Weekly Digital Marketing QA – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 266

By April

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Adam: Hey complaining about AWeber. If you're using a Weber I suggest you go look at Active Campaign or something. But anyways, that said, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts number 266. We got the pre-holiday special Hump Day Hangouts going here. I almost put on like my reindeer ears. But I withheld. I'll be back next week. And I think the guys are going to have some, maybe some outfits or we'll see it. Hernan is giving me a vigorous yes. Yeah, I think he's going to dress up as Santa Claus. Man. That is awesome.

Hernan: Hey man. Thank you for doing that. Hey, man. It's like 1000 degrees right now.

Adam: That's right. You're in the upside-down, aren't you?

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Well, Hey, everybody. Before we get into it, we're gonna say hi to everyone real quick. And then we got a few quick announcements, some really good stuff going on, especially with the holidays. And then we will get into it. We got a lot of questions today. So, Bradley, how are you doing today, man? How's Virginia treating you?

Bradley: Good. I was almost late because I was talking to a prospect that was looking for SEO services that found me through my SEO Virginia horrible drive stack g G Site that I built when back in 2015 so I just making a comment just kind of giggling with Marco about it because that was from way back in 2015 and I still ranked number one I still get leads from it so pretty interesting.

Adam: That's awesome. Good day, man. Yeah, that well, you know, it doesn't work but I guess you're gonna have to take the lead anyways.

Bradley: I don't think Google's gonna shut it down any minute now.

Adam: Hernan, how you doing man down there in the other hemisphere?

Hernan: I'm good, man. All's good. Everything's good. Getting ready to spend some time with the family. Diving into some new ways of marketing and communication with potential prospects. So that's going to be good. We're going to be talking a little bit more about that in upcoming episodes. So, all good, man! I'm excited to be here.

Adam: Outstanding. Chris, how about you? Are you home in Austria?

Chris: Yeah, I'm home in Austria and I guess I prepared a little bit early because last year it was always Hernan. And this year I put up the Christmas tree as well just for the help the Hangouts. But yeah, like we'll see what's happening next week then.

Adam: Outstanding. And Marco, how about yourself. How you doing, man?

Marco: I am doing really good, man. Two charity webinars already in the can. The next one scheduled for next Monday and it will give a lot of great information for people who donate. So that's the only thing you have to do is go and donate. But this year, like we have a whole bunch of awesome prizes that we're going to give to people who have donated. For example, a couple of hours of my time, two people at each one will get an hour syndicated they'll be drive stack, syndication networks, there's going to be Dadea donated five embed gigs and five-link building gigs. So that's one that's five people who will win the embed, plus link building game, right? Which is, which is awesome. You aim that at anything that set up right? And that juices just gonna flow in and push it up. So I'm excited the charity is doing well. We're collecting money people have been awesome donating, but we do not. We always need more. We always need more. Poor kids.

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Adam: So I know a lot of people know about this, but can you tell everyone because we get new viewers all the time what the charity is or who had benefits.

Marco: So the idea is to take children who are at risk. And by at risk, it's either they come with us or they it's drugs, it's abusive, it's violence, it's prostitution. Child prostitution is rampant. That's how it is in the third world. You got a lot of pervs who come over and take advantage of that poverty. So what we want to do is we take these kids and we give them an option. You come with us, we'll give you everything you need to go to school shoes, uniforms, books, we tutor them on Saturday. We take them through mentorship programs, because we also want to create community leaders so that other children have someone else to look up to. There's another hero, right? It is that just the drug dealer with the fancy car because he right now, he's the hero we want. We want to show them another aspect of reality, of life that there are other heroes that they can emulate rather than following the drug dealer to a slow death.

I talked about Fernando one of our biggest success story he started out with with eight or nine of his friends, right? Running around sometimes coming to a charity and sometimes it's not. He's the one who stuck it out, the other ones who didn't are dead. And so that's the choice that these children are making. They come and they get an education, tutoring tech school, and then we place them with with big companies because we train them for the right jobs, for the jobs that are in demand in Costa Rica. So it's either that or you die. So that's the fucking option, guys. It's incredible. You have no idea poverty in the third world and Hernan knows, for the patchy what is the onset? Gotta say is another place to do. So that that's my passion. I did that my magnificent obsession. My magnificent obsession is doing everything I can to help people make money.

Google so that I can make money. But my passion doesn't feed me, right? My passion is something, it feeds my soul. But I need to make money in order to go and really work at my passion or good which is what I do. And so thank you guys I know Hernan, I'd like to thank him personally. Because he's awesome. He donates every year. So thanks a ton and you guys will always make this up this possible. Thank you.

Adam: Yeah. How much does it cost it to take care of a kid get him in classes get them in all this for a year?

Marco: 200 bucks per child and that includes everything and includes the tutor includes the mentorship. We do these weekend getaways. We make ourselves available. The family sometimes needs food. They have a tin roof, cardboard walls and nothing and on the fucking windows. That's the conditions that they're living in the shack.It's horrible. They have open sewage, you name it. It's there and it's worse than you imagine the worst that you can possibly imagine. And it's worse than that.

Adam: Gotcha now well and I want to say to to everyone like I know we've had some large donations in years past. I'm sure you've already gotten some this year but it's one of those where truly every little bit helps and Marco I know you're not restricting you know, access to the webinars based it's any donation amount, right?

Marco: Absolutely not. It's your heart is going to tell you what of course you want. Your heart dictates to donate. And your wallet dictates how much you got a big wallet. Open that motherfucker man. People need it. Yeah, people need it. And I'm this year I'm matching every all the donations I will tell you that I'm matching $1 for dollar

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Adam: Yep. that's awesome. Well, we're going to be throwing some more on top of that. We got some awesome holiday specials coming up, you guys, and anyone who donates is going to get some special stuff there. So, you know, you could donate $1 you can donate $100 and donate $1,000 again, whatever you can like, what's your heart your wallet tells you so you can this has been a really good thing. Marco is it's been like three or four years now.

