How Do You Combine Two Brands In An Existing Affiliate Site?

By April

In episode 131 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to optimize and combine two brands in an existing affiliate site.

The exact question was:

I have an affiliate website promoting several companies. An important page promoting the top company ranks very well. But that established company has now partnered with a worldwide known Brand (which itself has not previously had any of its own products in this niche).

Similar example would be if Gary Fisher Mountain Bike Company partnered with Nike and still makes and markets the bikes but the Nike Brand name will be on all the bikes. The company website is still Gary Fisher with its same Gary Fisher models, but the Nike Brand name is now on the bikes and website pages.

I need to have both company names on the same page. Web Searches will continue using the original company name for at least several years but there are now new searches in this niche for the Huge Brand name.

My current page URL slug contains only the name of the original company. Would you create a new page using a slug with both company names and redirect the old page to that new page? Just change the H1, H2 and some of the text to add in the 2nd Brand name on the current page?

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