Does Using Subdomains Produce Better SEO Juice Than Using Pages For Multi-City Local Lead Gen Site?

By April

In episode 232 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if using subdomains produce better SEO juice than using pages for multi-city local lead gen site.

The exact question was:

Thank you VERY much again for the help you provide on Hump Days (smile) . . . . . . When setting up a multi-city local lead gen site, you have advised in the past to use sub-domains of the main domain for each city instead of using a “”page”” under the main domain . . . . . . When using “”pages”” I know that the seo “”juice”” can be spread among all the city pages but, when using sub-domains, does the seo “”juice”” spread among all the subdomains to help each one rank better, or does each sub-domain stand on its own for seo purposes?

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