calls. And then all of this relevance that you're getting into all of this activity, all of this trust and authority, it gets a snowball effect to where you see that hockey stick, you get that hockey stick, and you get it for your website visits for your phone calls for your request for direction for everything that you could possibly want. But the caveat here that whatever content you're using, the only way that it can be toxic is that nobody interacts with it. You can't get anyone to interact with it. The toxicity, not because of the content. It's because there's no interaction. There's no art.

Yeah, Bradley, can you let me share my screen real quick? Yeah,

I got something I was gonna share, too. But do it? How do I do that?

I think you just have to stop sharing.

Okay, I'll try that and see that works.

Can you share now? There we go.

This Stuff Works
All right. So I want to share this because I want to talk to the second part real quick and talk a little bit on the actual kind of actionable side of this. I talked about this in the mastermind. I'm not going to share all the slides. But November went over some of this stuff and kind of the tools that are being used. So the second part of the question for Frankie was, you know, he's interested, as many spinners and auto blogs are popping up around these types. I would love your thoughts on these technologies and auto blogging in general. So I think Bradley and Marco, both touched on this, that it's out there, you could use it. What I will tell you right now is that I would not I have seen nothing that I would want to have on any site that I have my name attached to. And that I would not rather that I would just put up there without me seeing or having a professional editor touch first. And that's just how I see it where we're at. I'm not saying it can't be used elsewhere. I'm not saying somebody else wouldn't be okay with it. I wouldn't do that if my name was attached to it, or it was associated with me. What I have seen so far is a lot of these tools are awesome. Awesome, awesome at coming up with short snippets. So on the e-commerce world coming up with product descriptions, I've had a bot write better product descriptions than what I could come up with my own products. It's insane. So like short snippets, stuff like that ideas, phrases, particularly, and then some other tools like market news, coming up with content briefs, right. And that's less AI and more machine learning and saying, Hey, we can go and scrape all the data real quick for the search term, we can identify, here's what the keyword patterns look like, here are common headers, here are common topics, here are the questions that pop up. And that can give you a brief to go get that written. And so or to write it yourself and save you a lot of time. And so you could incorporate AI into that I know market means, for example, you can get the content brief, and then have their AI write it. But I think you could at this point still probably get better content, just taking a content brief and giving it someone like it word agents, or one of these other kinds of writing services, and then maybe doing some work on it on the back end. But that's kind of roughly where we're at? Or is how I see it right now. Is that going to change in the future? Hell yes. And if you do copywrite, I personally wouldn't be aiming myself to be like, I'm going the quantity route, I would be looking at quality, long term, how you can add value onto the writing because I wouldn't want to be the person that's writing e-commerce descriptions right now. Because your job is going to disappear in about a year or two. I want to be the person who's working with clients and strategizing with them and helping them with their copy things like that. And I just got to tell it this real quick, if you're into AI, if you're into this sort of stuff, go check out this book, it's a blast to read. It's really crazy. It's written by a physicist who dives into this stuff. It's called Life 3.0 tons of fun and just talks about this stuff more in-depth. But where the rubber meets the road, it's I don't consider it good enough these tools yet to be just cranking out the copy for my sites. But you know, the devils in the details, test them out, see for yourself, and kind of go from there.

Hey, that book is a classic. It was written in 2017. On AI, it's gotta be on the classic list now.

Yeah, it's great. Well, it's good. It's the more than the I will definitely say more on the theory side and just saying like, hey, let's look forward, what kind of stuff is going to happen? They've got a great section. I think I forget if his title, but it's like, what should you know, I tell my kids to be doing as far as their jobs. And it's like, well, you probably don't want to teach them how to do repetitive tasks. You want to teach them how to interact with people. So

yeah, one more thing.

I pulled this up when I saw the question earlier, you got to check out Google's Natural Language API demo. It's their cloud natural language, and it's really cool. You can just copy text, you know, and just play around with this and you can paste text in there and click Analyze and it'll come back In order to identify entities, and it will show you the sentiment of the text. So it'll show you whether it's positive sentiment net neutral or negative. That kind of stuff, you get a lot of really good ideas on how to optimize content just from using their Natural Language API demo. In fact, I just, you know, I've seen this before. But I just saw a great video from Ed Lee, who is a Google Ads guy. He's, I think he's in the UK. But he just published a, I'm on his email list and I got an email from him, I think yesterday or a couple of days ago. And he was talking about a great way to increase your ad relevancy, your out your ad relevance score inside of Google ads for search ads. And he was he demonstrated using this, he said, just go do your top-level keyword search or whatever keywords that you're, you know, you're running ads for, go do some keyword searches, and then just copied the text from the ads and go use this tool to paste them in. And you can start to identify common entities that are referenced as well as the sentiment like the phrases, or the the the terms or phrases that are used, that for positive sentiment, things like that. And you can build the kind of like a nice little cheat sheet or a little database of, you know, what Google determines is relevant to those keywords so that you can include those in your Google ad copy so that you can increase your ad relevance score. So I thought that was a really really cool hack that I had never thought I've always struggled with ad relevancy. And, and the only way that you know, because sometimes they're just you just get low, below-average scores on ad relevancy for some reason or another. And I only way I've ever been able to remedy that is through testing, like through trial and error. And sometimes that's it's a long process. And he showed a very quick way to use the Natural Language API demo. And I think this could apply to what it is that you're asking about for content and such. Mark, do you have any comments on this? I know, yeah, we show that in the heavy hitter, on how I mean, one of our webinars is how you take that and use that in combination with all the other different tools, all of the other artificial intelligence to focus on entities. But even something like interlinks, which is using the Google natural language processor, will go out and pull up, pull in even more. entity. It's amazing how, you know, it's just competing, I'm not gonna say competing, it's just a different way to approach the entity and how they create the relationship because we have to remember birth train on Wikipedia, as a creating those relationships is essential, especially through schema. And how do you do that? Well, hidden links is a fantastic tool, guys, if if you have the chance, donate and come listen to Dixon talk about entities during the webinar, and how content can be its own structured data is always going to stay on structured data. But it can be kind of structured in a way so that you're focusing the entities and presenting the entities like Jordan shown in POFU Live, how you can focus the entity in such a way that you present it to the bot. So you get even more love than you possibly could if you didn't do it. I mean, join in length. And and and, you know, you get a call with Dixon, he'll talk to you personally. And he'll show you how to use this tool, how to use the software. It's just a fantastic way to focus your content on entities. We have a writer who we trained that on that phrase, but in length, and surfer and just the different artificial intelligence tool so that it just hyper-focus on the entity. Good stuff.

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How Do You Make One Drive Files Indexable?

Pretty cool. All right, next question. I know Marco has said in the past stick with drive stacks, but I'm doing some testing to experiment with OneDrive. Do you know how to make files indexable? I set the folder republican and can access the URL and non signed in browsers and also submitted indexer. However, I can't seem to indicate the file index the files, and search. I don't know that they will index I've not tested with that for indexing purposes. Do you know if the index Marco

No. That's why I tell people to stick to drive stacks because I don't know anything about OneDrive haven't been no we might get I know Brian does a lot with cloud documents. I don't know. But yeah, Bryan Adams. So he might be a good person to ask for that. I can't answer because I just don't. I don't go anywhere that I don't need to because I get maximum effect maximum power out of Google.

Yeah, I started to experiment with that. Several months ago, just a little bit. And then I got sidetracked and I never picked it back up. So I can't offer any advice on that either.

How Does Google Treat Pages That Are Not Related To The Content Of The Site?

All right, next one. Baby. What's up, baby?

He says, Hi, guys. How does Google treat pages that are not related topically to the site, say you have a marketing site, and you added a page or a post about dogs because it has a big search volume. You know, I mean, look, I'm not sure why you would do that, just because I mean, I know this is probably just an example that you threw out there, BB. I just don't I'm not sure why you would add an article about, you know, something that is completely unrelated, just because it has high search volume. Like, I'm not sure what the purpose of that would be. However, you can have on a site content that isn't 100% related to everything else on the site, you just got to categorize it properly. Right. I mean, again, like you wouldn't want to just like what I would say is like, for example, just use standard WordPress taxonomy. As the default, there's always an uncategorized category in WordPress, right, when you set up a new WordPress site, I mean, that could essentially be what, you know, the uncategorized category could be where you place nonrelevant content that's, you know, not topically relevant to everything else on the site, doesn't mean you can't publish stuff on that site, but you want to keep it out of any sort of silo structure, so that it's not muddying or, you know, it's not, it's not diluting the theme, right, the keyword theme that you're trying to promote within a particular silo. Again, I don't really know what the purpose of that would be for. But I know that you can add stuff that isn't, you know, related, as long as it's not placed incorrectly on the site where it's going to affect, you know, dilute the keyword theme of a particular silo if that makes sense. Marco, what do you say?

Why? Why would you want to? Yeah, it has a high search volume. So what are you hoping to rank for that? You're going to have to develop that whole uncategorized? Yeah, for lack of a better word. uncategorized, category? siloing? And where's all the power going to come from? And how does that even make sense? I mean, if there is some relationship, then you could totally have that. But you build out a silo. For that page, I don't want an orphan page being there. Just because it has high, high search volume, it makes absolutely no sense to focus on search volume, because you don't care. That's not what you're focusing on you focusing on that person who's looking for whatever it is you're trying to sell on, or whatever goal you've set on that website. I mean, what's the Seriously? What is the point of having this page on your website? How does it relate to the rest of your website? If it's just me? Well, I want this high volume paid on my website, not gonna help you, but you're not gonna get shipped from it? Not likely.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, what's the purpose is really the question. Babies always got these abstract questions, these theoretical situations that we're all you know, hypothetical situations that we're always addressing for you, BB, you must be you must have dabbled in psychedelics at some point in your life.

Does Embeds And Links Work The Same In Google's Perspective?

Alright, moving on to the question. So question number two is why embeds to the money site through the embed package is wrong? Do embeds and links work the same in Google's perspective? it's not that it's wrong. Personally, I don't like to embed specifically money pages, not through our MGYB embed gigs. The reason I don't like to do it is that you can see embeds in backlink profiles. And so personally, I don't like to do that I prefer to embed other properties instead that have maybe my money sites embedded in those properties. Does that make sense? So for example, you know, the new g sites, you can't do it. But like with the classic g sites, you could take your money site page, and it or post and embed it into a G site page, and then take the G site page and run that through embed gigs. So it's the G site page that's getting linked to if you look at alike, for example, SemRush, if you look at an iframe, it's considered a link in sem rush, but it's an empty anchor link. It's interesting, but you can see and it's always an iframe. It's from the iframe. And so personally, I don't like to do and maybe Marco can shed some more on to this, whether that's right or wrong or whatever. But I personally don't like to run money site pages or posts through the embed campaigns because I don't want those showing or appearing in the backlink profile. Even though for you know, most of my clients, I'm the only one that even sees the backlink profile. I personally just don't like to do it. I prefer to do what we talked about at the beginning of this webinar, which takes the page or post that has been pushed out across the syndication network properties, take all those properties, and use those as part of the embed gig. That makes sense.

What do you say? I say that everything is on the table, it gets results. So I have and it works. But what we're doing is we're taking the inner pages and embedding those on the T side and then sending the stack that now that becomes an iframe stack, especially if you throw a video on that page, right now you got multiple iframes on that stack. And then you run that to an n bit in bed gig, which is a further stock. And then you hammer that with link building, it's not to say that there's anything wrong with the money site page, or any of the inner pages, in fact, being I think you're not going to get any penalties that you're going to get nothing but love. We've tried it, we've done it, and it works perfectly fine. It's just that you focus more and you get much more power. If you think about stalking your iframe, and how you can amplify the power through the G site. Because of whatever Google is doing with their property. We don't know. But we know it works. damn well. Yeah.

Do You Use Brand Citations For SEO?

Okay, next. He split it up this time. Okay. Number three is do you use brand citations for SEO local citations and nonlocal citations like e-commerce website brand? Without brick and mortar? Or do you moved from a new strategy entirely to tiered link building with the shield? Well, I'm not sure I understand what you mean, what I mean, again, everything I do for them, I've got a project I'm working on. Now. That's a national project. But I, you know, I for all legitimate businesses, not spam to businesses, right, that are fake locations. I use citations for all legitimate businesses. For locations that are fake, I don't use citations. So I mean, again, I and, you know, I don't think it's citations, in my opinion, is not really about the quantity at all anymore, and probably hasn't been for quite some time. It's more about the quality. And getting listed on niche or low locally based directories. And when I say citations, I'm talking about more like structured citations, but unstructured citations are just mentioned, right? name, address, and phone number, or brand citations would be mentions of the brand. Even, you know, mention a brand contact details, mention of the brand URL, even if it's not a hyperlink like all of those are considered citations. Right? And my opinion is if it's on relevant sources, that's where it matters. So I'm not sure I understand the question. Can anybody else hear interpreted?

Um, no, I'm not sure e-commerce website brand without brick and mortar? Yeah, again, I mean, a site, you know, brand mentions are important for the entity. But I'm not sure I'm still not sure I understand what the question is.

So if you can clarify that baby, and we have time we'll get to it. Laying Social Buzz. He says, I have been in the mastermind for years and still don't have a T-shirt. Who do I have to exchange sexual favors with to get 102 dudes might have to blow to get a T-shirt is what he's saying.

Raise your hand guy. That's funny. Okay, moving on.

Okay, gyms.

This Stuff Works
Regarding AI written content I've heavily fine-tuned to different GPT two modules. And I'm having great success with content created, I mostly use it on tier two and tier three. It's fully legible. And makes grammatical sense. Only a couple of tweaks here and there. It's taken me months of training to get the content very factual within the context as well as 50%.

Unique, I hate that word 50% plus unique, the content gets indexed and is starting to pick up traffic albeit slowly says this took me about 30 seconds. Once I have the model loaded, I can have it generate 100 blog entries with 50% plus unique content, add them as a single entry in my CDN and each site will get different posts. That's pretty cool. But it took you months to do that. So when you have a product that's finished, then you can sell it, Jim?

Yeah. Yeah, you have to train the model, right? It takes training. That is if the AI is just going to go from nothing and create something that not yet. We will get to that point where you just give it a subject and it'll just go to town on but it has to train. Once it's done. Yeah, you can generate a whole bunch of stuff. But Jimmy Howard tell you the way I post the same book 100 blog entries with 100% same content and get fantastic results. It depends on what tier you're in. And what the purpose for that content is.

That's pretty cool, though, Jim.

Yeah, no, it's fine. This is this fantastic with 50% unique. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

I wish I had more time to play with stuff like that because I might look. It looks like we're out of questions. So I think we should wrap it up. What do you guys say? Sounds good.

I just wanted to give one more shout out. I feel like man, half the time we're like, yeah, go check out this thing on Appsumo, but actually picked up a couple of codes. markup hero was pretty cool. So it's like 39 bucks for a pack. And then if you get to, you can have 10 users, but it's a web-based markup and annotation. So it can do screenshots, markup images, as well as PDFs. And it integrates with like slack and Google Drive, and it doesn't flatten the images. So you can always go back and re-edit them. Anyways, really cool tool. For those of us who do any sort of annotation work, ie sending screenshots to a team kind of having everybody use the same thing. I thought it might be kind of a nice tool for people to check out.

Yeah, it's funny you mentioned appsumo, because I went on an AppSumo buying spree it Black Friday. And I bought so many fucking apps, it was ridiculous. And I just I've only implemented about, you know, five or six out of like a dozen that I purchased. And I realized that I just don't have the time to implement it like the other ones. So I just initiated refunds on several of them. That looked great, but I just don't have the damn time and I need to focus.

We're gonna look at it as like, I don't know, what do you want to call it? The least not the lazy man's poor man's version of, angel investing or something. It's all hooked. For me. It's like it's a lifetime license. So one out of three or four tools that I get, I end up using and I get a lifetime license and it turns into something that would have been monthly. That's a win in my book. So I try to keep it down, you know, not go on buying sprees. After one or two, I stopped and like, don't go back for a couple of weeks. But yeah, I've had some great minds. I mean, like Grace was me. That was in there. There are swipe pages was amazing. And I love that. Yeah.

So I like to keep an eye on it. But yeah, you got a shiny object block a couple of times.

All right. Well, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 322

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 322 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey, everybody, welcome welcome. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts today is the 13th of January 2021. And this is Episode 322 of Hump Day Hangouts. So if you're watching this, thanks for joining us, or at least thanks for watching the replay. Either way, we're happy you're checking it out. And before we dive into questions, which we have several this week, we are going to say hi to everybody. And we got a couple of quick announcements. So let's get into that. I'm going to go counterclockwise here and Marco, your first step. How are you doing today? Oh, Maginot, I'm good, man. What's up? Let me look at this. Look at this. I can't help it. I keep telling you guys, I was gonna do this for a year, I was gonna show my camera and show the weather in Costa Rica that I spent the previous It was like, What five years say and how beautiful the weather was, but never turned on the webcam. Well, now, here it is. This is what you get. You're seeing it every week. As a matter of fact, when I do the other webinars, the cameras on, and the weather change.

We'll start talking about the webinars. We'll circle back in a minute Marco. Gonna say hi to everybody in the room. Not yet. Yeah, I want to make sure everyone's onboard about the webinar. So Chris, how are you doing man?

Yeah, I don't know. Like I'm thinking about moving to another country or like, I don't know, like the discussing of lockdowns to Easter. And um, I've had it pretty much.

Yeah, like, that's definitely not my portal. Yeah, gotcha. I thought this was gonna be about it being dark and cold. But yeah, fair enough. Oh, no. Like that would actually be nice. Like if I was able to go snowboarding and stuff. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, you know, somebody was sending me pics of themselves in the gym yesterday. It was none other than that Hernan. So somebody's been keeping up the routine, man. Good on you for being able to do that and a good workout program man.

That not good, man. Good. I'm good. I'm just enjoying Marcos Boca Juniors shirt. That's pretty cool. So he's represented and I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm pretty good.

