How Do You Avoid Misleading Customers When Using A Branded Lead Gen Property?

By April


In episode 227 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for tips on how to avoid misleading customers when using branded lead gen properties with a different name from the actual client’s business name.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, I have a branded (XYZ) lead gen wordpress property. I have made the mistake to not use a calling center, and the confusion happening 8/10 times is insane.

The contractor has an answering service as well, which of course only says their own name when the phone rings.

The caller might ask 3-4 times “”Is this XYZ company?”” And they reply “”No, you made a mistake we are ABC””.

The problem is even if I solve the problem with the calling center, my client (the contractor) still has a problem with the confusion that occurs when they arrive at the job site and they see something different than the website. Or even when he calls back, mentions his company and then the question arrises. “”Why is it different etc””. Playing the game that he is indeed the “”xyz”” company while he owns another big company and lying to clients is not viable.

Would you recommend to use their name inside the website, as “”partners”” just to give a hint to who is going to be on the phone, when the contractor calls back. And of course to know who is going to come to do the job.

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