Does A Canonical URL Pointing To Itself Make It Appear As A Non-Duplicate Page?

By April

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In the 228th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if a canonical URL pointing to itself make it appear as a non-duplicate page.

The exact question was:

Does having a canonical url pointing to itself make it appear non-duplicate page? A site I am observing has 500 plus pages. All 500 are the exact same 300 word page, with the change in suburb. When I run a siteliner check, only a very small percentage of duplicate content appears. Most of the pages are skipped due to canonical url that points to itself. As a result I am guessing that the site doesn't appear as spam at all. It is also ranking number 1 for a ton of keywords. I can't seem to make the canonical tag work through Yoast seo. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot for replying to all these questions. I really appreciate it.

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