How Can I Get A Thumbnail That Points To A Video Embedded On My Website For Better Ranking?

By April

In episode 148 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there's a plugin that would display a thumbnail that points users to a video embedded on the target website for better ranking?

The exact question was:

Do you have info that will show me how to rank on first page of Google with my website.

I see lots of rankings that show a thumbnail and when you click it you will be taken to your website where you have a video embeded.

Is there a plugin or course that I can use to accomplish this?

Below is an example:

Google: local plumbers in nashville
Go To: Videos

O'Donnell Sewer & Water Worth – Plumbers – 26 Ratings – Consumers …

When you click the title or image it goes to their website where the video is embeded. This can be a video on Vimeo, Video Motion, etc.

When you click they go to the website.

I am wanting to put videos on my website, and have it ranked on the first page like these.

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