Do Inner Page Metrics Of An Expired Domain Form Part Of The SEO Juice?

By April

In episode 176 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the inner page metrics of an expired aged domain form the part of the SEO juice, or just its homepage.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys,

Thank you VERY much again for all the help you provide, it is genuinely appreciated 🙂

Time ran out last week before you were able to get to me so I'm reposting the same thing 🙂

Can you please help with the following 🙂

1) If I buy an expired aged domain with content and/or links related to my local lead gen site's niche, and leave it “”parked”” with the Domain Registrar and 301 redirect it to my lead gen site. . . . . . Is it just providing the benefits of the metrics for its “”core”” domain, meaning its original “”home”” page, or do the “”inner page”” metrics form part of the “”seo juice”” I get for my site by just redirecting the domain?

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