Yeah, I mean as long as the gym doesn't close I'll keep them going so up until you know when I stopped sending you pictures because they close so that was good and everyone is about her knowledge is being saved he's got a face mask doing all that they got people spread out so it's good to see but yeah, man That's impressive. You've been able to keep up your routine for most of this time so good Anya

Bradley last but not least, how you doing today? I'm good, man. Happy to be here busy as all can be. Which is a good start to this year so got a lot of stuff cooking. anxious to share it but I can't just yet but it's coming so we'll talk about that when it's ready. So on the personal side I know it's cold you know in Virginia this time of year but you get out you like getting out in the mountains doing the ATV stuff Have you been able to do any of that or is it kind of downtime for that? You well I get it for the New Year's weekend for a long weekend went and rode then but yeah, it's definitely slower this time of year but doesn't do as much riding it's more about maintenance on the machines rebuilding and all that kind of stuff. So but I mean, I try to ride when I can but it's not it's not as fun when it's stupid cold. That's for sure. So yeah, so probably be another four or five weeks before I go on another ride. You get upgraded to snowmobiles to know and all that well 90% of people I ride with all right and those side by sides which are like these little cars, right like the buggies that have enclosures roll cages, a lot of them have heaters and they have stereos and all this shit. Not me I ride a quad a sport quad four-wheelers, like two-wheel drive. And I don't want any of that shit. They all try to talk me into buying those side by side. And I'm not interested in what I like the actual at the sport ATV. So well, this might be a little bit too much in the personal stories, but it reminds me I moved to upstate New York. I've never been to a place where you get snow that long. And we moved there when there wasn't snow. And we were like walking along and are driving along and you'd see little stop signs there like this big. And they'd be like a waist height. They're like here and I'm like, What in the hell is the one crossing? Yeah, like who's driving here and that? Yeah, I had to wait till winter. I felt stupid. I didn't want to ask him and then I was like, ah, I get it. Yeah, it's a snowmobile trail.

All right. Well, Marco, like I said full circle. If you can let people know what's going on with the webinars, the charity, how things are going with that. Can you do that now?

Well, I'm getting them set up.

We've had some people shuffle around, but I am planning to start them on January 25. Regardless of whether people are on schedule or not because we just have so much information to give

What's working? I don't know how much I usually give away the farm. Because I'm using I mean, I told you guys yesterday how I'm using a certain thing for SEO, not just for what everyone else is using it for and to get fantastic results. Just everywhere. It's a great SEO target people and a link building tool as a matter of fact, when people don't see it that way, and I don't understand why we're supposed to be SEO, we're supposed to be scientists, and we're supposed to be investigating. And we, when we're at this point, at the technical point, we're supposed to be able to understand how things work and why.

This Stuff Works
And so when you do that, you say, oh, okay, so if this is this way, then I can do all of the things here. And I can push it. So now you understand where it where you're concentrating the power and how it concentrates that you can push it. But the underlying power behind all this is when you give people the correct brand, the correct entity, you make all of the associations of everything that's about your brand on the web. And it's like a Christmas tree. It just lights up. Rob did a fantastic job in a webinar. Oh, no, sorry, po foo live, of explaining why. And he showed it. He showed Google and he showed what it is that we do. And he made the comparison, which I wasn't expecting him to go that far. But it was it's amazing to see how much we just mimic what's going on how much we mimic these, these?

What would we call them agric aggregated data, points on all these nodes on the web? And how it is that we can then give Google what Google is looking for, which is what is your entity about? What is your thing on the web? What is this thing about? Please tell me more because I need to know. And the more that you tell Google, the more that you get rewarded, so we're going to go deep into that is going to be five or six different webinars, hour and a half. And the questions and answers and Rob will be there. Jordan's gonna be there. Ah, Dixon, Jones of Inlinks is going to be there confirm. As we did, we just got fantastic people coming to tell you how even unstructured data can be in a way structured so that it works for the bot. So it's just a fantastic concept of one unstructured data, working with your structured data in a way so that everything comes together. And if I confused you a bit, I understand, because these are like like heavy concepts. But we're gonna try to break it down during the webinars. So look for it, I'll go ahead and post the donation page on the events page, guys, all you have to do is go and donate send an email to the email address that I'll give you, and you'll be put on the list you will be notified of when the first webinar is it'll be on the 25th probably 5 pm. Eastern, don't hold me to that. Probably. Okay. So there you go. Donate whatever you can. Yeah, if you're on the replay, go to semantic mastery comm HD questions, if you're watching this on YouTube, and you can see the questions there. And you'll be able to see the links Marco has and what exactly to do. And if you guys have any confusion at all about this, just send an email to support at semantic mastery comm we'll get you sorted out.

Cool. All right, well, first things first, if you're new to Semantic Mastery new to MGYB, you're in the right place that we appreciate you watching and just want to say that one of the first things you should do is head over to the SEO shield comm you can find out how to shield your site, you don't have to worry about algorithm updates again, and it's free training. Get started there, you'll hear his talking about the SEO shield. So if nothing else, it's worthwhile to figure out what's going on there. I know a lot of you already know but occasionally we get people each week showing up that are new and haven't heard of it. That's a great place to get started. Next up for that if you want repeatable processes for your SEO and getting results, pick up the battle plan and you get that at battle plan dot semantic mastery.com. After that, we also hear a lot from agency owners or consultants. If you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue you want to scale your team the answer to those should probably be Yes, depending on where you're at. So that you can work less and earn more than head over 2xyouragency.com. All right, we got a lot more information there for you. And last but certainly not least, if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, then you want to join an experienced community. All right, and that is what the mastermind is all about. And there's more information at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com and I said last but not least, but I guess I kind of slipped up there because I've mentioned the SEO shield. If you want to get an SEO shield if you want to get links, you want to get press releases, you want to get all this good stuff. You

Find out more at mg y b.co. And that is the done for you services with all that good stuff I just mentioned.

So with that said, you guys, any other announcements before we dive into the questions?

Let's do it.

All right, let me grab the screen.

You guys are seeing it now. Correct? Yeah, yes. Yep.

All right. So I pulled this up because this was a blog post on majestic. The majestic blog that Rob shared back in December, they posted it, they published it December 15. But this is about the link graph. That majestic now have this tool that shows this is what Marco was talking about, guys, this is what we optimize for. When we do entity based SEO, it's to mimic or to build this sort of a structure. That makes sense. So that's what Marco was just now talking about. The opening was about how we do it, we build all these nodes. And that's why we always talk about increasing your entity expanding your entity footprint, right? The footprint is always in the SEO world, people always think footprint is a bad thing. But when it comes to Semantic Web, it's not when you're talking about reinforcing and validating the entity, which is a really, really good blog post, by the way, I pasted this link in the chatbox, guys. So you can scroll down and find it and click through, spend some time reading through this. It's pretty cool. And it will hopefully shed some light on what it is that we're actually doing when we do what we do. So Mark, do you want to comment on that before I move on? Because, you know, they focus on trust flow and citation flow, which is nothing about nothing? That's their interpretation of an algorithm or how they place value on links, which to me, just makes absolutely no sense unless you have a really powerful website, in which case, yeah, I do go used there, to their software to see, yeah, that the way that so all of those red dots on there are nodes. On the web, the lines are, of course, the connections between those nodes. And if you think of this in this space that we call the World Wide Web, which is simply servers, you know, those red nodes, can be servers, or they can be within the servers node within nodes within the service. But the only way that Google can get to those is through links. That's why this is called a link. Graph. Those lines are representations of what the links are between those nodes. Otherwise, what you're seeing is a, what do you call it an ad ID, which is an identifier for the node, you name, the node. So this works two ways because you can identify the node for Google in code. And then you can show what the relationship is between those links not only between those nodes, not only through the link but through code. And you can tell Google, through code exactly how these links and how all of these nodes relate to one another within your link graph within your entity, and then I'll call it within your entity link graph. Because it's going to be everything that's related to your entity rather than everything that's on the web, which I think is what the representation is here.

Very cool. Well, thank you, Marco. So we'll get into questions now.

Why Would You Use WordPress Tags When The Categories Mainly Serve A Similar Purpose?

All right, so the first question looks like for Blake SEO from a week ago, he says, what do you do with WordPress tags and why would you use them when categories mainly serve a very similar purpose? I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about this because I've gone into a lot of detail in our process doc, which if you go to semanticmastery.com/process, go to the website section. And you'll see where how I use tags to create location-based silos. Again, I'm not going to go into detail into that right now, guys, because if you want to learn what I'm talking about or know more about what I'm talking about, just go to semanticmastery.com/process, click on the website tab, and then go through the training there. And I talked about how I, you know, I want when I'm building local-based sites, right, which is all I do anymore. Well, I say that now. I'm working on something new that's a national site. But anyway, almost everything I do is local, locally based sites, right. And so for that, I use categories for the topical silos, which is the traditional silo structure, right? The traditional taxonomy and WordPress that we use for solid structure using categories. But then for location-based silos. I use tags now because you can do some really cool and creative things with tags that you can't get. You can't do with categories.

And it also resolves some conflicts that occur when you try to share subcategories between categories. Right. And again, I talked about all of that in semantic mastery, comm slash process, it's free, you guys can go check that out. And you'll see when I talk about it on a very high conceptual level because if you want more mechanics on a more technical level of it, of that process, you have to join either semantic mastery mastermind or the heavy hitter club. So, but again, it's on a conceptual level, kind of like a high-level overview of why I use tags the way that I use to create location-based silos. It works really, really well. I've been doing that for the last two or three years. And then Jeffrey Smith, right. SEO Ultimate training goes he goes in-depth about tags also. Yeah, and especially semantic tags, and the semantic relationships between the tags. And those, again, are nodes. And how you connect those nodes. Guys, it's all about.

Alright, so the recurring theme here is going to be linked and how those links function with one another to create all of these relevant semantic relationships.


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How Do You Create Ads For Two Spam GMB Listings While Avoiding Suspension From Google?

Okay, so rocket blasters up he say, last Hump Day Hangout, I asked if you can do Google Ads with spam listings, but I guess what I meant to ask was, how do you do it? Because I put my credit card on two accounts in my Google ads were suspended because Google can tell I was using my card for two different listings? Well, first of all, I have my credit card across several Google accounts, I've never had that problem. I don't know why some people have that problem. I've never had that problem. Maybe (knock on wood) I've been lucky. But I've got my credit card associated with multiple Google accounts, both on the G Suite or Google workspaces level, but also on Google ads, a couple, maybe three different ads accounts. And so I've never had that issue. So I don't know what the problem is with that. But I've heard other people say that too. So I'm not doubting you there. My question to you though is why would you set up separate Google Ads accounts, why not just add a manager account and use your primary Google Ads account to serve ads to your even your spammed listings is my point if you set yourself up as a manager where you connect the GMB to your Google Ads account. Whatever your primary ads account is, then you can still run ads through your primary account, even to spammed listings, which is what I do. That's how I do everything. I have one primary Google Ads account. I manage several clients accounts as well. But that's different. I'm talking about, I run, even for all of the projects that I work on for my own business.

I do it all underneath one primary Google Ads account, I have a couple of other smaller accounts that I've done some stuff with, but they were more or fewer test accounts. But so again, if I've got it set, like because, and I've said this before, but for a lot of clients, I run ads through my account, and I just charge them a flat fee. Like, for example, for YouTube ads, when I run YouTube ads for clients, depending on what the campaign structure is, if it's just a branding ad, which I was doing for several years, just doing YouTube branding ads for clients, I would charge them $300 a month to run the ads. And that would pay for the ad spend plus my management fees because I could get away with setting up ad campaigns for, you know, $2 or $3 a day. So 60 bucks to 90 bucks per month is what I would use out of that $300 a month that they were paying me but I would manage it all through my own Google Ads account. That way, it was just easier, is more efficient for me to manage all from one account then for me to constantly be logging in to other Google, you know, Google Ads accounts.

So I run everything through my own account. And you can do that again. For example, if I was let's say I was running Google ads through my own account for a client, what I would do is I would connect the GMB from my client to my Google Ads account, you can link accounts that way. Okay, it's very simple to do. You can do it from the GMB dashboard, by the way, and then I would link the accounts and then I would run ads from you know, YouTube ads where the link might be clicking the click right to target URL for the ad would link back to their GMB website or their Google Maps listing or their you know, their website or a specific landing page, whatever, whatever it is that I'm driving traffic to, which could be multiple targets. But it's all done through my account that way. Again, if I've got a client where they're, you know, they're funding the ad account, and I'm just acting as a manager and they're just paying the management fees, then I log into their account. That makes sense. So

rocket blasts are what I would suggest doing is running ads through one account that you have and that will become your master account. And here's another reason for that. Because you guys know, if you're not spending a certain threshold of money per month with Google ads, you have limit, they limit the data that they share with you in that Google Ads account. So why not have one account that you've aged that you have consistent spend with? And that just makes it a more, you know, a better account for you to manage? That would be my suggestion. Anybody else? Yeah. I mean, I've heard people mention that they've gotten it suspended for using the same credit card, right across multiple accounts. That's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Either you do it the way that you do, or you do it the way that I do, which is just getting a whole bunch of credit cards, and open a whole bunch of different accounts to run a whole bunch of different ads. So all of your eggs aren't in one basket. I also know that you can get the virtual cards, right? Yeah, well, you can, you can create an endless amount of numbers through that virtual cart. The problem is that if your main card ever gets rejected, then all of the numbers related to that card, are also going to get rejected, then everything comes down. Again, putting all your eggs in one basket, you just have to be sure that it's something that you keep an eye on, when it's going to expire, you always keep it fully funded. You never miss any payments, you know, I mean, do you really have to be careful? Because I know someone that got tagged. He was using the virtual card with virtual numbers. And I mean, literally, dozens and dozens of numbers and everything came crashing down.

Can You Build Backlinks To Different Press Release URLs?

Okay, so rocket blaster says one more question. I received my press release. And in the Excel file was a list of URLs, can I build backlinks to those different press release URLs that came in the Excel file? Yeah, you can there's only one thing that I would suggest, why not? Why not to do that? Which would be because of some press release, you know, publication points, right? They purge, oh, you know, 90 days, six months, whatever it may be.

So if you're building links to press release URLs, that in 90 days, or 180 days, or whatever the threshold is the timeframe is that they purge, then when that platform deletes that press release from the site, then you've just lost all that link building that you've done to that particular URL? It's not that you can't do it, you can, you absolutely can, you know, if you're in a regular cycle of link building, and press release publishing, then it's okay. Because you're it's natural, looking to have links, you know, build links to a tier-one link, and then the tier one link disappears. And it's a kind of natural cycling lifecycle of links, so to speak. But a better way, in my opinion, would be to, if you've got a drive stack, which you should you've been coming here and asking us questions, for weeks. So you should have a drive stack. Now, an SEO shield with a drive stack. Why not take that Excel file and upload it as a Google Sheet into one of your public drive stack folders, the appropriate folder, if you've done your theme mirroring, and your silo expansion stacks and everything, so put it in the appropriate folder, make it will be a public sheet at that point, and then you can build backlinks to that public sheet URL. Or you can publish that Google Sheet and get the embed code and do embed gigs from MGYB and link building to the embeds. Right. And that's another way to do it. And the reason why I say that is because now you're building links to all of the links in that Excel file, which was all the press release URLs. But you can also update that with additional press release URLs from you know, that you have published by just copying and pasting them into that same sheet. So in other words, you can power up that one sheet. And you can continue to power up that sheet. And you can just continue to add to that sheet as opposed to having if you build links directly to the press release URLs, and then they purge, you've lost that link building. Does that make sense? Mark, do you want to comment on that? Yeah, you know, I just submit the PDF to Dadea, I just give it. I just give him that I just give him the list of links, and I'm hammered. And then it goes in a cycle. And if they go, you know, off the active index, then so be it. Because it like, as you said, yeah, it is natural for stuff to fall off. So you shouldn't just be link building to things that are always index. If you're going to hit everything that did they just go ahead and hit it or if you're going to do link building, hit everything. And if it falls off, well, so be it. Yeah, you did. You did lose that but you're still powering up everything else. And by all means, include that PDF and that spreadsheet from those links, excuse me from those press releases in the drive stack, include those so that every time you link build into your drive stack into the G site, whatever, it's always getting links so you constantly link building, not only you'll be link building to this shit, that's probably not in the index. But the ones that do stay the permanent ones, then they get constantly, they get constant PageRank and ranking score. Yeah.

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And so there's one other thing that you can do that would kind of stack our methods, which is kind of what I always try to do, which take your G site from your SEO shield, write your Google site, create a page on it in the appropriate place within a proper silo structure, and then embed, take the folder, take the folder, and you can embed that folder into the G site. And now you can just take all of your Excel files for each press release that you get for that particular, you know, make sure it's siloed correctly, but for that particular subject, or topic or whatever, and you can upload them into that g site folder, excuse me, that drive stack folder, and that folder is embedded into a G site page, you can constantly hit that g site page with backlinks and each time you have new press releases, you just add another Excel file which becomes a sheet into that public folder. And they're all going to benefit from that one g site page that you just keep hammering with links. So that's another way to do it so that you get more bang for your buck so to speak.

You just got to get creative guys if you understand like what we talked about with theme mirroring and again, go to semantic mastery comm slash process, a lot of that is explained there or you can go to SEOshield.com, sign up for the four-day training, it's free, and go through all that and you'll start to get a more of an understanding of what it is that we're doing with the G sites, the drive stacks and you can start to use that structure to your benefit. Okay.

All right. He says Lastly, I bought a local GMB pro and I am trying to follow these steps to rank my GMB listings. Okay, yeah, you can do a ton of stuff with G sites, guys that and the whole SEO shield that it's just insane. I mean, take your GMB posts and embed them. Like there's just so much stuff that you can do. And you could use the G site for primarily everything. So

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Social Signals From SEO Butler And Point Them To Branded Syndication Ring Post URLs?

Alright, Mark says, Is it a good idea to buy social signals from a place like SEO Butler and point these to the branded syndication ring post URLs for a boost? Are they better spent directly to the money site? It's a good question. I don't know, I haven't bought social signals in probably three or four years.

I just stopped doing it. Because I did a test three or four years ago, testing social signals directly to the properties that I was trying to rank and I didn't see any like purchased social signals, if they were organic social signals, those tend to have an effect. But if they're just spammed social signals, I didn't see any at all movement period for my test about three or four years ago, and I tested I think, five or six different SEO, or excuse me, social signals services, SEO Butler, I'm not I can't remember if that was, it's not SEO Butler anymore, but I can't remember if that was one of them or not, it might have been, there was a service that I saw a little bit of movement from that was tiered social signals, which would be like, you know, you'd share the money page, or you know, the service would share the money page to some social profiles. And then there would be activity on that shared post from that social proof if that makes sense. So in other words, like one of them, you know, Facebook share profiles, it would share the target URL, what I was trying to promote. And then there would be comments, likes, and shares of that Facebook post if that makes sense. That had a little bit of an effect. And that was again, three or four years ago, probably four years ago now. But that was the only one that had any effect on SEO, from my test. Again, several years ago, things may have changed, but I can't imagine that spam social signals got any more powerful? In fact, it would, it's likely it's logical that it's more.

You know, it's tiered social signals and having relevancy, you know, and all of that, I think would be more important, which is, again, why I just don't buy fake social signals anymore. So I can't tell you whether that would help or not, because I just don't know, I don't think that it would, but I haven't tested it. What do you think, Marco?

