Does It Hurt Or Help To Have Multiple Syndication Networks?

By April

In episode 210 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if having multiple syndication networks hurts or helps rankings.

The exact question was:

Hi, Can it hurt or help to have multiple syndication networks? I have used lower standard contractors in the past and now I'm considering using your services on top…

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 213

By April

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Adam: All right, welcome everybody. This is Hump Day Hangouts. I just realized that I did a live stream in our Facebook group asking people to come to Hump Day Hangouts 214. But apparently I was a week in the future, because this is Hump Day Hangouts Episode 213. Today is the 5th of December 2018. And before we dive into answering everyone's digital marketing questions, going to say hi to the Semantic Mastery team real quick. So left to right on my screen. Chris, how are you doing?

I'm doing good here. I'm in the gym here as you can see. So yeah, that's life in California.

Adam: Outstanding, outstanding. That's tough. Yeah, you're in California and you're indoors. What's going on man?

Chris: Nothing much. It's raining outside like, [inaudible 00:00:42] about the weather. How about at your place?

Adam: Yeah, well, it was raining this morning. So I'll let you pump some iron while we move down the line here. Hernan maybe things are a little bit warmer for you, right?

Hernan: It is actually. It's a nice day today. I think it's about to rain but going good and yeah, really excited to be here. Really excited for what's coming for this month. So very good.

Adam: Marco. How you doing man?

Marco: I'm good man, babysitting.

Adam: Keeping busy.

Marco: Real busy. She's a handful, but I'm happy. And then of course Christmas. So it's annual charity drive for Semantic Mastery. And so I'm really happy about that. It really gets me going man. This is the stuff that I really like, that I really enjoy, right? It's what makes me happy. So looking forward to doing all of that.

Adam: Outstanding. Yeah, we're going to have some more information on that. I know we've had a lot of people who have donated and are going to be coming into the kind of the webinar on Monday and I'll talk a little bit more about that. But thank you to everyone who's donated so far. And last but not least, Bradley how are you doing?

Bradley: Good man. Just happy to be here.

Adam: Good deal. All right, short and to the point. Well, just one-

Bradley: One thing real just quick. Marco, I pinged you in Slack. Could you reply to that when you get a chance. Sorry, I just need a link for something.

Adam: Yeah, right. You guys are just sending gifts back and forth. All right everybody. Well, first of all, if you're new to Semantic Mastery thanks for tuning in and watching this. Whether you're watching it right now live or if you're checking it out on the YouTube channel, appreciate you watching. You can always come and watch live and especially if you're on YouTube and you want to get replies, we try to reply to comments and questions on YouTube channel. But if you want to have the best chance of getting your questions answered go to And I believe that is in the YouTube description as well. Or if you just join, you sign up to join our subscription list. We send out alerts about hey, we're starting soon you can come join and do it that way.

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The second thing I wanted to mention is well, people ask us once we get started what's the first thing we should do? You should get a battle plan. Everybody skipped the battle plan. People in our mastermind get the battle plan. Everyone should get the battle plan. It's a great way to get repeatable processes for SEO of digital marketing and I'll put the link on the page here. But you can just go to battleplan.semanticmastery and then also highly suggest if you've done that, you got the battle plan and you're ready to take things up a few notches, you're looking for a peer group, you want to really grow you want to scale, come join our masterminds. You can find out more about that at And speaking of the Mastermind guys we got some big stuff coming up later this month don't we?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: [inaudible 00:03:43].

Adam: We do, we do. We got a lot of updates coming. We just told the members about it inside of the Mastermind believe last week. I know I was traveling so kind of lost track a date but we got some big changes coming, a lot of really good stuff and we're going to actually have a little bit of a webinar about that later in the month right Hernan.

Hernan: Yeah. It's going to be around the … Well, it's going to be after Christmas. So it's going to be around the 26th, 27th around that. And yeah, we're going to be announcing a bunch of updates and upgrades and enhancements that we're doing to the Mastermind, the Semantic Mastery Mastermind experience if you will, right? So we have a lot of content in there, a lot of people having great results. But we felt that we could do a lot better with how things are organized for you guys. So yeah, that's going to be quite a treat for everyone within the Semantic Mastery Mastermind. So if you wanted to join, go ahead and join because it's going to be quite a ride for 2019.

Marco: Yeah, better to [inaudible 00:04:42].

Adam: Yeah, definitely. So we got that going on and then also we're going to have a little bit more firm announcement. We got a really cool update webinar. Bradley's been doing a lot of work as well as other people with the Local Lease Pro stuff. We're going to have an update webinar about that. Bradley decided to make that public and then we're going to do-

Bradley: For a short period of time.

Adam: Yes. For a very limited period of time. But you can come watch it. We understand, you might be in a different time zone. So, we're not going to say you have to be there live. But you're going to have a day, maybe 48 hours to watch it. And as well, we'll answer questions. Go deep into that. We're seeing a lot of really good results. We want to share this with people. And also we're going to have some specials announced there as far as some Christmas good stuff going on. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: I got a couple things to add to that briefly. So yeah, so that's December 17th, correct?

Adam: Right.

Bradley: Okay, so we're going to do a Local Lease Pro update webinar for the members and … But I'm going to make it public for a very brief period of time, probably only 24 hours guys. So all of you that aren't in Local Lease Pro, if you want to get … We're going to be talking about location research, I guess, some new discoveries and location research and some real opportunities that we were missing before. And so I'm going to reveal how to do that. I'm also going to reveal some really cool tips on how to … Because location research has expanded so much, which is really the tip of the spear. So it's really important. We're going to talk about how to make sorting through all that data more efficient and easier. So we'll talk about that.

We're also going to talk about some other just slight changes to the original training. But we're going to make that public just because we want a lot of you guys to understand what type of training it is. So in case you haven't joined, you may end up wanting to join because you're not going to get all of it, you're just going to get what I'm going to share as the update. So, that's only going to be part of the overall puzzle. If you want the whole thing you have to join Local Lease Pro or join the Mastermind because that's really the first product that you will get as a Mastermind member depending on whether you're starting off or trying to grow your business. But either way, it's one of our front end products now when you join in the Mastermind.

I would highly recommend that you guys show up for that. And then one other thing just real quick, it's kind of a side note. I meant to announce this earlier. And Adam I don't know if you set it or not. I wasn't paying attention. But guys, we've been noticing me to get a lot of questions in the comments section of the YouTube videos on our YouTube channel, and that's fine. But a lot of times those don't get answered or they're delayed for days or even weeks before they get answered, because nobody's actively monitoring our YouTube channel comments. So I just answered them occasionally when I see them. But just so you know, this is the forum for questions, right? Hump Day Hangouts, guys.

And I know not everybody's going to hear this. But just for those of you that end up sometimes posting comments or questions underneath the YouTube videos, especially like the clips that we cut out Hump Day Hangouts, a lot of times they don't get answered, that's what Hump Day hangouts is for. We give an hour every single week. So please post your questions here and that way we can get them answered, okay?

Adam: Cool. And something a little bit closer in time wanting to remind everybody and Marco mentioned at the beginning, but we got the charity drive going on right now. We're going to be tying that in later in the month. But coming up real soon Marco you got a webinar on the 10th and you want to talk about that real quick?

Marco: Monday 3:00 PM Eastern, anyone who's interested in Drive Stacks, whether mine or somebody else's, I'm going to show you how it's done right. And how you power them up the right way. And all it takes is a donation. So the course costs 4K as you know. And it's worth every frigging penny that you spend because nothing pushes more power than the Drive Stacks. We've shown it time and again. But Rob and I are going to go in there on Monday … Yeah, Rob is riding shotgun and he's going to give some stuff away as he always does. He's like Bradley, he likes to give away the farm. So if I'm not doing it or Bradley's doing it, he is. So we're always giving away stuff.

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People have donated we'll you the access. If you haven't, I'm sorry. That's how it goes. So if you have Drive Stacks, if you have interested in Drive Stacks, if you're in [inaudible 00:08:57] academy, local gym, be pro, I don't care where you are, you need to be in this webinar. And all it takes, it's not even coming to Semantic Mastery. All it takes is a donation and whatever you decide to give is fine. I'm not going to say anything. Five bucks, 10 bucks, whatever you decide to give is good enough to get you in on the webinar.

And there's a previous webinar that we've done. I'm trying to get access to that so that I can even give you access to that to the first one in the series. So I think it's just totally worth whatever money it is that you decide to spend. Give from the heart because it all goes to kids. You guys know the charity if you don't you can … I'll drop the links to the … We have some videos and what do you call it? In our YouTube channel. By the way, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. It really helps us and we also have it in the charity page, right? There's video so you can see what the charity is all about. You can also visit the Facebook page and so that's what we're doing guys. We're just helping kids.

If you like helping kids, you like helping others, donate and what you get in the bargain is a fucking awesome webinar on how to power Drive Stacks. It can't get any better than that. Yeah. And by the way, I misspoke man. I'm not babysitting I'm just being dad.

Adam: Awesome. Well, you guys heard it Monday 3:00 PM. And again, give which you can, give from the heart. This isn't, like Marco said, this isn't going to us. It's going direct to charity. And then Marco's been nice enough to share this information, put it on the webinar and try to get you access to that other one. So I put the link on the page, go there. And then also we're looking for input on a resource we're putting together. We have a list of a couple Hernan posted in the Facebook group yesterday. We've got a lot of responses but we love as many as we can get. Going to put that on here as well. If you can just hop over there, check it out, see which resource you would want and vote on that, we would really appreciate it. With all that said, I think we're ready to go.

Bradley: Okay, cool. And one thing I want to mention, I just thought it was funny that the Local Lease Pro method is just crushing it guys and it's … I don't know, how long it's going to last for us to have this kind of opportunity. So we're trying to build as quickly as we can and that's basically what we're teaching in the Mastermind. And it's super important and what's really cool about, there's a one particular metro area that I've already got a service provider lined up for and they asked for us. They give me a list of specific locations that they want to get more work from and so I did the locate … Well, I had my VA do the location research and I think there was 12 maybe 13 areas in total that we researched like zip codes essentially. And I ended up identifying five that we were going to attempt to secure and to rank for Legion.

And I got three out of five in the maps pack, in the three pack with nothing other than claiming, verifying and optimizing the GMB profile. It didn't have any press releases, it didn't have any off page stuff. It was just literally just optimizing the profile. So three out of five in the metro area almost overnight. It's just fabulous guys. And so that's kind of stuff you can expect with Local Lease Pro. And that's, again, we're going to be doing the update webinar on the 17th. So I highly recommend that you show up for that so you can get a taste of what it is that we're doing, okay. And with that, I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen. I'm going to get into some questions.

Is There A Bottom Threshold For GMB Regarding City Size And Demand?

All right. First, Larry is up. Larry had several questions last week. He said, “I have begun thinking about local GMB and have a question about local city size and search demand. Is there a bottom threshold for GMB regarding city size and demand?” Okay, I mean, no, there isn't a … You can still get leads from a Google My Business asset even in really small towns. I Know, because I've got several Tree Service assets in some very, very small towns. And what's great about them is they're typically really easy to rank. And obviously I don't get a whole lot of calls from those. But they still do generate calls. So yes, you can still get leads from an area even if it has no search volume according to Google Keyword Planner. But don't worry about that. Really don't worry about that because the Google Keyword planner's typically showing keywords that advertisers bid on.

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And so if it's in a really small town, and there's nobody actually advertising spending money on Google ads in that area for those keywords, which is, it's rare that you find those but it does happen. Then that data might not show for those keywords. But because nobody's bidding on them, right? Nobody's bidding on those keywords. So there's no reason for that data to be tracked. But that doesn't mean you can't get leads from there. I know that to be a fact because like I said, from Tree Service as well as some other industries that I've been in where the keyword track or the keyword data doesn't show any search volume, but I don't care because it still ends up generating leads.

As far as what I'm doing for my minimum size like when I have location research done by my VA for let's say 30 zip codes around a metro area, including the metro area and then the adjacent or surrounding areas. Let's say we research 30 zip codes. Out of that what once we've identified all the zip codes within a specific radius, then my VA goes and searches the population data for each one of those zip codes and then sorts it and gets rid of any unique or stand or, excuse me. Unique or P.O.Box type zip codes which have zero population and then the ones that, the remaining zip codes that do have population the window that I'm selecting is no less than 10,000. If the zip code has less than 10,000 people, then I omit that.

