Creating Tier 1 Branded Network and Tier 1 Persona Network for the Same Money Site

By April

YouTube video

A question about creating a Tier 1 Branded Network and another Tier 1 Persona network on the same money site was asked during Episode 56 of Hump Day Hangout. The participant would like to know if this is a good strategy or should be something to avoid at.

The exact question was:

On a side note since I have your attention, one last question. Can you build a Tier 1 Branded IFTTT Network and a Tier 1 Persona IFTTT Network to the same money site? Would this be just as effective, but less of a headache than managing a tier 2 network to your money site? This would avoid the complications of having to add extra relevant RSS feeds to hide the money site's RSS feed in, and the risks of over-optimized keyword links, etc.

Thanks for your input guys!?

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