Episode 20

By April




0:00 Introduction

2:00 Announcements – MasterCLASS and timing: https://iftttseo.com/masterclass

5:00 Link Building Services Announcement: https://links.iftttseo.com – boosting IFTTT Networks with FCS Networker and GSA SER

9:00 Showing pricing and layout for the link building service – meant for use on IFTTT Networks and PBNs (private blog networks)

P1 Rank Me (P1RM)

14:00 P1RM clarification – how it's used / where's it's used

Amazon Cloudfront as CDN

15:00 1. Would using Amazon Cloudfront as a CDN be a good choice for a WordPress site for both speed and cost versus a $20 p/m Cloudflare account?

2. What is your favorite CDN setup for a money site?

Dealing with Google Dance

16:00 How to you deal with Google dance? I really didn't care about it when I was only into affiliate SEO but now that I do client work as well, seeing rankings for the the keywords and related expressions I am targeting go down makes me feel very anxious. I know they are supposed to go up later, but that's a lot of stress and it makes me wonder whether I made the right backlinking decisions.

Site Changes

20:00 Discussing making changes to sites after seeing changes in rankings – how long to wait, why makes small changes, etc

RSS Feed Syndication and Status

24:00 1) How can I confirm/ensure that all foreign (not mine) RSS feeds I acquire for both the IFTTT Tier 2 process and the separate RSS Academy process have their respective attribution requirements covered? Where do I check within their feeds? I'm 100% newb on that so hoping to confirm so I avoid any pain.
RSS in Multiple Networks

27:00 2) Can I, and if so, what are the considerations/concerns behind using my multiple networks (3 persona-based) for multiple money sites simultaneously – within same niche?

RSS and Outbound Links

3) How does article syndication affect outbound links within my articles? For example, an article about Joe's sub shop – where I link to Joe's – can syndicating that article cause Joe problems with same outbound text links? I'd like to avoid accidentally hurting anyone so hoping to cover that if possible.

Strategies after Keyword Research

29:00 After keyword research, could you go over your strategy for poking a niche and what tools do you use to validate if you've done your research correctly? Things like pointing high PR links, PBN links, etc. (SERP Shaker: https://semanticmastery.com/serpshaker, SAPE, Networks, etc)

Branded Networks

38:00 Branded Networks: I have told 4 real estate clients about my success with my branded tier 1 network and all 4 of them want me to build their tier 1 branded network NOW. I am really nervous and need your guidance.

Google Recovery Email

1. If they give me their Google login should I make sure that there is a recovery email setup that is not a Gmail that they give me access to as well so I can let Google know I am good to log in and then I use Firefox, clear cache, cookies, CCleaner etc.

Managing Google Plus Profile & Business Pages

2A. If they only want to make me a manager do I have access to G+ profile, G+ Business, and Blogger to add all the links?

Google Page Manager

39:00 2B. How many people should I be a manager for before it raises red flags with Google? (Note – limit is 50 at the time of the video recording)

Link Building and DFY Fees

40:00 Are the link building and DFY a one-time fee? Yes! https://links.iftttseo.com

SEO Plugins and Google

41:00 Why can't Google just look at your SEO plugins and figure out that you are gaming the system from that? I have disallowed wp-content with robots.txt but as I understand it Google can ignore that.

42:30 Discussion about plugins and how to vary them if needed

Video Training on Branded Networks

43:00 Is there a video training that is just on branded networks and working with real people and real businesses?

For Example: Kevin Jones has a gmail account, google+ profile, and a company page for his audio/video business. What are the best steps to setup his tier 1 ring and gain access to his Google account without causing any issues with Google?

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