Now that's not saying that you can't get leads from that. You certainly can. I'm just saying that typically I'm going for 10,000 or more population in a specific zip code, because it's going to produce more call volume, right? It's likely to produce more call volume. So that's just an arbitrary number that I pulled out of the air no kidding. Maybe at some, once I have more of a streamlined process and everything else I may test with some lower population areas and see if I could still generate just as good results or similar results. But that's currently my threshold. And there's really no rhyme or reason to that I just selected that, okay.

But again, it doesn't matter how small the area is, people need stuff, right? Like, so it doesn't matter even if it's a very small town with a small population of say 3,000. Those 3,000 people are still going to need services, right? Of whatever it is. So if you can get a listing in that area, it might not generate a lot of leads, but it should generate leads nonetheless. Okay?

Marco: Yeah, I would add that it depends on what the lead is worth. Because if you're getting 10 and it's only 10 bucks, I don't know if you want to bother with $100 a month, although some people … If you do that 1,000 times, that's a whole lot of money.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Right? But if you're dealing with something that's high demand in the area, and high ticket so that maybe two or three calls a month is all you need to make this successful for whoever it is, then I mean, totally, because 15,000 people you're going to get some kind of call volume. What kind of call volume? I don't know, you're going to have to research. Research the competition, research what's going on. 15,000, I would say definitely.

Bradley: Absolutely.

Marco: That's not a small size town. I mean that it's small in comparison to others, but you're still going to get decent call volume maybe in the 30 to 40 calls a month range maybe I don't know. If you get a call a day, you're good to go. Calls that turn into leads. Let's say if you get one a day, 20 a month you're good to go. The dermatologist is happy because he wasn't getting those before and it depends on how much he's willing to pay you for your efforts. I mean you got to weight that. How much are you going to get paid for the work that you're going to do.

Actually in if you have Local Lease Pro and you know how easy it is, you'd laugh all the way the bank because literally there's very little that you need to do.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. I mean, there's no way for me to speculate on how many calls you could generate from a city with 15,000, especially for dermatology keywords. It's not something I've ever … I've never worked in that industry. So I couldn't tell you. But my point is if a three pack is showing its 15,000 people in that population in that area and you said it's a mess and can be easily taken over, then I'd do it, right? I mean it depends. Are you getting paid. Has he already agreed to pay you to do it or are you talking about doing it to generate leads. However you decide to do it.

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If he's interested the dermatologist that is, then I would go ahead and do it. Because 15,000 people that's perfect for me as far as … That's right in my window it's above 10,000. And so a lot of the zip codes that we target range between 10,000 and 30,000 people. It's right in there, that's a good number so I would absolutely go after it.

Something else Larry you can check out is use Google Trends. Go to and you can take … And that's trends, T-R-E-N-D-S and then you can actually sort, you can put in keywords like dermatology, dermatologist, things like that and then select your State, select United States and then select your State that you're in. And then you can get kind of an idea of what the Search interest is. It doesn't show search volume, it shows search interest and it's like a percentage, essentially. So you'll see search interest for the keywords, not only for like dermatologist and dermatology and again I'm not familiar with that industry. So I don't know what somebody looking for that would search for, but that's a great place to start. That is always where I start for any type of keyword research is Google Trends because I can specify my area, my location, my geography, and then I can narrow down all the way to a city level. But that typically restricts data considerably.

I usually start at the State level and if I don't see a lot of data, then I'll broaden my search to United States so the entire country, right? But usually I'll start with just the state level and then also you can adjust the time. So how much data are you looking at as far as historical data. I think by default now it's at 12 months, the previous 12 months of data. But you can select from that drop down also like five years, the last five years or since they started Google Trends, since Google Trends started tracking this data which I think was in 2004.

You can go all the way back to their if you want and that'll give you even more data. But what's cool about that as it will show you the top related search queries based upon your seed term which in this case would be like dermatologists for example. So it will give you a lot of other keywords that now you can start to do research on to identify other keywords that could generate traffic to the business, right? And that'll also, like I said, it doesn't show you search volume. But guys remember the AdWords Keyword planner is or the Google Ads Keyword Planner now, it's an AdWords tool. So when you're talking about doing stuff for SEO, I do still reference it occasionally because it gives me some idea of what type of interest there is for specific keywords but it's not an SEO tool.

It's different in that the data that it's showing is for AdWords data for people that are bidding on keywords and for people that are interacting or clicking on Google ads. So that's what it's showing not necessarily organic stuff, right? So that's why I say, I don't really care what search volume says anymore. I go to Google Trends I take a look there then I also use Power Suggest Pro to pull back a lot of long tail stuff based around my seed terms and then that's it. If I know that there's a suggested phrases and I know that trends shows that there's data and related keywords for that or whatever seed terms of researching then I go ahead and build it for them anyways.

And last but not least, I've said this before but something else you can do is to identify whether keywords convert, whether they generate traffic is set up a Google Ads account or a campaign, excuse me. Set up a Google Ads campaign and just throw a couple hundred dollars at it and test. Because with the alpha beta campaign structure which you can research that just go to Google and search alpha beta Google ads. And you'll see a PDF by what's called by … Excuse me, it's a PDF by a company called Q3 Digital. And talks about what alpha beta campaign structure is, which is really, really easy to set up. It's super simple to set up and it will very quickly show you which keywords are generating traffic and then that's what you can start your SEO campaign around or the keywords that are actually generating traffic, right?

And so that's something else that you can do. Just with a small budget is figure out which keywords are generating traffic and then build your SEO campaign around that. Here's the thing guys, I don't recommend going out and just throwing stuff at the wall when it comes to SEO. Like as far as, “Hey, I assume these keywords are going to be generate traffic. So I'm just going to go start SEOing for these keywords.” Because what happens is you spend a lot of time and effort and perhaps money too on optimizing assets. Building assets optimizing them, building links, creating content, all this other kind of stuff just to find out that maybe that's not a winner.

Whereas if you take AdWords, you could throw a couple hundred dollars at an AdWords campaign, which you could set up in an hour or two tops. If you know what you're doing, right? It could be done in an hour. And then you could let just let the campaign run and slightly optimize it over a few days. And then you'll have data that will show you exactly which keywords are generating traffic, and then those are the ones that you target with an SEO campaign. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of rework. Anyways, I was a good question, Larry.

Is It Okay To Use A Group Of Purchased Images To Different GMBs In The Same Niche And Geotag Them For Their Unique Locations?

Next one is Dan, he says, “Is it okay to use a group of purchase images for several different GMBs in the same niche and simply geo-tag them for their unique locations?” Yeah, I mean, we do that Dan. One of the things that I have my VAs doing … We're not really using a lot of stock images anymore because … We've talked about grabbing images from YouTube. I can't get into that specifically here. But any of you that have been through any of courses know that we've covered that in multiple courses which is going and … Grabbing an image from YouTube that tends to work well because a lot of the times those are unique in that they're not … A still shot from a YouTube video hasn't been indexed, right?

My point is that they have a little bit more power. So that's one thing you can do. But what I have my VA do is about once a week just spend an hour going and collecting more photos just using the YouTube method and adding them to a photos master folder like a masters photo folder. In other words, it's just a pool of photos or screenshots or whatever that they've taken that we just keep adding to every single week. Another couple doesn't go in there or, however many they get done in about an hour. And that way as we continue to build GMB assets, our pool of available images is always growing, right? And so that way we can just select images at random from that that drive folder and then we just geo-tag them.

For example, if we're setting up a new asset, and let's say we want to optimize 30 images for daily posts or something, we'll you'll just randomly select 30 images from that photos master folder or even copy that entire folder. And then in put it in the project sub folder, and then use something like geo setter to geo-tag all of those images. And then whenever he goes to post, set up a GMB post or a blog post or anything really, he can go grab an image from that specific folder. It's already geo tagged. It's ready to go. Does that make sense?

We started off just with like 30 images that we started reusing over and over again for other assets. But I don't like that because it could potentially cause a problem. And you guys if you've probably heard me say this before. I hate rework. Like I hate losing assets, guys. I hated it. That sucks. It's very discouraging. So I'd rather spend the extra time developing the masters photo folder more and more on a weekly basis. And again, it's something a VA could do so that you just keep adding. Stock photos will work. Don't get me wrong. But I like to use more unique images of possible.

Marco: We did an entire webinar on how to get unlimited local images in Local GMB Pro.

Bradley: Yeah, [inaudible 00:26:23] right.

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Marco: No, we didn't share it with … Yeah, we did invite RYS Academy-

Bradley: I thought so.

Marco: In fact, yes we did. So if you're in RYS Academy or Local GMB Pro, you have a way to get unlimited local images and I showed exactly how it's done. And you can have just thousands and thousands of unique images from your hometown and you can relate them all to whatever it is that you're doing. It's a really simple method. I don't know why nobody else has come up with it, has said, “Holy crap. This is so simple.” Because it really is. Once you see it and you see how easy it is, you're going to hit yourself in the head and say why didn't I think of it because it's stupid simple. So if you guys are in it, you just go, it's in the Facebook group in the Local GMB pro Facebook group and in the RYS academy Facebook group. I uploaded the webinar in there.

Bradley: Yeah and I would say definitely you know give more images as you can. It's time consuming to do the methods that Marco was talking about as well as the YouTube method. That's why I recommend that you have a VA do it. Just train a VA to do it guys. It's very inexpensive to have a VA collect images for you, will save you a ton of time.

Marco: Hang on a second. The reason why I did that webinar is I wanted to show people also why you shouldn't use stock images because Google AI can pick out everywhere where that stock image been used. And it's been used multiple times. So Google knows that it's a stock image rather than image taken by someone at the location. So why not go through a little bit extra trouble and give Google what it wants. When we try to trigger the algorithm, that's always what we look to do. We want to feed RankBrain as much data as possible. But it has to be new data for RankBrain to really pay attention.

Does It Affect Branding If The RYS G Site Ranks Higher Than The Money Site For The Main Targeted Keyword?

Bradley: There you go. So Greg's up. He says, “Went through the RYS DYF Manual best I could. I'm a newbie to this stuff and have the following questions. It looks like it may be possible for the RYS G site to rank for the main targeted keyword before the money site does. If so that would be an unfortunate money site branding situation. Even though the G site is carrying links to the money site. I thought the RYS stacks would push ranking juice to the money site.” Well, they do. But yes, sometimes the G site can rank first. And I mean, that's just because it's a Google property and Google's [inaudible 00:28:56] narcissism, right? Google likes to rank its own properties guys, that's why we utilize them the way that we do.

The idea is if you have a Google site that's well built and trust me the way that our guys do it from MGYB, it's incredible. Like, it's amazing how well they come out. I mean, they look really, really good. And there's a ton of data on them. And there's a ton of calls to action, as well as blinks and contact information and all that stuff, so that even if it ranks before the website does, which happens often, it doesn't matter because somebody clicks on it, they're still going to know exactly who the brand is, right? And they could click through to the money side if they wanted to. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if the Google Site outranks the money site. It makes no difference to me because it's still a branded property that's pushing whoever lands on it to the brand. So in my opinion, it really doesn't matter.

Now, there are some things that you can do. Marco, can you add a canonical to a Google site? Is there a way to inject something in an HTML header? I can't remember [crosstalk 00:30:04].

Marco: Yeah. But that's not something that we're going to share. Not right now.

Bradley: Well, okay. I wanted to say how to do it. But I'm saying, you don't think Greg understands that canonical is anyways. But that's something that you could do. But I wouldn't even worry about it. Because, I would rather the Google Site index than not index and push all the power to the money site. Because if the Google site can index and it's still pushing power to the money site, then both could end up being on page one, right? And I would rather have that additional asset that would push a potential competitor off page one, than not have that asset. Does that make sense?

Is It Best To Embed The Map On The Homepage Of The Money Site Or Can It Be Embedded On Multiple Pages Throughout The Site?

Anyways, yes, that can happen sometimes Greg. But again, in my opinion, is that's not a bad thing at all. Number two, “Is it best to embed the map on the money site's homepage, or can be embedded on multiple pages?” It can be embedded on multiple pages, or it can be embedded in the footer or in the sidebar which will make it appear on all pages. That's perfectly fine. Typically I embed a map in like the footer, one of the footer widget areas or a sidebar. Typically that's how I do it. Okay?

Is It Possible To Change The GMB Address After Verifying It?

