Do SAPE Links Work?

By April


One of the most important facets of digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization, is link building, which can be further classified into black hat and white hat. Whatever technique it is, it surely is a complex process but one thing's for sure – to rank our money site on top of Google SERPS.

One of the most talked about link building strategy involves SAPE link network. This is a black hat SEO technique that involves creating a link network from churn and burn sites. We do not recommend this to money sites Does but for the tier 2 and beyond links. Will this increase trust flow?

In episode 149 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked whether SAPE links work.

The exact question was:

What about sape links? Do they work? Relevant and not relevant?

This Stuff Works

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