Does Uploading A Video From A Different Country Than The Target Affect Ranking Negatively?

In episode 176 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether uploading or streaming a video from a different country than the target country could negatively affect its ranking.

The exact question was:

If I am trying to rank a youtube video for a physical product in a certain country, does it matter if I upload or stream that video from that same country ip location? I used targeted views from that country using adwords to try to rank it but uploaded the video from another country and can’t rank the video. Google just slaps me on the 2nd page even though there is no other videos on that product. Used both a live stream and upload and neither work. Videos are about 1:30 long with practically low or no competition. I use a VPN to confirm the video is not on first page, youtube ranking is not a problem just on the 1st page as there is ads for that product. Do I need longer videos or just some social shares?