Marco: We started doing our own little thing, and then it's just picked up. So this is what the third or fourth year. But I've been helping them for like 9 or 10 years. Nice from from way back when my wife and I started helping them so it's been a while.

Adam: Good deal. Well, you know, I mentioned some special stuff coming up with the holidays. So we're going to have more coming out about that and then wanted to let everyone know to. Next week we've got a really special Hump Day Hangouts. We're not gonna have time for questions. If you've got them up there, you know, maybe we can try to take them into the Facebook group. We'll do what we can but we will wanted to sit down and say, hey, what could we do at the end of the year that would, that would help everyone going into 2020. And we're going to cover a lot of various we're going to keep it into short segments, and we're bringing on some guests as well, we're going to have Rob Feel. Of course your motive him co creator of RYS Reloaded, helping, I'm going to call him the Chief Operating Officer at MGYB, the guy who gets shit done and, you know, gave me some great advice, some insights, POFU Live.

And then as well, we're gonna have Jeffrey Smith, the on page master SEO bootcamp, SEO ultimate plugin, he's going to come in and be laying down some good stuff as well. So you do not want to miss that. We're going to go a little bit longer, but we'll start at the same time next week and we're going to cover a lot of ground. And after that, we are going to have some holiday specials going on. But after that, there won't be a Hump Day Hangout until 2020. It turns out that it does fall on Christmas Day. And I think we all want to be spending time with our friends and family doing that. And we realized that probably not a lot of people are going to be maybe attending. So we're going to go ahead and push it back to I believe it's January 2nd, because then the first Wednesday in 2020 falls on New Year's Day. So that's a holiday as well. So we're just pushing it back to one day. So we're going to go next week, be there, we're going to have some good stuff going on some great guests, some good knowledge, as well as some awesome holiday specials. And then the next Hump Day hangout will be on January 2, 2020. As well, too, man, we've had a lot of stuff going on Bradley and the mastermind is getting what they're getting a webinar a couple days before Christmas, aren't they? You move that up? So you could squeeze one in before Christmas?

Bradley: Yeah, we're going to do that on Monday, the 23rd as opposed to Christmas Day, or the day after Christmas is when it would have been Thursday. So yeah, we're going to do that on Monday, the 23rd

Adam: awesome, and then you just got done. Correct me if I'm wrong about Monday with the second half of the branding training is that

Bradley: yes, that's been all edited now and chopped up should be in the membership area soon by the end by the end of this week. And then I've still got to add all the notes and individual lessons. But in case anybody missed that the YouTube training was already been split up, there was I think 15 videos for the first part that were created out of that almost three hour webinar. And I think there was 14 for the GDN Ad, the Display Network portion of the training. So that was almost another I was almost three hours also. So it was like out of six hours of content. I think we ended up with almost almost 30 videos and everything's been split up now and it's got all the notes and everything so it's a really good course in fact, I don't think we I think we took down all the specials for that one if we haven't we need to.

Adam: Yeah, but there might be something in the holidays but regardless, yeah, that is a great course. I'll put the link in there. Really. Bradley went above and beyond on this and cranking this out before the holidays. Bradley I'll let you add on to this but I call it kind of the massive branding course you know if you want to build a brand for yourself which you should be doing. I think Hernan can chime in on that but or for your clients and charge them for this service, right? This is you know, another one of those no brainers Just do it. But what you guys want to add on to that?

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Bradley: Yeah, I did. I actually was playing around today with some ad campaigns that I'm running for some of my own projects. And I discovered or kind of figured out a way to even build out the custom intent audiences even more thoroughly. It's a more efficient way to build out these audiences to make sure that you really getting targeted. Your ads are only being shown to people that are really targeted. So I'm going to probably record a supplemental video and add it to the training specifically about that. But yeah, I agree. I mean, I hit this over. I repeated this throughout the training. Every everything that I talked about in the branding training should be applied to you as the consultant or the agency owner should be applied to your brand first.

Before you set this up for any clients, you should do it for yourself. And you should just plan on constantly running branding campaigns so that you can start to fill that pipeline full of prospects. That's the number one thing holding people back, we get it through all of our surveys over and over and over again. We hear people say, their number one biggest problem is getting clients. Well, what are you doing to continually keep your pipeline full of clients or prospects? If you're not doing something, then it's your fault that you don't have a continuous steady stream of new clients coming in the door. It's because if you keep doing what you've always done, your results aren't going to get any different. So, the branding training was essentially for you to learn how to do that on your own, for your own agency first, your own business first. But then it's also something that you can offer to clients and it's a way that you can generate revenue. I showed in the YouTube training how to actually find prospects that are currently trying to use YouTube for leads that are failing miserably. So anyways, it's a good course. I would recommend everybody check it out. By the way, if you're in the mastermind you get that for free.

Marco: Something like that out something real quick before you go on to. There's a question whether you should brand whether if you've read the patent, if you've read BERT, and if you read about neural matching, which is trying to do away with EMDs and spamming of titles, especially in local searches, the map results. And you think that branding is optional. You're nuts. You're nuts. Branding is no longer optional Semantic Web brand plus location plus keyword association is what wins the game. I just gave you the keys to the kingdom. It doesn't doesn't seem that way because oh, it's just Marco talking shit. I just gave you the keys to the kingdom. Apply it, use our shit and see how you do?

Hernan: Yeah. I'm just going to add something real quick. I don't remember who said this, is that the number one is the most dangerous number for any business. Like, if you haven't one conversation, if you're sending one email, if you're talking to one prospect, if you're doing like, if you build like one back end, you know, like it all of that stuff is like the most dangerous thing that you could do for your business. So with branding, what we basically do is we sold that completely, right? You will never have to worry about the influx of leads again, think about that the POFU that you gain by just being in that position where you know, people are just coming your way, right? How much more you can charge people. And because you're not going you're not going either out call and say hey, I want to work with you. People are coming to you're saying hey, yeah, you're the Scott. You're that person. I saw you there, I saw you here. So I think and that that multiplying effect also applies for your client. So it's a really good tool to have in your toolbox for yourself as a consultant as the breadwinner as the marketing head, or the the guy before behind your agency, it doesn't matter if you have like two or three clients, if you have like, 30, right, you're still the guy behind all of it. And not only that, but that multiplying effect will trickle down to your business to your clients, and they will see the effect as well. So that will, you know, put you in a much more powerful position, my opinion, so it's really good for you. Good.