All right, we're going to be moving. James says, “Hey, hope you guys are well. Quick question if I may. Are you able to change a GMB address after you've receive the postcard and verified the original address? If so …” Well, now you can James only because everything changed recently. Now I don't know if it's a storefront business, as a point of sale. I know for like service area businesses, once you verified the profile, you just go in and clear out the address. There's actually even a link in there that says clear address. I mean, that's what you do now, which is crazy because for the longest time, ever since Google Maps came out, that's not how you did it. And that just changed within like the last six weeks or so. So yeah, you can and as far as … Recently even if you go remove the address, I don't know if you'd want to add the address back in unless it's a storefront.

If you have a storefront where people are going to be coming to the business then yes you want to make sure you have the correct address. But if it's a service area business you don't even need an address anymore once it's verified. Okay? Go ahead.

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Marco: I would say that yes there's always a risk. Anytime you make changes to a Google My Business listing. This one is less unless you make too many changes. If you start making too many changes, the speed at which you do it comes into play. You do shit too fast you're going to get burned and I'm telling you're going to lose the asset. And if it's a client, your client is going to be pissed because you got their stuff … It's going to disappear gone. I mean, it's nearly impossible to get it back once Google says it suspended due to TOS violations or whatever. You're going to start making changes. Dude, slow and steady wins the race. So you do one thing, you let it sit for a while you come back. And never ever through the owner, don't ever use the owner.

I might be giving away too much. Set up a manager and do everything through the manager. Don't ever again sign in as the owner. Protect the owner at all costs. Put all of the blame on the manager.

Bradley: You and I have conflicting opinions on that. In my opinion, it depends on whether you're building a lead gen asset which is a spammed asset essentially or if it's for a bonafide business. If it's for a genuine business, then I totally agree with what Marco just said. But if it's for spam to dress I'm actually recommending that to do everything through the owner account and not even connect a manager account. I'm going to that route because I'm trying to reduce any potential footprint issues. And remember with lead gen assets guys, they're spammed addresses, right? There're spammed asset. So you want to reduce footprint or eliminate footprint if possible.

But when you're dealing with clients or like bonafide businesses, right, genuine businesses, then it's not an issue because they're real businesses that can be verified, right? And can be re-verified if needed. So that's why I would absolutely recommend what Marco said, if that's the case. And that would be like assign yourself as a manager and then make the changes as a manager not through the actual owner account. That makes sense.

Marco: Well, here's the deal with that. We have MGYB Done For You services, right? Excuse me, GMB Done For You services. And the only way that our VAs can go in is as managers. And so that's just the way that it has to be done. And in practice what I've been seeing is that anything that we do as managers, whether it's a spammed address or whether it's a real address, Google doesn't react to it because we never put anything that's of the same type … We never put 100 let's say Tree Service properties on one manager. We spread them out. We give them multiple niches. So each one is going to look like it's an agency actually working in the GMB rather than one big umbrella that's getting spammed. Everything under one umbrella. So that's the way we're actually doing it inside the Done For You services. Because they have to be added as managers.

Is There A Benefit In Changing “User Agent String” For Different Local Business Identities In Ghost Browser?

Bradley: That's right. All right. Randy says, “Began using Ghost Browser recently and found that you can edit the user agent string for different identities. Is there a benefit in changing that for different local business identities?” I don't know. That's not something I messed with Randy. If somebody else has an opinion. I'm happy to hear it. I don't worry about all that shit. I'm using Browseo instead of Ghost Browser and I just make sure that I log in through the … And that's what I was just talking about in the previous question. The Google owner account for the GMB asset we assign to project or essentially it's a profile in Browseo. And then we log in. And from that point on that browsing session remains live or active, right?

Even if we close Browseo that browsing session, that profile remains logged in to where when I pull up Browseo and open the Chrome browser the next time I'm already logged in, right? And so I don't care about the user agent stuff. That may be something that we start worrying about a later date. Right now it has not been an issue. It has not cause any problems so I don't mess with that. Again, guys I try to produce results with the absolute bare minimum required. Because otherwise especially when you're building stuff out at scale, the more steps you add the slower it takes to complete. And so we're trying to streamline things as much as possible.

Now again I'm not saying that that's not something that should be done or that will need to be done in the future I don't know. But it has not been an issue for me and the stuff that I've been doing yet. Does anybody have an opinion on that?

Marco: I don't do anything. I mean I have with Ghost Browser but very limited. I don't know. I found it very rigid. It might be a whole lot better … When it first came out. Might be a whole lot better now. They may have added a whole lot of stuff. But I'm just not familiar with it. And at any rate, I wouldn't be because the way that we teach it is get a VA to do it. And which is what I do. I just had a VA go through the training not for Ghost Browser but for Browseo and so that's what they do.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you with Ghost Browser. But we do have some people who use Ghost Browser. If you're in any of our paid groups-

Bradley: Yeah, just post about it.

Marco: Yeah, just posted in there, and we have a few [inaudible 00:38:03] if I'm not mistaken. There's a few people that are using Ghost Browser and are getting results with it. So, check in there.

Bradley: Yep, there you go. And last part of that, he said, apparently, there was an issue with the MGBYB website on his end. If you have an issue with something like that, just contact support at and try to get it addressed there, Randy. All right.

Should You Take Actions Or Just Ignore A Missing Street Address Of A Live GMB Listing?

Peter says, “Hey guys. A month ago, I received the GMB listing from your store and there was a street address. Now there is no street address, but the listing is still alive. Should I do something about it or just leave it?” Well just leave it, Peter. If it's a service area business, don't worry about it. The address does not need to show in fact, you should clear the address if it's a service area business. Now, again that's changed that's different from even six weeks ago. It used to be there was a checkbox that you would check to hide your address, but the address was still in the GMB profile. It just wasn't shown in maps to the public.

But now as a service area business, it is recommended to clear the address. And once it's verified, you can clear the address. Google knows about what the original address was, but it's not even going to show in the dashboard anymore once you clear it, and that's absolutely fine. If it's a storefront, then yes, you want the address to show because you want people to be able to click for directions. You also want the location to show in maps so that people can find it for driving directions and all that stuff. But for service area businesses, there's no reason for the address to be listed. Because the business goes to the customer location, right? So that's what it should be. Just leave, and I'm assuming it's a service area business.

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Do You Still Geotag Images For GMBs?

Eddy says, “Hey guys. I've been following your content for a while, but only the replays on YouTube. Do you guys still geo-tag your images?” Yes, absolutely Eddy. Absolutely. I've got a VA that does all that stuff. But yeah, absolutely. We geo-tag all the images.

Do You Purchase Image Licenses For Each Individual GMB Or You Buy Them Once And Use Them Multiple Times?

“Also, do you guys purchase the image license for each individual with GMB or do you buy them once and use them multiple times?” Well, okay. I'm using stock images, which again, we try not to use any more at all. But okay. So, for example, I've got clients that I have bloggers post on their GMB profiles direct to the clients' GMB stuff, right?

And so in that case those clients have purchased like, they have an account set up, like I use is the stock image site that my company uses, my team uses. And so each one of my clients that we blog for has their own Stock Fresh account and they pay for the credits. And bloggers actually just access their account to pull images to post for them. That way in case there's ever any license claim issues for that specific business, that business is the license holder. You don't want to as an agency guys purchase stock credit images or licenses and then post them on client sites. Because the client sites or assets have to be the license holders in that case. So your clients can actually be hit with a copyright claim. Be sued for copyright infringement if they're not the license holders.

And trust me, how do I know this? Because I learned the hard way. So I'm telling you don't do that. If you're going to be posting for clients on client assets, you want to make sure that they're the license holders. However, if you're building lead gen assets and you are the owner, well, owner I'm using air quotes, but you control those assets, then you could actually have just one license for your parent company, whatever your company is, which I hope you have an LLC or a corporation. But your company would be the license owner and then all of those assets you could post them too because you can produce the license and also produced that you control those assets, right? You can prove that you control those assets. So that's what I would recommend.

But again I highly recommend that you're not using stock images. I mean there's other ways to get images like we just talked about.

Ralph Pendergraph says, “Last week I asked about GMB accounts that were suspended immediately after verification. Bradley, you asked how were my Gmail accounts created, and they were created on my cell phone with the same number.” Okay. “Which is probably the footprint and the reason for the suspension. Just want to update you guys.” Well thanks for the update Ralph. That could be it. It's getting harder and harder to create Gmail accounts and that's why we typically just buy them. But we've been having issues with some of those recently too. It is, it's just getting tougher guys. And so we're just going to have to keep trying to work around to get to figure all this shit out. I mean, that's the nature of this industry, right? The cat and mouse game that is SEO.

But yeah, that's why it's important. If you're going to be using account providers, which is what I recommend, it's very important to find a provider that also doesn't leave footprints. Because what sucks is you end up with accounts that you start to do stuff with and then they get terminated incredibly easy, and it's because they were flagged to begin with, and that's a problem.

How Important Is AMP For Websites In 2019?

Greg, this is a question for you, Marco. “Hey guys. How important is AMP for websites going into 2019?”

Marco: I think, well, here's the thing, right? And I've said it before, and I have to say it again, it's all about ART, activity, relevance, trust and authority. And not necessarily in that order, but you have to have it all in order for Google to pay attention. If you already have people coming into your website interacting and staying, page speed becomes a non-factor because ART trumps everything. Let me say it again, in case you haven't heard me. All of the other times that I said it ART trumps everything including page speed. Page speed becomes irrelevant because people visit the website and if it's slow, they expect it to be slow and they wait for it to load. Some websites take forever to load.

I mean, and if you're there for a specific reason, you're going to stay. Now, if you have a brand new site, it doesn't have any visitors, it doesn't have anything, then one of the things that is going to matter is that page speed. Because you want people who are coming in to have it available right away and to be able to stay and take action, right? Once you have that going, then again, it becomes a non-factor. How important is AMP? AMP is immediate, because it's Google cached.

And while the project is going, and while Google is paying attention to it, then it's important. And we still have the plugin in the, what do you call it, in the AMP group, in Facebook. So [inaudible 00:44:46] it's still there. It's up to date, it's working. You could do lots of fun stuff with it. So there you go.

At What Rate Do You Disavow Toxic Backlinks Indicated From SEMRush In Google Search Console?

Bradley: There you go. Thanks. Jordan says, “Toxic backlinks indicated from SEM rush. Do you …” I think he meant to say always disavow and Google Search Console and quickly so. “We are currently but wondering if we could slow our role to once every couple of months?” Okay, yeah. I haven't done it in a long time. But yeah, I didn't do it like I would just go quarterly or maybe even bi-annual like every six months or so, that's what I would do. I have a pest control company, they had an employee that I guess left on bad terms or was fired or whatever. Well, at least that the owner thinks it was this ex-employee, started spamming the site with backlinks, but shitty backlinks like really awful anchor texts. Like stuff I'm not even going to repeat on this public company hangout. Like really just awful stuff.

And this was back when I first took the client on which was shit, that's at least four years ago maybe closer to five now. And I was actually pitching the client on SEO services when I happen to look at their backlink profile, and I was using Majestic SEO at the time. But I noticed like, all these awful anchor texts that were pointing to the site. And in fact, those were like, the primary anchor texts. Where like, all these really disgusting, awful things that were being used.

And so that was actually really kind of helped me land that client was because I shared the data from the Majestic report and showed, I was like, “Look, you're getting spammed man. You're getting negative SEO essentially.” And I said, “This could be a real issue. If it hasn't already caused a problem, it certainly is going to.” And so that was part of the reason it became urgent all of a sudden for him to get that cleaned up. And that's part of the reason I ended up landing that client.

One of the things that I did was I would just export the link list from Majestic and then sort by those awful anchor texts and then I would submit all those URLs to the disavow Google … I would disavow those, right? As a disavow file. But the guy was persistent as hell. So again about every three months … At least originally, initially, I did it for about the first year about every three months I would go in and resubmit a new disavow file because additional links would index or appear that we're crappy negative SEO links. But, over time it … And it absolutely helped. I was able to get the site to rank really, really well. So those links were not hurting.

Now, I know a lot of people say don't ever disavow links with Google Search Console. I know people tin foil hat, say because you're just feeding Google Data all that. But I've recovered several sites that had penguin penalties by disavowing links. It's not something I do regularly anymore because all the SEO stuff that I do now doesn't … It's very rare that I come across people that or sites that have to do that kind of stuff. I don't recommend link cleanup jobs. It's a pain in the ass. It's very tedious.

