Double 301s Part 2

By cpi1


How to recover a SEO penalized domain (or at least salvage) and avoid new penalization.

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  1. Semantic Mastery

    Here is the part 2 of the Double 301 redirection tutorial 🙂

  2. Maurice Crisp’s Channel

    [Part 2] SEO Penalization Recovery, Double 301s Redirects and Spammed domains

  3. hey guys great video.One thing I want to ask, or point out, in a lot of cases will actually show a spam/warning message to a user before they see the actual site.I have had well over 100 students tell me that they no longer can use for this reason. Even sites that are 100% safe get this message.How do you overcome this?

    • Good point, Brian. But that would be if you were using a Bit link only, correct? In other words, Bit links get indexed and the indexed link is where that message appears. I think in this tutorial, +Hernan Vazquez is talking about using the redirect for link building purposes only (not for promotion or sharing purposes), although I'll let him chime in on this… 

      I personally haven't had that happen but I also use a variety of link shorteners. Here is a pretty good list of alternatives:

    • Hey Brian! Thanks for commenting. As +Bradley Benner suggest, the main idea is to use the 301 redirection as a shield for linkbuilding purposes.

      I wonder if that spam message would break the 301, thus defeating the purpose of the redirection. I guess we'll have to test it out.

      If that's the case, then we can use some other 301 provider from the list Bradley provides. I'd stay away from though.

    • +Hernan Vazquez +Bradley Benner remember its not just a backlink, Google Bot follows that link. 

      I have not tested this, but if Google bot follows it then see the spam message does it break it? Don't know, but if the spam message shows, I'd keep clear.

      I some of my guys reported that the links worked fine for while then the message appeared.

      Be a good one to test, or find a service with great pr, DA and TF that doesnt throw a spam message what ever u link to.

      Any of those in the list you provided, that you know of, that do not throw a warning regardless of content?

    • lol, fist one I checked had one

  4. yeah, find one that is a bit less strict. G*A a load of them. maybe try them out.

    you can actually create your own, but I can't remember the plugin.

    But could just use pretty links and 301 them

    Buy an aged domain, and use it as ur own shortener, and it has authority etc. Bit of a footprint then tho…

    There has to be an awesome service that allows us to do it  —– I WOULD NEVER use a G service for this type of activity 🙂

  5. Hey +Brian Parnall +Bradley Benner I'm using a pretty neat tool called 301 Nuke. Basically it makes 301 that you can later blasts, etc. Now it's part of pretty much all of my G$A work (since I don't blast profiles directly anymore). Check it out:

    It's pretty neat and easy to use. Also G$A has a lot of inbuilt URL shorteners, which makes the process easier.

    Definitely, if is 302 and then 301ing then there is no point in using it since 302s will lose their validity over time.

    Also, I'd use pretty link only if it's installed on a subdomain, since you will be filtering a lot of spammy linkjuice with that particular domain, and having a subdomain doing it may protect your main domain a bit more. Makes sense?

  6. Ok we redirected a Spammed Chinese domain via 301 through to a Web 2.0 and here are the results for the money site so far:

  7. +Hernan Vazquez was the bit/ly link showing that warning message tho? That's the bit I am talking about. Not an actual spammed site, but bit/ly giving that error. 

    Make sense – that error can come up at anytime, and I have had students report that the link was fine for 3 months then that warning showed…

  8. Hey +Brian Parnall we haven't had the 301 notice yet, but if we do in the future I'll let you know. In the meantime I think the best way to go would be just to stop using