I think a better way. We talked about this last week, I suggest that you go Now listen, is that I don't want to answer. And I'm going to give you a further answer. But go back and watch our answer from last week. Because we really went into detail on this. What I am going to tell you is you're better off, like buying the social signals from the social media that you're trying to target. And you can send people to other places or you can send them to your website, wherever it is that you want to send these people. And now what you're doing is you're sending someone that might and if you've done a really good job of targeting this person, and reaching out and putting the ad in front of the person that's looking for it

You're likely to get a conversion. Whereas if you're just buying some odd social signals from whomever, they're not really interested in your stuff, they're not interested in buying.

And that conversion is not likely to happen, I'm always going to go with how I'm likelier to get a conversion. So if I can pay Facebook, for ads, Hernandez does a great job. If I can pay Instagram if I can pay whomever, and it doesn't take a lot, I'm telling you, you said at the beginning a $200 a month budget, it might sound like less 20 $400 a year. But within a couple of months, it should run itself, the ads should run themselves. And you should make enough money from that where you can start investing more money into your ads, if you're going to use them, right for social signals for branding, and however else it is that you want to use them. But also because these people will convert at the end of the day, these are people who are interested enough in your ad to click on it to see what it is that you're trying to sell or whatever it is that you're trying to do.

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Yeah, and just to kind of expand on that briefly is think about relevancy, right? When you're buying spam social signals, they're just I mean, why even if the profiles have been built up to look real and things like that, if that if those profiles that are being used to produce or provide those social signals, chances are there is a huge wide range of, you know, topics that that profile is interested in, right, that has an affinity for. Right, that makes sense. So it's going to be very, very broad. And I guess that's okay. But my point is if you can buy social signals from real people from true, relevant audiences, right, so people that have a genuine interest, how do you do that? Well, you can do it from Facebook, you can do it in Google Now, which you can go in. And it's called intent-based or interest-based targeting. Right. So you can go in and you can buy traffic from I do Google ads, I don't do any Facebook ads, I just don't. So I'm going to speak about this from the Google Ads standpoint, you can go into Google ads, and from YouTube, or from the display, network, whatever you can go in and buy in-market audiences, or life event audiences, or you can create your own audiences, right. So interest-based targeting. So you can go in and it's called a custom audience. And you can do that through keywords and or URLs of sites that somebody that would be interested in your product or service that you're trying to promote, would likely be visiting. And so Google will create your own custom audience based upon the intent criteria or the interest criteria that you set. So now if you're buying traffic signals from a real relevant audience, that is has a true or genuine interest in the product and or service that you're trying to promote. Then now you're getting that activity relevance trust and authority signals, right art that we always talk about to you directly to your properties. And then if they decide to engage by liking, sharing, whatever commenting, then now you've got an even heavier weighted signal than just buying spam social signals from general profiles out there that you know to have no true affinity or interest in any one thing. That makes sense. It's a heavier weighted signal is my point. So again, I don't know I haven't tested any spam social signals in years I just stopped using them years ago because I didn't see any benefit in them. So I just don't know if anything has changed. I can't imagine that they've gotten any stronger though. So I mean, there is some benefit there is to like to jumpstart, but if it's not replaced by real signals, it just dies. That's what I've seen. I don't know some people I don't I know that I see them on Facebook. Sometimes they say that they have success with spamming all of these things. I see it I see the kickstart and then I see it a diet because you guys know I'll test some fiber I'll take us I'll go and buy some I'll go and see someone say okay, Pinterest, good enough for AdSense I'll go check it out Pinterest or this traffic or that traffic good enough it is and I'll go test it out. But no, no, no, it never has the power or the effect or the ability to make your money like real ads real people interested in whatever it is that you're doing.

How Do You Market Niche Sites With GMB?

Okay, so next question says I have a shopping cart website that is the root domain however, I decided to diversify my website to create subdirectory blogs using WordPress to create different niches. I have 50 WordPress niche blogs and directories. How do I market my niche sites with GMB?

Uh, well, you know, local is relative, we talked about that or Marco always says that.

I don't know how much I can talk about it here because yeah, you're saying no, no, I don't know how much we can talk about it here but I would suggest either joining the heavy hitter club for local GMB pro. You get access to the Facebook group, but then you'd be able to get questions answered on how to apply that on a national level as well. But you can do a lot of really cool things with GMBs, it doesn't have to be like a strictly local business, right.

I still think I don't know. Because I don't know exactly what your setup here is. But you know, 50 words. That's a lot of damn WordPress blogs to be maintaining. So I'm not I don't know what you're doing with that. But yeah, again, I'm sorry, I can't really get into detail here.

We talked about how you can use GMB for kind of what Marco was talking about at the very beginning of this webinar. First. There are some really powerful things you can do with GMB on even a national or even a global scale. For even, you know, projects or businesses that aren't technically local businesses. It makes sense to have a GMB because of some of the things that you can do with that. That's about as far as I can take it in a free setting like this. Come join the mastermind or heavy hitter club or local GMB pro and we'd be happy to give you a lot more guidance on that. This the method that I'm using right now how I'm using the local GMB. Okay, let's make this clear. Local GMB Pro, I'm still using to get fantastic results locally, that hasn't changed. The only thing that's changed about local GMB pro and why we have not updated the training is that you need to fill out as much of the information as possible before you send for that pin. If you're going to get a pin. That's it. That's the only thing so that you never have to go back and change that information. because that'll get you suspended sometimes not often not everyone, not always, but it does get you suspended.

So when we go and tell you to optimize your information, get it to 100% including images, local, whatever you can get in there, so that you never have to go back so that you can then focus on the other things that we teach in local GMB Pro. And I'm not going to go into what we teach in local GMB Pro. that to this day is getting me fantastic results. But then I started thinking because I always do well how then do I use this in other ways? And I did. And so now I'm using it.

But the only place that I'm teaching this is in the heavy hitter club right now.

Because I want people to come back like like on what was it last? Last night? on our mini mastermind? Someone came and said, Look, I was stuck with a client. I couldn't figure out what to do. I went and I used your GMB method. And within three days,

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I was ranking him. I wasn't I was getting the results that I needed for him. Because he was the client was complaining. So three days. And it's that quick. Why? Because posts, they still index almost automatically, yeah, almost immediately.

And then they stay in there in the mobile index. And then Google gives you notifications on the desktop that your post is about to expire. It doesn't. It's still there, it's still in that role in search. And so if you understand it, see, the reason why I don't want to give most of this away is that someone just takes it off for the training from our ship and says it's there. So I'm not going to do that. I'm sorry, come to our group. And I'll be more than happy to cover this for you. If you have any questions. I'll be happy to go over them with you so that you can get the best results possible, not only nationally, but you can go globally. You can go to regionally. You can use it however you want. It just takes just a little bit of tweaking. That's all. So there you go. heavy hitter club. That's your best bet for that.

How Do You Show Line Of Products In GMB?

Also on GMB, how do I show my line of products? Well, depending on what type of GMB It is like in other words, what type of category business category you select. You ought to be able to add products into your GMB for example, you know, even some of the contractor GMB profiles have a section for services that you can add and also a section for products which I'm not even sure why because some of these contractors don't have products that they sell. It's just services yet. Some of them still have a products tab available in GMB and I've never, I've never added a product to GMB just because none of my clients actually sell products. They just sell services. So I've not even explored that tab in GMB. But I know there's one there. So I don't know what category you're in. But it's likely that you will have a product tab in GMB. And you can just go in and add products there as far as I know. Have you any experience with that or not? Oh, yeah, yeah. Not all GMB's have products. And not all GM bees have services. Right? It's really interesting Google, the Google give us and the Google taketh away. And you just have to work with whatever it is that they've given you. If you're in a niche when you do have a product or when you're expected to have a product line, then you will have a product tab available. And then you have to go through the process of getting approved. Because there is a process that you have to follow when you when you're inserting them. And then they have to get approved. Once that happens, then it's you just keep adding them if you have new products, or you just keep promoting a product, it's really that simple. Yeah. And it's cool because I know it'll, it'll push a featured snippet or a rich snippet, I should say in the Knowledge Graph or the excuse me knowledge panel with products that creates like a little product carousel, right.

So kind of like the GMB posts. So it's pretty cool.

By the way, I meant to show this to you earlier, Marco, I'm not going to pull it up. Now, because we're on Hump Day Hangouts. I'll talk about it maybe in the mastermind, but a structured data, having the structured data on a local page like it's really cool. Now, when I do a brand search for a particular company like I've got Not only do I have a knowledge panel on the right, but at the very top, I have position zero. Now it's a cool Rich Snippet for the brand name with the featured image from that, that landing page. It's really cool. Like, that's the first time I saw it was today. So not only is there a knowledge panel, but there's also a position zero or rich snippet. position zero record snippet. Yeah. And that's just from having properly structured data on the page.

How Do You Deal With A Suspended Drive Stack Or GSite?

So anyway, the next question was what would your plan? What would be your plan in the event a drive stack or G site was reported in suspended? You know, I've not had I've not experienced that.

If I did, I would try to request a reconsider reinstatement, right.

And here's my logic for that. Why would a drive stack or G site, especially the G site be reported and suspended? I mean, it's a real site, right? I mean, like, unless you're doing something incredibly spammy with it, which we do a lot of that too. It's a real site, why would it get suspended? Do you know what I mean? Like, my question is, like, it might have been reported in suspended because it might be Google's default to just suspend shit when people complain about stuff, which is, you know, canceled culture. At its at its best. But my point is, I would dispute it is my ask, try to get it reinstated first.

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If you can't get it reinstated, which again, I'm not sure why. It doesn't make sense to me for somebody to be able to report something or decide to just be taken down unless you've been doing some really, really spammy shit with it. But I don't know. What do you think Marco, the only time I've seen what suspended was when we had meta refresh. And it was to what they call it a forum, right? a contact form. Because that's phishing, Google takes that especially you can't go from a contact form on Google to somewhere else, you can't go from Google, especially meta refresh, to a form because that's, that's a recognized form of phishing, we got tagged for that, we got suspended, that you got to understand we've built 1000s, literally 1000s of these 1000s. And I have a member, Paul, if I'm not gonna mention his last name, but he was begging us to get one taken down because the government was on them. They were on his brother, he was, he was supposed to take it down, he had to take it down. And he couldn't get in there. And so even reporting it, even trying to get it suspended. And he couldn't do it. I don't know what finally happened. All of you listening to this, let us know what happened with that with a decided drive stack. Because he lost access to it is what happened, he lost the logins, whatever it was, and he couldn't get back in to put a private as it was. I'm not laughing at you, man. I'm just laughing at the situation. He was in a situation where his brother was in real trouble. And we couldn't get in there to do anything for him. Google just wouldn't allow it. And they would not suspend it. So looking at this scenario, it isn't likely that someone's going to come along and report you anyway. And if they do, Google trust itself, we bank on that. I think we literally place all of our money on Google trusting itself. Proven is that theory, by the way. And so I don't see this. And in the event that Google suspends it, we have the software to put it back up somewhere else.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And that's all I would say is, you know, if I were to lose one, I just rebuild it. Right? I mean, I would rebuild it i i'd have it rebuilt, so to speak. So but um, you know, that kind of stuff does happen occasionally. Not not. I've not seen a G site. I've seen I've seen a Google account suspended. Yeah.

But not the actual, just that, you know, drive stack in G site itself.

What Does The Embeds Products In MYGB Means?

Alright, heads up, says I understand what an actual embed is. I just don't understand what or how the embed packages from MGYB work. I already had my SEO shield, I did a natural link building package. I'm curious about embeds. Now, are these embeds on your network? slash sites? Yeah. So our link building network, Daddy, our link building manager has been, you know, building that network and feeding it with additional sites and theming them. So we have like, categorized link, you know, web 2.0 networks that we use for that he uses for building links so that we can, you know, there's topical relevancy in the blogs that we're using to build links back to your target URLs. So with the embed package, okay, so you understand the link building side, right? So he's got, what over 2 million now? He's got it, I'll have to ask whatever. He's got millions, a million-plus web to Dotto sites that networks that are themed aged, topically, you know, themed in the topic, cat topical categories, excuse me. And when you buy a link building package, he goes out and places, you know, relevant articles on those web two Dotto paid sites, you know, and with link building, you know, tart with links pointing to your target URLs, whatever you submit it. Okay, so you understand that? Well, embeds is the exact same network. The only difference is instead of pointing links from the articles on those web two Dotto networks to your target URLs. Instead, you take the iframe he takes the iframe, the embed code, and embeds that in those articles on those web two dot o pages. And then you can link build that as the second tier, right? You link build to those pages or posts on those web two dot o networks where your properties or assets are embedded. Does that make sense? So in other words, instead of having a hyperlink on the web two dot o network, pointing to your target URLs, instead, your properties, whatever you submitted, your embed codes are embedded into those posts on the web to auto network. So they're surrounded by relevant content on themed networks. And then if you order the second-tier link building to the embeds, then there's link building done to those posts on those web two Dotto networks where your embeds sit. Does that make sense?

All right. comments on that? Not good enough. He says, What am I actually buying when I buy embed packages? Like what's the deliverable I get from the MGYB team when buying links straightforward. When buying links, straightforward, I get a spreadsheet of links Buying Event sort of confused on what the end product is, it's the same thing, you get the exact same type of report that you do from a link building report, if you click So again, if you buy, you know, whatever 2500 and beds, then you're going to get a G sheet, a Google Sheet that has your 2500 embed URLs, where you can click through and go view the post or page, whatever, where your embed your iframe resides. Does that make sense? So again, it's that you get the exact same type of report, as you would a link building report. It's the same network. So.

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Is Syndwire And Other Social Bookmarks Still Useful To Get Social Signals For The Website?

Okay, hopefully, that clears that up for you. The next question is, are old tools like Syndwire and other social bookmarks still useful for anything in SEO? Or to get social signals for our websites? If so, what's a good way to get different signals from places like Reddit, Twitter, Twitter, etc? I don't know. I stopped using those tools a long, long time ago.

I'm sure I still have Syndwire somewhere because I had, I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of probably well over 1000 profiles in there. And I used it quite a bit. But that was years ago, I stopped using that stuff years and years ago.

I don't know I honestly I can't answer that. It would probably those tools can probably be useful for like building links to your tier one entity assets or to you know, use them as second-tier or third tier links to stuff. I don't know that I would do it directly to the money site. In fact, I wouldn't do it directly to the money site, g site.

Yeah, drive stack prop profiles, and tier-one entity assets, stuff like that. I don't run any of those tools just because it's too time-consuming for me. And I don't really enjoy doing that kind of stuff. There's probably a use for them, but I don't use them. What do you think Marco? I haven't used bookmarking sites other than what's in our syndication network in forever. Yeah, because we get really good results. By the way, we're attacking the entity and we're the way that we do things. I mean, it's just the results are there and there's no reason to go and get anything extra and when we do need extra power, we can go get it elsewhere, rather than from bookmarking sites not to say that there's anything wrong with that. I don't know enough anymore about social bookmarking or bookmarking sites, and whether they have SEO value to tell you whether they do. So I'm not knocking them. I'm not saying I'm just saying I don't use them.


Okay, uh, if so what's a good way to get different signals from places like Reddit, Twitter central? Well, we talked about that, at the beginning of today, you know, paid traffic from relevant audiences from those platforms is the best way to do it. You know, it's because you're buying real traffic that is from a relevant audience that, you know, stands a good chance of actually converting of whatever your conversion goal may be to become an opt-in lead, request an estimate by a product, whatever your conversion goal is. So that's just the way that I do it also. Alright.

Is There Any Other Use For Tools Like MTurk For SEO?

Next, in the webinar from last week, somebody mentioned CTR, which click-through rate using mturk Mechanical Turk, which is effective, which isn't effective much now. Is there any other tools for tools like em Turk for SEO? I don't know. Because I don't use that for anything else.

Like micro task, workers was one of them. I can't mturk Mechanical Turk, which is an Amazon company, same thing. It's like micro task workers. It's a micro-task platform. I used it specifically for CTR spam, right for manipulating click-through rate. But that was years ago, because then it was automated by a lot of these spambots, these CT spambots. And now I just use paid traffic. So I don't know, I don't know what else. I mean, if you've got small tasks that you need repetitive tasks that can you cannot, you know, hire somebody to do like through something like that, then then I'm sure there might be some other uses for it. But it's, it's been a long time since I've hired any micro task workers. So can't really give you any guidance on that. Does anybody know? Okay.

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Would You Advise Linking City Pages From The Homepage And To Each Other?

Austin, Dom, what's up, man? He says, would you advise linking the city pages from the homepage, and then linking city pages to each other? This is for a site with about 10 or 15 to 15 or so city pages, I would not. And the reason why I wouldn't do that. Now linking From the homepage to individual city pages may be fine, depends on you know what it is you're trying to do. But for example, like if you had like a locations tab in the navigation menu, and you hover over that tab, and it's a drop-down, and it's got you know, 10 City, landing like 1010, you know, 10 links to go in each city page, that may be fine, why I wouldn't link from one city page to another, I mean, you may be able to get away with it, there has to, I need more context to be able to provide any guidance on that. Because of the way that I do things again, Austin dawn, you can go to semantic mastery comm slash process, which you've probably already seen that by now. But if you haven't go through that, go go to the website tab and click watch the training, I talked about silo structure, and specific location silos using tags within WordPress.

And the reason so I wouldn't be linking between cities cross-linking from one city page to another because I silo my locations into location-based silos. And so if I want to link from one location silo to another for user experience for navigation purposes, that which makes sense, right? That's logical in some cases to do that, then I would do that with a nofollow link so that I'm not bleeding the theme of that location silo into another because that creates confusion, right? the ambiguity between silos between topical themes, in this case, their location-based themes. Does that make sense? So I wouldn't do that I would have a silo structure on my main money site, there. And again, semantic mastery comm slash process, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. I use categories for topical silos, and tags for location-based silos. And I keep all of my silos incredibly tight, all the internal linking between them, because as Mark was talking about at the beginning of this webinar, and again, go look at that Majestic blog post that I posted earlier talking about the link graphs, and if you understand how to amass or accrue power in certain spots, and then how to direct that power through very targeted points. And again, silo structures, how you can accomplish that, then you understand why you wouldn't want to cross-link between location pages because you can essentially bleed any power from anyone silo to where it's kind of like it becomes more of a flat site. In other words, you ambiguiate each one of the topical themes from each silo, and I wouldn't want to do that. But again, without having more context, I can't give you real solid guidance on that. Hopefully, that didn't confuse anybody. Mark, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I just wouldn't, I just wouldn't because

I hate having to answer these things. It's not the way that I silo is that the way that I would recommend siloing? I don't recommend breaking up the way that it's siloed. If you want further insight into that, you're welcome to join me in the heavy hitter club where we go in-depth into why you don't want to do that.


