Episode 15

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Streamed live on Feb 11, 2015 – SEO Help – Questions & Answer – with YouTube time stamps –

YouTube Video Optimization

1:00 Below are Questions Regarding my personal You Tube Channel:

Are all the video I create for clients hosted on my personal YouTube channel / account with playlist corresponding to the niches or verticals mentioned above?

Are these videos then linked to the Tier 1 corresponding persona properties i.e. Pets, Medical, Legal, and Home Improvements?

When you use the term money site is my personal YouTube account my money site?

301 Redirection for Money Sites

12:00 Using 301 redirects to protect money sites, or as a buffer when you’re doing client work.

Bitly.com and Tinyurl.com were mentioned but they wouldn’t be the best option since you can’t change the link.

Another option that Bradley says he uses more often, is to buy an expired domain, do all the SEO work on that domain, and then do a 301 redirect from there to your client’s website?

And if I understood correctly there was also a third option, where you could do a meta refresh from a Weebly site? Does that mean you would do a 301 redirect from the domain you bought to Weebly, then Weebly to your client’s site?

Could you please elaborate a bit more about creating these buffers to protect your work?

Existing YouTube Channel and Ownership

If a client already has a Youtube Channel, and asks you to rank both his existing videos and all the new ones you create, how can you create a bufferto protect your work?

20:00 What if the client is afraid of losing the investment they made with someone else who created the video? Because you would be “owning” or taking away a video they paid for?

Web & SEO Hosting

23:00 Which web hosts have you vetted as being the best for speedy site networks while avoiding slow load times, upload size errors, and timeout errors for visitors and administration? I am talking about the hosts that you use in your winning business model.
(affiliate link request, for you to get credit for the referrals)

26:00 How do we move from C Class Hosting to A or B Class Hosting?

WordPress Themes and Plugins

29:00 Are there any issues when using the site cloning feature in the WordPress Softaculous Fantastico install?

31:00 Is it better to install WordPress using their simple install or using the cPanel and Softaculous/Fantastico?

32:00 What about the cloning WP plugins? is this better than the other 2 methods I mentioned? which are the best ones please?

33:00 Do you use child themes on your sites? do you build in SEO features into your templates?

34:00 Are there popular free WP Plugins that are known to keep causing errors? I seem to get alot of plugin errors.

36:00 Do you have a winning SEO strategy for YouTube Playlists you can share? I love video syndication.

38:00 Shoutout! 😉

39:00 My client bought a site a while back that wasn't in the same niche that he was in but it had a lot of juice. Would it be okay to 301 redirect from a site that isn't in the same niche to a site with a different niche?

41:00 Maybe a silly question but what photo do you use for the persona? If I purchased photos on Istock or big stock they have model releases but can I use those photos without problem?

Keyword Density and EMD

42:30 Can you go over on page keyword density for exact match domains?

46:00 You say that you put your clients' videos on your own channel because you have built up authority – if your new client is in a brand new nice for you (therefore a new channel) you will not have the authority – right?

51:00 If the persona is on a gmail account and the gmail account is not being used much for email can Google detect that it is a fake account.

53:00 what is the real difference between unlisted and private videos?

54:00 I am watching on the plus.google page, WHERE is the event page. I'm new to this G+ confusion.

55:00 “SEO hosting” is mainly for creating PBNs? Or is there another specific reason to use “seo hosting”?

55:30 Well that Youtube silo sounds great. Thanks. I am currently working through the ifftt semantic mastery course and have just launched a couple a videos. Really enjoying the course and looking forward to the results.

Syndwire and GSA

56:00 What do you recommend how we utilize Syndwire with our new networks?

 59:00 You mean Syndwire can do the same job as GSA?

1:02:00 Please touch on the different levels of membership with Semantic Mastery. Thanks.

What is the link to sign up for the weekly hangouts? https://semanticmastery.com/humpday

1:04:00 Wrap up – subscribe to our channel for updates and notifications, easiest way to stay in the loop.

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