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Adam: All right. Well, before we get into questions here, just want to wrap this up and say, Hey, if you're watching this for the first time, thanks for watching, make sure especially to attend next week and check out the holiday special Hump Day hangout webinar. And then in the meantime, head over to battle plan dot Semantic Mastery calm grab the battle plan. It's our step by step process for getting results with everything from new websites age domains, YouTube channels, just check it out. There's a ton of value in there, we threw in some crazy bonuses. It's amazing. We love it. Well actually, I've got to look up the numbers but I don't know over a couple thousand people have also loved it. And if you're wanting to grow your digital marketing business, then you're the type of person we'd like to have in the mastermind you've heard us talking about a little bit here. But if you want to join the experienced community, that's the place to be and you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com and to everyone whether or not you're in the mastermind, or you're doing things on your own. We highly advise saving time and money, head over to mgyb.co and get done for you services. We got press releases, link building, the SEO shield that is newly released. And I think it's actually available on its own right now. Not just through the Black Friday deal. We had just tons more stuff and a lot more coming. And of course, I just put the link on there. If you guys haven't yet. Please go subscribe to us on YouTube. I know we're really close to 7000 and I know that makes Bradley's day. So maybe we can hit 7000 during Hump Day Hangouts and let them know about it. So with that said, let's get into it.

Bradley: Yeah, now you've got me curious. I just gotta check 6,990 or 10 away.

Hernan: Oh, wow. Yeah, go subscribe.

Bradley: 10 from 7000 I mean, that's not like that's just a nice round number. It's not a milestone we got to get to 10,000 before we really have accomplished much, but these are all organic views. I mean, other than I had a subscribe campaign running with YouTube ads for some time but anyways. Alright, let me grab the screen. I kind of pre-answered one of these questions. Here we go. Okay, somebody confirms you got my screen.

Adam: Good. Got it. Yep. Okay.

What Is Semantic Web Algorithm?

Bradley: Stevens up first, Stephen I put a reply below where I talked both Marco and I in the last week or two, I think two weeks now have been interviewed by Matt Versteeg of the low on for the local SEO podcast, local SEO show podcast and great conversation. It's always fun to be interviewed by somebody else in the industry to have a conversation about, you know, SEO or a lot of the other podcast interviews that I've been on, have to kind of dumb it down or water it down a bit because we're talking to a broader audience, but it's kind of nice to talk to somebody that understands our industry. So we can talk shop a little bit more so by the way, Marco's. I think it just got published today. And I listened to it was a great interview with Marco. And so I had an interview with Matt about two weeks ago and I spoke about he asked a question very similar to what your question is, which is what is the Semantic Web? And so I gave him a much more thorough answer there. So I linked to that it's in our free group guys. Here's the if you go to our SEO and marketing by Semantic Mastery group. It's also in the chat now on the Hump Day Hangouts page, but it's this post from Matt Versteeg about the, you know, interview with me that he had is about 45 minutes long. But in the beginning, I talked about the Semantic Web. So just as a very quick definition, I'd like to get Marco's input on this too. But the Semantic Web is the change the move from the algorithm knowing just determining how relevant things were through search strings, right. So queries have been stringing certain words together or phrases to create to answer a query, which is what the algorithm had been for so long to now things so from strings to things, because all of it's not just about the internet or web pages anymore, right? It's about everything in our world now is connected to the web. And so that devices and entity all these things have to be given an identity some that the machines the bots can understand so that they can start to understand relationships between these things, whether it's web pages or a device, a mobile device of person, brand, it could be any number of, you know, your appliance for godsakes. Your refrigerators and light switches at home are now online. So it's a way to create entities out of things, in a way for it to understand the relationships between them, the associations between them. And so the Semantic Web was something that we kind of fight, we saw it coming, which is why our name is Semantic Mastery. Way back 2011-12 timeframe. We saw that the cement, you know, it was coming, right. So Google had already been applying for patents that were showing that the Semantic Web was coming that they were shifting over to Semantic Web and so that's kind of why we named our company. That was because we were going to optimize or learn how to optimize for the Semantic Web. And it took a lot longer for it to catch on, then we thought it took several years as we're just starting to see within the last few months again, Marco will talk much more about this.

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But some of the the more advanced algorithm updates for the Semantic Web, such as Bert, or the neuro mapping or neural networking algorithm, which is I think, just came out about two weeks ago. Those are specifically Semantic Web type updates, just like Hummingbird was one of them was one of the earlier versions of that. So it's something that we're seeing more and more like we're moving faster into it now than we have been it's been a kind of long, slow progress to get to this point. But, you know, I think that's why the stuff that Marco especially has developed over the last several years because we saw it coming. We're several years ahead. And so that's what Marco was just talking about, with you know, branding and all that. It's about the entity, right? You want to create a strong entity on the web. And there's a number of ways to do that the SEO shield being our preferred method, which works incredibly well. So Marco would say you about it.

Marco: I'm always talking into a muted mic. Well, the Semantic Web, just the Semantic Web. The idea is for web pages to have structured data in the tag, and constructed in a way that a bot can more easily interact with the page. Because the bots were having so much trouble with the unstructured data meaning they these sets of words that the bot had no clue how to interpret. So again, that the idea of the Semantic Web is just simply being able that the people who are either building the website, designing it, coding it to be able to go in and structure the data. But yes, it involves entities and it involves a whole bunch of things that I'm, in fact I'm speaking on in the charity webinars, you really want to know what this is about, catch that podcast and catch my charity webinars. That's one. And I think that the question also says, or he's asking about the that you mentioned, Bradley, the Semantic Web algorithm.