Is There Any SEO Benefit To Google Redirects?

Okay, the next question is, is there any SEO benefit to Google redirects? Like? Yes, there is I can't disclose why. But there is absolutely a benefit to that.

Guys, you don't have to come here and ask us. Try it. Yeah.

Yeah, I see how it works. I can't disclose why I'm here, because that's an RYS Academy secret.

I can't disclose that here. There. There is absolutely a benefit to using that link that that URL format, but it's a redirect from Google, but only if you know how to use it correctly. And that is taught in our ys Academy. So I can't share that here. We vote we've always had this power in using Google to rank in Google rank your shit Academy. rank your shit Academy reloaded? The foundation of it all? is Google trust Google. So we're going to go and we're going to draw as much power as we can out of Google. And anytime that you can find a Google property to manipulate just learn to manipulate it. That's it. Yeah, that's the concept.

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Which Server Do You Use?

So there's bb. It's not too many questions, BB. Baby. He says, Hey, guys, which server do you use? I used to use either Liquid Web. I use both. I use Liquid Web and I use WPX hosting. I like both of them. And also for a lot of like tests. I use Siteground reseller for like, a lot of like test sites, and, you know, like feeder sites and things like not necessarily PBNs, I could use it for that. But that I wouldn't put money sites on Siteground. Not Not, not reseller hosting for sure. But um, for money sites, I use liquid web for web hosting.

Yeah, I use liquid and I use AWS, I use Amazon, I use the shit out of Amazon. Everybody does. I don't know how anyone can go without using Amazon nowadays. But if it's something that I really care about, were like, I don't want to have what do you call it? Someone that goes that has to go into the server, I don't want to have to pay someone, I want to just pay someone to go and talk to the liquid web support. From that fantastic, you go you call them. They'll do whatever it is that you need them to do. They'll help you with whatever help you need. Those people, I don't know how they do it. But I can't recommend them enough. You have to speed you got a VPS By the way, and then you can just keep upgrading, you can upgrade to a dedicated server. But you'll never need to pay somebody else something someone outside of liquid web to come and work on the server because they'll do it. You can't lose. By the way, look at the list of clients who use liquid web and you'll understand why we use liquid whey. Yeah, and I mean again, I just want to reiterate, I also use WP x I'm really happy with WP x also. That's Terry Kyle is behind that and their support is fantastic a WPX as well it rivals liquid web support.

So again, I'm really really happy with WPX I've been I've had you know hosting account with them for like three years, and they keep rolling out new features that don't cost anything else. Like it's just they keep adding additional features and their support is super fast. You can live chat almost instantaneously. So it's just it's a really good service. So either one or the other. I endorse both. Alright, so then the next question is what is happening with Virginia SEO so you're probably talking about the SEO or excuse me the first drive stack that I ever built the crude one from the Virginia SEO project from May 2015. I went in about I don't know five or six weeks ago and made some changes to it. And it tanked

yeah did it thank you I don't even know if it's in the I haven't looked at it in a few weeks but I know a few weeks ago it was it wasn't even on page one anymore I can guarantee is still fresh paid I don't even have to look it can't have fallen off that much yeah did it did let's do the search right now man up I'll put my money where my mouth goes. I mean, maybe one of the keywords there was few several variations that I just use SEO virgin it just goes to the top Virginia SEO.

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Okay, they're using schema bamboo marketing. They're now benefiting. See, this is a site. No, that's not mine.

Using a G site, look at that. Yeah, somebody else's. Okay. But this big bamboo that's pushed by all that that is Yeah. And that that might have been one. So I did I went in and made some changes to it because I said, You know what, I ought to probably go in and make some updates to this and then, but honestly, it was just because I had some spare time, which is I don't want anymore at the time when I went into play with it. And after I made those changes it tanked. I was like, Oh shit. And honestly, it was I don't? I am not looking for.

Look at that. It's not even on page two. Oh, so you killed it. You killed Virginia steel. Yeah, no, I mean, I think it's still indexed. But they're not. Bradley, shame on you. Yeah. And it was funny because like, honestly, I'm not interested in spending any time on trying to revive that, because it was great to point to for examples of how powerful drive stacks can be. But I went in and made some changes, like I said, there it is right there. So on Virginia SEO agency, it's at the bottom of page two. And I promise you to remember guys, it stayed ranking for five over five years, about five and a half years. And I did nothing to it, no link building nothing and went up about six or eight months ago when I noticed it had dropped three or four spots from number one down to like, you know, four or five, for several keywords, I did one freakin press release. And it pushed it right back up to number one for about four or five months. And then I went in and made some changes. So like I said if I wanted to spend some time on this, or money for that matter, not even time I could just buy some link-building gigs to this and probably push it back up. But it was used for nothing other than just as a, you know, something to show. I don't, I will not take just general SEO clients anymore at all. So if I was when I because I did generate leads from that. But I won't, you know, now unless they're a Tree Service contractor, I flat out won't even quote anybody. So like, there's really no point in me spending any time or money on that site anymore. I'm working on a national project right now that I will share when the time is appropriate. And that'll be you know, kind of the new case study that I'll run with for Semantic Mastery for the next several years. Because it's it's the biggest project I've ever worked on in my digital marketing career. And I'm super excited about it. But I can't share what that is right now. So I but we can shed defeat flower? Sure you can. We can do that. Well, why don't you do just let's do spend another minute and just real quick?

Number one, number two, number two, and organic. Thank you. And the other one, the root domain, the self-hosted domain for that same project. So number four, inorganic decide those got a proper drive stack and, and a property site. One of those is the G site which outperforms everything. So there you go. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And sometimes you have Bradley breaking shit. Yeah. But for five and a half years, other than like I said about six or eight months ago, I did one press release because it dropped about the middle of page one, after five years with no link building nothing. It was a number one position and every now and it would bounce to like number two or number three, but for four or five main keywords, it was always ranked number one for years. And what's funny is some of those competitors now that have Google sites listed on page one, I promise you that they went and either bought drive stacks from us or reverse engineered and built exactly replicated what I did and those were other SEO Virginia SEO agencies that did that. So for five years, I was ranked number one with no link building no press releases nothing from a very crude SEO shield, and wasn't even called that a drive stack that I built. It wasn't built properly wasn't interlinked properly. And there was nothing done to it. So

I'm a believer.

And I'm gonna remain a believer. I don't care if it's dropped to page two. Now when I haven't done anything Well, again, I edited it and I shouldn't have So anyway, that was it. I think we got to all the questions today. No, I think they'll beautiful. Well, thanks for being here, guys. We will see you all

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 321

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 321 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



And speaking of live, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 320. Today is the sixth of January 2021. First Hump Day hangouts of the new year. So we are going to get into it. But first we're gonna say hi to everyone real qu
ick. We got some short announcements. And I just saw some great gifts on the page. So when thumbs up this hump day hangout is going to be magic. So all right, I'm going to go around as I see it, and let's get going so Hernan you're first up, man, how you doing today?

I'm good, man. And good. I am excited to be here. Happy to be the first half of the Hangout of the year excited for a really good 2021. And yeah, wishing you Everyone, the best Happy New Year. And I thank you for your continued support. And I hope that you crush it 2021 for everyone that's watching, so Well, thank you. I will I appreciate you saying that to me. You got a man.

All right, Marco, how you doing today?

What can I say? Man? It is Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day? Oh, yeah, help it is the price I pay for the life I live man. You know,

dude, listen, I just posted an image. In the Hangout, I was gonna post it in, in our Facebook group and in the heavy hitter club. Because that's where I share, right? The big, the heavy duty stuff. But I wanted to show it here, because this is my conversation with client. This is the position that you guys got to get to this is this is powerful. This is what I do with the clients, I tell give me three months, give me three months to show your results. And then we'll talk and it'll be just whatever. It's never any lower than 7500 a month. And it can go to whatever depending on competition, depending on market, just whatever. Alright.

And then from there, what I say is in another three months, when this thing is zooming and just going nuts. We'll sit again, and we'll have a talk on making it more permanent. And then we'll discuss the what the final fee is going to be.

Look at those results. I got this conversation coming on Friday. Don't talk about going in there and saying, Oh, you need me to do to do for you. But I don't need you to do to do I do.

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That's POFU, man. And that's where you guys got to get desperate. You got to work on me. I'm I saw that. I said, Oh, this guy. He's a he's in trouble. Because he know, he knows. I'm already charging them well, but he knows it. It's gonna be quite more

outstanding. I got nothing to add to that. That's a good way to do it. Marco because it's nice walking in with that, right? Yeah, man. It's like so this is these are the numbers that Google are giving us. I take them through through search console and take them through analytics. And we have goals set and analytics on what I've explained this before, on what the value of the money pages are, what the customer value is and what the final checkout value is. So I have all that I know everything that's going on on that website, but you can't say shit. Except, yeah, man we made we made that much. And yeah, you should be getting that. He should say I should be getting half of it. But I mean, negotiating that yet.

Outstanding. Outstanding. All right, Chris. How about you, man? How you doing today?

Yeah, things are exciting. Like, I don't know, like, I'm working on a couple things for Semantic Mastery here. So yeah, like, knows, knows. But like, stay tuned. There's some really good stuff coming. So you can help out other than that.

Snow took this morning. I'm quite happy about that. So I hope like, I don't know, like towards the end of January. I can still hit the slopes for like a week or so before the kids are back out of school. But yeah, like, other than that pretty good things here. All right. Last but not least, Bradley, how you doing today? Good, man. Happy New Year to you all. I see that they get Jim. So somebody on the page said fuck 2020 dubs. So yeah, I second that sentiment.

But yeah, I'm happy to be here. Although, apparently, there's a bunch of unrest going on in Washington DC, which is kind of like, you know, my backyard. So who knows at 2021 is kind of getting off to a rocky start as well. But who knows, man? All we can do is make the best out of it, right? Yep. Yep. We got a few things that cover to before we go in. Marco. I'll come back to you. I definitely want to touch base on charity webinars. But real quick, just want to say if you're watching us for the first time, first of all, welcome to 2020 Welcome to Hump Day, or 2021. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. And for everyone watching, you know, just say hi, I know we got more people watching the comment, that's normal. Just say hi, even if you just want to say hello, or let us know you're here. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, or you're new to MGYB, you're not sure what these things are, when we talk about things like the SEO shield, then head over to seoshield.com. I find that shield your site, don't worry about algorithm updates again, and it's free training. So head over there. It's the SEO shield, the word the SEOshield.com. And secondly, we also hear a lot from agency owners or just consultants, right? Who want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team and get more and better clients. We have got a ton of training that primarily Bradley and a blueprint on put together some of this in double your agency and you can find that at 2xyouragency.com.

And if you're ready to really grow your digital marketing business, whether you're the owner of a business and you're taking you've taken on the digital marketing side, whether you're again, a consultant, whether you're an agency owner, then the mastermind is the place for you to be find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And I just mentioned that at the beginning, but I do want to touch base, again, done for you services, it's the stuff we use ourselves, you can find all of it at mgyb.co. That's a syndication networks, the SEO shield link building press releases all that stuff, and much, much more. Now, like I said, at the beginning, we're going to talk to Marco real quick, if you haven't heard yet, or you haven't been in Hump Day Hangouts, I want to put it in your head a little bit about what's going on with charity webinars, how you can get access to them. And a little bit more details about, you know, how you're helping and who you're helping by attending these webinars.

Well, who you're helping is just people who have nothing, said this before, I'll say it again, poverty in Costa Rica is not like poverty in the US poverty in the US, you see people going up and picking up the food bags, in their cars. These people have no fucking cars. Most of them don't even have a fucking driver's license, man. They never they can never ever hope to own a car, let alone pick, go pick up the help in a car. I mean, I I saw that I said, oh my god that's like, being down and out in the US that that that's, you know, needing help. In the US here needing help. It's like, you have absolutely nothing. I've said this. Again, I've said this before, when I grew up, we literally had nothing. And on some nights, my mom would just drink a glass of warm water and go light light stomach down on the bed, so you don't feel hungry.

That's the poverty that we're talking about. And that's people right now starving, who have nothing getting to wash their hands. They have no so no running water, no heat, no electricity.

And so that's what we're talking about. These are the people that we're looking to help we help the children. And we help the families we do provide some assistance to the families, especially food so they can feed the children. We take them from school, from grade school, all the way through technical training, so that they can get one of the jobs that they have that they've made available that the companies here have made available. We also provide scholarships for children who show the inclination to attend the University. We just have one who got her master's degree in, in preschool education, I believe it is. I can't remember but she just got her master's degree. And now she has a job at the university. We got, of course, Fernando, the guy in the YouTube channel, who is who is a start up again, this his story he started out with with 10 of his friends coming in and out of the charity, and all but Fernando are dead.

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Due to drugs due to getting shot kills, or just whatever, it doesn't matter. That's what we're talking about. So what I do with the charity webinars is I simply give away the farm, basically, because you guys are kind enough to donate. I just tell you what's working. I I'm right now I'm showing an image in the hump day Hangout, but we're actually going to talk about what it is it's working, that's producing those results. It's not just happenstance, is that just shit that we come up with? That we say, oh, let's see if this sticks. And we don't we throw it up against the wall. Maybe it could might work? No, we know what's working. And we know what will be working. And I'm going to have people come in and tell people what it is that's working, and why and how it is that now it's it's two things. It's the way that you do content, and the way that you do code for the bot that's bringing it all together. And so that we're going to explain this to people in detail, so that you can go and take on 2021 and be like supremely confident that you can go into any niche and literally rule any niche. Now I'm not saying you're going to take on Amazon. We had that question. No, that's a that's a trillion dollar company. I think it was a million dollar investment that well, millions to start with. It wasn't just it wasn't bootstrap. Okay. Google wasn't bootstrap. YouTube was a bootstrap. Yes, there are some bootstrap companies which grew to that point. But it's the exception rather than the rule. And so look at look at that. But if you want to go into a niche, and take a chunk out of it, if you want to go into a category, let's say in Amazon, and take a chunk out of that, it's there for the taking. So with that, I have posted the page to the donation, what you do is you donate, then you send an email, and I'll post the email, send an email to that Gmail, and my VA will notify you when or how to sign up for the webinars and when they start

standing. Alright, yeah, if you haven't yet, I highly suggest doing that. You know, like Marco says, you know, your heart determines, you know, if you could, if you're gonna do this, your wallet determines how much you know, it's any amount anything helps. So, if you can, it's definitely appreciated, you know, by us, but you know, we're not the benefactors. You know, there's a lot of people out there who need the help. And, you know, I think all of us have been helped at some point in our life, or at least that's how I look at it. I know, there's been people who have helped me in different ways. And you know, being able to do something like this is truly remarkable. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we dive into it? Alright.

So grab the screen.

Guys, you see my screen? Correct? Correct? Yes. Okay.

How Do You Use Microworking Sites Like Mturk To Help Scale Up SEO Efforts?

So it looks like Troy is up first. He says, Is there anything we can do with micro working sites like mturk, or Mechanical Turk? To help scale up SEO efforts? I saw a video on another channel where they used micro workers to boost CTR, but from what Bradley says this is not a good practice anymore. Wondering if there is some other stuff we can do instead? Happy New Year. Yeah. This question we we've gotten this question often Troy So, you know, there, we used to talk about CTR, or CT bots, or CT spam bots, which click through spam.

That used to work really well used to use crowd search.me, which was a product by Dan Anton, it worked like gangbusters for quite some time, that methodology works. But Google's algorithm has gotten so much better because of it tracking profiles and users and building like profile histories. for users, that it's so easy to discount, it's so easy for the algorithm to just automatically recognize spam traffic. Right? Does that make sense? So in other words, if the way that it would work was in the past, and micro task workers worked well, for this, this is, you know, before the algorithm has gotten advanced, as it has now, as it is now I mean, and what would happen was, we would and I learned this, by the way from Ivan budimir, all the way back in like, I think 2011.

I don't remember what he called it, but I coined the term CT, spam, click through spam. And he talked about hiring microtasks workers, either from microtasks workers or from Mechanical Turk. And there was, there was a several other sites that you could do it. And what we would do is go out and set, you know, set up a gig, a microtasks gig that would state, go search Google for whatever keyword, then locate this URL, right click through, and then copy, because you would always provide like an answer box that they would. So it would be like copy the 23rd word and the fourth paragraph, or something like that. And that would be the answer that they would have to paste in. Because what it would do is would force them to do a Google search for a keyword, right? Or it could be a brand search, but at the time, we were doing mainly keyword searches, then they would click through once they found the URL, they click through to it. So that's a good signal. And then they would have to spend some time on that page to locate that word that we would tell them that, you know, would be the answer to the question, right? That that they would have to solve in order for it to be a chargeable or a billable micro task, right? so that they could get paid. And that would cause dwell time on the page because they'd have to locate that particular word. And it would take some time, usually, there'd be some scrolling involved. And it would just be dwell time on page. You could set up multi steps, like you know, once you copy and paste that word and click through to the contact page or something like that. So you'd get like another page view out of it. There's different things that you could do. And it worked really, really well. But the hard thing about it was it was it was hard to regulate when you're using micro task workers.

How much volume you would get, you could continually lowering the lowering the cost per task completed to where like, not very many people would take that task. But, uh, yeah, and you could also change your budget and stuff like that, but it's kind of a bitch to manage it was worked incredibly well. And we're talking about like, way back in 2011 2012. I mean, within a matter of two to three days, you could see a significant jump, and search positioning just from that alone. Then, people started automating that Dan Anton was one of the first that I'm aware of, he had a really great product crowd search.me that I mean, it just kicked ass like crazy. It worked for about the first year and a half, and then it slowly started stopped working, like started to be less and less effective. And, you know, my understanding is that Google's algorithms started to catch up to that, right. So a few different things proxies, the bots that they would use to create or perform the search and click throughs.

