Does The Semantic Mastery Battleplan Help With Setting Up A Local Lead Gen Business?

By April


In episode 237 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how does the Semantic Mastery Battleplan help with setting up a local lead gen business.

The exact question was:

Hi I just recently purchased a franchise product that provides SEO services. It's not from you guys, the company gave some exhausted training on how to sell the services but seems like everything was leaning toward cold calling and door knocking in order to get clients. I some how came across you guys on the internet and purchased the battle plan. I have a website that the franchise gave to for lead gen but was not familiar with how to set it up for lead gen. Does the battle plan product help with that? And is there something else I could use with your products to get the ball rolling a little faster? Sorry for the long text.

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