There is no Semantic Web algorithm. The algorithms are a set or different code sets that draw different data. And it's all put together on under one in a huge relational database. All of its code guys, it's just simply zeros and ones and there are sequences. And you know, for example, Semantic Mastery has a word sequence. It has a bunch of set, a number sequence and it has a bunch of other number sequences related to it, which are, you know, things, it's words that are related to it. But at the bundle, I don't want to get too deep for you guys, because I don't want to confuse you. This is not the forum for it. But the bot has to go in, grab the words, turn them into zeros and ones, right bits, bytes, and number sequences to be able to interpret it. And it has to gather all of this information from all over the web, everything that's related to whatever it is that a person is looking for, if they're looking for Semantic Mastery, to give them the best result for the query. So we have several, not that not just one algorithm at play, but it all ends up in what Google is calling a ranking score, which of course they're not making public. Then we don't know-how in a route world it accrues exponentially, of course, but we don't know exactly what a cruise ranking score but we do have a great idea for example, from Bert, from the PageRank algorithm, from the ranking score algorithm, and from the distance graph algorithm, right? We've talked about seat sites and seat set. So there is no one Semantic Web algorithm that doesn't exist. What does exist is a whole bunch of different algorithms, compiling information. And they can be either really positive, which is what we work on. We work on triggering all of these positive aspects of the different algorithms that are going to get us a whole bunch of Google love. And we tried to avoid all of the negative ones that can come and really hurt what you're doing.

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If you're doing client work. You can get your client's website de-indexed if you're not doing everything correctly, and I hope that answers the question. If not go to the free Facebook group, and ask the question so that we can ask for maybe a little bit more. Better yet. Join our mastermind and ask the question. And we can and I can really go into it with you. And again, I would invite you to listen to the podcast and to listen to the charity webinars, not only the ones that I've already done, but the ones that are coming and the ones from last year where I went through all of this, and you can hear me how it's going to be all about entities and all of a sudden, Google comes out. And I said it's all about brands and entity, keyword associations. And Google finally comes out and admits just last month, this is what it's all about. As Bradley said, we're way ahead and I'm already working on next-gen, meaning I want to catch Google again in three or four years. So we're always ahead of the curve. That's why we're Semantic Mastery guy. That's why our shit works the way it does. Unmovable for years and years and years and years. That's how we do the do we do.

Have You Tried Blasing GSA Links to GMB CID And Short URL?

Bradley: Thank you for that. So Danny's up next. Danny's got several calls. Questions about link building that I'm not a spam link builder. That's why we have Dadea. So I'm going to kind of run through these very, very quickly with very short answers. But Danny, I would recommend that if you want our master link builder to actually, you know, provide some insight as to what type of links to use and that kind of stuff. I would post this question again in the Facebook group, and Dadea, our link building manager, he'll he's usually really helpful. He'll come in and answer some questions for you. He's, I'm not the spammer. I just hand it over to him and let him handle that stuff for me. But I have a basic conceptual knowledge of this. So I'll run through these very quickly. The first question was: ever tried sending GSA blast to a GMB short URL? Well, yeah, you can. But first of all your remember your short URL is a redirect. So that's not the best URL to send links to anyways. Because it's a 302 redirect. In fact, it's multiple redirects, but what you want to do is you use the GMB cid URL, right? So that's the www.google.com/maps?=cid=. Right? So that's that version of the URL is the best to send links to, yes, a send links that build links directly to that. Because we include that in the SEO shield. And that's what we throw over to do all the time. It's just all of the URLs and our SEO shield, which includes the map URL, Google Drive stack, Google Drive, folders and files, you know, all of the GMB website URL all of those, so I don't usually just use that as one target URL because I usually send a list of target URLs that all get links thrown at them, were built to them I should say. But yes, you can. You can build links to that directly.

What Is The Ideal Number Of Links To Build To A GMB?

Number two is any ideal number of links to build for a GMB? I don't have an answer for that. I tried to do as small as a package as needed to get results. And then you know, just repeated every couple of months or every three months or whatever it is trying to do link building in cycles. So I don't know what the actual number is because it's going to depend on the competition. There are too many variables there for me to give you a rule of thumb for that.

Marco: Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. It's as many as it takes. It might take just one tear, right? contextual or two that are contextual. And you'll see it when. Sometimes it doesn't take any links. We talked about that. But it's as many as it takes to get the job done. And it could take your cycling through all of your URLs hitting different aspects of that GMB, because there are a whole lot of targets that you can hit to get results. How many? As Bradley said, there are just too many variables to be able to answer that.

Do You Prefer A Direct GSA Blast To The RYS Stack?

Bradley: Yeah. For your RYS stack, would you prefer a direct GSA blast or do you build contextual tier ones and twos and then GSA blast the tier twos? Again, that's a question to post to Dadea. But I can tell you definitive 100% for sure that contextual as your first tier is the best way to go. Web 2.0 to contextual. In fact, we know Dadea recommends that you do two tiers of contextual is that if you're going to use GSA use that as a third tier. Any comment on that?

Marco: No, no, that's exactly what it says. And as a matter of fact, two tiers of web 2.0 contextual, the way that things are behaving right now should be good enough. GSA has its place when you really need to power something up. But it's sometimes, that's used as a last resort. I don't really like using GSA I prefer to just continue tearing the web two dot o contextual.

