Do You Still Use Or Build Serp Shaker Sites?

By April

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In episode 109 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Semantic Mastery team is still using or making Serp Shaker sites for search engine optimization and lead generation.

The exact question was:

Hi Bradley & Team,
Do You still use or Build SERP Shaker sites? And do these seed sites as you refer them stick ?I have been hearing that Serp Shaker sites are getting Deindexed. Could you please direct me in the right way on how to build these sites for longevity. I have been playing around with different Mass website builders like MPC and DR(domination robot).Lead Gadget as you suggest maybe good but it is expensive.I need to start building huge sites and monetise them.if you know about any other platform please let me know.Thanks

Well, at Semantic Mastery, we've used a lot of site builders for lead generation, including Lead Gadget ATM. It's one way to get more results seen in the search engines and generate more leads without the use of WordPress plugins – it's more of “mass” builder and a way to test what will rank. It really depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

If you're going to use Serp Shaker to build sites, you should consider them a test domain or test site, or a “churn and burn” type of setup, which a lot of people do, while waiting to make your “money site” from a positive result from your build (did it rank?).

There's a lot of ways to make money online from these sites, affiliate programs, selling leads you generated or even selling or renting the website to a company in the niche.

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