But if you've already got a client and this is an issue then, yeah. And again, there's probably different opinions even from my partners, but for me personally I have had been successful many times by disavowing shitty links. Like I said, I did it quarterly initially and then I went to it about every six months and to be honest I probably haven't even looked in about the last two years now for that particular client. But he's kicking ass so it doesn't matter. So what do you guys think? Marco you got an opinion on that?

Marco: Yeah, I've never disavowed a link and never will.

Bradley: There you go, point in case.

Hernan: I'm in the middle, right? So you guys are like, I always disavow and I never disavow. I think that Google is kind of intelligent enough at these points so that it will tell what kind of links are bring in or are more valuable than others and it all comes down to what Marco was saying. If those links are bringing in traffic and authority and relevance and whatnot. But it all comes down to what do you see in the rankings. Are they fluctuating? Are they piling up? Like it's normal that your website will have a couple backlinks that they're not there because there's a lot of websites that are just like scraping links left and right. Yeah, that's what I would say. Don't touch it unless it really goes down or they're piling up.

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Bradley: I agree with what Hernan. If it's not causing any negative effects, then don't bother Jordan. If you've already started doing that though, and you're not seeing any negative effects, then I would almost say do not submit the disavow file because it could be that the reason it hasn't shown any negative effects is because you've been submitting. If you're currently comfortable with the situation, whatever it is that you're doing either submitting it or not submitting it, but you're comfortable with the results, then keep doing what you're doing is what I'm saying. But typically, like I said, I knew Marco was … I kind of assumed that Marco was going to counter what I said, but I haven't done it in probably two years, like I said guys. But I used to do it when needed and it was fine. I was actually able to successfully recover several sites that way.

But again, I've no other people that say never, never, never submitted a disavow file. But I kind of agree with Hernan too just in that Google has gotten a lot better to determine which links are valuable and which ones aren't. And they kind of disregard their non-valuable links.

Marco: It's called the distance graph algorithm, right? I wrote about it in 2015. That's when it kicked in. That's when Google started just not paying attention to the garbage links and really paying attention to quality links from trusted authoritative sources. The more trusted and authoritative the source in the niche that's what we always say relevance. Or we say ART activity, relevance, trust and authority. That's what activates the distance graph algorithm. So it's not really tinfoil hat. I always say fuck Google anyway.

Yeah, I could give a shit what they do. But this is actually something that's based on science. Google just doesn't pay attention to the garbage links. Whatever they're pointing at you, Google will give them less and less and less authority as time goes by. They might have an effect initially, but you don't really have to disavow them because they won't really count since they have no trust or authority. Now if you have traffic coming through those, let me just clarify. If you have traffic coming through those garbage links, then they can become powerful enough to really affect your website.

And I'm not going to get into how to do negative SEO or hot are how to change the semantic relationship of a website. You can really screw somebody over really bad just by changing the semantic relationship of the website. And there's ways to do it, which I won't get into in this forum.

What Is A Drive Stack?

Bradley: Felician says, “What exactly is a Drive Stack? Thanks.” It's using Google Drive properties for SEO purposes. That's the simplest explanation I can give you. And I'm not even going to try to expand on that. What exactly is a drive stack? It's using Google Drive, which is Google Docs and Sheets and drawings and maps and all that stuff that's available on Google Drive as an SEO tool. That's it. I'm going to move on. We're almost out of time.

What time's your webinar next week?

Marco: 3:00 PM Eastern.

Bradley: 3:00 PM Eastern. There you go Jordan. Jim says, “Donated, I had planned on donating. So this offers just icing on the cake.” Great Jim. Thanks man. “If you've ever learned anything from Marco and or the SM team donating is a given. Think about how much money you've made and how much free information you've gotten from Hump Day Hangouts. Wasn't that worth $5 to $10 or more.” Absolutely Jim and thank you for that comment man. I really appreciate that. I'm sure Marco does as well.

Marco: Absolutely.

Is It Possible To Review The Process For Creating A New WP Site By Using A Redirect From The Old HTML Site?

Bradley: Marcus Goodson says, “Is it possible to review the process for creating a new WordPress site by using a redirect from the old HTML site? Is it possible to review the process for creating a new WordPress site by reusing a redirect from the old HTML site? Do I need to edit the htaccess to transfer the authority to the new site best practices?” I'm not sure if you're talking about building a new site on the same domain … redirect from the old … Yeah, okay. I think I know what you're saying. If you're building a new WordPress site on a domain that was previously an HTML site, how do you capture or redirect inbound to link equity, right? Link flow from non-existing HTML pages.

Then yes, and htaccess would be a great way to do that. All you got to do is like, for example, just build a list of all your pages from your HTML site and the URLs. And then you could just redirect those to the new pages on the WordPress site. Because typically HTML sites are going to have like, dot html at the end or something like that at the end of the pages, whereas WordPress doesn't, right? So you could just set up all those redirects in htaccess Marcus, and that's absolutely how you could do it yet.

That's the point, is you just want to set up 301 redirects. In fact, I'm not sure if you can do it with the plugin. I think you can. I use simple 301 redirects is a great WordPress plugin because it's exactly as the name says. It's a simple 301 redirects. It's super, super easy. All you do is you put the original URL in the left column and in the right column, you put the target URL, the new destination and it'll automatically set up redirects and so like, you could take your HTML extensions, right? So from each individual page and put that in column A and column B is where you would add the new WordPress page or post whatever the URL that you want to redirect that old one to.

But that's just if you want to do it within WordPress. If you want to do at htaccess, if you're comfortable editing htaccess, you can absolutely do it there. And that's probably the best place to do it if you're going to do it. I'm not comfortable editing htaccess guys, so I typically use the plugins, or if I have some redirects that I want done via htaccess. Fortunately, I use really good hosts like Liquid Web or WPX hosting. And I can ask them to do it, hosting support to do it. And they'll do it for me. Because again, I don't like messing around in the htaccess. I'm not one of those types of coding nerds. I don't understand that shit. And so I just stay out of it. Okay, cool. We're going to keep on moving. We're almost done anyways.

Felicia says, “Next one was not Dan's question. I see mine was deleted. Great.” I'm not seeing … What are you talking about Felicia or Felician? I'm not sure what he's talking about. Next one was not Dan's question. Okay anyways, I don't know what you're talking about and nobody can delete comments from this page at least I don't think you can. No, and so if you posted a question and it's not appearing Google Plus sometimes will say that comments or spam and there's no way for us to control that. And if Google says it's a spam comment and it takes it from the page and we can't even see it as an admin, page admin. Just so you're aware of that. It's nobody was targeting you, okay. If you posted a question and it's not appearing then it's because Google took it off the page not us. All right.

Edward, what's up Ed? Ed was at [inaudible 00:56:52] live he's awesome. He says, “Envado subscription lets you license photos for your clients.” That's perfect Ed, thank you.

Any Recommendations For Some Call Forwarding Platforms For Rank And Rent Sites?

Gregory says, “Can you see suggest a couple of call forwarding platforms for ranking websites?” Oh, yes, Gregory. Great question. I used CallFire for … I still use CallFire because it's so ingrained into my business. I've been using CallFire since 2012. No, actually probably … Well, I don't know. Between 2010 and 2012 is when I started using CallFire and I've been using it ever since. So I've got dozens and dozens, if not a 100 plus phone numbers in CallFire.

However, I just started for this GMB asset building the scaling like because we're really building this out. I started using CallRail. I freaking love it. In fact, I would love to transfer all of my numbers from CallFire into CallRail. But that whole porting numbers over is a complete cluster fuck. Like, it's not something I want to do, and it takes several weeks. I'm just not even going to attempt it. Everything that I'm building now though, I'm using CallRail. It's fabulous. It's inexpensive. There are so many amazing features in CallRail guys. It's awesome. So I highly recommend you use CallRail. Anybody have any other suggestions?

Marco: I totally agree I've been using it for about five six years.

Bradley: Yeah, it's great. I really wish I would have started using it a long time ago.

Hernan: But have you tried to integrating them with any other tools yet? I assume they're pretty deeply … I mean I would assume CallRail's been around for a while. So they can act like an example.

Bradley: Oh my gosh. They'll integrate with just about everything. And they'll integrate directly with like Google Ads. I mean it's awesome. And there's a bunch of different apps that will natively integrate with it. But then it will also connect to Zapier, which means you can pretty much connect to anything. So it's amazing.

Hernan: Well, that's good. We should probably talk with the Local Lease Pro people because I see it too. I'm looking at the CallRail pricing info. It's nice they got packages. So if you did this per like metro area, you could include this and kind of have things separated out. I kind of like how this is setup.

Bradley: Yeah. That's great. So great question Gregory. All right, Jordan says, “I'm planning on donating 200 to the charity to get in to Marco's negative SEO webinar.” That's funny. I've never done negative SEO guys never. Never once. Don't get me wrong, I've been tempted to do it. But I've always thought that I would rather work on stuff that can produce revenue, than to take somebody else out because they pissed me off. You know what I mean? And not only that, but I truly believe in karma guys. Karma is a bitch. The universe as a way to working stuff out. And if you're out there negative SEOing, and I know Jordan was kidding. But if you're out there negative SEOing somebody, like that's going to come back and bite you in the ass at some point in your life at some time.

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I'm least that's what I believe. And so I've just never done it. And again, I've been tempted in the past. I've had other people like in a tree service industry example, I've had other tree businesses call and report stuff to Google My Business. I've had them leave negative reviews on the GMB assets because I outranked them. That kind of stuff. And so I've been tempted to like, oh yeah, Mr. Tree guy, you think you're smart? Like, don't you know, this is what I do for a living. I can destroy your online presence. You know what I mean? But I've never done it. I've thought about it, but I've never done it because I've always thought Why would I want to spend my time doing that when I can just build more assets to produce more revenue? You know what I mean? And again, I know Jordan was kidding, but that's just my philosophy on negative SEO.

John says, “I'm on my way to Boston in December. First grandchild on the way, we'll catch the replay. Thanks.” Awesome John. John is a Mastermind member. So everybody, we made it, we're only one minute over. Wow. All right guys, thanks for being here. Thanks, Adam for hanging out and Marco as well by everyone.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Adam: See you guys.

Bradley: See you guys.

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Should I Stop Clearing Cookies And Cache Daily If I Start The Local Lease Pro System?

By April


In episode 204 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if one should stop clearing cookies and cache daily when using the Local Lease Pro system.

The exact question was:

I run ccleaner to clear cookies & cache daily, or my pc gets really slow. I leave history.
I only manage 4 GMB accounts, but if I start the Lease Pro system, will I need to stop doing this, or does Browseo handle having more accounts?

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When Will You Release The New Local GMB Pro Course?

By April

In episode 179 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked when the Semantic Mastery team will release the new course for Local GMB Pro.

The exact question was:

I listen your Hump Day Hangouts every weeks!! +1 for you guys. I will like to know when you plan to release your new course Local GMB Pro ? Thanks

[[UPDATE]] The Local GMB Pro Course has been released!! Find out how you can get more leads from Google!

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Content Curation Explained

By Bradley Benner

Scott Scanlon reveals how easy curating content is when you know what you're doing and have the right tools.

Content curation is a powerful method of producing high quality, relevant, and engaging content for your websites. We were lucky to have a content curation exper, Scott Scanlon of Curation Suite and Listening Engine, on a recent MasterMIND webinar event and wanted to share some of this information with you.

Watch the video above – there is truly some golden nuggets about content curation given by Scott during his explanation of his methods!

Some of the great topics that we discussed included:

  • Common curation questions and fair use explanation
  • How to curate content in local markets for clients (HUGE potential here!)
  • How you can orient local services content to draw more engagement and customers
  • Types of content and posts that work the best
  • How the Curation Suite plugin works with Listening Engine to speed up curation
  • Showing how the system works (screenshare view)

Be sure to watch this entire video.

There are so many opportunities here for those looking to up their content strategies or to add additional valuable services to clients.

From training VA's to produce high quality content to speeding up your own process and making more engaging and relevant posts, this interview has it all.

If you're interested in checking out the plugin that makes all of this possible grab it right here.

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 62

By April


Click on the video above to watch Episode 62 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 62. We got almost the whole crew here. Just go through and say hello on this fine 13th day of January 2016. How's it going, Hernan?