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Bradley: Yeah. Okay, so again, if you want further clarification on any of those, go check out our packages and MGYB, our link building packages, you'll see what's recommended for the different types of competition levels, and so you can kind of and those words specifically developed for that reason, because we, you know, our link building manager Dadea has been doing these types of link building pack campaigns for us for years. For me, for at least I think six maybe even seven years now. So everything that he does has been developed specifically for our methods. And so you can get an idea of what works best by just taking a look at the link building packages and the different levels of competition level packages at MGYB. Okay, and you can always ask questions in the free Facebook group and he'll jump in and answer them

Should You Create A New One Drive Page If The Existing Account Is Blocked Due To Spam?

next question is hey guys report regarding the done for you syndication network. I noticed my One Drive page was taken down and account blocked due to spam. Well, that's unfortunate. It's odd. That usually doesn't happen. So my guess is it was some sort of an anomaly. He says, Is my syndication network fine without it or should I try to build another One Drive page link to it from all of the other syndication properties? Thanks for the help as always, you know that's up to you. I can tell you right now I don't really sweat it depends on the property but something like one drive if it goes down or the syndication stops working because IFTTT hiccups or something like that, I typically don't go in and repair those things, or I'll have a VA do it if I do it. But, you know, there's a limited number of properties that we syndicate to anyways. So it is somewhat important. If, if it got to remember, sometimes these accounts can get blocked or terminated and it's algorithmic and it's something that, you know, really wasn't triggered because of spam. It just got caught up in some sort of filter. So, you know, my short answer is if you only have one project or a couple of projects, then yes, I would go ahead and take the time to build another. I think you have to build a whole nother Outlook or Live account. Microsoft account in order to, you know, attach or set up another One Drive account and then attach it to IFTTT. So I would recommend that you do that if you've got a ton of projects, and this is just one of many, then I would just, I wouldn't worry about it, I maybe do that when you've got some spare time.

Marco: Semantic Mastery always says you don't do anything yourself, you should have a VA that goes in and takes care of these things as they pop up.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah. And so just keep that in mind. And something else is, you know, if you're gonna, if you're going to have a VA do that, then make sure that you're either providing them with, you know, they're going to have to log into the account or create an account, which means that you're going to want to have that bound to their IP. Otherwise, if you try to switch between, like if you have a VA in the Philippines, just as an example. And you're in the US and you try to create the account, or and then you send it over to them and they try to log in it could lock the account because of you know, the change in IP. I would recommend that you set up some sort of thing like a BrowSEO or Ghost Browser or something like that where you can log into that account from the same even if it's your own IP, it's fine. But you want to keep the browsing session intact for that particular profile so that it doesn't trigger any IP locks. Okay.

What Semantic Mastery Services Should You Use To Defend Your Brand From Competitor's Attack?

Okay, so the next one is, my competitor is hitting my brand. What service could I ordered or technique to defend or make my brand strong and from getting hit with negative SEO from a competitor? The SEO shield is about the only thing I could I could tell you to do. Marco, what do you say?

Marco: That's exactly what I was thinking the SEO shield. There's no way that you can stop a competitor from negative SEO. It's unethical. I don't do it. I don't do it because you're, you're messing with a person's livelihood, no matter how much of an asshole person might be. They have kids, they have family and that's what I think about. I'm going to try to negative SEO them. Which I never have, by the way, in nearly 16 years that I've been online. I've never done it and I don't plan to do it. I know exactly how and it works really well. But just use the SEO shield to turn everything negative that's throwing at you, into positive.

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Bradley: Yeah, yeah, and I agree I've never done negative SEO either because I think karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you. So I just I've never done it. I've been tempted to in the past, but I've never done it. So I would recommend and I'm not saying you are either. I'm just saying that you know, as far as anything you can try to do is dilute it, right? You're not gonna be able to stop it. And so how do you dilute it you the best way to dilute it that we're going to tell you how is with using the SEO shield because then you're creating this shield around. Somebody could still hit your direct money site with bad links. But if you've got all this relevancy and you really solidified your entity, you've created this strong presence online that you know, then the next type of that type of an attack won't have nearly as much effect if if any at all. Okay.

Can You 301 Redirect A Relevant Domain To A GMB Listing?

All right. The next one is can I? Can I throw one a relevant domain directly to my GMB listing? Or should I point to a GMB website? I build instead of the GMB listing? If so, should I make contact details private just in case Google tries to see who the owner of the domain is? Okay, a couple of things there. Number one, Google is a red domain registrar. So even though you might have domain privacy enabled because Google is a domain registrar, they know exactly who is behind that. That's just to keep you know the general public from knowing who owns the domain. Domain registrars can always see who the domain is registered to. So even if you have privacy enabled. I don't recommend redirecting or doing a 301 from a domain directly to a GMB listing or a GMB website for that matter.

What I would recommend that you do is create, do a 301 redirect to like an HTML page, especially hosted on S3, Amazon S3, like our ID pages, for example, or ID pages are perfect for redirecting a three to one domain too because now you've got a super high authority domain Amazon, right that you've got just a static HTML three or HTML page on that you can create as an entity, an ID page, which was like an entity validator essentially. And you can do iframe stacking and everything else there, which means you can push whatever, inbound link equities coming from that domain that you're redirecting to iframes which act, kind of like it's not the same but kind of like a do-follow link. And so what I would recommend is doing something like that it redirects directly to a money site or to a GMB listing, in my opinion, is not the best way to go. You should create some sort of buffer between them where you can inject more relevancy and more entity information, which is why I think an Amazon S3 hosted HTML page is the perfect place for something like that. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: Unless he has that website that has those magical metrics, those metrics that are above, I would say above 16 in Majestic. That's when I start looking at majestic when it hits at 60 both trust flow, citation flow. When it's around there or higher that's going to be a really expensive website. But when it's around then, it's when it's around there. It's so powerful that that one link can really make a difference. Now, the thing is, that's going to be really expensive. And it's going to take you a whole lot of time and effort to find it. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's almost impossible. So what I did is I stopped doing it. I stopped trying to find expired domains. And I just work from the GMB facility from the drive stack, G Site and just expand it and isolate keyword sets and just go through that. I mean whatever it is that we do, or whatever it is that we offer you in our done for you services because we use it to use because our methods work what we make available to you guys. If it didn't work,  I mean, we just wouldn't make it available to you. We try to be again as ethical as possible. And in everything that we do we know that our shit works without all of these other things that you used to have to do or that you could do to help yourself along because you're borrowing from the ultimate, trusted and authoritative entity on the web as far as Google is concerned, which is Google.

