How Do You Pick What Links To Use When You’re Adding The Service Post Links On The City Page For A Second County?

By April


In episode 237 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to pick what links to use when you're adding the service post links of the city page for a second county.

The exact question was:

Thx for HDHOs! 2 Questions for Bradley – In your “”complex silo”” YouTube video, you use the following structure: When adding the second county, it seems that the “”post”” name should be slightly different? Question 1 – If not, when you're adding the “”service”” post links on the “”city”” page for the second county, how do you know which one to pick from the WordPress “”Insert/edit link”” add link menu? The choices don't include the “”category”” to help you differentiate among the same post names listed.

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