How Do You Change A GMB Listing’s Name Without Compromising Its Current Rankings?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 246, one participant asked how to change a GMB listing's name without compromising its current rankings.

The exact question was:

Wondering how to handle this: My client is a local franchise store, 6 months in biz, his citations are messed up because I added a primary keyword to the company name in the GMB listing but that keyword is not on any citations. The GMB is listed as: [brand name + city + keyword + city]. His GMB is ranking great for the main keyword in a metro area but the citations show his name only as [brand name + city] with out the keyword. my concern is a big drop in GMB traffic if I take out the keyword from the GMB listing to match the citations. He gets 3-5 new customers daily from google so he knows when it drops. Should I add the keyword to the citations listings? also thinking to drop the first city name so the name would be [brand name + keyword + city] your thoughts? thanks

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