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What Hosting Providers Do You Recommend To Rank Your Website Better?

Okay, I'm sorry, I was pre-reading another question. Gordon's up next he says, Hey guys, hope you're having a great day. And thank you very much for help. As usual. You're welcome, Gordon, thank you for your questions. As always, I believe you have mentioned previously that popular shared web hosting providers like Hostgator impede your SEO and ranking efforts. Can you briefly recap Why? Yeah, because there's a number of reasons. Number one is they're super inexpensive hosts their budget hosts, which means they overload their IP blocks. They overload their servers with too many sites. Remember guys, when you go to sign up for a shared hosting plan, or you know, budget hosting plan, they tell you, unlimited sites and unlimited bandwidth and all that, but that's not really true. And number one, but number two also, what happens is they overload those IP blocks with too many sites. And what happens is you end up with a lot of shitty cheap SEO type sites. So affiliate spammers and other SEOs and people that are just creating these stupid, ugly, sloppy sites that aren't putting, you know, so there ends up too many sites on the IP, to begin with, but then you end up being with, it's being kind of a guilty by association, you can get mixed into what's called it like a bad neighborhood, right.

In other words, there are 500 other sites on the shared hosting alongside your site on that same IP. And then there's going to be a percentage of them that are just really shitty sites that could be de-index, they could behave manual penalties, they could have a number of things that are there so that basically can guilty by association, your website can get caught up. But not just that. It's also because when you have that many sites sharing an IP if anyone of them or any number of them are receiving a spike in traffic or a DDoS attack or something like that, it ends up killing the amount of bandwidth available for all of the other sites on that same IP. Does that make sense? So what I found is if you were using a cheap budget host, I would recommend doing something like putting an uptime robot on it or some sort of uptime monitor that will allow you to notify you via email. And you can even set them up for text messages, which I don't recommend, except for really important sites. But it can email you or notify you when your site's go down. And what you'll see is if you put an uptime monitor on a shared hosting a site that's on a shared hosting account. You will see how often the site goes down. And it's incredible how often those sites are unreachable, right. And it's because of other sites on that same IP, receiving too much traffic and basically monopolizing all the bandwidth available bandwidth and there's this you'll see and once you see that, you'll realize how shitty shared hosts are.

So as far as can I recommend any? Yeah, on our semanticmastery.com/resources page, there's the two that I would still recommend: Liquid Web. By the way, you guys are just seeing strike throughs because I've got a plugin that shows nofollow links, but Liquid Web is our go-to choice for hosting. You know, I would recommend that you get because you can, you can actually sell hosting the clients. That's what I always recommend doing. So you know, get a good hosting provider, get a good plan, and then you can turn around and sell charge your customers, your clients. For monthly hosting, what I do is I offer them a yearly monthly hosting or a yearly rate and then a monthly rate. So what I'll do is I'll charge a customer a client, basically like $180 for a year or $20 a month, so it makes sense. So it's up to them. They either paid $20 a month or $180 for the year and I just do a PayPal subscription so they get to rebuild. That way, I'm actually making money on hosting too. And I just do that through my own hosting account. On Liquid Web, I also have WPS hosting, which is Terry Kyle's, that's also very, very good. And that's very fast. And the support is amazing in both of those. By the way, that's the last part of that, that I would recommend. Another reason why not to use a budget host is that any issues you have, you're gonna have to deal with support. Sometimes support will only be via email and not be a live chat or phone. Sometimes they're on completely different time schedules because they could be an India for all we know. And so every time you submit a support request, it takes 12 hours before they reply back. So support requests can get drawn out. What I found is I've got some other hosts that I still use because I have sites that I never wanted to move, and I hate them because every time I got a problem, I've got to deal with that. But Liquid Web and WP x are both I mean they're instant fast like you submit a ticket within minutes, you've got a reply somebody working on your issue. It's incredibly fast. Marco, do you have any comments on that?

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Marco: Yeah, man, what I found is a budget hosting. Actually, you lose money because of all the time that you have to spend with that shitty host. Sometimes the PHP version is often outdated because they're not going to update, it's not worth it to them. You're paying four bucks a month. And so by doing that, you actually lose money. But with all the time that you have to spend the support, or going into your cPanel and seeing what the hell is going on. If somebody is hogging up resources on that shared hosting, then your website is going to be super slow. You're not going to know why. And it's because some idiot is doing something that they're not supposed to be doing which is going to harm the reputation of the server. And as Bradley said, that's known as a bad neighborhood. In the long run, it ends up costing you money so stop with the shitty hosting. Go get a Liquid Web VPS and you can host your domains on there. You can host your clients on it. You can put several clients on that you could charge them for it 50 bucks a month. You have five clients as 10 bucks per client and the VPS is free for you to use because your clients are paying for it and you have the most fabulous support that you can think of. They'll migrate stuff for you if you. They will take care of it for you. When do you want us to do it? What time you don't even want it when the website isn't busy? Yeah. I mean to disguises. It's just fantastic. And it's the peace of mind of knowing that if something happens if you get an attack God forbid. If you get hacked, then Liquid Web is is right there to help you with whatever it is that you need with others. You have to sit in that fucking queue eternally sometimes. I've been through that. And it's not worth it.

Bradley: Yeah, I think a good host is worth their weight in gold. And like I said, it can become a profit center in your business too. You know, pay $1,000 a year for a good host. And but you're charging and you got 10 clients and you're charging them, you know, $180 per year, that's 1800 dollars, right? Or if you're charging a monthly because some clients will just rather pay monthly then that's, you know, $2,000, $20 per month, so $240 per year, times 10 would be 20 $400. So my point is it becomes a profit center. Okay.

Marco: Great revenue stream. Yep.