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Were going through commercial proxies. And because of that, commercial proxy traffic was oftentimes just discounted. It's not that it would hurt anything, it just wasn't really counted. And then since that time, so I really stopped using it. But since that time, I know the algorithm has gotten way, way better, because, for example, I do a ton of YouTube advertising, or Google advertising, right, I do a lot of Google ads. And there is intent based marketing, there's audience and intent based marketing groups, right. So that you can that you can purchase traffic from audiences that Google has already determined, are in market for particular products or services, or they've been there, they're having certain are experiencing certain life events, and all that kind of stuff. So it's intent based audiences. And so you know, and just two or three years ago, there wasn't near that the the targeting options within Google ads as there are now and so what I'm what I'm trying to get at is that Google can understand from the visitor to a page, right and through because so many things are connected to Google, that Google can understand the history of the search history, kind of like the profile of what that Google user is into, right? There's affinity audiences, where those are like affinities are like things that people have a long term interest in. There's in market type audiences, which are people that are in the last 30 days have suddenly expressed an interest in a product or service, based upon their search history, the content that they engage with all of that kind of stuff. So that's how Google determines that they're likely in market for something life events, again, somebody getting married, or moving or getting a promotion or retiring. Like, oftentimes, Google can identify them because of their search history and the communications they have within Gmail, and all of these things that Google uses to develop a profile an avatar for that, that that user, that, then it can determine what its behaviors and interests are right. And so if you're just buying click throughs, from spam bots, or from micro task workers that express no interest whatsoever in whatever you're buying traffic to, they have no history of that or anything else, then how much weight does Google give that click through? Very little, if any, does that make sense. And it's because Google can recognize when it's a kind of a forced or a spam type, click through because of the the lack of history or geographical relationship, you know, again, everything I do is local, I don't do any sort of affiliate stuff anymore at all. So I think spam traffic might work better on kind of a more national or global type scale, where it's not locally based stuff, but especially with local projects, buying click throughs from spam bots, or from micro task workers that could be anywhere in the world.

It really is not providing any sort of benefit, because it's very, it's a non relevant traffic signal, if that makes sense. So what is the solution? That's really what you want to know, right? I just kind of want to give a little bit history. We talked about this often, because this question comes up often, but I always feel like this is a good question for people to ask to start to understand how much more advanced Google has been has got, has become. And so if you want click through from relevant audiences, is absolutely beneficial to SEO, right? Because it's again, it's what Marco always talks about art activity, relevance, trust and authority, but its activity. But now it's from a relevant audience. And it's from a trusted Google user if you're buying traffic directly from Google. So that's my answer to you is use Google ads.

You can use YouTube ads, which are very inexpensive. If you get your audience targeting right with YouTube ads. You can get very inexpensive clicks. What

So it's not just about the views, I used to always use YouTube ads about views. But now I'm actually optimizing for clicks and ultimately conversions. And if you get your audience targeting, right, you can get very, very inexpensive clicks, like roughly $1.50 per click from YouTube, that's highly relevant traffic, because it's coming from a relevant audience, you can set geographical targeting, so that only you're getting clicks from IPS within a certain geographic region, they're from audiences that have you know, again, are either in market or have an affinity or life events, or you can even create what's called custom audiences. All of those the Google on like a sending traffic, they're only exposing your ad to people that are likely going to click it because of the audience targeting that you selected within a specific geographic area if it's for local. And then when that click does occur, it's highly weighted, and there's chance, a chance that that visitor from the click through is going to convert, because you're buying traffic from a relevant audience. And so I just mentioned YouTube, but Google Display Network, Display Network ads are same thing, you can buy clicks directly from the display network using the same audience targeting that you can for YouTube. So we're talking about like, typically, for cold traffic campaigns from the Google Display Network. So display ads, you know, I usually get clicks for anywhere between 60 to 60 cents to like, $1.15. So somewhere in that range, probably on average, around 85 cents per click. So it's inexpensive, and it's super effective, because you're buying traffic from a relevant audience that is, that has it stands a good chance of actually converting whatever your conversion goal is, opt in form, product sale, you know, whatever estimate request, whatever it may be phone call, you can set up all those conversion actions, and then that conversion action is an additional huge SEO signal that micro task workers aren't going to do, but you're not going to get a micro task worker to submit a opt in form. And if you do, that's a, that's an invalid lead for you anyways, right? You're not going to get a micro task worker to call the phone number with a conversion action type, you know, a tag essentially a conversion goal set to dialing that phone number, because it would be an invalid lead for the business. Does that make sense. But real traffic from real people that are that are potentially interested in the product or service, it's likely that they are going to convert, and it's going to be a true lead or a true sale or a true whatever it is that you're optimizing for. So again, I just want to reiterate guys use Google ads, YouTube ads, Google Display Network, you can accomplish exactly what you want to do with a click through spam bot or a micro task workers. But you'll get much, much better results from irrelevant audience that has a much better chance of converting, which is what you ultimately want. Anyways, Marco, you want to comment on that?

Yeah, just just one thing, if you use micro test work is like they can be a good jumpstart, but then never gonna convert, as you said. So what what happens is it becomes an expense, it's a cost to you, rather than you being able to profit from whatever it is that they're going to do, it is a good way to jumpstart like to get the bot to come in to look, look at the dwell time, look at look at all the other things, and to send you more traffic. Now here's the problem. If you haven't properly optimized for that traffic that you will get, then then you got big issues, because then you'll be sending Google negative signals. Right. Whereas if you if Google starts sending you traffic to figure out what this is all about the signals are different. You'll have traffic from Mechanical Turk, that set a pattern. And the pattern it might be different than the pattern that's established by the traffic that you get from real people. Of course, they're probably different because you're directing the the micro tests working on what it is that they have to do on your website, and how long they need to spend watching your video and how and all of these instructions, where a real person is never going to set to follow a set of instructions to the letter because you as a human being have no instruction, you have life. And I've said that before you have life happening. You're watching a video, and you got to click off. I gotta turn this off because I gotta go, my baby fell, I gotta go take care. I come back two hours later, I might finish watching the video, I might just close it.

And people real people act differently. And you can't account for that. No matter how good the analytics getting YouTube, you cannot account for these people just having different behaviors. Now, another thing that you have to account for is where are these people coming from? Are they come in from the same block of IPS?

The IPS, but there are so many things where, as you said, you can just pay Google you can pay you to And not only that, you can go to

This Stuff Works
You can go to Facebook, you can Instagram, you can go to Twitter, you can go to what do you call it, Pinterest, all of these different places and for a couple of 100 bucks a month, you're going to get real people. And you will recover that money so that it's not, even if it's a wash, the signals that you're telling Google are way better than anything that any microtasks worker can give you. Because that micro testwork, as you said, is never going to convert. So you're never going to recover the money that you're paying for that micro task worker unless you trigger that traffic. And then it's traffic where you've already set up your website to convert the way that it's supposed to.

Is It Possible To Embed YouTube Videos Into A GMB Post?

Alright, so the next one says Happy 2021 Sam. Thank you, he says, got a question about local GMB. Is it possible to embed YouTube videos in a GMB post I tried but only found an option to upload a video. And it would be nice to just embed a video though thanks No, not that I'm aware of. If you put the URL in the post, it will be a hyperlink but it will not turn into an embed. And you can't put code into a GMB post so you can't really embed an I've put an iframe in it. So as far as I know, all you can do is upload however, uploading videos as opposed to just normal text posts or you know, image plus text posts. For GMB. You'll see that similar to Facebook, when you just do an image post. If you do a video post, it gets more views. Facebook shows it to more people are gets exposed to more people essentially. Or if you do a live stream in Facebook, it gets shown to even more people than a video would. Does that make sense? And so with I've noticed with GM B's when you upload a video, it tends to get a lot more views than just an image-based GMB posts. So if you've got videos there, in my opinion, why not upload the video file? It takes a little while to render and all that kind of stuff. But I think videos is a good strategy for GMB posts just to kind of add some variety. Any comments on that?
Yeah, no, you cannot embed videos in in a GMB posts. You have to upload them natively into the GMB. It helps. It helps because it's it stays that people most people won't do. Yeah, put that call to action in that video link. Make sure because it's not YouTube. So make sure that people know exactly what it is that you want them to do what it is that you're looking to, for them to do. And nice thumbnail in the beginning. Nice. Nice. Nice CTA in the beginning, nice CTA in the end towards the middle, and something flashing on the screen so that you're reminding people of what it is that you're wanting them to do. Don't make it too long, because people aren't there on their mobile phones and they're not going to stand or sit there all that long to watch through that video. But yeah, it's a really good way to drive traffic into your GMB. I don't do it that much. But when I when I do use them, it works really well. I'm driving traffic to my GMB strictly through the way that that I do the the posts through the way that I do the images and through the through the way that I do the press releases that link to all of that and the way that dedhia hits it on and just hammers the crap out of

How Do You Use Firebase In Backlinking?

the next question is about the Google shortener that has been deprecated. Since Google stopped the goo.gl shortening service. It's got too many O's in there, but that's okay. It mentioned something called Firebase Can this be used for similar backlinking? What would be the easiest way to get started? Thank you, Marco. I'm gonna let you take that one. Because I never did anything in Firebase, but I know you did. Yeah, I mean, just follow your structures. It's all there on how to set it up. I mean, we can't go through it here. either use Firebase or use the MGYB shortener lot of power in MGYB. It's a good point. So go to mgyb.co/s. And that's the MGYB.co shortener, you can do it with a free account. Or you can have a paid account that gives you additional functionality and all that other kind of stuff. But yeah, it's the MGYB.co slash s. And that's our shortener, which we've been building power into now for few years, a couple years, at least two and a half years, something like that. And it's pretty incredible how powerful those short URLs can be. So yeah, or you can try to set up Firebase on your own. I've never done anything with it, though. So so on on the shortener on MGYB. If you have a paid account, what you're able to do is you're able to flip out the destination. So talking about being imperfect and total control of everything, when you shorten everything through MGYB. And you get this crappy client who then after you're getting him or her fantastic results refuses to pay. If you've done things the way that we teach you with which is absolutely use the MGB shortener to power everything up because of the power that's built into MGYB. And then the power that's built into the drive stacks and G sites, when you're controlling all that

And you turn it off, and you can flip out the destination. So yeah, so that that power can go elsewhere. I mean, there's other things that you can do, you can tag it with geo tagging, this all sorts of things that you can do with it with the paid account that you cannot do with the free account. And but one of the main things is having that ability to control it.

And to change the destination of that 301.

There you go.

How To Leverage A Brand Name To Increase Rankings For Service And Branded Search Results?

So next question was,

I have a competitor who has a very generic business name that contains some keywords in it, who is ranking above me? What are some ways to leverage the brand name to increase rankings for service and branded search results? So you're asking, I'm not sure I follow the question. Maybe he's asking what are some ways to leverage his own brand name? Or are you talking about leveraging your competitors brand name, which is generic? I'm assuming you're talking about your projects brand name?

This Stuff Works

That's a good question, Marco. I mean, just what we talked about with the SEO shield and powering up the entity and eventually and then local GMB Pro, especially if we're talking about the Well, I don't know, he's not talking about the maps back but RYS. So essentially, the SEO shield and then what we talked about for powering up the entity, which is all included to everything that we do is about an intensity based CTO. And eventually you should I mean, it doesn't even have to be eventually if you're pretty aggressive about it, you ought to be able to overcome that relatively quickly as as you build authority to your brand. Because Google is absolutely in favor of brands over generic websites and keyboard based stuff now. So Marco, what do you say it's what we teach, right? You create a brand, a brand that's marketable, a brand that's identified that's identifiable, a brand.

I talked to my direwolf group on on the mini mastermind group on Tuesday night. And I always tell them, I can't remember which which tribe it was, which Native American tribe. But they wanted a remembered fight so that if they were going to go to war with somebody else, they wanted it to be something that was going to be spoken of, like, through the generations when they're telling the story. They wanted that fight to be told. And this is what I have in my mind, when I'm looking at a brand new one, I'm looking to brand something is make it memorable, remembered brand. So that when you create the brand plus keyword association, the idea then is to relate all of those keywords to that brand because that's how Google became a verb. That's how Xerox to Xerox something became a verb, a zipper became a noun, and a verb to zip. And so when you're doing these things and when you're creating the brand plus keyword relationship, which is what we teach, and then you branch off into creating all of the keyword relevance into the categories, you continue the siloing. That's when you're going to outrank the person who has pigeon holed himself under this generic business with either an exact match, or partial match, or by including the location in the brand. But you do definitely pigeon holed when you're doing that. You want to keep it so broad, that you can branch out to anything you want. Amazon started, the story of Amazon is so fantastic when we're discussing this. Because Amazon started out as a bookstore, it was supposed to be an online bookstore. You have to remember the story of Jeff Bezo's losing millions of dollars every year, until Amazon became what it became. Why was he able to branch out into all of these different things or now, it's like you used to go to the corner store to look for something, or to the clothing store. Or you go to Amazon, and you look for anything you want. How was he able to do that he called the fucker Amazon.

They call it Google. They call it Yahoo. April, we all know what a Yahoo is, right? But you call that a foolish person. Let's just leave it at that. But all of these memorable remembered brands and and other brands that that simply just go by the wayside, because they're not memorable. So when you're looking to do this is exactly what we teach and RYS Academy Reloaded. And what we've been teaching forever. I've been here for at least well over five years before all of this entity thing started on the web, but when it became a big deal, we were already teaching it brand plus keyword relationships. If you are Local, then you go brand plus location plus keyword, not necessarily in that order. But you get the idea of what it is that you have to do. And then you start pushing power, you start categorizing, you start extending your drive stack and you start creating the extensions to mirror your mind money said, there's so many things that you can do when you're doing this, because you're not pigeon holed into that specific name. You can just make it anything you want. It's remembered.

That's right. Our name is Semantic Mastery. And it has been since we formed our Corporation in 2013, I guess it was. And so we were a bit ahead of the curve on that. We saw it coming way back then the Semantic Web and so we even optimized our own name for that for a few years there the first few years that Semantic Mastery was a corporation, I thought that we might have misjudged because it was a lot slower to roll out the Semantic Web, or for Google to adopt the Semantic Web than what we initially thought. But here we are in the in the thick of things now. So I think it was a good call on our part.

Is It A Good Monetization Strategy To Park Domain And How Does It Help From An SEO Standpoint?

All right. Next question is looking at branching out from a client project from client projects? And try my hand at lead gen and ecom? But I have but have a surplus of domains from over the years based on your experiences, parking domains, a good monetization strategy? I don't know. I've never parked domains. So I can't answer that.

The only thing I've ever done with domains that I'm not using or that I didn't know, that had just been in my account, which I've got dozens and dozens and dozens of them now is I will use them as you know, kind of like PBN, style sites. I don't build PBNs anymore. But every now and then I will use something for kind of a buffer site for really more testing purposes than anything. And I've also, the first money I ever made online was from flipping domains. But you know, I only did that a handful of times before I realized that I could make a lot more money by developing the domain first before flipping it, right. So or developing it and then renting it, which is what how I got started in rank and rent, when I first started in lead gen, and all that kind of stuff. So I don't know about parking domains. I can't imagine it's a very lucrative strategy of any kind. But does anybody here have any comments on that?

parking domains?

Sorry about that I was muted, man. It's not something I do. It's not something that that I can give him much guidance on. Although, if you have a very old domain, the domain age could help.

It'll have more to do with with like, what you've been doing maybe with that park domain? Is it just does it have that like that generic page from the host? That it is a parked domain? Or have you? Does it have some use that. It doesn't have any history? That's why if you're going to do that you better off buying an expired domain with a good backlink profile, that's going to hit your power immediately. Because that that park domain, if you're not giving it any power, it's really nothing there other than the history of it being parked forever, and doing nothing.

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Yeah, and so when I mentioned some of the times that I've used domains for kind of like feeder type sites, not necessarily PB ends, not in the traditional sense, but there's another question further down I saw earlier it was talking about so hopefully we'll get to that was asking about using, like WP robot or something for auto blogging. And that's where I have, and still to this day will build sites occasionally as like feeder type sites that are I guess, somewhat kind of like PBN sites, but they're auto blog sites that are populated with content from other sources from various sources, which is what we teach, like, for example, with syndication Academy, or multi tiered syndication networks, we always talk about if you're going to be using a multi tiered syndication network for blog syndication, right to promote your money site, blog posts. Then on the second tier syndication networks, we talked about adding in additional content, relevant content source content RSS feeds, because then you can auto populate those syndication network sites, just like you could a domain, right a domain that you're not using, you could set up auto, like essentially auto blog type sites that have relevant content all about a particular topic or within a particular topical theme. And then you can auto syndicate your own content to that, so long as it's mixed and buried in depth, but again, you still got to remember guys, you have to know how to hide your footprint when you're doing that, because that's unlinking scheme. And Google's algorithm is very, very good at being able to pick up on that now. It's, it's crazy, that's why I just don't really bother with that kind of stuff anymore, because we found you know, how to do it with Google's own properties with our SEO shield method. So it's a good question. But typically, like I said, You know, I do some auto blogging stuff still to this day, and we're doing some testing now, for a product that we're gonna be talking a lot more about. In the coming months, I actually just had a call with a developer today about that. So that's coming soon, we're going to be talking more about some really industrial strength auto blogging platform. But other than that, I would just, I would focus on something that's going to produce better money for you now.

Have You Created And Ranked Local Listings With No Physical Location?

Next question, has anyone had any luck with creating local listings with no physical location and getting into the three pack for your targeted keywords? I don't know down to the image, dude, scroll down to the image. Is that a, is that a no physical location? Yeah. Okay. I don't know how you guys do that. Then? Because I don't have any GMB is that don't have a physical location, except for maybe some that I purchased as spammed verified GMB listings. But all the other ones that I've ever done have all had a physical location. So I'm not sure how you do that. So I can't answer that question. Well, I think he's talking about having a service area, rather than an actual brick and mortar.

Right, because we do we do the peel box with street address method.