Hernan: Hey, Adam. Hey, everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Hey, Marco. What's up?

Marco: Hey. What's up? I couldn't stay away, man.

Adam: Hey, Bradley. What's up?

Bradley: Hey, guys. Happy Hump Day.

Adam: Yeah. Well, before I get into the less important announcements, I wanted to share with everybody my Christmas present from Bradley. I got this sweet shirt in the mail when I got back from my holiday travels. Had to share that. Let's see. For real announcements, we wanted to let everybody know, we've been talking about this for a while, based on our content and the amount of information we have as well as what's all involved in the MasterMIND, the price will be increasing on the MasterMIND to $297 a month.

Right now, it's $197. That's 2 weeks from today. After the Hump Day Hangout on the 27th, the price will go up to $297. If you've been on the fence, or if you want to check it out, whatever it is, I highly advise you do that. It's going to go again from $197 to $297 in 2 weeks.

Bradley: Let me elaborate on that for just a moment. The reason why is because we continue to add more and more stuff to the MasterMIND, including additional separate courses that are coming out. For example, Twitter SEO Academy, which is part of RYS Academy, but we also release that as a separate product. MasterMIND members get that. MasterCLASS, the format of that has changed recently, and that's more like webinars, Q & A, hot seat, site audits or property audits, marketing audits, whatever you want to call them. That's included in MasterMIND as well.

The value's going way up. We've also got the additional stuff that's coming out, including IFTTT Version 2.0, which is going to be a subscription-based product. There may be front-end where it's a one-time fee, but it's probably going to be a subscription-base, because we're going to be supporting it a hell of a lot more. That's going to be included as well.

The value keeps going up as our library and archives continue to grow. More products get added, and as MasterMIND members, you get all of that stuff included. Unless it's over $300, in which case you get a 30% discount. Also, first-crack get all products that get launched, or services, beta testers, beta pricing testers testing prices on some stuff.

All of that said, MasterMIND is going up. We've actually been told we're crazy to give away as much as we do for the price that we have. We're listening. If you're thinking about it, do it now. If you're not in a position where you're ready to do it yet, then don't. We'll be here when you're ready. It just might cost you more.

Adam: While that's news about out price going up, Bradley asked that we keep the MasterCLASS half-off link working, so we turned it back on. If you're looking to hop into the MasterCLASS, this is going to be running for a week, maybe 2. If you're interested in doing that, I'm going to pop the link in here, and you can get your first month half-price for the MasterCLASS. Actually, I'm going to do that right now.

Bradley: Yeah, and that as well. That's going to stay at that price point for a while. We also got a lot of really good feedback. We were going to shut it down, and then we did a brief survey to the MasterCLASS members. We had an 87% response rate saying that everybody wanted us to keep it open, and we changed the format. Now, it's more advanced Q & A stuff. It's like, again, between what we can talk about here at Hump Day and what we do at MasterMIND, but also the site audits and the hot seats and everything.

One of the suggestions that we got … In the survey, there was a box where we asked people to put a comment, and one of the suggestions that we got was, that I thought was really good, was to do some in-depth live demonstrations of some of the tools that we use. That's something that I want to work into the MasterCLASS, start going through some of the tools that we use, and actually how to use them and how we use them. I think that's going to be beneficial for you guys, our audience.

If you want to check that out, you can get it half-price for the first month to check it out. That's $97 a month, so it's $48.50 for the first month.

Adam: Correct. Just to remind everybody, head over to SERP SPACE and sign up. If you don't have an account, it's free to sign up. Check that out. I'll put the link in there so you can just hop over to that.

On a quick housekeeping note for Hump Day Hangouts, I'm going to ask that you guys try to keep your questions somewhat short. We've been getting a lot of really long answers that are really involved, and sometimes not personal, but dealing with someone's specific situation. We're happy to answer them. We're not saying no, but we're going to have to look at restructuring how we do Hump Day Hangouts if we keep getting these answers.

We are going to take them in order. We're not changing it today. We're going to keep going, but we are getting a lot of these questions that are really involved and take a long time to answer. Again, we're happy to do it, but we're realizing too that some people aren't getting their questions answered because we keep coming back, sometimes, to the same topic or to the same people.

One of the things we may look at doing is answering one question per person, and then if you have multiple questions, that's great. If we make it through and we have extra time, we'll hop back down and be happy to answer more.

Today, we're going to keep rolling. We just wanted to bring that up as a “be courteous” type thing. If you're asking 6 questions, you might want to look at that and say, “Hey, can I trim this down?” Or do something like that, so we can share with everybody. Everybody really benefits from this.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yes. Just be mindful of others, guys, and keep the questions synced. If you've got multiple questions, that's fine, then attend live. Post your first question whenever, and then attend live and then post your questions after we've answered one and we've gotten a chance to answer a couple other questions. Then post it live and we'll get to it in order. Or if you want to post them all in … The problem is we're getting these long essay questions. I don't have a problem answering them, but again, it can take away from potentially other people, especially if it's the same people over and over again answering long, long questions.

It's going to deter other people from attending, and that's really what we don't want. It's totally cool that you're asking questions, but if you're going to ask long questions or multiple questions in one fell swoop, then we'll probably answer the first question and then move on. If we can, we'll jump back, provided we run through whatever else is on the page during the actual call.
Anyways, just be respectful. That way, we can keep this community going and have new people attend. It's not just the same people every time, because that's part of the reason why we have these.

Adam: I was going to say too, and it's not just for us, it's also for the community. It's the idea of getting multiple people, multiple view points, and different information just by answering other people's questions. We learn, but as well you, the viewers, get to learn about other problems, but also other solutions to problems you probably either have or are going to come across in the future.

Bradley: Right.

Adam: That's it on my end. Do we have any more announcements, guys?

Bradley: Hernan, did you have anything?

Hernan: No, I think we're fine. We're fine. We covered it all.

Bradley: Marco, we can all congratulate him. He's closing on a new house this week.

Adam: All right.

Marco: Yay.

Hernan: Sweet. Well, good for him.

Adam: Next, he's just got to close on fast internet.

Bradley: Yeah. All right, let me grab the screen and we'll get into it. We got lots to do. Where in the hell is … there it is. I'm going to lock it on me so it doesn't bounce around a lot, like it always does. Here we go. We're going to get into these. We've got a bunch of them.

Embedded iFrame, Trust Flow and Ranking Pages

Skye says, “I'm curious if embedded iframe content would help rank a page. I found … ” Is this the right … yeah, okay. I just wanted to make sure. This sounds very familiar. “If I find an interrelated video with very strong signals, would anything pass my webpage? Yes, of course, Skye. It absolutely will help, especially if it's an interrelated. Preferably if it's got the key word in the title that you're trying to rank for or one that's very similar, anyways.

If it's a video that has 3 views, it's not going to be as beneficial to your page as one that has thousands of views and lots of like and lots of comments. Right? It's still that whole social activity thing that you're embedding right on your page. Even though the comments and stuff don't show up, the video itself was popular. The relevancy is key. That's the most important thing. Having a video that's popular is very beneficial as well.

“Would embedding Google Docs or linking from a Google Doc be any benefit for passing Trust Flow?” Of course. RYS Academy, if you haven't checked that out, check it out. That's all about using Google Drive for ranking stuff. Or ranking shit, I should say. We've got case studies in there and everything else, and it works beautifully. That's using Google's own properties to help you rank your stuff. That's RYS Academy.

Were you going to chime in?

Hernan : I was about to say that yeah, it works really really well.

Bradley: He said, “I made a mistake and did a press release service, which links to a subdomain. Now, citation flows are really high, domain lied, and trust flow is low. I'm watching my rankings tumble.” Really? That's interesting, because press releases don't give you the best trust flow. You're right, that will increase increase your citation flow. Typically the trust flow, it doesn't help your trust flow any, but it's very natural to have press release links, inbound links from a bunch of different press release. It's a good way balance out your inbound link profile and to give you IP diversity, domain diversity. You're right, it can affect your trust flow, but it's something that you can recover by continuing to link from relevant sources back to your site, over time. Again, I think having press releases is part of a natural link profile, and I think it's one of the things that I do for all my sites.

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say that if you made a mistake because you're wanting to run the homepage, you can always 301 that subdomain to the homepage. Do you know what I mean? You're using the subdomain as a switch box kind of thing. You can try that. Go ahead and try that, 301 the subdomain, and see where it lands. That is what I would do.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, you can manipulate trust flow too, guys. That's stuff we talk about in the MasterMIND, but there's a lot of things you can do to manipulate that as well. Using Google Drive stacks, or RYS stacks as we call them, that's one way. There's multiple ways to manipulate trust flow as well. If your trust flow tanks a bit after doing a press release, which can happen, then you just got to work on increasing it again. Again, I think it's actually because it'll give you that diverse inbound link profile that will help to pillow your site, so that when you are building other links, you don't have to worry so much about any imbalance or leaving a footprint. Okay?

Contacting Potential Client for a Ranked Video

Mark says, “Hey, guys. Hope you're doing well. Got some questions. Have you ever ranked a video that the potential client was not aware of, and then contacted to see if they would like to get the ranking?” Yes, Mark. That's how I started off. I did Linkgen first, but then when I started actually contacting clients or to do client consulting … My agency, that was one of the first ways that I actually would contact people. I would rank something for them, with their branding and everything.

I don't recommend doing that now, because I would rather do something generic that I could use to redirect to any potential client, but I had done it in the past. I would even put their branding and everything on the video and then send them a video email explaining what it was. “Hey. Look, check this out. Here's a video ranked for a keyword that you're interested in. It's got your branding on it. Would you want to keep it?”

I landed some clients that way. The problem with that is if you don't end up getting the client, then you've actually done work for them … You can pull it down. That's not a problem, but you've wasted that effort, is my point. You're better off just keeping something generic with a redirect phone number, a virtual phone number, and a redirect URL inside the video that you can redirect to anywhere. Then when you call the client or send them a video email, which was my preferred method … I don't like code calling. Never did. Never will. I would send video emails.

You could have the phone number redirected to their phone number and the URL redirected to them, so that when you send them a video email you could tell them, “Hey. Check this out. You see this video rank for this keyword that you'd be interested in, because this is a product or service you provide? Well, check it out. Call that phone number. It'll ring your own phone. Or click the URL in the description. It'll click to your website. Would you be interested in keeping these rankings or keeping this video? If not, you can redirect to somebody else.”

Which, by the way, you can mention that when you contact them. “Hey. If you're not interested, that's fine. I can contact your competitor down the street.” Be a little bit more diplomatic about how you say it, but kind of nudge that scarcity. In the industries I worked in, home services and contacting industries, that was very effective.

Hernan: I was about to say that it's not about commoditizing your services. That's rare. That's something rare that they can get access right there and then. Otherwise, they need to hire an SEO agency to do the entire thing. That's a rare asset that they can get right then and there. If you can position it like that, you'll sell a ton more.

Bradley: Yep. Again, that way you haven't wasted any effort. If you've got something that's ranked, then you can redirect it to the highest bidder or the first person to raise their hand, whatever comes first. That way, if you're trying to do something specifically for a particular client, you can impress them a bit more that way, often if you have their own branding on it. But it's wasted effort if they say no. You got to be efficient with your time.

This Stuff Works

Ranking a Website with Non-Juiced Networks and Good On-Page SEO

The next question, “Have you ever ranked a website you were able to monetize with only non-induced networks and good on-page SEO?” Yes, Mark. Depends on the level of competition. “Same question for video.” Yeah, of course. It depends on the level of competition. There's some industries that you can get into that all you need is some good on-page SEO, and you can write for them with literally no backlinks or off-page SEO at all. Sometimes you can rank a website, it's the same for videos too, but sometimes you can rank them with just the on-page itself. You can get to the middle or top of page 2, and then you know with just a little nudge, a little bit of off-page SEO, you can get them to page 1.

That's why we use things like Serp Shaker or Lead Gadget or Hangout Millionaire, things like that, that we can test multiple keywords across multiple locations very very quickly with nothing other than on-page SEO. Then we can track that to determine, with the ones that surfaced near the top or rise near the top, the first page within the top 15 results or so, with absolutely no off-page SEO. Then we can go target those and prepare or build more traditional-style properties, whether that's YouTube videos or webpages or WebTubes or whatever, that we optimize and put a little bit more care into and rank with little to no work.