Can You Effectively Use Embeds As A Substitute For Links From Seed Sites You Can't Obtain?

Bradley: Alright, so next one is there are six questions here. I'm going to try to roll through these quick guys. Remember, we asked you guys to just post one or two questions. Max per post because it makes it too hard to get to anybody else's questions. So I'll roll through a couple of these rather quickly. And then we're going to move on and if we have any other time left, which doesn't look like we will, we'll come back. Okay. Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions. Number one, can you effectively use embeds as a substitute for links from seed sites you cannot obtain? Marco, that's a question for you.

Marco: Okay, can you effectively use embeds as a substitute for links? Yeah, I mean, yes. Don't get your head twisted on this because it's not exactly a link. And it's not exactly a substitute. It'll act a little bit different. We don't know whether it accrues the paycheck and rankings for that we need. We just know that it pushes massive ranking power. So yes, iframing and then link building into that iframe, you have the protection of the source. I mean, that's the whole concept behind the iframe that the source should be so powerful. It protects you. And you can just do all kinds of nasty stuff to wherever the embeds are to, to wherever the iframe is embedded to help your SEO. It should not substitute your link building, especially into the iframes. works really well. But yeah, I mean, it's a solid way, it's a solid strategy.

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I read through the rest of these questions. m semes. whatever your name is, my question to you is why the hell with these types of questions? Are you not in our mastermind, where we could dig into this stuff for you? I mean, this is some pretty advanced questions, which means you probably know what you're doing, which means you should be on a damn mastermind. Sorry, you know, this is these aren't beginner type questions, which is what the hump day hangouts really is. We can't give away the farm on for free here. That's what behind closed doors is for.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Embeds On A Page?

So the next one was, is there a limit on the number of embeds on a page i.e. is there are there diminishing returns? I don't think there's a limit to the number that you can put on-page, but you can break a browser, you can break, you can lock your computer up. If you have too many iframes on a page, how do I know? Because some of my @ID pages are ridiculous. And if I open it up in a browser window, it will lock it will eat up all the memory on my computer. So, Marco, is there an actual limit to it?

Marco: I haven't found it because I mean, it's just code. And so the code, you can just add. What happens is that the page as you said it breaks, it's super slow. You're going to have to do some coding so that it doesn't load to take forever to render. But there's no need for that you just find four or five really powerful, right iframes you put them on lazy load, and away you go.

Bradley: Yeah, not only that but if you stack the iframes on one property, then you reframe that on another property, you end up with that mirror and mirror type. So you don't need a super high number. You just need a few very quality ones to achieve results, which is what we've kind of built out with our SEO shield.

Marco: Three iframes will create the loop. And we can loop the bot endlessly depending on how much information that is that we're feeding it. So iframes are the shit. You guys are sleeping on iframes if you're not using them.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. And there are some other really good questions there. But we're going to have to move on because we've only got about seven minutes left and we still got other questions to get to. However, I really liked those questions. I would love to answer them. So come join the damn mastermind, man. Come join us.

Would You Push More Juice To The City Pages To Improve The Page's Ranking?

Anyways, the next one is Hey guys, I have a question about all of your strategies being used for the same site but different cities. So I have a client that I'm ranking on page one in 17 of the 24 cities they have in their county. I'm not able to get them in maps in as many cities, however, they only have one location and I'd like to start pushing them up in maps and more cities. Would you just push more juice to the city pages? Yeah, that's one thing you could do. Remember the maps algorithm, the proximity filter or whatever you want to call it is even narrower now than it was two months ago. One of the more recent updates, which I think is occurred within the last few months, actually narrowed that the proximity filter for Google Maps listings.

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So in order for your map listing to show up or a GMB to show up in the maps three pack now, it's very closely tied to proximity to from where the searcher is in relationship to the actual physical location of the business when they perform the search. So it's even harder now than it was even just six months ago to get a map GMB to rank in maps outside of its immediate area. So it's not that it can't be done. That's what local GMB pro methods for which are for us to help you to learn how to expand that centroid as Marco calls it, but expand the map's presence into, you know, further and further out to kind of overcome that proximity issue. But that said there, yes, some of the things that you can do would be to create like, geo posts on your money site. You can even create location-based silos. And if you again, if you're in our mastermind, we talked about how to set up proper silo structure, and also how to create structure, location-based silos within topical silos. And there's a way that you can do that using tags for example. It's very, very powerful and when you mix those in with the SEO shield stuff, the G site, the RYS drive stack and you theme mirror everything together, which means you mirror the site, your website structure on to these other assets, the G site, the RYS drive stack and such, then you can start to really get your organic rankings to push up in those additional areas and a couple of that with local GMB pro methods. It's very likely that you could get your maps listing to start appearing in those cities within the county, outside of your immediate area where you're physically located. It takes effort and in order to get the maps thing, the maps listing to rank in the three-pack, it does require consistent effort. But it can be done. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, there has to be a relationship between the centroid and the place where you're trying to get into the map pack. If you cannot establish that relationship, then it's really difficult to try to get your listening to appear because there are other businesses that are closer by when that searcher is conducting that query right when the person is looking for, I don't know how plumber, emergency plumber, they're going to get those who are closest to them, then I get someone that's an hour and a half away to overcome that. That's when you have to relate that centroid and we teach that in local GMB Pro. We've talked about that in the mastermind extending the spokes think of it thinking of it like a wheel, right with spokes and just trying to extend the spoke. How do you do that? Well, it's part of the secret sauce sorry.

Bradley: Yeah. And I was trying to look for that article that Brian Kato published. I posted it in here but he did a really good job was showing how to build out relationships with using local entities, you know, in content to get the local page to rank or local site to rank. So that's something that if I could find it, I'll post the link but we're running out of time. So I'll try to come back and post that it was a really good write up that he did on that, so I'll try to share that with you. Once we're done. We only got a few minutes left guys, we're going to try to roll through a couple more.

