How Do You Recover A 3-Pack Rankings Of A GMB With A Physical Location?

By April

YouTube video

In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 237, one viewer asked how to recover a 3-pack rankings of a GMB with a physical location.

The exact question was:

A ‘real business', with a physical location, GMB was ranked in 3-pack for multiple kws but is now outside top 10. Only changes were: we started GMB posts, PressAdvantage PRs and sent MoneyRobot links and embed to @id page and GSite but never directly to moneysite. It may be in Google Dance so we have stopped MoneyRobot links and embeds. We will continue to make GMB posts and Press Release. Would appreciate your input and suggestions to try and recover 3-pack rankings.

This Stuff Works

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