Guys always go after the easy stuff. Right? Go after the low-hanging fruit. Why work yourself to death when you can generate revenue from stuff that's easy? Right? Again, that's why Serp Shaker is a great plugin for that because you can create hundreds, or even thousands, of pages across multiple cities. If you're doing local, specifically for video, Hangout Millionaire is a perfect app for that. The Lead Gadget and the ATM, that's just like an industrial strength Serp Shaker. It does the same thing. It builds 30,000 websites all in one go.

I use those more for market research than I do to actually monetize those sites. I know a lot of people make a lot of money with those sites, and that's great. I like to use them for market research, and then for local stuff especially. Then I can go in and actually develop more permanent-type properties based on the ones that I've identified as being the low-hanging fruit.

Hiring Coders for a Messy WordPress Website

Next question, “What do you do if you ever get a client who's site isn't built with WordPress? Do you hire a web-designer or do you learn to use PHP and HTML? If the site is a mess, do you still take them on as a client? Thanks.” No. I don't. If it's not WordPress, I tell them flat out, we're either going to install WordPress on a subdomain so that I can do all of my SEO work from the subdomain on a WordPress platform. Or I tell them flat out, all I'll do is off-page SEO for you. I'm not doing any on-page.

Hernan: Yeah. The problem with that is that you do not have complete control on your results. Usually, business owners or your client will complain if you're not delivering results. You can not work with half of SEO. You need to work with the entire SEO strategy which includes, now more than ever, on-site SEO.

Marco: That's right.

Bradley: Yeah. I'll tell them flat out, “I can provide off-page SEO services, but I'm not promising rankings or results, because I need to have access to … The on-page issues need to be taken care of, or else I can't guarantee you or promise you any results.” You know what I'm saying? I'll tell them, “I can do link building, and I can give you suggestions on content-marketing ideas. We can use the content to try to drive traffic.

As far as ranking your website, if I have no control over the on-page …” I'm certainly not going to learn some other platform. I've had that happen many times where clients have had stuff on other platforms and they've said, “Well, hey. Can you … ” and I tell them no. It's not worth it to learn how to optimize one particular platform for one particular client. That's not the best use of my time. If they paid me enough, I guess I would. For most of the time, they don't want to pay me that much.

I just say, “No. We'll put a WordPress blog on a subdomain, and we'll do all of our content distribution and optimization from there. Right?

Best Practices for Assigning Topics When Redirecting Expired Domains

Kevin says, “When 301-ing an expired domain to our money site, exactly how close do the expired domain links topically need to be?” It depends, Kevin. It depends on what you're trying to accomplish. He says, “I have a truck financing site and I get a general automotive trust flow domain. Would that be okay to 301?” Yeah. That wouldn't be bad, because it's in the same ballpark. “Also, would it be okay if the expired domain has a European TLD but with automotive trust flow?” Yeah. I still think that would be okay.

But if you're nervous at all … We had this discussion in the MasterMIND. Kevin, I know you're not into MasterMIND yet, but we actually had this discussion in the MasterMIND literally this week. Somebody was asking something very similar to this. I don't do very many direct 301s to money site, unless it's 100% topical trust flow relevant. That's what I look for. It has to be literally 100% relevant in order for me to do a direct 301 to the money site.

If I'm in the same ballpark or if I'm just looking to push trust flow and I'm not really worried too much about the actual topical relevancy, but that should be your key deciding factor, is you can use a buffer instead. For example, you could buy a domain that has topical trust flow that's 100% in-line with what you're wanting to link to, your money site. Build a PBN-style site on that because now it's a highly themed PBN-style site that you can have to follow a link to from that site to your money site, then you can redirect all any other domains that you purchased that are same ballpark or just have high trust flow numbers but not the same topical relevancy to the PBN site.

Instead of going direct to your money site, you're using a site that has topical trust flow specific to your money site as kind of a buffer. That way, you're not linking with unrelated links directly to your money site. You're linking to a site that is topically relevant to your site first. Does that make sense? Hopefully that was clear.

 Using NoIndex PBN Links as Tier 1 Network

“Changing the subject, but could you elaborate on how to use a no-index PNB properly? I have a expired domain with PA 26, 18 trust flow, citation flow 16 to 33, with like a 160,000 backlinks so I'm trying to figure out how to best use this to help push my truck finance site. It's on page 2, or its IFTTT properties.”

Hernan: I wouldn't use that as a tier 1.

Bradley: No.

Hernan: Because it has way too many backlinks. I wouldn't use it as a tier 1. You can have no index and power up a tier 2. That's more of MasterMIND's stuff, so jump into the MasterMIND.

Bradley: Yeah. I would use it to link to a tier 1 property not directly to the money site.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Yeah. Guys, remember, when you're using a no-index PBN, it has to be quality. It doesn't matter that it's no-index. It has to be real quality. It's still a tier 1 link, you're just hiding from Google, or from your competitors for that matter. Remember that Google cannot be indexed something that's not indexed. You know? Just so you know.

Creating a Favorited Video Recipe in IFTTT Live Demo

Bradley: Okay. Ed says, “Hey, guys. Still a little bit confused on the favorited video recipe.” Ed, you're killing me. I'm going to walk you because I actually saw this question come up earlier. I'm going to walk you through this real quick on how to do this. I'm not sure where you're getting hung up on this. Let me finish reading the question. “How does that one [inaudible 00:22:59] favorited an older video to syndicate through an entire new IFTTT network. I understand the concept is somewhat about logging in from the channel, I would give a thumbs-up on to trigger the recipe. Ultimately sending the older video through my new IFTTT network. If you have time, could you do a live demo on this call using an IFTTT.”

Okay. Here I am in IFTTT. This is my account, I set one up earlier just to show you how to do it, or just to show you that it works, because I don't want to have to take the time to go through setting everything up. Let's do this. I'll show you how to do it with WordPress. I'm going to say ‘if this'. I'm going to say ‘YouTube'. By the way, this … Let's go back for a second. If we take a look at the channels inside of IFTTT, I'm going to say ‘YouTube'. I'm going to click on this. You can see that I have Semantic Mastery YouTube channel connected to this.

Let's say this is my new network. Let's say on Bradley Benner's channel … In fact, we're going to use Mastery PR. Mastery PR is our new affiliate division that I'm working on building right now, actually. We're going to use that as the, in your case Ed, the old channel with the videos on that you want to resyndicate to the new network. Think of Mastery PR as the old YouTube channel that has existing videos that you want to resyndicate to the new network. This is the new network. In this case, it's Semantic Mastery. You see that's the channel.

Let's go back to my recipes. I'm going to create a recipe. I'm going to select ‘if this'. I'm going to say ‘YouTube'. I'm going to select ‘new liked videos' as my trigger. Create trigger. Then that. Now I'm going to select ‘WordPress' because I already set it up for Tumblr. Let's see with the WordPress.

Now, I'm going to say ‘create a post'. Click there. Now, the title's going to say, “Liked on YouTube.” Title, I don't like that. I just want it to say ‘Title', and then it's going to say ‘Title' [inaudible 00:24:58] via YouTube URL. I'd like to put the embed code in here. Let's do this. Since the title's already there, let's put the embed code right there. It's a little bit easier with Tumblr, but let's go with that.

We'll add an ingredient and hopefully WordPress didn't change anything and this should work. Description, if you wanted description. I personally don't want the description, so I'm just going to say 'embed code break via YouTube URL'. I'm going to get rid of this IFTTT tag. You can leave YouTube. I'm okay with that. Then I'm going to select ‘create action' and then I'm going to click ‘create recipe'. Okay?

Now, I'm logged in. You can see my icon up here, guys. I'm logged in as Semantic Mastery, in my YouTube channel. Right? This is the YouTube channel that I'm going to trigger by liking a video from this channel. Now, I'm going to go find a video on Mastery PR. Let's go to the actual channel because I just liked a video earlier. Let's go to this one.

Here we are on a video from Mastery PR. This is a channel that now I want to like a video. Just to show you that this doesn't already exist, let me go to Let's see. Looks like I've still got … Oh, this is our drunk video from Miami. I should have changed that. All right. You see what's on here right now? Let me make sure that that's part of that IFTTT network. It should be, but … right here. Yep, that's it.

Now we're on this. I'm going to go ahead and click the ‘like' button. See? Now I've liked as Semantic Mastery. This is a different channel. All right? Now I'm going to come back over to IFTTT. We can see it says ‘created less than a minute ago, never run'. I want to click ‘check now'. IFTTT is being slow. It says ‘last run less than a minute ago, run 1 time'. We come back over here. We're going to refresh the page. There's the video, guys, syndicated to this network.

Does that make sense? It's that simple. That's how easy it is. You have to go in to IFTTT. You have to set up a new recipe for all the properties in your network. It's going to be the trigger is a YouTube, new liked video. Then you just set up the rest of the recipe just like you would anything else. You can customize this however you want. All you do is make sure you're logged in to that YouTube channel that's connected to this syndication network here, and then just go like the videos. That's it, and it's done. You see that this one's done. I did this earlier. This is on my Tumblr blog. I liked this one earlier. This was about maybe an hour ago that I did this. You click on that. You can see that this is from the Mastery PR channel, and that's on the Tumblr blog. Right?

It's that simple, guys. Just set up a like video recipe and trigger it that way. All right. We're going to move on.

Favoriting Newly Uploaded Video in IFTTT

“Can the same network in associated YouTube channel for favoriting or liking older videos also be used for new video uploads?” Sure it can, Ed. It absolutely can. Guys, think about that though. You can create a whole separate network, especially if you're just doing YouTube stuff. Make it a tiered network that you connect to a channel that you use specifically just for liking and resyndicating videos as a way to give videos that have already been pushed out to other networks a boost. You could have specifically a like network. It wouldn't necessarily have to be themed. It would just be a supporting or supplemental network that you could set up with the full 2-tier network. You could actually stack multiple networks on top that same YouTube channel.

For example, you could have 4 or 5 full 2-tiered networks connected to one YouTube channel that you use only to like videos that you want to resyndicate. If you have a themed niche-based channel in network already and you still need some additional SEO push after originally syndicating, you just go like it with your like channel in your like network. It will push it back out across multiple networks again. The sky is the limit. You can stack as many networks as you want on that one YouTube channel. It's a great way to give it an additional push.

This Stuff Works

“Just checking, because I currently have the IFTTT recipe for the YouTube channels as a trigger from a public video upload.” That's fine. You can add like triggers as well. Okay? Now, yes. “Is it possible to have one channel being used for both trigger actions?” Yes. You can see right here. If we go back to IFTTT and we look at my recipes, guys, we'll see that this channel … I use this one IFTTT. This is my own, so I do a lot of testing in here too. You can see I've got a bunch of Twitter recipes for Twitter SEO in here. I've got Vimeo recipes. I use this for YouTube to syndicate YouTube videos from Semantic Mastery directly to my network properties, and now I just set up a couple like recipes. It works too. It doesn't matter. I don't know how many recipes I got in here. It's a bunch, but you can have pretty much … as far as I know, it's unlimited. All right?

Drip Feeding Links from Tier 1 & 2 Properties in Video Syndication Network

Back to it. “When building tier 2 and tier 3 links to our main blog URLs, playlists URLs, PRs, et cetera, in a video syndication network, is there a need or should I drip through these links over 30 days, like we would do for blog syndication network, a money website to be safe?” Personally, I'm not that worried about that. I'm going to let Hernan chime in on that, because he's more of our mass link builder. I just hand that shit over to my link building manager. Let him handle that. As far as I know … In fact, I'm just going to let you answer that because Datia handles all that stuff for me. What do you think, Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah. Well, I think that the way we are treating them, and it's working right now, is to treat them as a tier 1 property. Since being a parasite and piggybacking on YouTube, the main authority you have more permission from Google to be a bit more spammy. Those links that you will built to your tier 1 or tier 2, for example, main blog, playlist URLs, et cetera. You just want to build a handful of contextual backlinks to them and then, if you want to go back behind those with spam, you can do them. Again, you don't want to burn those properties. You know what I mean?

Bradley: The velocity rate. If you're on a tier 1, let's say a press release that's pointed to your money site, if you want to build links to that, that press release would be tier 1 at that point. If you want to build links to that, then you would do 100 maybe 125 links over the course of about 30 days. Do you still kind of want to drip that out, or do you want to do that quickly? Does it matter?

