Do You Need To Create Multiple Google Accounts When Using Video Poking Tools Like Buddy VIP?

By April

In the 130th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one should create multiple Google accounts when using video poking tools like Buddy VIP.

The exact question was:

On your advice I just bought the Buddy V.I.P software poking tool. I am very excited to now have the capacity to tell where a keyword is going to rank. Over promising on ranking has been my greatest fear so I have avoided doing it.

I have heard that Google is not fond of poking tools and is doing some penalizing for using them. I notice in the software tutorials they mention spreading your searches out over several “”Youtube accounts.”” Did that mean Youtube channels or Google accounts and what is the reason for spreading across different channels or Google accounts? Right now I have only one Google account and about 10 active Youtube channels (and about 10 more channels which are names only that I am about to delete.) Do I need more Google accounts to safely use this Buddy V.I.P tool and if so should those be in my own name or a persona?

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