Yeah, but right. I think that's a service area, it really has no physical location. Well, yeah, it does. Because in order to verify the listing to well to, in order to request verification, you have to have a published or a physical location for them to send the postcard to So what exactly is a physical location or postcard? Because you can get the phone call method where they call right away, you can verify it that way. I understand. I haven't seen that in two years, but and that may, it may still be available. I just haven't seen that the phone verification. But in any case, what I'm saying is if you go to set up a GMB, they're going to ask you for a physical location, period, end of story. The only way that I know of that, and again, I don't do GMB verifications except through the postcard method. So there may be some spammers out there that know how to do it. I'm sure there are I just don't do it that way. But I know that in the past, you used to be able to find published but unverified GMB listings and force a phone verification that way, but what I'm saying is for setting up a new GMB, when you go through that process, it requires a physical address in order for you to even ask for verification method. So I don't know how you do it without a physical location, even if it's only to collect the postcard up front. That's what I'm saying. All right. So maybe maybe I misunderstood the question. I took that as being that it's a service area, rather than a physical store where people and I may be missing interpreting Marco, you may be right in assuming what you assumed. And if that's the case, absolutely. Can you rank in the three pack? That's what I mean all. I've only had in my entire career, probably maybe six or eight clients that actually had a physical location, a storefront. Wow. And then I had a preschool client, he had multiple locations, but outside of that every other client I've ever had has been a contractor, which is a service area business. So we would, you know, there's a physical location, but we hide the physical location from the listing. So it's an unpublished physical location. And it's a service area business and I've been very successful at ranking in the three pack over the years. So a service area business can absolutely rank in the three pack. I don't know about a GMB without a physical address tied to it because I don't know how you do that. I'm sure it can be done. I just don't know how to do it. So

This Stuff Works

Do You Still Use GMB Briefcase?

anyways, Braga, blasters up he says do you guys still use GMB briefcase? Can you tell me a little me a little about that product? Okay, so yes, my team still uses GMB briefcase. Although I have to be honest, I just signed up last week for local Viking, which is the local client takeover version of what we have used as the GMB and it's only because I've heard a lot of good things about local Viking. And so I just contacted my bloggers. As a matter of fact on Monday of this week to let them know that I'm going to be moving all of our GMB locations into local Viking. The reason I say that is because there is a ton of really cool features and local Viking that GMB briefcase just doesn't have yet. Not only that, but the the kind of like the training and everything is better through local Viking and you know, I hate to say that because shripad, the developer for GMB briefcase. You know, we worked with him a few years ago, when he was kind of first launching that product but local Viking has obviously been developed better, faster. It's got more features, more functionality. One of the main things that I wanted out of local Viking, which again, we haven't started integrating it into my processes just yet but that's coming from from my agency. So I will have bet more to add to this local Viking discussion in probably a month. But it provides an RSS output feed for the GMB and I know supposedly, the GMB briefcase does too, but I've never been able to get that to work. And something that I'm working on right now is using the GMB as my primary syndication source for clients because of some other project which i'll reveal in a month in a few months. But my point is I'm trying on test starting to test with local Viking now and it seems to be a lot better for what I need than what the GMB briefcase was. But to answer your question, I'm my my bloggers are all still using GMB briefcase to this day. But I think that's, that's going to be going it's gonna we're going to be switching over to local Viking here within within within a month probably. So, any comments on that? No, I don't use a GMB briefcase. I still have people going in as managers.

Is It Possible To Do Paid Ads For Spam GMB Listings?

Let's see. The next question was from maka, blaster as well. He says, Is it possible to do paid ads for spam GMB listings? Of course you can. You can you can do paid ads. Well, Google ads, you can I don't know about other platforms. But you can send Google Ads traffic to any Google property. Any Google property period, end of story.

Even if even if it's spam, that's verified. Yep. If it's published, yep. If it's published, you can do it.

Should You Create Separate Drive Stacks For Each Brand Within The Same Company Or Not?

So All right, next question. If you have a large company that operates multiple brands, would you have a single drive stack for all of them to store press releases PDFs, etc? And then make separate g sites? Or would it be better to have entirely separate stacks? The brands are all in similar niches. Now, that's that's a tricky question. In my opinion, maybe Marco will have some more insight on this. But in my opinion, you know, if you can create ambiguity, by trying to promote multiple brands under one brand, remember, we talked about branding and the entity and each each brand should be its own entity. And at least the way I understand it, they could be sister companies or parent and child companies. So you know, that kind of stuff. So there can be an umbrella company, and then child companies underneath that. And all of that, but I would treat at least unless and and again, obviously this question could be missing some context, right? Like I could be missing some context around what this question is, but I would treat every brand as its own entity, even if it has a parent organization. That's just how I would do it. Marco, what would you do?

If they're all branded differently? Even if there's similar niches, I don't know why you'd want to create all that confusion.

It could, it can get really complicated for the bot, to try to understand what the relationship is between all of these. And if there's similar niches, you might end up competing, one against the other. I mean, that might be okay, if you're looking to take over, like multiple spots in SERPs. That might be okay. I'm here without without more context, it's really difficult to suppose what Google might could do. Right? I would just say, separate them. But then the one main entity, you can still create the parent child relationships under that one big entity, even if you're branding out all of the others. So I would still have a separate design and dry stack for all of the different brands, but that parent could incorporate Sure. All of those into all of these different part of the whatever family of websites, part of the whatever family of plumbers, the way that we've done it before, right? When you have a brand for when you rank for plumbing in GMB correct. And then you have to change the brand. Well, you teach the people who answer the phone, how to answer the phone correctly so that there's no ambiguity. When the person is calling you say, wait a minute, I was calling it XYZ plumber. Why is ABC answering? Well, you take care of that. When that person reaches the person who's talking to you let them know who it is that they're talking to right from the start.

Yeah, like ABC dot XYZ, right? alphabet is the parent company for Google. But Google is its own brand, right? And YouTube is its own brand. And so my point is that they're, they're all they're all connected through the parent alphabet company, but they're, you know, they're all their own brands, and they're all integrated together in some form or fashion, but they are all very strong brands on their own. Right. So even the business, the GMB right? You get a business site on on a separate domain. Although it's Google's, it's it's separate. And they've done they've done a really good job of separating all of these brands. Although we all know that YouTube belongs to Google. And we know whatever else belongs to Google. Same thing with Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp, and all of these different things that Facebook owns. Yeah.

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Do You Need To Have Different Contact Number To Each Spam GMB Listing?

So the next question, it says, For the feature that GMB has, where the customer can text you, can you put the same number in different spam GMB listings? Or does the number have to be different than all of them? And if so, is there a way around this? You know, I don't know. That's a good question. I haven't used that a lot for clients. I've set it up for clients, but that goes directly to them. I've got a ton of lead gen assets that I have not,

you know, set up the messaging systems for although I know and I think GMB briefcase can do that. I'm pretty sure local Viking can do that. And so that's again, I'll be learning more about that as I start transferring all of my projects into local biking. And I'll probably start messing with that, because that's becoming more and more common. I know because several of my clients now are getting leads from their SMS. You know, the messaging feature from right within the SERPs, right? So for on a mobile search, you know, you can message right from, from the mobile SERP to the through the GMB to the contractor. Again, it's all contractors that I'm dealing with. And I'm seeing that becoming more and more of a trend more and more leads are starting to come through the SMS function or the text messaging function of GMB for my clients that have enabled that. So it's something that I am looking to start doing. I just haven't started testing with it yet. So I can't answer the question. Maybe Marco can, I would assume having the same phone number across multiple standard GMB listings, if it's even if it will even allow you to do that I can imagine that would create a footprint that I would be wary of, especially when you can get phone numbers from Twilio, for example, for so cheap. I don't know why that I would really want to create that footprint, but I can't give you a solid answer on there. How about you Marco, I would not create that footprint at all, I would just go get different numbers you can get them.

They can all now they can all bring through with caller IDs to one number, right. So you can channel all of those, which would be a better way of keeping it separate. So you don't establish that one phone number footprint in all of the spam especially the spam GMB that you cannot recover once they get suspended. It's really hard to recover a spam GMB man, a great

100% agree and you know, again, $1 a month per phone number, an SMS you know, if you're getting charged per SMS text, it's very, very inexpensive opinion it's worth the dollar per month per phone number. They can all forward it to the same phone number, but that way you're eliminating any potential footprint. So I totally agree with what Marco has set up caller ID so that you don't get anything confused. Yeah.

Okay, let's see. And guys, again, I'm working on something really, really big and we'll talk about it and probably it's going to be several weeks before I'm ready to really reveal it but um, I've got a platform that I'm using that is working incredibly well to make it super easy to get phone numbers. And it's it's it's just crazy some of the stuff that can be done. So that's coming that's coming in a couple months.

Is It Still Viable To Use RSS Plugins Like WP Robot When Setting Up Autoblogs?

All right next is Jerry says how do you all when it comes to setting up auto blogs? This is the question I was talking about earlier and we're almost out of time when it comes to setting up auto blogs. Is it still viable to use RSS plugins like WP robot to automatically grab content from feeds and provide citations to the source? If not, how would you recommend approaching this as a as a way to generate traffic automatically. Okay, I don't know about WP robot. I haven't used any plugins to do that kind of stuff and yours.

Because I'd always used IFTTT and then just create my own spliced feeds or have multiple triggers. So so essentially multiple applets to feed a WordPress blog with different RSS feeds. As I was talking about earlier, Damon Nelson came out with RSS masher. And he's it's just been recently rebranded as to RSS master technology or whatever. And I know that that works really, really well. You can create some beautiful auto blogs with that. I know there's a ton of a learning curve to that, though.

What something else that and again, I was just talking to Jeremy, the developer today of the condis app. I had a call with him earlier this morning. And he that's what I was talking about where there's this industrial strength product that he's been developing now for months. That is, you know, it looks super promising. I can't wait to start testing with it because I've seen some of the results that he's been able to achieve with it. And so we've got a beta group going right now.

This Stuff Works
No, Adam, I don't know if you're still listening. But if you had that opt in page for the condis program, if you want to drop the link, you guys can get on a waiting list when the beta is done, we're gonna open it up to some more. So again, I would use something like RSS masher or the product that we're going to be talking about when it's ready called condis. In the coming months, yeah, I'll put that on the page in a sec. Okay.

Uh, but yeah, Marco, do you have any comments on that one? No, no, I'm waiting on Candace also. I mean, I've been in there playing with it.

Yeah, in the meantime, RSS masters is available. And that, again, that that can do exactly what your what you need. I can't speak on WP robot or anything, because I just haven't used anything like that, and probably five years at least. So.

What Is The Perfect Time To Order The SEO Shield?

Alright, ah, Lang? lanner. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right. I think we chatted in Facebook, just in the last 24 hours or so anyways, he says I got my keyword research which exceeded my expectations. fantastic work. Thank you for that. He says, M and M now building my website. My question is this when I do order the SEO shield? Do I order after I have built the website and added my three categories in supporting category pages, etc? Or can I order while building the website? What will be the next product order afterwards? RYS link building, etc. Okay, here's how I'm going to answer that.

I talked about this last week, if you go back and watch last week's previous Hump Day Hangout, or look at the most recently uploaded videos on our channel, you'll see it's been separated out as its own video clip now, where it talks about, if you have multiple locations, do you order another RYS stack for each location? Or how do you handle that? in that question, I think is like an eight or, you know, eight or 10 minute answer.

I talked about this. So you can go back and review that too, because we're almost out of time. But what I do now, is I don't even create keyword plus or brand plus keyword Association on the top level stack right on the SEO shield order the SEO power shield order, what I'm doing now is just ordering a branded stat period, right, I still give them my top level keywords and all that. But I specifically state in the order that I just want the top level stack and the G site branded. That's it, right and so, and yet again, I tell them the niche, I give them the keywords, so they'll go out and populate all that with relevant content based around the keywords that I provide. But I just want a branded top level, g site and stack. And then because I'm going going to set up silos for all of my top level keywords or all my top level keywords are going to get there each own separate silo, right? And so then I go in after that. So to answer your question, all you need is the URL for your money site in this the way that I do it. Now, you don't need to have categories and silos and all that stuff set up on your site, because the way that I'm doing it is just a branded stack. All I'm trying to do is promote the brand itself on the top level. And then I go in and order an RYS Expansion Stack for all of my top level keywords or tops all of my silos, and then also for all of my locations, if it's a multi location business, so each location gets its own RYS expansion, and each top level keyword or, or silo, right, so top level category of siloed, my site around those, each one of those gets its own ROI is expansion stat. So all I need in order for me now to order and SEO power shield, which is what we recommend, is a domain that is live. And that has at least one post in the RSS feed because you need that for the syndication network, the RSS feed has to contain one item, even if it's the Hello World item that comes default in a WordPress setup. So that's how I do it again, I don't I used to always also do keyword Association plus brands. So I picked my top level keyword and tie that to the brand. But I don't like that i think it's a cleaner look to have the top level g site and ROI stack is just the brand. And then I make the associations with RYS expansions for all my top level cyber silos and my locations as well. Marco, what do you say? Yeah, I mean, it's fine. To do that. Just make sure that you're posting on that WordPress site at least once a week, because we're getting Twitter to kill it. If it lay if it lies dormant. We had our shutdown, we as a matter of fact, I think it's the MGYB or something that I'm working on something that's shut down because it just wasn't us. So in order to just you prime it right because that's what the workers are going to do. And then you establish, it could be every 10 days every week or so. You just do a post you can do a quick post, it's okay. And then you establish that pattern that you will be posting and that gets you the profiles to last longer, but yeah, you can do it perfectly just the way you said.

yeah and then we got to wrap it up guys it's five o'clock but the order in which you order things is if you're ordering an SEO power shield, you're going to get the syndication network and first and that gets delivered first and then the syndication network profiles get built into the drive stack it's not something you have to do it's automatically done when you order the SEO power shield it gets delivered in stages and then each subsequent stage builds upon the previous and so and then afterwards you know link building and again and again land lanner I'm sorry if I if I need to learn how to pronounce your name apparently anyways if you I think I You and I were chatting and Facebook and I sent you the process street process doc that's all listed in there the order in which to do things it's all in that process street process doc so it's semanticmastery.com/process if you go to that guy's you'll see exactly what I'm talking about all of it is laid out there you can also go to the SEOshield.com opt in for free and go through a four part training series there that will tell you the proper order and sequence can also read the battle plan. Any other guys will always teach the same sequence so it's available in many many different locations. Um, so again, you know, I'm hoping to answer here but we're out of time but at the same time like I said, Go to semanticmastery. com/process, you can learn it there you can also go to seoshield.com learn it there. You can also go to the battle plan and learn the proper sequencing of products and services there. Okay.

All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. And we will see you guys next week. Happy New Year. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 320

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 320 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



All right, everybody. Welcome. Welcome. We are switching things up a little bit today. So it's kind of fun. We got, as always some fun technical stuff going on in the background. But we are going to kick things off while the guys get that sorted out. And this is the last Hump Day hangouts of 2020. So if you hate it, 2020 That's great. It's on its way out. If you have an okay time, that's great time to celebrate. good year. And regardless, like I said, this can be the last one. This is Episode 320. It is the 30th of December 2020. And we are going to get to your guys's questions, we've got a few announcements. I don't know about you, if you're watching or the guys here today, I had a pretty good Christmas is nice. I'm tired of being stuck inside, but I'm happy to at least the world didn't end and we've got 48 hours. So hopefully I didn't Jinx myself here. 24 hours. But we're gonna get into it and say hi to everyone real quick. And then we'll dive into it. So I'm just gonna go clockwise here, Marco. You're first on the list here. How you doing?

Good. Costa Rica. Costa Rica, it's still Sunny, still warm? I can't help it. What's up, man? And I just realized, I don't say this enough.

Fuck Google.

Happy New Year. I need to say that more often, is the type type of results we're getting are ridiculous. They're ridiculous. And they're being shared.

I'm sharing in our free groups on Facebook, check us out guys. I'm sharing images. The how to is only shared in every hit or club. or using all of our methods, all of Semantic Mastery methods put together whatever is available in mg y b.co. That's how we're doing it. That's how we're getting results. That's how we're killing it. That's how we're taking a brand new GMB or a brand new SEO shield, G site drive stack and getting results within 30 days. That's how with our method is that simple. And I know it's simplistic and you guys want something that's more complex. Yeah. spread over. It's not sexy enough, man. I mean, let me let me take Oh, no.

That's not sexy enough, either. Man. I don't know. I don't know what else to say. Anyway, the charity webinars are coming up getting it all set up getting getting everything finalized, I'll put the donations page on the on the chat guys and on the page, so that it's available you have to do is donate, then send a copy of your donation to the email address that's posted.

And we will take care of you you will get an invitation to that webinar and all of the following webinars. For the donation, you can have access to the prior recordings. And so you can see everything how everything that we've been telling you for the past, what three, four years has come to pass how everything we've been saying, this is what's going on. This is what's going to be happening. And this is what's this is what's going on from here. You can see it here and Hump Day hangouts like every week, we're telling you entities, entity based, worry less SEO, we don't worry about Google of this. We don't care about Google, we just go and apply our methods. I don't know some sexy, it's not difficult. It's not complex, that doesn't require much thinking at all it requires is for you to go and buy. Imagine that. But here's the thing, when they're working with complexity, and getting you into that mode where you don't really understand it, but it sounds so good that you have to buy it. But guess what he just bought anyway, he probably bought something that's not going to work. So you'll be buying something else and something else and something else. Rather than do that. Go and buy the shit that's working. It's all I gotta say.

This Stuff Works
Fair enough. All right, and I'm just gonna hop down Marco. I think we'll come back and remind people what they need to do for the charity webinars, but we'll circle back around to that Bradley, how you doing today? why don't why aren't we seeing your face. Um, I'm at my favorite campground in trailhead. with some friends we're bringing in the New Year riding ATVs for the next three days. And so I'm unlimited bandwidth because I'm tethered through my mobile phone so that's why I'm not running my video cuz I don't want to make audio choppy, but so like ready to give 2020 the middle finger on the way out.

So So Marco said fuck Google. I say fuck 2020 but well, hey, did you have a good holidays? I did. I did. I had a really good time. My my daughter she's, in fact, it's crazy. My daughter's 15 and a half. And on Monday, which was the 28th she took her learner's permit test for her driver's license, and so the next time I have her, which is next weekend, we're gonna go start driving. So I'm gonna start teaching my daughter how to drive. So that's a pretty big milestone. Yeah, that's nuts. I think when we started doing this, your daughter was like nine. And I think like she was in the background or something. You know? Yeah, like, That's nuts to hear that stuff, man. She's a young woman now. Yeah.

Well, Chris, how are things going in Austria?

bingos ate too much bacon here.

But yeah, I guess everybody had too much food or Christmas salad. And that was pretty good. With a bit of a bigger storm yesterday. I think 140 kilometers per hour. Not sure how many miles that is. But like, was quite a night.

Other than that, doing pretty good here, but it's good. Now again, and yeah, only thing that I'm missing is like the slopes.

We'll see. We'll see how long it takes that the the letters out there.

Last but not least are nine How you doing, man?

And man, I'm excited to be here. I'm excited for 2021 we have some good stuff coming up. Definitely, you know, excited for that. 2020 was pretty good. Like, honestly, you know, despite all the craziness, we were able to keep going with Semantic Mastery, we were able to keep serving you guys. That was a big win, at least in my opinion. You know, a lot of people were struggling and a lot of people were were trying to figure it out stuff. But you know, and we weren't short of obstacles and challenges and everything else. But I think it was a pretty good, pretty good year. And I'm really looking forward to for 2021. So thank you guys for supporting us throughout this entire year. For all of you guys watching for all of you guys subscribing, you know going to the to the sites sharing and all of that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And yeah, see guys in 2021 really excited for that?