Hernan: Well, it doesn't really matter, Bradley because at the end of the day, they are just a handful of links. We are usually doing in a space of 7 days. With a good GSA installation, you can do them in a couple of hours, actually. In fact, you can do 10,000 – 20,000 backlinks in a matter of 24 hours, even less. Now, what you want to do is to … I usually just build links until I reach that threshold. Then I come with a tier 3, on this example, with 5,000 – 10,000 links that I don't care about the velocity. Remember, guys, that Google will not [inaudible 00:32:44] all of those links. You know? It's the way I do it, and it has been working well for me.

Bradley: The short answer then would be if you're linking to tier 1 properties, don't do more than 100 to 150 links, roughly, to that tier. You can do that in a span of about 7 days, but then you can throw the kitchen sink at those.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Anything beyond that, you don't really have to worry about velocity.

Hernan: That's right.

Facebook Token Issue for Advanced Facebook RSS Feeds

Bradley: Okay. Thank you. Number 4, “Facebook token issues, see attached screenshot.” I saw that. It says, “Token needs to be refreshed.” I have no idea. To be honest, I haven't seen that. I see your picture up here, Ed. I would contact either Facebook, the fb./RSS, or contact Facebook about that, because it's something I haven't seen before. I can't really help you on that. It says if you just reauthorize it, it should … maybe that's the issue you're having, but I would contact them. I'm not a developer for them, so I certainly can't answer that. Sorry for your trouble, but I haven't seen that yet.

Grabbing and Splicing Twitter & GPlus Feeds

“Could we also grab Twitter and G+ related content feeds from sites and use them in your splice feed?” Sure you can. Of course you can. In fact, inside of IFTTT SEO Academy, today I posted a pretty cool little tool that I hadn't tested much, but apparently it works. The guy, Tim I think his name is, said he tested it. It's You can create Twitter feeds from this, and that's something else that you can use. It's got a Google+ feed and a Facebook feed, supposedly. I haven't tested for any of them other than I have tested with Twitter, but I haven't tested with the others. Apparently, it works. Let me drop this on the page real quick. We got to keep moving. It says All right.

Connecting Attribution Link to Spliced Feeds

“Can you go over how we make sure we get an attribution link back to the source when doing the spliced feeds to juice up and blend into our IFTTT network feeds?” Yeah. That's all in the training, Ed. That's why I don't use splice feeds, Ed. We do separate triggers for everything. For each content source, it's a separate trigger. We talked about this before in another Hump Day Hangout when you asked that. You're confusing Advanced RSS Academy with IFTTT SEO and the additional content feeds. You don't want to splice feeds for your networks, because you need to be able to provide attribution. You do individual triggers, and when you set up the individual recipe, then you can code the attribution in in IFTTT. I can't walk-through that right now because we're going way long on this question. We got to keep moving.

Again, we covered that before. You don't want to splice feeds for your IFTTT networks. That's specifically for advanced RSS syndication, which is just submitting the directories and aggregators. That's it. Okay? Again, that stuff is covered. Go to the Advance Strategy webinar number 3, and it's like the first half an hour of that webinar is specifically about that.

IFTTT Estimated Arrival

“Any ETA in IFTTT and will existing members be getting a break on it when launched?” That's a post inside the Facebook group. Right? Okay. Yeah, we're supposed to be launching that at the end of February or the first week in March. It's going to be around that time. Yes, existing members will be getting a break. We're going to do something for all existing members. Something special for you guys. Yeah.

Michael, “This is a long bunch of back-history.” I'm not going to read all this out loud, guys. I'm just going to scan it real quick and answer the questions, so if you guys want to sing show tunes …

This Stuff Works

Adam: In the mean time, I'll talk to Hernan about something. No, actually I was going to say if you guys haven't check out the podcast, go over to iTunes and check out Semantic Mastery. We're going to start tagging people. We do answer questions. Me and Hernan generally do the podcast on Thursdays after Hump Day Hangouts, and either pick a good question from there or go over some additional information that perhaps wasn't covered.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Adam: If you guys are into that or … I'm a podcast person, which is nice to have a quick one. We're keeping it to … I think our longest one is 15 minutes.

Hernan: Yeah, they are short. They are short and get to the point.

Adam: Yeah. If you're looking for a long one, maybe skip it. Otherwise, you can check it out and see if you like it. It's a weekly quick answer on something SEO or marketing related.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative). We usually dive into something that was really interesting for us on the Hump Day Hangout episode. We usually do it on Thursday, unless Adam is running the woods, then we do it on Friday. It's really good. I like the format because it's like a Q & A and a dialogue between us, too. We have different backgrounds so I think it's really valuable. Go ahead and check it out, guys.

Bradley: Guys, it helps us if you subscribe to the podcast and, also, to please leave a review.

Adam: Yeah, and you got many options. If you're on iTunes, if you're using an iPhone or iPad or something, by all means, use that. Give us a rating. Give us a review. You can also, if just at your computer, you can look on SoundCloud or Stitcher, I think is a big one.

Hernan: Stitcher Radio. Yeah.

How to Deal with Attacked YouTube Accounts and Ways to Protect the Channels

Bradley: All right. Michael has a question. I read it. He got his Youtube account flagged for spam, probably because a competitor was pissed that he was dominating with the videos. That happens, Michael, unfortunately. It's a pain in the ass. You can ask for reconsideration. However, if you were using Hangout Millionaire or something like that where it's a bunch of spam videos, I wouldn't even waste your time. They will not re-approve your channel. They won't give you your channel back. They won't if it's a bunch of spam stuff.

If it's a bunch of original videos, then yeah. You can actually ask for reconsideration. It's kind of a process but you can get it back. It's a bitch, but it can be done.

The question that he has is, “What is your advice on how to protect our channels and our work? I'm thinking I don't want all my eggs in one YouTube channel basket, but the tiered IFTTT network can only be launched from one channel.” That's not true. It is true you can only have one YouTube channel authorized within IFTTT as the trigger. However, if you have a channel that gets terminated or flagged, then all you have to do is go in to IFTTT, go to channels, select YouTube, and authorize a new channel. All of your recipes that were created will stay in tact, and all it will do is swap out the actual trigger channel.

It's very simple to swap out the YouTube channel with another one. All of your networks can be triggered from the new channel just by authorizing the new channel instead of the other one. That's it. You don't have to go through and create all new recipes and all that. You don't have to do any of that. Okay? Now, if you had any customization in the recipe ingredients area, like linking to the old channel, you might have to go through and update that. Which is what we teach, because you want to have a link back to your channel. Still, it's a lot less work than having to create a whole new network and a whole bunch of new recipes. Okay?

The other thing is you can have … I recommend that you have a few channels. You only need to have the one tiered network. You can have that same network. It's not the network that got flagged. It's the YouTube channel. You could have other channels. If it happens, you just create another channel, and then you start uploading the videos to there. As far as backing them up, the best way to backup … I think Adam can speak on that because he backs ours up using Amazon something.

Adam: Yeah. If I'm wrong on this, somebody please correct me. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for this, because we obviously have quite a bit of video content. If you're looking for a guide, I'll try to pull up something, but ReelSEO, they've got a bunch of good videos. They obviously do video SEO. There's no automatic way that I'm aware of to backup YouTube videos, which is crazy. I guess they assume you're going to backup the original videos, which may be something you want to look in to doing.

You can request an entire channel backup, but then that's going to involve you downloading chunks. They basically give you a list. If you have 100's of gigs of videos, you got to download them. I think they're around 2 gigs a chunk, and then you've got to do something with those backups. It can be pretty time consuming if you're backing up an entire channel.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Hire a VA. Hire a VA to do it.

Adam: Yeah, and there's no good way to do an incremental backup. Let's say I backup Semantic Mastery channels today, I can't do like a, “Okay. Give me a backup from this date to this date.” I have to either do the whole thing again, or find some software to download the videos, which is another option. I know there's a bunch of extensions in Firefox for downloading videos. That may actually be your best bet.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, you can hire a VA to do that, Michael. I don't suggest you do that yourself. Hire somebody from Upwork. You can pay them $3.50 an hour, let them do that for you, and just create a Cloud storage account that they can upload them to. We do … what is it, Amazon Glacier?

Adam: Yeah. I'm using Glacier and then there's an interface client for that, because Glacier is command-line interface, which I'm not against, but is not quick. It's not like AWS type of stuff. You can get some sort of client like that, or you can use Dropbox, whatever you got.

Bradley: Yeah. You can even use S3. Remember, S3 charges you for bandwidth, which is actually viewing, like if somebody is watching videos out of your S3 bucket, but the storage itself is cheap. You know what I'm saying? As far as I know, you get paid for bandwidth usage, but if you're storing-

Adam: There might be some small storage … Either way, it's cheap.

Bradley: Yeah, it's very cheap though.

Adam: I think we're paying for several hundred gigs and it's probably $1.50 a month.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, that's what I would do is I would hire a VA to actually download your videos. If you're using something like Hangout Millionaire that's creating the videos … To be honest with you, Hangout Millionaire might even keep a copy of all the videos in a folder on your desktop. I just haven't ever dug through it to see. They probably do, because they make them locally. The videos aren't rendered in the Cloud, they're rendered on your machine. I don't know if that's what you're using. I don't know if he said he was using Hangout Millionaire or not, but if you're doing something that's creating the videos before it's uploading them or live-streaming them, you could probably have that folder uploaded wherever they're rendered and held within the software application before they're uploaded or live-streamed, and just upload that folder.

If not, if it's doing it from a Cloud app or whatever, then you could probably, like Adam just said, is have somebody using a Firefox browser downloading them and sending them to a Cloud storage account. Okay.

Adam: If it's a small number of videos, you can download videos directly from you're YouTube account. That's like a couple a day or a couple an hour. I honestly don't remember, but it's something like that.

Bradley: “How about 3 YouTube channels all connected to the network and spreading my uploads amongst them? Would I be safeguarding the possibility for another unfair attack and Google's unfair automatic application penalties?” No, not really, because somebody could of reported all 3 of your channels. You could end up having the same thing. You could do that, though. If you want to have one network and multiple channels being able to submit to the same network, you can, but you have to remember you can only have one YouTube channel per IFTTT account. You can have multiple IFTTT accounts connected to the same network and therefore multiple YouTube channels. It's a 1:1 ratio.

If you got 3 YouTube channels and you want them all to post to the same network, you need 3 IFTTT accounts and 3 sets of recipes. You can totally do it. It's not a problem. You just have to make sure that you have 3 separate IFTTT accounts, one YouTube channel per IFTTT account, and then you have to set up the recipes 3 times in total. If you've got 15 trigger recipes, you're going to have to do it a total of 45 times, but it can be done.

Dealing with the Impact of Changing URL Path on Rankings

All right, next. We're not getting very far today. Kevin says, “I have a 7-month-old site that only has 4 pages ranking, but I may be forced to give those pages a parent page, which would change the URL path of the ranking pages. I did a test and it looks like WordPress 301'd the old URL to the new URL path after giving the ranking pages a parent page. Now I am confused as to what will happen to my rankings. Will the old path continue to rank? Or will the old lose it's ranking and the new paths take over the rankings?” Kevin, it shouldn't make a difference. When you 301 an old to a new, you will see a little bit of movement. It's going to happen. There's no way around it, but the old URL will disappear and the new one will take over.

It's not there's an old page and now there's a new page. If you just changed your URL structure and WordPress automatically 301'd it for you … which I would still set up my own 301 just to be safe, because sometimes that doesn't work. WordPress, the automatic 301 doesn't work sometimes. I would still set up my own 301, but it's not like you have old page and a new page. That's not how it works. The old page is now just got a new URL. Google will refresh it's index, and it will just display the new URL. That's it.

You will see some dancing. There's no question. You always do. You might lose a little bit of the inbound juice. For example, I know [inaudible 00:46:42] was talking about how he 301'd. They changed their URL structure on a post that had been ranking number 1 for several years. They changed their URL structure because they thought there was no way it would ever hurt it, because it had been number 1 for many years, for 2 or 3 years or something. They changed the URL structure and 301'd it, and it dropped down to number 7. There is a little bit of a loss there through the 301. There's no question. You will see some dancing, but you can get that back. If that's what you need to do, that's what you need to do.

“Should I resubmit my sitemap to Google so they can see the new URL pass?” You don't need to resubmit. Google should crawl it anyways, but you can always ping the URL. Or just take the new URL and go over to the Google Submit tool, and submit it directly to be indexed. You could just leave it alone. Google will refresh it's index, depending on what type of industry it's in. Some industries take a couple week to refresh the index. Sometimes it'll refresh almost within hours.

