How Do You Set Up And Build Links For A Syndication Network Purchased Via Serp Space?

By April

In episode 119 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to set up and build links for Syndication networks that are purchased via Serp Space.

The exact question was:

I may have my first SEO client, I've put a proposal together for SEO with content marketing. he has a website on WordPress. I purchased Content Kingpin, I am thinking Build an IFTTT ring for the website, use content kingpin to curate 2 posts a week, (client to provide one additional original post a week).

Confused with Serp Space and ordering the most powerful network set up for a website, should I just order 1 Syndication network and power with backlink packages to first tier or multiple tiered networks ? I think I remember you saying for website only one ring & YouTube – multiple ? from serp space can you advice on the strongest set up for a website thanks.

Also what other monthly link building methods can you advice I do. (medium competition keywords non local).

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