Should You Be Concerned If You See Competitors On The GMB Maps Listing Page Source Code?

Fitz says, good agents. Thanks for this great forum. You're welcome fits. He says I recently checked the page source of my GMB maps listing and saw a few of my competitor names mentioned in the code should I be concerned? No, you know, I mean there's nothing you can do about it but for example, you know, if if I was to search I don't know let me just look for plumber Culpepper, for example. Let's just click on Culpepper Home Services actually do. What I'm trying to share here is you're going to see that shit. It's not what I wanted to do. Shake this one. Alright, so you'll notice that. Sorry. Try this again. What you're seeing is this person also search for. That's what you're seeing. Right? So there's nothing you can do about that. So I'm pretty sure that that's what you're seeing when you're looking at the code. You're seeing these this part right here. It's right in the knowledge panel, right. The knowledge panel even shows competitors, and I don't think there's any way that you can stop that. Right? It's a good question though.

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What's The Best URL To Link Back To A Money Site?

Joseph says, Hey, guys, I just ordered a drive stack in a G site. What's the best URL to provide your team to link back to my money site is a supporting page or the money page for that keyword? Thanks. I guess it depends on what you're having a stack built out for. If it's for the brand itself, just the homepage, if you're just doing the initial brand, drive stack, which is basically to validate solidify the entity right and your product keyword whatever that may be, should be associated with the brand and that's how we recommend building that out. But if it's for a very specific product or page or content silo with on your site then that's different. So Marco, what would you recommend for him on that?

Marco: The brand. What's the homepage URL and the brand? The main stack, the very first one, drive stack G site should be brand plus keyword or brand plus location plus keyword. That's how it is. We relate every keyword under that top-level category that you give us. Go as broad as possible. Even if you're into renting hotel rooms in, let's say in a province in Costa Rica. Then what you want is a hotel rental or anything related to that room, just whatever it is the broader that you can go, the better it is for us. Because we'll get you everything under the sun, then as you broaden the drive stack, and that's as you add depth to it, that's when you start focusing in and honing in on your silos, and you're supporting keywords LSI and everything else that's related to that.

Bradley: Awesome. My apologies I didn't know about the two question rule No, and you didn't expect it You wouldn't know that man. But honestly, we, it's just respectful of other people that so but yeah, definitely consider joining the mastermind I would recommend that you do, because it sounds like you know, your ship to a degree. So it'd be those types of questions that we get really far in-depth in the mastermind. All right, I know we're after 5pm but I just got I'm gonna I want to answer one more question really quickly, so but I can't without answering it. Austin Don's first he says what's the best way to share an infographic I'm not sure what you mean by that. As far as different places to publish it or just to share. I'm not sure what you mean. So if you can clarify that maybe we can go back and answer that one.

Can You Do YouTube Branding For Syndication Networks

But the one that I wanted to answer was can we do the YouTube branding before syndication networks? I'm not sure what you're asking about their BBB. Can we do YouTube branding for syndication networks? Remember syndication networks are part of should be part of every project right every website project every brand, every client even your own brand you should have syndication network, right? It's like that should be step number one. So I don't know what you mean by Can you do YouTube branding before that? What what I recommend with the Google Ads branding course it's not just about YouTube, it's about using display network to is that what I was trying to convey with that is how you can set up branding campaigns to create brand awareness and also to drive inexpensive, very relevant targeted traffic into your digital presence, whether that's through videos or through the Display Network.

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My point of teaching it was, I think all of us, all of you guys listening now that are marketing consultants, or agency owners, you should all have branding campaigns set up for your own agency. I am 100%, guilty of running my own marketing agency for almost 10 years now, and not making my own brand a priority. I've always worked on other clients, businesses, building their brands, but I didn't work so hard on building my own if that makes sense. So my point is, you should be building your own brand so that people start to seek you out and you don't have to do outbound prospecting all the time. Each time you want another client, you're going to have people coming to you seeking you out because they see you everywhere. You can also sell this as a service to your clients, right. If you understand how to set up these types of campaigns, then you can set up branding campaigns and create another stream of revenue from that service, very inexpensive or very easy to manage.

And so like I said, it's a great profit center, another source of revenue. If you've already got existing clients, you can go what I call to shake the bushes and that's going to contact your existing clients and tell them that you want to set up some branding campaigns for them. So my point is, would you want to do before syndication networks? No, not that I mean, I'm not sure where your timeline is. But for me, syndication networks are like step one for every project that I do. And then the branding traffic using Google Ads is something that you would do to start pushing traffic into the brand creating brand awareness, brand recognition, and inbound traffic from relevant sources. That makes sense and that will actually help to kind of activate or trigger all of the SEO work that we're doing because that's exactly what ART as Marco always says, ART – activity, relevance, trust, and authority that kind of triggers all three of those as sending traffic in from a known relevant audience that you're buying from Google, into your SEO as your assets, your digital assets kind of helps to trigger or it kind of ignite all of the SEO efforts. Okay.

All right. We're several minutes. Yeah, in a comment on that?

Bradley: Yeah, just one second. If you do it backward, it'll, it'll be more difficult if you don't get your entity in place if you don't set it up if you don't create it. And if you don't verify, and start validating, if you skip those steps, then it's going to be that much harder to come back and try to work on the entity. So why not set up the entity that we teach it the right way, so that when you do start out with those posts and the length of the press releases, and everything else that you're going to do, it's going to have maximum effect. Why would you do anything that's not going to have maximum effect? Drag the strategy for branding is a great strategy. But if the brand isn't in place, if the entity isn't in place, then it's not going to have the effect that it has to have or that it needs to have. And right now, right now, and guys go just go please watch the charity webinars, it's what it's what's a whole lot more than anything that you can possibly give the information that I'm giving away. Just go watch it so that you know why there's a reason why you need to do this. It's called Bert and it's called neural matching.

Amen. Alright, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see mastermind members tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll see you guys next week. Whoo. See everyone.

Good one later.

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