Do You Recommend Using All URL Versions Of A YouTube Video For Syndication And Link Building?


In episode 251 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if the team recommends using all URL versions of a YouTube video for syndication and link building.

The exact question was:

Hope this is the right place to ask. Just getting started and have a question about YouTube video URLs for syndication, backlinking, and use in drive stacks. For each YT video, do you recommend using all version: long and short urls, plus the long and short playlist URL versions of each video in playlists? Also, if you are constantly adding new videos to playlists and rearranging the order, does that break those previously used long and short video URLs? If changes screws them up, then where should they be used and not be used so as not to create playlist video URL problems down the road? Thanks