This Stuff Works

Another thing you can do it tweet the new URL out. If you've got a Twitter account with any real activity, that'll get the bots crawling in. Again, Twitter SEO, that's something that Twitter is really powerful for helping stuff do that. You can just go to submit URL. Guys, just go to Google and search ‘Google submit URL' or ‘crawl URL'. Right there, guys. Just go to ‘Google submit URL', click on that button, and go submit your new URL. It's direct to Google's index. It's real easy.

“Also, I'm curious if I should continue to build links to the ranking pages using the new URL pass, or do I have to wait for site to settle before building new links?” I wouldn't go crazy, but if you're already in the middle of some link campaign or something like that, there's no reason not to. There's no reason not to. You can just build to the new URL. You don't need to continue building to the old URL, because it's 301 anyways. Just build directly to the new one. Okay?

How to Handle Trademark Issues with Embedded Tweets and Video Playlists?

Scott, “I was thinking about doing an affiliate website with embedded tweets and embedded video playlists. Allowing comments seem like it would be good too, but how do you deal with trademark issues? For example, let's say you're promoting a weight loss product and you use embedded content on the website, I'm certain at some point a video or tweet will mention a trademark, which would violate the affiliate agreement, which potentially could be the least of your problems. Thoughts?” Yeah. That's an issue. As far as if your affiliate agreement states that you're not allowed to mention other brand names, which that is pretty typical, then you'd have to be a bit more selective on how that content is posted on those pages. You don't want to do something that's automatically triggered because that could be a problem.

Adam: Well, you could, but it depends what you're doing. A lot of them you can have negative keywords, and so I would think it would usually just be like you can't use their brand name. I could be wrong, but if you're promoting a product, usually that's the restriction. You could do a negative keyword against that brand name.

Bradley: I know, for example, with RingPartner, which is a pay per call network, you're not allowed to mention … I actually had an account terminated because of that. In the massive amount of keywords that I generated to build an ATM site, a Lead Gadget site, I accidentally left a brand name term in one of those 600 keywords that I had, so it built posts with the brand name for walk-in tubs. I had my account terminated because of that. It specifically stated in that agreement that you weren't allowed to mention Jacuzzi tubs, for example, or Bath Fitter tubs or anything like that because it was brand names. I had a couple posts on my site and they terminated my account.

Adam: Gotcha. Well, I guess if that's the case then … Well, if you can do negative keywords … I'm just thinking especially of Twitter or other ones like that, if you can do more than one then you're okay. It just a matter of getting them in there. As far as keyword research, you just got to proficient with excel. Yeah, you got to pay attention to that Terms of Service.

Embeddeding Web 2.0 RSS to Another RSS Feed Burner to Ranking Sites Faster

Bradley: Okay. Brian says, “Does adding WebTube auto RSS feeds, such as Tumblr, to another RSS feed burn or aggregate or index your links any faster?” Yeah, it can help. It doesn't hurt. That's what Advanced RSS Academy was all about, inside of the IFTTT SEO training, Brian. It's about grabbing all your WebTube feeds, splicing them with authority content feeds, and submitting them to aggregators and directories. Go review that again. Advanced RSS Academy inside of IFTTT SEO Academy. It's one of the bonus courses.

Let's see. Nobody I know. Guys, if that ever happens just refresh the page. The replay always comes back fine. For whatever reason, Hangouts have been doing that recently. If it freezes up or you lose sound, just refresh the page. All right?

This Stuff Works

Hernan : They're behind us. They're listening.

Logging in Using Proxies

Bradley: Yeah, they are. That's the Google revenge. James says, “When logging in to various Google accounts, YouTube, Webmaster Tools, et cetera, do you log in from proxies? If so, do you have dedicated proxies for each account? Or does Google even care if you're logging in to 200 accounts from one IP?” I don't worry about it, James. Where I worry about it is in the account creation process. Once the account's created … I have literally thousands of accounts now, guys. I just log in through my own IP. I just clear my cache and cookies. I run CCleaner. I make sure that Google is not … For example, if we go look at Firefox now, I have Yahoo set as my default search engine. I always go to history, just like we teach in the training. I clear cache and cookies. I have my proxy tool add-on bar down here. I right-click there, remove evercookie. Then I right-click or remove flash cookies. Then I go see evercookie are clear down here. Then I close the browser, run CCleaner, then I open the browser again. Then I'll log in with my own IP.
In fact, once I get my accounts back from my VAs, that they've created for me, very quickly within about 72 hours … That's what we suggest, is within 3 days. You log in with your own IP. That'll marry of bind your IP to that account so that you can access it again without it triggering or re-verification.

Again, it's the account setup that requires a different IP. At least that's how it stands right now. It could be tomorrow that Google changes shit, and if you start logging in from the same IP, they start terminating accounts. I can't predict that. For now, it works. Thank God. It's a good question, James. We get that a lot, actually.

Manually Interlinking Pages for Money Sites

Shawn Donahoe, “Is plugin backlink commando still a great re-indexing option? Thanks. It is. We use that for indexing the WebTubes from our IFTTT networks because it will extract the post URLs, via their RSS feeds, automatically. We have full … I don't know, Adam, if you grabbed that URL for the blog post about backlink indexing and using a black-link commando or backlinks indexer.

Here's one thing that I need to talk about very briefly. You got to remember there's a re-indexing option in the backlink commando plugin, where it will say you can set it to every 30 days it'll resubmit the URLs again, or every 45 days. Guys, that sounds like a great idea, but what happens if you've got your IFTTT networks running through backlink commando, it extracts all the post URLs from all your network properties that provide an RSS feed, which is about 7 of them: Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Delicious, Dego, Instapaper, Pocket … Pocket has an RSS feed. All of the ones that have RSS feeds, it will extract the post URLs automatically and send them to backlink's indexer, and you can say, “Oh yeah. You know what? Every 30 days I want it to resubmit to backlink's indexer.”

That sounds great, and when you're first starting out, you want that. Right? The problem is, over time you end up clogging up your backlinks indexer account. I've got an Enterprise account and it's 100% clogged. It processes 5,000 links everyday as an Enterprise account or something like that. I can't ever submit anything else to it because it's completely clogged. I've got literally dozens and dozens of networks submitting. I would suggest that if you're first starting out, keep track of where you've got backlink commando running on which blogs. You can have multiple networks running through one backlink commando instillation, but make sure that you go in and change the settings back down from every 30 days resubmitting to something like every 90 days, or just turn that option off to where it just submits them one time.

Otherwise, you're going to end up needing a huge backlink indexer account to be able to manage all those links. It compounds over time because it keeps resubmitting them. Keep that in mind. Either turn the resubmission option off, or just go back and change that to way, way out after you've got the results that you wanted. Okay? Or just go in to the backlinks commando plugin and clear the results, because it's not going to pull in old results. What it does, when backlink commando runs your RSS feed, if the RSS feed only shows the 10 most recent items, it's going to extract those 10 most recent items and put them into the queue. Then backlinks commando remembers those links. Once it processes it, it doesn't automatically delete them, like the RSS feed does.

For example, if you have 10 links today and then you do 10 more posts, those original 10 links in your RSS feed are going to be gone because they've been pushed off the feed. Your feed only displays 10 items. Backlinks commando will keep them in the history, in the database, and it will resubmit them if you tell it to. Another thing you could do is just go in every 60 days or whatever and just delete all the pending links or all links that are in the database. That's an option inside of the plugin. Okay?

Setting Up Natural-Looking Personas

Keith says, “How carried away do you get when you set up personas to make them look real?” Keith, check out our IFTTT SEO Academy training, and that will show you what great lengths we go to to make them look real. It's really important. We set up the profiles, the personas with a full bio and image, and we set up all the social profiles, connect all of them together, including Gravatar, Aboutdotme, things like that. What we call Semantic Hubs. We try to make them look as real as possible. They're all themed. That's why we go to great lengths for that. Again, that's covered in the IFTTT SEO training, in-depth.

Keeping Traffic from 301 Links

Brolio says, “Hey, guys.” What's up Brolio. First time I've seen you this year. It's been a while since I seen you. “What do you guys use to keep track of the traffic that comes through a 301 redirect to a client? Would you use WordPress with 301 redirect plugin and then measure the traffic there?” Yeah. That's what I do. You could just use a 301 redirect plugin. Most of them have click analytics. You can do that. Pretty Link does, All-In-One Redirect. There's another one that I like that I've been using recently called WP Link Shield. That's a good one. It gives click analytics, so those are good.

Let's see. He said, “Sorry, bro.” Love it. I love that new Geico commercial with the bro. That is one of the funniest commercials on TV. I love that commercial. We only got a couple more minutes, guys.

Hernan : I think we did it.

Bradley: All right. Good timing then.

Hernan : Well, 2 minutes to spare.

Bradley: Look at that. That's cool, a downloader. I download playlist by playlist from YouTube, no matter how many videos. Just copy, paste, and [crosstalk 00:58:27]. That's pretty cool. Thanks. Rosey, thank you for that. That's it. Cool. We didn't skip anyone, did we?

Hernan : No.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Good. Sweet. All right, guys. That was it for Hump Day Hangouts. I guess we will see … We don't have MasterMIND or MasterCLASS this week. That's all next week, so I guess we'll just see everybody next week.

Adam: Awesome.

Marco: Sounds good.

Bradley: Thanks, guys.

Hernan: Take care.

Adam: Awesome. Have a good one everybody.

Bradley: Bye.

This Stuff Works

Yahoo Pipes Alternatives – Service Ending Soon

By Semantic Mastery



It was announced a little while back, but in case you missed it – Yahoo Pipes will be shutting down, beginning with stopping the ability to create new Pipes in late August, and completely shutting down the service in September:

pipes closing picture


This service was a great way to aggregate information in many ways and we were avid fans of the ability to combine RSS feeds that could then be syndicated for various uses.

However, this wasn't all that Pipes could do:

  • Parse XML
  • Parse HTML
  • Output CSV

These are just a few of the cool things that Pipes could do, but with the coming shutdown of the service, we need to look for alternatives.

Luckily, for those of us who are interested in continuing to use RSS feeds for SEO purposes, whether it's content review, content curation, RSS aggregation, or something else entirely, there are many services out there that you can use.

Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes

Here is a list of sites and services that you should check out as Yahoo Pipes replacements – some offer different specifics, but all of them will help you with your quest for a Yahoo Pipes RSS replacement!


Powerful RSS and Pipes Alternative

We also recently talked to Lisa Allen about RSS Authority Sniper and how you can use it with RankFeedr to do some incredible things like make your own RSS feeds with any content, mix with authority content, get full YouTube RSS feeds, and more.

In fact, you can watch the entire webinar where we talked about co-citations, RSS uses, and more with Lisa right here:

Do you have a favorite replacement for aggregating RSS feeds? Let us know about it!


Web 2.0 Account Creation Question From HDHO Episode 33

By Semantic Mastery


During Episode 33 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts, a viewer asked the following question:

I've been reading a lot about web 2.0 tools/bots and am trying to differentiate between how effective they are. For a 2.0 builder like Money Robot, how does building out your own IFTTT networks differ as far as the actual “work” getting done. When it's all said and done, isn't it basically the same thing as far as what properties are build and linking actually done.

There is actually a lot that goes in to answering this question as it can depend on your strategy and end goals. We gave our reasons behind using, or not using, account creators (like FCS Networker), and also explained theming and interlinking the web 2.0 accounts (why we do this) – something that we always do with our IFTTT Networks.

There are certainly strategies that can make use of account creators – check out the video for more information.


Generating Targeted Traffic With Dirt Cheap YouTube Ads Webinar Replay

By Semantic Mastery


We had a great webinar with Justin Sardi and Zane Miller – these guys showed us a ton of great information on how to implement YouTube advertising to get clicks to your products and websites for a fraction of what you have to pay with AdWords!

We've got the webinar replay posted so that you too can check it out and learn why you should be using YouTube ads:

  • Additional “killer” service for clients
  • Cheap views and clicks (sometimes 10x less than Adwords!)
  • Easy to set up
  • Ability to make a huge ROI

Their pre-launch price for their personalized YouTube Ads Bootcamp won't last long, in fact it's only good until June 29th!

Get in now: