How Do I Stack T2 Networks On Top Of Each Other For YouTube Channels?

By April

In the 156th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether one should order separate T2 networks to connect to existing T1 network when stacking T2 networks for YouTube channels.

The exact question was:

Two weeks ago I was asking the “geeky” question about T2 and T3 networks. I wanted to clarify your recommendation. When you say stacking T2 networks on top of each other for YouTube channels, you mean just ordering a separate T2 network to connect to my existing T1? And then repeating the process? Or do you mean something else? Is ordering a T2 network without a T1 available in serp space? How many of these stacked T2 networks would be enough before I start getting diminished returns? When you order the T2 networks do you include the link packages with it?

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