Episode 19

By April




0:00 Introduction

1:00 Masterclass information and details

7:00 Quick overview of Video Portfolio Pro… that looks to be a good way to get your prospects to purchase your services for video seo.

Youtube Playlist

9:00 I noticed on a YT PLAYLIST containing for example 4 videos, that each different video has a different URL (start from here); but the playlist stops at bottom video, is there a method when creating a playlist that it could LOOP the ENTIRE list no matter where the viewing starts?

And since EACH video starting point in the PLAYLIST has a different URL; how can that be utilized in video SEO?

13:00 Playlist URL on YouTube

Youtube Siloing

18:00 Silo info – integrating YouTube silo and playlists with your website silo – extra video and website ranking power!

Google Shortener

21:00 is it good to use the Google Shortener when needed (give Google the love), I am thinking for Twitter content – and what's your thoughts on Friends+Me – it looks like it can syndicate to multiple accounts within the same web2 property (multiple twitter accts, multiple Tumblers, etc).

IFTTT SEO for Beginners

26:00 Hi Guys, I'm a beginner on all this, and i think I'm the younger one here lol, I'm happy to be with you guys, thanks for accepting me, I started watching your videos +Bradley Benner they're just awesome, hope you guys all the success, and from now I have something to do every Wednesday as you said :D, good luck !! By the way, if someone can help me by some advice or things that can helps me to start, i would be so grateful.

Persona Accounts

27:00 When you “season” a persona account, do you just post a status type of paragraph (no links or photos), what procedure should I follow to season the entire RING? Visit each property and post something manually, and observing the Firefox routine of cleaning and matching time zone of where the persona is…

32:00 various comments and questions – how to get into course, etc

On Page SEO

34:00 How can I improve my on page SEO? I feel that if I better my on page my site will go from #10 to 13 to #3-5 thanks for the help

Branded Persona

35:00 Would you please go over a branded persona? For example: Do we set up Gmail and Google+ as a person and then all the other sites as the brand?

Permissions in IFTTT Network Accounts

41:00 Should we ever be rightly scared of granting certain permissions to any of the accounts we need to authorize for all the IFTTT network accounts? Are there certain permissions that we should be wary of if we see them both inside IFTTT and throughout the net? Have you vetted all the account permission requests for our security?

Latest SEO Tools and News

42:00 Where do you keep yourself up to date on the latest SEO tools and releases? Is there a website where you regularly look that up?

46:00 We have real estate social media clients that we have been working with for a long time. I am trying to wrap my mind around setting up everything correctly with an IFTTT ring and the benefit to our clients…We do not do spam stuff for them. It is real quality content.

What I am worried about: Is there any chance of their personas on all the sites to ever cause them to be slapped by Google?

Contextual Link and Google Penguin

50:00 I have a contextual link in each post on my site that links to another post (siloing). I see that when the post is syndicated, the contextual links are in the article (which I expected). Does this pose a problem with the anchor text being hit with the Google Penguin algorithm?


52:00 Just wondering if you tried P1rankme and if you did any opinion?

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