Well, before we get into it, like I said, we got a couple short announcements, just put it on the page. If you're watching the replay, it may not still be in effect. But you can always go to semanticmastery.com/HDquestions to find out what I'm talking about here. And what I did was drop the links to both Semantic Mastery and MGYB. We got some awesome holiday deals going on. I'm not going to sit here and run down the list. But there are a lot of really good deals. Let me pull this up, I think Yeah, we've got up to 40% discounts going on. limited time this is going to be over in two to three days. So if you're interested in checking that out, again, both for Semantic Mastery and MGYB. Check that out. And then you can always head over to heavy hitters club dot club to find out more about heavy hitters club.

Marco, let's kind of loop back to you if people are interested in either donating or the charity webinars which they have to donate go to anyways, yeah, what do they need to do?

Well, I've posted the link to the donation page. Just scroll down or just look for it. I posted it also last week, you go there and you donate. And I'm going to say it again, your heart is going to tell you whether you donate if your move to donate, then your wallet is going to dictate how much I never set an amount. I never say you must donate this much. I just do whatever you can find pucks as a cup of coffee guys. Buy five bucks is a cup of coffee, how many cups of coffee? Do you drink a week that you don't really have to you just don't have something better to so you go grab a cup of coffee, right? You can't do that I can't go to the local Starbucks like you used to. But I mean, think of the things that were you spent five bucks on 10 bucks on where you know, that can make a really big difference towards like taking a kid off the streets, away from drugs away from prostitution, away from the fucking pimps and the drug dealers analogy and get them on their road to pull focus, we can put them we can play some if they get through the whole program at a good paying job a good paying tech job, right? Not managers, because they're overloaded with managers, but they need the people who can actually do the work and that the system is put everything together actually connect the wire. Like you can have 10 mabhida Stadium out there there are watching that one guy up there. Look, that looks really good. But somebody has to get up there and do it. And the manager sure is fucking not going to get up there and do it. And so they get paid really well. These are good paying jobs that we get them into great training. Some have started even their own companies from this doing this right for small businesses. So it kind of it mushrooms, and then the people who are successful, we bring them back to the community so that so that the community leaders so that the young children can see them they can see Oh, fuck, there's another way to do this. I don't have to follow the pimp or the drug dealer. I don't have to do that. I don't have to live that lifestyle. There's something else that I have that I can look forward to. And yes, we do lose a lot of them right.

I'm not gonna say we don't like nine out of 10. But I'm not focusing on the losses because I like we did everything that we could, for that focusing on that one that we can save. And then hopefully, like next time, it can be two out of 10. And then next time maybe can be three out of 10. So the struggle is real, if people have absolutely nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, literally choosing. I said that before between buying soap so they can wash their hands and maintain their hygiene or buying rice to have something to eat, if you had that fucking choice. I mean, think about this. Christmas just passed, I said this. Also, there are people who won't tell their children that Christmas just asked or that it was Christmas, because they have nothing to give their children. So you're left with that with the choice of not being able to tell your child again, it's Christmas. And, and other people are getting presents and other people are eating and having fun. But we don't have shit. So we can't celebrate it.

This Stuff Works

It's real, man. It's real. It's fucking rough. And so if it's in your heart to donate, please go donate. And the way that we give back is we not only give these these great webinars where we tell you exactly what's working right now and what will be working. We give away great prizes. You guys volunteered your time you guys are going to give a what do you call it? An hour of your time, for whatever the people need. I know that I know that you personally, Adam donated your time to help someone set up the email series and I'm getting all that together. Bradley volunteered, I know Hernan volunteered and so did Chris and I'll volunteer my time. And all of the other people who are coming on will also volunteer so there is that they think if you do it just for the chance to win one of those prizes that the more power to do it for that reason and that reason only but donate.

sounds good. Yeah. And if you're not watching this live again, just come over to semanticmastery.com/HDquestions and get the links there. Everything there in case you can't find it. And worst case scenario, you know, shoot an email to [email protected] hit us up, ask what you need know, and we will get you hooked up. So I'm not sure who's driving the questions today. But I'm gonna hand this off, we're gonna dive into the questions and have a drink delivered to me on the side here. So cheers to everyone on the call as well as watching. Hope the rest of the remainder of your year goes well turned on, I'm going to ask for you to share the screen and scroll through questions if you don't mind.

For sure, let me close a lot of all of the stuff that I had an appropriate stuff. Okay. So safer work stuff. Yeah, the Yeah, we need to add an R for a chart that stuff on. Okay, so I need to prove I'm not a robot.

I can also just share a browser tab with like a separate browser. Yeah, that was that, you know, yeah, no, no, that's not gonna let you see the comments because of minute chat. Is that what you mean? Yeah, so Okay, so I think it's all right. Yeah. So let me share my screen now.

Hi, can you make it bigger? Yes.

Sweet. All right. That's where we at. Okay, back down just slightly. I think we're close right there.

Do You Need To Add Another SEO Shield For A New Location With A new Verified GMB?

Okay, so he says, Hey, guys, I purchased an SEO shield from you guys and did some citation voting along with a GMB and website. We just added a new location with a new verified GMB for the new location in a different city. Do I need to add to the current SEO shield or purchase one for the new location? Great question.

Use the RYS expansion. Right. So if you go to MGYB.co to go to the store, and you'll see the RYS expansion. That's what you want to use. Because for multi location businesses, there's there's a couple of different ways to do it. I'm going to tell you how I prefer and and I would love to hear Marcos commentary about what what he what he thinks. But the way that I do it is the SEO shield should be like when you ordered an SEO shield, I always ordered an SEO power shield for a new project for the brand itself, right? So that's gonna establish the entity and the the the Google stack, the G site, all of that for the main brand itself. And then for every top level silo, right, so whatever silos your sites have, so again, for service area businesses, typically you're going to have silos for whatever your services are.

And that's the type of businesses that I deal with. But there's also location there can be location silos depending on how you structure your site, but for every one of whatever silos that it

I'm doing I always use an RYS expansion, because that becomes a sub folder of the primary drive stack branded folder. Right. So again, it's we talked about this Semantic Mastery all the time fi mirroring, right? The mirroring was a term coined by network Empire originally. But what that means is whatever the structure is of your primary website, you want to mirror that with your drive, stack your G site and everything else that you do, right, we talked about that with blog posts, GMB posts, press releases all of that, but just getting back to the drive stack itself. So for every topical silo or service based silo, if it's a service area business, you're going to want an RYS expansion. Right. And then also, for every location, the same thing. So when you order, like if you have a multi location business, and I have several that I work with, and so what I do is set up the brand, the original RYS stack for the brand. And, and to be honest, I don't even worry about an association with a single keyword on the front end anymore for for multi location businesses, I just set up the branded stack originally. And then I go in and set up or order additional RYS expansion stacks for every topical silo or location silo, or both. As I do it for both, let's put it let's be clear. So in other words, for service based silos, which would be like, again, for tree services, I talked about tree removal, tree trimming, those are the two primary silos for a tree service business. So I have an RYS expansion, one targeting the tree removal keyword set, and one targeting tree trimming keyword set. And then if I have multiple locations, so let's say I've got five locations, every location will have an additional rfis expansion stack targeted for that particular location. And when you place that order, it gives you the opportunity to enter your NAP details, right name, address and phone number, so location details for that. And that becomes a sub folder of the primary brand, that's the way that you want to do it. There's also the location shield, I think that's slightly different, I don't typically use that for multi location businesses, because that creates a separate g site for the location. And what we have, and again, I'm Marco is going to come up and give his uh, his input on this as well. But what I've learned from Marco and Rob, is to use the primary branded asset, the G site, and the RYS stack as the main source, right, like the the primary source of power, and everything else that you build within that stack should be a sub folder, right? So essentially connected to that. So Marco, what do you say?

Ah, looking through that, Okay, so here's what we've always recommended.

Your local is relative. So let's remember that, because then once once you're going once you're focusing on that you no longer focus it focused on location, you no longer you no longer have one thing in mind, when you're doing that we do it is focusing on your city, so that you could then branch out to multilocation because what most people do is they automatically like plumber in DC. That was a case study that we did if you go and look, it's probably still number number one in in maps, but we had to push so much power to that, that it became the entity for the keyword DC plumber and plumber in DC. Right so in order to avoid that and and in order to be able to expand outside of the DC area, what we said is well wait a minute, if we do a better job of branding and if we do a better job of entity validation I creation validation, verification and validation, then we should be able to just create a brand, whatever and this is thinking about brands like Google and Yahoo, and Sony and Samsung and whatever it is that you want to think about the big big big companies Amazon, where it started out as a bookstore and now it's like your neighborhood grocery store you can go pick up anything in Amazon and I mean anything and so they did such a good job of branding that the Amazon is no longer a rain forest and it's no longer a river Amazon is a place where you go and buy shit you buy good shit right or you can go buy cheap Chinese shit that if that's what you're cheap shit from all over the world. But think about that. So focusing on that and focusing on brand focusing on entity then it allows you to set up whatever name XYZ and you will probably use the part of the cube because it just fits especially in the Home Services niche. You use your your tree pros right Bradley in in whatever is that you do. But that just makes sense. DC plumber, we use the plumber row in the Home Services niche, think of roto rooter.

This Stuff Works
It's related to the niche offers, but not necessarily that and they just do a really good job of branding. So that's what we have to look at when you when you focus on that, what you can do in that branded stack is create that brand plus keyword relationship.

So that it leaves you free to create an inner stack, which then focuses on location. That's the location stack. Now you can you can request the location stack without an additional g site, where we just expand the existing branded stack. I mean, we're willing to accommodate you in many different ways. Or you can just order an expansion stack. That's location and keyword drip. Right? So if you're in DC, and then you want to go into Alexandria, you come and ask us, for Alexandria plumber, for example, if that's your focus and everything that's that's related to plumber in Alexandria, whatever it is that we can find if we're doing the keyword research. So that's the way that we've been teaching to do it, then the next city becomes a target for that, but always within the same branded t site and drive stack. Because we want to add power to that you don't see Amazon and and Google. But you do sometimes. But what they first did is they accrued so much power in the route that now they're able to create something like like, like they're busy, Google My Business website, in something separate from them, but it's always linking to Google.

So what we want is we want that, that relationship and that relevance within that JSON and drive stack. And you should be doing the same thing with with your money site, if you have a TLD domain, right? I top whatever, whatever the top level, I'm sorry, I forget. But it's just the.com, the dot net the.org. Right, if you have a TLD. It could be even be a doc club, we're ranking realty would write ranking, just all kinds of stuff, it doesn't have to be dot com dot net or dot org anymore. At anyway, the point behind all this is that you focus all of your power in one place, and you keep adding power to that place. That's what we do with the additional drive stacks. With the the extensions, we add pages to that that are they can focus on a city, or they can focus on services, and city or city and services. It's how we do it and how I've been teaching it since we first started, which is what now we're working on six years man, that that we've been doing that. But that's the way to do it focus all of your power within one ecosystem, the same way that Google does it the same way, or has done it. Same way that Amazon does it and everybody else in the space, you don't see them going and building so long as it's related different websites for different things. Not if it's one parent company, look at Apple and how they do it. That is a fantastic case study to look at, on how they branded the hell out of out of their website, and their company, how branding is all out there, and how they set up their website so that they focus all of the power and all of the energy with it within one ecosystem, instead of having a goal all Helter Skelter all over the place. And then you have to work out your schema on how this all fits together. How you have one parent and all of these children who are separate websites yet part of the same brand, it becomes just mind boggling how you have to do that, rather than if you just focus on this one thing. One dry stack, one g site, and you build power on that and you keep building on it. You don't just stop you keep building on it. Yeah, simplify, right? Yeah, move that addition to all that complexity. We're trying to add different web assets and all that it's much better. That's so just to clarify, that's what I was getting back to was.

What I do with the branded stacks now, like whenever I'm starting a new project is I don't even when I order the original SEO power shield, I don't like what I just I even put this in the instructions. When I place the orders, I just want it branded like I'm not trying to create that keyword association with the original stack in some projects that may be feasible. But in a lot of my projects, what I do is just now create the branded stack for like originally the G site in the in the drive stack, or just optimized for the brand itself, because I'm going to build the site structure with all of the top level keywords as their own separate silos. So then I just go in and order arise expansions for each top level silo or location. Because the way that I build location silos are, again, they're kind of the same thing. So so that's what I'm getting at it, what Marco was saying was, it's about building that brand, right? Google rewards the brand and you build the authority into the brand. And then you can build out the expansion stacks, which become sub folders and sub pages, essentially, or inner pages of the G site and sub folders of the drive stack. And so again, you mirror that same kind of structure that you have on your primary website, within your entity assets. And that's really what works. It works incredibly well. So that's a really good question. All right, so we're gonna move on next rocket blaster comes up. He says, No, hang on. We miss. We miss one. Yes, we did. Okay.

I can't locate it. Oh, yeah. The GMB listing question from Roger glass.

Yeah, that's what I was getting at. That was the next one.

Okay, go ahead. Sorry. Well done with the previous question, correct. No, we never.

No, no, go up. Sorry, scroll up. Because he added that he added that question before Gfall. Does a question. No. Now you don't see it, because I'm seeing it right after. Oh, sorry. Because one more up.

He reposted it from last week. Go ahead and scroll up above Wayne, though. Yeah, that one. rockin black cuz he added it from last week. He added it again. So it's there twice. For me.

This Stuff Works

How To Dominate In Multiple Cities With GMB Listings And Free Website From Google?

I have plenty of GMB listings. Do you see it? We didn't answer that. Yeah, I see it. But that was from seven days ago. But go ahead, answer it.

Well, he says I plan the GMB listings for towing services all in a 100 mile radius with no websites just using free the free website from Google that the business site that they give you. What should I do to dominate each city my Google listings are in, I want to rank all the GM B's that are in prime cities, what MGYB products should I purchase? and in what order? Thank you.

Well, that's I mean, that's as simple as that we've set up the ordering process for your order, the SEO shield, I mean, we just discuss it. So this guy kind of went backwards for default, because what you would do is if it's already branded as a single towing service, right, so your company is, I don't know, tours, whatever we call, however it is that you've branded it, you would then go in order, the SEO power shield, which gets you that g set and that drive stack that's focused on your brand. And then you would order an expansion for each one of the cities that you're looking to go into the MGYB process, the SEO shield, and in fact that if you can, if you can put in there, the the SEO shield.com, which is free training, and it tells you how the how the process works. And at the end of that, as a matter of fact, we give you a coupon, you go through the process, we give you a coupon so that you can order your SEO shield from mg IV, but we just talked about it in detail for g4, I just want to get back to that because he posted it twice, or I see it twice on my screen. That's what you would do. That's the I mean, we set up the order. It's not as if you order the SEO shield, and you get it all back at once. No, you'll get the syndication network, you'll get the drive second D site and you get the ad ID. Each time something is built, it gets delivered to you and you get notified about it.

Very cool. All right. So now we're on to rocket buses. First question.

Can You Host Multiple Websites In One Google Account?

It says, Can you have multiple websites all being hosted under one account? So I guess one hosting how maybe, example, if I had 20 domains under one account? Would that be a problem in the eyes of Google? No dependent? Well? I mean, it depends. It always depends, right? It depends on what it is that you're doing with them. So for example, if you had 20 domains all hosted on one, you know, IP address from one hosting account, you were using them as like a private blog network or link network to boost the, you know, to build links to one of the sites within that same hosting account, then yeah, that's a huge footprint, that can cause a problem. But if you've got separate 20 sites that are like separate entities all you know, in and of themselves, then there's there shouldn't be a problem with that. Like it. Honestly, it just depends on what you're doing with that. If you're trying to use multiple domains to manipulate your SEO or your search positioning, then yes, that's a problem. But if you have separate 20 separate websites that are really unrelated, or doesn't matter whether they're related or unrelated, but you're not using them in a way to try to manipulate search positioning, then that shouldn't be a problem at all. I don't know maybe I'm not interpreting the question correctly. What do you say?

You can have a VPS and assign an IP to each one of those. Yeah, 20 domains. But I mean, you have to go through so much trouble for hiding the damn footprint.

Not how we do it, if those like, like Bradley said, have their separate domains for separately? Well, I have a little several client VPS. And I have several clients on one VPS. And that's never been a problem because that'd be that that's what hosting is shared hosting is a bunch of domains on one server, the server just gets divided, right? It gets divisions and it gets files installed in the server. So I've never seen a problem with that. The problem becomes when you start interlinking those and start trying to manipulate, manipulate Google, and Google catches the PBN, because then that gets the index. And as a matter of fact, it doesn't even like nowadays, your your links just get devalued to the point where they become almost useless.

And it's the the distance graph takes over. And and it just, you see diminishing return. So you have to go back and you have to keep working on those websites to keep them active activity, relevance, trust, and authority. If any of those things are missing from those 20 domains where you're trying to manipulate, then you get diminishing return. That's how it works. It's really simple. The way that Google Google set that up.

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How Does Dynamic Content Work?

Okay, so we'll is up well, What's up, buddy? He says, How does dynamic content work? I have a client that ranks for multiple locations using content from a dotnet database to feed the respective location fields and the page content dynamically. pages are all dot ASP x. At the bottom of the home page, they have listed about 60 locations. When you click on the city, the database fills out the appropriate content. Every single page looks like its content except the for the location content. So probably the location modifier itself, or specific content for that location. However, this website is not getting penalized with duplicate content, and ranking for a lot of locations. Why?

Well, Marco, that sounds like a really good question for you. Because that is touching upon the duplicate content myth or fallacy. You're off? Yeah. Yeah, it's it's so crazy. Well, people are still believing that there's such a thing as duplicate content. And there's idiot, excuse me. There are experts and gurus and ninjas out there teaching that there's such a thing as duplicate content, and that duplicate content can harm it.

