Episode 16




YouTube Silo Academy

1:45 Announcement: YouTube Silo Academy Launching. Learn how to silo your channel via playlists so that you can have even more ranking power for your videos. Academy is here: http://youtube.silo.academy

YouTube Video Reference Guide

6:30 Announcement: Semantic Mastery YouTube Video Reference Guide available on Kindle. Free through 2/22/2015. Includes discount code for YouTube Silo Academy. Leave us a review if you like it! You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TPZN3OQ

Meta Data in YouTube Videos

7:50 How do I properly edit meta data for YouTube videos? Will editing the meta of the file add information to both the audio and video?

11:50 Let say that I search for ‘orthodontist, Orlando, FL’ is then “orthodontist” while location is set to Orlando. The results vary greatly between those 2 searches. However, Google returns local results on both occasions. I’ve done some adwords testing in various niches and realized that there’s a lot more searches for KW only than KW City or City KW. It seems that the algo is different for those 2 queries since I see different results. I have the “keyword + city” algo figured out. But I’m having trouble figuring out the KW only algo. I think that we really should since it’s more important and more consumers search that way (based on my Adwords impressions). What do you guys think?

16:45 Is there any metadata for videos you think is useless and vice versa any metadata you think helps you rock out with your sock out (i.e. rank better). With your rss syndication plugin how does the “use a custom url” work? Do I just enter a url without the http:// and is that the url I enter in my IFTTT recipe for the rss feed?

Foreign SEO

20:00 I’m doing local SEO and trying to rank videos for clients in the medical industry, but in a foreign language. On some of the niches that I’m trying to go for I’m having a hard time finding live unique content sources that publish on a weekly, or sometimes even on a monthly basis, to mix with my RSS feeds. Would I be in trouble if I mix posts in English and a second language on the same Web 2.0? What would you guys recommend?

Hiding Backlinks

22:00 Would something that hides your backlinks and prevents bots from crawling your network (like the spyderspanker plugin or modifying .htaccess) be something you recommend or use on your networks?

24:00 Since the IFTTT recipes already include attribution links back to the video and the channel, I would only need the Yoast plugin or your RSS syndication plugin, if I use a WordPress site to embed those same videos, am I right? I’m asking because in the case that I want to rank the videos first, and then rent them to potential clients later, I wouldn’t have a specific website to point to yet, just the video SERPs.

Video Optimization Training

26:00 I’ve learned a ton about ranking videos for local and client SEO from the IFTTT course, and I’m aware that it can be used for almost any type of SEO, such as affiliate programs, CPA, etc. but I’d like to know if you have specific training for each of these (could be in the form of case-studies for ex.) inside Semantic Mastery, and what sort of monetization strategies do you teach?

29:00 Would you mind showing what the inside of Semantic Mastery looks like?

33:00 Announcement: Considering offering Done For You IFTTT network builds. Are you interested?

35:00 Question: I have a video or two that have over 100K views that generate lots of leads for my local roofing business. If I wanted to edit titles/tags/descriptions or even parts of the videos, would YT “start over” with views? Would YT consider it a “new” video?

Backlinking for Nonprofit Business

38:00 I am going to be building a linkbuilding campaign for a nonprofit business. What would be the best sites to aim for backlinks from?

39:30 How unique should each video description be?

41:00 I have a local client who wants a website, Google+, Facebook etc. and probably some videos. Since the company will have a google+ in its name how do you suggest I build up a channel that I control so I can rent out the videos?

Switchbox Method

45:00 I thought you shared a an article about the switchbox method. Do you teach that inside Semantic Mastery?

48:00 In my research I had found that when you upload a video to a video site the metadata is stripped, the only thing that is left is the title. That is why you have to fill everything out on their site – THAT is the metadata. However it is not the case for the custom thumbnail, you can add the metadata for your JPG file (not png). Do you agree?

50:00 Do you use super spun for Serp Shaker also?

Tools for Video Uploading and Streaming

52:00 What products do you use for uploading videos or streaming live?