I tell you what I did on Thanksgiving Day, a little bit before actually. We started working on that. And we decided we're going to we're going to tackle a really competitive niche. So what did I do, I went and got together fiber I can remember was five or six articles, literally copy pasted from the number one site and from the the most authoritative site in the niche. So the number one site may not be the most authoritative, by the way. So I went and got the content and put it all together, slapped it on the D site, took content from that, put it in a in a in posts in the GMB and you guys saw the results I'm sharing it in in the free groups, or free groups and in Facebook, because I want to do away with the fallacy with the myth that there's such a thing as duplicate content, and duplicate content can harm you, you can rank better than the people who originally posted the content. By the way, whether it's ethical is what that's the question altogether. I did it for the express purpose of proving that there's no such thing as duplicate content, and that you can rank just as well or even better with so called duplicate content, the content will be rewritten at some point. So that it's original. So the question is original content, and then copies of that content, and how well that works. What works really well. And and mass page, creating websites would not work. If there was such a thing as duplicate content, and press releases would not work if there was such a thing as duplicate content, and places that aggregate content being nothing but MSN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, all of these places, all they do is they aggregate content. They take content all over the web, and they rank with it. So how in the hell can there be duplicate content that can be one and two, in this case, where you're delivering content dynamically, all you're doing is working with you tokenizing. So you can do this even with with a WordPress plugin, where you have the same template, and all you're doing is flipping out the place names. And you can do perfectly what would that would that's called a mass page creator. Also, that's all it does is tokenizing certain parts of the content and replacing it with the dynamic content dynamic, meaning that that's the part of the content that changes. You have the static, right which is what you're what you're seeing us are you considering duplicate, and then you have that the dynamic that's delivered through a call, according to maybe the person's IP, I mean, you make, there are so many choices that you can make, or so many options on how to deliver that dynamic content. We're doing that with with schema, we built the plugin for to deliver schema dynamically according to the products that aren't paid. So we just pull the information through through the token. So through the variables, actually, why is it ranking because Google is considering that it's authoritative? Google if it has activity, relevance, just a trusted authority. And I've always said and this is a perfect example, the art of art beat anything that there is an overcomes any sort of penalty or negativity that you can think of from Google, the art of art activity, relevance, trust and authority.

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What Are Tiered Social Signals?

Split sweet and we have the real BB is up next, he is asking his multiple questions as we would expect.

Hi, guys, number one, what is tiered social signals? Is that just tiered IFTTT rings now and in fact, tiered IFTTT rings aren't really tiered social signals anyways. And we never claimed that they were tiered social signals would be like, for example, if you published a blog post and somebody worked to share that blog post URL to their Facebook profile or page or whatever. And then multiple people would start commenting on that Facebook share, or sharing that Facebook post, which was just a share of a blog post URL to begin with. That would be tiered. Right. So I mean, again, think about what tier it is tiered link building, for example, would be like, if you have a piece of content, you build links to it. That's tier one links. If you build links to those tier one links, that's tier two links, right? That make sense? So again, tiered social signals is it's the same concept as tiered link building. It's just with social signals. And IFTTT rings or syndication networks, essentially, they can kind of produce like a, like an initial mimicking of tiered social signals. But it's the actual social engagement that makes tiered social signals effective, if that makes sense.

Can The SEO Shield Compete With WebMD?

So number two, can the SEO Shield compete with WebMD? Excuse me? Can the shield so he's talking about can the SEO Shield compete with WebMD, have only ever succeeded with that. So that's a good question for you, Marco.

Yeah, no. I said it. No, it. All right. Come on, man. If you want to go take on Amazon, then you better have the budget to take on Amazon. You want to take on Google, you better have the budget to take on Google. I'm sorry, but the question is ridiculous. No, the fuck you cannot compete with me? How long have they been around? They're the trusted, authoritative source on the web. So right off the bat is that this this goes back to the Toronto DUI attorney to post. I didn't write my two posts for Toronto DUI attorney. What the fuck you do? Of course, you didn't have the fucking you're expected to you don't have you haven't established the relevance. The trust the authority or the activity to compete with WebMD and WebMD didn't start out competing with whoever it was that they were competing with. Amazon. If you think back on Amazon, when they started up, Jeff Bezos lost money, and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

I mean, every year he report a loss and a loss because he started out with just a bookstore. I remember seeing him and I never Yeah, we lost money. I think it was 100 million or 75 million. And yet, people were gobbling up the shares of the company. I don't know if you guys remember that people just gobbling up up the shares that Amazon was offering. Now, they didn't become the go to place in the ecom. Right niche until Well, after they dumped millions and millions of dollars into this endeavor. Google didn't start out beating Yahoo and whoever and Netscape and whoever else was around. At that time, Google came out trying to compete, but they had millions in budget they did the IPO and and millions more to reinvest into the company. So if you're thinking, I'm going to order at 300 and I think it's three, I don't know $250-$300 product and take over where WebMD is. You know, do, don't stop stop it. You started your celebration early.

What you can do is you can do what we're doing in the econ in our ecommerce a case study, and Rob is doing HVAC. By the way, what we're sharing in the heavy hitter club which is you go after a sector in the niche, we did it with with

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Fuck, I don't want to say the niche. We did it with an ecommerce case study as a matter of fact dedhia. Yeah. And his client, where instead of taking on Amazon directly, he went after a vertical in Amazon. And I think he took it he took the client from, I don't know 10-12 million to almost 30 million.

But the client had the money to invest. It wasn't just Okay, let's do an SEO show. Let me how many millions I'm going to make, it doesn't happen that way. We tell you, you do as little work as you have to do for maximum return. But that sometimes means we have to do press releases. That sometimes means that we have to look like link building expansions, and everything else that we have to do to compete. If you want to go after WebMD, that's a billion dollar company and it's going to require that kind of investment. What you need to focus on is a vertical in WebMD and see how you can start ranking in that and making money in that and then reinvesting it so that you can then challenge within the for that vertical before you go to the next one. And the next one.

I don't think it's logical to think that one SEO shield is going to allow you to take over from where WebMD is are aware with MDF.

What Is Going With The New eCommerce Stuff You Do?

Right on Okay, so what is the next question? Because I am not seeing it. Standby? Oh, that go back up there? I'm sorry. So BB is asking thanks for none, by the way. Baby is asking what is going on with the new ecommerce stuff you do before? How long do you had to shoot? We're still working on that. BB River. None of us have been ecommerce guys. You know, I think all of us have done various like contributions to e commerce projects over the years. But none of us have specialized in any of that or done any of that as like a you know, any of our major projects. So, but recently, Hernan and Adam went in partnership together with an e commerce site. So we are looking at doing a case study with our methods applied to that. And so that's something that can't even give you an estimate on when that, you know, case study will be available, because it's new to us. So give us some time, we'll share details when we have it. Anybody want to comment on that? Yeah, we've got we're gonna potentially start during the beginning, like early January, we're going to start applying stuff and documenting, we're already documenting the paid side of things, and the email side of things. And then we will start documenting the SEO and everything like that in early January.

Okay, Marco, anything. Yeah, as I said, we're sharing it in the heavy hitter club. And you guys have seen the results of it. And it's a lot easier to rank than it is to monetize. Because I mean, we needed a you need a bank account to start monetizing. So we had to create the company to create the bank account, to create the bank account to be able to get in, for example, Amazon, or whatever, to be able to make money from it. But you guys see me, baby, just go to the free group, the images are there, I'm sharing the results in there, you don't even have to pay for them. You can see those the results are there. And you can't argue with the data that Google gives you now monetizing that once we have the bank account in place that we can get all of these into all of these different affiliate offers and see where we start making money. Or maybe we get so much traffic, that it makes sense to run either media dotnet or AdSense, add them and monetize it that way or monetize it with a combination of, of ads by display ads and affiliate offers. But the first thing is, of course you have to rank in, you have to get in there. And we're already seeing that. So now the next thing is just adding some nice buttons to get people to take action, and we will be sharing those. But that will be shared in the paid groups. It will not be available for free. Yeah, because it's not free to us to do all of these things. If you require money to start a company, you're required money to fund the bank account. And all of the different things that we're doing the SEO shields are not free to us. Because even though it's a lower cost, we have to invest our time into it and my time is expensive. And so I would say that for the first year. I don't expect to net a penny from this effort, but after after the first year, so I'm willing to make to make the long term commitment to this. I see this as as really, it's a billion dollar niche that we're in. And I'm already seeing good results. And we're and we're 30 days into the case study, I would put that in, in the wind column any day of the week, twice on Sunday.

Right on so that the follow up question was, how much traffic? What was the profit was what was the actual investment? Again, maybe we'll share more details when we have details to share about that particular project, which right now, we don't have details to share.

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How Long Do You Think The SEO Shield Will Hold On?

So next was how long do you think the SEO shield will hold on? That's a good question. Ah, well, it's going on six years now.

So Marco, what do you think? Like, we don't know, we don't control Google, when they take away G sites and dry stacks. We'll focus on something else right now. It's working really well, it's been working really well. And I mean, the whole foundation of G sites and dry stacks are not fat, the content is that the images, it's whether you guys know, it's the iframe. So when Google takes away YouTube, and the ability to embed, then we might lose whatever it is that we're doing until then, we could just go somewhere else, Google takes me t sites, and Dr. sec, will just go somewhere else and build them. And and it's that simple. We can drive power from other places, other people are already doing it.

And so it's not as if it's a what he call, it's a great big secret. What you can that you can do these things that you can iframe that you can embed, and that you can link build, as long as everything works through links. Guys, let me tell you, quantum is a long way away. Okay. They're making progress in leaps and bounds, but it's still a long way away.

Once we're in quantum, it's going to take a while until you can teleport yet, you can actually teleport in quantum from one server to the other. And until then, what we're going to have is a connection from one server to the other. All Google is is a server that has to connect to another server. And that's done through links, the way that you collect connect to nodes on the web, and especially the way that Google works, the PageRank. And ranking score algorithm is you can make two nodes through an HTML hyperlink. And you measure the distance from one authoritative source to the other, and how close you are to that authoritative, trusted source on the web. That's how you develop a PageRank. And rankings for until that changes is money. It's money. And it doesn't matter whether the Oh shield and the FPL shield, the way that is conceptualized now, whether Google changes, something that might change the SEO shield will just change and adapt them and go right along, I don't see anything hurting what we're doing, which is entity based. So if you're focusing on the SEO shield, you're already focused incorrectly, because I'm talking about entity based, worry less SEO.

There you go.

What Are The Biggest SEO Opportunities For 2021?

Okay, so the next question, sorry, I lost the screen again. Alright, so baby was asking about the SEO 2021 forecasts. And I think Iowa SEO was also asking about that. And a question further down. So in, you know, Marco is the SEO guru of our group, I would love to hear what his thoughts are about SEO for 2021. But I can tell you what my thoughts are, as kind of somebody that straddles both SEO and paid traffic now, because of you know, arts right activity, relevance, trust and authority. And so much of that can be accomplished with paid traffic now, and I'm all in on paid traffic, because of what I've been able to achieve recently, in the last, you know, month or two with YouTube ads, especially they but Google Ads period that the audience targeting is like it is just the the amount of improvement that has occurred within Google Ads with audience targeting, intent based targeting and that kind of stuff is it's just incredible. And it has opened up a lot of doors for my own business, my own agency. In fact, I'm working on the biggest project, digital marketing project that I've ever worked on in my entire career right now, which I can't disclose any of those details right now. But it is the biggest project I've ever worked on, and I'm trying to systematize it so that it will be a major, you know, cornerstone of Semantic Mastery in our training, at least for the mastermind anyways, so and what I see as a huge opportunity in 2021 is utilizing the opportunities that Google gives us with both SEO but also with paid traffic to really manipulate ART, right? Our activity, relevance, trust and authority. And it's like they're giving us the keys of the kingdom. And with YouTube and display network ads, especially you can buy very, very inexpensive traffic engagement signals, essentially, from highly targeted, highly relevant audiences. These are Google users that Google has placed in buckets that you know, defined audiences. Or you can define your own audiences using custom audiences. And, you know, we've been experimenting me particularly I've been experimenting with using paid traffic to augment SEO efforts for the last couple of years. And within the last few months, especially I've seen significant progress because of the audience targeting improvements the Google Ads is made. So for me, I'm going more and more into paid ads for 2021 as a to complement my SEO efforts, I'm not minimizing or reducing any of this stuff that we're doing with semantic mastery methods as far as entity based SEO, what Margo and Rob are discovering and you know, developing for entity based SEO is absolutely critical for 2021. But using paid traffic to to augment all of that, I think is really that that's kind of the direction that I'm going in for 2021. more of that will come out reveal more of that, and that in the coming months. Marco, what do you say?

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I mean, as far as SEO is concerned, AI is going to continue playing a bigger and bigger role, but it's nothing to be scared of. All it is is code. It's code looking for variable, we can feed it the variables we want, which is what we do. That's what heavy heavy the heavy hitter club is focused on. And and as a matter of fact, the SEO shield our ys Academy, our academy reloaded has always focused on the fact that I understood as soon as Google said, We want the bot to learn we're coding the bot to learn the bot is coded to learn, well, I understood well, fuck if it if it if it's coded to learn, then it's going to need variables and I can feed it the variables that I want to have it understand what I wanted to understand that this is the big problem with AI is that it has human coders who cannot predict how that code is going to be used. So understanding that and understanding how Google is coding the AI to learn and how the AI is then set loose.

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To fill in the variables for everything, especially the the entities, and how we can then form this entity ourselves and and create what's part of that entity? And what's a valid part of the entity More importantly, then it's just I don't know, it's a done deal. It's a slam dunk, because then we can create our own entities the way that we see it. And we can fit the mold better because we're creating the entity are we adding to the entity and the variables that Google will be looking for and where others are missing it? And we're not is where we'll be able to really make a dent in the space we'll be really be able to make a difference in those spaces where people are just not filling in the blanks like we are filling in the variable and giving Google the variables that it's looking for.

Beautiful, thank you. Okay, so the next question.

Is The GMB Service Coming Back On MGYB?

Scroll down a little bit. Hernan please. Is the GMB service coming back to MGYB? I don't know. I can't answer that. Maybe Marco has a better answer. But Marco, what do you think we're working on it? Yeah. It's difficult guys, because of you know, all the changes Google's making and sometimes they're on a you know, Warpath or rampage. And so it's just it's difficult. They're trying to combat spam, which I don't blame them. So Jim does those damn spammers. Yeah. Jim says, Hey, gang, I have a really quick question. probably obvious question, should the branded drive stack use a company's primary Gmail address? Does this put the account at risk? Thanks, I hope everyone is having a safe holiday season. No, it's not necessary, you know, again, so if you order a drive stack, or, you know, SEO Power Suite, or whatever, from us, we'll go out and create it with a brand new Gmail account that we set up. And that's perfectly fine. What we suggest is, and typically, like, for example, every for every project now that I set up, I always set up a G Suite account or now it's called Google workspace, right used to be G Suite, but now it's workspace. Anyways, I always set up a paid Google account for every new project, period, end of story, okay. And but that doesn't mean that I have the drive stack built underneath that G Suite or workspace account.

I order it through MGYB just like you guys, do, I swear to God, I don't have any of our network builders or drive stack builders or anybody work for me outside MGYB anymore, like I literally put on orders to MGYB. So I do it just the way that you guys do. But I don't get a G Suite account, like I don't provide them with those details. When I ordered the drive stack, they build it under a new gmail account that they create. And when they deliver the finished product to me, then I can go in and add I log into that Gmail address that was created for the drive stack order. I log into bind it to my IP, which is what we instruct you. Like when we send delivery email, we instruct we provide you with instructions to do that, bind it to your IP, so I log into that account. And then I add the G Suite account, right? So the main entity, Google account as a manager, or I share it, for in the case of drive stacks, share it give permissions to that G Suite account, so that I can manage it through the G Suite account, but it's technically owned by the original Gmail account. That's perfectly fine. That won't cause any problems. And that's, in fact, how we suggest that you do it. Any comments, guys? No, that's exactly how the email goes out. Don't ever go back in as the owner is the manager. Yeah. And the same thing goes with the Google Sites, guys, you can go to sites google.com. And you can share it with your G Suite or Google your main your primary branded Google account. You know, again, I highly recommend using G Suite or Google Now it's called Google workspaces for all your primary entities. But again, you just share it, give permissions, and then you can edit the G site from that account as well.

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Okay, so iOS CEO asked what the biggest SEO opportunities for 2021 where we just answered that wall, asked for just goofing around with DC plumber and found the Twitter account was suspended. Just FYI. Okay. I didn't affect Google rankings, because I just checked, but yeah, okay, cool. Thanks.

rocketbox. You said, Okay, that was I guess we didn't answer the question. I think Marco resolve that.

Did You Took Over The Entire Tree Services In The U.S. Or There Are More Places Left?

So BB says, did you? Did you take over the entire tree services in the US? Are there more places left? So I'm sure that's a question for me. No, baby. Trust me. I haven't even scratched the surface. Okay. That's what I'm saying. Do you guys realize how much opportunity there is out there? Like there is a big blue ocean of money slopping around out there. And, you know, I've been in the tree service industry generating leads and doing SEO for Tree Service contractors since 2012. And I haven't even scratched the surface. Are you kidding me? There's there are I mean, it's funny, but the big the huge project, I'm not going to disclose what the project is. But I'm trying to scale my agency for Tree Service stuff, like considerably in 2021. And I just did a huge search for the prospecting for building a prospecting list the Tree Service contractors in Virginia. And all I did was target the top 20 cities in Virginia, and did a scrape, search for you know, a prospecting list essentially. And I came again, it resulted with over 950, it was like 958, or something Tree Service contractors. And after I cleaned the prospecting list, for again, this was just the top 20 cities by population size in the state of Virginia, I had over 950 Tree Service contractors. And after D duping the list, cleaning it, getting rid of non relevant, you know, contacts within the list and all that kind of stuff, I ended up with over 700 contacts in the state of Virginia alone. So think about that. If I were to prospect aggressive, which I'm going to prospect aggressively to all 700 contacts in the state of Virginia alone, just Tree Service contractors, and just get 1% of them. Right as clients, that would be seven new clients for one state. Right, do that times 50 states. Think about that? That's 350 clients. I mean, so my point is just think about the opportunity out there anybody that thinks a market I mean, there are certain markets that are saturated. But my point is, there are a lot the United States is a great big area. So, you know, 50 states if I were to get be able to just develop a prospecting contact list of 700 Tree Service contractors times 50 states that's 3500 Excuse me, is that 35,030 500 my math is off at the moment, but that's a huge opportunity nonetheless. So no, did it have I taken over that niche? Absolutely not. There is plenty of room in there for others to join that same industry or enter that same market. Any comments on that?

Nah, man, cuz it goes back to the WebMD question.

And then whatever, to go out to the entire tree services market in the US, you need the budget for it.

I mean, that's that's I don't know Bradley about you. But it's not something that I want to invest all that money. Yeah, put all your eggs in one basket.

And a lot of if you drop that basket, you're in trouble. I focus on more different revenue streams. And I'm not interested in owning any one specific market. I'm after a certain income level where I can just give away most of the money. That's what I'm focused on.

All right. Well, guys, thank you for everybody being here. This was the last Hump Day hangouts of 2020. By the way, a big F you to 2020 middle finger. Let's put this shit in the rearview mirror and look forward to 2021. I hope it can, I would say can only get better, but I'm not going to hold my breath. So God bless everybody. Happy holidays. Happy New Year. We hope you all will join us next week for the first Hump Day hangouts of 2021. Let's kick next year's ass. Sounds good. Oh, yeah. Bye, everybody.

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